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2010.03.22 16:25 emsenn0 Dayton, OH USA

News, events, meetups and things to do in the Dayton Ohio Metro Area.

2008.03.23 11:29 Aotearoa / New Zealand: Tomorrow's Sideswipe, Today!

Kia Ora and welcome to the largest subreddit for Aotearoa New Zealand!

2019.03.24 08:55 Skipperdogman New Zealand Wildlife

Anything to do with New Zealand Wildlife. Birds, bugs, trees, etc. You can submit art, photography, memes, interesting stories. Anything you like as long as it relates back to NZ wildlife and nature.

2023.03.27 13:42 nangsmelbourne BestWhip Cream Chargers - Order Nang Bulbs

BestWhip Cream Chargers - Order Nang Bulbs
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Place Your Order Now: BestWhip Cream Chargers Melbourne

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2023.03.26 03:53 Good_Sun_7339 Realtor

I need a local realtor to get my house sold ... Whio should I use.?
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2023.03.24 13:16 yourlocalmilf__ My history notebook

My history notebook
Thought I might share these quick drawings that I drew during a history lesson
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2023.03.22 00:02 ProessionalBum How many more before it's Grant. https://www.whio.com/sports/dayton-flyers-forward-mustapha-amzil-enter-transfer-portal/FDCJJKE4ZJHP3JHSXCPEDFLVGM/

So it begins. Must be bad that bad in the locker room. Not sure Amzil will go up in team quality. Sad to see him go.
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2023.03.19 21:00 robert_cortese Expansion St. Louis City beats San Jose 3-0 to stay unbeaten - WHIO TV

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2023.03.19 13:40 leylvert After six pages of random thoughts, time for book journaling

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2023.03.18 04:09 _Matt_1997_ The news in my area had a little bit of a typo

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2023.03.16 19:20 rural_anomaly Ohio AG shuts down 8 sham charities

you gotta look like you're doing something if you want to get re-elected
am i rite?
meantime, don't contribute to these scammers.
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2023.03.14 19:49 CPE_Rimsky-Korsakov ‘‘Nah!! those wooßes who peck *@ this* Channel aren't *the real* Flat-Earthers *@all*: αš™thisαš™ is one of *the real* Flat-Earthers: one actually willing to *take-up-arms* - the sacred right to do which the II_α· _Ν© Amendment 'Right'၆ enshrines, of course - & gingle-gangle-gongle-forth whacking folk.

... with a nunchaku , apparently, in this case!
၆ ... which most USAians who quote can't even quote correctly , because when they do they muck-up the punctuation of it in a way that renders it syntactically meaningless & void ... although they're too illiterate to grasp that elementary itemn of relative clauses & punctuation ... & yet presume, in their interminable filthy-stinking-rotten arrogance , to browbeat others as to how to speak.













Facebook-Contraption Poast
The Flatwitstry is in-there : it's one of the ingredients of that toxic brew. At least I can have some respect for this individual, who's willing to sortie-forth in armed combat to assert & uphold his doctrines.




Lenvil Persinger
It is alleged that Lenvil Persinger of Piqua, Ohio used nunchucks to attack a man in a nearby apartment on January 22, 2018. This was not Persinger’s first brush with the law. He has been arrested over three dozen times in the small town of Piqua, population 20,522. Charges include traffic violations such as operating a motor vehicle without a license, driving under suspension, and driving on the left side of the road. He has also been charged with more serious crimes including domestic violence and multiple assaults. 0n October 22, 2017 Persinger was accused of pointing a gun at a police officer, upset about the noise the officer was making as he looked into a suspicious call at Persinger’s apartment building.
Familiar with Persinger’s antics and his sovereign citizen ideology the police department took extra precautions during his arrest, bringing in the Piqua-Sidney Tactical Response Team to assist. Persinger has been charged with aggravated burglary, felonious assault, inducing panic, criminal damaging or endangering, tampering with evidence and obstructing official business. His bond is set at $33,000.
When Persinger is not behind bars, he runs an online group β€œβ€¦ for anyone who is tired of the lies and propaganda thats being used to brainwash and fool the masses....thats being used to brainwash and fool the masses....thats being used to brainwash and fool the masses.... thats being used to brainwash and fool the masses.... thats being used to brainwash and fool the masses....thats [sic] being used to brainwash and fool the masses” where he shares anti-government and flat-earther conspiracies.




