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2017.10.15 22:34 sweatyjockballs 18 year old straight dude selling underwear and used clothing

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The subreddit of [Stuyvesant High School]( A place to share Stuyvesant-specific content (Spectator articles, relevant Youtube videos, letters from The Administration, discussion threads, etc.) and see which other mild-mannered Stuy students live secret double lives as redditors. This is also a place for alumni to gather, reminisce and share stories of Stuyvesant alumni in the real world.

2023.06.10 19:39 Awkwardpawners Need advice badly, I don't know what to do when my needs are not being met

Incoming long post, I'm sorry I'm just desperate for help.
I'm a (23 M) having issues with my needs not being met by my (24F) partner and I'm too scared to tell her about it.
I've been with her for a long time now about 5 years, we met in Highschool she is the only girlfriend I ever had whilst she had multiple partners before me, we were able to work things out despite our personalities being exact opposite, When we started I was 17 and we were incredibly sexually charged.
We had been in a relationship for 2 years then but we ended breaking up because I was too sexually charged and it might've been unattractive to her, never the less I loved her with all I have.
That break-up was devastating to me as she was my first of everything, I'm an introvert and human connection is very precious to me specially her because she was the one who "saved" me when my mother passed away.
It also didn't help that immediately after we broke up 3 months she already had another guy, not to mention I tried mending our relationship before then while someone was also courting her. She had a boyfriend who was well knowned in our school and we have heard rumours about them being sexually active as well.
It caused me to develop multiple issues such as I had trouble trusting people leaving me unable to find a partner as I've doubted that the relationship will last, It also caused me to revolt the idea of sex as for me it became the reason why we broke up and It was the only thing that I could blame. The effect was too great that I didn't really know what I wanted to do with life anymore, Failed going to college, I went with the flow and ended up applying for a job simply because I had nothing to do, no desire to do anything.
This lasted for 3 years, until I finally developed feelings for another person my Bestfriend (f) this person also had feelings for me. I was clear to her that I'm interested in her and based on our conversations we had we have a similar sex drive. So I courted her giving her efforts and started hanging out with her but she said she isn't interested yet in a long term relationship.
while this attempt didn't really worked out I believe this helped me realize that I can fall in love again, that it's possible for me to make another human connection, I just had to try.
and so I had started flirting with many girls and to my surprise some are interested, I was able to trust people again, open up with them, have sexually charged conversations, some even are sexually open to the point that they are okay with being invited to a hotel.
during this time my Ex gf now (22) got in touch with me again, I told her that I haven't found someone else yet that made me feel the same way she did but I was working on it. This caused her to get interested to me again as she had failed with her relationship that came after me ( the person that came after me was verbally abusive, and they had issues with religion).
So we got back together, to my surprise she was incredible sexually aggresive at me. Due to my previous experience with Her I was not planning to have sex with her and besides my sex drive is no longer that high. But I was too starved for human touch and ended up succumbimg to it, in our first year we are very happy, It felt like everything is working perfectly well now. It helped me get back and continue my studies whilst I help her with hers and worked out our relationship, I believe our frequent sex bought back my sex drive.
Fast forward to now, We are still very happy with each other, we can open up about everything except sometimes about financial, she is Graduating now and I just finished my first year in college. I had notice that in the past few (6) months she is no longer sexually active with me anymore, multiple times I have been rejected and nowadays I'm lucky if we have sex once a week. And now the build up frustration is getting in to me as of the moment we had not sex for a month, nothing has change though we are still incredibly in love with each other and cheating is not in the equation.
But I believe this sexual dissatisfaction is affecting me greatly, I am too afraid to open it up to her because it has been the reason of our previous break up, It makes me feel bad that jrking off doesn't really solve it it just makes me feel even more sad.
I don't really know what to do, I believe myself to be not needy at all aside from sex, I want to make things work out for us but I really do believe we are sexually incompatible.
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2023.06.10 19:39 theholytinkerer EC Related: Are there any online math competitions for 18 year olds that are about to join college?

I haven’t joined college yet. Will apply for transfers. I want to know any online internationally acclaimed Math competitions where an 18 year old who has cleared Grade 12th/High school or equivalent can participate. I have looked up online but haven’t found any that are eligible for me + are online.
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2023.06.10 19:38 Unique-Ad6548 CHANCE AN INTERNATIONAL'27 TRANSFER

Hey guys, I'm an international student from India who'll be attending Trinity College Hartford this fall. I would like to transfer out of Trinity to one of the T20s ( Harvard, Wharton, Columbia and Dartmouth are the dream ). I'm aware it's really hard for intls needing aid to transfer but I would like to give it a try. I have included my profile below and I like for you guys to go over it and give me advice to successfully transfer to a T20. I would also like to know what you guys think of my chances to transfer to these colleges.
Intended Majors : Finance and public policy
*Academics: GPA- 98.3/100 ( ranked 3 out of 900ish ), Test scores- Test optional.
*Background story: ( common app essay ) wrote about childhood trauma and how it influenced me to standup for human rights and how in the future I aspire to own an organisation that acts as a voice for those without one. It was mostly about what I did rather than just the trauma I had to go through.
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2023.06.10 19:38 AutoModerator Copyhackers - Copy School 2023 (latest)

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2023.06.10 19:37 Xxaqua_ Belly piercing (redo)

