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News, Shorts, and Everything Else in the World of Animation

2023.06.10 19:33 5camps Short reviews of every nation I've played as in Anbennar part 8 - Haless

Part 1 - Cannor Part 2 - Escann and Deepwoods Part 3 - Aelantir Part 4 - West Serpentspine and Gerudia Part 5 - Bulwar Part 6: The Forbidden Plains Part 7: East Serpentspine
I'm nearly at the end of these series of reviews. After Haless it's Yanshen and then that's about it. The whole continent has some of my favourite mission trees in the entire mod so I'm excited to talk about it.
Azkare -> Sunrise Empire ★★★★★
Azkare is someone staring down the multiple genocidal campaigns across Anbennar, and indeed across regular human history, and asking themselves how they would design a campaign where you are the Good Guy. One where the end goal is to create a truly equal state that values all its citizens. It’s an interesting design issue since empire-building has certain inherent traits that are really hard to present as being a “good” option. Gee Hiderion, what are you going to do when one of your internal states votes for independence huh? Just going to march in an army to crush the rebels? How many millions must die for you to achieve your “dream” Hiderion? You can answer these questions during your questioning at The Hague! Or wherever they try war criminals in Anbennar.
Playing it though, it’s great fun. Sure it’s another Haless state that is simply based around conquering everything, but the mechanic on how you integrate them all into this single parliament is pretty neat. It feels like messy internal politics, which I enjoyed from a role-playing perspective. It’s wild that this much effort went into a single nation’s mission tree too, and one you absolutely never see created in-game by the AI. I have some nitpicky problems. While the writing is generally good, I think the author tried to write a short piece of romantic fiction at one point that felt so out of place it bordered on comedic. Also the end of the mission tree has such silly requirements that I didn’t even bother trying. But it’s overall one of the most complete trees in the entire game and would be one of the first ones I’d point a new player towards.
Plus, so long as you embrace the roleplay of being Hiderion, the guy with the biggest Elf Savior complex in the entire world, it is neat to imagine yourself crushing the previous horrid regimes across Haless and rebuild them in your vision of equality and tolerance. Bhuvari are slavers, Verkal Ozovar want to mind control the whole continent into subservience, and do you really think everyone would be better off under The Command? If Haless had to be united, Sunrise Empire would probably be the best option. Just don’t ask the Oni that question.
Fengwuzhe -> One Xia ★★★★
I know a lot of people play EU4 because they love to watch numbers go up. Stack modifiers on top of modifiers and watch as your god soldiers destroy armies 3 times their size. I am not that sort of player. I legitimately have no idea what army tradition does. The only number that matters to me is the size of the army. If I have more soldiers, I should win the battle. If I don’t, it’s probably a bug and should be patched. That all said, there was something about marching around as this death squad of militant harpy combat monks as One Xia that tickled a little part of my brain, giggling as I watched The Command flee in terror despite outnumbering me.
What made it all the more satisfying is the challenge it was to get there. As Xia, you are one of the first ports of call against the might of The Command. That’s another part I love about Anbennar that other people seem not to: I love fighting The Command. It’s a race against time as they gobble their neighbours, as you frantically build up a force capable of taking them on. Once they do turn on you, there might as well be that “Objective: Survive” popup. It’s interesting to play a game of EU4 and actually lose a war and have to figure out how to rebuild so you’ll be able to take on those hobgobbos if they attack again.
The actual story of the nation was a bit lost on me. I liked the design of the mission tree and how it forced you to really drill your troops to progress, which was a neat change of pace for me. But what their nation actually fought for and believed in wasn’t terribly well portrayed. Maybe because I don’t have a lot of experience with the genre of fiction they’re based off. Also man is the Blue Scarf Rebellion such a weird disaster. Only pops at a point where you’ve basically already won the game. A huge amount of effort into a very forgettable disaster that I very nearly didn’t see because I had reached the standard boring EU4 end-game by that point.
Verkal Ozovar ★★★★★
One of the coolest things in Anbennar is how they’ll take specific mechanics from the base EU4 game, warp it into something new, then re-contextualise what that new mechanic represents. Escann is the best example of this when it comes to the design of an entire region with how they repackage the native migration mechanics. What Verkal Ozovar does for vassal gameplay is so utterly wild and creative and I had a truly fantastic time with it.
The whole conceit is that you remain as this single province hold for the entire game, but through a series of vassals, and a very heavy focus on vassal loyalty increases, gain control over all of Haless. Early on you’re playing what seems like a fairly standard game, albeit heavily vassal-focused. But as your vassals start to dwarf (heh) your single province, it becomes a game unto itself of how does one maintain loyalty while progressing through the mission tree.
I’ll give you a few examples of the stuff I would do to maintain loyalty. I would declare war and then never move my troops from the capital because keeping them alive was more important for loyalty purposes than using them for the war. I would declare wars entirely for the purpose of draining my own vassal’s armies and manpower so they couldn’t build up a large enough force to want to rebel against me. It’s evil in a whole other way than how EU4 and Anbennar usually enforces it through “click the genocide button”, and it really fed into the themes of the story. These totalitarian, mind-control dwarfs, who seek to subjugate the people around them so they swear absolute loyalty, all while never having the capacity to ever resist you.
I literally had a notebook next to me of my vassal’s dev sizes so I could keep track of how large they were getting and dole out new provinces accordingly so none would get too large. The final end reward of having the capability to ensure total vassal loyalty is the best end-game reward in the whole game, because suddenly I was free to grow however much I wanted. I declared on the Lake Fed then just left the game on x5 speed and watched as my combined vassals experienced 3 million deaths in attrition and still won the war. My computer may have hated me for it. The end game of Ozovar is the slowest I’ve ever seen EU4 run. But I loved the campaign and it’s a top 3 all time favourite nations to play in Anbennar.
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2023.06.10 19:32 TheWatcher657 Why Alexee Will Be and Should Be Found Not Guilty. Case Analysis. The Real Guilty Parties Exposed. Long Read.

