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2014.09.11 19:18 Ancient Civilizations and related content

This subreddit is about the past civilizations that walked the earth. Just as us, they also altered their environments to fulfill their needs and left us clues about their lives, culture, beliefs and so on. The wonders of the past shall surface here.

2023.03.29 14:57 DaCozPuddingPop Can someone explain what 'validator' does?

My DS rep has been all over me for nearly a year with this 'validator' product. We are a biotech startup in phase 3 trials and I have yet to get a straight answer from him as to what the thing does and why the hell we need it.
Has anyone been down this road before that can simplify this for me?
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2023.03.29 14:57 Pulse_fang Hidden stashes removed after placing

Has anyone in the past week experience your or other hidden stashes totally disappearing from where you put or found it?
I placed 3 hidden stashes down near my friend's base with a few essentials, and covered them up. I forgot to add a tommy I had to the cache but the hidden stashes weren't popping up for me. I didn't even move from where I was standing, and it's like I never placed anything down at all.
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2023.03.29 14:56 throwra4031 AITB for wanting to go hiking with a friend?

My gf and I have been together for nearly 2 years. I don't have a lot of friends nearby since most of my friends live in other parts of the country. My gf made a friend last year that she's met up with for drinks and food a few times. My gf invited her friend out for drinks with us last month. I had never met her before this and we all had a good night and have met up a couple of times since as a group. My gfs friend shares a couple of interests with me that my gf does not such as being outdoors, hiking, similar movie tastes etc.
My gf has always said she has no interest in hiking or seeing certain types of movies with me and that I should do them with a friend if I want someone to do them with. Well my gfs friend mentioned she was going on a hike the following weekend and invited both of us. I accepted and said it would be good but my gf said she didn't want to which is fair enough.
When we got home my gf questioned me on why I accepted the invitation and I pointed out she's the one who told me I should find people to go hiking with and now I have. She just said she find it a bit weird I was going to be hanging out with the girl in question just the 2 of us. I mentioned that my gf got invited so it's not like we've planned it to be just me and this other girl but my gf repeated it's weird hanging out one on one with someone of the opposite sex while in a relationship especially since we'll be spending most of the day together and that I shouldn't be going.
AITB for wanting to go on a hike with a friend?
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2023.03.29 14:56 TeeneKay Where to buy parts

Hello. Thers a mercedes c180 kompressor that i want to buy near me and its pretty cheap because someone stole the catalytic converter form it. Do you guys know of any good sites where i can buy the catalytic converter and a lambda probe since it’s probably missing too. Im from europe btw so ordering from the US would be a last resort for me. Thanks in advance
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2023.03.29 14:56 True_Application_743 I (F,25) wants to break up with bf (M,25)

