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2013.08.26 11:13 kanliot Today I did "$X" in Linux

Microblog it! Did you do something awesome? Did your Linux install die to tragedy?

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2023.03.29 15:09 Fortunecookiegospel Direct Deposit disappeared into the ether...what's going on?

So....I did a contract job for an organization for 5 weeks. Every week, I submitted my invoice, and every week without fail, I would receive a payment remittance notice on Thursday and the money would be in my account by Saturday.
Except...my fifth and final paycheck for this particular job was supposedly remitted this past Thursday and now it's Wednesday and it still hasn't arrived.
I have contacted payroll (radio silence so far) and my bank shows nothing on their end.
While a wait for a friend who works for the organization to try and figure out what's going on....why would something like this happen? In all my years of receiving direct deposits, I have never had money just vanish en route from payroll to my bank, and it's kind of freaking me out, with the added stress of being self employed and at the mercy of my clients.
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 15:07 Shineyboing223 Anxiety experiment

I've often wondered why I'm so attracted to people that give me so little. I read that the cycle of chemicals you get and the small high when you get attention from that person becomes addictive.
I tested that earlier. I suffered anxiety really badly while dating my ex but I thought it was caused by my medication. Today I did a little experiment and watched both my body and my minds reaction.
I usually get panic attacks and anxious at night. Probably because I'm less busy. I needed to ask my ex something anyway so I sent him a message. I noticed that the waiting for his reply caused me more anxiety. I started checking my phone a lot, walking around, biting my nails.
Then when he did reply a wave of relief spread over me. It was honestly like taking a shot of something. Talking to him did feel like a reward. Like I was worthy. I had to stop myself from keeping the conversation going.
It was really interesting because I'd never actually noticed how my anxiety levels changed based on the attention I was getting. I've realized it must be so bad for my body going through this cycle.
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2023.03.29 15:06 Material_Agency3837 Using Barricade R-Wrap on the inside of the house?

So a quick backstory to why I think it’s a good idea and please tell me if I’m wrong and why. I started construction on the house and found moisture problems causing mold and rot in the house and although I’m going to address that I can’t do it at the present moment as I live in Ohio and the weather isn’t cooperating. What I did do is remove all the insulation and drywall from that affected wall and fixed what I could until I can remove all the siding and replace the rotted wood and fix the affected area correctly this spring. Getting to the meat and potatoes here I found cheap Barricade R-Wrap www.barricadebp.com from some auction sites and was plan on using it on the interior and exterior of the walls since I have enough and the price was right. My though it it will give me more R value and hopefully keep the mold off of my new walls. I did insulate the walls and will be replacing the insulation again once I do the exterior. Now silly me I already have the walls wrapped and ready for drywall when I talked to a friend and he said his brother had something similar and the research he did says it’s a bad idea. I started to do some research and the only thing I can find it “Tyvek” brand. The research I’ve done says that it’s an absolute NO with Tyvek brand because it’s like Gortex and it slows moisture to wick one direction only. However I can’t seem to find anything on Barricade. I’d also like to add that Barricade and Tyvek are completely different materials. Tyvek is more of a plastic and Barricade is more of a mesh. Now with all of that being said I’ve done a quick search and find that you can in fact use plastic on the interior of the walls and it’s perfectly fine. Now how is it that plastic is okay? Plastic doesn’t breathe at all, aside from the holes you put in it from the staples and screws. Now Barricade would breathe and should allow moisture to dissipate. I tried calling Barricade directly and was referred to someone only to get a voicemail with the mailbox full. So I’m asking for some help. Do I leave the Barricade R-Wrap up inside and drywall? Do I put plastic over the Barricade R-Wrap and then drywall? Do I remove the barricade R-Wrap and install plastic and drywall? Do I remove the Barricade R-Wrap and just put up drywall like normal and hope the mold doesn’t spread or contaminate my new drywall? Do I buy Greenboard and do that wall in mold resistant drywall? I have mold everywhere it seems, the more I do the more I find and I am in the process of fixing the causes and preventing it from spreading as I remove and kill what I can. Information on mold removal, prevention and methods also welcome. Also keep in mind that since I’m trying to get more R Value in my build I was going to do this throughout the house. What solution or combination should I use?
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2023.03.29 15:06 SkalliaRae I Am The Default.

An open letter for all defaults.
We are the first ones to know where somethings at, When the last time someone else ate, drank, changed, slept, took medication, oh the dog? Yes he was out 40 minutes ago. Yes we have clean towels they are just in the basket I haven't had time to fold them yet. Wipes? Yes theres a new box I just ordered it yesterday it's in the closet. No no the appointment is on Wednesday not Thursday. Here just give him to me, he doesn't like that anymore he won't stop crying. Bath? Of course he needs a bath. Oh the soap is under the sink...where it always is... no we aren't out of diapers...they are where they have always been...for the last 5 months. No please don't take a nap with him his schedule will be off!!! Of course he isn't sleeping and up all night I told you not to take a nap with him... the party? Yes I have it scheduled for this weekend we have to pick up balloons on Friday, I told you this already. Yes I did. On Monday. Yes....I did... I texted you and you said you got it. No it's fine I'll just get them in the morning. Oh... take him bc he "wants me"? Alright... no it's fine I'll just shower with him in his bouncer. Hey can you help me with the dog? He needs to be taken out and fed but the baby is fussy and won't let me put him down. Oh...sure...I'll just let him scream while I do it... I guess... dinner? Oh I forgot to take something out can you figure it out tonight? No? You don't know what we have? Of course...bc I do the shopping order. Pants? Yes he has pants. They are in the drawer...where they always are...if you look harder you'll see them...you can't find them? Oh..okay...here...when was the last time the baby got his medication? Idk you said you were in charge of it. I wasn't paying attention! ...how am I supposed to know? I always know?! Yeah ik I do. You're frustrated with the baby? You just got him. You said I could get a break!...it's fine. Give him to me I guess....
Spouse: why are you so mad all the time?
DP: I'm not. I'm just tired...
I see you. I hear you. I know how hard it is.
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2023.03.29 15:05 loottthatboy MY FUCKING PROGRESS WENT BACK

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2023.03.29 15:05 Material_Agency3837 Using Barricade R-Wrap on the inside of the house?