I had a belly piercing before I graduated high school I loved it but it rejected and left a nasty scar. I’m 22 now and it looks like a small dark spot above my navel from where it rejected (I’m unsure if it was poor placement or the clothing I wore)
I plan on having the spot checked out so I can get it re-pierced which brings me to question, should I just avoid getting this piercing redone because I wear high waisted leggings/pants? Has anyone had a problem with their belly piercing and high waisted pants? Or should the jewelry be able to sit comfortably despite the clothing?
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2023.06.10 19:36 North-Particular-262 Art Fairs worth a shit in the NH (New England) area. Willing to drive

I’m an artist coming back to NH for (at least) the next six months.
I’m coming from a pretty hip area in the South so I’m a little worried about showing in NEw England since it seems to skew a little old/conservative (my work is not boomer commercial material ie: cardinals, moose, Red Sox or landscapes)
NH based artists, is there any art fairs in the New England area that I can drive to that would be worth a shit? I’m currently in Buffalo NY doing an art fair so I’m willing to drive at least 6-12 hours for an art fair if it’s a good one.
I literally haven’t seen anything online for Boston which I am kind of surprised. I mean the closer the better.
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2023.06.10 19:35 goodboy92 I need urgent clarification from you.

Hello everybody. I (30M) know this girl from my school days and even though she is been a part of my group of friends since those days, I never reach out and talk to her until now and this was mainly because:1) I always had this image of her being a cold person, 2) I was fairly inmature back them, 3)I am a late bloomer who sometimes gets a hold of things later in life. Anyways, I recently started to talk to her and I discovered how wrong I was and I even let her known that discovering that she was as normal as everyone else was such a pleasant surprise, so I continue to visit her every now and then in her family business just to you know talk, I even clarify her that please do not take me for a crazy in love person who stalks her, just for someone who is happy to talk to her. I only engage in convos with her when I am in her family business (if she needs to attend clients I simply keep quiet and step aside) and when we are with the other group of friends I become a social butterfly (I dont like to be intense) and when we are talking ocassionally I throw her some hints but she just laughs. I know that she hasnt had a lot of bf, if any, and this is mainly because 1) Her parents are strict asf, they barely let her hangout with the group of friends, 2)She apparently has extremely high standards, something her own friends have said, so even though I throw her hints and even though I clarify her that I am not madly in love with her, she doesn't seem to reciprocate, I mean, I have always heard that this is a game of two but in this case feels like a game of one, I want to be more direct but I feel like that would backfire and tbh I dont exactly feel that strong about her I mean she is pretty and all, but I dont feel anything more than lust. Maybe she doesn't reciprocate because she expects me to get the hint that she is not interested, in that case it is ok, its a bummer but it is ok.
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2023.06.10 19:34 sad_bleep What colleges do you think I would be a qualified applicant for?

I already know I'm going to apply to Princeton, Columbia, and Yale, even if it's unrealistic, simply because I'll regret never knowing if I could have gotten into my dream school. That being said, I'm still waffling about what other colleges I want to submit an application to, especially since the fees are so high.
Desired Major: Art, and currently interested in language for a minor
GPA: 3.95, both weighted and unweighted. And no, I didn't take any AP courses, which is by far the weakest point of my application and freaking me out badly. I had specific reasons for this, but still.
Highest SAT: 1580 (haven't taken the ACT yet, or any subject tests)
Ext. Activities: Won an international art competition (lengthy interview, work featured in magazine and NY exhibit), currently working as a concept artist for a highly recognizable company, won top prizes at state fair, founded a non-profit (fairly large number of participants / raised 20K+), Vice President of the National Honor Society, 100+ hours of volunteer work for the TNR feral cat program, and a member of Art/German clubs at school. There's some more stuff, but this is pretty much the gist.
Edit: I'm also working on getting some pieces into the Guggenheim. Nothing's guaranteed at the moment, but that would probably look good if it did happen.
LOR and Essays: So my essay is only a draft right now, but I'm confident I can make it memorable (partially because I kind of have to, if I want any chance of getting in). I've always been really close with a lot of my teachers, too, so I'm not worried about the letters of recommendation. The letter from my counselor probably won't be as strong, but I certainly don't think she would write anything unflattering.
Optional Arts Supplement: Will be submitting one, and I'm hoping it'll work in my favor, not against me.
Current In-State Options: UNC of Chapel Hill, Davidson, and Lenior-Rhyne. Also, I have no problem with going out-of-state, but would preferably like to stay near the East Coast (especially somewhere North, since I just moved from the South in September and don't want to go back lol).
- - - - - - -
Thank you in advance, and apologies for this being so long by the way.
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2023.06.10 19:34 milikosz89 Kalman's bizarre adventure

Kalman's bizarre adventure
Some hungarian history mixed with JoJo by my high school students.
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2023.06.10 19:34 Shaywave08 How do I get my dog to stop barking at me?

