4 point crown tattoo meaning

"What have I done..."

2014.07.01 01:59 mintberrycrunk "What have I done..."

Instant Regret (in'-stint rē-gret') n. a subreddit dedicated to deliberate actions that unexpectedly lead to undesirable consequences and horrible results; things which may cause someone to say, "oh man, did I just screw the pooch!"

2018.01.25 20:50 empress_of_pinkskull Religious Fruitcake

religiousfruitcake is about the absurd, fringe elements of organized religion: the institutions and individuals who act in ways any normal person (religious or otherwise) would cringe at. (subreddit twitter handle: @rreligiousfrui1)

2012.01.28 23:34 Brenbren25 Crusader Kings

Crusader Kings is a historical grand strategy / RPG video game series for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series XS developed & published by Paradox Interactive. Engage in courtly intrigue, dynastic struggles, and holy warfare in mediæval Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, the steppes and Tibet. Can you achieve fame and fortune for your noble family, or will your names be forgotten to history?

2023.03.29 14:42 Substantial-Course19 i11/1 Islamabad

What's going on in i11 and i12? I mean how's the development and how's life there? IJP road seems to be renewed now so it must be a plus point for people living in i11.
submitted by Substantial-Course19 to islamabad [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 14:41 Working-Shame2351 DOWNLOAD SOULFUL HOUSE - HOUSE - JACKIN HOUSE - FUNK / R&B - AFRO HOUSE - 500 HQ TRACKS

