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No Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #NoBakken

2016.09.05 20:15 johnabbe No Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #NoBakken

This sub is for organizing to protect water, sacred sites, the climate, and more from the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's also about why we're opposing it, what we're for, who we are, how we're winning, the latest news, and perhaps most importantly, how you can get involved.

2023.03.29 15:12 yellowbellexx 35 [F4M] Helloooooo Davao

Me and my friend are in Davao and the next couple of days are pretty free and chill. Earlier today, we've had lots of seafoods already. Any suggestions where to go and what to try next? Open to hanging out too if we get along! 😊
Please be decent, nice and hopefully near my age. No, this is not an invitation to hookup. Thanks and HMU!! 😊
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2023.03.29 15:12 FRED44444 Can someone who knows anything about the grateful dead please tell me if they are in any way near as impactful as the beatles?

Yes I know music is subjective. Just curious. Stu's Beatles takes drive me CRAZY.
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2023.03.29 15:12 Lalune2304 Indian Marketplace Meesho doesn’t want me (male) to buy cute stationery [gendered]

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2023.03.29 15:12 Unusual_Lynx_2742 "We don't give subs keys here"

ok, so this is a first for me. My regular districts are on spring break so I picked up a day at a nearby school I am certified to work at but have not been to yet. The kicker is they don't give subs keys here, I get to my classroom door and the door is locked, I see I have no key, go back to ask for one.

the exchange went a little like this:

me: “hey my badge doesn’t have a key”
them *very annoyed* ”we don’t give our subs keys here”
me*confused* "the door is locked”
them ”well the sub's doors are always unlocked so they must have just missed yours”
The second sub who has been watching ”the doors are always locked I don’t know who told you they unlock them for us”
them ”well IF I were to give you a key you would have to bring it right back”
me ”ok you can come to unlock my door if you don’t like me having a key, I’ve just never been to a school that doesn’t give subs keys to the classrooms”
second sub*laughing*
me” I wasn’t planning on stealing a key”
me*geos to unlock my door set my stuff down and bring the key back*
them "oh good you brought it back we were really worried you wouldn't"
me "mmhmm"

I don't mind not having a key but the issue in the doors in the building only lock/unlock from the outside. the inside of the doors has no lock turn or keyhole so now the doors to my classroom are just unlocked. what if there was an emergency and I had to secure the classroom??? I have no way to do that. And it's not like I could get into the classroom then lock the doors again and prop them open as I do at other schools bc they specifically say to leave the doors unlocked. For context I work near Oxford Michigan(last year's oxford shooting) so I'm a little paranoid about safety but this seems like it's going to be a one-time job. have any of you been to a school like this?
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2023.03.29 15:11 Nobodysgonnaknoo I receive no emotional support from my husband and he always blames it on his depression

There’s never a good time to bring up my feelings. Literally never. When I talk about them, he tells me now isn’t a good time for one reason or another. I have even asked him to come to me to talk to me when it IS a good time and he never does.
He doesn’t emotionally validate me or offer any emotional support as a partner and he always blames it on his depression. How do I stay patient? I need love. I don’t get hugs unless I initiate, he doesn’t smile, he gets angry with me at the drop of a hat, he doesn’t take me out on dates, there is only cuddling. Even when I say nice things and initiate a sweet conversation, I can visually see him flinch and he doesn’t say anything back. I’m so alone. It wasn’t always like this, we’ve been together for nearly 7 years but this has been going downhill for the last three.
TL;dr I receive no emotional support from my 30M husband and he blames it on his depression (I’m F25)
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2023.03.29 15:10 rosie23x MUSTAFA YANIK ALI 🤬 👃🏼 botched

Botched nose 👃🏼 jobs
Hello all I think we need to collaboratively ‘out’ this in humane villain - leaving people with life shattering results with his inexperience, lack of care and just being an absolute POS. I am going to create an Instagram page - called THE REAL NOSE 👃🏼 and share all of my pre and post pics - please add your pics too and hashtag the scumbag with everything related to him - name, clinic, office address etc etc I have not slept all night crying at what he’s done to my face -looking for révision in 6-12 months time - so in the meantime I’ll be humiliated and feeling emotionally drained.
My experience was such a shambles and almost a circus show - him being the ring leader. Dancin and jumping around the bed when I was having my cast taken off! They quickly let me see my nose and I wasn’t sure and I panicked and then they quickly put on the next cast. Dr mohammed his ast took lots of photos but still hasn’t shared them with me I didn’t get a chance to take a photo
He made no 3D photos or sketches beforehand no reassurance of what to expect and how it will be - just a couple photos before op which he photoshopped on his phone side on and that was it I was under anaesthesia!!!! 😭😭😭😭 Still hasn’t given me the photos post op nearly a week later asking everyday Just basically botched and fobbed off I am traumatised to the point Where I think I’m gonna need antidepressant and a therapist 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Please please help in this project
I’ll post on internet too
How is this guy doing 900 ops per year ? We need to boycott him and get him struck off - Im going to contact every medical board and plastics governing dept to find out how he’s doing this???
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2023.03.29 15:10 yellowbellexx 35 [F4M] Hellooooo Davao

Me and my friend are in Davao and the next couple of days are pretty free and chill. Earlier today, we've had lots of seafoods already. Any suggestions where to go and what to try next? Open to hanging out too if we get along! 😊
Please be decent, nice and hopefully near my age. No, this is not an invitation to hookup. Thanks and HMU!! 😊
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2023.03.29 15:10 cryptopenguins800 Poly Penguin NFT on OpenSea Marketplace. Polygon blockchain NO GAS FEEs

