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2023.03.29 14:58 dracona94 Happy 6th birthday, Volt!

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2023.03.29 14:54 neverpretty5 I have everything planned, I am leaving. Nobody will notice I’m gone anyway.

I have struggled with my mental health for my entire life because I’m more or less one of the worst people to have ever existed and I have tried everything to get better. I have seen therapists and psychiatrists, I have taken medication, I have seen self-improvement coaches, I have tried to open up to people and nothing ever works. I have sat in the sun, I have travelled, I have journaled, I have video journaled, I have worked out, I have done all the things. I feel like what everybody fails to understand is that none of these things make an actual difference when the problem lies with who you are fundamentally. I just wish I were a likeable and lovable person and that’s clearly impossible. And before anyone tells me that I have to work on myself in order to become likeable and lovable, I just want to say that this is all I have ever tried to do, with therapy, with medication, with the coaches, etc. Nobody will ever like me, love me, invite me to a party, ask me if I’m available after school/work to have a drink, seek my presence, tell me I’m pretty, tell me I’m enjoyable to be around. I will never get a happy birthday text. I will never have anyone who cares for me. And I’m just fucking tired of the « it gets better » narrative. Because it does not, it really does not. The sadness is forever. I have waited long enough for things to change, I have made enough efforts, I will not wait any longer.
I am in so much pain, it’s unbearable. It hurts to wake up everyday and have no one even acknowledge my existence. And I feel like none of the therapists/psychiatrists I have seen acknowledge my pain. For them it’s like I should keep living, and for what? Maybe for other people life is this sacred gift that we should cherish or whatever but not for me. There is absolutely no reason I should be here and no reason why I have been here for that long. It’s not this was a temporary problem, I have struggled with this all my life.
I have everything planned, I leaving in two weeks. Nobody cares, nobody ever has and nobody ever will. My body will probably already be rotten by the time anyone spares me a thought.
Please no Jesus loves you bullshit. If Jesus loved me I think he would have made it clearer.
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2023.03.29 14:50 Ok-Goose8426 Etsy now? Ugh!

Etsy now? Ugh!
It doesn’t say Herbalife anywhere, but it has to be…when I clicked, and scrolled to the bottom it showed ‘people also searched Herbalife’
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2023.03.29 14:47 Throwaway12344222 5 month old seems more attached to Grandma than me (mom)

I am a first time mom and I need advice on how to strengthen the bond between my baby and I so I can incorporate attachment parenting. However, my baby seems to be more attached to my mom than me.
When my LO was born, I ended up having to return to work 4 weeks later because I had been on my job for less than a year & did not qualify for paid maternity leave. My time off was unpaid and I could not afford to take any more time.
My mom has been helping me out A LOT which I am so grateful for.
She likes to take LO on Wednesdays and Sundays to spend the day/night with her.
Every-time she’s off of work, she wants to keep him. She had a vacation in December & wanted to keep him the entire week. She also had a birthday vacation in January that she wanted to keep him for.
She is very overjoyed to be a grandmother and her heart seems so happy and pure.
I was told that I am lucky to have this support and I absolutely am, but I am starting to think he is more attached to my mom than me & I am worried I allowed him to go see grandma too much. He smiles at her more. He smiles at me too but a lot less. He falls asleep on her with ease. When he lays on me he wiggles around and cries.
He is not a cuddler at all.
He is in daycare now and when I go pick him up, he doesnt seem overjoyed. I worry he sees me more as just a caregiver and he sees grandma as his actual mom.
I feel sadness. I want a stronger bond between us. I have regrets. I regret not staying out of work longer. I regret not co-sleeping (I was too scared to because of all of the warnings against co sleeping).
I also was not able to breastfeed him because he had a tongue tie and by the time we got his tongue tie fixed (2 months) he had no interest in latching. I spoke with a lactation consultant but the methods did not work.
When baby was less than 2 months, he would cuddle, snuggle, and would cry until I picked him up then would seem soothed and happy.
Now that is not the case. Me holding him doesnt soothe him.
I feel like I have messed up everything so badly. I wish I could go back to when he was born and start over.
I am worried I ruined the bond between my child and I. I am worried he will never feel close, secure, or attached to me.
I have started going over my moms house on Sunday when she wants to keep LO so that I’m also spending time with him too.
But please, everybody, tell me is there a way I can strengthen the bond between my baby and I? How can I make sure my baby recognizes ME as mommy?
I also want to start trying to cosleep sometimes too.
Please help me I wish my baby was cuddly too but I realize its a possibility that may just be a personality thing.
Please do not judge
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2023.03.29 14:44 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA V Added To Xbox Game Pass, Possible GTA 6 Release Date News Emerges