I have quite a long story, sorry, but please, I really need some advice since I have zero experience. The story is not simple, but I'll tell it in the most objective way possible. I am very confused about the whole situation.
I (F, 25) met this guy I am seeing (M, 25) around 9 months ago. I had just broken up with my (first) ex-bf, with whom I've had a relationship for 6 years, and was looking for something less complicated since I didn't want to rush something, and I tried to experiment since I do not have much dating experience. The guy I met has way more experience than I do and was completely ok with having something casual. We never really labelled anything, and the rules were never really clear. Time passes and we have a great connection, we laugh a lot, talk a lot and altogether have a great time. So great, he starts telling me he loves me and how much he likes to be with me. Telling me he loved me, meant a big deal for me.
As time goes by, I am beginning to hesitate, feeling something is not quite right. He wants to be with me but prioritizes everything else in his life. I meet his parents since he still lives with them (he didn't introduce me as a girlfriend or anything, although they know we have some kind of relationship). I am not allowed to call him my boyfriend (we are in a situationship), although he tells me how great I am and how much he likes to be with me and is getting attached to me. He keeps saying we are not exclusive but gets mad when a friend of mine sends me texts. Everyone around us thinks we are properly dating, but every time somebody asks I feel like I should be this "special" friend. We fought quite a lot and I did not feel confident at all in his presence. His actions confused me, and I needed time to think. That's why I broke up with him. I told him I loved him, but needed time to process the situation and also my previous breakup (since I did not have that much time between the two).
This break-up hurt him a lot. He came crying at my door almost every night, telling me he saw a future with me. That he thought I was the one and he asked me continuously to come back. Telling me he loved me multiple times over the phone. All this was very difficult since I love him too.
A month passes by and I feel like I am ready to start something, maybe with him? He looks like he wants something serious. I missed him a lot. I thought I was going to be rejected when I asked if he wanted to start over with me, but he didn't. He was happy and wanted to try. I told him I didn't want us to be sex friends again. I wanted something serious. He told me he wanted to be sure at first that I wasn't going to bail again, so we settled on "dating". We "dated" for two months and it was really amazing.
Until one day he tells me he is going on this long-awaited trip he wanted to do for years already, And where he "wants to be able to be free and thus bang if needed, but still wants to stay in contact with me". I was really confused and hurt since I thought our relationship was naturally evolving into something more serious. He told me it was really important for him to be free during that trip since he had planned to do it for a long time, and wanted to feel completely free to be able to think about what he really wanted in life and discover who he wanted to be. We had a fight but we agreed: we will stay together until his vacation, and break up just before it begins. We would both be free and we would see after his months-long trip if we'd meet again or not. I was really ok with this.
Then he told me one day he wanted to stay in contact even when he went on the trip. He didn't want us to stop calling or texting. I was really confused. To me a break up means you do not really stay in contact with each other (certainly under these circumstances); We avoided the subject but he continuously talked about projects we could do after the trip. Things we could do together: but weren't we going to break up? Was he expecting me to stay around and wait for him after his trip, on which he could be free as a bird? He told me I could be free too, I could be with anyone I wanted to too... (that one hurt, he told me multiple times even after that conversation).
I was fed up, I was always irritated and agitated to the point that my friends and family told me something was wrong with me. That I was way too irritable and that I wasn't being my happy self anymore. I sourced the problem back to him and confronted him: "I want a serious relationship or I am not in anymore". He told me he needed time to think because he didn't want to be in a relationship with me, he didn't want to be my boyfriend, he wanted a situationship: he had been hurt by his ex-girlfriends to many times and he would only go for a serious relationship if he was 100% sure that it was the real thing.
So I waited three days (I could have waited longer, but okay) and told him I wasn't waiting around anymore. We talked a lot and decided it was best to break up. He needed time to figure out what he wanted and why he has such an aversion towards serious relationships. The decision was mutual this time. We loved each other but the timing wasn't right; He tried once again and told me he wanted to be my boyfriend but backed out 2 hours later, so we finally definitely broke up.
I went to Paris (alone, we were supposed to go together) and I called him in a moment of weakness. I told him this thing between us could have been magical, but since he didn't want to be with me in a relationship, I had to let him go eventually. I said I wouldn't cry for him anymore. He told me again I could get over him by being with someone else.
When I came back he wanted to talk. He told me he was afraid to lose me and would want to try a relationship with me. It felt sincere. We made up.
Shortly after he texts me something stupid: that my new profile picture isn't as good as the previous one, I looked too stiff in the new one. I was vexed, and it felt completely inappropriate considering we just made up. I didn't get why he felt the need to say something so small instead of just being nice to me after all we had been through; because I don't care about the pic, but I care about context and being treated right.
Now I hesitate; I don't think we have the same idea of what a relationship means and I don't want to be heartbroken anymore and I don't want to waste my time with someone who doesn't really want a relationship.
What should I do, should I break up or should I give him a chance to prove himself? He has a long history of miscommunication and disregarding my needs or my pain. But now that he is ready to try and give me what I previously asked for, I don't feel like I have the right to say no.
AITA if I break up with him now?
(sorry for my English, but it's not my first language)
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2023.03.29 14:55 Gullible-Midnight996 Madonna Whore-Complex

Me and my partner have come across the Madonna-Whore Complex and believe this is the missing puzzle as to why he can no longer have a sexual relationship with me. We have been together nearly 2 years and also live together. At the beginning our sex life flourished and he was eager to share fantasises, what he likes/dislikes etc. he had an operation late into his (26yrs), and this could have also impacted why he struggled with not having much sexual experience, due to pain.
Anyway, alongside that he resorted to porn as, he wasn’t being sexually active because it would hurt. Since that is resolved and he is pain free, he also stated that once he is in love, he cannot separate the two feelings of love and sex. As I said, at the beginning we flourished and was sexually active in ways we could despite when he HAD problems with his downstairs area, but once and as he stated, I fell in love with you, I respect you, and my desire became less and less because I see you as my wife, my soulmate, and I respect you and don’t want to disrespect you, because he categorising the two “being a whore in the bedroom and then a saint of a girlfriend” if that makes sense… he thinks that being sexually active, it’s because he doesn’t respect the individual, and does not have any emotional feelings towards them.
So, when his feelings grew massively for me, he saw it as a wrongdoing wanting to be sexually active with me, because he loves and respects me. Just wondered if anyone else has gone through this and what steps they took to save their relationship? WE ARE DESPERATE. We want children, marriage, everything, but this is the only thing stopping us moving forward. He feels attraction towards me, but it makes him feel uncomfortable and disrespectful towards me if any sexual acts are performed with me. Hope someone can help. We have seen a couple of sex therapists, but never uncovered the theory Madonna Whore-Complex that fits him to a T. It was a lightbulb moment and we’ve uncovered this issue as being the reason, and we want help.
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2023.03.29 14:55 DownfaLL- Suggestions for upcoming trip

