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2023.06.10 20:03 Holy-Crap-Uncle Seriously, the Giants should pick up Dalvin Cook

This isn't just a " should pick up ... that'd be greaattt".
I think the ability to have two take-it-to-the-house pass capable running backs on the field at once, basically the top two threats in the league on the same team is a potent weapon, especially combined with Danny's running ability.
These two players can seamlessly transition from a power run formation to a five wide, so if the defense has a run stopping defense on, they are toast. If the defense goes to multiple defensive backs, they are toast in the run game.
The Giants could run formations where they threaten inside run, the most dangerous sweep, screens, and QB runs.
And the price tag? Probably less than a top flight WR for both of them, and if one considers the degree of "stress" these two place on the defense, it will benefit the wide receivers. The safeties will HAVE to come down to the line of scrimmage.
Other advantages: load balance, injury insurance on the elite offensive position of the team.
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2023.06.10 20:03 cmgww Anyone else getting spammed with bot “friend” requests from women wanting you to visit their Only Fans account? I’ve never even been to OF!! And no I don’t want to join

Seriously this is getting ridiculous. Every single day I get a new “friend request” from some (assuming a bot) account, with a NSFW profile and inviting me to join their only fans page. I’ve only heard of it through pop culture and social media, never even visited the site. Not sure where to post this, I tried askreddit and of course it got pulled down. Am I the only one?
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2023.06.10 20:03 dkateers Charm questions

Just wracking my brain with this and need some input. If Strahd charms a PC Druid and is aware of their wildshape, can he ask them to not wild shape? And if so, if Strahd were to charm, then cast Gust of Wind on the Druid off a cliff would this count as a harm towards the charmed creature thus causing them to reroll the saving throw? My Strahd was going to charm our Druid and have a tense conversation near the edge of a cliff at some point. Hoping that the druid is charmed Strahd will ask them to not wild shape as he cast Gust of Wind. Would that scenario cause the charm to be rerolled? They would get the chance to reroll half way down the fall if failed the first time
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2023.06.10 20:02 goldmark25 Advice on Napping for Almost 2 Year old

I have a 23 month old who has recently after a 5 hour wake window started taking much longer to actually sleep even after we go through our nap time routine of winding down, reading a few books and putting her down. She will lay down to in her crib but will just talk/sing to herself, or roll around until finally falling asleep like an hour later. However, the naps recently have started to fluctuate for length, which is mostly only for around 45 mins but if she does end up sleeping longer than 45 mins, she ends up sleeping for around a full 2 hours. We aren't sure if she needs a longer wake window or if she needs to go to nap earlier as the times we just to increase the wake window she ended up not sleeping at all and so sleep at night became rougher as well.
Any advice for if there is something I need to do differently to help her nap better? She is starting to sleep worse at night from not napping as well but hasn't had any sickness or teeth pain from what we are aware of that have been making that worse.
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2023.06.10 20:02 athlaka916 Do hair growing products work?

35m here. Growing bald spot at my spiral and top of head is very thin (can easily see scalp thru my hair) and my hair feels very flat, lifeless and dry.
Do products like rogaine and that other one actually work to regrow hair? Or just slow down hair loss?
And do you need to be referred to a dermatologist thru your primary doc to seek guidance or it’s something you can do yourself?
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2023.06.10 20:02 OpaSeed Do I regret having children?