He's a 17mo old standard poodle. I've had him just shy of two weeks. He was rehomed to us by a friend of my kid. So my kid knows this dog and already had a bond with him. (He was loved and well taken care of in his piror home).
A few examples:
I'm on the phone and my kid is watching TV. Dog comes up to me and sits next to me and starts barking at me. Son notices and calls dog to him and dog keeps barking at me. My kid grabs a ball and calls for dog, dog continues barking at me. My kid throws the ball across the room and says dogs name and finally he stops barking at me and engages in playtime with my kid.
This morning I drive to the park (about 5 minutes) and I take dog for a 40 minute walk. Back in car for 5 minute ride back home. Once back home I throw the ball around with him when he lets me grab it, he loves to grab it first most of the time, so i grab it when i can and we continue this for about 10 minutes. Then I decide to drink my coffee and watch the news. I grab his yak stick (he has shown on and off interest in this) and hand it to him. He takes it, puts it down and walks over to me, sits right next to me, stares in my face, and barks. So I think, oh I haven't filled his food bowl. I go and do that and then I'm standing at the fridge getting water to pour into his water bowl and he comes up to me and starts barking at me. I ignore and pour his water. I go sit back down and he's right there barking at me. I go and get one of his frozen treat toys (similar to the kong but shaped different). It's filled with PB, greek yogurt, and pumpkin. He takes it and goes to work on it for about 20 minutes and then he's right back next to me barking. I try petting him and talking to him, rubbing him down, telling him he's a good boy, etc. When I do this he will scoot back to where I can't reach him and continue to bark. After that he will get close to me again while barking and put his paw on my lap. So I get up, walk into the kitchen and start unloading my dishwasher. He wanders off for a minute, and then lays down by front door. I finish the dishwasher and then go back to sit down in living room and he follows me and starts barking at me. He brings me his stuffed squeaky toy. We play tug of war with it for a bit and then I throw it, he retrieves it a few times and then the last time i throw it he just looks at it, then looks at me and starts barking at me again. I think maybe he wants to go out back so I open the door, he wonders around the deck for a few seconds and then comes back in. Barks at me again. I get up and give him his dental chewy. He takes it and works on that for about 15 minutes. He comes up to me after and barks at me. I get up and start moving around, doing busy work so he goes and lays next to the door and starts napping. Continues to nap for about an hour until my kid comes down and he jumps up out of his sleep. This whole process of him barking at me and me trying to drink my coffee and watch the news was about 1.5 hours. I know poodles need a lot of enrichment and exercise, but it seems like if he's not actively engaging in some activity he's barking at me. Don't dogs ever just chill and hang out? He's a great dog and we all love him, but his barking at me is starting to stress me out.
On school mornings I get up in the monring and I give him lots of hellos, petting, talking to him, etc. We go out back immediately so he can potty. Sometimes I have to use the bathroom real quick before I take him out back, he sits at the bathroom door and barks at me. We go out back and I'll throw the ball around to him, he'll go potty. This is usually 20 minutes. Often he'll come up to me and bark, which I guess means he wants to come back in. So we do. Then he will follow me to my kids room to wake him up for school. As I'm waking my kid, dog is looking at me and barking. We come back downstairs. I have about 20 minutes before my kid is ready to leave for school. I always take dog with me for the car ride and then we immediately take a walk before we come back in the house. I sit down at my computer and the dog is immediately barking at me. I try petting him and talking to him, he backs up so i cant reach him and continues barking at me. I try to ignore, he keeps barking. I get up and move around and he follows me around. I try to sit again to check some emails and he's back barking at me and putting his paw on me. So the entire 20 minutes before we leave to take kid to school he's barking at me and I'm trying to distrat him somehow. This is not what I imagined life with a dog to be like.
It's not a deep scary bark but it's high-pitched. And his eyes are very human like and he just stares at me and barks and sometimes does a low growl (not the scary sounding growl when he sees someone outside). But still, it's unnerving and stressing me out to have my dog barking at me every day. My kids are great at taking him outside and playing with him, taking him for car rides, etc. He's in and out of the house several times a day (we have a fenced in backyard). But he still barks at me if he's not sleeping or doing somehing with someone. I'm a first time dog owner so I'm really not sure how to handle this. He'll ignore everyone else in the household and come and bark at me. He also follows me around like a shadow. Every move I make he is right by my side. I don't mind that, but I'd really like to nip this barking at me thing. Has anyone btdt? What has worked for you?
He has toys, balls, stuffed animals, tug of war toys, puzzle feeder (that he can do in minutes), a snuffle mat, kong, etc. This morning I gave him his yak stick (which he did not chew on), his frozen treat, and his dental chew, all before 11am, just to get him to stop barking at me.
Please, someone help!
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2023.06.10 19:33 warm_mitten 24M Looking for people to hang around and do stuff with online

Hello! Guess it's been a while since the last time I posted. I gotta be honest, I haven't had much(or well...almost any) time for socializing in the past year or so with the work advancements and starting out gym. Anyways about me, yes!
I'm a 24 year old from Europe and I'm looking for friendly and benevolent people around my age. Assigned the trait of "introvert" at birth, I was never much for crowds in high school and always preferred quiet gatherings at my or a friend's house rather than hitting popular hotspots around town. That's one thing that's stayed consistent and honestly I don't think it'll ever change. I just don't feel comfortable having music blast my eardrums and then being half deaf the next day.
That type of lifestyle has led to me mostly socializing through other means such as online chat groups, discord servers and video game communities! I have also started going to the gym in January last year and that has resulted in more social interaction than I'd have ever though. It definitely had a positive effect on my mental state as well as my physical state. I wouldn't say I really made any friends there even though it's been a year and a half now but those small talks you sometimes have with someone when you ask them if they're done using a certain machine are nice.
That said, I still mainly resort to online means for social interaction so I'm hoping to find someone who's willing to do stuff such as watch movies or play video games. Needless to say I'd prefer to voice chat after we get to know each other. Now I know that everyone says this but I'm timid and shy at first but if I feel like we hit it off, I can come out of the proverbial shell and be my weird self.
Time zones aren't of huge concern to me although keeping up with someone who's 9 hours away might be difficult for obvious reasons. The only actual requirement I guess would be for you to be fluent in English as it's quite difficult to use slang and make stupid puns if you can barely understand the language.
What I'm not looking for: -effortless responses such as "hi hru" -bigots
Hope to hear from some of y'all!
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2023.06.10 19:32 TheWatcher657 Why Alexee Will Be and Should Be Found Not Guilty. Case Analysis. The Real Guilty Parties Exposed. Long Read.

