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2023.06.10 20:23 81420161 I've been offered in an incredible residency to work exclusively on my art for the better part of a year, but it would mean ending a long-term relationship. I don't know what I want.

Hi, I’m in my early 30s. I’ve been offered a creative/arts residency in a city that’s decently far from where I live now (about a 6-hour drive). My gut is torn over whether to accept it or not. The terms of the residency would be: -they will provide a room rent-free in a house share with two other artists in my field doing the same residency. the house is equipped with a studio with equipment and software for what we do, plus a gym, kitchen and co-working space. -in exchange, they would ask that I quit any work I’m doing that’s not directly related to the creative field (i.e. take a leap and start making money only creatively) -I would be allowed to leave the city but they’d ask that I keep it to a minimum. I didn’t ask what the limit for leaving is but I asked if I could take trips home every 3-4 weeks for a potential planned medical thing and they said no I'm hesitant to accept because: 1) I’m in a long-term relationship (over two years). It’s my first every LTR and I feel like my BF and I are compatible in so many ways. My BF has said in no uncertain terms he will end the relationship if I accept the residency as he doesn’t want to do long-distance for this period of time. (It’s most of a year.) 2) If I were sure this would be a great career move, it would be a hard but easy decision for me to leave my BF. I love him, but I wouldn’t want to date someone who was standing in the way of my career over a temporary situation where we could still see each other sometimes. However, I’m not sure, and I’m worried about what will happen if I basically implode my life for this opportunity (quit a job I’m happy in, leave a relationship I’m mostly happy in, and lose my housing in the city I’m currently living in) and then the residency program turns out to be BAD. My biggest fears:
Reasons why I want to accept:
1) I'm from the city I live in now and have never really lived anywhere else for an extended period of time. This feels like a relatively risk-free way to try living in a new place, and frankly I'm getting tired of how competitive and expensive my city is. I feel like everyone is jumping over each other to get opportunities. I'm a little tired of live performance and have been interested for a while in putting more emphasis on creating digital stuff / social media. A program like this that's in a more remote place with less going on so I have room to sit alone and write would be perfect for this
2) They're offering a room where I could be alone and undisturbed which is out of my reach in my city. Rent has skyrocketed the past few years. I can afford my rent now but BF and I are sharing a one-room apartment, we both work remote most of the time, and it is AWFUL. Yes I could get a co-working space or there's solutions like putting up barriers but I really just want to be able to roll out of bed and journal for an hour without anyone saying anything to me. I'm introverted and my social battery is constantly being drained in this living situation. Rent has gotten so bad that even if I left my BF's apartment, I'd have to pay an extra $500 a month just to have my own room in an apartment share on the absolute lowest end if I found a deal, but it would probably be closer to $700 to 800 more a month. I really want space to breathe.

My thought process

Right now, I'm leaning towards turning down the residency for all of the above reasons, but my heart is torn over it. I feel like if I had gotten this just a little bit earlier while I was still adrift it would have been perfect, but I might be more interested in it for the person I was then and how little I had going on, and now, I have too much that I'd be giving up if I accept.
I just did the math and with my typical current expenses minus rent and utilities, I'd be losing about $12,000 over the period without an income (I'm guesstimating that food & drink will be cheaper but that I'd be spending way more on gas than I currently do on public transportation). That same amount would net me about 7.5 months of Airbnb rental in a rural area I love where I'm comfortable driving. I almost would rather just make my own little "mini residency" where I rent a place one month out of the year and continue to work, but scale it back slightly. My BF isn't thrilled about me going away for an entire month, but he'd accept it.

TL:DR: I got offered a residency that would pay my rent in a smaller town but with some restrictions including quitting my job so I could focus 100% on art - but they wouldn't pay my other expenses. Also, if I take this opportunity my long term BF would break up with me rather than do long-distance, and I will definitely lose momentum that I've built up in the highly competitive city where I live now and have to shift my focus – which I'm interested in doing, but also feels scary! I'd appreciate any insight on how to make this decision.
I'm considering an alternative step of turning down this residency and instead renting a cabin for one month. This would cost me about $1,600. If I take the residency I would have to spend about $12,000 out of my savings unless I magically start making $1,000+ a month creatively, which is unlikely based on what I know about my field. It would be taking a huge gamble on myself to accept and I'm not sure that I'm ready.
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2023.06.10 20:22 Homesecuritybazaar Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell - HD Video, 180° View, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, DIY Installation (wiring required), Security Camera, Doorbell Camera, Home Security Cameras

Important installation requirements - Wired doorbell and doorbell chime requires existing electrical wiring with voltage between 16V AC and 24V AC and a 10VA .
See more at your front door - Arlo's security front door camera and door security devices lets you see a person from head to toe or a package on the ground with 180-degree view.
Get a clearer picture - HD with HDR quality footage from your video door camera ensures you see the details on your devices even in low light or bright conditions.
Respond quickly - Hear and speak to visitors through your Arlo cameras for home security and apartment security with clear two way audio or respond with pre-recorded quick reply messages.
Smarter alerts, quicker action - With an Arlo Secure plan, receive smarter notifications for people, vehicles, packages, and animals so you can react quickly, right from your phone’s lock screen.
Never miss a moment - See what triggered a motion before anyone tries to ring doorbell. With Arlo Foresight, the security camera captures video prior to every motion-triggered video recording so you don't miss out.
Feel more secure seeing the complete picture - See who's there even at night with night vision from the security camera system to help you get a clear picture of who's at the door even when it's dark.
Reliable security, no matter the weather - The weather resistant outdoor camera is built and certified to withstand the heat, cold, rain, or sun.
Ward off unwanted guests - Set the built-in siren to trigger manually or automatically during an event to make your smart doorbell a great addition to your home security system.
Works seamlessly with your smart devices - This smart home camera works as Amazon Alexa device, Google home device, Apple HomeKit device and Samsung SmartThings device.