So a quick backstory to why I think it’s a good idea and please tell me if I’m wrong and why. I started construction on the house and found moisture problems causing mold and rot in the house and although I’m going to address that I can’t do it at the present moment as I live in Ohio and the weather isn’t cooperating. What I did do is remove all the insulation and drywall from that affected wall and fixed what I could until I can remove all the siding and replace the rotted wood and fix the affected area correctly this spring. Getting to the meat and potatoes here I found cheap Barricade R-Wrap www.barricadebp.com from some auction sites and was plan on using it on the interior and exterior of the walls since I have enough and the price was right. My though it it will give me more R value and hopefully keep the mold off of my new walls. I did insulate the walls and will be replacing the insulation again once I do the exterior. Now silly me I already have the walls wrapped and ready for drywall when I talked to a friend and he said his brother had something similar and the research he did says it’s a bad idea. I started to do some research and the only thing I can find it “Tyvek” brand. The research I’ve done says that it’s an absolute NO with Tyvek brand because it’s like Gortex and it slows moisture to wick one direction only. However I can’t seem to find anything on Barricade. I’d also like to add that Barricade and Tyvek are completely different materials. Tyvek is more of a plastic and Barricade is more of a mesh. Now with all of that being said I’ve done a quick search and find that you can in fact use plastic on the interior of the walls and it’s perfectly fine. Now how is it that plastic is okay? Plastic doesn’t breathe at all, aside from the holes you put in it from the staples and screws. Now Barricade would breathe and should allow moisture to dissipate. I tried calling Barricade directly and was referred to someone only to get a voicemail with the mailbox full. So I’m asking for some help. Do I leave the Barricade R-Wrap up inside and drywall? Do I put plastic over the Barricade R-Wrap and then drywall? Do I remove the barricade R-Wrap and install plastic and drywall? Do I remove the Barricade R-Wrap and just put up drywall like normal and hope the mold doesn’t spread or contaminate my new drywall? Do I buy Greenboard and do that wall in mold resistant drywall? I have mold everywhere it seems, the more I do the more I find and I am in the process of fixing the causes and preventing it from spreading as I remove and kill what I can. Information on mold removal, prevention and methods also welcome. Also keep in mind that since I’m trying to get more R Value in my build I was going to do this throughout the house. What solution or combination should I use?
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2023.03.29 15:05 steadyincomeinvest Chaikin PowerTrader Charter Membership Offer - Is It Worth it?

Did you have a chance to watch Marc Chaikin's briefing last night?
Marc Chaikin explained why you have a new bull market in front of you... a volatile one, but a bull market none the less.
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2023.03.29 15:05 IzNebula Story about my Druid and thoughts on the class and the game(Long Post)

Part 1: Humble Beginnings
First I want to give a bit of background on myself as a player and why I picked druid. I am a huge fan of earth magic and any game that can pull it off well is a win for me. King Bumi and Toph were my favorite characters in Avatar and it's where I grew fond of earth as my element of choice. Personally I've never played any of the previous Diablo games or ARPGs in general (at least for any extended period of time). So in that regard I am pretty much casual to the genre. However, I have played many MMORPGs and RPGs throughout my life and Earth Magic was always lacking in a lot of those games, either it was not fully fleshed out or just outright not included. So you can imagine how exciting it was for me seeing the Druid utilizing Earth Magic and looking the way it did. I was hyped for the beta to say the least, but blizzard had other plans and said, "No druid first beta". I was bummed out, but I had to make a decision, so I tried Barbarian got to about level 15 and decided that unfortunately it wasn't for me. Additionally, Melee felt weak in general to me, specially for those first 15 levels, but I'll touch more on that later. The next obvious choice for me was Sorcerer, I tried him out and got him to max level, did the world boss, cleared every dungeon and it felt amazing and in comparison to Barbarian, It was a breeze. Thus, the first Beta ended.
Part 2: Power Underwhelming
In comes the Open Beta, I was hyped! I was so confident in myself, that when a friend suggested to do the first play through in hardcore, I said,"sure why the hell not, I am finally going to get to play the Druid and I think I have enough experience with the last beta using the Sorc. Boy was I wrong, two things happened. First, that hype I had died immediately. The initial issues with the stability game and queue times were brutal. In the first 4 hours I managed to play for about an hour, so by the end of the day, my friend was already far ahead of me. This meant I was pretty much in catch up mode throughout the next day. Second, Druid was a completely different experiencing leveling than Sorc, so not only was I risking it all with a false sense of security, but I was also doing it alone instead of with a friend, which weren't in my initial plans. Anyways, the next day comes and the stability issues were much better, but queue times were still horrendous. I finally get on my way, start doing the main story, side quests and world events, but eventually I started noticing issues with Druid, starting with Earth Spike. The spirit generation was the lowest among all the basic skills, but despite noticing this, I was stubborn enough to continue using it, but then I also notice damage was surprisingly low, turns out it was also the lowest among all basic skills. Even the final tiers just felt very underwhelming to me. The stun was the most useful, but it would just not proc often, the double spike and fortify was also nice but was too heavily reliant on having consistent hard CCs. So I had to make a choice, I couldn't deal with how behind I was due to the crashes and queue times, but now this was slowing me down even more. I made the decision to swap Storm Strike, as this was a no brainer of all the other options. Storm Strike was the most consistent spirit builder, it was versatile in that it did aoe, it provided damage reduction, immobilize and vulnerability, how could I not pick it. So I continued my playthrough as this melee/caster hybrid which was cool on it's own, but not what I initially planned. Eventually, I managed to reach level 15 and obtained the ability to get Druid Offerings for the Spirit Boons, and I thought maybe this was the answer to help with the disparity. Well, it wasn't available and I was back in that mindset of, how am I going to reach level 25 with this. I had to think of something that would allow me to reach max level in hardcore. For the most part it was working, at least until I fought the Den Mother that is.
Part 3: The Den Mother
This fight, boy if you are melee, you're in for it alright. Anyways, since Storm Strike was my generator, I was at risk of dying pretty much the entire time, the damage reduction from Storm Strike was decent, but the Den Mother just didn't care. Every hit from her would chunk my health, everytime I got close and hitting it with Storm Strike I would almost always get hit, unless I had my evade off cooldown or my earthen bulwark active. I thought about this fight when I did it on my Sorc and that's when I realized how easy I had it with my Sorcerer. Sorc had a barrier that lasted longer, had mobility that would reset it's cooldown and most of all you had consistent damage output at range, so I was never in any real danger, I was spoiled as Sorc. However, the Druid on the other hand, felt slow in comparison, but it made sense, but where it lacked some areas it was not any better in others. Sorc, felt strong across the board, mobility, damage and even defensive capabilities, which you would think the Druid would excel at. As the fight went on, I was slowly losing the fight and I felt all my efforts were in vein. It was inevitable, death was imminent, I had only 2 potions left and the boss was not even half way. I was telling my friend over discord, that it was over for me. I've close calls before, but it was never this certain. I had no way out, I was cornered animal with no escape and you know what they say about a cornered animal, "A cornered animal is almost as dangerous as a wounded one" and I was both. I had to think fast, and I remembered that Blood Howl existed and because I had an armor piece that gave me +1 to all defensives, I could add it to my bar without having to mess with the talents. Now the issue was figuring out when was the best time to add to my bar. I noticed the boss would disappear and then appear next to you throughout the fight, so I timed my earthen bulwark with the boss disappearing and swapped to Blood Howl. From this point onward the fight was much easier. I survived and with a sigh of relief, I was on my way to the next challenge.
Part 4: An Ill-Omened Druid
As I continued my journey throughout hardcore, quickly gaining levels, obtaining an additional Earth spell called Boulder. This spell is one of the funnest spells to use for Druid, just hearing the screams of enemies as they are dragged away to their death. Unfortunately it is one of those spells that isn't the best when used in a boss fight, but in the open world or in dungeons, it is so fun to use. As I continued to gain levels I noticed a trend with the legendary I was getting and I was beginning to become frustrated. I had a total of 8 legendary drops at this point in playthrough but only 1 was earth oriented. This legendary changed Boulder into a core ability but made it cost 60 spirit. In no way, was I ever going to make that choice. Boulder, as a cooldown worked fine, it was not meant to be a damaging spell, but more of a CC, so it becoming a core costing 60 spirit was an outright downgrade. To me 60 spirit was too much for such a niche ability, druid already was struggling with generating spirit even with it's best generator since it's a melee based ability. So I decided, instead of going for maximizing my damage, why not go for maximizing defense and so I did.
Part 5: An Unfortunate End
I decided from that point onward, I would start to build myself around the defensive legendaries I had obtained. Such as the, the immunity bubble once I am not healthy, the cyclone armor also including physical damage, the basic attack giving me 25% damage reduction etc...It was all coming together, but not in the way I envisioned, but I had to make due with what I had since I was only 4 levels away from reaching 25. However, I was still determined to obtain more Earth based legendaries before the Beta ended. So I continued my quest for the legendaries. The build was working nicely, I was hard to kill and my damage wasn't the worst thing imaginable (still pretty fking bad compared to Sorc though) and then it happened. I had a close call. I was clearing out the Malnok stronghold, you know the area, the one with the big minotaurs with huge clubs ready to beat you to a bloody pulp. Well during one of the fights with them, I misread the situation and dodged in the wrong direction straight in the path of a minotaur doing a downward jump attack, you know the one, where he knocks you down for a few seconds and you're a sitting duck throughout. Well that attack hit me, I was at full health, the issue was, my defensive Earthen Bulwark was on cooldown, I had no way to get out of that, so they started wailing on me. Honestly, I thought this would be it, all that work to get there to suddenly die to a minotaur of all things, in the open world...However, with one hit before death, I saw my character stand back up, I activated Earthen Bulwark, since it finally came off cooldown and I popped 3 potions back to back and got out of there (keep in mind, I had forgotten to level up my potions, so at this point the potions at had were the base ones). My heart was pumping hard, I couldn't believe it, I had defied death again by the skin of my teeth. I should've logged out there, something was telling me to. However, I did not. I wanted those legendaries, I wanted to continue and so I did. As I continue to clear the Stronghold, I had cleared up half of the place at this point. Then it happened.........If only it happened 10 seconds prior, just 10 SECONDS prior...Well it didn't, I went up the side of a cliff to fight the final mini boss, I got all the way up to the top and engaged with some of the trash mobs, which included 2 minotaurs and 4 goblins with a shaman. I was cocky, confident, nothing could stop me. I was taking almost no damage, had my heal ready to go or my Blood Howl and then...my internet cuts out....Yes, that's right MY INTERNET cuts out. I was confused, I suddenly noticed my character was attacking but no damage, enemies were stuck in place and I this point I was at half hp. I chugged 3 potions, but nothing, my health would not go up and my potions were not being used. Initially I thought, ok maybe it's just the servers, I had crashed many times before and seen some rollbacks, so it could be that and then I began telling my friend what had happened, but then I realized, I couldn't hear him. I then came to the realization that I had lost all communication on discord with discord too...my heart sunk. I could not believe it, all that hard work, all that had persevered, the close calls, the lack of earth legendaries, well not so much that, but It was all gone. I called my friend on my cellphone via discord and told him what happened. He then said something that gave me hope. He said, "was it a hard connection drop or did it linger, because if it was a hard connection drop, it could mean your character may be safe". I with hope, for the next 2 hours, with anticipation waited and waited. Eventually my internet came back and Immediately got back into the game, I got to the character creation and that's when I see it. You're character has fallen and has moved to the "Hall of the Fallen". I was in shock, I couldn't believe it. It was over for me, but I wanted to continue playing, but took a break before I started again. I made another Druid, my quest for the other legendaries must go on, but I didn't have it in me to do it in Hardcore again, as I was getting higher lvls in Core with my druid, I began to experience the same situation with lack of Earth based legendaries, but all the work I was putting in, all my close calls that I experienced in core, didn't really feel like much of anything. I had no fears. I had experienced Hardcore and the thrill that comes with it, but that must wait until the game is more stable, as well as my internet...
Part 5: Final Thoughts
All and all, my experience with the game was positive, but it could've been better. However, with the fact that legendaries drops were increased for the beta and the Druid being so reliant on legendaries to excel, it will make certain builds shine while others wont simply based on RNG luck with the harder drop rates. If you get your legendaries, you'll have a fun time, if you don't well...you must keep your grind on. I still think a slight buff to spirit generation/cost and damage to core abilities would go a long way to help druid. That's how the Druid be. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.29 15:04 Relative-Ad5084 iPhone Battery Replacement Cost In Vancouver

