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Using Weed For Depression

2023.06.10 05:05 legitimateloser Using Weed For Depression

I've been smoking weed pretty much daily for the past 2 weeks, I think. It's the only thing that's been able to help with my depression. Life seems so much clearer now, I'm not doubting myself all the time, and I feel more confident and smarter, too. I can't remember the last time I felt this good. A bad thought comes every now and then, but I'm able to just, talk to myself. I really feel like I am my own best friend right now. I'm slowly beginning to find out more and more about myself. I guess the only thing I'm worried about, is this the right thing to be doing? Am I going down the wrong path? I don't know. But weed is helping me realize just how wonderful life is. The sights, the sounds, the colors, everything is much clearer to me now. I used to be stuck in my own head, I couldn't focus on what really matters. Now I feel like I can. This might sound cliché to say from someone who most might consider a stoner, but I feel like I'm on top of the world. I used to... judge people who smoked weed in the past. I guess some of the anti-weed propaganda they taught me in school was still in my head and I always assumed that weed was this horrible thing, just as bad as any other hard drug like meth, cocaine, heroine, etc. I never understood why people did it, but I do now. Another thing I've noticed is that I'm alot more sympathetic now, my depression would make me so numb and make me not care about anything. I guess because my depression was so bad, it was hard for me to care about anything else that was going on. I was in so much pain. I just really hope that I am doing the right thing here, like I'm not a religious person, but if there is a god out there, I just need a sign or something that I'm not messing anything up. Smoking weed has made me the most happiest I've ever been in probably over a decade. I'm glad I found it. Sorry this was so long, I just really wanted to share my experience with you people
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2023.06.10 05:05 389Tman389 [Fun Spot Atlanta] 9 June 2023 Trip Report

[Fun Spot Atlanta] 9 June 2023 Trip Report
Today I woke up at dawn to fly across the country to Atlanta and start this years road trip. Got a few warmups with the comically fast and janky Sky Trains at the Dallas and Atlanta airports before heading straight to Fun Spot Atlanta. The approach to the park is incredible, there’s nothing but trees all around until BAM a 15 million dollar RMC pops out in the distance.
Parking was free today which was nice, so within 10 minutes of arriving we were already on ArieForce One (x6). The ops were incredibly slow with one train and the long list of tasks the 2 ride ops had to handle, but it didn’t matter and we marathoned the crap out of it! If anything the break was necessary so our shins didn’t get cut off from the crazy airtime.
ArieForce One is definitely a front row ride in all aspects other than the first drop. The airtime, sense of speed, and inversions hit much harder with a higher quality in the front. Coming into the Raven truss dive you get ejected out of our seat, and the massive over bank lifts you up with a decent intensity as well. I was surprised at how insane the first zero g roll over the arcade was and how manageable the ending airtime hills were.
To give my shins a break we went and rode the lovable E&F Miler jank that was Hurricane (x1) and Sea Serpent (x1). Hurricane had some super comfortable seats but the sharp turns were a little painful on the legs. They may be old but those E&F hurricane rides are a lot of fun. Sea Serpent was most interesting to me because they have the ride raised on some wood pallets which looks pretty strange to me.
It’s incredible to me that you can marathon a coaster as good as ArieForce (until your shins can’t take it anymore) so easily. There were quite a few people at the park on a Friday night as well so all the coasters were full every time they were run. I really hope this works out for Fun Spot. I’m rooting for them. Anyways next up is a first visit to SFOG after an incredible start to the trip
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2023.06.10 05:01 oxrclay Which broom to choose? Want a bost efficient broom.

Which broom to choose? Want a bost efficient broom.
Just on recreational play, no need to choose WCF approved. Wondering which of Hardline, Goldline or Balanceplus would be the most efficient broom on ice?
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2023.06.10 04:59 Adorable-Ad-1040 I killed my own mother

I'm sorry if this doesn’t make sense; this is my first time using this app. I have now (17f) killed my mother (39f). Here's some background information: Me and my mother never got along; she was mentally and physically ill. All I can remember is my mom and dad fighting verbally and physically. I always tried to stop it, but most of the time I would end up badly injured. I also tried to protect my little sister, who is 3 years younger than me. Once my mother got full custody of me due to the sexual abuse I endured living with my father, she looked at me differently. I was always doing something wrong, and I was a terrible person in her eyes. We always fought, and it usually ended up with me on the floor crying and bleeding and her yelling at me, saying how she would return to my father. But that’s what you guys want to hear, so I’ll get to the point. Recently, my mom got remarried to a man I'll call Joe. This relationship was terrible; he would hit her and yell at her, and she'd do the same, but in his eyes, he was god; he did nothing wrong, and he would often manipulate my mom. She was an immigrant who couldn’t make any money to feed us, buy us clothes, or put a roof over our heads. Joe was our way out. He was oddly nice to me, but not in a good way; this made my mom believe that I was sleeping with him. One night, and I'll give you the date exactly: On 10/7/22, they left; I don’t know where, but they did not return to my mom. Almost 20 minutes later, she called crying, saying how he had hit her in the car and she was now walking home. Me and my sister didn’t feel comfortable with her walking due to her anxiety attacks, so we offered her Ubers and to come pick her up, but she insisted on walking. She then hung up. Me and my mom continued texting and calling to make sure she was okay, but stopped after getting into another argument. I still watched her location just to make sure she was okay and close to home. But after 2 hours, her location turned off. I called her 30 times and stated that I was texting as well, but it all went to delivery an hour later, which felt like years. A police officer came knocking on the door, saying that she was dead. She was struck by a car and died on impact. After receiving the news, it felt like a bullet shot through my heart, and all the memories came flooding in. I knew that it was my fault. I should’ve tried harder to convince her to stay put and to wait for me. I should’ve tried to communicate with her more. She’s gone, and it’s my fault. Her funeral felt so unreal. Her mom and my grandmother pulled me aside, telling me how it was my fault she was gone. I know it is. The person who was talking was so pitiful. I wish she were here, but I have no good memories of her. I hate the way I remember her. Now every day I wake up and go to the living room, and I see her in a vase. I’m sorry, mom; it’s my fault. That is why next year, on my birthday, I will take my own life. I’m sorry I couldn’t be a better daughter, sister, and niece, but I can’t do this anymore. I know if my sister sees this, she’ll know right away that this is our story, but I have lost all interest in life. Every day I force myself to eat. Every day I force myself to get up. Now that I am back in my home state, everything reminds me of you. Everywhere I go, I see places we’ve been. I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I know I’m a failure. Please forgive me.
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2023.06.10 04:58 CryptographerLost648 Old glass fish tank grow

Old glass fish tank grow
I got some home grown bush weed the other day from a mate and I found a nice brown seed in amongst it, I tested that it was viable (it floats!) so I knew it was time to experiment!! Within the fish tank is a rock layer for drainage, home made compost that’s been breaking down for nearly a year now and the finally top layer is some potting mix with some perlite and other additives I can’t remember off the top of my head. I’ve planted the seed straight in so it can do it’s thing and not have to worry about being transplanted. I also have rain watefresh tank water that I use and don’t check ph cause last grow I did they loved it. Trying to remain not so obvious hence the mini grow. I’m very excited to see how this turns out. My cacti seem to do ok on the window ledge so this is where he’ll sit… will consider buying a small led for more “sun” light.
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2023.06.10 04:58 ThePiachu Fast Breeder Reactor - the garbage eater theorycrafting

