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2009.04.19 08:11 hax0r McDonald's

For everything [McDonald's](!

2012.02.16 02:13 IAMJesusAMAA Allsvenskan

Allt om Svensk fotboll. Välkommen!

2010.10.13 19:16 ReaverXai Dota 2 on Reddit

/DotA2 is the most popular English-speaking community to discuss gameplay, esports, and news related to Valve's award winning free-to-play MOBA DotA 2.

2023.06.10 06:49 JimDandy_ToTheRescue Let's play count the turrets! ...5, 6... 7 turrets! Making for fourteen 12" guns- the most ever fitted to a battleship. Laid down as Brazilian, then bought by the Ottoman Empire (after a public subscription campaign) and seized by the Royal Navy. Nickname: the Gin Palace. [2000x1271]

Let's play count the turrets! ...5, 6... 7 turrets! Making for fourteen 12 submitted by JimDandy_ToTheRescue to WarshipPorn [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:43 bigbenondatrack After 80ish hours of babysitting minions, I’m retiring Necromancer.

I’ve spent 80ish hours at level 80 using pure minion builds. Last night I finally gave up on Necromancer.
  1. ⁠Minion AI is worse than Redfall’s AI.
  2. ⁠Thorns was by far the best build out of everything I tried, but enemies constantly run past them trying to attack you.
  3. ⁠The taunt Golem is pretty much useless in WT4 and high NM dungeons, because he can’t taunt elites or bosses. And when he actually does Taunt it doesn’t last long.
  4. ⁠Too many of the minion choices suck, the damage is terrible even with pumped up minion paragon boards and glyphs.
Finally, minions were bad in closed beta, bad in review beta, bad now. Necromancer should’ve never been in the game in this state. Barbs spinning for 300 mil damage, while my Skeletons barely hit for 1k. I tried everything, have the few uniques made for minions, but they are bad and are not worth using.
Save yourself some time and just use Bone Spear.
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2023.06.10 06:43 czg22 Need Input: Escape Room for Elementary Music Classroom

Hi there! I am designing and making an escape room for my 3rd grade students as a review of the concepts they learned in 2nd grade. I would love input from a variety of people so I’m cross posting to escaperooms, teachers, and musiced.
Here’s what I have so far:
Theme - I am basing my narrative off of the book/song “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly”. So far my narrative is: You are a doctor who got a call about a very sick old lady. You are at her home looking for clues about what could have given her such a terrible stomachache. Find out what she ate, give her the right medicine and do it all before she eats anything that would send her to the hospital.
Decorating and Prop Ideas - The game has to be reset for 6 classes. I’m thinking of laminating documents and making a flowchart that will make it easy to set up the game for the next day. Every class has about 20 students but they can be grouped into smaller groups. I want to make half of my class look like an old lady’s farmhouse with missing animals. There’s an empty dog bed, a kitty litter box full of sand, a fly swatter, a cobweb in the corner, a birdcage, a window overlooking a goat barn, etc… I have 6 small wooden boxes, one big treasure box (all boxes have a clasp for a lock), 6 locks and keys, and one big lock that has 6 holes on it where six padlock locks must all be opened in order for the big lock to open. I have six combination locks that open with 3 letter combinations. I have a felt old lady and felt animals.
Puzzle Ideas: My students need hands on activities. I was thinking of hiding a key in the sand (kitty litter box), hiding keys in clay, taping keys under furniture. Some of the puzzles I was thinking of were having kids solve musical math with rhythms, solving a jigsaw puzzle that shows the anatomy of a recorder, an ukulele, or a xylophone and then flipping it over to see a message. Maybe doing a watercolor and oil pastel secret message??? I have invisible pens and flashlights. I am also good with MakeyMakey, Scratch and Paper Circuits. Something with magnets would be cool. Or sorting instruments into instrument families. The students also learned about musical form (binary, rondo, etc) so I feel that lends itself into some type of puzzle. Definitely we can do something where they spell out a word using pitches on a treble clef staff.
Things I’m not interested in: I don’t want it to be worksheet heavy. I’ve seen the escape rooms on Teacherspayteachers and I’m not interested in everything just being in envelopes. I have a space in my class that can be dedicated to this escape room and would not interfere with my other classes so I don’t feel a need to make everything paper based.
How you can help me: I think I need a non-linear approach with six different tasks, six animals: fly, spider, bird, cat, dog, goat. Not the horse because that makes her die… that’s too sad. I could split up my class into 6 groups which is manageable. What does a 30 minute escape room experience look like for just one task? If I could get help with even just one task, I feel like I could get my mind around the other tasks. Thanks everyone!
P.S. I would err on being easy because I have kids that are just starting to learn English. So basic sentence structures, visuals, etc.
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Proof for the course is available upon request
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2023.06.10 06:39 STEMHEADING Involuntary eye movement

