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For fans of the Disney's Sofia the First.

2023.03.29 15:00 Warm_Assist_405 Alright she ain’t the one. She doesn’t seem to know who Donovan is 😭😔

Alright she ain’t the one. She doesn’t seem to know who Donovan is 😭😔 submitted by Warm_Assist_405 to berserklejerk [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:00 Prior-Onion68 I don't know if I should continue pursuing this guy

I've been working at a gym for the last year or so, I never flirted or pursued any members, simply put I just never had those thoughts go through my head, plus I'm not one to approach guys tbh, I get extremely shy
About a month or two ago, I started getting butterflies, nervous and super blushy when this one guy came in. He's been coming in to the gym forever, even before I started. Still not sure why all of a sudden I developed this crush on him.
He comes in with his friends most of the time, which one of them is close with one of my coworkefriend. I told her about the little crush I had on him, and she immediately told me I should just go for it.
I spoke with his friend first who told me the guy wasn't much of a talker, pretty quiet and didn't approach girls, but he said I should just go up and make conversation and get his number.
I did just that and got his number.
Now, I've met bad texters before, but I didn't ever come across this. He hardly texts back, like I'm talking once or twice a day. But I also know my friend told me when she initially messaged him about me he took forever to respond.
A part of me (the super nervous side lol) thinks he's just not interested but another part of me thinks he just isn't a big texter (based off what i've seen and been told) and I should just try to talk to him more in person

What should I do?
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2023.03.29 15:00 Cold-Tangerine2493 starting no fap from this moment. Any suggestions?

have been doing it since I was 14 .Now after 7 years starting no fap for the first time in my life. please share the tips
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2023.03.29 15:00 bobbysixkillah Looking for similar songs.

Ayo can you recommend me songs similar to these? Thanks!
Bladee - Gotham city

Lean - friday the 13th
First Class
Like Me

(Bass heavy songs basically)
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2023.03.29 14:59 loliflossingit Advice for these thoughts/feelings please

Need some insight here with my probable fp
Hi everyone. I'm having some trouble thinking clear with so much back and forth in my brain. Long story short, I know this guy and we have a situationship for now, met through my cousin. We live in different cities so we never met in real life, but it's not bait lol we have seen each other and all that.
Sometimes we will stop talking for some weeks. I can't bring myself to text him first, despite the fact I fought it before and did. But the longer it goes, the worse my anxiety about texting first gets. I feel I split on him quite a bit with dumb reasonings and go back to liking him. We have a lot of chemistry and things in common. But my brain keeps giving me reasons not to get into a relationship with him.
Plus, there's times where he'll post stuff that makes me annoyed and feeling dumb like he will post pictures with probably friends and be like "we are the best couple who's not real couple" and like, you're telling me you really like me but then when we don't talk for a couple of days you post this???? Is it to make me jealous? I'll see his stories but he will see mine only at the end of timing available, I will post things to get him to maybe talk to me but he won't. I too don't text him... when we are talking he see my stories almost immediately
I feel like I'm playing dumb here because these things make me think he's not that interested but at the same time I know he is because he tells me and my cousin says it too that nowadays their topic of conversation it's always me and how he wants to travel to visit me.
Should I go and text him first? He doesn't know about bpd or anything that goes inside my brain lol but I feel it would make me look like I'm giving excuses and playing games by wanting him to text me first when I can do it(and did before)... But my brain is like well you'll breakup soon enough anyways so why try lol please advice? I never dated before soo help is very needed heree
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2023.03.29 14:59 plantypesa4 Thg Buys Cult Beauty

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2023.03.29 14:59 comment351 Skillshare Student Offers

Get Skillshare Student Offers from this link and save money on your next purchase. First, visit the link for Skillshare Student Offers. Then, on that page pick the best promo code, or deals, you interested and click the 'View Coupon' button. Enjoy the discount!
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2023.03.29 14:59 stretox Is my DDR5 6000mhz Kit actually a 4800mhz Kit?

Is my DDR5 6000mhz Kit actually a 4800mhz Kit?
I just upgraded my CPU and switched to AM5 with an Ryzen 7000 Processor. To go along I ordered Corsair 6000Mhz Ram. When I first opened my Bios it said that the Ram was clocked at 4800Mhz. I manually changed it to 6000Mhz, but it still says that I got two "DDR5-4800-16GB" modules. Should I be worried?
Pic 1: You can see that it says DDR5-4800. Originally it also said @4800Mhz
Pic 2: The only thing on the Box that indicates my Kit being a 6000Mhz Kit is a sticker (I ordered from a reputable store here in Germany, I still have the possibily to return my hardware)
Pic 3: This is where I manually changed it.
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2023.03.29 14:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.29 14:59 Mod-Mod13 💥 #NewHomeForSC Competition Day 2!