This question popped up in my email from Reddit so I answered it and then the whole post disappeared! I love spending an hour of my life creating a post to have it vanish! It's so rewarding! Here is the post...
In my late teens and early twenties I believed that I possibly was infertile. I had been active for six years with a few partners and had not conceived and made little or no effort to avoid it (reckless, I know), was born 3 months premature, had surgery when very young, and had vericose veins that I believed possibly inhibited fertility (a ‘sack of worms’). For the first two years with the woman that would be my wife we also never conceived. Then it happened. When I was twenty-two I had my first child, a daughter, who was very special to me. My wife and I fell in love very deeply when we were first together and I felt that we would have a long future together and that there was something very special about our relationship. When we had our first baby I loved her very much. She was a very difficult child, though. She screamed constantly and never slept. I know I suffered from sleep deprivation for the first year with her. After her we had six more children. The second, another daughter, was quite the polar opposite and was a very happy and playful baby. The third, another girl, was also happy but quiet and very sweet and kind. My fourth child was my first son who was a very happy, playful, and active baby. Time passed and my first batch of four began growing and doing well in school and in life. They were all high-ability students and were very, very creative. I stayed at home and raised the kids and watched the house while my wife went to school and worked part-time eventually becoming a teacher. She would come home for lunch and spent all of her time with us when she wasn’t at work so we were a tight-knit family. Eventually we had her IUD removed and had more children. First another girl, then a boy, then another girl. The third girl was adopted by my wife’s sister, who had a very difficult first pregnancy with her son and could not have more children. A couple of years ago, though, my wife and I had a falling out after 23 years together. Having been assured by her laboriously that she would “…never stop loving you no matter what.”, “…never give up on you.”, “…never leave you, ever!”, “It would be impossible.”, and “You don’t have anything to worry about.” a thousand times over, she stopped loving me, gave up on me, left me, and I have worries. I gave up on the outside world over sixteen years ago to focus on our children while she became a professional so I don’t have any way to take care of myself. Her grandmother gave us a house as she loved our family and she “Wanted the house to be for one family again.”, as it had been divided into two apartments and one half rented out. Now my wife has decided that It’s not my home, her mother having put her name on the deed and with her grandmother dead there is no one to contest this. I refused to divorce her and still stay home watching my children every day, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, putting them in bed, playing catch, riding bikes, going on walks, playing games, etc.. She gave up on teaching, started drinking heavily, started vaping, and is rarely ever here, often coming home insanely drunk having driven home, even falling down on the front porch in full view of the children while crawling through the front door. She got arrested a few days ago for driving drunk and committing serious bodily harm to a ‘Police official’ which is a level 6 felony and will be going to court soon. In closing, do I regret having children? NEVER! I love every one of my children, even though the first batch are gown up now and I almost never see them and they pretty much hate me. My two young children that I raise are my best friends and are two of the best people I’ve ever known. They are one of the only sources of joy or purpose in my life. Do I regret marrying a narcissist who mirrored me for years before degrading me, devaluing me, and finally discarding me? YES!
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2023.06.10 20:02 PurpleSolitudes Best 4k Gaming Monitor Available on Amazon

Best 4k Gaming Monitor Available on Amazon
A 4K gaming monitor offers several benefits over a standard 1080p monitor. First and foremost, the increased resolution provides much sharper and more detailed images, allowing you to see textures and small details that might be missed on a lower resolution display. This can be particularly useful in fast-paced games where spotting enemies or other important objects quickly is crucial.
In addition to the improved image quality, many 4K monitors also offer faster refresh rates, which means smoother gameplay with less motion blur and tearing. This can make a big difference in competitive gaming where every millisecond counts.

GIGABYTE M32UC 32″ 144Hz (160Hz OC)
GIGABYTE M32UC is a fantastic gaming monitor that boasts some impressive features and specifications. This 32-inch monitor delivers an excellent visual experience that’s perfect for gaming, watching movies, or working on creative projects.
Read More Below View on Amazon

SAMSUNG UJ59 Series 32-Inch 4K
Samsung UJ59 Series 32-Inch 4K UHD Computer Monitor is a powerful and immersive monitor that offers some fantastic features and specifications. In this review, we’ll break down the pros and cons of this monitor to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.
Read More Below View on Amazon

AOC CU32V3 32″ Super-Curved 4K UHD monitor
AOC CU32V3 32″ Super-Curved 4K UHD monitor is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality, immersive viewing experience. With its large size and stunning clarity, this monitor is perfect for gaming, streaming movies, or even just browsing the web.
Read More Below View on Amazon

ASUS TUF Gaming 28” 4K 144HZ DSC HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitor
ASUS TUF Gaming 28” 4K 144HZ DSC HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitor is a high-performance monitor designed for gamers who demand the best visuals and performance. It boasts an impressive range of features, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to upgrade their gaming setup
Read More Below View on Amazon

SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 4K UHD
SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 4K UHD is a premium gaming monitor with an impressive range of features that make it an excellent choice for gamers who demand the best. With its sleek design, stunning colors, and fast refresh rate, this monitor offers an immersive viewing experience that will take your gaming to the next level.
Read More Below View on Amazon
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2023.06.10 20:02 BrandonCovetto Petco didn’t tell me they would split my order between several dashers!

