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2023.06.10 05:26 loremipsum33 I feel my marriage slipping away more every day

My husband and I have been seeing a therapist for 2 months now in an attempt to resolve the growing, festering friction in our relationship over JNMIL. We’ve been married roughly a year and in that year she has:
-upon anticipation of JNMIL visiting us after baby’s birth, in peak RSV season, we sent a request of very reasonable request for her visit (wear a mask if sick, don’t kiss the baby, wash hands, get your vaccines). She challenged the request and made a huge stink about not wanting to get a vaccine.
Since this string of events, me and DH have been in violent disagreement. I have asked we go temporary NC until she apologizes, even for just 30 days… he refuses, doesn’t want to cut off JNMIL. He makes excuses for her just being a “strong willed Italian woman” and seems to get annoyed that I let her upset me. Tells me if he were me, he’d be over all of this already.
I thought we were making progress with therapy when we had agreed we’d both speak to her as a team, let her know she’s hurt me, ruined precious moments I’ll never get back as a newly wed or first time mom, and that she owes me an apology, or she will no longer be in our lives.
Monday came around and we had our call with her. There was a lot of comments to the effect of “I don’t remember doing that”, gas lighting, “that’s just who I am and I’m not changing”, and general victim blaming…. Accusing me of just getting upset over everything. I ended the call asking her how she could expect to be invited to LOs first birthday in a few months if she refuses to apologize. She said she expects to be invited, won’t speak to me, and will act however she wants.
Since then, there’s been nothing but fighting with DH. He defends his mother, looks at me with disappointment, and “just wants us to get along”. I have taken the high road with this woman an exhausting number of times. Every time it has screwed me, and left me inviting her to yet another event/life moment that she inevitably destroys. I don’t know why DH won’t support my need to protect our family and our precious early memories with LO by setting boundaries… all I’m asking is for her to apologize and for her to at least commit to doing better around us. If not, we take a 30 day break.
Yesterday our therapist asked us if our disagreement on the topic of JNMIL has gotten to the point where we are considering separating. Saddened to say that a year into marriage, I never expected my husband to defend someone who hurts his wife so badly. If things continue, I’m afraid that’s my only option.
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2023.06.10 05:18 skittlerump Bought the wrong cut of steak but I don’t want it to go to waste

I accidentally bought a chuck steak and knew something was wrong as soon as I cut it. Outside is well seared and inside is cooked rare. It’s about 8 oz. Any ideas how to cook from here to make it more tender? Stew perhaps? I don’t cook with beef very often so I’m out of my depth on what to do from here.
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2023.06.10 05:18 turlee103103 My 12” Griswold I picked up off Craig’s List with the matching lid for $25.

My 12” Griswold I picked up off Craig’s List with the matching lid for $25.
The lid is cracked unfortunately, not bad but still a crack. They seem to bring about $125-150 on eBay. I saw a skillet like mine just sell for $250. I don’t use it as much as my 8” Wagner, (don’t need to cook that many portions as a rule.) made some Philli Steak tonight for my son and I, wife is out of town. It is a great pan, I enjoy using it.
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2023.06.10 04:57 SwagLordious420 Can I Get a Steak Rundown?

Listen, I'm young just started makin steak for myself, and I need to know wtf it all is. My main thing is the jargon, what does prime mean, what makes all the cuts different other than shape, what makes the fat good for others and bad for me, the hell is a reverse sear, and why some steaks are cooked with no browning while some have a nice crust? On the same topic why are some steaks chewy a hell, and some nice and easy to bite and eat.
I just had prime rib at a place and it was like basically raw, I asked for medium, and that's usually about good for me. The steak was the cheapest on the menu and came out with crazy fat on it, which kind of throws me off. The steak knife they supplied me with couldn't make it through some of the stringy bits, and the steak was so wiggly and chewy the knife was having trouble cutting anything. When I cook my own steak I like it to have this nice brown crust with a little char. I like to spread butter all over in place of what I assume the fat gives, I can eat and cut it easily, and it's pink but ain't still moo'ing. So basically, can anyone like just give me a brief rundown on what steak really is? Thanks so much, I know it's a tall order, I'm just a confused boy tryna not get sick from raw ass cow, and I wanna understand what I'm buying lol.
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2023.06.10 04:29 JMPJMPVolt Temperature control in summer