Hey, so I noticed something with the FBR reactor that I think might be a neat unintended use of them (in conjunction with the other reactors) - I think you can run the same fuel over and over throguh multiple reactors getting more power than just using straight FBR.
So it's neat that the reactor lets you reprocess both Spent Fuel and Spent MOX to clean up after previous reactors. I also dig that you can efficiently feed it Blanket Fuel to sustain it without needing any extra Core Fuel production. But let's look at the various production chains.
You can get 1 Blanket fuel out of:
Sure, you need to add things to it, but I'm going to ignore the non-Uranium ingredients.
For Reactor mk 1, you use Fuel Rods - 6 Yellowcake turns to 1 4% Enriched Uranium and 5 Depleted Uranium, and one Enriched Uranium turns to 1 Fuel Rod. Since 1 Depleted Uranium is the same as 1 Yellowcake for Blanket Fuel, we get
1 Fuel Rod turns to 192 Steam High and 1 Spent Fuel, aka one extra Blanket Fuel. We just generated extra power from the same amount of fuel!
But we can go further:
So altogether after reprocessing:
If we use that Plutonium, we could get an easy Core Fuel, or go the MOX route:
So in the big picture:
  1. We take 108 Yellowcake, get 18 Fuel Rods and 90 Depleted Uranium
  2. 18 Fuel Rods give us 3456 Steam High and 18 Spent Rods
  3. We reprocess 18 Spent Rods back into 4 Fuel Rods, 1 Plutonium and 12 Depleted Uranium
  4. Because we got 4 Fuel Rods back, we lower our initial cost for subsequent runs - step 1 now only requires 14 Fuel rods from 84 Yellowcake, which also gives us 70 Depleted Uranium
  5. We use 1 Plutonium and 3 Depleted uranium to get 3 MOX Rods
  6. We use the 3 MOX Rods to get 576 more Steam High and 3 Spent MOX
  7. We reprocess everything we don't need and we end up with 84 Yellowcake turning into 70+12-3=79 Depleted Uranium and 3 Spent MOX, so 82 Blanket Fuel.
So for 2 Yellowcake, we got 4032‬ Steam High, aka 7560 MJ of Energy.
If we just fed that 2 Yellowcake straight into Fast Breader Reactor, we would've gotten 128 Steam Super, aka 240 MJ?
Of course you will need to run a large number of FBRs to deal with all that extra trash, so this wouldn't be worth it in anything but the biggest of megabases, but I think the numbers add up. So the Fast Breeder Reactor seems to be a good garbage eater :D.
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2023.06.10 04:57 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree ✔️ Full Course Download

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Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer

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  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
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Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch

In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.06.10 04:51 docXfamas [H] June Choice and other bundled games [W] Paypal, TF2 keys



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MY REP Wishlist
TF2 keys/ Csgo Cases
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These “crimes” have hurt no one, but merely have the semblance of injury due to statutory laws. This leads to Here’s a ticket for $300 because you ran a stop sign at 4 A.M. even though nobody was around [except the officer to ticket you].”
When we think back to the earliest days of laws and judges, you will realize court is really meant for (and only for) a tort; a wrongful act to a person or their property; or an infringement of a human right (other than under contract).
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2023.06.10 04:48 DisorganizedPenguin Morning routine

So my morning routine is pretty rigid and I am trying to find a better way to start my days but it has been a lifelong struggle.
I clock in for work at 7:00am (I live about 5 minutes from my office), and I have my alarm set for 6:40am. This gives me just enough time to feed my pets, take the dog outside, get dressed, and take my meds and head to work.
My husband and I continue to have small arguments because he has to wake up between 6:45-7:00am and gets frustrated that my alarm wakes him up just a few minutes before his goes off. He keeps insisting I wake up earlier to give myself more time before work and allow him to sleep longer.
My issue is if I give myself time to sit down before heading to work…I set myself up for failure the whole day. I’ll get my phone out or start a tv show and either become late to work or it spirals my ability to focus on work tasks after. My husband struggles to understand that part, and says things like “you just gotta make yourself do it@ but it’s like…my brain is literally wired differently than his. I have to start my day off focused on tasks or it’s side quests all day for me.
Does anyone else struggle with this? I know a lot of adhd’ers struggle with being late but that’s not an issue for me because I give myself just enough time to make sure I’m on time. My anxiety doesn’t allow me to be late for work. I apologize for the long post, and any advice would be helpful because it’s a struggle bus over here! Thanks
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2023.06.10 04:47 MammothMarmot 2022 Rav4 hybrid Squeals like a stuck pig

I haven't had my Rav all that long but when I reverse it squeals, when I'm in a parking lot and turning at slow speeds it squeals, I turn heads and it is really embarrassing. I find it worse in cold weather. The dealership says it's normal and has something to do with how the hybrid engine brakes and suggested making hard brakes to rub any fresh rust off the rotors? I feel like this is a bit ridiculous for a basically brand new car, people shouldn't be staring and wincing. I don't hear other people's cars doing this. Please help any ideas?
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2023.06.10 04:45 Kichin-seenk AITA For telling my mom that she’s the reason we’re homeless

For some background, I (16F) am currently hotel hopping with my Mom (42F) and Dad (39M). Back during Covid lockdown, we had been living with my grandpa who unfortunately died of non Covid related medical issues during the august of 2020. He was only 65 and for the most part, visibly healthy, so his death was a shock to us. Our name wasn’t on the lease, so we were evicted and ended up homeless. We were able to get an apartment and lived there for about 3 years. We always struggled with money since my dad was the only one who was able to keep a stable job, but i’ll get back to this. About a month ago, we were evicted once again from our apartment. This was the 3rd time this has happened to us so honestly it wasn’t much of a shock to me. It was a quick thing, pack the entire house up in a week with the help of only Me and my Dad since my Mom has an aversion to manual labor. My Mom and I have always butted heads and honestly we’ve never truly gotten along. She’s always been extremely distant, ever since I was a baby, and as I grew older and sentient, that distance grew into disdain. I recently started realizing that shes always been quite mentally and emotionally abusive. It could go anywhere from little insults like jokingly calling me a bitch and cunt to full on blaming me for her depression and threatening to live on the streets and kill herself. This eviction hit her really hard, constant yelling, admittedly from all parties, and I truly feel bad for her, but i can’t help but think that this is all her fault. Like I mentioned earlier, she has never been able to keep a stable job. Partly because she has many medical and mental issues including chronic back pain, shitty immune system, BPD, anxiety disorder, and depression. And partly because she simply just hates working. My Dad only works at a grocery store and also has severe chronic back issues so it can be difficult for him to work super long shifts but he manages. Unfortunately, since we live in California, surviving is barely doable for us. During previous evictions, we had to help of my grandpa, but since he’s dead we can’t use him as a backbone anymore. My parents had gotten into numerous arguments over my mom getting a job and she did manage to score a few. But every one she would get would only last a few weeks before she eventually quit or was fired. She also has incredibly bad spending habits including hundreds of dollars on weed and cigarettes a week, something that she refuses to budge on. OK I think thats enough background info, back to the main conflict at hand. A few days ago, we were sitting in the hotel room and she was complaining about her job (forgot to mention but she finally found a decently stable job but it was to late we had already lost the house) and our living situation. Normally, I would try to keep my mouth shut, but I couldn’t stand her complaining over something she could’ve easily prevented, so I snapped. I told her that this is all her fault, that she doesn’t have a right to complain about her feet being sore or her having a headache since she refused to get off her fat ass and get a job when we needed the money. That my Dad is basically killing himself trying support us and all she is contributing is trauma and more debt. And that sometimes I can’t stand being around her because of how much of a selfish and narcissistic person she is. She started to breakdown, called me a bitch and to get the fuck out and that she didn’t want to see my face right now. When I came back she didn’t talk to me. We have talked a little since, but she’s been avoiding me. I know I was really harsh and I feel like an absolute bitch but I needed to get it off my chest. My Dad, Best Friend, and even my Mom’s Sister said I had nothing to feel bad for and that she needed to hear it but i need an outsiders opinion. Soooo AITA?
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2023.06.10 04:45 HOCKHOCKHOCKHOCKHOCK Chat GPT Death Battle tournament. Round 2!

