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2023.03.29 14:19 katapank HELP!!! DRUID lvl 3

I have to prepare the character sheet for a level 3 druid with a domain but I'm not sure where to start since it's my first time! :D can anyone help me?? or show me some character sheet already ready??? Thank you very much!!!
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2023.03.29 14:19 TyresomeTV What bike is this?!

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2023.03.29 14:18 Working_Ad_2918 WWYD?

A few years bk I was drugged , attacked and allergic to the drugs (I dnt do them ever) and ended up in n out of a coma like state for 3 months… to make things worse they called anonymously and said I beat my kids or whatever to get the heat off them as I was trying to report it before being in the hospital. Fast forward a few years I’m ok now and kids r home safe. Of course we went thru all the process and just finished trauma therapy. Well where I volunteer all a sudden they have jus started. I never really said the persons name to ppl they jus new what happened from visiting in the hospital to helping w the kids. If I did mention her name idk they remember I didn’t go with a pic or anything and I haven’t seen her in years but the last 6 months now I’m suddenly bumping into her around town n now my 1 safe space. (Yes it’s female to female). Just looking for advice on how you all handle this type of situation? I jus feel stuck like I dnt even want to be there to help anymore. I dnt want to talk to her cause I know what she’s capable of and it’s not worth the chaos she causes obviously. Thank u 🙏🏽
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2023.03.29 14:18 bikeactuary Actuary to top graduate programs in stats

Looking for experiences/data points on actuaries/data scientists applying to and getting accepted to any top tier graduate stats programs (MS or PhD) after at least say 3-5 years of full time working experience. Mostly I’m trying to figure out how competitive my app would be and what I may want to do to improve it. I have a couple bachelors (one in math) with high GPA, ACAS, an R package on CRAN, and 10 yrs working in stats/data science roles. I’d like to have a more stats focused paper or 2 published (working on one) and some more recent graduate coursework (considering taking a class at the local university) before applying..
Programs I have in mind are Texas A&M and Columbia but background from anyone who was accepted to a top 10 program (CMU, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins…) would be helpful.
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2023.03.29 14:17 ThunderCookie23 Just watched S4E01 of Atypical, and now I'm crying!

So the part that made me cry was the part where Casey (Sam's sister) is teaching Izzie how to ride a bike! She has so much patience, and teaches her how to ride the bike with so much love, that it brought me to tears! I have an autistic brother, and It would take me years to learn to love like that! I love Casey! I wish I had an sister like that! I wish everyone in the world had an elder sister like Casey - Fun, Protective, brave, strong and Amazing overall!!
She's my Idol (for now lol - maybe I'll encounter another amazing character like her in a future tv show and fall in love with them)
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2023.03.29 14:17 TheLeonBurton 32 [M4F] #Newcastle, UK. looking for a partner to game with among other things.

I have had a few encounters on here on older accounts but I have yet to find the one I'm looking for 😂
I would consider myself very much a nerd/geek or whatever you want to call it with special attention to Videogames (Xbox, Switch and a little PC) and anime ( Dragon Ball and Berserk) but I do also love typical nerd things like comic books, movie and TV shows. On top of my nerdiness I also love hiking, camping and travel (usually via train).
Now for the physical stuff. I am a bit of a gym addict and although I'm not what you'd call muscular I am slowly getting there😂. I am 5'8 with short brown hair and blue eyes. I am also bisexual if that makes any sort of difference to your decision making.
I don't care about what you look like. My idea on here is to get to know eachother and build a relationship organically to see where we want to go from there. I have never had any physical requirements for people I have been with and I don't intend on starting now. All I ask is that you are a nice person, you can have a conversation that isn't just two word answers and that you are 18+.
If you want to know more about my situation and my currently failing 11 year marriage please get in touch as I don't really like airing my bullshit in public.
I am here to make a friend first and hopefully see where it takes us 😊 I'm also open to just regular friendships but that is obviously not the ideal situation.
If you have made it this far and want to answer , why not tell me an interesting fact about you or what your favourite fictional character is. This way I'll have a better idea if who read my whole post 😊
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2023.03.29 14:17 Shashi_tharooor_7 q: How can someone reach golokadham as per bhagvad gita in 1000 character.

!askgitagpt "How can someone reach golokadham" in 1000 character.
Arjuna, reaching Golokadham, the eternal abode of Lord Krishna, is the ultimate goal of a soul. In the Bhagavad Gita, I have explained the path to attain this divine destination. To reach Golokadham, one must follow the principles of Bhakti Yoga, which is the yoga of devotion.
First, you must surrender your heart and soul to Me, the Supreme Lord Krishna. This surrender is the essence of Bhakti Yoga. By offering all your actions, thoughts, and desires to Me, you will become free from the bondage of karma and attain the state of pure devotion.
You must also engage in the constant chanting of My holy names, such as Hare Krishna, Hare Rama. This chanting purifies the heart and awakens the love for Me, which is dormant in every soul. By constantly remembering Me and meditating upon My divine form, you will develop an unbreakable bond with Me.
In addition to these practices, you must study the sacred scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, which reveal the knowledge of My divine nature and pastimes. Associating with saintly persons and devotees who are well-versed in these scriptures will help you deepen your understanding and strengthen your devotion.
Performing selfless service to Me and My devotees is another essential aspect of Bhakti Yoga. By engaging in acts of charity, compassion, and welfare for others, you will purify your heart and develop a genuine spirit of devotion.
Furthermore, you must adhere to the principles of Dharma, leading a righteous and moral life. Avoid sinful activities and practice austerity, cleanliness, and truthfulness. This virtuous lifestyle will
Help Us Buy telling other people about our AI Bot Project
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2023.03.29 14:17 ThreeD710 For Anyone that thinks when a Central Bank Guarantees the Deposits at a Bank without any Losses, then it won't lead to more Inflation - READ THIS!