I have my knobs on the lowest setting, but the surface of my griddle gets to over 400°F in the summer. Not an issue when winter cooking.
This temperature is great for searing meat but less so for other things like pancakes or grilled sandwiches. How do you regulate your griddle temperature in the summer?
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2023.06.10 03:03 Shockme4fun Steak, Shrimp, Lobster, and Sea Scallops

Spent the past week fishing with my step-dad while on vacation. Decided to make him a meal tonight. I made dry aged ribeyes, shrimp, lobster tail, and sea scallops. It came out amazing, first time cooking and eating dry aged steak. Will definitely try it again.
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2023.06.10 02:23 lurkersforlife I’ll kick off the sub with some pictures of a couple things I’ve made this week!

I’ll kick off the sub with some pictures of a couple things I’ve made this week!
I actually took these pictures to send to a friend because I’m trying to talk him into getting a blackstone. Best advice for getting your cooking consistent would be to get a temp gun and use it, a lot! I cook my pancakes at 350° and my eggs at 300. I used to do thin cut bacon but it takes to long to get down on the griddle and thick cut cooks perfect! Smash burgers are 4oz for large buns and 3.5oz for “regular” generic buns.
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2023.06.10 01:30 Forsaken-Ad-7319 Is my steak bad?

I just got a steak from the store and didn’t realize until I brought it home that there was some grey on it. It is still 2 days before the sell by date but it also has a little bit of a weird smell. I am new though to cooking so I was wondering if raw steak normally has a kind of weird smell or if mine is just bad
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2023.06.10 00:31 N9149U Ribeye - Prime from Sam’s Club

I’ve ought a few prime ribeyes from Sam’s Club and have been a little disappointed in my results. Do these steaks need to be trimmed up before cooking? I get a ribeye at a decent restaurant and there isn’t a scrap left on my plate! The one I cooked tonight needed a bit of surgery as I ate it.
My technique is getting better, but the finished product is a little lacking.
What’s your advice and opinions of Sam’s prime meats?
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2023.06.10 00:29 aldsar Big steak night plan.

My fraternity has done steak nights in the past. A brother works at a butchers shop and dry ages the primals for us, and we get grills from a fire department. Last year we tried cooking 20 - 2" thick ribeyes on these long open grills. It was... difficult to say the least and I as one of the cooks was less than satisfied with my charred outside and still cold middle of the steak. So this year I'm advocating for sous vide as an alternative plan, and getting lots of push back from skeptics. So I wanted to run the plan past this subreddit and see if I'm being overly ambitious or not. This is for 10-15 2" thick ribeyes.
I have 2 vacuum sealers, and 2 sous vide units (1-1000W and 1-1100W) plus a 10 gallon cooler I plan on using as the bath. I also have a large stock pot (5gal) and a large single burner to heat up big amounts of water rapidly.
Plan is as follows. 1. Bag em up w thyme, garlic, butter, s+p 2. Double bag w some weights in the outer bag to reduce leakage and floating 3. While that's going heat up water with the turkey burner to ~150°F verified w/ remote thermometer. 4. Let em cook in the bath, use remote thermometer to monitor temps throughout. 5. Turn off sous vides, drop 8lbs of ice into cooler and turn it into one big ice bath 6. Cut bags, pat dry 7. Sear 8. Enjoy.
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2023.06.09 23:04 Graysonation Hi, My Name Is Graysonation