Hello. I know just from reading the title you are likely seething with rage and hate for Alexee. Likely you have already down voted this post. I am appalled by the number of people having already convicted Alexee and now want her lynched.
I am equally appalled by the amount of video the public has access too. This has tainted public opinion and makes it almost impossible she will be afforded a fair and unbiased trial based on actual evidence introduced in court. All of the surveillance video from inside the hospital should never have been released. This violates Hippa Laws and a patient's Right to Privacy. "When you use security cameras in a healthcare environment, the video footage that you record qualifies as PHI. As PHI, video surveillance footage must be protected according to HIPAA regulations.Jun 10, 2021"
Alexee was experiencing an acute medical and mental health emergency and the release / leak of hospital video violates her right to doctor patient confidentiality. For those whose blood is boiling what if this was inside an abortion clinic and a teenager was violated by the release of videos in a patient treatment area? Protesters would be enraged and demand action--where is the outrage here?
Based on the facts as currently known (no discovery yet just what is in public domain and can be verified) this is how I would defend Alexee during a trial. I ask you to consider all of the following:
--Innocence until proven guilty in a court of law--the cornerstone of our legal system and society.
I strenuously argue and expect the following be inadmissible and excluded from trial:
>All video of Alexee inside the patient treatment areas of the hospital--both security cameras and police body cameras excluded .
>Police bodycam footage from inside Alexee's treatment room should be Hippa protected. She has the expectation of doctor patient confidentiality. Police knew there was no crime actively happening inside the hospital room at the moment they entered. The question of IF a crime was committed already occurred in the toilet room previous to police arrival and there was no flight risk from Alexee in a hospital room with one way in and out.
Police violated her civil rights by entering her medical treatment room while Alexee was in a hospital bed. Further police by entering her hospital room delayed urgent medical care Alexee required and placed undue stressors on her during a critical moment when per the statements of the doctor she was hemorrhaging.
>At no point was she read her Miranda Rights. Any statements made during an acute medical and mental health crisis inside a treatment room without her being advised of her Miranda Rights cannot be used against her at trial.
--During all video of her in her treatment room and patient hallway areas--as has been so far illegally released to the public violating her Hippa rights-- Alexee was under the influence of pain medicine administered by the hospital.
Pain medicine alters how Alexee feels, her body's sensations, perception of said sensations, mental acuity, mental state, memory and cognitive ability--this is the whole purpose of pain medications. These are indisputable and known scientific facts for decades which have proven pain medications cause all of these reactions which is why every single pain med has strict warnings not to operate machinery, not to drive Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera........ (For those attacking Alexee as mentally deficient, "slow", retarded, "mentally off" and / or view her reactions as not appropriate the hospital had her hopped up on pain medications before she even went to the bathroom. I say shame on anyone convicting her in the court of public opinion under the influence of medication(s) and during an acute medical and mental health crisis.
>Purported pictures of Alexee with her cheer leading team in the grey shirt and holding the megaphone in her uniform. These pictures are all over the internet and have not been verified as authentic. I believe there is a high likelihood these particular pictures have been photo-shopped making them altered fakes. There are multiple indicators of the two most widely distributed photos showing they are not authentic.
The person who took said pictures, origin of the pictures, original metadata and chain of custody of these photos must be discovered and questioned. Once the absolute original files have been discovered, if they even exist, they need to be independently analyzed by a digital photography expert.
I ask everyone to please put the videos you have seen out of your mind as well as it should and will likely be for the jury during the trial. I ask you to consider the following facts as we understand them at this juncture. Use only the following facts to determine if there is any reasonable doubt concerning Alexee and what happened. Even a scintilla of doubt or uncertainty means Alexee should be adjudicated not guilty by a court.
During a trial I argue the following in defense of Alexee:
>Alexee is a teenager. She only recently turned 19. She is inexperienced in life, sex and relationships. Although technically an adult by a few weeks the law is contradictory. She is still in high school due to when she was born and started kindergarten. At 19 she cannot smoke cigarettes, vape or buy or drink alcohol. Society and the law has decided 19 is not old enough to make an informed decision on smoking and alcohol. Her mother treats her as a child.
>Alexee has been treated in such a way by her mother to be ashamed of teen sex and its possible consequences. Her mother despite good intentions created a relationship of shame regarding sex and loosing her virginity. Most teens and even young adults do not share intimate sexual details with theirs parents for many reasons. Consider the added stress the mother has created for years in a misguided attempt to protect her daughter.
People in general but especially children and teenagers deny they did something wrong when accused. A child is observed breaking an item and even though said child knows the parent saw her break the item often will deny they broke it when questioned. There are decades of child psychiatry and doctors to testify regarding this. Those young children grow up to be teenagers and if the parent(s) have not properly handled these learning opportunities at young ages the teenager will have--in this case 19 years--of improper responses of how to handle life.
>Alexee's mother was beaten and abused by her father so badly Alexee was born preterm with hip and spinal problems causing pain on and off her entire life. Imagine the unhealthy relationship regarding sex, men and pregnancy her mother--despite good intentions--during Alexee's life imprinted on a child and then a teen.
>Alexee was taking hormonal birth control pills. We do not know if these were prescribed for acne, menstrual problems or birth control reasons. If prescribed for acne or menstrual problems and Alexee's mom knew she was taking them this combined with her mom's many years worth of admonishment, forbidding and shaming of teen sex and her mother feeling confident her daughter was a virgin--this would create a mental assurance for her mother she could never possible be pregnant.
Likewise, regardless if Alexee was taking hormonal bc with or without her mom's knowledge she would be assured she was preventing any possibility of pregnancy and being safe. Hormonal bc is widely regarded as virtually 100% effective and the best non-surgical option for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. The Pill is the gold standard for being safe and responsible to the point it's common knowledge providing a false sense of security.
The pill is so ubiquitous as infallible even in pornographic videos it is commonplace for the teen or woman to state "pull out I'm not on the pill"--as if she was on the pill it would be 100% guaranteed safe. Teens and even adults are indoctrinated to commonly believe the pill is infallible--even in porn.
We know sex education is lacking in all public schools, her fundamentalist church certainly wasn't providing sex ed, her mom used fear, shame and abstinence as the only approach and her father was a scumbag abuser not even in her life in a meaningful way. Media targeted to teens promotes "safe sex" rarely making a point any bc can fail. It's promoted and considered as an absolute.
No matter how you consider the above facts both Alexee and her mom were very confident there was no way she could be pregnant. Taking the bc pill to Alexee was an assurance she could not become pregnant, she could not disappoint her mom--she was being safe with no risks and in a committed long term relationship. She wasn't "one of those girls" or the school slutt.
>Alexee gained some weight. Everyone knows the Pill can cause weight gain. Its the number one reason teenagers and young women state they don't want to take the pill. There is so much pressure on being thin--especially for a teenager and a high school student going to prom ect. When she noticed she gained some weight of course it was because of the bc pill. She can't be pregnant--of course not--because she's on the pill. How could she be? A quick Google search "can the pill make me gain weight" confirms its common.
If her mom knew about her being on BC this causes no alarms for her mom because not only does she believe her daughter is a virgin she's on the pill and the pill makes many women gain weight.
>Maybe--and we don't know--Alexee was on BC because of menstrual issues. If that was the case then any period irregularities would be explained by known period issues, the pill can make periods light or non-existent in many women so nothing to be worried about if she's irregular, besides irregular periods are common in teens--especially athletes, as a medical fact. It is well known many women bleed during pregnancy at the time when they expect to be having a period so think they are regularly menstruating.
There are even entire TV shows based on the woman not knowing she is pregnant--many are adults in their 30s, experienced in life and many even had previous children!! Plenty of incidents making this fairly common and plenty of respected medical doctors will testify in court to this phenomenon.
>Alexee was treated in the emergency room in December--one month prior--for back pain. The same back pain she experienced on and off her whole life--and the same back pain that would bring her to the ER the night she delivered. She would have been around 32 to 36 weeks pregnant (pregnancy full term is 40 weeks gestation even though everyone commonly thinks 9 months) and at the end of December when seen in the ER. No one, not a single medical professional noticed she was very pregnant while in the hospital four weeks prior to delivering a baby.
>Alexee tells her mom she is in pain in January and needs to go to the ER for treatment. This is significant. If Alexee knew she was pregnant and premeditated killing and hiding the baby from her mom, boyfriend and the world it makes absolutely no sense she would tell her mother she was in pain and needed to go to the hospital. If she premeditated murder and secrecy then she would not have presented herself to her mom in pain and needing medical help. Everyone has seen TV births--although not realistic--there is almost always pain and pushing and then a baby. So Alexee who has premeditated and purposely hidden 40 weeks or pregnancy fooling everyone--her mom, peers, boyfriend, coaches, teachers, nurses and doctors decides to tell her mom she needs to go to the hospital when IF she had realized she was pregnant and consciously hidden and schemed everything!?!?! This makes no sense.
We know for a fact she knew how to do things herself on the "down low". Afterall she wasn't having sex infront of her mom--she went somewhere private to do the deed. If her premeditated plan all along was to knowingly conceal........see where this is going?
>January ER visit considerations:
--Alexee's mom had three kids--makes her very experienced at pregnancy--and has no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee is seen by and triaged by a registered nurse. She does not notice she is full term and in active labor. The duty of and sole purpose of the triage nurse to identify acute medical conditions needing immediate and emergency treatment--like say heart attacks or active labor.
>Alexee is taken to a hospital exam room and seen by the intake nurse--another registered nurse-- who's duty is and is trained to takes vitals, acquire pertinent information, makes trained medical observations and prepares the patient for possible required exams for when the doctor arrives--all of this on behalf of the doctor.
This nurse does not notice she is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember that part above "prepares the patient for possible required exams" if the nurse has any indications the issue was in anyway related to female reproductive organs or involved the vagina the nurse would have the patient--Alexee--change into a gown for a possible pelvic exam.
She does not do this--Alexee is not in a hospital gown so another registered nurse experienced in emergency medicine--nurse number two--is completely oblivious to a full term pregnancy and active labor.
>The doctor comes into the exam room. This is a licensed and trained medical doctor specializing in emergency medicine. She speaks with and presumably examines Alexee for her back pain--to do anything less is malpractice. This medical doctor, certified and practicing emergency medicine orders pain medicine administered to Alexee.
We have a trained and experienced MEDICAL DOCTOR that does not realize Alexee is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember those photos on the internet I discussed earlier and believe them to be faked and photo-shopped? If they were real and she was that visibly pregnant tell me two registered nurses and a licensed medical doctor given the symptoms displayed, age of the patient and the obvious dynamic between mom and daughter about keeping her virginity and you still don't this she is full term pregnant and in active labor.
The dynamic observed between Alexee and her mom the doctor had the DUTY as a standard of car to ask the mother to leave the exam room so she could privately discuss things with Alexee.
>We have all been in the hospital and ER so we all know how this goes. We know another nurse came to administer the pain meds and to administer test(s) order by the doctor. (we also know this by the police interviews of all medical personal involved)
This is nurse number three not noticing a teenage girl is full term and in active labor!!! Not just any registered nurse but the Emergency Room CHARGE NURSE--the head of the nurses in the ER at that time. (he's the male nurse in the videos wearing a skull cap).
>We know one of the tests ordered by the doctor and administered was a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test that results POSITIVE. We have a teen girl patient in extreme pain who is sure she isn't pregnant and is adamant she is not pregnant because I don't believe she thought she was. This patient is in an exam room and you the medical staff and especially the doctor DO NOT immediately return to the exam room to conduct a simple and quick pelvic exam (which doesn't even require a doctor a nurse can do and routinely do pelvic exams).
>Instead the doctor orders an ultrasound. So time passes when a quick pelvic could have been done but wasn't and in comes the ultrasound tech. She DOES NOT HAVE THE PROPER WAND ATTACHMENT TO CONDUCT A PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND. On top of this she is an Ultrasound tech--certified and trained--and even after attempting an unsuccessful ultrasound doesn't realize Alexee is full term pregnant with a baby literally in the birth canal in active labor.
Keep in mind the certified and trained ultrasound tech who has done presumably dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of ultrasounds on pregnant women in labor--because ultrasounds are common in virtually every pregnancy--this tech doesn't realize Alexee is full term and in active labor.
We KNOW the ultrasound tech had to pull up Alexee's shirt to expose the skin on her stomach to attempt the ultrasound (because you can't do an ultrasound without skin to wand contact via some snot-like medical grade jelly).
IF the tech thought Alexee was in active labor, full term and close to delivering does anyone not think she wouldn't tell a nurse or the doctor?? "Hey you better check on this girl right now?"
>None of the medical staff even tells Alexee her pregnancy test was positive. Alexee and her mom still have no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee feels like she needs to use the bathroom--to have a bowel movement. The nurses and doctor allow her to get up, unaccompanied and waddle / run holding her bottom all the way down the hall. Alexee has NO IDEA she is pregnant--has never been told by any medical staff and didn't see the baby on the ultrasound because the tech botched the procedure not having the correct wand.
>Common knowledge to most people--lay people--as a baby enters the birth canal and crowns the woman feels an overwhelming urge to have a bowel movement. We expect even at the lowest and most minimal level of care by registered nurses and licensed doctors to know a woman in labor experiences a sensation of needing to have a BM before the baby is born. Medical facts and training teaches nurses and doctors to instruct the woman to push the baby out as if she was pushing to have a BM. We know virtually every woman has a BM at some point while pushing.
Alexee and her mom still have no idea she is pregnant at this point despite being seen by three registered nurses, an ultrasound tech and a licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR.
The medical staff KNOWS 100% Alexee is pregnant-and has known long enough to send in an ultrasound tech perform a botched ultrasound--and yet the medical staff knowing all of this allows Alexee to waddle-run down a hall holding her bottom, ALONE and be in a bathroom over 20 minutes.
We are so far past medical malpractice on so many levels to the point of gross negligence and blatant disregard for Alexee-the patient. I've seen a lot of cases of malpractice at busy hospitals but nothing has ever come close to the malpractice and willful disregard for patient care and safety as I have learned in this case.
>Alexee, doesn't know shes pregnant, feels like she needs to have an urgent BM. She's on the toilet, shes in pain, pushing feels good because that is what her body is telling her and everyone knows if you feel super constipated with a huge and heavy poop that's stuck as soon as you get it out you will feel better.
At some point Alexee's body takes over--humans are animals--and like animals a body will birth a baby as an automatic process regardless if the mom is ready or not. Regardless if the mom is even conscious or not--after all comatose patients have delivered babies spontaneously.
This is that time.
I know everyone is going to shout but she should have called for help ect ect.
Really think about this and consider:
>Alexee is a teenager, young and inexperienced with her body and womanhood. She only just barely meets the legal definition as an adult buy mere weeks and can't even buy vape or a pack of smokes and she's still in high school. An adult by technicality only she is in high school, acts very immature and has not had any life experiences as an adult.
>Alexee has been to the ER twice in 30 days time and is in the ER at this very moment sitting on a toilet with an incredible urge to poop, she's seen by half a dozen trained medical professionals even just moments ago and she knows they gave her a pregnancy test "just in case" and no one has told her she's pregnant, she's scared to death but in her mind she's on the birth control pill and not a single person at the hospital during two visits has told her she's pregnant. She has NO idea a baby is about to come out. It's not possible to her and based on all we know she has confirmation in her mind time and time and time again she is NOT PREGNANT. In fact, she is on her period she thinks, she sees blood--yes confirmation of period, cramps, pain, nausea--all valid, legitimate and known period indicators. She can't be pregnant as we have established and since she is at the hospital they would have told her if she was. She has back problems, thinks she is on or starting her period and is constipated worse than she has ever been--of course combined these are the cramps and pain from the pitts of hell.
>Experts will testify at some point in that toilet room she disassociates with her body. Now she is in fear, overwhelming pain, anxiety, young with limited life experience. She has been drugged by the doctors with pain medicine which affects her sensations and cognitive abilities and decision making. She wants to yell for help but she can't. There is no voice, no words and no actual realization as to what is happening to her.
>This is NOT unheard of. Fear is a power controller. Every person responds differently. Many people do nothing and totally freeze and are oblivious to external stimuli. History is full of people--aged and experienced adults who are trained professionals in life and death situations who freeze and cannot function or function in a totally illogical way.
--The airline pilot who despite thousands of hours of flight experience suddenly forgets how to fly or simply does nothing. Or does something so incredibly stupid and so contradictory to every bit of training and flying instinct makes the wrong response causing the plane to crash. (Atlas Air B767 / Continental Express Q400 / UPS A300)
--Trained soldiers in battle firing on their own fellow soldiers wearing the same uniform right in front of them but in that moment they kill their friends.
--A veteran police officer responding to a school shooting in Florida so overcome with fear he cannot enter the building to do the job he has trained, practiced and done for 25 plus years of his career resulting in dozens of children dying or injured.
--A respected gray-haired "old salt" ship captain who has crossed the Atlantic hundreds of times in his 50 year career--actually the admiral of the fleet-- who becomes impotent when his ship hits an iceberg and after giving the orders to evacuate disappears from leadership. (Titanic)
The recent Idaho murders the downstairs roommate, who has experienced actual adult experiences living on her own in college, comes FACE-TO-FACE with the killer while her four friends and roommates are bleeding out locks herself into her room, goes to bed and does NOTHING for hours until the net day. This is despite her admitting she heard a pained / muffled scream, moaning, an unknown voice and came face-to-face with the killer POTENTIALLY while the victims could have been saved with immediate medical care. She is defended by society as bearing no burden or negligence because she was young, scared and had been partying so was under the influence of substances.
Wait a was Alexee. Ironically some of the same people in this very forum who defended the Idaho roommate for being completely without burden by ignoring and going back to bed want to lynch Alexee or lock her up for her entire life.
Can we under all of these circumstances expect a teenage girl who has every legitimate reason to be sure she is NOT pregnant and not in labor expect her to be rational in this moment?
If Alexee herself didn't know she was pregnant, had no reason to expect she was pregnant, was on birth control, her mom who has had three pregnancies doesn't notice, her peers don't notice, her teachers don't notice, her coaches, her church, her boyfriend AND....
the visit where the birth occurred:
If ALL of the people in Alexee's life and ESPECIALLY TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS did not notice or realize she was not only pregnant but in active labor HOW CAN WE EXPECT ALEXEE--a teenager--TO REALIZE THIS WHEN SHE TOOK HERSELF TO A HOSPITAL WANTING HELP?
The hospital and its staff disgust me. They acted with total disregard to Alexee and human life. Not a single nurse or doctor even bothered to try and resuscitate the baby when it was found. Most likely the baby was beyond resuscitation but for medical professionals in a hospital to not even attempt to save the baby after totally botching the standard of care for Alexee up to this point shows how criminally negligent everyone who treated Alexee that night is culpable for the death of a child.
The state has WAY overcharged Alexee. At most she should be facing abuse of a corpse. She needs mental help not jail. She is not likely to ever re-offend.
The ER doctor should be charged with manslaughter and negligence resulting in a death as her level of care was grossly negligent.
My heart goes out to the little boy who is not live--stillborn or otherwise. All life is precious.
So is Alexee and her life. This is beyond horrible for all involved. Every single person in Alexee's life failed her time and time again.
Do not as a jury pr society fail her again and sentence her to life in prison. There is so much reasonable double of premeditation and medical negligence / indifference in this case it would be criminal for a jury to convict her of Premeditated Murder in the 1sr degree.
I pray for everyone involved on so many levels. This case has no winners--only losers . Every single person in contact at any point with Alexee--but especially on the night in question-- and Alexee herself has a heavy cross to bear for the rest of their lives.
The nurses and ultrasound tech should be retrained, put on probation to be monitored making sure they have the skills and judgements needed to care for patients and the medical doctor should lose her license.
Alexee especially as well as her mother and boyfriend need education and counseling.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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2023.06.10 19:31 Xidomas Faster communication channel?

