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2023.03.29 15:15 Limp_Ear_1778 My 17 day journey - it’s works!! improvements

I failed miserably last year. I was one of those typical “relapsed again” sad face emoji posts.
I started this time with a virtual “there is no going back” mindset having embarrassed myself with ED while with a girl. I had to think of fetish P to cum. I came home and cried sitting in the shower asking what the fuck is wrong with me? I knew what the problem was (porn) and now I just knew I had to pick between life or porn. I chose life.
In these almost 3 weeks - i have had amazing sex. My dick is back with vengeance. The key? Don’t jack off!!! Your penis wants vagina if you just let it. Your mind will want vagina and a woman’s body, if you just let it.
Last night I was so proud of myself. Having not had sex for a good 6 days, I had sex with her and I blew 3 ropes of cum over normal sensual sex.
I don’t know how much to emphasize that the process works - you just need to fight for it. It will become easier but if you want to know the method, just ask me.
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2023.03.29 15:09 Conscious_Doctor881 I got checkmated like this, why couldnt i take the bishop with my pawn and continue?

I got checkmated like this, why couldnt i take the bishop with my pawn and continue? submitted by Conscious_Doctor881 to chess [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:09 SpiritPixieBubbles Grooms woman Drama - Bullying the Bride and Maid of Honour

Hello Weddit!
I need some opinions on what to do going forward:
Our wedding party has five bridemaids (including MoH) and five groomspeople (including Best Woman). Entire wedding is made for a safe space, that’s the goal.
Our teams include my groom’s family, our mutual friends, and my best friends.
One of my future sister in laws is on the grooms side. Since day one of dating her brother, she has treated me like absolutely garbage. She has a weird obsession with her brother. She was thoroughly insulted he didn’t move in with her when she got married. She made it clear she wanted him to live with her for the rest of her life and help with her kids, etc., because she liked living with her brother. It’s weird. I do know she has mental health issues, but she uses them as a reason why she can be cruel to people. Will outright admit that too.
Flash forward - he wants her in his wedding party. We had already cut contact with her for six months after her harassing us and trying to start issues between us. She succeeded, we did therapy, recommendation was actions have consequences so cut her off.
Flash forward - 9 months before wedding - My MoH asked an honest question in a group chat about what she thought about wearing. At this point, everyone is discussing this for comfort, colours, etc. MoH was helping with the outfits, everyone understood and accepted that. No drama. SIL did not appreciate being asked and sent me extremely rude messages for hours degrading my character and worth. Nothing to the MoH. She then proceeded to message her brother and her family to give her side of the story and how I’m a horrible person. Keep in mind, I was working so I didn’t even see any messages. I wasn’t apart of that conversation.
I reviewed the chat. MoH asked an innocent and legitimate question since SIL was the only woman who didn’t have an outfit yet. She asked for her ideas and thoughts. Nothing bad. The majority of the bridal party were also confused and concerned about the behaviour and now don’t feel comfortable with her.
My fiancée isn’t happy. He agrees her response was unwarranted but also knows she has mental health issues. He thinks she just blew things out of proportion. I argued that there’s no reason to attack me over a simple question that I didn’t even ask. Swear words, threats, and outright insults were sent to me. Not concerns about the MoH, outfit. MoH is confused why she didn’t reach out to her personally if she had issues and why I was being threatened.
My team now so not want her as apart of the wedding. Part of her threats was she needed to have control over parts of the wedding “or else.” None of us feel comfortable with that. This wedding was literally designed to be a safe space purposely.
Groom knows actions have consequences and this crossed our boundaries as a couple that was DISTINCTLY laid out for her. And now that over 75% of the wedding party has expressed concerns, we have to do something.
So, thoughts: 1. We need to talk to her, but we don’t want a slap on the wrist since this isn’t the first time she’s been a bully. 2. We are worried for the in law family backlash. 3. Safety of my people is of upmost concern and I do not feel safe with this woman now. 4. It’s not her wedding but she’s trying to take over. 5. I want her out of the wedding party. She can be a guest, but threatening multiple of us now over nothing is past acceptable behaviour. 6. I’m teetering on uninviting from the wedding IF she gets worse.
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2023.03.29 15:09 mhuntoon Kolsch style beer review