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2023.06.10 20:22 cjrowens I am 19 and i think I have destroyed my entire life

I have no reason to be such an awkward person, I have a good family and many friends, or I did.
After graduation I moved away and lived alone for 8 months. I was a party kid in highschool, since 15 Ive been regularly smoking pot and drinking. When I first lived alone I stopped smoking and started drinking more. Nowadays, and since maybe February, I drink all day.
If im unemployed I wake up, drink, and watch Youtube or listen to music all day. I rarely blackout, Im just content to get less and less present all day. If I have a job I drink the night or morning before and right after, I act pathetic and quiet around almost anyone in a public setting. I shake and twitch constantly, I have the darkest eyebags you have ever seen.
I had a lot of insomnia when I lived alone, thats approved as has my diet since coming back to my hometown. My people skills have improved a bit as well and people think im funny at my new job but I’m calling in more and more. My manager is my high school friend and he has been very supportive, I’ve lied and said I have some sort of blood problem and hes bought it but I was supposed to work today and im not going to because im drinking.
A few nights ago I heard voices all around me criticizing me and I could hear my friends cheering for me to be arrested and wanting to beat me up and calling me a pussy and all sorts of shit and I hid in my bed, drunk and terrified and delusional. I called my friend twice confused and slurring and asking where he was because I could hear him outside. (This is the friend whos also my boss.)
He was in bed both times and I have never heard a human sound as concerned about me as he sounded responding to my call. He asked if I was ok and seemed genuinely disturbed.
I am doubting my reality, I am scared that whatever front I have to convince people im not a massive drunk is cracking.
I used to like rum, now I exclusively drink high ABV vodka and I go to the liquor store almost everyday. I get sick if I manage to not drink for a day. I just nurse on vodka all fucking day.
Im scared I have wetbrain, Im scared that im going to hear voices again, im scared that my friends will give up on me because I just get more cold, awkward, and rigid every single day.
So thats off my chest i guess lol idk what im asking for.
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2023.06.10 20:18 gamingkills Fun offlane recommendations?

No one will quantify fun with stats so I'm asking y'all.
Question in the title, more context if you want.
So I decided to play Legion, cause she looked fun when she was wooping my ass.
Of course I failed misserably, so decided to check out how pros play her in pubs.
And realy? That's it?
THAT WAS THE MOST BORING GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN. I swear to gabe, she should be played as a punishment. If I wanted to be fed crayons to make me stronger, I would join marines.
She is probably the best hero to learn all the farming patterns, CAUSE THATS ALL YOU'LL BE DOING WITH HER FOR THE FIRST 20-30 MINUTES.
I've seen more farming during that game than I've seen for most of my life and I grew up in rural poland.
So, yeah. I'm looking for offlaners who don't have be fed every camp on the map several times over to join a teamfight.
If they can be more dynamic and "interesting" the better.
Edit: Or maybe she is fun and I just don't know how to play her. If have any tips/tutorial to make her more fun...
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2023.06.10 20:15 Avieshek I bring you the greatest Copy-Pasta of all time.

Fuck you, u/Spez. You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you're an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will be used as moniker of evil for heretics. Even if all of humanity put together their collective intelligence there is no conceivable way they could have thought up a way to fuck up on the unimaginable scale you just did. When Jesus died for our sins, he must not have seen the sacrilegious act we just witnessed you performing, because if he did he would have forsaken humanity long ago so that your birth may have never become reality. After you die, your skeleton will be displayed in a museum after being scientifically researched so that all future generations may learn not to generate your bone structure, because every tiny detail anyone may have in common with you degrades them to a useless piece of trash and a burden to society. No wonder your father questioned whether or not your were truly his son, for you'd have to not be a waste of carbon matter for anyone to love you like a family member. Your birth made it so that mankind is worse of in every way you can possibly imagine, and you have made it so that society can never really recover into a state of organization. Everything has forever fallen into a bewildering chaos, through which unrecognizable core, you can only find misfortune. I would say the apocalypse is upon us but this is merely the closest word humans have for the sheer scale of horror that is now reality. You have forever condemned everyone you love and know into an eternal state of suffering, worse than any human concept of hell. You are such an unholy being, that if you step within a one hundred foot radius of a holy place or a place that has ever been deemed important by anyone, your distorted sac religious soul will ruin whatever meaning it ever had beyond repair. You are an idiotic, shiteating, dumbass ape and no one has ever loved you. Rhodes Island would have been better off if you'd never joined us. You are a lying, backstabbing, cowardly useless piece of shit and I hate you with every single part of my being. Even this worlds finest writers and poets from throughout the ages could never hope to accurately describe the scale on which you just fucked up, and how incredibly idiotic you are. 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By making the mistake that you just did, you have shown me that you are so incredibly hopeless that you will only devolve into a more idiotic and wretched creature than you already are. The only possible way in which your future would be brighter than the black hole your existence currently is would exclusively be because there is absolutely no conceivable way that you would even be able to sink lower than the pathetic place your current failure has put you in. -u/ultraviolet1107
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2023.06.10 20:15 BurnBrightPhoenix Had xfinity services transferred to me from an ex roommate, roommate refuses to return the equipment now that i am cancelling services on moving out

Long story short, this roommate was a piece of shit and after he left, i took over the xfinity wifi services. It came with a flexbox thing for tv services which he kept with himself. We did not have a tv at home anyway.
Now after 5months now that i am moving out and i called xfinity about cancelling my services, they mentioned this box that i had forgotten about.
I contacted this roommate and he refuses to return it. Either he lost it or is being oversmart. Eitherways, i do not know what to do now. I would prefer to not involve law enforcement, unless that is the last option. I am planning to meet with the landlord to hopefully resolve this(this person lives in a different property under the same landlord now).
I also talked to xfinity mentioning that the services were transferred over to me and i did not receive the tv box during this from thr person under who's name the services were registered. They said they cant do anything for the time being until xfinity fines me for mot returning their equipment.
What's my best approach here?
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2023.06.10 20:14 Zagaroth [No Need For a Core?] - Ch 095: Laying out the sixth floor

