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We are a community devoted to the musical comedian Bo Burnham.

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From January 1st each year until Ash Wednesday, bakers across Louisiana mass produce these delicious confections to celebrate the Mardi Gras season. This subreddit is dedicated to discussing these little slices of Louisiana year round.

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Songs without the instrumentals. Isolated tracks really bring out the talent of the artist, bring a whole new way to listen to a track, and are a great way to study the lyrics.

2023.06.08 07:00 Jumpy_Solid7975 I'm questioning my mental health

So I'm not intentionally suicidal but at the same time I am. It's like one half of me wants to live and get better and I want to grow old with my husband and sister, but the other half of me is trying to kill I like I want to go to a mental hospital because that side of me keeps having me do stupid things that can harm me.... But I don't want to die and at the same time I do. I feel like I'm going crazy and idk who to contact about this? Is this a mental condition??
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2023.06.08 06:22 SimplyCurious- Red 🚩(Mormon Mutual)

I met a guy through a dating app called mutual. I don’t have much dating experience. However, I know what I want and don’t want. I took a year off dating after my engagement fell through to process my feelings and heal. My past relationship was healthy. He just needed more time for himself. We are still friends.
Anyway, this new guy I met on Mutual seemed promising, handsome, charming and all the red flags you can think off in the first week of talking stage. The first night we met 10 minutes into knowing each other he trauma dumped his whole life. Why? I don’t know. I swear I was never seeing him again after because what he confessed was something I never wanted to involve myself with. However, he kept trying to communicate and was kind and pretended to be everything I was looking for ofcourse. I was like what the hell let’s see, what’s the worst that can happen? I gave it a chance. I couldn’t find friends in mutual but eventually found someone we both knew (his ex wife) already sounds messy but I promise it was a coincidence. Our dates went well. He was going too fast, fake futuring, hypersexual, clingy and gave signs of jealous type. Suddenly, after reaching his objective ( u know) he stopped being clingy. He realized we “went too fast and was scared” lol. Yup the typical avoidant, unavailable man. I immediately felt sick to my stomach because I knew this was over. He would randomly call me and disappear stating he was busy bla bla. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening but as a result of my poor judgment and weakness I deserved it. I knew better. I wasn’t strong enough to re-state my boundaries and accepted him breaking through the walls. I automatically knew that if he cared or actually meant anything he would have protected me. However, I could have protect us too and didn’t. I failed as well. I didn’t think much of it because adult dating life is like that. It was just hard because I don’t sleep around. I don’t have an anxious attachment style but I could tell he did and had very toxic forms of building relationships. I felt it was rubbing off on me. He admitted to have had an extremely toxic past. He always had an excuse for failing me. He was divorced and had a child so I assumed this may had been a contributing factor. He was very mysterious. I started getting a feeling he had a commitment and just used me for sex and fulfilling his fantasies. I began getting rid of every illusion without further confrontation. I accepted my L and felt like I dogged a bullet. Part of me was hoping he would just block me but he didn’t. I did let him know a couple times before I left him, how he was hurting my feelings and making me feel confused. I expressed that what he was doing to me was not okay. However, he had excuses to justify it. I feel he knew what he was doing and did the typical text here and there to keep me reeled. I felt insane, insecure, not ok and prayed about it and felt it wasn’t right and he had so much going on. I had to run away because I felt I had been put through some trauma and just the things we did with each other were not ok or normal. To him it was probably another sexual encounter with a girl from a dating app but I believed everything. I needed to cut the root and deleted him. I was scared of him because I feel he just saw me as a piece of meat without clothes and I don’t feel ok spiritually or morally. Him having access to my photos made me uncomfortable. Here is the bigger red flag… The last FaceTime I had with him he had someone else on a video/voice call. It was a males voice telling him, “YOUR MIC IS OFF”. I was very confused, and did not know why he would even have another phone call going or listening to us talk…I continued about my night and tried giving him the benefit of the doubt and not accuse him of anything. I did not hear much from him after because I ghosted him due to all this weird mysterious crap. I even staged a whole fake relationship to make him think I moved on weeks later. A couple days after a black truck pulls up behind me in a hotel I was staying at. To my surprise I was going live for tik tok and the man who approached me walked away. I recorded his face on my live video. I don’t think it had a connection but the call was very sketchy. I shared this story to ask you guys what you think. Could he have had plans of hurting me more? The guy was just so weird and unavailable. I liked him so much and I still wish him the best but I am not the one haha. After this ordeal, I felt I needed to cut the tie and run away for my life. I’m grateful that my friend played my boyfriend. I was becoming more toxic than I already was haha. He suddenly became married after this. I was like…. Holy fuck. What a dude. This is the type of stuff you share anonymously. 😅
I getting help now. Has anyone else met a weirdo on there ?
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2023.06.08 06:19 demonol Honkai: Star Rail Prime Gaming Bundle #2 - A Gift from Media Discord