And I miss a friend of mine. Or an ex friend? I'm not really sure.
His name is Chris. I met him a few years ago when he applied to work at the restaurant I managed. Like, the literal moment we met, we clicked. Same dark humor, same LGBT-forward identity, similar childhood baggage, and we just connected. I've only ever clicked like that with literally one other person in my entire life. And she's my hecking soulmate.
Chris was never my soulmate. Obviously. But we were tight. We tried new things together. Worked together. Hung out. Supported one another. He helped me figure out shit with my fiance when I was contemplating ending things. I helped him leave an abusive partner. We cooked and planned and got fucked up and laughed and loved and it was genuinely the best part of living in Kansas. STG.
I mean. It wasn't all sunshine and lollypops. Truth. We had some disagreements. I phrased things terribly a few times telling him to be tough in situations. He occasionally disregarded my feelings for his own. Both totally normal fuckups. Anf no relationship is perfect. It's hard being besties when one of you manages the other. And in effect, that started the downfall of our relationship. We made it work so unreasonably well.
In the end, I felt taken advantage of by Chris. I lost my job because of his ex and the shit that cunt started with my work and fiance. We had to relocate to a new state.l, and had bought a house and everything. And I still have a lot of anger about it. (Not just with Chris, my fiance made things so so much worse, dumbass.) But then things started spiralling. I took a lower paying job at the same time my fiance was laid off, and the struggle to make ends meet was real. I even got a second job to make it work. And shit with Chris kept piling on. He talked for ages about moving to thw same town as us while he and his husband made their way to their dream location. And I looked for apartments and jobs for him and promised to help with the move. And I thought that was all good. But he literally got an offer from an ex of his to move in with them instead, and just decided that that would be the move instead. Still expected me to help with moving and costs. Never asked, just expected.
Typing that out seems shitty. And selfish. And I am, I admit. But I was so heartbroken that we had been making these plans for a YEAR and he literally bailed the second he got another offer. That is what it felt like to me.
Besides that there was the money. At the job Chris and I worked, I made good money. Especially for the Midwest. In losing that job and taking a new one, I took a 40%cut in pay. I made ot work. Problem was, in my previous role, I was flush with cash and happy to splurge on my friends. Hell Chris's entire move and first month's rent came from me, as a gift to my friend. I spotted him money all the time, paid for groceries, movies were always on me. To such a point I think it became the norm, and defined our relationship. Because even when I was making WAY less money, Chris still expected the status quo. Constantly 'subtly' telling me he needed money for smoke, or hinting about how he had nothing to spend on his spouse for an anniversary gift. And I fucking encouraged it. I have something so fucked up in my brain that I NEED people to like me, even if it means trampling all over myself to achieve that delusion. I want to believe people love me, but I cannot reconcile it with how much I hate myself, and it leads to this shit. Every time.
Sorry for whining. Anyways.
It came to a head when we took a couples trip together. My and my partner, Chris and his. We booked a weekend in a city to see a comedian we loved and just have fun. I paid for accommodations and the comedian, I had gotten them nearly a year prior when money was no issue. And I offered to pay for the drinks and snacks at the vomedy club, since I already had a deposit down that was only partially refundable. We used it up. But through the entire trip, he expected more. I had to buy things at the mall, while shopping. And I should have said no. But I was so blinded by the joy I felt seeing my best dude for the first time in months, I just ignored it. Ignored me.