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
A few days after Kazue and Mordecai finished the fifth floor they had a set of visitors from Riverbridge which included a couple of surprises. One of those surprises was the inclusion of Brongrim and Nainvil with the set of guards coming in for training. The dwarf and half-orc had managed to negotiate a supervised parole where they worked for the city guards, and part of that duty was going to include training at the dungeon.
The other surprise was a visit from their sister-in-law, Hainako. Moriko’s little sister had been sent with a few sets of medicines for Kazue to try and report back on efficacy. Once satchel and note were delivered she hung out with them in the war room so she could watch the training group move through the dungeon.
The group had two recruits with only a basic level of training, which bogged down the team a bit. Mordecai sent out instructions to keep the challenge down to a minimum, but even so they only barely managed to scrape through the fourth floor and it was clear that they weren’t getting through the fifth floor. Mordecai was glad that they’d shown the good sense to call it off there, he’d have considered intervening if they’d tried to drag the newbies through the fifth floor, the chances of an accidental death were too high.
One side benefit of this particular group coming through was that Mordecai finally got to see what an expert gunner looked like. Brongrim’s fighting style was a skirmishing type that mixed pistol and short sword, and it allowed him to cover his reloading with attacks from his blade. It only worked because he also had his waxed-paper bullets readied in specialized bandoleers. You had to have everything set up for it, it wasn’t the sort of thing you could do on the fly and Mordecai could see where you had to dedicatedly practice certain movement combinations to bring gun and bandoleer into the right alignment without interfering with the rest of your movements. Still, the biggest flaw he could see in guns was the need to reload each shot that way, not that crossbows were any better really. Bows and slings both had much more fluid actions to ready the next piece of ammunition, but they also took more time to master, and neither could be used with only one hand.
Nainvil’s technique was a more straightforward style that focused on a two-handed grip for power, but with a light enough sword that he could free a hand for other uses and still be able to swing. That wasn’t a new variant for Mordecai, but all the styles and techniques of their visitors were being studied by the laganthros. Even if Mordecai knew most of them, there was no good way for him to try and teach every possible style, so he kept to the basics and let them practice and train to find their preferences. Though some of the works Moriko was bringing back included older copies of technique scrolls, maybe he should encourage Betty to study those and start her own school for laganthros.
They were the mundane type, with no learning enchantments or anything, but for the most part he preferred those anyway. Learning what you are actually doing was usually better than just having a combo or technique implanted in your head.
But that was for much later as the wagons were going much slower than Moriko on her own. For now, he made arrangements for everyone to have someplace to sleep for the night, including a private room for Brongrim and Nainvil. No special prizes however, since the group didn’t clear the dungeon. Getting bonuses for clearing everything was going to get harder as they grew, and Mordecai was fine with that. Technically it wasn’t required, he just liked doing it, but it also wasn’t something he wanted to be dealing with constantly.
Now he could turn his attention to something else that Hainako had brought with her. It was a commission and payment for a set of equipment, with some interesting measurements for the armor and cloak. Traxalim was who had sent the commission with her, but according to the note he was relaying the commission from someone else. The work wasn’t particularly hard, but some of the materials were unusual, and the payment included samples of them: Wyvern hide for the armor, Worg fur for the cloak.
The request also wanted a pair of daggers long enough he’d almost call them short swords, except that the specifications for the armor were for someone rather tall and lanky. The instant return enchantments for the daggers were a fairly common design so it was no trouble adding those to each dagger as well.
On top of that was a full gear set complete with an Expanded backpack. It had just about everything one could want for exploring the world and surviving in a range of environments. It was like baby’s-first-adventuring-kit, except most folk couldn’t afford this level of gear when they first stepped into the world of explorers and mercenaries.
It wasn’t enough to keep someone incompetent alive, but it would make the job easier for someone new at it. And all the major components had a rather interesting insignia attached or inscribed in some way: A wolf with three horns. He had no idea what that meant.
But it didn’t matter, the dungeon had gotten some new materials to add to their repertoire, some more raw materials for the laganthros to work with, and a few new small animals that had been easy to carry in a cage this far. It was a fair trade. By the time the group was awake the next morning the dungeon’s part of that trade was complete. And when they had left, it was time to begin on the sixth floor. “Are you ready love?” He asked Kazue.
This was a bigger section to do all at once than she’d done before, but after talking it over with her husband Kazue rather liked the idea. They’d gone straight down so far, each floor looping back under the floor above it, but now that they were down this deep there was no reason to not also expand horizontally. The end of the fifth floor was approximately under the end of the first floor, this left them ‘pointing’ back under the mountain. So this time when she gathered energy to push their home complex down, she also pushed ‘out’.
There were a couple of design changes as well. Looping back and forth had made it simplest to bring the two paths back to each other at the end of each floor, and they’d used the stairwells down to keep them isolated. But there was no simple stairway between the fifth and the sixth this time. While the last door for each side could still either lead forward or reroute back up to the start of the sewer path, the forward paths merged into a meandering and slowly widening tunnel.
The tunnel opened up onto a wide, well-lit cavern that was almost meadow-like, excepting only that the ground cover was of a similar makeup to fungal floor five. At the far end of the meadow was a basin that would become a vast lake once filled, and at the shores of this lake-to-be was a large village once more occupied by laganthros. Only this time it was set to be a more well-rounded village, with a clear mix of potential combatants and noncombatants. A well-trod path lead toward this village, complete with a sign saying “Lapin Lake Village”.
At the other end of the basin that was slowly filling with water the lake was split by a large peninsula that ended at the far wall. This signaled the divergence of the paths again, with two underground rivers splitting off from either side of the peninsula. This entire setup meant that at this stage people could decide to switch paths, though they would be obligated by the rules of the new path that they chose.
This did run some risk that someone might try and trick their way this far by taking the non-combat route to conserve their resources before switching, but they would still need to be well-armed to tackle further combat so it seemed unlikely that she or Mordecai would be unable to spot them and call them out on it. And they did intend to offer it up as an option for those who had cleared the fifth floor of the combat route previously and that were in good favor with the dungeon.
The village itself was the first challenge in progressing, as the laganthros were going to be building docks and boats, and the boats could be either sold or rented with a guide who would help pilot them. For the absolute cheapskates, they could even do a short rental to get them to the peninsula, where there were plenty of both normal and mushroom trees to potentially harvest and make their own rafts or boats from.
This was also an optional challenge and reward as some of the vegetation and fungi here were rare or valuable, if you knew how to identify and harvest it.
As for the rest, well, for the moment they had a pair of fairly simple rivers that led to another lake, though this one just had a sandy shore to pull up onto. Filling the floor out was a future endeavor, but the layout was ready. And now their home was even further under the mountain itself.
Kazue had been careful with this by using a trick Mordecai showed her, probing ahead with their mana as she sought to claim more territory. Running into worked stone or large caverns would have felt different and let her pull back before she fully claimed that area. Even if they had a perfect map of the dwarven kingdom, and right now they had no map at all, there was always a chance that something else lived down here.
Well, actually, there had been plenty of that. But those were all simpler underground creatures, and she’d been able to invite them into her dungeon’s ecosystem or as inhabitants. Kazue surveyed her work and was quite pleased with herself. Mordecai approved as well, but she realized then that he’d been partially distracted while she worked on their next level. Before she could ask about what had taken up his attention, his mental voice became excited.
“Kazue! Take a look at this. Focus on the aura of any of your dire rabbits on the first floor. Look at the whole thing.” He seemed to be eagerly anticipating something, so she followed his instructions with curious confusion.
What he wanted her to see quickly became obvious. Some of their mana was flowing into all of their inhabitants, enough to leave her a little hollow feeling given how much they’d just spent, but it was having an interesting effect, one that was most dramatic in the simplest creatures. She could see energy sparkling along the pathways of their brains, the individual components compacting into more efficient forms, then multiplying and creating more complex pathways.
Their auras fluctuated in response to these changes, their very spirits being altered by this physical change until suddenly collapsing into a denser, stronger form of spiritual energy. Every single one of her wonderful creatures now had a spark of true sentience in them, complete with the rise of a soul! A quick check verified it even applied to the clockwork creatures in the library and the spiders on the fifth floor, though not the simpler, reactive vegetative fungi.
This was great! They’d always been able to communicate ideas and concepts to all their inhabitants, but this would allow deeper, language-based communication! Though closer examination revealed that the mental capacity upgrade only barely breached that level, it would in many ways be like talking to a not particularly bright child. On the other hand, the upgrade seemed to affect all but the smartest of her inhabitants to some extent. Which meant Horace and a small percentage of the laganthros.
Hmm. And Mordecai seemed pleased but not particularly surprised. Kazue’s thoughts focused on him with suspicion only to be met with amusement, so her avatar stirred from where they were cuddled on their bed and bit into his shoulder.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to.
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.10 20:10 Not-the_honouredOne Kizaru vs Old Ray

