List of people dahmer killed

List of people reddit hates

2017.12.15 22:09 DatAppie List of people reddit hates

Going to list people that reddit hates, especially you Mrs Harding

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2015.10.23 08:26 creedofwheat Riding the line between creepy and love...

"If both people are into each other, then a big romantic gesture works: Dobler, but if one person isn't into the other, the same gesture comes off serial-killer crazy: Dahmer."

2023.03.29 15:17 -8--__--8- LPT: A lot of people don’t know this but if you have a Costco membership, they offer car insurance that has unbeatable prices.

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2023.03.29 15:17 paviminu About Dt. Richa Doshi

Dt. Richa Doshi started her journey in 2012 after completing her Post Graduation in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics (PGCND). Along with that, she is a certified Diabetes Educator and even holds Post Graduation in Hospital Administration (PGDHA)
She is one of India’s most reliable Dieticians to have catered to over 35 countries and helped 3,000+ people achieve their dream bodies. Her body transformation programs are far from diet fads & fears and are curated with an understanding of weight & lifestyle management gained over the period of 10+ years.
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2023.03.29 15:17 Moose_Zireael Whoever in Moonton made Lapu's mastery code....I love and hate you at the same time.

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2023.03.29 15:17 Silent-Cockroach4397 My "Dad" the boss (TRIGGER WARNING DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE IN A BAD MENTAL STATE)

Imagine the worst manager you've worked for. The kind that constantly reminds you that you are replaceable while telling you how lucky you are to have a job. The kind that lets their anger control them, instead of controlling their anger. When they get mad they'll find you to chew you out even if you did nothing to deserve it. When they start yelling, they shout whatever comes in their head no matter how horrible it was. Now imagine this person is also your landlord and lives in the building, constantly reminding you that they could throw you out on the street with just the clothes on your back to fend for yourself. Now imagine all of this has been happening to you ever since you were a small child. This is the man who calls himself my father. Lets call him B. (Short for Bastard) I was too young to understand that this was abuse. And when I got old enough he told me that if I reported him, my mother would be arrested too because she let it happen. The truth was, she was his victim too and had no financial power to leave. Imagine trying, despite everything for 23 years to get any sort of praise from this man. One day you come to him for help saying you've been having suicidal thoughts and impulses. He disregards what you said and tells you to talk to the mother department. Then, a week later. Seven days. He gets mad about your performance because your room isn't clean. He tells you to kill yourself. Again and again he brings up references to you committing suicide. Saying you've always been a quitter... And that's when it happened. You come to your breaking point. Luckily the only thing that dies that day was any love for this person. You put in the bare minimum effort to keep this person complacent. No more thoughts of death those died with any respect you had for B. You work up enough money, you find someone who truly loves you and one day, without a 2 week notice, you pack up as much as you can and move to the other side of the country to be with someone who truly cares about you. You spend everything you have. You have to start with almost nothing, just a car, an apartment, and a matress. Two years of being loved and being happier than ever going to therapy. You ask this wonderful person to marry you. Then B comes in asking when the wedding is so he can plan travel... Now my dilemma, how should I tell this Narcissistic, tantrum throwing, Human septic tank of a man to fuck right the hell off? Any advice?
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2023.03.29 15:17 RedCandleTime I am going for a routine operation and want to mark myself down as DNR and no extraordinary life saving measures. I have no idea why. I’m trying to figure out why?

I am a physically healthy woman in my late 20s. I’ve got ptsd that I’m working through but no depression, although my anxiety is really high. I’m not worried about this operation. I’ll be under general anaesthesia for less than an hour, and there’s no reason to expect that anything should go wrong. I don’t expect to get hit by a bus or to have anything go wrong with my health in the near or distant future, but for some reason I have a desire to list in my medical records that I’d not like to be resuscitated and would like no extraordinary measures should anything ever happen to me. I would like to talk to my therapist about it but I have absolutely no idea about why I feel this way. I’m an organ donor, so I guess there’s that? I’m not afraid of being hospitalised with life changing injuries (already lived through a life changing injury) so what is it? Can anyone advise me on how to explore this issue?
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2023.03.29 15:17 fernnyom AL-V is recognized by Logic but doesn’t shows up on VST selection list.