It came to a head on the last night of the vacay. We wnet out for a sushi dinner at Chris's behest, and I assumed we were all taking care of ourselves. Apparently not. Chris's partner got nauseous before the food arrived, and he left me to take care of the bill while he took care of the hubby. They ordered so much expensive shit, it was 100 buck extra onto the bill. And THEN driving home he asked if they could use some of my foodstamps to get some groceries . I get a generous supplement, so I said sure. He then proceeded to spend 250 bucks on all kinds of fancy shit. Porterhouse steaks, 13 buck lemon juice, etc. And watching it ring up, all I could feel was anger. My fiance and I needed that money to get by, and here it was being used for luxuries for someone who makes more money than I do.
Oh yeah, I forgot context. Since my new job, Chris makes more, and works less hours, than I do. We have similar expenses (he a car payment, I a mortgage). He had also had all utilities and rent taken care of for 1 year because of a program we got him in to help abused partners leaving bad relationships. So I am not fucking around when I say his financial situation has the potential to be miles better than mine.
So. Yeah. That's it. I messaged him about a month after the vacay to ask for the money for the sushi dinner back, since I had no gas money and was struggling. He literally told me he would 'try' to throw me something when he had money, but not right now.
And I just fuckint snapped. I never needed people in my life. Was a loser as a kid, a freak now, and I do okay with just myself and Youtube and Reddit and my kitties. I'm bad at peopleand don't try to make a lot of bonds. I'm fine on my own, always have been. Lucas and Mandi are my everything.
But I really thought this one was something. I love him so much, I miss him like crazy. I cared about him so much, and considered him like a bro, a bestie, all of the good things. I LOVED him. And in the end I was worth less than a fucking sushi dinner. (I get a 100 bucks is a lot. Hence why I wanted the money back, because it was a lot for me.) Anf he blew me off. And when I told him what I was feeling and that I wanted a break, he just tried to guilt trip me about how he's such a terrible person, and that's why everyone ghosted him before. I blocked him after that.
I've been watching ENCANTO and it's making me miss him so, so much. This was a movie we really bonded over. Quoted and sang all the time.
And I miss him.
Chris, since you found this account (thanks Chey and Wood, I sincerely hope you get hit by a bus), I recognize there is a chance you will read this. I miss you so much, and I want so bad for things to be as they were. But I don't trust you. And I don't forgive you right now. Don't know if I ever will, for how you treated me and made me feel. I've been used by people before. For money, connections, sexual gratification . . . I'm not someone people consider and want to keep around, ya know? I have friends generally by the grace if what I can provide. Mandi is the only person who has never, never not once taken advantage of me. Never. She's for real. You used me over and over and couldn't even pretend to care about making it right when I pleaded with you.
I am so, so, SO done begging people to think of me. Asking to be treated like a human fucking bejng as if it is such a task. I'm tired of it. I would rather spend my life in this ache of the void of your friendship than go back to being valued because I'm too fucking pathetic to say no to paying for everything. Or being the emotional punching bag when you and your husband get upset I suggest income alternatives since you were supposedly desperate for any cash and your partner can't work. I'm so sick of trying to give, hoping it will leave me with some sense of purpose or value. I have no purpose and no value, and you helped me see that very clearly, if even one of my best friends can't treat me like he cares in my hour of need.
I don't know what is going to happen next. I wish you well in your lifeand I hope with time comes maturity, and with that consideration, introspection, and reflection of who you are, and who you want to be.
I'm just going to keep trying to justify staying alive on this over-heated planet in this Conservative state with a lit of people who care about me almost as little as I care about myself.
I don't know what this was supposed to be. I don't feel any better.
I'm going to bed.
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2023.06.09 22:25 MasManOsis Blackstone Restore / Recondition