Hello. I know just from reading the title you are likely seething with rage and hate for Alexee. Likely you have already down voted this post. I am appalled by the number of people having already convicted Alexee and now want her lynched.
I am equally appalled by the amount of video the public has access too. This has tainted public opinion and makes it almost impossible she will be afforded a fair and unbiased trial based on actual evidence introduced in court. All of the surveillance video from inside the hospital should never have been released. This violates Hippa Laws and a patient's Right to Privacy. "When you use security cameras in a healthcare environment, the video footage that you record qualifies as PHI. As PHI, video surveillance footage must be protected according to HIPAA regulations.Jun 10, 2021"
Alexee was experiencing an acute medical and mental health emergency and the release / leak of hospital video violates her right to doctor patient confidentiality. For those whose blood is boiling what if this was inside an abortion clinic and a teenager was violated by the release of videos in a patient treatment area? Protesters would be enraged and demand action--where is the outrage here?
Based on the facts as currently known (no discovery yet just what is in public domain and can be verified) this is how I would defend Alexee during a trial. I ask you to consider all of the following:
--Innocence until proven guilty in a court of law--the cornerstone of our legal system and society.
I strenuously argue and expect the following be inadmissible and excluded from trial:
>All video of Alexee inside the patient treatment areas of the hospital--both security cameras and police body cameras excluded .
>Police bodycam footage from inside Alexee's treatment room should be Hippa protected. She has the expectation of doctor patient confidentiality. Police knew there was no crime actively happening inside the hospital room at the moment they entered. The question of IF a crime was committed already occurred in the toilet room previous to police arrival and there was no flight risk from Alexee in a hospital room with one way in and out.
Police violated her civil rights by entering her medical treatment room while Alexee was in a hospital bed. Further police by entering her hospital room delayed urgent medical care Alexee required and placed undue stressors on her during a critical moment when per the statements of the doctor she was hemorrhaging.
>At no point was she read her Miranda Rights. Any statements made during an acute medical and mental health crisis inside a treatment room without her being advised of her Miranda Rights cannot be used against her at trial.
--During all video of her in her treatment room and patient hallway areas--as has been so far illegally released to the public violating her Hippa rights-- Alexee was under the influence of pain medicine administered by the hospital.
Pain medicine alters how Alexee feels, her body's sensations, perception of said sensations, mental acuity, mental state, memory and cognitive ability--this is the whole purpose of pain medications. These are indisputable and known scientific facts for decades which have proven pain medications cause all of these reactions which is why every single pain med has strict warnings not to operate machinery, not to drive Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera........ (For those attacking Alexee as mentally deficient, "slow", retarded, "mentally off" and / or view her reactions as not appropriate the hospital had her hopped up on pain medications before she even went to the bathroom. I say shame on anyone convicting her in the court of public opinion under the influence of medication(s) and during an acute medical and mental health crisis.
>Purported pictures of Alexee with her cheer leading team in the grey shirt and holding the megaphone in her uniform. These pictures are all over the internet and have not been verified as authentic. I believe there is a high likelihood these particular pictures have been photo-shopped making them altered fakes. There are multiple indicators of the two most widely distributed photos showing they are not authentic.
The person who took said pictures, origin of the pictures, original metadata and chain of custody of these photos must be discovered and questioned. Once the absolute original files have been discovered, if they even exist, they need to be independently analyzed by a digital photography expert.
I ask everyone to please put the videos you have seen out of your mind as well as it should and will likely be for the jury during the trial. I ask you to consider the following facts as we understand them at this juncture. Use only the following facts to determine if there is any reasonable doubt concerning Alexee and what happened. Even a scintilla of doubt or uncertainty means Alexee should be adjudicated not guilty by a court.
During a trial I argue the following in defense of Alexee:
>Alexee is a teenager. She only recently turned 19. She is inexperienced in life, sex and relationships. Although technically an adult by a few weeks the law is contradictory. She is still in high school due to when she was born and started kindergarten. At 19 she cannot smoke cigarettes, vape or buy or drink alcohol. Society and the law has decided 19 is not old enough to make an informed decision on smoking and alcohol. Her mother treats her as a child.
>Alexee has been treated in such a way by her mother to be ashamed of teen sex and its possible consequences. Her mother despite good intentions created a relationship of shame regarding sex and loosing her virginity. Most teens and even young adults do not share intimate sexual details with theirs parents for many reasons. Consider the added stress the mother has created for years in a misguided attempt to protect her daughter.
People in general but especially children and teenagers deny they did something wrong when accused. A child is observed breaking an item and even though said child knows the parent saw her break the item often will deny they broke it when questioned. There are decades of child psychiatry and doctors to testify regarding this. Those young children grow up to be teenagers and if the parent(s) have not properly handled these learning opportunities at young ages the teenager will have--in this case 19 years--of improper responses of how to handle life.
>Alexee's mother was beaten and abused by her father so badly Alexee was born preterm with hip and spinal problems causing pain on and off her entire life. Imagine the unhealthy relationship regarding sex, men and pregnancy her mother--despite good intentions--during Alexee's life imprinted on a child and then a teen.
>Alexee was taking hormonal birth control pills. We do not know if these were prescribed for acne, menstrual problems or birth control reasons. If prescribed for acne or menstrual problems and Alexee's mom knew she was taking them this combined with her mom's many years worth of admonishment, forbidding and shaming of teen sex and her mother feeling confident her daughter was a virgin--this would create a mental assurance for her mother she could never possible be pregnant.
Likewise, regardless if Alexee was taking hormonal bc with or without her mom's knowledge she would be assured she was preventing any possibility of pregnancy and being safe. Hormonal bc is widely regarded as virtually 100% effective and the best non-surgical option for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. The Pill is the gold standard for being safe and responsible to the point it's common knowledge providing a false sense of security.
The pill is so ubiquitous as infallible even in pornographic videos it is commonplace for the teen or woman to state "pull out I'm not on the pill"--as if she was on the pill it would be 100% guaranteed safe. Teens and even adults are indoctrinated to commonly believe the pill is infallible--even in porn.
We know sex education is lacking in all public schools, her fundamentalist church certainly wasn't providing sex ed, her mom used fear, shame and abstinence as the only approach and her father was a scumbag abuser not even in her life in a meaningful way. Media targeted to teens promotes "safe sex" rarely making a point any bc can fail. It's promoted and considered as an absolute.
No matter how you consider the above facts both Alexee and her mom were very confident there was no way she could be pregnant. Taking the bc pill to Alexee was an assurance she could not become pregnant, she could not disappoint her mom--she was being safe with no risks and in a committed long term relationship. She wasn't "one of those girls" or the school slutt.