Kizaru vs Old Ray
To this day people downplay Kizaru saying he couldn't get past an "old man" really acting like this old man is just any other dude.
Let me ask you how would it look like if the former right hand of the Pirate King simply lost to an Admiral just like that? And plot required something happen to save the Straw Hats at that time.
Anyway that's beside the point, a large number of y'all think that Old Ray is above Yamato, some people saying he is a little above her or around her level.
Now to remind y'all Yamato stalled Kaido for like 10 chapters or something, but yeah in real time it's probably like 15-20 minutes.
And Kaido was not holding back either as he states that he's trying to kill Yamato.
So if we can agree Old Ray is >= Yamato why is Kizaru slandered for being stalled by him for a few minutes as well?
If a character stronger than Kizaru, while not holding back can get stalled by why is that such a big anti feat for Kizaru to get stalled by a person around the same level at very least? It doesn't make any sense.
And then coming to Kuzan v Garp, it's the same thing again, Old Garp is unequivocally stronger than Yamato or Old Ray, as he's been way more active than any old legend in his later years and isn't suffering from any illness and has way better use of his haki than Old Ray or Yamato
And him slamming Kuzan is impressive sure, blitzing Kuzan and throwing him down like that yeah, very very impressive, but it's one exchange and it doesn't prove anything. Certainly not that Old Garp > Kuzan.
This man has god tier stamina fighting for 10 days v magma man this attack is doing little to nothing especially cause not only would Kuzan's durability be very good also because he's a logia who wouldn't take damage from being rammed into the ground of all things.
So the Admiral slander of them being "beat by old men" is absolute nonsense.
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2023.06.10 20:09 kamikazeecow Exploring building an app for poker players - need some ideas

Hey all, I'm a software engineer and I've been looking to build something new for the poker community. I know a ton of solvers, bankroll management apps and such already exist. But i'm wondering if anyone has anything they wished was built? Some ideas I've had:

An app to make it easy to record hands while playing live
When i'm at the table, a notebook feels too awkward to pull out and most casinos don't allow you to record the table. I figured maybe some kind of app that makes it super easy to jot down a hand on the fly for your notes for later. Imagine some kind of prebuilt template with shorthands for writing down stacks, hands, notes, etc.
An app that handles all your home game logistics
Thinking the ultimate homegame poker companion app. A way to handle your invite list, who's coming over, collecting money and paying out, handle tournament timers, leaderboard etc.
Tilt control app
Sometimes we need a reminder of when to leave the table, take a break, or do some reframing around how we're playing live. The app could be a mindfulness app made specifically for poker players.

Maybe you guys have some other things you'd like to see? Would love to hear some thoughts where I could build something custom for people that fits a missing need.

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2023.06.10 20:09 CheesyPoop69 Who's more intelligent and likeable? Carter or Obama?

