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2008.01.25 08:07 So many books, so little time

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2023.06.10 20:15 Specialist-Serve-671 University of Toronto Pharmacy program (PharmD) pre-requisites

I’m thinking of applying to Uoft Pharm D this year and I know they say that they don’t look at your pre-requisite average and only the cumulative average. I believe in the beginning though they ask for all of your pre-requisite grades. Does anyone know how heavily they rely on those grades at all? Also, for anyone who has previously applied, can you please share your experience and stats? Thank you!
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2023.06.10 20:15 PSSD_Kara r/therapyabuse is up to 8,2000 - moderator announcement

As the sub grows and more new people find us, inevitably many of those new people will be so new to the subject, that they’re just now discovering things that some others may have discovered a long time ago. But, all of us were new once, to questioning what had occurred.
Whilst some comments may be in bad faith, some are not. Sometimes people really just have the beginning of an awareness that at the bottom of every rotten therapist is an even more rotten system that enables them. To some degree this is not even about therapy, it is the story of every political party and NGO organization, every workplace, every family and just any group dynamic will have a politics of power and influence. The dominant and the dominated.
Having a public subreddit is like standing on a street corner with signs discussing your issue while various passerby walk by. Some passerby may be like “wow, this is great and I was looking for this without even knowing” and other passerby may be like “hey, you’re wrong!!!” and even pick a fight. Does this mean you no longer fit in with the people standing at the corner with you? No, it means there was a passerby that wasn’t interested in your message. That’s kind of like comments on a very specialized subject such as therapy abuse. For a person to say “oh, I made an OP and I got an unsupportive comment”. There are 8 thousand people on the sub. Report it with a note, reply to it (respectfully, even just to say “I don’t agree” or “I don’t agree because xyz”, or ignore it. 3 choices are always available).
I’m not interested in making the sub private. I’m interested in as many people finding this community and these discussions as possible. There are some growing pains with any subreddit or IRL organization and I do care about the feedback and will implement some and ask for more soon. That being said, and I know a lot of people will not want to hear this, at some point in your trauma recovery you DO need to try to speak up and stand up for yourself when the occasion calls for it. For almost all of my childhood and teens I was very freeze and fawn type and then in my late 20s and early 30s I developed more of a fight response. The subreddit is a place where genuinely bullying and trolling will be removed by the mod, and stay removed. But you have to help take action to make that happen! And you might as well practice standing up for yourself in a way that is direct brief but clear “I don’t agree and I’m not going to respond further”. The “reactivity” is understandable but it is exactly what a genuine bully or a troll wants. I’ve had to learn a lot about bullying because as a former narcissistic family scapegoat all I knew was being bullied. And I grew up to have self harm problems and low self esteem/depression and recurrent issues with workplace bullying and other group dynamics.
While there are bound to be some mistakes and learning in a real life environment (it takes skill and practice to stand down a bully) you HAVE to move past the rejection sensitivity and tendency to be more easily discouraged, which are direct results of trauma. You also have to learn what you’re doing that is waving a red flag in front of a bull of opportunistic garden variety bullies like in workplaces, churches and etc. I’m talking about assholes, not true pathological narcissists and psychopaths who also wield power. In that case, no contact and leave. Anyways, I know I will not have a popular message saying this last bit but don’t let a HANDFUL of people you don’t resonate with drive you out of ANYWHERE that you’d like to stay. Fight them by standing up for yourself!
I had a good reputation at my former workplace that when I stood down a bully in a public place then followed up by reporting them formally through the company. She was written up and told to never do that again. I also rallied so many other people to submit comments about what they’d done to them too, that there was so much evidence that we won! They can beat you alone but not in a group. Also, once a bully locks target on you my life experience has told me if you can’t flee you need to FIGHT. Play “nice” and ignore it doesn’t work. You need to play politics and learn to increase your strategy and chances (not a guarantee) of winning against bullies.
And counteract bullying by speaking up, standing up and sticking around regardless of triggers, IF you want to. It DOESN’T mean you can change the other persons mind or behavior or guarantee that you keep your job, the relationship etc but it DOES feel better than just taking it without a STRATEGIC fight. Speaking from personal experience, therapy abuse conditioned me to just “take” bullying and abuse and not fight it but “cope with it”. Changing that has been freeing.
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2023.06.10 20:15 Normal-Try-7572 This is my concept cover for my Amazing world of Gumball x Dragon Ball Z crossover comic. What do yall think?

