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This subreddit is dedicated to more musical aspect of Korean pop music by having tabs and chords of those songs as well as covers (acoustic, drums, band covers etc.) of K-pop songs as well as discussion of the actual music of K-pop (talk about who-produced-what etc.) In the comments section, credit the website or person that tabbed the song if you did not.

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A subreddit dedicated to learning guitar. Post lessons, ask questions, and get feedback on your playing on Feedback Fridays. The community is open to all people of all styles!

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2023.03.29 15:47 SaberHound Looking for help with IL-W4 to take out state income tax

At the end of 2021, I took a permanent position at a new employer and filled out an IL-W4. I also moved to Illinois that year.
I thought I had filled it out to take out state income tax, but they were not, so this is the first year I owe state income tax.
I have searched online for how to fill out this form to take out those taxes but have been unsuccessful in finding proper steps.
Hoping to see if anyone here would have an idea so I don't owe them as much next year.
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2023.03.29 15:47 Gilded_Violet I made a video game based on a famous gamer's joke. Do I need the gamer's consent to publish it?

TL;DR: I made a videogame based on a joke a famous gamer made. Additionally, I've hidden easter eggs that (when decoded) lead to links related to the gamer (fan art, videos, etc). Do I need the gamer's approval before publishing it?
I made a video game. A gamer made a joke on his channel, and I thought it'd be funny to actually make a video game that's sort of a reference to the joke. For example: "you could type in something as crazy as dancing penguins, and I'm sure there'd be a game of it." There was no game of the actual thing he said, so I thought it'd be funny to actually make a "dancing penguins" video game.
Here's the thing, I wanted to include easter eggs (hidden treasures that have nothing to do with the game) for players to find. These would be coded, then the decoded message would lead them to random things related to the gamer. Ex: fan art, videos, etc.
I would get the artists permission, of course. And I've written the gamer to see whether he'd be okay with me publishing the game. However, I've not received a response. So, do I need a response before publishing it?
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2023.03.29 15:46 Maldron-the-assassin Fume knight statistics and how powerful he actually is.

I spend some time a while back testing some stuff on Fume knight and these are the results. I haven't really optimised them for easy consumption but it should be fairly easy to understand.
Fume knight:
Defensive stats when blocking
Yorgh's spear +5:
Damage done to Fume knight if he is blocking: 31
Normal damage to Fume knight (without block): 371
Fume knight blocking, Damage reduction: 91.644204851752%
Crystal soul spear (magic):
Damage done to Fume knight if he is blocking: 125
Normal damage to Fume knight (without block): 449
Fume knight blocking, Damage reduction (magic): 72.160356347438%
Sunlight spear (lightning):
Damage done to Fume knight if he is blocking: 25
Normal damage to Fume knight (without block): 128
Fume knight blocking, Damage reduction (lightning): 80.46875%
Great combustion (fire):
Damage done to Fume knight if he is blocking: 22
Normal damage to Fume knight (without block): 114
Fume knight blocking, Damage reduction (fire): 80.701754385964%
Great resonant soul (dark):
Damage done to Fume knight if he is blocking: 97
Normal damage to Fume knight (without block): 485
Fume knight blocking, Damage reduction (dark): 80%
Fume knight poise: (Tool: raw kings ultra greatsword (broken) +0 and stone ring (95 poise damage per hit))
Stagger = 20 hits/ 1.900 poise damage
Poise Regeneration per second = 0,56
Total amount of seconds between first and last hit = 118
118 sec × 0,56 reg ≈ 66 poise regend over the course of the fight (66,08 to be exact)
1.900 poise damage - 66 poise regenerated = 1833,92 poise
Since we do such high poise damage we would need to calculate the extreme ends for when the poise might be broken, in case we overshot the threshold value.
Lowest poise:
1.833,92 - 95 (poise damage) = 1.738,92 poise
My personal estimate is that his poise is 1.800 since it's a nice round number. Further testing to properly confirm this is required.
Ash covered buff from Nadalia:
Without buff:
Possesed armor: 370
Ashen warrior: 540
With buff:
Possesed armor: 370 (not affected, but will be revived)
Ashen warrior: 210 (damage reduction of 61.111111111111%)
Fume knight healthbar: 50,7 cm = 10.100 hp One regen (one ashen Idol): 5,4 cm (ALWAYS) ≈ 1.075 ON NG ≈ 10,65% (10.650887573964)
Healing cool down per Idol is 5 seconds.
Multiple ashen idols can heal him at once (doesn't matter if they're synced or not). The amount healed does not seem to grow.
So theoretically if Nadalia concentrated all of her power only on Fume knight, she could heal 110% of his HP every 5 seconds, or 22% every second. If she also manages to apply the ash covered buff to him, his defenses would rise by ~61% giving him a longer lifetime against whatever enemy he's facing. This would effectively be like him having (~2.56 times) his original HP which would equal 25.897HP.
In conclusion, in the most extreme case of support between these two, very, very few bosses in Fromsoftware history would have quick enough dps to kill him. Much less if he blocks.
Bosses that could do it would be; Bed of Chaos (with help of Gravity), Aldrich devourer of Gods (with his arrow rain), bosses with insta kill status effects such as deadcons or Shichimen Warrior, Death Birds etc.
While not invincible, Fume knight would definitely kick ass even in today's boss fights. And I am confident in saying that he would beat Radahn.
Thank you.
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2023.03.29 15:46 throwra4031 AITA for wanting to go hiking with a friend?