Age: 21
Height: 6ft
Supplements: B12 and Vitamin D
I have not felt well at all for the last 6 or so years. At first I thought it was because I was obese, but after fixing that the issue remained, and seemed to get worse. Mainly I deal with fatigue and memory issues, concentration and focus. I’ve had a lot of testing done to determine what exactly is wrong but unfortunately I haven’t found anything.
I can’t say exactly when it started but sometime in the last few years my eye has started… twitching? It’s usually, heck, maybe even always my left eye. I don’t wanna say it’s my eyelid twitching because it feels more like my eye is looking in random directions very rapidly. I suppose it could be both. I’m talking fast, so rapidly that I basically lose vision in the affected eye for about half a second or so. Is this a normal phenomenon? It doesn’t happen very often but it’s not particularly rare either.
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2023.06.10 06:39 eefiseef I (M16) am losing hope in friendship with friend (M18)

So, I mentioned this before. For sake of saving time, I'll post a link here to show the general backstory of our friendship, and another event that made me doubt it. (\_advice/comments/wfi0tg/friend\_gets\_mad\_that\_i\_didnt\_message\_him\_when\_he/) Anyways, so Cooper (Code name for my friend in case you didn't go to the other post) and I have been remaining friends since that incident but, things just haven't been the same for a while. I couldn't tell you when things changed or when I noticed they changed but, they certainly have. Now, I'm not amazing at describing how I feel, so please bear with me.
So we've continued to play games and talk, etc. But, things are different in the sense that, for instance, when we play games that have a slight competitive edge or are at all difficult, he will get mad. This carries into him blaming someone with a very passive-aggressive method. Usually a high pitched shift in voice (for comedic effect, I guess??) and him saying something (for instance if he goes down in a game) "Oh, we're just not gonna pick me up, okay." in a fake happy voice. Or like, if we get scored on in Rocket League, he'll say something like "Oh, no one is back playing defense". This usually only occurs when it's Cooper and I along with some friends. Whenever it's just me and him, he rages and yells, maybe hits something depending on how bad it gets but he never usually openly confronts me. If he does, he will mumble something antagonizing toward me and if I respond, he refuses to say anything else. All of this has kind of led to me not feeling like we're even friends. Because I feel like anything I say and do while we're having a good time will be used against me in a later argument or something of the sort, because he's done that before. This leads to me usually just being silent when we talk to each other over a call. I can't bring myself to really say much. I kind of just limit myself to 1 word or sentence responses. I'm not entirely sure why, but it's only with him that that happens.
A recent incident happened recently. I had just recently got a new headset and in one of my gaming sessions, I tried to stand up but the cord wrapped around a bunch of things, causing the headset to fall. Didn't think anything of it until I realized it broke the right headphone. I was upset that it broke and thought that the durability was not great considering one fall put it on it's last legs.
I messaged the group chat that Cooper, 2 other friends of ours, and myself share and ping one of our other friends that we'll call Charlie. Charlie and I have the same headset. I pinged Charlie and told him to be very careful with his because apparently they're super fragile. I was upset and was talking to him about how it sucks that it seems every time I get enough money to buy something I need, something breaks or needs a repair. Enter Cooper a few minutes later, telling me that I should've gotten the warranty. I said I know and I would've gotten it but I didn't expect the headset to be so frail. He responded telling me that it was unlucky but this is why I need to get a job so that I have money to fix things and sent a few messages getting onto me about getting a job. I told him that I have already discussed the job situation with my parents and that I don't need someone lecturing me on that when I have it figured out.
We left it on that but this has me thinking. It just feels like me and him are always arguing. Like, when we're friendly together, we have a good time, and our friendship has been great, but it's just gotten to the point where now I don't know if I can see him as a friend. I feel like I can no longer trust him because of how quickly he goes from happy and friendly towards me one day, to pissed off and angry the next. I feel like I've put up walls around myself because of him. I feel like I can't be myself and every time I join a call with him without someone else there, it just annoys me more than anything. It's come to just small talk, him going on about what has happened in his day/days since we talked, him asking me how I've been, where I can only bring myself to say one word, then listen to him go on about something else for a few minutes until we both get bored and leave. It's so strange. I don't know if it's me, like maybe I have some social condition or something that is affecting us? I'm not sure. As much as I would love to stay friends, some of the stuff he does is just so irritating and really leads to our friendship being a coin flip of who's going to get pissed off during the time we hang out. And as much as I would assume this is just me, he's annoyed one of our other friends who's impossible to annoy several times. He's talked alot of shit behind our other friends backs which makes me have no doubt he does the same to me, he has a habit of constantly getting onto one of our other friends when we lose in a certain game. It just feels so toxic when he's around, but I feel like I can't cut him off because of the good times we have as well
I'm at a loss and need some assistance or guidance. Can anyone give some advice on what to do?
P.S: Sorry for the long post. This has been brewing for a while.
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2023.06.10 06:35 YungBootyCheez Should I buy these for $300?

