Prom wrist corsage diy

A very tricky situation popped uo about prom. What should I do?

2023.06.10 06:53 Wolf045 A very tricky situation popped uo about prom. What should I do?

I, 18M, am in a very tricky moral dilemma. A few days ago, this girl and I mutually decided to go to prom together, as both of us didn’t have prom dates at the time, and we just said why don’t we go together. To add some context, we have a couple of classes together, and we talk pretty often during them. She is also relatively popular, and although I wouldn’t say I have a crush on her, I wouldn’t turn down any chance I have of a relationship.
Today is where it got tricky. After a school field trip/academic competition, another girl from the school approached me. After congratulating me on the result (my team had come 2nd), she said something shocking. She had asked the guidance counsellor (responsible for dealing with everything prom) if I had a date for that day. The guidance counsellor said no, as I hadn’t indicated anything on the table requests. She explained that she tried to switch to my table; however, the tables had been finalized a while ago, and she couldn’t (Girl #1 also tried to do this after we had decided to go but was met with the same result). To add context like I had done before, Girl #2 and I are pretty friendly with one another, we have had classes before together but none this year, and we do occasionally talk to each other in the halls or on the bus, but no more than that. Apparently she had found out that I was going with #1 by a mutual friend of theirs, and was pretty confused as she took the word of the guidance counsellor. Coming back to today, she asked me what was going on, as she did hear the two stories. I did say that I was going with #1; however, like an idiot, I failed to realize in that moment that she actually liked me, as my friends had to clearly and obviously spell it out for me afterwards.
Here’s what is complicated though. I am still not sure, not even a week before prom, if me and #1 are going as friends or not. I think we originally said that we would, but we did agree to go wearing matching colours, go shopping for corsages/boutonnières, get picked up in a party bus with other people and go to a party afterwards, so I’m not sure what we’re going as at this point in time. Additionally, her friends pressured me into planning a promposal to make it “official,” which I was told to do immediately after this weekend.
I do feel terrible about “rejecting” her, as she is extremely sweet and kind. I’ve never had to reject anyone face to face (only mutual friends in the texting stage), and I am feeling pretty shitty about it. Any thoughts that you have for me, any advice?
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2023.06.10 02:33 digit009 [M playing F 4 A playing F] Hey gang! I'm in search of a gxg/fxf/wlw plot!

So! I had this idea for a dramatic, romantic, supernatural/kind of but not really horror plot!
Plot: You were one of those girls who always made friends wherever you went, even in the most unlikely of places. One day after being hospitalized for [any reason of your choice], you wind up meeting a sickly and pale young girl around your own age. The two of you begin hitting it off and chattering late into the night about anything and everything. She eventually opens up to you that she has a horribly fatal disease, the doctors had been surprised she'd made it to six years old and assured her that she'd be dead before seven. You two were discharged around the same time and swapped contact info and found out you were both set to go to the same school.
You two made it through the highs and lows of having a disease like this in your friendship and shortly after your friend turned 16, she took a turn for the worse. Over the last few months, she had been getting a little bit of definition to her body, a bit more meat on the bones. Six months after she turned 16 she had never looked worse. Barely anything but skin and bone, even her hair had begun withering and dying. Two days before her seventeenth birthday, she gave you a locket with a picture of them when they went to prom. They'd made an acception for the two of them because of the terminal diagnosis. It was you two at you best, you in [an outfit of your choice] and her in a custom tailored dress that hugged her body and made her look alive.
On her seventeenth birthday, she was declared deceased and a funeral was held the week after. When you saw her body, dressed in a pastel blue dress, you hated it. Despite being sickly she was always a goth at heart. When you looked around, no one seemed to actually be mourning, they were almost relieved. You even hear one of her uncle's whisper to her father, "good thing too, she was eating up so much of your time and money. Now you focus on having a real child."
Years later, you had convinced yourself you'd moved on, wearing the locket as a momento every day and a reminder that no one deserves to be called a burden. One day in the mail, you receive a letter that was written in a beautiful flowing script. There was something familiar about the wording. The letter was inviting you to dinner at the address of the old gothic mansion that had been legend in your childhood neighborhood. You'd thought it was abandoned. On your next day off, you make your way back to that mansion and, upon ringing the doorbell, are greeted to an old man in a nice suit. "Ah, mistress Y/N. My mistress has been expecting you." He ushers you inside and you look around the immaculate gothic decor and hear a pair heeled boots coming down the stairs.
The form of a woman with supple curves, wearing a black skirt over torn fishnets and knee high leather boots with a lot of unnecessary fake buckles. She wore a belt with spiked studs, a black crop top that did a poor job of hiding her bra straps, a choker with the same spiked studded pattern as the belt and hair the shield in the dim light, as black as obsidian. Her makeup was everything one would expect from a fashion sense like that, large wings on the eyes, black glossy lipstick and matching fingernails. She wore a wrist band of the spiked studs on one wrist and a mess of bracelets on the other.
As she stands in front of you, you can feel your heart skip when you see the face attached to all of this. It was a familiar face but... More supple, plump, like the two of you would imagine she would look if she weren't ravaged by disease. "Y/N, it's been nearly six years since I last saw you." As she speaks, you catch a glimpse of her teeth and her canines seemed... Large. Even by healthy standards.
So! What do you think? Interested? If you are, go ahead and pm me and we can move to discord! This is strictly a gxg/fxf/wlw plotline.
There it is! And yes the romance is mandatory! Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.09 18:02 epicpython How do you not lose any of the physical items you need on the day of the wedding?

Wedding planning has been going well but... my wedding is in just over a week! Ahhh!
The wedding venue is about an hours drive from where me+ fiancee live. So everyone is driving down the night before for rehersal at the venue + rehersal dinner. And then we're staying at a hotel, waking up, getting ready, driving to venue.
It just hit me how many physical items we need to keep track of and make sure they get transported to the venue- and set up correctly! -The cake (needs picked up from the bakery + flowers put on it + cake topper put on it) -The flowers (we are DIYing)- boquets, corsages, boutineers, decorations for ceremony -The centerpieces (which are candles) -Lighters to light the candles/centerpieces -The RINGS! Where do I put these so we don't lose them?! -Stuff for reception (box for cards, guest book for guests to sign, pens) -Clothes (dress, suit, acessories)
Am I forgetting anything? Any tips on keeping track of it all? I'm worried I'm going to forget something at my apartment. Or I'll bring something to the hotel and forget to bring it to the venue.
Is there like, a good "day of" checklist that you used, or you recommend?
Ahhhh also me + fiancee still need to write our vows! And practice our first dance! And I need to pay vendors!
We already got the paperwork for the legal marriage that our officiant will sign, so at least that's done...
I swear wedding prep has been super chill for the last year.. I guess it's just hitting me that I'm getting married, like, VERY SOON!
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2023.06.09 03:13 crushburneraccount having a dilemma

howdy people! as the title states, i’ve got a dilemma.
over the past year and a half or so i’ve had an enormous crush on one of my best friends. i’ll spare you from the whole gushing spiel, but the gist of the situation is that i like her more than anyone i’ve ever liked before and find her to be the most kindhearted, down-to-earth soul i know.
she’s not really into the whole dating thing at all- very shy and reclusive if you don’t know her well. i knew this, but being the dumb teenager i am, i confessed my feelings back in november. she was super cool about it and it didn’t affect our friendship in the slightest, but she didn’t reciprocate.
fastforward to this semester. prom was coming up in may. in mid-march or so, after much debating over whether or not it would be wrong to do so, i asked her to prom. she stated that she’d love to go with me, but that she had already agreed to attend the dance with a friend. i told her it was no sweat and planned to go with my friend group.
a week before prom, she alerted me that her friend couldn’t attend and that she’d like to go with me if the offer was still open. i was thrilled- bought dinner, a corsage, and a boutonnière, and we had a blast. there was something strange, though- her friend she had previously agreed to go with was there… without a date. she was with a group of friends, the same group my crush had supposedly been part of. i thought it was odd, but said nothing.
we’ve only got senior year left, and i want to give it one more shot. i truly don’t think she likes me, but then again, you could straight up put “i like you” on the times square jumbotron and i wouldn’t believe you. i’d really really like to ask her out, but i don’t know if i should. the last thing i want to do is bother or annoy her.
any ideas, internet strangers? absolutely any input is appreciated.
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2023.06.09 02:39 Ooopus Need a lap desk that’s carpal tunnel friendly

