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Everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you can find it here.

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Post any news, gameplay, and/or anything else to do Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 1 and 2! ‎ Join us on DISCORD! ‎ https://discord.gg/dB2PdRA29W

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a fighting role-playing video game developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment based on the Dragon Ball franchise.

2023.06.10 06:11 autotldr China’s backlash against Little Mermaid exposes Hollywood bind

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 76%. (I'm a bot)
The world's second-largest economy has become one of the biggest markets for big-budget Hollywood films, but a racially-charged backlash against Disney's The Little Mermaid is just the latest example of the price film studios can pay if they offend Chinese sensibilities.
While China does not have the same racial history or politics as the US, audiences are still sensitive to how race is portrayed in Hollywood films, said Chinese-born YouTuber Yao Zhang, who follows Chinese and Taiwanese news and culture from Canada.
Amid the negative press, The Little Mermaid has performed poorly at the Chinese box office, earning just $3.6m in the 10 days after its May 26 release, according to Artisan Gateway, an international film advisory.
The Little Mermaid's flop is just the latest example of how difficult it has become for Hollywood to navigate one of the world's largest and most lucrative theatrical film markets, which once had an insatiable appetite for US films.
Only 39 foreign films were released in 2023 as of May, including 18 Hollywood titles.
Disney's 1998 animated film Mulan was famously delayed in China following the studio's backing of another film, Kundun, about the Dalai Lama, said Chris Fenton, a former Hollywood executive and author of Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business.
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2023.06.10 06:11 Kiroana Another, much better Yharim idea

Second time posting an idea for the Yharim fight, but my thought is to draw inspiration from the - now canon - Roar of the Jungle Dragon.
Basically, Yharim would start off rather passive and as Yharon said, depressed, with easily dodged attacks, and apparently low health. As soon as that health bar is depleted, the second phase starts, with Yharim picking himself up from the ground, now far more into the fight.
The third phase starts at 1/4 of the 2nd phase's health, with Yharim finally getting genuinely serious, and giving it his all. At this point, he rapidly regenerates to 1/2 health, and gains a new, much more potent set of attacks.
The 4th and final phase occurs at 5% HP, or if the player drops below 100 HP during phase 3. During this final phase, Yharim summons forth all of his strength to make a hail mary attack which cuts the player's max HP in half, and does a minimum of 100 damage if it hits, after which Yharim enters a defensive state for 10 seconds, during which the player needs to get him to 1% HP, at which point he surrenders, requesting the player finish the job. Should the player choose, they may instead opt to attempt to talk to Yharim, causing him to become an NPC. If the player does finish the job, this option is not available on retries of the fight on the same world.
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2023.06.10 06:10 finlefree Update: I(46m) got into a discussion with my gf(45f) that led to a huge fight. Now she says if I don't change the way I think she's gone