download all - https://www.djdownloadme.com/2023/03/download-soulful-house-house-jackin_29.html
A.B. Crentsil - Mame Dwen Meho
Aaron Sevilla, Armandd G - Mi Ritmo
Abyss Deep Sound Lab, Isabelle K - Back To My Roots (Original Mix)
ADJUMA, Lyrical Ivy - Don't Make Me Wait (Original Mix)
Afro Carrib - Don't Judge Us (Original Mix)
Afro Timba Project - Party N BS
AfroMiks - A Tribe In Heaven' (Part 3)
AfroMiks - Ambient (World Music II)
AfroMiks - Cabasa
AfroMiks - Hi Nyikeni (Tribe Mix)
AfroMiks - The Hunter
AfroMiks - The Prey
AfroTura - Alligned (Original Mix)
AfroTura - Elixir (Original Mix)
Agent Gust - 8616
Agent Gust - Jack 2 Jack
Agent Gust - New Age Tech
Agent Gust, El'Tee - Falling Star
Agent Gust, El'Tee - First Time
Agent Gust, El'Tee - Future
Agent Gust, Teefunk SA - Miami
Akabu, Dave Lee ZR - Highways feat Jinadu (Cody Currie Remix)
Akabu, Dave Lee ZR - Highways feat Jinadu (Dave Lee Medusa Dub)
Akabu, Dave Lee ZR - Highways feat Jinadu (Dave Lee Medusa Mix)
Akeem Raphael - Get The Funk Off Me (Edit)
Akeem Raphael - Get The Funk Off Me (Original Mix)
Akufen - Touch It (Original Mix)
Alan Cosmos - Onua Gyae
Alan Cosmos - Soca For Your Pleasure
Alan Cosmos - Yebi_Fontonfrom
Alan De Laniere - As-Sahara 2 (Afro Carrib Mix)
Alan De Laniere - I pa bon (Original Mix)
Alan De Laniere - Les Loups (Original Mix)
Alar - Jumja (Original Mix)
AMEME - Kaleta (Original Mix)
Andy Compton, Shamrock, The Rurals - My Story
Andy Compton, Shamrock, The Rurals - Set Me Free (Edit)
Andy Compton, Shamrock, The Rurals, Irantzu Pujadas - The Leaves
Andy Compton, Shamrock, The Rurals, Kafele Bandele - Inkungu (Edit)
Andy Compton, Shamrock, The Rurals, Kafele Bandele - Just Follow Your Dreams
Andy Compton, Shamrock, The Rurals, Nekoye Ommeh, Kafele Bandele - Nifanyeje
Andy Compton, Shamrock, The Rurals, Pete Mo - Winter Sunshine
Anerah Yasole, Tsimo - Forget You (NuroGroove Remix)
Anerah Yasole, Tsimo - Forget You (Original Mix)
Angelo Ferreri, Susanne Alt - Sax Damage In NYC (Upper West Side Mix)
Anrey - Duma (Extended Mix)
Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco - Play That Funky Music (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Club Mix)
Apollo Beat - Radiomania
AtLows, Kris Ramea - No Reason (Original Mix)
AtLows, Kris Ramea - Some Bones (Original Mix)
Atta Frimpong - Bepo So Dua
Atta Frimpong - Yaako
Ayala (IT) - Gathoni feat Nes Mburu (Original Mix)
Babs Presents - Make Me Want U (Instrumental Mix)
Babs Presents - Make Me Want U (Original Mix)
Babs Presents, Lornie - I Should Have Told You (Instrumental Mix)
Babs Presents, Lornie - I Should Have Told You (Original Mix)
Baby Charles - Back of My Hand
Baby Charles - Comin' from a Higher Place
Baby Charles - Hard Man to Please
Baby Charles - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Baby Charles - Indecision
Baby Charles - Invisible
Baby Charles - Jackson Fingers
Baby Charles - Life's Begun
Baby Charles - No Controlling Me
Baby Charles - Step On
Baby Charles - The Sphinx
Baby Charles - This Time
Baby Charles - Time Wasting
Baby Charles - Treading Water
Bad Colours, Toribio - Do Better [VIP Mix]
BAM, Leandria Johnson - Hold On (Bams Full Disclosure Mix)
BAM, Leandria Johnson - Hold On (David Harness Instrumental Remix)
Bass Fly, Robin Tordjman - Quantifica (Original Mix)
Be Noir - Give Me Your Love (London Mix)
Be Noir - Give Me Your Love (Rimini Mix)
Beat Rivals, Andre Espeut - You Are The Answer (Instrumental)
Beat Rivals, Andre Espeut - You Are The Answer
Bella Boo - Looney
Ben Banjo Field - What About
Benny Bee - A Trip Around The Sun (Original Mix)
Berkan - Zulu in Da House (Original Mix)
Bernard (It) - Hyper Nation (Michele Cartello & Berny Manfry Remix)
Bhekithemba Buthelezi - Piano Blues (Original Mix)
Black & Brown - Delight (Re-Edit)
Black & Brown - Jurassik Funk
Black Connection - I'm Gonna Get Ya' Baby (Full Intention Vocal Club Mix)
Black Mighty Wax - Pull Down (Vito Lalinga Vi Mode Inc Project Remix)
Black Mighty Wax, Simpleton - Pull Down
Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes (12' Mix)
Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes (Instrumental)
Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes (The Reflex Revision)
Bonetti - Don't Ever Wonder (Original Mix)
Boogie Vice, Deep Aztec - Promises (Extended Mix)
Bretho Rodriguez - Venezuela (Original Mix)
Bruno Zarra, Dj China (PT) - The Moment feat Kiki Batchlor (Original Mix)
Buder Prince, Derrick Flair, Sarah Lyoness - I Miss You (Deep Sort 95 Remix)
Buder Prince, Derrick Flair, Sarah Lyoness - I Miss You (Mtsicology Music & Vli M Chill Out Mix)
Buder Prince, Derrick Flair, Sarah Lyoness - I Miss You (Sir Young SA Simplified Mix)
Bunbeck - Gemini (Original Mix)
Burt Youngsters, Deejay Danny - Melrose Revenge
BuVu - Ella (Original Mix)
C'ammafunk - Pachyphytum
Cato Anaya, Les Castizos - Cantalo (Original Mix)
Caystic - Planet 18 feat Chaos (Original Mix)
Cesar Baquero - Afro Rules
Cesar Baquero - Valhalla
Cesar Baquero, DJ Care - Taganga
Cezar Touch, Kaiz - Soul In The Mind (Original Mix)
Cezar Touch, Kaiz - Spirit Goes Nutz (Original Mix)
Christian Arno - Yesteryearz (Original Mix)
Christos Fourkis - Zulu Screams (Original Mix)
Chuckpato - Fast Track
Club Squisito, Eva C - Say To Me (Original Mix)
Club Squisito, Eva C - Say To Me (TrueGroove Remix)
Cody Currie - Money (Kaidi Tatham Remix Extended Version)
Col Lawton - Burn Out
Confido - Forget About Your Wish (Original Mix)
Confido - Hero of War (Original Mix)
Corey Holmes, Janyce Koco Murray - Demons
Crazibiza - Cumbiano (Cadenza Edit)
Criss Korey - Funk The Casbah (Original Mix)
Curtis Mayfield - Superfly (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul remix - instrumental)
Curtis Mayfield - Superfly (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul remix)
D.J. Lawyer Okyere - Ohia Kan Nye Ya (Medley)
D.P.V - You & Me (Chemars Edit)
Da Funk Junkies - Mellow Jack (DFJ Jackin' Swing Mix)
Da Funk Junkies - Mellow Jack (Radio Edit)
Da Funk Junkies - What Are We To You (Original Mix)
Dalas - Ubumnandzi (feat Brains, M.K.O, Lakwister) (Original Mix)
Dalas, Gflow, Lady B, Las J - Kuze Kuse (Original Mix)
Darren Marshall - Come On Home (Original Mix)
Darren Marshall - Lit The Wick (Original Mix)
Darren Marshall - Tell Me (Original Mix)
Darren Marshall - The Kids Dig It (Original Mix)
Darren Studholme - I Wanna Love (Anarita Soul Club Mix)
Darren Studholme - I Wanna Love (Anarita Soul Radio Mix)
David Florio - Lost Numbers
David Harness - Simon Says (Original Mix)
David King Dj - Soca
David King Dj - Xamboa (Original Mix)
Deesko - Binary Apex (Original Mix)
Deesko - Bodega Bay (Original Mix)
Deesko - Ichika Adieu (Original Mix)
Deesko - Maritime Street (Original Mix)
Detroit Boogie Assemble - Make Me Shake (Original Mix)
Dexxx Gum - Chakra (Original Mix)
Disco Ball'z - Danger Zone (Original Mix)
DJ AX - Funky Time (Original Mix)
DJ AX - Funky Time (Radio Edit)
DJ Becky - Midnight Prayer (Original Mix)
DJ Becky - Nightmare (Original Mix)
DJ Becky - The Marine (Original Mix)
DJ Care - African Soul
DJ Care - Da Da
DJ Care - El Colibri
DJ Care - Jaguar Head
DJ Care - La luna
DJ Care - Macumba (Cesar Baquero Remix)
DJ Care - Skulls & Devils
DJ Care - Somos Fuego
DJ Care, Cesar Baquero - Solo Aire
DJ Disciple, Marie Rose - Even In The Ordinary (HyperSOUL-Xs HT Mix)
Dj Hermes, Narf Zayd - Im In Love (Afro Mix)
Dj Hermes, Narf Zayd - Im In Love (Javith Remix)
DJ Mes - Homage
Dj Moy - Downtown (Original Mix)
DJ Moy, Funk O'Ya - Be Free (Original Mix)
DJ Moy, Funk O'Ya - GroVin (Original Mix)
Dj Nar-SA, Motivesoul-SA - The Akana (Original Mix)
DJ PP, Gabriel Rocha - Another Planet (Original Mix)
DJ Steevo, Frank H. Carter III - Desire (Original Mix)
DJ Tomer, Ricardo, Cisco De Sol - Messiah feat Zipho Thusi (Dr Feel Remix)
DJ Tomer, Ricardo, Cisco De Sol - Messiah feat Zipho Thusi (Extended Mix)
Dj Tripswitch - Free Spirits (Original Mix)
Dj yoval gonzalez - Kafrica (Original Mix)
djsoulchic - All Night Long (Original Mix)
Dom Um Romao - Eric's Stuff
Donald - A Ver, a Ver (Ric Piccolo Edit)
Dr Feel - Ghetto Story (Original Mix)
Dr Feel - Ngoma Yekwedu (Drum Mix)
Dr Feel - Ngoma Yekwedu
Dr Tebzen, Nokwazi - Phuma Kim (Dafro Remix)
Dr Tebzen, Nokwazi - Phuma Kim (Limpopo Rhythm Remix)
Dr Tebzen, Nokwazi - Phuma Kim
Dylan Debut - Been Around (Original Mix)
EllAY - Jack the Pianist
Emanuele Esposito, Lizwi, Claudia León - Amazwe (Original Mix)
Enzodasoul - Kunene Kwelive (Original Mix)
Enzodasoul - Umthantazo (Original Mix)
Evan (UK) - Know What I Mean (Original Mix)
Evan (UK) - No Problems (Original Mix)
Evan (UK) - One of Those Nights (Original Mix)
Evil C - Ghost Bells
Exotic Duo - Love So True (Original Mix)
Exotic Duo - Meet Somebody (Original Mix)
Feki Station - Wasulu (Afro Beat Mix)
Feki Station - Wasulu (Original Mix)
Ferrioh - Wayunaiky (Original Mix)
Fiddla, LaYa - GUILTY (Da Cord Remix)
Fiddla, LaYa - GUILTY (Ethiopian Chyld Remix)
Fiddla, LaYa - GUILTY (KIKO NAVARRO Afroterraneo Remix)
Filta Freqz - Chalfont & Cooper
Filta Freqz - Twisted
Flowersons - Love Of My Life (Blackkz End Of Lyfe Rip)
Flowersons - Love Of My Life (Corey Holmes Remix)
Flowersons - Love Of My Life (Original Vocal)
Flowersons - Love Of My Life (Ricci Melillo Remix)
Foreal People, Dave Lee ZR - In The Mood To Groove (Dave Lee Extended Mix)
Foreal People, Dave Lee ZR - In The Mood To Groove (Dave's Shake Your Body To The Funk Mix)
Foreal People, Dave Lee ZR - Raize A Blaze feat Xan Blacq (Birdee Remix)
Foreal People, Joey Negro, Dave Lee ZR - Shake (Dr Packer Re-Shake)
Fraser - Chicago '93 (Extended Mix)
Fraser - Chicago '93 (Radio Mix)
Freeman Skyz, Thirty - Sophumelela (Louis Bongo & Lacarte Remix)
Freeman Skyz, Thirty - Sophumelela (Original Mix)
From96 - Mouvement (Original Mix)
Funky Destination - Freakismo
Funky Destination - Mr. Bong (Louie's House Remake)
Fusion Funk Foundation, Lo Greco Bros - Come On In (Instrumental Funk)
Gflowsd - Thingo Lenkosazana (feat Lady B, Dalas) (Original Mix)
Gino Love - Be Strong (Definitive Remaster)
Gino Love - G Force (Original Mix)
Glass Coffee - Memories (Edit)
Glass Coffee - Memories (Original Version)
Global Mind, Desy Moore - In the Heat (Marshall Jefferson Remix)
Hatiras - Got Somebody (Original)
Hatiras - Got Somebody (Radio Edit)
Heavy-K - Wena feat Mpumi (Original Mix)
Henry Navarro - Just Getting Started
Hijack - What About (Original Mix)
Honeymunch - Brewster
Honeysweet - And So, She Waits (Original Mix)
Honeysweet - Being Free (Honeycomb Instrumental)
Honeysweet - Being Free (Original Mix)
Honeysweet - Cranberries In Cream (Original Mix)
Honeysweet - Crazy (Honeycomb No Bass Mix)
Honeysweet - Crazy (Original Mix)
Honeysweet - Exodus Of 21 (Original Mix)
Honeysweet - Last Night (Honeycomb Instrumental)
Honeysweet - Last Night (Original Mix)
Ice Beats Slide, Sbuda Maleather, 2woBunnies - JAGERMEISTER (Original Mix)
iLee - Cubango (Original Mix)
Infrasoul - Sacrifice Your Soul (Original Mix)
IQ Musique, Stephen Granville - Fly High (Rework Instrumental)
IQ Musique, Stephen Granville - Fly High (Rework Mix)
Ivan Afro5 - The Host (Original Mix)
James Deron - I Wasn't The One (Original Mix)
Janevski - Sincere (Original Mix)
Jarrod Lawson - I Would Die 4 U
Jason Pascascio - Definition Of Deep (Original Mix)
Jay Neves - Crazy For You
Jazzmattik, Marc Anthony - Rescue Me (Mikki Afflick An AfflickteD Soul Mix)
Jazzmik - Hot Like That (Original Mix)
Jazzmik - Let's Get Together (Original Mix)
Jeff Haze - Take Me
Jeff Haze - Too Good for Me
Jeremiah Asiamah - Let's Work (Original Mix)
Joey Chicago - Do It To It
Jolly - Jungle (Original Mix)
Jonasclean, OKOFUNK - It's Alright (Original Mix)
Jonasclean, OKOFUNK - The Rolling Sun (Original Mix)
Jonasclean, OKOFUNK - The Smell of Grass (Original Mix)
Jonasclean, OKOFUNK - Walkman (Original Mix)
Jonatan Bäckelie, Ten Walls - Anything But This feat Jonatan Backelie (DJ Kent Remix)
Jordi Cabrera - Blessing (Afro Soul Mix)
Jordi Cabrera - Blessing (Original Mix)
Jordi Cabrera - You Feel Nothing (Nostalgic)
Jordi Cabrera - You Feel Nothing (Original)
Jose Aranda, Sansi - My Heart
Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson - Real Good Time (James Poyser & Terry Hunter 12 Inch Club Mix)
Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson - Real Good Time (James Poyser & Terry Hunter 12 Inch Instrumental)
Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson - Real Good Time (James Poyser & Terry Hunter Post Disco Club Mix)
Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson - Real Good Time (James Poyser & Terry Hunter Post Disco Instrumental)
Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson - Real Good Time (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix Instrumental)
Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson - Real Good Time (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix)
Justin Joe - Feeling More Life (Good)
Justin Joe - Love on the Run
Justin Joe - Pull Up
Justin Joe - Right Now
Kaigo - Ain't Gonna (Instrumental Funk)
Kane Ian - Remote Viewing
Karen Nyame KG - Taboo (DJ IC Afro Remix)
Kekkotronics, LTJ - Gimme the Funk (Free Dub)
Kekkotronics, LTJ - Gimme the Funk (Free House)
Kekkotronics, LTJ - Gimme the Funk
Kek'Star - Djembe from the Motherland (Drum mix)
Kelvin Momo - Fool Me feat Nanette, S.O.N, Jay Sax (Original Mix)
Kenza - All Mine feat Vinnie Mak (Original Mix)
Key Tronics Ensemble - House Of Calypso
Key Tronics Ensemble - You For Me (First Mind Version)
Key Tronics Ensemble - You For Me (First Slow Version)
Key Tronics Ensemble - You For Me (Montuno Salsa Mix)
Key Tronics Ensemble - You For Me (Radio Short Version)
Key Tronics Ensemble - You For Me (Slow Latin Version)
Key Tronics Ensemble, Double J Flash - Calypso Of House
Klash Rivera, Coco Street - Some Days There Will Be Rain (Mijangos Afro Soul Instrumental Mix)
Klash Rivera, Coco Street - Some Days There Will Be Rain (Mijangos Afro Soul Mix)
Klash Rivera, Coco Street - Some Days There Will Be Rain (Original Mix)
Klement Bonelli, Arodes - Elevate (Original Mix)
Kosmo Kint - Fake Love
K-PSTR - afro link (Afro Carrib Mix)
K-PSTR - Magic Beat (Afro Carrib Mix)
Lacks - Ghetto Yano (Original Mix)
Lady Du, Pabi Cooper - 2000 feat Yumbs (Original Mix)
Le Babar - About The Groove (Original Mix)
Le Babar - Get It On (Original Mix)
Leandro Azocar, Luis Vargas - Las Minas (Original Mix)
Lebedev (RU) - Jazzman (Original Mix)
Lebedev (RU) - Soulman (Original Mix)
LeeJoy, HyperSOUL-X - For Me (Afro Mix)
Lel - Event (Original mix)
Lel - Samba (Dub Mix)
Les Jeux Sont Funk - K2
Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Celebrations (Instrumental Funk)
Local Options - Put Your Body In It (Original Mix)
Lostinwhite - The Authority Of Love (Instrumental Funk)
Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra - Pitch Control
LTJ X-Perience - Let's Dance
Mabhenyenye - Abathakathi (Original Mix)
Manybeat, Studio Bros - Apure Way (Original Mix)
Marc Werner - Kujonga (Original Mix)
Marcel Vogel, LYMA - Cruisin'
Marcel Vogel, LYMA - Funk Money
Marcel Vogel, LYMA - Pop My Cherry
Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - Best Of Both Worlds (Di Saronno On The Rocks Mix)
Martin HERRS - Yymy (Clemente Remix)
Mawuli Decker - Mawu Nafako Nam
Mellow & Sleazy, Pabi Cooper - Waga Bietjie (Original Mix)
Melodymann - Away From Me (Original Mix)
Melodymann - Let's Give This A Go (Original Mix)
Melo-T, Toxic Chemical, Equie - Oasis (Original Mix)
Melo-T, Toxic Chemical, Equie - The Wanderers (Original Mix)
Metro Dj - Lokal Is Rekere (Original Mix)
Micky More & Andy Tee, Reverendos Of Soul, Anduze - Devoted (Extended Mix)
MikaySA, Deeper Jae, papas - Haus Of August (Original Mix)
Mike Ribas - Como Son los Retratos (Harari Edit)
Mikki Afflick - Quiet Storm (An AfflickteD Soul Mix)
Mikki Afflick, Dj Cuba, Trinidadian Depp - Life In Cuba (AfflickteDeep Afro Sun Mix)
Mikki Afflick, Kubu, Justin Mb - No Worries (An AfflickteD Soul Mix)
Mikki Afflick, Sheyi Olagunju - Talking Hands (Manousos Alt Bass Vocal Mix)
Minas Portokalis - Siame (Original Mix)
Mnakzo - Uxolo (Original Mix)
Moises Hernandez - Africano (Original Mix)
Moises Hernandez - Ayuda (Original Mix)
Mona Bode - Goddess Of Love (Deep Just AquaBeaT OsunLove Get Open Session Epic VZ)
Moniestien, P-Monie - Better Times Will (Guido P Can't Sleep Remix)
Moniestien, P-Monie - Better Times Will (Original Mix)
Moniestien, P-Monie - Better Times Will (Vincent Aché Remix)
Mr Norble Guy, Shredder SA - Time
Mr.Tune, Kimicoh - Don't Change (Original Mix)
MYDIR - Dreams (Original Mix)
MYDIR - Illusion (Original Mix)
Myk Dubz - Turns Me Loose (Original Mix)
NAAMANE - Indigo (Revisited Mix)
Nana Aboagye Da-Costa - Sikyi (Medley)
Nico Cano - Baking Soul (Original Mix)
Nicoleo, Ariaty - Gnawa Elech feat Laor (Original Mix)
Njelic, Thabza Tee - Down The Drain (Original Mix)
Nkono Teles - Hometown Weather
Nkono Teles - Love Vibration
Nkono Teles - Martin Street
Nkono Teles - Martin Street Special
Nkono Teles - Party Beats
Nkono Teles, Jane Coleman - Love Got a Hold On Me (Instrumental)
Ntsako, Blessed Fingers - No Regrets
OKOFUNK - Nur Mit Dir feat SOLO (Original Mix)
Ollie Red - Do Better
Ollie Red - WPD (What People Do)
Omson - Foreglow (Original)
Omson - Foreglow (Radio Edit)
Omson - Nightlife (Original)
Omson - Nightlife (Radio Edit)
Opolopo - Feels Good 2 Me (Original Mix)
Osfur - Ma liberté (Mr. ID Remix)
Osfur - Ma liberté (Original Mix)
OVEOUS, QVLN - Queimar (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix)
OVEOUS, QVLN - Queimar (Ezel Remix)
OVEOUS, QVLN - Queimar (Mike Steva Indigenous Mix)
OVEOUS, QVLN - Queimar (Nickodemus Remix)
OVEOUS, QVLN - Queimar (Organic Remix)
OVEOUS, QVLN - Queimar (Oyobi Remix)
Palm Skin Productions - Stealing The Sunset (Original Mix)
Papik - Wicked Fujiko
Paradise Orchestra, Melvin Hudson - Satisfy Your Dream (Club Mix)
Pat Thomas - Obae
Patrick Wayne, DJ ThreeJay - You're The One (Original Mix)
Patrick Wayne, DJ ThreeJay - You're The One (Radio Edit)
PC Pat - The Same Beat (Original)
PC Pat - They Move Around The Cabin (Original)
Peter Ellis - Sexy Sexy (Original Mix)
Piers - Just Like That (Robin Tordjman Remix)
Pietro Nicosia - Latin Blues (Original Mix)
Pinto (NYC) - Dancin' (Original Mix)
Pinto (NYC) - Hi Life (Original Mix)
Pinto (NYC) - Maravilha (Original Mix)
Pinto (NYC) - Miracles (Original Mix)
Pinto (NYC) - You Don't Want Me (Original Mix)
Pluton Kids - Head On Road
Plutoniic - African Son (Original Mix)
Plutoniic - Battle Ground feat MELO-T (Original Mix)
Plutoniic - Sons of the Future (Original Mix)
Plutoniic - The Auto Machine feat josh major (Original Mix)
PolyRhythm, Tabia - Ndim Kwakhona (Giorgio Bassetti Mix)
PolyRhythm, Tabia - Ndim Kwakhona (Native P. Remix)
PolyRhythm, Tabia - Ndim Kwakhona (Original Mix)
Pope Flyne Ackah - I Think You Are Right (Jepense Que Tu A Raison)
Retromigration, Bezzix, Mauricesax - Be Someone
Revelation, Mundo Muzique, Andre 'Phenix' Estrada, DJ Phenix - First Power (Domination Dub_1990)
Revelation, Mundo Muzique, Andre 'Phenix' Estrada, DJ Phenix - First Power (Original Mix_1990)
Revelation, Mundo Muzique, Andre 'Phenix' Estrada, DJ Phenix - Synth It (Original Mix_1990)
REX & LYDA - Aksum feat VanaVana (Original Mix)
Riccardo Fiori - Turning Loose The Sex Machine (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall - Chill Out Baby (Original Mix)
Rivera - Coqueteo (Original Mix)
RMCD, Bobby Deep - House High (Original Mix)
Roc - king - Ngicela Nimkhuzeni (feat Lacks, K Mulker, SG De killer) (Original Mix)
Ronny Santana - Gona Be (Original Mix)
Ryan Truman - Spark (Original Mix)
Ryan Truman - Wow (Original Mix)
Sabo - Bomeno (Hyenah Remix)
Sabo - Bomeno (Original Mix)
Samantha Loveridge, Rafiki Simone - Unto You (Original Mix)
Samantha Loveridge, Rafiki Simone - Unto You (Tristan Case Remix)
Sebastian Rivero - Gently (Original Mix)
Serkan Temizer - The Wind (Original Mix)
Sharon Redd - Never Give You Up (1990 Dimitri From Paris Remix)
Simone D Jay - Just Enough (Original Mix)
Slashisticks - Biter Deep (Original Mix)
Small Fries Tally, LadyBug Timmi - Sun Rise Sun Set (Original Mix)
Smoove & Turrell - IGOTCHA
Solid Groove Inc - Head On The One
Some Too Suspect - 5000pts (Original Mix)
Soulbridge, Pathy Andréas - Star (Instrumental Mix)
Soulbridge, Pathy Andréas - Star (Original Mix)
Soulcool - Thinking About You (Original Mix)
Stefano Ranieri - It Could Happen (Original Mix)
Stones & Bones - Afronova (Original Mix)
Sudad G, Eduardo Tristao - Say I'm Your Number One (Radio-Edit)
Sudad G, Eduardo Tristao - Say I'm Your Number One (Soulful Mix)
Sweet LA, Emma Black - S I A G (KORT's Summer Loving Mix)
Synthear - 3Dom
Takashi Kurosawa - For You (Original Mix)
Takashi Kurosawa - Zodiac
Thabzen Bibo, Quench - Life In Cuba (Original Mix)
Thandos - The Swazi Kid (Original Mix)
The Ready-Mades - Beyond Borders
The Ready-Mades - Ciao Pantin
The Ready-Mades - Cold Heart Of Stone
The Ready-Mades - Diagnostique Ambitieux
The Ready-Mades - Diagonale Du Vide
The Ready-Mades - Homo Economicus
The Ready-Mades - In Our Hands
The Ready-Mades - Living As Usual
The Ready-Mades - On The Loose
The Ready-Mades - Shout It Out
The Ready-Mades - Tendresse Infinie
The Ready-Mades - Vertige De L' EMeute
The Sextones - Cowboys To Girls
The Smoke Orchestra - Rice And Ribs
The Soultrend Orchestra, Papik - Awakening Boogie
The Strings Of Love - Nothing Has Been Proved (Paul Oakenfold Uk Remix)
The SyntheTigers - So Good (Mike Delgado Remix)
The Tangram - Change (Instrumental Version)
Thomass Jaguer - Don't You Listen (Original Mix)
Thomass Jaguer - One Day (Original Mix)
TJ Edit - Slap Disco (Original Mix)
TJ Edit - Sunshine (Original Mix)
TKLee - Impilo (feat Anita) (Original Mix)
Tony Fuel, Rebecca de la Torre - Sepia Tones (Original Mix)
Tony Fuel, Rebecca de la Torre - Sepia Tones (Radio Edit)
Torres De Lara - Antonio! (Original Mix)
Torres De Lara - Esto Es Bob (Original Mix)
Torres De Lara - Luther King (Original Mix)
Toto Berriel, Myles Bigelow - Rhumbero Electronico (Original Mix)
Toxic Chemical - Halloween (Original Mix)
Toxic Chemical - Nite of Gong (Original Mix)
Toxic Chemical - Nyus'iVolume (Original Mix)
Toxic Chemical - Rescue Me feat josh major (Original Mix)
Toxic Chemical - Sarah Banks (Original Mix)
Toxic Chemical - Sgubu Sika Poizen (Original Mix)
Toxic Chemical - Toxic 1 Verse Destroy (Original Mix)
Trax Machine - Jono (Afro Carrib Mix)
Trax Machine - So So Alive (Original Mix)
Tribalizer - Occasional Composition (Original Mix)
Tsoro Mavuso - Brasilia
Tsoro Mavuso - Chimes Of Libya (feat Siya Duma)
Tsoro Mavuso - Decisions (feat SledgerSoul)
Tsoro Mavuso - Feel Good (feat Simphiwe Khumalo)
Tsoro Mavuso - Gawul'ezizweni (feat Xolani Sithole)
Tsoro Mavuso - Get Up feat Nqubeko Mbatha & Ntokozo Mbambo (Original Mix)
Tsoro Mavuso - Give Me A Chance (feat SledgerSoul)
Tsoro Mavuso - Moment In Time (feat Vinesa Naidoo)
Tsoro Mavuso - Muntuza (feat Xolani Sithole)
Tsoro Mavuso - Ngifuna Wena (feat Mduduzi Madela)
Tsoro Mavuso - Nguwe (feat Ntokozo Mthethwa)
Tsoro Mavuso - Shine Your Light (feat Ntokozo Mthethwa)
Tsoro Mavuso - Tau
Tsoro Mavuso - The Bay (feat Qhubekani Mthethwa)
Tsoro Mavuso - Trentino
Tsoro Mavuso - United (feat Johan Van Rensburg)
Tsoro Mavuso - Walk With Me (feat Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane)
Umtfombo Paradise - Skipa (feat Tjukas, Gflow, Lady B, Dalas) (Original Mix)
Victor Guedez - Tambores Blancos (Original Mix)
Victor Leon - Timbales Africanos
Vincent Inc, Sigmund Floyd - Like In Heaven (David Anthony Remix)
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) - Funk Horns
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) - Jazz Reserve
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) - Miami Police Department
Vito Vulpetti - Namibia Drums (Original Mix)
Vito Vulpetti - Salt Desert (Original Mix)
Vose.R - Glowed Up (Reshuffle) (Original Mix)
Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu, Jive Connection - Faceless People (Original Mix)
Whatitdo Archive Group - The Cashmere Chamber
WheelUP, Toya Delazy - Giya
Wilgenis Vergara - Good Bye (Original Mix)
Will Shelter - Connections (Original Mix)
wnbl, EVÎN - Who Is She
Yam Who_, Suki Soul - Let's Go Dancin (Club Version)
Yam Who_, Suki Soul - Let's Go Dancin (Instrumental Mix)
Yamil - Ona Ona (Original Mix)
YinYang Project - Kum Ba Yah (Original Mix)
Yoheva - Majapahit (Original Mix)
ZAVAJ - Knee Breaker (Original Mix)
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2023.03.29 14:40 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 And A Return To Miami Allegedly Teased In Red Dead Redemption 2