Hi all,
I will be heading to Monroe in the next few weeks. I’ve been there before, and actually this was my first Michigan experience. I didn’t think much of Michigan weed until my gf took me there and I randomly just visited a dispensary (heads Monroe) and was blown the fuck away. Coming from Chicago it was another planet in terms of the experience. So right off the bat, I’m a huge Michigan fan and love this sub.
Anyways heading back to Monroe soon and I’m coming from Chicago so I’ll be basically traveling the entire south part of the state on 94.
I am looking to go to the absolute best most recommended dispensaries along the way. I’ll be going through Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor and then finally Monroe. I know everyone talks about weedys but curious if anyone has like a top 3 list they would suggest me hit?
For context I do prefer more high quality buds and don’t mind paying a bit extra, or rather just I’m not looking to pay the absolute minimal, I just want high quality bud that doesn’t feel like big pharma weed like it does in IL. And to be honest whatever you guys think is expensive is probably still a lot cheaper than what I’m used to in IL. Michigan weed feels so much better and so much more variety, like I said Il stuff feels very big pharma. So even if you think it’s expensive it will be a breath of fresh air to me
Thanks in advance for any suggestions, much appreciated
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2023.03.29 14:55 godzilla101118 Dreams of Azure Blue (series pt.3)

Jacob chasler looked at around his surroundings. Around him the great port of azur lane was burning - all of the buildings that were once the home of the kansen were burning - their bodies strewn across the ground, bloodied and beaten from the attack.
As jacob looked down, he saw that in his arms was someones body - a woman with medium length white-silver hair, two small angel wings on her head, two larger wings on her back, a stylized trench coat, and a royal navy pin on the left side of her chest - to her side layed a bow that looked like two angels wings held together in the middle with a red gem.
As jacob examines her, he see's her mouth move as if to say something, but nothing comes out - but somehow it still registers, and he nods his head, only for her to finally loose her strength and pass on.
Jacob, cries out in soundless anguish as she passed, before getting up and taking her bow. As jacob finally looks up for the first time he see's two humanoid sirens - both with long silver hair and yellow eyes, but still with major differences - one wore a strange black night gown with black ears and possesed black and yellow tentacles, and observed everything with a strange enjoying-indifference - while the other wore a short sailors uniform and had with her rigging that took a form similar to that of a hammerhead shark and wore a look of glee at the destruction they wrought.
The moment jacob lays eyes on them, he yells out as he draws the bow and launches an arrow that transforms into a cannon shell mid-air. Its all for nought though, as it impacts a shield that the tentacled one had manifested. As jacob goes to draw another shot, the one with the hammerhead rigging aims her cannons and fires - the last thing jacob see's is the cannon shells speed towards him - impacting - and his vision is engulfed in flame...