Should I buy these for $300?
Buying my first set please help
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2023.06.10 06:24 ConventionalChina REACH Clinics Expands To Cater For Over 2,000 Patients Yearly

REACH Clinics Expands To Cater For Over 2,000 Patients Yearly submitted by ConventionalChina to faversreeel [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:24 ConventionalChina REACH Clinics Expands To Cater For Over 2,000 Patients Yearly

REACH Clinics Expands To Cater For Over 2,000 Patients Yearly submitted by ConventionalChina to u/ConventionalChina [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:18 robbi-wan-kenobi Do you prefer to give tailored loot for your parties so that everyone gets something, or is random loot the way to go?

I'm running a combat soon where the bbeg has a sword. A rather nice sword if I do say so myself. There's only one character at my table that uses a sword. So if they kill the baddie and take the sword, its clear who gets it. That was not my intention in creating the sword -- I was just making something fun and flavorful for an enemy to use.
I also have a player at the table planning to multiclass into Wizard and there is a spellbook available in this sequence as well. So that's two items that are more or less perfect fits for 2/5 of my players.
So now I feel obligated to give other items to the bbeg and/or to be in the dungeon's total loot so that everyone gets something.
Should I fight the urge to make/include loot that is "clearly" meant for each of the party members? Or is it fine to just give one or two charactera something cool at a time? Should I do something to make everyone feel like they got something even if its not specific for everyone?
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2023.06.10 06:14 qwertycats- Does anyone else kinda hate TV?

