Dead lions plot summary

I have a feeling Rebirth is going to be massive in length.

2023.06.10 18:54 kaa1993 I have a feeling Rebirth is going to be massive in length.

Not to theorize on “where it will end” as there’s plenty of videos and theories out there already, but just based on the sheer number of story to get through, and the variety of locations that devs will want you to spend at least an hour or two in per locale, there’s just so much to cover. Kalm, Nibelheim flashback, Costa del Sol, the cargo ship, Gold saucer, Gongaga, Cosmo Canyon, Rocket town, temple of the ancients, possibly everything after that up to the black material scene (Mt Nibel, COTA, areas I’m already forgetting).
There’s just so much to cover, and my point here is I have a feeling when they talk about this game being “massive”, it’s not referring to the size of the world or scale of the areas, what they mean is that the actual volume of story content alone could be 50-60 hours. Something like Red Dead 2, if not bigger.
I have a feeling this game won’t offer too much in side additional content, and that might be saved for part 3 where the weapon fights, KOTR, and other large side quests are incorporated into the main plot.
What do y’all think?
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2023.06.10 18:53 Fflewddur_Fflam_ Ninja fantasy, like Ninja Gaiden/Dead Or Alive except with good plot?

I'm a big fan of the Ninja Gaiden universe, I love Ryu, Ayane, Kasumi, Momiji and Hayate. The problem with the universe is there are never any good plots. Ryu is always fighting off generic demonic invasions and avenging his village every time it gets burned down, Ayane and Kasumi have the sibling rivalry thing going on while they investigate and fight a megacorp's corruption, Hayate and Kasumi get experimented on and weaponized by said megacorp, all kinds of crazy stuff. But the plot either doesn't make any sense, or when it DOES make sense, its rarely compelling. I know I'm asking alot from a fighting/action game universe, but I really think it could be something special if only someone put some effort into the writing. I'm tired of ninjas getting nothing but shallow, generic stories. Will ninja fantasy ever get its ASOIAF, its First Law, its Wheel of Time?
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2023.06.10 18:49 asseaterG9 How does it works?

How does Plot card - Double-dealing work? Double-dealing is the only plot card I don't know how to play it or activate it.
When I am played on and try to use this plot card (because it looks like very good and powerful card) it become dead card. Honestly I think that "when revealed" would be better in this card.
Can you please explain to me how work with this card? Thank you at advance.
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2023.06.10 18:39 AvailableLychee4203 OA Part 3: My translation & thoughts on Zal’s French interview

There have been previous posts on this sub about this French interview with Zal from several years ago ( I finally watched the part of the interview that discusses the cancellation and what Part 3 would have been. Here’s my summary, my translation of that part of the interview, and thoughts:
They are talking about superheroes and the interviewer asks Zal, if for him, The OA is a superhero story. Zal says, “no,” and shares that it was “truly a fever dream.”
The interviewer asks, “How could you create a mystery like this… a series that opens so many doors, that poses so many questions, and then say to the viewers, ‘maybe you’ll never get the answers?’” ((A damn good question IMO 😂))
Zal’s response is that he NEVER thought Netflix would “pull the plug” without fair warning. He continues, “For me, the 3rd part, was truly the point to get to the story within a story within a story within a story.” ((My thoughts: whew, that’s a lotta stories! It’s giving trippy Inception vibes.))
Zal explains that the OA part 3 was influenced heavily by the film The Clouds of Sils Maria, that: “[The Clouds of Sils Maria] is truly the third part… there’s a lot of energy/influence for the third part of The OA.” ((I haven’t seen this movie but will be watching it because now I’m curious))
The interviewer asks, “So then part 3 was a meta-film?… on the shooting of The OA?”
Zal: “It [part 3] was more about, what is the process of an actor? What’s a character? Where does it come from?”
Interviewer: “so that means, if you follow that logic, you’d be on screen too [in Part 3].”
Zal: “No, because you’re assuming that The OA in that world is the same OA. It’s another version of the story I might not have created.” [The interpreter clarifies that The OA part 3 is NOT our exact dimension. Zal does not correct her, implying that D3 OA is really not our dimension, but rather a dimension similar to ours].
The interviewer goes in to clarify that at the end of season 2, we arrive in the show “The OA” where “Brit Marling is Brit Marling.” Zal clarifies, “yes, this is true.” The interviewer goes on to say, “Therefore, there exists a universe/dimension where Brit NEVER met Zal” and Zal responds with an emphatic “YES!!!” (The interpreter interjects here, “and she’s married to Jason Isaacs.”)
So the interviewer asks, “What does she [The OA] become in that universe?… without you [Zal]?” Zal’s answer to this is, “have you seen Alfred Hitchcock’s film Dial M for Murder?”… then, when the interviewer has this realization and says “It would be… Ohhh!!” Zal smiles a cheeky grin and walks it back a bit, saying “I’m giving you guys more than I would ever give. Don’t put it on the internet!”
My thoughts: I guess we won’t know for sure how Part 3 would have played out (until they finish the story somehow as Brit promised), but it seems clear it was moving in the direction of a murder mystery for part 3, potentially with HAP/Isaacs plotting/attempting to murder Brit/OA.
I do find it interesting that we’ll get to see Brit and Zal’s take on the classic “whodunit” murder mystery in Retreat. Either way, it looks like they’ve wanted to do a murder mystery for a long time and have found a way to do so!
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2023.06.10 18:27 Black-kage What characters do you think will be killed in the final Saga?

I saw a thread of characters who had been killed during Post Timeskip but people answered that most of them werent impactful.
Other people still asking if Trafalgar and Kidd are dead. This because of Oda inability to kill off characters. Even if they will no longer be useful for the plot (such as some members of the Arabasta Royal Guard or Pound). Ace and Whitebeard are exceptions to the rule. This to the point that people doubt if Trafalgar and Kidd are alive.
So I wonder what characters do fandom think will be killed during the final saga, the war that has been hyped up since Marineford and why.
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2023.06.10 18:22 PalmerDixon bot test 20230610 #3
Major Across The Spiderverser Spoilers ahead
I recently watched Across The Spiderverse and was absolutely blown away. The animation style is unique and visually stimulating. It takes full advantage, using an array of art styles to not only make different worlds and their characters distinct, but also reflect the internal state of characters visually (Using two comic panels in a shot to represent the divide between two characters is just something you can't do in other mediums). The score is fantastic, it again distinguishes the multitude of environments while still working to enhance the intensity of fantastic setpieces. It also doesn't waste time, being very intentional with its writing. Emotional conflicts are a priority here, never drawn out or feeling manipulative.
I would argue that from start to finish, it's a borderline CBM masterpiece. But the thing is, it ends, and its ending came right before breaking into the third act, compromising not only its plot climax and resolution but leaving its emotional and thematic conflicts without a conclusion.
Three Act Structure
Here's a summary of the three act structure for those who may not know
Plenty of films deviate from this, some skip the set-up and start with the catalyst, some use the "All Is Lost" moment to be a major victory with unexpected consequences, and some dismiss structure entirely. However, 3 act structure is very common, not just because its easier to write, but because it enhances the emotional experience of a film. If the climax of a film comes too early, the rest following will feel uneventful and meaningless. If the All Is Lost moment is removed, the protagonist's victory will feel unearned without external and emotional struggle. It's a way to deliver external and internal journies in a way that's responsive to human emotion.
The Structure Of Across The Spiderverse
I always knew the structure of Across The Spiderverse was off. It essentially has two protagonists, Gwen and Miles and they both get their own first act. It starts with Gwen, her character is set up, a major incident gives her an opportunity to leave her reality, and after some debate, she chooses to leave her world and begin a new journey. The same repeats with Miles. who's catalyst is Gwen entering his world and the first act ends with him choosing to follow her. The thing is, Miles' decision to take action and start his journey comes at almost the direct middle of the film, making it essentially the film's midpoint.
We go through the first bulk of the story, Miles enters a new dimension attempting to stop one of the film's antagonists "The Spot". Eventually he ends up in a world full of Spider-people, and the film's second antagonist "Spiderman 2066" reveals that Miles' interference with fate is leading to the destruction of universes. This changes the context of the entire story, sending it in an entirely new direction. Typically this would be the midpoint of the story, but this is somewhere between an "All Is Lost-Climax" moment as Miles learns that his father is destined to die, and is restrained from interfering.
Miles escapes in a massive set piece and arrives home to stop his father's death. He then decides to reveal his identity to his mother, who is confused as to who Spider-Man even is. This leads to a revelation where Miles realizes he's in an alternate universe where Spider-Man doesn't exist, and has no way of escaping, especially when his alternate uncle and self imprison him. Typically an "All Is Lost" but instead Mile's resolution within the film's structure.
On the flip side, Gwen has minor character beats while Miles is the focus, but the focus doesn't shift back to her until the film's "third act". She returns home after being exiled from the Spider-people and reconnects with her father, causing him to quit the force and avoid his fate. This is the emotional climax of the film, and the resolution comes when Gwen speaks with Miles' parents, and realizes she must take fate into her own hands. This appears to be the Break into Act III, but the film ends there, leaving me completely caught off guard as "To Be Continued" pops up on the screen.
How The Structure Affects The External And Internal Conflicts
On an external level, everything after Miles' escape is falling action in his arc. This comes out to about the last 20 minutes of the film seeming like set up for the film's final confrontation. It's tense, and includes major revelations, but is cut off right before we enter the film's climactic internal and external battle. It's 20 minutes of a set-up with no pay-off.
On an internal level, we get no conclusion to Miles' emotional arc. The theme of the film is about "Controlling Your Fate". In the beginning, Miles' wants his parents to trust him, telling his father to let him "Spread his wings". The film progresses, and his beliefs are challenged when controlling fate leads to massive consequences. Miles' perspective remains unchanged though, and he immediately attempts to control fate once again. After escaping, he isn't given a major decision to control his fate again, as his big emotional climax (Revealing to his mother that he's Spider-Man) is sacrificed for a plot twist. The rest of the film is just a series of revelations, and he's not given the opportunity to continue to take action.
If you look at the film from Gwen's perspective, she gets an internal conclusion and in turn a third act. On its own, it's emotionally satisfying and to me is the best part of the film. However, it doesn't feel like a satisfying conclusion to the film as a whole. If the story was completely structured around Gwen, it would make the ending feel less abrupt, and make the film feel less of a part one. But most of the external and internal beats revolve around Miles', in turn pushing Gwen into a supporting character role for a lot of the movie.
How I see it, Miles has a first and second act, while Gwen has a first and third act. If two protagonists split a story's main beats with equal importance, the ending feels earned, but in this case we feel like we're missing out internally and externally for a third act.
Why This Unique Structure Was Chosen
Similar to Infinity WaEndgame, Spiderverse sets up a part two in the near future. It leaves so much of an open ending that viewers have to watch the next sequel in order to achieve emotional catharsis. Beyond The Spiderverse will make a lot of money because of this, but I don't think it handles the cliffhanger as well as Infinity War.
Infinity War's decision to structure its story around Thanos was genius. Not only does it make the MCU's big antagonist feel more real and threatening, but it also allows a telling of a complete story while maintaining its massive cliffhanger. Thanos has a climax and a resolution, but because his opposition has been so well beloved through dozens of films, we are drawn to watch the next film while still getting the emotional catharsis that Thano's character arc brings. The Avengers still get ample screen time but the film's true conclusion is tied to Thanos.
I would've liked to see this idea applied to Gwen. It felt like she took a step back for the film's second act, and her belief that "We should accept fate" doesn't get challenged until the fate of her father is incidentally changed. She doesn't choose to stop her father's death, and it wouldn't feel right if she did because her beliefs aren't challenged in any major ways during the second act.
Across The Spiderverse is genuinely refreshing. I've felt very uninterested in comic book movies for the past 4 years and this used spectacle and originality to enhance an emotional story. But Across The Spiderverse feels like one big hook, beating the immediate competition and setting itself up to dominate the future competition, at the expense of telling a complete journey. Dune (2021) tried a similar strategy, feeling more like a part one than a standalone story, but its protagonist at least completes a full arc by the end despite being overshadowed by a more enticing part two.
I hope cinema doesn't continue to go in this direction. Beyond The Spiderverse will inevitably succeed, and more studios will begin to delay internal and external conclusions in order to maximize a sequel's sellability. Part 1's shouldn't feel like part 1's, they should still be a single journey that provides a satisfying conclusion and make its sequel feel like a natural follow-up, rather than manipulating the film's structure to make the next feel more necessary.