My post will be in different parts, made up of brief summaries by me, a few links to other posts and comments, and actual comments.

A very simple understanding of how Banks work

How does a Central Bank Guaranteeing the Deposits without any Losses lead to more Inflation?

Well, another Redditor who commented on a different post has explained it brilliantly, I will just put it down in bullet points below.
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2023.03.29 14:17 SmartAirLuna My Story with Creality 3D Print+

My Story with Creality 3D Print+
My Story with Creality 3D Print+ Activity is coming! Share your story with Creality 3D Print+ and win BIG prize
3D Print+ refers to anything provided by Creality except 3D printers. Since Creality provides not only 3D printers, but also 3D scanners, laser engravers, accessories, materials and so on. That's why we call it 3D Print+.
Easy! Post your story with #Creality_3DprintPlus tag in Creality DIY Modification User Group and you automatically enrolled in the event! The TOP SIX with the MOST LIKES at the end of the activity win
Group Entrance:https://www.facebook.com/groups/creality3dprintplus/
  • 1st Prize(1 Person): Creality Falcon2 (Worth $1,199)
  • 2nd Prize(2 Persons): CR-Scan Ferret (Worth $349)
  • 3rd Prize(3 Persons): Rotary Roller for Laser EngraveLaser Engraver Accessries Package/New 3D Printing Filament (3rd prize winner can pick one of it)
  • Activity Deadline: 2023/4/15
  • Winner Announcement: 2023/4/18
  1. Your story must be relative to Creality 3D Scanners, or Creallity Laser Engravers, or Creality 3D Modification, or Creality Materials.
  2. Content must be real and positive. No piracy is allowed.
  1. You can share useful and positive content to earn likes from people in group.
  2. You can invite friends to join group and like your post.

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2023.03.29 14:17 donthuame Historical Cold War Roleplay

If you are interested in History and Roleplay you should keep reading, together we can make a fun roleplay. You can suggest and add things to this Plot. For more info about me check my profile.
The Year is 1967 and you just got promoted in your position in an American University. But with a new job came a new task. The Government has hired you to perform a secret Archeological Operation with a person of your choice. But you didn’t have a choice and got my character a Female Professor in a small East German University. My character has ties to the West and gladly helps you out. The Goal is to visit locations which are now underground due to war,natural disasters and landscape changes. There we must find treasures and secrets to help our allies.
If you are interested in this feel free to comment or DM me.
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2023.03.29 14:17 ohhidoggo Treatment abroad scheme (TAS)

Hi everyone,
I’ve been on a waiting list for over a year for a procedure caused by pregnancy, and I’m having emergencies every week because of it. A few weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital for 5 days as a result of sepsis as a result of waiting too long for my organ to have surgery.
I had a letter from the HSE saying that I would have a phone call from the surgeon today, and I was hopeful that it would be in regards to getting an actual surgery appointment. Sadly, they informed me it would still be months away.
This is so stressful. I’m having severe attacks every week and I have a 4 month old baby to take care of. When I have these attacks I’m unable to do anything but curl up in the shower. There’s no way I can tend to my baby with the pain.
I’m posting this to ask if anyone has used the TAS (treatment abroad scheme). It’s where you pay out of pocket for the surgery in another EU country and the Irish government reimburses you. My surgery will probably cost around €10,000 depending on the country.
I’d love to hear any advice! What country did you go to? Did you have to go for an initial visit before the surgery? How long did it take for the actual surgery appointment? How long did the reimbursement take? Any hiccups?
Thanks in advance.
Note: No I don’t have private healthcare-I’m hopefully going to get it for the future when I’m back at work after the baby is older. The state of the HSE-I was on a trolley in the corridor for 5 days, insane. Also, no I can’t afford to fork out the 10 grand on my own for a private hospital surgery.
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2023.03.29 14:16 YaBoiKenpai Looking for Advice on a Job Offer

So I am a building substitute at an elementary school who applied for the librarian position. At the time I applied the librarian was still at the school, she planned to leave at the end of semester so I figured if I got hired I would be trained to compensate my lack of experience. Then she justifiably quit after an altercation with a student, so I have been in the library subbing and lesson planning on my own for the past month.
Today I was told I am being offered the position, after receiving a mountain of fluff praise from the principal. I know they went with me because it’s a hard sell to pitch a library in its first year of being put together with no librarian aid to someone with actual librarian certification and training, when the alternative is to lowball me since I’m there and I’ve been working in the space.
The larger red flag for me is they said they cannot bump my salary for the two remaining months of this year, and they want a written acceptance of the job before I have an offer letter in hand. My principal told me I need to do that so they can shut the job portal and stop receiving applicants. They want to send the job offer out at the same time every other teacher receives their job offers confirming their new, or same positions for next year. To me it just sounds like they want me to take on the workload of a full librarian until the end of the yea setup for next year and doing all the heavy lifting they would need to do otherwise while only paying me my salary as a substitute teacher.
When I mentioned it’s standard practice for libraries to have an aide, even if that just works out to us utilizing an aide or a sub in the building to assist from time to time, the assistant principal deadass chuckled at me. The principal told me I just need to find a better way to budget my time during my prep periods and that specials teachers get longer breaks on average so it shouldn’t be a problem to maintain the library by myself.
I’m just looking for any feedback and thoughts, it feels really suspicious to me. This is my first year working in education and while I love the kids I don’t fancy being admin’s fool and I’m refusing to accept until I have that offer letter in front of me.
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2023.03.29 14:16 mikeshomeexercise r/Lateral_raises_suck Lounge