So here's the situation. Me and few of my work colleagues were playing a map, sometimes checking it out during work hours while on the same office network and due to random report, we all got slapped by multi accounting accusations.
What's the fastest way of escalating this nonsense, as normal means usually take days if not weeks ...
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2023.06.10 19:31 xXAdventXx Advent's Amazing Advice: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, A Mini-Campaign fully prepped and ready to go! Part 1 Dragon's Rest

Welcome back to Advent's Amazing Advice! The series where I take popular One-Shots, Adventures, Campaigns, etc. and fully prep them for both New and Busy DMs. This prep includes music, ambiance, encounter sheets, handouts, battle maps, tweaks, and more so you can run the best sessions possible with the least stress possible!
It's finally time for our next Fully Prepped Mini-Campaign/Adventure; Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, A level 1-3 Adventure that's sure to make waves! This is the most recent Starter Set and successor to The Lost Mine of Phandelver released by WoTC. In it, your players will sail to the titular Stormwreck Isle, an island shaped by an age of conflict between Chromatic and Metallic Dragons. They'll be able to befriend kobolds, explore fungal grottos, fight those twisted by Orcus, and perhaps save the very island itself!
Have your players create their own characters or jump right in using the Pre-Gens that are built with backstories integrated into the plot!
If you've used my previous notes you'll know that I take Adventures such as these and do all the difficult and time-consuming book-to-session conversions so you don't have to! I do my best to include Ambiance for every scene, custom battle maps, handouts when needed, spell sheets, encounter sheets, and more!
This may all sound familiar, but seeing as this is a Starter Set, I think it's important to reiterate:
Without further ado:
Included in The AAA Collection is:
*Important Errata for Pre-Gens
Index & FAQ:
Dragons of Stormwreck Isle:
Other Fully Prepped One-Shots, Adventures, and More:
As always, If you see something you think I can improve, add, change, etc. please let me know. I want this to be an amazing resource for all DMs and plan to keep it constantly updated! If you'd like to support me, shape future releases, and get content early feel free to check out my Patreon!
Cheers, Advent
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2023.06.10 19:30 NotYourWif3 APPROVED! But there’s a catch!