Apple iPhones are known for their exceptional performance, design, and quality. However, one common issue that iPhone users face is the deterioration of the battery over time. As the battery ages, its performance decreases, and it may not hold a charge for as long as it did when it was new. This is where iPhone battery replacement comes in. In Vancouver, the cost of replacing an iPhone battery is relatively reasonable, and there are several reasons why this is a good thing.
Firstly, getting an iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver is much cheaper than buying a brand new iPhone. When a battery starts to fail, some iPhone users may feel that they need to buy a new phone. However, this is not always necessary, and it can be quite expensive. In Vancouver, an iPhone battery replacement costs around $79, depending on the model of the iPhone. This is a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new iPhone, which can cost upwards of $1000.
Secondly, getting an iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver is a sustainable option. With the growing concern about the impact of electronic waste on the environment, it is important to consider the impact of our purchasing decisions. By choosing to replace a battery rather than buying a new phone, we are contributing to a more sustainable future. Replacing a battery extends the life of an iPhone, reducing the need for frequent upgrades and reducing electronic waste.
Thirdly, getting an iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver is convenient. Apple has several authorized service providers in the Vancouver area, making it easy to find a place to get a battery replacement. Additionally, most authorized service providers offer same-day service, which means that you can have your iPhone battery replaced in a matter of hours. This is much more convenient than having to send your phone away for repairs or waiting for several days to get it back.
Fourthly, getting an iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver is a cost-effective option for businesses. For companies that provide iPhones to their employees, battery replacement can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of their devices. By getting batteries replaced, companies can save money on buying new devices and reduce electronic waste.
Finally, getting an iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver Vancouver is a good investment in the long run. An iPhone battery replacement can improve the performance of your device and make it last longer. With a new battery, your iPhone will hold a charge for longer, and you will be able to use it for longer periods without having to recharge it. This can be especially important for people who rely on their iPhones for work or other important tasks.
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2023.03.29 15:04 WerewolfSuch4847 Keeping themselves in a constant state of fear and submission, not enjoying the one life they have...This is why I'm so happy I left and I did so young.