Blackstone Restore / Recondition
I love in New England and had the blackstone cover for winter storage. Imagine my surprise when it was completely rusted over, I now plan on storing the cast iron top in my house during the winter time and using it outside at least once a week to keep it conditioned to prevent rust.
Regardless, I bought a $20 restoration blackstone kit from Lowes and followed the steps. I've reconditioned 4 times and got it here. I'm not too happy and not even sure if it's conditioned well compared to how it used to look like last year before the rust.
I can't seem to get more of the outer perimeter to season. What do you guys think? What else should I be doing?
Using the conditioning seasoning in the jar that came with the blackstone griddle, smoking it at mid/high heat for 15 mins. Letting it cool and repeating the steps
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2023.06.09 22:17 JunoDraws Cardiff foodies?

Cardiff foodies?
Hi folks
I'm interested in starting a small group / club of foodies, maybe we get together every couple weeks and one of us cooks something for everyone, maybe sometimes wr do a pot luck? I would love to try new cuisines and meet other people passionate about cooking. Ive been considering going into private catering, but I have a hidden physical disability, so I figured I'd start with a food club / see if ones about, and see how I handle that first?
I'm in my 20's, I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and one of my favourite ingredients to work with is chicken thighs, be them roasted w a skin on Mash and garlic roasted tomatos, or diced and fried in Chorizo fat for enchiladas.
(Pictured dishes I've cooked: steak, steak ciabatta w fresh Mozzarella and rocket,Japanese buttermilk fried chicken sando, chicken thigh shwarma w rosemary lemon potatoes, lemon turmeric olive oil loaf cake, pork belly tacos w roasted red pepper salsa, pomegranate, wild garlic , pickles and other toppings)
Diolch x
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2023.06.09 22:00 Hot_Lettuce223 Question for cooking wagyu for the first time

I just bought some Australian wagyu rib eye and have a couple of questions. Ive seen conflicting information online on whether you should let it rest to come closer to room temperature or not. Some websites say you should but others that seem more reputable are saying to cook from cold due to the fat having a lower melting temp. If anyone has any experience and could give me some insight it would be appreciated.
Also what thickness would you recommend for cutting the steakes, i was thinking 1 inch but if you think theres a more optimal thickness please let me know.
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2023.06.09 20:01 FoodieLoverForver Where’s the best grilled steak you’ve ever had in San jose?

There are several highly regarded steakhouses in San Jose where you can find delicious grilled steaks. Here are a few popular options based on reviews and recommendations:
Arcadia: Located in downtown San Jose, Arcadia is known for its high-quality steaks and elegant dining experience. They offer a variety of cuts, including prime ribeye, filet mignon, and New York strip, prepared to perfection on their wood-fired grill.
Forbes Mill Steakhouse: Situated in Los Gatos, Forbes Mill Steakhouse is a classic steakhouse that focuses on serving top-quality steaks. Their menu features USDA Prime and American Wagyu beef, cooked to your desired level of doneness and accompanied by delicious sides.
LB Steak: Located in Santana Row, LB Steak offers a modern and upscale dining experience with a focus on prime steaks. They feature a variety of cuts, including bone-in ribeye, filet mignon, and porterhouse, all prepared with expert precision and served with flavorful sauces and accompaniments.
Henry's World Famous Hi-Life: This iconic San Jose institution has been serving steaks since 1960. Known for its old-school charm, Henry's Hi-Life is famous for its prime rib and grilled steaks cooked over an open flame.
Morton's The Steakhouse: With a prime location in downtown San Jose, Morton's is a well-known steakhouse chain that consistently delivers high-quality steaks. They offer a range of cuts, from ribeye and filet mignon to porterhouse, along with an array of delicious sides and appetizers.
These are just a few notable steakhouses in the San Jose area.
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2023.06.09 19:29 Pretty_Language_393 DO NOT FORGET THE ENEMY IN THE EAST!

Direct orders from Command:
Attack; (North-East) Blackstone hills, (North) Grongate.
Defend; (North) Crystal Ice Fields, (North) Thurshamrar.
Hold; (North-West) Ilkarya's Barrier, (North-West) Bilrost.

Tip for fighting Samurai~
Samurai are strong believers in spirits, So if you are ever fighting near a river bring a snake. This may trick the Samurai into believing it is the spirit Kiyohime, A woman that transforms into a serpent to chase you and breathes fire. Though this tale is specific, it may save your life.

News from the front
The Vikings have been pushed North by our armies and now have little left to defend, yet it is time to hold and fortify our border. In our great push we have neglected the Eastern flank, and now the Samurai take advantage of the victories we won. The Samurai have claimed more territory than expected and command has said to cull this threat before it becomes overgrown. Currently it seems that the opportunistic Samurai have begun to amount an alarming army on our northern border, as reports of scouts even being seen in Mt Ignis! We cannot ignore this looming menace and so we must hold our shields against the Vikings and point our swords at the Samurai!
With victories come confidence, and with confidence comes ignorance. We can not forget we are alone in this war, and the only ones we can trust is ourselves! May your swords be sharp and your shields strong.
View Poll
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2023.06.09 19:10 GioS32 Ninja Woodfire Grill (I know. Not a traditional smoker/grill) - great sub to my 5 yr old Woodwind for small cooks