Poly Penguin NFT on OpenSea Marketplace. Polygon blockchain NO GAS FEEs
We have a solid road map in place. 1. Complete one 3hr shift-4 days a month at Community Conservatories 2. Establishing a Unique Governing Council of Punk/Ape holders built from IRL relationships at IRL NFT meetups 3. Building website for “Volunteers near me” functionality. Buy-Trade-Hold your Poly Penguin NFT..
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2023.03.29 15:08 bby_demon00 Took my dog out to use the bathroom…

Shadow, my 115lbs german shepard, black lab mix, started to signal that she had to use the bathroom at about 1-1:15 am. Annoyed, because i was almost asleep; i got up, put a hoodie on and took her out with nothing but my phone for the flashlight.
She started to do the usual “sniff for 15 minutes just to go in the regular spot” routine. i had my flashlight on her because she is camouflaged by the night and i would like to know where she’s at so she doesn’t run off. just as she’s starting to use the bathroom, i turn away and notice someone. they’re standing at the very edge of my yard.
looking back at my dog, i noticed that she wasn’t paying attention to the person yet, so i called her to me and attached her leash. the person just stood there and watched me. i called out to them and said “you need to leave my yard” to which i got silence back. i cleared my throat and repeated myself, eventually attempting a third time just to change it to “don’t make me tell you again, you’re going to leave my yard”
just as my partner was coming outside to see the what the commotion was, they took a few steps forward (clearly intending to continue towards me), caught a glimpse of my partner, backpedaled, turned around and left. as confused as he was, i was in complete shock. (We’ve had to run this one person off of our property because they would bring their dog over to use the bathroom in our yard. but it wasn’t them, i’ve seen their face and it was not them)
they haven’t been back but right before that we did find footprints near our shed and windows of our home. genuinely unnerved. contacted the police and they didn’t do anything other than take a statement. been told it’ll go nowhere until physical harm/a break in happens.
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2023.03.29 15:08 BlackMetal146 MFTM Essential Albums #4: Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain

Genre: Post-Metal/Atmospheric Black Metal
Release Date: 8th August 2006
(Sputnikmusic - Kyle Ward)
“White as the falling snow…”
As much as I struggle to say it, Portland, Oregon’s genre-bending metal act Agalloch is, to put it quite bluntly, one of the most important and interesting metal bands in the world today. They take the concept of ambient black metal and put it to new heights with heavy incorporations of folk, post-rock, and a touch of doom. Indeed, their unique nature-themed entourages play out like a deeply depressing and rather hateful film, in which the listener is but a ghost in the background, looking onward into the flowing scene with nothing but transfixion and a calming bliss.
Their works are, for lack of a better word, epic. With extremely long track lengths and a seemingly endless horizon in placed in front of the listener the album flows with the utmost consistency and care. Agalloch even manage to lay out their strange concepts through daunting trilogies, each conveying a different feeling, a different scene, and a different sound. Often enough, one is shifted from a volley of melodic riffs and raspy vocals right into seven minutes of pure ambient, something which you certainly will notice right away. It’s not that this ambience is dragging or boring either, because what this silence and seemingly random noise signifies is something greater than that single track alone, it is part of an ever-weaving storyline taking place from the moment you begin to listen to the album.
“…Black as our citadels burned against the sky”
Enter Agalloch’s latest, Ashes Against The Grain. Coming off of their last album, The Mantle, they change things up. While The Mantle was breathing post-rock, Ashes Against The Grain brings Agalloch back into more of a metal-oriented sound, something which I really enjoy, seeing how much Agalloch excels at making some of the darkest and most solemn metal songs ever laid down. The album structure tells something of the coming story, as do the lyrics and they way they are ordered and placed in the book that comes with the album. From the deeply peaceful yet haunting opener “Limbs” to the grandiose closing trilogy “Our Fortress Is Burning…”. The descent into chaos from the opening to the closing of this album is certainly noticeable with the lyrical content as well as the overall mood which is lingering in each song.
“Fall away from me to that citadel at the end of time…”