Halfway to our goal of 250 subs by end of June and over 13,000 views in under 3 months. We're idiots. Imagine how much better we'd be with your help and suggestions, just saying :).
Kolsch review
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2023.03.29 15:08 Tactical-hand-soap Visionary Solutions Video Wall with Qsys Control

Have any of you had experience commissioning/programming a Visionary Solutions video wall (16 displays 8x2) using Qsys control?

I am having a hard time getting the Qsys control to tell the Visionary Solutions encoders/decoders to change the video wall layout for different wall presets that the customer wants. I.e. a configuration with all displays independent and another with 3 groups of 4 and the rest independent.

I usually commission/program these video walls using ZeeVee encoders/decoders. I have used Visionary Solutions a ton in the past, but this is the first time I am using them for a video wall.

Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.29 15:07 VendiMoS Last call for #MoSMarchMeditation challenge

Last call for #MoSMarchMeditation challenge
Looking to gain some extra motivation when meditating?
Join #MoSMarchMeditation challenge. Only 3 days to go until we pick a winner, and odds are looking good!
All you need to do is: → Download Moments of Space iOS app → Meditate anytime in March → Share your Journey Meter from app on you socials → Tag Momentsofspace, a friend and #MoSMarchMeditation
One winner will win ''The Power of Awareness''
by Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield (Valued at $297)
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2023.03.29 15:06 Titan-of-the-End Anbennar multiplayer

me and 9 friends of mine have started playing EUIV multiplayer a ton recently and I was hoping to move a few campaigns to Anbennar.
We tend to like playing relatively cooperatively, especially early game. This then tends to be followed by players rallying around the 2 or 3 strongest players then followed by a large war.
Do people have recommendations of countries that might work for this? Due to Anbennar being quite single player focussed I sometimes feel like people might step a bit too much on each others toes a bit too early.
I'm mostly looking at like a mix of nations that can start to form factions between 1500 and 1600 and start larger wars around that time.
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2023.03.29 15:05 steadyincomeinvest Chaikin PowerTrader Charter Membership Offer - Is It Worth it?

Did you have a chance to watch Marc Chaikin's briefing last night?
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Marc's now looking ahead to a very bullish 12-month period that could see the S&P rise 20% or more.
BUT there's a feature of this bull market that makes it unique:
The 3%-8% pullbacks history tells us to expect along the way – like the one we're experiencing today.
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2023.03.29 15:04 jimmysprunt (Spoilers main) Qhorin Halfhand.

Ser Arthur Dayne is definately Qhorin Halfhand.
I know this has been brought up here before and it's kind of tinfoily hat but hear me out. Currently doing a reread and I'm on ACOK and Qhorin Halfhand comes in and is obsessed with Jon Snow from the start, but now I know why.
During the fever dream chapter of Ned where he dreams about the Tower of Joy, it's repeated repeatedly that they were 7 against 3. 8 knights died and Ned built 8 cairns. But what about Lyanna's body?
He must have built a cairn for her first, if anything. Then he built 7 more. Which means Arthur Dayne lived. Howland Reed isn't much of a fighter, but we are shown by Meera how the Crannogmen fight. With net and spear. Somehow Howland Reed trapped Arthur Dayne and saved Ned. According to Ned, he said, "He would have killed me but for Howland Reed." It never says that Arthur Dayne was actually killed. If anything Ned probably cut off a few of his fingers, hence his injury that he lied about claiming to have lost his fingers to a wildling axe.
Both Ned and Arthur are very honorable men and so they must have disarmed him and worked out a deal. Ned will raise the child of Lyanna and Rhaegar (Jon Snow), and Ser Arthur Dayne takes the black.
Ned returned the sword Dawn back to House Dayne and told every one he killed The Sword of the Morning. A 20 year old Northman killed one of the best swordsman of their time most likely. Jaime talks about how Dayne could fight 5 men at once. I think he would have no problem with 2. Jaime also said that Dayne could fight just as well with both hands, which we are shown how difficult it is for one of the best swordsman at the time to learn after he loses his swordhand.
There's also the weird pairings of Dawn with Qhorin. The first one actually sounded a little off to me on the audiobook. It seemed a little awkward and drew my attention. Just such a strange sentence. And whenever I see fallen star in asoiaf I immediately think of House Dayne.