Ninja Woodfire Grill (I know. Not a traditional smokegrill) - great sub to my 5 yr old Woodwind for small cooks
I’m a long time Woodwind owner. Household of 3, and find we only use it for smoking the occasional ribs, chucks - brisket style, once in a long while briskets, pulled pork, and some packaged corned beef for pastrami.
I often do smoked and reverse seared steaks, burgers, and sausages/hot dogs. Setup for these is fairly long and the smoke flavor is there, but not extreme. Even when using a smoke tube.
So I’ve researched this thing and finally found a good package at Sam’s that came with the griddle attachment for $299. It’s more of an outdoor convection oven with a pellet smoker attachment, when comparing to my Woodwind.
HOWEVER, for the small 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pellets it uses, it’s given super intense smoke flavor to burgers and reverse seared steaks I’ve done on it. It’s small, but a good alternative for small households and definitely worth it for me. I don’t plan on blowing $2-3K+ on the current stock of premium pellet/hybrid smokers to get a better experience than my Woodwind.
Very good alternative if you’re looking for convenience and smokiness for the small cooks!
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2023.06.09 19:04 jwc8985 Smoked Flank Steak for Fajita Friday

Smoked Flank Steak for Fajita Friday
2x Flank Steaks
Marinade: - Worcestershire Sauce - Soy Sauce - Red Cooking Wine - Olive Oil - Lime Juice - Cumin - Coarse Ground Black Pepper - Coarse Ground Sea Salt - Garlic Powder
Cook: - Marinated for 24 hours - 1 hour on ‘Smoke’ setting until internal temp reached 100° - 1 hour 18 minutes at 225° until internal temp reached 145° (Medium)
Planning to throw in a cast iron skillet to reheat+sear for fajitas tonight.
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2023.06.09 19:03 Various-Set-2022 Camping foods from Costco

Under the Cinnamon roll post (amazing) someone mentioned bringing them camping, cooking them on the griddle. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Which got me thinking…. Are there other people with camping food hacks from Costco? Care to share?
I do all different types of camping… back packing, car camping, boat access only camping.
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2023.06.09 17:12 ducttapeallday My Majestic Mirage experience

