Dwarf fortress wont mine

Disillusioned with AM process

2023.06.10 05:52 hopeandcope Disillusioned with AM process

This is a sad rant.
Spent a lot of time in AM process only to realise I'm not meant for it. Age isn't in my favour. The entire process of parents shortlisting guys (who aren't what I was/am looking for), inviting them home, talking to guys and sometimes their parents and relatives - the traditional AM process - has left me tired, gloomy and disillusioned. I've met quite a few guys and with noone have I felt I could see a future together with this man. Lots of reasons for this. I am someone with both modern and traditional mindset. The ones on AM are so traditional that I can't even have a proper conversation with them being myself. I had to nod to their opinions although they won't sit right with me and I wouldn't want a verbal disagreement coz parents are involved - the easy (and the right )way is to cite incompatibility and reject matches. Those who I liked, my parents had a problem with. Those were dropped too. I couldn't fight with my parents over practically a stranger with whom I had 2-3 conversations. You may ask why I didn't take the LM route. Growing up LM was something that people normally wouldn't do and me being a sucker for rules and not having a wider understanding of the world, followed what everyone else did. The others got married, with or without love for their partner, I'm not sure, and I am left out. A lot of things have gone wrong - stubborn parents, horoscope nonsense, strict profession criteria (not mine, my parents'), relatives poking nose. There could be other reasons. I don't want to dwell on the reasons and suffer more. They can't be reversed.
Future looks bleak when I think about companionship. At this point I am slowly making peace with the fact that I may have to live a solo life and that I have to prepare for it. The other half says family is what I always dreamt of, and is worth all the struggles I'm going through and I just have to be patient and keep putting efforts. Idk, I feel lost. Time is running and things aren't changing. I've tried dating apps too. Those are not the kind of people I want to date, let alone marry. It looks like I've reached a dead end.
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2023.06.10 05:46 brodie7838 Here's what happens in my town if you try 5A with the police

A RE/MAX real-estate agent from a neighboring town is selling a house in my neighborhood. She apparently put some Open House sign at the entrance to our neighborhood but the sign disappeared so she called the town PD to report it stolen. PD decides that since this all went down "next to my property" that I must know something, which I won't lie is actually reasonable, but everything that came after wasn't:
Best part: Not only is the property in question indeed mine, the city itself has laws that would have made the sign 'illegal' no matter what - he didn't care! These pigs go full CIA to 'just talk to me', can't fucking read a GIS map or ask basic probing questions, then go out of their way to escalate a situation that could have been avoided, all while whining about how dangerous their "jobs" are! So message received: Fuck tax-paying homeowners who mind their own business because some random business from another town came here, broke a bunch of laws, then made shit up. Fuck realtors and fuck the police.
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2023.06.10 05:45 ihatecowboys28 I'm scared to get hurt again

I (27f) met a great guy (27m) who worked at the hospital next to mine. I'm a nurse, he's a doctor. Our careers dont really matter to me but this is my first time going out w/ a healthcare worker. I've always had a rule that I wont ever go on a date with someone who works at my job. So I've never dated anyone in this line of work. But everytime we talk, he can understand this side of me whenever I rant. When my last relationship ended, I finslly said, I want to be with someone who GENUINELY makes me laugh, someone who genuinely finds me funny, someone I can be stupid with, where I dont need to lie about who I am, or adjust to their personality because deep down I'm a people pleaser! I've worked on myself so hard to be my authentic self and I've learned to put my boundaries down and say no.
Weve been talking a lot and the last time I came over, we kissed quite a bit. I told him I didnt wanna sleep with him til we were exclusive / official. I said I dont want to feel like I'm just here so you can have sex with me. I told him I'm scared of getting hurt again and it makes me nervous that we are so alike and I feel so comfortable around him and I feel like I can be stupid around him. Physically he is on the chubbier side but I am so attracted to him because his personality is this caring, gentle person. When I was tipsy, he offered to drive my car and drive me home and he will just uber back home. Sabi ko thats so sweet but no need.
I dont know mga bes. I'm letting it drag. Sabi ko maattach ako immediately if we sleep with each other. So I've been holding off... Ayoko na masaktan ulit porke nakipagsex lang, wala ng effort sa emotional intimacy yung mga past exes ko. He said he understands and doesnt want to jeopardize this, said he is really into me & isnt just here for some fun, wants something serious. But I've heard these lines before and they were just bullshit. I'm trying so hard not to project my trauma on him but at the same time I just think it's fair to not rush and just take my time in getting to know him. Ang hirap masaktan ulit.
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2023.06.10 05:38 Minh1403 Dwarf Fortress

Is it true that this game has an even more complex ecosystem than RW? I would say that, from what I've seen, it doesn't look as lively and natural
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2023.06.10 05:10 shinybobble Well, it's time, I guess

Hi all! I just joined WW for the first time. I've tried so many options and I've had no luck. A friend of mine did it a few years ago with amazing success (she still has great habits and is keeping the weight off) and between that knowledge and a wicked sale, I took the plunge. I'm excited but also apprehensive. I've flamed out so many times, even on paid plans. I'm worried I won't keep this up and it kinda feels like it's my last option...
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2023.06.10 05:10 TheEnvenomed I'm very tired

So there's rather a lot here, but I'll try to be concise. I'll fail, though. I fail at things often. But more often, I no longer try.
I can't sleep at the moment. Averaging about three or four hours a day the past week, and at weird times.
I was gifted growing up, very able at mathematics, art and science especially, and despite bullying, an abusive home, and undiagnosed neurodivergence and mental illness, I was actually pretty cheerful. My upbringing was still very violent, as I think it is for most AMAB people, but I really thought I was OK.
I've never had a relationship, and can't shake the feeling that I'm unlovable. My mental state and ADHD symptoms are at a state now where I've not been able to work for over 4 years, but even before that working for me was hell. I cried in the toilets, I never got anything done, I hated every second. The doctors have tried me on all the usual SSRIs and ADHD meds and no luck. I truly feel that I have no hope.
My drinking problem-long an issue-got worse over the pandemic until I was drinking a bottle of spirits every day. I've gained weight, my hair's falling out, and though I'm no longer drinking I fear that whatever damage I've done to myself is severe and irreparable. I used to look alright. I don't, now. I'm financially dependent on a housemate I have some frustrations with, but nothing major: just enough for us to disagree once or twice a week. But it still feels exhausting, because I'm always exhausted. I don't cook, or read, or go to the gym any more. My social life is pretty ttrpg based, which I wouldn't change, but the group is insular and made up of multiple couples.
It hurts. It reminds me what I'm not.
I no longer have hope, and haven't for some time. I see cruelty everywhere and it fills me with impotent wrath. I can change very little. It doesn't feel good enough.
I used to have dreams. I don’t now. I used to write, and paint, and socialise face-to-face. I used to fall in love easily: and even if someone didn't love me back, it was still a feeling of joy and connection. I don't do these things any more. Something took them from me and I don't know what. I need help, and there is none. I need time, and my health grows ever worse so mine might be running out. I grow sour and misanthropic and hateful at times, chewed out by bitterness and envy.
I will feel better after venting here. But I know it won't last long.
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2023.06.10 05:08 mubun Taylor GT Urban Ash Series Discontinued OR Limited Edition?!?

Taylor GT Urban Ash Series Discontinued OR Limited Edition?!?
I absolutely love my Urban Ash GTe. It plays so well, feels great, and looks like a million bucks. I like fancy, sure as anyone, but prefer functional over all else.
Now that the UA GTs have been discontinued and the GT name incorporated into the "x11" series naming convention, you may feel like the short lived UAGT has lost its luster compared to the AD11 series and higher.
I prefer to think of it as a limited edition run. If you've got an UAGT, you've got something Taylor isn't making anymore and it's kind of special.
They don't put those Pinnacle inlays on any other of their guitars. That sticker in the sound hole still says GT. You won't find that on anything else currently except for the GT811e, And even that may change soon If Taylor keeps incorporating the GT body shape into the standard naming conventions.
Finally, think about the figuring of the urban Ash back and side wood. Mine is highly figured, put together in four pieces, and looks just amazing. I would say the same goes for the top. My spruce top beautiful bear cloth striations in it and gorgeous straight grain. It's true that these GT models have been discontinued, and were the first of their line, but it's also true that Taylor put their best foot forward with materials and craftsmanship.
I love mine. Let me know what you think of yours. And if you have a GT, post a picture below. I'd love to see it. Enjoy your limited edition!
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2023.06.10 04:41 Pilavpowe I haven't slept before 5am for an entire week.

So much trauma haunting me, never thought I belonged. Been like this for almost 5 years now. All I need is some sleep to never wake up from.
I tend to lose hope and get disappointed with every human being. Sometimes I feel like there's no good in them or there's a problem with me judging.
This world is so dirty and ugly, gives me a headache just by looking around. It has become like a kingdom of deceit, interest, wealth, jokes, gray color, fake laughs, noise, debauchery, fake art, fake love and many many many more. How stupid do you have to be to chose to be living here and breathe all the negativity around you rather than going to an eternal sleep, closer to God, getting out of this state of imperfection, look at this world from above and choose to forgive the billions of mindless creatures.
The sun is rising yet again.
I think I'm giving this new day a chance anyway, it smells good and fresh outside.
Don't know how much this positivity of mine will last but I guess I wont be around for long.
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2023.06.10 04:40 dimestorepublishing I'm turning my Dwarven society from Hyper Capitalist to Communist is this a good speech?