"AAH" jacob yells out as he falls out of his bed - the scenes from his dream still fresh in his mind. Jacob pats himself, checking for anything strange, only finding the stitching from the area where the shrapnel was removed and how he was drenched in sweat.
After jacob calmed down, he goes to look at his alarm clock, and see's it's only been around 3 hours since he fell asleep.
"Well aint that just great" jacob mumbles. To himself.
After sitting down for a few moments, jacob goes to his bag and fishes out a spare uniform he had, and proceeds to got to the bathroom he had in his living quarters, so he can clean himself.
After cleaning himself, in unfortunately cold water, and getting dressed - jacob proceeds to the office in the conference building, so he can get an early start on the paperwork that was remaining.
As he's walking through the still damaged port, he notices a strange light in one of the piles of rubble. As he goes to take a closer look in the rubble he suddenly realizes - with near horror - what the object is.
"A wisdom cube?!" He nearly shouts out. After digging through a small amount of rubble, jacob finally is able to retrieve the glowing light blue cube. After he examines the cube and thankfully finds that there were no cracks in it - jacob puts into his bag and proceeds back on his course to the office.
When jacob was finally reaches the office, he notices that the light was on, and that there was one figure inside. He recognized the figure as belonging to Z23, one of the kansen that met him when he arrived in the port the previous day.
As jacob walks in, he notices that Z23 doesnt even realize that he's there, while she's reviewing one if the piles of paper work that they've been working on. After walking closer towards her - jacob finally speaks to her.
"Z23?" Jacob says. Immediately as he says that Z23 jumps up, wide eyed and lets out a small yelp. "C-commander c-chasler what are you doing here?" she says as she goes to sit back down.
"Well i was going to get an early start on the paperwork, but something important has come up." He says as he reaches into his bag and pulls out the stray wisdom cube he had found.
"T-thats-" Z23 begins, "Where did you find that?" She finishes saying after taking a few moments to compose herself.
"I found it in one of the rubble piles heading over here from my building and was planning to ask one of you where i can find a cube tech to manifest it in the morning" jacob says as Z23 takes all it in.
"Commander, you'll need to go to akashi and yuubari in order to have the cube Manifested," Z23 says, "but even then where could it have come from?"she asks out loud.
"Dont kansen revert to their cube state when they're heavily damaged?" jacob asks Z23 as she shakes her head.
"Only in the most desperate of circumstances, but even then, the process takes around 8 minutes to complete and even then, we'd be dead in most circumstances before we could go into preservation mode" Z23 responds to jacob. After Z23 said that, jacob looks at the wisdom cube in his hand with a newfound suspicion.
"So chances are, that this cube isnt from one of ours" jacob says, at that Z23 nods. "Most likely commander chasler" Z23 continues "Our best odds are to send this cube to yuubari and akashi to have it analyzed, and if its deemed a threat, they will have it destroyed". She finishes
As jacob contemplates what he should do with cube, he suddenly feels something emanate from the cube into him. It isnt a message or an image, only emotions - the strongest of which are fear, acceptance and resignation. These emotions are strong enough to put jacob into a momentary daze before his vision refocuses - he then looks at Z23 and gives his response.
"This cube is already resonated to humanity. we'll have it manifest, and if its a threat, i trust that you'll put it down" jacob finishes - Z23 looks up at him looking as if wanting to ask a question, but before she could, jacob spoke.
"Z23, While ive only been only base for roughly 17 hours, and want to have a good working relationship with you all - i believe that having this cube manifest will only bring benefits instead of having it destroyed" jacob says. Z23 still looks like she wants to say something but stops herself, after a few moments, jacob speaks up again, "well now that we have that sorted out, lets go back to doing the paper work", Z23 nods at this as jacob goes to his desk and begins to review and sign the papers on his desk.
They went on like this until the sun was fully in the sky - at some point being joined by kuybyshev and theseus - who brought them food when they told her they didnt eat - and continued with the paperwork - approving re-construction budgets, resource allocation, and invoices from the various damaged dorms of the factions.
Once they were mostly done with the paper work in the afternoon, jacob asked the three of them where yuubari and akashi were located at and went to them.
As he approached he could hear an explosion close to him - this caused jacob to start running towards its source inorder to figure what the cause of it had been. When jacob reached the source of the explosion he found two fairly short woman - one with fox ears, black hair, ligjt red eyes, and wearing a green and yellow kimono - while the other had green hair, golden eyes, and was wearing an oversized labcoat with various tools coming out of the sleeves. As while jacob was getting closer, he could hear them talking to each other.
"Nya i told ya it wouldnt work!" The green haired one said in annoyed tone. The one with black hair just turned her head at that.
"Why shouldnt it work, all of our tests said it would work," she said "and besides nothing is learned without atleast experimenting on it first" she finished.
As jacob got closer to them, he could finally see what they were talking about - in a small crater layed a downed but still intact siren plane, which it seemed that the two of them had opened up and were experimenting on it.
After getting walking to a point where he was only around 8 feet away, jacob started talking. "Excuse me, are you two, mrs. Yuubari and akashi?" He asked. At his words both of them swiveld their heads towards him, and began looking at him.
"Nya, thats us" the green haired one (who jacob figured is akashi at this point) said. "Abd are you the new commander?" Yuubari said.
"Yes, i am. Its nice to meet the both of you, but this meeting is to deal with something of decent importance" he said as he pulled out the wisdom cube from his hand. As jacob is pulling out, he notices how both akashi and yuubari go wide-eyed and stare at it. After this jacob continues speaking.
"I found this cube sitting in the rubble near the conference building. From what me and Z23 could tell, this is an unknown - but attuned cube - so i decided that our best course of action would be to have it manifested" jacob finishes
After that, both akashi and yuubari both get out of the daze they were in, and yuubari gives a sharp glance at jacob. "Are you certain that is wise commander?" She asks "activating an unknown cube may bring unfortunate side effects - the sirens have tried this tactic before, and it was too late before we realized what had truly transpired" yuubari says as a supposed dark memory passes through her face, before shaking it away. Akashi was nodding nearly the entire time while yuubari was speaking. Still jacob was determind.
"I am quite certain that this cube is not thr case ms. Yuubari" jacob replies "from what ive read, the false cubes sent from the sirens didnt resonate well with people, with some even saying that the feeling they got from it was of malicous intent" he continues "this cube is not like that, when it resonated for a short amount of time, the emotions that i felt were of fear and acceptance, not that of malice and anger - so it is my belief that we have this cube manifested, and if it turns out to be a mole, we have it put down - but if turns out to be something else, then we couldve made a new ally" jacob finally finishes.
After jacobs almost-speech, both yuubari and akashi take on a pensive look, before nodding at each. After a few moments akashi responds for them.
"Nya, we'll do it commander" she says before she continues "but just to be safe can we have someone else with us, nya?" She finishes.
At this jacob nods, before putting the cube into yuubari's hand "of course - ill try to send kuybyshev to protect you - one last thing though," he says, causing both girls to look at him, "i want to be there when the cube completely manifests." At this both girls look at each other again before responding
"Nya, alright commander" akashi says as both her and yuubari begin packing up their tools and heading back to their R&D building.
After a few moments of just standing there, with no one else around besides him - jacob proceeds to head back to the conference room to resume filling out the paper work they had.

