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2023.03.29 15:55 Lauren2102319 If "The Contest" aired during the 2000s or 2010s, what shows would you have seen the episode parody?

One of my personal favorite episodes from the show is "The Contest" and it's perhaps one of the most memorable episodes often looked back on fondly by fans like myself who grew up with Arthur when it aired and are now adults. For a refresher on what this episode is about:
"Arthur and his friends participate in a contest about writing for a TV show titled Andy and Company, and each come up with their own stories, believing theirs will win. Five years later, the results are in and the gang is shocked when they find out that a girl from Canadian, Oklahoma named Holly Holland has won."
This was from season 4 and the episode aired on October 7th, 1999. The cartoons/shows that are parodied in this episode are South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Dexter's Laboratory, WWE, and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.
I was born in February 1996, so I would have been too young to have watched shows like South Park or Beavis and Butthead and Dexter's Lab was the only one I was the most familiar with in terms of the references and the one I watched since it was age appropriate for me since it was on Cartoon Network. I was a PBS Kids kid in terms of what channel I mainly watched during the first 4-5 years of my childhood and the pre-school block that I gravitated towards to, but as I got older, I mainly watched Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network the majority of the time (Disney Channel, I did watch but out of the 3 big channels, I watched it the least) and was much more familiar with cartoons that aired during the 2000s decade and was becoming familiar with what adult cartoons were becoming popular during the 2000s and 2010s.
If this episode aired in the 2000s, I could have seen them parody shows like:
- Teen Titans/The Boondocks/Avatar: The Last Airbender
I'd say either one of these in terms of referencing how prominent anime-inspired American cartoons were during the 2000s (especially mid-late 2000s) and mimicking the similar artstyle for character designs and movement those shows used
- Family Guy/American Dad
Both cartoons are created by Seth MacFarlane, rose the prominence during the time, and their character designs have a very distinct look that you can easily tell it's from Seth MacFarlane compared to other adult cartoons like Beavis and Butthead/King and the Hill (shows created by Mike Judge) and South Park (Matt Stone and Trey Parker)
- Ed, Edd, n Eddy
- Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
If it aired in the 2010s, I could see:
- Bojack Horseman
- Adventure Time
- Regular Show
- Gravity Falls
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2023.03.29 15:51 Boorobford Change your mindset towards race, dating/women and your desirability with this shift and enjoy a prosperous life.

I wanted to share something I think that not only can South Asian men benefit from but also men of minority groups in general.
The wrong way we have been going about this forever: "I am inferior to the white man and he has it easier!"
This mindset towards race and dating is toxic and breeds an inferiority complex. I have seen minorities adopt this in real life and even if they put in the work on their SMV, the inferiority complex was there. You see them overcompensating or acting in somewhat insecure ways. It comes from a place of jealousy, insecurity, inferiority, and scarcity no matter how it is spun. Sure the self-loathing and openly insecure types are awful but there is yet another one I want to bring focus to.
The "I will try harder and be alfa bro!" type. You know the type, the ones that say they will work "10x harder" than a white guy and be "10x hotter" or whatever to compensate for their race. These types are just like the former self-loathing types but with lipstick on. In fact, I find that these types of men are even more annoying, more toxic, and far too narcissistic to ever truly improve with women. People find them irritating to deal with and they really do themselves no favors either. At the end of the day, they still see themselves as inferior to whites based on "studies".
A toxic mindset towards race and dating, which almost 90% of men of minority groups have, will ruin your chances with women long-term. Women will see that insecurity and overcompensation in you deep down.
So what is the right way to see race and dating? What is the right mindset to have?
Right mindset: "Certain groups and types of women will like me more while others will pass me up for a white guy, I need to focus on ones that I play strong with".
I call this the Electoral College Mindset for those of you familiar with American politics. As a Democrat, you might never win Alabama as a state but you can STILL be president.
As a South Asian guy, you might never do well with the sorority white girl types but you can still have a damn good dating life.
You might never get the suburban princess that always wants to fit in but you can still get a lot of quality women.
See the change in this mindset and what it has created?
You no longer have an inferiority complex. You realize that there are certain groups a white guy will play better with and others where you might do better than him, all else being equal. You no longer feel inferior or lesser than someone who is white, you just realize that there are different markets where you are stronger and some where you are weaker.
Now you can put your focus on the kinds of women that tend to like you. For every South Asian guy, that will be different. However, there may be some similarities. You no longer feel the need to come off as overcompensating or as if you are trying to make up for something.
Some on this sub will say: "uh durr but white guys have bigger market bro".
I want to say that guys who focus on those types of things and the theoretical "but if a white guy was a 10 and an Indian guy was a 10 the white guy will have 63 matches to the Indian guy's 59 so white powah rules" are here to waste time. If this is what your mind is thinking of, then perhaps you shouldn't bother with women and dating. You don't actually want to get good with women and dating, you just want someone to feel sorry for you. You just want a shoulder to cry on like a baby and for people to validate your excuses around why you suck with women and with life.
If I told this to a South Asian guy that wanted to get good with women and wanted to see results, he would not only be improving himself but also:
1 - Explore which groups of women he has done well with or does well with
2 - Put more focus on the kinds of women he has seen become receptive to guys like him (even if it is not related to race)
3 - Take his mind off of the negativity and ignore groups that generally hate South Asians
4 - Stop wasting his life away on hypothetical pointless dating studies because he is too lazy to do 1 to 3 above
Because the reality is, you are not going to cry on reddit all day and argue dating studies and then expect for things to change for South Asian men. Things change when enough South Asian men and minorities adopt a healthier mindset towards race and dating and get out there producing results.
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2023.03.29 15:48 lucywilltravel Fair price for Bratz lot?

What would be a fair price for 22 Bratz girls, 2 Bratz boys, the red tour bus and white car? They’re all in good condition apart from a couple dolls which have some pen marks on them, and most of them have their original outfits (although younger me mixed them up across the dolls).
I’m torn about whether or not I do want to part with them but times are tough and a bit of money could help me out.
It’s helpful to see how many passionate people are here, makes me feel like my girls would be going to a good home lol.
I’ll add a pic later if that would help.
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After an extremely close vote, Last Words of a Shooting Star joins the list with 100+ upvotes! BMAMC is now up to 3 representatives. Now, let’s see which song gets lucky number 7th! Comment your fav Mitski song, and the one with the most upvotes will be the next one added! submitted by Qerrasa to mitski [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:39 KaPoTun The Quest for King Arthur Bingo: Reviews Part 2, 21st Century Works

Finally finished my all King Arthur card, down to the bingo wire!
You can see my first post here, which reviews and discusses the works I read (and didn’t read) up to and including the 20th century.
This post is for the modern works - 2000 up until today. Thanks for reading!

How I rate these books

In no particular order:

Novels + Story Collections

The Doom of Camelot - edited by James Lowder (2000)

Two or More Authors (HM), Historical SFF, Five Short Stories
It’s quite fitting that this was my last read of the card, as every story is set around or after King Arthur’s time has come to an end.
The Doom of Camelot is another interesting gem that’s come out of Green Knight Publishing (see also: The Life of Sir Aglovale de Galis from my first post). Each story was well-written, keeping my attention all the way through, and worth reading, but not many of them appealed to me very strongly. There were two I liked best: “The Last Road” by Elizabeth Wyrick Thompson, Arthur’s end told by Sir Lucan’s nameless squire, and “The Battle, Lost” by Susan Fry, a story from a point of view you don’t see very often, a common farm woman during Arthur’s latter days. The anthology’s closing tale, the novella “Avilion: A Romance of Voices” by Verlyn Flieger, was ambitious, and I do think the author did a great job of capturing the unique voices and perspectives of all the prominent figures in King Arthur’s stories. The only thing I wished the author didn’t include was clear misogyny in many of the chapters. I thought to myself the first time, “maybe Kay’s opinion on women is supposed to be realistic for the time period…” but then each female character’s perspective after that calls Genever a bitch, and Genever’s chapter opens by directly stating she has no use for other women and continues in the same vein from that attitude, so, maybe the author was working through something, who knows.

Here Lies Arthur - Philip Reeve (2007)

Historical SFF, Standalone (HM), Anti-Hero (HM), Cool Weapon (HM), Name in the Title, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts (HM)
Gwyna is the offspring of an unnamed slave woman on Lord Ban’s holding who manages to escape into the nearby river when Arthur’s warband comes to burn and pillage. Myrddin finds her and takes her under his wing, disguised as his servant boy.
Here Lies Arthur won the Carnegie Medal for children’s literature in 2008, which is a bit surprising (to me, at least) because this story is quite dark. Reeve subverts the heroic Arthur and magical Merlin and reveals them for what they may have actually been - a petty, power-hungry warlord and his clever tale-teller. The book of course doesn’t have the detail and length of The Once and Future King, or Sword at Sunset, but still manages to fit in significant depth to most of the characters. I liked how gender was touched on with Gwyna living much of her life as “Gwyn”, and “Peri” being raised as a girl by his mother before becoming Peredur.
It can be read without knowing much of the original legends, but there are a few references here and there to the individual Arthurian figures’ tales, and on top of that the subversion doesn’t work as well without at least reading something like The Once and Future King first which explores Arthur and his knights’ tragedy from a heroic, sympathetic perspective.