Side Note: Hobie/Spider-Punk is such a great character. "It's a metaphor for capitalism" was hilarious and I love how his anti-establishment beliefs are not treated as a fun personality, but rather a necessary part of the external and thematic conflict of the film.
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2023.06.10 18:20 Title_Remarkable Just found some weird low-budget horror channel

so i was scrolling through youtube’s feed and it recommended a video called “the loris cassettes - that’s no baby” and, well, it had eight views and a baby on the thumbnail so i clicked on it.
and i was weirded out by it because it was JUST a baby showcase until some teen girl smiling appeared and it ended? 😭
it’s got a poor writing and it’s apparently a low budget analog horror but it’s posting videos since jan 2022 so i guess it’s pretty persistent!
also, the creator left out a link for their instagram and it doesn’t lead anywhere so?…
it isn’t scary, it’s weird and honestly a bit cringy but i know there’s a lore there and it’s definitely a way to pass time
the channel is “the loris cassetes” (can’t embed link)
EDIT: So after a little digging i gathered that, from the plot perspective, there are some things going on:
there are SO MANY other things i can’t figure out so if y’all find anything else let’s debate here.
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2023.06.10 18:00 autotldr Boy, 9, shot dead by Iran police. Reason: His father stole a car

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 60%. (I'm a bot)
A boy was shot and killed by police after his father stole a car in the southwestern Khuzestan province in Iran.
Authorities said as per Associated Press that after stealing the car, the man drove off with the boy.
Ruhollah Bigdeli, chief of police in Shushtar County, was quoted by Iran's official police website as saying that officers tried to stop the "Stolen vehicle by shooting at it," but the boy was caught in the crossfire.
The man was issued several warnings before the police started shooting, authorities informed.
Iran's Jamaran news website identified the boy as 9-year-old Morteza Delf Zaregani.
The father accused the police of not issuing any warning before shooting as per the report.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: police#1 boy#2 shooting#3 killed#4 car#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.10 17:50 Wavantis Why isn't Franky considered as dangerous as Robin given that he knows everything about Pluto?

Unless I'm wrong, Franky is literally the only person in the entire OP world who knows how one of the three Ancient Weapons functions in detail. Story-wise, this could mean three things:
- He could pilot Pluto
- He could repair Pluto if it's sitting somewhere broken
- He could replicate Pluto's features in the Sunny if he has the resources to do so. Maybe he already did and we're just waiting for the big moment.
These possibilities should be reasons good enough to want Franky brought to the WG more dead than alive. Considering Pluto's destructive powers, the man should be among the top criminals.
Yet somehow his whole character design makes him look like a clown or among the funny sides of the Strawhats, while he should be feared by the Gorosei. Am I missing something or what? I'm literally just waiting for a plot twist where the Sunny is full of top-tier technological equipment from the Ancient world, or where Franky just comes piloting Pluto in the middle of the war as an American bringing democracy to the world.
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2023.06.10 17:40 PaleHorze [FOR SALE] HUGE COLLECTION- Indie, Punk, Emo, Hardcore, Shoegaze, Classic Rock, Hip- Hop, Jazz + More!

The time has come to try to unload my entire collection, I've been selling on here for a few years and am an experienced seller and I would love to get these awesome records to some people who will love and appreciate them! Everything is VG+ and well cared for. I will give you a better price for the more you buy! $5 shipping on all orders, US only.
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Aeon Station-Observatory-Blue-$15
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American Pleasure Club- A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This-Purple/Blue-$30
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Yndi Halda- Enjoy Eternal Bliss- Random Color- $40
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2023.06.10 17:25 Seamoose_Art Wasteland (Fallout x NoP)

Heads up! This story is both unpolished and unfinished, and posted here only for the sake of not letting my work go entirely to waste. If you want to continue the story yourself, feel free to do so.
Credit for The Nature of Predators goes to u/spacepaladin15.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Memory Transcription Subject: Rania, Gojid Civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: Error 560 (estimated date: September, 2136)
At first, we assumed it to be an Arxur weapon, but we had plenty of time to get a more detailed look at the object intersecting our FTL trajectory. A mass of energy, far more than a star could emit, yet giving off no light. Gravitational pull was intense, but completely wrong for a black hole. Maybe the remains of a massive warp core accident? Whatever it was, it was directly in our path.
We had ample time before our collision, and nothing we could do. Our course was set, and escape vessels couldn’t be launched during an FTL jump. All that was left was to wait, and pray for a mercifully quick death that we all knew was unlikely. We built our starships to withstand direct assault from Arxur warships. Our deaths would be both inevitable and slow.
I was away from the refugee’s quarters, on the bridge. I couldn’t bear to watch pups cry in terror, as their parents tried hopelessly to ease their fear. The bridge was only marginally better. Some of the crew were facing their imminent death with stoicism. Many were praying. Many were crying. I don’t remember what I was doing when it hit, but I was probably crying too.
Then… then…
Pain, agonizing and blinding pain. No screaming. No noise at all. Silence, darkness, death.
Movement. But I couldn’t possibly move myself. Was I carried?

My first coherent memories started taking shape next to a fire. I couldn’t see, but the warmth and crackling were unmistakable. I tried to move, only to find myself unmoving. Was I in the wreckage of the ship? I felt no pain. Was I already dead?
“Hey, look who’s finally back in the land of the living. Can you hear me?”
A human. The species that started this whole mess. That attacked our cradle, let the Arxur find an easy target. That taunted us with their “Evacuation” cattle roundups. The disgusting mockery of a voice washed over me, tainting my very soul.
That fire must be to roast my flesh. Does it want my fear, before it kills me? It won’t get a single goddamn word, not so much as a noise.
“You… damn, he must still be out of it. Maybe another stimpak..?”
Cli-hsssss. A stabbing pain in my arm, followed by… relief? My arm twitched slightly, but I couldn’t manage anything more. A rushing sound filled my ears, overpowering the growl on my left until it bore me away to unconsciousness.