Pretty much what the title says - I have bad carpal tunnel, even with a brace I have nasty multi-day pain if my wrist and forearm aren’t supported. I’ll be gaming on the couch 90% of the time, and the current elaborate pillow/un-vented board situation works great for just a keyboard/mouse/controller but won’t support a laptop.
I’m looking at a couchmaster - it seems like it’ll keep my forearm level the way I need but I’m wondering if anyone else who’s used it can confirm that it helps minimize strain? Open to other (non-diy) suggestions too.
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2023.06.09 02:32 TheSmileyGI Thank you and some post-wedding tips from a longtime lurker

Thank you and some post-wedding tips from a longtime lurker
First off, thank everyone for writing in here over the years. My wife and I’s wedding was everything I could have dreamed of and more, in part thanks to the advice folks have given here! Our wedding was a little untraditional (a brunch wedding on a Friday with 2 Maids of Honor, 2 Best Men, and wearing our favorite colors). We sent out ~130 Save the Dates, but unfortunately, due to some unexpected financial issues because of a series of unexpected emergencies the year leading up to the wedding, we had to ultimately reduce to the number to ~100 (it really fucking sucked turning people we loved away). Of the ~94 people who RSVP’d yes, ~90 attended (more than we expected)!
In part due to our financial situation, we decided to DIY or cut costs as much as possible. Our most expensive costs were by far catering (Tricky Foods, which was divine and worth every cent) and venue (Barnwood Events), followed by photographer (Emily LaFleur Photography, who is incredible and if you’re in Wisconsin, you should 100% book her) and DJ (ShowGrizz Productions—literally the most perfect DJ we could have ever asked for). We got my wife’s dress/corset and my suit off Etsy (total, probably ~$750 total for our outfits post-alterations). We also used Etsy as the source for our DIY Save the Dates, RSVPs, dried/fake flowers for bouquets/centerpieces/corsages/boutonnières. Our Wedding Coordinator found frames (used for instructions for things in the venue/pics) at local thrift stores and the groomsmens’ outfits were all from Amazon (the gals got their dresses from a huge variety of places). All in all, I’m glad we spent the money where we did and our budget ended up very close to where we had initially planned it (we fought tooth and nail to keep costs down and my wife had an amazing spreadsheet she used to keep track of everything/budget).
Things we found super helpful that might not be common advice: - Get both a therapist and a couples therapist. My wife and I have never had any serious relationship problems, but the couples therapist really helped us learn to better communicate leading up to the wedding and figure out how to reduce stress on an incredibly stressful day. My therapist also helped me work through my own day-of worries/stress about finances/etc - Day weddings rock, since we got to do everything we wanted to and fall asleep around midnight so we weren’t completely dead pre-honeymoon. Brunch food (especially buffet-style) is accommodating to a lot of folks with dietary restrictions - We scheduled time to sneak away and eat post-ceremony/photos and it was SO worth it. I cannot recommend this enough. Seriously, we stuffed our faces, re-hydrated, and were back at it recharged and ready to party - Find a channel to communicate with folks in your wedding party early and try to get stragglers to verify that they’re getting all relevant info (including sending photos to show they have anything they need day-of) - If you’re doing a Covid-conscious wedding (we had folks at high-risk and also didn’t want Covid on our honeymoon/in general), our strategy worked well (no one got Covid from our wedding)! We surveyed everyone re: vax status in the RSVP, tested folks not up-to-date on vaxs day-of, did the ceremony outside, booked a venue with a good filtration system, and did a mass rehearsal dinner test-party. One of the bridesmaids actually showed up positive (though we later learned that she has a weird medical fluke that makes her almost always show up as positive—we’re recommending to friends who want to go through all this that they test a few days before so folks have a chance to do a PCR test)
Anyway, I’ll post more in comments if I think of anything else and feel free to ask me questions! Good luck y’all, you can do it!
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2023.06.08 19:19 wynnbebe [I’m done collecting] This is it! I’ve found the perfect duo

[I’m done collecting] This is it! I’ve found the perfect duo
I think I've finally found my be-all, end-all, all-encompassing/all-situation duo watch collection.
A 36MM Datejust and a Longines Sector Dial Hodinkee version (for when Rolex just isn't appropriate).
It's actually been a few months since I stopped wearing watches. Since college, I've gone through (in this order) Omega SMP300, Rolex SubcND, Panerai PAM48, Seiko Mini Turtle, Rolex Batgirl, Sinn EZM3F, and Longines Sector Dial. Only the Panerai, Sinn, and Longines have remained.
  • Omega SMP300 - 42mm is a little too big and it was quartz, but I regret selling it.
  • Rolex Subc ND - I really needed the date function. I rely on my watch to look at the date more than the time.
  • Panerai - Still have this. Absolutely love the domed crystal, but it's a tall watch and doesn't fit under the cuff. The dial is also somewhat boring. Also, the lack of a metal bracelet means I can't wear it all the time.
  • Seiko Mini Turtle - I fell off a tree and broke my wrist while wearing this. Now every time I wear this I'm just reminded of my f'ed up wrist.
  • Batgirl - jubilee is just too much for me. Also Rolex QC issues - misaligned dial/rehaut engraving and it fogged up while shoving snow......
  • Sinn - 0 shiny/polished surface looked great on IG, but in real life, it did not click.
  • Longines - Absolutely love this watch, but it's not for every day.
Overall, I craved the image of something low-key, toolish, recognization amongst watch people but not necessarily the general population… The 3 remaining watches all somewhat fit that vibe, but something was just missing.
I think the main thing is the lack of a metal bracelet. I work from home, in front of a computer. But I DIY a lot of work in the yard and around the house and things get dirty. Leather strap, Nato Strap... not easy to clean. Then maybe it's the lack of a shiny/polished cash or dial, something is just missing. I contemplated adding a Nomos Club Campus to commemorate a recent milestone at work. However, the lack of enthusiasm towards watches in general and the idea of having to wind it every day kept me from pulling the trigger.
Last Sunday morning I missed a call from an unrecognized number. Turned out, the Datejust I asked for 14 months ago for my father's 60s birthday (I ended up giving my father something different) - they've actually ordered it and it is Finally here. Wasn't sure if I still want it at the beginning, but my wife was all for it, and then who would say no to a SS Rolex at retail? off to the mall, I went.
WOW. This thing is PERFECT. So perfect that.... life just makes sense. It a bit flashier than I prefer, but man this thing is just so beautiful and perhaps the shine is exactly what I’ve been missing.
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2023.06.07 13:23 akshayyy007 Screw Smarter, Not Harder: Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver for Effortless Precision

