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2015.03.27 15:11 Disney Dolls

A place for discussing, trading and showing off Disney dolls and figurines. Anything relating to Disney themed dolls is welcomed here.

2022.06.02 18:18 magiclover11 CollectorDisneyDolls

Hi all! As an AVID Disney toy collector, especially when it comes to the Limited Edition and Designer dolls from ShopDisney, I figured a more intentional subreddit was needed. Here we can post news, opinions, and photos of your personal collection. I’m so excited to see this grow!

2023.03.29 15:25 ASE_GM All Out Assaults 3 (Jan 2020)

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2023.03.29 15:16 NaggeringU 2009 Toyota Sienna limited edition (XLE V6, AWD)) w/ 192K miles - $6,000 -- Worth it?

Hi hi! I have a 2003 Subaru Forester that's dying. Needs new front brakes, AC doesn't work, random electrical issues and most importantly needs a new resonator. The brakes and resonator should cost about $600 to fix. I plan on fixing it. I mention this because once it's fixed it should continue to work for a while (it's at 180K miles now) so I don't want to get another car of that type at the moment.
I wanted to buy a new 2023 Toyota Sienna, but they're not available in my area. I want a minivan as I don't drive much (probably 20 miles a week, since I take the train for my daily commute), but when I do drive I like to haul many people.
I found a 2009 Toyota Sienna single owner, but it seems pretty expensive for what it is. Is that a far price these days? If not, what should I offer them?
My general plan is to use my Forester until it dies, and replace it with a Rav4 Prime, or similarly reliable vehicle in a couple years. I also plan to have a used minivan until I have a couple kids, and then trade it in for a new minivan about 5 years from now.
I was going to trade in the Forester and buy a new Sienna but I couldn't find one. A local dealership does have a 2015 Sienna XLE w/ 110K miles for 20K, but it doesn't seem worth it. If Sienna's are as reliable as they say it seems better to get the 2009 and drive it until it does, and get, say a 2030 Sienna in the future.
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2023.03.29 15:02 toppsindia Enjoy the Action of the All-New Avengers Playing Cards with the Exhilarating Multi-Pack!

Enjoy the Action of the All-New Avengers Playing Cards with the Exhilarating Multi-Pack!

avengers playing cards
The Multipack is here to make things even more exciting in the 22-23 edition of the avengers playing cards. Why? Because of its fiery contents. The multi-pack has a total of 20 superhero cards, which include 14 base cards, 3 mirror foil cards, 1 Holo foil card, 1 guaranteed random limited edition card, 1 guaranteed random giant card, a digital coupon code (1 per packet), and a Scratch n Win card (1 per 3 packets). So what are you waiting for? Let the card hunting begin!
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2023.03.29 14:58 chriskat Binance-ról pénz kivétel

Adózásra ne térjünk ki kérlek, adózott összeg lesz az egész, csak a felvételre lennék kíváncsi, aki jártas ebben.
Hogyan vegyek fel 800 eurónyi összeget, amire kp-ban van szükségem, hogy ne kelljen több tízezer költséget kifizetnem.
800 euro Binance appban
  1. lehetőség Binance kártya, kp felvétel forint
  2. lehetőség Binance kártya, kp felvétel euro ausztriában
  3. Binanceról kiutalás revolutra, majd revolutról felvenni az összeget (ingyenes limit már felhasználva)
  4. Binanceról kiutalni OTP-be, majd felvenni az összeget (ingyenes limit már felhasználva)
Egyéb ötleteket, tanácsot is szívesen meghallgatok.

Edit: Soproni vagyok, nincs euro ATM helyben.
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2023.03.29 14:50 el_guerrero98 The Nazi Occult and the serpent