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2023.03.11 15:40 Kunphen Message from ENN: To all the organizations and individuals who have been working tirelessly across the globe, some for many many decades, some new, to heal & protect our precious biosphere. You all deserve every praise, every support, every thanks, every day.

Here are some, in no particular order, including MSM who at long last bother to bring us pertinent eco/nature news and stories. (Note, if anyone knows how to make this a sticky and can give me instructions, I'd appreciate it!)
news.mongabay.com onegreenplanet.org environmentamerica.org theguardian.com time.com texasbutterflyranch.com news.yahoo.com washingtonpost.com ft.com onegreenplanet.org abc.net.au conservationaction.co.za greenandgrumpy.com fauna-flora.org apnews.com fieldandstream.com euractiv.com news.sky.com independent.co.uk bbc.com pewtrusts.org act.momscleanairforce.org surfrider.org zmescience.com bbc.co.uk sapeople.com eurasiareview.com accuweather.com itv.com intelligencer.ca reuters.com climaterealityproject.org purdue.edu newsweek.com reddit.com commondreams.org abc.net.au blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com scientificamerican.com forthegenerations.org cbsnews.com voanews.com mirror.co.uk whio.com yahoo.com ictnews.org cnn.com insideclimatenews.org cbsnews.com euronews.com ign.com phys.org newyorker.com news.sky.com mainichi.jp midlandexpress.com.au theferret.scot thenational.scot psu.edu usatoday.com whitewolfpack.com news.bloomberglaw.com prnewswire.com france24.com event.on24.com cnbc.com politico.com ksnt.com self.conservation wildlifesos.org self.Sustainable gfycat.com edition.cnn.com newrepublic.com gsb2023.org atlantic.ctvnews.ca courthousenews.com group.vattenfall.com outlookindia.com euobserver.com environmentalvoter.org stopecocide.earth
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2023.03.10 14:52 Birchtree16 in honor of team selena

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2023.03.09 21:39 Kitchen-Trust-6289 Pretty cool sight for my fellow aviator fans in Ohio!

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2023.03.09 11:31 OSINTUkraine Major Russian missile barrage slams targets across Ukraine - WHIO

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2023.03.07 02:18 Handcup_Official Controversial Post.

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2023.03.05 16:36 fisheye- Another Ohio train derailment

I went to Ohio for the weekend, and another train just derailed nearby last night. Does Ohio just have bad rails? … or is that what Daddy Daniels wants us to think 🧐
Article: https://www.whio.com/news/local/deputies-medics-respond-train-accident-springfield/KZUQMTBAKVD3NHMSCLICGXCGYE/?outputType=amp
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2023.03.05 05:26 JuryFiles David Alan Floyd arrested in connection with the murders of two #missing people.

David Alan Floyd arrested in connection with the murders of two #missing people.
A man named Angel Ponce was reported missing by his family. Days later, Danielle Ricker was reported missing. Ponce and Ricker lived together in Temecula.
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2023.03.05 03:23 PackDaddyFI NPD new reverb to pedalboard

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2023.03.05 02:54 djsassan Springfield, OH train derailment, crews on the way to the site.

COLUMBUS, Ohio β€” A train derailment in Clark County Saturday evening prompted a heavy response from first responders and authorities in the area.
Approximately 20 cars of a 212-car Norfolk Southern train derailed while traveling southbound in Springfield, according to a spokesperson from the railway company. There were no hazardous materials involved.
The derailment happened in the area of state Route 41 and Gateway Boulevard, near the Clark County Fairgrounds around 5 p.m., CBS affiliate WHIO reports.
The Clark County Emergency Management Agency is asking residents within 1,000 feet of the derailment to shelter in place. Those in need of travel to Route 41 are also being asked to find alternative routes.
More than 1,500 residents reportedly lost power due to downed power lines, according to Clark County EMA.
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2023.03.05 01:44 dcforce Clark County officials order residents to shelter in place after train derailment

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2023.03.05 01:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://www.whio.com/news/local/deputies-medics-respond-train-accident-springfield/KZUQMTBAKVD3NHMSCLICGXCGYE/

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2023.03.05 00:48 WhateverJoel Norfolk Southern large derailment in Springfield, OH, HAZMAT involved. March 4th

Reports of 50 cars derailed.
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2023.03.04 00:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://www.whio.com/news/local/video-watch-what-took-place-racial-incident-kenwood-elementary-springfield/T6LZT2RWFFDYDBIS3TFOL5BUJI/

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