Lancelot and the Lord of the Distant Isles: Or, the Book of Galehaut Retold - Patricia Terry, Samuel N. Rosenberg (2007)

Standalone (HM), Cool Weapon, Name in the Title, Author Uses Initials, Indie Publisher
Galehaut is a relatively obscure character from the original Vulgate Cycle (13th century), who nevertheless played a huge part in Lancelot’s life. Terry and Rosenberg’s book here is an effort to bring this character into modern consciousness again.
To understand the background of this character, if you’ve never really heard of him, I have a few suggested readings based on how deep you want to go.
  1. Timeless Myths has a great quick overview
  2. They also have longer summaries - an intro to Lancelot in the Lancelot-Grail, and the key section on Galehaut
  3. For the real fans, has all of Oskar Sommer’s early 1900s translations of the original French. Galehaut is not in all the pages in a row, but he first appears in Vol 3 page 201 in the book, page 206 in the archive copy, and goes until about Oskar Vol 4, page 160 in the archive, 155 in the book.
Going into this novel, I was expecting more of a retelling, not just a very similar style and tone to the original Vulgate cycle with some creative license/editing parts out - maybe because of the “Retold” in the title. As they state in the prologue, the entire first part of Lancelot’s story involves Galehaut heavily, so it is indeed surprising no one has really covered this topic before. This was to me a missed opportunity to tell the story in a way that gave dimension to the characters. In the original, Lancelot seems almost indifferent to Galehaut, and Galehaut’s instant love and admiration for the knight is much more one-sided. This could have gone into that aspect in depth - or could have even gone the other way, writing it as if Lancelot really was torn between Galehaut and the queen, loving each in his obsessive way. Except it just ended up as still one-sided, with a few lines here and there where these authors give Lancelot a few extra opportunities to tell Galehaut he also likes his companion a lot, but his actions being, as in the original, wholly revolving around Guinevere.
The book unfortunately ended up being slow to get through, since it is just the original text retold with a bit more extra detail. It might have been faster to get through if I hadn’t just read the translated original, because it was almost like I had read the whole thing over twice in a row, but at the same time it was also good to have a basis of comparison. If this version had done anything new or different, I would have appreciated having the Vulgate context even more.

Tarnished Knight - Jack Campbell (2012, The Lost Stars #1)

Set in Space (HM), Anti-Hero, Revolutions and Rebellions (HM), No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
The war with the Alliance has destabilised the Syndicate Worlds, and the Syndicate’s control over their empire is crumbling. In the Midway star system, CEOs Artur Drakon and Gwen Iceni form a tentative, secret partnership to take out the Syndic government’s Internal Security Service and establish independence for Midway and its neighbouring star systems.
Tarnished Knight is the first book in the series The Lost Stars, part of the larger Lost Fleet Universe that began by following the Alliance. The Syndic characters in The Lost Stars may have been introduced in previous books, but I picked it up without having read any of them and it wasn’t difficult to understand the premise. Although there is a bit of missing backstory with the Alliance and the mysterious alien enigmas, it doesn’t take away from the current storyline. Tarnished Knight was an easy read, which doesn’t try too hard to deviate from what seems to be standard Space Opera/Military SF fare, relying mostly on action and political dialogue to carry the story. For some reason, Campbell seems to be allergic to describing basically anything in his writing - after I noticed, I went back and skimmed some reviews of his first Lost Fleet book and readers had commented on the same thing even back then. There is not a single word of description given to the characters, so you have no idea what any of them look like, and many of the locations are briefly named halfway through an action scene as “the building” or “the facility”, if at all.
Character-wise, both Drakon and Iceni are similar, being former ruthless CEOs in the Syndic corporate structure who are now trying to figure out how they want to do things differently after achieving independence. The only Arthurian connection that goes deeper than just the name is the broad character strokes of Drakon’s subordinates: Malin, a loyal and technical “wizard”, Morgan, a scheming, bloodthirsty soldier, Gaiene, a womanising drunk, and Kai, dependable but unimaginative.
I enjoyed Tarnished Knight after accepting it for what it was - the space battles and political maneuvering were well done and interesting enough to make up for the two dimensional characters and the lack of description.

The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro (2015)

Historical SFF, Standalone (HM), BIPOC Author
An elderly couple in Britain struggle to recall any memory of their earlier lives while living in their village. They set off to visit their son, and on the way encounter a boy with a strange wound, a Saxon warrior, and a knight of Arthur’s court.
This was my first Ishiguro, and it seems like it was not a good one to start with. The premise was interesting: King Arthur has passed, and left behind a now peaceful land, with Britons and Saxons living and working together, but no one can recall any past events, and they even have difficulty remembering what happened an hour ago. The execution didn’t live up to the idea, however. Axl and Beatrice, the elderly couple the reader follows, are terribly boring. The boy who leaves his village with them is weird without any explanation, and only the Saxon and the knight have some depth, but they are secondary to the story. There is so much repetition and extraneous dialogue that it gets painful to read at points. Every paragraph of speech between every character is bizarrely polite, making every conversation twice as long as it needs to be. The book’s conclusion stops before the end of the couple’s journey, trying to leave it up to the reader to infer their fate, but it just ends up being confusing and unclear, and I still have no idea what happened to them.

The Lost Queen - Signe Pike (2018, The Lost Queen Trilogy #1)

Historical SFF, Family Matters (HM)
Adam Ardrey’s Finding Merlin presents historical evidence that the legend of Merlin originated in sixth-century Scotland with a man titled Lailoken (which Ardrey translates as “Chief of Song”). The historical Lailoken’s twin sister Languoreth is the protagonist of The Lost Queen, who was a queen of Britons in her own right but is now largely forgotten in modern times. The novel tells of the twins’ coming of age in the Kingdom of Strathclyde, which is undergoing social and religious change as a result of the rise of Christianity, and is also suffering from the incursions of the Angles from the East. Fortunately, a warrior named Emrys, the Pen Dragon, has risen to the challenge of defending the Britons’ lands and way of life.
I felt The Lost Queen was a bit of a simplistic tale at first, but about a quarter or a third of the way through it picked up and became more engaging for me. I give partial credit for this progression to the audiobook I listened to for a while, wonderfully narrated by Scottish voice actor Toni Frutin. The story’s plot even came together well enough for me to finish the last third in basically one sitting.
Languoreth is in a tough position, because while her father the king gives his daughter more freedom than most noble parents might have in that time, she is still bound to make a political marriage eventually. The first half or so of the novel follows her childhood and teen years as she grows and comes to terms with this fate, and the rest shows Languoreth’s involvement in Strathclyde’s political conflicts, and how they affect the fate of her family and her kingdom. Unfortunately, which might be historically accurate or might not be, Languoreth being a woman means she is not able to accomplish much. The men in her life make the decisions, and poor Languoreth generally suffers because of it. Perhaps she is able to gain more agency in the sequel, The Forgotten Kingdom, but she wasn’t given much opportunity to do so in this first part of her life, sadly. Meanwhile, the villains of The Lost Queen are one-note, each of them being power hungry, malevolent, and cruel, but for the most part the other side characters are developed well enough to be interesting and at least multi-dimensional.
It was certainly refreshing to read an Arthurian tale set so far north, and in my uneducated opinion, it seems that Pike succeeded at writing a reasonably historically accurate tale.

By Force Alone - Lavie Tidhar (2020)

Weird Ecology (HM), Historical SFF, Standalone (HM), Cool Weapon (HM), Revolutions and Rebellions, Award Finalist, but Not Won (HM), Shapeshifters (HM), No Ifs, Ands, or Buts (HM), Family Matters (HM)
What if Uther was just a soldier who wanted power? What if Arthur was just a leader of a bloodthirsty gang of boys that murdered his way to the top of all the criminal gangs?
If you want to read how about edgy this book is, how it’s a real missed opportunity, and how it has lots of weird shit in it, head to my Goodreads review.

Legendborn - Tracy Deonn (2020, Legendborn #1)

Historical SFF (HM), Book Club, Cool Weapon (HM), Urban Fantasy, Features Mental Health (HM), BIPOC Author, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, Family Matters
Bree Matthews’ mother dies 3 months before she gets into Early College admission at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While she’s starting school there, still dealing with her grief, she witnesses what appears to be magic at an off-campus party. When she makes a connection between the magic she just saw and the magic she now remembers seeing after her mother’s death, she infiltrates the campus society known as the Order of the Round Table.
Legendborn was solidly written, and skillfully paced in most parts (less so the middle), but the typical tropes of YA present throughout the book really just didn’t work for me. It’s written in first person, an outsider girl who happens to be super special and unique stumbles into and joins a secret society (and a competition), naturally the two attractive and prominent boys of this society form a love triangle with the girl, and on top of that she and one of them are in love after the entire 2-3 week duration of the novel. Towards the end it was so egregious that I was rolling my eyes at any lines dealing with the triangle. Safe to say these types of books aren’t for me.
I thought the best parts were when Bree’s grief was addressed, and the moments with her family, and when she got to discuss and learn about her family’s history in Carolina. It was also important how the everyday and insidious racism she had to deal with was not brushed over for the reader. Otherwise, however, the majority of the character work outside of Bree was neglected. There were so many characters that she interacts with who belong to the Legendborn society and all of them outside a select few are so interchangeable it was hard to differentiate them when any of the names came up. Even her best friend, who is given some background and a bit of development early on, is shunted to the side as soon as Bree enters the Order and forgotten about until the end, where she comes back briefly to be given the role of following Bree the hero around.
By contrast, I did actually really like the take on a secret society revolving around the descendants of King Arthur and using Merlin’s magic, but that part of the book felt like it would have been way more interesting and relevant if it was set in Britain. It felt like with everything else about the American South the author was trying to address - racism, slavery, inequality - something like a secret Founding Fathers society would maybe have been more thematically appropriate and less disconnected from Bree’s local history and ancestry. Although of course, they don’t have a convenient, well-known magic user like Merlin. Maybe Benjamin Franklin could have turned out to be some kind of wizard instead.

