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One man's trash is another man's propagation

2017.11.09 22:25 iamactuallyfood One man's trash is another man's propagation

A place where propagate-able plants are given a second chance at life

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SFW Fanart of 2D Girls in High School

2023.03.29 14:23 IllustriousYoghurt39 New relationship (M39 F35). Female shared the desire to be “owned” by her man

I’m a upper 30s guy and recently started seeing a woman I am totally enamored by. We click on every level, the sex is great, we talk for hours, lots of laughs, it’s really hard to ask for more. When discussing exclusivity and moving the relationship to the next level, she has repeatedly talked about her desire to be “owned” or to “belong to” a man. She said, sexually, it’s an arousing feeling, but that notion also elevates the relationship (for her) in general (e.g. feeling safe, etc.). I’ve dated a lot, but this is new to me. I’d be grateful if any of you ladies could shed more light on this desire to be a guy’s property. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 14:23 Born_Development8585 How do I make folders private?

Before anyone loses their mind, I’m not opposed to sharing my music or anything, anyone is free to message me and trade.
I pay a lot of $$$$$$ to get my hands on the tapes I own and I’d like to trade my music not give it away.
Does anyone know how I can lock my folders?
Again I’m not a gatekeeper, if you have music to trade I will trade with you no questions asked….
I want my folders to be seen in searches so people who are willing to trade can find them easily and get in contact with me I just want them padlocked.
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2023.03.29 14:22 ASS_MASTER_GENERAL Going to a cosmetic derm soon, what should I ask for?

28 years old, been losing since 17. I’m on 200mg Spiro, presumably it’s doing something since my progress would probably be worse after nearly 12 years but it’s certainly not a cure.
Also, not sure I’m comfortable nuking my T for eternity. My doctor says it “only works on the skin” and shouldn’t have any muscular or mental effects, but when you see transgender women grow entire boobs from nothing on the same dose I’m on… seems pretty systemic to me.
I haven’t had great results with Minox so I stopped using it. To be fair, I’ve never been very consistent about using it daily, mainly because it makes my hair look like shit. Since my goal is to not make my hair look like shit, this is a bit counterintuitive. I’ve tried both formulations and unless I use a tiny amount on wet hair and then blow dry, it looks greasy and crunchy. I’m not sure whether I’m a minox responder or not based on my inconsistency, despite using it every couple days for a few years.
Similarly, ketaconazole dries the fuck out of my hair and doesn’t seem worth the tiny boost.
Other than that I haven’t really been using anything recently. I have a microneedling device but not sure if using it without minox will do much. I use hair fibers and take vitamin D. That’s pretty much it.
I have only gone to endocrinologists in the past and have been refused finasteride or any other hormonal treatment by multiple doctors due to being female…. even though they’re already giving me a teratogenic drug and I have an IUD… it makes no sense and is extremely frustrating.
I’m open to oral minox — I have dark hair and pale skin, so facial and body hair removal is already a constant battle, but I’m at least used to it…..
I’m hoping that a cosmetic derm might offer some alternative options, especially because the visit will be covered by insurance, since my PCP referred me. But there’s a good chance they’re just going to try to upsell me on PRP, given I’ve already tried the “standard” stuff. I just started making good money but not sure I’m comfortable going that far yet, that shit is ridiculously expensive. What should my plan of action be going into this visit?
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2023.03.29 14:22 ourpseudonym As Interest Rates Rose, Banks Did a Balance-Sheet Switcheroo (Available For Sale -> Held To Maturity)

