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FoodIssues: For anyone dealing with food allergies, food sensitivities, etc.

2012.10.10 19:08 Wolvee FoodIssues: For anyone dealing with food allergies, food sensitivities, etc.

This sub is for anyone dealing with food allergies, food sensitivities, or anything like that. Most lucky bastards with iron guts don't understand how much these issues can affect one's quality of life. Hopefully, we can create a supportive community here that helps to improve the quality of life for all our subscribers.

2023.06.10 05:54 billieirish Annoyed

Does anyone else have a friend who tries way too hard to relate to you?
Like, mine will ask me how I am (I’ll usually give a generic response, but sometimes I’ll give details) & they’ll immediately say “Oh, I have that too!” (talking about my HS) or “Me too, I’ve been so tired recently.” (I also have Hashimoto’s, iykyk). This happens every time I go into detail about my illnesses/pain.
Recently though, they told me they want to start going gluten free/calorie counting. I’m GF for my HS, and thyroid, and have been for 7 years. I asked if gluten was bothering them, and they said “No, but I want to lose weight and I like the way it tastes.” ?????? No one who’s actually gluten free likes the way it tastes LOL, and there’s barely a calorie difference, imo. It’s just frustrating. I know they mean well, but sometimes I don’t want someone trying to relate to me, I just want them to listen.
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2023.06.10 05:14 caro-w How hard to fight for a diagnosis?

I have been working with a registered chronic disease dietitian that is a part of Celiac Canada and she feels I am a “high risk” patient for having celiac disease.
Some things experienced include: -vit D deficiency -constant abdominal pain (mild to severe) -nausea -bloating -extreme fatigue -depression -skin reactions -lactose intolerance -20+ bathroom trips daily (5-6 days a week) -weight gain that I just cannot lose
This has been the case for the last 3 years (around the time I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease - an AI thyroid disease). After reading this Reddit, it makes me realize that so many people suffer for so many years before a proper diagnosis.
At the advice of the dietitian/celiac Canada member, my doctor ordered the tissue transglutaminase Ab test which returned a negative result. She then ordered a IGA serum test to ensure I wasn’t deficient (I wasn’t). I know it’s not a method of diagnosis but I am waiting on a genetic test.
With the above mentioned, I guess my main question is how hard should I fight for further testing? My doctor seems happy to leave it where we have investigated so far and doesn’t seem inclined to refer me to a GI specialist for an endoscopy. My other thought would be to adopt a gluten-free diet regardless to see if symptomatically I improve.
(my blood labs were run while eating a gluten containing diet. I realize I may not be eating large quantities, but I consumed gluten at least 3 to 4 days a week in some capacity for many months)
TLDR: do I keep pursuing further testing despite negative blood tests (ttg/iga deficiency) when symptomatically I am struggling?
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2023.06.10 02:39 agrofae Week One Update 28F • SW:204 CW: 195 GW: 135 • 5’0 PCOS + Fibromyalgia

I just got my second dose of 2.5mg. I’m down 9lbs since last Friday! I know the bulk of that is water weight (post in my profile to see the difference), but I’m excited to see what next week holds!
• 5‘0
• SW: 204 lbs (heaviest has been 220)
• CW: 195 lbs
• GW: 145 lbs
Side Effects:
• first dose, I immediately had cramping in my stomach near the injection site but it subsided within an hour and was manageable. Did not have this problem today with my second dose.
• Major fatigue the day after my second dose. I didn’t have to do anything that day so I slept a lot. I have plans tomorrow so we’ll see how much I can push through the fatigue
• Lower energy through Wednesday but once that lifted I felt like I had more energy than before my shot
• Mild constipation but not that bad, probably because I am eating regularly and balanced
• My diet has not changed at all. I eat fairly healthy 90% of the time, especially when I stick to my gluten free and dairy free diet needed to manage my inflammation and pain from PCOS and fibromyalgia.
• That said, I have eaten less for sure. I still generally feel hungry but I still have to make myself eat. I see this as a good sign because the food noise is reduced, and I am able to listen to my natural hunger cues without treating them like demands (when I felt hungry all the time). I aim for 1500 calories knowing I am likely not eating as much.
Exercise: • I walk 2-3x a week and try to do yoga at least twice a week as well.
• I do want to increase my exercise and be more consistent.
NSV: • I had a normal serving (or less) of ice cream without eating the entire pint. I was able to enjoy the ice dream over the course of the week.
• I have been at a weeklong training for work where they provide all kinds of prepackaged goodies for breakfast and after lunch. None of these are gluten and dairy free - but in the past, I would have probably caved and dealt with the inflammation later.
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2023.06.10 02:36 Phantom-Tollbooth1 King Arthur GF Challah recipe

Followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great!! It was really easy too. Tasted like real bread. Might just add a bit more sugar next time. Note the King Arthur bread flour does contain GF wheat starch. https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/gluten-free-challah-recipe
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2023.06.10 01:55 WaitUuseRedditYorSad My mother abused me for years. I went from Incel to Tate fan and I am now neither. I came to share my story and to self-refect on why I fell in to the traps.