I woke up on a bed, staring at what must’ve been the ceiling, though all I could see was vague rust-brown shapes in the distance. My body still refused to move. And yet still, somehow, so little pain. Was my nervous system destroyed?
No. Hunger. Brutal, snarling hunger stabbed through my stomach like a dagger. I made a weak noise, remembered where I was, and rapidly forced silence. If it knows I’m awake, it’ll torture me until it lets me die…
“Oh! You— you’re awake again! Can you hear me?”
Don’t make a noise. It might lose interest.
“...No. Dammit. It’s going to starve if it doesn’t fully wake up soon… I can’t afford all these meds for much longer anyway. I’ll just have to… leave this here for it. Maybe it’ll wake again while I’m out.”
And just like that, a rush of movement and it was gone. It worked! I lived… I lived, just so I could starve…

By the graces of the protector. Food. I could smell food, just inches to my right. Can I move to pick it up? Can I move my jaw to eat?
Is it a trap? The human must be trying to fatten me up. Or maybe it didn’t leave at all, and is just waiting in the shadows to see if I take the bait. Or… maybe…
Fuck it. I was already good as dead, I could at least die full. I tried moving my arm, but to no avail. My other arm was no better. Maybe I could move my head?
The world shifted around me, a nauseating whirl of muted colors. But that meant my head could move. I could move… the food was still just barely out of reach. I can almost taste it… it’s so close to my nose…
I let out a weak cry of frustration. I couldn’t help myself. Did the human intend for this torture? The frustration became rage, filling my body like a white-hot star until I—
Trembling, my claw grasped the food. Rage and hunger animated my arm, pushing it forward. Whatever this was, it was soft. It smelled heavenly. I brought it up to my face. My vision was just recovered enough to make out its form; a strayu-like pillow drizzled with a sweet glaze. I tore into it like an animal, barely even tasting. I must not have eaten in days.
Gone in seconds, and the hunger was barely sated. But it was enough energy to force movement with. Slowly, unsteadily, I rose to a sitting position. The world threatened to shift away from under me, but I held, trying to get my bearings.
I’m in… some sort of shack. Bare, rusted sheet metal on the walls; clearly an improvised structure. Other than that oddity, the room was surprisingly normal. No blood dripping from cages, no hunting trophies on the walls. A torn up carpet, a beaten-up table and chair, some cabinets, all illuminated by soft rays of light pouring in from a window over the table. And right next to my little mattress… is that more food? Some sort of orange vegetable. Like the sweet strayu, I ate without even tasting.
Much better. I was still starving, but only metaphorically. I could even move my other arm, though my legs were entirely numb and refused to cooperate no matter how much I pushed them. Could I escape by dragging my body with my arms?
No. I was still too weak. I had to count on the human fattening me up a bit more before I could make a break for it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Memory Recovery Subject: Nathan Dunne, sole survivor of Vault 111
Date: December 13th, 2287
Just a hair to the right… and… Now. The interloper, a feral dog that had wandered onto the property, dropped without a sound.
I couldn’t afford to attract any attention, so I’d hastily slapped together a silencer for my pipe revolver. An old oil filter, just small enough to not obstruct the scope I’d hastily tied to the top. The gun looked ridiculous, but it got the job done silently. If I attracted any visitors, my alien guest was as good as dead. Nearly a week after finding it, and it still wasn’t waking up consistently.
Now’s not the time for thought. Focus. Now.
The second dog also dropped. The alpha of the pack still hadn’t noticed anything, a miracle. I lined up one last shot… pulled the trigger, and finally let myself breath. That was way too close. Every day without the fence finished was another day of silent stress.
Putting up a fence was easy enough, but putting up a fence QUIETLY was nightmarishly slow work, constantly punctuated by hiding from any would-be visitors. But these dogs had wandered onto the property without even seeing me. Could they smell the alien? I knew Dogmeat could track injuries from a far greater distance…
Fence should've been up yesterday. Back to work.
I’m running out of barbed wire. And screws. And boards. Can I afford another expedition? What if Dogmeat can’t defend him? Not a chance in hell I’m risking any other group learning about this… although Mama Murphy probably knows anyway, doesn’t she. Maybe the Minutemen can—
No. I can’t risk it. I’ll have to improvise. Maybe I can set up a Tesla arc as defense and leave to raid Sunshine Tidings. Rusted metal sheets don’t make for the best walls, but better than nothing.
The sun was still high, so I had some time if I hurried. As I began gathering supplies, a thought crossed my mind. A Tesla arc was better than nothing, and Dogmeat was formidable enough, but… surely if the alien was in serious danger, it could use some self defense. Those spikes weren’t gonna cut it. Maybe that bastard Kellogg’s old .44 would finally get some use?
I grabbed the .44 revolver, a spare arc trap I’d salvaged from Fort Hagan, and some tools. It would have to do. There was already power hooked up to the shack for heating, so wiring the—
The food’s gone.
Dogmeat didn’t eat carrots, so I knew there was only one culprit. The alien must’ve woken up while I was working. It was back asleep now, but at least it got something down. It wouldn’t starve. Thank god.
…right. If it can wake up, this trap is probably more dangerous to it than any invader. I walked back over to the shed, stowed the Tesla arc and tools, and grabbed a handful of vegetables and a water canteen. If it could stomach food, it needed to start putting on weight now to make up for lost time. This would be a start, at least.
I set the food and water on the table (taking care not to break the digital chimera I’d already laid there), and the gun beside the bed. I knew it could reach to there, without a doubt. Maybe toss in a handful more bullets, too; it’s not like I’d ever be able to make myself use the damn thing. I gave one last glance at the alien curled up on a bare mattress before closing the door and setting out.

Memory Transcription Subject: Rania, Gojid Civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: Error 560 (estimated date: Unknown)
Help me. Kay-ut. Ki-ra. Protector. Anyone. It’s right there.
When I heard the human coming, I faked sleep hoping it wouldn’t check. As seconds passed, that hope grew thinner and thinner. Clearly, it could see the food was gone. Not that it needed to figure anything out; it could probably see through my deception just looking at me. Ki-yu, trickster; please, let this work. Let me live a moment longer. Noises all around me. Was it laying out torturous weaponry? Was it getting ready to gut me?
Protector. Please. I don’t want to die.
The noise around me stopped. Had the gods heard my prayers? I dared not check; if the human was still there, and I so much as opened an eye, I was dead. But death failed to claim me, and more noises failed to appear, until I finally worked up the courage to take advantage of my blessing and open my eyes.
The human was gone. I was alive. One more look around the room, to make sure it hadn’t—
A gun. A human weapon, close enough to grab. And ammo…
I knew humans were masters at trapping, at deceiving; such was their nature. I stared at the gun, trying to figure out what the trap was.
But I was tired, and hungry, and every sense told me that this wasn’t a trap, but a loaded gun. An answer to my prayers for safety. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I picked it up. It felt solid and weighty in my hands, lending some sense of security to the otherwise hopeless situation. Emboldened, I tried to rise to my feet again.
If I grabbed some of the furniture and stood on my good leg, I could just about stay upright without pain. That would have to do for now. Maybe I could use something in this room as a crutch. A leg of the table might do nicely, if I could—
Food. More food, all over the table. A sprawl of alien vegetables, including that orange one I had earlier. A metal jug, probably filled with water. And… is that a translator?
Curiosity overpowered both my hunger and my fear. On closer inspection, it was indeed a translator, one of the older dedicated units. Wired into… some sort of metal armband with a green flickering screen. The craftsmanship was shoddy; some parts were literally held together with insulated tape. Still, it appeared to be powered on and functional.
If I wasn’t in so much danger… I’d love to get a better look at what the human did with this thing. To wire Federation tech directly into one of their devices, and make it work…
My attention drifted back to the bounty laid out on the table before me. It could all be poisoned, but I’d already eaten the human’s food; what harm could it do to be full?

Sweeter than the orange one, but not as filling. Kind of mushy. Now no longer starving, I began to savor my meal slightly more. The green fruit was next, the one nearly the size of my skull. Upon breaking open the shell, it turned out to be pinkish red inside, and so juicy that I didn’t even need the water in the jug.
Bitter, but strangely satisfying. Next was a massive purple flower, which I could only guess was supposed to be food as well. The taste was unpleasant, but it felt bizarrely good to eat. Maybe a medicinal herb?
Why would the human give me a medicinal herb?
I’d been circling around the question for some time now. Why the food? Why the gun? Why the lack of gutting? Even if those supposed “empathy tests” weren’t faked, our species were at war! Did it not know?
Well-fed prey made for better-tasting prey, but a gun did not feed. A translator did not feed. Did it really want to talk to me? I weighed my options.
Option 1: Run. Impossible to do in my current state. Even with a large head start, even with uninjured legs, humans were nothing if not persistent; my odds were not all too favorable. And where would I go, anyway?
Option 2: Hide. Impossible to do in any state. Humans were perceptive and cunning. Nothing short of divine protection would hide me. And again, where would I go afterwards?
Option 3: Fight. I had a loaded gun, but for all I knew it was only there to lure me into a false sense of security. And besides, did I really expect to outfight a predator?
Option 4: Talk. It wasn’t likely, but maybe the human would have some sympathy (or at least fake some sympathy to keep up appearances). I was already injured, and it hadn’t torn me apart already; it clearly had something else in mind. Maybe the translator was involved in its “Something else”?
I didn’t… like that last option, but it seemed a hair better than shooting on sight when the human came back. Maybe I was forsaking the protection of the gods, forsaking my fellow Gojid. But none of the options were without risk, and I had to try something bold if I wanted to survive.
A noise from outside roused me from my thoughts. It’s coming. Time to make your choice.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Memory Recovery Subject: Nathan Dunne, sole survivor of Vault 111
Date: December 13th, 2287
Halfway through the outbound trip, I realized I’d forgotten my pip-boy at camp. I’d taken both off, while working on wiring in that translator to the spare one from Vault 81. Having no way of assessing potential injuries simply would not do.
Halfway through the return trip, I realized I’d brought Dogmeat with me instead of leaving him to guard. I managed to make myself move a little faster. That .44 was no guarantee of safety, not if the alien simply couldn’t get up.
Once back, I could at least be sure that nothing happened. No blue blood seeping through the shack’s foundation. I grabbed the pip-boy, ordered Dogmeat to patrol, and prepared to leave before the daylight faded.
That’s a bit cold, isn’t it? Leaving without even checking on your guest?
I was leaving so I could build a fence for its protection, but… a quick check couldn’t hurt. Just to make sure nothing happened, right? Yeah. Sure. I had the time. Though maybe barging straight in wasn’t the brightest idea, not when I had just given it a revolver.
I knocked twice, and tried to lower my voice to a more soothing register. I had no idea if my hacked-together translator abomination would work, so tone was key. Before I could even speak, I heard a wild scrambling from the inside.
“Don’t— please don’t k-kill me, human, I’ll… I’ll do anything.”
…I guess I should be glad the translator worked? What the hell was that?
“I’m not gonna hurt you. I promise. Is it OK with you if I come inside?”
“I… Y-Yes.”
I gave Dogmeat a strong look to stay back, and cracked open the door. The terrified sniveling over the translator couldn’t have prepared me for what met my gaze.
A few weeks ago, I’d heard a heart-wrenching noise while poking around the edge of the glowing sea; a lone radstag doe, torn literally in half by a deathclaw. The beast was scared off by an approaching Vertibird, leaving the doe to wail helplessly until I put it out of its misery.
I had nothing else I could compare the alien to. It was shaking like an aspen leaf, eyes screwed shut and body curled up against the wall. The gun was still technically in its hand (claw?), but pointed at nothing. Just looking at the thing made me feel helpless.
But I brought it back from the brink of death. Soothing terror would surely be easier than saving its life.