Original article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/as-interest-rates-rose-banks-did-a-balance-sheet-switcheroo-8e71336f?mod=hp_lead_pos2
As the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate hikes sent bond prices plunging last year, some of the country’s largest banks used a simple accounting maneuver to help keep billions of dollars of losses from piling up on their books.
They declared that they intended to hold on to large portions of their money-losing bonds until they matured rather than selling them, and they then changed the bonds’ accounting labels accordingly. From then on, the bonds would be frozen in time, no matter how far their values fell in the market.
The Wall Street Journal identified six large U.S. banks including Charles Schwab Corp. SCHW -1.84%decrease; and PNC Financial Services Group Inc. PNC 1.47%increase; that together switched the classifications on more than $500 billion of their bond investments last year. For some banks, excluding the unrealized losses from their balance sheets allowed them to report robust levels of capital when in reality their assets were worth much less.
The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has drawn fresh attention to a decades-old debate over the accounting rules. Current rules often let companies show vastly different values for the same assets, depending on what they claim they intend to do with them. In addition, the rules often let companies change their stated intentions midstream, which can have outsize impacts on how healthy their balance sheets look.
The six banks were able to flatter their balance sheets with a flick of the accounting ledger. Banks can hold assets as “available for sale,” which means they are valued using market prices. Another option is to call them “held to maturity,” meaning they won’t be sold. These bonds are held at the banks’ cost. The logic is that daily market prices aren’t relevant to assets that banks wouldn’t sell.
The banks’ held-to-maturity bonds had a combined $1.14 trillion balance-sheet value as of Dec. 31, up from $681 billion a year earlier. The increase was mainly due to the reclassifications.
The $1.14 trillion figure was $118 billion, or 12%, higher than the bonds’ fair-market values, disclosed in footnotes to the banks’ financial statements. The $118 billion was equivalent to 18% of the banks’ total equity, which is the difference between assets and liabilities.
A year earlier, the difference between the held-to-maturity bonds’ market value and balance-sheet value was negligible. Most of the securities were backed by the U.S. government. The amounts of the reclassifications were disclosed in the companies’ financial reports. The Journal found the six banks using data compiled by S&P Global.
The large gap between the stated values and actual values of banks’ assets has fueled growing concern about whether a significant portion of many banks’ capital is illusory. Capital is roughly synonymous with equity, and refers to the financial cushion a company has available to absorb future losses. Institutions including Charles Schwab changed the classifications of bond investments last year.Photo: Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal
The six banks’ reclassifications were part of an industrywide shift last year as bond prices fell. About 48% of securities held by U.S. banks were classified as held-to-maturity at the end of 2022, up from 34% a year earlier, according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. data. Unrealized losses on securities were $620 billion, of which $341 billion were on bonds dubbed held-to-maturity. The six banks’ unrealized losses on held-to-maturity securities accounted for 35% of the industry total.
The biggest such reclassification was by Charles Schwab, which is structured as a savings and loan holding company and regulated by the Fed. It transferred $188.6 billion of securities to the held-to-maturity category from available-for-sale. Schwab wasn’t labeling any of its bonds as held-to-maturity at the end of 2021.
PNC transferred $82.7 billion of bonds to held-to-maturity from available-for-sale. JPMorgan Chase JPM & Co. transferred $78.3 billion. Truist Financial Corp., TFC; Wells Fargo WFC & Co. and U.S. Bancorp USB; transferred $59.4 billion, $50.1 billion and $45.1 billion, respectively.
“This is an artificial accounting construct, not an economic measure of the value of the assets,” said Sandy Peters, head of financial reporting policy for the CFA Institute, which certifies chartered financial analysts. “The value of a bond doesn’t change based upon how management decides to classify it. It’s worth what it’s worth.”
Silicon Valley Bank’s parent, SVB Financial Group, didn’t reclassify any securities last year, and most of its bonds were labeled held-to-maturity from the get-go. That meant SVB had locked itself into a long-term bet that interest rates would stay low. The unrealized losses on those bonds at year-end were almost as large as SVB’s $16.3 billion of total equity. It couldn’t sell the bonds without booking losses and taking hits to capital.
By the end of last year, the fair-market value of Schwab’s held-to-maturity bonds was $14.1 billion less than their balance-sheet value. The unrealized losses were equivalent to 39% of Schwab’s total equity. The unrealized losses exceeded Schwab’s $6.2 billion of tangible common equity, which is a bare-bones capital metric that excludes preferred stock and intangible assets.
A Schwab spokeswoman pointed to a March 23 open letter by the company’s co-chairmen, Charles Schwab and Walt Bettinger. “Focusing attention on ‘unrealized losses’ in our held-to-maturity (HTM) portfolio is very misleading,” they said, adding that “there is a near-zero chance we’d need to sell any of our HTM portfolio before maturity.”
At Wells Fargo, unrealized losses on held-to-maturity securities were $41.5 billion, equivalent to 23% of total equity. At U.S. Bancorp, they were $10.9 billion, or 21% of total equity. At Truist, they were $9.9 billion, or 16% of total equity. The percentages at JPMorgan and PNC were 13% and 11%, respectively.
In their annual reports, most of the banks said they did the transfers to keep the fair-value changes out of their equity and capital metrics. In its annual report, PNC said it changed its intent for the securities “to reduce the impact of price volatility” on equity and capital. Truist said it made the transfers as the company “continues to execute upon its asset-liability management strategies.”
Wells Fargo said it made the transfers “to reposition the overall portfolio for capital management purposes.” JPMorgan cited “capital management purposes.”
Jeffrey Shelman, a U.S. Bancorp spokesman, said: “We are always making decisions to manage our balance sheet to ensure appropriate liquidity, balanced by the desire to mitigate the volatility that is associated with interest-rate movements.” Spokesmen for PNC, JPMorgan and Truist and a Wells Fargo spokeswoman declined to comment.
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2023.03.29 14:22 sonofabutch No game today, so let's remember a forgotten Yankee: Hector Lopez