I posted this to my Facebook as I posted Tate-related content there and upset but also pleased a few people so I wanted to make my mindset adjustment public. I'm gonna copy and paste it here with some extra stuff that I didn't want to say on my Facebook because it would shit-stirr my family but I truly want to get it off my chest a day spread my message.
After taking plenty of time to think about it. I've decided that I am no longer a supporter of Tate. When you're just another one of the many young man outcasted by society, having your masculinity blamed for everything wrong in your life, bullied by the popular kids in school, never having a girlfriend and being blamed for all of those things, it's easy to see why I fell for his trap.
Having already left Incels and decided I want to try to improve instead of just giving up, I saw a man who told you it's okay to be masculine, it's okay to want the hot chicks, it's okay to want to drive sports cars, it's okay to want to be rich, it's okay to want submissive wives, it's okay to want to fight, it's okay to be a man! It's very hard not to be drawn to it in a world that tells you these things are toxic and will keep you celibate, that this is the reason women aren't attracted to you. Tate comes along with his 4 wives, videos of him with women in bikinis, his big muscular physique, his hundreds of millions of dollars and his 4 world kick-boxing champion belts to prove that notion wrong.
"If I'm such a misogynist then how come I'm fuckin' and you're not fuckin'? If I'm such a misogynist then how come women are coming to me?"
"All I talk about is how men are better than women and I'm still fuckin' more pussy than you are."
It's hard to argue with that point. The answer is because being a misogynist doesn't stop you from being attractive.
But, that doesn't excuse it. Tate knows with his money, status, physique, influence, accolades and confidence that he can still have a plethora of shallow women at his disposal and still get away with spewing his sexist vitriol.
"Women should not be allowed to drive"
"Women have been trading sexual favours in exchange for career advancements for decades, it doesn't make it sexual assault just because of the metoo movement"- Response to Harvey Weinstein's scandal
"When women end up in senior management it's nothing but a shit-show and a bitch-fest"
"I'm a realist and when you're a realist, you're sexist. There's no way you can be rooted in reality and not be sexist"
"When a woman marries a man, she belongs to that man"
"I was getting on a plane and I could see through the cockpit that a female was the pilot and I took a picture and I said, ‘most women I know can’t even park a car, why is a woman flying my plane?"
"A woman cheating isn't even on the same level as a man cheating"
"Female promiscuity is disgusting and it has been looked down upon in every era of human history to the point where a female could be executed for it." "As they should be"- Another man on the podcast "Get the rocks"- Replied Tate
Men, there's nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself! You can work out, figure out how to make money outside of employment, learn how to increase your testosterone, do NoFap, quit porn, jaw-maxing, eating clean, learning how to pick up women(and let's be honest, accepting that their advice on how to do so sucks 😅) learn a combat sport, have submissive women, be polygamous(as long as it's not deceptive). This is not cringe, it is called AMBITION! But here's the news flash:
Some people will call you cringe for doing this. Because they want to keep you on their level. Most women will say that you need to be a feminist or you will stay single and that self-improvement is cringe. But just laught it off, it doesn't matter. And no you don't have to be a feminist either. You can just be a respectful person who doesn't want to divert women's rights they are entitled to in the modern day.
The reason us sexless, emasculated, envious, unloved men felt compelled to him is because he offered a way out. A way out of the deception that you have to be feminine, emotional and deceived by fourth wave feminism to be accepted in society and have women attracted to you. This is a lie. When these young men fall for this lie, it becomes hard not to be angry and resentful when women do not act the way our parents, the education system and the media tells us they do. That they don't like the assholes, the bullies, the jocks, and yes... the MISOGYNISTS. We were told just being a nice guy who respects women is enough.
When this lie unravels, many unfortunately go one of 2 routes:
The red pill- Aiming for self-improvement and maximisation in every metric of your value(nothing wrong with that). But unfortunately then using this to control the women in your life and preach oppression to make things the way they used to be.
The black pill- Where men convince each other that they will never be able to obtain sex/relationships no matter what and their situation is inescapable, to just give up. Some of which tell others to rape women; some of which do. Some of which tell others to commit mass shootings; Some of which do.
Many men have now left the black pill because of Tate which is great and it is better they idolise him than murderers like Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian or content creators like EggWhite and WheatWaffles. Some never were black-pilled but admire Tate for preaching masculinity and stoicism in a world that demonizes it. I will reiterate to those men- YOU CAN DO SO WITHOUT DEMEANING WOMEN
So why does Tate do this? 2 reasons:
  1. He is a misogynist and wants women to be oppressed because he is threatened by their freedom and wants to enjoy the pleasure of seeing them controlled, at his service, being dependant on men, not being allowed to lead in any corporate or industrial organisations because he believes they are incompetent in doing so. He doesn't listen to his own rule here. But just because you want that and it is feels better to live that way as a man, doesn't necessarily mean you should do it.
  2. He doesn't care about you. He really doesn't, he just wants to profit off you. He knew that targeting lost young men, a group that is hated, lonely and angry could be easily radicalised. Same as Hitler did with the Nazis by telling them it's okay to be German and then pointing the finger at Jews to blame them for all the injustice dealt toward them. It's a classic trick that is yet to fail.
Tate's mindsets are helpful in many ways:
"Do what needs to be done regardless of how you feel"
