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Starting my no nocontact journey today

2023.03.29 15:53 PersonalityDefects Starting my no nocontact journey today

We broke up 35 days ago over the phone, you came over my apartment 2 days later and we talked and made promises to one another that you'd come back once you figured it out, that you love me and just want to heal so you can come home to me. We had sex that night and it was the last time I was happy.
I moved across the country for you, your family moved out here and you wanted to get your nursing degree so I was fine that we wouldn't live together until you graduated and you could contribute, I didn't mind taking care of everything, I didn't mind being the one who had to do everything. I love you more than I've ever loved another human being in my life. I would've crawled through miles of broken glass for you.
When I first moved down here, I got accused by an ex coworker back home of sexual assault, you knew I didn't do it, you believed in me and proved my innocence; I knew in that moment I would never betray you or leave your side. I had a mental breakdown 1.5 years ago and ended up getting a DUI, you tried everything to get me out, you slept in the parking lot of the jail waiting for me in the morning. I knew then that nothing could stop me from being with you.
Now, here we sit, after I had finally become the man you deserved, the man you needed the man you promised to love and planned kids and marriage with, and you're fucking gone. You cried in my arms that you're broken and you need to fix yourself before we can get back together.
For a month after the break up we still talked, you told me you loved me, you missed me, you wanted to see me (but you never did, because "it would've been traumatic). You pushed me into another breakdown and I got drunk again, and yelled at you for how much damage you were doing to me. A few days later I apologized for what I did, and you didn't care. I sent you another message last night and you didn't respond again, and I can't do this anymore. I'm dying without you.... I wish you would come back but l don't think you ever will. Our Taylor Swift concert is in a month, and idk if we are still going together. We had a vacation planned to go back home to the beach for your birthday, Disney in November... but you're gone and I'm fucking drowning.
I wish you'd block me on Instagram because even though you're set to private, I can see your following/follower count go up and each time I assume you've moved on and another piece of me dies.
Please, come back because I have to stop talking to you until you do.
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2023.03.29 15:51 PredestinedOne [5e][Online][7:00pm EST][FRIDAY] GM looking for 1 player

As the title says I am looking for one player. This is for an ongoing game in which we are only two sessions in. There are five players, a fighter, a dancer (martial homebrew), a monk, a wizard, and a cleric. They are level 2.
The continent is in a constant state of war between warring clans of bandits, kingdoms, and varying cultivation sects. All of whom are vying for power and control over an ancient unknown resource. There are many areas isolated enough to be exempt from the toils of war. These areas are mostly safe, allowing their culture, knowledge, and cultivation to grow; The grand city of Yakanai happening to be one.
Yakanai is a city within a region heavily inspired by Eastern Asian culture (as is the whole game). The city is nestled between the Verdant Forest Sect and a giant magical forest governed by the Fey. The Verdant Forest are known to be caretakers of an ancient and divine tree called, "The World Tree."
In the recent years, Yakanai has seen massive growth, both culturally and economically mostly thanks to the Verdant Forest Sect as well as The Arcanium, a university tailoring in all forms of magic both mundane and arcane. The Arcanium is home to both Western and Eastern practitioners. The city is big, vertically thanks to the massive trees. The city is built up and ends up being more vertical than it is horizontal. With the richest living atop the in the canopies and the poorest living among the roots of the trees. However, the city as a whole seems to be far too clean as well as the denizens being way to happy.
As either a resident, or a traveler you find yourself in Yakanai with the following scroll that was meant for someone other than you.

"The truth is hidden in plain sight. Follow the trail and seek the key to unlock the secrets of the past." ~ Professor Leopold Qin

