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2023.06.10 19:14 BoomCheckmate Urgent: Anyone need breast milk

I fly out at 4pm today. Can’t pack my frozen breast milk with me. Looking to donate to a parent in need. PM for details. (North Myrtle now, can travel)
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2023.06.10 19:06 isaacseoma Found at the beach in North UK, seagull maybe?

Found at the beach in North UK, seagull maybe?
It was about 1.5 miles out to sea (tide was fat back) but we think it's a seagull due to the feather like bones
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2023.06.10 18:50 palikona La Jolla shores surfboard rentals?

I’m staying in the Shores area in a few weeks and want to get some surfing in. It’ll be ugly as I’m a beginner but I know the Shores is great for that. I am wondering if anyone has recs for surfboard rental shops? Is Everyday CA the best there? And do they rent wetsuits?
Or should I look at Tourmaline Surf Beach? Is there a surf shop right there to rent from? Is either break less crowded on a weekday in early July?
Thank you!!
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2023.06.10 18:48 Mabozabe Carlsbad CA Beach Finds

Carlsbad CA Beach Finds
These are some of the funds from an evening beach walk in North Carlsbad a couple days ago. The bluish - slate looking one is very translucent in light, lots of occlusions. When I saw it in the sand catching the natural light it looked purple. I really like the half quarts piece, and the piece with the quartz band completely through it. The blue/green rectangle ish stone is very interesting too, no idea what it is.
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2023.06.10 18:38 TRJ2241987 Did anyone else learn about masturbation from The Masturbating Bear?

When I was a kid in the Summers in the mid/late 90s and would get to stay up all night, I considered it a huge treat to watch Conan O'Brien with the volume turned down low while my family was asleep. To me at age 8-12, which would be 1995 to 99, it was the craziest and most hilarious stuff you could see in a pre-internet comedy world. And so I remember one night, in a hotel in Myrtle Beach on a Friday night, I witnessed for the bear for the first time. The diaper. The slapping. That music. It burned into my head, and being an only child, I had no older brother to ask what the hell that was about. So my initial thought as a child was that the bear was properly demonstrating what you were supposed to do. I thought he was slapping himself in the nuts :D
Thank you to Conan & staff for messing up my life at an early age lmao
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2023.06.10 18:12 thatbeekeeper Jealous for cis females

I [AMAB, 30] am on vacation in male mode in spain with my wife right now. At the beach, girls are running and laying around without bikini tops and curvy bodys and I am extremely jealous for their appearance. I really wish I could be female right now instead of lying around here with my swimshorts. It really drags me down. I am hairy, muscular and not female at all, but I also know in a few month I want to be male again. Those changing states really bother me.
What do I do about this?
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2023.06.10 18:01 paigfife UPDATE to I am planning on quitting in the next month. Is it wrong that I want NK13 to hear it from me first? - plus other stories