Beat Tate at his own game! Self-improve, do the hard work even if you don't feel like it! But draw the line with the misogyny because wven thought it FEELS tempting, comforting and easy to do so, doesn't mean you should. Having that said, it is painful for me to acknowledge I was wrong and deceived by this evil genius. It's also very satisfying to know that a certain someone was seeing me support ideologies I knew would never be approved of and that the brainwashing, abuse and manipulation I was subjected to wasn't working. I wanted to stick it to you and show you how wrong you were for trying to strip me of my masculinity. I hate that you will be releived I am moving on and respecting women and that you will feel justified in the way you treated me. But:
"The most important part of being a man is not doing what you want to do but doing what you have to do. Your feelings don't matter as a man!" -Tate
Thanks for reading 💚
The "certain someone" was my mother. She made me sleep with her until I was 14, walked around naked in front of me and encouraged me to do the same. She would tell me my penis was big when it is in fact under-average. She used to constantly make small-penis jokes, say misogynists, show-offs and even rapists were projecting their small dick insecurity. She also told me my bullies had small dicks. This hurt when I realised I had one myself but she wouldn't listen and insisted me it was above average for my age and I'm still growing. My father on the other hand would open the door on me in the shower, wave his finger at me with a stupid smile and tell me I will never impress any girls with a small one. I of course didn't wanna say this on my Facebook with my real identity and my sister thinks my Mum is some kind of saint who can do no wrong and nags me for a justification for ghosting her and I obviously don't want to provide the details because a; I have to admit I have a small penis in order to do so and b; I know I will probably be accused of lying or just gaslight me and say it's all in my head.
The worst thing she ever did was when I told her this 13 year old disabled girl had a crush ok me and I was being bullied for it so she told me "I don't think I can trust you to not have sex with her. You have high testosterone and are treating girls like sex-objects." This is difficult to say but I remember never loving my mother again after she accused me of being a paedophile who would take advantage of a disabled THIRTEEN year old girl.
We suspect she has Munchausen Syndrome and she told me I was sick my whole life with things I wasn't. Every morning I had to wake up and drink celery juice with no breakfast be cause she was convinced I was poisoned with toxins I was given at the hospital as a baby after I got bitten by our cat.
She told me I was gluten and dairy intolerant, I have since eaten these things and am fine.
I had developmental echolalia throughout my adolescence(if you don't know, similar to Tourette's syndrome, causes involuntry ticks and is common in autistic pubsescents). Both my parents and my sister told me I was doing it for attention and I could control it. I would get bullied in school for it and they would continue to tell me I could control it or to just "cover my mouth" when I do it.
She told me that my sexual urges were unnatural and for a "boy like me", I should not be "Seeing women as sex objects": This was her reaction to me telling her I would get erections and sometimes ejaculate when I saw sexy women in skimpy clothing and I tried to refuse going to the beach because of the women in bikinis but she would still force me to. I would usually rub one out before leaving if I had time or try to go in the water until the boner went down.
She also assured me before high-school that because I'm so handsome and "wasn't like the other boys"(respectful gentleman she apparently raised me to be) that I would be very popular with all the girls. When this didn't happen, she said it was because I must street them like sex objects.
She told me I was "addicted to masturbating": Apparently 4-5 times a day was addiction which in reality is just normal all teenaged boy stuff.
I explained that I was attracted to the hot women and not the nerdy ones like she told me to be and asked why this was. She told me it was because I had entitlement problems and it was due to my high testosterone. She said to avoid the hot ones because they are "too much drama" and that no matter what my girlfriend looks like, I will enjoy sex with her just as much because the emotattraction is what counts and hit girls will only manipulate me and take me away from her.
Because of this she would cry and hug me, telling me I was going to grow up to be a suicidal sex addict. She then went to the adult store and bought me a fleshlight as per my father and his friend's suggestion. She told me it would satisfy my urges and stop the spontaneous ejaculatiobs in public. I told her it wasn't do she threw it out and kept buying different variants, tryto find tge one that would work. None of course did.
She would tell me I needed to be saved to prevent myself from taking advantage of all the women with bad fathers who would want to sleep with me and I couldn't resist it because my testosterone was too high. She told me I needed treatment for my "hypersexuality". I told her I was hesitant and she would say "I don't know why you want to be a sex-addict. Why do you want to live like this? Why do you want to be a misogynist who abuses women? I could never deal with losing my boy, so please get the help you need.
She then took me to accupunctural therapists to give me treatment for hypersexuals that constricts blood vessels to the genitals and would convince him to administer it by telling him the same bullshit she told me.
I now look at my small penis and hate her knowing that it could've been even just a little bit bigger if it weren't for her "treatment" and I will never forgive her for the physical and emotional damage she caused me. There is so much more I could get in to about how she and my father too abused me but it's gonna be too long.
I always get worried when I see mothers who say they want their son to be "different".
"I don't want him to rape, be a patriarch, stalk women who reject him, embrace his emotional side, be attracted to strong and independent women" etc.
To those mothers. I am warning you, allow your son to embrace his masculinity, teach him to be stoic, if he has a father figure, let him influence him as an adolescent, let him be attracted to who he is attracted to. Don't be like my mother or he will resent you, he will he scarred for what you do.
Thank you if you read this far. Feel free to follow me for more and comment your thoughts.
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2023.06.10 01:12 Some_Reply6648 Bile Reflux

