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2023.06.10 20:41 Skywilder Coworker from a past job had another child

Long one, but here we go.
When I was younger I had a job at a fast food place. My coworker was an 18 year old young woman with a 17 year old boyfriend at the time. He worked as a dishwasher and she was a cashier. They decided to have a baby, splurge on her first birthday because “everything had to be perfect”. They even had the audacity to ask if they could have the party at my family home so they wouldn’t have to pay to rent out a venue. I suggested they just have a party at home to save money, and she immediately shot down the idea.
all of the photos she would post online would be either her making “duck faces” at clubs/bars and of course, photos of her, her boyfriend and their kid. About a year later, when the child was two, she kept posting how she “wanted another bayyyybeeee” and how she “loves being pregnant”.
Honey. Your boyfriend washes dishes for a living, drives a barely functioning car, and always reeks of weed. He once tried to sell me a plastic and rubber gas mask bong for 20 dollars directly in front of our wingstop after one of my shifts.
Now she’s recently got pregnant again, had her second kid and her photos have almost exclusively become of her new baby, and of course, her still clubbing and making duck faces. Haven’t seen anything of her firstborn anymore. I have however seen them ask for “donations for their new baby”.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice people, but being nice doesn’t provide food and shelter for children. Both of them being high school dropouts certainly doesn’t help either. They haven’t moved up in their lines of work, and we live in one of the most expensive states in the country. And yes, she complains about everything being too expensive. These kids are in for a rough life.
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2023.06.10 20:37 Pablo_Tescobar11 Bought my first bike, confused about license and insurance

As the title says I just bought my first bike, a Suzuki Inazuma gw250. Lovely, comfortable little bike, having great craic driving it around empty car parks getting used to it.
My question is, I passed the theory a few weeks ago, do I have any options on insurance now or do I have to do the Ibt before I can get insured? I'm 31 btw.
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2023.06.10 20:34 golangprojects [Hiring] Machine learning job: Sr Software Engineer - Large Language Models at Databricks (San Francisco, California, United States)

While candidates in the listed locations are encouraged for this role, candidates in other locations will be considered.
At Databricks, we are passionate about enabling data teams to solve the world's toughest problems — from making the next mode of transportation a reality to accelerating the development of medical breakthroughs. We do this by building and running the world's best data and AI infrastructure platform so our customers can use deep data insights to improve their business. Founded by engineers — and customer-obsessed — we leap at every opportunity to solve technical challenges, from designing next-gen UI/UX for interfacing with data to scaling our services and infrastructure across millions of virtual machines. And we're only getting started.
As an engineer working on large language models (LLM) at Databricks, you’ll work closely with the teams behind Databricks’ Dolly LLM to build intelligent systems to democratize AI across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to energy, finance to government. Our teams work on some of the hardest, most interesting problems facing the business, ranging from designing large-scale distributed AI/ML systems, to optimizing distributed GPU model serving or developing novel modeling methodologies that scale to production use cases. Our work is necessarily cross-functional, and successful individuals on our team embody an unusually high degree of empathy and ownership, demonstrating an intuitive ability to understand how individual technical decisions shape Databricks’ business strategy.
Databricks has a long-standing commitment to research and open source, and though our teams are focused first and foremost on business impact, we work hard to foster a creative, intellectually stimulating environment featuring visiting speakers, academic partnerships, and industrial collaborations.
The impact you'll have: Engineers working on LLMs may specialize in different areas. Below are examples of the kinds of activities that different members of our teams perform on a daily basis.
Drive the development and deployment of state-of-the-art AI models and systems that directly impact the capabilities and performance of Databricks' products and services. Architect and implement robust, scalable ML infrastructure, including data storage, processing, and model serving components, to support seamless integration of AI/ML models into production environments. Develop novel data collection, fine-tuning, and pre-training strategies that achieve optimal performance on specific tasks and domains. Design and implement automated ML pipelines for data preprocessing, feature engineering, model training, hyperparameter tuning, and model evaluation, enabling rapid experimentation and iteration. Implement advanced model compression and optimization techniques to reduce the resource footprint of language models while preserving their performance. Collaborate with product managers and cross-functional teams to drive technology-first initiatives that enable novel business strategies and product roadmaps. Contribute to the broader AI community by publishing research, presenting at conferences, and actively participating in open-source projects, enhancing Databricks' reputation as an industry leader. 
What we look for: BS+ (M.S. or PhD preferred) in Computer Science, or a related field. 2+ years experience developing AI/ML systems at scale in production or in high-impact research environments. Strong track record of working with language modeling technologies. This could include either: Developing generative and embedding techniques, modern model architectures, fine tuning / pre-training datasets, and evaluation benchmarks. Experience deploying and scaling language models in production; deep understanding of the unique infrastructure challenges posed by training and serving LLMs. Strong understanding of computer science fundamentals. Contributions to well-used open-source projects.
Benefits Comprehensive health coverage including medical, dental, and vision 401(k) Plan Equity awards Flexible time off Paid parental leave Family Planning Gym reimbursement Annual personal development fund Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
About Databricks Databricks is the data and AI company. More than 9,000 organizations worldwide — including Comcast, Condé Nast, and over 50% of the Fortune 500 — rely on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to unify their data, analytics and AI. Databricks is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices around the globe. Founded by the original creators of Apache Spark™, Delta Lake and MLflow, Databricks is on a mission to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.
Read more / apply:
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2023.06.10 20:32 Haru_Shizuku Hotels with secure parking?