My gf and I have been together for nearly 2 years. I don't have a lot of friends nearby since most of my friends live in other parts of the country. My gf made a friend last year that she's met up with for drinks and food a few times. My gf invited her friend out for drinks with us last month. I had never met her before this and we all had a good night and have met up a couple of times since as a group for drinks, bowling etc. and we all get on really well. My gfs friend shares a couple of interests with me that my gf does not such as being outdoors, hiking, similar movie tastes etc.
My gf has always said she has no interest in hiking or seeing certain types of movies with me and that I should do them with a friend if I want someone to do them with. Well my gfs friend mentioned she was going on a hike the following weekend and invited both of us. I accepted and said it would be good but my gf said she didn't want to which is fair enough.
When we got home my gf questioned me on why I accepted the invitation and I pointed out she's the one who told me I should find people to go hiking with and now I have. She just said she find it a bit weird I was going to be hanging out with the girl in question just the 2 of us. I mentioned that my gf got invited so it's not like we've planned it to be just me and this other girl but my gf repeated it's weird hanging out one on one with someone of the opposite sex while in a relationship especially since we'll be spending most of the day together and that I shouldn't be going.
AITA for wanting to go on a hike with a friend?
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2023.03.29 15:46 Kain0x1 Seeking GPS tracking solution for cycling trip across Europe

Hi everyone,
I'm helping a friend plan a cycling trip across Europe and we're looking for a GPS tracking solution that would allow us to share his itinerary with friends and family via a webpage. We'd like a device that is rechargeable and has good battery life, preferably without requiring a subscription.
Does anyone have any recommendations for GPS trackers that would fit the bill? It would be great if the device was also compact and easy to carry on the bike.
I already see teltonika product with flespi solutions, but seems non very documented or Sport Gen 4 for a all in one solution.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice!
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2023.03.29 15:46 JiTMo87 [SPOILERS] Rereading the series, and then this...

It's been a while since I've read the series, so I can't remember if there's more foreshadowing like this in the later books, but I made special note of this while finishing The Waste Lands again. 🤯
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2023.03.29 15:46 Zader40 Meta Roulette CYOA (D6 Edition)