Unfortunately my gb wasn’t caught until I was in a psych ward and turned yellow. It turned out the pain was not psychosomatic. I am left with some tiny calcifications on my pancreas and chronic bile reflux.
I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, just what worked for me.
Ursodiol is what really turned it around for me and I was mostly symptom free for around 1.5 years. I unfortunately am having issues again, but I have a lot going on. Adding sucralfate in the morning has helped some. But originally sucralfate, PPIs, Zantac, etc. did nada or made me worse. So it’s worth bringing up to your doctor.
I also recommend high grade probiotics and eating low fat (I also went low dairy, gluten and sugar for a while after surgery until I felt like I could gradually eat whatever I wanted. I was even eating ice cream again!) Now I’m back to basics but this is likely due to a combination of other factors.
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2023.06.10 00:29 Foxwood2212 Burning chest pain , gas and discomfort after a small snack

I’m currently in bed as I have work tomorrow, but I don’t think I will sleep well.
I started to develop heartburn in the afternoon after eating a ham gluten free sandwich, and I had all the usual heartburn medicine liquida, lemon and ginger tea and hot water bottle. Now I have gas and the pain is really hard to ignore. This has happened on and off for 3 days, my bad for having a flat white which caused the flair up. Does anyone have suggestions for what I should eat or herbal medicine? The gas smells so bad aswell :( no sleeping
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2023.06.10 00:01 itsurpenpal No?????