Let's remember Hector Lopez, an overshadowed but valuable roleplayer on the Yankees' 1960s dynasty that went to five straight World Series!
There have been six players born in Panama who played for the Yankees, about a third as many who were born in Mexico... yet from a Yankee point of view, Panama has been the far richer source of baseball talent!
Of course it helps when the list includes the greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera. But three other Yankees from Panama have been notable contributors as well: Roberto Kelly, Ramiro Mendoza, and of course... Hector Lopez. (The other two Yankees born in Panama weren't as notable: Ruben Rivera and Omar Moreno.)
The six Panamanian-born Yankees accumulated 85.6 bWAR -- 56.3 of them from Mariano. Compare that to the 17 Mexican-born players in Yankee history, who combined for 3.6 bWAR -- most of it from Alfredo Aceves (2.7).
Hector Headley Lopez was born July 8, 1929, in Colon, Panama. Just as many kids did in the Dominican Republic and Cuba -- and the Bronx, for that matter -- Lopez grew up playing baseball with a broom handle for a bat and a rubber ball. He attended an English-speaking high school, where he played baseball and ran track, and by age 14 was playing against men in amateur leagues; at 19, he played in the 1948 Amateur World Series. Playing for a professional team in Panama during the 1950-1951 winter season, he was signed by a scout for the independent league St. Hyacinthe Saints and went to Canada.
“When I got to Canada it was about 40 F, and I had left Panama, where it’s usually 70, 80. The owner of the team had to buy me clothes. He wanted to make sure I had a lot of woolen stuff to wear.”
He hit .297/.370/.386 at the age of 21, making him one of the most exciting prospects in the league -- all the more exciting because the team thought he was just 18!
The following year, the Saints became an affiliate of the Philadelphia Athletics, and Lopez continued to hit, putting up a .329/.441/.458 line while stealing 32 bases. They promoted him to the Eastern League, where he hit .270/.349/.344. In 1954 he was in Triple-A, hitting .316/.389/.425 in 520 PA. In 1955, the A's made the move from Philadelphia to Kansas City, and after hitting .321 with 5 home runs in his first 21 games in Triple-A, Lopez was called up to the bigs. He hit .290/.337/.422 that season, with 15 home runs in 527 PA.
Lopez could hit, but fielding was an issue. Initially a shortstop in the minors, Lopez made 61 errors in 127 games in 1952 and was soon moved to second base and third base, but the errors came there as well.
In 1959, Lopez opened the season as the A's starting second baseman, and over the first two months of the season hit .281/.324/.533, with six home runs and 24 RBIs in 35 games. The Yankees, meanwhile, were desperate for an infielder -- prior to the trade, shortstop Tony Kubek was hitting .252/.278/.396, second baseman Bobby Richardson .247/.276/.301, third baseman Andy Carey .218/.274/.269, and reserves Gil McDougald .214/.296/.262, Jerry Lumpe .214/.313/.214, and Clete Boyer .136/.174/.136.
And when the Yankees needed a player during this era, they often got him -- from the A's.
The Kansas City A's from 1955 to 1961 were essentially another farm team for the New York Yankees. There's a long list of players the Yankees got from the A's, including Enos Slaughter, Clete Boyer, Ryne Duren, Ralph Terry, Roger Maris, and Bob Cerv... while giving up little in return. In all, the Yankees and A's made 16 trades involving 62 players (some traded more than once) during this stretch. According to this analysis, the Yankees got 64.1 WAR from the A's in return for 36.2 WAR to the A's... and of the 36.2 WAR, nearly a third came from Slaughter and Cerv, who would later be traded back to the Yankees!
Lopez was yet another player on that list, traded May 26, 1959 (along with Ralph Terry) for Johnny Kucks, Jerry Lumpe, and Tom Sturdivant. It was a good trade for the Yankees, but nowhere near the heist that was Roger Maris (and two others) for Norm Siebern (and three others). Terry and Lopez would be worth 13.4 bWAR for the Yankees; Kucks, Lumpe, and Sturdivant would be worth 10.1 bWAR, nearly all of it (9.9) from Lumpe, a utility infielder with the Yankees who would become the starting second baseman for the A's for five seasons.
Lopez continued to hit in New York much as he had in Kansas City, putting up a .283/.336/.451 line with 16 HR and 69 RBI in 406 ABs with the Yankees. He'd play his first 76 games as a Yankee at third base, but after making 17 errors, the Yankees decided to make a change. On August 18, they put Lopez in left field for the rest of the season, with McDougald primarily taking over a third base. Lopez would almost exclusively be an outfielder for the rest of his career, playing just 9.0 innings at first base, 19.1 innings at second, and 19.2 innings at third over the next seven seasons, compared to nearly 5,000 in the outfield.