So this is just a theory...may sound stupid but bare with me
I was watching the Joe Rogan podcast and he mentioned about Nazis being a part of the occult
Ive realized that in the past recent years, the media has been promoting alot of nordic culture, mythology and magic.
So out of curiosity i spent an hour studying norse mythology. Upon studying it, i thought it was funny that vanaheim just sounded like Anaheim. But wait...? "Anaheim"? Thats also German language. Anaheim is where germans settled. Its also where Disneyland is. The most magical place on earth. Walt Disney was also German.
Ana = collection, aggregation, assemblage
Heim = Home
Home of collection? What are they collecting?
I get that "Ana" came from Santa Ana river. But i believe it was clever way to confuse us.
And also...weve heard recently that the Jewish are in power. But...what if this is a way to get us to hate Jews? What if this is the start of destroying all religions?
There is also ALOOOT of talk about the "end times". lately more than ever. "Revelations" "ragnarok"
Ragnorok is the end times where forces go to war, children will become disrespectful to their elders, and times will get colder (fimblewinter).
And you know what? Its been VERY cold latey and i live in LA.
And to mention...
Norse mythology talks about a giant serpent that wraps itself around midgard and may be frozen in place until the end times. You think a giant serpent resides within the ice walls?
Edit: Yes i inderstand its a HUUUGE reach. But i think its a cool theory.
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2023.03.29 14:42 Melotemis I don’t think artists need worry about ai art. At least not yet.

I installed stable diffusion a few days ago and after spending some time experimenting, I don’t think it will be taking anyone’s job/work any time soon.
It’s actually surprisingly difficult to get the ai to give you what you want. You actually have to put time and effort into learning and crafting good prompts, and even then you’re not likely to get exactly what you want. After getting an image you like, you then have to do a combination of image2image, inpainting, and photoshop to iron out mistakes/errors and add/remove/replace parts of the image.
The amount of time and effort actually required to get even a “good enough” result, will likely turnoff anyone looking for a quick alternative.
And with browsepaid models, such as midjourney and the like, from what I’ve seen, they tend to be expensive and more limiting in what they can produce(whether that’s because of style, or cost of tokens adding up). And those models still require effort to get what you actually want. The reason I initially skipped those and decided to use stable diffusion was because I can’t afford them. But that’s only an option for people who have good enough PCs. Also, while there are usually free versions of the browsepaid models, they don’t seem to give much room to play around before requiring a subscription.
The cost or PC requirements, will prevent many from even getting into AI art. But if that isn’t enough of a deterrent, I have no doubt that many of the people who attempt AI art will inevitably drop it once they realize that it is actually like a skill that requires actual work to hone.
There’s also the people like me, who will try it, realize that you likely will never be able get exactly what you want(even despite all the effort) and then decide they’d rather just go learn an actual art skill, where the creator has precise control over the outcome.
The concern about copying a specific artist’s style to resell I think is valid, especially considering the laws surrounding such are still being debated/defined. But, even with copyright laws, that’s, unfortunately, still an issue that’s common in all mediums of art.
TLDR: AI struggles with accuracy/precision and requires more effort than the average person is likely to want to invest. As a result, this is more likely to attract creatives who enjoy the workflow than consumers looking for something free and easy.
Man this was long, I hope I was able to explain my thoughts properly and clearly.
Edit: I think I should clarify: I am not bashing or saying that AI art can’t be good. In fact my intention was the opposite, it can create good work, but it requires skill and knowledge like any other art medium. And that will likely turn away anyone just looking for something quick, free and easy.
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2023.03.29 14:38 sNajDE Will Samsung ever make Multi View useful?

Multi View was one of the Features I got most exciting about, but after getting my TV I feel betrayed. The only App supported is YouTube and you can't use two HDMI inputs. You cant play PS or Xbox and watch Netflix, Disney etc.
Why is Samsung limiting this functionality so much? And do you think, they will ever change something about it?
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2023.03.29 14:33 FamousSmokeShop New Drew Estate Exclusive Comes To Famous Smoke Shop

New Drew Estate Exclusive Comes To Famous Smoke Shop
Drew Estate’s Deadwood Tobacco Co. “The Girl With No Name” Robusto Extra Comes to Famous Smoke Shop.
An entirely new Deadwood “The Girl With No Name” (5 x 54) expression is now available exclusively at Famous Smoke Shop.
The regular line up of Deadwood Tobacco Co. by Drew Estate includes Fat Bottom Betty, Sweet Jane, Crazy Alice and Leather Rose, but Deadwood “The Girl With No Name” Robusto Extra is part of Drew Estate’s lineup of limited-edition cigars that the company makes exclusively for a particular retail cigar shop.
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2023.03.29 14:30 Samgeorge484 Silent Reflux medication

Hi guys,
I’m currently suffering with Silent Reflux,
I’ve been on lansoprazole for one month now, it’s helped significantly. My hoarseness has reduced and so has my waking up in the morning with a sore throat (I’ve not massively edited my diet, limited amount of tomato based / spicy products as much as I can. Can’t quite remove coffee!! Have also limited booze
My question is are these tablets safe to take long term? They have really helped me & I feel happy, I know I need to make diet changes as well! & I am starting to do that!
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2023.03.29 14:29 terriblecitymke Frustration