Post note*:
Thanks for reading the above, I appreciate it!
I am an improv GM who prefers the narrative to the actual rules of the games. We will be using discord for voice and Foundry as a VTT. We will play once a week at the specified time, we can play more if everyone wants and can.
I am ok with homebrew so long as I approve it.
I am very open to addressing conflict, if you have an issue with anything about the game. PLEASE tell me and we can work out a solution. If you are adverse to conflict or cannot handle having an argument, you need not apply. I want everyone to have fun and to have the ability to be cool character and have awesome moments as we tell a collective story together. Moreover, If something stupid happens, actions have consequences and I love poking fun at people in good humor.
If you are interested in applying please send me a DM on discord (J T#8762) answering the following questions. I will not reply on reddit. If you do not answer the questions, I will not respond. Bonus points if you send me a good meme.
- What's your name?
- What day and time are we playing?
- What do you do?
- How old are you? (party age is around 25)
- What is your mic? (we need to be able to hear you. No blenders.)
- Who sent the scroll?
- Where is your character from? (make shit up)
- What are your expectations?
- What kind of character will you play?
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2023.03.29 15:51 xJuun Funny story about me getting robbed and Alan wake

So it's been about 12 years now, but I still remember this day like it was yesterday.
My wife and I had just got home from work, and found a laundry basket of clothes had been dumped on our bed.
Along with that, the basket, my Xbox 360, our laptops and jewelry were all gone.
While we were waiting for the police to get there to file a report I began looking around.
I actually had Alan Wake inside my 360 since I'd been playing it.
They took it out of the console and put it in its case and took every game but Alan wake.
I had a pretty good laugh when I saw that.
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2023.03.29 15:50 Thundersn0 A GAME THEORY!!!

This is just a theory, there are obviously inconsistencies and plot holes. (What did I miss?)
In the end of Elden Ring you have a many choices, one of them is to burn the Erd Tree with the Frenzied Flame. The act of Melina igniting the Erd Tree produces enough ash (in the few days your character is at Crumbling Farum Azula) to almost Bury all of Leyndell.
Frenzied Flame
Now that you have become the Lord of the Frenzied Flame. The Erd tree is burning in full force. As the Erd tree Burns all the people who are sane (I.e) Kenneth Haight, Roderika, Thops, The Nomadic Merchants, Patches, and anyone Else that you didn’t kill on your rampage through the Lands Between. Head the deepest Crypts they can find like the Fringfolk Hero’s Grave.
Everything is now burned and there’s so much heat and ash that the sea has risen to the point of covering parts of the lands between. But there are survivors on the surface. The Dragons who have scales of stone survive the flames and heat, and start adapting to their new home of ash. Where everything is formless and covered in a thick grey fog.
( hundreds of years later )
Patches transcends life and the frenzied flame ( unable to burn the bark) continues to eat its way through the Erd tree and even begins to burn the roots where the now primordial humans begin to see light. The great bright flame appears and grants 4 beings incredible power.
A necromancer named Nito
A powerful witch and her daughters
A furtive pygmy
And Finally a man named Gwyn.
These beings follow the caves that once were blocked by roots to the hollow husk of a once was great tree. They build ladders and make their way out of the crypts and come across a lake of ash. Where the dragons live.
(Dark souls 1 intro)
Everyone continues up through the husk of the huge tree and finds that the branches and parts of the tree lead to solid ground. (The mountaintops of the Giants.) Gwyn becomes the Lord of Sunlight. The Witch builds her lzalith to guard the great Flame, and Nito finds what once was the Grand Lift of Dectus. (That’s why you can see ash lake from the Tomb of the Giants)
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2023.03.29 15:50 AlexAs20 I relapsed again

Hello. Yeah it's my first post here, and I usually just surfing here.
My story is I wanted to quit at the end of summer. It was time when last year of my education started. I was doing great, I was doing some exercises at home, and my mood was really high.
Later in November I met one girl, that I thought was liking me(she wasn't), and there I started to be nervous. I ended doing exercises because of my schedule with uni and other work, and then I met again my friend/foe porn. I was understanding that it's not doing me great help with girls, but still, I was watching it, and masturbate to it.
Later in begging of December I met a girl that was loving me, really strong (she planned date with me through our mutual friend without my approval), we were dating like 2 weeks, and in that time I didn't relapsed once. But when we break up, I relapsed and this felt so horrible in my soul, so painful.
Interesting thing, on the next day I met girl that I'm dating till now. But I still relapsing, again and again. We're having a good time together. We have sex once a week or so(but I'm not cumming with her). Through discussion we reached a consensus: condoms we were using was small on me(she was my first and i didn't knew that condoms that hard to put on).
And today I was intended to measure my penis and didn't find a better solution then make my dick hard through porn(I was holding like 8 days), and then I relapsed again, twice in a row...
I really feel myself a very bad person every time when I watch porn, because I'm blaming myself for not cumming with my girlfriend, and doing it in total. I'm not getting pleasure out of it, not even little bit. I'm just losing control and fall into that trap, again and again and again...
Maybe you know how to stop masturbating to porn after an another date with my love?
P.S. sorry for bad English
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2023.03.29 15:49 SoftLovelies Sadness for what my mom isn’t