Hello Bay Area dwellers!
I am planning to visit SF with my wife for the first time. We are from LA and one of my biggest concerns is the smash and grab crime in the city. I drive a tesla so I'm assuming it will stand out as a target for thieves. I know to not keep valuables in cars but I also understand that thieves don't care and will still break your windows.
I want to know what hotels in the area have a secure parking lot or garage? Preferably close to city center as we want to do tourist stuff. We will be taking public transport while we are staying there to limit the risk of my car getting broken into. I want to be double sure that my car will come out of SF unscathed.
Please let me know! Thank you!
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2023.06.10 20:31 thaleor483828 I accidentally hit someone’s car when they were poorly parked.

I’m a new driver. I was driving to an appointment and I was in this pretty crappy area. This guy was parked with his car out in the street also illegally parked in a no parking area and I tried avoiding it and accidentally side swiped his car. I kept going to find a parking spot and I don’t even remember what the car looks like. So I’m searching around and looking at every car in the area. My car got a few scratches and all the cars look fine.
Eventually I gave up and kept driving I don’t know what to do. I cleaned off the white from the side of my car and after my appointment I made a slow drive throughout the neighborhood again searching for the car. I couldn’t find it.
I want to get in contact with the owner and also not get a misdemeanor or suspended license. I feel pretty guilty. However, I have no clue what to do. I’m also embarrassed.
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2023.06.10 20:29 likescacti Logistics of 18k per year living stipend

I (23 M) am going to be starting a PhD program here soon (will last 4-5 years). Typical starting incomes for someone in my field are about 75-85k with room for growth (average mid career incomes being approx. 110k once you get experience). The school is giving me 18k distributed over a year in 12 monthly paychecks (~1,500 a month). It's a low cost of living area. I currently have no debts. I have fair-good credit.
I have a paid off 2008 Scion XD (128k miles on it). About 7k in savings. Insurance is $75 a month. I found an apartment (with roommates) that'll be 425 a month (including utilities). I'll live on campus ($100 a year for parking pass). I plan to NOT drive as much as humanly possible and just make do walking when I can.
I personally consider myself a minimalist and attempt to only buy/keep whatever I need or would truly be meaningfully less happy without. The school is unfortunately on the other side of the country (US) so I'll have to put 1k miles on my car (and pay for gas) to get there. Fortunately, I can fit everything into my relatively small car due to my minimizing practices.
Broken down. Income will be 1,500. Monthly expenses will be about 520. Before factoring in food, clothes, personal hygiene products, gas, etc. How should I go about making a budget for these things? My hope would be to just live off the stipend and only touch my 7k savings in the event of an emergency (my biggest fear is my car breaking down. It seems to be in good condition! I just hate going into a 4-5 program with a car that has over 100k miles).
I'm horrible at managing money. I guess what I'm asking for is for people to give me tips on making my money work on this low stipend? I'm trying to really keep costs low. Or if anyone has good advice for creating a budget. I'll admit it, I'm not financially literate.
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2023.06.10 20:27 Dacha_Doodle Pretending in Public and getting more BIID things/mobility devices