The opening five tracks set the stage, being some of the best and most interesting songs Agalloch has ever written. In these songs, the use of John Haughm’s black metal rasps are more prevalent than anything since Agalloch’s brilliant Pale Folklore, and being a metal fan it certainly appeals more than the clean vocals. Although the use of the black metal vocals are more widespread, there isn’t anything to stop Agalloch from using the strangely distant and melodic clean vocals, which are actually used to a more appealing effect. Whether it be to add some desperation and sadness to “Falling Snow” or to open up the brilliant “Not Unlike The Waves”, the use of these clean vocals are much more well-placed and more appealing than what was used on The Mantle.
Nature-oriented themes abound, the very woodsy and bleak atmosphere is only heightened by the lyrical content, which speaks much of animals, mainly birds. It seems with this album that the theme of birds is used to a larger extent than one may see upon first listen, because on nearly every track there is a reference to the animal, making it a very large part of the overall story to the album. Whether it be with the transfixing album art or the brilliant and bizarre lyrics, Agalloch work well with a certain theme, and can build an entire storyline and 60 minutes worth of music around it.
Drumming and guitars play a lead part in the creation of the ambience and depressed atmosphere, and there are enough great drum fills and guitar riffs to please any fan of either instrument. Along with electric guitars, Agalloch play the acoustic guitar in a role which is right at the forefront, something which I know Agalloch does a lot, because they realize the great potential it has with making each song have its own identity. It’s because of this shuffling of instruments and computer-aided ambient effects that this album seems so fresh and original to listen to, whether it be the first time you’ve heard the album or the 20th time. Acoustic riffs like in “Fire Above, Ice Below” or “Limbs” bring so much livelihood and feel to the song it’s hard not to notice. Usually accompanying these acoustic riffs are heavy, chugging and downright melodic guitar leads which give the song its identity and take it through it’s often lengthy runtime. Constantly changing to new riffs which are just as good, if not better than the last one which was played.
What does all this change add up to? Songs which build to epic and jaw-dropping climaxes of riffs, emotionally-tainted vocals and thundering double bass, before drifting off either slowly or abruptly into a world of cold, still darkness. The swinging of moods within each song goes simply unrivaled with anything Agalloch has written to date.
“Charred birds escape from the ruins and return as cascading blood…”
Aside from the first five tracks, the album has another, more connected set of songs which draws the album to it’s peak, and then drags it down into the abyss. The “Our Fortress Is Burning…” trilogy consists of three parts, the first of which is untitled, the second of which is entitled “Bloodbirds”, and the finale which is called “The Grain”. It’s like a culmination of everything which was laid down during the first part of the album, with calming acoustic melodies, ripping black metal vocals and melodic riffs, and bleak ambience.
Firstly, we have the song which eases the listener into a sort of lull before what I see as the climax of the entire album. “Our Fortress Is Burning…I” consists of nothing more than acoustic and electric guitar riffs which are introduced here but continue on throughout the rest of the trilogy. Ending with what sounds like nothing more than bizarre noise, the slow acoustic strumming slowly fades off into the background.
As the next part, “Our Fortress Is Burning…II- Bloodbirds” is introduced you know right off the bat this song is going places. The acoustic guitars and the eerie electric guitars slowly build up before an extremely captivating and melodic guitar riff takes the attention of the listener. Coming to an intensely emotional and hateful climax about 4:00 into the song, we heard John Haughm desperately crying to seemingly nobody:
The God of man is a failure Our fortress is burning, against the grain of the shattered sky The God of man is a failure
Indeed this marks the pinnacle of both emotion and sheer songwriting ability, because after this point, the album slowly fades, as the fortress of your mind continues to burn.
What meets us afterwards is "Our Fortress Is Burning…III- The Grain". This is almost like the point of no return, a journey into the depths of something like a war-torn land or even the depths of the human psyche, with nothing but extremely bizarre, yet fitting, ambient tones droning over and over again into the listeners thoughts. As terrible as it may sound, this track will probably end up captivating you in its complexity and sheer insanity. However, all falls silent as the white noise fades away…
“…And all of our shadows are Ashes Against The Grain…”
Discussion Ideas:
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2023.03.29 15:07 another2one I'm afraid of time.