Chat GPT Death Battle tournament. Round 2!
Current Bracket
This is the 2nd round of the Chat GPT tournament bracket. As a refresher of the rules For each match I give a brand new ChatGPT thread the following prompt "Script a fight between [Character A] and [Character B]. The fight should start with the characters using their weaker abilities and pulling out stronger attacks as the fight goes on. You must decide who wins the fight based on logic and the fight must end in the death of the loser." I will not reset a script unless Rule 1 or 2 are broken. (Sometimes ChatGPT will literally replace the winner with "your winner pick") All characters were selected by commenters on a previous post.
DISCLAIMER: ChatGPT generated every fight on their own with the rules provided. I gave them no info on either character. Incorrect representation of personalities or abilities, as well as objectively false outcomes that may come from these fights are due to limitations by the AI itself.

ROUND 2 FIGHT 1: Tartaglia (Genshin Impact) vs Kratos (God of War)
Tartaglia, the sneering Harbinger of the Fatui from Genshin Impact, and Kratos, the vengeful Spartan God of War, stand on opposite ends of a grand arena. The air crackles with anticipation as they prepare to engage in an epic battle.
TARTAGLIA (brandishing his Hydro Vision) Well, well, what have we here? Another foolhardy warrior seeking a taste of my power? Prepare to be outmatched, mortal.
KRATOS (grasping the Blades of Chaos) Your arrogance will be your downfall, creature. I have faced gods and monsters alike. You shall not be an exception.
They both charge forward, each unleashing their weaker abilities as the battle begins.
Tartaglia conjures water blades, slashing through the air towards Kratos. He then calls forth his elemental skill, "Havoc: Obliteration," firing a powerful water arrow that explodes upon impact.
Kratos, using his Spartan Rage, channels his fury, enhancing his strength and resistance. He charges through the water blades, enduring their impact, and retaliates with a relentless assault of swift and powerful strikes from his blades.
The battle intensifies as Tartaglia, realizing the gravity of the situation, taps into his more potent Hydro abilities. He activates his elemental burst, "Havoc: Tidebreaker," summoning a colossal tidal wave that crashes towards Kratos.
Kratos, unyielding, pushes against the torrent with all his might, barely holding his ground. His rage-fueled power amplifies as he summons the Leviathan Axe, imbued with ice elemental abilities, and hurls it towards Tartaglia.
The clash of Kratos' Leviathan Axe and Tartaglia's tidal wave causes a monumental explosion, temporarily obscuring the arena. Emerging from the smoke, both combatants reveal their resolve to claim victory.
TARTAGLIA (mocking) Is that the best you can do, Spartan? Your strength is nothing compared to the power of the Archon.
KRATOS (gritted teeth) You underestimate me at your own peril, harpy. I am the Ghost of Sparta, and I will not be defeated.
As the fight enters its final phase, both fighters unleash their ultimate abilities, combining the full extent of their powers.
Tartaglia harnesses the true potential of his Hydro Vision, transforming into his mighty Primal form, the "Lord of the Vishaps." He summons water dragons that ravage the battlefield, assaulting Kratos relentlessly.
Kratos, driven to the edge, taps into his godly might, assuming his Spartan God form. His body becomes engulfed in divine flames as he unleashes the full force of his Spartan Rage and Spartan Fury, delivering earth-shattering blows.
Their clash reaches its climax, shaking the arena to its core. The combatants give their all, but in the end, a winner emerges.
Tartaglia, battered and exhausted, falls to his knees, unable to withstand the relentless onslaught of Kratos' divine fury. With a final strike from the Blades of Chaos, Kratos pierces Tartaglia's heart, ending the battle.
Kratos stands over the fallen Tartaglia, his victory confirmed. The arena falls into silence as the crowd witnesses the overwhelming might of the Ghost of Sparta.
WINNER: Kratos (God of War)

ROUND 2 FIGHT 2: Son Goku (Dragon Ball) vs Chuck Norris (memes)
The arena is filled with anticipation as Goku and Chuck Norris step into the ring. The crowd roars with excitement, eager to witness this epic clash between two iconic figures.
Goku, a Saiyan warrior with incredible power, stands tall with his signature orange gi, a confident smile on his face. Chuck Norris, the legendary martial artist and internet meme, exudes an aura of unstoppable strength.
Goku (smirking): So, Chuck Norris, you think you can handle a Saiyan?
Chuck Norris (grinning): Goku, you're in for a surprise. Let's see what you've got.
They both take their starting positions, ready for combat.
Goku charges at Chuck Norris, launching a flurry of rapid punches and kicks. Chuck Norris effortlessly dodges and counters with lightning-fast strikes, displaying his incredible martial arts skills.
Goku (impressed): Not bad, Chuck! But let's see how you handle this!
Goku charges up a small Kamehameha wave and fires it at Chuck Norris, who calmly blocks it with his bare hands, showcasing his immense durability.
Goku senses the need to step up his game. He transforms into Super Saiyan form, his golden hair and aura intensifying.
Goku (grinning): Now, Chuck, things are about to get serious!
Chuck Norris smirks and taps into his legendary meme powers, enhancing his already impressive strength and speed.
They engage in a fierce exchange of blows, each landing powerful strikes on the other. Goku launches an enormous Spirit Bomb, gathering energy from the surroundings, while Chuck Norris summons the powers of the internet memes, creating a devastating Roundhouse Kick of Destruction.
The Spirit Bomb and the Roundhouse Kick collide in an explosion that shakes the entire arena.
Both fighters stand, panting heavily, their bodies bruised and battered. But there can only be one victor.
Goku, realizing the seriousness of the situation, channels all his remaining energy into one last attack. He unleashes the Ultra Instinct, a state of being where his reflexes and power reach their peak.
Goku (whispering): This is my final move, Chuck!
Goku charges towards Chuck Norris at an incredible speed, delivering a barrage of punches and kicks with unparalleled precision.
Chuck Norris, though overwhelmed, refuses to back down. He counters Goku's attacks with unmatched skill, trading blows with the Saiyan warrior.
In a climactic moment, Goku delivers a devastating punch that connects with Chuck Norris's chest, shattering his legendary invincibility.
Chuck Norris, stunned, realizes the battle is over. He falls to his knees, gasping for breath, his body unable to withstand Goku's final attack.
Goku (looking somber): It's over, Chuck. You fought valiantly, but I had to protect my world.
Chuck Norris, with a faint smile, nods in acknowledgment.
Chuck Norris: You're the stronger one, Goku. Farewell.
Chuck Norris collapses to the ground, lifeless, ending the battle between two legends.
The crowd falls silent, paying respect to both fighters. Goku takes a moment to mourn the fallen warrior before exiting the arena, victorious but somber.
WINNER: Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

ROUND 2 FIGHT 3: Seiya (Saint Seiya) vs Erika Furudo (Umineko)
The cosmic arena is shrouded in an ethereal glow, crackling with energy. Seiya, the Bronze Saint of Pegasus, stands tall with his Cosmo ablaze, while Erika Furudo, the Golden Witch of Truth, exudes an aura of mystery and power.
SEIYA I won't let evil prevail! Pegasus Meteor Fist!
Seiya unleashes a barrage of meteor-like punches, hurtling towards Erika.
ERIKA (chanting) Red Truth, deny falsehood!
Erika raises her hand, invoking the power of the Red Truth, forming a barrier that deflects the meteor strikes. She then retaliates.
ERIKA Blue Truth, reveal the weak points!
Erika's words pierce the air, targeting Seiya's vulnerabilities. Seiya stumbles, his movements momentarily hindered.
SEIYA Not giving up! Pegasus Rolling Crush!
Seiya spins, unleashing a flurry of kicks, aiming to break through Erika's defenses.
ERIKA (whispering) Golden Truth, manifest your wrath!
Erika's whispers resonate with ancient magic, summoning golden chains that ensnare Seiya, restraining his movements.
SEIYA Grr... Pegasus Divine Ascension!
Seiya gathers his Cosmo, propelling himself upward, breaking free from the golden chains. He then dives down with immense speed, aiming for Erika.
ERIKA (voice filled with certainty) Golden Truth, sever all bonds!
Erika's command causes the chains to transform into countless blades, intercepting Seiya's descent, creating a barrier of blades.
SEIYA Unyielding! Pegasus Comet Fist!
Seiya channels his Cosmo into his fists, smashing through the barrier of blades, closing in on Erika.
ERIKA (whispering, eyes shining) Golden Truth, shatter illusions!
Erika's whisper intensifies, releasing a wave of energy that distorts reality. Seiya's vision becomes hazy, making it difficult to locate Erika.
SEIYA I can't lose now! Pegasus Nova!
Seiya unleashes a powerful energy blast, surging through the haze, aimed at Erika's position.
ERIKA (rising above the haze, determined) Golden Truth, pierce through the darkness!
Erika's voice cuts through the haze, and a beam of golden light materializes, deflecting Seiya's attack. She counters with her ultimate move.
ERIKA Golden Truth, Witch's Judgment!
Erika's eyes glow with an intense golden light. Seiya is engulfed in a torrent of energy, his Cosmos crushed under the immense power of the Witch's Judgment.
SEIYA (struggling) I won't... give up!
Seiya's voice weakens, and his body collapses, defeated. His Cosmos fades away, leaving only silence.
Winner: Erika Furudo (Umineko)