Here is the previous post where I asked if it was okay to tell NK13 I was quitting before telling NPs because I wanted her to hear it from me. Mixed responses, but ultimately it didn't matter because I got fired! Hooray. Honestly, I'm not too upset about it, her parents are dreadful.
Sorry in advance, this is a LONG one. TL;DR: NF paid me a salary instead of GHs, didn't reimburse mileage, and started asking me to work more and more hours than originally agreed. Tensions built up over time, it all came to a head in the past month and things became pretty hostile. My car broke down 2 weeks ago, it's been in the shop ever since. I'd been borrowing my sister's car up until Tuesday, but she needed it back. I had no problem getting to and from work, my husband could drop me off/pick me up, but I had absolutely no option for a car yesterday for driving NK to her activities. I told NPs that I didn't have any realistic options and they asked me to rent a car. I stood up for myself, said not unless they were reimbursing me for the rental, and MB got pissed off and told me to just stay home. This is when I decided I needed to quit. DB got home today after work and fired me. He claimed it had nothing to do with my car breaking down or about the car rental thing (yeah right) but that it was just time for NK13 to no longer have a nanny. I think it's true that she doesn't really need a nanny anymore anyway, but you really can't deny that timing. They asked me to finish out the month, so at least I'll have some cushion until I can find a job.
Now let me tell you everything that led up to this moment... It's better if I give you some background info first. I have been a nanny for only a short while; I babysat and did some part-time nannying in the past, but I only became an actual full-time nanny in Dec. 2021. I started working for this NF in May 2022, so a little over a year now. I also have a young son - he's 3.5 now but was barely 2 when I started.
I found this family by looking on a local childcare Facebook group. NF's previous nanny was helping them look for a new nanny because she had to leave. She actually also had a young child, so it was a very similar situation. She was very specific in her post (I still have the screenshot, so I'm certain) that they were looking for a nanny willing to work long hours in the summer and shorter hours in the school year for G12, and since she is an older child, it's more of a house managefamily assistant type job. Summer hours start at 7:30am and can last as late as 7:30pm - schedule was very variable because they are both physicians and never really know when they were able to leave - but often she'd be relieved before then, sometimes as early as 3 or 4 pm. School year hours were much more flexible, Old Nanny (ON) said she'd get there around noon since G12 was in school. She did her house management tasks, picked her up from school, cooked her dinner, and would be relieved soon after.
When I reached out to Old Nanny to apply for this position, I was already a little desperate. My previous NF had just told me they were putting G2 in daycare and wouldn't need me, I had been looking for families that would be okay with me bringing my son and no one was interested in that. So I was getting very worried about paying bills and needed something ASAP.
After I interviewed, they said they wanted to pay me a salary. This should've been my first big red flag, but again, desperate. They explained they thought that was better than hourly because they would often come home much earlier than they planned and didn't want me to lose out on money. I essentially thought that it was basically just guaranteed hours, and since they got home early most of the time, there was no way they'd take advantage of me! (spoiler: they did)
The next should've-been-red flag was that they didn't want a contract because they're so easy and flexible and that they would always work with me if I was sick or needed time off. (spoiler: they didn't)
The thing is, I *knew* all of this wasn't okay and were huge red flags. But I was naive and thought that wouldn't be an issue for me and this new family that seems soooo amazing. (lol)
Anyway, moving on... The first several months seemed really great! I was getting along amazingly with NK, we were still getting to know each other, and I was still getting acquainted with the job, but MB just seemed...disappointed with everything. Most of the house management type stuff was really closer to personal assistant stuff for her and she is very nit-picky and micromanage-y. She'd tell me pretty much daily that I missed a hanger or two when organizing her closet. She wanted all her laundry to be done at all times (this woman goes through more laundry than anyone I know). She repeatedly told me I needed to tri-fold the towels (I was tri-folding!). She also had these insanely long to-do lists for the both of us. Since NK was only 12, I had to pretty much supervise her to make sure it got done. MB would even remind me to make sure I am helping her. So now I had my to-do list and also NK's to-do list to complete. Of course, this is all while caring for 2 kids, taking the 2 big dogs for long walks around the block several times a day (because I wasn't allowed to let them in the backyard to pee), feeding all of us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and chauffeuring NK to all of her activities. Even in my 10-12 hour shifts, I wouldn't always get everything done because there was just so much to do. But if I even left something to finish the next day, MB would passive-aggressively point it out and ask for it to get finished (of course I'm going to finish it, there's no need to remind me ugh).