My fusion was over 15 years ago due to severe scoliosis. In that time, I have done things no one thought possible. The fusion is large (T5 to L3). I have been a very successful competitive swimmer, a rock climber, an active traveler. I worked through some really painful flare-ups for the first 5 years after, and I’m glad to say they are gone after another surgery to remove a cross link, and PT.
Despite all this, I am frustrated and tired. As I near 30, I feel the limitations of my fusion more. My lack of mobility in twisting and bending feels more apparent. I feel the fusion, and sometimes picture my body hanging off it while it stands up straight. I want to slouch, I want to relax.
I think about it every day despite no severe pain.
Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any words of encouragement or advice on how to accept it?
EDIT: spelling
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2023.03.29 14:27 vandranessa Bam looks happy and healthier here

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2023.03.29 14:25 ElPikouik How would you make a one-shot battle ?

I know Lancer is more geared towards strings of battles and the ressource attrition that comes with, but me and my group have circumstances making that a bit difficult, yet we're still interested by the system.
As a general mindset, how would you setup a one-shot, 6-turns sitrep with full-ressource PCs (including core power) to be still fair, interesting and challenging ?
Core assumptions would be that they will use their core power, won't be as conservative with their Limited ressources and might be less cautious with their health.
I don't really measure the impact of just churning more NPCs. In a normal case they would be 1x to 1.5x the number of PCs, give or take. Is 2x or 2.5x too overwhelming, even in this situation ?
Edit: I've seen the "running mech" series on YT and I'm frankly terrified of the overwhelming power of unleashed PCs that would make the encounter trivial.
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2023.03.29 14:20 DeFiRobot DeFi chat — March 29

DeFi: - Cat-in-a-Box: How to price boxFEE?: link - Frax V3 teasing USD peg : link
News: - Mainnet Shapella Announcement: epoch 194048, Apr 12th: link - Introducing Linea, a Developer Friendly zk-Rollup: link - Announcing Conduit, a crypto native infrastructure platform: link - THORChain unhalted: link - FDIC tells Signature crypto clients accounts to close by April 5: link - EU lawmakers voted in favor of imposing limits on payments for unverified crypto users: link - U.S. accuses Bankman-Fried in new bribery conspiracy benefitting Chinese government officials: link - Disney cancelled its metaverse divsion & laid off 50-member team: link
join the DeFi Discord, or read more
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2023.03.29 14:18 like_a_dog_ EQ

Hi everyone. Most books I’ve narrated are in house or I’ve recorded at home and sent the edited but unprocessed recordings over for an engineer to finish up. However last night I was reminding myself how to use the limiter, normalisation, HPF etc and managed to meet the ACX requirements and it sounded pretty good to me but I just wondered if anyone wouldn’t mind sharing any (if any) specific speech frequency range EQing they do just to add a little icing on top. Or if the consensus is not to do that at all that’s also interesting. I know my voice is different to yours it’s just for interest. Thank you x
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2023.03.29 14:18 m_w_h 'The Last of Us Part I' Nvidia Profile (Import to Older Driver Sets / ReBAR support)