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2023.06.09 23:41 inkay Week 22: Street Food - On the Go Eats (Meta: Ichiju-Sansai)

Week 22: Street Food - On the Go Eats (Meta: Ichiju-Sansai)
I was so torn this week. There is so much street food that I can’t eat, and so much of it tends to fall into similar food groups. I wanted to try to do something somewhat balanced while keeping each thing fairly portable or easy to eat on the go.
  • Baby elote - Elote was one of my favorite things to grab at the farmers’ market in the US. It’s baby corn season, so I had to do a baby corn version!
  • Cucumber smoothie - What’s more refreshing on a warm summer day than a smoothie?
  • Stinky tofu - Hadn’t made this in a while but had some in my fridge! Coated with gluten-free panko and air fried. As expected, my place smelled all day.
  • Lobiani - I think most people know acharuli xachapuri these days, but there are more handpie-like versions of xachapuri that are easy to buy at any bakery or stand in Georgia (the country) when you’re on the go. I think fewer people know lobiani, the version that is stuffed full of beans (lobio) instead of cheese. The bread itself can be made in many different ways. Mine is a gluten free pie crust this time! (And I realized it needed some color so gave it a bit more time to brown the surface a little after the whole meal photo.
  • Yaki imo - Street food of street foods. Sweet potatoes are life. Need I say more?
About my meta: 一汁三菜 (Ichiju-Sansai) refers to Japanese meals comprising of a bowl of rice, a soup, a main dish and two sides. I live in Japan and have always liked each this way, but haven’t really built meals this way in a while, so I figure this is a good chance to make it more a part of my life. I’ll probably also often have a salad thrown in, so yeah. And everything I make is also wheat free.
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2023.06.09 23:31 TheNinjaSausage NinjaSausage's trip to Germany: Day 6

NinjaSausage's trip to Germany: Day 6
Today we woke up a little later than usual (still too early), and went to eat breakfast, after that we went to the hotel room and planned the day. Today we decided to visit Englische garten (a park not a garden, scam)
Upon arriving to the Park we rented a paddle boat, it was really fun and rhe ducks on rhe lake came really close to us (pics 1-2), and looked at us clearly used to getting prezel crumbs, however quicly they realized we didn't have bread.
after that we went biking with rental bikes in the park, then we ate, and i got this huge prezel (pic 3), after eating we drove to a glutein free cafe bc my mom is glutein intolerant, and ate desser there.
then we vent to a mall where we posted the dagger from yesterday, bc airport security wouldn't give us a hug an a kiss on the forehead if i tried to bring it onboard, anyway it was a PAIN IN THE ASS, i got a panic attack, can't expound rn bc i forgor to make it so I'm sacrifising my sleep, hope you're happy.
after that we bought snacks and ate at the hotel, played cards and my parents went to sleep, i didn't because a friend of mine texted me and suddenly it's 23:30.
Thank you for reading, sorry this one is mud quality, i have to get sleep, tomorrow we're flying back to Finland, I'll probably still be posting other stuff, sorry i feel like a part of the community now
Good Night y'all (idc if it's 9am for u take a nap for immersion
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2023.06.09 23:00 friendetta Help! How to share a kitchen without a dishwasher?

I need your help!
I had to move out of my house rather suddenly and went from having an entirely gluten-free household to living in a shared house with gluten-eaters without a dishwasher. I already struggle with diagnosed OCD and don't want to let myself spiral unnecessarily over gluten contamination, but I already know all the counters and cabinets probably need to be cleaned and reorganized.
I have all my cookware, cooking utensils, silverware, dishes, and that kind of thing, but all this stuff takes up space and it doesn't feel fair to make her re-organize her entire kitchen so my stuff can occupy half of it. My dishes and silverware are visibly different, do they need to be in separate cabinets? As it stands there's also a large toaster oven, a bread basket, and a wooden cutting board (all on different counters) that would all need to be reorganized somehow.
One roommate is willing to forgo gluten products, but since everything in this house has been exclusively hand-washed with a glutenous sponge/brush is there any way to sanitize - well anything - so that it's celiac-safe? Glass/metal mixing bowls, glassware, etc?
I haven't shared a kitchen with anyone since going completely GF, and have been avoiding eating at all until I can figure this out. Any helpful tips and advice are deeply appreciated!
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2023.06.09 22:53 Mochi-Neot New to This: Help Adjusting?

My half sister was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or intolerance (sorry I can't remember which) and my father just texted me yesterday he got the results from his biopsy and it came back as positive for celiacs. I'm starting to suspect most if not all of my stomach/GI issues are from gluten...
I was wondering if anyone has any advice for tips and tricks for transitioning to gluten free. I have been a bread and cheese type of gal for 30 years and I'm in "mourning" because theres a real possibility that I wont be able to eat my favorite foods ever again. (I'll be getting a blood test and potentially biopsy as well for confirmation before going gluten free).
Thank you in advance for advice, tips/tricks, recipes, etc.
(Also, my father is considering not going GF, any way I can convince him that's not the best choice?)
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2023.06.09 21:43 Express-Capital8145 Garlic mushroom naan

Garlic mushroom naan
Mushrooms fried with garlic powder coz im lazy some dairy free cheese and a naan bread banged in toastie machine
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2023.06.09 21:28 IllustriousShame5994 Any vegans here who also have celiac disease? Looking for advice.