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V, who don't already have the game on Xbox One, will be happy to hear about the latest news from Microsoft. The game has been added to Xbox Game Pass, so players with a valid subscription can play the game on the console. GTA V launched back in 2013 and remains a very popular game thanks to online content updates and a massive modding community.
GTA V is also one of the most viewed games on Twitch and is regularly in the top five games on Steam. Rockstar hit a home run with GTA V, and adding it for free to Xbox Game Pass may bring gamers to the franchise that haven't yet tried it out. For Xbox One gamers with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold membership, access to the frequently updated Grand Theft Auto Online service is included. One sad bit of news is that GTA V is only offered on the console; it's not available on the PC with Game Pass.
While GTA V is still wildly popular, fans are clamoring for the next installment in the franchise: GTA 6. GTA 6 details recently leaked from a claimed beta tester and enticed us with visions of the game. A new rumor claims that GTA 6 won't launch until 2021, however, nothing official from Rockstar has been offered about GTA 6 so far.
The leak from a few days back was posted on Reddit and was later removed by moderators there. It's unclear if Rockstar pressured them to delete the content, but the leaker claimed that the game has a huge map that covers two major cities, Carcer City and Vice City, said to be based on Boston and Miami, respectively. True or not, GTA V fans are looking forward to GTA 6, even if it is a year or more away.
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2023.03.29 14:42 Stunning-Chemist-251 Happy 59th birthday to Elle Macpherson

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2023.03.29 14:41 Gooner1491 Happy birthday, Leah Williamson 🎈🎉

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2023.03.29 14:40 Capital-Fun8954 You can’t scroll without saying happy birthday to Leah😍

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2023.03.29 14:39 Psychological-Owl355 Write My Online Zybooks Exam For Me Reddit Write My Online Zybooks Quiz For Me Reddit Sit My Online Zybooks Test For Me Reddit Sit My Online Zybooks Quiz For Me Reddit Sit My Online Zybooks Exam For Me Reddit Take My Online Zybooks Exam Reddit Take My Online Zybooks Test Re

Write My Online Zybooks Exam For Me Reddit Write My Online Zybooks Quiz For Me Reddit Sit My Online Zybooks Test For Me Reddit Sit My Online Zybooks Quiz For Me Reddit Sit My Online Zybooks Exam For Me Reddit Take My Online Zybooks Exam Reddit Take My Online Zybooks Test Re submitted by Psychological-Owl355 to Hw_for_Pay [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 14:30 gnomecraftstudio Montreal Inspired Dépanneur completed

Montreal Inspired Dépanneur completed
All details are dried and set, the vibe is there and you can feel the cold in the air. I am very happy and proud of this project. Will be a gift for my Father's birthday this year.
I took many artistic liberties for this piece to be personalized for my Father. Thanks for looking gnome sayin' 🍻😎🤘
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2023.03.29 14:29 Little-Ad448 Happy Birthday to me!

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2023.03.29 14:29 thebirthdaywisher Biography On Air: Happy Birthday!! Gracie Hunt

Biography On Air: Happy Birthday!! Gracie Hunt


Happy happy birthday model as well as Instagram sensation Gracie Hunt.

Happy happy birthday model as well as Instagram sensation Gracie Hunt.


Gracie Hunt Birthday: 29 March 1999
Gracie Hunt Birthplace: Texas, United States of America
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2023.03.29 14:27 blue_elephant123 Happy Birthday Weeby!

Happy Birthday Weeby!
Happy Birthday Weeby! Thank you for your hard work! I hope you're Birthday is filled with lots of joy and happiness! I'll continue to support you.
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2023.03.29 14:16 TN_Egyptologist Happy Birthday Sir Alan Gardiner, who was born on this day in 1879!

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2023.03.29 14:15 Material-Look Silent Hill 3 - Happy Birthday Scene (CUT PLAYTESTER VERSION)

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2023.03.29 14:14 TheGoldDigga Happy birthday Michael "Pure Sexy" Hayes!

