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This community is for photos and GIFs of fathers or other pet parents cuddling with pets they originally said they didn't want. 'Dads' can also be the pets' dads.

2023.06.10 20:14 sweetpotatomercury Studentuniverse Black Friday Sale

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2023.06.10 20:13 L99P Spin the wheel, UK only

I need 1 more coin please! Click for click.
Code - 425589384
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2023.06.10 20:13 Neat_Course4571 Regarding the MiniFreak's sequencer

Is it just me or the MiniFreak sequencer isn't that great?
I bought my MF a week ago and I've been experimenting a lot since then. I liked what I've seen so far, with the only exception being the sequencer.
I don't know, maybe I'm the problem, since I never owned a synth or a sequencer before, but I find it very underwhelming ... At least for the things I like to do (not creating beats to jam to or techno/disco stuff, but more "melodic" things). It seems it isn't best suited for my genre.
It doesn't matter how I try to record my stuff: I can do real time or stop/record mode, and I can try everything (before and after), but I can't make good use of it.
If I do stop/record it's A LITTLE more precise, but it lacks any kind of expression (so to speak), even if I try messing with it (changing gate,tempo,time div.,velocity,lenght ...) and touch every single step. And it doesn't track every note at all: the legato is a nightmare.
If I do real time it has similar problems, it's less precise, and the only way I can make good use of it it's using a time div. like 1/16, but then the sequence it's too short, even if I make it 64 steps long.

I understand that the sequencer isn't a sampler or a looper, and like I said, since I'm a newbie maybe I'm the real problem ... But still ...

Other than that, the sequencer is also the only part of my Mini that it isn't synced with the MiniFreak V (I've been also playing a little using only my pc and the software). Don't know if it is normal.

What do you think about it? Any kind of advice would be also welcomed. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 20:13 sweetpotatomercury Student Universe Black Friday

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2023.06.10 20:13 TechnoReason Keep Getting Physbone Error

Keep Getting Physbone Error
I'm currently putting together a small little Link's House World and I wanted to put in a little Terrako that is a pick-up and his legs dangle freely when picked up like he is a toy.
I couldn't get the legs to dangle and noticed I was getting error codes for the physbones that I'm not sure how to fix and Google isn't providing much help. Does anyone know the cause or how to fix?
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2023.06.10 20:12 Accomplished-Act6727 Thought this find might interest you…although it’s only based on survey and opinion

Thought this find might interest you…although it’s only based on survey and opinion
Tamagotchi popular releases ranked. I wonder where UNI will fall on this list later after it’s release. What’s your opinion?! I agree with this list, I do however believe Connection should be a better number. Just my opinion. I love the ON it’s everything nostalgic amplified with a few new features. I cherish the meets/on so much that I have doubles of all safety in their boxes lol. All but the wonder version sadly :(.
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2023.06.10 20:12 sweetpotatomercury Student University Airline Tickets

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2023.06.10 20:12 NsRhea I'm in the beginning stages of Powershell and we're learning to push installations to other PC's on the network and I'm struggling...

We set up a server with AD and we're using command shell to pull a client list from a text file named "pclist" and then push a copy of 7zip to those PC's and install on them with the aid of PsExec.
My script is as follows:
 for /f %%a in (c:\scripts\pclist.txt) do ( copy /y c:\scripts\7z2300-x64.msi \\%%a\c$\windows\temp PsExec64.exe -accepteula \\%%a msiexec /i c:\windows \temp\7z2300-x64.msi /quiet ) 
On the clients I am able to see that the 7zip2300-x64.msi is being pushed to the temp folders on the clients, but then it is not installing.
On my AD server I'm getting the "msiexec exited on Client1 with error code 1619. 'c:\windows\temp\7z2300-x64.msi' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
I'm pretty new to this but it would seem that msiexec is not opening or PSExec64 is not opening to actually begin the install process.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.10 20:12 _Svelte_ OMNI Virtual Pet?

I know that a lot of folks don't like bloat like this, but I think the mouse is really cute! I've got armory crate and saw the virtual pet as one of the features available on it, but it looks feature restricted. Seems like only the laptops got the full function "ultimate edition" of the pet! Is there any way that I can get it for my pc?
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2023.06.10 20:12 Beautiful_Boat7135 Glitch?