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2023.06.10 20:15 DarkWi7ard [The Witcher 3] #82 A hell of a game

[The Witcher 3] #82 A hell of a game
Maybe the game of the decade.
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2023.06.10 20:15 bjjluks I can't play this anymore

look at these trolls ............ RIP dota 2
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2023.06.10 20:15 BeraldGevins We need to move to discord

I’ve noticed that several communities are going to use discord during the blackout to keep everyone updated on when/if we are coming back, and what the alternative will be if not. It will also allow us all to keep chatting about the books. We’d probably need a few chats to try and keep spoilers from getting posted in the wrong place. Is this something that the mod team would be interested in putting together? I think we already have a pre-existing discord that we used for our place art when that was happening.
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2023.06.10 20:15 tumulte Should I take a paycut to move to a lower cost of living area?

I live in Orlando, and cost of living here has gone up a lot in the last few years. We moved here at almost the height of the housing market so we haven’t purchased yet. I make about 140yr. I have been offered a job making about 100 in the Indianapolis area.
While it’s a significant pay cut, the cost of living is much less. Houses are cheaper, property tax is cheaper, and insurance is cheaper. I’d also have a better schedule and probably quality of life.
Last consideration is retirement. If I stay here, by the time I retire I’ll probably be making around 170-190 give or take, and my pension will be roughly 45% of that. With the new job, I’ll be at the top of the pay scale and will only make federal raises for the remainder, so my pension would be significantly less. I’m guessing my salary would be around 135ish at retirement.
I know I have to decide myself on the happiness scale of things, but is it a terrible financial decision?
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2023.06.10 20:14 Zagaroth [No Need For a Core?] - Ch 095: Laying out the sixth floor