So the Dwarves had a huge debt over humans, humans helped a Dwarven ally of the king overthrow them to cancel the debt, now the new King of Dwarves is instituting Communism. Is this a good speech? (Humans overthrew the Dark Lord and the story picks up with all the sons of the Dark Lords' administration picking up the pieces and trying to rebuild the kingdom,
the Compact is a treaty the three kingdoms, elf dwarf and man, signed about 300 years ago dictating the laws of trade (Economics is a huge focus in this story)
Watts had been successful in his first mission. The Dwarven capital was reclaimed by Man’s ally Okgruli Caskmaster, salt-born savior and rightful King of Dwarves, rightful in the eyes of Man at least. It was rumored that once the Dark Lord was fallen and his work in the Throne of Man was completed, Anthorn would send his forces west and aid his good friend Okgruli to reclaim his throne. Those words had been invoked, even if by Mason’s hand rather than Anthorn’s himself.
Now Ellis Watts, the representative of the Throne of Man, stood by the side of Okgruli Caskmaster, who was holding his great golden war axe high in the air, gathering cheers from the Dwarves celebrating the new order. Sure, the wealthier class of their people thought it madness, to cancel a debt of that size, of that magnitude, that they held over the mightiest of the three nations. But Okgruli promised them a new world, a new order, where the alliance with man by bond of battle would outway any petty concerns of gold.
On the stage next to Okgurli, were three of the old order, the Gold Beards, hanging with hands bound and necks in nueces, two had already dropped and snapped. The third, a Dwarf by the name of Gemhold, Ellis remembered, stood proud and ready for death.
Okgruli’s voice was low and commanding, “State your crimes, Gold Beard,” he said, ready to again swing his axe and consign the next pretender to Dwarven leadership to death.
“I am guilty,” Gemhold said, earning a great hissing and jeering from the audience of proud Dwarves, “I am guilty!” he said louder, “I am guilty of bringing our nation gold, wealth, trimuph, and in this revolution on the order of man of all people, you cheer for our wealth to be taken from us!” he said. He knew he was about to die, she didn’t really give a damn about being civil, “Do you not see what this Dwarf you all support so much has already taken from us, the dream of the Dwarven empire from mountains to coast, trade, wealth, gold, gold damn you, gold, the gold we have lost by this mad dwarf cancelling a fair debt. You are all Dwarves, you’ve been raised and taught the power of debt and taught how debt has given our kind more political power then any standing army this pretender could hope to build,” he said, “Revolution is an addiction, you lesser than dwarves think because you can’t make a good deal to save your lives that the system must be rigged, so when some wild dwarf comes and says he will seize the capital on your behalf you dare not question him!”
A rock came flying out of the audience and caught Gemhold on the side of the head, drawing a bit of blood from him. He took the hit and stayed strong in his resolve.
Okgruli tried to calm the audience, “This criminal will face his sentence, on the honor of being a Dwarf he is allowed to speak,” Okgruli said as he waved his hand and tried to calm the mob.
“Do you even realize what you will be living under should this so-called King of Dwarves ideals be put into place? Do you know who he aligns himself with? We the ones you call the Gold Beards, the Dwarves proud and strong in their ability to bring wealth to our people, we spoke to men and we defeated man at every turn, this Caskmaster has never spoken to a true throne, a true man of business, he speaks to the men called Duradan, simple men who live in trees, wear leaves and trade skins and meat. Men who wouldn’t know gold from iron, all of you, look all of you, to the trappings and luxuries the Freehold under our leadership has provided you, think of the wealth you will lose if you follow this pretender when your nation is wrecked when you’re striking stones for fire and clinging to whatever bread his society will allow you to have, remember, dwarves, remember the wealth our nation once gave you, when you find yourselves with nothing, remember a time where a dwarf could have anything,”
“Could have anything if they were a damn Gold Beard,” a Dwarf cried out as another siege of stone came upon the stage. “Remember!” Gemhold called out, “Remember you are proud dwarves, when you're reduced to trading skins and hunting your own food with only a memory of the wealth of gold, you remember what this revolution you cheered for brought you, and you remember what you gave up,” he said, taking a few more hits to the head.
“Enough!” Okgruli raised his hand, and the barrage stopped, “This Dwarf has spoken for himself,” he raised his axe and sliced the other end of the rope holding Gemhold’s neuce. Gemhold dropped and his thick neck snapped as he hung there, dead next to the other Gold Beard leaders.
“Look at this bead, Dwarves,” Okgruli said, running a hand through the brown hair hanging down his face, “You will never see a flake of gold on this beard, you will never see the Dwarf you’ve made your leader tout and carry about like he is wealthier than you, I am a Dwarf, a proud Dwarf born of the salt of the earth, no gold in this beard,” he shook his head, “Wealthy as our people are, it is sin to display wealth in such opulant manner, I think myself not above a Dwarf amoung you, no Dwarf should be over another, we are one people, one nation,” Okgruli turned to held his hand up to the great mountains behind him, “Within these mountains is the petty gold we’ve drawn as much strength as we could from, man harbors over this gold, in that we have power over him, as the true deciders of this world, but no more will we be the deciders from only another races lusts for our resource,” he said, “This gold does not belong to me, it does not belong to you, it belongs to all of us, to every dwarf that has ever taken hammer to mountain to bring our kind wealth, as my first decree from the Throne of Dwarves I say that all gold belongs to all dwarves, the wealth of the land, the wealth of the salt we have all been birthed from is as much yours as it is mine, no more no less, from this day forward, know that every dwarf will bask in wealth,” he raised his hands to the cheers of the dwarves, “What is gold, what does gold mean other than the value that man gave it when he first came to our mountains and lusted after its luster, let man chase gold, we Dwarves have something wanted, something coveted, we own the gold, it does not own us, I commission that we will use or gold not for for trappings of wrapping it in our beards and blazining our weapons, what does gold mean to you, you of the salt and stone, a Dwarf will never again be judged by the gold in his pocket, but instead by the sweat from his brow, the gold belongs to all and none, the Dwarves united will use the gold that the Throne of Man, our allies granted, but the Throne of man covets what is by blood and right property of the Dwarves, if this gold belongs to Dwarves, then let it be spent in the service of Dwarves, all Dwarves, great and rich, small and poor, the wealth of our nation belongs to our nation, and no Dwarf will ever again be able to connive or coax his way to the fortune of our people that belongs to all our people, no more will Dwarves fleck their beards and think themselves a higher station then any of you. I may be your ruler, but in my rule you find yourselves led by an equal, not by a supremacist who puts mercantilism above mercy. By the power restored to me as the true King of Dwarves, is to declare that all gold still resting in these mountains, belongs to all dwarves, to you proud dwarves who will work the mines not for your own glory, but for the strength and prosperity of your people, you will work under me Dwarves, and know that I, your king, will be with pick-axe and cart right next to you. So I commission, that we drain this mountain of its wealth, and spread that wealth useless to us to the petty concerns of Man and Elf. Let them war for gold, let them die for gold, we will take the riches of it first and formost, and we will spread that wealth to all the Throne of Dwarves, while they will fight and kill eachother for the wealth that only we can create, our nation will thrive!” he raised his arms, receiving cheers from a populace ready for hope and change, “Let it be said, and let it be written in the stone, to each Dwarf according to his needs, and from each Dwarf according to his means, and we have means, we have the greatest source of wealth in the three kingdoms, I say we use this wealth and build for ourselves the mightiest kingdom since the singing of that damn compact, we will supply Man and Elf with their gold, with their trappings, and in that we will trap them, from this day forward, no Dwarf will be more wealthy then his peer, for we will all be wealthy, invest in me brother Dwarves, pay into my new world with your labor, for labor is the only value that this world has, do not buy a trapping by paying for it in gold, receive a blessing by giving your labor, it has been said, the Dwarves do not pay the price of kings, I seek to build you a world where you will never pay a price again!”
The crowd was roaring now, the populace of the Dwarven kingdom had grown tired of the Goldbeard’s fixation of generating wealth. It was alluring, this idea Okgruli had, no more buying, no more selling, a world where a Dwarf could work with his hands and earn enough sustinance to be prosperous. It was a grand idea, why should a Dwarf slave for the wealth of one stationed above him only by means of capital? Why should a dwarf work for anyone save himself, or all Dwarven peoples? The Interlopers of capital hung dead before the people, and they cheered for their new king.
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2023.06.10 04:20 Puzzleheaded_Ear_468 Existential crisis