Little bit long so buckle up and share all your advice :) My husband (USC) and I filed I-765, I-131,I-130, I-485 April 2022. Did some biometrics in May 2022. Moved house (updated address with someone on the USCIS phone line). My 765 & 131 were approved March 2023! Had to move again March 2023 but updated address again with no issues. April 2023 RFE was requested and we sent them off with the extra support documents like impact statements etc. We’re an IOE case number and assumed our case would take at least until December 2023 to be approved as that would be our 2nd year wedding anniversary. Having not been able to leave USA since arriving on my J1 Trainee Program visa in 2020 we decided to pop over to Ireland to celebrate my birthday with some close friends who live there for a week whilst husband also does some work meetings (June 9, Gemini FTW!!). Lawyers filled us in on the issues that would occur if case gets approved whilst we’re out of the country. Checked all month but no movement at all. Well, we flew out June 8. Checked again and June 6 (I swear I checked this in the am to no movement) suddenly it was being reviewed, June 7 131 & 485 were both APPROVED!! Obviously we’re thrilled and feeling so thankful, but also feeling frustrated and annoyed. Yep we took a risk going overseas. That’s on us. The frustration is that 485 is requesting biometrics and have booked me in for 6/30/23- this letter was addressed to our first address when we filed which is on the East coast. We’ve lived West coast the past two addresses and have not missed any mail since moving. Our lawyers are East coast based and they receive all the mail we do etc. The 130 was addressed to our current address. It’s Saturday so we’ll write our lawyers an email and all that jazz. I’m assuming I’ll be able to reschedule my biometrics because I do not want to fly back east to do the thing I’ve already done. That’s all depending on if they let me back into the country. I’m hoping that as the GC hasn’t been issued because biometrics appt that on a technicality I’ll be able to get back in with less issues.
Any advice on what we should print out for my re entry debacle (we have stuff with us but curious to see what people suggest). Also any advice on what to say to lawyer would be handy too.
** edit to add that according to most of our mail our FO is Fresno but the mail for 485 was NBC service center.
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2023.06.10 19:30 ImaginaryRoads A slightly premature celebration :)

In just over ten days, I'm going to be done building all the Technologies! I am so fucking excited - I'll be able to stop chasing goals!!
Once I'm done with the tech, there's only three "official" things left for me to do: get a third hero to level 21, get 500 eggs, and 30k nonos, and none of those are urgent or important goals - they're just trophies, with nothing depending on them. [Unofficially, I'll want to level up all my heroes, but that's completely self-imposed and again there's nothing dependent on it, not even a trophy.]
I haven't registered an email with ucdevs so I'm not participating in the Tavern, so this is 'my place' to celebrate and participate. And I'm celebrating a week or two early because I'm in the process of nuking all my reddit accounts. But I had been so looking forward to sharing that moment with all of you that I just want to do it a bit early: Celebrate good times, come on! We're gonna have a party!
Thank you, everyone, for answering my questions, no matter how stupid, and I hope you all continue to enjoy the game!
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2023.06.10 19:30 OurAmericanNightmare Humble but Delicious Collection.🥂

Humble but Delicious Collection.🥂
Howdy! I've never posted a pic of my current collection so I thought I'd share it today just for the hell of it. I'm gonna throw some notes about each below in case someone is looking for something new and awesome to try. I have a fairly "all over the place" palate bit I definitely like things on the sweeter side. As you can see, this isn't one of those braggy "look at my 347 unopened bottles!" posts, I'm just here to share my thoughts. Almost everything here is open and being enjoyed. Pic doesn't show the bottle of Early Times BiB I picked up a few days ago, but other than that it's what I've got going on right now. Let's dig in:
Bushmills: This is just the standard stuff, my wife and I love it w/Diet Coke and it's great for a few of those and movies on the couch. Great for what it is and I'm planning to dive into their higher-end stuff soon cause I do dig the flavor profile.
Johnnie Walker Blue Label- Straight up? Not a huge fan. I'd had some back in 2006 out celebrating with the band I managed in another life and I thought it was smooth, buttery deliciousness. Apparently the fog of memory served poorly, cause I bought this a couple months ago and it's not at all what I remember. Smoky, uncomplicated, and just kinda wack mouthfeel. I'll finish it, but it won't be a staple.
Compass Box Hedonism- Now THIS shit is the business! This WILL be a staple, it just hits all the notes I look for in a blended scotch- vanilla, holiday vibes, and a super creamy mouthfeel. Plus, I can snag two bottles of this wonder-liquid for the price of 1 bottle of JWBL, and for my palate this blended Scotch blows it out of the water. Essential stuff.
Rabbit Hole Dareringer- I drank a little TOO much of this stuff last night cause holy SHIT I dig this stuff. Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-Sherry bomb! This is a damn fine sweet bourbon, and it's another one that hits all the right notes for me. Sweet, viscous, warm, not-too-conplex-but-still-interesting, and deceptively crushable. If you have even a passing interest in finished bourbons you need to get on board with this one. I'm trying to NOT finish my bottle too fast cause I gotta chill on the spends for a bit but this stuff will be staying on my shelf as a staple for the foreseeable future. Absolutely excellent.
William Wolf Pecan Flavored Bourbon- Yeah, yeah- I know. In my defense, my quest for awesome sweet bourbon was always gonna lead me to trying this stuff and it did. You know what though? Fuck the snobbery, cause it's actually really good! I've read some pretty expert-level reviews that feel the same way so I'm not a total wackjob, and it's perfect for sipping here and there in the colder months. Might not be a staple, but I don't regret giving it a shot!
Barrell Seagrass- Wow. Super wow. Super holy shitballs wow. This liquid is outstanding, through and through. It runs hot, but if you throw in a few ice cubes and let it breathe for about 15 minutes it chills out and all that apricot, sweet, slight rye spiciness just grows wings and it becomes a whole other beast. And, it holds its viscosity really well with the ice added which is a really great bonus feature cause I usually try my whiskey neat but do most of my drinking with a little ice. Just my personal preference I guess. Regardless, this stuff is killer and I'll likely keep it around too.
Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye- Everything you've read about this stuff is true. Admittedly I haven't spent a lot of time with it yet, but its damn good. If you close your eyes it's almost like you're drinking a nice, sweet-leaning, oaky bourbon but the rye spice comes in on the finish and really makes itself known. I read all the reviews around here and bourbon and bought two bottles blind. Super glad I did and I can't wait to dig in some more. Why haven't I had more? See next entry.:)
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked- THIS stuff right here. Hooooooly shit do I love this stuff. Like the Sagamore Spirit DO rye above, I'd seen the reviews and figured this would be right there in my sweet spot so I went out and bought two bottles blind. One is the standard stuff and the other is a TW store pick. Spoiler alert- they're both fucking EXCELLENT and WRDO is now an all-time fave bourbon and what I'd call my "daily driver". It's rich, sweet, viscous, and not TOO pricey. Plus, it's not crazy allocated or hard to find in any way. This shit's a winner across the board and if your taste is at all similar to mine this needs to be on your shelf at all times. Stellar stuff!
OK, I know that's not how most people review shit, but who cares?! We're all different and we all have different tastes, and I'm not trying to become a professional reviewer or anything so I'm just being myself. Screw it.
What are my non-whiskey shelfmates you're seeing? Besides the souvenir bottle of Bacardi on the left and the old-ass bottle of wine I'll never drink sitting next to it there's Brinley Shipwreck Vanilla Rum which is delicious, Topper's Coconut Rhum which is also fantastic, Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum which is absolutely amazing and my new fave of that type, a Camus VS cognac which is a "daily driver" cognac that rules mixed with lime Bubly, and Martell Cordon Bleu cognac which is fucking phenomenal.
So there you have it, my taste is all over the map and I like what I like. Right now I'm definitely getting more into bourbons so that's going to be my focus for a while, but I see a lot more Irish whiskey experimentation on the horizon soon too so we'll see what happens. Oh yeah, one more thing:
Early Times Bottled-In-Bond- This stuff is excellent for sub-$30 and honestly I like it more than some $80 + bourbons I've tried too. I cracked my bottle a week ago and couldn't stop leading to a pretty hazy bit super fun night with (thankfully) no hangover the next morning. It's simple, smooth, and currently sitting right next to my WRDO as a daily driver shotgun rider. Proof positive that whiskey doesn't have to be expensive or fancy to be fucking fantastic, and for a $25 LITRE I'll be keeping one or more bottles around for the foreseeable future just like my much-loved WRDO.
Alright, I'm done bothering you all for now. Cheers to everyone drinking what they love and helping others find their faves too! 🥂🤘
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2023.06.10 19:30 ADAMKOVICSLOVECHILD From Sunday 11th June r/insanepeoplefacebook will be going dark indefinitely