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
A few days after Kazue and Mordecai finished the fifth floor they had a set of visitors from Riverbridge which included a couple of surprises. One of those surprises was the inclusion of Brongrim and Nainvil with the set of guards coming in for training. The dwarf and half-orc had managed to negotiate a supervised parole where they worked for the city guards, and part of that duty was going to include training at the dungeon.
The other surprise was a visit from their sister-in-law, Hainako. Moriko’s little sister had been sent with a few sets of medicines for Kazue to try and report back on efficacy. Once satchel and note were delivered she hung out with them in the war room so she could watch the training group move through the dungeon.
The group had two recruits with only a basic level of training, which bogged down the team a bit. Mordecai sent out instructions to keep the challenge down to a minimum, but even so they only barely managed to scrape through the fourth floor and it was clear that they weren’t getting through the fifth floor. Mordecai was glad that they’d shown the good sense to call it off there, he’d have considered intervening if they’d tried to drag the newbies through the fifth floor, the chances of an accidental death were too high.
One side benefit of this particular group coming through was that Mordecai finally got to see what an expert gunner looked like. Brongrim’s fighting style was a skirmishing type that mixed pistol and short sword, and it allowed him to cover his reloading with attacks from his blade. It only worked because he also had his waxed-paper bullets readied in specialized bandoleers. You had to have everything set up for it, it wasn’t the sort of thing you could do on the fly and Mordecai could see where you had to dedicatedly practice certain movement combinations to bring gun and bandoleer into the right alignment without interfering with the rest of your movements. Still, the biggest flaw he could see in guns was the need to reload each shot that way, not that crossbows were any better really. Bows and slings both had much more fluid actions to ready the next piece of ammunition, but they also took more time to master, and neither could be used with only one hand.
Nainvil’s technique was a more straightforward style that focused on a two-handed grip for power, but with a light enough sword that he could free a hand for other uses and still be able to swing. That wasn’t a new variant for Mordecai, but all the styles and techniques of their visitors were being studied by the laganthros. Even if Mordecai knew most of them, there was no good way for him to try and teach every possible style, so he kept to the basics and let them practice and train to find their preferences. Though some of the works Moriko was bringing back included older copies of technique scrolls, maybe he should encourage Betty to study those and start her own school for laganthros.
They were the mundane type, with no learning enchantments or anything, but for the most part he preferred those anyway. Learning what you are actually doing was usually better than just having a combo or technique implanted in your head.
But that was for much later as the wagons were going much slower than Moriko on her own. For now, he made arrangements for everyone to have someplace to sleep for the night, including a private room for Brongrim and Nainvil. No special prizes however, since the group didn’t clear the dungeon. Getting bonuses for clearing everything was going to get harder as they grew, and Mordecai was fine with that. Technically it wasn’t required, he just liked doing it, but it also wasn’t something he wanted to be dealing with constantly.
Now he could turn his attention to something else that Hainako had brought with her. It was a commission and payment for a set of equipment, with some interesting measurements for the armor and cloak. Traxalim was who had sent the commission with her, but according to the note he was relaying the commission from someone else. The work wasn’t particularly hard, but some of the materials were unusual, and the payment included samples of them: Wyvern hide for the armor, Worg fur for the cloak.
The request also wanted a pair of daggers long enough he’d almost call them short swords, except that the specifications for the armor were for someone rather tall and lanky. The instant return enchantments for the daggers were a fairly common design so it was no trouble adding those to each dagger as well.
On top of that was a full gear set complete with an Expanded backpack. It had just about everything one could want for exploring the world and surviving in a range of environments. It was like baby’s-first-adventuring-kit, except most folk couldn’t afford this level of gear when they first stepped into the world of explorers and mercenaries.
It wasn’t enough to keep someone incompetent alive, but it would make the job easier for someone new at it. And all the major components had a rather interesting insignia attached or inscribed in some way: A wolf with three horns. He had no idea what that meant.
But it didn’t matter, the dungeon had gotten some new materials to add to their repertoire, some more raw materials for the laganthros to work with, and a few new small animals that had been easy to carry in a cage this far. It was a fair trade. By the time the group was awake the next morning the dungeon’s part of that trade was complete. And when they had left, it was time to begin on the sixth floor. “Are you ready love?” He asked Kazue.
This was a bigger section to do all at once than she’d done before, but after talking it over with her husband Kazue rather liked the idea. They’d gone straight down so far, each floor looping back under the floor above it, but now that they were down this deep there was no reason to not also expand horizontally. The end of the fifth floor was approximately under the end of the first floor, this left them ‘pointing’ back under the mountain. So this time when she gathered energy to push their home complex down, she also pushed ‘out’.
There were a couple of design changes as well. Looping back and forth had made it simplest to bring the two paths back to each other at the end of each floor, and they’d used the stairwells down to keep them isolated. But there was no simple stairway between the fifth and the sixth this time. While the last door for each side could still either lead forward or reroute back up to the start of the sewer path, the forward paths merged into a meandering and slowly widening tunnel.
The tunnel opened up onto a wide, well-lit cavern that was almost meadow-like, excepting only that the ground cover was of a similar makeup to fungal floor five. At the far end of the meadow was a basin that would become a vast lake once filled, and at the shores of this lake-to-be was a large village once more occupied by laganthros. Only this time it was set to be a more well-rounded village, with a clear mix of potential combatants and noncombatants. A well-trod path lead toward this village, complete with a sign saying “Lapin Lake Village”.
At the other end of the basin that was slowly filling with water the lake was split by a large peninsula that ended at the far wall. This signaled the divergence of the paths again, with two underground rivers splitting off from either side of the peninsula. This entire setup meant that at this stage people could decide to switch paths, though they would be obligated by the rules of the new path that they chose.
This did run some risk that someone might try and trick their way this far by taking the non-combat route to conserve their resources before switching, but they would still need to be well-armed to tackle further combat so it seemed unlikely that she or Mordecai would be unable to spot them and call them out on it. And they did intend to offer it up as an option for those who had cleared the fifth floor of the combat route previously and that were in good favor with the dungeon.
The village itself was the first challenge in progressing, as the laganthros were going to be building docks and boats, and the boats could be either sold or rented with a guide who would help pilot them. For the absolute cheapskates, they could even do a short rental to get them to the peninsula, where there were plenty of both normal and mushroom trees to potentially harvest and make their own rafts or boats from.
This was also an optional challenge and reward as some of the vegetation and fungi here were rare or valuable, if you knew how to identify and harvest it.
As for the rest, well, for the moment they had a pair of fairly simple rivers that led to another lake, though this one just had a sandy shore to pull up onto. Filling the floor out was a future endeavor, but the layout was ready. And now their home was even further under the mountain itself.
Kazue had been careful with this by using a trick Mordecai showed her, probing ahead with their mana as she sought to claim more territory. Running into worked stone or large caverns would have felt different and let her pull back before she fully claimed that area. Even if they had a perfect map of the dwarven kingdom, and right now they had no map at all, there was always a chance that something else lived down here.
Well, actually, there had been plenty of that. But those were all simpler underground creatures, and she’d been able to invite them into her dungeon’s ecosystem or as inhabitants. Kazue surveyed her work and was quite pleased with herself. Mordecai approved as well, but she realized then that he’d been partially distracted while she worked on their next level. Before she could ask about what had taken up his attention, his mental voice became excited.
“Kazue! Take a look at this. Focus on the aura of any of your dire rabbits on the first floor. Look at the whole thing.” He seemed to be eagerly anticipating something, so she followed his instructions with curious confusion.
What he wanted her to see quickly became obvious. Some of their mana was flowing into all of their inhabitants, enough to leave her a little hollow feeling given how much they’d just spent, but it was having an interesting effect, one that was most dramatic in the simplest creatures. She could see energy sparkling along the pathways of their brains, the individual components compacting into more efficient forms, then multiplying and creating more complex pathways.
Their auras fluctuated in response to these changes, their very spirits being altered by this physical change until suddenly collapsing into a denser, stronger form of spiritual energy. Every single one of her wonderful creatures now had a spark of true sentience in them, complete with the rise of a soul! A quick check verified it even applied to the clockwork creatures in the library and the spiders on the fifth floor, though not the simpler, reactive vegetative fungi.
This was great! They’d always been able to communicate ideas and concepts to all their inhabitants, but this would allow deeper, language-based communication! Though closer examination revealed that the mental capacity upgrade only barely breached that level, it would in many ways be like talking to a not particularly bright child. On the other hand, the upgrade seemed to affect all but the smartest of her inhabitants to some extent. Which meant Horace and a small percentage of the laganthros.
Hmm. And Mordecai seemed pleased but not particularly surprised. Kazue’s thoughts focused on him with suspicion only to be met with amusement, so her avatar stirred from where they were cuddled on their bed and bit into his shoulder.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to.
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.10 20:14 Fit_Significance_947 Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia
I love begonias so much! I had two babies from Walmart that I eventually killed. Went by the nursery today and had to have this beast. I want to keep it inside. I’d love care tips. I don’t want it kill it.
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2023.06.10 20:14 pipperspray Is this more than a phishing email?