ROUND 2 FIGHT 4: Alucard (Hellsing) vs Reverse Flash (DC comics)
The dimly lit warehouse stands silent, shrouded in an eerie atmosphere. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through the room, followed by a crackle of lightning. Reverse Flash, a speedster dressed in yellow and black, materializes. Across from him, Alucard, a dark and enigmatic vampire, appears with his crimson eyes gleaming.
REVERSE FLASH (mocking) Well, well, what do we have here? A bloodsucking vampire? This should be fun!
ALUCARD (smiling wickedly) Indeed. You've caught my attention, speedster. Let's see if your speed can match my darkness.
The battle commences as the adversaries circle each other, testing their abilities.
Alucard extends his arm, releasing shadows that transform into demonic hounds charging at Reverse Flash. But with his incredible speed, Reverse Flash easily evades their attacks, darting around the room.
REVERSE FLASH (chuckling) You'll have to do better than that, Dracula!
Alucard smirks and his form begins to change. His shadowy essence swirls around him, transforming him into a monstrous, winged creature. He lunges at Reverse Flash, clawing through the air with incredible strength and speed. However, Reverse Flash vibrates his molecules, allowing the creature's attack to pass harmlessly through him.
REVERSE FLASH (grinning) Impressive, vampire, but your tricks won't work on me!
Now it's Reverse Flash's turn. He taps into the Speed Force, his body vibrating with an intense energy. He moves so fast that he becomes a blur, delivering lightning-fast punches and kicks to Alucard. The vampire's supernatural durability allows him to withstand the onslaught, but the impact weakens him.
ALUCARD (blood dripping from his mouth) You may be fast, but you lack the darkness that fuels me!
Alucard's eyes glow with renewed intensity. He releases the restriction seals on his power, unleashing his true form. Shadows envelop the entire warehouse as Alucard's presence becomes even more ominous. He disappears from sight, leaving Reverse Flash momentarily disoriented.
REVERSE FLASH (concerned) Where did you go?
Alucard's voice echoes through the room, chilling Reverse Flash to the bone.
ALUCARD (whispering) I am everywhere and nowhere, speedster. Your speed won't save you from my darkness.
Reverse Flash frantically looks around, but Alucard's words prove true. Shadows converge on Reverse Flash from all directions, binding him in an inescapable grip. Alucard materializes before him, his eyes glowing with an unholy light.
ALUCARD (grinning) It's time to embrace eternal darkness.
Alucard's monstrous form lunges at Reverse Flash, sinking his fangs deep into his neck. The vampire drains his opponent's life force, feeding on his super-speed and preventing any chance of escape.
REVERSE FLASH (struggling weakly) No... this can't be...
As Reverse Flash's life force fades away, Alucard retracts his fangs, letting the lifeless body of his defeated opponent fall to the ground. The room returns to its eerie silence as Alucard stands victorious.
WINNER: Alucard (Hellsing)

Well there it is. Round 2. Chat GPT shows some clear issues here even moreso than last round but hey, that's part of the fun. Sorry if your favorite character was Reverse Flash lmao. Robbed.
Final 4 bracket.
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2023.06.10 04:42 CTAVI A detailed reconstruction of warframe anatomy

Tl;Dr - Any of you guys have any theories as to how Warframe's function? As in specifics, like "what is armour made of", or "how are they powered", etc. Not vague lore things like "The Heart of Deimos does it", but rather specifics as to how exactly those things work in universe.

Hey! Obligatory spoiler warning! For a while, I've been wondering about the actual anatomy of a warframe, beyond just the old "person is infested, person is augmented, person is now warframe" that we know, and have been trying to theory-craft the specific details as to how they could be actually constructed in universe. The reason being is because I'm someone with a love for graphic design, and am considering getting into Tennogen, though I don't have a ton of actual confidence. Hence, I'm thinking of doing the single most complicated thing physically possible, and am going to use this knowledge to attempt to actually 3D model the full internals of warframes, removing pieces as needed whilst keeping others, in order to design the "Subderma" series of skins, which I'd then submit. The idea is to have them reveal the internal workings of a warframe, whilst not going full Sunder helmet and clearly showing a person inside to prevent spoilers. As a result, I'm wondering - what theories do you all have, based on what we know, as to how they function? Anything goes, so long as it's supported at least somewhat in game, and feel free not to read all of this before commenting, as what I'm about to go through is a god damned essay. But it is also a very detailed essay, so if you wanted any info as to how frames work, I guess here's a launching point for that. So without further ado, this is what I'm working from after six to seven years spent staring intently at at a monitor, doing literally anything other than studying:


Looking at the systems blueprint of any warframe, it's clear that it's representative of a skeleton. There's a clear collarbone and set of ribs visible, with a spine connecting it all. Looking at Xaku, however, won't actually reveal this structure anywhere on them, which to me implies that the systems are often directly implanted into the skeleton of a Warframe themselves. Now, Xaku isn't exactly a... normal... warframe, and so I'd be willing to wager that not all of the systems are present, instead just working through "void magic", and based on that, I can go on the assumption that all warframes contain a structure that at least superficially resemble that skeleton. Furthermore, whilst Xaku clearly has three different warframes making up their chassis, the skeleton is also just as clearly a single component, to me adding credence to the idea that warframe skeletons are all relatively similar, with similar (but not identical) shapes, and the same material across it, consisting of a tightly woven metal mesh. Plus, the systems blueprint only shows two ribs, but also shows an odd structure at the base of the spine, telling me that when crafting that component, all that's being made is the circuitry that's implanted into the frame's skeleton during infestation. As a result of these points, I'm quite confident that by finishing making a 3D render of the systems, and by slapping them onto Xaku's skeleton, we'd have a baseline on which to go from for all frames, ready to be customised individually when the time came around.