I’ve been wanting to become vegan for awhile. I did a ton of research a few years back and decided I was going to do it. I got rid of all animal products and went for it, but it only lasted about a month.
The problems came because I have celiac disease so I can’t eat gluten either, so while I was trying to be vegan, I found myself with VERY few food options (especially when eating out) and was just plain hungry all the time.
I found that a lot of meat replacements have wheat flour in them so that wasn’t an option, and many gluten free breads have eggs, etc. When going out to eat I found myself basically only able to eat dry salad which just wasn’t satisfying.
Over the last few months I’ve become more and more grossed out by animal products (for many reasons) and I want to revisit veganism, but feel unable to figure out how I can handle that many food restrictions (including my celiac disease) and still feel like I’m eating a balanced diet/satisfied.
Any vegans in here that have celiac disease as well that have any tips, or ways to help with the transition?
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2023.06.09 20:54 procrastinatador From the US traveling to England and the food differences are shocking.

Only found out I had celiac in March. Was incredibly sick and bedbound all the time for years with no answers before that. Been missing a lot of foods more than I had realized.
When you tell a server in a restaurant you have a gluten allergy in the US, they often look at you and act like you're just trying to make their job harder, and very often get things wrong. In order to not get glutened, you have to be able to put trust in a random stranger who is often already visibly annoyed with you for making their job more difficult, then usually tell them a few times, inspect your food, etc. If bread is a normal side of the dish they're giving you, oftentimes they'll just give you regular bread. These are my experiences living in the Midwest anyway.
When I walk into a restaraunt in England, they usually ask about food allergies as I'm being seated. When I tried the gluten-free bread here for the first time, I was terrified because it tasted way too good, yet I did not get glutened. Gluten-free breads and snacks just actually taste good here. I picked up some cake that said gluten free and was scared because it both looked and tasted so good. I went from being very nervous that stuff wasn't actually GF, to being super happy and excited, to being angry about how things are in the US (shocker). Yesterday, I was handed a gluten free menu that was a different color to indicate that I had a gluten allergy. To clarify, this was the entire menu where they could make anything on the regular menu gluten free. I ordered curry with flatbread and it was so good I almost cried. They did the work in confirming my allergy. They even put a little wooden thing in the food that had "ALLERGY" on it. It was incredible. Another time, I had a reservation with a group of people and let the restaraunt know I had a gluten allergy beforehand. Someone else in the group told me that she saw a waiter coming in with a loaf of GF bread having just gone out to get get it specifically for me. I don't expect this kind of treatment, but needless to say, it was awesome. They told me they couldn't guarantee but would do their best to avoid cross contamination. I did not get glutened. I have also seen a lot of restaraunts advertising having gluten free food, or even some that had "gluten free Tuesdays" or something along those lines.
I'm so much less nervous about going to restaraunts here now, as opposed to in the US. It's very eye-opening. Personally, I don't think food service employees in the US get the payment or the training to have to deal with accomidating me, (but that's a whole other issue) so I don't usually go out, but have to here as I don't have a fridge.
I went into the grocery store and they have a whole section called "free from." I was elated to find out that not only did they keep their gluten separated from their gluten free stuff, but the prices are genuinely reasonable (not 3x the price of regular) and actually prices are (for the most part) pretty similar to non-GF versions. They also had amazing selection compared to the US.
Anyway, I had to buy a whole other suitcase to bring home as much GF food as I am. No regrets. No regrets at all. My freezer is about to be full of gluten free bread. I keep going to the grocery store and won't have enough room in my kitchen to store all this stuff when I get home. I don't even care. I will deal with that later. This is too unreal.
What have you all experienced living in/visiting different countries with the foods avaliable, attitudes, care taken to ensure no glutening, etc?
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2023.06.09 20:02 SigmaGreater This Casper scenario stumped me. Please help

Took the Casper practice test yesterday and had one scenario stump me. Has anyone covered the scenario about the waitress that has a consumer with gluten allergies? He orders a gluten-free meal, so she doesn't inform the cook. Cook makes a mistake and adds bread crumbs to the salad. The customer gets sick. She gets fired.
Do you agree that she should get fired?
What if this was not her first offense?
What policies can be put into place?