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2023.06.10 20:09 GINJABRAD State of the game review in 2023 by a experienced early access player.

to start a little about me, I have played almost all pvp games on every platform for almost a decade now. I have killed all the top leaderboard players In this game at least once with a zero to hero M16 build I use against full meta builds including clans and vigor partners. I have a pretty good understanding on how the game plays with it's various designs, from hunters to raincoats. For me the worst part of the game currently is the broken headshot multiplier that leads to random outcomes from full auto fire even if you were more consistent and also when used in parity with terrible network performance that I'll discuss later on. The second frustration is the radiated air drop system, you want people to go for it by making it green (still not enough btw) but allow people to make it into a kill box trap and there isn't any way to know it's radiated before picking it up either ?!? Why would I ever touch it again when there's a high chance it's double radiated and I couldn't make it to an exit I'm near with two iodine. People I watch radiate it every time and ignore it because why would you choose anything else when this choice is so much stronger than the others. The portable signal, armour, disinfectant, radiation grenades are meta just fyi because they are too strong and have not once been adjusted based on community feedback. Why do gold consumables with a full shelter only take a few minutes but a gold gun takes 12 hours. They are both best in class items but are balanced completely different which is a contradiction those consumables should take hours at least to be properly balanced. Radiation grenades allowing people to permanently ruin large areas of these small maps, pois and crates with radiation especially when they are hunters with finished shelters and don't need the poi loot. This allows and premotes toxicity/griefing from older players to the newer ones with no opportunity to counter. I also want proning to be balanced by making the initial prone animation sound louder when you first prone out cause people can straight disappear in this game because proning has no audio cues unless you move. Also along those lines performance mode and sniping have a new visual exploit. Most players are running this new setting which allows a significant advantage by not rendering in foliage at distance. So you think you're on grass/bush covered hillside but for them it's a broken green texture map and you are laying down in the open. Also sniping has a bug allowing you to fire a shot spam change weapons and fire a AR almost instantly while they are frozen In place also once swapped it automatically reloads you sniper with no animation. How could you miss that? You're developing a new sniper and having the team/testers using it and not one person noticed or reported it? This game seriously needs a project health season like R6/BF with a core focus group of playes that play game as intended. I think instead of full wipes just implement stash limits to limit people to a certain number of weapons/consumables and reset the material each season. Ghost of tabor a similar gamein gameplay design are going to implemented a similar system the never wipe room In their armoury which is a great idea for this style of game. This would protect a limited armoury but stop the hoarding exploit that older players who grinded more abuse to run higher price loadouts more often. I also want just like that guy said in the stream to break down weapons into parts. Once I have two golds there is little reason to stay in the raid because you simply can't pick up the loot. Nothing worse than leaving a l96 etc on the ground when weapon parts are already in the game. Remove the jump shotting for these reasons, your ping in your game is unacceptable and higher than market standard/average and your matchmaking algorithm with a small player base best seen at the end of seasons forces a unreasonable amount of cross region matches at 150ms+. This level of network performance is unacceptable and makes the game have severe dsync and peekers advantage issues ruining its competitive integrity especially paired with a 3rd person perspective to line up and prefire. My last issue is instead of taking 2 years to make myren as nice as it is I think map reworks/variations to limit the repetition of the base maps especially the maps with literally no buildings or decent pois I'm talking to you long range maps and the two with those terrible bunker assets that are basically kill boxes with no way to counter once inside so people who just prone and wait you out listening for your footsteps through 6 feet of concrete get the win by playing passive.That's like 4-5 maps that could be improved over one new one in a similar time period. Just like BF2042, I think much work could be done with base maps as well as map audio occlusion (for example you can hear people on fabrisk In the tunnel through the mountains side) how is that possible and accepted? I don't make videos or posts but this is my opinion on the state of the game and this team mid 2023. Maybe I missed a few things and let me know I'm open to discussing things further. I'm trying to be positive to avoid moderation so I would appreciate the same In the comments thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 20:08 Coffee_Jelly_ Should I know anything before playing Till the End of Time? Also, impressions about Star Ocean Last Hope

Hi! I'm that guy who posted here recently saying that playing Last Hope after beating Divine Force is extremely frustrating because of the lack of fast travel and other reasons.
I got used to the gameplay some hours after recruiting Lymle. It's not that the game was hard, but it felt too slow to me. However, when I got link combo, that made the game much more enjoyable. At some point at the end of the game I was spamming Arumat's arts and defeating everyone.
I have played Star Ocean First Departure R on switch. The game started a bit hard, but after coliseum and item creation, the game become much easier and berserker ring, mighty ring and the other equipments broke the game. I had fun though.
However, Star Ocean Last Hope was really easy for most of the time. I started controlling Arumat instead of Edge when I got him. I got the mythril sword and Reimi's weapon from the colluseum, which made the game easier for some time, but when I entered the last dungeon some soldiers kicked my as and I lost most of my bonus points. I decided to makey characters stronger. So I decided to try item creation after ignoring it for the most part of the game. I knew one thing. Item creation was much more important than leveling in Star Ocean games. So I got Laser Scythe and did some sinthesis. I got 20 Saber tooth fangs and gave 18% of atk to most characters and +15 of exp to their accessories. Before that dungeon Arumat had 517 of attack or something like that. I was level 58. By the end of the last dungeon I was level 81-83. Arumat got attack boost and his attack was around 4500. That was shocking. In contrast to Star Ocean First Departure R, I didn't beat the last boss on 1-5 hits. The fight took around 5-10 minutes. That made me surprised. Because my character got extremely stronger, but somehow I managed to beat the game easily thanks to item creation.
Divine Force was overall really easy thanks to Laeticia's Determination Princess and I got their best weapons at the end of the game. Unfortunately, that made the game a bit less fun. I just wanted to get stronger, but the game was already easy enough. In contrast to Last Hope and First Departure R. However, Divine Force is definitely my favorite Star Ocean game so far. However, I played these 3 games with japanese subtitles and dub. I quite enjoyed Last Hope story and characters. Lymle in Japanese is extremely cute and not annoying. Sarah is a bit annoying with ser "deeeeeesuuuuu", but nothing that terrible. Last Hope ending was a bit weird. I don't agree to Edge hindering Eldarians development. I live in a third world country and I miss Japan SO MUCH. I have lived in Japan for 3 years and my country feels like hell.
Also, I would like to ask some questions about Till the End of Time. Is there fast-travel? When? Should I make use of Item Creation most of the time? I heard this is the hardest game from the series.
Anyway, that's it. That's my experience with Last Hope. Soon I'm gonna try playing Till the End of Time. Any tips that might make my life easier are welcome!
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2023.06.10 20:07 Practical-Horse-5068 Is just playing full songs an acceptable way to practice or will it block progression eventually ?