Oh and the best part!!!!! I never got reimbursed for mileage. I asked for it once the first month that I worked there and DB has the freaking audacity to be like "you mean from your house??" Bruh NO for all the driving you make me do to cart your child around! He ended up giving me like 5 bucks because I took her to the airport once and I never heard a word about it again. I know I should've insisted....but again, naive and desperate.
Moving on, MB started to truly show her helicopter parenting side. Some of you may or may not remember my post from last year asking if I was wrong to refuse to monitor G12's bathroom time. The consensus was that I was not wrong and it was super weird of her mom to ask that.
Later, I found out from some things NK said that led me to believe that they were homophobic. You can really see the denial in this one. Ugh.
As time went on, things seemed pretty normal for a while. There were a couple of times I needed time off. The biggest was when my husband had a mental health crisis and I ended up in the ER twice with him - which I only took like 2 days off for btw. MB sent me this really kind and heartfelt email saying she's thinking of us and hope everything is okay. I (stupidly) decided to be honest and tell her that it was mental health-related thinking that she'd have some empathy. After I replied, I heard absolutely nothing from them about it. Not a single question as to his well-being or anything. The others were just for regular illness. I had covid once, adenovirus another time, and hand-foot-mouth the most recent. My son started preschool, so I was sick often, but only took time off for the big ones.
Sometimes I had time off because they went on vacation, but would just they never tell me when they were going on vacation. Definitely strange, but speaks more to their disregard for other people than to the actual job itself.
During the school year, I stopped coming in at 7:30am like planned. It varied depending on what was on the schedule for the day, but I'd get in between 10am-noon most days. Again, just like the job was described to me. They never told me any differently either - keep in mind this was still earlier than Old Nanny used to arrive for the day, so I was really working more hours than she used to.
At Christmastime, I thought I'd get a bonus. That was something Old Nanny had mentioned, she said they gave pretty generous Christmas bonuses, so I was looking forward to that. I didn't get a bonus at all, not even a single mention of one. But I didn't say anything because I felt weird about asking for one. This is when I started thinking maybe I wasn't doing something right or that they didn't like me. I asked them several times if they thought I was doing a good job, if they had any feedback, etc, but always said no that I was doing a great job. I could tell MB probably didn't particularly like me but that seemed more just personality differences. She even stopped nit-picking the hangers and towels thing.
Last month, they forgot my birthday. This one really hurt, ngl. My birthday is right before NK's and we've all talked about it several times before.
Finally, the major conflict... This is when I really felt like things were tense and I should start putting feelers out there for a new job. MB asked me to clean and organize the playroom. Now that sounds pretty normal for a house manager, but this playroom was completely destroyed. They had just had NK's bedroom remodeled for her 13th birthday and there were boxes upon boxes piled high (most filled with styrofoam and packing peanuts). Plus they had some of her old furniture in there as well. Plus TONS of toys that she clearly hadn't played with in many many years. Boxes and boxes of half-used crafts, puzzles, barbies, legos, crayons & markers, a whole sewing kit, and tons of baby books on the bookshelf. The part that really killed me was that she wanted me to have the whole thing completed by Friday - so I only had 4 full days to complete the entire playroom (I have every Wednesday off). She even said that I could pack all the books and old toys up to take to Goodwill... She wanted me to carry them down 2 flights of stairs BY MYSELF and pack them in the car BY MYSELF and take them to Goodwill or to a used bookstore to sell. After going through all the initial boxes the first day, I almost broke down in tears when DB came home and told him I just couldn't do it all by Friday. It was too much. I'm just one person and I almost slipped and fell down the stairs when I tried lugging the vacuum cleaner upstairs by myself, there's no way I could do boxes of heavy-ass books. He seemed understanding and said it was okay, but I'm sure it was all fake.
Then my 1-year work anniversary was also last month. I thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss how things are going. I asked NPs if they had any feedback for me or if I could be doing anything different. I tried everything to get them to say ANYTHING, but all MB said was "Well, NK loves you!!" Not a single useful bit of feedback. I ended up bringing up the playroom and said that I felt like her expectations were sometimes a bit too high. I tried to say this as nicely as possible, but it did not go over well. She basically just said, "Well that's what I hired you for." I ended the conversation by asking for a raise because it's been a year now and my job description has really been changing and they've been adding more and more hours on. I asked for an additional $300/month, and they countered with $150.