Enjoy the gift
In-Game Redemption: Log into Honkai: Star Rail → Select the "Phone" icon on the top-left corner → Select the "..." icon from the top-right corner → Select "Redemption Code" → Enter the virtual item redemption code
Official Website Redemption: Go to the Honkai: Star Rail official website https://hsr.hoyoverse.com/home → Select "Redeem Code" → Log into the game account and select the character to receive the rewards → Enter the virtual item redemption code
Complete the Trailblaze Mission "A Moment of Peace" to unlock the Mailbox function and receive the Redemption Code mail.
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2023.06.08 05:55 Able-Acanthaceae771 I mentally checked out.

I 26f have checked out in my relationship with my fiancé 24m the moment I got pregnant with our child May 2021. We have been together for about 2 years and 3 months now. The first year of our relationship wasn’t the best but I still tried nonetheless and I moved in with him and his family 1 month before our one year anniversary. I was in another state so our relationship was long distance. I met him in 2018 and have had quite a few conversations with him before we got together in March 2021 so he wasn’t a stranger to me. It’s like he threw me in a lions den and left me there to handle everything on my own in regards to him and his family the moment I got there and it escalated drastically when everyone knew I was pregnant. I didn’t think much about the way his family is in the beginning and how he really is because it honestly felt genuine and nice. I wasn’t given the run down on how to handle certain situations with his family if it ever came to that. I wasn’t told how everyone is and what not to say or not do. It’s been hell to be quite honest.. The threats, getting in my face while pregnant attempting to fight me, trying to break my car windows. The list goes on but I’m not mentally there and haven’t been mentally there for a long time to even dissect each situation and explain it. I would need to write a book to do that. Anyways, I am very quiet and keep to myself. I’m a out of sight out of mind type of person and mind my business. I speak when I’m spoken to. Our room is my little metal bird cage. I’ve had to resort to being this way since I moved in to try and keep my peace and my sanity intact because I honestly feel like I have been losing my mind. Despite my efforts, I’m still the bear that won’t stop getting poked. I have cried to him and explained to him that this is out of control and I wish that he would’ve let me know all of this before moving in. I have sat here and fell apart right in front of him and I get no response. No hugs, no reassurance, no effort to change the situation or move. Just staring at me while I’m crying. He would act like he’s putting in the effort then maybe a week to a month later it’s right back to the same thing. I have a major depressive disorder and a panic disorder that stems from severe anxiety and honestly, I think I have more mental disorders just going through all of this alone. I have thought about admitting myself and getting a psych evaluation to see what else is wrong with me because I have been in a constant state of confusion, exhaustion, disassociation and derealization. I used to be so bubbly and happy and now I’m dull like the color grey. This entire time he has viewed me as problematic despite my efforts of communicating and understanding and trying to handle these situations properly like an adult. I communicate effectively and thoroughly and now I’m just silent. I don’t want to speak anymore. I don’t feel a need to express anything. I can’t really remember when I checked out. I’m ready to be free.
I told him about 2 weeks ago I mentally checked out and he believes we should keep trying. I don’t have it in me anymore to keep trying.
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2023.06.08 05:51 meluvranch Dog gagging like noise?