This is just my story so take from it what you will. My wife and 2 kids went to DR with another family of 4. All inclusive swim up room , booked in the family suites (as opposed to the “adult” buildings). Upon arrival we were booked in and given keys. Went to the room… which ended up being in the adult building. Not sure still what distinguishes one from the other but i didnt care. It was late thanks to flight delay and i just wanted to chill. Upon entering the room the odor of piss punched me in the face. It literally smelled like a parking garage stairwell. But as i said it was late and i had a few drinks and figured we settle it the next day. At Mirage they assign you a butler, who really did do his best. So the following day i mentioned this to him and he said hed take care of it. I went to the pool for the afternoon and got a text saying housecleaning did aroma therapy and extra cleaning. When i went back to the room I expected to notice a difference but now it was a combo of pee and a god awful air freshener. I told our butler we needed a new room. I was not obnoxious about it. They granted my wish…. To the room right next door. Guess what? Smelled in there too. I asked again to move but this time they were insistent that it can be taken care of. I said unacceptable and requested a move to the family section where we were booked. This apparently was an issue. They told me it gets this way and theyd bring me a dehumidifier… which they did , which did nothing. I could not fathom how these folks thought this was nothing. It was pungent. Eventually we moved again… but i had to accept a non swim up suite…. But it was nice , smelled good and the pools were still only seconds away.
Moving on ….. even though its all inclusive this obviously doesn’t mean you aren’t going to spend money , mainly on tips and trinkets…. Its part of doing business. However i feel like the pressure to tip here is unprofessional for a resort of this supposed stature. I tip well for a job well done… but it seemed like i was always being solicited for something. I wore a Red Sox hat … so often a convo would begin with someone who works there about Big Papi…. That quickly turns into a sales pitch for photos…. Jewelry… excursions… etc. Im good at saying im all set but some of these dudes are relentless to the point its not comfortable.
The actual pools were awesome met some nice folks. But par for the course mixed drinks taste like they use artificial sweeteners and are weak. The beer selection is comical…. Coors Light, Heineken and Presidente …. Thats it. My suggestion is stick to rum and coke… you know exactly whats going into the glass. There are a couple of nice bars that if you tip well they proof up you cocktails…. But at a resort like this should i have to?
The food was okay. We were a big group and the buffets were popular with us. Lots of the food was fine but things like cold cuts, cheeses, shrimp and sushi arent made for outdoor buffets in 98 degree weather. The restaurants also were underwhelming. Dined at the steak house twice and the teppanyaki place once. These meals were not high caliber. The steak house was non reservation so they try and get you in and out ASAP… which guess is par for the course. The portions were small and they didnt cook the steak as ordered. The Japanese place was also fast paced , despite a reservation . Food was delicious (my kids ate the scrimp fried rice with eggs and they hate seafood and eggs) but once again the portions were a joke. Room service is what it is. Takes minimum an hour and its just mediocre at best. The night we arrives i order the “Chicken Breast Dinner with potatoes and vegetables” i got 2 grilled oversalted chicken tenders with a side of still chilled potatoes. No veggie at all. Snacks and soft drinks as well as the limited beer selection was replenished daily.
Not be entirely down on the place…. Its a nice place. The entertainers and help staff are great. They seem enthusiastic and are good at getting folks up and moving. Obviously the beach is gorgeous and the water beautiful. We went and swam with sharks and stingrays …. Went bottom walking with the space helmets and had a nice party at a sand bar. Once again drinks weak and cheese sandwiches were the lunch we were served. I also went golfing- free green fee but carts and rentals cost some cash. The course was all ours , which was awesome… i saw some cool wildlife and the course is in good shape given the heat. At the turn we got a saran wrapped chicken salad sandwich with almost no chicken in it.
The pool is where spent most of our time and all around the pool are walk out suites. For the first 4 days we were there, a woman allowed her what seemed like a 6 year old kid frolic around buck naked on their outside cabana bed. This suite was literally 30 feet from the swim up bar. Bizarre.. no one ever told her to cover him up- she didnt care. I just set up shop away from them but it stuck how strange the scene was.
The casino is nothing to write home about. We play some roulette. A girl with our group turned 20 bucks into 200 and you think we were in Vegas the way they kept eyeballing her and changing the person spinning the ball. The “pit boss” stayed put right up until she cashed out.
And just to put a cherry on top…. The day we were leaving….. i needed more cash to tip the butler. I had tipped 20-30 a day everyday but ran out of USD The 1 atm at Mirage was out of service …. I walked to the next resort…. Elegance and their atm was down. I walked back and told Jeffry our butlet id borrow some cash from our friends and take care of him. He offered to take me to their 3rd property…so we went and the atm there promptly ate my card.
I had fun …. I can have a good time under any circumstances and my kids had a ball and thats what i pay the money for …. But i expected much more from this place. I was disappointed. I wont return again.
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2023.06.09 14:43 wazpys Rectangle egg molds

Does anyone know where I could find egg molds as rectangles, kinda like the one shown in this video (at around the 6:55 mark)?
I can see these being amazing for, yes, this, but also griddle omelettes etc. Feels like a perfect size. I have looked around and can only find squares or rings when it comes to cooking eggs on griddles here.
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2023.06.09 14:09 Rollyman1 Inflation is affecting summer BBQ plans. Now $93.54 For reference, These were $58 last summer and $40 the summer before.

Inflation is affecting summer BBQ plans. Now $93.54 For reference, These were $58 last summer and $40 the summer before. submitted by Rollyman1 to NewsAroundYou [link] [comments]