What if I pretend in public at a store? I found forearm crutches on for $30, and Ik if there’s a Walmart 6.5 miles away from me. I’m home alone with the car, so maybe I could go there and see what they have So I technically could drive the car SAK. The issue is getting out of the car and going in public like that It’s a few towns away, but still Hopefully no one recognizes me I can’t even wear a hoodie to cover up because it’s the summer heat. It’s 22C real feel 28 in the sun, but I don’t want to wait until November to possibly get the car home alone again. How do I overcome pretending in public in a store? For Walmart, I would walk in with Auxiliary crutches I have from another Walmart & then hold the forearm crutches with the Auxiliary ones on the way out. If the thrift store has a wheelchair, then I can walk in with crutches and then buy the wheelchair and wheel out I would put on socks and a pair of sweatpants over my binded leg/regular leg, but you can still see the impression. I’ll put on a T shirt too, but a hoodie would be way too hot And a winter coat or long coat to hide the impression of my real folded leg will be even hotter I’ll drive RAK and just move over and use my left leg it’s not that hard But first I have to call the stores and ask what they have. I remember I was biking down my block with canes, I was leaving to go back home trying to get them locked to my frame, and a guy asked if I was okay Imagine what people will ask if I actually pretend in public? Especially if I’m struggling or fall, Or if they see my real leg through the pants. Or if I go to the store another time without pretending and they remember me.
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2023.06.10 20:26 Hehe-_-7 Bored. Can't sleep. Wassup?

Hey people, how was your day? I went to work, then after dinner it was raining so i went with my friend for a drive. Parked car conversations>>>
What do you have in mind rn?
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2023.06.10 20:25 yuh_dan HELP !!! DECIDING BETWEEN BASE M3 AND PERFORMANCE !!!

Coming from a regular ICE vehicle, test driving both the standard and performance had me completely blown away.
However, I didn’t for some reason think the performance was THAT much faster? Am I trippin? I thought both cars were quick as hell but there wasn’t some insane difference between the two.
My problem atm is that I would like to get the black on white trim but the black on white trim for the performance would not qualify for the $7500 since msrp would technically be over 55k.
So this leaves me with a black on white standard vs a black on black performance. I personally value the white interior a ton since it makes the car stand out… and lets be honest, everyone in California has a Model 3.
I could theoretically get seat covers on the performance to fill that void, however, not sure if someone wants to buy seat covers after spending $50k on a car.
Please give me your opinions. Is the performance THAT much better and worth spending $12k more even though I do not like that black interior? Will I regret not buying the performance? Does the speed get boring over time? I have no problem spending the additional $12k but I really wanted the white interior and noticed a marginal difference in test driving btw the performance and RWD.
Performance VS RWD! Opinions please !
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2023.06.10 20:25 bigt3x77 Oil in car

Can I add new oil into old oil in the car? And how long will it last til I need a oil change?. I'm short on money and just trying to wait atleast 2 weeks so I can get a actual oil change but my car has a slow acceleration but drives fine when moving.
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2023.06.10 20:25 fruitsandpassion I have a crush on my co-worker and it’s annoying.