Sorry if my question is confusing...I've been playing for about a year now, at the start I did some finger exercises to get stronger fingers (spiderwalk/scales) then I got a teacher for 5 months or so that helped me a bit but eventually just started showing me songs so I stopped that since I learn songs on my own, but thats all i do: I take a song I really like and find tabs for it then play it until I can play it on tempo and in time over the song, at the start it was hard since I was trying to play really technical metal lol but recently it's becoming easier since I play for 2-3 hours every day. I don't practice any things apart from it though, like switching random chords or learning new scales or just running through the ones I know. Can I continue like this or would you recommend some stuff that need individual and dedicated practice ?
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2023.06.10 20:05 SimonBRUH8217 Predicting/booking the next 5 WWE World Heavyweight Champions!

Current Champion: Seth Rollins
1: Drew McIntyre(SummerSlam 2023)
After a successful defence against Finn Balor at MITB, Drew McIntyre finally returns to WWE seemingly to help Rollins fend off an attack by the Judgement Day... ONLY TO BLAST SETH WITH A CLAYMORE!!! Drew turns back to his psychopath heel persona, and proceeds to BRUTALIZE the Visionary with two more countdown-less Claymore kicks, and for even more vitriol, hits a cash in attempting LA Knight with a kick as well, leaving EVERYONE furious!
Drew explains his actions by saying that in his time away he nearly left WWE, but now he is on a mission to punish those that stole away his stardom and attention after he spent the entire pandemic carrying the Raw brand on his back as champion, and having his moment ripped away from him time and time again over the last three years. Rollins is emblematic of stealing the spotlight, and he needs to humble him to reclaim his spot as the Scottish Warrior. Seth goes into the feud playing up the mind games, claiming that Drew is lucky that his title run happened in front of no one cause all he has done since then is choke over and over again and proven that he couldn't handle it now. The mind games prove to harm Rollins in the end as Drew DEMOLISHES Seth in a very one sided affair minus some comeback spots from Seth. Drew hits a claymore, followed by a stomp of his own, and one more claymore to the back of the head and ends Rollins' run on top.

2: LA Knight(YEAH!)(Royal Rumble 2024)
Drew maintains his grip over the Raw roster through his sadistic means of winning all the while reminding the crowd that he made a hypocrite out of Seth Rollins and sent him packing to Hollywood cause he couldn't handle the loss. He feuds with Sami Zayn, Matt Riddle, even Sheamus in an interbrand feud over the fall, heading into the new year with a fresh face in the now babyface and (hopefully) very over Damian Priest. Drew challenges Priest to remember the beast he had inside of him during his run with the Judgement Day, or else he'll be no different to the younger version of Drew.
At the Rumble, it looks as though Priest might just grit his way to becoming champion, so much so that it takes a kick below the belt preceding a Claymore for Drew to barely retain... But Priest ain't having that shit. He drags Drew outside of the ring and sends him South of Heaven straight through the announcers table! He rolls Drew back into the ring, kendo stick in hand, until WAIT, ITS LA KNIGHT!! Knight rushes down and clobbers Priest with his MITB briefcase, trash talking Drew as he announces his cash in, dodges a Claymore and plants Drew with the BFT to become the NEW CHAMPION, YEAH!!!

3: Damian Priest(Backlash 2024)
Knight changes the pace to an insufferable trash talker heading up Raw, claiming that this year at WrestleMania he will get the "LA Knight moment" that he promised would happen at last year's event, and that there ain't a damn thing anyone can do to stop it... And he backs up his words! He barely escapes the Elimination Chamber with his title in tact, before retaining once again at WrestleMania in a Fatal 4 Way including McIntyre, Priest and the recently returned Seth Rollins after snagging a surefire pinfall victory for Priest and escaping once again.
After this, Priest confronts Knight saying that he's a new star, but his age is against him. He doesn't have as much time as he would like, and that he wants to make a new star making memory for himself. The only way to do that is to take the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash, returning to Puerto Rico once again after last year's successful event, in a San Juan street fight. Knight agrees to the match stating that there isn't gonna be anything better than gifting Puerto Rico their own "LA Knight moment" at Damian's expense. After a wild match throughout the crowd, Knight tries to walk out on the match... AND BAD BUNNY MAKES A SURPRISE APPEARANCE!!! He nails a Canadian Destroyer on Knight on the outside of the ring, rolls him back into the ring stumbling directly into a South of Heaven through a table!! Priest pins Knight, becoming champion one year after a crushing defeat, and lives forever among his people.

4: GUNTHER(SummerSlam 2024)
Priest is finally a world champion in WWE, and in becoming that he feels the need to up the ante on his matches. With each title defence he becomes more and more reckless, doing crazy spots that pop the crowd but slowly chip away at his physical health. He goes through brutal wars with Ciampa, Sikoa, Dunne, Waller, even his old Judgement Day compatriots in a triple threat ladder match at MITB, but after he is victorious he is confronted by the new rulers of Raw, IMPERIUM. After ending Brock Lesnar's career at WrestleMania and vacating the Intercontinental Championship after doing so, GUNTHER made a promise that before 2024 ends, all of IMPERIUM will be adorned with gold to prove that they are "saving" wrestling. Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci conquer DIY at WrestleMania to become tag team champions, and new member ILJA DRAGUNOV(who joined in fall 2023) takes vacated IC title after it is vacated, keeping it within the group. GUNTHER refers to Priest's antics in his matches as "childish and embarrassing" and that after SummerSlam, Raw will finally have a world champion that other athletes could aspire to have. Priest responds that no matter how broken his body might be, his need to keep living on as champion will push him to be the one to slay the general with an arrow to his heart.
However, GUNTHER proves to be too efficient, too good, and too unstoppable. He picks apart Damian's body as the match goes on, finally finishing him off with a flurry of powerbombs, before locking in a brutal Boston Crab which Priest taps out too. As the show goes off the air, all members stand at the top of the ramp... and Dragunov sneaks one glance at the world title just before the screen goes black.