This is mostly copied from iPhone because I am shit at doing this. PS fuck spez.
Hi everyone,
From 11th June insanepeoplefacebook will shut off posting and enter ‘Restricted’ mode. This will mean no more posts will be coming through for the next couple days, until Reddit decide to revert their stance. Our decision to bring forward the blackout is a result of the actions of the Reddit CEO as well as an abysmal AMA that did little to answer our questions or concerns.
The situation
As you may have noticed over the past week, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding Reddit’s recent policy change to charge access to its API. These changes effectively kill third-party apps such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun and many others due to the exorbitant amount Reddit is asking from them to continue access to their API - with these changes threatening to cost apps such as Apollo an upwards of $20 million a year to keep running as is. These prices place an enormous financial burden on these third-party developers, making it unfeasible to continue operations. This has resulted in a number of apps announcing their plans to shut down, including Apollo.
With these apps shutting down, it also makes our jobs as Moderators that much harder. Many of us mods have had to rely on these third-party applications in order to effectively do our job, simply because the official Reddit app doesn’t have the sufficient tools that these other apps offer. This will lead to many regular users having a subpar experience due to Moderators not having the tools to manage their communities well enough.
These changes also have drastic effects on those that need to use those third-party apps for accessibility reasons, due to the official app, nor new Reddit, providing proper levels of accessibility for those that need it. It’s one step closer to making Reddit totally inaccessible to many users.
The Reddit CEO’s recent antics
We also have concerns that Reddit’s very own CEO is comfortable and willing enough to lie, twist facts and gaslight the userbase into being on ‘their’ side in way of accusing Apollo’s developer, Christian, of blackmail and threatening Reddit. And, when proven to be lying through audio recordings, deciding to double down on villainizing said developer in his most recent ‘AMA’.
As moderators and users, this kind of behaviour erodes our trust in the company’s leadership and undermines our confidence in any statements or actions they take. The AMA today was also abysmal enough to the point we wanted to bring our blackout forward from June 12th. It failed to answer any of our questions or concerns.
If you want further context on this particular issue, please read Christian’s (Apollo Dev) post here:
We also cannot privatise the subreddit indefinitely. We just can’t. At the end of the day Admins have made it clear on numerous occasions that attempting to do so will result in intervention. In what way? We aren’t entirely sure, and this is why we will be reviewing our stance on a daily basis. Reddit, at the end of the day, is a business first and foremost. It is defined by the existence of our communities. Without a clear path to end the protest, Reddit must find a solution to end it themselves. The longer the blackout drags on, and and the harder we push them, the more likely it is that they’ll consider playing hard ball and going with the “Nuclear” option of removing Mod Teams and replacing them with those that they know will be compliant. While this option runs the risk of destroying communities due to replacements who don’t actually understand the community they’re running, it’s likely to be a better option for Reddit compared to having half their website shut down.
We will try our best to keep everyone updated on our decision making.
For those curious, here were some numbers on those participating in the blackout (numbers may be outdated, data was from yesterday):

Unique Subreddits Unique Moderators Combined Subscribers 3,314 15,676 1,502,606,382
You can find the full list of subreddits participating on Modcoord.
What can you do to help?
Make noise, contact the Admins and voice your displeasure. Make memes, post about it, comment about it.
We do ask that you don’t pressure other communities to join in, though, through modmailing them or messaging Moderators directly. This is incredibly spammy and, at the end of the day, there are subreddits (such as support ones) who should be staying open due to their importance to many people.
Will we go private?
Please do not harass any mods about this decision.
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2023.06.10 19:29 Curtainlove Ted Kaczynski found dead after I sent him this letter today. Coincidence? I think not!

Dear Ted,
I’m writing you this letter for a good reason.
Just like you, I want to be heard.
I have some things to say about the technological revolution and its future. I'm very vocal about this, but nobody is listening. So I’m going to do something that might be considered radical…
I’m sending this letter to you in hopes of getting a response. I want to know what you think about the current state of the world and the possible outcomes.
Do nothing, and your words get lost in time.
Do something violent, and your message gets tainted.
Kill yourself, and you’re just another sad story.
Pick one. ~everybody
  1. The current state of the world
As you probably know, technology is growing faster than ever and we haven’t even properly adjusted to the internet yet. In a world where most people are blindly following algorithms to keep them entertained, the most powerful are investing in digital minds to conquer the world. It’s a shitshow.
Artificial intelligence is getting super advanced. It’s almost certain that it will build somebody’s utopia or kill us all; and it can have a major effect on our mental health. More jobs will become obsolete as AI becomes more advanced, and this will lead to massive change. How will we handle this change? Time will tell. But I worry.
  1. What are the possible outcomes?
Extinction event.
AI can lead to our downfall. We’re creating machines that are way more intelligent than we can comprehend and we’re acting carelessly. This technology is/will be capable of hijacking anything digital, so nuclear annihilation is a possible outcome . Lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs) are already out there and will become way more advanced. Imagine if we would use this in a war. We could lose control of the machines. Sad to say, our downfall is not the only risk. These machines could also be used to grab control.
Total control
I assume you know about China's social credit system. It's a great indicator of how things will be in the future. In China, everybody is being observed and traced. Now I don't have a problem with that. I worry about who's going to write the laws.
It's not a secret that his technology can be used to keep us all in line. Everybody has a smartphone these days. So it’s not far-fetched to think that it’ll be used to monitor us all. Imagine a world where we’re not allowed to speak our minds. I’m a free speech absolutist and to me that sounds like hell. And who can you trust?
In a hyper controlled society, nobody trusts anybody because they’re afraid of people telling on them. This is already the case in China. We’re talking about a major psychological impact on the average citizen. Freedom will become a distant thought of desire while others play with their power. Again, dystopian shenanigans.
I think the entire world has to unite to prevent our downfall. We should strive for globalization. We shouldn’t go to war with this technology. But I know it is already happening. They always have the good shit behind the scenes and that frightens me; because mainstream AI is already getting pretty advanced .
We need a worldwide AI governance agency. (WAIGA sounds alright to be honest).
AI experts will have to sit together in order to create safety laws. This way, we can experiment with AI in a safe way. We also need a team of psychologists and ethics experts to calculate the risk of bringing something new on the market. Otherwise, you’re going to have products that are a threat to our mental health.
WAIGA needs to be transparent about AI’s most recent capabilities at all times so we can all be aware of what is happening. The people deserve the truth. We have to handle it. How else are we going to achieve this goal together? Everyone should have the right to join the discussion, but we must put more energy into educating people about the consequences. An educated world will behave more responsible than an uneducated world. Especially in times of crisis.
Globalization is pretty difficult to achieve because all cultures differ so much. We can’t force everybody to think the same so it’s a complicated situation. But in this case, the risk should be enough to come to an agreement. This technology calls for peace.
Capitalist dystopia.
Is this a possible outcome? I think it’s a phase.
It’s a complicated situation. We have a system that supports economic growth rather than social progress. Experts are expressing their worries, but the people in charge don't listen. It's a race for money and it can't be stopped. We’re heading towards a capitalist dystopia.
The world around us is influencing our standards so it's going to have a serious social impact if we don't do anything soon. People will become dependent on AI and this will create more problems. Perfect for a revenue model, but disastrous for our mental health.
As dependency grows, so does the potential for control. And not only that.
People will lose their jobs. In our capitalist society built on superficial standards, it’s already hard to be poor; It’s a struggle to get your basic needs and nobody listens to you because you’re unsuccessful. This will again, have a serious impact on mental health. Children are going to grow up in a world where AI can do anything, while we still don’t know anything about the consequences. This will potentially scar future generations. People tend to get sad and unmotivated if they don’t have a drive. And we are killing that drive by making this world a hell. How are we going to solve that with AI? Do we really have to see the consequences?
We have the ability to think.
So capitalism is not going to work (only in a heavily controlled environment). But let's face it. Capitalism never cared about the wellbeing of the people.
Communist society
I think this is the most likely outcome (if we don’t blow ourselves up). Since everyone can use AI to do anything, services become worthless and jobs become obsolete. This will have a serious impact on society. If we’re not forced to work by some dictator, we’ll see a change in vision.
It all depends on what’s going to happen. I think there are good and bad outcomes to this one. It depends on how we all see the world and who’s in charge. It could lead to a basic income or forced labor. In an ideal situation, we would have a system that supports freedom but limits the commercial use of AI.
  1. My Take
I’ve got mixed feelings about the current situation, but I tend to be pessimistic. We can’t even get along in the streets, so it’s silly to think we can solve the AI issue. War still exists just because some people want more power and there’s nothing we can do about it. To solve this problem we have to come to an agreement on multiple levels, but the people are not ready.
I think this will either result in our extinction or total control(if we go on like this).
I think there is a very small chance it will end well. We could keep our freedom if everybody starts thinking alike. We need to stop acting from emotion and start thinking rationally. Because rationally, we can come to a compromise. There is always a middle line.
I think AI can be regulated to keep us safe, mentally and physically; if we listen to the experts. But even if we succeed, it's not without risk.
AI has the power to find patterns at an incredible speed. This will lead to more scientific discoveries. We might even figure out the brain. And that is where the real danger lies.
The bigger the system grows the more disastrous the results of its breakdown will be.
But to be honest, we can’t even handle a tool like the internet. Everybody is “educating” themselves without checking sources and we’ve already seen how this can go wrong. We create romanticized representations of ourselves to show other people how well we’re doing. And we lose ourselves in it. We get stuck in algorithms that keep us in an echo chamber, only showing us one side of the story. And that’s just scratching the surface. We aren’t ready for AI.
The internet has great potential to bring us together, but it just doesn’t work if you want to share a vision. It has turned into a dopamine machine rather than a forum.
Instant gratification is the only thing that matters. Consume, consume, consume. And even if there are a few that listen, it’s not enough. And you know it…
It’s not worth writing a proper manifesto. People only pay attention if it’s sensational.
So Ted,
As I said, this might be considered radical; but I want to know your take on the situation so I can maybe publish it. Something controversial has to happen to get the message out there. This world is creating terrorists, and I’ve personally felt how this happens. I still don’t approve of killing people, but you were right to some degree. I think it is important to keep the conversation open to everyone. Excluding people based on their beliefs is harmful to our society. An innovative voice can come from anywhere. Just because somebody is wrong on one topic doesn’t mean they’re always wrong. I hope you don’t mind talking about this subject. You don’t have to go in depth. Even a brief response would mean the world to me.
I hope the pen is mightier than the bomb.
P.S. Don't send me a bomb; that's kinda cliché. 🙂
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2023.06.10 19:28 linthenius When do I redeem the pass to garuntee 3 resplendants?