My dog just started 2 days ago making a almost gagging/dry heaving noise? He isn’t showing any other symptoms besides that and is only doing it 1-2 times a day. He does not have a cough though. Almost seems like he needs to throw up a hairball but nothing comes out?
He is eating & drinking normal, going to the bathroom normal as well. He is up to date on all of his shots and is the only animal in our home.
Not sure if this is allergies or something I should be worried about?
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2023.06.08 05:29 RobyMac85 Beef Patties - still safe to eat?

Bought a big box of beef Pattie’s which have a precooked beef stuffing and come frozen. Drove home, forgot about them for about 9 hours and just remembered and threw them back in the freezer. Are these still safe to eat? The beef is all precooked so does that help?
Was going to thaw one on the fridge tomorrow and cut it open to see if the meet looked funny or is smelled.
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2023.06.08 05:27 SortOfHauntedPeach This is what I do for fun...

This is what I do for fun...
You know- I'd like to go somewhere for a few days in the fall. They rent cabins near here on tge lake for pretty cheap. It would be lovely.
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2023.06.08 04:25 hayleyhayle-y Hey! I'm Hayley, 27F/USA looking for some people to [chat] to!

I have a gallon of salted caramel ice cream and I fully intend to eat the entire thing, then go to mcdonalds and eat until I enter a food coma. Its that kind of night.
I work in marketing, I enjoy eating out and spending time with friends, watching tv shows or drinking. Not too sure what to put here, so send me a DM and I'll get back to you!
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2023.06.08 03:53 prettydotty_ This time of year is too exhausting for me

It's the time of year for change, for spring cleaning, for going out and doing stuff and having fun. Apparently. But for me it's a time of closing my eyes and wishing it could be over so the darkness and short days can come with it. I work in the social services and my partner does wildfires so this time of year feels like death to me. Everyone goes out to have fun! ie. People OD or get hurt, injured, attempt suicide, have explosive fights with their partners. My partner who is my main support goes off to fight wildfires at the drop of a hat. Just in the span of a week I've had to call 911 for a person who was doing poorly mentally, visit someone who attempted suicide in the hospital, talk my best friend down from many breakdowns because her ex is a pos, and see a video of a drunk parent yell belligerently at their child and try to swing at them.
Couple weeks ago a child I knew through work was murdered in a ditch and now their family is traumatized. I hate this time of year so much. Shit always goes down. People die. And the sun relentlessly burns down on me refusing to give me lower stimulation in this ugly bright world that's baring all for me to see. I recharge when the world is resting. But how can I do that when the world is busy running around getting itself into trouble. I have my boundaries sure, but some shit is just gonna fuck you up regardless of when you turn your work phone off for the day. That and around this time 5 years ago I got ptsd from a violent encounter with a close family member so that remembrance isn't exactly helping here.
I just wanna get off this ride. 😩
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2023.06.08 03:32 ilikepi27 Is this a bad idea?

Has anybody ever shown up at an ex's place to try to talk to them? How did it go for you?
I had been in a stable relationship but things got really messy over covid and we broke up last march. It really hurt me, but I was the one who left - it felt like it was starting to get abusive and I needed a lot of space.
I took the last year off of dating, to focus on myself.
Anyway I started getting really close to this guy I've known for years, all the sudden started hanging out multiple times a week for a few weeks, things got really serious really fast. We started seeing eachother in late march/early April.
He broke up with me because he thinks I'm still in love with my ex. I'm not. But he has no idea how bad things got between us, and how broken I am still over it.
I'm an SA survivor. It takes a huge amount of emotional intimacy for me to trust someone to be at all sexually involved. But I also am introverted and keep up a ton of walls of protection to keep anyone from becoming emotionally intimate because I've been hurt so bad in the past.
This guy, he's been with me through the worst of things and I trust him. But we never really talked about our past relationships until we started seeing eachother more, and when he broke things off he was explicit about the fact that he never keeps in contact with anyone he's been sexually active with. Had I known that was such a hard cutoff I would never have has sex with him. He doesn't know about my SA, I have a really hard time talking about it.
I feel so sad and broken and I just want to be loved. I want to be dumb and show up at his house this weekend (he's blocked me on everything) and explain to him how I feel. Ask him for a second chance.
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2023.06.08 03:08 Brain-wormz Conflicted about medication/ issues with care team!?