5: Ilja Dragunov(WrestleMania 41)
Over the next 8 months, the philosophy of GUNTHER and his stablemates slowly becomes more and more vicious. Given Dragunov's infatuation with pain, this is initially a match made in heaven... Until Dragunov loses the IC title to Bronson Reed. GUNTHER takes a peculiar interest to his old rival, and tries to "make him stronger" by dealing out beatings to Ilja every single time he loses a match. Ilja is struggling within himself, coming closer to bigger matches but always failing and having the "weakness" beaten out of him. All the while GUNTHER's over 2 year long unbeaten streak continues, as he goes on to conquer some of his old foes from NXT to make himself stronger like Tyler Bate, Tomasso Ciampa and Pete Dunne. Whenever asked about Ilja challenging, he brushes it off. In order to prove himself worthy, Ilja enters the 2025 men's Royal Rumble from number 1 in an attempt to recreate GUNTHER's incredible performance from 2023. He makes it damn near to the end, tossing out many, getting the crowd behind him... Before the rest of IMPERIUM finally betray him, dragging him over the top rope. The next night on Raw, GUNTHER berates Ilja for his "ego" getting in the way of everything HE has created and done for wrestling. He demands that Ilja take a beating as punishment, and goes to chop him... BUT ILJA CATCHES HIS HAND!! He blasts GUNTHER with a headbutt and attempts to fight back but is overwhelmed by Vinci and Kaiser and absolutely decimated by GUNTHER, to the point that even his comrades are baffled at the severity of it.
Ilja knows what he has to do, and he enters the Elimination Chamber match to get a shot at GUNTHER for WrestleMania, in an attempt to "reclaim his life" after he forgot who he was for so long. GUNTHER is "sickened" and sends Vinci into the chamber match to try and stop Ilja from winning, keeping Kaiser in his corner for his title defence against Dragon Lee! Ilja overcomes the odds and straight up Goldbergs the chamber, ending up eliminating EVERYONE in the match! GUNTHER retains his title and the match is finally set, the trilogy concluder nearly 4 years in the making, GUNTHER finally relents on the final Raw before Mania and says that his loss to Ilja has haunted him ever since it happened, and that his sadistic streak has been all to prepare for his chance to rectify his decisive loss to the man who may just have his number. He claims that he must send Ilja back to his family a broken man, or all his fighting will have been for nothing. Ilja claims he isn't going anywhere unless he takes GUNTHER down with him one last time, and that if he dies in the ring, he'll do it with the World Heavyweight title around his waist.
After a near 40 minute all time classic, both men beating the absolute shit out of each other for their own pride. Ilja climbs the mountain one last time, brutalizing GUNTHER until he can barely stand. He tells Ilja "COME ON, I'M READY FOR IT!" Before taking one last Torpedo Moscow, and Ilja finally defeats GUNTHER, celebrating with his family as the show goes off the air. LONG LIVE THE CZAR.
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2023.06.10 20:04 Nine_x_tempest Who's stronger?

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2023.06.10 20:04 mtnwerk OLYMPUS XA Repair Recommendions

My historically extremely solid Olympus XA is finally experiencing issues. The shutter no longer wants to fire. The winding mechanism is working but the shutter seems to be decoupled or the switch is broken. I can wind film indefinitely without hitting a frame stop and winding the film is triggering the shutter. The shutter seems to be firing at the same speed regardless of meter reading. Meter appears to be taking readings and aperture stops are functioning correctly.
Anyone know a good camera repair service in the united states who works on XAs? Or is there anyone who's encountered an issue like this and has been able to resolve it on their own?
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2023.06.10 20:03 coolnavigator Why men are checking out of society

Men are checking out of society because they see nothing of value to stay in it for. They society as corrupt, greedy, decrepit, and beyond saving (or at the very least, ungrateful for their efforts to do so).
Why men and not so much women? Women don't necessarily see nothing of value. They see progress. They see luxury. They see bourgeois dreams.
This isn't about men hating on women or women hating on men. It's far deeper than that. Men aren't primarily checking out because of their gender status. It's about the inherent male values that society does not live up to. These values include things like order, honor, justice. No one is saying women can't uphold these values, but they are naturally stronger in men.
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2023.06.10 20:02 Nine_x_tempest Who's stronger?

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2023.06.10 20:02 mtnwerk Olympus XA Repair Recomendations?

My historically extremely solid Olympus XA is finally experiencing issues. The shutter no longer wants to fire. The winding mechanism is working but the shutter seems to be decoupled or the switch is broken. I can wind film indefinitely without hitting a frame stop and winding the film is triggering the shutter. The shutter seems to be firing at the same speed regardless of meter reading. Meter appears to be taking readings and aperture stops are functioning correctly.
Anyone know a good camera repair service in the united states who works on XAs? Or is there anyone who's encountered an issue like this and has been able to resolve it on their own?
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2023.06.10 20:01 Adamos_Amet Is this debunk valid or not ?!