I ordered several cans of pet food from my Petco app. Selected the closest store. And chose delivery because my car has broken down and I needed cat food right away. There was only one item I selected the app said was out of stock, so I naturally assumed all other items were in stock at the same store. I was aware it was being delivered by Doordash and added a $15 tip. The app said “100% of this tip goes to the driver” which…was true. Kind of.
They ended up splitting the order between 4 drivers Dashing to 4 different stores to satisfy the order. One is 20 minutes away! Then split the $15 tip between the four of them! One guy picked up only 4 cans for me!
I felt terrible! What a sneaky, convoluted, terrible way to run a business.
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2023.06.10 20:02 hypnochild He’s ruined us completely.

He’s never financially supported us. It’s just got worse over the years. So many things that he just stopped paying for or refused to pay for. He made probably 4 times as much money as me but was in debt and bad with money. In 10 years he never once tried to take care of his debt that dragged us down. Out of 2600 a month he would pay maybe 600 to rent. Barely helped me pay for food.
I was in an accident before I met him and it took a decade but I finally got paid out. Of course the housing market went ridiculous and when I should have been able to buy a house outright, now I have a giant mortgage. It was supposed to be affordable but things happened. He was supposed to start giving me more money monthly and he did. Slightly. It never made a dent because our expenses are far more than my measly disability covers. With our incomes combined it should be absolutely no problem. I have no idea where tf his money was going but he just kept claiming he could never pay for things.
When he started work from home he stopped using his car and only used mine. It went on for so long that he was unable to use his car at all. He sometimes put gas in but never paid me for the use of that car for 3 years. When he finally did sell the car I got nothing out of it. Bought a car with my payout money. He just HAD to have an SUV because he’s tall and didn’t want to be cramped. So of course I had to spend more on that. There’s so much more I could get into but we would be here forever.
It’s to the point where I had to get a line of credit to cover what he wasn’t giving me. With what I received plus his income we should have been set. I had JUST paid off all my debts prior to buying the house only to be in debt again.
He was laid off the beginning of the year and it just made everything so much worse. He doesn’t get much from unemployment and when he does get some, he still gets hundreds of dollars to himself each pay (he pays nothing but his own cell phone and weed) and I get negative money. It doesn’t matter how many times I bring it up he just gets defensive and mean and tries to blame me in strange ways. He just gets mean and leaves. Every time. There is no conversation. I nearly left before I bought the house but we had always lived in a basement apartment with his awful family and I thought I should give us a chance to be a real family. I want to go back in time and run away. Far, far away. I would have bought a mobile home or something I could afford on my own which isn’t much. I’m in an awful financial situation and selling the house would bankrupt me completely. I don’t have anywhere else I can live and my disability prevents me from earning enough to rent. Also it’s bad here for people who are disabled trying to rent. No one will accept them. Affordable housing lists are like 20 year waits and are in the absolute worst slums.
Not looking for advice. Just a vent I guess. I wondered how this would come to an end. I can’t afford my cats medication or food. I won’t be able to pay any of my utilities tor the month and probably not my mortgage either. I have a massive supply of pasta and sauce for a bit. My family will help me with food but he has screwed me over so badly financially I don’t even know what to do.
Best part of him is that he literally lived with his mom and brother until I got the house last year. He’ll just go back and live with them and mooch off fam like he always has. There are no consequences for him other than he no longer has access to my stuff he never paid for in the first place.
I’ll probably have to put my pets down too. He stopped paying for them a long time ago. He probably won’t even care that I have to do it. I can’t afford them and one is old and one is sick. My daughter will be absolutely devastated and so will I. But I can’t afford it and I have no idea where we will go once I don’t have a house. I just want to go all the way back in time.
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2023.06.10 20:02 pirate_tat87 Epawg(dot)com Help

Has anyone had any luck with getting content taken down from this site.
Although they do have a DMCA contact form on the site it's a universal one just like many others, no action is ever taken.
They are being routed through Cloudflare to which I have already put a claim in and their hosting provider is "Alexhost(dot)com" sent an email to their abuse department and still nothing.
Does anyone have any other methods for this one they can provide? Thank you
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2023.06.10 20:02 polishciv6fan Laptop water damge advice