Power supply

Warframes clearly contain two power supplies, based on what we see in the Heart of Deimos quest. One being the Heart itself, providing a link to the void in order to power abilities and advanced, physics defying movement, and the other being designed to sustain basic functions such as comms, and simple, ordinary motion. The uplink to the Heart is actually really easy to design, as we already know what it looks like. The uplink would be directly connected to the systems, as they power abilities and such, and so all we need to do is get a clear look at some systems. Bringing out our old friend Xaku again, we can see that they have a small structure in their chest cavity with three glowing lines moving out in an inverted triangle pattern - the location on the skeleton where emissive effects are most prevalent. Now you may be thinking "Okay, cool, there's something that could be the Heart uplink, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the Heart uplink", which is a fair point, though if you look at the file containing Xaku's model, courtesy of DE themselves on their "content files and examples" page, importing the FBX into Blender allows you to see the oh-so-conveniently individually named components that make up Xaku, with the structure in the centre of the skeleton being not only classed as within the same object data as the skeleton (aka entirely separate from the armour pieces you can see around it), but is also straight up called the Heart. Whilst this probably means nothing, lorewise, as nobody was really intended to see this outside of Tennogen artists, I'm taking this name and running with it.
The second power supply is a little more complicated, however, as we don't actually see it anywhere in game that I know of. In this case, the power doesn't come from any form of void uplink, otherwise during the Heart of Deimos quest, we would have instantly had our frame shut down with no way to move it. Through this, it'd make sense that whatever is providing energy here is some sort of battery. Based on this, and the fact that almost all frames require them for crafting in some capacity, I'd venture to say that this secondary power supply is made out of Orokin cells. In addition, as the cells are only rarely used when building individual components of frames, but rather are mostly featured as the fourth component, being used alongside the systems, neuroptics, and chassis, it'd have it's own mounting beyond being included in those. Due to this, I'd say that the secondary power source is probably sandwiched between the infested material and remaining muscle of the host, and the chassis, fitted just below it. In my eyes, it makes the most sense for this to be most often fitted atop the warframe's shoulder blades, as that region seems to have little in the way of actual mechanical parts.

Movement capabilities

Warframes contain ordinary people within them, however featuring extremely hardened, metallic skin, and immensely tough muscular tissues. The infestation used to make them is defined as a "technocyte", as seen in the description of nano spores, which means that infested cells are essentially tiny artificial machines in a similar vein to isos (and funnily enough, considering that the sentients are manufactured through a dark black sludge referred to by the tenebrous ephemera as "sentient unlight", and that the Alkonost has the ability to "birth neuro-carnivorous memes directly into the brain stem" of an ally, which results in them taking on a more sentient appearance - the sentients). Whilst Caliban would likely be made more of unlight than helminth cells, most frames therefore are a mix of human and infested flesh, which has hardened to become a very tight bond. Movement, thus, is accomplished exactly as in an ordinary human - with muscles.
However, some more advanced maneuvers, such as bullet jumping or aim gliding, become disabled when the Warframe looses connection to the Heart of Deimos. In addition, these specific methods of locomotion have effects associated. In the case of a bullet jump, a small explosion is detonated near the feet of the frame to act as propulsion (moddable with elements, implying void shenanigans); and in the case of aim gliding, the effect of the lifted status effect appears, but instead pointed downwards. As the explosion created when bullet jumping is entirely blast damage, and it's almost inaudible, I'd be willing to go on the assumption that it's less an actual detonation, but more just a rapid application of force in all directions from the feet of the frame - sort of like a radial aim glide at the feet. Whatever that visual effect is, it clearly applies force in the direction it's pointing (downwards for aim gliding, upwards for the Orvius/lifted status, and backwards when the Heart emitted a large energy pulse in the Heart of Deimos quest). As the Heart was able to generate a pulse in the same way that a bullet jump does (radial application to all nearby), I'd go on the assumption that this is effectively just pure void energy, as it either mimics the colours of whatever it's near, or takes on the energy colour of the influencing tool. Due to this, frames must have some method by which they can efficiently and reliably transfer void energy to near the outside of the frame, that isn't necessarily visible above the frame's skin. To work this one out, I recommend we take a look at Valkyr.
Valkyr is pretty useful to us, as when captured by Alad V, he removed all of her skin to put it onto Zanuka. Because of this, we can see to an extent what the chassis beneath looks like that's on every other frame. Looking here, we can see small silver inlays all across her body that appear different to the corpus technology that was grafted onto her, ending in small lights, with the same silver being used as plating in her head (As in by looking at the plates that cover her skull, they're tipped in the same silver. This is to distinguish it from the "halo" and collar that she was given by the corpus). To me, these look to be the most likely candidate for the void energy channels. They resemble a sort of exposed wire, in contrast to the other wires seen on her body, which are very clearly still coated in a cyan material. As these appear to encircle her whole body, in some capacity, and otherwise serve no clear purpose beyond sort of just being there, it makes sense to me that void energy is sent from the Heart uplink and through this specific cabling to allow for this temporary levitation, and for bullet jumping.


Shielding is a short one, as we don't really ever see that much that indicates where it's generated from. What we do know, as a result of the Heart of Deimos quest, is that it's composed directly out of void energy. We also know that shield emitters are indeed a thing, as a result of Hildryn and her Balefire, but as for the construction of these, there's very little to go off of. Interestingly enough, these emitters appear to be biological in nature, as when Pillage is subsumed onto a Warframe, regardless of the frame that's using it, they will always have the pads appear atop their shoulders as a part of the animation, implying that Helminth augmented the frame to allow them to produce these. As these pads are also what allows Hildryn to roll, instead using a dash, and this isn't disabled by the destruction of the Heart, it implies that these aren't actually shields. This is also evidenced by the fact that Hildryn's dash doesn't affect her total shield count, and that Hildryn Einheri's shield blocks that comprise the skin are also not turned off when she runs out of shields. The Balefire, however, which does affect shield count, does make use of an emitter of almost identical design, and provides no defensive capability, does indeed become disabled when running low. This means that these emitters are capable of converting ordinary energy from orokin cells into a form of ineffective shielding that does little more than apply a slight force in a direction, however are also capable of using void energy to manufacture shielding constructs, such as a full protective barrier, or in the case of the balefire - a concentrated bolt. These emitters appear to essentially control where power is directed to on the frame, and how it's manifested. As a result, I believe that in some capacity, all frames outside of Xaku, Inaros, and Nidus make use of these emitters. Inaros and Nidus Lacking shields implies that they're using an alternate route by which they can cast abilities, and aren't at all employing emitters, meanwhile Xaku is almost completely corrupted and is more of a thrax than a warframe at this point, meaning their shielding likely come from the void tendrils somehow.


The chassis is quite interesting in my opinion, as Valkyr and Limbo both clearly demonstrate that there are a lot of components to a chassis. Focusing on Valkyr first, there appears to be a combination of four different components that are integrated directly into the chassis, each distinguished by colour - black, orange, cyan, and silver. We already discussed silver in the "Movement Capabilities" section, however the others all seem to actually have an apparent purpose.
As we know that armour is integrated as a part of the chassis, because it can't be a part of the other components beyond natural toughness, we should in theory be able to see it here. Conveniently, Valkyr also happens to be the second most armoured frame in the game right now, second only to the actual tank that is Lavos. Due to this, I don't think it's unreasonable to infer that (whilst the skin of a warframe is described as "sword-steel" by Ballas) the actual toughness of a frame comes as a result of the orange plating that surrounds most of her body. Whilst the crafting ingredients suggest it's made of an alloy, I'd actually argue that it's some sort of highly resilient polymer. The reason for this is that polymers can be just as strong as metals when it comes to resisting damage, plus they're far less likely to corrode when facing the threats that a Warframe would be expecting to face. Also, if we're going on the assumption that Helminth is assisting in crafting these frames due to the nature of their assembly, and that they aren't made exclusively of the materials listed in the crafting recipes (just in majority), then taking a look at the description of a secretion made by any synthetic compound within Helminth tells us that they "exude these rope-like strands of filament", which could feasably make highly resistent armour, without requiring so many resources that it becomes a crafting requirement.
Adding credence to this is the second most prevalent type of component that we can see. As the alloy used to craft Valkyr comes specifically from pellets of ferrite and morphics, it makes a lot more sense that these materials make up the black sections of her body, assuming a strong, dark alloy, rather than becoming somehow corroded, making armour that's already compromised through rust, explaining the orange colour that way. As for what these sections of the body are, to me they seem to be a less dense form of armour that forms long, interlocking plates along her body, allowing for free movement whilst still providing some modicum of protection. Despite not being as strong as the polymer armour, this would still provide an added layer of protection, which to me says that frames with higher armour likely employ the polymer in their design, whilst those with lower make use of armour predominantly made from alloys. In certain cases, such as with Valkyr or Lavos, both may be present in the design.
Lastly, Valkyr has several cyan wires visible on her body. As Alad V used her skin to plate Zanuka (implying that even the skin of a warframe, despite it being physically far weaker than the armour plating beneath, still offers relatively strong protection), we can infer that there had to be a reason that these cabling-like sections were left untouched, implying that they're somehow integral to the warframe's function. As these sections can be seen passing into and out of the chassis, this says to me that the wiring here is actually the cabling used for the secondary power supply, as it's insulated like an ordinary wire would be (side note, exactly how gross is it that the wire insulation is literally just made of the skin of the warframe? Like actual tubes of skin inside the flesh. Blech).