During the Yankee glory days of the early 1960s, Lopez was the "third man" in the Yankee outfield with Maris and Mantle, and often getting extra at-bats when one of them was injured.
In eight seasons with the Yankees, Lopez hit .262/.324/.399 (101 OPS+) in 2,796 plate appearances. He played in five straight World Series, 1960 to 1964, and hit .286/.333/.536 (.869 OPS) in 31 plate appearances. His best World Series performance was in 1961, when he had an RBI triple and a three-run home run in the decisive Game 5.
"I played with a great bunch of guys. They talked about winning as a team. If you didn't perform up to your ability, Moose Skowron would walk up to you and say, 'You're messing with my October money.' "
After the 1966 season, in which he hit a disappointing .214 in 130 plate appearances, Lopez was released. He signed a minor league contract with the Washington Senators -- not the original team, which had moved to Minnesota to become the Twins, but the expansion team founded in 1961 that became the Texas Rangers in 1972 -- and played two seasons in Triple-A, hitting .295/.382/.422 in 1967 and .258/.319/.405 in 1968. He returned for a third year in 1969, but now nearly 40, he knew time was running out. He decided that off-season he'd retire at the end of the year.
During warm-ups before a Spring Training game, Lopez heard Ted Williams -- in his first season as manager of the Senators -- shouting his name. Lopez, who had spent the last two years dreaming the Senators would add him to the major league roster as a reserve outfielder, hustled over. But Williams had other plans for him.
Williams had just told Triple-A manager Wayne Terwilliger that he was going to be the Senators' third base coach. Now the Senators needed a Triple-A manager, and Williams asked Lopez to do it.
"Sure," Lopez coolly replied. "I gotta pay rent."
It all seemed pretty casual, but it was actually a historic moment. Lopez was the first black manager in Triple-A history, six years before Frank Robinson became the first black manager in major league history. (Only two black men had managed in the minors before Lopez: Sam Bankhead in 1951 and Gene Baker in 1961.) The Bisons had a bad year under Lopez -- 58-78, though not much worse than the 66-81 they'd done the year before -- and the Senators didn't bring him back after the season as a manager or coach.
He would be a scout for the Yankees for the next three years, then became a recreation director for the town of Hempstead on Long Island for the next 20 years. "I enjoyed that very much. I loved working with kids," Lopez said.
But he would return to Yankee Stadium for Old Timers' Day, and longed to return to baseball in some capacity.
"The game stays with you like your first romance." -- Hector Lopez
He did some scouting for the Yankees and Giants, and then, in 1991, George Steinbrenner hired him to be an outfield and hitting instructor with the Gulf Coast Yankees in Tampa.
In 1992, he worked with the Yankees' 1st round draft pick, an 18-year-old shortstop named Derek Jeter. "As soon as you watched the kid play you knew he was something special," Lopez said. "He had all the moves and he was very confident on the field. He was a little raw with the glove and made a few errors, but he was willing to work hard. He would come out early, and I would hit him a lot of balls. He was very determined to get better. I'm not surprised at how good he got -- one of the very best in the game."
He also managed the Gulf Coast Yankees in 1994 and 1995 -- where Darryl Strawberry had his first at-bats in the Yankee organization, going 5-for-20 with no home runs -- and managed Panama in the 2009 World Baseball Classic.
Lopez died six months ago today, on September 29, 2022, at the age of 93.
The Lopez Low Down:
"I was just excited to play ball with those Yankee teams," Lopez told sportswriter Maury Allen. "I think the 1960 and 1961 teams may have been the best in baseball, ever. We had everything -- power, pitching, great defense, depth and great leadership. It was fun to be on those teams."
It was fun having you on them, Hector!
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2023.03.29 14:21 InvoBlox Tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies exist today, you will be surprised to know that most of them are developed with the same blueprint, called token standards.😯