Memory Transcription Subject: Rania, Gojid Civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: Error 560 (estimated date: Unknown)
Protector. Please, give me strength. It’s… It’s going to…
No. It just wants to talk. Rania, get a hold of yourself.
I cracked open an eye. Tears largely blinded me from the horrifying details of the predator, but the human still towered over me, casting an engulfing shadow over my weakened form. It was all I could do to not further embarrass myself with incoherent pleading.
It seemed to take notice of my fear, crouching down to roughly eye level.
“You’re OK. I’m not going to hurt you, no matter what. What’s your name?”
“R-Rania.” I forced another eye open. The human had moved itself to a chair. Soft daylight illuminated a pair of forward-facing eyes, but no predatory scowl. It had an expression which could be mistaken for solemn sympathy on another species. But it had no reason not to be sincere. There was no other audience, nor anything I could do to escape. Could it really be concerned?
“Rania. My name is Nate. Can you tell me… what you are?”
“Just Nate? I— I thought humans had two names.”
“Oh, uhh… Nathan Dunne. I just go by Nate.”
I noticed a distinct look of confusion engulf the human’s face. Actually, I started to notice a lot of things. It wasn’t just the building and translator that were so clearly improvised. It— Nate’s armor was clearly not standard-issue anything. Nor the weapon on his side, some sort of pistol made seemingly from scrap.
He didn’t look like a UN soldier, nor a civilian of any type. And… just now… did he ask what I was? How could he not know?
“I’m a… I’m a G—Gojid. Does that mean anything to you?”
He shook his head, which even I knew was a human gesture for no. “Not as such. I might need to work out some issues with the translator, though, so don't count on it meaning—”
“The Federation? The cradle? Venlil? Arxur? UN?”
A bizarre shudder passed through Nate. “I know about the UN, though I can’t imagine how they’re relevant now… and no to the rest.”
“I can’t imagine how they’re relevant”!? What the hell could that mean?
“What— what does the UN mean to you?”
Again, that shudder, like a shadow cast over his soul. “They were a global group, trying to keep international peace. When the first Resource wars sparked… they collapsed like a house of cards. 2052. I was 12. After that, it…” he trailed off, before forcing himself to speak. “It all went to hell. As you can see.”
I couldn’t speak for shock. Predators were deceitful by their nature, yet I knew in my heart his words were sincere. It was plain as day, etched across his face. And if so… What the hell? What the hell!? What was any of that?
“As you can see? What do you mean?”
“Can you walk?”
Should I reveal my weakness? I don’t see any way he couldn’t notice my condition by now, so maybe I can get some sympathy for it?
“I… no, I don’t think so…”
“Then I can carry you outside. If you want, I mean. You’ll see what I meant by ‘went to hell’ real quickly.”
He’d have to… oh Protector, if he chose to carry me to slaughter, there’d be nothing I could do. But by this point, my fear was starting to wear thin from weariness. Curiosity was slowly taking the upper hand.
“S-show me.”
And just like that, the world moved out from under me. Instinctively, I grasped the human’s artificial pelt like a pup clinging to its mother. Light flooded my still tearstained eyes. I blinked them clear, and looked out on the world.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Memory Transcription Subject: Rania, Gojid Civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: Error 560 (estimated date: Unknown)
Was this Earth? This couldn’t be Earth. Earth was green, wasn’t it?
Yellow foliage, grey trees. A soft blue sky, intermittently broken up by concrete highways that towered towards the clouds. And on the horizon, the mammoth corpse of a city, a metal carcass that dominated the skyline.
No green. No life. Not even wind. The whole scene was eerily still, seemingly frozen in time.
Unable to make sense of the wider world, my attention drifted closer. A ring of ramshackle fencing, a larger building that I might mistake for a house. An ancient hand-worked water pump. A plot of vegetables. A beast with glistening fangs, bounding towards—
“Dogmeat, no. Stay.”
Somehow, impossibly, the beast heeded the command, slowing down enough for me to get a better look at my imminent demise. Long brown fur with black markings, a swishing tail, a red fabric tied around its neck. Forward-facing eyes gleaming with hideous intelligence. It sat down, tilting its head and letting out a shrill whine.
“You still haven’t met Dogmeat yet, have you— Rania? Rania!”
I couldn’t breathe. It was looking straight at me. I thought the human was terrifying, but this thing made it look harmless. Did Nate not realize the danger he was in?
“N— No! Please… don’t let it…”
“It’s not going to hurt you either. You’re OK. Breathe.” Nate turned slightly, shielding the beast from view. “Here. We can go back inside if he scares you too much.” I managed to choke out an affirmation, and felt darkness overtake me as we rushed back into the relative safety of the shack. The door clicked shut, sealing the beast outside.
“Rania, talk to me. Can you breathe?”
“Please… please don’t feed me to it…”
Nate’s eyes went wide, and his hand rose to cover his mouth. I didn’t know much human body language (aside from the vicious snarl they called a smile), but shock was a constant across almost every species. His eyes cast around the room wildly, his breathing becoming erratic before he managed to regain control.
“Rania, I— I’m not going to feed you to him. You— listen, I won’t even let him in. It’s safe here.” He clearly had something else to say, and silently struggled with the words for a moment before finding his phrasing. “Can you tell me why you’re so scared? What happened before I found you?”
The words took several moments to consciously register, but their effect was immediate. If Nate was trying to startle me out of my fear, he couldn’t have done a better job. When I spoke, it was with startling clarity as fear was replaced by near-indignant confusion.
“How could I not be scared? You’re predators. Even if… even if you really don’t want to kill me, seeing injured prey must be a powerful temptation to your instincts, no? Not to mention the invasion of the cradle; even if you do have empathy, why try to save an enemy species?”
A few moments of stillness, and then I mimicked his previous motion of shock as I realized what I’d done. If he somehow didn’t know the situation with the Gojid before, he did now. Even prey empathy didn’t extend to their sworn enemies. My stupid thoughtless rambling meant I was good as dead.
“Rania.” Nate’s words were slow, soft, and measured. “I don’t know where you come from or what the situation is out… up there. But I can promise you this.” He tapped my shoulder, snapping me out of my terrified reverie and forcing me to pay full attention. “I’m never going to hurt you. I’ll keep it safe here, as long as it takes for you to heal. You can hold me to that.”
“Safe… even safe from that monster..?”
Nate looked deeply hurt, but quickly covered it up with his previous expression of concern. “Yes. I wish I could prove to you that my dog is friendly, but… if he scares you that much, I’ll find somewhere else for him.”
He stole a glance out the window, before turning back to me. “Listen. I need to get some supplies for the fence while there’s still light. I’ll take Dogmeat with me. Do you know how to use this?” He gestured towards the gun, still sitting where I’d carelessly let it slip from my claws minutes earlier.
Apparently seeing straight through my lie, he bent down to show me. “Here, you just need to pull back the hammer. Finger over the trigger, and line up these sights on your target. Only pull the trigger when you know you have your shot.”
Nate stood up, putting one hand on the door before remembering something. “If you start hurting, you can use this.” He set a syringe down on the table. “Just stab wherever it hurts. The pack’ll do the rest for you. I’ll be back at sundown.”
And just like that, he was gone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Memory Transcription Subject: Rania, Gojid Civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: Error 560 (estimated date: Unknown)
For a while, I just sat there, gun in hand and mind slowly dissolving from all the new information weighing it down. But boredom is a powerful thing, and even injured as I was, restlessness started to take hold.
With the beast gone, and gun in hand, I started convincing myself that it might be a good idea to get another look at the land. I needed to know what I had to work with in case… something happened. And I swore I saw a vegetable garden earlier. Curiosity was getting the better of me.
I tested my legs again. One was sore, but shockingly capable. The other was still burning when I applied pressure, and swaddled in bandages. I didn’t particularly feel like knowing what was under there. One leg would have to do. I didn’t need my legs to shoot, after all.
Cautiously, without making a sound, I cracked the door open. Nobody was out there. I took one shaky step. Then another. Inch by silent sore inch, I made my way over to the “house”.
Like everything out here, it was a rough-hewn heap of rusted metal and thick planks of wood. On closer inspection, however, some care had clearly been put into making it insulated. The windows even had glass (albeit covered in dust), rather than the screen mesh in my shack. This must be where the human lives.
What could Nate be hiding from me?
My curiosity burned brighter than the pain in my leg as I ambled towards the door. Unlocked. I peeked inside.
Thick layers of carpet. A fireplace on the wall, a couple paintings. A mattress much better-maintained than mine, pushed up under one of the windows.
No blood dripping from cages. No hunting trophies on the walls. No indication that this was the lair of a predator. If not for the construction materials, it could be mistaken for a house back on the cradle. It even has refrigeration and lights, without a functional power grid. I guess that predatory cunning comes in handy.
I already knew what the fridge must be filled with. I made the decision not to look. It’d be better if Nate didn’t know I was here, and that’d be pretty hard to hide with vomit all over his carpet. I couldn’t stop myself from looking in one of the cabinets, though. The thing was stuffed with cans of food, nearly full to bursting. Some were clearly homemade, some looked like they’d been excavated from the dirt. Maybe they had been.
My good leg was starting to ache, cutting my exploration short. With no small hesitation, I forced myself back outside, back to the shack where I could rest up a bit.

I was only steps away from the door when a horrifying sight stopped me in my tracks. Dead animals, three of them. Sickly looking things, but recognizably the same species as that ‘Dogmeat’. I couldn’t look away. Was Nate hunting before I woke up? I stepped closer, morbid curiosity dowsing my pain. I don’t see any bite marks. And… predators don’t eat other predators.