Keeping themselves in a constant state of fear and submission, not enjoying the one life they have...This is why I'm so happy I left and I did so young. submitted by WerewolfSuch4847 to exchristian [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:04 throwaway9218311 Someone leeching my Masters project

I need some guidance on this but don't have anyone to talk to about this issue.
I am supposed to do my masters project on a specific field and I have wanted to do the project in this field for a long time. I had also expressed this to the person in question and some others at my group in university. It is quite a new topic in the field I am getting my degree in.
Tbh I am not very fond of this person because of their behaviour. They are very obsessive and they are too dependent on others. I am very picky with friends and the only reason this person reached out to me in the first place during our first year together was because I was a good student. They originally wanted to do their Masters project on a specific topic but it didn't work out for them. We were talking and they ask me if I have reached out to a supervisor yet regarding the masters. I said yes and explained what my Masters project is about. Suddenly they say that they like the idea and want to do the same. They reached out to my supervisor and are now also set to do the same masters project as me......
I was actually trying to avoid this person, but because of a lack of friends in my university and obligatory group work, this happened. Now I am 'stuck' with them for the entirety of my Masters..... They 'joke' that they are going to follow me even after graduating. I expressed my disgust at that 'joke'. They had told me the reason why they were interested in the topic, I guess because they could sense that I did not approve of what they were doing. They didn't even know anything about this topic before I introduced it to them and they don't even know the specifics of the masters project either. Very insincere.
Looking back I was so stupid - I should not have disclosed it and should have told a white lie that I didn't have any plans yet, but it is not for sure that it would have prevented this from happening. I shouldn't have been so nice and let people leech off me in the first place. I am only now learning how to set boundaries to be honest.
They have even asked me about a programme that you can take after graduating which pertains to the topic of the project. I told them it is a paid programme just to put them off, because I cannot deal with them anymore and I do not want to be in a professional setting with them.

Am I wrong for feeling like this? I am pretty frustrated, and I can't really tell this person to do something else instead of doing the same project as me.

To anyone in the same boat as me: DON'T share your plans/ideas with people like these. SERIOUSLY. If you feel used, express your feelings and set boundaries.
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2023.03.29 15:03 murder0tica Last night I received a text message from someone pretending to be a "co-worker A", at the same time "co-worker B" also received a text message pretending to be "co-worker A". The text was something along the lines of "I am at a conference and I need you to go get me some Apple...

Gift Cards for my clients, would you mind running out and picking them up for me?" and naturally I fired off a bunch of responses, one of which said "I did not authorize you to attend any conference, you're so fired", I mean, why not have a little fun while I'm being scammed right?
My question is, how could myself and another co-worker receive the same text? I have co-worker A's phone number in my phone, co-worker B only has mine, not co-worker A's. Are there any malware apps I can use that might be able to determine if my phone has been hacked? I seem to be the only common denominator here as I have both phone numbers.
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2023.03.29 15:02 Ok_Dragonfruit9420 [PA] wife refuses 50/50

(PA) wife refuses 50/50 custody of 3 kids
Long story short, I am the breadwinner and my wife is stay at home, with 3 kids all under 4 (youngest 6 months). I make very good money and have provided my family with what they need. I have been a part of their lives everyday, cooking, changing, baths, all the basics. My wife wants a divorce because in her mind I haven’t done enough in the past to help her (eg I didn’t help her enough with baths or kids). I work 15 hours a day and I did take a step back to allow her to run the household, as that is what we agreed on.
Of course I know I could have done more to help, but I think that is true for all relationships, and I even said I see how this could have affected you, and I will do better. Three kids is rough, but in now way shape or form was I not a loving and caring father and part of their everyday lives. Kids are very well off and there isn’t a want we can’t get them.
I know for a fact her mom is in her head and pushing this along to leave, saying she will help her and you don’t need him. I know this because she paid for and went to the lawyer consultation with her. She is a narcissist and wants me gone so she can move in since she hates her husband. Validated this as she has 2 sons that won’t speak to her because of her ways. My wife has essentially chosen her family over ours.
We went to counseling a total of 4 times before she threw in the towel, and states their is no reconciliation at all. I am fighting to keep family alive, and to at least exhaust all options before we walk away. I think that is reasonable enough given three small kids, and we can then walk away knowing we tried. I have let people walk all over me my entire life, and have lost my sense of self worth.
We are still living under same roof and sleeping in same bed, as I won’t leave the marital home. I have offered to nest and split time with kids to give her space, but she says she will not sleep somewhere where her kids aren’t. I told her she better get comfortable with that because if you want a divorce, that is inevitable….
That brought up the custody conversation, where she is not coming outright and stating what she wants, but says we will let lawyers hash it out. She left her legal paperwork on the kitchen table and she wants me only to have every other weekend with kids. It is absolutely insane of her to think of me with such disgust to take the father of her children out of the picture to the full extent of the law.
I just want 50/50 of the kids. I work from home so no problem. I don’t want this divorce, but I can’t stop it and she is a good mom and I believe what is best for the kids is equal parenting in their lives.
I wouldn’t put it past them to try and paint a picture of me being the worst father in the world. My question is, I live in Pennsylvania (Montgomery county). What are my chances of 50/50. I am willing to go bankrupt to fight for that. I won’t agree to anything less. Just because I didn’t do as much as the stay at home mom did when I was working, shouldn’t mean that I am unfit or unable to care for them in the future.
I am terrified so would love some insight to what I may expect.
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2023.03.29 15:02 soft_goddess I met my partner over Valorant

This is my first post on reddit, I am still trying to figure things out and have no clue how anything on here works. Also, I wanna apologize upfront for my English, - it's not my mother tongue and I am still learning. So if you find any typos: I'm sorry!
I wanna tell you guys on how I met my SO. I am really really insanely proud of that story (if I can say it like this?) and I am always so happy when I'm able to share it. And I kinda thank Valorant for that as well, cus that's the game on where we met. It maybe sounds cringe for some people (weird e-daters yknow) but I just wanna share our story to show others that a LDR is possible.
August '22 I've decided to play a quick round of Unrated at night. Usually I never queue up Unrated and I still don't know why I've decided to play it, - yet I did. I was never a friend of using voicechat in Valorant because 90% of when I started talking, the dishwasher-comments would run me over. So, I was kinda scared and tried to hold myself back and mostly communicated in the chat or over pings. I've locked in Raze - an agent that I never really played - and was already worried about the comments that I'd maybe get for my shitty gameplay. It was Fracture as a map and I already noticed that 2 out of 3 grenades from me would flop somehow back to my team instead of the group of enemies on site. I was just so bad in throwing them.
At the end of the second or third round - we were defending - it was only me and our Jett alive. The Jett was called "Say Ara Ara" and in my head I was already a bit worried of communicating because my first thoughts were: perhaps a Jett-main, knows what he is doing, will flame me when I'm playing bad. So I just tried to play retake with him, threw my grenade into the enemies, it bounces off the ceiling and strikes directly my Jett and he dies. I. Felt. So. Shit. But also, I couldn't stop laughing behind my PC. The same time I decided to apologize in VC and told him calmly "I'm sorry, it was an accident, I am not playing Raze often". And then he started speaking and told me, it was probably on purpose and he is mad at me. And that moment this man started in voicechat, in such a humorous way, I was already so reliefed and happy. He was probably the first person I've discovered in voicechat to be nice to me and we literally talked the entire game with each other. Mainly about the game.
After the game ended I was secretly hoping for him to add me, because it has been a while that I enjoyed Valorant this much and I only played solo most of the time. And I've waited for a few minutes or so and haven't gotten and friend requests yet. First I thought: "Oh, maybe he didn't enjoy playing with me" or "Maybe I interpreted it all wrong" and I nearly let those thoughts win. So I just decided to add him myself. And he accepted, nearly immediately. And we've kept on playing.
For nearly two weeks straight we f'ed up sleep schedule. We went to work from 8:00 - 16:30, got home & played until 4:00 in the morning, just to rest for few hours and continue going to work. Not gonna lie, it drained me, but it was the best expierence ever.
This has now been a few months ago. We've met the first time in person in October (he is from the Netherlands, I am from Germany - we're seperated from each other by over 580km) and in four days, on the first of April, he will move in with me. It's really weird but also just such a nice feeling. We've also decided to get a Fracture-tattoo (the coordinates from the map) since that was the map we've met each other on.
I totally get if people are weirded out by it, even say "Yo, shit's going way too fast, dis weird" but I know I've never been more happier in my life than I am right now. And this all because some short Unrated-match in Valorant. And since that moment we started playing together, it has always been the game where we feel home and I enjoy the game even more since then.
So, to all "e-daters" out there: it's possible! And I wish everyone the best. Thank you for listening. <3
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2023.03.29 15:02 EmilyDickinsonFanboy BLOW OUT: Great film but am I missing something?