Screw Smarter, Not Harder: Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver for Effortless Precision
Introduction: The Importance of Choosing the Right Screwdriver
In the world of DIY projects and professional craftsmanship, the significance of selecting the right tools cannot be overstated. Among these tools, the humble screwdriver plays a fundamental role in various applications, from assembling furniture to repairing electronics. While it may seem like a simple choice, using the appropriate screwdriver for the task at hand can make a world of difference in terms of efficiency, precision, and overall project success.
Choosing the right screwdriver involves considering factors such as the type of screw head, size, and the material being worked on. Each screw type, whether it's a Phillips, flathead, Torx, or any other variant, requires a specific screwdriver design that fits perfectly into its grooves. Using an incorrect screwdriver can lead to stripped screws, damaged surfaces, and frustration.
Moreover, the quality and craftsmanship of the screwdriver itself contribute to the overall experience. A well-made screwdriver with a comfortable grip and durable construction ensures a reliable and efficient tool that can withstand the demands of various projects.
By understanding the importance of selecting the right screwdriver, both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can save time, avoid unnecessary damage, and achieve precise results. In the following sections, we will explore the various aspects of screwdriver selection, including different types, features, and considerations, empowering you to make informed choices and elevate your workmanship to new heights.
Understanding the Benefits of Ratcheting Technology
Ratcheting technology is a game-changer when it comes to hand tools, and screwdrivers equipped with ratcheting mechanisms offer a range of benefits that significantly enhance the user experience. Unlike traditional screwdrivers, which require repetitive wrist motions to turn the screw, ratcheting screwdrivers introduce a mechanism that allows for continuous rotation in one direction while keeping the tool in contact with the screw.
One of the primary benefits of ratcheting technology is the ability to work more efficiently and with less physical effort. The ratcheting mechanism enables users to apply consistent torque to the screw, eliminating the need for multiple hand adjustments. This smooth, continuous motion saves time and energy, especially when dealing with numerous or tightly fastened screws.
Precision is another advantage of ratcheting screwdrivers. The mechanism allows for controlled, incremental movements, enabling users to tighten or loosen screws with greater accuracy. This is particularly beneficial when working in tight spaces or when dealing with delicate components where slight adjustments can make a significant difference.
Ratcheting screwdrivers also offer versatility in both directions. They typically have a switch that allows for both forward and reverse ratcheting, making it convenient for tasks that require fastening or loosening screws. This eliminates the need to constantly switch between different tools, streamlining the workflow and reducing the risk of losing or misplacing bits.
Furthermore, ratcheting screwdrivers often come with interchangeable bits, providing compatibility with various screw types and sizes. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from household repairs to automotive work and professional projects.
In summary, the benefits of ratcheting technology in screwdrivers include increased efficiency, reduced effort, improved precision, versatility in both directions, and compatibility with different screw types. By understanding and harnessing the advantages of ratcheting screwdrivers, users can enjoy a more productive and enjoyable screwdriving experience.
Ergonomics Matter: Comfortable Handling for Extended Projects
When it comes to tackling extended projects that involve a significant amount of screwdriving, the comfort and ergonomics of your tools play a crucial role in your overall experience and productivity. This is where the Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver excels, providing exceptional comfort and handling to keep you going without unnecessary strain or discomfort.
The Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver is meticulously designed with ergonomics in mind. Its handle is contoured to fit comfortably in your hand, offering a natural grip that reduces fatigue and promotes a secure hold. The thoughtfully shaped handle ensures that your hand maintains a neutral position, minimizing stress on your wrist and reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, even during prolonged use.
Additionally, the handle of the Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver is often constructed with materials that provide a soft, non-slip grip. This feature enhances control and prevents slippage, allowing you to apply the necessary force without straining your hand. The combination of a comfortable grip and secure handling ensures that you can maintain precise control over the screwdriver, even in challenging or awkward angles.
Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver extends to its weight distribution. The tool is engineered to be well-balanced, reducing the feeling of heaviness and providing optimal control. This balance allows you to maneuver the screwdriver with ease, contributing to a more fluid and efficient workflow.
By prioritizing ergonomics and comfortable handling, the Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver recognizes the importance of supporting your physical well-being during demanding projects. Whether you're working on a DIY home improvement task or engaging in professional-level projects, the comfort and ease of use provided by the Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver ensure that you can work for extended periods without sacrificing precision or risking discomfort.
In conclusion, the Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver's ergonomic design and comfortable handling make it an ideal companion for extended projects. By minimizing fatigue, promoting a secure grip, and offering a well-balanced construction, this tool allows you to work comfortably and efficiently, enabling you to achieve exceptional results without unnecessary strain or discomfort. Elevate your screwdriving experience with the ergonomic excellence of the Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver.
Conclusion: Embrace Effortless Precision with Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers
When it comes to achieving effortless precision in your screwdriving tasks, Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers are the perfect companion. With their innovative features, exceptional build quality, and professional-grade performance, these tools elevate your work to a whole new level.
The Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver's forward and reverse ratcheting mechanism allows you to work efficiently, smoothly transitioning between tightening and loosening screws without missing a beat. This versatility ensures that you can tackle any screwdriving task with ease, whether it's assembling furniture, installing electrical fixtures, or repairing machinery.
The comfort and ergonomic design of Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers ensure that you can work comfortably for extended periods. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and discomfort, as these tools are specifically crafted to provide a secure grip and reduce strain on your wrist. With their balanced weight distribution and non-slip handles, you'll experience enhanced control and precision, even in challenging angles or tight spaces.
Furthermore, the quick and easy bit changes offered by Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers streamline your workflow and save you valuable time. The convenient storage compartment and reliable magnetic bit holders ensure that you have the right bit at your fingertips, ready for any screw type or size that comes your way. No more searching for the right bit or fumbling with separate bit sets.
The construction quality of Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers is unparalleled, built to withstand the demands of professional use. Crafted from high-quality materials and precision-engineered, these tools are designed to last, providing consistent performance and reliability throughout your projects.
Professionals across various industries trust Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers for their exceptional performance and durability. Now, you too can embrace effortless precision in your screwdriving tasks by choosing Megapro. Experience the difference that these top-of-the-line tools make in your work, and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving precise results with minimal effort.
Upgrade your screwdriving experience and discover the true potential of effortless precision with Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers. Trust in their reliability, embrace their versatility, and enjoy the satisfaction of superior craftsmanship. Elevate your workmanship with Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers and experience a new level of precision and efficiency.
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2023.06.05 20:06 Supernamicchi Had my 35th birthday last weekend and my wife threw me a prom with a promposal and everything 😭😭😭

So about 9 months ago I mentioned wistfully that during high school I had never been to prom.
My wife is the best; her mind immediately went to work planning my first birthday with her.
Fast forward to last weekend; she has somehow managed to keep the thing secret. I know there’s a birthday party happening but I have no idea what she has cooked up for me.
All I know is I had to purchase a solid color dress.
So I am ordered to vacate the house for preparations and when I return she comes out dressed in one of her old prom dresses and holding a sign: “will you go to prom with me?”
I started crying and she got me a corsage and then we went to a fancy dinner where all our friends were dressed up and then we had the party at our place and like 30 people showed up 😭
This blew me away but she hadn’t sprung all her surprises yet. Halfway through the night she got everyone together and announced that the voting had been completed and she announced I was Prom Queen!
Love is real y’all. You can be happy!
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2023.06.04 07:24 SexyPinkTardis Using a cane properly!

