247 transfer portal rankings

Transferring how hard is it to transfer from a lower ranked school into a school ranked in the T40s and 50s

2023.06.10 18:09 Prestigious-Brain741 Transferring how hard is it to transfer from a lower ranked school into a school ranked in the T40s and 50s

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2023.06.10 18:09 Ok-Lead-4501 Middle arts

The middle arts are the next rank of arts coming before Master arts and coming after Beginner Arts, they are much harder to master and create more mana cells compared to beginner arts, they art also much more destructive then the beginner arts
the beginner arts consist of
Steel Arts
* Spike Shield
* * Smithing Slam
* * Needle Shot
* * * Weapon Wheel
* * * Repair
* * * * Spark Cannon
* * * * * Portal Shot
Associated Landmark: Hidden Arena

Cryo Arts

* Frost Bubbles
* Black Ice
* * Glazer
* * * Snow Roll
* * * Hail Bomb
* * * * Cold Finger
* * * * * Whiteout
Associated Landmark: Wintoria Research Station

Veno Arts

* Mercury Spray
* * Orange Dust
* * Chemical Whip
* * * Glass Spikes
* * * * Acid Vortex
* * * * Sludge Blaster
* * * * * Toxic Blades
Associated Landmark: Contaminated Peaks

Static Arts

* Jolt Blast
* * Magnet Wave
* * * Storm Volt
* * * Static heal
* * * * Thunder orb
* * * * Plazma Wheel
* * * * * Electromorph
Associated Landmark: Thunder Cove
im not to keen on the name so if you could come up with a new name for the middle arts, it would be great
also if you have any more ideas for arts, please tell me them
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2023.06.10 17:18 FriarBot [Game Thread] San Diego Padres (30-33) @ Colorado Rockies (26-39) 12:10 pm (Saturday, June 10)

San Diego Padres (30-33) @ Colorado Rockies (26-39) Saturday June, 10 12:10 PM

Pick-The-Stick Top 10

Sign up at Pick-The-Stick.com. Be sure to get your picks in before the first pitch.
Rank User Points Total Picks Position Change
1 Hammond89 211 63 +1
2 Yungbillcosbii 210 63 +1
3 ritchrock 206 57 -2
4 M57drew 202 63 0
5 bbatardo 199 62 0
6 Dull_send 198 57 0
7 SaveOurBolts 195 58 0
8 jrobertson2204 194 56 0
9 Speacialk333 192 60 0
10 Drewvagen 190 63 +2

Team TV Radio
SD San Diego Padres KWFN 97.3,XEMO 860 (es)
COL ATT SportsNet-RM KOA 850 AM/94.1 FM ,KNRV 1150 (es)

Starting Pitchers

Team Pitcher Record ERA IP H ER BB SO WHIP
Ryan Weathers 1-4 5.09 35.1 39 20 15 23 1.53
Kyle Freeland 4-7 4.06 71.0 71 32 17 44 1.24

Starting Lineups - Season Stats

# Player Pos. Avg AB H 2B HR RBI # Player Pos. Avg AB H 2B HR RBI
1 Fernando Tatis RF .262 183 48 10 12 30 1 Jurickson Profar LF .247 223 55 14 5 25
2 Juan Soto LF .269 216 58 16 10 31 2 Randal Grichuk DH .331 118 39 12 1 11
3 Manny Machado 3B .239 184 44 8 6 21 3 Ryan McMahon 3B .261 230 60 18 9 36
4 Gary Sanchez DH .294 34 10 2 5 11 4 Elias Diaz C .299 194 58 13 6 29
5 Xander Bogaerts SS .256 219 56 9 7 21 5 Elehuris Montero 1B .234 64 15 3 1 9
6 Jake Cronenworth 1B .217 221 48 8 6 22 6 Nolan Jones RF .349 43 15 4 2 10
7 Ha-Seong Kim 2B .246 187 46 10 5 20 7 Ezequiel Tovar SS .248 214 53 18 4 26
8 Trent Grisham CF .191 188 36 14 6 16 8 Alan Trejo 2B .245 110 27 8 0 12
9 Austin Nola C .130 108 14 2 1 7 9 Brenton Doyle CF .215 107 23 3 4 16

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2023.06.10 17:14 Joboggi MLB Team Salaries

MLB Team Salaries
Phils > Dodgers > Braves
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2023.06.10 17:12 omdongi Booked a Star Alliance partner open jaw w/ ANA for 95k

Y'all may have seen me nonstop ask questions on this forum, but I just wanted to share that I successfully booked my first ever "partner" redemption like this. I've used the Chase portal or transferred to directly to the airline before, so this is my first time doing something like this.
I got a May end nonstop open jaw from SEA to TPE, TPE to SFO on EVA Air J class for 95k miles and $265 in fees. I transferred the 95k miles using AMEX MR points.
Based on the actual trip price, it's around $5.4k, so this averages to a 5.4 cents/mile, which I think is pretty good! I personally would never pay that much for a flight, even if it is business class, so this is a nice opportunity to enjoy something like this.
I don't really have any learnings to share, other than I really recommend reading the ANA posts in the sidenav, since they really do have a lot of good information.
One minor thing for me was that the Chrome browser on Windows seems to not work well w/ the ANA site for me (tried clearing cache, incognito, etc.). So using Safari on my Macbook seemed to do the trick.
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2023.06.10 17:04 Tony2958 [XB1][XBX][M23] Buying Coins in Bulk Over 1800 Confirmed Deals on MCSRep Fast, Safe and Easy! Instant Payment Trusted Elite Trader