I’m 26. I haven’t had a crush since I was I think 15? Like back in the 10th grade. Lol.
This guy isn’t even my type at all. Like AT ALL. He’s a 5’7 skinny blonde haired blue eyed white guy. Im a 6’0 black dude.
I’m almost certain he’s bisexual. I haven’t told him I’m gay, but it’s pretty obvious by my mannerism/personality that I am.
Anyways, he was recently hired at my work and he’s very extroverted. He always comes to my desk and wants to talk. He talks to everyone , but I feel like he talks to me more than anyone else. I don’t know why because I’m so socially awkward and introverted and just a boring guy. But he chooses to talk to me more than anyone else. He said he has ADHD, so I think he likes my quiet, chill and calm aura. At first it really used to annoy me that he’d always come up to me and want to have a long convos when I just wanna be myself and not talk to anyone lol. I just hate being social , so he’d annoy me.
But as I’ve been talking to him more and learning his personality and life story. He has an amazing heart and is he so sweet & kind. Yesterday, he gave me a ride home and he didn’t have to, but he insisted. I was looking his cute smile , his groomed hair and sparking blue eyes as he was driving and I got butterflies. I realized in that car ride , that I think im crushing on him.
Now how will I talk to him again next week? I feel like I will be so nervous around him now. I won’t be acting normal. Now I wanna look my cutest for him when I’m at work. Ugh it’s so annoying!!!
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2023.06.10 20:23 81420161 I've been offered in an incredible residency to work exclusively on my art for the better part of a year, but it would mean ending a long-term relationship. I don't know what I want.

Hi, I’m in my early 30s. I’ve been offered a creative/arts residency in a city that’s decently far from where I live now (about a 6-hour drive). My gut is torn over whether to accept it or not. The terms of the residency would be: -they will provide a room rent-free in a house share with two other artists in my field doing the same residency. the house is equipped with a studio with equipment and software for what we do, plus a gym, kitchen and co-working space. -in exchange, they would ask that I quit any work I’m doing that’s not directly related to the creative field (i.e. take a leap and start making money only creatively) -I would be allowed to leave the city but they’d ask that I keep it to a minimum. I didn’t ask what the limit for leaving is but I asked if I could take trips home every 3-4 weeks for a potential planned medical thing and they said no I'm hesitant to accept because: 1) I’m in a long-term relationship (over two years). It’s my first every LTR and I feel like my BF and I are compatible in so many ways. My BF has said in no uncertain terms he will end the relationship if I accept the residency as he doesn’t want to do long-distance for this period of time. (It’s most of a year.) 2) If I were sure this would be a great career move, it would be a hard but easy decision for me to leave my BF. I love him, but I wouldn’t want to date someone who was standing in the way of my career over a temporary situation where we could still see each other sometimes. However, I’m not sure, and I’m worried about what will happen if I basically implode my life for this opportunity (quit a job I’m happy in, leave a relationship I’m mostly happy in, and lose my housing in the city I’m currently living in) and then the residency program turns out to be BAD. My biggest fears:
Reasons why I want to accept:
1) I'm from the city I live in now and have never really lived anywhere else for an extended period of time. This feels like a relatively risk-free way to try living in a new place, and frankly I'm getting tired of how competitive and expensive my city is. I feel like everyone is jumping over each other to get opportunities. I'm a little tired of live performance and have been interested for a while in putting more emphasis on creating digital stuff / social media. A program like this that's in a more remote place with less going on so I have room to sit alone and write would be perfect for this
2) They're offering a room where I could be alone and undisturbed which is out of my reach in my city. Rent has skyrocketed the past few years. I can afford my rent now but BF and I are sharing a one-room apartment, we both work remote most of the time, and it is AWFUL. Yes I could get a co-working space or there's solutions like putting up barriers but I really just want to be able to roll out of bed and journal for an hour without anyone saying anything to me. I'm introverted and my social battery is constantly being drained in this living situation. Rent has gotten so bad that even if I left my BF's apartment, I'd have to pay an extra $500 a month just to have my own room in an apartment share on the absolute lowest end if I found a deal, but it would probably be closer to $700 to 800 more a month. I really want space to breathe.