That night, MB texted me and asked what time I planned on coming in the following Monday. NK was still in school, so I responded with "around 10 am." She called me at 7:30 am (!!!) the next morning and asked why I was going in so late... I said well NK is still in school and that's my normal time. She ended up laying into me claiming that's never what they agreed to, she thought this whole time that I was coming in at 8 am every day (lies), and that no wonder I couldn't get anything done because I came in so late. I was taken aback, to say the least. I don't do well on the spot like that and I started crying (I'm a crier, I hate it) and was like well that's not what I was originally told when I was hired and that they never told me any differently. Also, this is the first time I've heard about not getting anything done. She started telling me that she hired me because she wants the house to look perfect by the time she gets home and it never looks perfect. There's always something left undone and it's unacceptable that I'm not coming in earlier to make sure it gets done on time. I told her that this was all news to me and that she never told me that she was unhappy, even after I asked them specifically to give me feedback. She said she doesn't like confrontation or having hard conversations so that's why she never told me. Which is definitely not my problem, that's on her. But I was too emotional at this point to say that and I ended up apologizing even though I know I didn't do anything wrong. She ended the conversation by saying I am expected to put in a full 40 hrs year round (but really she wants me to be available 12 hrs a day in case they get stuck at the hospital) and that she'll try to be a better communicator.
OH one thing that really stood out to me was that she actually said to me that they pay me a lot of money and they want to make sure they're getting their "money's worth." As if I'm a product. I've never felt so inhuman. For the record, they do NOT pay me a lot of money. They paid me $3700/month before my raise, which equates to $28/hr for 30 hrs a week. Seems reasonable. But she wanted me to start coming in for a full 40 hrs even during the school year, which would effectively lower my hourly equivalent to $22/hr. Even lower if you're counting needing to be "on-call" 48 hrs a week. NOT enough for the job I was doing, and especially not for a HCOL area.
Now the straw that broke the camel's back. My car. My poor car broke down more than 2 weeks ago. It's been at the dealership this whole time (I still don't have it back, hopefully today) and I've been getting away with borrowing my sister's and BIL's cars to drive NK around. I would have loved to borrow my husband's car, but his car is a manual transmission and I can't drive stick. My sister needed her car back this week, so I was able to borrow it up until Wednesday, meaning I'd be without a car Thursday and Friday this week. Just 2 days out of the two weeks my car was getting repaired. Wednesday night I texted NPs asking if I could use DB's truck to drive NK, but he had taken it because he went out of town. MB needs her car each day. I ran out of options and told them I didn't have any other realistic options and wasn't sure what else to do. I reiterated that I could still get to and from work each day with no issue, just couldn't drive NK to her theater practice. Which honestly is such a minimal part of my day anyway. Well, I suppose that was unacceptable and MB asked me to rent a car. The audacity of this request really threw me off... I replied "Will this be reimbursed since it's a work-related expense? If not, then no, I do not have the funds to rent a car." She said "No, I'm not paying for a rental car. Just stay home and I'll figure it out." These people make $100s of thousands of dollars each year..... $120 for a rental car is practically an entire day's worth of pay to me, but just a drop in the bucket to them. Why she thought it was acceptable for me to spend my own money to rent a car, but ridiculous for them to, is beyond me. I sent a thumbs-up and never heard anything back from them.
The next day (yesterday) I knew I had to quit, which is what led me to my most recent post. I still haven't found a replacement job so I wasn't just about to quit then and there. But it ended up not mattering because DB asked to pull me aside before I left yesterday to fire me. I told him that I thought it was really unfair to ask me to spend my own money to rent a car but he said that it was part of the job and if you're unable to do the job, then it's my responsibility to fix the situation. I replied saying that they don't even pay me mileage so I'm already paying out of pocket to drive THEIR kid around. He said that if they'd known it was such a big deal beforehand that they would've let me use his truck more often (I did mention it, but probably should've pressed the issue). I told him that it was not like I wanted my car to break down... He said this ultimately had nothing to do with the car thing (yeah right lmao) and that it's just time for NK to no longer have a nanny. Which I completely agree with, but the timing dude. Also, I was hardly a nanny at that point anyway, just a housekeeper and chauffeur.
In the end, I think the real reason they decided to fire me is because I had the audacity to stand up for myself and ask for a raise. The car thing just accelerated it. There were definitely some personality differences and I don't think MB really liked me to begin with, but she put up with me because NK loved me. But as soon as I started realizing my worth, I became too much to deal with.
SO ANYWAY... Here we are today and I am absolutely kicking myself for putting up with this for so long. Luckily, my son is in preschool full-time now, so I will have a much easier time finding a new job. I've been looking into agencies as well. I'm kind of relieved but also really sad that I won't see NK every day anymore. She is a very special kid.
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2023.06.10 18:01 sfrealestatediscuss 1750 Taylor St #1202: 2 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Condo in North Beach/Chinatown (1,462 Sq. Ft.) - $2,595,000