9 hours after having sent kuybyshev to help with akashi and yuubari, and after 2 more hours of late night paper work, jacob is graced by a call to his office phone. As he picks up he hears the voice of yuubari on the other end.
"Commander, the cube is ready for manifestation" she said, at this jacob quickly responds "alright, im on my way", as he gets up from his desk.
He exits conference building and surprisingly finds that a vast majority of the paths leading to and from the base had been mostly cleared of rubble, with just the errant bits here and there. As he continues looking at the streets while walking, he notices small yellow birds who were seemingly cleaning the paths of their debris.
"Huh" is all jacob gets out as he continues on his way, "Next they'll have sentient cat generals" he mused as he finally reaches the R&D building.
After entering the building, and spotting kuybyshev who was waiting for his arrival, both of them entered the cube engineering room, where both akashi and yuubari were at along with the cube which was hooked up to various wires and conduits.
Yuubari looks at the commander with a questioning gaze, as she holds up a button which was wired to the machinery, "Would you like to do the honors commander?" She asks while offering The button.
Jacob gently takes the button out her hand and presses it, beginning the manifestation process. As the cube begins to manifest, the platform it was on lowers, and the various cables and conduits that it was hooked up to, disconnect as it begins to rise into the air and plspin ever faster.
After spinning for about 15 seconds, the cubes light begins to intensify, making all of the occupants in the room to cover their eyes as the light and the cubes speed reaches a crescendo, until it flashes.
After the light fades, and they are able to see once again - the occupants of the room stare at the female form in the center of the room.
The figure had medium length silver-ish white hair, amethyst eyes, and had two small angel like wings protruding from her head - she wore a long black trench coat, dark pants, and boots, and protruding from her lower back was 2 larger angel wings.
As they were inspecting her, the figure puts a hand to her chest and bows, while keeping her head aimed towards the occupants - specifically aiming for jacob, as she spoke.
"Light cruiser HMS daedalus of the danae class at your service" she says before speaking up again "Now what battlefield have you summoned to. To bring me from beyond existence?" She asks as she retakes a normal standing postition.
"My name is Commander jacob chasler" he automatically responds "and this war has all of humanity on the line. At that daedalus gives him a light smile before responding
"Very well them, i will be your sword and your shield in this war for humanity, lord commander chasler" she says as she gives one last bow.
After that, both akashi and yuubari swarmed daedalus with questions, about this or that, until eventually daedalus was sent to the royal navy dorms, and jacob went back to his room, before laying on his bed and saying one thing
"What a day" and drifts off into the peaceful embrace of sleep.

