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2023.03.29 09:23 enz0ferrar3 TOPLANIN!!!!! UCUBE OROSPU ÇOCUKLARI iÇIN LEAK VE ARSiV SiTELERi!!!!!

Amme hizmet ayaginizin dibine geldi. AradiginIz onlyfans hatunun leakini bulamiyor musunuz, ben fakir bir orospu evladiyim mi diyorsunuz? Iste bu hizmet tam da size göre! Gelelim sitelerimize: 1. coomer(nokta)party -> OnlyFans gacilarinin cogunu bulabildiginiz bu sitemizde hem gacilarin videolarini hem de fotograflarini bulabiliyorsunuz. 2. simpcity(nokta)su -> coomer party'de aradiginiz gaciy! bulamadiniz mi iste bu forum tarzi site tam da size göre, yalnizca OnlyFans içerikleriyle de kalmiyor patreon, deepfake v. bir çok içerik bulabiliyorsunuz.[repost]
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2023.03.02 03:35 hijoput4 EXTREME PICTURE DOWNLOADER (download entire threads from simpcity)

This program is great for hoarding entire threads on Simpcity forums (entire threads means all pages of the thread in one go). Its also very useful to download image searches from google and others.
It is based on scripts that the community shares, you can also create them and download new ones; it has a lot of scripts available for many NSFW pages and normal pages too.
And yes, it works for videos too.
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2023.02.22 21:42 Reasonable_Row_1002 Te latest news on simpcity and thotsbay forums accessing link

The latest relaunch of simpcity and thotsbay community site & forums for best content can now be accessed.
The link is encrypted using Base64 so you can use any Base64 decode on google or use a recommended one such as:
The decrypt code to access the new site is: aHR0cHM6Ly90aG90c2JheS5jeA==
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2023.02.20 05:31 overcast1766 Fucckkkk I really need to let go. FOMO kills me.

Clarity came today I guess.
I deleted my
I still have left
I had purged previous forum accounts like end of Dec, but I made them again, including the paid one. Through an image board I found a girl that I came across before had more recent content. And I ask about girls I've talked to before to see if anyone has nudes from them too. I have content from girls I've chatted with online from like 5-8 years ago. They've blocked me and everything, we don't talk but I still look at their pages and look for alias pages, you know "just incase" they've posted any nudes themselves. Recently, I've been waking up and checking the forums and image board too routinely, just hoping someone would post pics or vids or links to content from these couple girls. Or nights I would just be searching the half dozen or so girls name/locations looking for any chance they posted anything. I'm a weirdo, I hate myself for my behavior.
I know it's not healthy, but it's a habit. And the thought of deleting my folders, it's like well that'll be the last I ever see of them. It's making me so fucking anoixous today. I hate this so much.
With the other accounts, I have to delete, it's fine whatever, I can pay again and find them (though I shouldn't). But yeah the more personal girls, like how am I supposed to forget what they look like, their bodies are like.
Kinda ranty sorry,
Edit: as of 2023-02-24, it's all gone.
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2023.02.14 16:00 HY71PER [PROOF] SimpCity SUCCESSFUL DMCA Takedown of AN ENTIRE Piracy Forum Thread of a Female Model

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2023.02.13 03:41 ModKingMugen DON'T POST HER EXCLUSIVE CONTENT HERE. Reddit will FUCK YOU and ME over with DMCA strikes and we'll get banned

Instead go to to view and post her content.
You won't get fucked over and there’s a ton of exclusive content from other models on that forum.
You do need an account and I'd suggest using an ad blocker
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2023.01.08 14:36 blackn3kko Caught my(F20) boyfriend (M21) on a private VPN to look at women

Hello Reddit,
So my boyfriend and I had a huge argument before about his twitter and how he had women on there he was hyping up and was looking at to get off. It’s a boundary for me and I consider it cheating. When I confronted him about the tweets and the retweets of these women, he said it wasn’t him and he got hacked.
If that was the case then why keep it up on your twitter?
I don’t mind him watching porn, I do it as well. But when it comes to watching JUST a woman and her body and getting off to that, it’s considered cheating for me. I told him if I ever see anything like that again, I would break up with him.
Fast foward to now. I find this app on his phone, a private VPN called Aloha… he’s been on this website called SimpCity which has forums of women. I clicked on all of them, and they date back to DECEMBER and even longer, of him clicking on random women forums and looking at their body who LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME.
When I confronted him about it last night he says he wasn’t looking at individual women but he has a huge past of having nude women on his phone, WHITE women… I’m black…
We JUST came back from an expensive trip THAT I PAID FOR in full, he didn’t have to put out his wallet for anything. We were gone for a week for his birthday and I’m pretty sure I spent like 200 per day on him, not including the clothes I bought him, the shoes I bought him, and the haircut. So this hurts that even on his BIRTHDAY it says he was in his website.
When he kept denying it, I walked away and when I came back the app was gone… he did that same thing with the tweets, he quickly deleted them and considered the situation solved. For him it was, for me, I felt unresolved and lied to. I asked him PRIOR to me walking away to let me go through the links with him and if he had nothing to hide and he was telling the truth then I should be able to look through them with him and prove he was right but as soon as I walked away they were gone JUST like he did with the tweets and then he took my phone and deleted the pictures I took of the tweets so I had something to confront him with… I hate that he deleted it without actually proving to me he wasn’t looking at other women… Because now it makes me feel like me being upset is for nothing and now that it doesn’t exist, it’s kinda hard for me to hold on to this feeling but I feel betrayed and lied to..
What should I do?
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2022.09.23 15:39 sk0rp99 for latest leaks check forum simpcity(dot)su

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