>Alexee gained some weight. Everyone knows the Pill can cause weight gain. Its the number one reason teenagers and young women state they don't want to take the pill. There is so much pressure on being thin--especially for a teenager and a high school student going to prom ect. When she noticed she gained some weight of course it was because of the bc pill. She can't be pregnant--of course not--because she's on the pill. How could she be? A quick Google search "can the pill make me gain weight" confirms its common.
If her mom knew about her being on BC this causes no alarms for her mom because not only does she believe her daughter is a virgin she's on the pill and the pill makes many women gain weight.
>Maybe--and we don't know--Alexee was on BC because of menstrual issues. If that was the case then any period irregularities would be explained by known period issues, the pill can make periods light or non-existent in many women so nothing to be worried about if she's irregular, besides irregular periods are common in teens--especially athletes, as a medical fact. It is well known many women bleed during pregnancy at the time when they expect to be having a period so think they are regularly menstruating.
There are even entire TV shows based on the woman not knowing she is pregnant--many are adults in their 30s, experienced in life and many even had previous children!! Plenty of incidents making this fairly common and plenty of respected medical doctors will testify in court to this phenomenon.
>Alexee was treated in the emergency room in December--one month prior--for back pain. The same back pain she experienced on and off her whole life--and the same back pain that would bring her to the ER the night she delivered. She would have been around 32 to 36 weeks pregnant (pregnancy full term is 40 weeks gestation even though everyone commonly thinks 9 months) and at the end of December when seen in the ER. No one, not a single medical professional noticed she was very pregnant while in the hospital four weeks prior to delivering a baby.
>Alexee tells her mom she is in pain in January and needs to go to the ER for treatment. This is significant. If Alexee knew she was pregnant and premeditated killing and hiding the baby from her mom, boyfriend and the world it makes absolutely no sense she would tell her mother she was in pain and needed to go to the hospital. If she premeditated murder and secrecy then she would not have presented herself to her mom in pain and needing medical help. Everyone has seen TV births--although not realistic--there is almost always pain and pushing and then a baby. So Alexee who has premeditated and purposely hidden 40 weeks or pregnancy fooling everyone--her mom, peers, boyfriend, coaches, teachers, nurses and doctors decides to tell her mom she needs to go to the hospital when IF she had realized she was pregnant and consciously hidden and schemed everything!?!?! This makes no sense.
We know for a fact she knew how to do things herself on the "down low". Afterall she wasn't having sex infront of her mom--she went somewhere private to do the deed. If her premeditated plan all along was to knowingly conceal........see where this is going?
>January ER visit considerations:
--Alexee's mom had three kids--makes her very experienced at pregnancy--and has no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee is seen by and triaged by a registered nurse. She does not notice she is full term and in active labor. The duty of and sole purpose of the triage nurse to identify acute medical conditions needing immediate and emergency treatment--like say heart attacks or active labor.
>Alexee is taken to a hospital exam room and seen by the intake nurse--another registered nurse-- who's duty is and is trained to takes vitals, acquire pertinent information, makes trained medical observations and prepares the patient for possible required exams for when the doctor arrives--all of this on behalf of the doctor.
This nurse does not notice she is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember that part above "prepares the patient for possible required exams" if the nurse has any indications the issue was in anyway related to female reproductive organs or involved the vagina the nurse would have the patient--Alexee--change into a gown for a possible pelvic exam.
She does not do this--Alexee is not in a hospital gown so another registered nurse experienced in emergency medicine--nurse number two--is completely oblivious to a full term pregnancy and active labor.
>The doctor comes into the exam room. This is a licensed and trained medical doctor specializing in emergency medicine. She speaks with and presumably examines Alexee for her back pain--to do anything less is malpractice. This medical doctor, certified and practicing emergency medicine orders pain medicine administered to Alexee.
We have a trained and experienced MEDICAL DOCTOR that does not realize Alexee is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember those photos on the internet I discussed earlier and believe them to be faked and photo-shopped? If they were real and she was that visibly pregnant tell me two registered nurses and a licensed medical doctor given the symptoms displayed, age of the patient and the obvious dynamic between mom and daughter about keeping her virginity and you still don't this she is full term pregnant and in active labor.
The dynamic observed between Alexee and her mom the doctor had the DUTY as a standard of car to ask the mother to leave the exam room so she could privately discuss things with Alexee.
>We have all been in the hospital and ER so we all know how this goes. We know another nurse came to administer the pain meds and to administer test(s) order by the doctor. (we also know this by the police interviews of all medical personal involved)
This is nurse number three not noticing a teenage girl is full term and in active labor!!! Not just any registered nurse but the Emergency Room CHARGE NURSE--the head of the nurses in the ER at that time. (he's the male nurse in the videos wearing a skull cap).
>We know one of the tests ordered by the doctor and administered was a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test that results POSITIVE. We have a teen girl patient in extreme pain who is sure she isn't pregnant and is adamant she is not pregnant because I don't believe she thought she was. This patient is in an exam room and you the medical staff and especially the doctor DO NOT immediately return to the exam room to conduct a simple and quick pelvic exam (which doesn't even require a doctor a nurse can do and routinely do pelvic exams).
>Instead the doctor orders an ultrasound. So time passes when a quick pelvic could have been done but wasn't and in comes the ultrasound tech. She DOES NOT HAVE THE PROPER WAND ATTACHMENT TO CONDUCT A PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND. On top of this she is an Ultrasound tech--certified and trained--and even after attempting an unsuccessful ultrasound doesn't realize Alexee is full term pregnant with a baby literally in the birth canal in active labor.
Keep in mind the certified and trained ultrasound tech who has done presumably dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of ultrasounds on pregnant women in labor--because ultrasounds are common in virtually every pregnancy--this tech doesn't realize Alexee is full term and in active labor.
We KNOW the ultrasound tech had to pull up Alexee's shirt to expose the skin on her stomach to attempt the ultrasound (because you can't do an ultrasound without skin to wand contact via some snot-like medical grade jelly).
IF the tech thought Alexee was in active labor, full term and close to delivering does anyone not think she wouldn't tell a nurse or the doctor?? "Hey you better check on this girl right now?"
>None of the medical staff even tells Alexee her pregnancy test was positive. Alexee and her mom still have no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee feels like she needs to use the bathroom--to have a bowel movement. The nurses and doctor allow her to get up, unaccompanied and waddle / run holding her bottom all the way down the hall. Alexee has NO IDEA she is pregnant--has never been told by any medical staff and didn't see the baby on the ultrasound because the tech botched the procedure not having the correct wand.
>Common knowledge to most people--lay people--as a baby enters the birth canal and crowns the woman feels an overwhelming urge to have a bowel movement. We expect even at the lowest and most minimal level of care by registered nurses and licensed doctors to know a woman in labor experiences a sensation of needing to have a BM before the baby is born. Medical facts and training teaches nurses and doctors to instruct the woman to push the baby out as if she was pushing to have a BM. We know virtually every woman has a BM at some point while pushing.