Dawn and Qhorin Halfhand arrived together.
Dawn had broken when Jon stepped from the tent beside Qhorin Halfhand.
They could see the fire in the night, glimmering against the side of the mountain like a fallen star.

There are a ton of other things I'm probably forgetting about or missing, but I am thoroughly convinced that halfhand is Ser Arthur Dayne. What am I missing?
submitted by jimmysprunt to asoiaf [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:02 Understanding_Simple Bluetooth conversion device

So I'm using a CCA CRA and I'm looking for a device that plugs into the pins of the earbuds and make them a pair of Bluetooth earphones instead of having to plug into the 3.5mm jack. Y'know, for the sake of convenience.
What device (cable? adaptor?) would you recommend? If you're using something like this, what are your opinions about it? I'm looking for something in the range of under 20 USD btw.
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2023.03.29 15:02 oFUBARo Advice on trees for firewood?

Advice on trees for firewood?
So as the title says I'm looking at devoting a bit of our land to fire wood. And I would like advice from anyone who has done similar?
My little bit of research says that willow would be ideal and should give us enough wood every year if I plant up between 1/4 acre and 1/2 acre I was thinking the highlighted section of our top paddock. Our situation is thus. We live in Northern Scotland and have around 7acres of land total. 5 of this we will develop into our steading growing crops and raising pigs and a couple of cows (chickens and the smaller bits will be in the 2 acres that the house sits in) I'd like to grow wood that we can coppice and enough that within the next 5-10 years we can start harvesting circa 2 tons of seasoned logs per year. And I'd ideally like to use as little space as possible but certainly no more than 2/3 of an acre.
Is it possible and am I on the right track? Any tips and advice? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 15:01 RoastStraw "The most safest school in Ohio" 💀

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2023.03.29 15:00 Jasvir_S Thats all I'm capable of...

Thats all I'm capable of... submitted by Jasvir_S to chessmemes [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:00 VendiMoS Last chance to enter #MoSMarchMeditation challenge

Looking to gain some extra motivation when meditating?
Join #MoSMarchMeditation challenge. Only 3 days to go until we pick a winner, and odds are looking good!
All you need to do is: → Download Moments of Space iOS app → Meditate anytime in March → Share your Journey Meter from app on you socials → Tag Momentsofspace, a friend and #MoSMarchMeditation
One winner will win ''The Power of Awareness'' by Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield (Valued at $297)
Winner announcced 2nd of April
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2023.03.29 14:58 ralphdagza I did it! I can live my life again! AT/AT/AT