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2023.03.29 14:16 bloomeral040713 I’m not sure how to feel about going to the same uni with a highschool crush of mine

So I’m graduating hs this year in 2 months. And basically I’m going to the same uni with my hs crush. I’m quite frustrated and concerned bc I have a weirdly deep emotional attachment to her.
Brief history I knew her since middle school and I was attracted to her from the start. She was objectively cute but something about her made me blush so much that I would just stare at her for so long. I approached her and complimented her a few times and thought about her daily. After a few years we had some classes together and got a lil closer and I realized that maybe our feelings are neutral. I could see it in her eyes and the way she hugged me or constant eye contacts during class. However, this somehow faded as we started having less classes together next year and during this year -senior year- I just became tired of approaching her and expecting a return and nothing really changing. Also, since I knew that hs graduation was soon I tried to distant myself from her at all costs (not even say hi to her) bc I just wanted to to emotionally distant myself from someone I will leave soon. Yet we ended up in the same uni.
I’m worried that I won’t get over her. She meant a lot to me and she still means a lot to me. She built so many precious memories during my teen years that I’ll never forget. However, I srsly want to get over her. Bc all these years, say the feelings are mutual, we never worked out. And I don’t think I will be able to pursue a relationship at uni bc she’s a BIG distraction.
I’m gay and I know that. Yet no others. She’s Christian and not the wild but more reserved type of girl. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with going to the same uni with her. And all these times, I have oppressed my emotions and I’ve never told about my attraction to anyone bc I’m afraid of coming out. I don’t know if I wanna come out at all. Some people close to me are homophobic due to religious reasons and I honestly don’t blame them. But over the years and all these times of not getting to share my feeling toward her with close people I’ve known has slowly oppressed me.
I hope anyone replies to my ridiculous rant. If no one does, It’s just a letter to my future self I guess…
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2023.03.29 14:16 ThreeD710 For Anyone that thinks when a Central Bank Guarantees the Deposits at a Bank without any Losses, then it won't lead to more Inflation - READ THIS!

My post will be in different parts, made up of brief summaries by me, a few links to other posts and comments, and actual comments.

A very simple understanding of how Banks work

How does a Central Bank Guaranteeing the Deposits without any Losses lead to more Inflation?

Well, another Redditor who commented on a different post has explained it brilliantly, I will just put it down in bullet points below.
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2023.03.29 14:16 Islamic_Sultanate r/Qarsherskiy_Sultanate Lounge

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2023.03.29 14:16 Sinpleton025 [Rifts of War] - Chapter 6