To start off I’m diagnosed with bipolar 2 and adhd. I’ve been tested for adhd as a kid.I haven’t been tested as an adult because it costs so much but my therapist is sure I have it. My psychiatrist doesn’t want me on any type of adhd medication. I understand stimulants may affect me badly because of my bipolar but non stimulants should still be on the table. She wants me to see this really expensive neuropsych which would cost me a little more than 2,000. My therapist thinks it’s worth the risk stimulant or not because I start college in august and I had previously dropped out due to not being able to adjust in general and focus on my work. She wants me stable and able to focus going in and not messing with my medication routine while in school in case I do have a bad reaction. My therapist has her own nurse practitioner who would be willing to let me trial a adhd medication with out seeing this real expensive doctor. Only down side is I would have to pay out of pocket to see her but I believe I could afford it. I feel bad for even thinking about skipping out on my psychiatrist. She’s nice but she really wants me to stay where I am. I have so much issues relating to my adhd and I feel like this medication would help so much. The best case scenario would be that she gives in and listens to my therapist about just trying the med. idk what I can do to convince her. I’m working full time and about to be a student. While I could try and afford seeing another doctor it would probably take some saving so I could only see her every couple months. Not the most realistic thing. Anyone have any advice for me? I feel awful about this whole situation but I really do think trying this medication will help a lot.
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2023.06.08 02:38 -Captain--Obvious- 2012 Honda Accord - right turn signal bulb on dashboard burned out, but relay still clicks and both front and rear turn signal bulbs flash as normal. Are the bulbs on the dash replaceable?

Just want to see if anyone knows if they're easily replaceable bulbs on the dashboard before I go pulling the dashboard out. Or, if anyone thinks it could be something else causing the right turn signal indicator to not illuminate on the dash, I'm all ears! It's only the right arrow - the left arrow is working properly. The right arrow also does not illuminate when hazards are activated. There is no rapid-flash condition, as both the front and rear right turn signal bulbs work properly.
Thanks folks!
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2023.06.08 02:31 ClarityVisage 34/M - Looking for people who like to talk [friendship]

Anyone else going through the same thing? If so, we should definitely talk. I haven't had the best week and would like a distraction even for a little bit but would be fine with long term too. When I'm not down in the dumps, I like to play video games and watch anime for the most part.
I'm a decent conversationalist so even if we don't have anything in common, I can keep a conversation going as long as it doesn't consist of one word answers. No one likes those. I'm currently addicted to Overwatch 2 and Inkbound. I use Discord mainly so if you'd like to chat, feel free to message me
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2023.06.08 02:19 Prestigious_Ship9200 Couple really good dates, haven’t heard from her.

Met a girl through mutual friends.
We’ve known each other for a while now.
We went on two really nice dates, lovely dinner and all that. She ended up staying over at my place on the second date.
I ended up getting covid the week after so I tried to make plans for when Im recovered.
Messaged her a week after and she said yes, ill let you know when im free…
Messages me again saying sorry, work has been busy, im moving out this weekend to a new spot so we will reschedule for later in the week.. (this txt seemed pretty genuine)
I followed up that weekend to see how her new apartment is and if she would like to still go out but got ghosted.. its been 5 days.
Pretty sure she’s lost interest but can’t help but think of all the things I may have done wrong? (Chasing maybe?)
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2023.06.08 02:10 Karl5583 Launch schedule info?