This is a repost as only just now realized I forgot to actually tilte what this CYOA was called and have no idea how to change a posts title so just reposted it lol.
Apologize in advance as it's only text if someone else wants to add more or improve it feel free to all I ask is you send me a message or something so I can see it too lol.
Here is a Meta CYOA that uses OTHER CYOAs. First you select a sided dice (d4,d6,d8,etc…), then choose a medium type (Anime, Manga, Movies, Books, etc…), then lastly a Meta type (CYOA, Supplement, etc...). But all of these HAVE to be Official ones only. (Means has to have been published/posted in someway... Yes Fanfics would count along as it's been posted.)
Next pick a number of Worlds/Settings equal to your chosen Dice minus one.
Afterwards select a number of Extras/Cheats/CYOAs equal to your Dice again ln minus one, BUT these cannot be any that allow you to select a World, are specific to one World, OR Jump-chain Docs. (Those like the Magic Multiverse Mayhem CYOA is not allowed as it has a World Selection option, or those like DanMachi CYOA as it is for a single World.) And ignore whatever amount/etc instead roll a dice and that is the number of things you get from that choice. (Ex Meta Essence CYOA you roll a Dice (D6) and that is the amount of Essences you get.)
Next whatever World/Setting you get you will arrive somewhere semi-safe within the City/Town/Etc that is first shown/described at the beginning of that Story's Canon, as a Drop-In equivalent and in the Canon Timeline, unless your Extra/Cheat/CYOA states otherwise.
Now let’s talk about the extra number on your Dice for Worlds if that number is rolled then it Now becomes a Cross-Over, roll twice (reroll if extra number is rolled again: Ex if 6 is rolled again ignore it and roll again) the first number World is the Main World with the second being the added Elements.
Hopefully you’ll survive. (Ex: Roll Cross-Over with Main World as Naruto and 2nd as High School of the Congrats at some point Zombies will be a thing [probably a failed Orochi experiment gone wrong or something] good luck surviving Zombie Naruto Ninjas, and they most likely won’t or can’t use Jutsu but they WILL be fast and strong so… But hey at least they won’t be Resident Evil type Zombies unless you chose that as an option… Shudders)
For Extra/Cheat/CYOA the extra Dice number will be Upgrade/Combo, when rolled you MUST choose which one you will take either Upgrade or Combo, then reroll again ignoring the extra number to roll again. For Upgrade means all DLCs are also allowed and fill out the CYOA as normally with an extra Dice number of free selections or if no DLC exist then add an extra Dice roll to you selected amount (for a total of two Dice Number of free selections). For Combo roll twice and gain both rolls (reroll extra) with both count as if one Extra. (Ex anything Combo with Meta Essence makes those also count as Essence.)
Now for an example to help make it more understandable.
D6 used
Worlds (Anime) 1: Highschool DxD 2: DanMachi 3: Naruto 4: Highschool of the Dead 5: RWBY: Ice Queendom 6: Cross-Over
Rolled a 1 so Highschool DxD
Extra/Cheat/CYOA (CYOA) 1: Meta Essence 2.2 CYOA 2: Sockets (by: Tin?) CYOA 3: Isekai Genie Gallery [only Part 1 as part 2 is technically a DLC] CYOA 4: Monster Reincarnation CYOA 5: Customization Meta CYOA 6: Combo/Upgrade
Rolled a 6 and picked Combo. Rolled again (got two 6's in a row lol which mean just reroll/ignore.) for 3 and 1.
For Isekai rolled a 5 so five picks from part 1: Cornucopic Body, Arora Fantasia, Blank Encyclopedia, Mantle of Chiron, Liminal Dive.
For Essence rolled a 2 so Teo picks: Binder as all from Isekai count as Essence so are share-able and Marked are able to Change body shape (change shape to be somewhat resemble Zack Fair from Final Fantasy), and Dragon (Always be a Dragon) from of a Elder Dragon Zinogre (from Monster Hunter) but color ls being Silver, Blue, and Element is Lunar (Moon).
Would arrive in DxD right as Issei is dying shortly before summoning Rias because that IS when Canon Starts NOT the Flashback.
(Naruto would be when the nine tails is freed shortly after Nauto is born and such. Highschool of the Dead would be when Takashi and Rei are on the school roof. Etcetera Etcetera.)
Created by: Zader40
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2023.03.29 15:46 Taytay_Is_God I would watch the shit out of this

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2023.03.29 15:46 Lokael Is gravity denial a new one? Also he’s messing with me right?

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2023.03.29 15:45 Tobs16 Tripple Digits Today!

Woo! Made it to 100. On top of that, life has been a bit difficult for these 3 months. Its so true that going sober may not make you feel amazing immediately, but it freed me to deal with life issues I've been putting off for years. (Which I would previously just procrastinate while drunk).
Funnily enough, I was cleaning yesterday and found a 3/4 full 1.75 L of jack I had stored away at one point. And seeing the bottle of brown just elicted the response of, "Huh, oh yeah. Thats there. Anyway."
I look at alcohol and no longer associate it with the usual wild fun time of numbness. I just think it tastes disgusting and my brain regards it as poison now. Which is SUPER helpful. Thanks brain! <3
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2023.03.29 15:45 callmefinny How do I stay calm while my 9 year olds hair is falling out? [Update]

First, thank you all for your support last week. I really needed the validation and this was a much better place to get it.
After seeing our primary doctor and running a lot of lab work (all normal!), the doctor reached out and shared the images I provided to dermatology.
It is Alopecia Areata.
We started steroid cream last night which for now will be applied twice a day to areas of hair loss on her scalp.
We see dermatology at the end of April.
I have already reached out to my daughters therapist, so we can work on helping her with her self-esteem and managing this when she is with her peers. She doesn’t love the situation or the diagnosis, which we explained to her last night- but she took it in stride.
I think the hardest thing is not really knowing what the final outcome will be. Whether this is a one time thing, whether she’ll experience this on and off for the rest of her life, and what kind of hair loss she may, or may not have.
What I am grateful for though is that she is healthy and happy. I am also grateful that regardless of the route, her condition takes there is treatment and options, both medical and nonmedical. Her father and I are here for her. ❤️
So again, thank you.
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2023.03.29 15:45 SecurityAndCrumpets Is a Poor Customer Service Response Normal?