Here he the original post for context:
I got so many supportive comments on the original post and I can't begin to tell you all what it meant to me. Believe it or not it made the break up a little less traumatic knowing I had a few thousand people behind me (even if they were all strangers). So thank you to all of you. I also got quite a few requests for updates and a lot has happened in the last few weeks since the brake up so I thought I would share for those who care to know.
So the gf (now "ex" gf which she will be referred to as from this point on) was calling me constantly over the next week. It was bordering on harassment. She would apologize over and over and say that she loved me and no longer felt like I raped her and she just wanted to be with me again, etc. I told her repeatedly that while I wished her no ill will, I just felt like we weren't meant to be and she would be better off finding someone less rapey than me. (ok I was harboring a little resentment that may have come off a tad immature at times).
At one point I told my daughter (28f and not from the ex) everything about the break up and what she said about me raping her at the wedding.
If I may digress a little for just a moment, I would like to explain. My daughter was born when I was 17. I pretty much raised her on my own. Her mom was very flakey and was rarely around. But in all fairness, she was only 18 so she was just young and not ready for a child. Not that I was anymore ready, but I knew somebody had to be the parent. So I think because we were so close in age, my daughter and I have a very close bond. We pretty much tell each other everything and no subject is off limits. For example, I was the first person she told when she gave her 1st blow job and then again when she lost her virginity. How many daughters do that?
Because we are so close, my daughter has always been very protective of me. I didn't introduce her to most of the women I dated while she was growing up but the couple that became serious relationships she met and let's just say she wasn't very warm and welcoming to these women. But she was older when I got with my ex and while my daughter was not the most friendly to her upon meeting her, eventually they became pretty tight.
So after telling my daughter all about it (in hindsite it may have not been the smartest move I've ever made) she became so angry that she called my ex (I didn't know she did this nor did I condone it. But how could I be angry with her for standing up for her old man?) She offered to arrange my ex's face for cheaper than a plastic surgeon would and also to remove any teeth to prevent any toothaches she may get in the future. Although she wasn't quite that polite about it if you smell what I'm stepping in.
So my kid and I were sitting on my couch having a couple beers and shooting the shit when the cops knocked on my door. The ex called them and reported my daughter for threatening her. They charged her with a misdemeanor for the threats but they didn't arrest her or put her in jail. Needless to say she wanted to make a visit to my ex after that but I was able to talk a little sense into her.
Later that same night I got another call from my ex with more of the crying and the "I'm sorries" and she wanted to just forget everything that has happened and she no longer feels like I raped her and she just wanted us to be together again. She asked if she could come over to talk and she alluded to us having sex, I guess thinking I am just a dumb ass man and the offer of sex would have me forget that she accused me of rape and tried to have my daughter arrested. (And yes I know my kid should not have threatened her but I don't care. That's my kid and right or wrong I've always got her back).
I told the ex that I was not interested in talking nor was I ever going to be sticking my dick in any of her holes ever again. (I'm sorry for the crudeness but that's the way I talk in real life and especially when I'm angry). I asked her to please stop calling me and just let me live my life in peace.
I hoped that would be the end of it but as we all know, hope springs eternal but was not to be my luck. At about 3 am I awoke to something that normally I quite enjoyed waking up to but this night I was not pleased. She had broke into my pad (well she didn't really break in. I forgot to get her key from her when she moved out so she let herself in) and knowing that I always sleep naked, she came into my room and was sucking my dick.
Like I said, normally that would have been awesome but this time I was infuriated. I started screaming at her to get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops on her like she did my daughter. It was actually the closest I've ever come to hitting a woman. I'm proud to say that I was able to hold my composure enough to keep myself from doing it as I have taught my daughter from the time she was 5 years old that she NEVER allows a man to put his hands on her more than once. If a man ever hits her she should find away to get away from him and come find me and I'll take care of it from there. So I could never allow myself to be the one to hit a woman. I would never want my kid to think I was a hypocrite and that is the only reason she didn't get punched in her teeth.
She started crying and begging me to please talk to her so I'm ashamed to say I did grab her by the arm and walk her out of my room to the front door only to find some friend of hers sitting on my couch. I guess the ex's car was not running so she got a ride from this friend. So now I'm standing in my living room, stark naked, yelling for them to get the fuck out of my house. Which woke up my daughter, who was sleeping in the spare room because she had too much to drink and I didn't want her driving.
My daughter comes out of the room with a baseball bat because she didn't know who I was yelling at and she thought we were getting robbed. When she saw who I was yelling at she actually tried going after the ex and her friend but I was able to stop her and got her to go into the bedroom so as to not have to see her old man in that state. I ordered my ex to get the fuck out and told her I better never hear from her again.
Next morning I have off from work so my daughter and I are eating breakfast and talking about going to get new locks for my house later when I get a knock at my door. My daughter answered it and low and behold it is 2 detectives. My ex apparently was now trying to have me arrested for raping her. I couldn't believe it. Well, I guess I could believe it, but it was still a shock none the less.
They said that she had called and told them she wanted to report me that I raped her and that it was regarding an incident in a hotel room after attending a wedding and they were there to ask me some questions.
Now believe me when I tell you that I'm not a man that just readily cries in front of people, much less total strangers. But for some reason that I couldn't explain, I just started crying. I wasn't balling like a little girl or anything but there were for sure tears in my eyes, and I was unable to hold them back. Being about as embarrassed and ashamed as a man can be I excused myself to the bathroom. I pulled myself together and washed my face. I gave myself a stern talking to about crying like a pussy in front of total strangers. And I started heading back out to the living room. I got as far as the hallway when I heard my daughter, half yelling, obviously crying herself, telling the detectives basically what a bitch my ex is and that I didn't rape her that we were just drunk and had sex and it was my ex that initiated it in the first place.
I walked back into the living room, tears and blubbering behind me and told my kid that I would handle my business from here and to please excuse herself to the bedroom.
Once she had left the room the female detective asked me if that was really what had happened and I told her it was. They thanked me for my time and they left. A few hours later my phone rings and it is the same female detective. She told me that they went to my ex's and asked her to go further into detail about what happened. They asked her were we both drinking and she admitted that we were. They asked her had I forced myself on her while she told me no and surprisingly she told them no, that she was in fact the one who initiated the sex. The detective then asked her if she was the one that initiated it then how exactly was it that she was feeling like I raped her. She said that she was drunk and a woman cannot consent to sex while she is drunk so if a man has sex with her then that is rape.
The detective said she had to keep herself from laughing out loud. She then told my ex that she didn't know where she was getting her info from but she explained that it is illegal for somebody to have sex with another person if that person is so intoxicated that they are unconscious, or just unable to effectively consent or deny consent. She said that what happened between her and I was nothing more than two people having consensual drunk sex and if she wanted to be technical about it, since my ex is the one that initiated the sex, consent wouldn't even fall to her. It would fall to me and so if anybody was committing rape in that situation it would have been her, not me. But the fact is nobody raped anyone.
Then the detective said my ex got huffy and asked her how could she possibly have been the one committing rape since not only was I the man, but I had an erection and a man cannot be considered raped if he has an erection during the act .
The detective told her that she wasn't sure where my ex was getting her information from, but that she was wrong in every thing that she was saying and that she should be a little more careful about making police reports and spouting off what essentially equates to nonsense because she could have done some serious damage to somebody else's life under the right circumstances.
I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear all that stuff that this detective was telling me. I really wish I could have been there to see my ex's face when she was informed of all this, although I know that is just childish and petty on my part.
Then the detective said something else that I was not expecting. She told me that my daughter had told her about the night before when I woke up to the ex sucking my dick. She asked me if it was true and I said yes. The detective told me that if I wanted to, I could report that as a sexual assault and she would be arrested. They would probably just release her on her own recognizance, but she would still have to go to court and if found guilty she would have to register as a sex offender.
I couldn't believe it. I really thought about it, but I have no desire to ruin my ex's life. I just want her out of mine. But you can bet I had fun telling my ex what the detective told me and I used it to tell my ex if she ever contacts me again that I would do it. And also, she needed to have the charges on my kid dropped. But if she did that, had the charges dropped and then never contacted me again, I would not report her for sexual assault. She agreed. And I can't be happier .
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2023.06.10 06:10 pythonwarg Another Trade Idea

Another Trade Idea
Pacers say no, so how do we make it work?
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2023.06.10 06:07 Nicckles Can’t select type of train? Any hints? On PS5, PS4 edition.

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2023.06.10 06:07 roger10091 Two of the same shirt, bought 5 years apart

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2023.06.10 06:06 Vegetable-Street-436 Do your 10U-12U teams do live at bats during practice?

We’ve had the same coach for 3 seasons and he never does live at bats at practice. My son does great hitting off a machine, a tee, or a coach pitching not at full speed. He struggles with hitting off of live pitchers his age. One issue is that the only time he sees live pitchers his age is during games. He needs to practice seeing the ball better when pitches are unpredictable.
It’s the one skill we can’t replicate when working with him on our own time. He has one teammate who lives close by, but every time we try to get them together the other kid has pitched in a game recently and we don’t want him to throw during one of his rest days.
Is this normal or should live at bats be a normal part of practice? I’m concerned he will get cut from the team after this season because his batting isn’t up to par, but I don’t think games should be the only time kids see live pitching. We’ve asked the coach multiple times if we can do live at bats during practice, but he says that reps (in the cage or coach pitch in game situation simulations) are more important.
Am I wrong in thinking kids shouldn’t only see live pitching from kids during games?
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2023.06.10 06:05 iPhoneMods /r/iPhone has shut down posting in protest against Reddit's recent API policy change

Hi everyone,
Effective immediately, iPhone has shut off posting and entered 'Restricted' mode. This will mean no more posts will be coming through for the next couple days, until we review our stance on the 13th of June 2023. Our decision to bring forward the blackout is a result of the actions of the Reddit CEO as well as an abysmal AMA that did little to answer our questions or concerns.