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2023.06.10 18:00 sfrealestatediscuss 1520 Taylor St #602: 3 Bed(s), 2.5 Baths(s), Condo in North Beach/Chinatown (2,400 Sq. Ft.) - $2,495,000

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2023.06.10 18:00 sfrealestatediscuss 874 Union St: 2 Bed(s), 2 Baths(s), Condo in North Beach/Chinatown (1,735 Sq. Ft.) - $2,595,000

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2023.06.10 18:00 sfrealestatediscuss 870 Union St: 2 Bed(s), 2.5 Baths(s), Condo in North Beach/Chinatown (1,525 Sq. Ft.) - $1,995,000

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2023.06.10 17:59 theredpillisover Remember to practice self care

Remember to practice self care
Met a nice girl on the pier who was staying at this vrbo. After a long exhausting night I was pleased to find the wifi was easy to access.
I know you guys have been under a lot of stress. Remember to take time for yourself. This place is available this weekend.
P.S. The owner was very quiet. Wonder what he's up to over there.
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2023.06.10 17:57 scorpion-172 GOA VACATION IN JUNE

Hey guys , my friends n I are planning a 1 week vacation in Goa. Can anyone help us guide what not to miss in Goa apart from beaches. Any activity, spot, restaurant, club casinos anything’s also how to stay.
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2023.06.10 17:53 Throw-Away-Vacation WIBTA for kicking my friends out of our planned vacation?

I (25F) and my BF (23M) have a group of local friends who's ages are from 26-30. Nina was planning a birthday vacation. This was to go to the beach Thursday - Sunday and rent an Airbnb. It was planned months in advance using a group chat. Nina had gotten the Airbnb booking. It was $150 per person for the whole weekend.
The groups going: me, my bf, Nina, her BF, Amber, her BF, and then David and Jordan.
The night before the trip, Nina had messaged the group chat. She had gotten the Airbnb booking wrong and had gotten it for 6 people (there were 8 going). She and Amber, were talking back and forth in the chat about solutions. They were wanting somebody else to get another hotel room and linking hotels that were $200+ per night. The price for the people that decided to get a hotel room would have been from $150 for the whole weekend to $800+
Nina had messaged me individually freaking out about the whole situation and asking for advice about what to do. Nobody else could afford to get another hotel room. The Airbnb wouldn't allow more guests. David and Jordan were both silent during this discussion in the group chat.
This had to be resolved soon because it was the next day. At the time, I didn't see any other solution so I said "Me and my bf can drop out if needed." Instantly, they were like "Okay! Thank you so much." No other solutions was discussed. Me and my BF left the group chat after that because it was too painful to see them discussing the plans.
After having time to think about it, I feel like this was volun-told to me because Nina had reached out specifically to me about the situation and were giving hotel recommendations that nobody else could afford but me and my BF (half of them don't drive and don't currently have jobs).
None of them have reached out to us about getting together for a day or to see if we are okay. They are active on social media and still talking in our main friend group chat.
I am broken up about this. I have been sulking at home because I already had the time off of work.
Other friends that I have told about this have said that they should have offered to help pay for the additional hotel room versus us footing the whole bill. They also say that they should have reached out about helping us plan a day trip down there versus leaving everything up to us.
This isn't the first time that me and my BF have felt excluded from this group.
We have another trip planned for August with the same people. I got the hotel room for that one and guaranteed that it is for 8 people. I am considering kicking them out of that vacation and no longer being friends with them because of this.
WIBTA if I told them that they are no longer invited to the trip in August?
I could be the AH because I volunteered to skip out on this vacation and couldn't think of any other solutions at the time. Also, because they didn't plan to leave us out. It just sorta happened that way because the booking was incorrect.
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2023.06.10 17:32 tangouniform977 Visiting next week - how do my plans look?