My thought process

Right now, I'm leaning towards turning down the residency for all of the above reasons, but my heart is torn over it. I feel like if I had gotten this just a little bit earlier while I was still adrift it would have been perfect, but I might be more interested in it for the person I was then and how little I had going on, and now, I have too much that I'd be giving up if I accept.
I just did the math and with my typical current expenses minus rent and utilities, I'd be losing about $12,000 over the period without an income (I'm guesstimating that food & drink will be cheaper but that I'd be spending way more on gas than I currently do on public transportation). That same amount would net me about 7.5 months of Airbnb rental in a rural area I love where I'm comfortable driving. I almost would rather just make my own little "mini residency" where I rent a place one month out of the year and continue to work, but scale it back slightly. My BF isn't thrilled about me going away for an entire month, but he'd accept it.

TL:DR: I got offered a residency that would pay my rent in a smaller town but with some restrictions including quitting my job so I could focus 100% on art - but they wouldn't pay my other expenses. Also, if I take this opportunity my long term BF would break up with me rather than do long-distance, and I will definitely lose momentum that I've built up in the highly competitive city where I live now and have to shift my focus – which I'm interested in doing, but also feels scary! I'd appreciate any insight on how to make this decision.
I'm considering an alternative step of turning down this residency and instead renting a cabin for one month. This would cost me about $1,600. If I take the residency I would have to spend about $12,000 out of my savings unless I magically start making $1,000+ a month creatively, which is unlikely based on what I know about my field. It would be taking a huge gamble on myself to accept and I'm not sure that I'm ready.
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2023.06.10 20:21 RelationshipInCrisi My boyfriend (M29) and I (F26) are on the rocks after 12 years