In the section regarding the chassis of a Warframe, I mentioned that both Valkyr and Limbo provide a good insight as to how warframes work under the hood, however I didn't get into Limbo. This is because, whilst Limbo has a fully intact chassis, he does appear to have several glass "portholes" on his body, through which a constant swarm of raging energy can be seen. This answers a couple of very important questions, which is "if warframes draw void energy from the heart to power their abilities, then how do they run out of energy? And when they run out of energy, why don't they also lose the ability to bullet jump and maneuver in the ways that they do like when the Heart broke down?". The answer to this, in my headcanon, is actually pretty sneaky. In two specific transmissions over the radio on the top floor of the orbiter, it's possible to hear a grineer authorising ships for punching to different planets, and in these transmissions they appear to be monitoring for traces of what they specifically refer to as "Tenno energy residue". Not Void energy. This never sat well with me, as everywhere else, they refer to void energy as completely separate. So I was left wondering - what is this residue we keep hearing about?
To answer this, we can take a look back at Hildryn. Previously, we discussed how warframes often make use of a special kind of emitter that allows void energy to be channeled into specific forms, which to me says that whilst the tenno are capable of controlling void energy and directing it into each specific region of the frame, they are incapable of innately producing complex void constructs without at the very least a hell of a lot of training. If it were the same between tenno and warframes, then the newly awakened tenno wouldn't be capable of using any abilities until they started earning focus points, which clearly isn't the case. Tenno can fully master a warframe and their range of abilities without having any idea how to use void energy effectively without a frame. So what gives? Well, to me the emitters show that to make complex use of void energy, it has to pass through some sort of sequencing medium first. In the case of these emitters, they can produce slightly more advanced constructs, such as bolts, beams, thrust and auras in the case of Hildryn, however innately won't produce complex forms on their own.
I would argue that one way to resolve this would be to treat "energy" as two things. Void energy is raw energy from the void itself, and essentially works as you'd expect, however Tenno energy is entirely different, and isn't even energy at all. In fact, in my eyes, Tenno energy could be viewed as a form of technocyte cloud. By taking technocyte cells and charging them with void energy (which we know can happen thanks to Deimos showing infestation beginning to glow blue in the presence of void energy), they can be sent through emitters and can produce far more refined abilities. This would explain not only how Warframes can cast such advanced abilities, but also how they can manifest physical objects like exalted weapons. Physical things can be made out of void energy, but the only place we see this happen in lore is exclusively through conceptual embodiment (the love of Belric and Rania; the trauma that made Duviri; and the fear felt by the Zariman crew), and unless Wukong's iron staff is but a metaphor for something much worse, it wouldn't make sense for this to be made from the same Void energy. Saying it was constructed out of a technocyte swarm charged with void energy, however, makes far more sense to me. This means that energy is fundamentally just charged technocyte clouds, ready to be used as abilities, stored within the frame, explaining how we can run out. Limbo's windows show this energy within them, almost like viewing panes into the energy cells.
One small snag is that Sevagoth throws a bit of a spanner in the works with this one, as the shadow is described as being "concentrated void energy" by Cy, and was manifested long before Sevagoth himself went missing. Whilst we could hand wave this and say that the shadow is a manifestation made because Sevagoth was already searching for people to rescue before he went missing, and it's a manifestation of that need to save people, it doesn't quite feel right to me, and I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this.

The dreaded neuroptics

Ah, neuroptics. The thing that drove the Warframe community nuts a while back trying to work out what it's supposed to look like. The thing is, I was watching this debate, and I realised that I disagreed with every single side on display. Neuroptics is clearly just a portmanteau of "Neuron" and "Optics", very heavily implying that it's a device designed to link the visual feeds of the warframes with the operators undergoing transference. This is very unlikely to be crafting the ability for the Warframe to see, simply due to the fact that the warframes already contain people who could already do that. That'd be like crafting leg muscles. We got those already. For the same reason, this couldn't be building a brain of some sort, because again, we already have one of those to work with. So far, so simple. Instead, it must be some sort of device designed to facilitate some form of optical interfacing directly with the brain, rather than building those things itself. The issue I'm having with the debate, however, is that everyone appeared to be saying that it resembles a helmet somehow, and that you're crafting the helmet of the frame when making this. To me, this... makes no sense at all. Whilst I can see why one may see this as a helmet, especially as it used to be referred to as such in the foundry, this has since been changed, meaning it can't be relied on for current lore. Plus, when crafting alternate helmets, they're now called helmets in game. As a result, if we were just making the warframe's helmet, wouldn't we just see the head of the warframe instead of this vague shape? Just like when we make any other helmet in the game? It feels to me like a bit of a weird continuity error if we look at it that way. Considering that this was a deliberate change made by DE to specifically stop calling this a helmet, on top of the fact that there are many other things referred to as helmets which just show the actual result as their icon, I think it's safe to say that that isn't what this is. Plus, Citrine is missing, like, half her head, and unlike Xaku, there are no implied random void rules that would allow her to be visually missing a component. Also you can see all the way down to Umbra's eye, and there's clearly nothing between the chassis and the skull but flesh.
So, what is it then? Well, I think an alternate way to look at this would be to instead on trying to figure out what this looks like, to try and figure out how it specifically works. In the picture we see a side view, whereas in the systems and chassis, we see the front. As a result, it's possible that the side that we're seeing is simply the most external part of the device. In my mind, this would be implanted on the temple of a warframe, and would interface directly with the brain to harvest optical information through some form of internal wiring/direct connection to the nervous system, and would also double as the method by which operators controlled the frames. As it was stated by Ballas, warframes are fitted with transference bolts to allow for control, and so it isn't entirely out of the question that the neuroptics are effectively a variation on the transference bolt that also allows for the operator to see through the warframe's eyes, explaining how Umbra/the operator was able to override the control Ballas had at the end of the Sacrifice quest. Overload the bolt, drowning out his signal, and you can stab him. This is very much just theory-crafting, however, as there is very little in-game information regarding the neuroptics, and almost nothing we can gather visually from the blueprint beyond its shape. Another thing I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on.


If you guys have any further info or theories, or alternative ideas to those presented here, do tell! And if you just skipped to the end after seeing how long this was - fair enough, I have ADHD as well. I'm very interested to hear how you guys view this, and if I can get good enough with 3D modelling, I'd absolutely love to use this information to design some Tennogen based on it. There are probably some pretty cool designs you can do, and I'm already working on translating the systems blueprint icon into a full model around the size of an actual warframe's body, so as to employ variations of it when making future skins! Let me know your thoughts!

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2023.06.10 04:41 ilikecatsandgames 24 [R4R] EST/Anywhere - A compelling list of 20 reasons to date me.