I feel like mobility aids have been brought up in this subreddit a lot, so I just wanted to put this out there.
Do not use your cane like Doctor House! Using a cane improperly, or not knowing how to use one while starting, and hobbling with your cane can actually make it more difficult to walk and can cause injury. Which is why I wanted to make this post, after discovering my own grandmother doesn’t know how to use a cane properly, and it was causing her pain.
First set your cane height. You want the top of your cane to come up to your wrist when standing in a relaxed position. When you buy a cane (if you haven’t already), measure to make sure that the adjustments will fit in that range. If you are on the shorter side, you might need to do some DIY hacksawing on commercially available canes. Using a cane that it too high will give you wrist pain (heck properly used ones can too, which is why looking at ergonomic options is something I recommend). Too low will probably result in back pain.
Next walk with your cane. If you have a bum leg, or one that needs extra support that day, hold your cane in the opposite hand. Now take a step, extending both your cane, and your opposite side leg at the same time. Your cane will now mirror that leg as you walk. Practice this with both hands if you’re mainly using a cane for stability, and assuming it’s not ergonomic (hand specific). If you have some hypermobility, focus on keeping your wrist in line with your forearm as you extend your arm, and then not hyperextending your wrist as your body moves past your cane.
If you’re new to this, practice before you leave the house. Have a wall nearby to help you as you practice walking and working the muscles you’ll be using.
As you use your cane more, consider if you need a different grip or style cane due to pain or convenience. There are plenty of styles (rounded handle, foam handle, strong arm, four legged, foldable, chair included, replaceable tips, ergonomic, walking stick) to look at, but if you’re new to this I’d recommend your standard medical cane (7 shaped) with a foam handle, or a foldable one if you travel—since these are usually the cheapest and most available.
I would also recommend looking at different cane tips, since there are the standard ones, then there are also ones with larger bases (in several styles) for more stability, and there are even some mildly rounded ones for better floor grip.
If a cane doesn’t work for you, consider a different mobility aid. Need more support? Try forearm crutches (You use them almost the exact same way as a cane but now you have one for each leg), or a rollator (especially if you need more support and often need to sit), or a wheelchair (obviously wouldn’t recommend immediately if you’re still in the process of trying out a cane, but you get my point).
Ok now with this information, go out into the world and slay all the ableist chumps with your new weapon! Decorate your cane if you want, and make it yours!
I really hope this helps someone, as I think it was information I needed when I started with mobility aids. I didn’t even know there was a proper way to use a cane when I bought one.
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2023.06.03 01:22 T_Streuer How does this idle noise sound?

How does this idle noise sound?
Hey friends, My freshly rebuilt (diy) 4age makes this noise at idle, it gets noticeably quieter when it’s fully warmed up.
I’ve now checked and adjusted valve tolerances as best I can without moving valve buckets around. To me it doesn’t sound like a rod knock, and pulling plug wires doesn’t change the noise (this diagnostic method is from a local shop, Im not sure the efficacy of it).
I’ve heard of TVIS rattle being a similar noise and my TVIS bushings are definitely fairly worn out.
Also due to parts availability I installed aftermarket pistons and the shop that was going to press the new pins offered to hone the rod end up to a slip fit (the new pistons have c clip channels) so maybe that wrist pin tolerances is loose?
All other bearing surfaces were plastigaged and were within stock specs.
It makes good oil pressure even fully warmed up so I’m guessing it isn’t a bearing failure, but I’d love to hear some opinions!
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2023.06.02 20:27 _DEATH_STR0KE_ DIY wooden wrist rest with carbon fiber sticker wrap.

DIY wooden wrist rest with carbon fiber sticker wrap.
I paid only ~$2 for the sticker cause i already had tools and wood on hand.
KB : akko 5075b+ Key caps: xvx low profile shine-through pbt Switches: Lubed CS silvers
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2023.06.02 08:26 lvbu_tech Lvbu BZ Ebike Kit: Empowering Your Dreams of Long-Distance Travel

Lvbu BZ Ebike Kit: Empowering Your Dreams of Long-Distance Travel
For every beginner cyclist, there is a dream of exploring the world on a bike. Most beginners tend to imagine the scenes of cycling, but are unsure where to begin and what to prepare. Following experienced cyclists is a good choice, but they may not necessarily tell you everything, such as important details, necessary equipment, and why they need them. They may also push you too hard, so it's important for novice cyclists to understand the basics of cycling and make good preparations before setting off.

Bike Choice
There are many types of bikes to choose from for long-distance cycling, including mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, recumbent bikes, customized bikes, and even folding bikes. It's important to choose a bike that you feel comfortable riding in a basic cycling position. If you choose a new or borrowed bike, it's essential to have at least four long-distance rides to adapt, so you don't experience any discomfort during your journey. It's also recommended to choose a good quality bike, avoid purchasing a bike with an unknown origin or poor quality. As for tire selection, slightly wider tires are preferred over racing bike tires, which are less prone to punctures.

Daily Riding Distance Plan
Long-distance cycling is a continuous activity, and it's essential to have a basic understanding of your physical fitness before setting off. Testing your physical fitness and having a certain amount of training beforehand is crucial. For beginners, try half a month of daily weighted cycling and gradually increase the distance. It's also essential to plan the daily riding distance according to your own situation, taking into account the terrain characteristics and your own preferences. Setting up a training plan to improve physical fitness will allow you to ride longer distances and join club rides.
If the route has many hills, poor road conditions, or you're riding a mountain bike or folding bike, adjust the target daily riding distance accordingly. It's important to be flexible and adjust the plan according to the situation. Don't push yourself too hard, as enjoying the scenery along the way is part of the fun of cycling.
Safety Precautions
Cycling is an outdoor activity with inherent risks. Many people fail to recognize this and treat cycling simply as a fun activity. However, it's crucial to maintain control of your speed when cycling, as the risk of accidents increases sharply at speeds over 30km/h. It's important to practice braking on long sections of easy and long slopes before the journey. Never grip the brakes too hard and avoid brakes lockup. Braking correctly will avoid being thrown from the bicycle in case of a sudden stop.
When cycling through scenic areas, always focus on the road ahead. Avoid careless talking or laughing while riding in a group, and learn simple hand gestures for communication while riding in formation. For city cycling, use dedicated bike lanes or sidewalks if available, avoid crowded areas, and dismount when necessary. When cycling on highways, stay away from large trucks and try to avoid cycling at night or in low light conditions. If it's unavoidable, wear reflective clothing and turn on the warning lights on your bike to increase visibility.
Equipment Checklist
Essential Travel Equipment:
Bike, backpack, tent, sleeping bag, moisture-resistant mat, military kettle, thermos, water bottles, waist pack, wrist and knee guards, sports watch, helmet, gloves, cycling clothing, front and rear lights, tire inflator.
Bike Tools:
Hex wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, floor pumps, tire repair kits, spare tubes, brake cables, oil, wire, and a small portable tool kit.
Other Items:
Disposable raincoat, spare tire, tire repair tools, personal first aid kit, warm clothing, pocket knife, personal cutlery, snacks.
Cycling travel is a challenging and fulfilling activity. However, for those who lack physical fitness or training time, cycling travel can be difficult. In this case, electric bike conversion kit can be an excellent choice. These electric bike conversion kit can convert bike to electric bike, making cycling travel easier and more effortless.
Introducing the BZ intelligent ebike conversion kit from Lvbu electric bike wheel - the perfect solution for riders looking to enhance their biking experience without too much effort. This electric bike kit can turn any traditional bike into an eco-friendly and efficient e-bike, providing up to 180km of assistance/extended range.
With its brushless hub motor wheel and rear rack battery, this electric bike front wheel conversion kit transforms a regular bike into a hybrid system driven by human effort, electric power, and assisted power when needed. The BZ electric bike front wheel conversion kit offers exceptional support to riders with average stamina/physical fitness, ensuring that they can easily keep up with longer trips without feeling fatigued.
In addition to its assistive features, this diy electric bike kit also comes with intelligent taillights that illuminate when braking and turning, allowing for safer night-time riding. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth odometer enables users to adjust the assist ratio while cycling, controlling the level of assistance provided by the electric motor. With higher numbers, the biking experience becomes easier and less strenuous.
Moreover, the BZ waterproof electric bike conversion kit is completely water-resistant, boasting an IP65 rating, making it safe for use on rainy days. Though it is still recommended to avoid long-distance cycling on extremely wet days.
Long-distance cycling can be challenging, but with the right equipment, it can be an unforgettable experience. Make sure to research the routes beforehand and create a workout plan to ensure you are fully prepared. Take each day's journey slowly, do not push yourself too hard, and stay in touch with friends and family. And, why not consider bringing along a Lvbu electric bike conversion kit to customize your bike for long trips? With the BZ electric bike kit with battery, every ride will be a happy and effortless journey.
Now Lvbu e bike conversion kit for sale,pls click here to know more details!
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2023.06.01 18:23 TorontoFlowerPatch Prom Corsages & Boutonnieres! 💕

Prom Corsages & Boutonnieres! 💕 submitted by TorontoFlowerPatch to u/TorontoFlowerPatch [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 17:18 FoxyWhite2 Selling items for diamonds!