I know I’m definitely in the minority but I can’t stand any kind of TV. I don’t have the energy or attention span to invest in new series, I hate the sound of the TV being on, I hate how loud the ads are, I hate how you just have to sit there and do nothing, I truly just hate it lol. I use it purely as a social activity when I have someone over and even if it looks like I’m watching and paying attention, I am absorbing absolutely nothing. I could be watching the Roku home screen and it would be the same experience as watching a show.
The only times I use it are to watch reruns of the same 2 shows I watch over and over, and even then I glaze over because I already know what happens.
I think the main issue is that it’s just too much of a passive activity for me and I can’t focus on anything if the TV is on so my poor boyfriend is always getting told to turn the tv down lol. Is this an autism thing? I think loud sounds and noises are my biggest sensory issues so it kinda makes sense. I love absolute silence (which sucks because it is so rare)
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2023.06.10 06:12 Mario55770 Looking to build a jrpg dancer, using bladed hoops. Need help getting proficiency

Hello, I have an interest in setting up the jrpg dancer style using a knife weapon(bladed hoop in this case), with some healing, and debuffs primarly, though versatility isn't bad
My initial thought is to take swashbucker, on a human, and take unconvential weapon. I considered taking Bard archetype but as is, that may not be. Battlefield medic, plus free hands should work anyway.
I've both free archetype(including multiclass allowed) and ancestry paragon.
Problem is, it doesn't look like unconventional weapon scales so ill start suffering from some feats not triggering, such as the weapon specialization feat and the to hit modifier.
To be fair, I'm sure I'm not attacking always but still, it would suck.
As is, we are level 2, and this is for a backup character if I die, so I may be higher before I play it.
submitted by Mario55770 to Pathfinder2e [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:12 PeanutPopstar I feel scared about falling in love with someone

A year or so ago I met a guy at school, he's studying computer science and I'm studying biochemistry, so we only hung out because we had a friend in common, after hanging out for a bit, he suddenly started being really nice towards me and I realized that he had developed a major crush. At first I tried to ignore it, I'm pretty cute so a lot of guys have had crushes on me, and I was hoping that if I let him be for long enough he would just get over it, but he was persistent, and he constantly took time off of his schedule just to greet me, gave me little gifts and complimented me often, but nothing out of pocket or out of this world. That was until my birthday when he gave me 2 hand-made plushies of my two favourite animals and IT WAS SO SWEET, I felt so appreciated because of how much time and effort he must've poured into making them, since he had to learn from scratch how to crochet (he told me he'd never crocheted before) , and the first one he made even came out a little wonky which proved to me that he had made them himself and that made it extra cute to me. After he did this idk I started to realize that maybe he actually cares about me and genuinely likes me as a person (this was the turning point at least, he had been doing sweet gestures for a year or so up until that point), we studied together a few times and he was really gentle, and fun to spend time with, he was not my type at first but i feel like I've grown fond of him and I'm scared because I've never felt this way about anybody before. I've only ever had two crushes in my life, and they did not felt like this, I feel a bit scared so AAAH screw it I'm telling the internet because idk who else to tell this to or what to do.
I've been trying to increasingly and subtly let him know I like him back too, but I still need time to process my feelings, so i don't want to move too fast, and I've been feeling uncomfortable being my normal weirdo self around him in fear of maybe weirding him out and driving him away because now I actually care about what he thinks even though it wasn't an issue for me before and I know he probably doesn't mind it and hadusandufnja fhHEELP
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2023.06.10 06:11 Jawsumness 2g First Time Experience. Can I take more?

Hi guys. I’m not gonna make this long, but damn, my life has changed from mushrooms. Well, I don’t know about how I’ll feel long term.
Anyway I took 2g this morning at 10 am. I came down around 3pm, and for about an hour after the tripI felt a little sad. That sadness faded though and I’m so glad to have tried these things.
During my trip I realized the strength of these things, and how they shouldn’t be fucked with. There were multiple times during my trip where I had to consciously save myself from going down a rabbit hole of bad thoughts. Still though, I managed to save myself each time and had a great trip.
So Im wondering, if I took 2g this morning. Can I take more now that it’s 9 pm? Id only take like 1 g. I don’t want to ruin the magic from shrooms so Im just wondering. Do I gotta wait 2 weeks to try them again? Can I begin microdosing after the macro dose? This feels like mental medicine
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2023.06.10 06:05 PuneQuencher99 Madden 24 is so far the best madden in recent years, hear me out