I tried to use a $10 promo code Grubhub customer service gave me for a previous issue. I used the code on the final day it was valid before the listed expiration date and time (the expiration was listed down to the minute and with a time zone included). The code said it was expired which was frustrating. But even more frustrating for me, the chat rep *blamed me* for trying to use it on the last day even though it was before the expiration time:

After over an hour trying to get the issue resolved, my case was escalated, and I was told I would be contacted by email later. Ultimately customer service gave me a 25% off promo code. This is a smaller percentage off orders than I regularly see sent to my email. So the response was rather frustrating. I wasted more than an hour dealing with the issue, had a customer service representative blame me for trying to use a valid promo code on the last day, and waited days to receive a smaller discount than is typical in the marketing emails.

I wanted GrubHub to be an option for me. But if this is what I can expect when I encounter an issue, it's definitely not worth the hassle. In other people's experience, is this more likely a one-off bad customer service experience or what I should expect?
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2023.03.29 15:45 mstn148 ADHD360

For anyone waiting to see ADHD360, their website currently says there are appointments for tomorrow! (They’re having me do the screening tool prior to shared care and it shows next appointment date). So if you’re waiting I’d call and try and get moved up! XD
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2023.03.29 15:45 LegitWebHub I just told my parents what I wanted to become and they aren't happy about it.

I (M17) told my parents that I didn't want to be a doctor, I want to be a psychologist instead. They both had very high hopes from me and it's just made them very angry on me.
First i told my mum about it, I thought atleast my mum would support me but man was i wrong. After i told her, she said that i have a mental Illness ( the irony) , she said she'll never support me and I have betrayed her. She was clearly not happy about it and i was just crying trying to communicate my wants.
Then i was scared to tell my father after seeing my mum's reaction. So when he came home i couldn't say anything so my mum told my father about it and then I told my father and his reaction was - " Pack your books , you don't need to study now" That's it. He literally didn't have any reaction. Although I could gather from his face that he isn't happy about it.
In my mum's case atleast she's honest that she hates me but now I'm scared of my father's reaction which was almost no reaction at all.
I have had struggles all my life in finding things I like because I don't find things interesting, I always used to depend on other to tell me what I should like. Also, Even when i liked something i had problems in communication. It's always been very hard for me to open up about my feelings and This was the first time i opened up and i got this reaction. Well done life.
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2023.03.29 15:45 Comprehensive-Arm216 WTF? RANT

So I went to pick up my pain med yesterday and I get to the counter and the pharmacist comes up and says show her (one of the techs ) and tell her what happened to you she dosent believe you. I was stunned but went along it pulled my shirt up showed a scar and gave some of what happened to me in iraq.Most of my injuries you cant see like all my injured discs, Tbi, radiculoropathy sciatic and femoral and the list goes on. Im a 100% disabled veteran and got hurt in iraq in ied blasts and vehicle rollovers. You don't get 100% for no reason, and there not the doctor, so it blew my mind . I've been getting the same dose at this walgreens for close to a year now and used them off and on for pain meds since I moved here 7 years ago. I had just told my fiance that that tech always looks at me funny and seems to talk down to me . I would gladly take her spot and switch if it meant not being miserable every day . The only thing that makes it halfway bearable is the meds that I've been on since 2007 so I feel like I can't go off on them because I won't get my meds they'll refuse to fill them and they already make me wait weeks sometimes for refills but when I talk to main pharmacist suddenly he gets it next day. Are the techs or tech deleting the order or refusing to order my meds because it seems when the main pharmacist knows it comes right away. Sorry for the rant. I'm just frustrated. Shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I thought everyone learned this at a young age !!
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2023.03.29 15:45 Ok-Structure-1395 HRE 2TC or FC?