My good friend at work just bought her first house. It’s lovely and I’m so happy for her.
She mentioned that a big selling point was it’s close proximity to her parents home. Also, that her husband hasn’t seen the property (the market is insane here and houses are often sold within hours or days of being listed) so she saw it with her mom, who in her words, loved it.
Granted, it’s a really cute townhouse and a great starter home. But part of me is really really sad. If I asked my mom to see property with me, she would be quick to criticize, dismiss, and ultimately create a competition between us. Her starter home would be better or worse than mine, and she would feel superior or inferior and behave as such. She would also be reeeeal into the financial aspect, and blab to anyone she can get her mitts on.
Idk. It’s honestly wonderful that my friend has such a supportive, helpful mom but it makes me sad.
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2023.03.29 15:49 TechincalMouse1983 (39M) and my partner is (39F) ,we have 2 beautiful daughters one is almost 2 years old and the youngest is 2 months old. I feel like I'm doing everything in the household and I'm really tired of it. I have zero time for myself or anything else .

I'm (39M) and my partner is (39F) . I do have a problem with my partner that she doesn't do anything in the household area, I'm the one who is in charge of cleaning the house, doing dishes, cook meals for us or plan, take care of our oldest daughter in the morning while she rests with the youngest's in the bedroom. I don't mind doing all the work around the house and everything else the only thing that I mind is when she starts complaining if one thing is not attended to either because I'm busy with some other chores and that I didn't get to it in timely manner. I really don't understand her nagging and complaining every other day while I'm watching her do nothing all day than just breastfeed and take naps. The only thing I know that she suffers form PPD after birth and she is asking my for more help and I'm not able to comfort her or help in the way she wants me that's why I suggested outside therapy but she still thinks that I'm the one who should help her not some third party. Also would like to mentions that she suffers form panic attacks very often and seems like they are triggered either by something I did or didn't do or just dark thoughts. When she goes on rants and starts bashing me with really bad words making me feel worthless ,I try not to engage in responding back with loud voice since I think that my oldest daughter should not witness any of the arguments the parents have. I'm also mentioning that we both are unemployed and it's because she can't handle both kids at the same time so I had to quit my job since in her opinion I wasn't making enough money anyway and I'm more valuable at home than at work. So I'm waking un with my oldest daughter at 7am and I'm with her playing and trying to keep the house quiet so she can rest with the youngest in the bedroom, I'll prepare breakfast around 8:30am and around 11am I'll get her ready and geared up for a visit to the grandparents while taking the dog also for a walk at the same time. I'll return around 12 and by that time she and the youngest are up ,I'll make her coffee , feed the dog and then take over so she can have lunch since she skips breakfast most of the time. Around 2pm I'll hand her over for another feeding after she was cozy on my chest for 2 hours , change diapers etc. then I have a small window to eat also some lunch then got to plan for the meal of the day and prepare it quickly because at 5 pm our oldest comes back from the grandparents and between that I have also to walk the dog before 5pm. Now I'm back on oldest duty trying to keep her somewhat entertained before the dinner is served. We have dinner around 6-7pm depending on the days and 8pm bath time and 9pm bedtime . Everything its on me: nails cutting , bath time for both, hair brushing, vitamin D intake, nutrition and snacks for the oldest , playtime , activities all and dog food and walks are on me. Now I don't wanna sound that I complain but I do everything in the house and she is complaining if one of the item or chores have not been done and I can't take it anymore, she is talking about her mental load that is making appointments for the doctor for our daughters (they are premade from the last visit) taking care of finances(everything is automatic payment set up) breastfeeding is draining and exhausting ( can't really argue that) PPD ( we had the most beautiful birth, home in a pool, midwife ,doula easy birth lasted 4-5 hours and the actual final stage lasted about 20min, no epi no intervention no hospital I don't understand how it is possible.
TL;DR! I have no energy left in me because my partner make me feel bad and when she is mad she throws in really bad words like : "you're a useless father" and this one is not that bad but it would take me 2 pages to list all the bad things she said about me. Need some advice.
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2023.03.29 15:49 Thundersn0 A GAME THEORY!!!