Heading to Iceland on Tuesday night. So excited that it's finally here!
Day 0 - leave Boston at 9pm
Day 1 - car rental from Lotus Kokulist Bakery Gardur Lighthouse Bridge Between Continents Gunniver Hot Springs Seltin Geothermal Area May stop in Hveragerdi or Kerid Crater Stay Selfoss
Day 2 Golden Circle attractions Fridheimer for late lunch Efstidular for Ice Cream Kerid if we didn't do it the day before Stay Selfoss
Day 3 - what we don't get to, we will do day 5 Urridafoss Seljalansfoss Glufrabui Glacier hike at 1230 Skogagoss Kvernafoss Dyrholaey Reynisfjara Stay Hrifunes
Day 4 Fjadrargljufur Svartifoss - 2 hikes there Diamond Beach Jokusarlon Stay Vgnasstadir
Day 5 Zodiac tour at 10 Hit whatever we missed on day three Stay east of Hella
Day 6 Reykjavik Blue lagoon at 8pm Stay near airport
Thoughts? Anything missing? Thank you!!
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2023.06.10 17:27 SufficientAdagio914 I’ve just discovered that my home is legally registered as part of a condominium comprising 72 property units (amongst 11 buildings).

When purchasing my home in 2021, the lawyer failed to explain any obligations to maintain any common property. However, a limited liability company soon started sending me invoices to maintain garden grounds which are not part of my property and are dispersed in the vicinity of more than 700 surrounding properties. My home is one of 4 units within a single building, so it shares some walls and structural elements with 3 other units.
The “administration company” convenes sham condominium meetings each January, attended by about 5% of owners (mainly elderly, retired people) in the village of more than 700 properties. The same questions are asked every year, and every year they say that they will provide answers “next year” (but never do).
Upon doing my own research, I have discovered that 6 different condominiums are legally registered (each between 56 and 108 property units) within the village of more than 700 property units. However, the entire village is “managed” by the same limited liability company which invoices all homeowners for its operating costs of nearly 1 million euros per year.
That company mainly operates as a tourist rental business, but it also cuts grass of land located between the condominiums (which it claims to own). The 6 legally registered condominiums do not include any open land, only the buildings. The company which invoices owners nearly 1 million euros per year to cut its own grass does nothing to maintain any of the condominium property. Owners of each property unit are told that it’s their own responsibility to paint the outside of their own walls, even if those walls are shared with other owners.
Despite the above, the company claims that 95% of homeowners are perfectly happy to pay its invoices. I suspect that most homeowners just don’t think about how their money is used or whether they are obliged to pay this company for cutting its own grass.
My home is in a tourist area of the Algarve in Portugal. Most of the owners don’t live here; rather, they are mostly middle-class, busily-working Lisbonites who have inherited their properties from their parents. Most properties are used as holiday homes and/or for leasing to tourists during the summer.
Portugal doesn’t have such complex legislation as North America for HOAs and most owners have no clue about what they are paying for or whether they have any obligation to pay it.
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2023.06.10 17:17 travel4me22 [Thank You] Love to see a full mailbox when returning from Vacation!