For quite some time, there have been several leaks regarding the eventual Grand Theft Auto 6, including an alleged return to Vice City. Up until now, these leaks have been generally unfounded, but a new teaser discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2 may give credence to what we have heard about GTA 6.
Earlier this week, content creator StrangeMan discovered what appeared to be a GTA 6 teaser within a point of interest in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Near the Sea of Coronado, players can find a skeleton of a Jesuit Missionary called “Brother Rodolfo,” along with a rather interesting letter he brought. The letter mentions that Rodolfo was called to the east by God; however, the writer, Cardinal Blanco, begs him to stay in California and not leave the mission.
StrangeMan interprets this as an internal struggle between Rockstar games writer Dan Houser, represented by Cardinal Blanco, and creative Sam Houser, represented by Brother Rodolfo. Of course, the mention of staying in California over heading east is likely about continuing work on GTA 5 versus making GTA 6. Moreover, StrangeMan believes that the letter alludes to TakeTwo Interactive’s view of the GTA franchise and disagreements between Rockstar and the publisher.
letter gta 6 possibly teased in rdr2 Image Courtesy of StrangeMan
However, “Cardinal Blanco,” or Dan Houser, mentions that sticking with GTA 5 or moving to GTA 6 has pros and cons, but he wants his brother Sam to stick around for a little while longer. Interestingly, it appears that StrangeMan does not really dive into the line that says, “Please stay in California until I arrive next March.” Perhaps this could mean that the team will reassess if they want to move forward with GTA 6, or it could simply be a red herring.
Despite the multiple possible meanings of this letter that StrangeMan goes over, it is quite interesting to see that GTA 6 is being discussed and there is possible debate over sticking with GTA V. As always, money talks, but if GTA 5 is beat to death, fans could lose interest in future titles. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Rockstar comments on the teaser, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates.
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2023.03.29 14:40 anticalabriann12 Most "pain" points in D4 are actually worse in D2

