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2023.06.10 19:30 KarlitaFrita Are shipping dates accurate?

I ordered my magenta bear-lien and baby blue bearlien a few days ago and it said to expect delivery between the 12th-14th, are these dates usually accurate? I go outta town on the 16th and don't want to risk missing the delivery
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2023.06.10 19:29 Lower-Set-1530 My son had IUGR. Maybe?

I had my son back in November of 2020 and I was induced due to my baby measuring at 32 weeks while at 36 weeks. This was almost 3 years ago so the details of what my OB told me is a bit fuzzy, but I remember her mentioning IUGR and me being emotional thinking it was something that I did wrong in my pregnancy. I will never forget beating myself up as a 18 year old mother over that. I just accepted induction was what needed to be done to help my baby come out healthy.
Until recently, I was going through my sons old hospital records and realized he was born at 5Ibs and 13oz (18in) at his birth of 37 weeks. I was a young first time mom and didn’t really do any research on anything.
But today I decided to look into what she said my son had. And according to what I looked up from personal experiences from mothers and statistics, his birthweight wasn’t under the normal range. At the end of the day I am not doctor and will NEVER think I know more than medical professionals.
At the end of the day, today my son is a happy and healthy toddler which is all that matters. But I can’t help but wonder, could he of been misdiagnosed? Could I have had a normal pregnancy and had him all the way to 40 weeks without induction medication?
I guess we’ll never know.
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2023.06.10 19:29 RoughBeardBlaine Haven’t played SF6 yet, but all I see are Cammy lust pics or random trans posts. Wtf is going on?

Is this a fighting game or a social commentary? Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll support any cause that doesn’t hurt people. I believe that you can think something is silly and still support others doing it. Someone making a character that looks like a cartoon being smashed by an anvil is just as silly and acceptable to me as some of the in-your-face trans pics that have been posted on here from actual in-game dialogue. But if I didn’t know that this was a fighting game, I’d think it was some weird Life Sim/ LGBT/ Troll game.
It’s just weird to me that all I’m hearing about SF6 is:
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2023.06.10 19:29 mcLovinrules4ever Day 16 of asking for a Baby in Yellow theory

The Baby in Yellow is a game that my seven year old brother showed me. The game is great and follows a babysitter doing babysitter things… until things go wrong. The game is really short, but packs so much into it. The game got a huge update 16 days ago. The game is about $4 on steam and free on mobile. The game isn’t really played much on YouTube, so a Game Theory episode or a GT Live play through would give the game some great publicity. I plan on asking for as long as it takes at about 12:30 central time. Thanks for reading!!
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2023.06.10 19:29 I_View_Memes We're pregnant.

My partner and I (27) recently found out that we are expecting. My father cut ties due to his new relationship a couple of years ago and I'm on the fence on telling him about the baby. I feel like he has a right to know about being a grandad but, he was never too involved in my life and I fear he won't be too bothered by the news. Any advice on this would be helpful. Do you think it could change things?
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2023.06.10 19:28 ChucksSeedAndFeed I just wanted to brag to people who would understand

I'm nearly 38 and I've avoided ever having to hold a baby. They look like warm steamy wet bags of poo and I'd rather not find out if that's accurate
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2023.06.10 19:28 Malkuth777 I made r/sportsbetcirclejerk for stupid jokes like this, come join

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2023.06.10 19:28 ThatEmmy Am i the bad guy for calling cps on my sister?