I am looking to buy MUT 23 coins, preferably in bulk
Advantages of dealing with me:
I can pay with PayPal, Xbox, Amazon or other gift cards.
Your satisfaction is very important to me, so I always make sure to offer a fast and excellent service.
If you have any questions, it will be a pleasure for me to answer and help you.
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My 11th MCS Rep Profile - 182 trades
Click here to see all of my reputation pages
Ways to Contact me
  • PM or chat on Reddit
  • Instagram: tony2958mm
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2023.06.10 17:00 Tony2958 [PS4][PS5][M23] Buying Coins in Bulk Over 1800 Confirmed Deals on MCSRep Fast, Safe and Easy! Instant Payment Trusted Elite Trader

I am looking to buy MUT 23 coins, preferably in bulk
Advantages of dealing with me:
I can pay with PayPal, PSN, Amazon or other gift cards.
Your satisfaction is very important to me, so I always make sure to offer a fast and excellent service.
If you have any questions, it will be a pleasure for me to answer and help you.
My 1st MCSRep Profile - 416 trades
My 2nd MCSRep Profile - 267 trades
My 3rd MCSRep Profile - 189 trades
My 4th MCSRep Profile - 31 trades
My 5th MCS Rep Profile - 1 trade
My 6th MCS Rep Profile - 2 trades
My 7th MCS Rep Profile - 247 trades
My 8th MCS Rep Profile - 264 trades
My 9th MCS Rep Profile - 188 trades
My 10th MCS Rep Profile - 39 trades
My 11th MCS Rep Profile - 182 trades
Click here to see all of my reputation pages
Ways to Contact me
  • PM or chat on Reddit
  • Instagram: tony2958mm
  • Twitter: tony2958
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2023.06.10 16:56 karakarafade Selling CL4300 Marvel Snap account with Nebula, Thanos, Galactus, and High Evolutionary for $60 Venmo!!

All of the above for $60Venmo only
My past transactions selling accounts in the exact same way:
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2023.06.10 16:54 karakarafade [H] CL4300 Marvel Snap account with Nebula, Thanos, Galactus, High Rvolutionary [W] $60 Venmo

All of the above for $60Venmo only
My past transactions selling accounts in the exact same way:
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2023.06.10 16:45 epic0103 cant use transferred mons in sv ranked?

I have a shiny mimikyu i hatched in sword but for some rsn cant use in SV ranked, even though mimikyu is in the base SV dex. Is there any way to reset the mon like there was in the battle tower in swsh?
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2023.06.10 15:29 AlexSciChannel My idea for an action/combat Contemporary Dark Techno Fantasy story