Hello guys im new here but i want some advice hopefully from pepole with knoldge so i have or at this point had maybe a laptop victus 16 rtx 3060 h5800 ryzen but day ago i was stupid and dint pay atention and spilled my glass of tap water most if landed next it and not very much water got on the laptop on the right corner on the ventilation above the keybord but decent amount i instantly flipped it upside down wiped it and turned it off after over a minutebut stupidliy since i dint take it seriusly becuse the amount of water was minimal i tried booting it back after 40 minutes the problem is i tried to boot like 4 times i know its not smart but dint know it at the time and it woudnt bood tried to take of the back panel to disconect the battery but dint mange to take it off so i left it tent positon for over day right now so what i wanna know what you guys think is the likekley hood of me having shortcurticuded it in my atempt to boot it after 40 minutes the battery was fully charged and shoud i try booting it again in 2 days when and water evoportes or just get into repair shop asap next week? gratfull for any smart advice
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2023.06.10 20:02 VioletsEverywhere51 Stolen images and posts.

For everybody that’s on the African Violet Reddit Thread, I don’t know how it came up on this post, but I was looking up some information about African violets online … doing some research, and I happened upon something on Twitter… which led me down a rabbit hole, and I found this online blog, which I’ll post here. I don’t know how far back it goes, but someone is taking all of our Reddit posts and re-posting them onto her own private site about gardening. Making it look like we’re posting to her site. You have to have an account to post to her site. Or reply to her site, even. There are many many pictures of ours from this African violet Reddit thread on there, including my own, where it looks like I posted even the first comment made is on there, and it looks like the first comment was made to her site. I’m credited in tiny letters at the bottom as though I posted there. I don’t know who it is and I don’t know what other Gardening Reddit threads that she copies and pasted to her side but I’m sure she done more… if you don’t want her to use your stuff or your pictures, I suggest you start using a watermark on all of your pictures.
Is the link doesn’t work it’s called and this morning everyone’s posts were on there.
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2023.06.10 20:01 PuddingVegetable8965 Colis retourné (pour de vrai)

Colis retourné (pour de vrai)
Bonjour, j’ai commandé une montre,elle a été envoyé avec sf express savez vous pour quoi le colis est retourné ?
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2023.06.10 20:01 apathy-frog How come these things crash at all?

Hey new guy here, maybe this is a dumb question but want your take on it.
An extraterrestrial race, evolved enough for either space or multidimensional travel, with hyper advanced technology, happens to crash without reason on Earth soil all the time? Either malfunctioning or by being taken down by our limited weapons, leaving behind their pilots and equipment for the locals to play with without caring to either retrieve it or destroy it?
I don't know, to me that never adds up, we as humans are extremely zealous about letting our enemies get any intel at all. Aliens come across as incompetent and careless if this whole thing ends up being true.
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2023.06.10 20:01 ZeonoxButBetter Attack of the Dead Terrans (Reupload)

The last one have some problem with spacing and character amount Sorry for the absence of story for the last two weeks. No I'm not dead, it's just my exams weeks. And because of that, I have to redirect a lot of energy from writing. So all the stories I've developed over the past two weeks have sort of run aground, and I'm not sure they're ready to be uploaded here, yet. But now I'm back and ready to write some more, so roll up that daily disclaimer: As usual accidental copy is truly unintentional
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~7th Chromia Orbital Dock Facility~ ~Orbit of Oskwa~ "Have they arrived yet?" I asked to my fellow commander.
"Yes General Burg, the convoy has just unloaded the... cargo just now" General Von said, looking down through the glass barrier to the cargo bay below where hundreds of yellow capsule-like containers sat in rows.
"Good, so I assume that the assault could be launch in a few hours?" I asked.
"After we distributed this to the orbital bomber we should be clear to go"
"Excellent! We'll finally be able to destroy that annoying little castle of them" I exclaimed. Excited, because finally after months of fighting, we'll be able to seize the last stronghold of the Terran Republic on this planet.