!THIS GOT SENT TO ME ON INSTA! !NOT MY STORY! To explain things, my sister 16 got pregnant when she was 15. When my parents found out they were mad. She couldn't take care of a child. She was very irresponsible and never thought before she did things. To an example she always forget to lock the front door and because of that we have been robbed 3 times. One time they stole our TV which was worth 100 dollars. She refused to pay even if she had the money. She forgot to turn of the stove and she almost started a fire. Our kitchen smelled like smoke for two weeks even if we did everything we could. So when my sister got pregnant i knew that she wouldn't be able to take care of the baby. I told my parents and they agreed. We told her that maybe she could adopt the baby to a family member so she could still be a part of the child's life. She didn't want to. I accepted it and never brought it up again. When the baby was born every one was happy for her. She contacted the father of the baby but he didn't want to be a part of the child's life. She got so mad. She only talked about him being a bastard. Afterwards i found out she didn't tell him she was pregnant except after she had the baby. Shortly after my sister had my niece she started to go out partying and left my niece at my parents. She was almost never home. My parents was exhausted. At this point i got so mad. But the final straw was when she moved out of the house and told my parents that she wanted to share custody without giving them shared child payment. They said they wouldn't. She got upset. I called cps. I told them that my sister don't take care of my niece and always dumps her at my parents place. Now my cousin and her husband is taking care of my niece while Cps is investigating my sister. My parents think i took it to far. Did i?
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2023.06.10 19:28 wormboy187 Wilting/ curling help

Wilting/ curling help
Hello all! I was looking to get some help with my baby. First pic was from Wednesday and the second just now. What’s going on here? I haven’t changed any of the routine from watering every other day, she’s getting a healthy 18/6, I’m using the Fox Farm soil and I haven’t added any nutrients. There is also some discoloration on the seedling leafs. Thanks for any and all help in advance! (I don’t know the strain, just decided to plant what I got in a nug)
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2023.06.10 19:26 KabeerS52 My GF[18] says I [18M] have no right to say a word about her parents.

We've been dating since almost 2 years, we've known each other since we were 12. She's recently fought a seemingly terminal deasese. I've recently gained control over my situation of extreme parental abuse (drunk dad who physically beat me and mom). We've both been there for each other through this.
Over the last year, through the things she tells me, I've noticed some things about her parents which bother me. and today I finally confessed it to her.
Here are the things that bother me.
1) her dad has 3 kids despite having a govt job, my GF is middle child, who is officially not their child, not on paper. Not only this thing could cause her legal issues related to her rights, but it also indicates that they are extremely conservative. How? My GF is born almost 10 years after her sister. Why? Apparently they kept trying for a baby for all that time but her mom had multiple abortions due to her being unfit for a child. But they kept on trying and finally has their 2nd child, who was also born prematurely, and yes, she had to face many deaseses, including this terminal desease. Had to live her entire childhood with restrictions.
You would think her parents would stop after barely having a second child, who is unfit and will have to face hell. But no, they went for a 3rd one, immediately. Yes, the 3rd child who is the only boy is born less than a year later.
And the reason for this I think, is obvious. They wanted a boy, and her father would rather break the law and risk the life of his wife multiple times for years, just for a boychild. (Not to mention he is born with extreme harmonal issues)
Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first thought that comes to my mind based on the facts, please tell me if there's another possible reason.
2) After that there are other things like how he actively and verbally hates people of other religion, and is possibly also castiest, which concerns me since I'm SC.
3) Then there are other concerns like how parents have left her alone while she was in ER on fucking life support, and her parents were legit "attending a family funtion" or paying a visit to family members who lived near the hospital. But they were mostly absent.
4) They were reluctunt for letting her eat nonveg which was recommended by the doc. Especially her mom was very against it. They are vegitarians for religious reasons. Actually it's since I almost forced her to go against them and eat nonveg more often and in her house, when her issues regarding weightloss ans immunity statrted to go away.
I stated my concerns that their conservative behaviour is causing her issues and will definately become an issue when it comes to marriage (yes, we are stupid for thinking that far. But consider the ammount of suffering we have faced together, I can't imagine a life without her, and she says she feels the same. Also know that we've known each other since more than 5 years)
After I said all that, her response was "shut up". Followed by how I have no right to say anything about her parents, how she owes me zero explaination for these concerns and that her parents are always right.
If her parents are always right as she says, will she also listen to them when they tell her to stay away from me? Which they will Since I'm SC and they're hella conservative.
Not just that, she said stuff like...
They've been there for her and I haven't. This hurts because she used to call me from the ER, with a tired breathless voice, just because her parents were absent and she'd feel alone. I left everything when I used to see her call, even abandoned college classes in the middle, basically leaft anthing at hand once I saw her call. Now she's saying I haven't been there for her?
When I found out her desease was terminal, I legit went dark for 20 days, Didn't go to college, didn't see anyone except my parents maybe once a day. Stayed locked in my room trying to scour through all the 100s of pages research papers which were so hard to find it since it was a rare desease and most of the patients were above 65. It's a lung desease which was said to be 100% fatal. I stayed up all nights, made a mess of my own health while doing so, until I came accros a study, which showed only 5 patients in the entire world, who susrvived, all were minors, I figured the desease is said to be fatal because it mainly attacks old people and they don't have any regen power in their lungs. But a 17 year old girl's lungs are constantly growing, she should survive this.
I gave her hope, that alone improved her health from needing support to walk to jumping around in just one day. I forced her to get more involved in her medical process and make the doctor give her curative care instead of end-of-life support like her parents wanted. and it worked, she went to a doctor in Pune and the retests showed she's curing that desease (which is impossible on paper).
In this process, I lost 15 kgs of my weight and the will to eat anything due to severe deppression. I still haven't recovered from the physical impact. After all of this, she compleatly discredits me and my concerns, says I wasn't there for her and all that.
I feel deeply hurt.
I legit feel like I'm nothing to her, I feel like she always thought like this about me.
In her defense. She's a mature person and doesn't have traditional or conservative thoughts, neither does she seem all that proud of her parent's being so conservative. So I know she doesn't share her parent's thoughts. she was never like this, NEVER. And maybe this isn't the person in her talking, maybe she just said this because she got triggered, I understand many Indians are conditioned to blindly trust their parents and never question them, so I'm not sure if I blame her.
What should I do?
Please don't start teasing about age, we're not nibba-nibbi. We've both supported each other through life threatening situation. I have got physically injured due to family fights, have had to lock myself in a room for days with my mom to fend from my dad. Been forced to spit on my own mom, hit her with a sandal and other types of torture. she has had to face extreme pain and illness all her life, had to witness a rape and murder as a pre-teen, been through therapy. So please understand our bond is really strong after we've been through all this. This relationship is serious.
TL:DR GF's parents show extreme signs of being conservative and casuing a problem for us. GF gets hella triggered and says I have no right to talk about them, they are always right and she owes me no explaination regarding this. I feel undervalued and basically got shut up for stating my concerns.
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2023.06.10 19:25 Ok_Acanthocephala15 ᵐʸ ᵃᵗᵗᵉᵐᵖᵗ ᵃᵗ deducing the details surrounding the recent crimes committed (ʙʏ ChriseanRock ᴀɴᴅ Blueface) in Las Vegas. ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛꜱ?