Did he kill them to protect me?
Humans were apex predators on their planet. It couldn’t have been self-defense. Nor could it have been hunger, if he’d just left them to rot. So… what other reasons would he have to fight?
I looked closer, my eyes meeting a series of glassy stares. Two of them looked literally skin and bones, but the third looked a lot like Dogmeat. Mouth closed, eyes staring up at the sky unseeing. I almost felt bad for it.
“I wish I could prove to you that my dog is friendly, but… if he scares you that much, I’ll find somewhere else for him.”
Did Nate feel any conflict, having to shoot them on my behalf? Was he going to shoot Dogmeat too, just to ease my fears? He clearly cared about the beast, but if he thought “keeping me safe” meant…

No. I wouldn’t let it come to that. I had to overcome my fear. If I wanted to survive, I needed to be stronger.
Reaching out to the body, arm trembling, I ran a claw down its side. It was soft… still warm, too. The thought that this predator had been alive so recently, only to be put down for my safety, managed to elicit a twinge of sorrow. That feeling, hold on to that. Force it through your fear.
My movements got bolder, even exploring the rows of sharp teeth hidden by a clenched jaw. And the soft fur on its underbelly… its long tail, which sat limp and unmoving on the dust. I could feel my fear begin to fade more and more with every second I sat next to the body of this predator.
Eventually, I forced myself to rise. As I walked back to my bed, I stole one last glance backwards. Instead of horrifying predators, all I saw was a family of three. That they had to die so I could live… the thought filled me with a strange sense of shame.
I couldn’t stand there forever. My poor legs wouldn’t allow it. Back to the bed, step by shaky step.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Memory Recovery Subject: Nathan Dunne, sole survivor of Vault 111
Date: December 13th, 2287
Hauling sheet metal was no easy task, even with the help of a dog. It was dark by the time I got home; I’d missed my appointment with the sunset by nearly half an hour.
Supplies stowed away, armor shed, weapons holstered. I rummaged around the fridge for a radstag fry I’d prepared a couple days ago. I didn’t have the energy to cook, and I still needed to check in with Rania. Dogmeat hovered around my ankles, performing his best puppy impression.
These might be the last meals you get to eat with him. I gave a few scraps for his unconvincing performance.
I knew the minutemen would take good care of him, and Valentine could make good use of his nose. But saying goodbye would be a challenge. He’d had my back practically since I escaped Vault 111, and casting him aside felt like nothing short of a betrayal.
The radstag felt like sawdust in my mouth. I tossed the rest of it to Dogmeat, who looked up quizzically rather than digging in. I knew he was wondering why I was being so generous all of a sudden, but I wasn’t ready to break the news to him yet.

“Is it OK with you if I come in?”
The voice responding sounded completely different. Still recognizably Rania, but without the terrified quivering I’d expected. “Yes. We need to talk.”
I slipped inside, taking care not to let out too much heat. The figure facing me, while again still undoubtedly Rania, was otherwise unrecognizable. Sitting up straight, unshaking, looking directly at me. A far cry from the poor creature I’d talked to when I left. He (he? I decided to assume it was male, given the voice from the translator) turned his head slightly to the side, leaving one eye to meet both of mine in what I assumed was an intense stare for a person with side-facing eyes.
“Nate.” Rania’s voice was thick with determination. “I’ve decided… I want to get used to Dogmeat. If he’s really as friendly as you say, you shouldn’t have to get rid of him just because of my fear.”
It was all I could do to suppress a full-bodied sigh of relief. If he’s on the fence on this decision, showing my joy would force his hand. I have to stay calm. “Can I ask why?”
“I, uh… I found the other predators. The feral ones. The ones you shot.”
“And I… I don’t want you to have to do the same for him. It doesn’t…” The quivering returned in shades, but he continued. “Even if you meant ‘find somewhere else for him’ literally, you shouldn’t have to do that for my sake.”
“I…” I buried my face in my hands, trying to beat back tears. “Thank you. I couldn’t imagine having to… thank you. I can still keep him away from you if you’re scared. You shouldn’t have to live in fear.”
Rania shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Actually, I was thinking I should… you know, get used to him, not just tolerate him from a distance. Face my fear head-on. Just… not tonight, OK?”
For all that quivering, he’s a lot braver than I thought he’d be.
“Yeah. We can get something worked out later. Right now, you need to rest. I’m not just talking about tonight; you’re still injured. Best you can do right now is rest and eat. Which reminds me… The vegetables I brought you earlier. How were they? Any you really liked?”
“Oh, uhhh… yeah, the orange one was really nice. And that red mushy one wasn’t so pleasant; I could eat it anyway to get full, but I’d rather not. Why do you have so many vegetables, anyway?”
Why wouldn’t I? “What do you mean?”
“Well, I thought… predators eat flesh, right? Were you growing them for decoration? I mean… it was nice to see something green and growing out here, but that seems like a lot of effort!”
I couldn’t manage a verbal response to this. All I could give was a baffled stare, which Rania seemed to interpret as a threat.
“I— I didn’t mean to insult you—”
“No, no, it’s just…” I rubbed my eyes. Hauling sheet metal had sapped all my energy, but I couldn’t just let this slide. “I mean… humans aren’t obligate carnivores. Most predators aren’t; even deathclaws forage for mutfruit when they can. Or does the word ‘predator’ mean something else to you?”
It was Rania’s turn for a blank stare, and I began to wonder if I’d just said something insulting. He looked down, mumbling something the translator couldn’t catch, then turned his attention back. “I think we should talk about this later. I need to rest.”
I knew it was a flimsy excuse (I could practically see his mind overheating as he stared back into the ground), but he wasn’t exactly wrong. I bid my farewell with a solemn nod.

The moon cast a picturesque blue light through the windows, giving just enough illumination to fend off sleep. On its own, the meager light couldn’t fight off the exhaustion radiating through my muscles, but Rania’s bizarre outburst was also keeping me up.
Not knowing about the history of our planet was perfectly reasonable, given his alien identity. Being so scared of humans despite apparently knowing about them was strange, but nothing a bit of trauma couldn’t induce. But even schoolchildren knew the basics of the food chain, and I found it hard to believe that a space-faring alien race would be less knowledgeable about ecology than the local population of raiders. Even with no education at all, certain things were obvious by observation.
If nothing else, Rania was right about one thing. We will need to talk about this later.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[Continued in comments]
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2023.06.10 17:25 Sudden_Explorer_7280 [Volume 2 : Manhua edition] Here is how YOU can make MILLIONS by writing the PERFECT novel/manhua in 10 EASY steps (companies HATE this trick)

if you havn't seen the volume 1 you can read over there
You made millions with the volume 1 but you still need money for your manhwa bookshelf made of GOLD ? FRET NO MORE as this is the 10 easy steps gpuide !
  1. MC is either the strongest being/god/master in the universe but gets betrayed by the 11 heavenly sword saints OR does not succeed in defeating the strongest BBEG with a very edgy name like "Heaven and earth soul shattering grand devil"
  2. gets reincarnated, either in the body of a trashy young master (either modern day era, or romance of the three kingdom fantasy style either way its the same plot) or in his old body before he starts training.
  3. his body is weak and needs to catch up his strenght however this time he will build the PERFECT foundation by cultivating a pure dantian with absolutely no impurities, dont forget the scene where he sweats black goo out of his skin. he will do that by combining the aggressive cultivation method (has contain harsh words like "blood demon thousand myriad soul bursting" technique) and a pure and gentle method (with words like "heavenly saint sword dragon plum blossom hidden flow"). with this hes got a 100% pure energy core nobody has ever created before
dont forget to add as many stages as possible to this system and spend 4 chapters explaining how this works. heres an example
  1. wherever he reincarnates he needs to have a bitchy fiance who tries to humiliate him but MC will recklessly break the engagement in front if everyone and people will freak out, the bitchy ex will fall in love from the newfound high confidence of MC
  2. while cultivating/taking a walk or whatever MC hears the distress call of hot FMC whos grandfather is ill/in danger and nobody was able to help him for the past 10 years. He instantly cures him by touching his stomach because he had twisted energy or some other bullshit.
  3. Grandfather is now endebted for life, gives MC millions and asks his granddaughter to follow him. He invites him to a high class banquet but MC will arrive wearing shabby clothes. People will mock and underestimate him but Grandfather arrives and says hes his savior and vowing to support him, gives him some black credit card or some Tang family plaque of gratitude with VVVVVVVIP exclusive rights.
  4. Other angry families are mad at this so they decide to assassinate MC but ofc hes already OP at this point. And here comes the 40 chapters of elders after elders all stronger than the previous one and they all get wrecked by MC. MC has yo be cocky and the assassins will answer with very important sentences such as "courting death" and "this senior has eyes but couldn't see mt tai in front of him"
  5. Mc is now in a position of social, combat and wealth powerhouse. This is where suddenly out of nowhere stronger people from around the world will start appearing, hearing about tournaments at the other side of the world or treasures in hidden places. Mc will go there with other side characters I didnt mention but it doesnt matter cause theyre weak anyways and have no personality.
  6. Mc will know everything about the dungeon and all of a sudden theres like 200 people competing to enter, but in his previous life he did not know about this wall that broke and lead to an even more secret vault and finds a bunch of super OP piece of weapon/armor. dont forget to include grades such as stars or grades ( foe example : 4 star deadly cobra shadow sword )
  7. at this point you can create an ever functionnal rinse and repeat cycle. Meet hot girl who will add herself yo MC's harem, which leads to discovering another hidden place or tournament or something, find a secret pill or giseng and become 10x stronger, but ennemis and/or mystical beasts will also get stronger. Comes back home and raise social status and wealth, repeat until you have no idea left.
note : if after 17 cycles of point 1 to 10 you are tired of doing this, you can make him ascend into heaven where everybody gets a power scale to DBZ level. then repeat step 3 to 10 in the said new universe as desired.
you can easily reach 1000 chapters with all of this. You are guaranteed stable income with weekly $$$$ since people will read it even if its super bad with generic art and no shading.
Dont spend all your millions at the same place ! and dont forget to share some with me !
dont forget to upvote and let me know if you want Murim or VR gaming manhwa next !
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2023.06.10 17:16 autotldr Zelenskiy Says Counteroffensive 'Actions' Under Way As Trudeau Visits Kyiv, Pledges More Military Aid