Fort Linsky, a large military fortification built by the Terran Republic before the war on the planet of Oskwa, one of their territory at the time. Equipped with eight pairs of massive railgun cannons, each with the capability to penetrate anything ranging from our capital ships in low orbit to anything on the ground not covered by at least twenty meters of solid rock within the range of one thousand kilometers from its' location.
There were more of them before. But since our invasion, with either brilliant tactic, incompetent opponents, or a pinch of luck. We managed to destroy or seized all the other fort on this planet.
But Fort Linsky on the other hand is harder. Its fortification is enforced not only by its massive cannons, but also by what our soldiers on the ground called 'The Torture Zone'.
First the most obvious one, the giant wall covering the entire parameter. A huge twenty five kilometers long stone-composite wall, shaped like a giant star with spikes sticking out of each end, circling the ring where the railguns take places. Rendering all kind of ground incursion imposible.
Behind the wall there is the 'artillery', somewhat a miniature version of the railguns they're trying to protect. A long range kinetic weapon capable of yeeting medium sized projectile, both High Explosive and Armoured Piercing. Preventing any of our heavier vehicles to get close and deal any damages.
And then there is the 'always on particle shield'. While their counterpart in space is extremely weak, their usage here was proved effective against all sort of our attacks. Be it orbital bombardment, areal assault, or our own artillery or missile attack.

And of course lastly, we have the Human themself. A tough mammals bipedal species born on a level six death world. Raised by wars they have perfected the art of defense, utilizing the terrain and weather for their advantage.
In battle they themselves go forth to fight, in armor suit five meters tall equipped with a large gun and a pile of rockets that can be fired to scorch our troops.
And accompanied by innovative flying vehicles that uses a single propeller to lift themself from the ground, armed with the same weapon hold by the armour suit they become the thorns that've always prevented us from occupying this fort.
I stepped down from my transport ship to the barren ground, on a mountain ten kilometers away from the fort. Just outside their artillery range, and on a such makeshift observation point it would be worthless to shoot us out with their railguns.
"Is everything ready?" I asked to one of my officer.
"Yes Sir, General Borg just sent out the last confirmation signal" He reported.
"Good" I responded just before a flock of officers approach.
"Sir, are we sure with this?"
"Yeah gas attack seems a little too much, perhaps even breaching the Communities Treaty of war"
"And are we even sure this will work?" They asked one after another.

"Hey, do you remember what've they done all through the war? The sight of their armour suit killing all of our soldier? their rail gun destroying our base? I bet they have committed several warcrimes on their own.
And yeah, We're pretty sure this one will work. Our capsules is small enough to slip through the particle shield, and their content... Well gas attack have been banned by the Terran Republic, so I'm sure it's bad for them. And what gasses are we using again? chlorine and bromine? yeah I think they're included in the banned substance" I said reassuring the officers.

Not long after, the time finally came. Receiving the signal from the Borg, we sat and watched as hundred of small yellow capsules pierces the cloudy sky with green tails coming out of 'em. Passing through the Terrans shield, straight down to the rows of troops doing their morning call.
Landing next to the unsuspecting soldiers the capsules burst and released their contents. Thick green smokes billowed from the shattered containers, soon filling up the whole facility with an eerie chemical haze.
We watched silently from afar. We couldn't see individual soldiers anymore, but from the lack of large response or any other movements around the base, I think it's safe to assume we've caught the Terrans off guard.
"Yeah, that should kill them" I said breaking the silence.
"We better start moving now, before any surviving Terrans re-enact the automatic defense"

We jumped into our armoured vehicles, surrounded by around twelve thousand troops ready to captured the fort.
Approaching the structure, we could feel the atmosphere getting cold. The still lingering green gasses floating low on the ground, getting darker each moments as the thick cloud from the ever-closing storm covered the sky.
"Well at least the rain could clean up this mess" I said to myself.
Closing in, now only a few hundred meters, we could fully feel the eerie state of this fortress. A huge ominous dark wall covered in green haze stretched out for miles, accompanied by a huge thunder on our east suddenly halted the movement of our forces.
The frightened troops stopped on its march, shaking on their boots.
'What are they afraid of, there shouldn't be anyone anymore in that fort' I muttered, trying to figured out what happened.
And that's where I see it, no... see them.