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude for your incredible support and valuable input during my PMP exam preparation. Thanks to the tips, study materials, and encouragement that I received from the PMP subreddit community, I was able to pass my exam with flying colors.
I had 80 minutes remaining when I passed my exam. The first 60 questions were relatively easy, and I felt like I was reviewing the TIA mock exam. The second part was somewhat challenging, akin to the SH difficulty level, while the final 60 questions fell somewhere in between.
Due to my remote location, I took my exam online. I was scared beforehand due to what I read here, but the check-in process was simple. Contrary to my expectations, I didn't have to talk to anyone, see my proctor, or chat with anyone. Yes, you can leave during your break.
I found that understanding the mindset was crucial to my success and knowing the correct processes to follow. You can easily eliminate two choices right away, and paying attention to the question's ending about what the PM should do next or what they should've done were helpful strategies.
The question is as simple as "You're hungry; what should you do next?"
a. Cook foodb. Check what you have availablec. [Dumb answer like, go do your taxes]d. [Another easy-to-eliminate answer]
If you can answer that, I think you're ready. Assuming you know the PM processes.
Not going to get into details, but there is a math question, but everything you need to know is in the question, and a few word matches, and select 2 of the answers.
I completed a BootCamp via PM-ProLearn through my work/AF COOL program, which gave me a foundation. However, I wanted to utilize other resources as well. Based on recommendations, I used TIA to understand the mindset, SH to build endurance (although it was harder than the actual exam) [my scores], Rita's PM process game (highly recommend), Third3Rock' notes, and DM's 200/150 videos.
Looking back, I think writing the application was more challenging. After I applied for the exam, I did 5 weeks of studying, a few hours on weeknights, and maybe 8 hours on weekends. (I have a full-time job)
I am proud to be a part of such a supportive and collaborative community and look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside all of you. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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2023.03.29 14:57 Brief-Baby-8675 MISSING PERSON Call 07564048135

MISSING PERSON Call 07564048135
Amit Balter, aged 23, left his house (Withdean area) last night without his phone or wallet and has not been seen since. He is mentaly unstable and could pose a risk to himself and others. If you have seen him please call the number below immediately.
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2023.03.29 14:56 kkReddotkatto_artist I just realized something-

When I post non alphabet lore things- I get tons of upvote(like 100) while my alphabet lore is only 15 the most-
But I won't change fandom,dont worry
Cuz I can't draw Undertale charather- I don't trust myself that I can do that- as I'm bad at drawing human already so how can I draw Skeleton and fish and lizard and other? :,3
But I will draw Baba is you and jsab sometimes lol-
Plus- another reason is that this fandom is already awesome,even I'm change,I still draw some of it sometimes-
Sorry I'm just bored lol-
submitted by kkReddotkatto_artist to u/kkReddotkatto_artist [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 14:55 godzilla101118 Dreams of Azure Blue (series pt.3)

Jacob chasler looked at around his surroundings. Around him the great port of azur lane was burning - all of the buildings that were once the home of the kansen were burning - their bodies strewn across the ground, bloodied and beaten from the attack.
As jacob looked down, he saw that in his arms was someones body - a woman with medium length white-silver hair, two small angel wings on her head, two larger wings on her back, a stylized trench coat, and a royal navy pin on the left side of her chest - to her side layed a bow that looked like two angels wings held together in the middle with a red gem.
As jacob examines her, he see's her mouth move as if to say something, but nothing comes out - but somehow it still registers, and he nods his head, only for her to finally loose her strength and pass on.
Jacob, cries out in soundless anguish as she passed, before getting up and taking her bow. As jacob finally looks up for the first time he see's two humanoid sirens - both with long silver hair and yellow eyes, but still with major differences - one wore a strange black night gown with black ears and possesed black and yellow tentacles, and observed everything with a strange enjoying-indifference - while the other wore a short sailors uniform and had with her rigging that took a form similar to that of a hammerhead shark and wore a look of glee at the destruction they wrought.
The moment jacob lays eyes on them, he yells out as he draws the bow and launches an arrow that transforms into a cannon shell mid-air. Its all for nought though, as it impacts a shield that the tentacled one had manifested. As jacob goes to draw another shot, the one with the hammerhead rigging aims her cannons and fires - the last thing jacob see's is the cannon shells speed towards him - impacting - and his vision is engulfed in flame...