The situation

As you may have noticed over the past week, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding Reddit's recent policy change to charge access to its API. These changes effectively kill third-party apps such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun and many others due to the exorbitant amount Reddit is asking from them to continue access to their API - with these changes threatening to cost apps such as Apollo an upwards of $20 million a year to keep running as is. These prices place an enormous financial burden on these third-party developers, making it unfeasible to continue operations. This has resulted in a number of apps announcing their plans to shut down, including Apollo.
With these apps shutting down, it also makes our jobs as Moderators that much harder. Many of us mods have had to rely on these third-party applications in order to effectively do our job, simply because the official Reddit app doesn't have the sufficient tools that these other apps offer. This will lead to many regular users having a subpar experience due to Moderators not having the tools to manage their communities well enough.
These changes also have drastic effects on those that need to use those third-party apps for accessibility reasons, due to the official app, nor new Reddit, providing proper levels of accessibility for those that need it. It's one step closer to making Reddit totally inaccessible to many users.

The Reddit CEO's recent antics

We also have concerns that Reddit's very own CEO is comfortable and willing enough to lie, twist facts and gaslight the userbase into being on 'their' side in way of accusing Apollo's developer, Christian, of blackmail and threatening Reddit. And, when proven to be lying through audio recordings, deciding to double down on villainizing said developer in his most recent 'AMA'.
As moderators and users, this kind of behaviour erodes our trust in the company's leadership and undermines our confidence in any statements or actions they take. The AMA today was also abysmal enough to the point we wanted to bring our blackout forward from June 12th. It failed to answer any of our questions or concerns.
If you want further context on this particular issue, please read Christian's (Apollo Dev) post here: https://www.reddit.com/apolloapp/comments/144f6xm/apollo_will_close_down_on_june_30th_reddits/

So, how long is this blackout going to last?

It's tough to say. It's something that we've gone back and forth on internally because we need to weigh up various factors when making a decision like locking down a subreddit with 3.8 million subscribers and thousands of daily active users. It isn't as simple as some have suggested it to be.
We also cannot privatise the subreddit indefinitely. We just can't. At the end of the day Admins have made it clear on numerous occasions that attempting to do so will result in intervention. In what way? We aren't entirely sure, and this is why we will be reviewing our stance on a daily basis. Reddit, at the end of the day, is a business first and foremost. It is defined by the existence of our communities. Without a clear path to end the protest, Reddit must find a solution to end it themselves. The longer the blackout drags on, and and the harder we push them, the more likely it is that they'll consider playing hard ball and going with the "Nuclear" option of removing Mod Teams and replacing them with those that they know will be compliant. While this option runs the risk of destroying communities due to replacements who don't actually understand the community they're running, it's likely to be a better option for Reddit compared to having half their website shut down.
We will try our best to keep everyone updated on our decision making. As of now, we will be re-evaluating our blackout on the 13th, where we will decide on extending it or not.
For those curious, here were some numbers on those participating in the blackout (numbers may be outdated, data was from yesterday):

Unique Subreddits Unique Moderators Combined Subscribers
3,314 15,676 1,502,606,382
You can find the full list of subreddits participating here.

What can you do to help?

Make noise, contact the Admins and voice your displeasure. Make memes, post about it, comment about it.
We do ask that you don't pressure other communities to join in, though, through modmailing them or messaging Moderators directly. This is incredibly spammy and, at the end of the day, there are subreddits (such as support ones) who should be staying open due to their importance to many people.


Thank you for your understanding, support, and patience during this time. Together, we will continue striving for an outcome that ensures the longevity and well-being of our communities. This is an unfortunate situation to be in, but it's also one that many feel strongly about.
If you wish to keep discussing iPhone's, iOS or anything tech-related, please feel free to join our Discord. It will be remaining open during the blackout period: https://discord.gg/iphone. We may also post updates over on our Twitter account if there's any issues: https://twitter.com/iphoneioshub
Thank you,
iPhone Mod Team.

(We may continue updating this throughout the next couple days)
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2023.06.10 06:04 Dark_Link_1996 My final thoughts about Tears of the Kingdom & the Ganon Boss Fight

Spoilers about the Game & Boss Fight.
I finally completed Tears of the Kingdom.
I love all the new features they added, I like how we can fuse stuff to make them even more OP! I love how we can create anything we want! I love the rewind ability so much! It's saved me so many times! I like how we can just wall breach/ teleport to the top of some stuff by the phase through ability!
I loved the shrines! I love how they're not all copy & paste! They're very unique & very original! You can go from figuring out how to cross a quick sand field to being stripped of everything and proving your worth!
Seeing the First King of Hyrule Rauru & The First Queen Sonia after Zelda gets teleported back to beginning of the Hyrule Kingdom was crazy!
Seeing what lead up to the great war! Seeing Ganon leading the Gerudo, seeing the original Sages, seeing Zelda transforming into a Dragon, seeing all that was breathtaking and mind-blowing!
The Boss Fights were a mixture of Easy & Hard!
Imo the hardest boss fight for the sages was Queen Gibdo. All the other Gibdos were a pain to kill even with the lightning power!
The hardest temple in terms of activating all the switches was the Wind Temple.
I love how you can get all the original Amibo content and armor from side missions and from exploring the deep dark!
I loved the story telling! I love how some Characters actually grew up!
When I found out that Zelda was the Light Dragon, that was very unexpected!
Then the fight with Ganondorf. It blew my mind with how OP he was! I came in with about 1.5 rows of heart and he managed to bring me down to 3! He even managed to destroy the Hylian Shield! I barely took it out for the final fight & with a few attacks, he managed to break it and break some of my hearts!
Phase One: Very interesting, seeing him regain his strength and power.
Phase 2: That's when he started to get difficult! When I saw how big the healthbar was getting! His attacks hit like a truck & his ability to Dodge attacks like Link does was crazy to see.
Phase 3: Dark Beast Ganon 2.0 but way cooler! I can't believe Ganon became a Dragon and Zelda just zoomed towards us to help us fight Dragon Ganondorf. I love how when it's time to deal the killing blow, I'm not sure if the game forces the Master Sword or not, but using it, to deal the final blow was awesome!
Seeing the First King of Hyrule Rauru & The First Queen Sonia with Link, helping to turn Zelda back to Human was just epic!
If I could go in again blind, I'd do it as this was a great game!
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2023.06.10 05:59 Original_Cranberry87 [DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2] #42 What an awesome game. If the rest of them are like this game and Kakarot I’ll gladly plat them all.

[DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2] #42 What an awesome game. If the rest of them are like this game and Kakarot I’ll gladly plat them all.
I’m tryna finish up some games for June 22nd bc that’ll basically be my 1 year anniversary as a trophy hunter, it’s really fun and the community is great as well can’t wait to rage my behind off trying to achieve and flex ultra rare plats thinking people will care 😭
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2023.06.10 05:56 Duality44 [SV] LF Aprimon FT Apriballs

Hey I'm hoping to expand my aprimon collection some more now that I have box space again. Looking for anything missing from my sheet (white unchecked box). Also looking to complete my ball set for these HA starters:

Chespin: heavy, level, lure, moon, beast, timer, great, ultra, repeat, dive, net, dusk, heal, quick
Fennekin: fast, friend, heavy, level, moon, luxury, timer, ultra, nest, repeat, dive, net, dusk, heal, quick
Rowlet: ultra, repeat, dive, heal
Sobble: friend, level, lure, timer, great, ultra, nest, repeat, dive, net, dusk, heal

Rates (you : me)
5 Aprimon (no HA): 1 Apriball
3 HA Aprimon: 1 Apriball

I'm currently stocked on all apriballs so send me some offers!
NOTE: I am not taking any breeding requests at the moment due to time constraints.

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2023.06.10 05:56 ALStark69 2024 3* ATH Myles Woods commits to Coastal Carolina

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2023.06.10 05:55 ALStark69 2024 3* RB Xavier Gayten commits to Mississippi State

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2023.06.10 05:55 ALStark69 2024 3* CB Terrion Hicks commits to Northwestern

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2023.06.10 05:54 DnDBambi Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table
So I'm running SKT and they have a nicely detailed random encounter table for day time travel, but I also really wanted something for the nighttime while the party are trying to safely rest. So I made this!
I added a few unique ideas/suggestions I'd seen around the internet while also creating a few of my own. I had my own party in mind for this (4 x Lv. 6) but I'm hoping it's universal enough to adapt for any party!
Feel free to use and let me know what you think :)

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

  • At the beginning of each night/long rest, roll a d20. On a result of 12-20 a nighttime encounter occurs. Roll a d100 and consult the table based on the party's current location
  • Roll a d4 (reroll 4s) to determine if the encounter occurs on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd watch of the night
  • Once they have their first nighttime encounter, the d20 range shrinks by two for every future nighttime encounter thereafter until they reach the next settlement, upon which, the range resets. This is to prevent there being an encounter every single night they're on the road and not bogging down gameplay. Feel free to adjust these DCs if you want less or more random encounters.
    • After first nighttime encounter, new range = 14-20
    • After second nighttime encounter, new range = 16-20
    • After third nighttime encounter, new range = 18-20
    • After four nighttime encounter (and every encounter after) a Nat20 must be rolled to receive a new encounter
The Table

Encounter Table Notes:

Abominable Yeti:
  • A single abominable yeti ambushes the party hungering for flesh and blood. If the party manage to defeat this yeti, there is a 30% chance that 1d3 regular yetis show up after battle, drawn in by the sounds of combat and the scent of blood
  • You can choose between bandits or barbarians for this encounter based on the location and frequency of previous encounters
  • Bandits:
    • 1 bandit captain and 3d6+2 bandits
    • Mounted on riding horses
    • 25% chance they attack without warning
    • Promises the party not to attack if they 'pay a toll' (no less than 100gp of treasure)
    • Is this a potential way to introduce the 'Happy Fun Ball'?
    • Treasure: Each bandit carries a pouch containing 1d10gp. The bandit captain’s pouch holds 2d10gp and 1d6 gems worth 100gp each
  • Uthgardt Barbarians:
    • Hostile group of Uthgardt barbarians made up of 4d6 tribal warriors, and 1 Uthgardt shaman (Appendix C). If the total number rolled is great than 20, add 1d3 berserkers and a tribal chieftain (berserker w 90hp)
      • If dealing with the Gray Wolf tribe, use the werewolf stat block for all berserkers and chieftains (+90hp) and add 1d4 wolves as animal companions
    • Uthgardt Barbarian General Info
      • Black-haired and blue-eyed people
      • Take their name from Uthgar Gardolfsson, a hero chief who battled giants and conquered much of the North before ascending to godhood
      • Currently 11 tribes scattered across the north
      • They speak Bothii (their own language) and most speak common
      • Their spirit mounds are sacred as it's a place where tribe members gather to revere Uthgar, honour their ancestors, make sacrifices to their totem animal spirit, and choose a new Great Chief
      • Uthgardt fear magic so much so that they attempt to kill and dismember any spellcasters they meet
      • Tribal shamans aren't attacked because their power comes from spirits of their dead ancestors
      • Tribes will unite against a common enemy, like a giant (whom they hate most of all)
      • Each tribe consists of 1 Great Chief, 2-5 chieftains, and 1-3 shamans depending on the size of the tribe
      • Use the "Reghed Chieftain" stat block for a Great Chief
  • Uthgardt Tribes and Locations
    • Black Lion Tribe
      • Northern Silver Marches and the Druarwood
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Stellok Kolraavi (male - wears armour made of orc hide)
      • Shaman - Tysis Kolraavi (Stellok's younger sister)
      • Hate diplomacy and civilisation
      • Avoids settlements in the Silver Marches
    • Black Raven Tribe
      • Icy foothills west of Mirabar including the ice lakes and Spine of the World north of Mirabar
      • Spirit mound - Raven Rock
      • Great Chief - Ojin Voninsdottir (female - orc-skull helm)
      • Prey on caravans travelling via Northern Means or Blackford Road
      • Often ride Giant Vultures into battle
    • Blue Bear Tribe
      • Believed to be extinct but have been spotted throughout the Delimbiyr Vale (from the Nether Mountains to the northern tip of High Moor)
      • Spirit mound - Stone Stand
      • Great Chief - Kriga Moonmusk (female - old and travels in a fur-draped chair carried by 4 tribal warriors)
      • Stays hidden while travelling to preserve the myth of their extinction
    • Elk Tribe
      • Wanders the Evermoors and the plains between Flint Rock and the Dessarin River
      • Spirit mound - Flint Rock
      • Great Chief - Rond Vaarson (male - old)
      • Rond has spilled so much blood in his past, he no longer craves it
    • Gray Wolf Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Delimbiyr Vale
      • Spirit mound - None
      • Great Chief - Recently slain Syken Nightblaze
      • Syken was slain by adventurers from Neverwinter
      • His daughter, Envir Sykensdottir, now controls the pack and plans to attack Neverwinter to prove she should be named the next Great Chief of the tribe
      • Potentially run a surprise encounter if the party ever goes to Neverwinter
      • The tribe roams in packs with ordinary wolves
      • Will hunt down and kill those who survive their attacks to prevent the spread of lycanthropy to non-tribal members
      • The only members of the tribe who possess lycanthropy are the chieftains and berserkers. The rest of the tribe are regular tribal warriors
      • In an encounter have all barbarians start out in human form, then have them use their 'Shapechanger' action on their first turn to turn into a Hybrid or Wolf form and freak the party out
      • Lycanthropy Cure: Can be cured with a 'Remove Curse' or 'Greater Restoration' spell
    • Great Worm Tribe
      • Based themselves at Great Worm Cavern and strike out occasionally to defend their territory (surrounding mountains, Feel Pass, Frost Hills, Lurkwood, and the northern reaches of the Silver Marches)
      • Spirit mound - Great Worm Cavern
      • Great Chief - Wormblod (male - brutal and hoards treasure)
      • Venture into the Crags and its southern plains when food is scarce
    • Griffon Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Silver Marches. Never going further south than Triboar and Yartar in the Dessarin Valley
      • Spirit mound - Shining White
      • Great Chief - Halric Bonesnapper
      • Tribe is dwindling as they have made too many enemies of late (still 300 strong though)
      • Different from all other tribes as they have established a permanent settlement (Griffon's Nest)
    • Red Tiger Tribe
      • Found throughout the Silver Marches but have recently begun moving into its surrounding forests, including elf-controlled regions of the High Forest
      • They are trying to find the Grandfather Tree and lay claim to it
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Seriska Hungermaw (female - ruthless yet cautious)
      • Often attack settlements in the Silver Marches and prey on caravans travelling on the roads
      • Skilled at avoiding heavily fortified keeps
      • Even known to attack boats on the Rauvin River from time to time
    • Sky Pony Tribe
      • Found near the base of the mountains in the Silver Marches
      • Spirit mound - One Stone
      • Great Chief - Arnzan Vashk (male - orc spearhead sticking out of his chest and he attempts to hide the pain)
      • The tip of the spear is very close to piercing his heart and killing him
      • Was wounded during the War of the Silver Marches
      • His rivals are circling and preparing to unseat him
    • Thunderbeast Tribe
      • Currently hiding in the depths of Lurkwood preparing for a 'stampede' through the Surbrin Hills and the Dessarin Valley to the south
      • Spirit mound - Morgur's Mound (hasn't been visited in years)
      • Great Chief - Harthulk Hornspear (male - towering man with a terrible scowl and cracked, tough skin like dinosaur leather)
      • Their stampede won't stop until their people or their enemies are dead
    • Tree Ghost Tribe
      • Share the High Forest with the native elves
      • Spirit mound - Grandfather Tree
      • Great Chief - Boorvald Orcbane (male - honourable and a protector)
      • Declared themselves the protectors of the Grandfather Tree after years of conflict with other tribes and the elves of the High Forest
      • Rarely seen outside of the forest
      • Boorvald hunts orcs and frequently launches attacks against the Iceshield orc-holds along the western edge of High Forest
      • Boorvald has 6 sons and 3 daughters, each of whom was given an "Oathbow" from the tribe's elf neighbours as a gift of friendship
      • The tribe contains tribal warriors from other tribes who came to the Grandfather Tree, gained enlightenment, and forsook their allegiances to pledge to help the Tree Ghosts protect the Grandfather Tree
Bioluminescent Lights:
  • Depending on the location, this can be represented as bioluminescent lights or more of a aurora borealis in the night sky
  • The party, or person on watch, notices a faint glow coming from nearby in the camp. A small pond (or tree/shrub/etc) is emitting a faint, beautiful glow that seems to be a wonder of nature
  • Describe how the lights beautifully dance and shimmer in the night
  • The effect is harmless and the party can spend as much or as little time engaging with it as they want
  • 2d4+1 vine blights and 2d4+1 needle blights attack the party in the night
  • The vine blights move in close and camouflage using their False Appearance ability. Once they're within 20ft, they run forward and use their Entangling Plants ability to subdue the party
  • The needle blights then move within 30ft and release a volley of needles at the party from a distance
  • Alternatively, the party may happen to set up camp in a congregation of unmoving vine blights who are relying on their False Appearance to strike when the party is caught off-guard. The needle blights join in later in the combat
  • A single bodak is drawn to the party's campsite by the light/noise, following its mission from Orcus to spread death across the Material Plane
  • Any non-war trained animals will flee right before this encounter takes place
  • If it fits in your narrative, the bodak can be a fallen NPC that one of the players used to know. It is seeking out all allies and enemies from its past life to wipe them from existence
  • Increase the HP if a single bodak doesn't pose much of a challenge
Dire Wolves:
  • 3d4 dire wolves encircle and ambush the party at night
  • The wolves won't attack outright. They will surround and then slowly close in on the party, giving anyone a chance to do something that might scare them off before combat begins (PC Intimidation check vs Wolves Insight check)
    • Potentially nominate a pack leader that will have an impact on how this plays out
  • If the party don't do anything or fails to intimidate the wolves, they will attack
  • If things aren't going well for the party, you can have the wolves' survival instinct kick in if their numbers are reduced to less than the number of still-threatening PCs
Displacer Beasts:
  • 1d4+2 displacer beasts ambush the party either for food or just general sport
  • One displacer beast might lash out at the party in an attempt to draw them away from the group to a location where the rest of the pack are waiting for a bloodier ambush