The Mortal Roan:
If you noticed some obvious inspirations from other media, specifically anime don't be surprised. Things I do not have names for yet I used names from already existing media. But the story is entirely original.
So the idea for this story is to be set in the an alternate version of the modern day where the population is 40% lower than 8 billion.
Advanced prosthetics and cybernetics exist. Way more advanced than they are currently in the real world. Mostly due to the aid of electrical and gear magic. Also advanced technological databases and prophetic computer code algorithims often work as oracles or prophets.
There are three main types of beings in this world. Sorcerers, humans born with inherit magical ability that is passed on through genetics. They exhibit mana, which is the abstract essence of where their power comes from and can be detected by other mana users. Mysterious Beings, nonhuman, although sometimes humanoid mythological/folklore creatures that use magic dedicated to their realm of specialization. Ex. Werewolves - moon magic, Vampires blood magic, Lamia Serpent magic, U'tlun'ta - spear magic etc. They also have mana for their magic which is detected and acts the same way as a sorcerer's. And the last group, normal humans or sprites. They are magic-less humans that have no extraordinary supernatural abilities and rely on the protection of Sorcerers like the Roan Knights to protect them from supernatural threats from Mysterious beings.
Nick... is a normal human. He has no magical ability. He comes from an unremarkable family of Bulgarian immigrants, he is a Historical European Martial Arts practitioner in Longsword and is weak against supernatural threats. At least he was. That was until his godfather, who is also a regular human, saved him from a vampire attack using a sword and a special fighting technique called Vita-viz, a extrasensory way of converting one's own and surrounding life energy into superhuman power. Also known in eastern cultures as qi. This ability isn't inherited and isn't genetic. It is a learned ability that any living thing has the potential to use. Although being's with mana tend to have a more difficult time accessing it due to mana often interfering with their qi channels. Vita-viz takes a lot of arduous training to unlock, unlike Sorcerers' mana which provides magic free of any effort, though a sorcerer still needs to train to become more powerful.
Nick's world is rocked by a overnight camping trip in the Appalachians with his Hema buddies where the group is attacked by Vampires and brought to their lair where they are all tortured and mutilated. All of them die except Nick and his best friend at the time Ethan. Nick manages to escape due to some sorcerers passing through. They don't take note of the prisoners and after the Vampires are killed, they leave, abandoning the prisoners. Ethan is turned into a vampire and Nick is forced to stake his best friend through the heart with a broken longsword.
Nick is taught by his godfather how to use Vita-viz and joins the Roan Knights. The existence of Vita-viz has largely been forgotten by the magical world at large save for some folktales. Also none of the algorithms made any prophecies about mana-less warriors and barely any about Vita-viz. So the presence of a mana-less user going toe to toe with magical beings threatens to alter the paradigm.
Nick eventually befriends two sorcerers at the Roan Knights academy. Ave who is an esper (mind magic sorcerer) and is the quint essential Mary Sue of the overarching story and chosen one, though she is not the main character. She is descended from a famous and rich magical family known for their supernatural contributions during the American Civil War. So she is pretty privileged. The second sorcerer is John, he is a dhampire (his mother is human and he never knew his father) he is also half Cherokee. He uses blood magic and uses a double sided scythe that can detach its blades from the staff's using a chain. His mixed human and nonhuman nature makes him a product of ridicule among the Roan Knights as most are human though they do sometimes use imprisoned mysterious beings as slave soldiers. Also forgot to mention the Roan Knights academy is in the Appalachians.
Also despite what some may expect, Nick is the weakest character of the friend group power wise. The point of his character is that I wanted to make an action fantasy story where the side character is the main character. The character that doesn't come from a remarkable background, doesn't have any prophecies about him and that doesn't get pulled along by the story by some chosen one prophecy but instead makes his own story. I always find these side characters the most compelling because even though they aren't the strongest, seeing their journey is often more entertaining than the Mary Sue chosen ones.
My Probably Final Story Arc Pitch - Fake Defector:
After a couple of years and excited Nazi vampire war arcs later...
Keep in mind this is near the end of all the character's journeys and most of the main characters are unbelievably powerful at this point. The powerscaling for them would be around city to multi-city level amounts of power. Though at the beginning they'll start off grounded and more reasonably scaled.
Nick is ranked as an Top rank 6 mysterious being, specifically a vampire, under the Ash organization. An organization with the main objective of the supremacy of mythological entities over the human population. They are not Nazis though they are fascist in favor of Mysterious beings. The Nazi vampire organization in previous arcs were ethnically supremacist but used Vampires to achieve their goals (think Hellsing). But in the Ash organization, out of all the other top ranks, Nick is the only human though all the other members of the organization think he's a vampire, save for Upper 3 vampire, Melidos, and the Ash organization master.
Nick betrayed the Roan Knights after saving Melidos in the battle of London, though it wasn't known at the time as while saving Melidos, the area underwent a large explosion and Nick was presumed dead. But he met up in secret with Melidos after the battle to join his cause after being offered by him a few days earlier to be one of the architects of a new order of mysterious beings set to rule the world. But there was one condition, that if Melidos really did change and he really did value Nick's loyalty and friendship, he would allow him to join as a human. Melidos agreed and that they would disguise Nick as a newly christened vampire, Cygon, converted by Melidos to be the next member of the Upper ranks to the rest of the membership, unknown of his real name and identity. Though the organization's master knew of Nick's real identity as a betrayer, he didn't know he wasn't a vampire until later, and upon discovering it he forced Nick to prove himself by offering him to murder the vampire that originally killed Ethan and his old friends, Grimmel. Confused, Nick asked why would this be his task? As taking revenge for loved ones would be easy, especially if they were a vampire. The master replied it's not if he kills him, but how. Nick complied and kills Grimmel in the most revenge filled and sadistic way. Coating his blade in anti-regenerative serum while cutting at his vital arties so that he slowly bleeds out until he dies from blood loss, which is uncommon for a vampire. Though it was for show to prove himself, part of Nick enjoyed the torture, as it was very fulfilling to kill his friends' murderer. Yet at the same time he never wanted to feel that same feeling again, and was finally starting to grasp what he got himself in to. It was sufficient proof he was worthy to be part of the ranks and the master allowed him to stay and keep his identity under wraps.
To the other Top ranks he was the vampire Cygon, turned by Top rank 3 Melidos, and sort of taken under his wing. He used his new silver cyborg prosthetics and armor as a guise to come up with a new alias and reputation. He also wore a fully encompassing robotic mask without a helmet rim. The mask had a circular right eye slot and a horizontally ovular left eye slot with modified tech to enhance his damaged eye. Both glowed green. He also wore a tattered brown cape reaching his calves and kept his newly forged cyber sword on his back. Cygon was a cyborg vampire to the top ranks. And although he was the lowest of the top ranks number wise he garnered a reputation. Known as the physically weakest Top rank, he also became known as the most intelligent due to his immense knowledge of battle strategy and cybernetic tech. He is known to be so smart, he managed to develop the perfect mana cloaking technique. This is a guise to explain away why no one can detect mana from him. Because Nick is actually mana-less and uses the Vita-vis system instead of the expected blood magic or gear magic, though no one the upper ranks knows this except Melidos. Cygon also has the reputation as being the most tryhard in the Top ranks by the other members. They say he takes the job way to serious and stresses too much about results. Because of their position as Top ranks there hasn't been a single mission failure from any one of them since they were formed.
The only way to rise the top ranks is to challenge someone higher rank than you to a blood battle in front of the others and the victor gains or keeps the aforementioned title and drinks a large portion of the loser's blood. The loser takes the lower ranked position. Cygon hasn't challenged any of the upper ranks to a blood battle because, one he is not a vampire and doing so would expose him, and two, he wants to hide his full power from the others as to not give his enemies opportunities to study him. In reality, at full power he is worthy of rising to Top rank 4 (Mid Dragon) but is staying at Top rank 6 (Low Dragon). Melidos is Top rank 3 (High Dragon).
The whole purpose of joining the Ash organization isn't because of common beliefs. But as a secret infiltration for the Internal Mysterious Revolutionary Organization, or IMRO. A nonhierarchical organization made up of sorcerers, mysterious beings, and regular humans all of equal standing with the goal to change society to be a multicultural world of beings with different magical standings. Nick joined them and agreed to defect from the Roan Knights after being dissalusioned with them and saw them as a corrupt organization. Seeing they were nothing but pawns for the current political world powers to wield, they cared not for equality of the races. This defection happened in secret shortly before he faked his own death and his undercover mission began. Nick is acting as a spy for them in the Ash org with the sole mission to gather as much information in the org's master and kill him. John, Nick's old best-friend from his Roan days also converted to the IMRO although he is unaware of Nick's mission or that he is even alive. The mission was known by only a few people/beings of influential standing in the IMRO.
Back to the Ash organization. I am thinking of making the Master a Demon that has the special ability to summon a portal to hell. And also thinking of the Top rank 1 Mysterious being to be the Boogeyman, or at least the physical manifestation of his idea. He would be physically the embodiment of the Roko's Basilisk thought experiment. If you don't know it, it's pretty fascinating.
So what do you think? I am ready for some harsh criticism but compliments are welcome as well.
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2023.06.10 14:35 ohiox4lovers VIP Portals experience 7/05