Ten hours of my life 5 days a week is dedicated to a job I care so little about.
My life thesedays is finding time.. finding energy. To read, to wash the dishes, to put away the clothes, to brush my cat, to cook, to code, to read for learning, to read for leisure, to travel, to maintain health, to exercise, to brush my teeth, to sleep, to socialise.
3.5 years in this country. I expected a group of friends by now. There's the people here and there but so many has left. So few has stayed. Im not... alone; I run a book club, some D&D games, I have a man that keeps my bed warm. Yet it still feels kinda... meaningless; just a motion in the breeze.
My cat is turning 2 soon... God where has the time passed? Its been nearly a year since I adopted him already? I've barely gotten time with him.
Its nearly a year since I graduated, so what do I have to show for it? I will be going on a trip for twenty days. Lots of spending. So when I return, nearly a month would be gone and no real progression in my life. Dont get me wrong, I want this. I am so excited. I need this to keep away the mental darkness. With these spendings, my bank account has been stagnant. My plan was +7000USD at the end of the work contract. After slaving all those hours, that's all I have to show for it. Damn, getting some dental procedures will zap through that.
Im so young, yet so acutely aware of time. It's not about aging (not yet anyways). I practise gratefulness yet the discontentment is there, imprinted on my brain.
How long will it take for me to save up enough to get a second degree? How many more hours do I have to slave during the degree and after? When do I get the part where I live my life?
I feel like I should be more productive to fight time; not being on Reddit and all this other BS. Every passing day I feel I fail that. I fail to be more productive.
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2023.03.29 15:07 Downtown_Row_4051 Tired of having to disproportionately over-prepare just to not lose things.

Got locked out then house about 4 times in the span of two months because i forgot my keys. There’s a hook right next to the door for my keys, and even though i make it a point to put my keys away as SOON as i get in the door, guess who still forgets to?
And yesterday I lost my apple pencil. I’m so upset because that’s basically all I do all day, kind of. I also run a comic and art account, and I need an apple pencil to do my work. I use drawing to help me get through the day. I can draw traditionally but it’s way more limited than drawing digitally.
All it takes is literally ONE second to mess up your whole day or upcoming days, weeks, etc.
I hate that I have to make things require as minimal effort as possible just so I don‘t lose things. I feel if putting them in a bowl near the door is easier since hanging them on a hook takes more steps and more work. But it really isn’t, I just have to make everything insanely easy to function
I’m tired of having to over-prepare for everything, KNOWING i’m 3 steps ahead and I still end up forgetting or losing something.
Literally every morning I panic because I’m worried I forgot something important, and it I forget something in the morning at least 3x a week.
I try to prepare the night before, but there’s still things that don’t even cross my mind to get ready the night before. I tried to make a step by step checklist/routine, but I couldn’t stick to using it. Or i forget to use’s so frustrating.
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2023.03.29 15:04 vynomer Granular Respeccing

After reading a few other comments, I think it's important to have a post dedicated to informing everyone that respeccing in Diablo 4 can be granular. You can remove a point from a skill by selecting the skill and pushing a button to remove that skill, or a point from that skill. For me, on PC, I left click a skill to add a point, but if I right click a skill, I remove that point. And the cost to remove skills one at a time seems considerably cheaper than the commensurate cost of pushing the respec button underneath the skill tree.