  • 1d4 ghosts appear and attack the party
  • If a 1 is rolled, a solitary, sad-looking ghost appears in the middle of their camp and sings a haunting song, then walks to where its grave is marked by a filthy stone. If the party ignore the ghost or leave the grave alone, nothing happens and the ghost remains suspended in the air looking at the grave until the party leaves. It they clean the grave site out of respect for the dead, the ghost disappears and turns into a shower of 777 silver pieces. If they desecrate or disrespect the grave for some reason, it attacks
    • If it attacks, bump its HP up to 60 so it poses somewhat of a challenge
  • 1d4+4 ghouls attack the party led by 1 ghast
  • The ghast will give orders to the ghouls to attack who it feels is the strongest party member
  • If ghouls are attacked while feasting on a paralysed creature, they will drag their prey their full movement (half speed) away while also continuing to use their bite on their paralysed victim
Giant Snakes:
  • 1d4+1 giant constrictor snakes slither into the campsite and attempt to snap up a tasty meal
  • You can have the snakes appear and pause, waiting to see the party's reaction, to give your PCs a chance to do something that might prevent this from being a combat encounter
Magical Glowing Mushrooms:
  • Tasha's Cauldron of Everything - Magic Mushrooms (pg. 166)
  • The party stumbles across a collection of magic mushrooms near their campsite, radiating this magical glow
  • Those proficient in Medicine, Nature, or Survival can surmise that these are not naturally forming mushrooms and with a DC12 roll, can recall stories of magical mushrooms and how some can save lives or bestow unusual powers when consumed
  • If a mushroom is eaten, roll a d10 to determine its effects:
    • 1: The creature’s skin turns an unusual colour. Roll a d4:
      • 1 - Purple with yellow splotches
      • 2 - Bright orange with tiger stripes
      • 3 - Tree-frog green with red squiggles
      • 4 - Hot pink with yellow spots
      • This change is permanent unless removed by a Greater Restoration spell or similar magic.
    • 2: The creature gains the enlarge or reduce effect (50 percent chance of either) of the Enlarge/Reduce spell for 1 hour.
    • 3: The creature regains 5d8 + 20 hit points.
    • 4: Vocally, the creature can only cluck and croon like a chicken. The creature can also understand and speak to chickens. This curse lasts for 1 hour unless ended by a Remove Curse spell or similar magic.
    • 5: The creature can understand and speak all languages for 1d4 days.
    • 6: The creature gains the benefits of the Telepathy spell for the next 24 hours.
    • 7: The creature gains the benefits of the Speak with Plants spell for 8 hours.
    • 8: The creature immediately casts the Time Stop spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 9: The creature immediately casts the Detect Thoughts spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 10: Magical mists pour out of the creature’s eyes and ears, acting as a Fog Cloud spell for 1 hour that is centred on the creature and moves with it.
  • An old halfling woman with a small glaive will approach the party's campsite looking for a place to rest and some company to talk to
  • The glaive is a custom weapon made for a halfling that she's had since she was a young woman. She's pretty handy with it but getting quite slow in her older age. It's her only form of protection as she travels
  • The old woman is really an oni who has used it's Change Shape ability to be able to get closer to its prey
  • When the oni feels the party is no longer believing its lies or has completely let their guard down, it will attack
  • This attack may begin with a Cone of Cold to surprise the party, and then on its next turn it will transform into its true giant form. Or it could also start with the oni transforming prior to combat, then on its first turn casting Invisibility on itself to create a sense of fear amongst the party
Owlbear Pack:
  • A loud, deep hooting sound can be heard throughout the night, not close but not too far from the campsite. The hooting sounds like it comes from something much louder than a regular owl
  • Players who made a successful DC12 Perception check, notice off in the distance a pack of 5 owlbears slowly moving through the terrain in single-file
  • There is a large owlbear at the head of the line, and another large owlbear bringing up the rear. In the middle of them are three smaller offspring
  • They don't appear to be hunting at this moment, just moving from A to B
  • Unless the party does something to draw the pack's attention, they will move on into the night
  • 1d4+1 hunting owlbears will spring into the party's campsite, hunting them for food
    • If a total of 5 is achieved and you feel this encounter is way too deadly for your group, have the hunting pack be a family made up of two adult owlbears and three younger offspring (40hp) who are hunting for their first time (no multiattack)
    • If an offspring is killed, the parents will fight to the death with unbridled fury seeking vengeance
    • If both parents are killed off, the offspring will flee
  • If only 2 owlbears are rolled and you feel this encounter too simple, max out their hit points (91hp)
  • A glimmering, white pegasus descends from the sky and lands not far from the party's campsite, looking for a place to drink, eat, or temporarily rest
    • If this occurs along a road/trail, the pegasus won't land, but will instead gracefully soar past the party, basking in the night air
  • Pegasi are usually quite jumpy, so will immediately take off into the sky if any loud noises are made or it is attacked
  • However, if a good-aligned character can quietly approach and succeed on a DC15 Animal Handling check, the intelligent creature will stay grounded and watch the character as it approaches
  • Narrate a peaceful interaction between the two before the pegasus takes its leave and flies off into the night
    • If a character tries to mount the pegasus they will need to succeed on a DC25 Animal Handling check
    • A failure will result in the pegasus bucking them and flying off
    • A success, and the pegasus will just stand there, MAYBE briefly trot around, before indicating for the character to get off and then saying goodbye and flying off
  • 1 revenant stumbles into the party's campsite, appearing initially like a zombie, but will begin speaking to the party. Very much unlike a zombie.
  • The revenant says he has come to seek justice for the wrongs the party did to him, killing him in such a brutal manner and taking the life of his greatest love, Kella. The party will then see past the unfamiliar face and recognise him as the slain leader of the Seven Snakes, Xolkin
  • As Xolkin has sworn vengeance on the party, he can now only be completely destroyed by either using a Wish spell when his soul is bodiless, the party just straight-up dying, or the party survives for over a year from when the vengeance was enacted. After one of these has occurred, the Xolkin's body will crumble to dust and his soul will fade into the afterlife
  • If Xolkin can't beat them in this first encounter, next time he appears, it will be with weapons and backup (spectres, wights, ghasts, etc). He won't quit until he is successful, making sure each future encounter is harder and more challenging
Stormy Night:
  • The clouds final erupt and the remainder of the night is filled with thundering rain and high winds
    • Rain can be replaced with a blizzard if the party is in the upper mountains or far-north sections of the continent
  • Unless one of the party members has a way to avoid/negate the rain and wind (such as Leomund's Tiny Hut for example), the party has a very restless nights sleep
  • They gain the effects of a Long Rest but everyone also gains one level of Exhaustion and cannot recover any previous levels of exhaustion
  • A single wight leads an undead army to attack the party. The army is made up of 2d6 zombies and 1 ogre zombie
    • If the number of zombies rolled is less than 6, replace the single ogre zombie with 1d4 ogre zombies
  • The wight will send the horde of zombies in first while it attacks from range to begin with, then moving in closer for melee
  • A figure will emerge out of the darkness, staggering a little. They make no effort to stealth either. They are friendly and will comply with whatever reasonable requests the cautious PCs make
  • They will reveal themselves to be a vampire, in dire need of blood. They will ask for a donation, but if refused, will walk away disappointed
  • If the player does contribute blood, the vampire will thank them, and next time this encounter is rolled, the vampire may have a gift for them (magic item, gold/platinum, jewels, etc)
  • The player may choose to drain some blood into a vial or pot for the vampire to then drink, or they may choose to let the vampire bite them. Regardless of the way, they will take 1d6 piercing/slashing damage (based on how they draw the blood), then 3d6 necrotic damage, and their max HP is reduced by that amount until the end of a long rest
  • If concerns are raised, the vampire will assure them that a simple bite isn't enough to turn someone. They must be killed with a bite and then buried in the ground to rise as a vampire
  • If the party is very brazen and choose to attack the vampire, it is the DM's choice whether the vampire straight away flees, or decides to bite a character to take some blood by force to teach them a lesson for their rudeness, then flee
  • A cluster of 1d6+1 will-o'-wisps appear and start floating around the campsite
  • Initially the wisps will appear as beautifully coloured, bobbing lantern lights offering hope and safety
  • Eventually the wisps will surround the party and launch a surprise attack
  • Alternatively, you can have the wisps attempt to lure the party away from the campsite by somehow beckoning them to follow. From here the wisps will lead the party into some sort of hazardous trap like quicksand pits or monster lairs so they can feed on the suffering of their prey and revel in their death screams
    • If you are considering this option, potentially reduce the wisp numbers to only 1d4