Hi all, TL:DR at bottom. For the first time in my life, I'm thinking of breaking off my relationship with my boyfriend of 12 years. We've been together since highschool, hes been my one and only this entire time. We've built a life together, a house, a dog, cats. My entire adult life has been spent with him. But I'm now not so sure if there's a future for us. We've always had problems. Minor spats here and there, but a big one that's been a point of contention since about 3 years in has been the intimacy. I was just finishing University and we had moved to a new city to be closer to my school and closer to his work. This was hard for him even if it benefitted him because it distanced him from his friends, which he had a real hard time with. This resulted in him using nearly all his free time taking the bus back to hang out with his friends. It was rare he'd be at home with me at all and when he was, he was so hungover from the nights previous with his friends that he couldn't do anything outside the apartment. When I got my license and a car, it became him begging me to drive him, "I'll get home sooner to see you" he'd say, which was true... The bus would take him near 3 hours while me driving him was only 40 minutes. But weekend after weekend of this left me feeling uninterested in having sex, and it dipped to about once a week, where it now still is. We've had loads of arguments regarding my sex drive being low, and how he's missing the connection of being with me physically. I've expressed that I feel like he doesn't make time for me other than to have sex, which always blows up into a big fight about how I don't realize how hard he works to keep this relationship going and how hard to tries to make me happy. Which is mostly true, he busts his ass at work and generally works hard. But I don't personally see the effort in regards to the missing emotional intimacy. This issue pops up periodically, maybe two or three big blowouts about it a year. All this to say, I'm not perfect. Not even close. I've had a terribly hard time being assertive and direct about how I feel which is detrimental to the relationship. I have depressive episodes which makes me a bummer to be around, I often let things fester to the boiling point because I fear confrontation. All this makes me far more agreeable to things I shouldn't be which no doubt hasn't been easy for him to navigate.
Honestly, I started having these doubts years ago. But I wanted to work on them and expected this to get better, especially as I had really started vocalizing my qualms but it seems to have only made things worse. But looking back there were a lot of... Inappropriate things I shouldn't have tolerated but was too young and naive to really act on, such as extreme jealous (male friend touched my hand while hiking to help me up a steep ridge, and he went off the handle saying he doesn't trust me,) he was oblivious to when I developed anorexia, he kept asking if I was gay because I would say no to sex, up until today during our not-enough-intimacy fights. It came to the point where I've been agreeing to sex reluctantly and have been getting more or less no sexual pleasure from it for years to keep the peace while I try to get us to work on my issues,, which I think he knows since there's no foreplay, and he knows I don't usually orgasm during it. Today, I had run out for a couple hours with the puppy to do some errands and chores and had just gotten home. I hadn't yet eaten so I was preparing myself something to eat. He asks if I'd like to have sex, to which I say I'm not feeling it, and I'm making lunch. He suggested afterwards, which I wasn't keen on either. So instead he asked if he could touch me while he gets off, which would mean delaying me making food so again I said no. This launched our trip/quazi-annual fight about lack of intimacy. I tried to explain to him that I need to feel more effort and emotional connection from him to be more open to having more sex. I want to feel important and valued, and like he wants to do things with me outside of watching tv. He proceeded to get really mad and defensive because he does put in effort in the form of finances and working on better his job prospects so we can have a better life. (For context, he makes about the same amount as I do yearly, just so no one assumes there's a breadwinner in this circumstance). It divolved into him angry and upset because he felt I wasn't listening to him, and that I'm basically asking him to forfeit one of the things he likes to do in his very small window of leisure time in order to satisfy me. (Which yes he does have a very narrow window of time, he works out from 8-10, his schedule has him working usually 10-7 WFH, and then he usually has some sort of meal prep which would take him from 7-9, if no meal prep then he'd play bass or read work-related things to improve his employable skills, which leaves me from 9-10 for basically TV). It got relatively heated, not yelling or insulting, on topic but both emotional and upset. I suggested that perhaps every second Saturday, we do a date night. We would alternate who plans the date, and we would each plan a date that we think the other would enjoy. He didn't like that idea at all. Instead he wants me to decide what I want to do as a date, plan it, and then ask if he wants to go. He said if I lead by example then he'll get a better understanding of what's expected and be able to do the same. My problem comes from the fact that this isn't a new suggestion, and this isn't the first conversation we've had about it. And I've done that But nothing comes of it and the cycle repeats. At this point, I'm nearly 30. I feel lonely in my own house, and I'm not sure where to go from here. We are tied together in every way, with the house only being owned by us under a year, three pets under 3, all our assets are together, we've only really dated each other... The implications of even considering breaking things off is daunting and life changing, especially since we live in a HCOL area so we'd both suffer tremendously. But I also can't help but think I'm overreacting to something minor and that it'd be a waste to just...throw this all away. I have no frame of reference for whether or not this is pretty normal stuff, and don't really have anyone in my life I can talk to about this.
So... I guess I wanted to know from others in similar positions what youve done and how it's worked out. Please be as blunt with me as possible. If what I've written screams that I'm the problem and that I need to work on xyz, please say so. If I'm the problem I want to work on it and do better.
Sorry for the wall of text but it felt really good to articulate my thoughts as I've not really done it in this much detail ever.
TL:DR: Boyfriend doesn't make time for me so I don't feel the intimate connection I require to be more sexually intimate. At what point is it no longer worth continuing the relationship?
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2023.06.10 20:20 home-blunder Hi, i saw this sub during r/place. Just here to rant few things about cars.

First of all, Fuck Cars
I daily go to Library in the evening on my bicycle and once in every two days i fucking dodge those speeding assholes. One mf almost killed me today.
Can you just follow the fucking lane even if it's the country side ffs. If not for my reaction timing i wouldn't be writing this today. Son of a bitch. Can you drive little slow mf? I hope that the chick you're getting late for, fucks someone else. And then you jump off a cliff while driving that little shit of yours.
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2023.06.10 20:20 EchoJobs PayPal is hiring Principal Engineer USD 118k-287k [San Francisco, CA] [PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB]

PayPal is hiring Principal Engineer USD 118k-287k [San Francisco, CA] [PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB] submitted by EchoJobs to SFtechJobs [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:20 EchoJobs PayPal is hiring Principal Engineer USD 118k-287k [San Francisco, CA] [PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB]