💥 #NewHomeForSC Competition Day 2!
Check out the 2nd clue for our #NewHomeForSC competition!
This new clue means you have 24 hours to put in your second guess. And a friendly word of advice… If you had already picked a specific answer for your first guess, make sure that 2nd answer is different from your first one. Your first answer has already been recorded, so there is no point putting in the same guess!
And as a reminder, some simple rules for the competition:
• You are eligible to submit 1 guess per day • You must post your guess in our official Telegram group within 24 hours and before the next clue is revealed • Each clue will be revealed at 2.00pm UTC • There will be one clue each day until our big reveal at 2.00pm UTC on March 30th
The first 5 participants to guess correctly will each receive a 50$ Amazon gift card! And by just sharing 1 guess per day, you will get 50 community points for participating (You can earn 50 points a day up to a total of 150 points!).
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2023.03.29 14:59 Vyrizion Charles Manson's time in Jail

Hi Reddit,
This question has been on my mind and I was hoping to get some other insights.
When I looked up his biography it looks like a life full of disappointments,fear and loneliness. In a documentary a cell mate talks about how he used to cheer them up with music during his first sentence.
In later interviews he talks about how he learned more from the spiders and despised humans for their own ignorance
Do you think Charles Manson preferred prison over the freedom of life?
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2023.03.29 14:59 BeannePickles Doordash Referral Code - Get up to $45 CAD ($15 off your first 3 orders) plus free delivery 🍟

Get $15 CAD off first 3 orders ($45 total) and free delivery from restaurants on Doordash
Once you click on the link you will see the current offer. Also pay attention to the minimum order amount listed (excluding fees) or you won't get the bonus
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2023.03.29 14:59 jcolville28 Aftermath of Mayhem

Shortly after winning the Hardkore Championship, as the fans begin to exit the building, Dano C can be seen up on the rafters of the building, battered, bruised, but most importantly, bearing the belt. Some eagle-eyed youngsters point excitedly up at the rafters of the stadium, but parents pull them away, 20-20 vision a distant memory. Dano C waves at any passers by that do point, but for the most part, takes in the beautiful Riyadh skyline. He digs into his backpack that he put to oneside and pulls out a bottle of coca cola, downing the liquid inside.
"Easy work getting this bud through security, shame it's a bit warm" Dano C mumbles to himself.
As he pulls out another, one of the other bottles slips out of the bag. Dano C goes to catch it, but it tumbles down to the ground, and smashes open on impact. A police officer is quick on the scene, takes one sniff of the spilt liquid before speaking into his walkie talkie.
Within minutes, armed police swarm the building, and a helicopter can be heard overhead, but Dano C stays fixated on the Riyadh skyline, finishing his second beer. He doesn't even make a move when the cops arrest him, and drag him back over to the chopper.
6 days later, Dano C gets his first visitor. Red Hot appears, standing at the other side of the cell.
"Where the hell is he? You said you had him cooped up in this cell. All of see is an empty bed, a full shitter and a mattress in the middle of the floor." Red Hot exclaims, towering over the prison guard.
As the guard runs the other direction, to inform the others, Dano C can be seen springing from the top corner of the cell, hitting a huge frog splash on the mattress in the middle of the room. Before Red Hot can speak, he gets up and climbs back up the cell poles, propelling himself back up to his corner spot of the framed ceiling. Dano C comes back flying down again, dust splattering everywhere as his body connects even harder with the mattress.
The guard returns with three others, and their jogs turn to marching strides as they lock eyes on the prisoner. One of them steps up and unlocks the cell's gate.
"You've served your time Dano C, and you're being deported, without possible return. I'm here to take you out of the country, you've got a title to defend."
Dano C steps up, grabs his empty backpack from the guard, and walks out infront of the WWC champion.
"Ano, had to get some training in. Easy work for the boys"
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2023.03.29 14:58 parisianseine 22 F looking for friends [friendship]

Hey I’m from the Philippines and I’m currently taking a year off from college. My interests are animals, astrology and fashion. I also like reading about history and learning new facts.
Ideally I want a long term friendship. I would want us to chat here a bit first so I can see if you’re genuinely interested. I’m open to talk to any gender just as long as conversations are wholesome.
I also like voice chatting but if you just want to text we can just stick here on reddit.
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2023.03.29 14:58 cirkleapps Important Post for Shopify Merchants Who Are Offering Local Delivery.

Most customers choose local pickup option by mistake because Shopify sorts free shipping first .
We came up with a solution: the "Shipfy" Shopify app.
The feedback from merchants makes us proud.
Here is the feedback:
We use this app to sort the delivery options. By default, Shopify shows the free option first (which in our case is local pickup) and most customers choose this without reading what it is. This required us to call the customers to ask if they really meant to have local pickup when they were located tens or hundres of kilometers away. With this app, that problem is solved. And the support is top notch!
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2023.03.29 14:58 mismewitdatgaysht Mod idea-camera man follower.