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2023.03.29 14:21 huongjames I firgured I couldn't compete with you guys for the Glossier 3000 pts reward so I went straight for this instead. Replica "On A Date" reward 4500 pts.

I firgured I couldn't compete with you guys for the Glossier 3000 pts reward so I went straight for this instead. Replica submitted by huongjames to Sephora [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 14:20 NeonNKnightrider Savage Divinity Jump

Good morning, everyone. I’d like to share my first completed Jump, one for an obscure setting that is quite dear to me, the webnovel Savage Divinity.
It’s a relatively grounded, realistic take on a Xianxia (read: the old monsters only blow up cities, not dimensions) with really solid worldbuilding and fleshed-out characters.
Here’s the jump doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19u-2USZBNNvCK0K-duFHez2enCJXILeHyzuENX_Wjw0/edit?usp=sharing
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2023.03.29 14:20 Smash-pumpkins Where do I change the name of a printer in Firey?

We recently gave all the printers in the shops names (Vader, green hornet, etc) and I’d love to rename them on the firey. I’m sure I can figure it out if I poke around enough but thought it couldn’t hurt to ask here.
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2023.03.29 14:20 MarcusWordington Don’t know if this is the right sub, but in Missouri can I get 2 months off of rent since my furnace has been broken for 2 months?

(Stuff in blood is the important stuff) Furnace started spewing gas fumes exactly 2 months ago last week, only a few days after moving in. Called the landlords immediately and they sent 2 techs to fix it but neither one of them could. They both said it was a very old unit and needed to be replaced. They left a tag on it for the landlords and furnace company to see. A month and a half passed and before I heard anything about them replacing it. They are supposed to do it tomorrow but I haven’t heard anything from anyone about it. They said they’d call and let me know the day before, but nothing.
There’s also a disgusting sewer smell that has been coming from all the drains in my bathroom It’s so bad I have to keep my bathroom door shut or my whole apartment smells like sewer. Been like that since I moved in. The gas guy who came to fix it said there was probably a clogged drain in the basement that was rerouting the smell back up to me. Once again, I was told by the landlord that there would be plumbers to fix it 3 separate times, but on the last time they never showed up.
There are a list of other problems but I don’t think they would qualify as unlivable conditions. I heard that I don’t have to pay rent for the time I’ve been without a furnace, especially since it’s winter. Is that true? Rent is coming up and I could use the extra money to help fix some car problems.
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2023.03.29 14:20 drinkcard Stirling Cooper Books (Available)

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2023.03.29 14:20 Educational_Hope_117 After Seeing Various Testimonials about ALEX DURKI__ on INSTAGRAM, I decided to give him a try and it was Worth the Try!! Congrats To Me! Now I can testify that his the Real Deal 💥🔥💯, Respect 🙏

After Seeing Various Testimonials about ALEX DURKI__ on INSTAGRAM, I decided to give him a try and it was Worth the Try!! Congrats To Me! Now I can testify that his the Real Deal 💥🔥💯, Respect 🙏 submitted by Educational_Hope_117 to WildAssParlays [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 14:20 StepwiseUndrape574 Watch GTA 5 Morph Into A Photorealistic Sim With Machine Learning Sorcery From Intel