VIP Portals experience 7/05
If anyone’s interested in a VIP Portals experience for 7/05 at Jacobs Pavillion I’m selling my ticket ◡̈ I’m sadly unable to make it due to medical issues.
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2023.06.10 13:59 Adventure_Alone Ranked choice voting, but the “dislike” votes are transferred [OC]

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2023.06.10 13:21 RyXkci Pilgrims of Dark question.

Hi guys, so I'm currently ranking up the Pilgrims Of Dark covenant going through the portals.
I did the first one in Black Gulch, defeated the phantoms, lit the beacon and went through the mist.
I spoke to the Gehrman precursor and text appeared saying I'd ranked up. All good.
I then went to Shaded Woods and did the same thing. Only this time, when I finished, I spoke to the guy again and it didn't rank.
Is this normal? Or have I missed something. The next stage is Drangleic and there should be a boss, but I'm thinking that for some reason the second one wasn't complete? Maybe I missed a phantom? (I did 4).
Is this normal or have I messed something up.
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2023.06.10 13:03 Pylton Monetization sum-up

I want to preface this, to say that this is sourced for the Blue Protocol dev stream itself and the translation that is available today (from youtuber, communities etc). I understand that some people will refuse to acknowledge it, but it's based on fact and not made up by me.
  1. Battle pass
    • Free one giving you Battle imagine Alpha (lvl 40 with less stats)
    • Paid one giving you access to some boost items + Battle imagine Beta (lvl 50 with higher stats than the free one)
    • Royal one: same as previous + extra items + rank boost
  2. Gacha system
    • Banner system for mounts and for skins
    • Pull rates unknown
    • Unique gift (emote/wings etc) each 10 pulls
    • Duplicate cannot be sold, but send to another account, send to a friend or exchange it for BPP point
    • 1 Pull is 50 orbs, 11 for 500 (~30 USD the 520 orb pack, to compare 10 pulls in Genshin is around 20 USD)
  3. BPP store
    • List of items can be exchanged for BPP points
    • BPP point can be earned by participating to the gacha, progressing battle pass, but it's unknown if those could be obtainable by playing the game and for free
    • You can purchase Battle imagine too
  4. Orb systems
    • Free ones that could be obtainable by playing but the use would be limited as any other gacha game
    • Paid ones that you could purchase, for a rate of 520 orbs for 4000 yens, equivalent of 30 USD.
    • Expiring: more likely only in JP due to law about taxing digital currencies.
  5. Consumable shop
    • Skins (ugly ones for 30$)
    • Potion, stamina, and other bonuses potions
    • Extra Reward tickets (limited to 3 for a day/week? unknown...)
    • Plugs increase chance tickets (to get better affix)
    • Plugs removal tickets (to transfer your plugs with the affix to the new weapon)
    • Immediate deliverable quest ticket?!
I feel like people are focusing too much on the gacha, but there are many aspects it's P2W. The battle pass is P2W because of the different battle imagine you can obtain with different stats.
Also I am not sure if F2P will be able to get free Plugs tickets through the battle pass, I feel like it will not be possible for them, making this even more P2W. But we will have the answer at the release with the full battle pass plan to compare.
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2023.06.10 12:28 Unique-Ad6548 CHANCE AN INTERNATIONAL'27 TO HARVARD AND OTHER T20s.

DEMOGRAPHICS * Indian male. International. * <8K annual income. INTENDED MAJORS(s) Applied as Human Rights / Public policy but will be double majoring in CS+Econ with a minor in Human Rights. ( Will probably do the same with transfer apps ) ACADEMICS * GPA: 98.3/100 * Rank: 3/900ish * SAT/ACT: test optional ECs: * Human Rights activist. Honored by district commissioner for my contribution towards protecting human rights in my city. 50+ campaigns organised. Impact is huge. Focused on children's right and right to education. * Interned at a T1 consulting firm in India as an assistant product manager. * Interned under an advocate at 'state' High Court. Youngest intern at the advocates office. Currently researching under. * Business Strategist (volunteer). Helped 12 rural entrepreneurs to start small businesses. $50K+ in annual gross profit. One of the factors that led to my district commissioner honouring me. * Captain, debate and declamaion team. * Student body president. * Owner of OZ paints. We sell art pieces created by underprivileged kids in my city. Installed computers in local gov schools with the profit. * Own a Formicarium in my backyard. 20+ ant species. * Family responsibilities. Had a really rough childhood. * Volunteer Teacher at a local primary school. Teach math and life lessons. Organise field trips. ESSAY: I am very happy about how it turned out. People say it's really inspiring. 8-9/10. Wrote about childhood trauma and how it influenced me to standup for human rights and how in the future I aspire to own an organisation that acts as a voice for those without one. LORS: Got to read them. 8-9/10 ADDTL INFO: Talked about two ongoing research projects under an advocate and a t3 college professor in India. For some colleges I wrote an essay explaining my experience volunteering at a children home and how I could relate to those children and what I hope to achieve in the future. REJECTED: * Vanderbilt ED - Rejected. * Williams, NW, Duke, Centre, Denison, Bowdoin, Oberlin, NYUAD, Bates, Bucknell, Colorado, F&M, Knox, Kenyon, Whitman, Wheaton, Davidson, Haverford, W&L, Reed, Vassar, Skidmore, Ivies ( HYPDC ), Stanford. ACCEPTED: * Trinity College ( FULL RIDE )- Attending. * Wabash College with Scholarship. 
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2023.06.10 12:06 360CoreInc Kraken NFT Marketplace Debuts, Hosting 250 Unique Collections