Hey everybody! There are a few different ways you can go about doing something like this and I tossed around a few ideas, but I settled on this. In lieu of an essay describing myself and what I’m looking for, I decided I’d write up a little list with the most compelling reasons I could think of as to why you might wanna date me. But beforehand, let’s talk basics. I’m an AMAB Enby with They/She pronouns, and I’m open to F, TF, or AFAB Enbies. I wish I could’ve included all those options in the title but alas the options are rather limited. Everything else you might wanna know should be included in the list below, but if not, feel free to ask me anything!
  1. You get to be the cute one.
  2. You get to be the funny one.
  3. I have lots of attention and affection to give so you can have pretty much all of it you desire.
  4. We can play games together! I’m primarily on PC these days but also posses a Switch and PS4. 4a. You can also watch me play them if that’s more your speed. 4b. We can also do neither if you’re not at all interested!
  5. We can watch movies or shows together. Lots of movie nights and cuddles! 5a. I’m a particularly big fan of anything horror or psychological so if that’s your thing too then huge bonus points. 5b. I also just love film and the art of cinematography so if you’re ever in the market for being bored out of your head I can talk to you about that stuff.
  6. I took cooking classes so I can hit you up with some delicious meals.
  7. I like caring for people? I dunno, it’s just kinda what I do. It sorta gives my life meaning as silly or cliché that sounds.
  8. I can send you tons of pictures of my cats. No really, I have like thousands.
  9. We can discuss any topic you find interesting because even if I know nothing about it, I love to learn.
  10. I’ve been told by a few sources that I have a nice voice. 10a. I don’t necessarily believe them but your mileage may vary. 10b. But if you do wind up believing it yourself, I can read to you and stuff?
  11. You like books? Let’s talk about books all day long, I was just reading the ASOIF series again but some of my other favorites are the Invincible comics and East of Eden.
  12. I will be your biggest fan and give you lots of support.
  13. I can make us tea whenever you want. Got a cupboard full of the stuff. Personal favorites include Oolong, Lapsang Souchong, and Darjeeling.
  14. My schedule is almost completely flexible. Wanna watch a movie at 2am? Let’s do it. Wanna play a game for 8 hours straight? Sure.
  15. Got tech problems? There’s like an 87% chance that I can at least somewhat help.
  16. I’m running out of reasons but gosh darn it, I never let that stop me before. So. I’m persistent? Is that a plus?
  17. I like to write things sometimes? Usually short spooky stuff but I have been tossing some ideas together for something longer.
  18. Rough day? I’m always around for a distraction and morale boost.
  19. We can talk about music if that’s your thing. I really like Gorillaz, I always go back to them, but have been binging RTJ and Killer Mike lately.
  20. Hmm. I think that’s everything that’s somewhat mildly marketable about me sooo for number 20? I dunno… I’ll bribe you with back rubs?
If any or all of these appeal to you then feel free to shoot me a message! If not, then thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day/evening/night! 💜
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2023.06.10 04:40 ilikecatsandgames 24 [NB4A] EST/Anywhere - A compelling list of 20 reasons to date me.

Hey everybody! There are a few different ways you can go about doing something like this and I tossed around a few ideas, but I settled on this. In lieu of an essay describing myself and what I’m looking for, I decided I’d write up a little list with the most compelling reasons I could think of as to why you might wanna date me. But beforehand, let’s talk basics. I’m an AMAB Enby with They/She pronouns, and I’m open to F, TF, or AFAB Enbies. I wish I could’ve included all those options in the title but alas the options are rather limited. Everything else you might wanna know should be included in the list below, but if not, feel free to ask me anything!
  1. You get to be the cute one.
  2. You get to be the funny one.
  3. I have lots of attention and affection to give so you can have pretty much all of it you desire.
  4. We can play games together! I’m primarily on PC these days but also posses a Switch and PS4. 4a. You can also watch me play them if that’s more your speed. 4b. We can also do neither if you’re not at all interested!
  5. We can watch movies or shows together. Lots of movie nights and cuddles! 5a. I’m a particularly big fan of anything horror or psychological so if that’s your thing too then huge bonus points. 5b. I also just love film and the art of cinematography so if you’re ever in the market for being bored out of your head I can talk to you about that stuff.
  6. I took cooking classes so I can hit you up with some delicious meals.
  7. I like caring for people? I dunno, it’s just kinda what I do. It sorta gives my life meaning as silly or cliché that sounds.
  8. I can send you tons of pictures of my cats. No really, I have like thousands.
  9. We can discuss any topic you find interesting because even if I know nothing about it, I love to learn.
  10. I’ve been told by a few sources that I have a nice voice. 10a. I don’t necessarily believe them but your mileage may vary. 10b. But if you do wind up believing it yourself, I can read to you and stuff?
  11. You like books? Let’s talk about books all day long, I was just reading the ASOIF series again but some of my other favorites are the Invincible comics and East of Eden.
  12. I will be your biggest fan and give you lots of support.
  13. I can make us tea whenever you want. Got a cupboard full of the stuff. Personal favorites include Oolong, Lapsang Souchong, and Darjeeling.
  14. My schedule is almost completely flexible. Wanna watch a movie at 2am? Let’s do it. Wanna play a game for 8 hours straight? Sure.
  15. Got tech problems? There’s like an 87% chance that I can at least somewhat help.
  16. I’m running out of reasons but gosh darn it, I never let that stop me before. So. I’m persistent? Is that a plus?
  17. I like to write things sometimes? Usually short spooky stuff but I have been tossing some ideas together for something longer.
  18. Rough day? I’m always around for a distraction and morale boost.
  19. We can talk about music if that’s your thing. I really like Gorillaz, I always go back to them, but have been binging RTJ and Killer Mike lately.
  20. Hmm. I think that’s everything that’s somewhat mildly marketable about me sooo for number 20? I dunno… I’ll bribe you with back rubs?
If any or all of these appeal to you then feel free to shoot me a message! If not, then thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day/evening/night! 💜
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2023.06.10 04:37 PanchoBaker Looking for come clarification here

TLDR: Why would Jay be willing to take such a hit to his "legacy"? what unknown unknown is he and his slime balls keeping from us? WCC
Long time listener first time caller here. With so many great things and story lines happening in the game of golf over the past two and half three years it's a shame Jay had to clousterfuuken it all up. He and he alone allowed for this all to happen and to get to the point it's gotten to. He such a narcissistic sociopath that it's hard not to think that he thinks he's crushing it like 400y drives! I mean Rory said in his presser that Jay now runs golf... WTF How can he be the cause and the solution?? His admission of hypocrisy and Webster like display of such leads me to wonder why would he be willing to castrate himself like that? CEO of world golf could be one, money/power. I've heard convenient truth thrown around and wasn't it convenient for a Tuesday 10 am in Canada with a memo containing a monster 'red herring' in the way of the tax exempt status in the first paragraph?!?! Congress is actively talking about this and I can't help but think that plays perfectly into what/why/where/when and most importantly how this was announced??? I mean Claude Harmon III calling it all the Truman Show was a lights on moment for me and the timing of this seems to perpetuate that thought. Jay and his quack out friend with whom should also be dunne must be singing Dixie right now with the pied pippers flute. I mean come on how dumb do you think we as fans of golf are? If nothing more I hope this post opens up some eyes to the truth. As to the PGeeJay Tour's (that's my vote for the new name) force feeding me the value of "legacy" is yet another wonderful example of hypocrisy and I think ultimately will be Jaay's legacy to the game. To me legacy is built on tradition (see ANGC ask for Jim) where you look back fondly with admiration on the hard work put in by those who came before you. Not always but generally through hard work or some form of merit, one might get to join that tradition and still then a "legacy" is not guaranteed. Realizing no one person or thing is bigger than the foundation that was laid before you invokes a sense of integrity and accountability in that in order to not only maintain the tradition but to leave it better than you found it. That is legacy. It's actions steming from a place of good with good purpose and well intent. So for Jay to say and continue to talk about the tradition is the vomit leaving his soul
Oh wait there's more since I'm here and will probably never post again I would like publicly shame Jay for what he allowed to happen under his "watch" and the most egregious of which is what he did to our favorite uncle Phil. Here a question for you "Who is the oldest major winner and when/where how old?" You mean to tell me It's not Jack at Augusta in '86 at a spry 46? What do you mean?? Phil didn't even get to defend his title and with Jay's hard on for legacy you'd think what Phil did was incredible like awe inspiring especially now that brooks has 5 and likely 2 more coming this year (every now and again I get a whiff of a Brooks slam). It's Phil!! why am I suppose to hate him again Jay? I keep forgetting?? Every year the open loves to remind us of Turnberry and Watson's eluding Father time yet Phil actually does it and instead of giving him (what we can now only speculate what would have been) the sweetest victory lap of all time we get crickets not to mention he doesn't even get the chance to defend. Horrible... The world however is horrible see "Brandon in Shambles" he'll fill you in on why you should care. I guess I don't because I just want to watch golf and cheer for people I like. Ok which brings me to my question and that is with the DOJ investigation and senator talking about 501(c) tax exempt status and how Norman is now apparently "getting what he deserves bc he's a dick and blah blah blah" how is everyone ok with this decently tacky smokescreen? For real how? And why is he willing to take this on the chin? And why now after all the lies and forced narrative? As rumsfeld said what unknown unknown's does Jay possess? Is it having all that power? Could it be just to screw over Norman and 54 golf(LIV)?? Because Jay's "legacy" is in one of those port-o-potties after a hard rain at a hot and humid US Open, you know the one I'm taking about. The mini city right by the main entrance conveniently placed in high traffic area, a merch tent with in view. Where you open the door and you see sheet everywhere and the smell hits you like when you found out about this merger just stuns you, go ahead close your eyes and take a deep breath... That's who's running the show?!
I personally want nothing to do with his new tour so long as he has any part in it... bc Phil was right and long before I realized Phil (at that time I was still believing the Jay invoked PGA Tour narrative that Phil was evil now how associating with him was reputation suicide) was right I always kept coming back to why in the world would Phil of all people be doing this?? I'll never forgive Jay for making me feel that way and that's why he needs to hit the dusty trail and head off into the sunset never to be seen or heard from again.
and I just needed somewhere to get all of this out and whew deep breath I feel better... Thanks Redditeers
I'll take my answer off air as the theme song to CHiPs plays me out
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2023.06.10 04:32 FaithlessnessFar6242 Talking cat but no one believes the owner