Sword Stone Table - edited by Swapna Krishna, Jenn Northington (2021)

Two or More Authors (HM), Five Short Stories (HM)
A really solid set of short stories, divided into Once (more medieval/original myth settings), Present (more modern day, urban settings), and Future (futuristic - self-explanatory I suppose).
There were a couple duds, but for the most part they were all worth reading, and a few were standouts for me.
In Once, Roshani Chokshi’s “Passing Fair and Young” imagines that the Arthurian characters may have their fates and myths written on their bodies from birth, and Elaine of Corbenic and Lancelot determine for themselves how to interpret their own myth marks. Daniel M. Lavery’s “Galehaut” short story (available to read here at LitHub) is a shorter version of what I wish the earlier Galehaut retelling I read was like.
In Present, “Mayday” by Maria Dahvana Headley is pure brilliance. Written as an evidence report of items found in an abandoned lighthouse on a Lake Erie island, it tells of the Pendragon corporation’s rise and fall power in late 1800s America. It’s hard to live up to “Mayday”, but without going into all of them in detail, I did also really enjoy “Flat White” by Jessica Plummer - an Elaine of Corbenic coffee shop AU, essentially. What if a French guy named Lancelot walked into your coffee shop, and also had two best friends named Arthur and Gwen?
I think Future’s standout is Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s “A Shadow in Amber”, where Elaine of Shalott is a wealthy woman in a future city, living at the top of her skyscraper, paying a dealer to bring her illegal memories she can ingest and experience as if they were hers.

Sistersong - Lucy Holland (2021)

Historical SFF, Standalone (HM), Award Finalist, but Not Won, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, Family Matters
SIstersong aims to retell and add detail to The Twa Sisters, a ballad whose earliest recording was in the 1600s. Holland sets her book in Arthur-adjacent Cornwall (“Dumnonia”), following King Cador’s three children as the kingdom begins to come under the threat of Saxon invasion, while also dealing with a Christian priest who wants to convert the Dumnonii to Christianity at all costs. The ballad sometimes has an extra sister in addition to the titular two sisters - here, Holland writes not only the sisters, Riva and Sinne, but a third sibling as well, Keyne, who is born as the middle daughter but comes to identify as a boy. The itinerant magician Myrdhin, who has secrets of his own, helps Keyne in his journey.
I went into Sistersong expecting a focus on the two sisters, and what I got was a book that ended up mostly focused on Keyne. The three siblings have relatively equal points of view for the first two thirds of the book, but as the Saxon threat increases and Keyne takes on more expansive and traditional male roles to help protect the kingdom, his sisters and their conflict over a man fade to the background. It seems like Keyne’s story was the one Holland really wanted to write, which is great, but Rive and Sinne could have been left out completely and Keyne’s story would not have changed. They loved him and he loved them, despite their conflicts, but his sisters’ tragedy serves as a sad chapter on his way to become who he is.
Many of the characters weren’t as fleshed out as I would have liked. Sinne, the youngest, is mostly a typical shallow, vapid blonde, and the eldest Riva is jealous of her looks and her beauty. Riva is probably the more developed of the two, as she has a physical disability and has to learn to overcome her fears and insecurities (thanks to a man, though, I suppose). The Christian priest is one-dimensionally cruel, except for one or two scenes where he breaks character for some reason and briefly treats Keyne with respect, and as for why the king and queen allowed him to terrorise their children and their villages, the belated half-baked explanations given don’t make a lot of sense. Myrdhin is just “mysterious” - Keyne even tries to learn more about him, asking where he came from, and Myrdhin refuses to answer, and it’s just never brought up again.
I would probably only recommend this to someone looking for a trans story set in Celtic Britain. If you’re looking for a multi-character-focused story with at least a semi-accurate historical focus, look elsewhere.

Blackheart Knights - Laure Eve (2021, Blackheart Knights #1)

Urban Fantasy (HM), No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, Family Matters
Set in an alternate, queernorm, Blade Runner-like London with circa 90s-00s technology, this is a very ambitious modern Arthurian story that I really enjoyed. I think I’ve learned that I’m easy to please with the modern retellings, and because there are so few of them, each one feels like a special find.
Blackheart Knights is well paced, with two interesting POV characters’ stories being told in alternating chapters in different time periods, building up to a meeting point. I thought the two protagonists were developed well, with some interesting nuances, but the side characters could have used some work, since for the most part the writing tells us about them a few times rather than giving them pagetime and showing us. One thing about the writing I would have changed is we are sometimes not given a character description at all, like we have no idea what even Artorias looks like until his hair colour is mentioned maybe two-thirds of the way through the book. The world is cool and has a lot of potential, being set in a London that’s split into multiple districts named after their founding seven Saints, each unique, and there are Kingdoms outside of London, but they’re never expanded upon and only a few of them are even named, in passing only. This modern London has knights that are essentially celebrities and fight in their arenas like gladiators for fame, money, and to settle legal disputes. Some people are born with magic powers, but are looked down upon by society, and are forced to register themselves by age eighteen. This part of the story was super interesting but underdeveloped. I did enjoy the references to the King Arthur mythos that I caught, and I’m sure I missed many at the same time, but for the most part only one key storyline from the original was kept close to intact. I was happy to see a Lailoken mentioned, who is the Merlin character in The Lost Queen.
I would recommend Blackheart Knights as a fun, fresh take on King Arthur, if you go in without expecting everything about the world to necessarily be explained in the first book and just enjoy the ride.

Spear - Nicola Griffith (2022)

Historical SFF, Standalone (HM), Book Club (HM), Cool Weapon (HM), Published in 2022, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, Family Matters
Nicola Griffith pens a queer retelling of Percival, drawn mostly from Chrétien de Troye’s Perceval and Peredur Son of Efrawg, one of the Three Welsh Romances, along with an added dose of the Tuath Dé from Irish myth. Griffith was originally asked to write a short story for the Sword Stone Table anthology, but Spear grew into its own standalone novella instead.
Having recently finished Mary Sutcliff’s A Sword at Sunset, I felt the writing and the choices Griffith made in Spear were very much in a similar spirit, with a focus on what historical Britain was likely to have been like at the time, although Spear certainly has much more magic. Beyond the setting, the parallels include both Llanza (Lance) of Spear and Bedwyr of A Sword at Sunset being disabled but unmatched horsemen, and each being in love with not only the king’s wife, but their king as well. While Sutcliff wrote a gay relationship for two of Artos’s Companions (in 1963!) but kept Bedwyr’s love for Artos as only subtext, Griffith establishes many of her characters as explicitly queer, beginning with her protagonist, from the moment Peretur - a girl who has grown up alone with her mother in the wilds of Wales - encounters a pretty young woman in a nearby village. Spear is a lovely, well-written story, with a particularly fascinating take on Myrddyn and Nimuë - I only wish it could have been a full-length novel, with time and space to flesh out more of Peretur and her time in Wales and Caer Leon.

Dark Earth - Rebecca Stott (2022)

Historical SFF, Standalone (HM), Cool Weapon (HM), Published in 2022, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, Family Matters
Set in and around the abandoned Roman city of Londinium (the “Ghost City”) circa 500 AD, Dark Earth follows two Saxon (“Seax”) sisters living near the Thames in Seax territory under the control of King Osric, who in this story is a recent descendant of Hengist and Horsa. Isla, the eldest sister, has been forging swords alongside her father the Great Smith even though Seax law forbids women from stepping inside a forge, and Blue, the youngest, has the makings of being a wicca.
I think I wanted Dark Earth to be more than what it was. Arthurian-era stories that touch on the Briton-Anglo-Saxon conflict are almost entirely from the Britons’ point of view. I enjoyed the writing and certainly appreciated the historically detailed setting, but I was hoping for more of a deep dive into Saxon settlements during this time period. Isla and Blue are both outcasts from their family’s original camp, so they’ve been isolated from all of their people from a young age, and only briefly do they visit Osric’s palace during the story and speak with other Seax again. The people the sisters do encounter after that are interesting, as at this time the area of Essex was occupied by a fascinating mix of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisians, as well as any native Britons from various tribes who had intermixed with the mainland settlers, like the sisters’ mother who was Iceni (“Ikeni”). Unfortunately, the novel doesn’t go into as much detail as I would have liked about why the characters might have settled there, or much history of their lives in the Old Country, or their beliefs and how they’ve integrated their cultures now that they’re in Britain. King Arthur is briefly referenced as “the boy in the west”, but the larger political and cultural context isn’t expanded upon either.
Isla is the least interesting character in the cast, which is unfortunate because she is the point of view for the reader. Isla and Blue have been traumatised by the actions of Osric and his cruel son Vort, and have been deeply affected by their mother’s disappearance in a raid years ago. Isla’s smithing is forbidden by Seax culture, so she lives in fear and hesitation of anything bad that could happen to her or her sister - which is certainly sympathetic, but not the greatest to read about for basically a whole novel, especially when contrasted with her more courageous sister. Isla barely makes any decisions of her own, just goes along with Blue and their allies’ directions, after declining and protesting out of fear each time at first. There is a bit of growth towards the end, but it’s not enough to make up for the faults in Isla’s story during the majority of the book.