Respeccing point by point does have a restriction that you can't remove points from a skill higher in the tree if that would break something lower in the tree. For example, if I spent exactly two points in my basic skills, say a skill and the single passive that supports it, then I couldn't remove any of those points to redo my basic skills to be something else.
If I want to change my basic skill, I could remove 2 skill points from the end of my tree, maybe one of my passives near the ultimate section of the tree, then place those 2 points into a different basic skill. Then, I could remove the points I placed in the original basic skill (starting with the passive support skill for that basic skill — you can't unlearn a skill if it has the support passives, as that would break your tree). Finally, if I still wanted that passive I took the points out of, I can now put them back in.

It might take a bit of minigaming the skill tree, and I recognize that can be a hassle on its own. But with a little care and patience, swapping skills out without completely respeccing is completely viable.
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2023.03.29 15:03 ChooChooPower Told OpenChatGPT to write a rap battle between The Undertaker and Jim Ross.

Verse 1: The Undertaker I'm the Deadman, the Phenom, the man with no fear I've been in this game for over three decades, it's clear I've faced the best, from Hogan to Stone Cold I've buried them all, their careers put on hold
Verse 2: Jim Ross Now hold up there, Taker, let's not forget I've been calling your matches since the day we met I know your moves, your tricks, your every play I've seen you win and I've seen you lose, day by day
Verse 3: The Undertaker You may know my moves, but you're just a commentator I'm the one in the ring, the one who's greater I've got the Tombstone, the Chokeslam, and the Last Ride You can talk all you want, but you can't match my stride
Verse 4: Jim Ross You may be the Deadman, but I'm the voice of the WWE I've called the greatest moments, from WrestleMania to TLC I've seen legends rise and fall, but I'm still standing tall You can try to bury me, but I'll never fall
Verse 5: The Undertaker You may be the voice, but I'm the legend in the ring I've got the streak, the power, and the deadly sting I've faced the best, and I've come out on top You can try to beat me, but you'll never make me stop
Verse 6: Jim Ross You may be the legend, but I've got the mic I can make or break you with just one strike I've got the power to make the crowd go wild You can try to bury me, but I'll always be the king of the aisle
Verse 7: The Undertaker You may have the mic, but I've got the power I can take you down in just one hour I've got the strength, the speed, and the will to win You can try to beat me, but you'll never break my skin
Verse 8: Jim Ross You may be the Deadman, but I'm still alive I've got the heart, the soul, and the drive I'll keep calling your matches, and I'll keep you in line You can try to bury me, but I'll always shine
Verse 9: The Undertaker You may have the heart, but I've got the soul I'll keep coming at you, until you lose control I've got the power to end this battle, once and for all You can try to beat me, but I'll always stand tall
Verse 10: Jim Ross You may have won this battle, but I'll win the war I'll keep calling your matches, and I'll never be ignored I'm the voice of the WWE, and I'll always be here You may be the Deadman, but I'll always be near.
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2023.03.29 15:02 soft_goddess I met my partner over Valorant

This is my first post on reddit, I am still trying to figure things out and have no clue how anything on here works. Also, I wanna apologize upfront for my English, - it's not my mother tongue and I am still learning. So if you find any typos: I'm sorry!
I wanna tell you guys on how I met my SO. I am really really insanely proud of that story (if I can say it like this?) and I am always so happy when I'm able to share it. And I kinda thank Valorant for that as well, cus that's the game on where we met. It maybe sounds cringe for some people (weird e-daters yknow) but I just wanna share our story to show others that a LDR is possible.
August '22 I've decided to play a quick round of Unrated at night. Usually I never queue up Unrated and I still don't know why I've decided to play it, - yet I did. I was never a friend of using voicechat in Valorant because 90% of when I started talking, the dishwasher-comments would run me over. So, I was kinda scared and tried to hold myself back and mostly communicated in the chat or over pings. I've locked in Raze - an agent that I never really played - and was already worried about the comments that I'd maybe get for my shitty gameplay. It was Fracture as a map and I already noticed that 2 out of 3 grenades from me would flop somehow back to my team instead of the group of enemies on site. I was just so bad in throwing them.
At the end of the second or third round - we were defending - it was only me and our Jett alive. The Jett was called "Say Ara Ara" and in my head I was already a bit worried of communicating because my first thoughts were: perhaps a Jett-main, knows what he is doing, will flame me when I'm playing bad. So I just tried to play retake with him, threw my grenade into the enemies, it bounces off the ceiling and strikes directly my Jett and he dies. I. Felt. So. Shit. But also, I couldn't stop laughing behind my PC. The same time I decided to apologize in VC and told him calmly "I'm sorry, it was an accident, I am not playing Raze often". And then he started speaking and told me, it was probably on purpose and he is mad at me. And that moment this man started in voicechat, in such a humorous way, I was already so reliefed and happy. He was probably the first person I've discovered in voicechat to be nice to me and we literally talked the entire game with each other. Mainly about the game.
After the game ended I was secretly hoping for him to add me, because it has been a while that I enjoyed Valorant this much and I only played solo most of the time. And I've waited for a few minutes or so and haven't gotten and friend requests yet. First I thought: "Oh, maybe he didn't enjoy playing with me" or "Maybe I interpreted it all wrong" and I nearly let those thoughts win. So I just decided to add him myself. And he accepted, nearly immediately. And we've kept on playing.
For nearly two weeks straight we f'ed up sleep schedule. We went to work from 8:00 - 16:30, got home & played until 4:00 in the morning, just to rest for few hours and continue going to work. Not gonna lie, it drained me, but it was the best expierence ever.
This has now been a few months ago. We've met the first time in person in October (he is from the Netherlands, I am from Germany - we're seperated from each other by over 580km) and in four days, on the first of April, he will move in with me. It's really weird but also just such a nice feeling. We've also decided to get a Fracture-tattoo (the coordinates from the map) since that was the map we've met each other on.
I totally get if people are weirded out by it, even say "Yo, shit's going way too fast, dis weird" but I know I've never been more happier in my life than I am right now. And this all because some short Unrated-match in Valorant. And since that moment we started playing together, it has always been the game where we feel home and I enjoy the game even more since then.
So, to all "e-daters" out there: it's possible! And I wish everyone the best. Thank you for listening. <3
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2023.03.29 15:02 Striking-Rich5626 Any tips for taming budgies?