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if someone else had this issue and find a way on how to solve it. After last update of Analog Lab V, Logic recognizes and validates the plug-in but it doesn’t shows up on the vst selection list along with the rest of the suite. The software can be launched stand alone but not with the daw. Already tried to uninstall and/or re-install and i can’t either.
I’m running on a Mac Studio M1 ultra. Will really appreciate any help.
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2023.03.29 15:17 fernaliciousss aita for feeling like "gatekeeping" my ed and not wanting to share food?

i'm gonna give context to the story. i'm 22F, slightly underweight and i have a bad relationship with my body image. i developed an ed around two years ago and lost a bunch of weight. i recovered but relapsed again recently and have been portion controlling my food so i can limit my cal intake.
before i start, i love my friends and this is in no way a reflection of who they are as people but i just need a venting space. like me, my friends also have body image issues and ever since i told them about my ed they've also been using calorie counters and asking me ab stuff like that. i obviously didn't want to indulge because it's not healthy but i didn't want them to think i was gatekeeping skinny or smth so i told them that i go on cal restrictions and count my cals + exercise etc.
one friend got the "lose it" app and started logging their calories after i told them that's what i do, but it wouldn't even be accurate logs, they were just logging it for self gratification. then they would tell me that their cal intake is low anyway according to the app. i didn't counter or say anything because i didn't want them to feel bad. then they asked me how much i restricted and at the time i was doing 600-800 cals a day so i told them that. then they said their app said their intake was 1300 so "that's not too far off". i was slightly annoyed but at the same time i could empathize so i kept quiet.
moving on to my other friend; i make and take my own food most the time for class and my friend never brings food from home because they say they want to lose weight. they'll usually get something from the grocery store or the cafeteria. they claim to hate it when people make them eat lunch because they're trying to lose weight and want people to respect that (they say this and buy a bunch of candies from the supermarket btw bc i think their idea is the smaller the packaging/food, the lesser the cals). they're a lot shorter than me and idk about weight but they're more fleshy than i am. they kinda know i have an ed and i had told them once about an extreme diet i was doing because i couldn't share my meals during that time (they were very specifically cal counted for my diet).
lately though, this friend been mooching food off of me for lunch, despite claiming they don't eat lunch. they know that my portions are small, so i expect them to be a little more considerate. they're also saving money for something so they're not buying food, but eating off of me in the process. i don't have the heart to say anything because im happy that they are eating lunch again and i'd rather they eat something healthy i prepared rather than candies and high sugar snacks, but it's gotten to a point where i HAVE TO share my food (around lunchtime they'll sit there and wait for me to open my lunchbox and ask "what's this", "what's that" and idk what to do or how to feel about it. recently they were a bit sulky about having gained visible weight and my immediate thought was "maybe you should stop eating my food then" but i don't ever want to bring it up like that because i know they'll feel so guilty about it and i don't want them to relapse into a starve for lunch routine.
completely lost on how to deal with it. im not exactly asking for advice it's more of a vent, but also if you know what i can do or have dealt with something similar, please let me know.
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2023.03.29 15:17 howdysolstice formula change for priming moisturizer?

I've been buying from glossier for over 5 years and have been using the same stuff. I recently restocked on the priming moisturizer. It smells a little weird and it feels different, almost like it's heavier. I'm honestly not sure if I like this change. Before, there was no scent and the formula was light. Is anyone else experiencing this?
The solution (chemical exfoliant) also smells different.
I don't like the scents of these and it's enough to make me think about looking elsewhere. :( Does anyone know any alternatives to the two products I listed above?
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2023.03.29 15:16 RandyMarshtomp I don’t want live action worlds in KH4

I think it would be tacky to launch KH4 when it finally comes out and see that they have adapted Star Wars or Marvel into a world.
My least favorite and least engaging worlds are the Pirates of the Caribbean worlds.
I think part of the magic of Kingdom Hearts is the fantasy element. Seeing anything from our real world in the games just kills that immersion for me.
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2023.03.29 15:16 bigmucusplug Which Chase Card to get next?

Background: Credit scores >800 I have the chase freedom and freedom unlimited.
I’m looking to spend about $6k, for possible cruise trip (if it matters).
Recently approved for Citi Premier 3 weeks ago.
Last premium card was CSR, which I haven’t had for a few years. Looking in the chase app, they’re recommending the sapphire reserve and preferred for me. I also am looking at the Marriot boundless.
Current SUB- 90k points in branch for the preferred. 100k for the Marriot.
I also see IHG card offering 175k (but this ISNT listed in my personalized offer).
Which card should I get? IHG is appealing due to high points. I don’t travel that much, so at the end of the day, I’m just looking to collect the point. At the end, would it be possible to merge it with the rest of my UR points?
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2023.03.29 15:16 anynymous_1 I have been invited to audition for a reality documentary series. I am not sure if i should do it. Advice needed.