This is just a theory, there are obviously inconsistencies and plot holes. (What are some plot holes I missed?)
In the end of Elden Ring you have a many choices, one of them is to burn the Erd Tree with the Frenzied Flame. The act of Melina igniting the Erd Tree produces enough ash (in the few days your character is at Crumbling Farum Azula) to almost Bury all of Leyndell.
Frenzied Flame
Now that you have become the Lord of the Frenzied Flame. The Erd tree is burning in full force. As the Erd tree Burns all the people who are sane (I.e) Kenneth Haight, Roderika, Thops, The Nomadic Merchants, Patches, and anyone Else that you didn’t kill on your rampage through the Lands Between. Head the deepest Crypts they can find like the Fringfolk Hero’s Grave.
Everything is now burned and there’s so much heat and ash that the sea has risen to the point of covering parts of the lands between. But there are survivors on the surface. The Dragons who have scales of stone survive the flames and heat, and start adapting to their new home of ash. Where everything is formless and covered in a thick grey fog.
( hundreds of years later )
Patches transcends life and the frenzied flame ( unable to burn the bark) continues to eat its way through the Erd tree and even begins to burn the roots where the now primordial humans begin to see light. The great bright flame appears and grants 4 beings incredible power.
A necromancer named Nito
A powerful witch and her daughters
A furtive pygmy
And Finally a man named Gwyn.
These beings follow the caves that once were blocked by roots to the hollow husk of a once was great tree. They build ladders and make their way out of the crypts and come across a lake of ash. Where the dragons live.
(Dark souls 1 intro)
Everyone continues up through the husk of the huge tree and finds that the branches and parts of the tree lead to solid ground. (The mountaintops of the Giants.) Gwyn becomes the Lord of Sunlight. The Witch builds her lzalith to guard the great Flame, and Nito finds what once was the Grand Lift of Dectus. (That’s why you can see ash lake from the Tomb of the Giants)
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2023.03.29 15:49 Edward_Stivenson Transition Sentences: Definition, Tips and Examples for Coherent Writing