"AAH" jacob yells out as he falls out of his bed - the scenes from his dream still fresh in his mind. Jacob pats himself, checking for anything strange, only finding the stitching from the area where the shrapnel was removed and how he was drenched in sweat.
After jacob calmed down, he goes to look at his alarm clock, and see's it's only been around 3 hours since he fell asleep.
"Well aint that just great" jacob mumbles. To himself.
After sitting down for a few moments, jacob goes to his bag and fishes out a spare uniform he had, and proceeds to got to the bathroom he had in his living quarters, so he can clean himself.
After cleaning himself, in unfortunately cold water, and getting dressed - jacob proceeds to the office in the conference building, so he can get an early start on the paperwork that was remaining.
As he's walking through the still damaged port, he notices a strange light in one of the piles of rubble. As he goes to take a closer look in the rubble he suddenly realizes - with near horror - what the object is.
"A wisdom cube?!" He nearly shouts out. After digging through a small amount of rubble, jacob finally is able to retrieve the glowing light blue cube. After he examines the cube and thankfully finds that there were no cracks in it - jacob puts into his bag and proceeds back on his course to the office.
When jacob was finally reaches the office, he notices that the light was on, and that there was one figure inside. He recognized the figure as belonging to Z23, one of the kansen that met him when he arrived in the port the previous day.
As jacob walks in, he notices that Z23 doesnt even realize that he's there, while she's reviewing one if the piles of paper work that they've been working on. After walking closer towards her - jacob finally speaks to her.
"Z23?" Jacob says. Immediately as he says that Z23 jumps up, wide eyed and lets out a small yelp. "C-commander c-chasler what are you doing here?" she says as she goes to sit back down.
"Well i was going to get an early start on the paperwork, but something important has come up." He says as he reaches into his bag and pulls out the stray wisdom cube he had found.
"T-thats-" Z23 begins, "Where did you find that?" She finishes saying after taking a few moments to compose herself.
"I found it in one of the rubble piles heading over here from my building and was planning to ask one of you where i can find a cube tech to manifest it in the morning" jacob says as Z23 takes all it in.
"Commander, you'll need to go to akashi and yuubari in order to have the cube Manifested," Z23 says, "but even then where could it have come from?"she asks out loud.
"Dont kansen revert to their cube state when they're heavily damaged?" jacob asks Z23 as she shakes her head.
"Only in the most desperate of circumstances, but even then, the process takes around 8 minutes to complete and even then, we'd be dead in most circumstances before we could go into preservation mode" Z23 responds to jacob. After Z23 said that, jacob looks at the wisdom cube in his hand with a newfound suspicion.
"So chances are, that this cube isnt from one of ours" jacob says, at that Z23 nods. "Most likely commander chasler" Z23 continues "Our best odds are to send this cube to yuubari and akashi to have it analyzed, and if its deemed a threat, they will have it destroyed". She finishes
As jacob contemplates what he should do with cube, he suddenly feels something emanate from the cube into him. It isnt a message or an image, only emotions - the strongest of which are fear, acceptance and resignation. These emotions are strong enough to put jacob into a momentary daze before his vision refocuses - he then looks at Z23 and gives his response.
"This cube is already resonated to humanity. we'll have it manifest, and if its a threat, i trust that you'll put it down" jacob finishes - Z23 looks up at him looking as if wanting to ask a question, but before she could, jacob spoke.
"Z23, While ive only been only base for roughly 17 hours, and want to have a good working relationship with you all - i believe that having this cube manifest will only bring benefits instead of having it destroyed" jacob says. Z23 still looks like she wants to say something but stops herself, after a few moments, jacob speaks up again, "well now that we have that sorted out, lets go back to doing the paper work", Z23 nods at this as jacob goes to his desk and begins to review and sign the papers on his desk.
They went on like this until the sun was fully in the sky - at some point being joined by kuybyshev and theseus - who brought them food when they told her they didnt eat - and continued with the paperwork - approving re-construction budgets, resource allocation, and invoices from the various damaged dorms of the factions.
Once they were mostly done with the paper work in the afternoon, jacob asked the three of them where yuubari and akashi were located at and went to them.
As he approached he could hear an explosion close to him - this caused jacob to start running towards its source inorder to figure what the cause of it had been. When jacob reached the source of the explosion he found two fairly short woman - one with fox ears, black hair, ligjt red eyes, and wearing a green and yellow kimono - while the other had green hair, golden eyes, and was wearing an oversized labcoat with various tools coming out of the sleeves. As while jacob was getting closer, he could hear them talking to each other.
"Nya i told ya it wouldnt work!" The green haired one said in annoyed tone. The one with black hair just turned her head at that.
"Why shouldnt it work, all of our tests said it would work," she said "and besides nothing is learned without atleast experimenting on it first" she finished.
As jacob got closer to them, he could finally see what they were talking about - in a small crater layed a downed but still intact siren plane, which it seemed that the two of them had opened up and were experimenting on it.
After getting walking to a point where he was only around 8 feet away, jacob started talking. "Excuse me, are you two, mrs. Yuubari and akashi?" He asked. At his words both of them swiveld their heads towards him, and began looking at him.
"Nya, thats us" the green haired one (who jacob figured is akashi at this point) said. "Abd are you the new commander?" Yuubari said.
"Yes, i am. Its nice to meet the both of you, but this meeting is to deal with something of decent importance" he said as he pulled out the wisdom cube from his hand. As jacob is pulling out, he notices how both akashi and yuubari go wide-eyed and stare at it. After this jacob continues speaking.
"I found this cube sitting in the rubble near the conference building. From what me and Z23 could tell, this is an unknown - but attuned cube - so i decided that our best course of action would be to have it manifested" jacob finishes
After that, both akashi and yuubari both get out of the daze they were in, and yuubari gives a sharp glance at jacob. "Are you certain that is wise commander?" She asks "activating an unknown cube may bring unfortunate side effects - the sirens have tried this tactic before, and it was too late before we realized what had truly transpired" yuubari says as a supposed dark memory passes through her face, before shaking it away. Akashi was nodding nearly the entire time while yuubari was speaking. Still jacob was determind.
"I am quite certain that this cube is not thr case ms. Yuubari" jacob replies "from what ive read, the false cubes sent from the sirens didnt resonate well with people, with some even saying that the feeling they got from it was of malicous intent" he continues "this cube is not like that, when it resonated for a short amount of time, the emotions that i felt were of fear and acceptance, not that of malice and anger - so it is my belief that we have this cube manifested, and if it turns out to be a mole, we have it put down - but if turns out to be something else, then we couldve made a new ally" jacob finally finishes.
After jacobs almost-speech, both yuubari and akashi take on a pensive look, before nodding at each. After a few moments akashi responds for them.
"Nya, we'll do it commander" she says before she continues "but just to be safe can we have someone else with us, nya?" She finishes.
At this jacob nods, before putting the cube into yuubari's hand "of course - ill try to send kuybyshev to protect you - one last thing though," he says, causing both girls to look at him, "i want to be there when the cube completely manifests." At this both girls look at each other again before responding
"Nya, alright commander" akashi says as both her and yuubari begin packing up their tools and heading back to their R&D building.
After a few moments of just standing there, with no one else around besides him - jacob proceeds to head back to the conference room to resume filling out the paper work they had.