4th of June, 2070
(One month after the Northeast park incident)
After the attack, it was clear what needed to be done. Elements of the 29th infantry division of the National Guard were stationed around Northeast park and were tasked with keeping watch over the now designated 'Rift' 24/7. Nothing was to get in or out without permission. The coast guard near San Diego was told to do the same. There has been no activity on either of them for a month, but the US Army didn't want to take chances.
At the UN council, the world came to a decision. The United States will attempt to solve this issue on its own, diplomatically. Elements of the US 75th Ranger regiment, 7th Infantry division, 1st Armored division, and 1st Special forces command have been organized into a force 30.000 strong and dubbed the Rift Expeditionary Corp or REC, led by Lieutenant General Patrick Coleman. They were tasked to cross to the other side, create an FOB and make contact with the natives. Despite prince Bodin Zorgen's constant attempts to persuade them otherwise, the US held strong to its decision. Any and all chances to stop bloodshed will be taken and America will not strike first. One of the conditions for peace will be the return of all captive Americans, this will not be negotiable.
This decision was not favored by some. The Chinese president, Bao Huang, suggested that the US should listen to Bodin and wage a full-blown war with the empire. He used the Empire of Japan as an example, a power that couldn't be negotiated with and chose war. US President Arthur McShane said that the empire and the elves received a vision through magic that humanity is a monstrous enemy that wishes to destroy their world. Bao refused to believe anything that 'magic' has to say but Arthur told him that if they do wage a war and strike, then they would only prove them right. Diplomacy needs to go first and should things go south, they'll cross that bridge when they get there.
The Russian president, Dmitri Vukov, suggested that the US should destroy the rifts so that they would not cause problems in the future. Out of sight, out of mind. There were two problems with this plan. First, the US had no way of doing this as they themselves don't possess magic and the rifts aren't affected by any physical means. Second, even if they destroy them, there exists a possibility of the elves opening another one, maybe in another part of the world, and should it open in an unprepared land, it would cause devastation. This is why Arthur urged all countries to create contingencies just for a situation like that. With all of this said, the UN council ultimately decided to let the US deal with this threat, however, NATO will be on alert should things take a turn for the worst.
Now it came down to picking the right people for the job. The empire wasn't the only faction they needed to make peace with. First things first, the Rosians. While prince Bodin is alive, they first needed to get them to know this. Second, they needed to make friendly relations with native elves. Not all of them are cold-hearted like the army. Turns out, most of them live in smaller communities and try to live their lives in peace. The plan is to make contact with them and show them that they aren't an enemy. Third, the tribal peoples. Between thirty and forty percent of lepians, feelians, leanoids, welfen, and others are enslaved by the elves and forced to do their bidding. About twenty percent fled south to the Rosian kingdoms to live in peace. The others live in scattered tribes across North Altia. The captured animal peoples will join the REC and help them establish peaceful relations with them. Finally, the other continents. Besides North Altia, there are also South Altia and Kaplios that are also under the empire's control. However, they are all in a war with the natives and aren't able to send any proper aid, so the UNEF is on low alert at the moment.
Several platoons of rangers have already been organized for the assignment, along with their lieutenants all that was missing was a certain prodigy.
Norfolk, Virginia
Connors estate
The Connors family has a long and proud military tradition dating all the way back to the first world war when Joshua Connors volunteered to go to Europe. World War II, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and even the Great Crisis. They've been through it all. But the current successor, Logan, wasn't too proud of that. It's soldiers who fight wars and bring death. Logan was naturally gifted with strength and skill. He was tall, and athletic and rose to the rank of captain at the age of twenty-five. Still, this didn't make him as happy as he wanted to be. He wondered if there is something else out there for him. But, that might just be a dream.
He lived alone in his house in Norfolk, Virginia near Deep Creek park. He'd usually wait for his sister, Penelope, to come back from her assignments at DARPA and go for a walk, but lately, she's been coming over less and less. At twenty-six, Logan didn't really know what to do anymore.
He sat down with a beer in his hand and turned on the TV. The first channel was the news, typical.
"Thank you Jack.", said the newscaster, "Now that we're at the end of our program I'd like to read you the decision President Arthur McShane has made regarding the now dubbed Rifts incident. The United States army will lead an expedition force through the land rift and attempt to make contact and creates peaceful relations with the Empire of Light. This decision is not supported by some American citizens, the majority of which are from North Carolina. Protesters have gathered near Northeast park and are demanding justice for their loved ones and their city. Still, the president is standing by his decision, and for the time being, the diplomatic approach will be taken. No NATO or other UN forces will intervene until the necessity arises. May God help our brave men and women. This is Kevin Harper, signing off."
The news ended and Logan turned off the TV while sipping his beer. A few moments later knocking came on his front door. Logan stood up and answered, only to find two men dressed in military uniforms standing in front of him. Both were clearly older than Logan and one had gray hair while the other one had blonde hair and carried a briefcase.
"Captain Logan Connors?", asked the man with gray hair.
"Yes.", Logan answered, "What can I do for you, Lieutenant General?"
"My name is Patrick Coleman and this is Brigadier General Oscar Wayne. May we come in?"
"Of course.". Logan let them enter and closed the door. He showed them to the living room where they took a seat on the couch and Logan sat in front of them. "Now. To what do I own the pleasure of sitting in front of the leader of the rift expeditionary force?"
Oscar was a bit stunned by his question, "How did you-"
"Why else would you be here? I'm one of the rangers that are going over there, aren't I?"
Patrick chuckled and pulled out a folder from the briefcase. "Logan Hannibal Connors. Unique middle name. Joined the military at age of 19, and was recruited into special forces at age of 24 upon reaching the rank of lieutenant but quit a month after starting. Rewarded the Medal of Honor and the rank of captain on August 29th in Thailand after saving three platoons of soldiers in an attack on a remnant True salvation outpost. Now serving the army rangers and saving up money to help his father, Marcus Connors, walk again after his legs were paralyzed in a car accident last year. Those new nerve surgeries sure are expensive."