Just got enough on my account to get a month of the pass, isn't it just any day other then the 10th or 25th to garuntee I get 3 resplendants out of it?
Just someone mentioned I can redeem it today, but to get the 3rd i'll have to login before that same time on the final day of the sub
Just want to double check
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2023.06.10 19:28 Embarrassed-Fault936 Do you need Email and social media hacking ? INSTAGRAM TWITTER SNAPCHAT FACEBOOK MANY MORE

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2023.06.10 19:25 Ok_Acanthocephala15 ᵐʸ ᵃᵗᵗᵉᵐᵖᵗ ᵃᵗ deducing the details surrounding the recent crimes committed (ʙʏ ChriseanRock ᴀɴᴅ Blueface) in Las Vegas. ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛꜱ?

ᵐʸ ᵃᵗᵗᵉᵐᵖᵗ ᵃᵗ deducing the details surrounding the recent crimes committed (ʙʏ ChriseanRock ᴀɴᴅ Blueface) in Las Vegas. ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛꜱ?

Here I will attempt to break down (some possible) connections that I’ve perceived between Chrisean’s recent comments on Live, and the latest (police report) details that have been revealed about this case. As well as the ways I believe their known relationship history might shed further light on this matter.

What do you guys think? Does it sound like it’s all connected, or am I reaching?

I’m on Adderall.
DISCLAIMER: I’m totally open to being wrong about my theory. I just think it’s interesting to discuss the possibilities.
On her Live, she seems to be trying to say as little as possible, clearly, so it’s very hard to fully gauge what occurred.
She’s clearly mainly describing/alluding to an episode (and/or multiple) of financial abuse.
It sounds like she has been continuing to seek (at least some degree of) financial independence from Blueface, as we’ve seen her discuss in Lives from this past month.
Potentially she wanted her paychecks to start going to her directly instead of his LLC, and/or asked for money she was rightfully owed (as we’ve seen her attempt to do on Live), or some combination there-of. And then in response to her attempts to stand up for herself, it sounds like he tried to intimidate her by going into some kind of rage and/or started trying to manipulate the situation to a get to a point where he wouldn’t have to agree to grant her her financial freedom (he says himself that he uses money to maintain control over his relationships with women).
But she definitely makes it sound like there was a progression of events that led to her finally seeing the extent of his “evil,” rather than a singular event that changed everything.
Considering the confusing details that we have so far about this case (1 & 2), it seems like something more was going on than just a fan recording an “innocent moment.”
We’ve seen them be recorded by fans before and have zero issues with it, more than once. Chrisean is known to be very sweet to fans (1 & 2), and Blueface also has a history of treating his fans well.

So I’m inclined to believe that the REAL issue was that whatever was being recorded at that particular moment, was something they didn’t want the public to see.

I think Blueface might’ve been in the middle of some kind of emotionally (physically?) abusive incident. Potentially related to the financially abusive episodes that she references them having been in the middle of, at the time of the breakup.

She’s (TW) lied for him before to cover up for him beating her.
As well as told him to stop openly bragging about his physical abuse, but only because it would “make” him “look bad” :D.
Unfortunately it’s common for brainwashed DV victims to be in such a deep state of cognitive dissonance that they don’t see how protecting their abuser is harmful to them.
Due to this fact, in addition to her known past of covering up for him when he mistreats her, is it really a stretch to think she’d feel the need to “defend him” if someone was about to expose him abusing of her?
It might also explain why the fan feel bold enough to say, “Fuck him” about Blueface? And why she was so particularly angry towards him, then and there.
I think it’s likely that they realized she was recording something that portrayed him in a negative (accurate) light, they asked her to stop, and she replied, “Fuck him.” As in, “No, I’m going to expose what he’s doing to you right now.” And that that’s what set off the chain of events of Chrisean assaulting the woman (to stop her, since she refused, and good for her, if my theory is correct) and Blueface grabbing the phone, and later jumping her with his team of woman beaters when she tried to get it back.

Cause why were they THAT mad that she was filming, if whatever it was wasn’t anything that made anyone look bad? It makes no sense to me.


Chrisean also has a history of fighting other women “for” Blueface.

She did it with his mom (4:00).
There you can see Blueface himself saying the mom was assaulting Rock and insulting both of them and that Rock wasn’t reacting. Until he sic-ed her on his mother like a dog, which he recounts with a smile on his face.
It also occurred with his sister, when she tried to pull up Blueface’s house to fight Chrisean for beating up their mother. She’s the mother’s victim, but that’s another story.
As you can see (at 1:11:30), in that interview the sister herself says that when she tried to fight Chrisean, Chrisean first ran away and tried to avoid it.
And that then Blueface and his crew started beating on her husband and her, when she wouldn’t leave or stop trying to have a fight.
She says when she started going 1v1 with Blueface— that that’s when Chrisean jumped in, I presume to “protect him”. She probably felt it would be disloyal to stand by and watch a woman beat him up when she could jump in.
But this makes absolutely no sense. Obviously he has testosterone, is much stronger, and by the sister’s account was already winning handily, even before Rock stepped in.
So why bother? He wasn’t a victim, or in danger. The sister didn’t even want to fight him, he started jumping her for fun (apparently), like they did to the woman in Vegas.
Also, it’s not even a “fight” if one opponent has greater physical strength. It’s an assault.
I think Chrisean’s reaction towards his sister is (sadly) a projection of the way she thinks it’s OK for Blueface to hit her when she’s “out of line,” and somewhat still believes (believed?) his victim narratives of her being “the problem” for defending herself against him (and using her self-defense as a justification to abuse her even more severely).
And also likely a result of the way he brainwashes his victims to act as his henchmen. We also see it with Jaidyn.
Abusers typically “punish” you (with more abuse) for not submitting to their will/goals (which includes protecting their image/ego). After a certain length of time, due to the way human brains process/adjust to “negative consequences” (especially if you don’t realize that you’re being intentionally and systematically brainwashed)— you will eventually learn to carry out their will as second nature. Which is their goal, of course.
Also judging by what we hear her say during the second (Petey’s) Live, along with the information that we’ve been made aware of since we first watched these streams:
It sounds like maybe here, in “private,” she felt safe to become more open about the way the Vegas situation, specifically, impacted her perception of him. Whereas during her Live, she tried to stick to their more “personal” issues and only vaguely alluded to whatever incident it was that made her realize he was “too evil.” She seems scared of him (remember, he threatened to murder her and the baby). And also probably just doesn’t want to insult him publicly and or speak on an ongoing investigation
If she is referring to the events in Vegas, during Petey’s Live— it sounds like she thinks he deserved to be held accountable for the jumping more than her. She says, “Good, they got him, not me.” To me this implies that she sees him as more culpable and/or as the cause of the problem (or as the arguable mastermind of the event?).
She describes him within that same context as “the devil.” And says he “deserves” to be in jail (which again, to me indicates that she’s referring to illegal behavior, not making a general criticism).
Presumably, again, this would be because she feels the situation was his fault to begin with and that his actions during the incident ended up being particularly excessive.
As they always have been (towards women, especially, he utilizes constant unwarranted force because he is sadistic and enjoys exploiting power imbalances that work in his favor), but the difference is that now she’s waking up to that reality because she is gaining self-esteem.
She’s no longer seeing his abuse of her as acceptable, which has in turn, affected her perception of his behavior in general. Typically when we gain self-esteem and self-love, we project our higher level of self-value outwards, as a higher valuation of others.
Maybe she’s growing and no longer in a mental space where she can justify the evil that she has in the past.
And what she witnessed in Vegas (compounded with the financial abuse) was the final straw, and what led her to begin to perceive him as irredeemable.
An alternative theory is that he was committing some sort of (other) crime at the time that they were being filmed, but that seems less likely.

TL;DR: I think something nefarious was going on at the time that the fan started filming, hence Chrisean/Blue’s uncharacteristically strong reaction.

Judging by the vague details in Chrisean’s Live, I think it may have been Blueface enacting some form of abuse against her.