Kraken, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has officially launched its NFT marketplace after successfully completing the beta testing phase. The marketplace offers over 250 NFTs across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon.
In November 2022, Kraken introduced a public beta version of its NFT platform, featuring a curated selection of 70 NFT collections on Ethereum and Solana. With the public release, Kraken has expanded its offerings to include affordable collections priced below $100. In addition to popular collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, users can now explore uwucrew, DigiDaigaku, Nakamigos, Solana Monkey Business, and more.
To enhance the user experience, Kraken has implemented innovative features in its NFT marketplace. Users have the flexibility to transact using fiat currency or digital cryptocurrencies. Listings on the platform include built-in rarity rankings, providing valuable insights for collectors and investors.
Kraken has committed to waiving gas fees for customers involved in buying and selling NFTs on its platform. However, it's important to note that gas fees will apply when transferring NFTs and other crypto assets to and from the Kraken platform.
Currently, Kraken supports popular wallets like MetaMask and Solana's Phantom wallet, with plans to integrate WalletConnect support in the future. Exciting upcoming developments include exclusive perks and features, such as client-exclusive drops and gas-free floor sweeping.
Kraken's entry into the NFT marketplace comes at a time of increased regulatory scrutiny in the cryptocurrency industry, with U.S. exchanges facing legal battles with regulatory bodies like the SEC. Despite these challenges, Kraken is determined to establish a prominent position in the highly competitive NFT marketplace
#crypto #360CoreInc #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ethereum #btc #forex #trading #money #cryptonews #cryptotrading #blessedockchain #Innovation #toasteed #DigitalTransformation #Web3 #digitalbonds #ecofriendly #Decentralization #Blockchain #DigitalTransformation #Digitalization #BusinessGrowth
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2023.06.10 11:16 birdkid69 Who should I rank up?

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2023.06.10 10:37 libertydon1 Coinbase Account Blocked (No access for weeks)!

Hi community, I am reaching out to Coinbase support for some help as I feel like I am going around in circles. I applaud the level of security, and I acknowledge it was my fault that caused this, but I have been stuck in a loop for weeks now and really need access to my account.
I got a new phone, transferred all my data over including my Microsoft Authenticator App, and then wiped my old phone. Only then did I realise that the access codes were missing from the APP. I read all the online help pages, and contacted support via an online chat, and they told me to begin the account recovery process.
I did this, and my ID was rejected. As I couldn't access my account, I created a help desk ticket and they told me to reset my passwords, turn off VPN etc. which I did, and then to take a picture with my ID, face and a dated piece of paper saying 'FOR COINBASE VERIFICATION' to a secure upload portal, which I did, but this was rejected.
The ticket was then closed, so I had to create a new ticket referencing the old one. I keep just getting the same automated emails now telling me to reset my password etc. or to begin the account recovery process at the login page, which is not an option to me as my account is fully blocked. It has been weeks now and I cant see how I can get out this loop and it is really starting to worry me.
I have the same phone number, the same email address, and my ID is the same as I used to open the account and my resemblance is the same. It is is clearly me, my account hasn't been compromised it was just my mistake losing access to my 2FA code. Has anyone had a similar experience and is there anyway to contact someone directly as it doesn't seem like an individual is reading my tickets, I just get the same response every time. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 10:32 KomaBOIII hello, when i start my minecraft world it instantly crashes here's the crash log if that helps :

Time: 2023-06-10 10:21:32
Description: Exception in server tick loop

at java.base/java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode([HashMap.java:1597](https://HashMap.java:1597)) at java.base/java.util.HashMap$[KeyIterator.next](https://KeyIterator.next)([HashMap.java:1620](https://HashMap.java:1620)) at java.base/java.lang.Iterable.forEach([Iterable.java:74](https://Iterable.java:74)) at net.minecraft.class\_3204.method\_15892(class\_3204.java:132) at net.minecraft.class\_3215.method\_16155(class\_3215.java:283) at net.minecraft.class\_3215$class\_4212.method\_16075(class\_3215.java:562) at net.minecraft.class\_3215.method\_19492(class\_3215.java:279) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.method\_20415([MinecraftServer.java:764](https://MinecraftServer.java:764)) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.method\_16075([MinecraftServer.java:752](https://MinecraftServer.java:752)) at net.minecraft.class\_1255.method\_18857(class\_1255.java:140) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.method\_16208([MinecraftServer.java:737](https://MinecraftServer.java:737)) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.method\_29741([MinecraftServer.java:669](https://MinecraftServer.java:669)) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.method\_29739([MinecraftServer.java:257](https://MinecraftServer.java:257)) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run([Thread.java:833](https://Thread.java:833)) 