I have got a new (6 cute baby) budgies nearly 3 weeks ago. I some stuff on taming them which says let them adapt for 2 weeks and then out you hands inside without catching them just put them inside. But it’s been a week and they are still afraid of me. And 2 of them (1 is more but the he second one as well) bites me a lot and it is quite painful. Any tips for taming and bonding with them?
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2023.03.29 15:01 anathebelle Prompt: [F4M] Welcome to the Lavender Salon

The building is just another beautiful house in the suburbs, perhaps not what you were expecting, but then businesses like this were to be expected once the laws changed. Still, as you step out of your car its undeniable how the white façade and glass doors look like every other spa and salon in the area – with polished stones atop gravel leading you to the front entrance, flowers, a koi pond.
Stepping through the doors you enter a luxurious lounge with eggshell walls, modern couches, and huge glass windows that look out onto the serene gardens. The only pop of colour is a lavender wall behind the reception, adorned by a signed in ornate polish steel lettering that reads The Lavender Salon. But what’s even more eye-catching is the petite brunette sitting behind the reception with the beaming smile.
“Hi! Do you have an appointment?” she says in a chirpy tone and a huge, warm smile. Her long hair is pulled into a high, dead-straight ponytail and she’s wearing a white, tight-fitting masseuses tunic. Her nails are long and, you guessed it, polished white.
“Um, no booking,” you reply, before handing her the card. “But, I do have a gift certificate.”
“Oh, not a problem at all, I’m sure we have some vacancies. Let’s see here…” she says, checking the card and entering the serial number on the iMac in front of her. “Perfect, that’s one session. Have you visited us before?”
You shake your head. “No… I’ve never been to a… place like this before.”
Her eyes go wide, lighting up and her lips pull into a devilish smirk. “Well…” she says, before slowly standing up. You realize that her tunic is skin-tight and short enough to show of her long, bare legs. Even in heels, she still tiny. “My name is Ariana and let me be the first one to welcome you to Lavender, the premier blowjob salon in the city. As this is your first visit, I’d love to run your though our services. Why don’t you have a seat right there? Can I get you a drink? Coffee, champagne?”
“Some water?” you say, following her outstretched hand towards one of the plush sofas.
“Of course.” She disappears for a second, before returning with a chilled bottle of Perrier and a iced glass on a silver platter, which places on the glass coffee table in-front of you. She turns and skips to the reception desk, glancing back over her shoulder at you with a giggle, before she grabs an iPad and returns to sit on the edge of the adjacent sofa.
“So, our salon strives to offer the highest quality of personal attention. We cater to every taste and every blowjob fantasy our clients might have. Lavender girls are experts in the art of fellatio – your desire, is their pleasure…” She looks up from the iPad and leans in a little, her tone getting softer. “To be honest with you, these girls are here because they love what they do, that’s what separates us from the competition.”
“And unlike our competition,” she goes on. “We charge a flat rate per session, all inclusive. That’s one hour a session. Any longer automatically activates a second session – not that we have had anyone last longer than an hour, right!” She giggles, before swiping on the iPad. “Anyway, while you can come in for a single session, we have several options for a monthly membership in case you want to come in a couple of times a week… or every day. The Premium Membership allows you to come in as much as you like, and it also has the special feature of allowing you to message the girls via our app. We also offer group specials… bachelor parties and such, you know?”
“Speaking of our app, this is the best way to use our service. Here you can see which girls are available, check for any updates or specials, we have events several times a month too, and you can make your booking of course and other things like request outfits” she explains, glancing up with a smile. She stands and moves to your couch, sitting down beside you. She holds the iPad so you both can see. She smells like vanilla.
“Here is the fun part,” she says. On the screen is an image carousel of gorgeous woman, yet the pictures are tasteful – a smiling headshot and a posed full-body shot for each girl. “Here is where you pick your fellatrix. We currently have fourteen girls on staff, including yours truly,” she says with a pouty smirk. “However, as you don’t have a booking, there are currently XX girls available. You’ll see each girl has a star rating. It’s like Uber, you know? And once you are a member, you’ll get one too. So… why don’t you take this and see if who catches your eye, and I’ll get you set up on our system in the meantime?”
“Thank you,” you reply as she hands you the iPad and slowly rises to her feet. You watch her walk away, noticing the length of that tiny little tunic again. It barely covers her butchers. You take a breath and look back at the iPad. You see the row of images for the girls marked as available and click on the first one.
Star rating: 4.83
Age: 26
For big boob lovers! Nicole is a busty brunette with green eyes, and tanned, silky skin. She is fun and sexy, and the type of girl that would get along with all your friends. One of our most skilled ladies, Nicole knows her way around a big member. You’ll melt when she wraps her big, perfectly round breasts around you and goes to town. Our resident size-queen, she loves big cocks because it lets her pull out her signature move: the tit-job/blowjob combo. Bliss!
Specialty: Titty-Fucking Fun!
Likes: Big cocks & Facials
Star rating: 4.76
Age: 22
The sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. The curvy, blue-eyed, platinum-blonde is a preacher’s daughter and knows all about manners – please and thank you! Her curves are all natural and loves getting her pillowy breasts out. She might giggle and blush but, trust us, she loves nothing more than a big mouthful. Whisper naughty nothings to her and she will be your sweetheart forever.
Specialty: Cuteness overload!
Likes: Head pats
Star rating: 4.99
Age: 37
You know the fit girl in the gym, usually on the treadmill with the tight booty and bouncing ponytail? That’s our Lana. Petite and toned, there is not an ounce of body-fat her body. With dark hair, dark eyes, and plush lips, our resident yummy mummy means business. Don’t let her size fool you, Lana could crack a walnut between her thighs, so hold tight because once she starts, there’s no stopping her. Forget all you know about MILFS.
Specialty: Stamina and speed!
Likes: Protein
Star rating: 4.54
Age: 19
Former Cheerleader and the newest Levander girl, Alexis is bubbly and bratty and has no gag reflex. Seriously, none – we checked. With her banging body, honey-blonde hair and love of shiny things, you might think she would be spending more time on Instagram than working at our humble salon, and you’d be right… did we mention she has no gag reflex? So, if you can handle her spicy attitude, you can find out why she was the most popular girl in her high school. Seriously, can someone shut this girl up?
Specialty: Deepthroating, like… duh!
Likes: Getting spoiled
Star rating: 4.90
Exotic, luxurious, sultry… these are the words we would use to describe Jade. With a mixture of Colombian and Russian heritage, Jade is raven-haired, caramel-skinned beauty with brown eyes and a sensual mouth. But her gorgeous looks and South American booty are not the only thing Jade has going for her – she has serious skills at making toes curl. Oh, and she has a really long tongue, so use your imagination.
Specialty: The longest tongue in the West
Likes: Ass play
Hey guys,
Hope you liked my prompt… it blew up a bit and took way longer than I expected, but I think this could be fun. So, let’s say after weed became legal, sex work followed shortly thereafter and some kind friend gave you a gift certificate to this lovely and very professional establishment.
So, anyone strike your fancy?
Ariana is working front desk today, so I’m afraid she is not available. But if we click as roleplay partners and we get stuck in, I’m sure you will get a chance to unlock more girls. But for now, whoever you pick, I’ll play in first-person and if we do continue, I can switch characters later. We can play around with it and have some fun. Also, there is an option to book two girls on the app, or more, and you can add another during a session… for a higher price of course. Did Ariana mention that?
So, is it all blowjobs? Well, that’s the business model, that’s what pay for and that’s what you can expect. That’s what the girls are paid for, but let’s see how you get along with them. The girls are different and like different things, so… use your imagination. Tips not included.
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2023.03.29 15:01 Modernwastesolution Book Waste Consulting & Battery Disposal Near me in Sacramento

Waste and recycling companies provide a wide range of services, including Battery Disposal, biodegradable bag recycling, and yard waste pickup. For those who need help disposing of bulky items such as furniture or appliances, these companies also offer disposal bins for rent. Contact Us: 916-339-3676
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2023.03.29 15:00 RGRahulTheGreat Two parents’ illnesses ruined the last 2 years of my life.