What do y’all think?

submitted by Ok_Acanthocephala15 to Chrisean__Rock [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:25 Scarletsnow_87 Jumping post PU surgery in cat

Species: orange tabby cat Age: 6 Sex/Neuter status: male/fixed Body weight:12.5 History: idiopathic cystitis Clinical signs: My cat just had PU surgery following his second full obstruction. There were no crystals or stones. It was just a severe spasm of the urethra. Of course he had that shortened and opened. He was able to urinate great when he got home. He ate a little bit and he's been very affectionate and pretty much himself. I went to go get myself some food and wasn't paying attention (I've been awake almost thirty-six hours) and he jumped on the table and then quickly jumped down. I tried to stop him but he got down before I could catch him. His back legs splayed a bit. I immediately checked the incision area and the stitches seem fine, and there is absolutely no fresh blood. He does not seem in distress. I made sure to cut off access from the table. Should I call his surgeon even if the wound seems totally fine?
• Your general location: Pennsylvania
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2023.06.10 19:25 Faithhal Best New Sex Toys That We Tried and Loved

It ought to shock no one that during these beyond couple of years — set apart by new Covid variations, an extraordinary midterm political decision, and uncontrolled expansion — a considerable lot of us were on the chase after incredible pressure help items. From quieting CBD chewy candies to stress cleaning wearables, stress-alleviation cushions to shower steams, there is no lack of pressure busting thingamabobs, devices, and chewy candies. Yet, there's one more class of pressure eradicating items that caused disturbances, as well: sex toys.
For sure, while banging offers various wellbeing benefits (better rest, insusceptibility and heart-wellbeing support, inventiveness, among others), the most striking advantage of sex ,, taking everything into account, is that it can assuage pressure. Furthermore, who couldn't involve somewhat less pressure in their lives? (In case it wasn't already obvious: This advantage stands regardless of whether you climax!). Reward: with grown-up toys, you have the choice of playing with an accomplice or going it alone, whenever you need (simply try not to share sex toys and ensure you in every case clean your sex toys completely). Include a few normal greases, and you're set.
Yet, which of the peak initiating and quiet making toys are ideal? The commercial center is packed to take special care of a wide range of inclinations and joy searchers — whether you're searching for vibrators or sex toys for couples — giving you both the advantage of choices and furthermore decision loss of motion.
For more>> 性玩具 (sex toys)
To slice through the clamor, we at Well+Good needed to share our picks for the best sex toys to brighten up your evening fun. Whether you're searching for something travel-sized, a vibrator for fledglings, male sex toys, or more, there's something for everybody. We genuinely want to believe that you partake in these choices however much we did.
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2023.06.10 19:24 VioletBunn Why are my cursors so beefy? I have hundreds of every building and all upgrades I can buy

Why are my cursors so beefy? I have hundreds of every building and all upgrades I can buy submitted by VioletBunn to CookieClicker [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:24 AutoModerator [] ✔️Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course ✔️ Full Course Download

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If your agency is making between $10-30k per month, you’re sitting on an absolute goldmine and you have no idea.
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When I began building my agency in 2018, it was a good business for me and my partner.
It put food on the table, and we were able to help to grow other businesses that we were passionate about.
We didn’t realize at the time that the only thing keeping us at the mid-6-figure per year mark was our own mental blockages.
Just about any agency can be an 8-figure a year endeavor, especially if you do it the way that we’ve done it.
Most agency owners in the $10-30k per month range operate within a freelancer mindset.
You struggle with hiring, you struggle with building processes, and you struggle with scaling.
You do not have a demand problem.
For every agency, there are at least 500 potential clients with a problem that your agency can solve, and they’re willing to pay good money for you to do so.
With the right offer, 100-200 clients will be enough for you to have an 8-figure a year company that will sell for a multiple that could be in the range of 6-12X.
This course consists of 10 modules with text and video, plus 3 bonus modules that outline everything you need to know about:
  • Building systems for scaling fast
  • How to diversify your lead generation to never have an empty pipeline again
  • Assembling a team of people who care about your company’s vision as much as you
  • Remaining profitable as you scale
  • Avoiding mistakes at the intermediate and advanced levels with your business
  • The steps you need to take to sell your agency for 8+ figures
As long as you have an offer that’s proven to work in an industry that’s likely to continue to exist in 10 years, you have a multi-million dollar opportunity at your fingertips.
At the $10-30k a month level with an agency, you’re currently working harder than you will be at $100k a month.
The good news is, you’re only a few months away from hitting that target profitably if you do exactly what I outline in this course.
After thousands of mistakes in the building process, I know exactly what I’d do if I had to start from zero.
If you’re just starting, you have the opportunity to build everything right and avoid 90% of the mistakes that we made in the early days.
Instead of taking 4 years to scale to ~8 figures like my team and I did, you could potentially do it in half the time.
Before you buy, you need to understand this.
This course will work for any agency in the digital space, but it is not for beginners.
This is not to show you how to land your first client and find your niche.
This will only work if you have at least 2-4 clients and you already understand your offer.
My strategies for client acquisition, client retention, offer structure, team building, and systems will only work if you already have the foundations in place.
If you’re above $60k a year but below $1M a year, this will work for you.
Inside, I also share information about my agency that I’ve never shared before.
I do a deep dive into everything that’s allowed us to scale from high-6-figures in 2019 to high-7-figures in 2021.
Everything from the way you need to think about things, to the way you need to execute things.
I leave nothing out of this.
If you’re ready to scale your agency from $10-30k a month up to 6 figures a month, click below to get access to everything you’ll ever need today.
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2023.06.10 19:23 Supaa69 Where to Order and Dosing Answered

Okay, there are ALWAYS questions about where to order and how in the Tirzepatide thread. I just know everyone says “search for it” and it takes quite a bit of searching through people asking to find it and others have to spend so much time answering messages to give out the information.
I am going to share ways to order and the big Q so people have it if they want it.
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not giving anyone medical advise. Each person is responsible for themselves and for what they decide to order and use. You need to do research. Look through these topics and discussions. Use the search function. Go to other apps and search things. Go to search engines and search things. The answers ARE out there already.
  1. Mounjaro is tirzepatide (TZ). Mounjaro is the brand name from Eli Lilly for the drug tirzepatide. The only place you can get the brand name Mounjaro legally is from a licensed pharmacy and you must have a prescription. Cost is well over $1,000 without insurance. To find out if your insurance covers it and the co-pay, go to your insurance website and look it up in their formulary. Most or all will require pre-authorization which means they will review and deny coverage unless you meet criteria or appeal the decision.
  2. Compounded Tirzepatide. Compounded tirzepatide is made/reconstituted at a compound pharmacy. These pharmacies in the US are FDA regulated and have to follow many rules to do what they do. To get compounded tirzepatide you will need a prescription. Cost varies but is cheaper than non-covered Mounjaro. You can find local doctors to write your script if they are registered with a compound pharmacy which will likely be the cheapest option (no middle man). Your other option is to look up the MANY MANY places that offer it online.
I use Valhalla Vitality and haven’t had any issues with them. Their customer service for me has been great and the price ends up cheaper than others I’ve seen due to the $100/yr consultation vs a per month or quarter membership cost. Their scripts are 40mg and if you need more (higher dosing) they give you a discount and you can order more often. Normal cost is $545 plus $50 shipping. You build up discounts as you purchase to save money as well. I still order from them some to have a prescription bottle of TZ for travel just so I never run into an issue.
Here are some ways some of these places work:
Some have a questionnaire that a doctor reviews and approves you to order, you order, they send a script to the pharmacy they use, that’s it.
Some you have to pay a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee and meet with a doctor monthly, quarterly, or annually to go over things and approve you. Then you can order, they send a script to the pharmacy they use, that’s it.
Some you find a provider that covers your state, meet with them, they charge what they want, and the company also charges a fee on top of that. Then you can order, they send a script to the pharmacy they use, that’s it.
Some require blood work before they will prescribe anything.
Most send you everything you need with each order (medication, alcohol prep pads, instructions, and insulin needles)
Needless to say, there are many options and YOU need to figure out which is best for you. These are easy to find by Googling “compounded tirzepatide” with words like order, pharmacy, doctor, etc.
  1. Lyophilized (freeze dried) Tirzepatide Peptide. This is often what people are here to look for. Arctic, Peptide Science, Wicked, BioTech, QSC, Senwayer, etc. (there are a ton)
At these places you buy a dry peptide (usually with filler) and you have to reconstitute it yourself. To reconstitute means to add fluid to dissolve the peptide so you can draw it up and inject it. This is done using BAC water. Most of these places sell BAC water as well. You will also need alcohol prep pads and insulin needles.
You do not need a doctor or a prescription to buy peptides. It is not illegal to buy peptides. Peptides sold like this are designed to be for research purposes only (not for you to inject yourself) but it can save you money and lots of people do it.
Places that charge more may have reasons for doing so. For example, Arctic Peptides used to order from QSC and sell to people for a higher price but they also get COAs for batches to ensure the vials contain close to pure tirzepatide and the correct amount. Ordering from QSC and Senwayer is way cheaper but you also have no way of knowing if your specific batch is 99%+ pure TZ or if it is close to 10mg in the vials unless you send vials yourself for testing. There was a thread where someone had a COA showing a batch of QSC was 30% under-dosed and Senwayer was under-dosed as well just not as much. So that is a big risk of ordering direct. That being said, they do have pretty good reputations and many people order from them.
Most peptide companies have a website you can search and order from but QSC and Senwayer do not. To order, you email. Tell them what you want and they will email you prices. To place your order they will tell you the information they need and ask how you want to pay. They both take different methods of payment and it is up to you to decide which you are most comfortable with.
QSC contact email is [email protected]
Senwayer contact email is [email protected]
  1. Dosing. If you are reconstituting peptides, you need to be able to do some simple math. The mg of TZ in a vial is the total mg. A 5mg vial has 5mg TZ. A 10mg vial has 10mg TZ. So, when you put in BAC water, however much you put in, that amount equals the vial total in mg and you have to divide that amount into your specific dose. For insulin needles 100 units is one mL.
Also, you choose how much BAC water to add. If you choose to do more or less you can but then you have to do similar math to figure out how many units equals how many mg. There is also a peptide calc website you can use. But note it measures the mg as mcg so you multiply the vial mg by 1000 when using the calculator because 1mg=1000mg so a 10mg vial is actually 10000mcg and a 2.5mg dose is 2500mcg.
Here are some examples.
Example 1 - You purchased a 10mg vial of TZ. You are brand new and are going to take 2.5mg doses to start. You can use a 100 unit insulin needle to add 100 units (1 mL) of BAC water to the vial. Now 100 units equals 10mg. Simple math means if you want 2.5mg doses, 2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 = 10. So there are 4 doses of 2.5mg in this vial. There are 100 units in this vial. 100/4 is 25. So 25 units = 2.5mg TZ. Now, if you want 3mg it is 30 units. 5mg it is 50 units. Etc.
Example 2 - You have a 5mg vial of TZ. Your dose is 5mg. So, you need to use the entire vial for your one dose. Whether you put in 30 units of BAC water, 50 units, or 100 units, it doesn’t matter, you use the entire amount to inject 5mg.
Example 3 - You have a 10mg vial of TZ. You decided you want 3 equal doses from the vial so you are going to do 3.33 mg per shot. You can inject 100 units, divide that by 3 and that equals 3 doses of 33 units each.
Example 4 - You have a 10mg vial of TZ. Your dose is 5mg. This means you have 2 doses. You put in 200 units of BAC water. Your dose for 5mg is 100 units. Now, if your dose is 2.5mg then that means there are 4 doses in the 200 units. 200/4 = 50. Your dose for 2.5mg is 50 units.
I hope this helps and if anyone else has tips and tricks or useful information please add on!
submitted by Supaa69 to TirzepatideSource [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:23 purplestrea_k [LFM][Static][Casual][Savage][Aether]Looking for 1 tank