Short Stories + Novellas

The Green Knight’s Wife - Kat Howard (2016)

Didn’t end up fitting on the board
Available to read at Uncanny Magazine.
What if the events of Gawain and the Green Knight didn’t just happen to Gawain, but happened whenever someone asks for something wondrous, beginning in medieval times through to the present day? What if The Green Knight’s wife never had a say in her husband’s game?
An interesting short story from a different perspective - certainly the original poem doesn’t consider how the wife feels about the time when Gawain stays at their castle, or whether she was pressured to participate or chose to do so willingly when her husband suggested it.

Once, Future - Kat Howard (2018)

Standalone (HM), Cool Weapon (HM), Revolutions and Rebellions, Urban Fantasy, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, Family Matters
Found in Kat Howard’s anthology A Cathedral of Myth and Bone, “Once, Future” takes place at Severn University, in the graduate seminar The Arthurian Legend in Time. The students’ discussion brings up a question: why are there so many retellings of this legend? Is it that writers are deliberately placing the elements to make it recognisable, or do the core aspects of the story somehow make themselves known and repeatable? Professor Link proposes the students each be assigned a name from the legend and keep a journal for the semester, to see if any patterns emerge in their lives.
I really liked this novella. Without spoiling too much, it questions the nature of fate, and how stories should end, and how the original legend was supposed to play out. As I find with many novellas, I would have liked more, since there isn’t enough time for in-depth explanations or backstory, when I would have liked to be able to dig deeper into many parts of the story. Even without that, however, if you just let it take you along for the ride, it’s a great blend of modernity and myth.

Didn’t Finish

Queen of None - Natania Barron (2020)

I wrote a pretty scathing review on Goodreads.

Half Sick of Shadows - Laura Sebastian (2021)

Half Sick of Shadows is set in a somewhat alternate Arthurian universe, where there was a “fey war” prior to Arthur’s lifetime, and Lyonesse is a kingdom in the north that Uther has been trying to conquer. Elaine of Shalott moved to Camelot with her mother when she was younger, and is now known as Elaine the Mad after she had a vision for the first time and went screaming through the castle. When she first meets Morgana, the fey-blooded girl with magical powers convinces her to come back to Avalon, where she can learn to control her skills as an Oracle, and where she meets and befriends Gwen, Arthur, and Lancelot.
Unfortunately, I dropped this one a quarter of the way through. The writing was adult enough, but many of the tropes employed are too simple for an adult novel. Morgause is a one dimensional Mean Girl, Mordred is Arthur’s Evil Stepbrother, and Camelot is a typical High Fantasy Court exclusively home to brainless, fancily-clothed nobles that none of our group of friends could possibly fit in with. Not enough is explained in the pages I read, like why Gwen has been on Avalon the whole time, or why Morgana left Camelot in the first place, or why when they all go back to Camelot, Elaine is suddenly a skilled political advisor to Arthur even though she was a shunned outcast at court and left in her early teens. I was interested to see how the mythical Elaine of Astolat could be retold in a feminist way, but I guess the author’s answer here was to change almost everything about the character and place her in a different setting altogether.

Other 21st Century Works I didn’t get to in time

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2023.03.29 15:33 allison2515 Inappropriate/cultural appropriation?

My SO and I are currently ttc, and have been looking through baby names for awhile. He is significantly more picky than I am with names, so our list is pretty short. We have a daughter (his from a previous relationship) who has a name he deems to be childish now that she’s a teenager and he feels guilty for her name. This has caused us to extra analyze names we like. The boy name is almost set in stone, and we love it. For a girl, he likes two names that are traditionally not English/American, and we don’t want to come off as insensitive. The names are: Amara and Zenaida Would it be rude/inappropriate to choose one of these? For reference, he has Mediterranean in his family, and presents with olive skin. I am a mix, but largely Native American, and present relatively white, but have distinctive Native American features. We have other names we like, but with these being two of his favorites, I wonder if the general consensus is that they’re unusable. Thank you!
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2023.03.29 15:27 moonknight0824 35[m4a] sf bayarea. wife pics chat

Happy Wednesday everyone. It's rainy and cold for past few days. I miss seeing girls in dresses and skirts. Does anyone else feel the same way? Shoot me a msg if you are interested to chat about my wife before she wakes up. She is asian American. I prefer someone from SF or peninsula and around my age
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2023.03.29 15:27 Ready-Ad-4549 More Rock and Roll Clock

Cocaine Rock Heroin Roll cycle
Kingdom of Light = forever, always = all cocaine, History = His Story
9PM-12AM only cocaine during cocaine high
9PM Christ cocaine born (Christmas)(cocaine shot right arm)
10PM Father God cocaine (cocaine shot left arm)
11PM Holy Ghost cocaine (cocaine shot both arms)

12AM Anti-Christ wakes inside Christ cocaine when Christ cocaine shoots heroin

Rocking = Christ cocaine dominant, cocaine addiction
(12AM-3AM zigzag heroin during cocaine high)
(zigzag between Red 1 and Blue 2)
American Pie
shoot (heroin) to thrill (cocaine)
sometimes, something = some heroin
time and thing = heroin

1AM Red = some heroin mostly cocaine (black dot white bar)
the sun, the son, Sunday, 7, A, alpha, 1, I, X, cross, Chi = Christ cocaine
A = alpha = 1st letter Greek alphabet, value = 1
X = Chi = 22nd letter Greek alphabet, value = 600
one eye open, black hole sun, spick, wake up = black dot white bar
today, here, now, present = time = black dot white bar
name, I am = identity and existence
the one, the way, the path = the person
the light = illumination or enlightenment
everyone, everything, everywhere = inclusivity
all, whole = entirety of something
hope, happy, pink, light, easy, smile, live = positive emotions
think, thought, logic = positive mental processes
help, give = positive aid
do, see = positive action
music = positive creation
new, clean, paint, dress, style = beautification
young, girl, chic, lips = youth and beauty
nice girl = pleasant person
city, urban, west = location
mile = distance and space
spring = growth
stop, walk, stand = movement
body, head, eye, = body parts
sugar, sweet, cake = taste
mountain, sea, rock, stone = nature
story, speak, write, words, letters = language
paper, sheets, sail = printing
knows, nose, teach, believe = knowledge
reason, why, want, how, knowledge = motivation and knowledge
rich, million, strong, right = wealth and power
buy, diamonds, business, work, make, build = commerce and creation
queen, law = rule
control, cops = law enforcement
free, loose = freedom
fat, wide, = 9PM-6AM space
love, sex = positive emotions and actions
pinky (1), index finger (1 or 4), love sign (1,4&5), fist = hand gestures

2AM Blue = more heroin mostly cocaine (white bar black outline)
the moon, blue moon, B, 2, 5, V, star, omega, w, P, Rho, 6, Saturday = Anti-Christ heroin
something, sometimes, anything = some heroin
use, try = something
take, took, got, change = something
what = something
more = something
the blues = melancholy or sadness, feelings of loss, heartbreak
fool, 17, illegal, boy = immature, blue
B = beta = 2nd letter Greek alphabet, value = 2
P = Rho = 17th letter Greek alphabet, value = 100
king = royal and law, blue
babe = endearment, blue
air, sky, ocean, rain, breeze, wind, cold, world = natural blue
hopeless, heavy thoughts, burdened = mind person blue
poor, weak, broken, bruised = outer person blue
wrong, sad, frown, mourning = inner person blue
ok, fine, well = inner person kinda blue
bawler, bawl, cry = inner person blue
colors, rainbow, bright = parts of light
endless day, summer, morning = sunshine
east = sunrise
soul, mind, heart, feel = inner life
heard, no words = silent
numbers = no words
something's wrong, better way = change
wish, superstition = magic
rape, lust, love drunk = desire, blue
go, move, trip, speed, run = forward, blue
play, vacation, holiday = leisure, blue
risk, reckless, trouble, wild, dare = risky, blue
fake, part = falseness, blue
V, thumb, horns sign thumb in (1&4), shaka sign (1&5) = hand gestures
song, hum, chorus, = general idea of music
matter, material = substance
first one, blue ribbon = recognition
dance = music in motion
make to bed to sleep to dream
speak to say to meaning to things
see to look to watch to understand
city street to rural road
stand to lie down
buy to sell to pay to debt to money
head to face
lips to hips
do to don't
easy to difficult
soft to hard
nose to smell
believe to blame