Some people are concerned about games like GTA 5 affecting peoples' behavior in real life, but what if those games actually looked like real life? Researchers at Intel Labs may have figured out how to do just that using machine learning to make rendered footage look photorealistic. This technology could just bring gaming into a new era if it is used in the wild.
Since the dawn of video games, people have been trying to make them as realistic as possible to achieve the most immersive experience. PC and console hardware has grown over time as well, which nicely complements this goal. Take, for example, the Tomb Raider games, the original of which looks to us more like a Cubism art piece versus what we have now. It seems that things have somewhat stagnated, though, as Moore’s Law can only take you so far on hardware, and the equivalent law in software can only go so far as well. However, Intel Labs researchers may have found a way to circumvent any traditional notion of what a game looks like by using machine learning techniques.
lara croft gta v looks like real life with machine learning techniques from intel labs Tomb Raider I Released In 1996
The Intel Labs team’s project abstract describes how they can enhance synthetic images through a convolutional network, which is a type of deep neural network. This neural network was trained using the rendered images from the game alongside intermediate rendering buffers (G-Buffers), which “provide information on the geometry, materials, and lighting in the scene.” The G-Buffered are processed and used as input for the image enhancement network “where they are used to modulate image features.” While there is a lot more that goes into it, this work culminates in the footage you see below from GTA 5.
If we did not know it was from GTA 5, it would be hard to tell that it was not real. Of course, some minor issues appear, such as license plates becoming a blurry mess, but that pales compared to the rest of the video. Besides, are you looking at license plates while driving around in GTA? In any case, this sort of technology is wild, and we cannot wait to see where it goes. If you are as excited as we are, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.
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2023.03.29 14:20 Widowwpain Looking for a certain acoustic version of “Authority Song”…

It was from about 12 years ago roughly . Just John solo .playing the cover . It was pro shot from some sort of short lived internet music show I can’t recall the name of
.from what I remember the setting seemed like a bar ,John was admittedly hungover but played the hell outta that song . On the last chorus he palm muted the guitar and was shaking his head as if he was in trance almost .I used to have the mp4 of it but lost it and it has seem to vanished from any parts of net I’ve looked since …please help ! If anyone has it I’d love to see it again .thanks
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2023.03.29 14:19 Sad_Guitar6467 22 - Let's play Project Zomboid... as each other.

I've been wanting to play Project Zomboid but I have no one to play with. :(
I have a basic character that's based off of me irl and it is pure hell. For reference, I am a scrawny short nerd whose biggest expertise is drawing cute anime people and singing people to sleep. :') It is actual hardcore mode trying to survive a zombie apocalypse as myself. And I want to subject you to this torture!!! :D
We should get to know each other by playing as a character based on the other person :3 and trying not to die!!!
I am more inclined to play with and befriend people who are 20-29 and has an open and friendly demeanor :3. Not a requirement though :) I would appreciate a small little paragraph about you and what you're into or why you replied to me. Don't just say "ask me anything" but also don't send me your whole biography :')
I'm open to playing today, thank you!!!
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2023.03.29 14:19 classjoker New Azure-Centric FinOps book released


I have not read this yet, but I do often reference 'the book that came out before the book' Mastering #AWS Cost Optimization by Mr. Eli Mansoor & Mr. Yair Green (https://lnkd.in/de6DM4je) when providing training and workshops.
I have struggled with a good Azure-Centric book and have referred to The Road to #Azure Cost Governance by Paola E. Annis, Giuliano Caglio, Marco Barra Caracciolo when talking about Azure specifically.
I hope to get a copy of this release and review it. If it's as good as I think it is, I'll also be referencing this in the future on my training also.
Just need a GCP one, and I'll be all done and dusted :D
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2023.03.29 14:19 DomCruz44 Everything clicked.