Hi. I am just a regular guy who works a normal job in engineering 9-5. I am very humbled to say that i often get compliments about my look so recently i sent some photos to a modelling agency, got interviewed and signed. Extremely excited about it!
Last week i saw an ad on Facebook from bbc looking for people for this reality matrimonial show in my area. I registered just for fun. Got an email from the casting person yesterday, had a phone conversation today and she invited me for an online recorded interview/audition maybe?
Normally i would be extremely excited for something like this but for this i am not because its a reality documentary about cultural matrimony. I am a very private person in general and to put my personal life (marriage/match making) out there on national television is not something i am very keen on. But on the other hand i am thinking would that be something good for my newly found modelling passion/career?
I don’t want to get ahead of myself as it is only a first proper interview but need some advice from experienced people as i have no idea about this industry. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 15:16 soupslut42069 Seeking community

I have had several deep spiritual connections with people before, and recently I've been finding that I've out grown a lot of them.
I know and accept that a large part of moving forward is letting go of what no longer serves me. Spirituality can and has been a lonely journey; I'm hoping to find a small community or some individuals that have also started their journey down this path for mutual advice and support.
I'm a 24 F, very interested in travel, yoga, philosophy, art, cognitive sciences, nature, reading and design. If anyone is seeking a new friend, I would love to connect.
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2023.03.29 15:16 RedditIsOwendByTheWS Gamestop investors how bullish do you want to be? There isn't as much confirmation as these last few weeks and fillings!

We're seeing the biggest conspiracy ever on Wall Street.
The market Police SEC has nothing better to do than manipulate Gamestop's DRS numbers. While all of Asia, all of South America and Africa are turning their backs on the US Dollar and the US.
The market Police SEC has nothing better to do than manipulate Gamestop's DRS numbers. While one bank after another declares bankruptcy and at the same time manipulates the market. by spreading false news about bank mergers that have not yet happened.
The market Police SEC has nothing better to do than manipulate Gamestop's DRS numbers. While more crypto manipulations are being uncovered by major crypto exchanges.
The market police SEC has nothing better to do than to manipulate Gamestop's DRS numbers. Instead of holding accountable the people who destroyed the credibility of the US stock market with the whole world.
The market police SEC has nothing better to do than to manipulate Gamestop's DRS numbers. Instead of restoring the credibility of the market, supporting the population in the fight against inflation and punishing or exposing the perpetrators of it.
The market police SEC has nothing better to do than to manipulate Gamestop's DRS numbers.
My fellow investors you have to imagine that there is so much happening in this world right now! we see a paradigm shift. We see a great power losing its place on the world stage. only a few people in human history have experienced what we are experiencing right now.
But the SEC, which can help the USA regain some stability. by holding accountable the people responsible for the whole situation. Unfortunately, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler chose to cover it all up and support the criminals.
So I ask you again how bullish do you want to be? Apparently the SEC has no other problem on this fuc**** earth than manipulating Gamstop's numbers. I'm so bullish because we're already sniffing the moass. I can already smell it!
DRS and BOOK your shares!!
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2023.03.29 15:16 StretchyPotat I was an immature kid.