So far I’m happy with the game. Could it be better? Hell yes. If it actually mattered, would this game make or break the series? It would break it. But the reality of it is, the chances of EA doing anything after this game averages a 2/5 stars are almost nonexistent and they will be until their contract with the NFL runs out.
With that being said, considering this is the only AAA licensed simulation style football game on the market, I’ll give it props where it deserves it. I do think the player animations (running, catching) so far look much better then previous iterations. There’s a decent amount of new catching animations that make the game look and feel much better then 23. The players also maneuver a little more realistically when running. When EA said that they have expanded on the FieldSense technology, I can say that they actually have.
The new additions to franchise mode help the mode out much more. Personally, I am primarily a franchise player. Aside from purchasing the game, I give EA no money or attention in MUT and I only play friends occasionally in H2H. So almost all of my time is spent in franchise mode as either a coach who’s rebuilding a team or a player. The “new” additions this year help that out and do make it feel a little bit more fun to play. (I get it, not all of the features are actually new, but they’ve been added back after years of not being there)
Now, why they haven’t incorporated dynamic tacking physics into the game yet is beyond me. I’ll never understand why they won’t do this, and I guarantee you there is more of a reason then “because EA doesn’t care”. The QB animations so far seem to be slightly better but are still nowhere near being in the game ballpark as All Pro 2k8. The ball still likes to just snap out of their hands rather then smoothly roll off the finger tips. But oh well.
Overall, the game is a minor step up from 23 and does have small redeeming enchantments. But at the end of the day, it’s by no means going to “make” the series and it’s still going to average mostly negative reviews like it has for years.
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2023.06.10 06:01 AutoModerator Daily Pick of the Day (POTD) Thread - 06/10/23

Do you have a lock for today? Share it in this daily thread! Please read the following set of rules in order to help this thread stay organized and on topic:
  1. You can only post one pick.
  2. Your POTD should have odds of at least -200 if applicable.
  3. You must note the pick's sport, time, & date.
  4. You must provide a detailed explanation for why this is your POTD.
  5. Please keep track of your betting record and include it in your POTD. Post links to your previous POTDs when needed.
  6. Do not write a top-level comment unless it is your POTD.
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2023.06.10 05:57 JimmyRecard00 Help Please - So Confused about unusual Year 1/X Pass / Seasons?

I'm looking at getting Riders Republic on Steam - but I'm a little confused about the whole Seasons / Year X Pass etc stuff as I've never bought any of that kind of addon stuff before (just normal DLC).
I know this is an older game which only just came to Steam now (though it's been on Epic for years + Console for much longer) - yet I've seen video reviews which talk about Year 5/6 pass etc and yet I only see Year 1 for sale on Steam or anywhere on PC? I've also seen mention of a Year 2 pass?
Are they going to slowly drip feed PC users to buy that now old content? Or is some of this only available on Console?
Or do you continue to get all the new Seasons' content each year just by owning the Year 1 pass on its own - and you don't need to keep buying season passes (I thought that was how they worked - keep you forking out for em regularly)?
I don't understand...
Do you normally buy them in-game somehow or direct from Ubisoft (cause I can't find it there)
On Steam - I can only find the Standard, Deluxe, Gold, Ultimate - not even a separate Year 1 Pass addon to add it later ?

BTW - I'm mainly interested in actual game content whether it be new levels/events and maybe to a lesser extent different vehicles or related things for this game (other than cosmetics).
Can someone please tell me; or ideally link me to a complete list of all the updates/added features over the different seasons so I can see which ones are as above (eg anything but cosmetic only) so I can try to decide if I should pay extra for the Gold edition or not? BTW I'm not rich so that's quite a price difference - otherwise I'd just buy it on the spot.

Any advice on buying Year X Pass / Seasons for other games in general would be appreciated too. I assume they are usually more straight forward than this?

Thanks for your help
submitted by JimmyRecard00 to RidersRepublic [link] [comments]