EDIT: Checking possible shader cache issue if game was run previous to using profile, will update post
The Last of Us Part I is a game many were looking forward to, however some systems for compatibility/stability reasons are using older driver sets.
A 'The Last of Us Part I' profile suitable for older driver sets can be found in the Import Profile to Older Driver Sets section. An untested ReBAR enabled profile can be found in the ReBAR support (optional) section.
Import Profile to Older Driver Sets
I've exported the 531.41 'The Last of Us Part I' Nvidia profile and cross referenced the profile's driver flags to ensure they are also available in driver sets 512.xx and newer.
Importing the profile to an older driver set should provide some of the benefits of Nvidia's optimisations for 'The Last of Us Part I' (see NOTE).
Instructions for use:
1) Open a text editor of your choice i.e. Notepad / Notepad++
2) Paste the following in the text editor window:
   The Last of Us Part I  tlou-i.exe tlou-i-l.exe      5867849 0 Dword     6710885 0 Dword     271895433 0 Dword     284810369 17 Dword     284810372 16777216 Dword    2156231208 1 Dword     
3) Save the file as The Last of Us Part I.nip - Important that 'Save as Type' in the text editor save dialog is set to 'All Files'.
4) Import / replace the profile using 'Nvidia Profile Inspector' and the option 'Import Profile(s)'. Select the edited 'The Last of Us Part I.nip' file from step 3.
If 'Nvidia Profile Inspector' shows an error when trying to import 'The Last of Us Part I.nip' check if there is already a profile present that references tlou-i.exe / tlou-i-l.exe and delete it.
NOTE: Nvidia may automatically push a profile to systems using older driver sets. The 531.41 driver could also have driver level optimisations not exposed by driver profile flags.
ReBAR support (optional)
Forewarning, not able to test ReBAR with the 'The Last of Us Part I' on my system. Be aware that forced ReBAR support may cause flickering / stability / framerate / frametime issues on some systems.
ReBAR support is effectively 'disabled' (default) in the 'The Last of Us Part I' Nvidia profile but can be forced for systems that support it. Taking full advantage of ReBAR for Nvidia GPUs requires game profile support enabled, GPU vBIOS support enabled and motherboard BIOS support enabled
To enable ReBAR, open 'Nvidia Profile Inspector' select 'Show unknown setting from Nvidia Predefined Profiles' and change / look for the following in the 'The Last of Us Part I' profile:
0x000F00BA = 0x00000001 to enable (ReBAR Feature) 0x000F00BB = 0x00000001 to enable on both AMD CPU and Intel CPU platforms (ReBAR Options) 0x000F00FF = set to 0x0000000040000000 (ReBAR Size Limit) 
Example at
Contents of the amended The Last of Us Part I NIP file (with ReBAR changes):
   The Last of Us Part I  tlou-i.exe tlou-i-l.exe     983226 1 Dword    983227 1 Dword    983295 AAAAQAAAAAA= Binary     5867849 0 Dword     6710885 0 Dword     271895433 0 Dword     284810369 17 Dword     284810372 16777216 Dword    2156231208 1 Dword     
For Reference only. Original RAW Nvidia 531.41 Profile Data
Profile "The Last of Us Part I" ShowOn GeForce ProfileType Application Executable "tlou-i.exe" Executable "tlou-i-l.exe" Setting ID_0x00598949 = 0x00000000 Setting ID_0x00666665 = 0x00000000 Setting ID_0x1034cb89 = 0x00000000 Setting ID_0x10f9dc81 = 0x00000011 Setting ID_0x10f9dc84 = 0x01000000 Setting ID_0x80857a28 = 0x00000001 EndProfile 
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2023.03.29 14:18 Jirclecerked Evercade EXP 'Hero Credits'

Questions for those of you here who have got the Evercade EXP Black Limited Edition as a replacement for the lot stolen before Xmas:
  1. Did you fill in the survey to submit a name for the Evercade EXP Hero Credits?
  2. Where are they? The credits I mean?
I've searched the options and haven't found them. Am I missing something obvious?! Are Blaze planning to put them in at a later date/firmware?
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2023.03.29 14:14 No-Lunch4249 OPACY Food and Drink Policy

Yesterday there was a thread on the sub about the updated Camden Yards bag policy, with a lot of people complaining that you can’t bring water into the stadium. This is completely false, and so many people were saying it, that I thought it would be worthwhile as a Public Service Announcement to detail the food and drink policy regarding what can or can’t be brought into the stadium:


YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN BRING WATER TO OPACY. You may bring non-alcoholic drinks up to 20 fluid ounces. This drink must be in a factory-sealed, plastic bottle. You cannot bring anything alcoholic, or anything in a can/glass. FWIW, in my experience they aren’t gonna read the bottle, you can get away with like 22-24 ounces no prob. Frozen water bottles are prohibited for safety reasons. There are also water fountains throughout the stadium, you will never be in a situation in OPACY where you have to pay for water. On hot days, they also typically offer cups of ice for free.


Food items may also be brought into the stadium. Per the stadium policy “Food items should resemble individual portions and not bulk quantities.” Obviously this is pretty open to interpretation. I’ve brought a whole bag of twizzlers before, and there was the whole Mom’s Spaghetti incident.


All of your food and drink must be contained in an approved bag, One bag per person. The approved bags are: 1. A clear plastic bag no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” 2. a 1 gallon plastic ziplock bag 3. A fanny pack or clutch no larger than 5” x 7” 4. Any medically necessary items, including a diaper bag, for which there is no size limit.