A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

-- System Details --
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2 Minecraft Version ID: 1.19.2 Operating System: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0 Java Version: 17.0.3, Microsoft Java VM Version: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Microsoft Memory: 2712503608 bytes (2586 MiB) / 4294967296 bytes (4096 MiB) up to 4294967296 bytes (4096 MiB) CPUs: 8 Processor Vendor: AuthenticAMD Processor Name: AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 2400GE w/ Radeon Vega Graphics Identifier: AuthenticAMD Family 23 Model 17 Stepping 0 Microarchitecture: Zen Frequency (GHz): 3.19 Number of physical packages: 1 Number of physical CPUs: 4 Number of logical CPUs: 8 Graphics card #0 name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics card #0 vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Graphics card #0 VRAM (MB): 4095.00 Graphics card #0 deviceId: 0x2188 Graphics card #0 versionInfo: DriverVersion= Memory slot #0 capacity (MB): 8192.00 Memory slot #0 clockSpeed (GHz): 2.67 Memory slot #0 type: DDR4 Virtual memory max (MB): 14789.20 Virtual memory used (MB): 12758.61 Swap memory total (MB): 6669.98 Swap memory used (MB): 886.15 JVM Flags: 4 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance\_javaw.exe\_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xss1M -Xmx4096m -Xms256m Fabric Mods: adventurez: AdventureZ 1.4.18 appleskin: AppleSkin 2.4.1+mc1.19 architectury: Architectury 6.5.85 balm-fabric: Balm 4.5.7 betterfortresses: YUNG's Better Nether Fortresses 1.19.2-Fabric-1.0.5 org\_reflections\_reflections: reflections 0.10.2 bettermineshafts: YUNG's Better Mineshafts 1.19.2-Fabric-3.2.0 blur: Blur (Fabric) 2.6.0 satin: Satin 1.8.0 bookshelf: Bookshelf 16.3.20 bountiful: Bountiful 3.0.0 bygonenether: Bygone Nether 1.2.2 midnightlib: MidnightLib 1.0.0 chunkpregen: Fabric Chunk Pregenerator 0.3.3 cloth-config: Cloth Config v8 8.2.88 cloth-basic-math: cloth-basic-math 0.6.1 clumps: Clumps 9.0.0+14 comforts: Comforts 6.0.4+1.19.2 spectrelib: SpectreLib 0.12.4+1.19.2 configured: Configured 2.0.0 create: Create 0.5.0.i-1017+1.19.2 com\_google\_code\_findbugs\_jsr305: jsr305 3.0.2 flywheel: Flywheel 0.6.8.a-4 milk: Milk Lib 1.0.51 
dripstone_fluid_lib: Dripstone Fluid Lib 2.0.1
 porting\_lib: Porting Lib 2.1.954+1.19.2 
forge_tags: Porting Lib Tags 3.0
mm: Manningham Mills 2.3
porting_lib_accessors: Porting Lib Accessors 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_attributes: Porting Lib Attributes 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_base: Porting Lib Base 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_common: Porting Lib Common 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_constants: Porting Lib Constants 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_entity: Porting Lib Entity 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_extensions: Porting Lib Extensions 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_fake_players: Porting Lib Fake Players 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_lazy_registration: Porting Lib Lazy Register 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_loot: Porting Lib Loot 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_model_generators: Porting Lib Model Generators 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_model_loader: Porting Lib Model Loader 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_models: Porting Lib Models 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_networking: Porting Lib Networking 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_obj_loader: Porting Lib Obj Loader 2.1.954+1.19.2
porting_lib_transfer: Porting Lib Transfer 2.1.954+1.19.2
serialization_hooks: Serialization Hooks 0.3.26
 reach-entity-attributes: Reach Entity Attributes 2.3.0 registrate-fabric: Registrate for Fabric 1.1.57-MC1.19.2 dataattributes: Data Attributes 1.4.5+1.19.2 deeperdarker: Deeper and Darker 1.1.6 customportalapi: Custom Portal Api 0.0.1-beta54-1.19 paragon: Paragon 3.0.2 
blue_endless_jankson: jankson 1.2.1
com_moandjiezana_toml_toml4j: toml4j 0.7.2
org_yaml_snakeyaml: snakeyaml 1.27