3AM Mercy hour (Chi Rho, XP, Christ/Anti-Christ)
lavender, purple, violet
Anti-Christ heroin kills Christ cocaine, mostly cocaine syringe becomes mostly heroin syringe
(stop the clocks)
(3 = middle finger = Anti-Christ heroin fucks over Christ cocaine)
(Ouroboros = Dragon heroin addiction consumes body of Christ cocaine addiction)
(the day the music died)

Rolling = Anti-Christ heroin dominant, heroin addiction
3AM-6AM zigzag cocaine during heroin high
(zigzag between White 4 and Grey 5)
play (cocaine) to kill (heroin)
somewhere, somehow = some cocaine

4AM White = some cocaine mostly heroin (white dot black bar)
person, someone
Anti-Christ heroin woman
Sisyphus = heroin addict pushing cocaine addiction to the 6AM Wall
my son, baby, you, your, yourself = person
wherever, somewhere, someone = some cocaine
trauma, bleeding = wounded
still here = survival, resilience
lost = uncertainty or disorientation
let go, come on = urging someone
share, meet = together
meat, apple, wine = food
wife, mother, sister, mama = female family members
orphan, little one, bastard, rock star, hitchhiker = people
whistle, sing, ringing, noise, blow = sounds or noise
tonight, right here, right now = specific time
go ahead = permission
fall, leaves, forest, winter, snow, star light, first star = nature
speck, pool, watch = white dot black bar
bone, ball, pillow, skeleton, grain of sand, tattered clouds = objects
smoke, sweat, tear = body reactions
see to look to 3AM door to watch to close eyes to 6AM die
train station, town, coffee shop, diner = place where people hang out
house, mansion = object
frontline, north = location
free from sin = person
shine, reflected = outside light
wild courage, brave, wonder, crazy = mind
chosen one = person selected for a role or purpose
one in a million = unique
times like these = unique and challenging
waiting on a miracle = extraordinary outcome
new dimension = new viewpoint
unique, apart, only, just, so = exclusivity (white dot black bar)
always free, up, jump, bounce, around, all over = movement
uptown, highlands = places
much more = quantity
know to don't to forget to remember
message, answer, call, SOS = message
meaning of things, symbols = understanding
careful, blind = behavior
wedding, pretend = action
should, would, will, won't = modal verbs show possibility, intent, ability, or necessity
wanna, gonna, gonna make, tryna find = informal contractions
clubs, agriculture = farmer, growth
good luck, bounty, reward, bring back = return
student, learning = education
fly away, dove, little bird, bunting = prey
alright, tucked in = position/location
preach, pray = religion
shudder = from fear
broken glass, dish, = household items
photograph, TV, = picture

5AM Grey = more heroin (black bar white outline)
thing, someone else
Anti-Christ heroin man
Blackjack, (the ace of spades),(shot caller), liar, yeah, um, no,
me, my, mine = referring to oneself
them, they = referring to others
the man = power and law
papa, father, husband, brother = male family members
keeper, guide, finder = supporting oneself or others
ourselves, us = group of people that includes oneself
alone, lonely = being by oneself
it, thing, telephone, radio, clock, a watch = objects
gun, pistol, shotgun = weapon
cannonball, bullet, rounds = ammunition
bottle, cup of coffee = object for holding something
shadow, closed eyes = absence or darkness
time = heroin
shame = negative feeling
lucky star =
debt = negative matter
south, desert = location
last night = time
empty, nothing, nowhere, nobody = absence
buried, underground, deep down, hole, low, south = hidden or buried
grave, closet, trunk, coffin = death and burial
sand, dirt, mud, earth, trunk, tree = nature
yellow, golden, hazel, brown, green, glow, faded = color
broken, old = age or condition
feeling, need, hunger, itch, habit, debt = desire
peace, hush, silence, die, dream = finality and rest
pain, fear, misery, disappeared = negative experiences
crooked, little = characteristics of object
restless, sleepless, warm within, inside = feelings
burn, fire, wreck, destroy = destroy
lucky, insane, mad, madness = emotions
truck, train, horse, wheel, mule = transportation
turn, drink, pull = action
iron, rusty nail, spoon = household items
to prey, fight, hunt, chase, hit, crash, catch, kill, force, bite, take, race = action
military, war = war
brawler, knight, soldier = fighter
pressure, gravity, squeeze, tight = physical forces
hand, hold, grip, mouth, heart, side, horn, hair = body parts
hung, hang = hanging
hunter's pouch = hunting object
home, roof, shelter, hometown, country, downtown, southern = location
never go = prohibition
remember, found = memory
game, symbols, star, V, 5, spades, 21, ?, bell, (hell's bells), bad sign, horns sign thumb in (1&4), thumb, number, no name,
green jealousy = fear of losing something already in possession involving 3rd party
6AM Black = (Black bar) all heroin
Devil, Dragula, Sandman, yeah-yeah, mother nature = Supernatural Beings
Devil heroin castle, (The Wall), hell, never never land = locations
green, black = money (root of all evil)
green greed = desire something by itself
green envy = desiring what someone else (Grey 5) has
grass, sunrise, afterglow, softly clears = nature
More Metaphors:
cocaine: Dutch, hills, 9, truth, hard, touch, silver, ...
heroin: slip, strangle, slam, smack, dig, ditch, velvet, Italian, poison, 8, dark, gone, strange, stranger, spread, bad, lies, ...
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2023.03.29 15:24 lillemonadelady [TOMT] Scary kids reality show?

I've wanted to know what this for years and its only recently came back into my mind and I'm actually excited to see if I can find out what it is. I was a kid so it must have been mid 2000s, 2010 at the most. It was simular to Trapped. Real kids would go on this show to do scary tasks. The only episode I remember is two girls staying in this pitch black building and having to do tasks. They stayed in a dark room with a few beds and would have to do things for snacks, I remember them earning donuts and there being baby dolls or baby doll heads but that's about it.
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2023.03.29 15:20 emptysnow I really don't like how the artists treat the girls faces as perfect completely smooth porcelain dolls while the guys faces actually have pores, wrinkles and scaring. The guys look so much better and more detailed but the girls are stuck in their 20s with perfect skin they could do so much better.

I really don't like how the artists treat the girls faces as perfect completely smooth porcelain dolls while the guys faces actually have pores, wrinkles and scaring. The guys look so much better and more detailed but the girls are stuck in their 20s with perfect skin they could do so much better. submitted by emptysnow to Tekken [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:18 Deyganwolf 50 [M4F] #CA, Ventura - 6’2, 8.5”, Supremely Confident, Well-Built, Laid-Back Dominant Looking for a Submissive Fem to Affectionately Sexually Objectify
Must be over 21 and live in CA. No hookers, escorts, or gay males. I’m straight.
I’m a SWM (no kids), vaxxed, drug/disease-free, non-smoker, laid-back, athletic, broad-shouldered and muscular, self-aware and sure of myself, at ease around anyone and anything. I’m a protective kind of guy with an intimidating physical presence, and I know what I’m doing with women. I’m observant, intuitive, considerate, and understanding. I know how to care about you, how to be there for you, how and when to give you your space, how and when to be gentle and compassionate, and how and when to tell you the things you need to hear.
I’m an experienced, strict and commanding Dominant looking for a submissive, obedient, feminine woman who wants to be in a relationship that would involve a delicious dichotomy of trust, genuine friendship, affection and companionship, with you being completely sexually objectified. You will be My Personal Sex Kitten and FuckDoll in every sense of the terms, and the more feminine you are, the better. I like girlishness and playfulness, but femininity is always the sexiest.
I’m not looking for multiple women. I’m a one-woman guy. I would conquer your body, and we’d be monogamous.
I’m very sexually rough and forceful. I overpower, manhandle, pin down, restrain, growl, pull hair, choke, slap, grip and squeeze, ravage voraciously, lick, suck, spank, stretch, pound, etc.. The sex will be great, and you’ll be wanting it all the time.
And, in being completely sexually objectified, you’ll know that everything about your appearance and your body will serve for the purpose of making, and keeping, my big, powerful, potent cock hard. The singular focus will make you really hot, believe me. You’ll know that every time your doing your hair, nails, your lipstick, makeup, choosing your earrings, what you’re going to wear, even maintenance things like moisturizing - all of it will be done for the purpose of serving your Master’s cock.
I am controlling, but not in the sense of every little thing you do as you go about your days. I mean in every kind of sexual context, of course, as well as in things having to do with your appearance - nails, hair, lipstick, etc.. - and in your communications with me.
I play baseball in adult leagues on weekends, and you could come to as many of my games and tournaments as you liked, dolled-up as my eye-candy, of course. You’d like watching me play, trust me. I’m poetry in motion.
Maturity and intelligence are turn-ons the same way that immaturity is an instant turn-off. I like long hair, nice smiles, and slender figures but not model skinny. Big tits are preferred but not required. I do like physical bimbos, but I have no interest in airheads, party girls, or any kind of influencers. I’m not into BBWs, and any kind of smoking or vaping is a dealbreaker. No, I’m not 420 friendly.
Describe yourself and your body very specifically when you respond. If you’re going to send pics, do NOT send anything naked. Be bold, and impress me with your boldness.
I’ll take it from there.
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2023.03.29 15:08 Content_Call5083 NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 47: First Impressions

NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 47: First Impressions
The Story of a Family Told in Web Comic Format
Now that Steven had come to accept that “only” one baby was still a miracle worth celebrating, he began to prepare himself for fatherhood in earnest.
The Book Lover’s first instinct was to read enlightening books on the topic rather than be the odd man out in some maternity class. Of course, Uncle Steven also had the benefit of firsthand experience, observing and helping his brother care for Tori and Toni.
He smiled as he imagined the day in the not to distant future that he’d be having bathtime sponge battles with his own “little bean”.
Of course, Steven had to share his exciting news with pen pals both old and new. He glossed over the details of “who” exactly was pregnant, but sharing his experience and hearing his pal’s stories of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood was another fun way to prepare for his own journey.
As for Gabby, she took it upon herself to begin fulfilling the twins promise to Ed that they’d keep the fizz business alive. It would take time for the juice she produced to be up to his exacting standards, but she was ready to take on the challenge!
While his stomach was often rejecting whatever he tried to put into it, Steven likewise found himself experiencing strong cravings. Their baby seemed to know what it wanted! Gabby was more than happy to help him with obtaining whatever it was he “had to have” in the moment.
Steven was sure that a salad would never taste that good ever again!
Lately pregnancy hormones were making the dad-to-be feel more frisky than usual. Just another “problem” that his wife was happy to help him solve. A little horseplay after the fact was always fun, and made them feel like kids again.
Hope and Spencer were still adjusting to the big changes of parenthood themselves. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that at least Toni took after her mother in the fang department, waking them up one night with a flood of unhappy tears over extreme teething.
Hope and he had agreed to head to Moonwood as soon as his brother’s child was born. They had flirted with pushing that date back a bit when Steven had returned red eyed from his ultrasound and made a big deal of the girls as playmates for his “lonely only”, but now they felt the need to visit The Mill more urgently than ever.
As Spencer soothed his precious daughter back to sleep, he knew he and Hope would have to sit down with Gabby and Steven right away. Leaving to learn to live with “The Beast Within” wouldn’t be forever, but it was what their family needed now.
I started this series to share my sim story, and I love hearing from you. Please consider dropping me a comment or a vote, its always great to get your feedback.
Thank you for your time!
Want To See More? View The Full Story of My Not So Berry Challenge Here
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2023.03.29 15:05 happyrepznkw any extremely anxious brides out there? (two weeks to wedding)

hi all,
our wedding weekend is in two weeks and i am an anxious wreck! i still feel like there are so many details left to finalize, our house is like a warehouse filled with wedding shit, i still haven’t done my haimakeup trial (doing it myself) it’s all so overwhelming and, i’m not speaking hyperbolically, i have been physically sick from the nerves. haven’t really been able to eat or sleep since saturday 😭
this past weekend i went through everything with a fine toothed comb & did a day by day full plan, found a number of things that had slipped through the cracks, addressed them, scheduled another full meeting with my planner for this evening so hopefully after today i will feel much more settled but…any advice?
FH is chill as a cucumber because has a bit more emotional distance from everything, and he’s correct in saying that most things are in the right place, it’s legit just the tedious final bits to sort out. he also says we have time as we still have two weeks…
I’m not anxious about getting married or walking down the aisle or of the attention…i’m anxious about it being a smooth and seamless party where everybody has a great time and everyone’s needs are met. this weekend i realized we didn’t have any f*cking CUPS for one of our events — no drinking glasses of any kind! no wine glasses, champagne glasses, rocks glasses — nothing !! i was deceased
it really doesn’t help that i really hate the venue. it also doesn’t help that this is a Pakistani-American fusion wedding so we have three events 😂
it’s a lot of stress and i would love to hear how you guys are doing, if we’re in the same boat, how you’re counteracting the funky juju that surrounds planning a wedding.
ya girl just wants to have a giant party with all the people she loves, but these details are killing me. would love to commiserate!!
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2023.03.29 15:01 anathebelle Prompt: [F4M] Welcome to the Lavender Salon

The building is just another beautiful house in the suburbs, perhaps not what you were expecting, but then businesses like this were to be expected once the laws changed. Still, as you step out of your car its undeniable how the white façade and glass doors look like every other spa and salon in the area – with polished stones atop gravel leading you to the front entrance, flowers, a koi pond.
Stepping through the doors you enter a luxurious lounge with eggshell walls, modern couches, and huge glass windows that look out onto the serene gardens. The only pop of colour is a lavender wall behind the reception, adorned by a signed in ornate polish steel lettering that reads The Lavender Salon. But what’s even more eye-catching is the petite brunette sitting behind the reception with the beaming smile.
“Hi! Do you have an appointment?” she says in a chirpy tone and a huge, warm smile. Her long hair is pulled into a high, dead-straight ponytail and she’s wearing a white, tight-fitting masseuses tunic. Her nails are long and, you guessed it, polished white.
“Um, no booking,” you reply, before handing her the card. “But, I do have a gift certificate.”
“Oh, not a problem at all, I’m sure we have some vacancies. Let’s see here…” she says, checking the card and entering the serial number on the iMac in front of her. “Perfect, that’s one session. Have you visited us before?”
You shake your head. “No… I’ve never been to a… place like this before.”
Her eyes go wide, lighting up and her lips pull into a devilish smirk. “Well…” she says, before slowly standing up. You realize that her tunic is skin-tight and short enough to show of her long, bare legs. Even in heels, she still tiny. “My name is Ariana and let me be the first one to welcome you to Lavender, the premier blowjob salon in the city. As this is your first visit, I’d love to run your though our services. Why don’t you have a seat right there? Can I get you a drink? Coffee, champagne?”
“Some water?” you say, following her outstretched hand towards one of the plush sofas.
“Of course.” She disappears for a second, before returning with a chilled bottle of Perrier and a iced glass on a silver platter, which places on the glass coffee table in-front of you. She turns and skips to the reception desk, glancing back over her shoulder at you with a giggle, before she grabs an iPad and returns to sit on the edge of the adjacent sofa.
“So, our salon strives to offer the highest quality of personal attention. We cater to every taste and every blowjob fantasy our clients might have. Lavender girls are experts in the art of fellatio – your desire, is their pleasure…” She looks up from the iPad and leans in a little, her tone getting softer. “To be honest with you, these girls are here because they love what they do, that’s what separates us from the competition.”
“And unlike our competition,” she goes on. “We charge a flat rate per session, all inclusive. That’s one hour a session. Any longer automatically activates a second session – not that we have had anyone last longer than an hour, right!” She giggles, before swiping on the iPad. “Anyway, while you can come in for a single session, we have several options for a monthly membership in case you want to come in a couple of times a week… or every day. The Premium Membership allows you to come in as much as you like, and it also has the special feature of allowing you to message the girls via our app. We also offer group specials… bachelor parties and such, you know?”
“Speaking of our app, this is the best way to use our service. Here you can see which girls are available, check for any updates or specials, we have events several times a month too, and you can make your booking of course and other things like request outfits” she explains, glancing up with a smile. She stands and moves to your couch, sitting down beside you. She holds the iPad so you both can see. She smells like vanilla.
“Here is the fun part,” she says. On the screen is an image carousel of gorgeous woman, yet the pictures are tasteful – a smiling headshot and a posed full-body shot for each girl. “Here is where you pick your fellatrix. We currently have fourteen girls on staff, including yours truly,” she says with a pouty smirk. “However, as you don’t have a booking, there are currently XX girls available. You’ll see each girl has a star rating. It’s like Uber, you know? And once you are a member, you’ll get one too. So… why don’t you take this and see if who catches your eye, and I’ll get you set up on our system in the meantime?”
“Thank you,” you reply as she hands you the iPad and slowly rises to her feet. You watch her walk away, noticing the length of that tiny little tunic again. It barely covers her butchers. You take a breath and look back at the iPad. You see the row of images for the girls marked as available and click on the first one.
Star rating: 4.83
Age: 26
For big boob lovers! Nicole is a busty brunette with green eyes, and tanned, silky skin. She is fun and sexy, and the type of girl that would get along with all your friends. One of our most skilled ladies, Nicole knows her way around a big member. You’ll melt when she wraps her big, perfectly round breasts around you and goes to town. Our resident size-queen, she loves big cocks because it lets her pull out her signature move: the tit-job/blowjob combo. Bliss!
Specialty: Titty-Fucking Fun!
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The sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. The curvy, blue-eyed, platinum-blonde is a preacher’s daughter and knows all about manners – please and thank you! Her curves are all natural and loves getting her pillowy breasts out. She might giggle and blush but, trust us, she loves nothing more than a big mouthful. Whisper naughty nothings to her and she will be your sweetheart forever.
Specialty: Cuteness overload!
Likes: Head pats
Star rating: 4.99
Age: 37
You know the fit girl in the gym, usually on the treadmill with the tight booty and bouncing ponytail? That’s our Lana. Petite and toned, there is not an ounce of body-fat her body. With dark hair, dark eyes, and plush lips, our resident yummy mummy means business. Don’t let her size fool you, Lana could crack a walnut between her thighs, so hold tight because once she starts, there’s no stopping her. Forget all you know about MILFS.
Specialty: Stamina and speed!
Likes: Protein
Star rating: 4.54
Age: 19
Former Cheerleader and the newest Levander girl, Alexis is bubbly and bratty and has no gag reflex. Seriously, none – we checked. With her banging body, honey-blonde hair and love of shiny things, you might think she would be spending more time on Instagram than working at our humble salon, and you’d be right… did we mention she has no gag reflex? So, if you can handle her spicy attitude, you can find out why she was the most popular girl in her high school. Seriously, can someone shut this girl up?
Specialty: Deepthroating, like… duh!
Likes: Getting spoiled
Star rating: 4.90
Exotic, luxurious, sultry… these are the words we would use to describe Jade. With a mixture of Colombian and Russian heritage, Jade is raven-haired, caramel-skinned beauty with brown eyes and a sensual mouth. But her gorgeous looks and South American booty are not the only thing Jade has going for her – she has serious skills at making toes curl. Oh, and she has a really long tongue, so use your imagination.
Specialty: The longest tongue in the West
Likes: Ass play
Hey guys,
Hope you liked my prompt… it blew up a bit and took way longer than I expected, but I think this could be fun. So, let’s say after weed became legal, sex work followed shortly thereafter and some kind friend gave you a gift certificate to this lovely and very professional establishment.
So, anyone strike your fancy?
Ariana is working front desk today, so I’m afraid she is not available. But if we click as roleplay partners and we get stuck in, I’m sure you will get a chance to unlock more girls. But for now, whoever you pick, I’ll play in first-person and if we do continue, I can switch characters later. We can play around with it and have some fun. Also, there is an option to book two girls on the app, or more, and you can add another during a session… for a higher price of course. Did Ariana mention that?
So, is it all blowjobs? Well, that’s the business model, that’s what pay for and that’s what you can expect. That’s what the girls are paid for, but let’s see how you get along with them. The girls are different and like different things, so… use your imagination. Tips not included.
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2023.03.29 14:59 AdamJensen2027 [TOMT][MOVIE][1990-2000s] Black Comedy/Romance Beta male Cop Movie