If you're interested in the possibility percentages that went into calculating these d100 results, you can see them in this picture here:
Wilderness Encounter Possibility Calculations
If you would like all of the above in a neat PDF format, you can download it here.
Looking forward to hearing people's thoughts!
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2023.06.10 05:54 Available_Couple_695 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Chrono [Cover Images]

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2023.06.10 05:53 real_little_zombie FINALLY

1. snowballs, craft one by one snow, throw at players to damage them
  1. balls, craft one by four wood, rally bouncy, but deal no damage
  2. moonstone orb, craft two by one reinforced pebble and one moonstone, like ender pearl in minecraft, throw it to teleport to where it lands.
  3. pebble, craft one by one messy stone, throw at players to damage them, but the damage is more stronger than snowballs.
  4. reinforced pebble, craft one by one compressed messy stone, throw at players to damage them, but the damage is more stronger than pebbles.
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2023.06.10 05:52 isthatagarlicbread The list of manga (incomplete) I've read and my ratings for them

---Not everything I've ever read, just since I've decided to start keeping a list----- THE EXTREMELY LONG LIST OF EVERYTHING I READ ACTION: solo levelling - I'm not explaining this, read it if you havent 10/10
raise me up infinite gacha - same author as solo levelling, dude basically put into afk arena but it's good 9/10
rankers return - man the reviews for this one are mixed but it's just a very very niche genre, i loved it, imagine hardcore levelling warrior mixed with overgeared, really good and it's a piss take on the genre a little bit so u get to laugh a lot 8/10
sss class suicide hunter - readable, story is all over the place as well as power scaling, has a relatively generic plot too, not a bad read exactly but you may as well just read kill the hero or something. tldr mc respawns 24 hours ago whenever he dies so he's just super OP the end. 5.5/10 eminence in the shadow- Man... I'm really bummed about this one, imagine you know a really cool secret sesh spot and u go there to sesh sometimes and then u show up one day and u find out it's been built into a shopping mall, it's still really good but i don't know i hate when things i like get gentrified the second they make a anime out of it, happens a lot when you read these things, should have seen my reaction when i heard redo of healer was getting an anime, anyway dude basically trains like crazy and is super op and has 8th grade syndrome but it's funny 9/10
legendary mechanic- one of the extremely few Chinese manhua i can stand usually they are terrible and full of really cringe tropes, this one isn't completely free of those but it's ignorable, classic transported into game yadda yadda. escapes evil organization in a game, gets stronger with mechanical things, destroys people. honestly pretty good, 10/10 as far as Chinese manhua go, 7/10 total.
martial peak - it's alright i guess, very one piece coded, just imagine this is Chinese martial arts one piece. It's unnecessarily long, repeats the same format over and over again, you meet new characters u only see once or twice. boy is weak, gets strong martial arts thing (of course he does) becomes super strong over and over and over and over ... 24 or 25 more overs again. any time he becomes too op for the world he just goes to another higher existence world lol there's even a arc with spaceships lmao. if u like the genre and don't mind the literal like 8 page chapters this is a lot of manhua to entertain urself with. tldr if ur super bored this will keep u occupied for quite a while 6/10
tower of god - ok, the art isn't good for a while for this one, but seriously, it gets really really really good, story is confusing at times but it is really entertaining, I've read all of it up until current chapter, guy from outside a magic tower enters it to simp and then climbs it becoming really strong and simping less, very good read 9/10
player from today onwards- not bad, don't really like the art tho, dude inherits level up ability from demon king constellation 7.5/10
the youngest son of the renowned magic clan - if you've read any of those return to past fantasy world manhua this is that basically, read it if ur in the craving for some of this type. 6.5/10 return to player - this is probably almost up there with solo levelling honestly, very good manhua. imagine solo levelling but not solo and better art style, story is a bit worse but that's in comparison to solo levelling. 9/10
kill.the hero - gotta love a good necromancer manhua, this one is one of the better ones honestly. antihero necromancer evil as fuck "hero" 8/10
return of the frozen player - ur generic "player" type manhua, very good though, art isn't the best (still good) but unlike others of the genre the story is actually very well thought out and interesting, probably worth rereading more than a few others of the same genre. man gets frozen after beating the boss of the first floor of a 10 flooworld tower, after 25 years comes out and starts getting stronger to revive friends and conquer tower 8.5/10 what happens inside the dungeon- OK LISTEN RIGHT NOW, R 18+ WARNING!!!! That being said it's a really funny story about a fantasy world with... interesting sex culture, if ur 18+ and want to see a fantasy manga with cool action scenes and a lot of fan service and... other stuff... this one is pretty good 8/10
the wrong way to use healing magic- ok I'm gonna start off by saying, ahem- I WANT ROSE SO BAD I WANT HER SO BAD SHES SO FIND I WANT HER SO INCOMPREHENSIBLY BAD. ok with that out of the way this is a really fun take on the "hurr Durr i use healing magic but not to heal people" fantasy setting. probably my favourite in that category. dude gets accidentally summon to another world with hero classmates, has aptitude for healing magic, gets kidnapped by my wi- ... Rose... and trained into a combative healer. very fun, equal parts comedy, action, Isekai and fantasy. something i would recommend to people who don't like Isekai. 9.5/10
Carsearin - cute little story about a dragon wanting to live like a human and getting up to a lot of shenanigans, art style is super cute 7/10
Is this hero for real? - FFF class trashero creator i think, crazy good, even has a master molong reference :3 mc can't die or be injured but can't level up past level 1 and a shitty goddess 10/10
overgeared - personally very biased this one can go either way, i personally like it a lot, it's a manhua about a dude who gets a legendary class in a realistic VR game and his shenanigans, again, I've finished the almost 2000 chapter light novel because i liked it so much so very biased score 9.5/10
hardcore levelling warrior- you will either love the art style or hate it, in my opinion i think it's super cool and innovative and the manhua itself is very entertaining and interesting too, best player in a vrmmorpg gets his shit deleted, has to start from the beginning and becomes strong again because he's addicted to gambling and has to pay off a massive debt. more shit happens but that's spoilers anyway 8.5/10
the greatest estate developer- i mean it's not bad but it's not really great, at least it tries to be innovative but not my kind of thing, blah blah generic Isekai manhua but mc knows how to build buildings and makes money and uses a shovel as a weapon. 6.5/10
THOSE ONES: Mina sama omocha desu- the one with the crazy girls, nothing really special but at least interesting? good if bored and ijousha no ai has been recently read (if not read that first) 6/10
ijousha no ai - I'm not explaining this one, it's the god i wish i was MC one of those, first few chapters are awkward to read because reasons so just Try to ignore them, very easy 10/10
ana satsujin - basically just a worse ijousha no ai from what I remember, mc isn't as real and it's pacing is a bit worse so only this rating but it's still pretty good 7/10
GS FOR FEELING NOSTALGIC: Asuka hybrid - super super super cute, not good exactly in a solo leveling way or anything but i love the art style, premise and characters, one of the better GS manga 9.5/10
Boku girl - every day i wish for a sequel to this one, even easier perfect score than solo levelling 10/10
Mida love - Some of these are just really fun and god, i was like 14 or something when this stopped getting translated feels super bad, another one of the better ones but only 20 chapters 8/10
nyotai ka - aged like fine wine, the one that actually has sex in it, dude wishes to be a chick and then ruh roh raggy anyway 8.5/10
sekainohate de aimashou- If any manga of this category were to EVER give Boku girl a run for it's money it's this one, goofy as fucking hell, the space one 10/10
the exploding girl - haha this one is just, fun i guess, i could have put it in action but nah, probably sadder about this one getting discontinued than Mida love, Mida love is better in like almost every way but this one is just really fun in an unexplainable way, GB magical girl story but edgier 8/10
tensei pandemic - basically downgraded Boku girl, just imagine it's like the nicotine patches for when u get nicotine poisoning from smoking too much Boku girl, can be pretty hard to finish sometimes 6/10
change- the pink pretty one nuff said, pretty good but have fun translating the Indonesian If u want to read the last 80% of it like high school hahahaha 7/10
thank you Isekai - one of the best Isekai comedies I've read in a very long time, if you don't really like GS this would be the one GS manga I'd recommend you, it's really funny, Isekai but 2 dudes get trapped in the bodies of chicks, goofy behavior ensues. 8/10