 dynmus: Dynamic Music 2.2.2+1.19.2 enchdesc: EnchantmentDescriptions 13.0.14 explorify-fabric: Explorify 1.19-1.3.0 fabric-api: Fabric API 0.76.0+1.19.2 fabric-api-base: Fabric API Base 0.4.15+8f4e8eb390 fabric-api-lookup-api-v1: Fabric API Lookup API (v1) 1.6.14+93d8cb8290 fabric-biome-api-v1: Fabric Biome API (v1) 9.1.1+16f1e31390 fabric-block-api-v1: Fabric Block API (v1) 1.0.2+e415d50e90 fabric-blockrenderlayer-v1: Fabric BlockRenderLayer Registration (v1) 1.1.25+cafc6e8e90 fabric-client-tags-api-v1: Fabric Client Tags 1.0.5+b35fea8390 fabric-command-api-v1: Fabric Command API (v1) 1.2.16+f71b366f90 fabric-command-api-v2: Fabric Command API (v2) 2.2.1+413cbbc790 fabric-commands-v0: Fabric Commands (v0) 0.2.33+df3654b390 fabric-containers-v0: Fabric Containers (v0) 0.1.41+df3654b390 fabric-content-registries-v0: Fabric Content Registries (v0) 3.5.2+7c6cd14d90 fabric-convention-tags-v1: Fabric Convention Tags 1.3.0+4bc6e26290 fabric-crash-report-info-v1: Fabric Crash Report Info (v1) 0.2.8+aeb40ebe90 fabric-data-generation-api-v1: Fabric Data Generation API (v1) 5.3.8+413cbbc790 fabric-dimensions-v1: Fabric Dimensions API (v1) 2.1.35+0d0f210290 fabric-entity-events-v1: Fabric Entity Events (v1) 1.5.4+9244241690 fabric-events-interaction-v0: Fabric Events Interaction (v0) 0.4.34+562bff6e90 fabric-events-lifecycle-v0: Fabric Events Lifecycle (v0) 0.2.36+df3654b390 fabric-game-rule-api-v1: Fabric Game Rule API (v1) 1.0.24+b6b6abb490 fabric-item-api-v1: Fabric Item API (v1) 1.6.6+b7d1888890 fabric-item-groups-v0: Fabric Item Groups (v0) 0.3.39+9244241690 fabric-key-binding-api-v1: Fabric Key Binding API (v1) 1.0.25+5c4fce2890 fabric-keybindings-v0: Fabric Key Bindings (v0) 0.2.23+df3654b390 fabric-lifecycle-events-v1: Fabric Lifecycle Events (v1) 2.2.4+1b46dc7890 fabric-loot-api-v2: Fabric Loot API (v2) 1.1.13+83a8659290 fabric-loot-tables-v1: Fabric Loot Tables (v1) 1.1.16+9e7660c690 fabric-message-api-v1: Fabric Message API (v1) 5.0.7+93d8cb8290 fabric-mining-level-api-v1: Fabric Mining Level API (v1) 2.1.24+33fbc73890 fabric-models-v0: Fabric Models (v0) 0.3.21+c6af733c90 fabric-networking-api-v1: Fabric Networking API (v1) 1.2.11+10eb22f490 fabric-networking-v0: Fabric Networking (v0) 0.3.28+df3654b390 fabric-object-builder-api-v1: Fabric Object Builder API (v1) 4.2.2+d8ef690890 fabric-particles-v1: Fabric Particles (v1) 1.0.14+4d0d570390 fabric-recipe-api-v1: Fabric Recipe API (v1) 1.0.1+413cbbc790 fabric-registry-sync-v0: Fabric Registry Sync (v0) 0.9.32+9244241690 fabric-renderer-api-v1: Fabric Renderer API (v1) 1.2.1+1adbf27790 fabric-renderer-indigo: Fabric Renderer - Indigo 0.8.0+1adbf27790 fabric-renderer-registries-v1: Fabric Renderer Registries (v1) 3.2.24+df3654b390 fabric-rendering-data-attachment-v1: Fabric Rendering Data Attachment (v1) 0.3.19+6e0787e690 fabric-rendering-fluids-v1: Fabric Rendering Fluids (v1) 3.0.11+4d0d570390 fabric-rendering-v0: Fabric Rendering (v0) 1.1.27+df3654b390 fabric-rendering-v1: Fabric Rendering (v1) 1.12.1+d8ef690890 fabric-resource-conditions-api-v1: Fabric Resource Conditions API (v1) 2.1.2+aae9039d90 fabric-resource-loader-v0: Fabric Resource Loader (v0) 0.8.4+edbdcddb90 fabric-screen-api-v1: Fabric Screen API (v1) 1.0.32+4d0d570390 fabric-screen-handler-api-v1: Fabric Screen Handler API (v1) 1.3.7+1cc24b1b90 fabric-sound-api-v1: Fabric Sound API (v1) 1.0.2+c4f28df590 fabric-textures-v0: Fabric Textures (v0) 1.0.24+aeb40ebe90 fabric-transfer-api-v1: Fabric Transfer API (v1) 2.1.6+413cbbc790 fabric-transitive-access-wideners-v1: Fabric Transitive Access Wideners (v1) 1.3.3+08b73de490 fabric-language-kotlin: Fabric Language Kotlin 1.9.5+kotlin.1.8.22 org\_jetbrains\_kotlin\_kotlin-reflect: kotlin-reflect 1.8.22 org\_jetbrains\_kotlin\_kotlin-stdlib: kotlin-stdlib 1.8.22 org\_jetbrains\_kotlin\_kotlin-stdlib-jdk7: kotlin-stdlib-jdk7 1.8.22 org\_jetbrains\_kotlin\_kotlin-stdlib-jdk8: kotlin-stdlib-jdk8 1.8.22 org\_jetbrains\_kotlinx\_atomicfu-jvm: atomicfu-jvm 0.20.2 org\_jetbrains\_kotlinx\_kotlinx-coroutines-core-jvm: kotlinx-coroutines-core-jvm 1.7.1 org\_jetbrains\_kotlinx\_kotlinx-coroutines-jdk8: kotlinx-coroutines-jdk8 1.7.1 org\_jetbrains\_kotlinx\_kotlinx-datetime-jvm: kotlinx-datetime-jvm 0.4.0 org\_jetbrains\_kotlinx\_kotlinx-serialization-cbor-jvm: kotlinx-serialization-cbor-jvm 1.5.1 org\_jetbrains\_kotlinx\_kotlinx-serialization-core-jvm: kotlinx-serialization-core-jvm 1.5.1 org\_jetbrains\_kotlinx\_kotlinx-serialization-json-jvm: kotlinx-serialization-json-jvm 1.5.1 fabricloader: Fabric Loader 0.14.21 fastfurnace: FastFurnace 1.19.2-5 geckolib3: Geckolib 3.1.40 