I’ve never vented online b4 but my life has never been worse so I thought maybe this would help a little.
Quick intro about myself. I turned 20 two weeks ago. I’m a Nepalese guy living in Hong Kong as a second-year University of London student studying in an HK university building. I‘ve never really been great at studies, just average at best most of the time.
Since I‘m living in HK, the most expensive place to live in the world, I decided not to move out after getting into uni. My father welcomed me to stay. I was pretty excited and nervous about the new school year as I knew it would not be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for me, the first school year would be a lot harder than I thought, and for the wrong reason.
The first week actually went okay. I had already learnt some of the things I learnt in the first lesson years before though the same couldn’t be said for some of my classmates.
Then the second week was when trouble started. I live in a two-bedroom apartment. I lived with my father, mother and a domestic helper. I used to sleep in one of the bedrooms and share it with our helper while my parents took the other room. That all changed after my father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare type of bone cancer, back in 2017. This made his already weak immune system(as he often got sick for some reason, usually with the flu every year even after taking a flu jab) even weaker. Like most cancers, there was no logical explanation for the cause of this unlike some such as lung cancer which can be caused by excessive smoking and drinking. Therefore, he told my mom she could no longer sleep together with him as she rarely took showers(I’ll explain the reason for this later) and he would be more likely to get sick if he had to sleep with someone as dirty as her. She then demanded she take one of the beds of the bunk bed in my room. Being the good son that I am, I offered to sleep in the living room on a mattress so she could sleep in my room and the helper wouldn’t have to sleep elsewhere. I was fine with it at first until the second week of school.
In the first week of school, I had no trouble sleeping. That changed in the second week though. In the second week, on some of the days, she would watch TV until 2, 3 or even 4 am. I couldn’t sleep with all the noise. Then on the days when I didn’t have school in the morning, I would wake up at 11am. So basically I would waste nearly half the day doing nothing at all. I told my mom she was disturbing but she wouldn’t listen. I said before she rarely took any showers. The reason for all of her unreasonable actions is because she’s schizophrenic. Yes, another parent with a rare illness.
If I try to reason with her, she won’t listen. If I rebel a bit, she becomes violent. Apparently, the chances of coming across a schizophrenic being violent is very rare.
Risk of getting multiple myeloma in US: 0.76%
Schizophrenia in the world: 0.7%
Chances of meeting violent schizophrenics in the world: 0.7%x23%
Chances of knowing at least one with multiple Myloma and one with schizophrenia: 0.76%x0.7%
Chances of knowing at least one with multiple Myloma and one violent schizophrenic: 0.76%x0.7%x23%
One of the many violent incidents happened long before I was born. My parents got into an argument which led to my mom throwing glass at my dad which hit right above the eyes. He could have been blinded for life.
Anyway, the whole sleeping issue ended after I bought some earplugs with money I got from the government as voucher to boost spending for the economy. I even bought a Logitech Crayon for studies as the school had gone back to online class due to the Covid situation in HK. I struggled a lot without the crayon. My dad again wouldn’t buy one for me so I had to do it myself later on. I didn’t get any pocket money so I had to wait for the voucher. My studies improved a lot but it wasn’t enough.
Unfortunately, by the time I got the crayon and the earplugs, it was still way too late for me to catch up in all of the school subjects. A school year normally lasts 9 months. I basically did nothing for at least 5 months. In the final exam, I failed 2 half-courses and 1 full-course. Though I did just enough to be able to start my second year without having to repeat my first one. I could have chosen to repeat or even stretch out my learning to a total of 4 years instead of 3 but I didn’t as I wanted to finish ASAP. I didn’t want to stay with my mom for long.
After my exams, I tried to study for the retake. My dad’s situation got so bad that he could no longer work, move by himself or even use the toilet without my help. I spent a lot of time taking care of him until he passed away on 31st August 2022, a few days before my second year of school started. Then for the whole of September, I had to spend a lot of time preparing for and attending my dad’s funeral, numerous prayers, the cremation and a bunch of other work. Then, starting in October, I had 1 month left to study for retake so I barely studied for anything new I had learnt in September and October for the second year. The same could be said for September. I had to do the retake online on an exam portal which wasn’t working a few days before and on the days of the exam. I wasted my last few study days on trying to fix it, calling the school in HK, London. I eventually fixed it 1 hour after one of the exams had already started. By then I was fed up with everything that had happened: my mom disturbing me at night, my dad refusing to help me and fixing the exam portal so I cheated for one of the exams. I got caught of course. I failed the other one again. I only started seriously studying the new things in November. I still haven’t caught up yet. There’s another retake in addition to the one I had failed which I will do in the same month as the second year exams. I will do the retake I failed one more time.
In late December, my domestic helper became sick as she had stomach ulcer. She needed to do surgery. She said she wanted to have it in Nepal as she wanted to be close to her family so me and mom let her. It’s been two months and she hasn’t come back. The recovery time is normally 4-6 weeks. The last time she contacted me or my mom was on 7 Jan. I don’t know why she hasn‘t been replying to any of my message. I saw her being online a few times on fb messenger which I used to contact her. The last time being 12 Feb this year. Since she left, me and mom have been eating out almost every single day. And by eating out, I mean that I go out to buy takeout and bring them back home so she doesn’t have to leave the apartment, wasting more of my precious time.. One of my mom’s sisters does most of the shopping for us now that our helper is gone. Though most of the time, she isn’t very nice, to us at least, just like most of the people on my mother’s side of the family. She lies, gets jealous of us easily and can be stingy at times. She lied about my mom lending money to my dad a few weeks after he had passed away. She used to be jealous of my mom because of the wonderful husband she had. But then again, I‘m sure anyone would envy someone who doesn’t do anything but has a wonderful spouse who does everything. Meanwhile, her sister has a husband who doesn’t work or do much around in the apartment while she is the sole earner and she does all of the housework. The only upsides her husband has is that he’s a nice guy and he has a lot of friends who could be useful. Lawyers, politicians etc.
Lastly, since my dad didn’t have enough time to write a will, so nearly everything that he owned automatically went or will go to my mom, being the “loving” wife. She doesn’t deserve a single cent. For one, he paid off many of her debts when they met. He also paid for land in Nepal which she kept in only her name instead of their names together and her education. Three Master’s degrees worth of money. She studied English, English Literature and Political Science. What a waste of money! For one, she doesn’t even work so what’s the point of having them. She can’t communicate in English properly as she’s always making grammatical mistakes. Her English is worse than that of a primary school student. Third, I don’t even know how she even got a degree, let alone 3! She used to plagiarize a lot, copying and pasting things she finds on the Internet and using the information and citing it as her own. To make things worse, she couldn’t even do it herself! She couldn‘t bother to learn how to do copy and paste commands on the computer so my dad had to do it for her. In addition, she never did anything nice for him such as defending him from her horrible family members. As a normal person and an accounting an finance student, I find trusting an adult who doesn’t even know how to do simple 1st grade mathematics with a lot of money very baffling and insulting.
I’m hoping that I’ll easily finish my education, get a good job, leave my mom for good and never see her again, find a nice girl(not like my mom), settle down, have kids and avoid awkward questions from them like “Hey dad, mom has parents which we often see. Why haven’t we seen yours yet?”
I still have yet to catch up on what I’ve learnt in the second year and the first.
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2023.03.29 14:58 rodsart Do we know when the Afton's got divorced?