"Where are you going with this lieutenant-general?", Logan asked.
"I don't want to sound like I'm trying to bribe you, that's not my job. I'm just saying that if you take this opportunity it will prove to be mutually beneficial."
Logan took a long look at the folder Patrick was holding. Was this really worth it? This could help his father, but he was going to a completely foreign land to fight an enemy only seen in fiction. He knew there was going to be war, that he will have to fight. Question was, could he? After much consideration, Logan spoke, "Fine. I'll do it. But I want my father's medical bills paid for in full and I want insurance for him and my sister."
"We can arrange that.", Patrick said, "Thank you for accepting this, captain."
"Don't thank me yet. But what's your role in all of this, brigadier general?"
"Me?", asked Oscar, "That's simple. I'm the commander of the first REC infantry brigade. We will go in first and prepare the terrain for the first armored brigade which will properly enforce FOB Galdush. That's the name of the place we're going to by the way."
"And I'm supposed to be in it?"
"Corectomundo, my friend."
"Alright. Let's go win a war then."
(Around the same time)
Undisclosed location
The invasion was over in several hours. Zoya had never seen such destruction. Thousands dead in minutes, great beasts slaughtered like cattle, and entire armies turned to blood and ash. She wished she had never come here. She should have just stayed with her tribe in the Great Bolma forest all those cycles ago and not run away. This is what she got for it. A life of enslavement and then being sent to a foreign land just to die.
'Mother. Sister.', she thought to herself as tears went down her face. She was now in a human prison, all alone, separated from her kin. That soldier, Jeff Miller brought her there. He could have killed her along with Bora, but didn't. The reason was never cleared to Zoya. 'Please be alright. I beg you spirits, watch over them. Don't let them suffer my fate.'
As she finished her thought, three loud knocks came from the metal door of her cell. A small window opened and a man spoke, "You. Do you understand me?" After hesitating a bit, Zoya nodded.
"Do you understand me?", he asked again.
"Yes! I understand you.", she said frightened.
"Please stand up.", he said and opened the bottom window. Zoya slowly moved to them and was put in chains. A feeling all too familiar. The cell door opened and she saw the man who talked to her. He was slightly taller and was wearing blue clothing of material unknown to Zoya, unlike the two armed guards who wore black armor.
"Come with me.", he said and led her through the halls. They walked for some time until they reached a door with glass on it. As they entered, the guards stood outside and Zoya sat down at a metal desk. Before the man sat down, he opened a box in the corner of the room and took a white plate of sorts. When he placed it in front of Zoya she saw it was food. Fried meat on one half and green and orange vegetables on the other. She first assumed it was a trick before the man gestured for her to eat. She took the meat and ate as fast as she could. It was delicious, way more than anything she had ever eaten. As she ate the man sat down and opened a thin book.
'He can read?', she thought, 'He must be a scholar then.'
He grabbed some kind of sharp stick and asked, "What is your name?"
"M-My name is Zoya."
"Last name?", she didn't answer, "Family name?"
"I... I don't have one."
"You are a lepian, correct?"
"Are there multiple kinds?"
'What kind of questions are these?', she thought, "Yes. Brown and orange. I am brown. You can see by my fur."
"Alright. Where are you from?"
The questions went on and on for what seemed like hours. The man asked Zoya about everything. How she fights, her skills, what can she do that an elf can't, and what are her relations with the other tribal peoples. She couldn't understand why all this was important. If she was going to be a slave, then not even her name mattered. Why? That question kept ringing in her head.
After a while, the man closed his book and spoke, "Alright, I think we're done here."
Zoya rubbed her hands and muttered, "Can you... can you tell me who my new owner will be? Is it you?"
The man seemed confused by her question, "Owner?"
"Y-Yes. My slave owner. Who am I going to?"
The man laughed a little, "Unbelievable. The others asked the same thing."
Now it was Zoya who was confused, "O-Others? What do you mean by others? Others of my kin? Or other tribals? Tell me."
"Relax. All your questions will be answered in there.", he said pointing at the door on the opposite side of the room from the one they came in, "Just step in and someone else will answer your questions."
The man removed Zoya's chains and then left through the same door they entered from. Zoya stood like a statue for a while. She didn't know what to do. Trust this human? He could be trying to deceive her. But either way, she didn't have a choice. She opened the door she was told to open and entered the room. Inside she saw chairs and three more people. One male welfen, one leanoid, and a familiar face.
"Bora!", she shouted.
"Zoya!", Bora shouted back and hugged her, "I thought you were dead." The two friends hugged for a while before Bora spoke again, "What happened? Did they hurt you?"
"No.", Zoya said, "They just asked me a lot of questions and even fed me."
"They did the same with us.", the welfen said, "The meat was very good, however."
"Yes.", said the leanoid, "For a moment I thought about killing that human for food. The questions confused me. He wanted to know what my strengths were and where are the rest of my people."
"Same with me.", said the welfen, "My name is Brokil by the way."
"I am Gorgo.", said the leanoid.
"A pleasure to meet you.", said Zoya.
"Likewise.", said Bora.
"I see you're getting along.", said a man as he walked into the room. All four of them were immediately on edge as five more entered behind him. They knew that these men were warriors, perhaps the elites of these humans. "That's good.". One of them looked elderly as he had gray hair. One had golden hair and blue eyes, one had medium brown hair, and two were bald, one of which was very tall and had dark skin. The one who entered first had short black hair and black eyes. He was the leader.
"Who are you?", asked Brokil.
"A bit rude.", said the leader.
"Answer the question.", demanded Gorgo.
"Well, we're gonna be working together. So why not?", said the leader after a short pause and sigh. This greatly confused the tribals. "My name is Julius Fisher, but I'm better known as Chief. The senior gentleman is John Castro, known as Pops. This big fella is Griffin West, call him Boxer. The guy eyeballing you is Rick Hunt, Lucky. The ladies man here is Noah Ramirez, he likes to be called Pretty Boy. And last but not least, this is Ryan Spencer, better known as Rook."
"Hi.", said Rook as he waved.
"We are soldiers of the First Special Forces Command, also known as Green Berets, and our team is Spearhead. And you are Brokil, Bora, Gorgo, and Zoya. Nice to meet you all."