Has anyone covered this scenario? How did you address the questions?
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2023.06.09 19:25 SapphireNinja47 Tips for Starting a GF Diet

I have been having digestive issues for quite some time and the last two years have been particularly rough. My original primary care physician (PCP) said it was nothing to worry about and didn't recommend any remedies or tests. My new PCP is taking things a lot more seriously. This past week he sent out some labs to test for antibodies to gluten. I am also supposed to be scheduled for a hydrogen breath test but the wait time is pretty long. I was advised to start a gluten-free and lactose-free diet in the mean time to see if things get better. This is going to be tough for me as my current diet pretty much consists of cheese, bread, and pasta. But I am tired of feeling miserable and am willing to try anything to get some relief.
I took a 23andMe test some years ago and having a background in genetics, I have put my raw data through all sorts of analysis programs just for fun. I realize genetic predispositions are not absolute, and in fact, that is one of the things I always preface when talking about genetics. According to several platforms, I am "most likely lactose tolerant" but have a lot of markers for celiac disease and Crohn's.
I am still going to try a lactose and gluten free diet. So I am looking for any tips on how to transition. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 18:16 Guilty-Hair-1079 Extreme problems with trapped gas or gas build-up in general

Hi everyone, I’m long hauler with thousand symptoms everyday (I stopped counting 😵‍💫) but since my problems has started I never had relief from extreme intestinal gas. Tried almost everything (supplements + eating low histamine, gluten and lactose free and many more…) but this symptom is hardly manageable (if so). I know it’s dysautonomia + dysbiosis together, but anyone here stuggling with that huge amount of gas for such a long time? Looking pregnant and completely in pain 24/7 for year and more. Life sucks!
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2023.06.09 17:42 Entire_Cod_9123 Hela Gottesblut für Meistergriller

Hela Gottesblut für Meistergriller
Ist den werten Jüngern hier schon bewusst, dass es eine Kooperation mit den Erzeugern der besten Werkzeuge des Mannes gibt? Wärmste Empfehlung!
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2023.06.09 17:29 akelseyreich Kudos to All of You

Being sick is hard work—all the appointments, medications, sleepless nights, hours crying in pain while struggling to do the most basic things. We try so hard. We deserve to feel better. To be listened to and taken seriously.
I’m incredibly fortunate to live with amazing roommates. To not have to worry about work, kids, or the health of a partner. If you are working or caring for others while dealing with this disease you are super human.
I’m struggling. I think I had a cyst burst 2 nights ago. Haven’t slept due to the pain plus feeling like I may vomit and have diarrhea at the same time at any second. Why is passing gas so painful? Why am I shivering and sweating at the same time? Why can’t the ER actually address my symptoms? I wish I knew. I wish I could have had surgery back when I first started having symptoms. I wish I could enjoy a meal and have regular pain-free bowel movements. I wish I didn’t have to buy gluten free, dairy free etc foods and wonder what food is still setting off my symptoms—if it even is any food. I wish I could go for a hike in the woods or comfortably sit on the patio with friends. I wish endometriosis didn’t exist.
I hope all of you find relief, joy, and proper healthcare.
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2023.06.09 16:03 tonynoodle615 I've been symptom free for over three years. Here's an update.