( I will be holding items for 2 days max, if the trade takes longer to complete because of our time difference I can hold it for a loner time!)
Thigh High Ice Princess Boots - 10k
3 Midnight's Strike Popstar Platform Heels - 8k
Winter Guardian Glacier Boots - 16k
Cherry Blossom Geta Sandals - 3k
Pastel High Tops - 10k
Rainbow High Tops - 10k
Adorable Lace-up Doll Boots - 7k
High School Lacey Boots & Socks - 7k
Glittering Jelly Platforms - 5k

Christmas Queen Pageant Skirt - 31k
Magical Guardian of Love and Justice - 12k
Darling Valentina Morning & Evening Skirt - 28k
3 Midnight's Strike Popstar Performance Skirt - 5k(each)
2 Sleight it skirt - 5k (each)
Sparkly Sarong - 10k
Cottage Princess - 4k
Dragging Train Rose Dress - 10k
Cherry Blossom Kimono Skirt - 6k
Winter Guardian Snowstorm Skirt - 22k
Goth Lolita Skirt - 31k
Gothicutie Skirt - 11k
Shadow Emperess Jeweled Skirt - 22k
Summer Fantasy Breezy Beach Skirt - 22k
Ballroom Entrance - 6k

4 Sleigh it Bodice - 6k (each)
Hot Head Plugs - 6k
DotD Aromatic Chest Flowers - 6k
Very Cozy Hat - 9k
December's Dream Fur Muff - 8k
December's Dream Coat Jacket - 37k
Vamp Tote - 28k
Opposite Attract Headphones - 7k
Love Me Forever Handbag - 6k
Mon Cheri Tea Party Clutch - 7k
3 Midnight's Strike Popstar Microphone - 3k (each)
3 Midnight's Strike Popstar Astral Hair Bow - 2k (each)
3 Midnight's Strike Popstar Constellation Bodice - 4k (each)
Kitchen Accident - 3k
Botanist's Bag - 7k
Mermaid Royalty - 25k
Cherry Blossom Kimono Sleeves - 10k
Bad Kitty headphones - 6k (each)
Cherry Blossom Kimono Bodice - 10k
Elegance Rose Boutineer - 10k
Crazy in love Glasses - 3.5k
Elegance Butterfly veil - 7.5k
Elegance Rose Corsage - 11k
Archery Kit For Love fairies - 12k
Heavenly Harp - 5.5k
Divine Diamonds Heart Earrings - 11k
Divine Diamonds Heart Ring & Bracelet - 6k
December's Dream Earrings - 6k
Princess Starforst Ribbon Bonnet - 4k
Princess Starfrost Shooting Stars Cape - 6k
Winter Guardian Enchanted Sleeves - 13k
Winter Guardian Thermal Bodice/Tailcoat - 25k
Pumpkin Beret - 2.5k
Ghostie Transformation - 7k
Goth Lolita Wrist Cuffs - 47k
Pumpkin Costume - 2.5k
Pumpkin Autumn Earrings - 1.5k
Summer Fantasy Rings and Sleeves - 13k
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2023.06.01 05:27 Obi517 I just spent $3k for my son to have the best prom ever and I don’t care!!

When I was 16 yrs old, I was brand new in America. My family didn’t have much and I was so shy because I barely spoke the language. Nobody asked me for prom but I still wanted to go.
My mom made my dress all by herself and I was so proud of her. She drove me to the prom and once in there I realized my dress was way different from everybody else. You could tell my dress was home made. I felt embarrassed but I was determined to enjoy the experience and I did. I had really good memories of that night but I also had bad ones.
I remember seeing my classmates hopping on limos and having so much fun while my mom showed but in her busted car to pick me up. I wasn’t upset at my mom at all, I was grateful, I just wished I could have been jumping in limousine with everybody else. (I was 16!!)
Fast forward to today. We are financially well and when my son said he wanted certain suit, the store lady was like “I’m sorry but that’s a $600 suit, before I said anything, my mom was like, “and? If that’s what my grandson wants, that’s what he gonna get”
I felt like cry because I know how stressed she was making my dress 18 years ago. My son is shy but he managed to ask a girl and she accepted!!! We went Corsage & Boutonnière shopping today and I did not care for the price!!
Then we went to check the limo we rented and omg!! It was so beautiful, they have a bunch of neon lights inside, they’re gonna provide snacks and juice for the kids! (His 3 best friends are joining) It was pricey but thinking about my boy making good memories with his friends made menot care about money at all.
Tomorrow is barbershop and a facial (yes, I had to book it) I hope he has the time of his life!!
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2023.05.31 20:05 moltovhighball Best place for custom corsages?

Goth Prom is next week, and I think some corsages would be fun. What would be the best place to go for something like this?
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2023.05.31 14:39 NatesVivis My girlfriend just broke up with me 😕.