When you write an essay, your ideas usually follow a structured path that starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion, and you make stops at different supporting points. To guarantee your writing flows smoothly, you need transition sentences. These sentences connect your thoughts and express their relationships, such as how, where, when, and why. Our article explains the definition of transition sentences, their types, and hacks on how to use them to perform good writing.
What is a transition sentence?
It’s essential to understand the definition of this concept before you start learning how to write a transition sentence for your research. These sentences act as connectors between ideas in a piece of writing. They function like bridges, merges, and tunnels that link different text sections through particular phrases and words serving as road signs.
Its main purpose and core functions
The main objective of academic and professional writing is to convey information clearly and concisely while also persuading readers to accept your viewpoint. Transitions play a crucial role in achieving these goals by creating logical connections between paragraphs, sentences, and sections of papers. Let’s see their essential functions:
What makes a great transition sentence?
A good transition sentence is essential in writing as it clarifies the relationship between two or more ideas. It is a crucial tool for any writer, regardless of their writing type, be it a blog post, short story, academic work, or news article. The key is to express ideas clearly and understandably for the reader.
Understanding what needs to be communicated is important to select the best transition sentence for a given situation. For example, when expressing a point that goes against a previous statement, the best way to create an effective transition sentence is to include words or phrases like “in contrast,” “despite this/that,” “nonetheless,” or “however.”
Consider the following examples:
Despite making it a priority to wake up an hour before leaving home each morning, I still manage to be late to the university at least once weekly.
While most of our team named Friday their favorite weekday, a small group of employees said Wednesday was their favorite day.
Transition sentences can join contradictory statements and establish sequences, similarities, and cause-and-effect relationships between ideas, examples, positions, and emphasis. Further, we’ll consider them in detail.
Transitioning between paragraphs
If you write the body of an essay, creating links between paragraphs can be made through transition words and phrases, which are powerful tools to enhance individual sentences and entire paragraphs. When crafting effective paragraphs, it is beneficial to incorporate these tools to guarantee coherence and flow. Transition sentences should be added at the beginning of a paragraph to introduce the topic and provide the context within the larger writing piece. Whereas every paragraph should focus on a particular topic, it’s advisable to avoid using the end of a paragraph to specify the theme of the next one.
When beginning a new paragraph, it is important to have the first sentence state:
In this way, the transition sentence serves the dual purpose of establishing the paragraph's focus while also connecting it to the broader theme of the written paper. Look at several examples of transition sentences demonstrating how to achieve this effect.
Example 1:
“Although social media has its advantages, it is essential to acknowledge its potential drawbacks. Given the surge in cyber bullying and the dissemination of false information, we must adopt a discerning approach to using social media.”
In this transition sentence, the writer moves from discussing the benefits of social media in the previous paragraph to acknowledging its potential negative results in the upcoming section. The sentence prepares the ground for the next paragraph's discussion on the drawbacks of social media.
Example 2:
“While some claim that technological progress is causing greater disconnection among people, there is proof to the contrary. Indeed, numerous technologies are enabling improved connection and communication between individuals globally.”
The writer uses this transition sentence to shift the focus from the argument presented in the previous paragraph, which asserts that technology is bringing social disconnection, to showing evidence that contradicts this statement in the upcoming section. By doing so, the sentence prepares the reader for the next paragraph's exploration of how technology enables improved communication and connection among people.
Example 3:
“For overcoming a fear of public speaking, it is crucial to identify the root causes underlying it. One of the main reasons for this fear is the fear of being judged by others. Nonetheless, by acknowledging and gaining insight into the source of this fear, individuals can initiate the development of effective coping measures.”
In this transition sentence, the writer moves from discussing the root causes of a fear of public speaking in the previous paragraph to highlighting the importance of creating coping strategies in the upcoming section. The sentence bridges the two paragraphs, connecting the discussion of fear's origins to the subsequent explanation of how to overcome it.
Transitioning to a new section
Although links between paragraphs are often organized in a single sentence, longer papers may need an entire transition paragraph when going to a new section. Such transition sentences for essays necessitate concluding content disclosed in the previous section and outlining how the new section will continue or diverge from the topic sentence. In academic writing, it is essential to maintain clarity while prioritizing being concise. Write one sentence to transition to a new section whenever possible, but be prepared to use more if necessary.
Let’s look at some transition sentences examples where a single sentence is used as a transition, and a transition paragraph is applied to go to the next section.
Example 1 (a transition sentence to a new section):
“Having examined the primary factors behind the issue, shifting our focus toward identifying viable solutions is essential.”
Example 2 (a transition paragraph to a new section):
“Having delved into the historical context of the issue in the preceding section, it is now necessary to shift our focus towards its present-day impact. The next section will scrutinize how the issue impacts individuals and communities in their day-to-day lives. Through a thorough analysis of the current consequences, we can better comprehend the urgency to address this issue.”
Transitions within a paragraph
Transition sentences used to introduce new paragraphs differ from those added to move from one sentence to another within a paragraph. The latter type of sentences typically have a more limited scope and are better suited for seamless transitions between specific details within ideas rather than comparing different ideas between themselves.
The arrangement of information in each paragraph plays a crucial role in maintaining the coherence of your writing. To ensure the smooth flow of ideas, authors often employ the “known-new contract,” according to which a new sentence should typically begin with a reference to the information disclosed in the preceding sentence before introducing new information.
For instance, in the following example, the second sentence lacks a clear link to the first. It is only toward the end that the connection between the two becomes evident.
Example 1 (bad):
“Industrialization brought about numerous impacts on society. A growing number of formerly rural people who moved to newly developed industrial cities, known as urbanization, was one of its effects.”
To facilitate a more coherent flow of ideas, it’s necessary to apply one effective strategy, which is to reorder the facts in the second sentence and start with a reference to the first sentence. By applying this technique, we can help the reader to follow our argument more smoothly.
Example 2 (good):
“The population experienced several changes during the industrial revolution, with urbanization being one of the most significant effects. This involved migrating rural populations to new industrial towns, resulting in people concentrated in urban areas.”
It is important to note the “known-new contract” is not an absolute rule but rather a broad guideline. While it may not be necessary to structure all paragraph transitions in this manner, employing this technique can prove beneficial, particularly when faced with challenges in achieving coherence within your text.
Transition words and phrases
Transition words play a crucial role in turning regular sentences into transition sentences, as they help to highlight links within and between sentences to your reader and act like road signs that guide the flow of your writing from one point to the next. The transition sentence starters you pick are essential for your reader's comprehension, as seemingly identical sentences can convey vastly different meanings depending on the transition word employed. Consider examples of how choosing different transition words can change the same statement.
“I adore visiting new cities and discovering new cultures. Last year, I visited three new cities in Europe.”
Example 2:
“I adore visiting new cities and discovering new cultures. Thus, I visited three new cities in Europe.”
Example 3:
“I adore visiting new cities and discovering new cultures. In general, I visited three new cities in Europe.”
In the first example, the writer talks about visiting three cities last year, but we don’t know the general number of cities he visited during other periods. In the second example, the author indicates he visited three cities within some period, but we don’t know from the sentences what this period is. In the third example, the writer says that he visited three cities overall during his life.
Types of transition words and phrases
The function of transition words can vary, which leads to the classification of such words into several categories. The following list consists of six types of transition words with relevant examples.
In addition, furthermore, moreover, also, too, as well as, likewise, similarly, equally important, not only… but also, additionally.
Addition/agreement transitions refer to words or phrases that supplement or highlight resembling or related concepts in a sentence or paragraph. These words are also introduced to give new information or examples or show agreement with a previous statement. They play an important role in demonstrating the connection between various ideas and enhancing the overall consistency and comprehensibility of the writing.
“I enjoy playing football. I also like playing volleyball.”
However, nevertheless, on the other hand, despite, although, even though, in spite of, nonetheless, in contrast, yet, but.
Contrast/concession transitions refer to words or phrases employed to demonstrate a contrast or concession between various ideas within a sentence or paragraph. They help convey that the writer is presenting a distinct or differing viewpoint and enhance the complexity and impartiality of the writing.
“I love going to the beach. However, I don't like getting sunburnt.”
Because of this, due to this, since, thus, hence, as a result, therefore, consequently, so.
Cause/effect transitions refer to words or phrases showing the cause-and-effect relationship between various ideas in a sentence or paragraph. They are used to clarify why a particular event occurred or the outcomes of a certain event or action.
“The roads were icy this morning. As a result, there were many accidents.”
First, second, third, next, then, afterward, simultaneously, last, meanwhile, subsequently, finally, in conclusion.
Time/sequence transitions refer to words or phrases that show the order or sequence of events in a sentence or paragraph. These transitions are crucial in presenting a clear timeline of when certain events occurred and how they unfolded.
“I woke up early this morning. First, I had a shower. Then, I had breakfast.”
Similarly, in the same way, likewise, compared to, as with, just as, like, as, such as, as if.
Comparison transitions draw attention to the similarities or differences between two or several ideas in a sentence or paragraph. They play a key role in facilitating comparison and elucidating the connections between different concepts.
“Jerry is a great football player. Similarly, his son is also skilled at the sport.”
In fact, actually, indeed, of course, truly, certainly, clearly, above all, undoubtedly, no doubt, without a doubt, especially.
Emphasis transitions highlight a particular point or idea in a sentence or paragraph. They help to clarify a statement and emphasize and convey the significance of a particular idea or concept.
“His research findings were impressive. Indeed, they demonstrated a significant breakthrough in the field.”
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2023.03.29 15:48 BlantantlyAccidental Tiny Battlefield Chapter 3