I hate to fish but I am so buried with depression that I need support… Almost two years ago, my dog died in an accident and that was the beginning of the end. That grief was like nothing else and something I still live with. My husband worked out of town. I worked full time, was in school full time and took care of our son. I finally completed my bachelors. Two weeks later my father was put on suicide watch and moved in with me after. Two weeks from that my husband came home for a few days and was being different. I went through his phone. Long story short I was getting an STD test and a consultation by Monday. Since he was the bread winner and I was now single I couldn’t pursue the job I had wanted because of pay. I immediately started my teaching certification and I just officially passed my exam. Finances are still right since my contract wont begin until august. I feel like I have been surviving for so long. I barely make it paycheck to paycheck. I’m constantly over or under stimulated. I just feel stuck in a life I didn’t want… My son gave me so much purpose. I knew this was good but also something to keep in check because that is unfair to him for me to be so dependent…lately…I feel like such a shit mom and now I’m really losing it and I just really don’t want to be here sometimes. Stronger recently than ever before. My son…is stubborn…strong willed? But the thing is he doesn’t give shit to anyone like he gives it to me. I can’t do anything fun and nice without him (I’m sorry to say it) ruining it. He’s awful with transitions. His screams and cries could burst an ear drum. Like he is just such a brat. I feel like nothing is easy for me with him and i’m like…is it me? On the flip side I also know I do everything like I care so much that I know i’m a “good” mom but just his attitude with me and like he’s almost 3.5 and I can’t get him potty trained. He doesn’t show interest in doing things on his own. Like if I try to get him to dress himself or trace/write letters or whatever. Like run of the mill shit that the internet says 3 years olds can do. Mine is just hit or miss on some or at least with me he is!!!! Why…what do I need to do or understand. I need my relationship with my son to be…more tolerable and survivable…he’s so picky and I don’t know if he isn’t getting the right nutrients or enough. Some days he does watch more than an hour is screens and some days I’m just so tired I give up and I feel like a pussy so he knows he can walk all over me or that my inconsistency is damaging. I love him. I don’t want to fuck him up and that’s what I feel like I’m doing. And I don’t want to feel like I need to escape my own life.
Ugh I’m sorry. I’m just in a really bad spot emotionally and mentally.
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2023.06.10 04:10 Fable_Darling Eight Hundred And Sixty-First Night

The visit went well. They loved the painting, honestly more than I think the painting deserves but I'm not going to complain. I was there from 2 to 5 and I had a lovely time. none of my countless worries came to fruition other than some slight light-headedness on the ride home. won't go into great detail but they showed me around their house, with great focus on their mountainous collection of books, then we went on a long walk. We spent the majority of the day just catching up. They are doing well. I'm quite happy for them. The time really flew by.
I did get some work on the dictionary done this morning but for the most part, I took today off. It rained quite a bit in the morning but it cleared up rather nicely by the time I left for Darling's house. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeously warm. The clouds will probably persist but everything else in the forecast sounds like a dream. I'll be working on the articles tomorrow and if I'm lucky I'll be able to do most of my work outside. Here's hoping tomorrow doesn't let me down.
Yours & Mine,
S.O. Skinner
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2023.06.10 04:04 SKwiatks Written In the Stars ch. 15: Down With the Sickness part 2