Alexee and her mom still have no idea she is pregnant at this point despite being seen by three registered nurses, an ultrasound tech and a licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR.
The medical staff KNOWS 100% Alexee is pregnant-and has known long enough to send in an ultrasound tech perform a botched ultrasound--and yet the medical staff knowing all of this allows Alexee to waddle-run down a hall holding her bottom, ALONE and be in a bathroom over 20 minutes.
We are so far past medical malpractice on so many levels to the point of gross negligence and blatant disregard for Alexee-the patient. I've seen a lot of cases of malpractice at busy hospitals but nothing has ever come close to the malpractice and willful disregard for patient care and safety as I have learned in this case.
>Alexee, doesn't know shes pregnant, feels like she needs to have an urgent BM. She's on the toilet, shes in pain, pushing feels good because that is what her body is telling her and everyone knows if you feel super constipated with a huge and heavy poop that's stuck as soon as you get it out you will feel better.
At some point Alexee's body takes over--humans are animals--and like animals a body will birth a baby as an automatic process regardless if the mom is ready or not. Regardless if the mom is even conscious or not--after all comatose patients have delivered babies spontaneously.
This is that time.
I know everyone is going to shout but she should have called for help ect ect.
Really think about this and consider:
>Alexee is a teenager, young and inexperienced with her body and womanhood. She only just barely meets the legal definition as an adult buy mere weeks and can't even buy vape or a pack of smokes and she's still in high school. An adult by technicality only she is in high school, acts very immature and has not had any life experiences as an adult.
>Alexee has been to the ER twice in 30 days time and is in the ER at this very moment sitting on a toilet with an incredible urge to poop, she's seen by half a dozen trained medical professionals even just moments ago and she knows they gave her a pregnancy test "just in case" and no one has told her she's pregnant, she's scared to death but in her mind she's on the birth control pill and not a single person at the hospital during two visits has told her she's pregnant. She has NO idea a baby is about to come out. It's not possible to her and based on all we know she has confirmation in her mind time and time and time again she is NOT PREGNANT. In fact, she is on her period she thinks, she sees blood--yes confirmation of period, cramps, pain, nausea--all valid, legitimate and known period indicators. She can't be pregnant as we have established and since she is at the hospital they would have told her if she was. She has back problems, thinks she is on or starting her period and is constipated worse than she has ever been--of course combined these are the cramps and pain from the pitts of hell.
>Experts will testify at some point in that toilet room she disassociates with her body. Now she is in fear, overwhelming pain, anxiety, young with limited life experience. She has been drugged by the doctors with pain medicine which affects her sensations and cognitive abilities and decision making. She wants to yell for help but she can't. There is no voice, no words and no actual realization as to what is happening to her.
>This is NOT unheard of. Fear is a power controller. Every person responds differently. Many people do nothing and totally freeze and are oblivious to external stimuli. History is full of people--aged and experienced adults who are trained professionals in life and death situations who freeze and cannot function or function in a totally illogical way.
--The airline pilot who despite thousands of hours of flight experience suddenly forgets how to fly or simply does nothing. Or does something so incredibly stupid and so contradictory to every bit of training and flying instinct makes the wrong response causing the plane to crash. (Atlas Air B767 / Continental Express Q400 / UPS A300)
--Trained soldiers in battle firing on their own fellow soldiers wearing the same uniform right in front of them but in that moment they kill their friends.
--A veteran police officer responding to a school shooting in Florida so overcome with fear he cannot enter the building to do the job he has trained, practiced and done for 25 plus years of his career resulting in dozens of children dying or injured.
--A respected gray-haired "old salt" ship captain who has crossed the Atlantic hundreds of times in his 50 year career--actually the admiral of the fleet-- who becomes impotent when his ship hits an iceberg and after giving the orders to evacuate disappears from leadership. (Titanic)
The recent Idaho murders the downstairs roommate, who has experienced actual adult experiences living on her own in college, comes FACE-TO-FACE with the killer while her four friends and roommates are bleeding out locks herself into her room, goes to bed and does NOTHING for hours until the net day. This is despite her admitting she heard a pained / muffled scream, moaning, an unknown voice and came face-to-face with the killer POTENTIALLY while the victims could have been saved with immediate medical care. She is defended by society as bearing no burden or negligence because she was young, scared and had been partying so was under the influence of substances.
Wait a was Alexee. Ironically some of the same people in this very forum who defended the Idaho roommate for being completely without burden by ignoring and going back to bed want to lynch Alexee or lock her up for her entire life.
Can we under all of these circumstances expect a teenage girl who has every legitimate reason to be sure she is NOT pregnant and not in labor expect her to be rational in this moment?
If Alexee herself didn't know she was pregnant, had no reason to expect she was pregnant, was on birth control, her mom who has had three pregnancies doesn't notice, her peers don't notice, her teachers don't notice, her coaches, her church, her boyfriend AND....
the visit where the birth occurred:
If ALL of the people in Alexee's life and ESPECIALLY TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS did not notice or realize she was not only pregnant but in active labor HOW CAN WE EXPECT ALEXEE--a teenager--TO REALIZE THIS WHEN SHE TOOK HERSELF TO A HOSPITAL WANTING HELP?
The hospital and its staff disgust me. They acted with total disregard to Alexee and human life. Not a single nurse or doctor even bothered to try and resuscitate the baby when it was found. Most likely the baby was beyond resuscitation but for medical professionals in a hospital to not even attempt to save the baby after totally botching the standard of care for Alexee up to this point shows how criminally negligent everyone who treated Alexee that night is culpable for the death of a child.
The state has WAY overcharged Alexee. At most she should be facing abuse of a corpse. She needs mental help not jail. She is not likely to ever re-offend.
The ER doctor should be charged with manslaughter and negligence resulting in a death as her level of care was grossly negligent.
My heart goes out to the little boy who is not live--stillborn or otherwise. All life is precious.
So is Alexee and her life. This is beyond horrible for all involved. Every single person in Alexee's life failed her time and time again.
Do not as a jury pr society fail her again and sentence her to life in prison. There is so much reasonable double of premeditation and medical negligence / indifference in this case it would be criminal for a jury to convict her of Premeditated Murder in the 1sr degree.
I pray for everyone involved on so many levels. This case has no winners--only losers . Every single person in contact at any point with Alexee--but especially on the night in question-- and Alexee herself has a heavy cross to bear for the rest of their lives.
The nurses and ultrasound tech should be retrained, put on probation to be monitored making sure they have the skills and judgements needed to care for patients and the medical doctor should lose her license.
Alexee especially as well as her mother and boyfriend need education and counseling.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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2023.06.10 19:32 flogxyourxmolly [US] [SELLING] K-On! 1-4, High School and College