So, for context, I am playing D2 since I was 8. I am 30 right now. I've had a pretty fun time playing D2R,played a few resets, managed to get mad loots and gear quite a few characters.
To me it's kind stupid that people are really looking D2 with such rose tinted glasses as all of their "gripes" are so much worse in D2 than in D4. These are objectively true, and not just subjective. D4 for now seems like a great game. At the end of the day it's an aRPG. Farming like a madman is the name of the game.
  1. Itemization - oh boi... where do we start. I've never played D3 so I don't know how the itemization is there. However the one in D2 is just horrible. Legit, every character runs almost the same item build. Head - Shaco, Griffons, and thanks to D2R the occasional Flickering Flame. Chest - Enigma!! (duh...), Vipers, Tals Armor, Fortitude. Hands - Trangs or Magefist.. Main Head - HoTo, Spirit, Grief... Shield - Spirit or if you are pala (which lets face it is the second class after Sorc), HoZ Feet- WarTravs, and if you do ubers - Gore Riders Belt - Arachnid Mesh, or Tal Neck - Tal, Mara, Highlords Rings - SoJ, BK (meh) or a 10FCR On Switch - CTA and Spirit ...
Please explain to me how is it that at least 70% of all builds run the same god damn items... There isn't a bigger let down than dropping a TC 87 item for you to know that it is complete garbage. THE RAREST ITEM IN THE GAME IS ONE OF THE WORST ITEMS!!! Tyrael's Might is just a troll item. Most of the items in the game are pure trash compared to the rest. Most good items are Runewords. Grief, Infinity, Fortitude, HoTo. This is NOT good itemization. Even all mercs run the same builds - Infinity.
"BuT yoU CaN droP gOdlY RaRe iTemS or GamBle/CRaFt thEm" - Guess what? Here I can drop a trash item but if it has the legendary affix I need I can still use it. Or vice versa.
Furthermore, RMT or D2jsp makes trading in this game trash. Literally the community itself made it so that there is no trading in D4 because of one website.
  1. Combat - Biggest kek. In D2 all character use 2-5 spells if you include pre-buff. Like a hammerdin or a sorc just ports, blizzard/hammers and that's it. What does a trapsin do? Oh yeah, port spam traps. Necro? Port, spam corpse explosion. Most skills in D2 are hot garbage. You just take them for the synergy. Good thing D2R brought some changes. Combat relies on key frames and that's it pretty much. I like that fact that I don't have to spend points in skills just because. Yeah, not all skills are viable in D4, but name me a game where ALL of the skills are EQUALLY VIABLE. There will always be a meta and its on us gamers. The combat in D4 is fun. I like that I can still explode the whole screen with a Rogue.
  2. Classes - people complain that some classes are weaker than others... Are we gonna forget that 50 % on ladder reset go for sorcs and palas? I mean, there will always be a weaker and a stronger class. Everyone can play whatever they want, but they can't really complain that their class is weaker after they have chosen it with the knowledge that it is. People saying sorc is OP right now... Sorc has been dominating D2 for 20 years. Once you get proper end game gear that goes to Pala. Rest of the classes and specs are suffocated. I like the fantasy of a Wolf Druid, but in reality it's trash on p8. Can't even come close to a Zealer.

  1. Dungeon design - so D2 had this thing of generated maps. However, the game has been solved. Literally in most cases you know how the system works and you just port left. How is this dungeon design good when you can map hack in your head. In most places if you just port left you will get to the next level.

  1. Farming - so so so many different maps in D2 and yet what do we farm? 5-6 locations every reset. You want runes? Council and Diablo. You want want ez gearing? Pindel/Meph/Andariel. They tried to fix this with terror zones but the density in most zones is trash so you are better of just farming the same old 5-6 locations and that's it.

Worst is, most complaints come from people my age. ADULTS. And yet they complain like they are kids. It didn't bring anything new, it's not innovating. Guess what. It doesn't need to be! Most movies nowaday aren't groundbreaking but if they are made well you still enjoy them. As long as the game is polished (which we can't really say until it goes live, but if it is like the beta it will be lots of fun) it will be worth the money. If you don't like it, don't play it and refund.
Ask yourself this - do you cling to the past where you were a kid with no chores. no bills. no emotional trauma and think this is why it is the best game?
End of rant. Insert downvotes as much as you like.
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2023.03.29 14:40 Massive_Level_7127 How to wear bone conduction headphones and How to Choose Them?

How to wear bone conduction headphones and How to Choose Them?
Did you know that a new type of headphones is popular among young people now? They are bone conduction headphones. They’re pretty cool, and a different type of headphone than all the ones that came before it. If you haven’t read it, follow my article to find out.

What are bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphones are headphones in which the sound generating unit is attached to temples. Their vocal units convert sound into mechanical vibrations, which cause bone vibrations, and transmit the sound to the auditory nerve.

They are vastly different from common headphones. Ordinary headphones are air conduction, while the sound unit of them is a horn. When you play music, their horns convert the sound into sound waves, which travel through the air in your ear to your eardrum, causing the eardrum to vibrate and then send the sound to the auditory nerve, where it is finally heard by your ear. Bone conduction headphones convert sound into mechanical vibration when making sound, and directly transmit the vibration to the auditory nerve of the inner ear through the bone without passing through the air and tympanic membrane.
Because of this difference, the way Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are worn is also different. They don’t need to be plugged into the ear, but hang on the pinna so that the sound unit is pressed against the temple. Of course, there is another type of clip-on bone conduction headphones, which are clipped to the ear when worn, and then the sound unit will stick to your auricle. But the vocalization and delivery of the sound is the same for both.
The unique wearing method of Bluetooth bone conduction headphones also brings many advantages. The most important thing is that they are very safe

How to wear bone conduction headphones?

There are two mainstream wearing methods of bone conduction headphones.
One is the hanging-ear method, which is the most common method suitable for sports enthusiasts such as runners,cyclist. Most hanging-ear bone conduction headphones are waterproof, so swimmers can wear the headphones. In addition, drivers can also use hanging-ear bone conduction headphones when answering calls.

There is also another wearing methods of bone conduction headphones,which it head-wearing method. This form of headphones can also be used for sports, daily entertainment, etc.. But some people do not like the large size of this kind of headphones, so head-wearing bone conduction headphones are relatively rare. However, it is worth mentioning that since this kind of earphone is close to the skin when wearing, its sound transmission efficiency is also higher, so its sound quality is slightly better than bone conduction headphones of other wearing methods.

How to choose bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphones are becoming more and more popular among young people,and more and more brands join this field.So, how to choose the most appropriate headphones? In my opinion, those brands that have accumulated technology in this field are trustworthy. Yor should pay attention to the 3 key points:Sound quality, sound leakage reduction and safety.
Here are five best bone conduction headphones for you all.

1 Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Recommended reason:
Wissonly is one of the few bone conduction headphone brands that have mastered bone conduction vibrator technology, and one of the few brands in the industry that have sustained experience in using bone conduction technology to protect hearing. Wissonly Hi Runner advocate a healthy way to listen. They perfectly combine the principles of healthy hearing and bone conduction sound transmission, to create a non-in-ear and non-ear-damaging bone conduction headphone which can effectively protect hearing.
Due to the particularity of the technical principle, sound quality of bone conduction headphones is more difficult to be improved . To this end, Wissonly Hi Runner subverts the traditional sound quality scheme, makes a breakthrough to use the large-size bone conduction vibrator. Through structural optimization, the effective vibration area of the vibrator is increased by 35%, thereby improving the vibrator sound efficiency, making the sound more powerful.It also optimizing the direction of sound transmission, reducing sound loss during sound transmission, and making the sound more concentrated.
The skin-friendly silicone material of the Wissonly Hi Runner body is a product that can be in contact with the skin for a long time. It is naturally a better choice and feels good to the touch. Because the entire headphone is made of skin-friendly material, it is very comfortable to wear. Even if you wear glasses, you can still hang it firmly on your ears. The headphone frame uses memory titanium, which has the advantage of being stretchable and lightweight.

2. Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones

Recommended reason:
Philips A6606 has a good appearance, and its strange dark gray shape has a special sense of technology. The novel rear-hanging design is sporty. Its surface is made of silica gel, which is delicate and smooth to the touch, and its interface is also very flat. There is no doubt about Philips’ manufacturing process. The headphones’ body is made of waterproof silica gel and titanium alloy, so its weight is only 36g, and it feels very light to use. Its frame is made of memory titanium alloy, which can be stretched and bent repeatedly. It is specially designed for fun run mode and equipped with LED fun run warning lights.
Philips’ products are still trustworthy, but the price is a little expensive and the cost performance is average.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO bone conduction headphones

Recommended reason:
The light body weighs only 28g, it is like no weight in the hand, and it will not feel any weight when hanging on ears. Because of the characteristics of bone conduction headphones, there is no need to be stuffed into the ears or wrap the ears. And there will be no swelling or squeezing feeling when worn for a long time, which keeps the ears fresh and breathable. Its sound leakage reduction technology is also good, which can effectively suppress sound leakage and better protect personal privacy. It has a high-strength titanium alloy rear hanger. Before each pair of headphones leaves the factory, the official will carry out repeated tests to ensure that the quality passes. The body has high toughness, and it can be restored to its original shape when bent at will. You can toss it during the exercise, and don’t have to worry about the damage caused by bending of the headphones.

4.Earsopen peace tw-1 bone conduction headphones

Recommended reason:
Peace tw-1 is different from the traditional bone conduction headphones, and it adopts a unique ear clip form, which has certain firmness. However, the wearing process is a bit complicated, and it is impossible to finish wearing with one hand. IP67 waterproof level can easily cope with rainy days, but it is not suitable for swimming. The Bluetooth version of 5.0 keeps the connection stable during music transmission.

5 Nank Runner CC3 bone conduction headphones

Recommended reason:
Runner CC3 are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip. They can achieve stable connection during exercise, and even when you are running in the mountains with poor signal, there will be no disconnection with them.
They are also equipped with MP3 mode with 4G built-in memory, which helps you to enjoy music when the phone is not with you. The Runner CC3 weight 28g, and is compact and very comfortable to wear.
Among the above five bone conduction headphones, Wissonly and Philips are most recommended. These two brands have the strongest technical strength and the best product quality. Among the two brands, Wissonly will have a higher cost performance.
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2023.03.29 14:39 Send_Noods_Maru-chan I am not even sure what happened, but my network is now hidden, but I didnt hide it? Also Avast blocked softether vpn

I'm not even sure if this first part is even relevant, but in the interest of full transparency ill go ahead and mention it anyway; it was just another night, playing games and surfing the web browsing youtube ect. But then I get a popup from avast while playing some beatsaber saying that it blocked a threat, softether vpn, which I installed but only used once or twice a couple years ago. I didnt think much of it and closed the popup without clicking anything from the popup and continued the song I was playing. I play for another unknown amount of time, when I get another popup from avast while in the games menu saying that it blocked softether vpn again, from trying to connect to xxhamster or something like that on the web. This got me concerned, as I'm pretty sure thats a porn site or something along those lines (I would like to specify that I do not visit such sites to begin with, with the sole exception of pixiv, which isnt even a porn site and is mostly used to view sfw material, and the majority of my knowledge on them comes from random mentions in various youtube videos) anyway at this point there where no problems with the internet, was working fine on all devices. I proceed to close everything that was open and boot my pc in safemode, deleting the entire folder of softether vpn ignoring the uninstaller just to be safe. After restarting my computer, everything is normal with the exception of there not being any internet, but this wasnt that weird since the wifi goes down late at night/early morning sometimes ever since xfinity "upgraded" the router. Usually restarting the router and or waiting a few hours it will come back on, so I did that to no avail. However, the light for the router labeled 2.4 ghz was on, which if memory serves me right (I dont pay much attention to the lights, I just know 2 of them is normal and 2 were on) means the internet was on and functional. I eventually find out that I can connect to a secured hidden network with excellent signal strength if I input the ssid for my router, no password was needed the first time around and seemingly turns the internet back on. But nothing else in the apartment can find the network since its hidden, even ones that should already know its information and or should already be connected can't connect like my cell phone and vr headset (that was working and even in use an hour prior). At this point, I'm afraid maybe this hidden network wasnt even my router and gained access to it when I entered the ssid and my computer auto connected to it so I disconnect and forget password on it just in case. After some google searching on my phone using mobile data I cant find anything on my specific situation, and everything is just telling me that the network is hidden and I shouldn't worry about random hidden networks appearing (even though its not just some random hidden network its mine and I didnt tell it to do that) I do eventually reconnect to the network with the avast vpn on since its what I happen to have at the moment because its cheap. I'm just tech savvy enough for my brothers and a couple co workers to refer to me as "Sheldon" but its all surface level in most cases. I know just enough to know that I know absolutely nothing, hence me hopping on reddit. So basically I'm saying I have no clue what exactly has transpired or how it may have happened, and I dont know if any of this is even relevant in any way. Anyone knowledgeable on this would be much appreciated.
Edit: A few spelling errors

TLDR My network somehow switched itself to hidden in middle of the night, either because its not my network, I entered my computer to safe mode, deleted softether vpn because an avast popup said it was being shady, or turned my router off and back on again. None of which should have the ability to hide my network from my understanding, without logging into the router and explicitly telling it to hide the ssid (for which I dont even have the ability to do anyway since its not my xfinity account and I dont have the valid credentials to log in, owner being asleep and needing to work in a few hours) And I would like some help determining the cause so I can go about fixing it. If needed, I will consult the network owner later when we are both off of work.
I do apologize if I'm just being an idiot, the solution is obnoxiously obvious, I made this longer than I needed to and said too much, or I explained things poorly, as I tend to do all of those things all the time. I dont write a lot and I have a little bit of adhd and dyslexia
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2023.03.29 14:39 The_Corrupted Ogryn guide draft

Ogryn 101 - A comprehensive Guide to Ogryn (14.03.2023)

This guide is the work of months of playing and testing the Ogryn character on Damnation in pugs and premades of any kind. Anything in this guide refers to damnation as the basis of assessing somethings power or usefulness. The guide foremost represents my own opinion and testing in the field, but is also very much the result of ongoing discussions and opinions from the Ogryn Skullbreaker Discord Channel. Overall the work of a lot of people who spent tons of time testing, playing and discussing everything Ogryn went into this guide and I thank everyone who participated in any meaningful manner.
This guide attempts to keep things simple as it is supposed to be an entry point into anything Ogryn, but the basis of it is very much indepth testing of mechanics, breakpoints and effectiveness of any given weapon, blessing, feat, etc. If you want to know more about the more complicated and indepth things, I recommend visiting the Ogryn Skullbreaker Discord Channel on the official Discord Server.


Baseline Feats

Level Feats

Level 5

Level 10

Level 15

Level 20

Level 25

Level 30

2. Weapons


The club is a good generalist pick, it deals very well with armor and single targets and does okay against hordes. The killing potential on hordes is not as good as some of the other weapons, but together with its good stagger, it deals well with anything thrown at it. This general ability is reflected in desired perks and blessings, which can be tempered to your liking towards being more efficient at killing (armored) elites or clearing hordes. It pairs very well with Smash 'em good, because of its downward heavy 1.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, Carapace, Infested
Desired Blessings: Confident Strike, Momentum, Skullcrusher, Thrust, Haymaker
Noteworthy Combos: H1 -> Weapon Swap Cancel -> H1 can be used for Maniacs and armored enemies for high dps
Standout feature: High to very high single target damage

The Pride is a mid tier club, that struggles to shine because of its moveset and the target damage cap (same as shovel → maximum 3 targets can be damaged with a swing). The moveset is similar to the MkI Bully, but the heavies are reversed, which in theory would make it interesting to loop heavies with a cancel on hordes, but the target damage cap kills this. Overall this feels similar in performance to the MkI Bully Club, but not as good on armor and maniacs, because it can not loop its high damaging attacks on them via cancel. It does a good job against unyielding though, as the H1 is the sweeping, high unyielding damage attack and can be looped via cancel. Overall I'd recommend the MKI or MkIII clubs for their respective strengths over this.
Desired Perks: Flak, Infested, Ua, Carapace, (Maniac)
Desired Blessings: Thrust, Skullcrusher, Confident Strike, Haymaker
Noteworthy Combos: H1 → Weapon Swap Cancel → H1 can be used on unyielding enemies for high damage
Standout feature: The push attack is a quick punch with very high unyielding damage and stagger. If you ever wanted to punch a plague Ogryn to death, here's your chance.

The basher is a great addition the Ogryns melee arsenal as it combines decent horde clear with good anti armor capabilities, giving it a place between very anti armor and single target focused weapons like the club and more horde focused weapons like the bull butcher. It does exceptional flak and unyielding damage and with the right perks and blessings also does very noteworthy damage on carapace as well as good horde clear. The biggest downside of the basher is its absolutely HORRIBLE maniac damage, which means you have to whip out your gun for every rager, mutie, flamer or trapper unless you want to spend a considerable amount of time wailing away on them.
Desired Perks: Infested, Carapace, Unarmored, (Flak->never wasted, but not needed as the weapon does great flak damage already)
Desired Blessings: Skullcrusher, Confident Strike, Haymaker, (Momentum)
Noteworthy Combos:
  1. Push Attack → Light Attack against any type of armor does very good damage Standout feature: Very well rounded weapon with only 1 weakness, makes this great to pair with any ranged
  2. H1 → H2 → Loop are both horizontal heavies, albeit slow and with a target damage cap, this combo is good if you are using the Haymaker variant of the club

The Power Maul, lovingly called Paul by the Ogryn community is one of our best weapons. It is another generalist weapon that can handle anything the game throws at it and furthermore has one of, if not THE best CC in the game on its activated attacks. The Power Maul needs a bit of getting used to because of its varied moveset and slow special activation, but once you understand it, it will be a huge boon to any team.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, Carapace, Infested, Maniac
Desired Blessings: Confident Strike, Skullcrusher
Noteworthy Combos: L1 → L2 ( →block cancel - repeat) can 2 shot shooters and bruiser type enemies and often provides very good dps even on elites without having to use the charge
Standout Feature: Charged attack with high single target damage and one of the best CCs in the game
Avoid this if you can: Thunderstrike → This will knock enemies around a lot and make it harder to actually kill by spreading them, also making them appear in your flanks and back after they get back up.