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)
Ukrainian and Russian forces battled near Bakhmut in the east and in the southern Zaporizhzhya region where many analysts suggest a major Ukrainian counteroffensive got under way this week, and the deadly bombardment of Ukrainian cities continued overnight.
Ukraine's Security Service has said it intercepted telephone communications between Russian military personnel that "Confirm" Russia's involvement in the destruction of the dam, which has been under Russian control since early in the invasion, but Moscow continues to deny responsibility.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy avoided any such statement on June 9, saying merely that "We focus our attention on all directions where our actions are needed and where the enemy may suffer certain defeats."
Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that the Ukrainian counteroffensive was under way but was being largely repelled.
A spokesman for Ukraine's military command in the Donetsk region, Serhiy Cherevaty, claimed in televised statements on June 10 that Kyiv's forces had advanced more than a kilometer in some places near the mostly occupied city of Bakhmut.
The Ukrainian military suggested it was focusing its own offensive operations on the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson areas in the south, where some outsiders have speculated Kyiv might try to cut off a so-called land bridge connecting Russian-annexed Crimea with mainland Ukraine.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russian#1 Ukrainian#2 Ukraine#3 June#4 forces#5
Post found in /worldnews and /RussiaUkraineBriefing.
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2023.06.10 17:11 autotldr Iran police shoot dead nine-year-old after his father stole a car, authorities say

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 26%. (I'm a bot)
A boy was shot and killed by police after his father stole a car in the southwestern Khuzestan province and drove off with him, Iranian authorities said.
Ruhollah Bigdeli, chief of police in Shushtar County, said - via Iran's official police website - that several officers tried to stop the "Stolen vehicle by shooting at it." The boy died on the spot.
Police said they issued the man several warnings before they started shooting, adding that he had a criminal record, including car theft and drug smuggling.
They spoke to the father who accused the police of not issuing any warning before shooting.
In November, nine-year-old Kian Pirfalak, was killed in a shooting that his mother blamed on security forces.
Pirfalak was shot and killed while passing with his parents through a street in the southwestern city of Izeh, in Khuzestan province, filled with demonstrators, during nationwide protests following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after her arrest by the country's morality police.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: police#1 shooting#2 boy#3 killed#4 father#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.10 17:02 Darnell16player Looking for long term partner

Hello! I am in search for a long term rp partner who’s interested in a romantic/action/adventure roleplay and just good quality time overall when it comes to a RP!
I am willing to do these pairings as they’re most familiar to me by order and preference oc x canon, oc x oc, canon x canon as well.
I write literate, third person and prefer to have at least one or two paragraphs in each response to get the plot moving but I don’t expect a novel.
If you have a craving for setting please let me know and we can probably figure something out!
Here’s my list of what I’m looking for at the moment down below!
Anime/Fandoms: Naruto Shippuden * (Boruto I have an general idea of.) RWBY* ATLA/LOK* Fairy Tail* Dragonball (Z and Super count) One Punch Man
Kill La Kill* Miraculous Ladybug* Code Lyoko My Hero Academia* Winx Club* Sailor Moon
Games: Final Fantasy* Kingdom Hearts (AU) Street Fighter* King of Fighters Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) * Devil May Cry Overwatch Persona series Huniepop Tekken* Sakura Wars Dead or Alive Genshin Impact Horizon zero dawn
I adore talking OOC and enjoy being friends with my partners! Good vibes between us etc! If you feel like roleplaying with me please private message me or comment down below so we can exchange discords.
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2023.06.10 16:43 Gist_it 'The Wind Knows My Name' is a reference and a refrain in the search for home

Isabel Allende's new novel, "The Wind Knows My Name," explores the theme of hope and decency in the face of despair with a focus on immigration.
Plot overview: The story follows two child immigrants, one escaping Nazi-occupied Vienna in 1938 and the other fleeing military gangs in El Salvador in 2019. * The narrative intertwines their migrations to the United States and the day they finally meet.
Real-life inspiration: Selena Durán, a social worker within the story, appears to be based on the real-life mission and work of the Florence Refugee and Immigrant Rights Project and the Kino Border Initiative. * These organizations provide legal assistance, food, shelter, and more to refugees and migrants at the border.
Core message: The book conveys the plight of children navigating immigration alone, with powerful illustrations of their coping mechanisms like Anita's imaginary world of Azabahar. * Allende's novel advocates empathy and the possibility of healing in the face of immigration and, ultimately, a search for home.
View original article on NPR
This summary was created by an AI system. The use of this summary is subject to our Terms of Service.
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2023.06.10 16:41 Historical-Milk-1339 TMNT 2003 season 2 has problems

So I'm watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the first time. I'm now nine episodes into season 2 of TMNT 2003. After taking time to critical analyze.....I'm not impressed with the season so far.
Now just to get this out of the way, I want to make sure I give nothing but fair critiques for this show. I am a longtime fan of the 2012 show and as much as that showis precious to me, I won't let my bias blind me from opening up to other itirations of the Ninja Turtles and see how they hold up.
Now I already watched season 1 of TMNT 03, which I found to be a very decent start for the show. So I was hooked enough to continue on and see what season 2 has to offer......Sadly, I found a handful of problems and I know some people aren't going to like what I have to say.
The first story arc is the turtles going into space and going on a mission to protect Fugitoid. I have an issue with the timing of this arc. See, I think it's way too early for the turtles to be going into space. A story like that should take place in season 3 or 4 of the show. I also found how the turtles meet Fugitoid to be a little contrived. He was getting shot at by soldiers and then the turtles conviently teleport right in the area where he's in peril and saves him. We're then introduced to the Triceritons, who plan to build a teleporter to conquer the galaxy. Again, I think it's way too early for this story in the show.
The next arc is the turtles getting back to Earth and properly meets the Utrom, who helped Splinter recover when he was injured last season. The Utrom then show the turtles who they are and why they are on Earth. So I thought the Utrom were decent in terms of characterization and backstory. However I have a criticism......Why did they attack the turtles in the season one finale? Yes, the turtles broke into the Utrom's secret headquarters at TCRI and all, but they only did so to look for Splinter. There was no reason for the Utrom to just take a moment to stop and explain to the turtles that Splinter is okay.
Since it's revealed that the Utrom were only helping Splinter, the entire plot of the turtles in space was pointless and could've been avoided. Also, I think Fugitoid was wasted and used as an unneccessary plot device. Unless he proves useful later in the show, I don't think the show did a good job with him.
Then there's the big reveal concerning Shredder.....Okay, I already knew before watching the show that Shredder is an Utrom. But even if I didn't, I think the reveal was underwhelming. Not because of the concept that Shredder is an alien. It's the buildup that kinda ruins it. What I mean is there were already blatant clues pointing to Shredder being an Utrom such as when he survives Leo chopping his head off last season and seeing Shredder in a flashback centuries ago. I really think the reveal should've had more subtlety to it. What's more is that there were TWO instances in the flashback where the Utrom are about to tell the turtles that Shredder is an Utrom, but are interrupted. What's baffling was that in the second time, there was nothing to stop the turtles from learning the truth. But for some reason, the turtles and Utrom don't bother to bring it up and the turtles only think about asking right at the last second, but gets interrupted AGAIN once they're sent back to the present. Once Shredder was finally revealed as an Utrom, I was like "You should've already gotten to the point, guys!". Then he is presumed dead for the THIRD time in less than two seasons and I already know he's gonna return.
I know I sound like I'm trying to bash the show over bias towards 2012. But you have to believe me when I say I'm really trying to give this show a chance and see if it's good. Season 1 was decent enough, but I'm pretty dissappointed with season 2 so far. Perhaps things could get better as I continue to watch the show.
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2023.06.10 16:29 Mundane-Most-3104 Who are the stories from the Manga you would have glad to see included in the anime or used for a OVA? Here a Top 5 of mine about the Manga's stories I would have glad be animated. Tell me if you agree with me and if there is some story you would have glad see used in the anime or in the OVA.

In first position there is the chapters from the 150 to the 154, I have very appreciated that story of that pendant that was belonged to Kyosuke's parents, also there was a mention about the origins of Kasuga's family powers. The interactions between Kyosuke and Madoka here were one of the best part of the Manga
In the second position all of Sayuri Hirose's chapters, she was the best secondary character. Her introduction have make the story more interesting for me and it is such a shame that she wasn't involved in the anime plot at all
For third position the chapters of Madoka's birthday, I don't really understand why the birthday of Madoka (the true face of the series) weren't included in the animated version.
For the forth position the chapters 56, I liked the interaction between Kyosuke and Madoka at the end. Madoka seem to much aggressive and provocative toward Kyosuke here. It was a rare occasion of her going very serious toward Kyosuke so is shame that it was absent in the anime.
For the fifth position the chapter 70.
As honorable mentions the Special Chapter 158 released years ago the end of the Manga, it was impossible make a animated project of this since it was released after the second movie and the Era of KOR's animation after it was basically end. I can't show you the scans because it to could too NSFW for the rules standards but if someone want the link for the chapter through direct message or a summary of it just ask it.
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2023.06.10 16:24 Mylastlovesong I'm looking for an horror anime (but please read the whole text)