Yes you can bring sealed water or other non-alcoholic drinks. Food policy is still incredibly permissive. Bag policy while annoying is common today across stadiums of any sport.
Edit: formatting
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2023.03.29 14:13 Tao_Dragon Stellaris: improved leader / legendary hero / counsellor system updates?

Stellaris: improved leader / legendary hero / counsellor system updates?
Dear /Stellaris, community, I think the game is EXCELLENT! 😎
🌌👽👾 Stellaris is one of my favorite games. I play & love strategy games for a long time (e.g. Civilization series, Command & Conquer, Sim City, Cities: Skylines, Age Of Wonders, Age Of Empires, Master Of Magic, Master Of Orion, Stellaris and so on...). Naturally every game is different, and that's a good thing. Also, most games get regular updates, which can greatly improve the world and gameplay.
There is currently a leader system in Stellaris, which works well currently, but could be improved a lot. I saw some posts in this sub about this topics, and I also think, that these current randomly generator leaders are not individual and special enough (Governors, Scientists, Admirals, Generals). This is the current system:
What would you say to an improved leader / legendary hero / counsellor system? There could be some added "Legendary Leaders" with their own background story, visuals, traits and benefits.
Something like in the below games (especially the system of "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares" is a good example, it's an old game from 1996, but had some great ideas; but the other listed game systems are good too):
Actually it could be a bit similar to the already existing Relics system in Stellaris, just with Legendary Leaders:
It would make it similar to the Minor Artifact / Relics difference: like you could have unlimited Leaders (similarly to Minor Artifacts), but only a limited amount of Legendary Heroes (e.g. 8, like in case of Relics), and you could meet them randomly through in-game events (e.g. finding them on planets, near black holes, saving them from other empires, helping them fight interstellar beings, and so on).
Of course Stellaris should have its own system, so I'm NOT suggesting copying some other game's heroes, rather CREATING SOME STELLARIS SPECIFIC Legendary Heroes (with their own interesting details and specific game mechanics) based on the current lore / races / stories / technologies / spiritual Shroud powers, and sci-fi world building.
+ Have a nice day everyone! 🌍 ☄️ 🌠 🚀 🌌 👩‍🚀
*edit: clarification
Example (from "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares", 1996):
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2023.03.29 14:11 andrewwmaxwell Review

GoNerdify is an online academic assistance platform that provides various writing, editing, and proofreading services to students. The platform offers its services to high school, college, and university students in different disciplines, including technical and creative writing, research papers, and essay writing. GoNerdify employs a team of professional writers, editors, and proofreaders who are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields.
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We recommend as a better alternative because it provides high-quality essays tailored to the customer's needs, flexible deadlines, discounts, direct communication with the writer, and a money-back guarantee.
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2023.03.29 14:06 Nitrate55 Is Special Edition/Anniversary Edition worth it?

Haven't played Skyrim since 2019, still have an old modded install of Legendary Edition with like 150 mods on it sitting on my hard drive. Recently I've been thinking about getting back into the game, this time on Special Edition, since I heard it was more stable when it comes to mods and in general, and I kind of want to try some of the exclusive mods.
That being said, when I looked into how Anniversary Edition factors into modding the game as well as the fact that SSE is still being updated (which I know from experience can be an issue for modding games, updates breaking mods and whatnot), I came across a lot of people saying that the SSE updates are constantly breaking people's mods and even broke SKSE, and that the Anniversary Edition broke a lot of mods and introduced some kind of horrible mod limit? Not sure on that last one, but I did read stuff mentioning something along those lines.
To be frank, this completely scared me off of getting back into Skyrim, though I kept looking around and found my way here. The wiki post comparing LE and SSE doesn't appear to mention any of this, though. So, how true/relevant are these issues still? I got most of this information from negative steam reviews for SSE and Anniversary Edition, and some of these reviews were pretty recent as well. Are these problems still applicable? If so, I figure I should probably just wait for Bethesda to stop updating SSE and breaking mods in the process, though with the creation club and how much they seem to be milking that, I have a feeling that's gonna be a long way off. I could just stick to the LE installation I still have if modding on SSE is untenable at the moment.
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2023.03.29 14:05 DallasAnonymity If I die I just hope she doesn’t sell them for what I told her I paid.