First and foremost, I would like to apologise if my make a few or a lot of grammar mistakes as English isn't really my first language and I would also like to note that I have no idea what format reddit uses.
This post is quite long.
I'm not really a smart person. I used to think I was smart but just didn't study as much as I would always fail my early and mid terms but I would pass during the finals (probably from dumb luck). Anyways during my last few days in highschool. I found out I got horrible grades. Like laughably low grades. After being scolded by my mother about the results of my finals. I spent 7 months staying at home as human waste. I was told to go find a job or study for my retake but always procrastinated about it. My mother eventually had enough and said that I would either get a job or she will kick me out. Literally the same day I was told that, I got an offer to study for Form 6. Basically it's an education that allows me to skip the foundation step if I want tot ake a degree. I hang onto this as my last line of defense in order to not working. I studied for a year unwillingly just so I wouldn't have to go work. It's kinda ironic but I started studying there during) after the day of my birthday and I quitted the day after my birthday. Essentially wasting 1 year of my life afte rone of the happiest day of my life.
The reason I quitted was because I had a project that would be worth 10% of my grade and because I lack responsibility and didn't want to go any further. Because of a lie which I cultivated for over a year. I made my mother cry. She used a lot of money getting me the right attire to meet the dress code, buying me an expensive laptop for school and paying for the school fee. I told her that I didn't want to study anymore early in the morning (Now that I think of it, it felt like a child telling their parents they wet their bed haha). She told me I had to go find work if I'm not going to study which I did within 1 week.
Although I did find work. The job did not have a good work environment. Due to being desperate and inexperienced I passed off all the rude comment and bullying done by my higher ups. I worked as a cashier in a hardware store. It's very busy most of the time and 2 other cashier either quitted or got fired a month after my arrival. Working there was a nightmare I had 4 full shifts in a week and the manager never let you sit, using your phone was forbidden and worse of all voiding an item or handling return or refund are done by the managers or supervisors. Employees like me don't have the authority to do it on my own so when I request for their help I always get the stink eye and a snide comment about me being clumsy and slow. Sometimes I get a lot of voids and I would be told to convince the customer to buy the item they didn't want. My manager was one of the worst human I have ever met. One of the few things that made me quit was;
-I'm always berated for clocking on time (on the dote). I'm always told that I needed to come early to count the float incase of shortage. -Snide comments about me for being slow when it comes to dealing with the customer. (I get that I'm slow but I'm just trying to be careful with the money.) comments include (I'm so slow that i can compete with a snail and "Fastest" man alive. -manager telling me to arrange the face mask but told me I did it wrong multiple times and refusing to tell me how to arrange it. I did it for 3 hours until he was finally satisfied with me making a fool out of myself and told me to arrange it abck to how it was. -The last straw me being called a thief. During the few days the manager had a day off. Mainly public holidays I had gotten a shortage of $8 and $20 I get that it's my mistake but he kept calling me a their when I couldn't answer him how I lost the money. He said that I gave it to a friend of mine when giving change. -I have also been threatened by a Karen about the price of super glue being tope xoensuive and that she would sue me.
Fast forward a week of him calling me a thief. I finally told my mother about it in which she told me to just quit the job as it was "Sh$tty workplace". I gave my 2 week notice with the excuse of going back to studying and he had no choice but to let me go. A few days before I found a new job he called me ask my I quit and I told him the same reason in my 2 week notice. He said he was told by a certain supervisor that he was the reason I quit. He ranted for 15 MINUTES telling me how nice of a boss he was for teaching me all sort of things. I told him I would still be going to college to study and he said alright and he just wanted to clear things.
Idk why but I decided to find work at a place near where my manager usually goes for his break and naturally he finds out I'm still working. He goes out of his way to sit at a table next to the sidewalk so he could occasionally ask me why I am still working and not studying in which I ignore. This went on for a month till he stopped. Only because I told my family about it and my brother went back to the store and threaten to beat him up if he bothered me any further.
I have decided to continue studying and is saving up to pay for it. The place where I'm currently working had a lot of people that sympathised with my situation and gave me many words of encouragement. Many customers even gave me alternatives and suggestions on which course I should take and a customer even gave me a business card for the college nearby to discuss about my future. I thought about my past today and I'm grateful that I grew out of my immature self and starting to think for my future albiet alittle late.
TLDR: I was once an immature kid who did everything I could to get out of working but now I'm working to save up to fund for my academic future.
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2023.03.29 15:16 BasisFun seeded grapes

Hello beautiful people of Perth!
Does anyone know where to find seeded grapes around here?
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.29 15:16 dodhaaritalvar Do journalists earn enough to buy a house? Do they have crores in their bank account?

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2023.03.29 15:16 Short_Algo $MTD Awaiting Buy Signal based off 6 signals $460 net profit 3.54 profit factor 83% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.03.29 15:16 Short_Algo $DLTR Awaiting Buy Signal based off 9 signals $1,172 net profit 6.66 profit factor 88% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.03.29 15:16 Short_Algo $QSR Awaiting Buy Signal based off 9 signals $1,233 net profit 7.52 profit factor 88% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.03.29 15:16 Short_Algo $AME Awaiting Buy Signal based off 8 signals $1,011 net profit 6.95 profit factor 87% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.03.29 15:16 No-Chain-4689 Fundamental Marketing Tips

If you aren’t following @calroche on instagram you’re missing out. He had a live today and he dropped gems on fundamentals of marketing. Simple but effective gems that people would pay for. Follow him and don’t miss out on the lives (take notes or record them).
Also if you’re into biohacking he does that too
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2023.03.29 15:16 NaggeringU 2009 Toyota Sienna limited edition (XLE V6, AWD)) w/ 192K miles - $6,000 -- Worth it?

I have a 2003 Subaru Forester that's dying. Needs new front brakes, AC doesn't work, random electrical issues and most importantly needs a new resonator. The brakes and resonator should cost about $600 to fix. I plan on fixing it. I mention this because once it's fixed it should continue to work for a while (it's at 180K miles now) so I don't want to get another car of that type at the moment.
I wanted to buy a new 2023 Toyota Sienna, but they're not available in my area. I want a minivan as I don't drive much (probably 20 miles a week, since I take the train manually), but when I do drive I like to haul many people.
I found a 2009 Toyota Sienna single owner, but it seems pretty expensive for what it is. Is that a far price these days? If not, what should I offer them?
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