I just received an email which looks like a puzzle. This is the email body:
01 must against possibilities we such of To insure3036218 05 with the us of quickness4 56 of distance roofs the in And you Malmo when2626 3 am going Croisset to doing she to is If hurry back18152 2 is to it till pleases C?sar known I Meanwhile inflict pleasure command his721548 play.google.com#[email protected] is that quite the true It7188 5on was this occasion5436173 070a surface la6 16 
Subject line: in look it for you were going to down I have checked email headers etc and doesn't seem like there's any information there apart from standard email headers.
It is weird to me because the first line seems to say "We must insure of the possibilities of.. " and the last line feels like "It is quite true that the surface on the occasion was...". Does anybody know what this could mean?
Further there is a PDF attachment on the email. File name is "Show RCD.pdf" and it contains picture of a girl posing like a dating site with a button saying "Open profile" in green button. The PDF is hyperlinked and points to this webpage: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1VS3PyswqTrIvNDL3qwU-29xbzj9RJpIidth6n8aC-2Y/preview#cyyr7
Following the trace, I got to a piece of code which check if my device is a computer or a mobile. If it is a computer it redirects to "google.com" and ends the trail and if it is accessed through a mobile site it comes to what appears to be a dating website. There is a page between the url redirects which also returns a lot of number in the HTML body which seem like they are in hexadecimal but cant say for sure. Does anyone have ideas how to decrypt this?
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2023.06.10 20:14 worldsinho Amazing house in average town vs smaller house in better town. Help!