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2023.06.10 20:12 sweetpotatomercury Student Universe Promo Code American Airlines

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2023.06.10 20:12 piepurefeatherran Keen Ridge Flex Mid Wp Coupon Code

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2023.06.10 20:12 hungrysunshine Mice troubles and negligent landlords

I moved into this apartment in March (it’s an old style house thats divided into four apartments with the stairway and basement as shared common space) We have a company as our landlord and can contact multiple landlords for help. They are terrible and I still haven’t gotten the trash bins I asked to be ordered WHEN I MOVED IN and the landlord has “forgot” two times. We’ve had problems because they didn’t install the “heavy door with a key code on it” that they said they were waiting to be installed THE WEEK I MOVED IN. They never installed any door or LOCK and so this homeless man was sitting outside my apartment door, blocking the stairs and it was very scary. He came back multiple times and they FINALLY installed a lock but it was cheap so he broke in again due to the terribly light door. They installed a better lock, and we still have ptsd but he hasn’t bothered us. ANYWAYS thats not the point, thats to show how terrible they are. My downstairs neighbor and I started to hear mice in our shared wall and we contacted our landlord about it in May, they jUST got the place checked today. At this point the noise of the mice or rats can be heard outside the house extremely loudly. The pest control guy said they are going to have to fix the broken garage door that they’re getting in from, among other entry points that require something to get fixed by the landlord. I have a feeling that the landlords will not be out anytime soon if at all to fix anything.
Is there a way I can get out of this lease? I have many things in writing?
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2023.06.10 20:12 sweetpotatomercury Studentuniverse Flight Coupons

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2023.06.10 20:12 crowruin 27/M/Southern California - Looking for long-term nerdy friends with similar interests

Hi my name is Humberto and I am looking for friends with similar interests
I am into Anime, Video games, Cybersecurity, Technology, K-pop, K-hiphop, K-rap, K-rnb, alt rock, rock, rap, True crime, Korean/Japanese movies and various other movies/shows.
I speak English/Spanish and yes I love spicy food like:
I am shy/quiet at first but If I get comfortable I will be messaging a lot
I use Discord as my main communication
Reddit chat feature never works for me just letting you know If I miss your chat I am sorry! It's because I use RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite)
Here is more info on my interests:
I play video games on PC and right now my main 2 are Path of Exile and Last Epoch
DO NOT HESITATE to reach out if you play Path of Exile or Last Epoch!
When it comes to Diablo 4 I am not sure about getting it honestly I am not really hyped for it
I also have Overwatch and main Ana, Baptiste, Zen
I am taking a break from it right now and not really motivated to play
Other games I have played - Torchlight Infinite, Diablo 2 (not the remaster),Genshin Impact (AR36), Deep Rock Galactic, Killing Floor 2, Old School Runescape and more on Steam
Anime - Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Bleach, Dragon ball Z/Super, Attack on titan, One Punch Man, Clannad (I cried), Magic Knight Rayearth, Kite, Perfect Blue, Sword Art Online, School days, Akame Ga Kill, Elfen Lied.
Music - Here is my playlist but the standouts right now are: BIBI, LEEBADA, Ailee and Hoody
I am also into various kinds of movies and would like to find a movie/anime watching buddy here are the notable ones I have seen
Drive, Baby Driver, Whiplash, Upgrade, The Raid Redemption, The Raid 2, The place beyond the pines, Coherence, Another Earth, Sound of my Voice, I saw the Devil, The man from Nowhere, The Guest, Audition, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Dragon ball Super Broly.
There is most likely more I am forgetting though haha
For shows I am waiting on Invincible S2 and The Boys S4
I am also into True crime like: Coffeehouse Crime, Dire Trip, Horror Stories, Twisted Minds and I also like shows like Court cam and Web of lies
I also have a personal server using DietPi as the OS running on an N2+ the first app I installed was Pi-hole (network wide adblocker)
I also bought a ROCK64 so I can run another Pi-hole for redundancy and I have them synced using gravity-sync that runs every hour (It was very annoying to put the black case together lol)
Here is what my Dashboard is looking like right now
I am still learning about Linux and also DockePortainer so far it is really fun seeing what I can install on my server
I would like to try out the Homepage dashboard since I have seen some really cool setups on the Self-hosted sub
If you have a similar setup definitely DM!
My only requirements are:
22-30 and from North America
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2023.06.10 20:12 sowhatwhynot LECOM-SH vs. KansasCOM

I honestly don't care about rules like the dress code + no water. As a non-trad, those can be annoying but not a deal breaker. However, every student I've talked to for the most part has told me to go somewhere else if there's a better option. The question is a new DO school a better option.
Specialities I'm considering (but obviously could change): IM, FM, EM, Anesthesiology. Ideally I'd like to do my residency in a decently sized city (as opposed to rural).