Now, I love Lou, but had to think of something to get two certain characters to Ericson to help save his life. One of them is a relative to one of the kids as the school. And after this chapter, Clem, will start to loosen her prejudice over Maya when they start to bond and work together to save Louis's life. She will start to look at Maya, and sees what Violet sees in her.
Over the next couple of days, Louis's pain in his lower right abdomen started to burn and hurt like hell. He thought it was hungry pains and found himself not hungry. Or it was weird after-sex pain that lasts several days after having sex the first time. Louis ignored the pain and eased up for quite some time when he, Aasim, and Willy were out hunting.
Louis fought through the pain of taking the rabbit out of the snare and held his side. Louis has a cold sweat now forming on his brow. Am I getting sick or something? Better not be. I am needed for hunting. Louis must be kneeling for quite some time as Aasim comes back hauling two rabbits.
"Dude you're okay?" Aasim looks at his friend.
Louis slowly rises and holds his right side. "Yeah...just...heartburn."
Aasim's eyebrows raise in concern, "Lou, you're not fine. You're sweating and it is freezing out."
"Let's just get the rest of the traps set for Thumper to run into them if they ever come out." Louis waves off Aasim's concern.
"Still think you should see Ruby." Aasim looks at him.
"Will you stop worrying about me? I'm fine, I don't need—" Louis pauses as he feels his stomach turn. Louis starts to gag and runs to a side of the tree and pukes.
Aasim drops the kills and tends to his friend. Aasim approaches Louis and sees him turning a different shade of color, "Come on, let's get you back home. Willy and I will set the traps later. You need to see Ruby now. Vomiting is not an indicator of fine Louis," Aasim spoke.
Louis nods and holds his right abdomen, as the pain steadily worsens. Willy finishes catching a rabbit and looks as Aasim walks close to Louis and sees Louis's pale brown now, "What is wrong with him?"
"Louis is sick. Taking him back to see Ruby. Take what we caught to Omar, and you and I will reset the traps later this evening." Aasim said.
"It is just the stomach bug, Aasim," Louis spoke, trying not to make it a big deal.
"Maybe, but let's have Ruby verify it first, okay." Aasim walks with him.
"Okay... I think you are wasting your girl's talents on something silly as the stomach bu—" Louis then felt a sharp pain now in his lower right side as it causes him to fall to his knees with a thud.
"Louis!" Aasim rushes to his side and sees his friend holding his side. "Shit.."
Willy looks to Aasim, "What is happening to him? Stomach bugs usually don't make people faint, do they?"
"No, they don't. Come on, I need your help." Aasim instructs Willy on what to do, and the rest of the way back Aasim carries Louis on his shoulder.
Violet is on watch duty when she sees Aasim carrying Louis, and she rushes down from the watch tower to open the gate. Once Aasim and Willy are through the gate, Violet asks, "What happened?"
"I don't know. We need to see Ruby ASAP. Something majorly is wrong with Louis." Aasim told Violet.
"She's in the greenhouse with Clementine." Violet pointed in the direction of the greenhouse.
Aasim nodded, "Willy, go fetch her and meet me in the nurse's station. Violet go to the library and find a medical book, any medical book."
"Why a medical—" Violet started to say.
"Because I think we are going to need it to find out exactly what is wrong with Louis," Aasim spoke. He heaves Louis up the stairs to the admin building. It was a long tiring climb but he laid Louis down on a soft bed in the nurse's station.
Violet comes in first with the book Aasim requested and didn't take long before Clementine and Ruby are at the door. Clementine rushes to be at her lover's side. She felt Louis's head as he breaks out in a cold sweat, and he looked pale. Clementine looks at Aasim, "What happened? What is wrong with him?"
Aasim rubs the back of his neck, "I don't know. He was acting strange when we were hunting and trying to reset the snares when Louis started to vomit, and then as we were walking back, he fainted and hasn't woken up since. He was favoring his right side."
Ruby stands by Louis and touches his forehead, "He's got a fever, that is for sure."
Clementine looks into Ruby's blue eyes, "Stomach bug?"
Aasim shook his head, "Stomach bugs don't make people faint. Or have severe lower abdominal pains"
Violet reaches for the book Aasim requested and asks Aasim to list off Louis's symptoms, "Aasim give me Louis's symptoms again."
Aasim looked at Violet and started to list off his symptoms, "He has a fever, vomited out in the woods, and been holding his lower right side. And fainted."
Violet looks to Clementine who is near Louis's right side, "Clem lift up Louis's shirt and lightly feel around where his hip is."
Clementine looks at Violet and does precisely what she instructed. When she touches the tender spot on Louis's stomach Louis groans, and his fist slams the bed, and he hugs his body. Violet looks and finds what is wrong with him, "Fuck...his appendix ruptured."
Clementine looks at her, "How do you know that?"
"A girl who used to live here, Maddy. Her appendix ruptured, and Ms. Martin had to take her to the hospital." Violet spoke.
Violet handed the medical book to Ruby and pointed the medical term out to her. Clementine looks at Louis and then back at the two girls, "Okay...what do we do? Pain meds."
Violet eyes Aasim and Ruby, and Ruby is first to speak, "Clem, Louis needs more than just medicine. He needs surgery."
Clementine eyes widen, "Surgery?! But we don't have that option around here." Clementine took her gaze off the two girls and looked at Louis, who looked to be in pain. She closes her eyes and is afraid to ask this question to get an answer she is afraid to hear. Clementine reopens her eyes and looks at Ruby, "What happens if Louis can't get surgery?"
Ruby reads what would happen if the appendix is not removed in time, and she is afraid to answer Clementine. Clementine looks to her as the only medical person in this school who know this stuff, "Well?"
Ruby swallows hard, "Louis could die Clem."
Clementine face falls and she holds his hand, and her eyes squeeze shut. She reopens them and looks at Ruby with tears in her eyes, "Can you do it? Or look it up somewhere on how to do it?"
"Clem...I...I know little about this kind of stuff. I didn't go to med school, I could make it worse." Ruby's voice broke.
"You're the best bet I have, Ruby!" Clementine raises to her feet.
"I'm not a surgeon, Clem. I only know basic medical knowledge of what Ms. Martin told me." Ruby looks at Clementine with empathy and wishes she knew more, but she doesn't.
The whole time when Clementine and Ruby are talking, Violet eyes Louis. Maya! Maya knows how to heal people. Maybe she can help Louis. Violet fixes her eyes on Clementine, "Maya might know how to help Louis."
Clementine and Ruby both turn to look at Violet. Clementine crosses her arms and eyes, Violet, "And how will your girlfriend know how to fix him? He needs a surgeon Vi, not an herbalist."
"Clem, Ruby needs help, and Maya knows some medical knowledge here that can help save Louis. It is not like we got a choice here in picking doctors here. I know you have trust issues with Maya, but she can help Clementine." Violet ignores the comment on her girlfriend, which Violet had every right to tell Clementine off but chooses not to as Louis needs her help more than her feud with Clementine.
Ruby looks to Clementine, "I can use another set of hands from a healer. And she is right. We don't have many options to choose from if we want to save Louis. If Violet can bring Maya here, the better."
Clementine looks to Ruby and then to Violet, and then her gaze rests on Louis, whose life is hanging in the balance. Clementine closes her eyes to think as she doesn't have much of an option but to take up Violet's offer and bring Maya here to inspect Louis and work with Ruby to save him. Clementine sighs, "Fine. But take Aasim with you. I don't want anyone from her group to come and know about this place, got it? Especially Arvo and Bonnie." Violet turns to her friend, and the two of them leave the nurses' station.
Violet and Aasim walk in the woods as Violet leads him down the pathway she takes to meet Maya. Aasim told her, "I am surprised Clem is being civil on this matter."
"Louis's life is on the line. So, she doesn't have much choice to hold onto her pride." Violet murmurs. "She loves him, and people will do anything to keep the person they love alive. I would have done the same thing if Maya was like this." Violet admitted.
Aasim looks at her, "Speaking of which, how do you know where she will be? Or know her whereabouts in her camp?"
Violet looks to him and then her eyes forward, "We worked out a coding system of leaving messages close by an opening in the wall by her tent in her group's camp. How she treated my shoulder a few days ago. Ruby is good, but the stuff Maya uses is better." Violet admitted. "Don't tell Ruby I said that. I'm grateful for her skill of taking care of me and everyone, but something about the stuff Maya uses...it is better, and feels like there are some magical healing properties."
Aasim holds out his hands, "I won't, and pretend I didn't hear you prefer your girlfriend's stuff over Ruby's."
Violet smiles a little, then focus on getting to Maya to help Louis. They are nearing Maya's group encampment, and she signals to Aasim to be quiet and follow her lead. They didn't get far into the caravan's territory when Violet pulled Aasim behind a bush for cover as they saw a red hair woman, Maya, and Aniya. Aasim whispers to Violet, "How are we going to get her away from those two."
Violet watches her girlfriend and notices they just come back from hunting. She looked and thought of a way to get her attention, "Stay here,"
Aasim looks at her, "Violet. No, this is suicide. We will wait for her to be alone."
"Louis may not have that kind of time, Aasim. Every minute counts, and Louis needs that surgery, now!" Violet hisses. "I will go and get her attention. Wait here, please!" Violet inches closer and closer behind the three females as the redhead is carrying a small bore and two rabbits. Maya had a bow and a quiver of arrows.
Maya looked back and halted in her tracks as she heard footsteps behind them or nearby. Bonnie notices her slight absence, "Something wrong, Maya?"
Maya peers through the trees as she holds up a finger to her leader to stay quiet momentarily. Maya zeros in on the sound and looks to see Violet. Her eyes widened, and she had to think of something, "I thought I heard something back there. But I guess it was a bird or a walker. There are those still around." Maya turns back, and with her foot, she writes a one and an m in the dirt for Violet to see. It was a subtle motion that Bonnie or her sister never saw what Maya did with her foot. Maya turns back and follows Bonnie and her sister up the trial that led to their encampment.
Violet waited until the three of them were out of sight, and she went to the spot where Maya paused, and in the dirt, she wrote one m. Violet took that to mean one moment or one minute. Violet nods and goes to where Aasim is hiding. "Okay, she saw me and wrote a message in the dirt. She will be with us momentarily. She needs to find a way to sneak away from her group. Give her a few minutes." Violet spoke.
"But you said." Aasim started to say.
"I know, but I also don't want us or her to get in trouble here," Violet answers him. "I'm going about this in a smart way where we don't have spilled blood. Just trust in her, okay." Violet grips the tree with her hand.
They waited five minutes or so when Violet heard Maya's sweet voice calling her, "Vi? Violet?"
Violet peers out from the bush and motions for Aasim to get up with her, "Maya over here."
Maya comes to Violet and hugs her. Violet melted in her embrace and loved the soft touch Maya brought in her warm hugs. Violet holds onto Maya longer than she planned, but her heart got in the way. Aasim saw the love Maya and Violet shared with each other and kindly made his presence known to them. Violet snaps out of her love moment and pulls back from Maya. Maya sees Aasim, and she looks at Violet, "Okay..this is new. You brought a friend with you."
"Clementine's idea, not mine. I will cut to the chase. Louis needs your help, Maya." Violet spoke gently to her.
Aasim looks to this Indian girl, "Violet says you are good with medicine and are knowledgeable with medical procedures. is that right?"
"Yes on some, what is this about?" Maya looks at the two of them.
"We need your help in helping Louis. His appendix ruptured, and he needs surgery. Clementine said you won't be a help because you are an herbalist, but I know you can help him." Violet urges her girlfriend.
Maya looks into Violet's eyes with sympathy, "Vi, I love you, and great you have faith in my skill as a healer. I hate to agree with your leader Clementine here, but she is right. I, too, don't have any knowledge of surgical procedures. I never was trained to be one, not even out in Jackson when studying to be a healer in my Tribe."
Violet looks into her lover's eyes, "So you can't help us?"