I was thinking about something after watching the timeline videos. Do we know exactly when the Afton's got divorced, or if they were together at all in the games? We never see William inside his house or interacting with his children directly outside of Midnight Motorist, and I'll get to that in a bit. That fact let me thinking, did this all started with a battle for costudy? Maybe William wasn't allowed to see his children or something.
We know William had cameras all over the place, so he's really paranoid about something. In the sister location TV Show, the vampire keeps saying the baby isn't his, so maybe Mrs Afton was having an affair and they divorced at some point.
I know maybe it is a stretch, but think about it. William talks with the crying child through a plushy. When he interacts with Elizabeth, we know it's somewhere outside the house because of Baby. And we never see William and Michael interact directly at all.
Which leads me to say that maybe all the kidnapping of children device on the animatronics was supposed to be for him to get his children back.
With that in mind, I think the Midnight Motorist's character isn't William, but Mrs Afton affainew boyfriend. That would explain the animatronic footprints outside the window. William came to get his last child.
I know there is some problems with this. Why would he tell Elizabeth not to go near Baby if the plan was actually for her to be kidnapped by the robot? I don't know, honestly. I just thought it was a neat detail that could help to see things in other angles.
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2023.03.29 14:57 Throwawaycoshesonit Why won't he marry me.

Throwaway cos he knows my reddit.
I know this sounds super crazy and pathetic but anyway.
Me 29f and boyfriend 29m have been together nearly 11 years. We have a child together and started living together a week into our relationship.
I have always told him how much I want to be married. He knows how important it is to me.
Every holiday birthday vacation I wait hoping this will be the one where he proposes evrytime I'm disappointed. This year alone 7 of our friends have gotten engaged. The real kicker my best friend got engaged yesterday to her boyfriend of 2 years.
I know it's sad and pathetic but my god I bawled my eyes out. I am so jealous I know I have no right to be but I can't stop.
Our relationship has had some very hard lows but we always wither the storm. We have talked about marragie and he always has a new excuse. I think I know at this point that it is never going to happen.
I am grieving the life I thought I would have. I just can't shake the idea of some one loving me enough to plan and implement a proposal. We had our kid young 21. I didn't get the fairytale excitement of been pregnant which I get he was terrified. I didn't have anyone to share the excitement of when baby started to kick or when I bought clothes or blankets or anything really he just wasn't excited. And now I will never no the feeling of someone loving me enough to say this one right here is who I want to spend the rest of my life with.
I'm just heartbroken
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2023.03.29 14:57 RelativeAd3172 I just had an interview with an owner. She asking me tons of questions about me and she would brush of some of my questions. I am not sure what opinion even to have ?? I was taken by surprise and answered some questions that’s perhaps I didn’t want.

There were both of them(owner and team leader).
At first they let me ask few questions, they say they didn’t get my questions.
And each one of them suggested how they understood what I meant.
I said that yeah both of you got it right.
Owner, I didn’t like the way you asked questions, you need to be clear, can you ask again?
So I did. They kind of answered
Let me summarise how it went:
Questions I asked:
  1. You usually work with self employed employees ? What type of taxing system most of your employees use? While I be working as an intern, will we sign a contract as if I am self employed or other system?
( this question sounds loaded, I guess it makes more sense in my language)
Answered them, but at first owner suggested She pays me “not officially” , I said I didn’t like it and she agree to make a contract as if I was self employed.
Questions she asked :
You are registered as self employed? What were you doing? Where did you get money to get started? How did you support yourself? Do you live with you parents? When you completed a course, what did you do months in between? Asking about my business before, what I was doing , how many hours I was working? What exactly I was doing? Why did I choose to complete higher education? How did I get money for my business? Etc in which city I live and near which metro station (apparently she lives in the same area, ugh) what’s I was between this and that time? Etc
My question: You mentioned earlier I am getting 5% of a every deal, on average how much is it?
Owner brushed it off, and named how much agency is getting on average?
Then I asked with company , will I be signing a contract with? Owner said: with one of the two companies I have. I asked the names of a company, she said we will send in chat. They didn’t..
Also during interview, they would turn camera off and only one would be left to communicate with .
I was taken by surprise and I answered most of the questions. If I was them who I am now I would have not answered most the questions and gave general answers ,maybe made stuff up. She said they will interview some more people and come back to be if they are ready for internship. ( when she said that she had a smile and it didn’t feel sincere, like she was just add to value)
Honestly they don’t pay that well the only reason I wanted to join is because of knowledge and experience I could get. I am considering positions in other companies. Anyone had similar experience? Do you it’s worth giving a shot , would you if you had similar experience? How common is it to be like that? Thoughts?
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