I know some schedules are a moving target but I’m going to be in the area 6/26 - 6/30 ish. It doesn’t look like there’s much going on unless ULA’s Delta IV gets delayed a while🤞.
Is there any other schedules/sites I should watch or follow? Spacex just says “June”
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2023.06.08 02:07 GabrielKlaus Does Goron phenomena change the map too much? Should I explore the region first before completing the mission or does it make no difference?

Just finished the Wind temple and the Rito region changed quite a lot after it. Now I'm doing the Goron phenomena and I'm just guessing that it's going to happen the same thing (probably flood the region with lava again? Idk). So I'm wondering if I should explore the region before, if there is something that isn't possible to do after the mission is complete?
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2023.06.08 02:06 NoStatistician9033 THE CLUB SMP [SMP] [Modded] {Create} {Terralith} {BetterNether} {BetterEnd} {Whitelist} {1.19.2} {LGBTQ+ Friendly}

The Club SMP is recruiting for our fourth season! We are a 16+ modded survival-multiplayer server started in early 2022 with the intended goal of uniting a community of friends using Minecraft as a medium. We believe that the true fun in Minecraft comes with the interactions and friends you make while playing. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time veteran of the game, we welcome you with open arms to our family!
We pride ourselves in our community and strive to keep players entertained with active monthly events and projects. All major decisions are made based on the community's input and players are never out of the picture. Here at the Club SMP, each player is a crucial component of an ever-growing community.
Our server specifications are as followed:
- Platform: Fabric 1.19.2
- CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
- RAM: 12GB
- Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
World sizes:
Overworld: 10,000 x 10,000
The Nether: 8,000 x 8,000
The End: 12,000 x 12,000
The Bumblezone: 8,000x8,000
We have our own custom-built mod pack that we play on the server. Our mod pack was compiled with the intent to preserve the foundations of Minecraft, all the while to better the survival experience. It comes in two forms–the Experience and Barebones Edition–to provide variety to our players. They both are completely optimized with performance-enhancing mods as well. A complete list of mods can be found in our Discord but the more notable ones consist of the following:
Step 1: Join our Discord Server! : https://discord.gg/KRFKY28tMq
Step 2: Read through our server guide + rules
Step 3: Submit an application via our application link
Step 4: Please wait up to 24 hours for someone to contact you!
Step 5: Quick Interview
Step 6: Application Decision
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2023.06.08 01:43 Wrong-Meeting3932 it hurts

i hope yall are doing great, I ( m ) 17 have a crush on ( f ) 20 and heres my thing.
theres this girl i like, shes my neighbour, she, her sisters and her mom moved to my building after her dad passed away cuz of cancer( hope he resting in peace), she got my number idek how in december and thats when i fell in love with her, we used to meet on the stairs mistakenly, i did feel a special connection with her first time i saw her but i didnt think much about it tbh, then in december, 20th of december at 8:09 pm to be specific, i was on my way home and some random number texted me and it was her, i was so happy just tbh, then i felt that special connection again but way stronger, i still didnt give much about it, but by the time passed by, we got a lil closer and that was when i noticed i had a crush on her, but i kept thinking about the age difference between us and i thought its nothing to worry about since im already successful and got a great personality, i even talked with her about the age difference between us and she said she doesnt mind it which was so great to me, she also texts late, we could go days with me left on delivered.
3 weeks ago she sent a streak with a guy, and i think theyre together cuz i saw a post she posted talking about him, it broke my heart but i didnt give up and i dont think i will.
i tried many times to let go for the best of me, i even thought to talk with her about it.
i wanna be there for her all the time, i buy he gifts i try to get close to her but sometims i feel like its annoying her but then i keep trying and trying.
i wanna protect her, i want to be the man she put her head on his shoulder when shes down, i wanna listen to her problems i wanna listen to her all day long.
its lowk getting the best of me and idk what to do but i really love her so much, i need her yall, it hurts.
have a great and thanks for reading!
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2023.06.08 01:21 Calvard Baby bird