The four relaxed a little bit but were still confused. Finally, Bora spoke, "What did you mean by working with us?"
"Oh that.", Chief said, "My superiors think it's a good idea to work with the native tribal peoples as we know you hate the empire and the elves."
"That may be true.", said Gorgo, "But what makes you think we will fight for you?"
"I never said for us, I said with us. We will work together and beat the empire."
"Why?", Zoya asked, "We all saw what you're capable of. You can turn all the elven armies to ash if you wanted. What do you gain from using us?"
"We gain knowledge.", said Pops, "We don't know much about your land and we can use a guide. Besides, allies are always good in war. It's true that we can completely destroy the empire if we wanted to, but that is not how we wage war. In doing so we would kill tens of millions of people and that is not something we want."
This came as a surprise to the four. A force so powerful and yet they choose not to use their power to the fullest and crush their enemies? They sound nothing like the elves.
"Furthermore.", said Pretty Boy, "We're not the monsters your elves say we are. In truth all we want is peace. But since that might not be possible, we have to make plans for the future."
"And why us?", asked Bora, "Why do you care about what happens to us?"
"Because we want to help you.", said Rook, attracting the four's attention.
"Why?", asked Zoya.
"'Cause slavery is wrong.", Boxer said, "And we know a thing or two about that."
This came as a shock to the four. Do they know? Does that mean they were slaves, too?
"You see.", Lucky spoke, "A long time ago, there existed an empire called Great Britain. They, much like your elves, had the bright idea of conquering the world. At some point, they conquered our country and turned us into their slaves. But our ancestors rebelled and we beat them. From that point on, we decided to end slavery everywhere. Because everyone deserves to be free. No one can own another person's life."
The four could just listen. A part of them didn't believe this. These people fought against their rulers and won. And now they seek to eradicate slavery everywhere. This was too good to be true.
"So...", Zoya said, "We fight for, I mean, with you, and we gain our freedom?"
"Not just you.", Rook said, "But all of your people as well. All of your tribes will be free and no longer hunted by the empire."
"This seems too good.", Brokil said. Chief walked up to him and placed his hand on his shoulder.
"I promise you.", Chief spoke, "You and all your people will gain their freedom, if you help us win this war." The four walked to the corner of the room and whispered to each other.
"You think they're gonna accept?", Rook asked.
"I have a gut feeling.", Chief replied.
After some time, Bora stepped forward and spoke, "Alright. We will join you and fight. What do you want us to do?"
Chief smiled, "First, I need you to try these on.". He walked to a large wooden crate and out of it took out some clothing. They looked thick and were green in color, but it wasn't armor. It looked similar to what the humans were wearing. "Then, I need you to sit down and listen carefully."
(Twenty days after REC crossed over)
Late yellow season
Past the Yellow forest, Meilume region
General Drannor Crax needed to hurry. The news of the invasion force being destroyed in less than a day was as troubling as it was unbelievable. According to the surviving soldiers, the enemy has boomsticks and cannons much like the dwarves, but more powerful and devastating. This made the general feel worried but also relieved. He knew how the dwarves fought and how their weapons worked. Moreover, he had dwarves in his army and this would help him. The enemy is a more powerful version just meant that he needed to be more careful. At least in his mind.
The force of the VII army along with five thousand dwarves and five thousand auxiliary marched to the Galdush fields in hopes of preventing the enemy from making a foothold in Meilume from which to launch an assault. It might have been a good idea to get one of the three east coast fleets to launch an organized strike from the coast so they can pincer them, but it was too late to plan now. They were now eighty leagues from Galdush and one hill separated them from a straight towards the enemy. Drannor decided to go over the plan one more time in order to finish this battle with perfection.
In his personal tent, he spoke to his captains and the dwarves, "Do your troops know the strategy?"
"Of course.", said captain Bamur of the dwarves, "Dunan and I are prepared."
"Our legions are also ready, sir.", said the first captain of the elven army.
"Excellent.", Drannor said, "The spearhead of the attack will be the feral auxiliary, the dwarven legions, and the wyvern corp. The combined force of over forty thousand shall attack the enemy from the front, with the ferals serving as a distraction the dwarves will launch the initial attack with cannons and move in with shooters. The infantry and archer legions will move in from the right but not before the cavalry penetrates the enemy's left flank. We must strike hard, fast, and make sure the enemy can't use its cannons against us."
"I do not like the idea of our troops going in as distractions.", said Dunan.
"Have a better strategy, dwarf?", asked the first captain, "The general is the one in command here.". Dunan scoffed at that and didn't say anything.
"This is the best we can do.", Drannor said. At that moment, a lepian walked into the tent.
"I have news.", she said walking closer but was stopped by one of the captains.
"Aren't you forgetting something?", he said.
The lepian groaned and knelt. "My lord. I bring news."
"Speak.", Drannor said.
"I have returned with my scouts from observing the enemy."
"What have you seen?"
"They have already built a fortification of sorts."
This troubled the officers and the general in the tent. The enemy already has a foothold in their land. Perhaps their cannons aren't the most dangerous part about them.
"What kind of fortification?", the second captain asked.
"It is... strange. They have short walls and round metallic tents as well as long silver bushes. On top of that, many of the soldiers spent their entire day digging holes using metal monsters." This didn't trouble them as much as it made them confused. What kind of fortifications were these?
"What of their weapons and numbers?", asked the sixth captain.
"As far as we know, they have many strange-looking cannons that face upwards as well as several long cannons on iron carriages. Their numbers however can't be higher than eight thousand.". To this, the officers widened their eyes and some smiled.
"Only eight thousand?", said the fifth captain, "They dare think so low of us."
"Seems like you won't even need to send your army, Drannor.", said Bamur, "We will deal with the enemy and scavenge what remains."
"This does not feel right.", Drannor said.
"What are you saying, sir?", asked the tenth captain, "Not only will we destroy the enemy, but also prove why we are not to be trifled with."