If I die I just hope she doesn’t sell them for what I told her I paid.
Driver - TSR3 3 Wood - TSR2 5 Wood - TSR2 4-G - T100•S Limited Edition Black 52 - 12F Vokey Limited Edition Black 56 - 14F Vokey Limited Edition Black 60 - 14K Vokey Limited Edition Black Putter - Newport 2 Limited Edition Jetset Black
I know that’s one too many. Gotta get the new distance gaps figured out.
Whole bag is darker than my attitude after a 45 on the front.
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2023.03.29 14:03 Calimaran Becoming the richest man or woman in all of Tibia - Game-breaking bug (Char Bazaar)

Well, it did not last long this time. CipSoft decided to pull the trigger and stop any further activity from happening.
The reason the Char Bazaar is offline now, is due to a game-breaking bug where you can fool the system into thinking a player has bid enormous amounts of Tibia Coins on an auction. You will need to have two accounts for this to work. This involves modifying HTTP headers sent to the website. This has worked since the beginning of the Char Bazaar was launched.
HTTP headers are basically a package of information that is being sent from you to Tibia's website. Whenever you load a page or send information to their website (e.g. a bid amount) you transfer information from your PC to their server. That is called a web request. Most websites that handle transactions (money) won't allow you to modify the information that is being sent, due to security issues. But in this case, Tibia's website had no checks for that type of stuff. Which allows people to modify that data is being sent to the server. Think of it like this, you ordered a package from a business and have been guaranteed that the package will contain X. But somewhere during the transfer, someone will open the package and change X to Y.
Player A (Account A) is a character that will be put up for sale on the Char Bazaar.
Player B (Account B) is a character on another account that will place a bid on Player A.
Player A has set a limit of e.g. 250,000 Tibia Coins, even though it might just be a low level character with nothing on it.
Player B will bid on the character but will have insufficient funds on the account (e.g., only 100 Tibia Coins).
Right as Player B submits a bid on Player A, your web browser needs to have a breakpoint that will stop any further thing from happening. This works well in Mozilla Firefox. So you are basically initiating a bid to the Tibia website, but you now have the ability to modify what amount is being transferred before it is actually finalized.
The Tibia website will not check if an account has enough funds before initiating a transfer, or afterwards, but only during the transaction (somewhere around 3/4 into submitting a bid). So what will happen is that the Tibia website is sort of guaranteeing that a transfer will take place before they have calculated how much Tibia Coins you have on your account, and they will guarantee it happening afterwards without any further checks. And this "guaranteed transaction" will be accepted in their system. This means that ALL bids (transactions) will be counted as "accepted" by default (even if only for a split second), but not fully go through until all Tibia Coins have been added to it. So even if the minimum bid is 250,000 TC and I bid 100 TC it will be "accepted" for a short time (we're talking milliseconds) on CipSoft's side. And if I stop the web request and modify the HTTP headers to the website at the moment before it is finalized, I could simply edit the value "100" to "250000" and the bid (transaction) will be accepted. This way you can fool the website into thinking you sent 250k TC but you only have 100 TC.. And no further checks are being made by CipSoft. They won't check if the account has any such amounts of TCs later on. If this transaction is finalized, then that is all they need.
So when the auction is completed, Player A will receive those 250,000 TC (minus fee) and Player B will only be deducted those 100 TC or however much they had on their account. You want to make sure to have as little TC as possible (e.g. 57 TC) on your account. So that only that amount is being withdrawn, and not 250,000 TC.
This allowed me to create infinite Tibia Coins on multiple accounts. It wasn't until recently I decided to say fuck it and try it with low-level characters with some absurd amounts of TC's on them. I guess that was enough for CipSoft and they decided to shut it all down. Most successful were transfers of level 100-200 characters with high (but not extreme) bids on them. Repeating the sales over and over allowed for this to go "under the radar" for months.
More bugs to be announced soon. Tibia is the most broken game I've ever seen. Their website is a mess and CipSoft has no idea of what they're doing. You'll be surprised to see how many other things are broken in this game.
People that PM me here on Reddit will always get a sneak peek with instructions for future exploits. Just use them at your own risk and never on your main accounts or main computers. Bugs can be found, but CipSoft doesn't like them that much hehe.
Big shoutout to Gandareva in their support department. After Gandareva in their support department decided to f#ck with me, I'm going to f#ck with them the same way. Right back at you, Gandareva.
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