com\_eliotlash\_mclib\_mclib: mclib 20 goblintraders: Goblin Traders 1.8.1 gravelminer: GravelMiner 13.0.0 indium: Indium 1.0.9+mc1.19.2 inmis: Inmis 2.7.1-1.19 omega-config: OmegaConfig 1.2.3-1.18.1 inmisaddon: InmisAddon 1.0.4 integrated\_api: Integrated API 1.2.7+1.19.2 integrated\_stronghold: Integrated Stronghold 1.0.2+1.19.2 inventorysorter: Inventory Sorter 1.8.10-1.19 kyrptconfig: Kyrpt Config 1.4.14-1.19 jade: Jade 8.7.3 java: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 17 jei: Just Enough Items jeresources: Just Enough Resources []( kambrik: Kambrik 4.0-1.19.2 minecraft: Minecraft 1.19.2 miningutility: Mining Utility 1.2.6+1.19 yet-another-config-lib: YetAnotherConfigLib 1.6.0 moonlight: Moonlight 1.19.2-2.2.38 mousetweaks: Mouse Tweaks 2.22 mysticaloaktree: Mystical Oak Tree 1.19.2-1.8 piercingpaxels: Piercing Paxels 1.0.7 player-animator: Player Animator 1.0.2 playerex: PlayerEx 3.5.3 cardinal-components-base: Cardinal Components API (base) 5.0.2 cardinal-components-chunk: Cardinal Components API (chunks) 5.0.2 cardinal-components-entity: Cardinal Components API (entities) 5.0.2 net\_objecthunter\_exp4j: exp4j 0.4.8 opc: Offline Player Cache 0.6.4 placeholder-api: Placeholder API 2.0.0-pre.1+1.19.2 polymorph: Polymorph 0.46.1+1.19.2 cardinal-components-block: Cardinal Components API (blocks) 5.0.1 cardinal-components-item: Cardinal Components API (items) 5.0.1 reeses-sodium-options: Reese's Sodium Options 1.4.9+mc1.19.2-build.67 rottencreatures: Rotten Creatures 1.0.1 runes: Runes 0.9.8+1.19 simplyswords: Simply Swords 1.47.0-1.19.2 smallships: Small Ships 2.0.0-a2.3 forgeconfigapiport: Forge Config API Port 4.2.11 
com_electronwill_night-config_core: core 3.6.5
com_electronwill_night-config_toml: toml 3.6.5
 smoothboot: Smooth Boot 1.19-1.7.1 sodium: Sodium 0.4.4+build.18 org\_joml\_joml: joml 1.10.4 sodium-extra: Sodium Extra 0.4.16+mc1.19.2-build.90 caffeineconfig: CaffeineConfig 1.0.0+1.17 sound\_physics\_remastered: Sound Physics Remastered 1.19.2-1.0.18 spark: spark 1.10.37 fabric-permissions-api-v0: fabric-permissions-api 0.1-SNAPSHOT spell\_engine: Spell Engine 0.9.24+1.19 com\_github\_llamalad7\_mixinextras: MixinExtras 0.1.1 spell\_power: Spell Power Attribute 0.9.12+1.19 spirit: Spirit 2.2.6 resourcefullib: Resourceful Lib 1.1.12 structory\_towers: Structory: Towers 1.0.0 supplementaries: Supplementaries 1.19.2-2.3.17 toolstats: ToolStats 12.0.2 treechop: HT's TreeChop 0.17.6 treeplant: HT's TreePlant 0.3.1 trinkets: Trinkets 3.4.2 vc\_gliders: Gliders 1.0.2 palladiumcore: PalladiumCore 1.19.2- veinmining: Vein Mining 1.1.1+1.19.2 voidz: VoidZ 1.0.9 wizards: Wizards 0.9.17+1.19 xaerominimap: Xaero's Minimap 23.4.4 yungsapi: YUNG's API 1.19.2-Fabric-3.8.9 org\_javassist\_javassist: javassist 3.28.0-GA Flywheel Backend: GL33 Instanced Arrays Server Running: true Player Count: 1 / 8; \[class\_3222\['Komaboi'/139, l='ServerLevel\[G\]', x=319.83, y=65.17, z=678.10\]\] Data Packs: vanilla, Fabric Mods, Supplementaries Generated Pack World Generation: Experimental Type: Integrated Server (map\_client.txt) Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'fabric'; Server brand changed to 'fabric' Launched Version: fabric-loader-0.14.21-1.19.2 
submitted by KomaBOIII to ModdedMinecraft [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 09:49 ggskalala Living Frigate A class/Exploration - T2 - Vy'keen system - Palpus , Hood , Flippers , Taproot

Living Frigate A class/Exploration - T2 - Vy'keen system - Palpus , Hood , Flippers , Taproot submitted by ggskalala to NMSGlyphExchange [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 09:09 seeanu333 Ok so wtf is wrong with my game

I’m playing on my iPad songs that I CAN FULL COMBO and like it’s not registering my taps at all and the game has become unplayable. I’m so sad. I have an ipad 9th gen and a screen protector. Please I need advice… might just have to transfer my account back to my phone ;(
The thing is, I have NO problem playing phigros, only project sekai.
Anywho yeah this has ruined the game for me. I used to play in ranked matches but I can’t do that anymore. I literally die on easy songs for me, like I can full combo lv 30s but now I’m just dying on level 28s! It’s so frustrating
I’ll try to record a video of me playing to show what’s happening. Does this happen to anyone else and why?
submitted by seeanu333 to ProjectSekai [link] [comments]