Hi Redditors I need your help.
I posted here a while ago about how my girlfriend almost left me because of piercings but she eventually apologized about it and admitted she was emotional and she was sorry. To all the people that told me that y’all wish she leaves me you sadly won. It’s all over unfortunately. We are both 18 years of age and have been dating for the past 1 year 4 months 1 week 3 days and it’s been great for me but not her.
For backstory in the beginning of our relationship we started off as happy as people do, learning about each other and doing the things we loved about each other. Later on she told me that she recognized changes in me, not good changes, when I started watched Andrew Tate & FreshandFit podcast. I really thought they were helping me with my relationship and when she would constantly complain about me “being different” and “I’m annoying” I thought it was her being cute you know but now I learned it wasn’t she meant everything and I was completely oblivious to it all. She dealt with who’s for months and just sadly got used to my new behavior. Fast forward to her prom on Saturday 13 May, 2023 we had a great time, I thought I was making changes but I wasn’t this whole time. Back to the prom we had fun and we’re happy and jolly but I ruined it in her words. On that day she had walked away with her friends ti go ti the dance floor since I was talking to my friends and she told me she said “wait here I’ll be back” but I don’t recall her saying it. I made my friend go because I was here for my girlfriend and I need to go find her and during this time she said she and her friends were looking for me and I was not at the table. She looked for me while I was too and when I saw her in the corner of my eyes I tapped her elbow and said “where are you” she then rolled her eyes at me and I got upset and told myself I won’t do nothing until she apologized. I sat at the table by myself and waited for her to come apologize, she did come but it was for me to come dance with her. I declined and she grabbed my phone thinking it’ll make me move but I didn’t and just had my phone out and said “give it back to me” she did and left me hurt, I found out today that this time she came it was a slow dance for couples and she wanted to dance with me but I was acting up. Later she came back ti the table and had texted me “where was I?” but I was being petty and replied “somewhere in the prom.” and she just left noticing how I was being. My 2 male friends had seen me by myself and told me to go to her but I said “no, she was rude” and they told me “you’re making a bad choice” but I let my ego decide. During this time (I didn’t know about this) she said her friends told her to go dance with another dude but she didn’t because she’s loyal to me despite my behavior. Later when prom was done and I tried to grab her hand she was upset. She said “I ruined the one moment she looked forward to when it was my prom and she counted down the year until her prom and I just ruined it. I didn’t get her a corsage, I didn’t get her a flower, and I didn’t get her a promposal. Her friends told her “imagine your boyfriend doesn’t prompose to you” and she told them “he will, I know he will” only to be proven right by her friends.” She went off in me, tears running down her face and makeup all messed up she was so upset I had to take her home and plans were cancelled. Before this break up she told me she wished I hadn’t taken her home. She went home crying and her mom was upset based on the information she was giving her and her mom gave her advice. She told me her mom told here these exact words:
“I knew he was that type of guy, ever since he got mad at the mall I knew he was that guy. You need to break up with him or else you’ll keep on crying.”
Then she said this was her mothers fiancés words:
“Well now you know what types of dudes to avoid when dating.”
She told me she agreed with her mom and she’s been thinking about it for weeks. What’s crazy is that I saw her today, hugged her, kissed her, her mom offered me a ride home instead of me walking, both of them with a smile on their faces and I’m hit with this information and breakup. I was texting her about all the things I’ve noticed she’s stopped doing and she said “it’s all gone” (mind you this was through text). I had called her after that statement and I asked “what do you mean? Are you breaking up with me?” She said “yes I am” my heart shattered 💔. I bawled my eyes out to her and told her I realized my fuckups late but it’s not too late. She said I never physically hurt her but I did mentally and she said “She tired and doesn’t want the relationship.” I told her this is a bad choice and you mom is extremely f*****g wrong and she doesn’t know me. You’re focusing on my bad not my good. I told her if she makes this relationship work she’ll never cry again and I’ll prove them all wrong but she kept nodding “no”. I really wanted to talk to her mom because she listens to her mom a lot and know that if I can get her to understand me she’ll be able to talk my girlfriend for me but she doesn’t want to give her mom the phone. I wanted to walk over there but I don’t want to upset her more incase there’s a chance in rebuilding this relationship and so she doesn’t see me as a crazy person when I’m just really hurt and don’t want to lose her, she’s a amazing young lady who’s has showered me with love, kindness and attention and I got WAYYYY to come table instead of still trying to keep winning her over. I’m still learning the basic of relationships and se taught me a lot of stuff and we’ve experienced a lot of things together, made great memories.
Please everyone, what can I do to win her back and show her I mean my words? I need advice desperately.
Redditors I know it’s a long read and if you made it this far I want to thank you very much for taking your time to give me advice.
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2023.05.30 17:15 NickelTheWise WILDLIFE Ch. 1-2 pt. 2