"I didn't say that entirely. I am not a surgeon, but I know someone who is or used to be one. Someone in my group was one before the zombie outbreak happened. I can go get him." Maya looks at Aasim and Violet. Maya eyes Aasim, "If that is okay?"
Violet looks at Maya and nods, "Go."
Maya nods and heads back down the pathway she came from. Aasim watches her go and leans to Violet, "Vi, we came to get Maya not bring others to the school."
"Maya knows her group members, and one of them just happens to be the miracle Louis needs. We are going to bring them back to the school rather Clem likes the idea or not. Not like we can go ask anybody else here if they know surgery." Violet spoke.
Aasim heaves a sigh, "I just don't know how I feel about this, Vi."
Violet looks at him, "I'm doing this to save Louis. And this person in Maya's camp is our only option." Violet sighs, "I won't lose another friend when we can have a shot at saving him. I won't lose someone else I care for. Not you, Louis, Clementine, Tenn, or Maya., not today not ever."
Maya enters through the hole and she secretly sneaks out. Maya sees Bonnie by the campfire and Alberto chopping away at some fresh kill. Aniya was playing with Alicia keeping her occupied as Maya zeros in on Robert's tent. Maya sneaks in and finds him snoozing on his cot. With a deep breath, Maya approaches him, "Robert. Robert, I need you to wake up." Robert was still in a deep slumber and groaned a little.
Maya then goes by his arm and pinches him hard to get him awake. Robert sprung up, "Son of a bitch! Who the Fu—" Robert looks at Maya, "What are you doing?"
"I need you," Maya spoke.
"With what? You don't look to be injured or need medical treatment." Robert eyes her.
Maya took a deep breath, "I need your skills as a surgeon, Robert. And I need you to come with me to my girlfriend's camp. Louis needs your help."
When Maya mentions Louis's name Robert sits up, "What happened to my son?"
"His appendix ruptured. He needs a surgeon, and he needs an operation, like now, he needs you." Maya looks at him.
Robert closes his eyes. "Maya, I can't." Robert looks away, "I..."
Maya goes and kneels down to him and places her hands on Robert's knees. "I know this pain you caused runs deep."
"It is not that Maya, I can...I can possibly kill him. I haven't been in the OR since the outbreak happened. And I don't have the equipment if things go south. What if I.." Robert shakes his head, "There is a reason surgeons are not allowed to do surgery on our own families or be near the operating room. We get too involved."
"Robert, Louis needs you now more than ever. I have seen how you tried to care for Mike after he got bit. But the difference between Mike and your son Mike was already too far gone to be fixed, where there is still time to save your son. You can do this, Rob." Maya squeezes her pressure on his knee. "Rob, Louis doesn't have much time. If you want that reunion with your son, you need to step up here. Otherwise, you might not get another opportunity. Please."
Robert lets out a sigh and then raises his gaze to look at Maya, "Okay. Take me to him."
Maya raises to her feet and heads out of his tent. Robert comes after her shortly, and when Maya starts to head to the opening where she sneaks out, Robert pulls her back, "We need a better plan to get out of camp. Because of this outing we are doing Maya, is going to raise questions. Especially Arvo and Alberto."
"Okay, doc, you have any ideas?" Maya eyes him.
Robert looks at the gate and then at his medical tent, "Actually, I do. Wait here." Robert goes to his med tent and grabs the supplies he needs for surgery. Maya paces in the sandy dirt while she waits. It took several moments as she watched Robert approach Bonnie and started talking to her. Maya couldn't make out their conversation, but she was surprised when Bonnie gave the okay. Robert then nodded and walked back to Maya. "Okay, all set, let's go."
Maya had a confused look as she followed Robert to the main gate. Arvo peers over the ledge and yells out, "Where are you two going?"
Robert looked at Arvo and calmly said without a nervous tone back at him, "Maya and I will be going into that small town little ways down the river looking for more medical supplies. I am running low on bandages and drugs. We will be back sometime this evening or late in the night. I cleared it with Bonnie."
Arvo eyes Maya suspiciously, "And why do you need her?"
"To watch my back in case I run into trouble with walkers," Robert said. "And to help me carry supplies back for the group."
Arvo sneers, "Think it is a waste but fine. Go."
Robert nods and motions to Maya to get a move on. Once they were away from the main gate, Maya looked up at him, "You really need supplies Rob, or was that a lie to cover up what you will help me with."
"Well, I still have bandages left, and some drugs, but will not have enough for our group after when I perform this surgery on my son. So in a way, it wasn't a total lie. Just won't be going to that town but to Ericson." Robert told her with his eyes forward.
Maya looks at him and can't believe he went against his own instincts and kind of lied to Bonnie. Just comes to show her how much Robert cares for his son. Maya then leads Robert to where Aasim and Violet are hiding. Maya looks at Robert, "Before you meet them, they are not too keen to have adults in their camp, and don't argue with them to pose you are a threat. Listen to everything they say, as we are on their turf, got it?"
Robert looks at her, "Why so hostile? Do they not have any adults?"
"Violet told me all the adults left when the world turned to shit and left the children at the school you sent your son to, to fend for themselves. So yeah they have trust issues with adults and do not take kindly to them. Promise me you will remain calm and not threatening." Maya advises Robert.
Robert nods, "Okay I promise." Maya nods and takes Robert down the path to the brush where Violet and Aasim are at.
Once Maya comes to the spot Aasim and Violet are shocked when a man in his early 40s comes with Maya. Aasim looks to Violet and Violet looks back at him. Maya looks back at them, "Okay I brought the only person I know who can help Louis. Led us to your camp." Aasim eyes Robert and Maya and before he can say anything, Violet urges them to head toward Ericson.
The walk to Ericson was tense as Maya felt the tension of Aasim's stare. The only thing keeping her somewhat calm was looking and gazing at Violet. She can sense she is worried for her friend as she keeps her distance a little bit from her. Maya half wanted to walk side by side with her lover to have Maya be her rock, and for Violet to help ease Maya's stormy seas.
The sun was just a little past noon when they walked into unfamiliar land that Maya had never seen before. They walk across a bridge and strange markings in the trees with ropes hanging down. Maya steals a glance at Robert as he looks back at her. The last time he saw this place was when it was still functional. So seeing the condition of the school now was a foreign concept to Robert. Up ahead Maya sees the iron gates she saw in her vision of Violet's past. And the walls and the towering building structures that lie beyond that gate.
As they got closer to the entrance to the gate of the school, Maya saw a sign that read 'Don't Fuck with Us!' next to a dead man tied around a tree whose body was half decomposed. Maya looked to the right on the edge of the school wall was a cart of some kind. She was distracted as the little boy named AJ shot a warning shot at them. Aasim comes up from behind Robert and Maya and yells, "No, AJ, don't shoot! We need them."
AJ comes down as Willy and Ruby usher in the new guests and Violet and Aasim. Ruby looks to her boyfriend, "I thought we were just getting Maya, not a fucking adult."
Aasim looks at her, "She says he is a surgeon Ruby."
"And you think bringing an adult man to school is a good idea, Aasim?" Ruby asks.
"What choice do we have. Louis needs a surgeon, and this guy is the best we got," Aasim admitted.
Ruby heaves a sigh, "Alright, Clem will not be pleased about this."
Violet talked with AJ to stand down and not threaten Maya and Robert, as Aasim talks with Ruby. Violet glances a worried glance at her girlfriend for bringing her inside her group's walls. She longed for this moment to happen, but not in this way.
Ruby and Aasim come back to Robert and Maya, "Take it one of you is the surgeon?"
Maya nudges Robert, as Robert comes forward, "Yes...I was told someone in your group needs medical treatment."
Ruby then orders, "Follow me."
Maya nods for Robert to follow the redhead with a southern accent as Maya awkwardly awaits by the walls of Ericson. Maya sees the weird looks of a boy Maya has never seen before with short brown hair. Another little boy with a burn scar across the right side of his face. And another teenage boy with puffy afro hair by a campfire staring at her. So this is where Violet lives. Huh, not what I envisioned. Maya looks around the structure. Sees good strong walls, and almost feels like home a little. And another strange feeling, Maya almost sees this is an excellent place to bring her sister, and they no longer have to feel threatened by walkers or any adult figure threatening them. It is the home Maya longs to give her little sister and to have a future with Violet.
Maya stood there and was about to sit by the stone wall of the gate when Violet came and stood next to her, "Come on, you don't have to be so standoffish, and look suspicious."
Maya eyes her girlfriend, "I get looks from your group members that they don't trust me, and I want to earn their trust some and not pose a threat."
"Standing by the gates, Maya is kind of sending a weird message. And we've been through a lot, so bringing anyone new into our walls, my group is hesitant about. Besides, Aasim told me to have you sit at a picnic table while your friend—is talking with Clementine." Violet said in a soft voice to ease Maya's anxieties. She then takes hold of Maya's hand and leads her to a picnic table close to the admin building, as they wait on the news of Louis.
Clementine holds Louis's hand as she waits for Violet and Aasim to return with Maya for help. She heard a knock on the door as Ruby came in with a person she least expected to see. Clementine got worried, and before she had a chance to speak, Ruby explained the situation, "Clem, before you start, this is Robert. He has come to help Louis. That is it."
Ruby nods for Robert. Robert nervously came forth as Maya was not kidding these kids had been through hell. Robert had seen this girl before, the prosthetic foot girl several weeks back who let Alberto, Aniya, and him go. Clementine was just as shocked to see him again too. Clementine slowly spoke, "You're a surgeon?"
Robert nods, "Been one for the past 24 years. Maya told me you have someone that has a dire need for surgery."
Clementine was still shocked and speechless this man was kind and not threatening to her, which was the first she saw in an adult figure that was not trying to fuck her over. And in some odd way, he has the same gentleness as Louis. Clementine looks to Ruby and then to this humbled man. "Louis is over here."
Clementine led this man of about 40 years of age by the bedside of the small nurses' station. Robert's blood runs cold as he sees his son looking so sick. And he felt like he was going to vomit. He doesn't want to give away to his son's girlfriend that that is his son, but Clementine is already starting to make some connection that this man is related to her boyfriend.
Robert examines his son's abdomen, and Maya's diagnosis is right on the money. Robert turns to the two girls standing at the end of the bed, "Okay, I am going to need assistance here. Out of the two of you, who has more medical care skills and is not afraid of blood and guts? If both of you aren't, I am going to need Maya's help."
Clementine looked to Ruby, and Ruby came forth, "I am the healer here."
"That counts for something." Robert looks at the young redhead. "What's your name, kid."
"Ruby." Ruby offered out her name.
When Clementine heard Robert speak the word kid, had the same wavelength as Louis's voice. Clementine looks at her boyfriend and then at the man standing over him. Same eyes as Louis, even down to the same kind of freckles around his nose, cheeks, a little bit of his chest, and hands. Clementine looks at Robert and ponders. No, he can't be. Louis had a falling out with his father. Why would his father come to him now? What broke Clementine's thoughts was a soft touch of Ruby's hand on her arm, "Clem, we need you to vacate the room."
"No, I am not leaving him, Ruby. I love him. What if something happens, and I am not there in his last moments." Clementine protests. "He is the love of my life Ruby!"
Ruby held onto her leader's cheeks, "I promise to come to get you, but Clementine, we need this space to work and save Louis's life here. Please wait outside. I will fetch you when he is through. Please."
Clementine closes her eyes and reopens them to look back at Robert and then at Louis, and she slowly exits the room with a thorn in her heart. She knows Robert heard her calling Louis the love of her life.
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2023.06.10 04:00 Away-Supermarket5323 29 [m4f] 🌟🌟🌟 Seeking Spark, Fun, and Romance! 🌟🌟🌟