The good old pooper scooper. This is a generalist weapon with an excellent moveset, you'll immediately feel at home when using it. Its downward heavy 1 pairs well with Smash 'em good and the horizontal swings would be excellent at horde clearing, if only it wasn't hard coded to only damage 3 enemies on its attacks, which gives it serious trouble clearing hordes at higher difficulties and is a major detriment, because otherwise its fantastic moveset and good armor damage make it a joy to use.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, Carapace, Infested, Maniac
Desired Blessings: Thrust, Confident Strike, Skullcrusher
Noteworthy Combos: H1 → Weapon Swap Cancel → H1 for very high single target damage against maniacs and armor
Standout Feature: Very good allrounder moveset and damage profile

THE BEST Ogryn melee weapon right now. The bull butcher deletes hordes and any none carapace armored elites like it's nobodies business, while being incredibly easy to pick up and use. It still has great CC, because it is swung by on Ogryn and its special is fantastic to stagger dangerous enemies like Crushers, Maulers or Ragers out of their attacks. It's hard to overstate just how good this thing really is, especially if you get the best blessings on it. Use it, love it.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, (Infested)
Desired Blessings: Slaughterer, Confident Strike, Momentum
Noteworthy Combos:
  1. H1 → Weapon Special → H1 can keep a crusher at bay, if you ever need to throw down with one with your BB for some reason
Standout feature: One of the best and easiest to use anti horde weapons in the game and very good all around with only 1 real weakness (Carapace)

A decent knife for horde clearing, this weapon has excellent horizontal heavy swings which profit from the Ogryns own 10% damage bonus on heavies and synergizes well with talents like Blood & Thunder + Bloodthirst and Best Form of Defense. It clearly loses to the bull butcher in terms of overall damage output, but has its own merits with the bleed builds damage resistance and is overall a solid pick.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, Infested
Desired Blessings: Slaughterer, Momentum, Confident Strike, Thrust
Noteworthy Combos:
  1. H1→H2→Loop are all horizontal heavies which makes a heavy focused build possible
  2. Ranged weapon or grenade swap into heavy attack goes directly into H2 if timed correctly, making it possible to spam only the fast charged horizontal sweep, giving you enormous cleave and damage output on hordes (switch tech)
Standout Feature: The moveset enables a heavy attack focused build
A knife focused on fast single target hits, this weapon falls short with its impractical moveset, non armor piercing attacks and comparatively low damage output compared to other single target weapons in the Ogryns arsenal. Even though it has some swing combos that can be used to work with it, it's not worth picking up over any of the other weapons and should remain in your inventory until it sees some improvements in terms of moveset or damage.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, Infested
Desired Blessings: Slaughterer, Confident Strike
Noteworthy Combos:
  1. Push Attack → H2 is the weapons best horde clear combo, outside of switch tech
  2. Ranged weapon or grenade swap into heavy attack goes directly into H2 if timed correctly, making it possible to spam only the fast charged horizontal sweep, giving you enormous cleave and damage output on hordes (switch tech)
Standout feature: Single target focused moveset with good flak damage (for a cleaver)

Currently THE WORST melee weapon for the Ogryn, the shields major flaw is its EXTREMELY low damage output. The benefit of being able to shield yourself from enemy ranged attacks unfortunately does not make up for its horrible damage. In a game about killing as many things as possible as quickly as possible sacrificing a huge amount of damage for a benefit that can just as easily be achieved by using cover effectively is just not worth it. Especially bad is the shields special, which renders you immobile and unable to attack or defend yourself, you don't take damage from the front, but this will not stop enemies from swarming around you or shooters from targeting your teammates. Disablers and other specials will also gladly ruin yours and your teams day, even if you're sitting behind your shield. Worth mentioning is also the shields VERY bad push and the fact that it blocks a good portion of the screen making it hard to see. Avoid this weapon currently, until it sees a rework or MAJOR damage buff.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, Infested
Desired: Blessings: Skullcrusher, Confident Strike
Noteworthy combos: L1→H2 can be used to control crowds
Standout feature: The Shields special can be used to make some penances like Heavyweight Champ a lot easier


This is one of the best elite and special killers in the game, getting one and two shot breakpoints on a LOT of important targets with the right feats and perks. Adding to the great special and elite sniping abilities, the GG comes with a great deal of CC on both ranged and the special melee attack which excels in doing great damage, CC and horde clear at the same time in hot situations with big elite blobs (careful about taking hits on the attack though). This weapon pairs incredibly well with our BEST melee weapon (the Bull Butcher) and the quick weapon swap and anti armor capabilities will ensure that between those two you'll be able to deal quickly with any threat your team faces.
Desired Perks: Maniac, Flak, (Carapace)
Desired Blessings: Shattering Impact, Gloryhunter, Blaze Away
Standout Feature: The long range 1 and 2 shot potential on a lot of the most dangerous enemies in the game makes it extremely good and with a vet in your team, you have basically infinite ammo to keep specials and elites at bay

One of our strongest ranged options. Ripper guns in general eat a lot of ammo, but they provide damage in spades in return. The MKII variant does this the best close up as it provides the best recoil and highest damage in close quarters. These things will straight up DELETE entire blobs of enemies in seconds flat and it is quite a sight to behold. This is a very strong option that pairs great with all kinds of melee weapons. If you do want to bring a knife, try to make sure your gun has Can Opener, so you have an option to deal with Carapace armored enemies.
Desired Perks: Unarmored, Flak, Maniac
Desired Blessings: Blaze Away, Can Opener
Standout feature: Ridiculous close range dps and great spread make this the premier choice for maps with mostly close quarter engagements

Another very good gun for Ogryn, the MKV variant of the ripper gun trades some close range damage for a higher rate of fire and long range capability. It deletes squads a bit worse than the Ripper MKII up close, but provides higher damage at longer ranges making it better to snipe specials and elites with. The higher ROF mostly results in much higher recoil and ammo consumption, so the long range capability comes at a cost.
Desired Perks: Unarmored, Flak, Maniac
Desired Blessings: Blaze Away, Can Opener
Standout feature: The gun retains most of its damage on the burst at range even if not all its pellets hit, making it a great option to have both close and long range capabilities

In theory this is the mid ranged ripper gun, but this one falls a bit flat on every front. The 2 shot burst should be good to conserve some ammo on hipfire, but this does not translate into the actual game, as instead of 1 burst you'll often need 2 resulting in higher ammo consumption and lower dps. The braced fire feels somewhere in between the II and V variants, but is not fully automatic. Overall with the right blessings, still a viable choice, but it doesn't have anything that makes it stand out or worth picking over the other 2 rippers.
Desired Perks: Unarmored, Flak, Maniac
Desired Blessings: Blaze Away, Can Opener
Standout feature: The duckbill shaped spread when braced makes it fairly effective against a spread out line of enemies

The Gorgo is one of our absolute best ranged options now. It's the BEST option to deal with enemy shooters consistently and puts out very high damage on everything that isn't carapace armored. The lower ammo count compared to the other stubbers doesn't effect it much, as its higher damage, slower rate of fire and higher accuracy, even at longer ranges makes it comparatively ammo efficient. It pairs well with every weapon that doesn't leave you defenseless against carapace and will work great on every map and in every team composition.
Desired Perks: Flak, Maniac, Crit, Unarmored
Desired Blessings: Charmed Reload, Death Spitter
Standout feature: The gun has very good unbraced accuracy, so you can move freely and still shoot very accurately, which is a HUGE boon.
One of the best choices in the Ogryns ranged arsenal. The stubber has some strong points that make it unique and highly valuable for Ogryn. The HUGE magazine size and ammo count guarantees an extremely high uptime over the course of a match where you'll never feel like you have to conserve ammo with it. This is especially beneficial if you have no veteran on the team. It is one of the most consistent guns for the Ogryn and deals with every threat in the game that isn't in carapace armor.
Desired Perks: Unarmored, Flak, (Crit)
Desired Blessings: Blaze Away, Charmed Reload
Standout feature: The guns very high ammo count and versatile nature makes it a good choice if your team lacks a veteran

The Achlys is unfortunately a somewhat weak ranged option for the Ogryn, as it becomes too inaccurate too quickly to put out consistent damage at anything beyond close range and even up close the damage output just isn't good enough to make up for the lackluster performance at longer distances. The guns best features are its noteworthy mag size and quick swap time for a stubber, making it a decent option at closer ranges to spray down ragers, big blobs and the occasional shooter patrol. The gun will perform ok on close ranged maps such as Hab Dreyko, but I wouldn't recommend bringing it into maps that have lots of shooters at medium to long ranges.
Desired Perks: Flak, Unarmored, Crit
Desired Blessings: Charmed Reload, Death Spitter
Standout feature: A huge mag and ammo reserve is able to let you shoot almost indefinitely with crit and Charmed Reload.

The kickback has some amazing traits that make it very good in certain compositions and situations. The immediate massice CC, the high spread and cleave make it amazing to control situations and shooting it down a hallway will result in carnage. Where it falls flat is at actually killing things at longer ranges, where it will mostly just become a CC tool. The immediate and highly controllable CC and the good killing potential against big stacks of enemies make it a good pick overall, as long as you don't have to worry too much about killing at long ranges.
Desired Perks: Unarmored, Flak, Maniac
Desired Blessings: Blaze Away, Expansive, Run 'N' Gun
Standout feature: The immediate and massive CC provided at even extremely long ranges gives this weapon a LOT of utility outside of its damage

The rumbler is an overall solid pick that goes with just about any melee weapon. It has decent range, anti armor, elite and special sniping as well as CC capabilities but isn't the class best in any category. It's ease of use and endless ammo supply, as long you have a vet in your team, enables a very relaxing playstyle where you can just cc and kill things at long ranges lobbing one grenade after another without putting yourself in harms way. For a more direct and consistent impact and higher killing potential other guns are preferrable, but the rumbler will still provide a lot of value over the course of a game. Be aware that the gun has a fairly significant difference in performance with and without veteran on your team, because of the somewhat lacking explosion damage on damnation, you will have problems killing shooters and quickly run into ammo problems without the regeneration of ye olde soldier boy.
Desired Perks: Unarmored, Flak
Desired Blessings: Adhesive Charge, Shattering Impact, Blaze Away
Standout feature: With a veteran in your team, this weapon has basically infinite ammo, enabling it to get a LOT of value at very little ressource cost

Currently known Bugs for weapons (use at your own volition):

3. Curios

In terms of curios Ogryns want mainly HP, Toughness, Toughness Regen and the meaningful damage resistance perks. My recommendation for Ogryn curios is as follows:
I'd advise to get HP until you feel you have enough HP to never go down, then you can get toughness for the rest. For some that means all HP, for some a mix and for some all toughness. Experiment with both to find the balance you are happy with.
Toughness Regeneration is the only perk I'd recommend as necessary, followed by at least some sniper resist, as their shots do hurt and are not always avoidable. For the rest of the perks, feel free to mix and match to your liking, whether it's more hp or a toughness breakpoint you'd like to achieve is up to you and the RNG gods.