View Poll
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2023.06.10 20:12 sweetpotatomercury Studentuniverse Prime Student

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2023.06.10 20:12 BelmontSlayerX [USA] [H] Nintendo Switch v2 CIB (w/ Animal Crossing Backplate) [W] $180 PayPal F&F

Up for sale is an Nintendo Switch v2 (better battery) with an Animal Crossing backplate. This was previously purchased from the Nintendo Store as refurbished and had been keep in very good condition. It’s had a screen protector on it since day one, some light wear on the switch, joycons, grip and dock. Everything else is completely unused and mint, everything that normally comes in the box is included.
Looking for $180 shipped in the US via F&F. If you have any questions feel free to ask and thanks for looking!
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2023.06.10 20:12 DeeTastic95 Rock House

The Rock House
I am a 28 year old female. The story I’m about to tell you happened back in 2016 with my best friend Chris
Now every since the day Chris and I met we have always got ourselves in the dumbest things ever. I mean Chris ran away once and had my nerves all messed up. But He came back because he had no money. We were not the smartest teens but we still enjoyed life.
So one summer night Chris and I were hanging and we were trying to think of a place to explore (like we always did). At the time I told him I’ve never been to the old Rock House In Greenwood South Carolina. ( Now before I get started let me give you a little History on the Rock house. A man named Thomas “Tom” Payne Tolbert built a “Fire Proof House” in 1926. The fireproof house was constructed entirely from stone, concrete, glass, and steel.After years of family homes burning down. Tolbert lived in the detached kitchen and used the large house to store family heirlooms. Tolbert lived his later years in isolation.) The now-crumbling fortress is accessible only by foot, and no one has ever lived inside its walls. You can look up way more about the History online if you like.
No back to my story. I’ve always been told the Rock House has many spirits in and around it but like I said at the time I’ve never been to it. So with that said. Chris and I took my cousins car and headed out to the Old Rock House. I’ve heard of people going in the day time but never heard people say they went at night. We being dumb went at night because why not. Ghost and spirits never bothered me to much being that I’ve seen them my whole life.
Once we pull up to the woods and park on the side of the road I get the bad feeling run all over my body. I sit there for a moment. I believe Chris sees this look on my face and ask if I still want to do this. Something is telling me not to get out but at the same time I want to see this place even at night.
“Yeah let’s go see how scary this place is” I told him. “Hell yeah let’s do it!” he replied. We get out and start walking threw the woods. As we are walking we have our phones out for light and we are making jokes acting silly like we always do. We can never take anything seriously no matter what. As we are walking we don’t realize how quite it is to be in the woods… at night… in the middle of summer…
We find our way to the front of the house. Chris is in front of me and we are looking at the house. No front door and no windows. All you can see is pure darkness. For some reason I just can’t move even though Chris is walking to what used to be the door. At this moment I realize we are in complete darkness and there are no sounds. No animals, no bugs no wind or anything. Just pure silence. Then out of the corner of my eye I see something in the top left window. But before I completely look I hear something to the left of me and I look over. But I see nothing. Only the darkness. A feeling of dread falls over me but nothing is there. Chris is now at the door of the house and looks inside. I look at the windows and there it is. Something is there in the window looking down at me. My body turns cold. Those eyes. I’ll never forget those eyes burning a hole in my soul. Bright yellow redish eyes like fire. All of a sudden I hear Chris say “Oh Hell No” He turns to run to me but my body is still frozen. He grabs my wrist and pulls me to run. He never lets me go. As we are running we are jumping over falling trees and everything on the ground that people have left over time. As we run I realize something is running beside us and I don’t dare to look back.
My body is now in pilot mood as Chris has the grip still on my wrist pulling me. My mind is blank and my heart is racing. At one point I feel like I can feel the breath of what ever is chasing us.
The moment we make it to the car everything comes back to me and I’m back in control of my mind and body. We jump In the car and Chris goes to start the car he has is face covered in the string wheel as he tries to start the car... but… it’s dead! THE CAR IS DEAD! We start freaking out with my head buried between my legs and Chris still hiding his face I yell out “THIS IS IT CHRIS THIS IS HOW WE DIE! THIS IS WHY US WHITE PEOPLE DIE IN MOVIES BECAUSE WE DO DUMB SHIT LIKE THIS!” Chris yells back at me “Shut up we are not going to die the car will start!” I can still feel this thing outside of the car. Its just there. Is this why there are so many spirits here? Does it take the souls of people who it has caught come here? I feel it looking at us. Something wants me to look at it but at the same times a voice in my head is telling me not to. I want to cry.
The car starts and Chris tries to speed off. We start going dowm the road but then… one of the ties blew. We are now on the side of the road again and we just sit there not wanting to get out. It’s quite again. The feeling of being watched is still there. Luckily for us a guy in a truck pulls up behind us. I feel safe right now. The guy pulls over and helps Chris change the tire. I hold my phone as a light with my back to the woods. I still have that feeling. I want to turn and see what is there but I dare not to. Something is telling me not to look.