"Do you forget already? This is the same army that defeated the first invasion force. I will not make the same mistake of underestimating our enemy. If what the survivors say is true, then their numbers mean nothing.". The tent turned quiet. Drannor's words held truth. If this is the same army that defeated general Ylindar, then they cannot afford to take chances.
"My lord.", the lepian spoke.
"What is it?", Drannor replied.
"I am just a scout, but when my people attack we usually prefer to go on a night raid and strike the enemy when they least expect it."
"You expect us to use such a barbaric and dishonorable tactic?", asked the third captain in disgust, "What do you take us for?"
"This is no time for being picky.", Drannor said, "It is a sound strategy, often used when facing an enemy with a strong defense. Attacking at night will limit their capabilities. Perhaps even inhibit them from using their cannons."
"You cannot hit what you cannot see.", said Dunan, "If we get close enough, it will not matter how powerful they are. Our numbers will drown them."
At last, a sense of hope filled their hearts. Perhaps not all was lost. This could work.
"Very well.", Drannor said, "Spread the word to all soldiers. The tactic remains the same, just that it will be a night raid. And tenth captain?"
"Yes general?", he asked.
"The wyvern corps will not move in. They can't fly well in an organized formation at night."
"Yes, general."
"Yes my lord?", she asked.
"Take your scouts and prepare for the raid. You will infiltrate their base and cause distortion."
"Yes my lord.". With that, she left and the other officers as well. It was time to prepare. This will be the first battle with the enemy in the empire's own borders. No matter what, they needed to win. Or at the very least, make the enemy bleed.
Everything was prepared. The feral auxiliary already started moving forward and the dwarves steadily advanced behind them. The warhogs moved first, behind them were warriors, then shooters, and finally the cannon crew. Dunan was on the right and Bamur on the left, each ready to give orders and lead their legions to battle. As they moved closer they could see the enemy fortification in the distance. It looked just like how the lepian described it. All that was not immediately visible were the cannons. Perhaps they were camouflaged. A tactic used often by the dwarven general of the second Halboram army, Kutmec Coalcloack. He would paint his cannons in the color of the surroundings so the enemy couldn't see them until it was too late. No matter, all they had to do was get close.
"What do you think will happen, commander?", asked a dwarven shooter.
"We will win.", Dunan answered, "We have to. And after this, we will get what we were promised."
The dwarves wouldn't typically choose to fight alongside the elves unless there was something in it for them. Such was their nature. The dwarven kingdoms have good relations with the empire as miners, builders, and blacksmiths. A large portion of elven mines are mostly run by dwarves and with that, the dwarves gain a fifth of the profit. If they dug out five ores of iron, they would get one and if the ore is sold for five pieces of silver, they get one, and so forth. This made the dwarven economy boom as the elves control roughly eighty percent of the Tubal mountains. Now the emperor gave them an offer they could not refuse. If they contributed to the war, they would receive half of the earnings from North Altia, but also half of the earnings from the other side of the rift. The dwarves, due to their lust for riches, could not say no. Of course, king Bylnar of Benullur refused, but the other two kings assumed that when they win the war, Bylnar would see that he was wrong. And if he didn't, the elves would take care of him.
"I hope we do win, commander.", the shooter continued, "I want revenge for what they did to general Dalmin."
"So do I.", Dunan said, "But we must not be-"
Suddenly, explosions came from the front lines. The feral auxiliary started to die out as the ground burst into flames. Orcs, swine, ogres, and trolls were all being destroyed and their scorched bodies were scattered across the field. But there was something strange. The cannons weren't firing. Dunan would have seen them if they did. So how? It's almost as if the ground beneath the ferals exploded on its own as they crossed it. But that shouldn't be possible.
The dwarves were all in shock. "Commander!", shouted the shooter, "What do we do?!"
Dunan was stunned for a moment but spoke, "At this point, I would signal the wyverns. But we left them behind.". Before he could say more, something he never thought would happen, happened. A bright light flew into the air, shining like the sun. Then another and another. The whole sky was filled with them. What kind of magic was this?
"Commander?", a shooter asked.
"All legions, charge!", Dunan shouted, "Quickly, charge! They see us! We must reach them as quickly as possible! Go!". Dunan charged with his warhog. The rest of the cavalry charged with him as well as the infantry and shooters. Now that they can see them, it was only a matter of time before their cannons took aim. They needed to hurry. The hogs ran and ran, behind them the thousands of warriors and shooters. In the distance, he could see cannons and rods pointed upwards as well as the enemy running toward some of them. "Scatter!", he ordered and the dwarves did just that. They knew the power of a cannon and that they couldn't stay clumped together. But they weren't quick enough and the cannons opened fire. The upward-facing rods shot into the air and explosions erupted around the dwarves. Despite them being somewhat scattered they were losing hundreds. The warriors screamed in pain as their arms and legs were scattered over the land, the shooters fired at the enemy, hoping they would cause at least some amount of damage, but fared no better than the warriors. The cannon crew fired as well but were horrified at the sight. Their cannons couldn't reach and were destroyed by the enemies.
Dunan didn't fair much better. His cavalry was almost destroyed and he himself began to realize he would lose. But not before drawing blood, spirits damn him. He had made it to the lines the ferals crossed. He could see craters in the ground and bodies around them. Trolls and ogres were missing legs and heads while orcs and swine were blown to pieces. The ground beneath them did erupt. Dunan knew he would have to be careful, but he couldn't finish his train of thought as the ground beneath his hog exploded and he was tossed on the ground. As he slowly and painfully got on his knees, he removed his helmet and looked around him. None of his soldiers got through, they were all dead or dying. Some retreated, hopefully, they can tell the others. To the left he saw Banur's body, half of it in a pool of blood and the other half gone, he suffered the same fate. Exhausted and frightened, Dunan lay there and prayed. Perhaps the enemy won't see him.
On the left flank, the eighth and ninth captain led their respective cavalry legions. Ten thousand cavalry troops, ready to fulfill their part. As the two captains moved in they could hear the explosions and death on the central front, but there was nothing they could do. Now that the enemy used its magic to create light they needed to hurry. The cavalry charged in two arrowhead formations and had one target, the enemy's left flank. Their mission was to break it and move into the enemy's center so the infantry can take the rift.