ᵐʸ ᵃᵗᵗᵉᵐᵖᵗ ᵃᵗ deducing the details surrounding the recent crimes committed (ʙʏ ChriseanRock ᴀɴᴅ Blueface) in Las Vegas. ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛꜱ?

Here I will attempt to break down (some possible) connections that I’ve perceived between Chrisean’s recent comments on Live, and the latest (police report) details that have been revealed about this case. As well as the ways I believe their known relationship history might shed further light on this matter.

What do you guys think? Does it sound like it’s all connected, or am I reaching?

I’m on Adderall.
DISCLAIMER: I’m totally open to being wrong about my theory. I just think it’s interesting to discuss the possibilities.
On her Live, she seems to be trying to say as little as possible, clearly, so it’s very hard to fully gauge what occurred.
She’s clearly mainly describing/alluding to an episode (and/or multiple) of financial abuse.
It sounds like she has been continuing to seek (at least some degree of) financial independence from Blueface, as we’ve seen her discuss in Lives from this past month.
Potentially she wanted her paychecks to start going to her directly instead of his LLC, and/or asked for money she was rightfully owed (as we’ve seen her attempt to do on Live), or some combination there-of. And then in response to her attempts to stand up for herself, it sounds like he tried to intimidate her by going into some kind of rage and/or started trying to manipulate the situation to a get to a point where he wouldn’t have to agree to grant her her financial freedom (he says himself that he uses money to maintain control over his relationships with women).
But she definitely makes it sound like there was a progression of events that led to her finally seeing the extent of his “evil,” rather than a singular event that changed everything.
Considering the confusing details that we have so far about this case (1 & 2), it seems like something more was going on than just a fan recording an “innocent moment.”
We’ve seen them be recorded by fans before and have zero issues with it, more than once. Chrisean is known to be very sweet to fans (1 & 2), and Blueface also has a history of treating his fans well.