After the tire gets fixed we head to the Huddle House close by to calm down. The poor lady working that night sees something is wrong and with what little money we have the lady helps us pay for a meal.
The next few days Strange things start happening around my house. For example I’m in the kitchen fixing something for lunch. My roommate and I are talking like normal and the cutting board goes flying across the kitchen. See gives me this looks and says. “See what you caused! Shit keeps happening for no reason all because you want to visit haunted places.” I pick up the cutting board. At this point I feel like I need to make things right. I've always been told that if you disturb the dead that you have to make things right. So with that being said. That weekend I go see some friends who doesn’t live for from the Rock House and tell them I need to go there so we do. This time it’s full daylight. Once we get there I still have this feeling but I don’t say a word. Once we get to the house my friends go in to look around. They explore the place. Inside and out. I look to the left of me and see nothing but the feeling is there. My body is weak. As I walk in I look in the direction that Chris saw something at. Then I look into the room to the left of me and see the room is full of designs in paint all over the room. The whole house is covered the same way. But there is something about this one room. I walk into the room. There is a Pentagram with all the markings around it. I walk over to it and examine it closely.
I walk around it seeing if it’s done right and to my eyes I see that it is. I yell out to my friends “Hey I think someone tried to summon a demon or something!” As soon as the words leave my mouth something comes crashing down. I nope the hell out of there and just start running out of the house sadly leaving my friends inside not meaning to. All I do is run through the woods yelling “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!” I don’t stop until I’m out of the woods.
My friends come after me wondering what is going on so I tell them about the other night and what just happened as well. At this point I just want to leave. We all get into the car. The friend driving goes to start the car… it’s dead… just like the other night but in a different car. My mind goes back to the other night this big dark creature comes to mind for some reason. I never seen it before. Was it the thing chasing us that night? Was it putting itself in my mind to scare me more? So many questions. I try my best not to freak out. I called my roommate to come pick us up. As we are waiting a car pulls up. He must live on this road and knows what happened. He says every time someone goes to the house their car is dead when they get back. He helps jump start the car and we go down the road. I see my roommate and I jump out of the car and jump into mine. I speed off as fast as I can wanting to get as far away from this place at possible. My friends meet me at my house and I made a promise to my self to never go back to the Rock House.
For some reason Chris and I stopped hanging out. We didn’t get in a fight or anything we just stopped being friends and we never spoke about what happened that night until a few weeks again. We both seemed to have forgotten that night. I called him and asked him what it was that he saw that night inside the house to make him do what he did. He doesn’t remember what he saw but he remembers that night. I thought I wouldnt forget but I did until a few weeks ago... Someone told me that a brain will block out something so traumatizing that you won’t remember what happened and live your life like normal. Maybe that’s what our brains did for us so we won’t live in fear forever.
Now its 2023 and now that I remember this I told this story recently to a few of my friends at work and one person told me they want to visit The Rock House. I told them no they don’t but they really want to not believing in Ghost and has never experienced anything Ghostly. So I said “Go if you want but I promise you I won’t be going back to that place ever again and once you do you won’t go back there either. The witch that used to live behind me didn’t scare my as much as what ever was in the woods that night.” Yes a witch used to live in the property behind my hosue.
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2023.06.10 20:11 That_Sky_9946 22F - Introvert looking for consistent chats and Discord calls

Hey I'm Sky,
I'm an Australian born Vietnamese girl looking for platonic friends and new friends who I can ramble on about my cooking adventures to. I love hearing about people's day, their passions, their hobbies and what makes them happy.
My hobbies are literature (currently reading Devil In the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White), history, culinary arts and I'm currently learning Swedish (poorly but trying). I love playing Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, which two of my favourite games.
I don't mind texting or calling, and if we get along - I'm happy to share my other socials, so it will be easier to talk there.
It doesn't matter where you're from because I'm an insomniac who likes to stay up until 1am scrolling on Reddit.
If you're interesting in chatting, please message me with your favourite dish - as I'm always looking for new recipes to cook.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon! :)
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2023.06.10 20:11 Ambitious-Chicken752 My most recent topster

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