Hey there, lovely souls of the sfr4r platform! I hope this little advertisement of mine tickles your fancy and leaves you curious about the whirlwind of awesomeness that awaits you. So buckle up, grab some popcorn (or a healthy snack, if that's your thing), and prepare for an adventure you won't forget!
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If laughter truly is the best medicine, then prepare for a lifetime supply of it! I've got a humor arsenal that ranges from silly puns to clever one-liners. Whether we're swapping funny stories over a cozy dinner or embarking on a quirky adventure, rest assured that laughter will be our trusty sidekick. And hey, if you can handle my top-tier dad jokes, you might just be the one!
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Yours charmingly, An std free, 5’10”, 180lbs reddit guy that plagiarized chatGPT in search of love and sex. Mostly sex.
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2023.06.10 03:58 Gnorgis Heyy trannerss!! ! how do i cope with being a yucky hon? 🤔

Heyy trannerss!! ! how do i cope with being a yucky hon? 🤔
i mean yeah sure i can take hrt, learn make up, find a way to dress myself that’ll draw less attention to my less flattering features but none of these things will make me look like a woman. i haven’t deluded myself into thinking i’m some giga neanderthal blimblarhon but i still have no chance to look like something resembling a woman. I’ll be a twinkhon at best and i don’t care how many times you’ll spout shit like “ethereal twinkhon beauty”. i don’t want any of that okay. all i want is to be a regular ass girl but i will never ever have that. I was aware of these feelings when i was like 16. I could have definitely done something like starting to look into DIY back then. But i didn't, i chose to wait and let my body further masculinize. It’s funny, i never did anything back then because i didn’t look like as much of an ugly man yet but that should have been my motivator. i needed to do something before it was too late. and now it is too late and i’ll just have to cope with my stupid fucking man face somehow. I despise seeing myself like this. i care far too much about my appearance, it’s way past a healthy point i think. i put my value on how much i feel like i’ll be able to pass, which is something that will only end in disappointment.
But as a kid, I never really cared about my outward appearance at all, I had always been indifferent. And that was a character trait I always took great pride in. Getting all worked up over your looks was something I just didn’t understand. And to this very day I still don’t get it tbh. It just all feels so pointless. Like what’s really the point in transitioning. I mean sure I hate my body and would like to look more feminine same with the way people perceive me. But at the end of the day all of it just feels so trivial. They’re all just superficial problems that shouldn’t matter, but to me they’re the most impotrant thing in the world, to the point I'd even want to kill myself over them. Always when people try to support trans people they frame transition as this necessity. Cis people deal with body image issues all the time and get cosmetic surgery to deal with that yet that is never treated with that same weight. It is never seen as an actual necessity, just cosmetics. Am I really all that different? Is my desire to pass as female really all that different from a short guy wanting to be taller? And if they’re not, am I just overreacting? Would I be able to just suck it up and end these feelings? I know it is generally seen as bad and inhumane but something like trans conversion therapy seems genuenty tempting if it would work. Not because I think being trans is inherently bad but more because it would be a huge weight off my shoulders. I could just be a man and be over with all of this bullshit. no surgeries, no hormones. A change in style maybe and that would be it. Why can’t it be just be that? But no, that’s not enough. I can’t settle for that. Even though I know any more than that would probably not work out well for me. I can’t help myself. That desire won’t go away. I don’t just want to be a feminine man. No, I want to be a woman like some fucking dumbass.
Why do I like it when people call me she. I don’t know, it just makes me happy and I feel stupid for making it let me feel that way. Pronouns are just some stupid words you use to refer to people. The fact that mine are different should have no negative effect on me. They say nothing about my value as a human. He is not like some insult but sometimes it still feels like one. When seeing it through a lens of self identification words like “man” and “woman” have nearly zero meaning. What makes you a man? you say you are one so you are one. Is that actually any better than using them as a substitute for biological sex? I guess it makes people feel better about themselves and that’s good but why is that? It’s literally just some meaningless words you prescribe to yourself cause you felt like it.
But even when I’m not worrying about pointless semantics I still don’t think I can ever actually be a girl, no matter what I try. i feel incredibly cringe using this word unironically but i am legit so fucking "malebrained". Such a large portion of my life I have lived as a guy. All these experiences have slowly shaped my personality. This is something that can never be changed. I can’t change my personality and memories, this is simply who I am. And I am a man, through and through. This is how I was raised to be. Sure, I want to be a “real” woman, I’d love that even. But I don’t think that's ever going to happen. Because that “girl” I want to transition to doesn’t exist. The way I speak, the way I act. It’s all so painfully mannish and I hate it. No matter what I do, my social presence will forever remain male. And that feeling just sucks. I am a man and it hurts, I hate my body, i hate my voice, I hate the way i act, I hate it all. But at least I can mitigate the pain a little by daydreaming of a future where everything will be better. A future where I'm the girl I always wanted to be and I'll finally be happy with myself. But that also never really lasts. Then those looming fears start slowly creeping in. What if, despite all the hormones and surgeries, I'll still look in the mirror and see a man staring back at me. Will it have all been for nothing? Every day I will be reminded of what I'll never be. I'll be reminded that I did try to make my dream real and that I failed. And that delusion of a future where everything will turn out alright will be lost. At least right now it’s still somewhat ambiguous if I will pass or not. Like yeah I have gotten a lot manlier if you compare me to how i used to look but I’m still pretty short I feel and I still have some more soft features than other guys my age. Maybe I'll pass flawlessly and even be fetishized by some lovely chasers. Maybe I'll pass as a woman but I'll just be an ugly bitch.
But deep down I’ll always know that that’s just wishful thinking. That protruding brow ridge, My deep voice, my midface, the fact that i'm built like a rectangle and lets not forget my actual personality. I’ll never pass with all of that holding me back. Sure I won't be a gorillahon or anything but I'll still just look uncanny and gross. And I don't really know what to do about this. At least I can still cling to that sliver of hope that I won't look like a total disaster. But the fact that I rely on that hope to keep me from completely breaking down also scares me. I don't want to lose that hope. I can find comfort in imagining everything will just turn out alright. But if I lose that. How will I cope with that? A world where I’ll always look like a man sounds like actual hell and such a reality isn’t even so far fetched. And then I'm reminded of what all of this is essentially about. All this melodramatic whining and self pity just because I don't look a certain way. It's pathetic.
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2023.06.10 03:50 pinkpineapple0494 AITAH for changing the visitation handover plans?

issa really long one. Sorry.
I (37f) had a kid (6f) with my (ex)bf(38m) when I lived in Wales. She was my 3rd child and his 1st. He didn't want to stop partying like a single man with no responsibilities and I ended up resenting him for living his best life while I gave up a lot and raised our child. We argued about this issue a lot and it led to our break up. Daughter has medical issues and I had no other family in Wales, so I moved back to my hometown two hours away to be with my family and friends.
I stayed good friends with my ex. He became a much better and involved parent. I trust him 100% with her. For visitation for 2yrs I would either go get him n he would sleep at mine for a week or I would drop her off in Wales (4hr round trip). I drove, he didn't (until 2yrs ago).
I am single but he is now exclusive with a woman (37?). I think it's been about 9mths. I really like her and hoped he would get with her. She is amazing with our daughter and our daughter loves her.
There is no set visitation. He can have her whenever he likes and we mostly meet exactly half way. Sometimes he comes 3/4 of the way and sometimes I go 3/4 of the way. Sometimes I go all of the way and vice versa. We take each other's plans, problems and commitments into consideration and help each other out, be it making the whole journey or sometimes paying towards the other one's petrol.
The problem:
He is chronically late by an hour or 1.5hrs every time. I planned the meeting spot so we would both only have an hour's travel. Even if I wait til half an hour after he has set off, he is still always very late. He always gets mad at me and defensive when I call to see how long he's going to be. He tells me he is ten mins away at such and such a place and then rocks up 40mins later. The lies bother me more than the lateness tbh. His chronic lateness has affected mine and other people's plans many times. I have considered not even leaving til I know he's there but I don't wanna make our kid wait for an hour in the car.
The straw that broke the camels back was last weekend. We met halfway the weekend before for him to get her. He wanted to give her back the Saturday just gone cuz he had plans for a meal and a sesh. He knows I leave for work at 3.30pm every Sat and I'm on til 4am Sun.. Our kid normally stays at my sister's when I work. I reminded him of this a few times and he said we could meet at like 11am Saturday or he would drive all the way to take her to my sister's in the afternoon. On Saturday, I slept in til 1pm. He hadn't called so I assumed he was gonna go with Plan B. He rang at 2.45pm and wanted me to meet him halfway (2hr trip for me). Told him there was no way I could do it. He told me if I skipped getting ready n left right then, I could go meet him and just be 15mins or so late. I told him I couldn't be late, want going into work looking like a tramp and that I didn't trust him to be on time anyway. He very moodily told me he would cancel his night out then n keep her til Sun. I rang my sis n said there was no need to babysit. So she made arrangements to go out for a meal.
About an hour n a half later I got a life360 notification that my daughter was on the move from the place where I meet him when I drive 3/4 of the way and she was heading home. Ex n his gf didn't answer their phone. I rang daughter n asked where she was going. I heard her ask her dad n he said to her auntie's. The problem was, he hadn't rang me or anyone in that household to let them know he was coming up. Everyone was out. When he finally answered his phone I told him nobody was there n he said "well I'm at X already" (about half an hour away from me and he said it in a way that meant "tough shit").
I told him that was a lie cuz I could see him moving on the map and he was only 1/4 away from his house. He doubled down (still won't admit the lie days later).
When he realised my sis wasn't cancelling her plans, he went home n told me angrily that I had to come all the way for her on Sunday.
I went all the way for her and he STILL wasn't there when I arrived! I told him that from now on, he has to come all the way to my house to pick her up and I will go all the way down to his to pick her back up. That way it's completely fair and he can't make me late for stuff.
He said absolutely no way and wants to keep it as it is. We haven't spoken since last weekend so he obviously isn't coming to pick our daughter up.
I feel bad cuz our daughter is missing out seeing him but I also can't let him continue the way he is. AITAH?
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2023.06.10 03:50 PippaPips007 What is the correct treatment/response to a brother who has been going through a separation for 10+ years?