On Monday I was eating cereal I saw an cat on the sidewalk I’m took the cat in my house I bring cat food from the store on Tuesday my cat got on my lap and the cat spoke it “ can you feed me l’m hungry “ I was scared I called my best friend Michael Miller he answer the phone and he said “ yo Carlos sup man” I said “ Michael can I tell you something” he said “ sure what is it” I said “ on Monday I was eating cereal and I saw a cat on the sidewalk I took it inside of my house and today the cat spoke to me it can you feed me I’m hungry” Michael miller said “ the fuck you mean cats can’t talk” I said “ this one spoke to me” Michael said “bro quit making lies“
I said “ I’m not lying” he hanged up the phone the cat said behind me “ha ha what a loser you are“ I told everyone but they didn’t believe me and the cat always talk to me I had enough I had the end it all I grabbed my shotgun I shot the cat in the head the cat died I buried the body. In my backyard To this day I still won’t forget that cat
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2023.06.10 04:27 Klutzy-Rabbit5009 Pls help us break this overtired, gassy cycle that we’re in

Hi, first time mom here. Can someone please help me improve my LO’s sleep (and mine) before I go crazy? I’m overwhelmed by all the sleep content out there, sleep deprived, and becoming unhealthily obsessed with my LO’s sleep yet ready to just give up on it all.
Since he was born (12 weeks on Sunday), I’ve been following age appropriate wake windows (60 min - 75 min), which has somewhat worked and resulted in decent night stretches (3-5 hrs) and naps (30-2 hrs).
But recently, he’s refusing naps, taking 30 min naps once he’s finally down, is fussy the moment his head hits the crib, and is waking up frequently at night (5 or more times) - ravenous to eat, or fussy bc of gas, or just wide awake. He also has bad gas/trouble pooping (not constipated but will take a couple days to poop and seems to cry out of discomfort right before), which can extend his wake windows to several hours. And sometimes, he’s totally fine staying up for 2-3 hrs, especially before bed.
If sleepy cues are unreliable as they grow out of the newborn stage and he doesn’t always follow normal wake windows, what do I follow?? How can I be consistent with a schedule I can’t figure out? We’re trying to set up good sleep hygiene until we sleep train at 4 months when he can consolidate sleep — but does that mean we’re stuck in this cycle until then? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Here’s everything we’ve tried to set up good sleep hygiene: - Keeping him awake during feeds and giving him full feeds during the day - Tummy time, massages, probiotics, and gas drops to help with gas - Following eat/play/sleep routine - Consistent wake time approx. 8 am - Consistent bed time (10 pm) despite efforts to move it up earlier — he protests until he finally falls asleep around 10 pm - Good sleep environment (noise machine, dark room, nap/bedtime routine) - Putting him in the crib awake at much as possible - Pacifier to connect sleep cycles (although now in a cycle of replacing pacifier but hoping we’ll correct that once he gets better sleep) - Adjusting naps by 15 min based on how short they are and his mood waking up (except they’re usually 25 min and in a decent, sometimes tired mood)
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 04:24 Cowdog_Gaming Rogue leveling. Is there anything faster than Puncture+Flurry?

It's a bit simple and monotonous, but it shreds through tier 1 leveling content with ease. Self-heals as well.
Granted, everything from 1-40 is pretty damn easy. But I'm rolling it around in my head trying to come up with something to make it better.
I've taken the passives that seems relevant (weapon mastery, lucky hits, etc). And levels both Flurry and puncture to 5/5. Using vulnerability procs on both skills.
The 360 legendary aspect makes flurry stupidly good. Anything that gives attack speed is being used, so even when I'm just spamming Puncture the DPS is still decent.
I've been using the combo point class ability and the capstone passive of Close Quarters Combat for even more attack speed.
So..... because of how fast I'm attacking, imbuement skills don't really seem worthwhile. Added to how fast things die, it also doesn't seem effective.
That leaves me wondering what I can add to improve things at this pace of gameplay.
My first thought is just to slap dash in for more speed and call it good.
But more complicated, I'm thinking smoke grenade with the cooldown reduction when hitting vulnerable enemies. Death Trap ultimate. And switch to the Exposure capstone passive combined with the legendary aspects that treats grenades skills as trap skills.
The only thing I don't know is if the daze from smoke grenade will trigger the passive for cooldown reduction.
What do you guys think? Or should I give up theory crafting and just copy/paste a popular build?
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2023.06.10 04:21 KookyFlamingo235 Non-stop googling

Does anyone else google almost non-stop? My biggest theme is health anxiety and my phone usage is up above 8+ hours per day. That’s on top of the eight hours at work I spend googling each day. It’s as though I don’t have any other interests. I do it even when I’m not very distressed and just out of boredom. It’s become so much a part of who I am. I Google the same things over and over again. “Mindfulness for OCD”, “mindfulness for ADHD”, “deep brain stimulation for OCD”, “am I a sociopath?”. I have ADHD too so I can’t even focus on one for longer than 30 seconds before I’m googling the next symptom/disease that pops into my head. The way it is now, my life does not feel worth living. I’m severely depressed and can’t seem to move away from the compulsive googling. Anyone with similar experiences? Any tips? It feels like I have to google because I’m so depressed that it’s the only thing that brings me comfort (even if it’s followed by shame). But even when my mood is higher I still do it. I think the ADHD and OCD feed off each other. It often starts when I can’t focus at work.
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2023.06.10 04:20 Bee-and-the-Slimes Is there a way to get a character to have a certain speech pattern?

Sorry, I'm SUPER new to this, but I can't find an ELI5 outside of accents.
I've got all my character info for the Advanced section, which seems to be working fairly steadily personality-wise, but I can't get the way my character talks to sound right. He's got sort of a amalgamation of a New England/S8ter boi accent: "I don't blame ya', man, I wouldn'a believed me, 'neither... Don't make losin' the last ten years easier tho' "
I seriously don't expect this thing to sound like the voices in my head, but I can't even get it to drop a single G.
ChatGPT suggested it was closest to "Non-Rhotic English" but I'm wondering if there's anything closer? Anyone have any recommendations? Like, can I feed it Discord RPs or a fanfiction scene for it to pick up on?
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