Major spoilers, and also - although I'm going to tread very carefully you may guess what I'm talking about if you've seen Blow Out - major spoilers for To Live and Die in LA. This is your Blow Out spoiler warning, TLaDiLA spoilers will be blacked out.
Saw it for the first time last night. Wow. A lot to unpack but some big takeaways include: I've never seen Travolta better. He's incredible in this film and I had no idea he had it in him. I'm not really a fan but I accept he was a major movie star. Like he was a great movie star in Get Shorty, Grease, SNF, but I never considered him a great actor.
Obviously the technical flourishes are amazing and I'm as impressed by all the same moments as you are, but one scene in particular blew me away. It's the slow-motion running shot of Travolta at the end. Every technical aspect on display told me he's not going to make it. This isn't building tension, it's telegraphing tragedy. It reminded me of the moment in Live and Die when it's announced the guy they killed was a Federal agent, where I thought Well they're fucked now, with this much left on the runtime they can only end up dead. But on top of that there's of course the hope that she'll live even though everything's telling you otherwise (not the case with Live and Die, where the "hero's" death is well-deserved and slightly less shocking) .
I have a question though. Was it explained who Lithgow's working for? And remind me again who Franz was working for, I forget. Was it someone from inside the campaign? It must have been otherwise it doesn't make sense.
A political enemy's plan was to have Lithgow cause a minor accident. Franz is there to capture the damaging footage of Allen when the cops and ambulance show up. Travolta and Allen represent a problem after the plan goes wrong and he dies. They must be silenced and the evidence destroyed or the political enemies' plan will be exposed.
So why are the candidate's people so keen to silence Travolta and Allen? He's telling them he was assassinated and they disregard him because they don't want an affair exposed? Did I miss the big scene where someone explains it was an inside job?
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2023.03.29 15:01 seykosha Can a physician weigh in on preventative medicine? (Part 1)

So my last post in regards to supporting public healthcare seems to have been received well. I figure this might be a good method of improving public health (and knowledge thereof) in general! So why not field some discussion about preventative medicine!
First off, prevention is absolutely key to health. If you're coming to hospital, generally speaking, you are "too late". What do I mean about this; I certainly do not mean avoid seeing a doctor or going to the hospital! I am also not shaming anyone; many things we have zero control over and even if "you" are responsible for doing something to yourself, that is okay! We are here to take care of you! We are not judging!
What I mean is that the largest part of medicine (and least effective) is trying to undo damage to give the body time to heal on its own. People think that somehow a physician/medicine can fix you. We really can't. COVID was a good example; people were placed on ventilators/ECMO to give the body the best chance at healing itself. If that did not happen, very rarely, people got transplants, but let us not kid ourselves, a lot of people died and many people who managed to pull through will be dealing with the consequences of shitty lungs until they do die, often prematurely. I use this as an example because everyone is familiar with it and because later in the pandemic, poor outcomes could often be avoided with preventative medicine. This is a good segue.
Preventative medicine is a small part of medicine, but it is EXTREMELY powerful. Generally speaking, everyone knows that they should be: exercising >20min/d, sleeping ~8hd, eating healthy (Mediterranean diet with less animal-based products), drinking less <10/wk (since revised to <3/wk now by Health Canada), and not smoking/chewing tobacco. There are other things too, but these are the highlights. Removing stress also helps, but this is amorphous and hard, especially if you suffer from mental health problems like depression, as I do. Vitamins/minerals etc are a polarizing topic; I will not get into this, but I do not take supplements. Generally, they are not going to do harm if you are following the container (but they also aren't going to do much, particularly if you haven't been formally diagnosed with a deficiency). If you do feel strongly and there is no absolute indication, get non-name vitamins. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist. If they dismiss you, find another healthcare professional to talk to. Like all drugs, non-name will save you money so you can have more money to exercise by more enjoyable means, eat healthier etc. I would also stress that if you are not meeting any of these things, that is okay, I often do not either. There are pretty good medications that can improve your odds of quitting smoking. And it is never too late to quit. Remember that thing I said about the body healing itself? After 20 years of quitting (I cannot remember the age cut off), your risk of cancers and other outcomes drops to a level comparable to never-smokers. Amazing!
Other big parts of preventative medicine are having your blood pressure, sugars, and lipids checked. Your doctor (if you can find one, ha...) will test these things at the appropriate time as you age (generally over 40-50 depending on the labs along with bp every visit). Yearly physicals are no-longer recommended though I think in AB they are still covered, for now. I do not have yearly physicals, but I also see my physician more regularly for chronic health issues. If you feel strongly about seeing your doctor even if you are well, that is also okay; I am sure they will be happy to see you.
I think this is enough for now; I can talk about vaccines next, as part two of preventative medicine, which I think should be a post by itself.
Edit: and also cancer screening!
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2023.03.29 15:01 anathebelle Prompt: [F4M] Welcome to the Lavender Salon