Hi there. First and foremost, thank you for your time and possible advice. I am writing this out of sheer exhaustion and frustration with a situation I have with my younger brother. He is in his early 40's, I am in my early 50's. He was married, but has been up and down with his estranged (emphasis on strange), awful wife for the past 10+ years. As in, they're been off and on, mostly off, and separated, not divorced.
She's put him through the wringer. Won't get into details, but she is a malicious narcissist/sociopath who has no problem lying to the police and the courts.
So now, even though they have a set, binding, legal court order where my brother is supposed to get his daughters, 14 and 10 yrs old, respectively, on certain weekends, said monstrous wife is manipulating and alienating the daughters into not going with him. She has basically turned them against him. So, for example, tonight (Friday), he is supposed to get them. When this jerk doesn't show up with the girls to hand them over, my brother then has to call the police, and file a report in order to have that as proof for when he goes to court that she is breaking the court's ruling. And he is alone, another terrible weekend where he doesn't have his daughters. It breaks his heart. and mine as his sister, to see him in such pain and stress.
My issue, apart from the hell this woman has put us all through as a family, is that my brother expects me to drop everything and be there for him, stay the night at his home because he "doesn't want to be alone". I am married, have my own life, etc. But I have been there for him on countless occasions, and including but not limited to: bailing him out of jail after she had him falsely arrested, getting him a lawyer, attending his courts dates with him as emotional support, going to his place along with my husband, to help him celebrate his birthday when his own wife could care less many years ago, and on and on and on and on....
I. Am. Exhausted. He is guilting me, not respecting my boundaries, confuses me and still expects me to drop everything to be his support system. This is certainly not the first time.
He likes to inform me that "he is different from me" and that he is "cut from a different cloth" ie. he is the genuine article and is there for people unlike me, that HE will go out of his way to do what is right and I, of course, am a terrible person because I'm fed up and won't do this as readily now. Basically putting me down because I am not there for him when he neeeeeds me now. Ugh!
My husband is angry that he, my brother, won't own/handle his problems on his own and it spills onto me, stressing me out, unending my plans, etc. - that my brother expects me to coddle him and still be there for him constantly because of HIS personal problems with his horrid wife. What is the best way to handle this situation? Thanks so much.
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2023.06.10 03:42 Alpha-Sierra-Charlie Contractors 15.7 - Trial Run

First, Previous


Paltdorf/Taltha jointly-owned habitat

“New Cadenza”, O’Neill Cylinder

The Ganthulls were wanting to break the entire planetary system of the gas planet Hepiter from the control of a shadowy cabal of Grand Houses based in the inner solar system. Step one is breaking the grip of their more loyal vassals operating within Hepiter’s system. Step one of that is sowing chaos and confusion among them, turning them against each other and leaving the cabal with no tools to use. Step one of THAT involves us being jammed into panel vans as tightly as possible disguised as gangers.
The tight confines were about to bring us to our breaking point, but then John yelled “Aight boys, let’s go!” over the radio and it was time for step two. Three panel vans flung their doors open and Gallowglasses dressed in a riot of colors and crazy masks jumped out with automatic rifles and charged the Taltha security barracks. It was shift change, and about twenty of the expected fifty personnel were outside in the courtyard area. Most of them went down immediately, a few tried to shoot back and died. A few ran inside and we followed them. Tires squealed behind us as the vans sped away and more whipped in to dump more of our guys. John got to the door just ahead of me and wrenched it open as Johnson’s team finished off the thrashing survivors outside. The poor aelflung trying to lock the door got dragged out with it, and I swatted him aside and to the ground. Tippery double-tapped him in the face and I pounded into the room and hooked left, dropping the guy in my way with a burst before he could line up a shot with his pistol. I shot the only other guy in the room in the back as he was beating on the door leading out of the lobby and into the back. I dumped the rest of my magazine through the wall to each side of the door as John rushed in, followed by Tippery, Thriktikt, Attrull, and Buster. I rocked in a fresh magazine and slapped the bolt closed on my rifle while Buster rolled a grenade through the gap under the bulletproof glass over the entry desk and onto the floor behind it.
There was a short scream before the grenade blew, so Buster rolled another one in to be certain. It blew and John blasted the hinges out of the door with his shotgun and kicked it in savagely. What was left of the hinges tore chunks of cheap plasterboard out of the wall as the thin metal door buckled and flew into the next room, followed by a flashbang. John whipped into the room after it blew, me right behind him. He shot the first enemy in the hip and then through the chest before he could fall, spun the next one around with a shot to the shoulder that nearly tore his arm off, and gave the third one a “canoe” with a shot to the forehead. A fourth enemy darted out of the room deeper into the building and John fired his last two rounds through the wall after him. I finished off One Arm and John slung the shotgun and drew his pistol, darted to the door and finished off the wounded guy he’d shot through the wall. I covered him as he holstered the pistol (the normal one, a priceless blaster would be at odds with our disguise) and stuffed a fresh magazine into his shotgun.
Johnson’s team joined us and we finished clearing the building. Most of the security force inside had run and set up outside with a large group of Paltdorf reinforcements, about forty guys in total. We had two doors and several windows to shoot out of, but we held our fire and stayed out of sight. John radioed for the vans out front to go, and when the security personnel heard them speed off they started walking back to the building. When the first one was fifteen yards from the door Meatball and Wiggles raked them with machine guns from a hidden position down the street. Everyone else who wasn’t driving something or in our building hit them from that same flank, and when the enemy turned to face our guys we charged out into the street.
They didn’t have a chance to react before we were right on top of them. I buried my dirk to the hilt in the first one and took the second’s arm off at the elbow before slashing him across the throat. I glanced to my right and saw John with an aelflung pinned to the ground under his boot. He grabbed a handful of the alien’s hair and snatched, tearing the scalp from the skull with a ripping sound before crushing that skull under his boot. I turned to my next target and lunged, but his shot grazed my forearm and caused my to drop my dirk. My momentum carried me forward and I crashed into him, slamming him into the next guy and all three of us went down in the street. They struggled to get back up, I punched the nearest one in the jaw and rocked him. I grabbed the other one by the legs and dragged him closer. I got his pistol away from him and smashed him across the face with it. The cheap plastic frame broke like his teeth, and I grabbed him by the head and smashed it into the pavement until I felt a CRACK and he started twitching. I spun around to finish of the first one, but he’d recovered quicker than I expected. He lunged drunkenly with a knife of his own.
I caught his knife arm by the wrist and wrenched it away, and let his momentum bring him into range.
I bit him across the face, tearing through the skin of the forehead so the blood would flow into his eyes and blind him. I elbowed him in the eye socket with my free arm and clamped down on the forearm holding the knife. I jerked and shook, feeling his muscles and tendons tear and pop in my mouth. He couldn’t hold the knife any more. I shoved his head head back and went for the throat, crushing the soft tissue until I felt the bones of his neck under my teeth and shook him like a toy, then ripped out everything forward of the spine and spit it out. I grabbed my fallen dirk and scalped him with it, I’d never mastered John’s grab-and-snatch method.
The fighting had moved on. Enemy reinforcements had arrived and were already falling back, on the verge of a rout. John was holding the severed head of the Taltha security chief aloft and fired his shotgun one-handed while belting out wild rebel yells. The rest of our assault force advanced with him, yelling and screaming their own taunts and war cries. I unslung my rifle and howled, joining them in the press.
Gods, it was just like the old days!


The Taltha and Paltdorf forces were in complete disarray across the entire station. The civilian population was panicked and the local criminal groups were taking full advantage of the chaos. The intra-planetary trade and finance summit the Ganthulls were officially here for had been postponed and the delegates sent back to their lodgings. They felt the current state of affairs left them feeling that the threat of us reporting to them in person immediately was low, so here we were walking through the front door of a building in a compound much like the one we were billeted in. Elissa’s frilly-necked seneschal met us, visibly recoiled at our appearance, and led us to the small conference room our clients were in. I could hear the news feed inside and the chatter as the occupants discussed it. This was going to be interesting.
John walked through the door before Fancypants could open it and announce us, and I followed on his heels. The conversation stopped as we marched our filthy asses in.
John walked directly up to the table and pulled one of the two bottles out the ice bucket in the middle and dropped the House Taltha security chief’s head in it’s place before filling up a ridiculously delicate looking goblet with wine and handing it to me before filling one up to himself. He filled them all the way to the brim, knowing full well that you’re supposed to leave room.
Ok, full belligerence it is…
John plopped down in a chair and kicked his filthy, blood-encrusted boots up onto the table as he leaned back. I pulled a chair of my own out and pulled up close so I could set my overfilled glass down and lap out of it like it was a puddle. Dried blood and the grime of fighting in the streets flaked off of my violently yellow shirt. Well, it used to be violently yellow.
“So, what’d’ja think?” he asked with a tilt of his glass, before pouring half of it directly down his throat. He looked at it quizzically, “Will that yield the desired results?”
Elissa sat immobile, either in shock at our actions or disgust in our appearance. Or vice versa. Maybe both. Great Lord Jakkris Ganthull sat completely still except for a single finger tapping the tabletop, with an absolutely neutral expression on his face. Chrastoff was wearing a look of utter shock, which changed to fear, which quickly flashed to anger as he stood up.
“W-why did you do those things? That went far beyond engaging the foe, that went beyond even cold-hearted murder! You mutilated the dead! You mutilated the LIVING! You took trophies? You-you…” he trailed off as he gestured at the bodiless chilling in the now-red ice. John had emptied his goblet, and he dropped his feet and leaned forward to take the other bottle out the ice. Red drops splatted on the table as he refilled first his goblet, then mine when I drained it and held it out for him. He took a sip, the streaks where the bloody water had washed away some of the filth on his hand making it even more noticeable.
“Yes. Please explain these… actions,” Old Man Ganthull added.
John locked eyes with Chrastoff “You hired ‘savages’, did you not? Is ‘savage’ not what you wanted when you hired us and called us ‘savages’?”
Chrastoff sat down shakily, at a loss for words.
OMG nodded. “Point taken. Your capabilities are certainly not in doubt and,” he looked over at his son pointedly, “you WILL be afforded the respect you are due. You AND your people. Is that correct, children?”
“Yes, father” they chorused.
“Now, tell me why you chose to do these things."
John looked back at OMG. "The entire goal of this operation is to concentrate House Taltha and House Paltdorf resources here on their home turf, thereby weakening their presence elsewhere in Hepiter's system, correct?"
OMG nodded, and John continued.
"We didn't just create a scene, we created a panic. Vicious alien thugs scalping and beheading and murdering security personnel in the streets, during broad daylight hours! We didn't just threaten their security and authority, we threatened their very legitimacy. They're already unpopular with their lower and middle classes, and a brazen attack like this will not only make that worse, but will embolden criminal and rebellious groups. They aren't going to have a calm, measured, well thought out response to this. They're going to overreact and pull way more resources back than they need to. They're going to rip this place apart looking for a continued threat that no longer exists, and they won't believe they aren't finding it because it's no longer there and they're going to make a whole new slew of problems because of that."
"You think that your spectacle will achieve that?" the old man asked.
John just pointed at the wallscreen, where the news anchor was reporting that Central Habitat Security was withdrawing forces from several other habitats and installations to "ensure the safety of those of us here at home on New Cadenze".
"See, my children? I told you they would meet our needs," Great Lord Ganthull smiled as he stood to leave. "Just make sure that you keep them occupied with our cause. And by the Blessed Sky of Aelvald, make sure you pay them."
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2023.06.10 03:37 Steely_ I got the doordasher drunk last night