Dozen of bulky silhouette, accompanied by a couple hundreds smaller hump lined up between us and the wall. I squint my eyes, the figures standing menacingly became clearer as the green smokes cleared.
'It-it's the Terrans! T-they're still alive!?!' I screamed internally, clenching the iron bars I was holding onto.
The Terrans, on their armoursuits once again challenging our march, but there's something wrong.
Their beige colored skin has grown darker, now with black ulcers and red patches covered many of their exposed area, their once white eyes were now bloodshot like those of an ancient creature on our folklore, and where their mouths should have been, were now covered by all kind cloths with their bright red bloodstains splatred on it.
My frustration and annoyance suddenly turned to fear and horror as my blood ran cold from the realization. They... they're not alive anymore. Me and my troops stand there for a minute, trying to process the sights we behold. The silence continued as fear crawls on our back, forcing us not to move a muscle.
Suddenly out of nowhere a blood screeching screams rang across the battlefield. The Terrans letting out a battlecry as they began to charges. An entire legion of the undead leaping into our position with the classic noise of rockets and artillery soon followed.
"Retreat! Retreat!" I shouted, breaking the stagnant of my remaining troops.
Without wasting a second, the remaining nine thousand troops ran away from the cursed fortress. Racing back to the safety of our base.
Skipping some heartbeats I looked back, to the horror we just made.
'We didn't kill them, we just make them mad'
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2023.06.10 20:01 adrugonis0502 I think my co worker and i might be developing feelings for each other

I have been working at a local restaurant for a year and a half and I think I’m falling for my coworker. He was always very nice to me when I started working there always gave me a hug when I was down all and all just a very sweet person. I was dating someone when I first started working there and didn’t really pay him much mind but when we broke up I started to notice how attractive he was and slowly started to develop a crush on him. When I work my doubles he will always run and get me an energy drink and bring it to me in my car while I’m on my break. At first it started as just friends and we would joke around and play fight but now it’s slowly started to change he’s 6’2 and I’m 5’2 (this is relevant) he will poke my ribs and put his arm around my waist when he’s coming behind me, he’ll kick my butt when he’s behind me and I try and trip him (when we play fight). I’m not sure if he just has that personality or if he actually likes me. Any thoughts opinions or advice would be helpful.
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2023.06.10 20:01 AdvertisingTasty3615 Fear of Gastric Lymphoma (DLBCL) recurrence

Hello. I hope you're doing fine and thanks you in advance for your precious help. I am sorry if my english isn't very fluent.
I am posting about my mom (62 F - height: 161cm- weight: 68kgs - Moroccan). She is in remission from a dlbcl since 4 years (July 2019). At diagnosis, she underwent a big surgery where a part of her stomach+spine+ part of kidney/pancreas ... Were removed (she was misdiagnosed then the biopsy showed it was lymphoma- she lives in a country where there's no mandatory protocol). Since then she is taking medications daily as Aspegic ( non steroidal anti inflammatory drug).
After the surgery she underwent 6 rounds of rchop ( standard chemo regimen for DLBCL)+ 2 methotrexate rounds ( to prevent CNS involvment since her kidney was affectés). She had ( understandably) since then been suffering from a lot of acid reflux/burping when she eats '' in big quantities'', her doc always said it was normal due to the surgery. Last year she moved to another city and changed her hematologist, the new one after some tests gave her a treatment for h.pylori which made her feel better for a period of time.
Her blood work results in March 2023 were normal apart from lymphocytes that were high (5000) and compared to her last blood work from september 2020 her hemoglobin/red blood count went from 13.5- 4.28 to 13-4.23.
Her doc asked her to redo the blood tests in May and her lymphocites have come down (4000) but hemoglobilin and rbc were still going down 12.7-4.2
Plus, she suffered more from acid reflux/ burping for some days, so she went to see a gastroenterologist who gave her a Pill that works wonderfully for her since she doesn't suffer from anything since she took it. The doctor suggested an endoscopy and the results ( we're still waiting for the biopsy results): erythematous and erosive antrofundic gastritis.
The gastroenterologist said it was nothing bad ( just inflammation) but when I looked in the internet it says that it could be her DLBCL that manifests that way. I am scarred to death and looking for opinions from other professionnals please : what are the real odds that lymphoma manifests as gastritis instead of tumors/ nodules etc.?
I hope this is not a very stupid question. My mom says she feels really good since taking the pill. Thank you a lot for your answers.
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2023.06.10 20:01 bezserk How do you feel about bipolar?