9 hours after having sent kuybyshev to help with akashi and yuubari, and after 2 more hours of late night paper work, jacob is graced by a call to his office phone. As he picks up he hears the voice of yuubari on the other end.
"Commander, the cube is ready for manifestation" she said, at this jacob quickly responds "alright, im on my way", as he gets up from his desk.
He exits conference building and surprisingly finds that a vast majority of the paths leading to and from the base had been mostly cleared of rubble, with just the errant bits here and there. As he continues looking at the streets while walking, he notices small yellow birds who were seemingly cleaning the paths of their debris.
"Huh" is all jacob gets out as he continues on his way, "Next they'll have sentient cat generals" he mused as he finally reaches the R&D building.
After entering the building, and spotting kuybyshev who was waiting for his arrival, both of them entered the cube engineering room, where both akashi and yuubari were at along with the cube which was hooked up to various wires and conduits.
Yuubari looks at the commander with a questioning gaze, as she holds up a button which was wired to the machinery, "Would you like to do the honors commander?" She asks while offering The button.
Jacob gently takes the button out her hand and presses it, beginning the manifestation process. As the cube begins to manifest, the platform it was on lowers, and the various cables and conduits that it was hooked up to, disconnect as it begins to rise into the air and plspin ever faster.
After spinning for about 15 seconds, the cubes light begins to intensify, making all of the occupants in the room to cover their eyes as the light and the cubes speed reaches a crescendo, until it flashes.
After the light fades, and they are able to see once again - the occupants of the room stare at the female form in the center of the room.
The figure had medium length silver-ish white hair, amethyst eyes, and had two small angel like wings protruding from her head - she wore a long black trench coat, dark pants, and boots, and protruding from her lower back was 2 larger angel wings.
As they were inspecting her, the figure puts a hand to her chest and bows, while keeping her head aimed towards the occupants - specifically aiming for jacob, as she spoke.
"Light cruiser HMS daedalus of the danae class at your service" she says before speaking up again "Now what battlefield have you summoned to. To bring me from beyond existence?" She asks as she retakes a normal standing postition.
"My name is Commander jacob chasler" he automatically responds "and this war has all of humanity on the line. At that daedalus gives him a light smile before responding
"Very well them, i will be your sword and your shield in this war for humanity, lord commander chasler" she says as she gives one last bow.
After that, both akashi and yuubari swarmed daedalus with questions, about this or that, until eventually daedalus was sent to the royal navy dorms, and jacob went back to his room, before laying on his bed and saying one thing
"What a day" and drifts off into the peaceful embrace of sleep.