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2023.03.29 14:14 Samanthastars_YT Happy Birthday Sakura! birthday drawing i did

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2023.03.29 14:11 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - March 29th

1971 - The Jackson 5 are guests on The Stephanie Edwards Show where they chat and listen to their new single “Never Can Say Goodbye"
1973 -The album Skywriter is released by Motown. It is their 7th studio album. It peaks at #44 and stays on the charts for 16 weeks
1985 -Michael leaves the Montcalm Hotel, where he was staying, to privately visit The London Hospital. It is his second visit there in two years. He spent 3 hours giving out gifts, signing autographs and lifting the spirits of terminally ill children. He also made an undisclosed monetary donation. While there, he viewed the remains of Joseph Carey Merrick - the Elephant Man - sometimes incorrectly referred to as John Merrick. Following his hospital visit, he then visits the Marylebone Police Station in the afternoon to thank them for their service where he is treated to a police drill and presented with a police badge and helmet. Later, he attends an evening party and reception afterwards in his honor, CBS Records presenting him with an 8x platinum wall-mounted plaque.
1985 - “We Are The World: The Video Event” is released on VHS.
1992- Michael films the video for “In The Closet” directed by Herb Ritts and featuring Naomi Campbell
That evening, MTV aired My Dinner with Michael Jackson contest. 30 winners selected out of over 4 Million entries realized the dream of a lifetime: they were Michael’s and MTV’s special guests that night at the party, which was attended by a hundred privileged guests. The huge dinner party was held in the desert, fifty miles outside the holiday resort of Palm Springs, just yards away from Salton Sea where Michael had been shooting his "In the Closet" short film with model Naomi Campbell
Michael, dressed in a black shirt with red epaulettes and black satin pants arrived at the party at 7 o’clock, and visited with the lynx, panther and other exotic creatures present before joining the festivities. He then gathered up a couple of the children who were waiting outside to meet him, and made his way into the party, where he was greeted with screams and shrieks from the waiting guests. He was escorted to the top table, where he sat down to sign autographs and talk to his fans. “He was laughing and chatting it up with everyone,” says MTV’s Kathy Flynn, who arranged for the party’s carnival games, stilt walkers, magician, palm reader, Brazilian samba dancers and Caribbean band. A camel, an elephant, a black panther and a spider monkey that drank virgin daiquiris were among those at Michael and MTV’s lavish Party.
The bash was one of the most spectacular parties the pop world had ever seen: Michael was relaxed happy and really let his hair down. He stated "‘I’m having a wonderful time. Some of these acts are amazing. It’s a real fun atmosphere." At one point he even joined a conga line up and down the length of the makeshift tent where the party was held. As the evening went on, his smile got larger and larger. He even gave a preview of his dancing skills. Despite his enjoyment after aprox 2 hours Michael mentioned he was tired after a long day video shoot and bid his guests and Party host MTV farewell stating. ’Thanks for everything, it’s been a thriller of an evening,’ and disappeared into the desert night.
1993 - “Who Is It” is released in the US as a maxi single in the with several dance remixes including the “Brothers In Rhythm House Mix” and productions by electronic music star Moby. This song hit #6 on the R&B singles chart & #14 on the the Hot 100
2004- Prosecutor Ron Zonen gives his opening statement during the first day of a Grand Jury proceeding where neither Michael nor his lawyers have the rights to appear. Members of the media are also prohibitted from attending.
2005- Trial Day 22
Michael goes to court with Katherine & Joe. Testimonies of Jaimie Massada & Cynthia Ann Bell.
The first witness to take the stand on this day was comedy club owner and comedian Jamie Masada. While being prompted by deputy district attorney Ron Zonen during direct examination, Masada asserted the accuser's ill health when he befriended the family and also stressed on how the accuser's biological father was scheming for money and painted the mother as a honest woman with moral intent.
He said the boy was near death with cancer in June 2000. He told jurors about fundraisers he held for the family and said the boy's father repeatedly asked him for money for food, gas and rent.
He described how the cancer stricken boy asked to meet his idol, Michael Jackson, and said he made phone calls in an attempt to arrange that meeting. Mr. Jackson called the boy days later in his hospital room and eventually invited him to his ranch.