I feel bad for my wife, she's been so patient and amazing lately dealing with my anger and shift from depression to idunno what. I came off all meds at the beginning of the year cuz side effects tried to kill me, so now im starting fresh with a new shrink. On top of that my chronic pain keeps getting worse and i keep coming up short of answers, but finally i was put on Lyrica for pain, Latuda for depression, Lithium for mood stabilizer and Lorazepam for anxiety. Its been a rough 3 weeks of all that setting in. My wife has been reading a book about bipolar for spouses to better understand things, today she asked me to sit down and do an activity from the book with her so i sat down. She said here we're each gonna write for 5 minutes about "how i feel about bipolar" and then compare what the other wrote. I said "IT SUCKS, there. Im not in the mood to write it sucks for 5 minutes." I apologized later and tried to explain how fucked my brain is right now and that i appreciate her and that im sorry this is how i am right now.
TLdr- wife is so patient with my bipolar, wants to know "how do i feel about bipolar"
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2023.06.10 20:01 complicatedaro Feminine hairstyles for a guy?

I want to have a more feminine hairstyle as a guy, right now it's just a bun. When my hair is down, it's down to my upper back. Any hairstyles I can try out?
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2023.06.10 20:01 Bloodbathowl Oil leaking from MS261 Muffler

I've had this saw for a year now and it gets a few hours of work a week from spring through fall. Today, I started bucking a log and she began to smoke very heavily. Looking at the muffler, I saw a black liquid coming out of the exhaust and burning up. It looked like oil.
I did some googling and it sounds like the saw is running too rich? Does that mean I need to turn the high and low end down to prevent more fuel from getting in? I've never tuned a carburetor before.
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2023.06.10 20:00 Positive_Change_ I just finished “The Cold Dish” by Craig Johnson

I normally don’t read crime/mystery novels, but after reading The Cold Dish I think I’ll start adding more of them to my literary diet. I usually read fantasy with the occasional classic novel like Stoner or The Long Ships thrown in.
I picked up this novel because my grandfather enjoyed reading them before he passed away. After having a bad day last week, I was feeling slightly nostalgic and I missed him a lot, so I grabbed it in hopes for a feeling of connection to him. I enjoyed it a lot, and I recommend it quite a bit. The ending was more depressing than I anticipated, but it was really well written.
I really enjoyed this book. Walt Longmire is a sheriff for a fictional county in Wyoming, and was a very likable protagonist. I thought he was really charming. I don’t think there was a single character that I disliked in the book. Every person felt down to earth, likable, and genuine as if they existed in real life.
The heart of the story revolves around a past case of Walt’s, regarding the rape of Melissa Little Bird. She is a Native American girl with fetal alcohol syndrome, and four guys take advantage of her. Years later after the trial that found those boys guilty, someone is hunting down those boys.
Spoilers for whodunnit: >!Vonnie, Walt’s love interest in the book, turns out to be the murderer. She was sexually abused by her father, and her family kept quiet about it. Using the same rifle that her father killed himself with, Vonnie was hunting down the boys for hurting Melissa the way she had been hurt before. I wasn’t expecting it to be her, but I guess that was the point. Everyone wanted those boys dead or gone to some degree, so we were following Walt as he stumbled upon who actually did it. When he found her, he had the same sense of shock and depressing sense of pity as the audience did. We couldn’t have known it was her because not enough information was conveyed to the audience. The red flags she had were conveyed to us through Walt’s first person pov and his rose colored glasses, so his biases and suspicions were imprinted on us.
I initially hated the reveal, but the more I digest the ending, the more I enjoy it. I think for a first novel in a series, having the first murderer that Walt has to find being someone close to him is going to result in significant trust issues later on from Walt. We saw moments of that, when Walt was suspecting Henry for murder, and I’d enjoy seeing more of that.!<
I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of the series, and I need to check out more crime/mystery novels going forward.
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2023.06.10 20:00 99ts [TOMT] T/W: SA in a book

I remember a scene in a book where a woman is at some kinda party at a venue with a large lawn, and when she is outside she is pinned down by one of the men at the party. I remember it was dark and she was frightened but I believe someone found them and stopped anything before it happened. Possibly her dress was ripped open. I remember there being some kinda line about her dress being pulled down and her breasts being exposed. I think it mentioned how the character was a virgin and quite young like a teenager. It was written to be very unsettling to the reader. (It’s possible I’m getting confused with a tv show or movie but I’m almost certain it was a book).
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