At least, I hope he liked the vodka, I ordered a bottle yesterday, as I can't drive at the moment, and I'd forgotten to include it in the woolies order.
I've been using doordash for about a year, I've only ever ordered stuff to my home address, about once every 3 weeks, so I didn't look at the address the order was going to be delivered to, as I've only ever entered it the one time, for my first order, I logged in, picked a bottle, clicked check out, and when the map came up, realised that for some reason, the delivery address was pointing to the same street name as mine, but several suburbs away, so I clicked help, and had a chat to one of the help agents at doordash.
He was very nice, but after checking with a supervisor, advised me I'd have to come to some arrangement with the dasher myself, there was nothing they could do, when asked why my address had changed on the doordash site without me changing it, he closed the chat.
I sent a txt to the dasher, and pretty much said he could keep the vodka, as I couldn't get to him, and I wasn't about to ask him to travel 40k to deliver an order (what if he was on a pushbike, which I mentioned to the agent in the chat), the dasher apologised, but I told him it wasn't his fault at all, and to have a good long weekend, does this count as a good deed?, as I may be a few behind ;)
Anyhoo, I won't be using doordash again, I've had orders go wrong with both ubereats and menulog, and both places were very helpful, and arranged a re-delivery or a refund, it was a bit of a shock to be told to make my own arrangements to fix an error I hadn't caused myself, btw newscorp shoppers, feel free to use this to save yourselves some work ;)
Posting to /sydney as that's where it happened
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2023.06.10 03:24 CloudyMcRowdy '23 WRX or mk7 Golf R?

The R has 60k on it, DSG, they want 26.5k usd. WRX is a base model, brand new, 6-speed, 32k.
We are getting rid of the '22, civic sport hatch 6m, can't stand its lack of power, and mine must be a lemon or some bs because it's the worst standard trans ice ever driven, and some of the roughest suspension I've ever felt...
Looking for a sporty, fun-to-drive car, that's fairly reliable. I know the golf R is typically more reliable than the wrx, but I feel like if they were both babies then it'd be a pretty fair match-up. My wife wants an automatic, but wants the wrx more than the R, due to the awd in it. No cvt options at the dealer for 6+ months, and honda finally quit trying to screw me on my lease and they're going to buy it outright. So we have to act now, a golf R won't last more than a few days around here. Neither will a base model WRX.
Personally, I'm completely split. I dont care which one we get. Theyre both quick enough for me.
Wrx has a lot more room in the trunk, especially with passengers, and will be a bit better in the snow, which we get quite a bit of... But, the Golf R is auto. She can drive it. I've had a gti, and they're tame until you don't want it to be. The wrx seemed to be the same... golf r has a lot more options and a slightly lower price, but isn't available on a lease, and may cost more / month because of that. The 60k miles isn't a big deal, we max out at 10k per year, and the car is really only for the next few years, but we will likely keep the golf r til it dies if we buy it. WRX we would likely get rid of after the lease is up, if not sooner, to get an automatic.
I would love to hear what yall have to say. The subaru seems to be a little more practical, but has a lot less options, like built-in navigation, heated seats, back-seat vents, etc. And my 06 gti never had any electrical issues, and I beat tf out of it... so the extra comfort/luxury in the golf r evens them out in my eyes.
Pls help lmao
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2023.06.10 03:15 HappyGBJ I’m obsessed with my crush who "ditched" me for another guy and I can’t focus on anything

(Sorry for long text and bad English. I will mark the important paragraphs with a "❗")
(I already made a few posts on a subreddit about crushes. I Decided to delete them for reason that even I can't explain)
Here I am (it's exactly 2am where I live), I've considered making a post about this topic for some time now, today was the day I thought it was necessary. There must be a subreddit that fits more with what I'm going to talk about, I decided to write in this one because I believe I can get more answers (I don't care about karma)..
So.. "back story".. ❗I have been denying myself but I have a huge crush on a classmate of mine who I will give the fictitious name of "Kate". Kate made me feel things I never thought I would, she was the reason why I woke up smiling on a Monday and so on. i started developing feelings for her a long time ago, they say a crush usually lasts 5 months, well... I've been liking her for over 2 and a half years (pretty much my whole high school year). I believe that she unconsciously led me to a sudden change in my personality and the way I dressed.
Last year, once a week, I ate at school with Kate, after lunch, as there was still an hour left before classes started, we stayed on our classroom with some friends, chatting and playing cards. One day she told me a story (this story will appear ironic). ❗In short, the story was that she liked a guy and he "showed" signs of liking her too (her words), when she decided to confess her love for him, he said he wasn't ready for a relationship, she "moved on". A few days later, she saw him on a date with a girl. She got sad and so she spent most of this year and the past trying to avoid him.
I thought it was important to write the story to give context to what happened a few hours ago. During a normal conversation in a class, we come to the topic of parties and the fact that I've never been on one of the attractions (I get shit in my pants just thinking about it). she said she would be grateful to go with me and we never spoke about it again. some time later, this week, she said that she liked riding the bumper cars but that she didn't have anyone at the moment to go with her, as I have more than two functional neurons, I offered to go with her and I returned very happy home to look for some tickets from previous years (it's something we can do in our city). after I found a good amount, I sent her a message to "confirm", only to receive a message saying that she "probably" couldn't but that she would send me a message when she could (I'm still waiting today). I can believe she was busy back then, but today...
❗Today (and returning to what happened hours ago), I saw her with the guy she spent the entire year ignoring... I won't say they were on a date because they seemed to be in a bigger group. the fact that everything is already fine is what scares me the most. Why did she decide to go with them and completely ignore me (she even seemed to look away when we crossed paths) I was the one who was always available for everything, the one who was always on her side and the one who helped her finish a course with full marks without any kind of effort. I tried to be the best person ever but it seems like I'm just a friend of convenience...
❗The reason I am writing this post is because my obsession with her keeps me from moving forward. whenever I try to forget it (with the famous phrase that there are several fish in the sea) it appears in my dreams like a curse. I'm currently studying for 2 exams (physics and math) and I can't find quiet in my mind to focus.
❗I feel like I'm a ticking time bomb and that just one more touch I'll explode. this accumulation of things (more than half of them are not mentioned in this post) are driving me crazy and I'm honestly scared of myself and my feelings, I don't believe I'm a danger to others or to myself, but that at any time I'll stop believing and give up everything. Right now i just want to be happy and sleep in peace.
Good night and thank you for reading.
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2023.06.10 03:07 Adventurous-Back2373 Surface Pro 9 Type cover issues

Has anyone encountered issues with their Surface Pro 9 type cover intermittently misfunctioning? Mine will randomly behave like it's disconnected (trackpad and keys won't work, and then if the keyboard backlight is on, that will turn off too). It only does this when the computer is reclined at a low angle, and it stops when I hold the type cover close to the screen, then put it back down in a regular typing position.
Makes me think there is an issue with the cables in the type cover? But it's immediately fixed when I put the keyboard close enough to the screen to make the computer reorient into tablet mode, then back to normal...
The surface help webpage doesn't help at all. Might just end up returning it if I can't decipher a hardware vs software issue.
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2023.06.10 03:03 NeighborhoodFeisty13 At the end of the day

I am reminded. You are not mine. You will likely never be mine. My heart hurts but I won't let you see me cry.
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