Observer Alpha is reviewing all the new data from they had obtained - going through what they had done during the day - until she finds the data about the wisdom cube that jacob had found and manifested.
This causes observer to once again furiously write down new notes about the commander and what he had done.
"This anomaly is strange" she mused once more "Stranger than even that other anomaly who got three kansen pregnant." she spoke outloud, before putting back on a face a neutrality.
She gazes over at the capsule on the other side of room, marked with the letter F. She slightly smiles as she gazes at it before returning to her data.
"Soon commander, your reckoning will come" she says "and with it, we will be free".
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2023.03.29 14:55 Funnybear000 Is this Pokemon I received from surprise trades illegal?

I was surprise trading, and I received a level 100 shiny Iron Hands with adamant nature and "best" in every stat category, and its name is It says it was caught in Area Zero at level 52 and has the Paldea Champion Ribbon, Effort Ribbon, Best Friends Ribbon, Partner Mark, and Gourmand Mark, which confuses me if it's hacked or not. I got it with the moves Fake Out, Earth Quake, Thunder Punch, and Drain Punch. Do you guys know if it's hacked?
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2023.03.29 14:55 Any-Syllabub9349 Totoo nga talaga, may empathy na ang AI

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2023.03.29 14:55 fullofwrackspurts I [32F] am so hurt by my partner [38M] of three years. I need to leave but my heart has other thoughts.

Backstory: I’m a single mom of two boys (7&9). I met my partner about years ago on my first and only ever Tinder date. I was a SAHM prior to getting divorced (2020) and started working at a daycare during. I don’t have a lot of money and never have. My ex-husband was in the military so I got used to scrimping by.
This brings in my partner. He’s a criminal defense attorney and possibly the best in our area. He knows it and often goes on elitist rants when he feels “disrespected” by other attorneys or clients. I just sit and listen because he is very quick to turn any discussion into an argument.
He really is a sweet guy. He has provided for me and my boys in ways I never thought possible. The kids love him to bits and call him their stepdad though we have no plans on getting married. He’s funny and extremely smart. But most of all, I love him.
Which brings us to tonight.
We’ve always had a bit of an issue with trust in our relationship. I’ve caught him texting other women very explicitly but I let him explain it away. My ex did the same so I normalized it. Last July, my partner got a new assistant. She’s fantastic and younger than us (27F) and also married. He’s had other assistants before so I saw no cause for concern. Needless to say, that was dumb of me. They’ve gotten much closer and have began to say “I love you” to one another. I only know this because I accidentally saw her message to him when we were watching TikToks.
Now, I had warned him about her falling for him because I had that gut instinct right off the bat. He swore it would never happen and reassured me. She is constantly texting him and he feels the need to answer because “she is the best assistant in the area and she needs to feel connected to me so she does a better job”. He justifies by claiming “I bring home the money so whatever I need to do shouldn’t be questioned”.
He has bought me a lot. A house, a car, helping me through college, etc. So part of me feels like he’s right. I’m benefiting so I should stay quiet. However, the other side of me is begging him for love and he doesn’t care. Tonight it came to a head. I had written him a letter explaining all of my hurt and frustration at feeling like the other woman between them. He read it and didn’t bat an eye. He told me I need to accept their relationship because of what I gain. I let him know I could care less about physical objects and material things, all I want is his friendship and love. He told me no, that I get enough.
I lost it. I started almost yelling because I felt so unheard. He just wasn’t getting it, I don’t want money. I want him. He told me that if I made him pick between me or his job and her, he’d pick them. I asked him to please leave and he did.
I regret it now. I miss him and want him back home but I’m not sure it’s worth my mental and emotional well-being.
TLDR: partner has a relationship with his assistant and expects me to accept it because he pays for everything. I just want him and his love.
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2023.03.29 14:54 localabyss Hatred phase