The building is just another beautiful house in the suburbs, perhaps not what you were expecting, but then businesses like this were to be expected once the laws changed. Still, as you step out of your car its undeniable how the white façade and glass doors look like every other spa and salon in the area – with polished stones atop gravel leading you to the front entrance, flowers, a koi pond.
Stepping through the doors you enter a luxurious lounge with eggshell walls, modern couches, and huge glass windows that look out onto the serene gardens. The only pop of colour is a lavender wall behind the reception, adorned by a signed in ornate polish steel lettering that reads The Lavender Salon. But what’s even more eye-catching is the petite brunette sitting behind the reception with the beaming smile.
“Hi! Do you have an appointment?” she says in a chirpy tone and a huge, warm smile. Her long hair is pulled into a high, dead-straight ponytail and she’s wearing a white, tight-fitting masseuses tunic. Her nails are long and, you guessed it, polished white.
“Um, no booking,” you reply, before handing her the card. “But, I do have a gift certificate.”
“Oh, not a problem at all, I’m sure we have some vacancies. Let’s see here…” she says, checking the card and entering the serial number on the iMac in front of her. “Perfect, that’s one session. Have you visited us before?”
You shake your head. “No… I’ve never been to a… place like this before.”
Her eyes go wide, lighting up and her lips pull into a devilish smirk. “Well…” she says, before slowly standing up. You realize that her tunic is skin-tight and short enough to show of her long, bare legs. Even in heels, she still tiny. “My name is Ariana and let me be the first one to welcome you to Lavender, the premier blowjob salon in the city. As this is your first visit, I’d love to run your though our services. Why don’t you have a seat right there? Can I get you a drink? Coffee, champagne?”
“Some water?” you say, following her outstretched hand towards one of the plush sofas.
“Of course.” She disappears for a second, before returning with a chilled bottle of Perrier and a iced glass on a silver platter, which places on the glass coffee table in-front of you. She turns and skips to the reception desk, glancing back over her shoulder at you with a giggle, before she grabs an iPad and returns to sit on the edge of the adjacent sofa.
“So, our salon strives to offer the highest quality of personal attention. We cater to every taste and every blowjob fantasy our clients might have. Lavender girls are experts in the art of fellatio – your desire, is their pleasure…” She looks up from the iPad and leans in a little, her tone getting softer. “To be honest with you, these girls are here because they love what they do, that’s what separates us from the competition.”
“And unlike our competition,” she goes on. “We charge a flat rate per session, all inclusive. That’s one hour a session. Any longer automatically activates a second session – not that we have had anyone last longer than an hour, right!” She giggles, before swiping on the iPad. “Anyway, while you can come in for a single session, we have several options for a monthly membership in case you want to come in a couple of times a week… or every day. The Premium Membership allows you to come in as much as you like, and it also has the special feature of allowing you to message the girls via our app. We also offer group specials… bachelor parties and such, you know?”
“Speaking of our app, this is the best way to use our service. Here you can see which girls are available, check for any updates or specials, we have events several times a month too, and you can make your booking of course and other things like request outfits” she explains, glancing up with a smile. She stands and moves to your couch, sitting down beside you. She holds the iPad so you both can see. She smells like vanilla.
“Here is the fun part,” she says. On the screen is an image carousel of gorgeous woman, yet the pictures are tasteful – a smiling headshot and a posed full-body shot for each girl. “Here is where you pick your fellatrix. We currently have fourteen girls on staff, including yours truly,” she says with a pouty smirk. “However, as you don’t have a booking, there are currently XX girls available. You’ll see each girl has a star rating. It’s like Uber, you know? And once you are a member, you’ll get one too. So… why don’t you take this and see if who catches your eye, and I’ll get you set up on our system in the meantime?”
“Thank you,” you reply as she hands you the iPad and slowly rises to her feet. You watch her walk away, noticing the length of that tiny little tunic again. It barely covers her butchers. You take a breath and look back at the iPad. You see the row of images for the girls marked as available and click on the first one.
Star rating: 4.83
Age: 26
For big boob lovers! Nicole is a busty brunette with green eyes, and tanned, silky skin. She is fun and sexy, and the type of girl that would get along with all your friends. One of our most skilled ladies, Nicole knows her way around a big member. You’ll melt when she wraps her big, perfectly round breasts around you and goes to town. Our resident size-queen, she loves big cocks because it lets her pull out her signature move: the tit-job/blowjob combo. Bliss!
Specialty: Titty-Fucking Fun!
Likes: Big cocks & Facials
Star rating: 4.76
Age: 22
The sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. The curvy, blue-eyed, platinum-blonde is a preacher’s daughter and knows all about manners – please and thank you! Her curves are all natural and loves getting her pillowy breasts out. She might giggle and blush but, trust us, she loves nothing more than a big mouthful. Whisper naughty nothings to her and she will be your sweetheart forever.
Specialty: Cuteness overload!
Likes: Head pats
Star rating: 4.99
Age: 37
You know the fit girl in the gym, usually on the treadmill with the tight booty and bouncing ponytail? That’s our Lana. Petite and toned, there is not an ounce of body-fat her body. With dark hair, dark eyes, and plush lips, our resident yummy mummy means business. Don’t let her size fool you, Lana could crack a walnut between her thighs, so hold tight because once she starts, there’s no stopping her. Forget all you know about MILFS.
Specialty: Stamina and speed!
Likes: Protein
Star rating: 4.54
Age: 19
Former Cheerleader and the newest Levander girl, Alexis is bubbly and bratty and has no gag reflex. Seriously, none – we checked. With her banging body, honey-blonde hair and love of shiny things, you might think she would be spending more time on Instagram than working at our humble salon, and you’d be right… did we mention she has no gag reflex? So, if you can handle her spicy attitude, you can find out why she was the most popular girl in her high school. Seriously, can someone shut this girl up?
Specialty: Deepthroating, like… duh!
Likes: Getting spoiled
Star rating: 4.90
Exotic, luxurious, sultry… these are the words we would use to describe Jade. With a mixture of Colombian and Russian heritage, Jade is raven-haired, caramel-skinned beauty with brown eyes and a sensual mouth. But her gorgeous looks and South American booty are not the only thing Jade has going for her – she has serious skills at making toes curl. Oh, and she has a really long tongue, so use your imagination.
Specialty: The longest tongue in the West
Likes: Ass play
Hey guys,
Hope you liked my prompt… it blew up a bit and took way longer than I expected, but I think this could be fun. So, let’s say after weed became legal, sex work followed shortly thereafter and some kind friend gave you a gift certificate to this lovely and very professional establishment.
So, anyone strike your fancy?
Ariana is working front desk today, so I’m afraid she is not available. But if we click as roleplay partners and we get stuck in, I’m sure you will get a chance to unlock more girls. But for now, whoever you pick, I’ll play in first-person and if we do continue, I can switch characters later. We can play around with it and have some fun. Also, there is an option to book two girls on the app, or more, and you can add another during a session… for a higher price of course. Did Ariana mention that?
So, is it all blowjobs? Well, that’s the business model, that’s what pay for and that’s what you can expect. That’s what the girls are paid for, but let’s see how you get along with them. The girls are different and like different things, so… use your imagination. Tips not included.
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2023.03.29 15:00 Chiaseedmess Your trash cans may only be out at specific times!