So in my last post I asked when to go Burgrave from the answers I got a pretty clear idea (if my opponent is greedy and I see an opportunity or if Im about to die) But now Im wondering when to go for FC, when to go for 2TC and is there any situation when I just go for a 1 TC feudal fight 2. Also if the opponent is going for a 3 (or more) TC play what should I do? - 1TC feudal all in -2TC feudal push -FC Burgrave -FC Reignz (to even out the eco a bit) - Fast Imperial Swabia to get a viliger lead
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2023.03.29 15:45 eunoia101 Absolute Moodkill

I was being trained on drinks today and the hake machine wasn't working cuz the chocolate was too concentrated. So while they were fixing it, I was working on the hot drinks. Once I got a few served off the screen, the shake machine was back in action, so I turned around to serve the shakes which had been pending FIRST. the manager on front was like "Where's the latte?!?" In a really annoyed tone, turns around, sees it, and pulls a very annoyed "Why?", arms out, shaking type of gesture. I saw her do that in the corner of my eye then make eye contact with me. Like, sorry I'm new? You teach me then. Just ticked me off for the last hour of my shift
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2023.03.29 15:44 Thuasne Kang Bug (Game Crash

Probably known for a while but just to raise awareness that it is still happening: Sometimes the game crashes after Kang takes effect. You get booted to the main menu and despite getting the option to re-connect, the match will load but crash again (infinite loop). Finally, after restarting the game, it will either show it will already deduct or add the cubes from the match, you can then still re-connect to the old match and it will now finish and then deduct or add the cubes again. Example, you are in a 4 cube game and are sitting at 68/8, game crashes, you can't reconnect and lose the match. You will restart the game with cubes now at 68/4, now the game allows you to reconnect to the old match (no other option) and will finalize the match, deducting another 4 cubes. First time it happened to me, after a few hours of not playing, I came back and the cubes where added back. Now it happened the second time and I will wait and see what happens to the cubes. Pretty annoying of course but bugs can happen.
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2023.03.29 15:44 TreyVerVert Deluxe VS Standard & Expansion

I simply don't see the deluxe version for sale anywhere, but Aegir games (last I checked anyway) still has the base game and the expansion in stock on their site. I was wondering if someone has seen or played with both and can comment on whether it's worth waiting for another print of the deluxe or if I should just get the base game. I was also hoping someone who just got the base game and not the expansion can comment on that too, since I've thought about just getting that for now and the expansion later if it gets to the table, but the limited map makes me hesitate.
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2023.03.29 15:44 Attttyila Remedy

I wonder whether i'll see my black blanket anymore You said you'd reach out, but I know you locked the door It seems you broke your promise, but no longer I mind You have lied to my face, but it was for the last time
The last time I ever saw you, the last time we kissed The last time I thought of you, the last time I missed The time we spent together, or rather we've wasted I hope that since then, your own medicine you've tasted
It might sound mean, but it's how you know me, right? Deep down I knew we couldn't go down without a fight But you hurt me once, and kept hurting me more So I thought it would be right to settle the goddamn score
For I was like a dry leaf, helpless on the forest floor You were like a giant stomping 'til I was no more But I loved you to the Moon and back so I had no hunch That you were trudging around, relishing that crunch
I made some mistakes, but the greatest of them all Was trying to hold you up and not letting you fall To your pathetic despair, your very own Tartarus For you pulled me down with you, and it was just barbarous
"Us" hurt like the Phlegethon, burning me from the inside But you ended it all, and for once I could see clear-eyed The relief like a pleasent breeze that carries the storm off the shore Though you have my black blanket and i won't see it anymore
first second
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2023.03.29 15:44 Crackensan Nerf Rival Saturn Upgrade Spring advice

I recently finally pulled the trigger on the Lever Action Kit at SilverFox Industries. I was wondering what spring I could use with this kit? Most of the upgrade springs are K25's (I think????) from what I see and I didn't know if the extra prime weight would be too much for this or if there was another spring option. I'm not looking to hit 140+, just top out at maybe 110.
Thanks!! ♥
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2023.03.29 15:44 Reasonable_Arrival43 Nebulize ATP (the cure to fatigue n pre workouts) - gamechanger

So, i bought ATP powder to help with fatigue. people complain it dosent work orally, but studies show that it do, and alot of people say it acully works
but i had a idea, what about putting few 100mg in a nebulizer?
Saw one study saying it can damage airways, and a few others showing how it cures corona/recovery from viruses. the issue with the study is that it said like 12mg per day was max or something like that. how can that be possible? they dosed like 9mg per 12 hour i belive
anyone got more info on this? any legatime reason for a vitamin to be dosed that low. was thinking 500mg ATP and 500mg carnosine, so the carnosine isent broken down to histidine n the other amino but the entire peptide is intackt when going into the body
That combo could be a game changer for fatigue and pre workouts
But i dont see why adding 10mg ATP with 500mg carnosine would be the best, when one can add 100s of mg ATP
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