I'm a huge horror fan and one would say that I could find a lot of horror titles in anime. Actually, horror is among the least explored genres of all in the world of anime. Sounds crazy but I can prove it. Usually they are passed off as horror anime that are just "battle shonen with monsters" or ecchi anime of "demonesses and / or angels with big boobs" ... but neither of these things is horror. Sometimes it's enough for there to be any monster in history to make an anime #horror... but it's not true! If there are vampires but the gist of the story is a romance then it is not horror (otherwise Twilight would be horror too ...), if there is a monster who does magic and there is a Victorian atmosphere but the fulcrum of The story is a Sherlock Holmes-esque thriller, so it's not horror, at best it's a gothic story. Above all, you can put the supernatural, you can put mystery, dark atmospheres, etc. but if 90% of the plot is a blow, then it's not horror. And obviously those that have monsters\supernatural\etc aren't horror either but they are comedies, variant of the "magicians" theme, etc So what are the (few) truly horror anime for me (and the question is that I would like to find more like this)?
1) Higurashi
2) Another
3) Bem the human monster (certainly dated but very classy)
4) Shiki (horror but I didn't like it : discounted plot)
5) Corpse Party (cute but all atmosphere, which is obviously important, and little plot)
6) I'm undecided whether to put "Summer time rendering" too: it has many horror elements but has a bit too strong an action component, especially in the second part

Other than that I can't think of anything really horror: Demon Slayer ? I really like it but it's a battle shonen with monsters. Highschool DxD ? It's just an ecchi. Dororo? I would call it dark fantasy, however interesting. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia? It has a lot of horror elements (especially in the manga) and I loved it but, especially the anime, I would call it "romance with ghosts". Miruko Chan ? Slice of life with monsters, even if it seems that in the last part there is an underlying mystery. I've already been recommended Re\member which looks cool but I don't think it has an anime version and Ghost Hunt, I need to see both.
Here are the characteristics that for me a horror must have:
1) It must contain a mystery to be solved: this mystery must be of a supernatural nature ("Why doesn't anyone enter that villa on the edge of the neighborhood anymore?" or "Why do all the senpai who pass through the school stairs commit suicide?" or things like that)
2) It doesn't have to be much battle, it doesn't have to be all action based. Ok yes if there is some action scene I'm fine but no Demon Slayer mood
3) No ecchi (if there is any single scene yes but no Highschool of Dead or Highschool DxD model)
4) The plot must be mainly investigative or, better still, revolve around the resolution of the underlying mystery, which must not be trivial and must not end in the first few episodes (unless others are added)
5) The atmosphere must be mysterious: maybe it doesn't seem like it but in any case it must have strong evocative, nocturnal, gothic, dark, mysterious traits, etc.
Can you help me ?
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2023.06.10 16:16 Boatster_McBoat Amazing how close the Points For and Against are for the two SA teams

Amazing how close the Points For and Against are for the two SA teams
Especially given the Win/Loss differential
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2023.06.10 16:12 Faziri 29 [M4F] Belgium 4 EU/east-US (online) — do you, too, want someone to dedicate your heart and daily time to? [long term] [long distance optional] [discord]

Hi, I'm Marnes, 29M from Belgium (UTC+2h) :) Looking for a girlfriend, 24–30-ish, in the EU or east coast US, for an active, online, clingy relationship. Physical contact would be nice if we lived close enough, but not required.


I enjoyed a digital LDR for 9 years and really want one again. In a nutshell it's daily chatting about our days, life, the world in general, anything big or small, with pictures. Fun events in town, a nice meal, new room layout, handy purchases, cool clothes, a lovely selfie, pretty landscape. Keeping a close eye on our messages so we can be there for each other throughout the day and feel cared about. Prioritizing each other when we can. Doing things together if we can, like playing a game or watching the same show, streaming something on camera/screenshare.
On the romantic side of things, I love affectionate gestures like cheek kisses through emote lines, and simply making this kind of time for each other is special all by itself. I'm also into kinky RP chat (as found on other subs) or other naughty things we could do.


The way digital "socializing" on this level works for me is almost the same as if it wasn't digital. I say hi and bye, let people know I have to leave, tell them what they need to know for their time, react to what they say (even non-verbally), turn my attention to them when talking, etc.
I'd like you to do the same, keeping your devices around with an eye out for notifications to reply to, just generally being someone considerate and intelligent that I can work with. We're not here to waste our time being a 5th wheel or boredom relief to each other, but to be life partners in all ways but physically IMO.
I have a few good friends but not a huge social life, and it'll work best if you're similar, so that our social energy and time mostly goes to each other. You should obviously also actually have some free time on normal days to begin with.

About me

I shouldn't say too much, but to give you an idea about me:
Time to stop writing :) Please send me a chat or PM if you're interested, and I hope to hear from you <3
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2023.06.10 16:05 SpacePaladin15 The Nature of Predators 123