Sick of op followers that obliterate all opposition making the game too easy, do you want a companion who keeps you company in your totally scary skyrim mod list but does nothing but throw cheeky remarks at you and doesn't ruin a stealthy character or any other type of dragonborn.
Well look no further than Camera man kun a dude who is a total milk drinker with no combat skills whatsoever found bought a piece of dwemer cube from a shady merchant only to find that it captures moving light of the surroundings to make moving images, he came up with idea to make moving image of none other than tbe most important person in skyrim, the dragonborn.
Features -cheaky remarks,undetectable during stealth, motivational but unhelpful quotes during combat, tells you to pose for the camera when you are trying not to die, totally a push over, camera might stray (I think he has a crush on you),dynamic quest dialogue, gloryfied torchlight from camera, he a fast boi, dragon born can get royalties after movies are made, for example killing alduin will be the end of the first movie and the player can get royalties when camera man releases the movie, nfsw options for the horny bois.
Overall the inspiration came with the Anime meme camera kun being op and thought it would be fun to have a follower like that especially since I dislike followers who steamroll all enemies and make the game 2 difficulties easier than what im playing at, and since a new generation of AI voice overs is upon us a dialogue intensive follower is not so out of reach and so please comment any additions you would like to see in case anyone becomes interested in making this mod so they can pluck inspiration from the post and comments.
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2023.03.29 14:58 djkool123 Advice For a Trip to the White Mountains

Hi! I hope to take a trip to the White Mountains with my parents April 10-14.
Firstly, is this a good time to go? Is the weather too extreme? Are there mountains easy enough for me (intermediate hiker) or for families or is the weather too risky to even try?
Secondly, if I were to go:
- What places are recommended? (scenic hikes, lakes, just walking around to explore, food)
- Best accommodations?
- What should I pack to prepare? (hiking gear, clothes, etc.)
Thanks so much! Not sure if this is the best time to visit, but I don't mind being super cold or it being snowy and would love to see the mountains even if not from the tallest peak :)
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2023.03.29 14:58 Parazoteq Toy safety

Toy safety
Is this safe for them to chew? Its the first time they began chewing on it since i got it, they chew both the rope and the corn base
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2023.03.29 14:58 aqueenofmoons Always an attitude over getting ID'd

My first customer of the night was this old lady who was buying cigarettes. I got her 2 of the 4 she was asking for (the other 2 were 305s which my store at least doesn't sell). She was mostly fine with that. Then I told her "Okay, it's going to ask me to see your ID before I can sell you these" and then she got huffy and dug for her JD while going "You know it's AGAINST THE LAW to be PREJUDICED." .....she was an old white lady. So I guess checking IDs is prejudiced now 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
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2023.03.29 14:58 InterestingSwimmer85 Evolution theory part 2

Sorry for the wait I had stuff to do , if you got any suggestion that make sense to you or if you disagree with any of the point I made tell me in the comments, I would love feed back
So as I was not over with the sandwings, i am 75% sure ice wings comes from their genus( same scale style, tail weaponry, both got animus as far as we remember, fork tongue and have a good tolerance to harsh light and climates). Up next are the shallowwings (ancestors of the known seawings) and I am more sure of what I say because it seems to all come together, first off and most obvious we got the mudwings that seem to come from the seawings with some pretty easy to spot similarities (the mudwings are said to have a "robust Constitution" and a seem to have a big and strong tail just like the seawings, the scales on their neck somewhat look like seawing gills ,they walk on the palm of their hind legs like the seawings, their horns seem to have similarities , their back spikes look awfully like the trail that seawings have and last but not least they can stay 1 hour without breathing with is quite obviously a defining trait). Finally we have the night wings and honestly I'm not sure about this but this is more of a "they fit less with them" than a "they fit better with them" but I think nightwings come from mudwings with extremely tan scales that mixed with some skywings and maybe lived in grotes in the day and hunted at night this developing the bioluminescent capacities of their ancestors and they share the same back quills as the mudwings
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2023.03.29 14:58 No-Alternative8835 Vexcalibur infusion

If I infuse my Vexcalibur to level up my other gun before extracting the pattern first, can I reobtain it somehow?
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2023.03.29 14:58 kodiakbear_ #Covenant shooter sent these messages to a friend at 9:57 am, minutes before the first 911 call was made from the school at 10:13 am. The friend immediately called the sheriff’s office to alert them. Do these messages sound like they were written by someone of sound mind?

#Covenant shooter sent these messages to a friend at 9:57 am, minutes before the first 911 call was made from the school at 10:13 am. The friend immediately called the sheriff’s office to alert them. Do these messages sound like they were written by someone of sound mind? submitted by kodiakbear_ to Firearms [link] [comments]