Looking to sell my K-On! Collection. All books are in pristine condition and well OOP. I'm looking for $130 for the entire set and will not split.
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2023.06.10 19:31 Logical_Clothes_1089 Hey self-made millionaire, Can you adopt me?

I'm 19yo from a middle class background. I seriously wanna be a Gazillionaire by 30. I'm doing whatever is practically possible for me to do solo. I learnt App/Web dev. Doing projects, internships and also building and posting apps on PlayStore. But you know it's not enough.
By "Can you adopt me" I mean can you be my 2nd dad and guide me through the process. Give me directions. And alert me before a mistake.
I'm not asking for any money to skip the hard part. But want a support hand to increase my survival changes during the process.
I know alot of people are going to troll me now but I know they ain't the people with any unrealistic goals and never realised how hard it is to shift from middle class to high class. Infact they wouldn't read it all lol.
If anyone is genuinely interested, please feel free to DM me.
Also if there's other people out there like me, let me know maybe we can make it like an online school. Where self-made people will teach and interact with us on zoom, kinda like a class .
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2023.06.10 19:31 knnjns How to search for Japanese vocabulary-building resources aimed at Japanese students?

Even though my Japanese vocabulary is now beyond what gets covered by all the vocabulary books I have found (all aimed at learners of Japanese), I still run into too many unknown words for me to begin to understand standard Japanese written content (e.g. news, blog posts, magazine articles, novels, etc.).
I conclude that, in order to further train my Japanese vocabulary, I need to use vocabulary-training resources aimed at Japanese students.[1]
Unfortunately, I have not found a good search strategy to locate such resources.[2]
Can someone recommend some good search strategies, or outright vocabulary-building resources aimed at Japanese students?
[1] Caveat: I know that many people hate the idea of using resources specifically aimed at building vocabulary, and prefer instead to increase their vocabulary through exposure to comprehensible input. I am not one of these people! When I was learning English as a second language, I used vocabulary-training books aimed for American high school students. I am aware of the fact that such books offer a very impoverished version of the language (i.e. the definitions provided are often oversimplified), but for me they were invaluable at getting me over the intelligibility barrier.
[2] Ironically, the main obstacle I run into is that all my searches tend to result in resources for learning English vocabulary. Of course, I do not include any English words, let alone the character 英 in my searches, but I guess that in Japan there is a much bigger demand for expanding one's English vocabulary than for expanding one's Japanese one!
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2023.06.10 19:30 Logical_Clothes_1089 Hey self-made millionaire, Can you adopt me?