Observer Alpha is reviewing all the new data from they had obtained - going through what they had done during the day - until she finds the data about the wisdom cube that jacob had found and manifested.
This causes observer to once again furiously write down new notes about the commander and what he had done.
"This anomaly is strange" she mused once more "Stranger than even that other anomaly who got three kansen pregnant." she spoke outloud, before putting back on a face a neutrality.
She gazes over at the capsule on the other side of room, marked with the letter F. She slightly smiles as she gazes at it before returning to her data.
"Soon commander, your reckoning will come" she says "and with it, we will be free".
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2023.03.29 14:55 hairsense20 Hair Care Tips For Men To Help You Boost Your Game

Hair Care Tips For Men To Help You Boost Your Game

Shop Conditioner For Dry Hair Hair Care Products – Hairsense
According to a study, more women prefer guys who look clean over guys who just look good. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should totally let go of your looks to put more effort into your hygiene. One thing that makes guys look nice and clean while also boosting their charm is their hair. Any guy with good hair that’s well-groomed and styled can impress others. Need some help with your hair game? Here are some tips you wouldn’t want to miss.
1. Invest in good haircare products
Haircare products can be a bit pricey, especially the good ones from well-known brands. However, these products do last a long time so, if you think about it and you compute how much you’re spending per use, it really doesn’t come up to a lot. Take time testing out different products to find which one works best for your hair. It may take a while but it’s all going to be worth it.
2. Go beyond shampoo and conditioner
If you think that having a hair care routine means washing your hair with shampoo and then conditioning it after, you’re wrong. It goes way beyond that and it calls for the use of more products as well. Dive into the world of hair oils, serums, and lotions. It can be overwhelming at first, but it’ll really boost your hair care game a ton.
3. Use a clarifying shampoo every now and then
If you’ve never heard of it, now’s the perfect time to do your research. Clarifying shampoos can help get rid of product buildup on your scalp from all the styling products that you use. It’ll help prevent dull hair and dandruff which is a pretty common issue among guys.
4. Don’t shy away from women’s hair products
Just because the label says it’s for women doesn’t mean your hair falls into the wrong hands when you use them. In fact, some women’s hair products work amazingly well for men as well (and vice versa) plus they smell good so it’s a double win!
5. Don’t drown your hair in styling product
Using too much styling product may give you that “wet hair” look, but it can cause product buildup in your scalp as well which can later lead to scalp issues like dandruff. Use just the right amount of hair styling product and make sure to distribute it evenly and wash it off after your day.
6. Learn to cut your own hair
Or at least learn how to trim it for maintenance. It’s a skill you need to learn if you want to save money on grooming and looking good.
7. Let your hair go au naturel
Even if it’s just for one day, try sporting your hair au naturel: no gel, no wax, nothing. It might take a while for you to get used to the natural look but it could also lead you to discover just how much better you look with it. If it needs a bit of help, a few spritzes of dry shampoo to refresh it should do the trick.
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2023.03.29 14:54 ajcon200 Skilhunt M150v3 (and flashlights in general)