4. The Ogryns Role in a team

The Ogryn is an extremely strong character on any difficulty, as he can do it all: mulch hordes, decimate shooters, kill specials and elites, provide cc and clutch out any given situation. There is no stronger single fighter than the Ogryn in Darktide, his ability to go anywhere and kill anything, while completely staggering everything around him is unmatched by any other class.
As such you should aim to be the center of the team, an anchor your teammates can flock to and feel safe around and when one of your little lambs gets lost use your strength and ability to freely move through enemies to get them back into the fold safely.
Your team and you profit a lot from each others coherency bonuses and the Ogryn is the perfect lynchpin to guarantee high coherency uptimes with anyone. It can be beneficial to leave the teams coherency radius to make a big play, but generally you should always aim to stick close to your teammates, as everyone profits greatly from it.
The biggest threat the Ogryn faces are enemy shooters and disablers, the threat of disablers can be negated by learning their pattern and telltale sounds, as well as just staying around your team and the threat of shooters can largely be negated by using cover and using your ranged options effectively to either support your teams ranged capabilities or suppress the enemy while pushing into close range where the Ogryns ranged arsenal is devastating or where you can just mop up the enemy shooters in melee combat.
The Ogryn isn't an indestructible tank by any means, but he is a highly durable bruiser that excels at putting out enormous amounts of damage into large groups of enemies, his speed and natural ability to stagger enemies are a huge boon to put this potential where it is most beneficial to the team.

Links and References:

Ogryn Skullbreaker Discord Channel
My own Youtube with (all) Ogryn runs of Hi Int Damnation and Meme Runs
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2023.03.29 14:38 Luc1412 Vanmoof S5 - after first week and 170km

Vanmoof S5 - after first week and 170km
I finally got my S5 after 3 delays and 6,5 month of wait. This should reflect a rather positive experiences, but not without forgetting minor issues and other pain points.


My bike was delivered by UPS. Had to help the delivery guy with carrying the package in my flat, which was completely fine.
Unfortunately the packaging had already significant damages:
That worsened the unbox experience. The front wheel has bored through the box, which caused everything getting stuck in the box.
Otherwise the setup experience was completely flawless.
  • Connected to the app like a charm
  • Apple FindMy connected on the first try
  • Software update went trough first try (however it took 30min)
  • No issues on charging

Overall riding experience

Its great! The first few rides where especially fun. Coming from a cheap mountain bike was like day and night.
The bike drives smooth, the motor isn't too loud, you can decide if you want to contribute more or less with the powerlevels and the boost provides you the needed acceleration to surpass other slower bikes.
I also got medium to little rain on 2 rides, which wasn't an issue for the bike. Buttons still working and the fenders kept me clean and dry.


The battery delivers what Vanmoof promises.
My longest rides without a charge where accumulated 55.7km. (Started with 94%, over night it lost 2 %, ended with 3%) At about 25% it felt like the bike reduced it's power, but support still worked at < 5%. During this trip I used Level 2-4 and boosted a lot. On average I could 0.6km per 1% battery.

US Mode / 32km/h

On the last day I decided to give the US mode a try.
It's really fun and I believe anyone have to try it once. For the long term it's not suitable for European cities like Berlin. I often didn't got on 32km/h as I have to slow down for pedestrians or junctions. The riding experince felt more like riding a faster E-Scooter in the shape of a bicycle. Battery life is also noticeable worse, as you loose about 25% of the range.
I won't recommend using it in German cities. It's just not worth it and it's not unlikely to get caught, which result in a high fine and afaik risking your driving license.
In the end the resetting process also broke my FindMy.

Pain points / Issues

The list of issues is small, however present:
  • Unlocking the bike works, but if you move your bike too early the alarm turns on
  • My front and rear fenders aren't aligned properly
  • FindMy doesn't work after resetting the bike
  • FindMy notifies me while riding, that I forgot my bike? and shows outdated locations
  • Navigation isn't that nice. You can either navigate or see your dashboard.
Overall the bike surpassed my expectations. If you lucky and get a rather flawless bike like me, it's one of the best bikes I can imagine. Clean design with great features.
I hope for the future Vanmoof will improve the bike even more with great software updates, which improves the bike stability and feature wise even more.
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2023.03.29 14:38 ashi_jain25 Benefits of Having Maps While Travelling

Without the term map associated with it, the phrase "traveling" feels lacking. A map is the first tool you use while making trip plans to choose which locations to visit. The value and significance of a map must be balanced, regardless of whether it is an Old paper map that belonged to your parents or your sophisticated plan like Google maps. Planning your route and tracing your eyes across the numerous locations you want to see is essential to your travel itinerary.
As avid travelers, beautiful collections like scratch-off maps enable us to fully appreciate the experience of traveling to various locations. Maps aid in understanding a location, including its amenities and the distances between points of interest. All this helps you script down the perfect itinerary to make your travel experience worthwhile.
Lost souls who would otherwise miss out on the beauty of so many places can also find inspiration from maps. It aids in limiting their travel options. Following that, there are several blogs, personalities, articles, photographs, and films that can inspire you to make the journey. A map in your palm should be the first step in any trip strategy. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of maps while going on a journey with Travel, Bags & Luggage.

1. Shows Right Route

Maps are essential to travel, mainly if you go for a road trip experience. They give you an idea of what you can expect on your way. It shows you the routes you can take and the ones you should avoid, thus making the trip more comfortable and safer. Additionally, it allows you to select alternate routes that might be quicker or better suited to your mode of transportation. With the firm on the map, it is possible to recall all these specifics or even comprehend the information about the location we are about to visit.

2. Makes Your Travel Cheaper & Faster

When you access online maps, all feasible routes to a destination are displayed in front of you. You will better understand the mode of transportation to take, which alternatives you can look at, which of these will fall in your budget, where to rest during the night, and more.
We frequently pass up inexpensive travel opportunities because we do not try to look around at the map. We may not know about a small airport near the destination offering cheaper airfare. You can unearth these travel tips using a decent map and investigating the locations around your destination.

3. Rescue in Times of Emergency

More often, weather conditions bring the entire country to a standstill. Storms, heavy rain, or snowfall could wreak havoc throughout the whole city. And in such a case, flying out may become impossible. A glance at the map and you may figure out the various means of exiting the country without depending on the local transit alone.
A bus stop or train station in the nearby city might bring you closer to the next airport from which you can fly. Maps assist you in planning your route in case of crises. It also helps you in locating the areas that are the safest during such disasters.
We hope you have understood the benefits of maps and how useful are them to carry while traveling. You can purchase physical maps from Shopify alternative free sites at better discounts.
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2023.03.29 14:38 TheTalkedSpy I just noticed that the BMW M3's that received new widebodies don't visually show the roll cages when you install them.

I just noticed that the BMW M3's that received new widebodies don't visually show the roll cages when you install them. submitted by TheTalkedSpy to ForzaHorizon [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 14:38 urlocalblasianbear How could I get surgery?

I am young man 18 year old man that started having sex just over two years ago. I always knew I was a bit bigger than average, but I didn’t think it was that bad. My girth is around 6.75 inches and my length is 9.45 inches. It’s funny to brag about before you realize how problematic it is.
I have never had sex without making a girl bleed despite her not being a virgin and sometimes she was even using toys and all. Point is they were ALL “ready” to have sex with me and there was no surprise sex. Even when it stops bleeding a few days later, I constantly get told it hurts them because it goes too deep inside them. I am careful with them and I take my time every single time I have sex no matter the person to make sure they are comfortable, but I’m starting to feel it’s impossible for my situation.
I also never got good oral sex and I never fit between the girls’ boobs even if they have double Ds which are considered pretty big I believe. This is not a priority for me though.
Also, my dick still grows every once in a while. I am not circumcised and for some reason it grows not in sync with my foreskin.. Meaning that every few months, the skin tears and it hurts like hell just because my dick decided it was not big enough yet smh.
As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am pretty young so I might be making a mistake by wanting a surgery (so please tell me if I am), but so far, my experience with the size I have has been awful for me personally. I don’t want to have a small dick, but removing an inch or two might help a lot.
I have looked it up and it’s not very clear as to where I need to get that. Also just to make it clear, I don’t jump from partners to partners so the ones I do have do have sometime to get “used” to my size meaning it stops bleeding eventually.
Should I get surgery and if so how?
Thank you all in advance for your help :)
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2023.03.29 14:38 Queeny_Yeagerist Is Chase in app pre approval true??

So I’ve been checking my credit across multiple platforms, myFICO, chase, Experian app, capital one, and whatever other means I have available just to see all the different scores I have. In the Chase app I have a 718 score and see a bunch of cards that I’m approved for (southwest, edge, United, sapphire reserved and preferred)
The big question is has anyone been approved in the app, applied for the cards and actually gotten them? (I don’t trust pre-approvals which is why I’m asking)
Would love data points if you were approved
I’ve banked with chase since high school if that’s relevant it’s been about 10 years now.
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2023.03.29 14:37 NoSkill-Will Ben’s Strongest Soldier

Ben’s Strongest Soldier
In the trenches of discourse, defending about what really matters…. Truth.
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2023.03.29 14:36 Outrageous-Lion6090 JumpCloud Password Manager Suggestions

The company that I work for has been using JCPM for a month or two now, and I have found a couple of things that would benefit both our admins, and our users. Firstly, there is no way to enforce company wide settings (policy style) for our JCPM users. As JC is an MDM platform, it would make sense to have the ability to control the settings for users centrally, instead of allowing all users free reign on settings which might reduce the level of security of the app.
The other point is that users cannot directly share a password to another user without creating a folder. This could mean that there will be hundreds of shared folders within the company, when really a single item that can be shared to another user would make a lot more sense. When it comes to scaleability of the app, I believe these two points will be very important in ensuring maximum ease for the admin base and user base.
The point of this post is to mostly gather interest and see if anyone agrees. I will also be submitting a developer request for the same issues.
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2023.03.29 14:35 Exciting_Figure3424 Resume Writing Tips Reddit: The Best 4 Tips

Writing a great resume isn't easy. Trying to figure out the best format and words to use can get exhausting. And it's important to make sure you do it right, as your resume is often the first impression employers get of you and can determine whether or not you'll get an interview.
If you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, don't worry! Here are 4 of our best tips for writing a successful resume that will help you stand out from the crowd and have employers taking notice.

Create an Effective Resume Structure

Creating an effective resume structure is the first step in crafting an impressive resume. It not only helps employers quickly find important information, but also shows them that you are organized and have good attention to detail.
Here are the key elements you need to include:
A resume summary or objective - this section should highlight the skills and qualifications that make you a great fit for the position you're applying for
Work experience - list your jobs in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent position
Education - include any degrees or certifications you've achieved
Skills - list relevant hard and soft skills that make you stand out
Awards, honors, or accomplishments – these can help to demonstrate your work ethic and accomplishments
By presenting yourself in a well-structured format, employers will be able to quickly scan your resume and see what you bring to the table. Taking some extra time to organize your resume will go a long way towards helping it stand out from the competition.