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Coming from a regular ICE vehicle, test driving both the standard and performance had me completely blown away.
However, I didn’t for some reason think the performance was THAT much faster? Am I trippin? I thought both cars were quick as hell but there wasn’t some insane difference between the two.
My problem atm is that I would like to get the black on white trim but the black on white trim for the performance would not qualify for the $7500 since msrp would technically be over 55k.
So this leaves me with a black on white standard vs a black on black performance. I personally value the white interior a ton since it makes the car stand out… and lets be honest, everyone in California has a Model 3.
I could theoretically get seat covers on the performance to fill that void, however, not sure if someone wants to buy seat covers after spending $50k on a car.
Please give me your opinions. Is the performance THAT much better and worth spending $12k more even though I do not like that black interior? Will I regret not buying the performance? Does the speed get boring over time? I have no problem spending the additional $12k but I really wanted the white interior and noticed a marginal difference in test driving btw the performance and RWD.
Performance VS RWD! Opinions please !
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2023.06.10 20:19 RiseIndependent85 Work Out By J cole brings me so many memories.

Lol, it was 2011 and i had a blast that year just driving around with my friends just singing "I wanna see you work out! girl Ay, we've got a good thing don't know if I'mma see you again. But is that a good thing?
Just blasting that in the car singing it with the homies, i miss it haha. Always brings me good nostalgia though.
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2023.06.10 20:18 Deani1232 2023 Rattles and MPG

I recently purchased a 2023 Jetta SE. I love it so far, but there's two things that bug me.
I now have around 3k miles on this car, and both of the back windows rattle when driving. Has anyone had this happen to them as well? I know Jettas are going to rattle, but at 3k miles? Should I send back to the dealer? Will they actually fix it?
Secondly, does anyone actually get 31 to 45 mpg (epa rating) in this car? I seem to get 30 on a good day, most of the time under 30 cruising around suburbs and traffic lights and what not. I'm not exactly pushing it hard. I guess if I did only highway driving, it does get up to 35ish. It definitely has NOT hit 40, ever. Is there something wrong with my car?
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2023.06.10 20:18 StinkerAce 1978 Catalina 22

I’m looking at getting my first sailboat, I currently live in Utah and would probably sail on Utah lake. If anyone here sails in Utah let me know, I could use some pointers for sailing here. (Though I do start my lessons on July)
There’s a local Catalina 22 for 3500$ but doesn’t have a motor, I’ve yet to get a closer look at it. What could I expect to pay for a new motor? And I’ve heard 6-8hp is what I’d want?
Lastly I currently drive a Honda accord, which obviously couldn’t tow the boat. I have family with a car that could tow it, but would it be smarter to wait till I have a vehicle that can tow a boat? What are some expenses I may not be expecting?
Sorry if this breaks the rules, if anyone has resources they’d recommend let me know.
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2023.06.10 20:18 Nanyangosaurus Is it better to import a car from Canada to the US or go buy it in the US?

I'm moving from Montreal, QC, Canada to Austin, TX, US and am considering driving there instead of taking the plane. I was wondering if it's simpler to buy a car in Canada and then import it or to take a small trip somewhere in the US close to my city (like Vermont) to buy the car.
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2023.06.10 20:17 Bill_llib123 Andorra - best hikes & activities?

I’ll be in Andorra from 2-4 July.
I’m from a small city at the base of the Rocky Mountains in the US and am comfortable with mountain driving and hiking in higher altitudes
I’m overwhelmed by the number of beautiful hikes I’ve found in the country!
Rough itinerary:
July 2nd - •Arrive in the afternoon/early evening •Check into my hotel (near Soldeu) •Rest a bit, if needed (3-4 hour drive depending on the stops I will make for coffee, lunch, sightseeing) •Drive the “long” way (like 40 minutes including stops/detours to miradors!) to Andorra La Vella •stop at Miradors along the way, do some light hiking around these miradors as my energy/the time of day allow) •park the car, explore Andorra La Vella on foot. Buy groceries, get dinner
July 3- •wake in the early morning •full day of hiking •dinner en route back to the hotel or at the hotel resto •soak in the hotel spa or steam room before an early night
July 4- •check out by 10am •drive to several selfie spots •stop at anything interesting along the way •maybe a short (>3hr total) hike? •drive back towards Barcelona (there is no time concern so I’ll leave Andorra whenever I feel I’ve experienced all I need to
If anyone has suggestions for my big hike or for anything to check out on 4 July im so keen to hear it!
Thanks I’m advance!
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