Had my first gf for 8 months at the start of 2022, and had been seriously depressed, alone and feeling worthless since 2019.
The girlfriend seemingly was the only thing that made me happy and gave me confidence I never felt before. When we broke up it destroyed me and I felt like I’d never find anyone again. For 3 months I checked her socials all day everyday and although I was moving on to a certain extent, it just kept me in the same rut. I went to the gym a few weeks after the breakup, but I was doing it for myself AND to find another girl.
3 months after it ended, I met this new girl through friends at uni, and she was into me. For the first month I felt pretty unsure and waited 2 months before asking her to be my gf, where at that time I lost all interest in my ex and felt strongly for her. We were together for 6 months and we recently broke up.
It broke me for a week or so, and I kept once again checking socials everyday and feeling sorry for myself. Yet again during that time I felt the world was over, as I felt without these gfs I was worthless and a loser because they were all that made me happy in my life.
However, after the first week and a half of this breakup, I decided enough was enough. I started eating well and going to the gym consistently FOR MYSELF. I stopped completely looking at her socials, and I haven’t looked at her socials for an entire week thus far (which may seem small but for someone who had a crazy urge to look multiple times a day, it’s a huge step for me and I not even feel that much urge to do it anymore).
I realized that my gfs were bandaids that were blinding me and distracting me from building myself up and taking myself out of this depression. I realized that I needed to put myself first and get my mind right before even considering another relationship and that started with making a committed effort to stay away from my exs socials, going to the gym consistently and letting go of the past while trying my best to look forward, accepting that sometimes I will have days where I am sad or moments where the past hurts. I’ve accepted that my family aren’t really there for me, and that my friends are either fake or have no real desire to hang around me, and that I can either continue to sit here and dwell on that and feel sorry for myself for another 4 years, or I can accept it and learn to be my own company. Learn to be enough for myself. I believe then, the right person will entire my life. I truly believe that.
Hope you guys are all well and surviving after your breakups. I don’t know why I’ve gone from being completely destroyed after a breakup to now feeling disappointed but also this weird sense of purpose and contentment with being forced to be alone. To face myself for once instead of hiding behind a relationship. I just want you guys to know from someone who thought about suicide and being so worthless no one would care if they died, that there is strength within you to get past this breakup, and if nothing else just give it time for that part of you to surface, whether that be in a week or a year.
Wishing you all the best, love.
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2023.03.29 14:19 surveycircle_bot Digital Social Responsibility

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2023.03.29 14:19 GodlyJugo 20 [M4F] #SoCal looking for a relationship with someone older (30s-50s) let’s see where we go:)

If you’re an older women and looking for someone younger to chat and maybe have relationship with don’t be shy send me a message I’ll gladly reply and hopefully we could have something together. I hope you enjoy some who looks very young too😅Ive been looking for someone who could make my life a little better and enjoyable with their companionship. I’m sure someone is out there who would love the feel the same I hope. But of course wed have to know each other a little more and see how we connect. I’m only 5’7” hazel eyes and curly hair. I enjoy working out so I’d say I have an athletic body. There’s a sorta picture of me on my profile if you’d like to take a peak at it :) I would love someone who has good communication and at least able to handle a good conversation. love doing anything really as long as we’re both having fun, laughing and enjoying life together I don’t mind what else we try for the first time. I’m a funny, caring, loyal and hard working guy there’s a few more words I would describe myself as but it’ll make this description a little too long I know many to like to read all of it. I would enjoy going out and exploring new places with someone but don’t worry so much if don’t like going out much I enjoy indoors just as much. There’s so much we could talk about if you’re interested and if possible sending a picture of yourself would be amazing but not necessary unless you want to show later I will do the same :)
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2023.03.29 14:19 RoadRevolutionary880 Help me please, I can't download this fart yet again it just takes too long...

Hello people!!
I bought the game yesterday and whenever I press play that circle thingy on a black screen circles around a couple of times and the game just exits like it never even launched. I tried EVERYTHING that internet searches provided me with, even updated my drivers, or at least tried but they are up to date. I do not know, I am just really out of options because there isn't even an error message to go with, it just starts and 5secs later it just stops... Help a bro out, will ya? :D
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2023.03.29 14:19 Chris2005Writer The difference between Clash Royale and most other Supercell games.

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2023.03.29 14:18 bikeactuary Actuary to top graduate programs in stats

Looking for experiences/data points on actuaries/data scientists applying to and getting accepted to any top tier graduate stats programs (MS or PhD) after at least say 3-5 years of full time working experience. Mostly I’m trying to figure out how competitive my app would be and what I may want to do to improve it. I have a couple bachelors (one in math) with high GPA, ACAS, an R package on CRAN, and 10 yrs working in stats/data science roles. I’d like to have a more stats focused paper or 2 published (working on one) and some more recent graduate coursework (considering taking a class at the local university) before applying..
Programs I have in mind are Texas A&M and Columbia but background from anyone who was accepted to a top 10 program (CMU, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins…) would be helpful.
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