So I’m inclined to believe that the REAL issue was that whatever was being recorded at that particular moment, was something they didn’t want the public to see.

I think Blueface might’ve been in the middle of some kind of emotionally (physically?) abusive incident. Potentially related to the financially abusive episodes that she references them having been in the middle of, at the time of the breakup.

She’s (TW) lied for him before to cover up for him beating her.
As well as told him to stop openly bragging about his physical abuse, but only because it would “make” him “look bad” :D.
Unfortunately it’s common for brainwashed DV victims to be in such a deep state of cognitive dissonance that they don’t see how protecting their abuser is harmful to them.
Due to this fact, in addition to her known past of covering up for him when he mistreats her, is it really a stretch to think she’d feel the need to “defend him” if someone was about to expose him abusing of her?
It might also explain why the fan feel bold enough to say, “Fuck him” about Blueface? And why she was so particularly angry towards him, then and there.
I think it’s likely that they realized she was recording something that portrayed him in a negative (accurate) light, they asked her to stop, and she replied, “Fuck him.” As in, “No, I’m going to expose what he’s doing to you right now.” And that that’s what set off the chain of events of Chrisean assaulting the woman (to stop her, since she refused, and good for her, if my theory is correct) and Blueface grabbing the phone, and later jumping her with his team of woman beaters when she tried to get it back.

Cause why were they THAT mad that she was filming, if whatever it was wasn’t anything that made anyone look bad? It makes no sense to me.


Chrisean also has a history of fighting other women “for” Blueface.

She did it with his mom (4:00).
There you can see Blueface himself saying the mom was assaulting Rock and insulting both of them and that Rock wasn’t reacting. Until he sic-ed her on his mother like a dog, which he recounts with a smile on his face.
It also occurred with his sister, when she tried to pull up Blueface’s house to fight Chrisean for beating up their mother. She’s the mother’s victim, but that’s another story.
As you can see (at 1:11:30), in that interview the sister herself says that when she tried to fight Chrisean, Chrisean first ran away and tried to avoid it.
And that then Blueface and his crew started beating on her husband and her, when she wouldn’t leave or stop trying to have a fight.
She says when she started going 1v1 with Blueface— that that’s when Chrisean jumped in, I presume to “protect him”. She probably felt it would be disloyal to stand by and watch a woman beat him up when she could jump in.
But this makes absolutely no sense. Obviously he has testosterone, is much stronger, and by the sister’s account was already winning handily, even before Rock stepped in.
So why bother? He wasn’t a victim, or in danger. The sister didn’t even want to fight him, he started jumping her for fun (apparently), like they did to the woman in Vegas.
Also, it’s not even a “fight” if one opponent has greater physical strength. It’s an assault.
I think Chrisean’s reaction towards his sister is (sadly) a projection of the way she thinks it’s OK for Blueface to hit her when she’s “out of line,” and somewhat still believes (believed?) his victim narratives of her being “the problem” for defending herself against him (and using her self-defense as a justification to abuse her even more severely).
And also likely a result of the way he brainwashes his victims to act as his henchmen. We also see it with Jaidyn.
Abusers typically “punish” you (with more abuse) for not submitting to their will/goals (which includes protecting their image/ego). After a certain length of time, due to the way human brains process/adjust to “negative consequences” (especially if you don’t realize that you’re being intentionally and systematically brainwashed)— you will eventually learn to carry out their will as second nature. Which is their goal, of course.
Also judging by what we hear her say during the second (Petey’s) Live, along with the information that we’ve been made aware of since we first watched these streams:
It sounds like maybe here, in “private,” she felt safe to become more open about the way the Vegas situation, specifically, impacted her perception of him. Whereas during her Live, she tried to stick to their more “personal” issues and only vaguely alluded to whatever incident it was that made her realize he was “too evil.” She seems scared of him (remember, he threatened to murder her and the baby). And also probably just doesn’t want to insult him publicly and or speak on an ongoing investigation
If she is referring to the events in Vegas, during Petey’s Live— it sounds like she thinks he deserved to be held accountable for the jumping more than her. She says, “Good, they got him, not me.” To me this implies that she sees him as more culpable and/or as the cause of the problem (or as the arguable mastermind of the event?).
She describes him within that same context as “the devil.” And says he “deserves” to be in jail (which again, to me indicates that she’s referring to illegal behavior, not making a general criticism).
Presumably, again, this would be because she feels the situation was his fault to begin with and that his actions during the incident ended up being particularly excessive.
As they always have been (towards women, especially, he utilizes constant unwarranted force because he is sadistic and enjoys exploiting power imbalances that work in his favor), but the difference is that now she’s waking up to that reality because she is gaining self-esteem.
She’s no longer seeing his abuse of her as acceptable, which has in turn, affected her perception of his behavior in general. Typically when we gain self-esteem and self-love, we project our higher level of self-value outwards, as a higher valuation of others.
Maybe she’s growing and no longer in a mental space where she can justify the evil that she has in the past.
And what she witnessed in Vegas (compounded with the financial abuse) was the final straw, and what led her to begin to perceive him as irredeemable.
An alternative theory is that he was committing some sort of (other) crime at the time that they were being filmed, but that seems less likely.