We live in an HOA, and if you don't, lucky you.
We have never had any real problems, they don't do much other than make sure the park and gardens look good.
Anyhow, for whatever reason, they decided to add a new rule. It wasn't needed, but I guess they got bored and wanted something to do. Maybe someone kept leaving their trash cans out all week. Fine, just ask them not to. It's not that hard.
The new rule states when trashcans can be put out. They can't be out before 6 am on Wednesdays and must be put back before 6 pm the same day.
This is obviously stupid and has a few problems. First of all, some people use a different company. The HOA provided one goes on Wednesday and it's cheap so most people use it, but you don't have to. Some people have theirs go Monday or Tuesday. Also, a lot of people here work in the medical field and just aren't home during those times. So no one is there to put out or bring in cans.
So, a few of us got together on how to comply, but be annoying about it. We decided to comply with their set times as best we can. Take it out at 6 when a lot of us go to work or go for a morning walk, and take it back in at 6 since most of us are home. Some of us help by taking others bins to the street if they're at work.
But, when it is time to take out the trash, do it as loud as fucking possible. Bin has wheels? DRAG IT. Got it to the street, make sure it's firmly placed on the street. Need to take out other bag? Slap it in there and let the lids slam shut.
For those who have trash go out on other days, comply with the times, but do in on your trash day. Then, also put them out on Wednesday as required. If you can, leave trash in them and leave the lid open to it would bake in the sun all day. Yes, it did smell like hot trash. That's the point.
After 3 weeks of this, an email was sent out. The rule was thrown out, and we were all simply asked to put out and take in our cans within a reasonable amount of time, preferably on trash day.
Was it really that fucking hard to ask nicely? Why not just address whoever was the problem?
Know that, because an HOA rule was changed, a lawyer was paid to look over it before the CC&R could be updated. That means this stupid rule cost every resident money.
Anyhow, we are already planning on voting out one member of the board who we know is the problem come the summer election.
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2023.03.29 15:00 RGRahulTheGreat Two parents’ illnesses ruined the last 2 years of my life.

I’ve never vented online b4 but my life has never been worse so I thought maybe this would help a little.
Quick intro about myself. I turned 20 two weeks ago. I’m a Nepalese guy living in Hong Kong as a second-year University of London student studying in an HK university building. I‘ve never really been great at studies, just average at best most of the time.
Since I‘m living in HK, the most expensive place to live in the world, I decided not to move out after getting into uni. My father welcomed me to stay. I was pretty excited and nervous about the new school year as I knew it would not be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for me, the first school year would be a lot harder than I thought, and for the wrong reason.
The first week actually went okay. I had already learnt some of the things I learnt in the first lesson years before though the same couldn’t be said for some of my classmates.
Then the second week was when trouble started. I live in a two-bedroom apartment. I lived with my father, mother and a domestic helper. I used to sleep in one of the bedrooms and share it with our helper while my parents took the other room. That all changed after my father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare type of bone cancer, back in 2017. This made his already weak immune system(as he often got sick for some reason, usually with the flu every year even after taking a flu jab) even weaker. Like most cancers, there was no logical explanation for the cause of this unlike some such as lung cancer which can be caused by excessive smoking and drinking. Therefore, he told my mom she could no longer sleep together with him as she rarely took showers(I’ll explain the reason for this later) and he would be more likely to get sick if he had to sleep with someone as dirty as her. She then demanded she take one of the beds of the bunk bed in my room. Being the good son that I am, I offered to sleep in the living room on a mattress so she could sleep in my room and the helper wouldn’t have to sleep elsewhere. I was fine with it at first until the second week of school.
In the first week of school, I had no trouble sleeping. That changed in the second week though. In the second week, on some of the days, she would watch TV until 2, 3 or even 4 am. I couldn’t sleep with all the noise. Then on the days when I didn’t have school in the morning, I would wake up at 11am. So basically I would waste nearly half the day doing nothing at all. I told my mom she was disturbing but she wouldn’t listen. I said before she rarely took any showers. The reason for all of her unreasonable actions is because she’s schizophrenic. Yes, another parent with a rare illness.
If I try to reason with her, she won’t listen. If I rebel a bit, she becomes violent. Apparently, the chances of coming across a schizophrenic being violent is very rare.
Risk of getting multiple myeloma in US: 0.76%
Schizophrenia in the world: 0.7%
Chances of meeting violent schizophrenics in the world: 0.7%x23%
Chances of knowing at least one with multiple Myloma and one with schizophrenia: 0.76%x0.7%
Chances of knowing at least one with multiple Myloma and one violent schizophrenic: 0.76%x0.7%x23%
One of the many violent incidents happened long before I was born. My parents got into an argument which led to my mom throwing glass at my dad which hit right above the eyes. He could have been blinded for life.
Anyway, the whole sleeping issue ended after I bought some earplugs with money I got from the government as voucher to boost spending for the economy. I even bought a Logitech Crayon for studies as the school had gone back to online class due to the Covid situation in HK. I struggled a lot without the crayon. My dad again wouldn’t buy one for me so I had to do it myself later on. I didn’t get any pocket money so I had to wait for the voucher. My studies improved a lot but it wasn’t enough.
Unfortunately, by the time I got the crayon and the earplugs, it was still way too late for me to catch up in all of the school subjects. A school year normally lasts 9 months. I basically did nothing for at least 5 months. In the final exam, I failed 2 half-courses and 1 full-course. Though I did just enough to be able to start my second year without having to repeat my first one. I could have chosen to repeat or even stretch out my learning to a total of 4 years instead of 3 but I didn’t as I wanted to finish ASAP. I didn’t want to stay with my mom for long.
After my exams, I tried to study for the retake. My dad’s situation got so bad that he could no longer work, move by himself or even use the toilet without my help. I spent a lot of time taking care of him until he passed away on 31st August 2022, a few days before my second year of school started. Then for the whole of September, I had to spend a lot of time preparing for and attending my dad’s funeral, numerous prayers, the cremation and a bunch of other work. Then, starting in October, I had 1 month left to study for retake so I barely studied for anything new I had learnt in September and October for the second year. The same could be said for September. I had to do the retake online on an exam portal which wasn’t working a few days before and on the days of the exam. I wasted my last few study days on trying to fix it, calling the school in HK, London. I eventually fixed it 1 hour after one of the exams had already started. By then I was fed up with everything that had happened: my mom disturbing me at night, my dad refusing to help me and fixing the exam portal so I cheated for one of the exams. I got caught of course. I failed the other one again. I only started seriously studying the new things in November. I still haven’t caught up yet. There’s another retake in addition to the one I had failed which I will do in the same month as the second year exams. I will do the retake I failed one more time.
In late December, my domestic helper became sick as she had stomach ulcer. She needed to do surgery. She said she wanted to have it in Nepal as she wanted to be close to her family so me and mom let her. It’s been two months and she hasn’t come back. The recovery time is normally 4-6 weeks. The last time she contacted me or my mom was on 7 Jan. I don’t know why she hasn‘t been replying to any of my message. I saw her being online a few times on fb messenger which I used to contact her. The last time being 12 Feb this year. Since she left, me and mom have been eating out almost every single day. And by eating out, I mean that I go out to buy takeout and bring them back home so she doesn’t have to leave the apartment, wasting more of my precious time.. One of my mom’s sisters does most of the shopping for us now that our helper is gone. Though most of the time, she isn’t very nice, to us at least, just like most of the people on my mother’s side of the family. She lies, gets jealous of us easily and can be stingy at times. She lied about my mom lending money to my dad a few weeks after he had passed away. She used to be jealous of my mom because of the wonderful husband she had. But then again, I‘m sure anyone would envy someone who doesn’t do anything but has a wonderful spouse who does everything. Meanwhile, her sister has a husband who doesn’t work or do much around in the apartment while she is the sole earner and she does all of the housework. The only upsides her husband has is that he’s a nice guy and he has a lot of friends who could be useful. Lawyers, politicians etc.
Lastly, since my dad didn’t have enough time to write a will, so nearly everything that he owned automatically went or will go to my mom, being the “loving” wife. She doesn’t deserve a single cent. For one, he paid off many of her debts when they met. He also paid for land in Nepal which she kept in only her name instead of their names together and her education. Three Master’s degrees worth of money. She studied English, English Literature and Political Science. What a waste of money! For one, she doesn’t even work so what’s the point of having them. She can’t communicate in English properly as she’s always making grammatical mistakes. Her English is worse than that of a primary school student. Third, I don’t even know how she even got a degree, let alone 3! She used to plagiarize a lot, copying and pasting things she finds on the Internet and using the information and citing it as her own. To make things worse, she couldn’t even do it herself! She couldn‘t bother to learn how to do copy and paste commands on the computer so my dad had to do it for her. In addition, she never did anything nice for him such as defending him from her horrible family members. As a normal person and an accounting an finance student, I find trusting an adult who doesn’t even know how to do simple 1st grade mathematics with a lot of money very baffling and insulting.
I’m hoping that I’ll easily finish my education, get a good job, leave my mom for good and never see her again, find a nice girl(not like my mom), settle down, have kids and avoid awkward questions from them like “Hey dad, mom has parents which we often see. Why haven’t we seen yours yet?”
I still have yet to catch up on what I’ve learnt in the second year and the first.
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2023.03.29 15:00 Prior-Onion68 I don't know if I should continue pursuing this guy