(content warning: this is one especially is extremely biased to just what i like, it's ok for this specific category if u have differing opinions)

hatsukoi zombie - really fun, love zombie concept is cute and fun really worth a read if ur bored and haven't ever read a decent romance manga 8/10
When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken - TW: SA other than that, cute story about a guy moving back to his hometown to see his childhood friend seems off but they hit it off and he is very sweet to her and the art style is cute but it is a bit short. don't read the comments wherever u read it though, no clue how romance manga somehow manages to attract sigma grindset red pilled bros. 8.5/10
story of an otaku and a gyaru falling in love - not really traditional, just thought it was really cute, definitely worth at least one read 7/10
Jingai San no tome - this is quite possibly the strangest romance manga you will ever read, also a very well written and done one too, basically a student marries a monster and they live together happily it's really cute, other students also have monsters and they hang out and stuff. super cute manga, i loved it. 8.5/10
SHOUNEN/MAINSTREAM: (Here i will just put anything i consider to be so mainstream i don't care enough to put it in another category, you probably know most of these) Black clover: I. Will. Eternally. Gatekeep. This. Series. YOU DO NOT KNOW IT LIKE I DO. THIS MANGA HAD A 1 EPISODE ANIME FOR 2 YEARS AND IT DROVE ME NUTS WAITING FOR THE REST OF THE ANIME. anyway really good manga honestly, one of the few Shonen i can stand. boy can't use magic, gets ability to use magic that destroys magic, gets super buff and can destroy even more magic, there that's the entire plot summarized 8/10
Attack on Titan: ok so brave statements only on this list, i really don't recommend attack on Titan or like it, in my opinion it's very boring and the characters are unlikeable and there's too much sus shit. big naked people destroying walled cities or something idk, bedtime manga only worth reading as a child or bored out of your mind. 5/10.
My hero academia: ok honestly? it's not even that bad the fanbase just sucks, that makes it not as bad as AOT at least, boy can't use power, finds way to use a lot of power, beats people with powers. 7/10
one piece: I mean, depends how you read it, if u just skip to water 7 or marineford its a 7/10 and becomes a 8/10, if u read from the start get ready to read the most 4-5/10 boring ass shit for at least 400-500 chapters. boy wants to be pirate king, eats magic fruit that gives powers, other people also eat different fruit, still wants to be most powerful and assembles characters to help him be the most powerful fruit eater. 7/10 overall. tensei shitara slime Datta Ken: I'd put this in action or something but it's mainstream now. this is THE Isekai manga, if you had to give the title of Isekai manga to one manga this is the only one deserving of that title. dude summoned to other world, becomes slime, can grow by eating things, rinse repeat, if you read the LN there's even some Lovecraft stuff is it obvious i like this one yet? 9/10
ao no exorcist: I'm a sucker for demons and underdogs, mc is both, also mephisto pheles is a fucking stud and i want him horrendously. tldr boy is son of Satan wants to kill Satan because Satan kills adoptive father. 8/10
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2023.06.10 05:52 Castlevoidz Goodnight Reddit ✨

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2023.06.10 05:51 Opening-Ad5349 Robert E.O. Speedwagon Vs Bulma (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Vs Dragon Ball)

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2023.06.10 05:49 WessexWoman About Dragons......

I have a few questions surrounding the lore about dragons as someone new to the series.
1) I read that there were only 4 elemental dragons, and then suddenly there's Livia and Radea. How do they tie into it?
2) What exactly are archdragons?
3) Does every dragon have a human form? (I think I'm the only one that wishes the dragons only had their dragon form)
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2023.06.10 05:48 11ili11l1ili1l Ordering 2024 questions

Have a few questions regarding ordering a 2024 model year maverick:
  1. Can I order online or do I have to go into a dealer?
  1. I've tried purchasing a dealer inventory unit and there is ~ $10k+ markup, will these same dealers add exorbitant markups when preordering a unit?
  1. How long can I expect to wait for delivery if ordering on the week pre orders open up?
  1. How long can I expect before the entire stock for the year sell out?
  1. Will I need financing at time of order? Will they require deposit? Can I cancel and get a refund?
Thank you!
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