So I recently got into powerscaling and this was my first time debating someone on discord that said Zamasu and Moro were galaxy level+, Goku at super was galaxy level+ and so I presented the arguement of Beerus and Goku's clash and the guy argued that Goku and Beerus's shockwave got stronger as it left the epicenter hence why earth wasn't destroyed. This was supported by his proof where supreme Kai stated that the Shockwave got stronger from the epicenter and Supreme Kai stating that the people, plants gods like us even Goku and Beerus will be completely destroyed.
He also said that in the manga Whis states that Moro will detonate and obliterated the galaxy hence why he is galaxy level.
And Zamasu in the manga when he was enraged and injured said that he will destroy Goku, Vegeta, the Earth and this entire galaxy.
I countered by saying that the narrator himself stated that Goku and Beerus were going to destroy the universe.
Goku and Beerus were going to destroy the universe in 3 clashes and the Shockwave got stronger because of the continuous clashes between Goku and Beerus and the reason why everyone didn't get destroyed into nothingness was bevause of Goku nullifying Beeru's clash as stated by the Supreme Kai and if the Shockwave got stronger as it moved away from the epicenter why did Goku and Beerus neede to clash 3 times since the shockwave if it got stronger as it moved away from the epicenter would have destroyed everything in the first clash and why did on the third try did the shockwave suddenly disappear shouldn't it destroy everything because it got stronger and the way Supreme Kai said it, he means that Goku would have died due to the void that would be left behind and Beerus would have died via Omni king because he has just destroyed his universe.
Whis stated that if Goku killed Moro, the Earth would be destroyed taking out the galaxy with it.
Zamasu in character loved the universe, but hated the mortal inside it hence why he went on a killing spree and not just flick away the Earth in the future timeline and that panel he showed where Zamasu said that he will kill Goku, vegeta, the Earth and the galaxy was Zamasu being pushed to the edge to think of destroying the beloved worlds.
So I am new to all of this but is my debunk valid or not ?!
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2023.06.10 19:53 seedmolecule 100/day? Is this a thing?

I started trying to get in 100/day a few days ago after all my other exercise attempts failed me (I failed them rather), and I am 4 days in. Is this something that others do as a regular lifestyle thing? Like a baseline? It seems like a good idea. I have shoulder problems and I am not young, but I am finding that 100/day in 4 sets of 25 doesn't aggravate my shoulder and I am already feeling stronger.
Also, my 14 year old son is on board, but his daily goals is 50. Proud of him.
Any feedback or advice?
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2023.06.10 19:52 IntroductionSome8196 I finished Trails in the Sky SC

I'm back after finishing Sky SC so these are my thoughts on the game and on these characters so far.
I have to say that I like how this game begins literally the second after the first one ends. I haven't seen many games that do that and it's definitely a great way to start.
In general, the pacing feels much more structured than in the first one and I like how it never feels like the characters are wandering without anything to do, there's always something going on, and since that was one of the things I didn't enjoy from the first I'm glad it got fixed.
I also feel like the story is much better, Ouroboros are a great cast of villains and I love how threatening they feel throughout the entire game. You can see how they're much stronger than the protagonists and how they're just toying with them every time they meet. And even when you finally manage to beat them it doesn't feel like the main cast is suddenly so much stronger, they won mainly because they outnumbered them and it was still a really close fight.
My personal favorites were definitely Walter and Luciola. Walter because his backstory is actually fairly tragic and I feel for the guy and Luciola since she feels the most evil of the enforcers (not counting Weissman since he isn't one) and I like a good female villain with little redeeming qualities since there aren't that many of those out there (I really hope they don't try to make her good in the future because as far as her backstory goes, she has no excuse for what she did).
Bleublanc was cool and I love how he had multiple riddle sidequests throughout the game but I feel like I just don't know enough about him to really like him, I guess that's part of his gimmick but I hope we get to delve a little deeper into his character in future games.
when it comes to Renne I just couldn't take her seriously, same with Joshua actually. I've always disliked the trope of literal children who are just extremely powerful fighters because no matter how they try to justify it it just never works for me and in this case, they didn't even try. They seriously expect me to believe that a 9-year-old managed to go toe to toe with Cassius and even gave him some trouble before losing? I'm sorry but that's just dumb, and Trails isn't the only series that does it but still, it's such a stupid trope. Her story was pretty tragic, and I like the character but I still find her kinda ridiculous.
Loewe was great only until his final fight with Joshua. I seriously didn't like how he switched sides so easily, this dude has been building his personal philosophy for years and he just decides to do a complete 180 after an extremely brief conversation with Joshua? Sorry but after beating that part I watched that scene on youtube a couple of times to better analyze the conversation and it just feels so out of nowhere. That completely ruined the character for me.
Now for the party members:
Olivier's twist about being an Erebonian prince was probably one of the best moments of the game for me, I never saw that coming since I thought he was just gonna be some important military or political figure but not THAT important. I also loved Zin's development during the game, he has become one of my favorites by far and I really wanna learn more about him.
Schera and Agate's backstories were presented in a great way. Their respective chapters were some of the best parts of the game by far and I've gained a much bigger appreciation for both of them.
Kevin was extremely intriguing and that last scene with Weissman (who was an amazing villain btw) was great. It seems like religion is a much more important part of this world than I initially thought and they can be kind of ruthless with it. Makes me wonder if there's something similar to an inquisition on the continent. Anyways can't wait to play with him as the protagonist in the next game since he seems much more morally grey than Estelle or Joshua.
As for the other party members, I don't have much to say since my opinion of them either hasn't changed or I don't have much to say. I will say however that a lot of people said that Kloe gets a bunch of character development here but I just didn't see it. I still find her kinda boring and my opinion about her is still pretty much the same.
A last thing I want to add is maybe something more personal but the romance between Estelle and Joshua just didn't click for me. First of all, I find it a little uncomfortable since they're siblings (yeah not related by blood but still) and also I just don't see why they like each other, it feels that during the first game, Estelle just gets feelings for him out of nowhere since originally she dismissed the idea and Joshua just says that he fell in love at first sight which is such a cliche and completely unrealistic. I genuinely feel like their relationship would've been much better if they built it around them being brother and sister and not lovers. But I guess that may just be me and I can kinda see why people may like this couple.
Overall I loved this game much more than the first one (which I already liked a lot) and I'm really curious to see how this trilogy ends. Thanks for reading.
Side note. Why is the next game called Sky the 3rd and not Sky TC? It seems like a no-brainer to me.

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