TL;DR: I think something nefarious was going on at the time that the fan started filming, hence Chrisean/Blue’s uncharacteristically strong reaction.

Judging by the vague details in Chrisean’s Live, I think it may have been Blueface enacting some form of abuse against her.

What do y’all think?

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2023.06.10 19:25 Malkuth777 Easiest lock of my life 🔐

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2023.06.10 19:24 _marlasinger feeling overwhelmed

baby is 6 weeks old today. started on advantage premium formula but then switched to sensitive after she had bad gas. now she has suspected reflux and the doctor recommended nutramigen to help rule it/an allergy out. I don’t know if it’s also a 6 week growth spurt but she’s been a totally different baby the last week or so. crying the second she wakes up, is much fussier all day, only sleeping short spurts, eating a little at a time but much more often. I just don’t know what else to do or what she needs. I feel like I just can’t figure out what’s wrong. the nutramigen smells like shit. It’s insanely expensive and I can’t find a generic anywhere so I’m stressed. I’m sleeping 30 minutes at a time while trying to pay attention to cues and wake windows and also her reflux and this new formula and ugh I’m just losing it.
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2023.06.10 19:24 Intranetusa Why do babies/children lose the ability to digest lactose when growing? What is the ecolutionary advantage?

From what I understand, virtually all human babies are born lactose tolerant with the ability to product a lot of lactase enzymes to be able to drink and digest a lot of milk. Then there is a gene that kicks in to stop lactase production and make the person less lactose tolerant in adulthood. Then certain Eurasians and Africans evolved genes to keep their lactase producing enzymes on, allowing them to be more lactose intolerant in adulthood.
Why did this happen/what is the advantage of the gene/traits/etc to turn off the lactase producing enzyme in adulthood create lactose intolerant adults when the default seems to be everyone starting out from a point of lactose tolerant babies?
I've tried to research this myself, but everything I've found talks about how humans developed lactose tolerance in adulthood rather than how and why babies lost lactose tolerance when transitioning into adulthood.
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2023.06.10 19:24 haydosx I’m 18 and potentially going to have a baby

My partner and I are both 18 and are now shit scared because we have a feeling she is pregnant. She’s been telling me she has a few symptoms that could lead to pregnancy and only 2 weeks ago did we do the deed unprotected. A couple of times. It wasn’t in her fertile period but nonetheless we are extremely anxious. I understand that these are the consequences of our silly mistakes but I can’t seem to grasp the fact that I can possibly be a dad at 18. I feel like I’ve not only ruined my life but hers as well and I feel like I will be looked down upon by not only my family but hers as well. Disappointment, failure & stupid is what I feel like if it were to be true if she was pregnant, why am I feeling this i’m unsure. She is telling me to not worry until she tests but I can’t even get myself to sleep knowing I could be a father. I love her a lot and can see myself having kids with her later in life but right now i’m definitely not ready for it at all. For anyone who had a young teen pregnancy, what’s the best possible advice you could give me? I feel really stuck right now.
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2023.06.10 19:24 AnonCashFlow Looking to generate cashflow to cover expenses