We are torn. From your experience, which would you go for:
(Note: we are both late 30’s, like quietness but being able to get to a nice pub and coffee shop).
1) The amazing townhouse (4 floors, plenty of space, beautiful character, high ceilings etc) on a hill backing onto beautiful countryside and nice estate, BUT walk down the hill into the town centre which is ‘nothing’. Dated, average, old people etc.
Quiet street.
So one half of the town is rubbish, but everywhere around the house and up out of town (house is on the way out up a hill) is beautiful. No coffee shop or pub on doorstep, but cool town is 21 minutes drive and lots of country pubs on the way.
Lots of walks around, nice park etc.
Also lots of beauty spots just outside of this average town. Canal, lakes, etc.
House is big townhouse at £255k.
2) Cute, smaller house (2-3 floors, smaller rooms, terrace but nice) back to back with other cute terrace houses, in a cool hipster town where we love a bar, bakery and coffee shop there. All 5 min walking distance. Can drive out to countryside in couple of minutes.
Quiet back streets with terrace houses but but hemmed in.
Again, beauty spots outside of this town too. Lots of walks around this town too.
This second option house would be smaller and more expensive at 275k.

We can’t decide. You get more for your money in the average town but we wouldn’t want to walk into the town. We’d simply drive out to somewhere.
More fun in the other nicer town but more expensive and smaller house.
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2023.06.10 20:14 ATMP_1 Criminal Manne - Mr. Manne (THT Reissue 🔥)

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2023.06.10 20:14 ZyroOrihara Anime Expo attendee in need of assistance

To anybody who is going to anime expo and lives in the southwest Missouri region:
Idk if this is against the rules but I really need help. I just got my badge and everything for anime expo and I thought I would be ready to go. But when I got my new state ID in the mail, I read the paperwork and it says it's basically only good to verify my age but I won't be able to use it to fly. I can't get a new ID in time for the expo and I'm looking for anyone who is going and lives near me to possibly catch a ride there and back with. I offer my switch lite and Digimon D-Terminal as tribute. To anybody who sees this, please help a fellow anime fan?
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2023.06.10 20:14 avanoly Black or white?

I can’t decide between getting the black or white classic 8065 Mary janes. On one hand the black will go with everything but not many people wear the white ones so they’d be more unique so I’m torn. I found a deal for both under 100 and even though I could I’d rather not by them both. Please help!!!
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2023.06.10 20:13 notasgood_ Possible mistake - J1 Visa NOT requiring interview at current time, why not??

I have received my DS-2019, completed my DS-160 and have sent off my application via the USVisa webpage (MRV fee paid). I was "Pending Consular Authorization" and the message states that "based on the information you provided, you are not required to attend a consular interview at this time". As of now, the webpage says that I can send forward my documents to the consular via courier.
This has confused me because I expected to be able to book an appointment after this step; I filled the form to the best of my ability and information under J-1 Professional Exchange Visitor (student exchange visitor falls under this category). USVisa is not giving me the option of booking an appointment at this time, and under application details for Special Programs it appears I am on the "Student Interview Waiver" - should this be selected? Should I contact the USVisa authority?
I have been to the US before and not denied, but it was a tourist holiday and I was below the age of 14. I'm really worried I've made a large error during the application on the ais.usvisa-info.com website. I remember ticking a box because I thought I was eligible, but I cannot remember what it said or change it now.
Thank you for your help
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2023.06.10 20:13 Melodic_Race8521 Optimizing floor plan for primary home with short term rental options

Optimizing floor plan for primary home with short term rental options
While this will be our personal home, I've designed it to optimize for short term rental options, as the lot is within 1 mile of major tourist attractions. We'll live in the main house, but most of the time we will not need the second bedroom, which is why it has 2 entry points.
Things to note: - the front of the house faces north - the second bedroom in the main house can be accessed from inside the house or from the enclosed back staircase - the 1 bedroom carriage house and the second bedroom of the main house can be rented on their own or together - the laundry for the rental unit(s) is accessible to both - what looks like extra space at the top and bottom of the main house staircase will actually be dedicated to a couple of important hobbies that we have - the closet in the bonus room is so we can lock up our router, hard drive, and any important things in case we decide to rent out our space when rates are high enough to warrant it - still working on the master bathroom layout, will most likely go with the one pictured separately from an earlier version
I've combed through this so many times and really am happy with it, so I might have some blind spots. Looking for feedback on anything we might be missing.
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2023.06.10 20:13 StevefromLatvia Blending families part 2 (art by @mistmistly)

Blending families part 2 (art by @mistmistly) submitted by StevefromLatvia to HelluvaBoss [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:13 evscye For those who take Fish Oil, how did you find the right brand for you?