Hi! I’m 22 and living with my grandma with Alzheimers. Recently she started accusing me of stealing from her (A family heirloom thats been in my possession since I was 13, it was a gift from her). She started berating me over it until I nearly cried and had to walk away because I’m otherwise very stressed at the moment and don’t have the patience for being yelled at. It’s been roughly 3 weeks now, and she still won’t talk to me at all. Issue: she doesn’t even remember why she’s mad at me, and won’t accept help from me at all (which is obviously an issue since she typically needs a fair amount of help). She also shittalks me for no reason to my mom, and while my Mom knows its not my fault its still a shitty situation. Any advice? My mom has tried talking to her about it, but even then she won’t talk to me. She wouldn’t even talk to me after a death in the family happened.
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2023.03.29 14:54 kookie0098 USD to KRW rec

i saw someone else post this but wasn't sure if id get a follow-up answer. does anyone have any rec for where in the airport i should go to convert my american cash to won? i think bringing cash itself is my best option rather than pulling $ from a debit card. also curious as to how much i should pull out, for street vendors and such. let me know! ill be there for 10 days, mostly planning to do a bunch of shopping/cafe hopping but will use a cc when possible.
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2023.03.29 14:54 Spadesofjade Antiperspirants good on gell liners BKA?

Finally FINALLY got my prosthetic and we've found the best fit for me is a gel liner, the issue I'm having with it is I'm nuropathic (numb) in my leg so I can't feel how wet it gets in the liner, took it off the first time and showered both me & the poor physio, bless him.
Just wondering what the best brands for antiperspirant are around? Physio didn't really give any answers, and you guys have the experience, so I'm coming back to you lot!
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2023.03.29 14:54 Ill_Study_7361 Regarding last post 🙏🏻

You people can be so retarded sometimes. I’m not trying to control what they produce, I’m simply saying as a Christian who was a fan since day one-the last video was very very disrespectful. And some of you people are so retarded, one of those comments tried to protect the “satanic pedophiles” lol like really?? I hope you don’t have a daughter and they don’t get kidnapped to the child sex trafficking/trade. Which mind you has a lot of devil worshipping aspects to all of that. And no, not to todays magnitude has it been going on in the church really? Lmao. Yes there’s been evil shit done by catholic priests throughout history, but no the church is nowhere near close, not even the same planet as what goes on in the child sex trafficking elite satanic pedophiles. The fact none of you seem to understand the magnitude and the evil of what goes on in our world shows me you’re not worth my time to argue with until you do your own research and stop eating what you’re spoonfed from the media. If I was upset about the video about ANY other reason it would be ok, but as usual it’s the norm to shit all over Christianity and it’s all ok lol. Nope it’s not, I’m supposed to love thy neighbor but I can do that from a distance. If you think the end of that video is ok and nothing wrong with it, and stuff like Sam smiths satanic ritual on TV is ok. You are all contributing to what is wrong in this world. I’ll pray for you all. Praying for humanity. It’s all ok to stand up for what you believe in until you’re a Christian. Then it’s oh boo boo stop crying, maybe this isn’t your genre, stop trying to gatekeepe, blah blah lol bunch of blabbering idiots. No, I’m standing strong on this idgaf what anyone says. FIR was my fav band for a long time. Not anymore after the disrespectful imagery at the end of last video, there was absolutely no call or no reason for that. And it’s wrong for more and more people to see things like that and it be normalized. Society as a whole is being strayed away from God, and people wonder why there’s chaos and evil in our world. The answer is easy. I’ll be praying for all of us. Have a good day and god bless us all.
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2023.03.29 14:54 brightorbenergy Help w interpretation for newbie

Hi tarot pals Looking for help with this love/relationship spread like everyone lol
link for the photo : Tarot Spread here
I didn’t use a particular spread it’s just two 3 card spreads. Top line them, bottom line me. The question I asked was simply wtf is going on w them and wtf should I do ? Lol
This person has been kind of evasive and ignoring me but also confusing the hell outta me by being seemingly into it even really really into it seeming and then ignoring me for weeks and weeks. We’ve been in a casual thing for literally over a year and I have no problem w the casualness it’s the confusion of being told I’m wanted and then ignored for a month and not knowing if contact with me is wanted . Obviously it’s getting tiresome for me but I quite enjoy their company and so I finally caved and asked my cards lol I try not to ask the cards about love stuff bc well the mysteries of the universe are more important but here we are
For reference I always pull the queen of cups when talking about myself. Always.
They seem to be saying to me there some kind of issue, conflict they’re not really telling me about and just being silent. King of swords I think makes sense as a card that represents them ( they’re a Gemini and science brain type human ) two of cups would seem to me that the situation they’re in resolves itself well but well for me??? I dunno about that part.
I think the line that is representative of me ( bottom line) maybe is telling me to keep my options open? Not sure what the 8 of wands rx is indicating .
Anyways help is appreciated I just started learning so I just throw down cards and live my best life ahah.
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2023.03.29 14:54 ajcon200 Skilhunt M150v3 (and flashlights in general)