Time Compressed Raiding is a LGBT friendly casual static catering to new and returning raiders for 6.4. If you are a vet however, you are also encouraged to join us. Please be mindful that if you are vet, this is a casual group on a casual time schedule, so patience would be welcomed as we aren't clearing in a month most likely. Our times are 8-10PM Friday/ 5:30-8:30 PM Sunday (All Times CST)
Current Roster: war,whm,sge, dnc,drg, rpr, smn
Looking for: 1 tank
Current Prog: P9S LS Cleanup. Please know oppo. There won't be exceptions for JP.
Expectations: Be prepared- We're a casual static, however some preparation will be needed on your part. Have pots, food, and some studying on the raid before hand. Attendance- Be on time and reach out asap when plans change in terms of attending. We get that life comes first, and won't fault you for missing raids unless it becomes a glaring problem.
Self-accountability: Everyone is expected to learn their job while raiding. Since we are casual and more focused on clearing than parses, ideally we want people working towards getting out of gray parsing for DPS checks. Being a graybaby for abit is okay as long you try to improve beyond that! We also ask that you own your mistakes and listen to advice.
Social behavior: We're a LGBT friendly chill static. We want you to be awesome, respectful, and use discord(Required).
DM purplestreak on discord for more information.
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2023.06.10 19:22 mab_personal Experience with Security Bank Home Loan

I applied for SB Home Loan last April and been following up with the account manager for the past few weeks back and forth to complete requirements.
At one point she said (over SMS and email purely is our communication) hindi raw sufficient income ko. (I earn 172k for a 1.4m house and lot property). So sabi ko baka naguluhan lang siya. I pointed out kindly check I sent five bank statements. (She said insufficient daw based on ONE). She said she will check again.
Now I received this text within the same week:
“Thank you for applying for a Security Bank Home Loan with Reference Number XXXXX
To easily track the status of your application, use our self-serve channels:
  1. Using our chatbot messenger via Security Bank's verified Facebook page. Type the keywords "Home Loan Application Status".
  2. Through our Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8887-9188. Select "Loans," then follow the voice prompt.
For your convenience, please have your Application Reference Number ready. Thank you!”
Is this a good sign? So nasa system na at least yung application ko and hindi na nakatengga sa desk ni account officer.
Sorry for the lengthy question. It’s my first time applying for a loan and out of uni and school, where procedures are very well thought out and rolled out to students; the banking and real world are very hard for me to navigate. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 19:21 DeFiClark Swapping bolts— safe procedure?

Hearing conflicting stories about whether it is safe to swap bolts from one Garand to another without checking headspace etc. Everything from stories of unit guns being cleaned and put together randomly with no issue to totally unsafe.
Say you’ve got two rifles, one with a correct date bolt for the other gun’s barrel and receiver is it safe to just swap, and if not, what actually needs to be done to make it a safe procedure?
submitted by DeFiClark to M1Rifles [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:20 TheDoomedHeretic 25[F4R] Wisconsin/Exclusively Online "Apathy is Death." Disco Elysium enthusiast looking for RP partner, mostly Star Wars, Anbennar, Dragon Age, and Cyberpunk; many others.

As the title says I'm searching for a RP partner for a number of fandoms as well as wholly original stories. I have writing samples pinned to my profile (there'll be one down below) and a number of prompts alongside them; I will require writing samples from my partners as well. Beyond that I lead a fairly sedentary and unadventurous life with most of my time being devoted to Diablo 4, Disco Elysium, and whatever time I spend at work as an Amazon Associate (I touch coardboard.) There's plenty of scatterbrained posts from my profile - I play Anbennar (Europa Universalis 4) regularly, Knights of the Old Republic theorizing, and Fallout.
As I mentioned before, please include a writing sample. Thanks.
The boar is not dead, though to all the other hunters’ senses it is. It lays motionless on its side within the sled, tied down by rope with two arrows sticking discordantly out of its hide like seams of broken bone. Frozen blood pools in the cracked stomach of the sled, collecting rather than leaking now that red ice has sealed the wood. Poison leaching out of the arrowheads keeps the boar docile, and its breathing so light that only Trapper can see. An ovate in too-thin robes shivers as she ties a garland of rosemary around the beast’s neck, murmuring prayers to the ancestors that they might find the kill worthy.
Winter has seized the land in its vise, its unending waves of cold and snow having transformed the Barony of Marlas into a crueler scape, one Trapper doesn’t quite recognize. Tranquility abounds along the driven snow, all through the clearing, hiding the buried world and the woes of man but unable to snuff them out. Trapper knows well what a mirage it is, the oppressive winters of his homeland no less savage than the bloodletting summers. The numbing cold does not soothe his aches, for he knows they’ll be worse come morning, come the thaw. Too soon this clearing will melt, its river gone from white to red, the whole Septima Line thrust back to war.
Baron Orys refuses to yield to midnight season, to accept its peace, and so from his great warhorse’s saddle he brazenly belts out a mixture of drunken lyrics and commands, determined to master this hunt even if he does not partake. An entourage on horseback spreads out in his orbit, ranging from eager young footmen to grizzled junkers, all in varying states of inebriation at his command. Their braying is nearly louder than the hounds’, who hungrily stalk between the sled and the hole they pulled the boar out from. Teased by the hunt but yet unrewarded, they’re too unruly to be kept in check by the kennel master.
On foot slog the unfortunates who actually have to take part in the hunt, Trapper among them. They huddle into their hemp canvas cloaks, glancing up at the moody afternoon sky threatening to crack open with another snowstorm. Dark clouds sweep in low from the south like a riptide, a single vast current swept in from the mountains already menacing the Oldwoods. Its furthest gales reach them as tongues of vengeful cold, flecks of whipped-up snow biting into Trapper’s exposed skin.
By the boar’s nest leans a typical Mallean, one of Trapper’s two erstwhile comrades. Sigorn is tall, pale, broad, with the close-set, wide-boned features of a commoner, and a shock of red hair grown out to protect against the elements. Beneath his cloak he proudly bears his blood-flecked armor, each dent a Darkman put into it a point of dear pride. He’s not the only one, either, the clearing filled with dozens of youths whose first blooding ended in victory amid a blizzard. Baron Orys, deep into his cups after six days of nonstop celebration, saw a break in the storms and gladly called a hunt. When informed he could not go on account of his shattered knee - he simply grinned, and ordered himself tied to his saddle.
Trapper remembers the moment his lord fell from the saddle, burned into his nerves. The screaming of horses, skidding hooves catching on the frozen ground. On the edges of his vision a rider smashes into a branch in the din, others don’t move at all for fear of the blizzard. His spurs dig, his borrowed steed whines, and he races for his lord - only for another to reach him first.
“What a woman.” Sigorn sighs beside Trapper, craning his neck to look at one of their lord’s companions of honor. Susannah Oye, junker unlike the others, a pretty, willowy noblewoman well into motherhood, with the lean, ruthless look of a ranger. Her two poisoned arrows are what struck the boar down, and her pride curls off her body like steam. Sigorn’s face cracks into exaggerated appreciation, and then he turns to their lord’s other honored companion. Another woman, this one as young as they are, haughtily-built and leering with none of Susannah’s refinement. Many of those looks are reserved for Trapper, forced to slog on foot as just another hunter. “Anya too. I think she fancies you, eh?”

submitted by TheDoomedHeretic to r4r [link] [comments]