I take a good amount of supplements every day, so I like to be mindful of how much I’m spending because the prices can add up fast but I also want to make sure I’m getting a good product. I’ve been struggling to find a good fish oil for the longest time, as I’m looking for an affordable brand with good ratios and high bioavailability. The more I read the more I realize there is to consider when purchasing fish oil. If I wasn’t worried about money, I’d just buy Nordic Naturals and call it a day, but because I am worried about money, it seems my options are just chaotic.
With all of that said, what have you found to be the most cost effective, well ratio’d, and highly bio available fish oil? How much do you take, and what benefits do you get?
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2023.06.10 20:13 Jeerin 20 [M4F] #Virginia #NoVA #DMV Would love to get to know you!

Hiii there, first things first I have an anxious attachment style so be prepared for some clinginess. Secondly I’m looking for a loving long lasting relationship in the northern Virginia area with someone in the age range of 20-25.
Im an extremely loyal person and I care deeply about the people who are close to me. I’ve never had a relationship before but I really want one. I’d be an amazing boyfriend because I’m very supporting, kind, caring, sweet, I would always compliment you, give you affection, and be there for you. All I ask is that whoever I end up dating try to return the effort I give.
My hobbies mainly include playing videogames and 3d modeling stuff. I’m also a huge nerd and love Star Wars so someone who also likes it is a must lol. I also love rock music from a bunch of different years as well as some pop and orchestral and stuff like that.
Finally, I would really appreciate it if you could verify yourself for me in your intro message by send me a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with my username on it next to your face. I just want to be safe
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2023.06.10 20:13 Confident-Spot8219 Late night gaming

Tbh I kinda miss the late night gaming with friends so I’m looking for people or someone with a nonexistent sleep schedule (since I’m on at strange or late hours.)
I mostly play a wide range of games mostly: Dead by daylight Modern warfare 2 Overwatch 2(don’t expect much) Rainbow Six Siege (also don’t expect much) Far cry 5 Borderlands 3 Fortnite Watch dogs 2 Genshin Impact Minecraft The forest Dead island (+170 more I didn’t list)
I’m 22 so I would prefer people 18+ and please have a mic it’s okay if you are shy or introverted I will do most of the talking until you feel comfortable to speak if you wanna add me pm me and I’ll give you my psn
Or if you’d like to talk first my discord is Snoooppyy#6666
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2023.06.10 20:13 INebulize24 Once a week benefits

So the way the classes work out in conjunction with my work schedule I can only attend once a week . I will be lifting 5 days mon-fri at the gym and looking to add orange theory once a week for cardio since I can’t trust myself to push myself lol would I see any cardiovascular gains from one a week? I just started testosterone replacement and looking to get my life back . I know abs are made in the kitchen but I’d like not to get gassed so fast doing things.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.10 20:13 Sabre3001 Finding Half Dollars?

I live in a very small town and hunt nickels and dimes on a five- or ten-roll at a time basis. I take my returns to a coin star just to not irritate the staff.
I went in today asking to get half dollars to start a Kennedy set. The teller refused, saying they don’t carry them and would have to order them. I offered to make an order, she said “the minimum is $2,000,” I say sure let’s do it, and she went to get a manager.
The manager was polite but questioned my motives, saying the bank isn’t really for coin collecting or hunting silver. I guess I can’t really argue with that and my business accounts are with the bank so I didn’t want to irritate them.
I live within driving distance of Chicago. What national bank chains carry half dollars? I’d like a few rolls at a time so I do have a bunch of weight to carry around but I’ll order boxes. Bonus points for national chains that have customer coin counters so I don’t have to lose money on coin star.
Thanks in advance!
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