I've been working at a gym for the last year or so, I never flirted or pursued any members, simply put I just never had those thoughts go through my head, plus I'm not one to approach guys tbh, I get extremely shy
About a month or two ago, I started getting butterflies, nervous and super blushy when this one guy came in. He's been coming in to the gym forever, even before I started. Still not sure why all of a sudden I developed this crush on him.
He comes in with his friends most of the time, which one of them is close with one of my coworkefriend. I told her about the little crush I had on him, and she immediately told me I should just go for it.
I spoke with his friend first who told me the guy wasn't much of a talker, pretty quiet and didn't approach girls, but he said I should just go up and make conversation and get his number.
I did just that and got his number.
Now, I've met bad texters before, but I didn't ever come across this. He hardly texts back, like I'm talking once or twice a day. But I also know my friend told me when she initially messaged him about me he took forever to respond.
A part of me (the super nervous side lol) thinks he's just not interested but another part of me thinks he just isn't a big texter (based off what i've seen and been told) and I should just try to talk to him more in person

What should I do?
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2023.03.29 14:59 loliflossingit Advice for these thoughts/feelings please

Need some insight here with my probable fp
Hi everyone. I'm having some trouble thinking clear with so much back and forth in my brain. Long story short, I know this guy and we have a situationship for now, met through my cousin. We live in different cities so we never met in real life, but it's not bait lol we have seen each other and all that.
Sometimes we will stop talking for some weeks. I can't bring myself to text him first, despite the fact I fought it before and did. But the longer it goes, the worse my anxiety about texting first gets. I feel I split on him quite a bit with dumb reasonings and go back to liking him. We have a lot of chemistry and things in common. But my brain keeps giving me reasons not to get into a relationship with him.
Plus, there's times where he'll post stuff that makes me annoyed and feeling dumb like he will post pictures with probably friends and be like "we are the best couple who's not real couple" and like, you're telling me you really like me but then when we don't talk for a couple of days you post this???? Is it to make me jealous? I'll see his stories but he will see mine only at the end of timing available, I will post things to get him to maybe talk to me but he won't. I too don't text him... when we are talking he see my stories almost immediately
I feel like I'm playing dumb here because these things make me think he's not that interested but at the same time I know he is because he tells me and my cousin says it too that nowadays their topic of conversation it's always me and how he wants to travel to visit me.
Should I go and text him first? He doesn't know about bpd or anything that goes inside my brain lol but I feel it would make me look like I'm giving excuses and playing games by wanting him to text me first when I can do it(and did before)... But my brain is like well you'll breakup soon enough anyways so why try lol please advice? I never dated before soo help is very needed heree
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2023.03.29 14:59 Ubahn058 Am I (m28) exaggerating when I end the relationship with my best friend (m30)?

I'm in an argument with my best friend and I'm wondering if I'm exaggerating.
It's about the way he keeps contact with his ex, but actually much more than that.
My ex was the best friend of my best friend's ex. We were sort of a group of four and did a lot together. Anyway, both relationships ended around the same time almost a year ago.
Neither relationship was particularly healthy, but while my ex and I broke off contact, my best friend and his ex kept in touch.
I had absolutely no problem with it at the time either, since it was his decision.
The relationship with my ex also ended because we had major intimacy issues. I was very much in love and depressed and suffered from the breakup.
I then learned that my best friend and his ex apparently exchanged a lot of gossip and also talked a lot about my ex's sex life. My best friend kept mentioning that "gross things" happened and that it was good that my relationship ended. I was suffering a lot at this point and it was already bothering me that they were exchanging so much gossip.
At some point, my best friend told me about my ex's sex stories:
She had sex in the office with her boss and with her best friend at a party. Before that, I already knew that she had two guys in one week after the breakup.
I was completely devastated because it was intimacy issues that led to the breakup.
My friend somehow thought it would confirm me in the breakup. Anyway, he had a guilty conscience and apologized. I then asked him to please NEVER talk about Gossip with his ex about my ex again.
Yet I kept finding out through hints that they were continuing it.
I got mad and he kept lying to me that he was going to cut off contact.
Because in the meantime, my best friend now had a new permanent girlfriend. My buddy is very jealous and would never accept his girlfriend keeping contact with the ex. That's why he also lied to his new girlfriend. He also still had sex with his ex and his new girlfriend at the same time (they were not in a relationship yet though)
I asked him this time to completely cut off contact with his ex because he really has no benefits from her and both me and his new girlfriend are burdened by it. He agreed and apologized.
Now his current girlfriend has finally found out that he still seems to be in contact with her after all. Now I am considering cutting off contact with him. He told me he is only talking about trivial stuff with her but she seems to call him several times a week. And he sometimes talks about gossip stories he can only know from his ex. So I'm pretty sure that they still exchange information about my ex and I think this is just childish. This guy is 30 years old.
I was really mad and also called him names and said that he is a dirty lyer. He is mad now because in his mind he only talks to her every now and then. But then he should have just told me that he wants to keep in touch with her 100%.
We are very close friends, he knows alot of secrets about me and we talk to each other every single day and we go out every weekend. So I would loose an important part of my social life.
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