So I was just in the taco bell drive through and while I was waiting on the person in front of me to place their order i noticed movement in the hedges next to me. I look over and realize its a little baby bird in an anthill flailing around while its being eaten by like a hundred ants. Now I actually have a hardcore phobia of ants and just looking at them makes me shake and shiver but I really wanted to help the bird so I got out of my car and stuck my entire hand into this ant hill to scoop the baby up and bring it back into my car. I had to sit there killing the ants crawling around its body individually by pinching them between my fingers. And at this point it was my turn to order and I couldn't just drive out because I was between two cars. So I quickly order my stupid nachos while fumbling half the words and go right back to pinching those ants. And then when I drive up to the window to pay and get my food they just looked at me like I was a crazy person because in between handing them my card and grabbing the bag of food, they were just watching me while I was fiddling with this little flailing creature sitting on my passenger seat. I probably should have explained myself but I didn't because I was kind of panicking over the ants still lol. Anyways I immediately get outta there and book it to the animal hospital down the road and I made it in there just 3 minutes before they closed. I walked in and explained the situation and they took the bird out of my hands and into some back room, but I hope they didn't think I was weird because I was totally flubbing half my words and I was super sweaty and shivering. Anyways good deed of the day done and now I have these nachos in front of me but I'm shaking too much to get them in my mouth :/
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2023.06.08 01:18 Much_Illustrator5903 i 15M don’t know how to deal with my girl 16F

We are 15 and 16 and a couple of weeks ago she finished high school. obviously there was a lot of celebrations and people taking photos with each other. she posted a TikTok with a good 50 pictures in it and one of them was her and her ex. he had his arm around her and they were both smiling and looked so happy. when i confronted her she was telling me about how she didn't want to be in it but her teacher was telling her to just do it for the sake of the picture. She also told me that she didn't realise that that picture was in the tiktok and her ex posted it in an instagram slideshow and she liked the photo. Other than that she's honestly been amazing and we've been together for like a year and a half. but bc of that and so many other things i want to leave her, i just don't see her being the mother to my kids and i don't want to mess around with her, i was going to do it in the moment but she had her final exams and i didn't want her to mess them up bc of me. she finishes them in a weeks time and i don't know if i should do it or how. i don't want to hurt her but i need to put myself first and ik if i stay with her it's gona hurt us both more. her parents know and love me which makes it so much h more harder. please tell me if you have any advice.
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2023.06.08 01:07 menaena127 i hate my manager

i have been at my job for a year now, i absolutely love it. i am trained in every postition and have made really good friends working there, but one of the managers has something against me. even as i worked just cleaning tables she always had a problem with something that i did, when i moved up to higher postition and had to work with her more she took every chance to belittle me. constantly complaining about my handwriting, that i was too soft spoken, and that she thinks i’m bad for the job. during december i started waiting tables, i was requested often because people liked me, they always told the owner of the restaurant about how nice and good i was, but that manager would always find something to try and get me in trouble. i would constantly play it off and laugh about it until yesterday. i only worked a morning shift and was supposed to stay till 5, that manager was also working a morning shift and at our job we have to pay for our food. i asked that manager if she was going to pay for her food or if it was coming out of her tips. she proceeded to call me stupid infront of customers and literally scream at me for asking her that when she was coming back to manage. it wasn’t on the schedule that she was going to manage if it was i wouldn’t of have asked. but that is my breaking point. as much as i love the job i can’t deal with being called stupid,useless,worthless, and just getting told how i’m not good at my job when i know that i am. im thinking of putting my two weeks notice in and it makes me quite sad saying that but i can’t deal with it anymore.
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2023.06.08 00:46 purple_amethyst95 Judgemental

A lot of people here are quick to judge. Yes there are a lot of people that should be blocked but some of you are immature and judge people. It's a form of slut shaming. I've been a victim of it stating I was going to go topless at the beach.
Just because some of us are more experimental or what have you doesn't mean we aren't real people.
If you don't like what someone has to say ignore them.
Everyone is different. Embrace it.
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