Best part of having to come home from a vacation, (after getting to sleep in my own bed lol) is opening up the mailbox and seeing all the amazing envelopes from amazing people. Many thanks to:
u/AppleCritter723 how sweet of you to send such a thoughtful card in return! I hope your trip went well to the Smokies. I am just as happy as you when I don't have lots planned, but also love to know where my next trip will be :)
u/catnatomy thank you for the thank you postcard. I totally get the wanting to keep carding fun and not a chore. Glad you have found a way to keep it as a fun hobby. Enjoy your birthday plans and your summer!!
u/chibi_haiku thank you for the Brunch postcard. Glad spring has finally arrived for you. It was a long time coming for us as well. Now it already feels like Summer!!
u/feellikebeingajerk thank you for exchanging Bee cards with me! Your card is adorable, love all the bee facts. Thanks for the amazing stickers too.
u/fieldofcabins thank you for the thank you postcard. Hope your Dad has fully recovered now from his car accident.
u/jaimekj thank you kindly for the Istanbul postcard - so fun to get a surprise card with a Joyful message
u/KK6321 so glad you liked my card, hope your new job is all you wanted it to be! Love the hummingbird seal on the envelope, and thanks too for the stickers; love the manatee holding a sunflower - adorbs
u/Layleez AWWW thank you so much for the Bee bundle! love everything, the card, the stickers, card within a card within a card!, the Bee fun Facts and the bee wax seal to cap it all off is just perfect!
u/libertyprogrammer x 3 thank you for the Serpent Mound postcard. Who knew?! I have just added that to my day trip list. Secondly, thank you for the Cincy Art Museum pc, always a good place to go to escape the heat. I was in LA during the high temps and it was cold!! Always love to find free postcards. And lastly, thank you for the amazing foldout panel card. So very pretty, and I can reuse it too. LA was great, highly recommend both Sequoia and Joshua Tree NPs!!
u/MarineWife0922 thanks for the apPEACHiate you postcard, so cute. You are most welcome, hope your friend likes the card :)
u/melhen16 thank you for the positive affirmation card. Always good to hear these great things to always keep in mind. Thanks too for the wide range of stickers!!
u/Moose-Maleficent thank you for the Disney Paris postcard, sounds like you had a wonderful time there, thanks for reminding how awesome the parks are! What ended up being your favorite ride?
u/nahboiz thank you so much for thinking of me, I LOVE the Asian Fairy bluebird postcard. I have become obsessed with a bird app called Merlin - everywhere I go I pulled it up so I can add birds to my Life List. These blue birds would be my favorite if I lived where they do. I have a family of bluebirds that I see about every day throughout the winter.
u/New_Year_Baby x 3 thank you for the three postcards. What a great idea, I have so many, this would be a great way to share them! I would love to know the name of the tulip farm you went to near Niagara Falls. We drive through NY a few times a year and that sounds like an amazing place to pop in. The porcupine postcard is so cute. I have not seen the Book Club movies, I will put that on my "to watch" list. Thanks for the GoT pc too. I remember watching Pentatonix on The Sing Off - our whole family was rooting for them. They really started an a cappella craze!! Do let me know how they are in person.
u/ninajyang thank you for the rose postcard, it has been so hot here I am wishing for a cold summer! Hope your summer slows down for you.
u/ReasonablePositive thank you for the catch up postcard. Sounds like you have been really busy, I wish you all the luck on your Etsy store and your new home. Better to be too busy than bored for sure.
u/stephkempf thank you for the random floral thrift card. Always great to find special cards while thrifting and actually use them!
u/tigerlady13 thank you for the Arkansas thank you postcard. I love sending Happy/Surprise Mail! I am starting to make my travel plans for the summer this week. So far I have booked trips to Greenville SC and Ogdensburg/St Lawrence River NY. And am working on trips to Upstate NY, Myrtle Beach and Atlanta in the fall. Not to mention my Alaskan trip next June!! My username tells it all.
Thank you to the following for not one but two Arizona MeetUp postcards, fun to think I made it on to two different mailing lists for the same event lol. u/todayisfab, u/sebisrude, u/PinkPengin, u/KeenEvergreen x 2 I am sure you all had a wonderful time meeting each other in person!
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2023.06.10 17:11 creterentcarsgr Book High quality car rentals services in Crete

Are you on a holiday vacation in Greece and looking for a car for your road trip to explore the country in style? Opting for a Crete car rental service is the best choice you can make to save on your time and money.
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2023.06.10 16:54 ab_ence any recommendations for Côte D’azur?