The horses ran as fast as they could and could see the enemy's fortification. All that was defending them was a line of silver thorns. The eighth captain rushed in, hoping to jump over, but the thorns were too thick and the horses got stuck. Hundreds of horses got entangled in the thorns and the elves were thrown over. Thousands behind them either trampled themselves or stopped.
"Scatter!", yelled the eighth captain, "You have to get out of here! The enem-". Before he could say more the horses and elves were engulfed in flames. They screamed as they were burned and torn apart.
The ninth captain ran to the eighth and shook him, "Come on! We're still alive! We can reach the enemy on foot!". There was some truth to that. They still had hundreds of soldiers.
"You are right.", he said and drew his sword, "Forward soldiers! We still have a mission!". So he ran towards the enemy fortification alongside the ninth captain and hundreds of soldiers. He had not just hope, but confidence. Confidence that he can still do what he needed to do. Confidence was shattered as the enemy fired upon him. Their boomsticks spat thousands of led arrows at them as if hundreds of thousands of dwarves were in front of them. His elves were dying and dying quickly. They couldn't even get close as they were torn apart and left screaming on the ground. Time seemed to slow down for him. He turned to all sides and swore he could see the arrowheads pierce his soldiers. He could see the blood pouring out of them and the life escaping their bodies. He faced forward just in time to see the arrow coming toward him. It pierced his forehead, and in those few final moments, he thought of his home and how all of this was a mistake.
On the right flank, general Drannor moved with his men. He could hear and see the explosions on the other sides. How could the enemy have known they would come, and worse off how could they possess such magic to create suns in the night sky, was beyond him. He led forty thousand troops in hopes to penetrate the enemy's flank, but it hasn't been going well. They were being slowed down by iron thorns and were forced to use shields to get across. A large part of the army got over them, but then the enemy attacked. Their cannons fired cannon balls that killed dozens of soldiers per hit, blasting them to pieces. Most of the army that was on the outside of the thorns was destroyed and Drannor could only watch the horror unfold before him. After one of the explosions, a soldier was sent flying toward Drannor, knocking him to the ground. At the same time, the enemy fired its boomsticks and tore through his men. First, they killed the ones on the sides and then worked their way in. The survivors gathered near the general and created a layered shield formation, hoping to save him.
When Drannor came to his senses he got up and shouted, "You fools! You have to run! Scatter before they-", but it was too late. The enemy's weapons destroyed their shields and soldiers all around him began to fall, screaming in pain as their hearts, lungs, and heads were pierced by thousands of lead arrows. Drannor just stood there. Miraculously, he wasn't injured. He looked to all sides and saw nothing but carnage. Most of the men that crossed the iron thorns were dead, the ones behind either got blown to pieces or fled.
Drannor just walked. Slowly. He walked towards the enemy as he was taking off his helmet, then his wrist guards, then shoulder pads, and finally his breastplate. He extended his arms and closed his eyes as if he accepted his fate. It was his fault that nearly a hundred thousand people died, so now he was ready to pay the price. As he walked closer to the source of the firing, he noticed it started to die down. He assumed all his men were dead. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw a bright white light in front of him and a shadowy figure walking closer.
'Morto?', he thought, 'Have you come to collect my soul?'. As the figure got closer, he saw a pale-skinned man with a black boomstick and before he could react, the man hit him in the head and Drannor was knocked out cold. With that, it was over.
It was finally over. The ferals were all dead and the surrendering and wounded elves and dwarves were brought to Galdush base. This couldn't have been a battle, more of a one-sided slaughter. The enemy walked straight into them. First, the minefield destroyed the ferals and the leftover claymores took care of most of the dwarven cavalry. The entrenched Abrams tanks and mortars cleared the rest. Their cannons fired, but couldn't reach the foxholes.
On the right, the elven cavalry made their way to the barbed wire and misunderstood how it worked, which caused them to fall over and leave the horses trapped. Mortar fire destroyed what was on the outer portion and machine guns cleared the foot soldiers that tried to rush them.
The left side was bloodier. The infantry used their shields to get across the barbed wire, but most weren't quick enough and were killed by the mortars and tanks. The ones that did survive put their shields in layers, but that didn't help them much. After most of them died, the several dozen that still had a brain left and one crazy bastard stripped his armor and walked to the machine guns. Luckily, Logan stopped the firing and knocked the nutjob out.
The army was rounding up the survivors, cuffing them, and sending them to a special prison back in the States. Some struggled, but ultimately couldn't do much. From the scorched field came a group of tribals. They walked slowly in shock at what just happened.
"Hold it!", said one of the army soldiers who pointed his gun at them. The tribals raised their hands.
"Lower your weapons.", said Chief, "That's not how you treat your allies."
From behind Chief came Zoya, "Mina. Are you alright?"
"Yes.", spoke the lepian, "I'm just in shock. When you said they were powerful I never imagined this."
"I know. I can hardly believe it myself. Let me introduce you to someone.", she said as she gestured to Chief, "This is Julius Fisher, the chief of the humans' elite warriors."
"A pleasure to meet you, Mina. You helped us out a lot.", Chief said as he extended his hand. After a slight hesitation, Mina shook it.
"You!", yelled an elf as he was pushed, "You traitor! When the others find out about this, they will have the heads of your families, and then-", his bantering was stopped by a kick to the stomach delivered by Zoya which knocked him several feet back.
"Shut up.", she said.
"Is it really true?", Mina asked, "Will you really save my people?"
"Yes.", Chief said, "In time, we will free all of you."
This made Mina smile, "Then, we will fight alongside you.". She turned around and waved her hand several times. Far away in the tall grass, Chief could see people rise and walk towards them. A battalion-sized force of tribals. Lepians, feelians, leanoids, and welfen all walked towards the base. A lot of the soldiers stopped what they were doing and stared at them. The elves and dwarves felt nothing but disgust.
Chief chuckled and so did Pretty Boy next to him, "We're gonna need more uniforms."
End of chapter 6
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