I'm 19yo from a middle class background. I seriously wanna be a Gazillionaire by 30. I'm doing whatever is practically possible for me to do solo. I learnt App/Web dev. Doing projects, internships and also building and posting apps on PlayStore. But you know it's not enough.
By "Can you adopt me" I mean can you be my 2nd dad and guide me through the process. Give me directions. And alert me before a mistake.
I'm not asking for any money to skip the hard part. But want a support hand to increase my survival changes during the process.
I know alot of people are going to troll me now but I know they ain't the people with any unrealistic goals and never realised how hard it is to shift from middle class to high class. Infact they wouldn't read it all lol.
If anyone is genuinely interested, please feel free to DM me.
Also if there's other people out there like me, let me know maybe we can make it like an online school. Where self-made people will teach and interact with us on zoom, kinda like a class .
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2023.06.10 19:30 JoaquinRevello Advice From UPenn Wharton Student on the Last Few Months of University Apps

As a current UPenn Wharton dual degree engineering student, I am here to share an insight I’ve picked up over my HS years creating my ED app that has helped me and other students navigate the last few months of the high-stress period in college applications.
It's the following two words: "Be ruthless."
What does it mean to be ruthless in this context? It comes down to your ability to say 'No' to things that don't matter and instead focus your time and energy on the things that do. I like Steve Jobs's quotes, "Deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do" and, "People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are."
In the months leading up to university applications, you will be swamped with assignments, tests, application forms, extracurriculars, and more. It's crucial to identify what among these is truly important and will contribute the most to your uni app success.
From my observations, I (and other students I know) made the mistake of trying to do everything. Instead, identify the one to three tasks per day that yield the most results and prioritize THAT. Time and attention are your most valuable resources, and how you utilize them in these crucial months can make or break your college applications.
For instance, you might have some extracurricular activities that, despite the time and effort you put into them, do not contribute to your application. Stop doing these. Put all your time and effort into the tasks that the university admissions officer will notice and appreciate. Typically these are also easy tasks (e.g. going to a Science club meeting, with this meeting having no impact on how your AO reviews and looks at your app). Instead, focus on the hard but necessary tasks.
Say 'No' to solicitations on your time that do not add value to your goals.
However, this doesn't mean you should never rest or explore your hobbies (this is high school). Rest and recovery are essential for high performance. All I'm saying is to be careful about what you say 'Yes' to and what you say 'No' to. And remember, once you get into your preferred university, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy all the things you may have "missed out on" (if you could even call it that).
In conclusion, stay ruthless with your time, priorities, and what you choose to say 'Yes' and 'No' to. Focus on saying 'No' to unimportant things and that will give you the time to do the important things. That's the difference between successful and unsuccessful students.
So, be ruthless, stay productive, and good luck with your college applications. Let me know if you have any Qs, I'm happy to help.
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2023.06.10 19:29 Sccc64 我也毕业了 默友们 祝福我吧

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2023.06.10 19:28 tesuji42 Your thoughts on the Bible being banned in a Utah school district (and the Book of Mormons is next)

The irony is obvious here: The Bible, the bestselling book in history, is considered a guide to moral behavior. It's also being banned for its "vulgarity and violence." And the Book of Mormon is being challenged on the same grounds (murder, rape, cannibalism, etc.).
As a high school English teacher I deal with this question all the time. Do I teach my kids time-honored literary classics, as well as contemporary Pulitzer Prize winning literature, that also has horrible or depressing things in their plots?

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2023.06.10 19:27 TrueJAB Looking for my next help desk job but no call backs NEED HELP

I currently have a year experience in IT at a school district. I make no money at all and need a new job in tech. I been studying for ccna and applying for jobs but currently getting no call backs. Here is my resume if anyone has any tips It would be highly appreciated!
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2023.06.10 19:25 Icy_Blues_Queen Peni Parker is literally me

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2023.06.10 19:25 greencatz412 Dating 5 years and bfs son doesn’t want my 14 daughter at his graduation dinner.

My bf of 5 years has a senior in high school who is having a graduation dinner next week. I was invited but my bfs mom said something to me about seeing me at graduation. I asked my bf and he said I was invited, but that my daughter was not. For context the kids have known each other for 4 years and have hung out periodically. Never consistently and never really got along. Mine would bring a book over and choose to disengage rather than talk and recently the 17 yr old was here to do some fishing with his dad and my daughter said hello from the yard, but wouldn’t get up and declined dinner out after. So I understand his sons feelings. However, the son made it clear he wanted me at his dinner. I am kind and chit chat with his son. I am uncertain what to do. Do I go to the dinner and hope my daughter has plans ? Or not go bc we both were not invited ?
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