I’ll be staying in Nice and I plan to see Cannes, Monaco, and Eze. Are there any recommendations for plant-based restaurants, beaches, clubs/lounges, boat rentals, parties, and such?
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2023.06.10 16:54 idfwynm And now there is war

Hey all,
So let me start by saying my dreams are exhausting. There is always a different plot to the dream, sometimes is a continuation, like it picks up where it left off type thing.
That's pretty standard as far as i can tell. But whats really crazy is that for years, ever since i can remember, i have been dreaming of another world. It started small with my Memas old double wide, and gradually increased in size. I do not have control of my dreams but i consistently recognize my surroundings and remember there is a whole world attached to whatever part im in and i can teleport myself just by thinking of that place (again its unintentional). Now its so huge i have to map it in parts in the waking world.
In the north there is a desert city (think the first Assasins creed type city. In the city alongside the giant cliff wall in the back is a temple that goes deep into the earth and is filled with many creatures i have to fight to get past.
In the east is the coast, and the ruins of what was once a massive city, now its a shelled out crumbling place that is still at war even now. In the west is another coast, with a beach cabana resort, a giant dock, and the beginning of some cliffs where a group of bandit like individuals camp out that i run into when im flying around as a dragon.
In the south is a great forest with the tallest trees imaginable, and in the middle is a small hamlet village thing with small people inhabiting it (think gnomes or dwarfs)
In the center is the city, and surrounding it is jagged mountains and steep green valleys where many floating homes are clinging to the sides of the mountains. In the city is a historic downtown, with antique stores, bars, restaurants, a giant hotel skyscraper, many many tall buildings i dont yet know the purpose of. There is a mall, a school, a cemetary. There is country areas with big sprawling properties with cattle and horses. There is a giant park in the middle that i guess is a wildlife refuge cause there's gators in water. Etc etc etc
I keep discovering new places, like an apartment i apparently live in with roomates i apparently dont like, and and haunted mansion that i cant resist, that has many hidden rooms and passages. And to top it all off, a lot of the time i am fighting for my life, running from danger or attempting to rescue my friends/loved ones from whatever horror vists me at night. Sometimes ill even have dreams where i start on my world, and i get on my giant rubber duck float and feel the force of leaving the atmosphere, and the gut drops when i zoom into other planets to look at them from the sky. They have cities and spaceships and the colors are insane. This has regularly become a part of my nightly experience.
What is happening to me? Im really considering signing up for a sleep study, i can never get true rest anymore. I wake up drenched in sweat and exhausted because it feels SO REAL. Does anyone else experience this? Does anyone have any explanation or am i just going crazy?
I posted this elsewhere and got one reply that did really help me get it under control for a bit... but now? Its getting REAL concise. Im talking i had a dream yesterday that i was there and gathering my friends together at my dream apt so we coukd find out why things were messing up and dying/breaking down. Then last night, we go to the south, past the village deep into the mountainous woods and we decide to go down that giant sinkhole in there. Turns out theres a frigging UNDERCITY this whole time and we met the dude in charge. He stole one of my friends and cast the rest of us away in a tunnel of fire at first, and it turned into this bluish green tube and next thing i know im alone, my physical body is on the shore and im stranded in the water trying to get back to it on the boatdock side of the map.
Tldr: I have vivid dreams that exhaust me and I think im going crazy but its been way to concise for me to just drop it
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2023.06.10 16:42 boddentowncondos Coral Beach House

Coral Beach House
This cozy Coral Beach House is the perfect getaway for a relaxed beach vacation. Featuring a private beachfront, a spacious deck, and ocean views, this beach house offers a serene setting in a beautiful tropical environment. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Caribbean Sea while relaxing in this comfortable home away from home.
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2023.06.10 16:37 boddentowncondos Coral Beach House Grand Cayman

Coral Beach House Grand Cayman
A luxurious beach house rental in Grand Cayman, Coral Beach House offers stunning ocean views, private beach access, and luxury amenities. With modern decor, convenient amenities, and a private pool and deck, Coral Beach House is the perfect destination for your next tropical escape. Enjoy a serene getaway with all the comforts of home in a luxurious beach house rental.
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