"You did WHAT?!" The half-completed apartment building was a dangerous ribcage affair of a building, wind easily guiding itself thru it at higher floors, of which there were four total. The entrance office was enclosed and hard to notice, so they'd parked in the nearby crew lot and walked before talking business, which Fennel was already regretting. "Hey, it's a fullproof way to do this stuff without attracting attention, like you said." Her contact with the Syracuse Runners was this wiry albino fox, red eyes and piercings adding to the shock of his white pelt and various tattoos, like the tiger stripes on his burly arms. Fennel thought an 80s action movie was missing an antagonist somewhere, but that was the point of this whole venture; to maintain attention. "She'll come here, we beat her near to death in the ensuing ambush, then we split that reward money fifty-fifty, it's easy as that." "Yeah? Well, genius, what if she decides to just show up now?" He held up a finger as his phone suddenly beeped a phone call, which he answered with a hands-free. "Talk to me... uh huh, did you pay him? Alright cool, once you get the go-ahead from D&D, tell 'em to sit tight at their hotel room until I call 'em, then we can get everyone paid and leave town, alright? Okay, good, set up at the look-out spot once you're here, we'll be waiting. Right, see ya." He hung up the phone and gestured purposefully with both arms. "You see? Everything's coming up roses, all we gotta do now is take her down." "WITHOUT killing her." Fennel said firmly, crossing her arms. "Without killing her, yeah sure." and the gang leader turned to meet his men outside. Fennel's bodyguards came down from upstairs, putting their suit jackets back on. "We checked it out, the real party's ready to go and the last of the extra team is about 10 minutes from here." "Alright, good, some news I can count on. Has Fez sent any further information?" One of them nodded. "Yeah, apparently this red-haired cat was talking with some striper earlier, our guy on the streets saw them and figured to call it in, he said they seemed on complete speaking terms." Fennel's eyes narrowed. "Could be a possible proxy or old partner, do we got any further leads on this guy?" "Only that he's the only northern raccoon the guy's seen in town recently, should make finding him a cinch." The wolf nodded, heading onwards with her entourage in tow. "Alright, that simplifies things; you guys see him at any time before we head home, you pull him off the streets, take him into the woods and slice him, and not a trace left behind, capisce?" "You got it boss, this chick's gonna be our main concern until we break her down, then we just find this dude and ice him." "Right, Moe? Starting to like working out here after all, how 'bout that?" They chuckled maliciously and left the skeletal building, but from up on a pile of particle-board slabs, Tom's head poked out a little and he let out a huge breath, his eyes darting wildly all over the place in mind-crushing trepidation. A step went awry and he fell to land on two feet, skidding backwards a bit to crash into a stack of pallets. Fear stung his mind again as he got up quickly and headed up his escape path, making it to the trees and falling breathless behind a wide-trunked spruce, trying to calm his mind. He'd taken a detour through the woods, but there was still a good 300 paces between the route and the gas station next to the Door. "Fuck... holy fuck, they're gonna kill me... shit, this--" He sat in that one spot for a long time, feeling a terror in his chest even as he somehow fell asleep with thoughts of losing it all ringing in his mind.
Shank of night was approaching, and Karilara Sunkiller was readying herself for a real fight, one that she intended to survive. The point she'd been trained for, and trained in her own time for, was maximum movement, keep the vitals out of the fight, and shoot first. She'd gotten into her old worn-in black jeans and tank top, which she further covered with custom combat armor, meant to maintain ease of movement while covering a few more than the standard weak spots. She frowned a bit while inspecting the plates and weave, wishing she had a better alternative. Still, these fools had called her out, and leaving the engagement area wide open was a mistake... a slightly obvious mistake, but maybe that was for the best. She unrolled an old weapons satchel and began to equip the blades. Throwing knives, a folding dagger she hid at the base of her tail, and then, a hunting knife with a dark crimson hue to the blade. She unsheated it and took a look over the finished sheen of it, putting the pommel to her eye to check the tang and tip, taking some copypaper and deftly slicing it in two with nary a hiss. It had been quenched and treated in special oils to allow a dangerous level of swiftness to its edge, and it was Kari's singular trophy she retained from her days as Death's Eyes. The scarlet color of the weapon shone blood red across her face from the light in her bathroom. The weapon went back into its sheath and the whole bargain was belted to her waist, along with her trusty K90 ten-mil pistol, taken apart and prepared for the occasion earlier. It wasn't the strongest pistol she owned, but the point was to wound and finish up close; if anything, she rarely used the weapon except for a few bad jobs and her escape from DEN. The monitor of her computer had an online map of the area in question, and the ingress/egress routes drawn in dry-erase marker, one of them leading off the road and into the wooded area. It was all in her mind now, and it was time to go. Kari took a while yet to braid her hair into a short bun at the back. Her armor and pride rode on keeping her back away from the enemy at all times, so she worried little about someone grabbing it. With one final tightening of straps and stares into the mirror, Karilara Sunkiller went to leave her room, looking over it for a moment, then headed downstairs and out to her car, leaving the darkened home behind as she crawled inside herself to unlock the chains of a killer that rested patiently there.
There wasn't much to describe of the surrounding area besides the road leading to the attack site. The evening sky was overcast and lent a spooky muted tone to anything he could see. Larry, the look-out spot was in a perfect spot with a long view down the main road, which would give him ample time to call it in, get back to the others, or just hit the dirt and remain quiet while the others got the work done. Equal shares, that's what their leader had said, so this would be easy. Any second now, the binoculars, the road, and his awareness would lead to a huge payout and easy street for the rest of the year, if not, more. Sure enough, a car's lights topped the small rise before heading into the slight downgrade before rising back up into view, only the car pulled off to the right and vanished. Larry blinked, checking the road again; there wasn't any other way to the site than this, maybe he was seeing things? Larry hastily returned to his watch, waiting quietly, breath fogging in slow sequence, his weapon loaded and phone fully charged, he was ready. A blade gently touched under his chin and throat, making him lock up completely. "How many." said a voice, not asking a question. "Fuck you." The blade slid faster than he could call out with a smooth, silent metallic ring in the air and a puff of red mist, the thicker liquid behind drooling from the thin slice across his throat, deep enough to sever vocals, and so wickedly fast. Larry was gone a second after he hit the ground and laid still. Kari wiped the blood off on his coat and hurried to the site down the way.
Tom gasped wildly, his memories tangled at the ankles in dreams before reality. It all came back to him, the site, the run back, the conversation at the site, the orders to find and kill him. He almost got up and ran in a random direction, better judgement holding him in place to plan first. The gradual bones of the building were still nearby, a couple hours had passed, and from a careful peek around the tree and immediate area, he could see the cars hidden behind the portable offices for the project site. Lights were on in the first floor area, the gangers from before were visible, but just as he leaned closer, he noticed some movement on the top floor. His ears turned and listened carefully... definitely voices and movement up there. Further movement caught his eye suddenly, from on top of the portables. A dark monster of some kind was crawling across the aluminum roof, but it took on a more real shape when the red hair and tail were spotted. "You've gotta be shitting me..." he whispered, watching Kari move like a spider, hopping off silently to move around to the sides and disappear thru a small doorway in the wall there. Somewhere between panic and preservation, perverse interest was beginning to mount and urge him on towards what might be something crazy. With his heart pumping a little faster, he hurried from the woods and across to a vantage point. He almost shouted in surprise at someone staring right at him in the window he looked into, only to recognize his reflection as he ducked back down in the throes of a micro-coronary. 'A clean window... I'd only ever heard stories.' he thought, wondering for the 33rd time if this was a good idea, only to hear a voice above him. "I'm just opening it to let the breeze in here." "Just get back over here, something doesn't feel right." Tom sank lower, his shoulders somewhere behind his ankles as he held still. Movement was heard now, up the stairs to the balcony overlooking the office. The raccoon slowly stood up to try and have a look around the office area. They were silent, looking around, guns drawn... there was a squawk, a noise, like when you bump into someone, heard from up high, then near-silent taps. Blood was on the air. "Jack! What's up there, dude, hey!" called their leader, with seven of his men closing ranks. A bouncing thud was heard and something had fallen into the first floor. One of them produced a flashlight and pointed it towards the sound. It was a severed head. Sounds of terror and surprise followed, clicking of hammers, more flashlights now. Tom felt his mouth go warm and wet, portending vomit, but he held in check, looking around for the red-haired woman... something hit the ground heavily to their right and the bullets went chasing after it, the biomancers eyes growing wider as he saw it happen. The headless body had gone in one direction, Kari went the other, landing at their backs now as they turned to shoot, and she attacked. Her movements were continuous, impactful, touch-and-go, almost a dancer's grace. A knife flashed in the dark, and arms went around where it sailed past before their owner fell to their knees and collapsed. Two or three entanglements got more of the group injured or killed outright, one especially for certain as she held him as a bullet shield as a volley of blasts went her way. Gunfire erupted again, chasing the blue-eyed shadow aside, a gagging sound following from the attacker feeling a thin metal needle go into their open mouth. The attacker drew her own gun and fired twice, two shots blowing a splatter of red against the wall. There was only one left now, and barely 23 seconds had passed. "Oh FUCK this!" the fox grunted, laying down more bullets rapidly to force Kari back behind cover as he ran up the unfinished access stairs which lacked walls. The snow leopard wiped her blade off on the sleeve of one of the dead men, exhaling for a moment to assess her body quickly. In the confusion, she'd actually been attacked a few times, but seemed unhurt. She got a thumb under her sweater and lifted it, making Tom feel like looking another direction, only to see one bullet had struck home on the armor. As adrenaline ebbed, he could actually see she was breathing a bit labored; the flattened bullet was low and to the left, definitely struck a rib. Kari dug the slug loose with her knife and sheathed it, hurrying to the stairs to finish the job, leaving Tom to consider how to follow for a bit. That was when he heard the shout of 'NOW!' and football-arena lights erupt from the third floor landing. "That can't be good!" he said under his breath, moving into the atrium gingerly to try and see up above. There were probably 14 of them, all too big and almost arm to large arm. Kari began marking off targets in her mind, but it would be a terrible squeeze. It would hurt, and she was fine with that, it would really hurt, and she was fine with that... but capture was tantamount to death, so that she was not fine with, and would prevent at all costs. The hallway 'ledge' might be her only shot, but two stories down without a minute to prepare could cause a broken leg or arm. Many variables, all of them pointing to a grim conclusion. No capture. "She's cut off, get her!" someone shouted, and they came at her and she came at them. A haymaker greeted her first, dodged, a second attack stopped in a spray of blood as she clawed at the exposed side, aiming a hard kick up at the third, but three more were already upon her. Kari raked out and hissed, putting her foot hard into the side of an exposed knee to extend in sideways. The owner shrieked in pain, but Kari felt two blows, and another begin hitting home, so she dove through the opening and tried to get clear from the four behind them. Another fist cut across her face, all the shouting and yelling from her and them was gathering into a fever pitch, she was throwing fists and kicks, but could barely see from the mob striking at her from all directions. Someone pulled her back, and the racket was muffled by bodies as she was kicked at from the left and right, her arms crossed over her face and chest to guard. One hand closed around something, a brick, and she managed to hold it hard and punch its dense weight into what shins she could, managing to make enough room to get back up and go on the attack again, putting two of them down hard with savage brick-slams to the head. Suddenly, an explosion went off behind her and she went down to barely stop on one knee: her back stung like it had been ripped off and replaced again, she'd been shot and it went thru the armor just behind her right shoulder. Winded and wounded, she collapsed to the floor, motionless, hair hanging from the tight braids. The assembled attackers stayed around her, out of breath and some clutching at hard injuries. "Fuck... aaahh-- fuck, the bleeding won't stop.." "Did we get her? Someone make sure she's still breathing." "Hold still, man, I think your skin is flapping off." "AAAAHH! DON'T TOUCH IT!" "Moe! Hey, someone get the med kit, he's not breathing!" The damage sustained from the attacks were enough to hopefully repair, but Kari was facedown and feeling her body alive with pain, wisely trying to breathe shallow to appear harmless. Hands suddenly grasped her from behind and hauled her around on her knees, bent before the doorway as her breathing came in low, labored gasps. It hadn't gone well, and there could be more in reserve. What the feline wasn't expecting to see was Fennel, who had flipped her off only two days ago now, stepping out of the shadowed doorway to close the distance. A zip-tie closed at Kari's wrists and her odds shrank significantly. Fennel put a finger under the snow leopards chin to meet her face-to-face. "Hey, bitch, guess you've been having a pretty nice fuckin' time of it, yeah?" Heavy breathing only responded, Kari's face contorted in anger. "Well, don't expect us to lose any sleep over those guys you killed or anyone in your career, no... we're here because one specific job." Kari felt inwardly lucky; this Fennel woman seemed to have a need to talk, a perfect way to buy time. It was a long time ago, but she had ways of escaping zip-ties. "You're gonna have to refresh my memory here, sweetheart," she managed, coughing only once, "I've killed a lot of people." Fennel's eyes narrowed and she began to pace, Kari barely resisting rolling her eyes at this move. "2005, it was," said the wolf, "an old villa house in a secluded area of Campigliano, the home of a very important old man, one Allesandro Gabriele Russo." Kari thought for a moment, her ears pointing up as she pretended to vaguely remember "Oh, him! Head of a rogue crime syndicate that was attempting to muscle in on the Cosa Nostra operations setting up in Salerno. Yeah, entire crew found dead on the scene, and apparent leader stabbed once and left burning in a hearth like the old trash bag he was, THAT Allesandro Gabriele Russo?" Fennel looked beyond enraged, and decided to let a hard kick to Kari's nose provide the rebuttal. Her face exploded in cold pain, she felt something crunch in her nose and she bent forward, nearly falling onto the poured concrete to cough again, blood pouring from her onto the floor. She laughed somehow and leaned back as she sat up, feeling her options shrinking and somehow, not minding so much, or so it appeared and sounded. "Ha ha, heh.. kffh hnhh... oh wow, I haven't been beaten like this since prom night. Look, if you're gonna kill me or take me back to them for the reward, let's hurry it up already, can we?" Composure managed to return to the wolf woman's attitude and she came closer again to hunker down with a psychotic glint in her eye. "Oh, it'd be easy and a better use of time, no doubt. But you see, you killed my great grandfather, ruined my family's wealth in the subsequent criminal charges and all, and broke my father's heart... so no, we're not going anywhere." She had cupped Kari's cheek here before patting it gently and getting up again. "You gotta understand two things I got to work with here: one, the contact from DEN just said alive, not necessarily intact, and two, when I put the word out for people interested in this gig, I made sure to find some scum, I mean real monsters here, the kind of people that can't be trusted with pictures of a playground." There was sinister chuckles and calls from behind Kari and she began to feel a sting of actual worry, trying to hurry up with her wrists. "Once these disgusting reprobates are done holding you down and violating your fucking brain to pieces, we're gonna take some of these here medical tools and cut you down to size by numbers. We even brought a doctor to make sure you're alive when we toss what's left at the feet of this Bear guy." 'Come on, hands...' Kari thought wildly, almost stuck in the zip-ties now. Fennel smiled viciously, her back teeth exposed in the killers grin. "Gotta admit, this'll be fun to watch. Alright, you sick fucks, she's all yours." As a foot was pressed to her shoulder, Kari opted to make a quiet, scared noise all of a sudden. The others were still coming closer, but Fennel held up a palm and they stopped. "What?" said Fennel. Kari shook and trembled, feeling the terrible visions the imagination produced of her damnable fate. "Oh god, it's the end... let me just say something fast." The wolf huffed a bark of laughter and crouched close, shaking her head. "Always such badasses until you clip those wings... what is it, bitch?" "The... oh god-" and she whined a little, her head hung and trying to breathe, "Just remember this next time you have to kill someone, please!" "What about it, cunt?" Kari's palm slid up the other and relocated into place, and she smiled a skull-like grin.
"Just kill them."
All at once, she sprung out onto Fennel's torso like a cobra, her free hands scratching and raking at whatever she could reach, the wolf's going berserk as she shouted in pain while clawing and kicking at the serpentine assailant. The others recovered from the stunning instant and moved to attack her, but faltered as Fennel's screams became a wild shriek of agony, rising in pitch as Kari's head pulled back, one blood-soaked paw holding her down. Clamped in her sharp teeth, at the end of a long, stretched line of viscera and optic nerve, was a dark brown eyeball, coming free with a snap. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHAAAAAAA!!" Kari looked coldly into Fennel's shocked face as the moment froze in aghast eternity, her jaws holding the little fleshy ball up before smiling again and chomping it with a wet splatter and taking off to run to the stairs to the third floor. The goons were coming, she had to hurry. Clamored voices from below; they'd cut off the stairwell. Kari lungs were working like bellows as she gained distance down a 3rd story hall. With a little luck, the scaffolding could be a way down, if she had one good jump in her. It was on the left side of the building, she was almost there as the footsteps neared from behind, but the incomplete walls vanished fast and the jump was before her. 'Jump, take the landing, roll with the impact.' she hurriedly thought before turning to get a sprinting start back. As she turned, it all happened in slow motion. The loading mechanism advanced a shell into the barrel, and the quiet clicking of the trigger pull barely registered before there was an explosion and an impact that knocked wind and mind from her. She flew backwards so suddenly, the snow leopard might've seen her own tail. She tried to turn in mid air, but only glanced her arm across an unseen fixed pipe. It was definitely broken, and the pain threatened to blur out her senses. She turned more now and felt a dull explosion at her back this time, and the limit was reached. Her autonomic system seemed to have shut her down for reboot, and when she fell with a thwack to the poured cement below, she barely felt anything. One weak attempt at rising proved nothing and the lights went out all at once, leaving her at the worlds' mercy.
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2023.05.30 04:41 IB-is-killing-me18 PROM HELPPP