Tailor Your Resume to Each Job Application

If you're job searching, your resume is the key to success—but if it's not tailored to each job you apply to, it won't give you the best chance of getting the job. That's why it's essential that you make sure your resume is targeted to each job that you apply for.
So how do you do this? Here are some tips for tailoring your resume:

Be Selective With Information Included in Your Resume

As much as you want to include as much information as possible in your resume, it's also important to recognize that your resume should be succinct and clear. You don't need to include everything that you've ever done in your resume; instead, focus on accomplishments and experiences that will showcase your abilities and skills in the best light.
You don't need to list every job you've ever had, or even bullet point each task you did for every position. Instead, be selective with the information included:
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2023.03.29 14:35 Taylor-Swifty A4A My DMs Are Now Open, Come RP!

[possible fandoms: Transformers, Disney, TMNT, Street Sharks, Pixar, Star Wars, G. I. Joe, Nintendo, Marvel, DC, possibly more!]
I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+.
Hey there! Most people call me Desi. I am a role player, obviously! I usually spend my time indoors every day with a mild excursion here and there to the store, movies, or beach. I adore writing, but that's obvious.
I am very versatile on genre, I have major preference for romance, drama, slice of life, mysteries, action and adventure, Hallmark-esque plots, and anything else we might conjure up! I do have tons of canons and OCs! I’m sure you can find one you like. I can write from a paragraph to novella.
I am looking for any gender of partner and character, I have so many unique characters and ideas for each one!
your character replaces Sam/Charlie in the Transformers franchise while fixing various mistakes made by Michael Bay. I have the characters set up on my server, with alternate designs for Jazz, Sideswipe, and Hot Rod.
I also have a ton of Disney characters, I’ve been dying to play out a ripple in the space time continuum where one or a group of them get sent to the real world.
My character is a Spanish heiress, who lives a life of luxury, only her father is murdered, and the people who did it, are now after her. She runs away in search of a bodyguard to help her get back what was stolen from her.
The next idea I have is for a relationship that is on the rocks, and the two are left trying to navigate their lives past the honeymoon phase and learn how to adapt to living together.
This is specific to my character but she was a championship surfer, and she got injured at the top of her game. I really want to play out her becoming a mentor, teaching someone how to become the next champion.
One of my characters goes undercover to try and expose a illegal ring, this would play out like a suspense or thriller, could play male or female.
An emotionally damaged stripper who is abused by staff spends her days trying to get by, until the day comes where she meets someone who could help her pursue her true dreams of running her own operation.
A Russian woman who was stolen from her family as a little girl and tormented into becoming a living weapon is hired to bring your character to them. On the way, she finds out that the people who hired her are working for the militia that made her the way she is, and so, she decides to take a stand, and wipe them out.
This is only a third of my ideas, not even that, a fraction! Come check out my characters, let’s discuss something!
I have men, women, young and mature, thieves, business owners, single mothers, wayward young adults, college students and staff, bounty hunters, detectives, police officers, victims, patients, crooked therapists, strippers, so many unique stories to tell! I guarantee one of them will strike your fancy!
I am looking for a romantic role play as one of my many OC characters, drama or major events will happen depending on the character you select, and I have 300+ so far.
I also have many canon characters I would love to play as, such as Legolas, Transformers, Marvel and DC , Avatar and Disney.
I have many ideas depending on who you choose!
I am a very affectionate person, I love to make people happy, so I am always open to adjusting characters or role plays.
I don't like role plays with action asterisks, Sorry! I also don't like to role play without proper punctuation and grammar. I usually write at least one paragraph. 25 being my record.
I am a firm believer in conversation so I most likely will text you OOC for any reason, I also prefer to keep things adult, meaning I don't take part in petty or childish arguments.
I don't ghost either, so Ill probably rip the bandage off and tell you why I don't want to role play anymore.
I also love having friends! I used to get bullied quite a lot for many, many reasons, so I haven't had many friends in my 20 years of living. Lets chat, get to know one another!, I've been role playing for a long time, about 6-8 years give or take? I typically enjoy modern role plays with real life basing.
I enjoy stories of the romantic genre as well as action and adventure. My characters are original with face claims, some are canon characters from Marvel and DC. Characters like Barney, Captain America, Superman, just really selfless characters have always been my inspiration.
I always try to write my characters with loving aspects if I can. Life is broken and many people suffer, life isnt perfect so I usually write some darkness for a character if I feel it.
I don't use random face claims, I use actors or media icons I feel fit the character, I mentally put myself in the position of director, my role play is a movie, and I am casting the character, that is how I usually go about it, and if you don’t like it I am not the partner for you.
I definitely want a partner who can be a friend, who can be detailed yet tame, someone who can give me something to reply to, I am not very picky. I don't like people who are judgmental though, I prefer good vibes only.
Replies from me are vary. Sometimes I cant write as much as Id like because I get a writers block.
Sometimes I can reply 5 times a day, but sometimes I cant reply for a day maybe even two or three. But usually I update OOC. I look for people who aren't looking for perfection, I don't like role players who are too arrogant about their skill. I wouldn't say I'm the best role player out there, so if we don't mesh I completely understand.
I keep my characters location/job vague so that I can work them into a plot better. They are pieces to the puzzle, and I keep them so they can fit better into any story we choose!
I will only be role playing on discord partly just to be able to show you my original character portfolio server, which has channels with their backgrounds, age, and their galleries.
Simply DM me for my tag and we can get things started.
Sexuality wise all my characters are adjustable.
Reply wise, this will be fairly advanced. I strive to keep things above a paragraph but I can go lower depending on the plot. I write a maximum of 10 paragraphs but my usual is 3-4.
my character portfolio will be the main key to our discussion, so you will be viewing it upon your interest. I have 100+ characters. I can also role play over email or reddit chat, that way I can just copy the bios and send the photos.
That being said our characters will have romance, and adult content will be ahead If desired. All my characters are adults.I am looking for action, adventure, romance of course is my favorite, mystery, drama, anything is up for debate!
I am looking for both male or female characters to partner my own with, as well as trans or non binary as well, all are welcome.
I hope we can have a fun role play together!
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2023.03.29 14:35 AutoLovepon Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi: Urbanrama-hen • Sorcerous Stabber Orphen -Chaos in Urbanrama- - Episode 11 discussion

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi: Urbanrama-hen, episode 11

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2023.03.29 14:34 adj2tdoxsdet Tristyn Bailey Killer Aiden Fucci Tattoo Meaning And Design

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2023.03.29 14:34 tavins1234 Workflow/general approach to mixing

I have been learning tons from warp academy. My strength has always been as a composer but weaker on the audio engineer side. Recently finished the vocal processing course on warp that gave me a great start to making an FX rack. Of course it will take practice but it was a starting point. Now I am hungry for an approach to generalized mixing.
  1. What Is some mix steps that you perform on EVERY track?
  2. What are some core principles you try to enforce no matter what the medium is (sample, piano, synth etc.)
  3. What mixing steps do you typically perform during composition and which wait until stemming the project out or composition completion?
  4. Any great courses and channels that approach mixing fairly genre agnostic ? Either general or targeted lessons focusing on individual track elements (drums, synths, bass etc.)
  5. What is your workflow and why do you think it works for you?
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2023.03.29 14:34 PugBoyy I teach at a school where we use the same materials from last year and usually do PowerPoint lectures 3-5 days a week. It’s only my 2nd year teaching. I’m finding the work is easy, I never have to lesson plan or take work home but I’m often bored. Any advice?

I teach high school social studies and have 4 other team teacher. We just use the same stuff from last year. Most weeks consist of 3-4 days of PowerPoint lectures followed by an assignment and 1 or 2 days of worksheet/guided reading days. What do you think, any advice?
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2023.03.29 14:34 Vokulnin After 2 attempts and some lost limbs, I think I can say that my expedition to ahsland is a success. Is there anything left to do now? (I mainly seek to find place with good lore elements)

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2023.03.29 14:34 InsideCenter12 List help against world eaters

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to give me some feedback, on my list against world eaters. I know their main focus is close combat, so I want to try and gun them down before they get to me, or if that fails try and kill them in close combat by having some strong units.
++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Dark Angels) [113 PL, 2,000pts, 4CP] ++
Chapter Selector: Dark Angels
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Elites
Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
Azrael [9 PL, 170pts, 1CP]: 1. Brilliant Strategist, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord
Lazarus [6 PL, 100pts]
Librarian in Phobos Armour [6 PL, 110pts]: 1) Mind Worm, 3) Righteous Repugnance, 4) Trephination, Chapter Command: Chief Librarian
Primaris Chaplain on Bike [8 PL, 135pts, -1CP]: 3. Exhortation of Rage, 4. Mantra of Strength, Chapter Command: Master of Sanctity, Litany of Hate (Aura), Mace of Redemption, Stratagem: Relic of the Chapter
Infiltrator Squad [6 PL, 100pts]: Helix gauntlet . 4x Infiltrator: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine . Infiltrator Sergeant
Infiltrator Squad [6 PL, 100pts]: Helix gauntlet . 4x Infiltrator: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine . Infiltrator Sergeant
Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 90pts]: Astartes Grenade Launcher, Auto Bolt Rifle . 4x Intercessor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades . Intercessor Sergeant: Plasma pistol, Power sword
Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 90pts]: Astartes Grenade Launcher, Auto Bolt Rifle . 4x Intercessor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades . Intercessor Sergeant: Plasma pistol, Power sword
Bladeguard Veteran Squad [10 PL, 210pts] . 5x Bladeguard Veteran: 5x Frag & Krak grenades, 5x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 5x Master-crafted power sword, 5x Storm Shield . Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant: Neo-volkite pistol
Deathwing Apothecary [6 PL, 120pts, -2CP]: Chapter Command: Chief Apothecary, Foe-Smiter, Selfless Healer, Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter, Stratagem: Relic of the Chapter
Deathwing Command Squad [10 PL, 140pts]: Watcher in the Dark . Deathwing Sergeant . . Storm Bolter & Power Sword . Deathwing Terminator: Lightning Claw (Pair) . Deathwing Terminator . . Storm Bolter & Chainfist . Deathwing Terminator . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
Deathwing Terminator Squad [9 PL, 165pts]: Watcher in the Dark . Deathwing Sergeant . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield . Deathwing Terminator . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield . Deathwing Terminator . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield . Deathwing Terminator . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield . Deathwing Terminator . . Cyclone Missile Launcher, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Outrider Squad [6 PL, 105pts]: Outrider Sgt . 2x Outrider: 2x Astartes Chainsword, 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Twin Bolt rifle
Outrider Squad [6 PL, 105pts]: Outrider Sgt . 2x Outrider: 2x Astartes Chainsword, 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Twin Bolt rifle
Storm Speeder Hammerstrike [8 PL, 125pts]
Eradicator Squad [7 PL, 135pts]: Heavy melta rifle . 2x Eradicator: 2x Bolt pistol . Eradicator Sgt
++ Total: [113 PL, 4CP, 2,000pts] ++
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