Tiny Battlefield Chapter 3
Tiny figures appeared down on the planets surface, hundreds of thousands of mult-species armies and machines intermingled on the tabletops surface. For a few moments it seemed like all hell had broken loose.
Tiny mushroom clouds and swaths of fire and destruction swept the surface as new and completely foreign and alien peoples/beings were suddenly thrust together.
The three gamers rushed to their army cases as their armies numbers began to drop. The tabletop became a radioactive/ inhospitable surface in the time that Jasper started the game prematurely.
On its surface, it had been a year. To the All Mighty Gamer Nerds, it was just a few 'seconds'.
"Jasper, we didn't even agree on a ruleset for this game!" Josh said, having furiously reset his armies. Dee-Ot had done the same thing and noticed his units were still mostly intact before resetting his.
Jasper huffed when he noticed his forces had been nearly wiped out in the free for all. Dee-Ot could tell an argument was brewing between Josh and Jasper.
"I told you just a few minutes ago! It's a meeting engagement!" Jasper had reset his armies too, and now stood at the tables edge."
"No! You said it was a "meeting engagement" and then told us we had three days to defend! That's NOT a meeting engagement!"
Josh replied, his gaseous body roiling and undulating in his building frustration.
Dee-Ot spoke up, walking over to the tabletops controls and putting in commands. He knew he had to diffuse the situation.
"Ok guys, we can't play our game if we don't START! So It's a Defense in Depth. Josh and I are on the same team against Jasper."
Dee-Ot looked up at his older friend, who crossed his arms and smirked.
"Yes! Ok! I love attacking!" Dee-Ot shook his head at this and continued.
"Fog of War is active, all Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and High Science technology will be banned?" His two friends agreed, again.
Dee-Ot nodded and started to set the game up.
"Wargame #590951D
Planet Surface/Oxygen
Defense In Depth
1500 Max Army Score
Mixed Units/All Universe
Rule Set:
Corporeal Standards in Warfare v.1337(beta)
Fog of War Active
Individual Heroing Banned(One cannot put Hero status or directly control any unit first hand or make overpowered)
1 month scenario.
1:1 Scale Timeflow on Tabletop.
One turn equals 3 days.
Before the first turn: Pre-Game Lore Script will be run before each game. This includes reality conforming explanations as to your armies fighting alongside each other; This allows a more coherent and streamlined game to be played.
On the first turn: Players Josh and Dee-Ot have a three day start to prepare their defenses for Jaspers attack. Jasper MUST ATTACK BY the third turn."
With this, the three Nerds gathered around and went over the rules. After several minutes of bickering over the finer points of supply rules(with Josh threatening to turn to a Wargame Lawyer to prove his point) they were finally ready to play.
"Ok guys! I'm running the Pre-Game Lore script now. Once that is over, we can get the game going for good!"
Dee-Ot pressed the "Run-Script" button.
The tabletops surface began to rapidly scroll. The Pre-Game Lore script was an idea of Dee-Ots. After the first few Wargames that the three played, they realized that their forces didn't integrate well without some sort of "explanation" for them, as most species and universes aggressively attacked each other when thrust together.
This script was ran to reasonably integrate each players forces without this happening.
After a few moments, there was a "ding" and the tabletop stopped scrolling.
"The Game is ready!" the three said in unison.
Down on the tabletops surface
General Ashford stood as the Hrggle emissary entered His office. The feathery, bipedal duck-person waddled up to his desk and saluted. The half feathery 4 fingered salute dropped as the Emissary spoke.
"Quack! Quack quack quack! QUACK!"
Nodding General Ashford agreed wholeheartedly with the Hrggl. They both had to gather their forces and prepare for the Great Enemies attack. The Great Enemy were an ultra territorial Ork race, hell bent on the destruction of all things Not Them. If they could break their advance, here on the Plains of the Table, his mighty 3rd Infantry Division would finally be released from their duty and finally go home.
Fort Stewart had been plucked up from its location on Earth, and plopped down on this Tabletop. There was a LOT of backstory and lore behind the where and why and how, but Ashford had no time to recall it all.
He had a Wargame to fight.
"What of our allies, the 9th? Have they been found?" Ashford asked the Hrggle emissary.
"Quack, quack. Quack…"
The bird-persons shoulders rose and fell, shrugging.
Nodding, Ashford thanked the bird person. It turned and walked out with a quack and trill, its feathers on the top of its head rising and falling as it walked out the door.
Sitting back in his chair, he looked over all the preparations and plans laid out before him.
Ashford had had every available air asset scouring the forests of the Table. If he could find the 9th Legion, he would seriously bolster his forces for the oncoming tide.
The Great Enemy used a mixture of armor, planes, sword and archer infantry, and artillery. The Romans would be a good deterrent for the millions of swordsmen and archers they had, on top of the somewhat deadly tanks and vehicles they fielded. Their positions were well defended.
Looking out of his window, Ashford could swear he saw a figure standing there, looking down at him.
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2023.03.29 15:48 ThrowRA_88292 I (19M) just broke up with my girlfriend (19F) and I don’t know if I am regretting it or not