Does anyone have any idea where i can get a corsage and a boutonnière for prom around Hong Kong? (preferable around the main city). All the shops I have seen are really expensive as they mainly cater weddings but this is just a graduation prom. Any help would be golden :)
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2023.05.29 21:46 RoboPlunger AITA for telling my sister’s boyfriend to get off his ass?

My little sister (18f) just graduated high school this weekend. Her boyfriend (17f), whim she has been with for over a year, has been absent almost the entire time. He barely showed up for the ceremony on Saturday, and didn’t stay to see her after or take pictures. He left as soon as it was over. He then joined us for lunch as free food was offered. The next day the entire family was up at the venue for the graduation party at 10am to set up. Her boyfriend didn’t show up to help, and showed up at the start time at 1pm, ate food, said hi, and then left to hang out with other people that he left the party with. My sister was a bit upset about this. He came back towards the end of the party and sat around. During tear down, the entire family was working to get things taken down and put into the cars as we had a strict time that we had to be completely out and the venue cleaned. While everyone, including my sister, were frantically cleaning up he was sitting in his phone in a corner. While carrying boxed to the car I walked past him and said “get off your ass and help tear down.” Now my sister, my mom, and her bf are pissed at me, and he didn’t show up to the family cookout today. Am I the asshole?
For context: we have tried to teach him how to treat her for a while, as he has had several opportunities to do better. He did the same thing with prom, and made her to literally everything, even but her own corsage. No one ever says anything to him despite my entire family being tired of it.
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2023.05.29 17:59 chickynuggie27 How much did you spend on flowers? DIY or Florist?

Hello! I’m still trying to decide if I should go the DIY route and buy wholesale and do my own arrangements or use a florist. I just got a quote of $2500 for
1 bridal bouquet 3 bridesmaids bouquet 1 grooms boutonniere 7 groomsmen/dad boutonnière 4 corsages 2 large floral installations for the arbor (abt 3 ft each) 1 toss bouquet
The flowers being used: polo roses, spray roses, baby’s breath, hydrangea, ranunculus, stock, and Italian ruscus
It’s definitely the best quote I got so far for flowers, and I’m not sure if I’ll save THAT much more by buying wholesale. Which direction did y’all go? And do you think you saved a lot more buy DIYing?
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