The Movie is about an African American cop who falls in love with a girl and she wanted him to meet her family,so he travels to her hometown,which is a very dangerous hood,the first scene is where her father opens his car trunk and its full of weapons , The story is basically the family rejects her new boyfriend because he is a cop, and him trying to convince them.
One scene was her brother sleeping and doing gang signs while sleeping.
Another one was her grandfather smoking weed and giving it to her little brother.
Last scene i remember was the cop asking his friend to break into the house while they are sleeping, so that he could show off his cop powers in front of the family , the father ends up beating him to hospital.
the movie is pure comedy, but its based on romance between the cop and the girl,who is nothing like her family.
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2023.03.29 14:30 SillyServe5773 Alice and her lambbits

Alice and her lambbits
Alice in Wonderland, teenage,beautiful European girl, cute,blue and white toned dress,masterpiece, sitting, dslr photo: 1.3,realistic, lambs and rabbits, depth of field, looking at camera: 1.3Negative prompt: (disfigured),( distorted), makeup, huge breasts,saggy breasts, amputation,cartoon, oil painting , painting, distorted face, ugly face, mutated, weird hands, bad hand anatomy, weird face, unnatural face, doll, artificial face, asymmetric eyes: 1.5, more than one right leg, extra limbs:1.8Steps: 45, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 2089609180, Face restoration: CodeFormer, Model: deliberate_v2
+ Inpaint + img2img upscale + Swin2SR upscale
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2023.03.29 14:30 Playful_Time730 amazing deal, wish it was near me! fyi if you are near Somerton, GA, this is on FB marketplace

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2023.03.29 14:02 littlebean0802 My body feels spent...

I am struggling a bit with how my post partum body looks and feels. I can feel that my body has been streetched twice, given of itself twice and fed two babies. I am tired, physically and mentally. My shoulders, neck and back are tight and achy from lugging my velcro baby around all day. My ears are ringing from her cries and screaches. My nipples are sore (she already has two teeth and just went through a week long growth spurt feeding every two hours, while at the same time going through a biting phase) She's working on crawling and has a cold, so right now she's waking every two hours at night. And i'm in the midst of the post partum hair loss... It just feels like my body is falling apart at the seems. It has given everything it can give and still has to give more and more and more. I'm barely 5 months pp. I know it's early and my body still has a ways to go and things will improve with more time. I am also immensly proud of what my body has done. It grew and birthed two beatufiful and amazing little girls. I will forever be grateful. But in between my baby and toddler and working I hardly have time for exercise, so it is going to take longer for me to get back into good physical shape and I'm feeling sad and impatient and frustrated. I guess i'm just having a rough day after a rough night after a rough few weeks after a rough few months and could use some solidarity
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2023.03.29 13:52 heartslitss [F4A] Searching For Fandom Roleplay Partners!