Throwaway because she knows my usual reddit. I really need advice on this situation so any will help!
We have been dating for a year and a half, we met in highschool and moved to a different city to live together for University. We both came out of toxic relationships not too long before we started ours and that is why I think we had so many problems.
  1. Our sex life wasn’t the best to begin with, we both have different libidos (mine is low and hers is high) I take antidepressants that suppress my sex drive. She craves sex all the time because the only way she felt loved by a past partner was through sex. I on the other hand did not feel comfortable having sex with her because I would be feeding into that toxic mentality. We have talked about it many, many times trying to figure out what would make me more sexual and nothing has stuck. We became distant and hostile towards each other because we didn’t feel loved by each other. I have never had a consensual sexual relationship with anyone, therefore my low libido and this has almost completely shattered any sexual desire. She insisted she doesn’t want me to force myself, but kept on getting mad and upset with me when we didn’t have sex for a while. I started to feel like a horrible boyfriend and very low about my self-esteem.
  2. Once we started to live together we set goals for each other to do. This included who would do the laundry, dishes, etc. Over time I began to be the only one who did anything around the house. I only got help from her once in a while and a promise that she would help me next time. We got 2 kittens, she promised to help clean the litter and feed them. I ended up with the sole responsibility of taking care of them, when we agreed on equal help. I feel like i am her caregiver and not her boyfriend. I love doing things for her but not taking care of everything 24/7. It’s exhausting.
  3. Our communication skills weren’t the best, we would go silent, pick fights and eventually just forgive and forget. We never really talked out an issue. She said she would purposely start fights with me because she was upset about other things like our sex life. Which only brought me more anxiety and depression.
With all of this in mind I became overwhelmed and had my breaking point. I planned out what i can do with my mother and she has helped me figure future things out. With a plan, I then broke up with her in our apartment. She was upset and distraught. I was standing my ground for a while until she started bringing up the good times we had. It broke me, i started to question if i really wanted to leave. She made promises that she would do better in every aspect and I kept telling myself she’s not thinking this out logically. So, I told her I was going home for a couple of days to think about everything. I don’t know what to do now. I have my mom who is willing to help me move out and i figured out another place to live in my budget. I have everything to leave but i am second guessing myself. What do i do?
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2023.03.29 15:48 StephenTheBaker Did I make a mistake? Paid ~$280 for Home Assistant Yellow