Reading my old posts here makes me cry. My life was so different when I last posted here. I had been symptom free for only 9 months. I had no idea if it would stay gone forever, if it would come back worse… The memory of CU was so fresh, painful and terrifying.
(keep reading this post before clicking these links, over the past three years, I have learned more than what I posted here, but I post these links to give you insight into the journey and what was happening in real time)
One Month Symptom Free Post in May 2020
Six month symptom free update in November 2020
It’s been over three years since I have had a full cu outbreak. I had a couple of less severe outbreaks in 2021, during a stressful period in my life. These outbreaks looked like redness on my chest, face, and arms, but without the pain, itchiness, and pins and needles feeling of CU.
My life has been so different since I last posted here. CU does not control my life anymore, it is not the first thing I think of when I wake up. I’m not in a constant state of anxiety. My life is feeling really “normal” most days in the best way.
I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. I am just a person with a story that I hope can help someone.
I had severe cu outbreaks everyday, multiple times a day, from October 2019 to March 2020. In early 2020, I took a leap of faith and saw a naturopath who did a series of muscle reflexology and iridology tests. Her tests determined that I was having problems with my liver and kidneys. I had blood work done around December to try to solve the breakouts, and it came back with high bilirubin; but my doctor shrugged it off and told me my cu was a “probably a food allergy”. (You can see more details in my previous post)
So the naturopath put me on a liver cleanse via supplements for 90 days. On day 93, I noticed I hadn’t broken out in a couple of days… and I haven’t had a full blown cu outbreak since.
I still no longer drink alcohol, I still do not take ibuprofen, I generally just try to be cautious of things that are not good for the liver. I do not eat gluten. I try to sleep well, and move my body every day. I can exercise normally. I’m conscious of what kind of ingredients my soaps and lotions have.
Every now and then I still get itchy skin whenever I start to get warm, but I believe it’s psychological, because I never see the rash.
I have stated in previous posts exactly what I was taking, but I hesitate to do that because I highly highly suggest seeing a naturopath in person who can do the testing. They will get you on what is right for you, which may not be the same as what was right for me. My naturopath did tests to decide what I would be taking, for how long, how many times of day, and at what times of day. It was highly customized to my specific situation.
From my time here in this sub, my own research, and my own experience, cu seems to have underlying causes that are not the same for each person.
I hope this inspires you to maybe try a path you haven’t tried yet, and I send all the good vibe and well wishes your way that this solution could work for you too.
Please feel free to ask me any questions. You are not alone.
EDIT: I tried to post photos with this, but they didn't post for some reason. I had photos of my condition in at it's height in 2020, one of the rash from 2021, and a picture of my skin postworkout now. Let me know if that's something you would want to see and I'll make a separate post.
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2023.06.09 15:34 rachelcalabresi Can I please just rant about the food intolerances of my bridal shower guests?

I have ulcerative colitis, thus a plethora of food intolerances that limit what I could eat, so when I go to restaurants or peoples homes, I’ll either eat before or bring food that I made that has the very select few ingredients I’m capable of eating.
One of my bridesmaids has crohns and has a similar situation to me, but her dietary restrictions consist of different ingredients / food items. My aunt has celiac disease & other food intolerances. For us 3, if we eat items that we are intolerant to, it causes extreme pain, upset stomach, and flare ups for days.
Unlike myself though, my aunt and bridesmaid do not bring their own food or eat at home, they often request for the host or the restaurant to have specific meals made for them which is very difficult since the ingredients that are safe for them is very limited.
I’m having a bridal shower that I decided to plan myself so that I can do it at a very high end reception hall (which I’m paying for) that I know can create a brand new menu for parties. I’ve catered the menu to make sure that every single item on the menu is either gluten-free, lactose free, incorprates a lot of ingredients that my aunt and bridesmaid could have, and will be in general pretty safe for them. It took a lot of work and back-and-forth but I think we have a pretty good menu that my other bridesmaids and invitees would also enjoy.
I sent this menu to my aunt and bridesmaid in hopes that they will be happy with all the work and effort I am putting in to make sure that they are comfortable and can just eat at a restaurant like a normal person. However, neither thanked me but rather complained that some of the ingredients still might not be good for them.
I completely understand the stress of that bc none of us want to be in pain or eat food that we can’t eat. But whenever I am invited somewhere and someone even puts a tiny bit of effort to offer me food options that I might be able to have (even if in the end there’s still some ingredients that forbid me from eating it) I profusely thank the person bc I know that it could be a hefty task for the host or restaurant. So I always either bring my own food or eat before because I don’t want anyone to have to go through the hassle because believe me it’s a lot and there’s always the risk that one ingredient will make it inedible for me anyways.
But my aunt and bridesmaid have an ask me a lot of questions and want me to go back to the restaurant and see if I can change the menu further. The thing is that both of them have different intolerances so there’s no one menu that will be perfectly suited all three of us.
Please forgive me if I sound uncaring or unthoughtful but I’m just sick and tired of me always having to bend over backwards for people who never thanked me or anything but when the situation is about my food, I never complain or ask for anything but rather just make food myself. My bridal shower is turning into THEIR event and THEIR desired menu and not some thing that I would’ve wanted and I’m just getting fed up. Idk what to do now and just want to cancel the shower if there won’t be a suitable menu for anyone.
EDIT: Thank you so much everyone for the comments, it feels good to know that my thoughts and feelings are not out of place. I will kindly let them know that there are no more further changes that can be made but that I worked really hard and tried my best. (Some of the questions they had were if I could change the lactose-free options to completely dairy free, to see if the gluten free flour used is a specific brand, etc.) I really appreciate all the comments so thank you everyone.
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