First Prev
Patreon Arxur POV of the Cradle Series wiki Official subreddit Discord
Memory transcription subject: Slanek, Venlil Space Corps
Date [standardized human time]: January 16, 2137
The infected predators were whisked out of the research station, and away from the Battle of Mileau to be isolated in quarantine. The Kolshians had been holding the inner sanctum of the system, since the human fleet was mainly composed of Duerten allies. With the goal of a cured Terran race making itself evident, sending rescue teams for the Dossur prisoners was inadvisable. That would need to await proper biohazard gear, which would take days, if not weeks, to arrive.
Earth was making preparations for itself and its colonies to counter “bioterrorist” measures. Marcel wanted nothing to do with me, during our ride to the quarantine station. The cured humans would be kept isolated for study, until they determined whether the disease was communicable. Initial observations didn’t suggest transmissibility through close contact, though it wasn’t clear if other means could spread the virus. All of us relinquished blood samples for a scientist team to peruse.
Tests were run to determine the extent of the allergic reactions, and doctors came prepared to treat anaphylaxis. My bloodwork was the only one that came back allergen-free; it had been determined that the human-tailored bioweapon couldn’t cross the species border to other sapients. As such, I didn’t have to worry about any modifications to my genome, and I was free to leave at any time. The medical staff became primarily Zurulian too, after this development was confirmed.
Nobody has brought up my execution of the Kolshian prisoner, but it’s a matter of time. Has Marcel not been feeling well enough to raise the alarm?
Concern for the redhead was the reason I hadn’t vacated the facility; no matter what, having him in this situation strained my heart. I wandered up to a Zurulian medic, who was conversing with a human in biohazard gear. The quadruped swiveled around, and his face jogged some faint recognition in my mind. Had I seen this individual before? No, what mattered was discovering how Marcel was holding up, since my…former best friend wouldn’t speak to me.
“Slanek!” the Zurulian announced. “Just the Venlil I was hoping to find. When I heard you and Marcel were among the infected, I had to come.”
I leaned my head back. “We do know each other. You were there, at the battle of Earth. Helping to save his family. Your name is…”
“Wilen. You might remember my wife, Fraysa, too. We wound up living on Earth after the war, sharing notes on human and alien physiology with top experts.”
Fraysa ducked out from within a cabinet. “The Zurulian exchange program was a great way to get to learn what the predators are really like! They don’t deserve this. I understand how close you were with your human, Slanek. Mine is into gardening—gardening, for fun! A predator.”
I don’t give a shit. We met for about an hour, months ago; we’re not friends.
“Cool.” My tail twitched with irritation. “Could you guys tell me how Marcel is doing?”
Wilen squinted. “You haven’t asked him yourself?”
“Oh, of course I have! I just mean from a doctor’s perspective—what’s going on biologically. I’m worried, and I wouldn’t want to ask in front of him. You might not be as straightforward if it’s bad news.”
“Walk with me. I have to deliver these fever-reducing medicines to the sick ones,” Fraysa replied. “The short version is, the virus inserts DNA into the human genome, which induces desired immune reactions to specific meat-based proteins and enzymes. The severity varies from person to person.”
Wilen trotted after his wife. “I was just talking about Marcel’s bloodwork; I want to help him. What Fraysa is saying, is that some humans may only react severely to meat and egg foods. Others are more sensitive to lesser things they eat, like animal lactation, boiled animal tendons in gummies, or even things they wear like cured hides.”
“They put what in gummies?!” I shrieked.
“I thought you knew.”
“Forget it, Doctor. How does this relate to Marcel?”
“Marcel’s blood shows signs of an especially sensitive reaction,” Fraysa commented. “It could be because he’s vegetarian, so some of the proteins are particularly foreign to his body.”
Wilen pawed at a semi-circular ear. “I’m sure you don’t like to think this about your friend, but predatory items pervade human culture, far beyond diet. His furniture and his clothes are probably animal-sourced. Their medicine, a nurturing field by definition, is no longer safe to him; he won’t be able to get egg-based vaccines. I was informed by a human colleague that even cosmetics for dry skin and shoe polish might be off-limits.”
“Treatments for dry skin trigger the cure?” I blinked in confusion, unable to believe the predatory items ran that deep with my human. “Why?”
“Because of a wool grease called lanolin. Look, he’s going to need to be very careful. Our simulations suggest extreme cases like Marcel can’t even breathe the vapors of cooking meat, without triggering anaphylaxis.”
Fraysa slipped a pill packet under a door. “Wilen and I were shocked, realizing how deep hunting runs in the fabric of human society; it’s almost better not to know. What do you think should be done, dear?”
“I think it might be best for Marcel to live on a Federation world, if he needs to avoid animal products altogether. Maybe you could offer to take him in, Slanek, on Venlil Prime?”
My legs locked up, and left me unable to follow the Zurulian medics. Wilen and Fraysa whirled around, noting the shock on my features. Since Marcel didn’t consume meat in the first place, I figured the cure wouldn’t affect his daily life at all. It was within my knowledge that he ate some “animal products”, such as the revolting lactation juice Wilen mentioned, but I figured those could be cut out of a diet too. It wouldn’t be that big of an adjustment, given that my human already avoided them around me.
But now, I realized something as simple as his slick couch, in his Earthly home, would induce the allergic reaction. Marcel couldn’t go to social events with other humans, if breathing in the scent of flesh would place him in jeopardy. That would’ve precluded hanging out around Tyler, or being in the service at all! The vegetarian’s military days were over; it didn’t seem fair that his ordinary life was ruined too. Shit, if he got sick, he couldn’t seek some treatments at a Terran hospital anymore.
Poor Marcel will have to think of every little thing, as small as treating chapped lips in the winter. If he stays on his world, I don’t know how he can go out in public without risk…but he certainly doesn’t want to live with me.
I pinned my ears back, searching for an excuse. “Marcel has family on Earth. He has a life there!”
“It will be…difficult, for his predator relatives and friends to accommodate him. They’d need to be very cognizant,” Wilen said. “I’m not pressuring you to do anything you don’t want to. But if you care about him, you need to tell him what staying on Earth means for him.”
“He could wear some breathing mask…and a contact suit?”
Fraysa scrunched her nose. “Maybe, but does he want to do that every day of his life? It’s a rough situation. Though there is good news, Slanek.”
“What, that he’s not dead?!”
“I’m sorry you’re so upset. But the good news is, for the air-transmission version, there might be hope of reversing the cure in the near future. The humans have their own gene-splicing systems, such as CRISPR. This incident helps them understand the general principles of what the cure adds, so it might help them identify unnatural edits in other species too.”
“I don’t care about other species! They don’t want it undone, I can fucking tell you that. Marcel does!”
“Well, the humans might be able to undo his gene edits, with proper study. If he chooses to stay away from Earth, it might only be for a little while. His normal life might be restored in a few years…maybe months. Terrans are quick studies.”
Hearing that the predators could figure out a reversal, without outside assistance, alleviated my guilt for killing Navarus. Clearly, we didn’t need any of the prisoners alive to undo the damage. Besides, there were more captives, like the scientist my friend had brought in, who could provide the information Earth sought. That demonic Kolshian, who laughed at the idea of destroying Terran culture, deserved a bullet to the head. Marcel was unreasonable, but other humans might be more rational. Maybe I was fretting over one man’s skewed morality.
I chewed on what the Zurulian doctors imparted. “You qualified the hope of reversing the cure as being for the airborne version. Does that mean the other humans, from the research station, are incurable?”
“We didn’t say that, but the injected-serum is much harder to cure,” Wilen proclaimed. “I think that’s why the Kolshians favor that method, when given a choice. They transmit the virus directly into the bloodstream, and also inject certain proteins and enzymes into the skin…to spark allergies the old-fashioned way.”
“I see. So they’re permanent herbivores.”
“Permanent’s a strong word, Slanek. Curing the genetic side would prevent the disease from being passed to offspring, at least.”
Fraysa flicked her ears. “Besides, I expect you would know, as a vegetarian’s friend, even if those people are eating grass…humans are still violent predators. The Kolshians succeeded in pissing them off, not gentling them.”
“Right! What makes them human is that they’re insane,” Wilen remarked. “So, my Venlil buddy, are you able to break the news to Marcel for us? He deserves to know right away, and it would be better coming from you. A friend.”
“Well.” My throat clammed up with guilt, not wanting to reveal our relationship’s dire straits. Selfishly, all I wanted was to see and comfort Marcel during this revelation; I could brainstorm a plan to ease my entry into his room. “Yes. I’ll tell him.”
“Excellent! Well, his door is right here; I’ll leave you to the unpleasantries.”
My eyes widened with alarm, as the Zurulians pushed me through a plastic isolation flap. It hadn’t occurred to me that the conversation’s timetable would be accelerated; I hadn’t realized we were walking past Marcel’s room, while I was distracted worrying about him. Wilen and Fraysa watched with expectancy, giving encouraging ear flicks. Nausea twirled in my belly, as I didn’t dare explain what happened between us.
My paw issued a tentative knock, before I twisted open the sealed door. The red-haired predator studied me with lethargic eyes, perspiration lining his skin. He shifted on the bed, and curled his lip with displeasure. A booming cough racked his body, causing him to fall back against the pillow. A pitcher of water had been nearly drained; he hadn’t been able to get up to refill it at the filtration sink.
“Hi Marc,” I offered.
A low groan came from his mouth. “Go…away.”
“Please, let me get you some water. I can’t leave you like this.”
I scurried over to the pitcher, feeling my heart rate hit an all-time high. Chiding myself not to drop the glass and look like more of a fool, I carted it over to the spout. The water filled the jug with the speed of molasses, and my tail swished across the floor with impatience. Temptation overtook me, so I risked a glance at Marcel. The human’s face looked puffy; it was clear his immune system was in overdrive.
I wish that I could curl up next to him, and make him feel better. I miss having such a wonderful friend.
Those hazel eyes struggled to stay focused on me, which caused sympathy to tug at my heart. I balanced the full pitcher with new determination, pressing it to his lips. The rift between us felt palpable, as Marcel reluctantly accepted the hydration for his own sake. Even in his discombobulated state, I could see that he hadn’t forgotten what I did. Fury was causing him to distance himself from me; I got the sudden feeling my lie had been what pushed him over the edge.
“I was asked to tell you something, by the Zurulian doctors,” I spoke hurriedly, while setting the pitcher down on the table. “Your reaction to the cure is severe. The doctors don’t think you should live on Earth for a while. They said you’d be deathly allergic just smelling meat or touching animal products…like apparently, your couch. Which I slept on.”
Marcel didn’t speak a word. Even in his listless stupor, his binocular eyes managed to level me with intensity. I noticed a slight lump pass down his throat; he was either swallowing down hurtful thoughts or thirst. The human, who’d become the faithful friend my world revolved around, just wanted me gone. That stung worse than the prickle of a thousand thorns, but I was glad we hadn’t quarreled again.
With legs that felt as heavy as stone, I trudged toward the door. It was impossible not to feel the predator’s gaze boring into my spine. His judgment punished me, as if he were the aggrieved party in the Navarus execution. Part of me was angry about the Terran’s mandatory policy on mercy, but I couldn’t berate him in this sorry state.
At the end of the day, I cared about Marcel. What I said to him back on the research station was accusatory and less-than-kind, though it was true enough. If this was the last time we ever spoke to each other, I didn’t want to cut contact with hurtful words. Perhaps he could learn to remember our adventures with some fondness, in time. This hadn’t been how I wanted our close-as-brothers bond to fizzle out.
“I’m sorry that they did this to you.” I kept my back turned to the human, resting a paw on the door handle. “You remember why I joined the exchange program? I read your book, Frankenstein. About a monstrosity who only wanted a friend…or acceptance, and was hated and abused by the world. Judged for his appearance.”
There was nothing but silence from the human, and the certain feel of his watchful gaze. Without looking, I could feel the dazed rhythm of his blinks. How had I ever feared that Marcel would harm me? He couldn’t dole out punishment to the people that deserved his wrath, let alone to anyone he called a friend.
“I felt sorry for the creature. For you. And maybe, in some weird corner of my brain, I was curious what it was like to be a monster,” I continued. “Now, I know that I am one too; just not one of appearances. Maybe the book was trying to say that the real monsters were the ones who wronged the physical monster. I hope you’ll find someone who sees you for what you truly are, because I can’t do it anymore.”
My paw cracked the door ajar, and I slumped my shoulders in the entryway. This went against everything that my heart desired, pulling away from the only person I thought I truly knew. The reality was that I had changed too much; Marcel didn’t sign up to be partners with someone he saw as a monster. If I could go back to how things used to be between us, I would. Now, I had nobody to turn to.
A faint growl rumbled behind me. “That whole plot you saw was bogus. The real ending…of that book. Not the censored one the UN doctored up. Do you know what it is?”
My head whipped around. “What? You changed it?”
“Of course we did. It’s a vengeful story, not one where Frankenstein’s monster is innocent and lives alone with another of his kind. The real tale? Suffering immensely from rejection…the creature strives to take everything from his creator that he ever loved. After the death of his maker occurs, the wretch commits to end his own life of unhappiness in turn.”
“That’s…” My blood ran cold, as I tried to decipher what lesson such a story could tell. That was in stark contrast to a story that garnered sympathy from the viewers; it proved the point that the monster was a monster! “I don’t understand.”
“Humans changed it because we wanted you to take the message that we could be friends. We weren’t trying to vow vengeance for our rejection then. But maybe we should’ve left the message that there are consequences, for such inhumane and callous treatment of a ‘monster.’ It’s fitting, in hindsight.”
“That doesn’t sound like something you would say…Marc.” I took one hesitant step back toward the Terran, and noticed that he had averted his eyes. “You never want consequences.”
“Fuck, you think I don’t want the bastards to pay for all of these horrible things? I have…suffered plenty too. You seem to forget.”
“Then why…why do you let every bad person we come across get away with everything?!”
“I don’t. Read the book, and maybe you’ll understand. Here…I’ve had a copy in Venlil-script on me, ever since I knew you liked it. I wasn’t sure about giving it to you, but now I am.” The human rummaged through a satchel near his bedside, and weakly held it out with a hand. I inched closer, pulling it from his slender fingers. “There’s also a lesson for the monster in there. In his revenge, the monster damned himself too. I know from Sovlin that that was almost me.”
“I lied to you. Can we ta—”
“No. Come back when you’ve finished the book, and then, we’ll talk. I…need to rest. And process my family’s future.”
My tail flicked in a gesture of acceptance, and I plodded out of his quarters with a lighter heart. Marcel didn’t sound as angry; his voice was choked with tiredness, but his hatred had evaporated. Perhaps the human didn’t have the energy to project his grudge, though I wasn’t going to complain if that was the reason. It must be a lot for him to reckon with, learning how the cure would wreck his entire life. He still hadn’t complained or exploded with emotion.
I have no idea how he really feels, but I guess I’ve started to assume he doesn’t experience hate. He’s just always so…moral.
My claw traced the cover of the real Frankenstein, wondering how it could apply to my own feelings of monstrousness. Maybe I was ready for the lessons humanity hadn’t wanted the Venlil to absorb in the beginning. I had fallen far enough to heed teachings meant for the more depraved minds among predators. Regardless, I was curious to see what the full narrative held in its pages. If this was a slight chance to salvage my friendship with Marcel, it was a no-brainer to seize it.
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