HI, first post. This is going to be highly subjective, which i understand, but want others perspective.
I have A new olight mini marauder, this will be my workhorse jack of all trades (except cri) light, camping etc. high lumens, decent throw, high sustained etc. But its not edc, obviously. With it i had 3 free lights, usual suspects i guess, 90 lumen AAA, 180 lumen AAA and a rechargeable (tiny) 180 lumen iR2 pro. all useful. I 2 maglights as well, 4d old school with a drop in floody 300 lumen i think , and a ML300X 620? lumen. .
I know the maglights are heavy and impractical, but i loved the ML300x back in the day. Anyway Ramble over.

I want a few more lights, which everyone here i think fully understands.

I want Anduril any version just to experience it. I want an extremely high lumen (even if only a 10 second blast) I want something workhorse and kind off throwy, like the maglite ML300 was. and i want a green thrower.
I also dont want anything bigger or as big as the olight for now.

So please give me suggestions, or explain my suggestion are wrong.

i was thinking (all of these)
Mega bright lumen monster, NS73v2......
Workhorse reliable kind of throwy Skilhunt M300 v2 (with the Nichia 144)
Smaller, and helps me get a discount Skilhunt M150v3 NIchia again.
Tiny fun light Ts10 4000k, (green body orange aux) and may be a brass with 3000k and green aux as well, with diffuser would be good camping possibly?
Because i want a sofirn, If25A 4000k and again a diffuser.
and thrower already decided acebeam L19 2.0 green osram, want an acebeam and like the look of this but will wait until around £80 again (missed ali express deals)
So does that all sound a good combo? or is it too heavily 2170o weighted? any reason for both 150 and 300 skilhunt? and is the 150v3 with nichia too low on lumens? after 10 mins its not much brighter than my freebie Olight Ir2 Pro admittedly a much better tint though. I love the look of the skilhunts, would love to have 2-3 andurils, and the ns73v2 looks like a guilty pleasure type of light. (im also leaving 18650 out because i will get a d4v2 at some point when i work out what i like and what the best options would be) Sorry, massive post, feel free to ignore it.
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2023.03.29 14:53 KennyClearwater Crevalle Jack pulled out near the ships behind me. Palm Beach Florida

Crevalle Jack pulled out near the ships behind me. Palm Beach Florida submitted by KennyClearwater to Fishing [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 14:53 QTPi220 My best friend and I were perfect for each other but his family was very homophobic and would disown him if he dated me… so he got a girlfriend and we made a plan for me to possess her

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2023.03.29 14:53 Pretty_Engineering_4 3200 tips

I am a miler who is doubling back in the 3200 this season. A little bit of background on my training- over the winter i ran 55-65 miles a week with a down week and have been maintaining 55 miles a week for the past month and just dropped to 50 for the season. Long runs are 11-14 miles alternating between easy, progression, and tempo in the middle. I ran a 5:20 a month ago indoors and have not raced a hard mile since for context.
I have not run the 3200 before, and yesterday I went into the race without a plan on what to do, I was just going to stick with the other girl I was racing. At around 5 laps in I just mentally was not there anymore, and got really bored from running so many laps and basically just started jogging. I ended up running an 11:57 (she beat me by 10 seconds) and am really unhappy with my performance and how I handled that race because I know it is not my best. Next week I want to try and stick with some of the guys on my team since the other team doesn’t have a solid 2 miler and try to run 11:25. Next week I will also be racing a hard mile so unsure how realistic that time is after running 5:1x. If anyone has any tips on how to run this race and really keep my head in it after the first mile that would be awesome!
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2023.03.29 14:53 Slow_Willingness_412 Website crashed hack* Website and blogs hack* Cyber Tracking* Retrieval of deleted text messages* Word Press Blogs hack* Retrieval of lost file/documents* Erase criminal records hack* Databases hack*

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2023.03.29 14:53 BitBit13 I'd like to thank Shuri and Hazmat decks for pushing me from my previous best of diamond rank

I'd like to thank Shuri and Hazmat decks for pushing me from my previous best of diamond rank submitted by BitBit13 to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]