I am looking for opportunities to start generating cashflow - like, for example, owning rental properties.
I've read a lot about Americans buying duplexes and "units" as a path to wealth, but as I understand it we don't have an equivalent in the UK because we'd end up paying multiple stamp duty instances, require deeds for each separate residence, and so on. Is this accurate?
Long-term wealth is a goal, and I want to be clear I'm not looking to immediately generate millions a year. Nor am I looking for a "get rich quick" scheme. But life circumstances in recent years have highlighted the importance of having some form of income that's semi-reliable and not dependent on physically going to work.
I've started looking into things like holiday chalets and caravans to let, but from what I've read on these they're not particularly good as by the time you've paid for all the various fees the profit is tiny - I saw a few examples where yearly profit would be around £2000. And on top of that, the actual caravans depreciate rather than appreciate.
Proeprty is just one example. I'm open to buying a business, I know some people buy websites. I'm mainly looking for viable options at this stage.
It just seems like everything I look into, there are people giving reasons why it's actually a terrible avenue to try and make money. But the optimist in me knows that other people have found ways. It just feels exceptionally difficult to find people in "real life" who have done or are doing it, and can give good guidance.
For some context: 37 years old, married with a young child, self-employed and my wife is employed on a part-time basis since having a baby. We own our home with 25 years left on the mortgage. Emergency fund is in place, no debts apart from the mortgage and car, and ultimately looking for ways to take the next financial step and a) increase earnings and b) diversify those earnings so it's not so reliant on us physically doing the work (not to say I want strictly passive income, but I mean compared to working 9-5)
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2023.06.10 19:23 NVOkie9018 Snake In The Couch

Some of you may recall that I posted a few months ago about a new SB who turned out to be my son’s math teacher. We’re still seeing each other a couple times a month. I told her a while ago that if she needed any ‘guy stuff’ done around the house she could call me.
Thursday night she called me, sounding like she was on the edge of hysterics. She told me that a big snake was in her house, she had called a couple pest control companies but it was after 9 pm and her calls went to voicemail. I told her that I was on my way, grabbed my snake stick, and drove over.
She and her kids said that it was last seen in the living room and I got enough of a description to be fairly sure it wasn’t venomous, but I was still cautious. I found the snake under the couch, and when I started to move the couch it went up into the couch. I moved the couch and flipped it over. The snake turned out to be a Western Rat Snake, about five feet long and pretty feisty. I got it out of the couch and got control of it, and got musked in the process.
After I had control I did a little show and tell with her kids, boy and girl, both under ten. They were fascinated by the snake; their mother, not so much. She had the willies from just being in the same room.
I had never been to my SB’s house before. She lives in an older subdivision that dates to the 1970s; lots of trees, shrubs, and big yards. On the other side of her backyard fence is one of the creeks that run through town. I let the snake loose in the creek bed and went back inside. I talked with the kids briefly about the local venomous snakes and how to identify them, and how to be safe around snakes. My SB sent the kids to bed and invited me to use her bathroom to take a shower while she washed my clothes. I ended up spending the night in bed with her.
Yesterday morning during breakfast her son asked me if I was his mom’s new boyfriend; she and I exchanged glances, and I told him yes. He seemed to take that pretty well, and after the kids left the table she told me that her son generally had difficulty with her dating and she had been prepared for him to react negatively, because he usually didn’t like her boyfriends.
After breakfast I called a pest control company and had them send a guy over. He and I talked about reducing the snake friendly habitat in the backyard, but there’s nothing we can do about the creek because it’s city property and natural habitat. He looked for ways the snake might have gained access to the house, for signs of rodents, and he looked in and around the house and yard for the possibility of snake eggs. I don’t know enough to be able to tell the difference between a male and a female snake, and it didn’t cross my mind on Thursday night. He advised me that this time of year is when rat snakes mate and they lay eggs and leave them. I did NOT tell my SB about the possibility that she might see some baby snakes in several weeks. Based on how she reacted last night I wouldn’t be surprised if she moved into a hotel for the rest of the summer. I paid the pest control guy to seal up some possible access points into the house and to reduce some of the potential snake habitat in the yard, and I called my yard guy to add her place to the weekly service. Her backyard is fairly overgrown, and it’s going to take some work to clean up.
It didn’t occur to me until this morning that I might owe her a PPM for Thursday night, but on the other hand coming over to catch a snake in her house at 10 pm, paying a pest control service to come out, and adding her to my yard service might be considered payment in kind.
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2023.06.10 19:22 Salad_Livid How?!?