When asked if he's ever met the famous defendant who was sitting across the room, he replied no and said "How are you?" to Jackson, to which Jackson responded with a smile and wave.
Jamie Masada testified that he took the boy and his mother to his longtime attorney William Dickerman to see if he could persuade television stations to stop showing the video, which aired on ABC, VH1 and MTV. This was as Masada claims was because the boy was being harassed after his appearance in the Bashir Living With Michael Jackson documentary.
He also took Mr. Dickerman, the boy and his mother to Larry Feldman, the same attorney who negotiated the $20 million settlement between Mr. Jackson and the family of another boy who accused him of molestation in 1993.
Mr. Dickerman and Mr. Feldman were expected to take the stand as prosecution witnesses.
Mr. Zonen asked Mr. Masada to describe a phone call he received from the accuser's mother while she was at the ranch a couple weeks after the documentary aired in February 2003.
"She was upset," Mr. Masada said. "She was crying. . . . She said they were holding her and her kids against their will. She said, 'I need to get out of here.' "
Prosecutors allege that Michael and his associates held the mother and her children captive in hotels and at the ranch until they agreed to make a video that would rebut the Martin Bashir documentary.
Masada's statements are almost identical to that given by Louise Palanker,a guest comedian at the comedy club who testified that she received a panic-stricken call from the boys mother claiming that she and her children were held captive by Jackson employees.
But under cross-examination, Palanker and Masada both testified that they never called police about the family's alleged captivity. Masada also claims that the mother stated that she does not want any money but just friends and a prayer.
On cross-examination, Mr. Mesereau revealed that Masada told authorities in a December 2003 interview that the boy's parents repeatedly asked him for money.
Next on the stand was flight attendant Cynthia Ann Bell who served Jackson, the accuser and his family in the now infamous flight back from Miami to California.
Under cross-examination by lead defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau, Ms. Bell described what she saw on the chartered flight from Miami to Santa Barbara in February 2003.
She told jurors that the boy was rude and out of control and characterized Mr. Jackson as a "quiet, gentleman"
"(The boy) was unusually rude, discourteous," Ms. Bell testified. "I remember him talking about how, 'I got this watch from Michael and it's real expensive.' . . . He was obnoxious. "When I served him food, he said 'This isn't warm. This isn't the way it's supposed to be.' It was embarrassing to have him on board, actually."
She then described Mr. Jackson as "soft-spoken."
"Typically, I'd have to kneel to gain eye contact with Mr. Jackson," Ms. Bell testified. "He would touch my arm when we were communicating."
Her testimony appeared to frustrate prosecutors and made jurors raise their eyebrows, especially when she revealed that the accuser's older sister ordered wine on the flight from Miami. Bell under cross examination was consistent with what she stated to prosecutor Zonen where she said, she never saw the entertainer serve the minors on the flight any alcohol nor was it Jackson's assertion to serve him wine in a diet coke can but was rather her idea.
The sister had testified that the only time she drank alcohol was when Jackson gave it to her and her brothers at Neverland Valley Ranch and that she didn't like it.
The sister had also testified that she saw Jackson sharing his Diet Coke can with her brother, who appeared intoxicated. The boy himself testified that he drank a little on the flight, but was not drunk.
But under cross-examination by Mr. Mesereau, Ms. Bell said she did not see Mr. Jackson give wine to the boy and denied that the youth was intoxicated.
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2023.03.29 14:07 Witchywomun Grilled ribeye steak cake I made for a coworker. It has dark chocolate for the top and bottom layer, and a pink dyed white chocolate middle layer with raspberry buttercream between the layers. It should look medium when cut.

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2023.03.29 13:59 BeardedMopper Happy birthday to me! 🎂🥳 Here's a mirror selfie to start the day. Make it a good one, people!

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2023.03.29 13:58 Kingkunta87 Happy Birthday Walt Clyde Mfuckin Frazier

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2023.03.29 13:54 iknitandigrowthings What variety is this?

What variety is this?
Visited this gorgeous girl at the shops for almost a month. Yesterday, she was so sad and droopy, I had to bring her home with me. Gave her a good soak and she perked right up. Yay! Happy birthday to me. 😋 Does anyone know what variety of dieffenbachia she is? The big leaves are 15 inches long.
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