Hi everyone! I have a bunch of fandoms I'm just itching to roleplay. Currently, I would like to play canon female characters in FxM or FxF plots.
I am 19 and in the CET timezone. Discord is the only platform I RP on. I only write in third person and my messages tend to be be pretty long, meaning 400-1000 words on average. Breaking the Discord limit once or twice is something that regularly happens.
18+ via Discord. Canon/Canon!
Organic Ships: Looking to give ships time to grow, create the chemistry in RP, and enjoy a gradual burn. Prefer the lead in and then 'fade to black' approach for the adult situations.
Character Psychology: Main goal is to dig into the canon history and building on it in interesting ways. Appreciate thoughtful & nuanced portrayals that treat canon characters as complex.
Privacy Respect: Always happy to keep an open OOC dialogue about daily life, media, or news in addition to character talk.
I am really only interested in romance, non-romantic roleplays don't interest me. With that being said I don't want romance to be the sole focus, that gets boring quickly.
I love writing conflicts that ultimately turn into happy endings. (Angst and slow burn romances are my favourite!)
Story and Character development > Everything else.
I am a literate writer and expect the same from you. One-liners are only acceptable for the interactions that demand them, but they will remain rare. I will not drown you in text every other response, but I will write up to what I feel is appropriate and I expect you to do the same. I average 3-6 paragraphs once we are past introductory material.
Please be open to writing a cast of characters if the plot calls for it. I don't mind if the focus is solely on two people, but there is room for secondary and background characters.
Enthusiasm to chat about our character and ship, how to crush them and then gushing over fluffy moments. I love crying over characters and what the heck they're doing. I want my heart ripped from my chest from angst, then feeling like it's going to burst from overwhelming cuteness. I want us to love these characters and the world we create. I want to make pinterest boards, spotify playlists, graphics, and toss headcanons back and forth until late at night.
Marvel (Movies & Series): Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) or Jean Elaine Grey.
Harry Potter (Books & Movies): Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Fleur Delacour or Pansy Parkinson.
DC (Movies, Series & Comics): Zatanna Zatara.
Hunger Games (Books & Movies): Katniss Everdeen, Clove Kentwell, Annie Cresta or Glimmer Belacourt.
Twilight (Books & Movies): Isabella Swan, Alice Cullen, Jane or Rosalie Hale.
Scream (All movies): Sidney Prescott, Tatum Riley, Jill Roberts, Cici Cooper, Sara Carpenter or Tara Carpenter.
American Horror Story (Series): Violet Harmon or Madison Montgomery.
The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies (All Series): Elena Gilbert, Rebekah Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall, Josie Saltzman or Hope Mikaelson.
Star Wars (Movies & Series): Padme Amidala
Would love to tailor plots to the specific characters and their potential dynamic. I absolutely love the process of plotting, workshopping ideas, spinning off into AUs and generally finding something that can be really character driven.
I put my heart and soul into my characters because love what I do. Please: nothing one-sided. I love OC chatter and I want to be able to send you a meme tagging one of our muses. As a music enthusiast, I compile playlists. I even work on muse-specific Pinterest boards to boost the inspiration. I adore writing mini one-shots of scenes in OOC as a means of plot development, whether or not it's due to a delay in my replies. Character development is a huge part of my time spent roleplaying and as such, I expect you to be just as devoted. In a perfect world, we know each other's characters completely because we have both contributed to their development. That being said, I don't mind if you bring a pre-made character, so long as we can work on other developments together. This is going to be a creation we've made.
Plot-based stuff is going to be all up to discussion. Things can get dark. They can be as dark as you want them to be. On the lighter side, I love the different relationship dynamics that can come of the characters unique personalities. Either way, if you have an idea, spring it on me and we'll see if things work out.
Have an idea for a scene? Found a picture that inspired you? Send it to me! Be invested when it comes to plotting/worldbuilding. There's nothing worse than receiving one sentence in reply to two paragraphs of ideas, or having a doormat partner who says "sure" to whatever I ask. Building ideas one on top of the other, watching them snowball into amazing plot threads brings me joy. But having to pull plot ideas like I'm pulling teeth makes me think you're not interested, and I will lose interest in return.
Please feel free to drop me a line with whichever fandom and characters you prefer, and I can add you on discord to get things rolling! Please be detailed if you do send me a message, let me know why you chose to contact me. Seeing only “hey do you wanna rp?” with nothing else is a guaranteed no response.
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She leaned forward and her damp lips pressed against his, briefly inserting her tongue into his mouth before withdrawing again. "Or something else."
He nodded. “Yeah, we did. She just wasn’t ready. But being away from home for a while gives a guy some time to think, and I’m not ready to give her up. I’m gonna keep trying, and I’m gonna get her.”
I was 14 years old, going through puberty. I wasn’t a big kid or anything but I defiantly wasn’t fat. I was one of those kids who could eat or do what they wanted and still be skinny as all hell. It wasn’t like I ate whatever I wanted thought, I just had a normal diet but I matched it with a 30 minute jog each day that gave me defined abs. I hadn’t developed much muscle on my body though, I wasn’t a twig, but I wasn’t packed to the max with muscle. I didn’t mind though, because I was only 14. I had rough-cut tussled, black, medium length hair and a face that I'd been told looked very mature for my age, which I loved.
“Whoa that’s so many stairs.”
“Since you so rudely interrupted what Amy was doing to me earlier, maybe you’d be so kind as to pick up where she left off? Maybe one of these other girls would be nice enough to suck your dick for you,” I said, winking at the girls.
Lindsey rolled her eyes. “Not you too.”
"Zach? What are you doing?" asked Maddie in a whisper.
When Amber saw it she grabbed my dick just as I ripped of the rest of her bikini revealing her sopping wet pussy. She lowered herself on to my dick and let out a long low moan until all of my cock was buried in her hot wet pussy. Amber’s pussy was amazingly tight and I almost cummed inside of her the second my head popped inside her lips. Once she got all the way down she started to slowly bounce up and down on me letting out little moans as I filled slowly her up again. As she got more use to my girth she started speeding up until she was slamming down on my cock, putting both her hands on my chest to give her some support. Her ass was making a slapping sound against my lap so I put my hands on the tops of her hips and helped her slam down on me. I started smacking her ass and pulling her ass cheeks apart and enjoying the nice sound of her cheeks slapping together
The Greek
The next morning April caught me looking for breakfast “You went to the movies with Connie, how was it?”
“Shut it you horny slut! I’m licking you off, and I love every second of it!” He went deeper and deeper into my sweet slit. I started playing with my breasts, in an attempt to stop myself wriggling around so much. I was getting so horny I almost came with his mouth up my cunt! Thank God he stopped before I went too far! “Right now Jasmine, I’m gonna fuck you so hard! You need punishing; you’re so hot you’ve got me hornier than your brother ever has! You see this? It’s going all the way in! You’d like that you horny bitch!”
"Sorry mom I didn't mean to honest."
I’m looking at the parking lot, Natalie’s car is gone. Abby and Beth have gone home too. Sydney and Jenna are nowhere to be found as I’m walking the school grounds. I pass the gym, the cafeteria, but it’s when I get near the office I see Principal Costas heading to her car and a few of the staff leaving too.
“Yeah sure.” Ron replied, with his eyes fixated on Lily’s tight ass and long smooth legs.
Tim said, “So is it enough?”
It felt weird for her to say that. I really wanted to fight her on that last point; it felt like I wasn’t involved in cheating at all and happened to be sucked into that world. But in a weird, unfair way, what Morgan was saying wasn’t untrue. I just stared at her, my chest rising and falling in anger.
Chapter One: Walter
Before I even start the story, let me say this - I PLAN TO RE-UPLOAD SCHOOL DAYS 1. I've been receiving constant PM's about it (I know, I asked you guys to,) but I'm never around enough to re-direct any of you. I'll get it re-uploaded as soon as I can, if the site allows. If not, I'll figure something out.
Luke wasn’t sure to be offended or be worried that she was thinking of him as a meal for an animal. Miss. Bradley didn’t seem to be offended at all. She just stood there with a calm collected face she stared right at Renna, “It has been a while, but I think you know why I brought him along. You can sense it yourself.”
“Relax, it's okay. I'm Mark, and its perfectly all right for me to fuck any of the girls here.”
"I know her, and Emily is right. It has to be something major." Shelby continued
Harry sat on a chair and Ginny walked behind him and started rubbing his shoulders. The stress of being a virgin and having bad luck with girls, which he carried on his shoulders every moment of every day, was starting to melt. After massaging his shoulders for five minutes, Ginny took his left hand and started massaging it, moving from the shoulder to his fingers. Her soft hand applied just the right amount of pressure to stimulate the muscle without causing pain. Once she finished with the left hand, she did the same with the right hand. Ginny then walked in front of Harry and kneeled before him. She started by massaging his toes and then moving her way up to his heel. Finishing both feet, she began moving up his leg, applying pressure and massaging it till she reached his upper thighs. She then ran up his second leg before she stopped and awaited further instructions.
'I am not innocent mister!' Ginny said seductively as she ran her hand over his leg until she brushed against his cock.
“I was hurt and stupid okay and you forgave me,” she says and we laugh a little before something I did not expect happens.
She held up her coffee cup.
"Hi, Nancy, I'm Becky Ryan and this is my daughter, Zoe. We'd like to get Zoe registered for this fall!"
When she got there she saw Lars and Pat already out bodysurfing, and catching the first few waves of the day. Not many people where here yet, although the beach was popular with the tourists who wanted to get a beach that was not to close to the city.
“I don’t know just drive around.”
Craig gestured at her. “Yeah, what she said.”
My Panties are soaking wet :) good story!
“What about you? Do you think people will give you a hard time?”
Please don't bring another male into thier relationship keep it him and her but if you want a threesome put the girls mother in it with them
“What’s this?” I asked, grinning. “You’re thinking of becoming a Nazi? And here I was assuming that you were left wing. Next thing I know you’ll get a swastika tattoo.”
"ohhhh fucckk..shit. uhh" I whimpered.
Mr. Salvador leaned back in his chair, his expression never changing from his attentive glance. “Is that the whole story?” He asked me.
"Well dont just stand there she" she said sarcasticly. Slowly He started to move again "I....I....." he stuttered. Without thinking she smiled and said "Did you like what you saw?". "Um, yea...your really pretty" he blushed putting his hands behind his back. She blushed back and smiled even wider."Well how about I give you another peak?" she said playfully. "Really? That would be great!",Slowly she moved her arms away from her chest revealing an almost perfect breast, although small, her breast was nicely rounded and perky, rising off her chest like a grape fruit cut in half. Samuel studied every part of her breast, his eyes wide, it was the first time he had ever seen a girls chest in the nude.
"You called me it twice after I ordered you not to, so that was ten spankings for each violation. I didn't say a word about deleting the file."
By now we were both wrinkly and looking line prunes so we quickly finished getting washed, me using her vanilla shower gel, not the best smell for a guy but hay ho. We got dry both wrapped in her towel then I rubbed her lotion into her body knowing I unfortunately didn’t have time to play with her again, so steering clear of any really intimate spots.
“Oh my, Brook, how helpless you are”
"Ooooh, she sure does. She jacks-off her big brother real good. Oh, real good."
As long as her ass giggles like this I could fuck her all day. Rita looked up with a little pang of jealousy on her face as she saw how hard I was fucking Aunt Lisa, and then dad flipped her over on all fours and slipped into her doggystyle. Mom was screaming whatever came to her mind as she was still getting tongued by Aunt Lisa, whose screams were muffled because she had a face full of mom’s pussy, and Rita had begun to get vocal on the other side of me.
The demon chuckled, catching her in his sturdy arms and holding her close to his body. “It is my pleasure. Shall we carry on with the day?”
"No problem," I replied.
“Just because I’m…small, doesn’t mean you can pick me up all the time.”
"Fuck jen..i wanted this for so long..its so tight. It feels as if it's sucking me in." Dan moaned out as he thrusted his cock inside my ass. Soon the painful feeling subsided as waves of pleasure rolled in causing me to moan and back my ass on him earning a moan from him.
Did you give er a good one? ;-)
The RV was not very big. It was advertised as ‘Comfortable for a Family of Four’ when dad bought it. It had one standard sized bed for two in the back, hidden behind a door that folds out from the bulkhead. The other sleeping arrangement for two was a bunk that could be made by dropping the only table on the bench seats and lying the seat cushions on the flat surface. That’s where my sister and I slept when we traveled.
“How about Mark?” he asked pointing down the hall.
“I’m not going three weeks without you fucking me! So you’ll just have to screw me at night then.” She pulled her extra long shot tee shirt off, there were no bra or panties.
"Dad... look... I know what I'm doing... I know what I want. I've never felt this much happiness before... I know from the bottom of my heart that--"
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