How does she have 10 kids and not know a fuck thang?!? That baby isn't 1 and completely off her dairy....she doesn't eat real food...she wonders why she up screaming....that's not a teething scream
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2023.06.10 19:20 ogtotaldramaqueen Rec!!!

read this right NEOWWW! It’s so good 🙏
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2023.06.10 19:20 thesuzied Mourning Dove sitting on 2 babies, nest has fallen...

Mourning Dove sitting on 2 babies, nest has fallen...
I was walking my property and found this morning dove. At first I thought she/he was hurt. When I got closer I noticed the baby heads underneath! Based off the pictures I'm seeing online I'd guess they are about 10 days old. It breaks my heart, I'm guessing that was the nest beside hehim and now he/she is protecting the babies on the ground. I'm not sure if I should try to pick the nest up and place it in the tree or let the dove & babies be? Humans aren't always around to help in these situations so maybe I'm just overthinking the need to help.
I got about 1meter from the bird before he/she started flinching thinking about abandoning or maybe attacking me - was just trying to see what was going on at a respectable distance.
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2023.06.10 19:20 pocketdebtor Fittonia & Mystery Friend

Hello, all!
I have a terrarium in my sun room, and it has one of those unidentified “terrarium plants” in it that is thriving. I’m considering moving both of them into a larger terrarium or possibly pruning and then propagating in another terrarium (I’m scared of upsetting them and their happy little ecosystem).
However, I don’t want to do any of that until I can identify the little green plant in these photos:
An app I tried says it’s a China doll (Radermachera sinica) plant. The leaves look similar, but I’m skeptical. I know every tree starts somewhere, but it’s such a little baby!
Texture: Smooth, tender, not waxy.
Scent: No smell that I can tell.
Environment: terrarium in a sun room, south facing window, humid, temperatures are pretty consistently in the 70s and 80s in that room (if I had to guess)
Condition: Thriving. Seems to play well with others. Fairly fast growing. Grew to this size in approximately… 4-6 months??? I’m not good with time, but I know it hasn’t been a year.
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2023.06.10 19:20 Inside-Guidance-7281 Am I wrong here ??

I hate my in-laws. All of them. Here’s why
  1. Self absorbed. BIL didn’t ask me one question when we met. MIL didn’t care about our baby sex announcement. She said, “Yeah, that’s good” after which prattled on about her own problems.
  2. Absolutely no gift when we married. Husband is one of four. We married via zoom. Not one of his three siblings or parents gave a gift and he’s the only one married to this day. (They’re all over 45).
  3. BIL didn’t show interest in our child until he had a child recently when he’s suuuuuuper invested.
  4. They used my husband profusely. Father took debt out in his name. Husband prior to our marriage gave over 15k to them to help. And after that his moron brother asked for more money for expenses.
  5. MIL goes out of her way to greet my kid first before me showing zero respect. My folks would never do that. She will literally see me first then go way around the car to say hi to the child first. Rude.
  6. MIL uses my husband for emotional support when she should be using her own.
  7. BIL was helped by my husband year after year. Never once repaid the favors over years with a gift of wine or a gift card.
my husband actually thinks this crap is Normal. They say a lot of bull but never follow through. And then I am forced into seeing them which I hate.
They are self interested leeches.
Am I wrong here? What can you see that I can’t??
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