HI, first post. This is going to be highly subjective, which i understand, but want others perspective.
I have A new olight mini marauder, this will be my workhorse jack of all trades (except cri) light, camping etc. high lumens, decent throw, high sustained etc. But its not edc, obviously. With it i had 3 free lights, usual suspects i guess, 90 lumen AAA, 180 lumen AAA and a rechargeable (tiny) 180 lumen iR2 pro. all useful. I 2 maglights as well, 4d old school with a drop in floody 300 lumen i think , and a ML300X 620? lumen. .
I know the maglights are heavy and impractical, but i loved the ML300x back in the day. Anyway Ramble over.

I want a few more lights, which everyone here i think fully understands.

I want Anduril any version just to experience it. I want an extremely high lumen (even if only a 10 second blast) I want something workhorse and kind off throwy, like the maglite ML300 was. and i want a green thrower.
I also dont want anything bigger or as big as the olight for now.

So please give me suggestions, or explain my suggestion are wrong.

i was thinking (all of these)
Mega bright lumen monster, NS73v2......
Workhorse reliable kind of throwy Skilhunt M300 v2 (with the Nichia 144)
Smaller, and helps me get a discount Skilhunt M150v3 NIchia again.
Tiny fun light Ts10 4000k, (green body orange aux) and may be a brass with 3000k and green aux as well, with diffuser would be good camping possibly?
Because i want a sofirn, If25A 4000k and again a diffuser.
and thrower already decided acebeam L19 2.0 green osram, want an acebeam and like the look of this but will wait until around £80 again (missed ali express deals)
So does that all sound a good combo? or is it too heavily 2170o weighted? any reason for both 150 and 300 skilhunt? and is the 150v3 with nichia too low on lumens? after 10 mins its not much brighter than my freebie Olight Ir2 Pro admittedly a much better tint though. I love the look of the skilhunts, would love to have 2-3 andurils, and the ns73v2 looks like a guilty pleasure type of light. (im also leaving 18650 out because i will get a d4v2 at some point when i work out what i like and what the best options would be) Sorry, massive post, feel free to ignore it.
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2023.03.29 14:54 crismack58 My ADHD was caused by lack of sleep

I know, you’re probably reading and say “duh”. I don’t regret having ADHD, I think it’s been helpful for most of my career and journey in entrepreneurship.
I can focus and I am rarely overwhelmed. It’s just everything is interesting. The point where most people tap out because of anxiety causing overwhelm is my baseline.
I finally started getting better sleep 5 and a half hours. (I know still low, but it’s consistent and increasing to 6)
I now realize that I’ve been under-sleeping my whole life! I averaged 3-4 hours of sleep. TV on, phone on.
I’d always be impulsive and brain fog + ADHD is a bad combo. Plus a sleep apnea issue from years of striking sports. Nose was jacked.
Finally got a CPAP machine and I’m sleeping better. Deep sleep and no more dozing off during the day.
Wish I could tell myself this 10 years ago. Now I have an even feel to myself. It’s like I’ve been reborn.
I’ve been taking melatonin 4 days on and 3 off. My diet is relatively clean but making it better and also do not eat 4 hours before bedtime.
Am I missing anything else to improve?
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2023.03.29 14:53 ColorMeCorgi Review 😂

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