Given shortage of availability for Home Assistant Yellow (not shipping until June) + no available Raspberry Pi CM4, I took to ebay and paid roughly $280 to purchase both. Do you feel like this was a bad decision? Why or why not?
We're about to move into a new house any day now and I want to move away from using Alexa + other random junk as my hub. I feel like now is the right moment to make the change, to start fresh. I'm hopeful moving over to HA and using HA Yellow as my hub will keep my new smart home on the right path.
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2023.03.29 15:47 InspectorSecure3635 The fight she started...

Last year, at our family's Christmas party, my mother decided that it would be a good time to pick a fight with her oldest granddaughter (my oldest niece). My niece was living in my father's childhood home with her BF and their baby. They had done some damage to the house, and owed some back rent money. Everyone in the family was on my parent's side, concerning the house. They are entitled to getting money back for repairs and back rent. That was not disputed.
My mother wanted everyone to gather in the living room, I stayed in the dining room and had my jacket in my hand. I knew what was coming, but I couldn't find my wife. The first thing about of my mother's mouth was, "I'm about to ruin everyone's Christmas". She started on my niece and her father, and my niece's BF. I will admit that her BF is a piece of garbage, but this was not the time or the place for this fight. They argued for a few minutes, while my doormat father blocked the exit. My brother finally told him to move, so he and his family could leave. My two younger brothers had taken off to another room, to hide like cowards. Once my brother and his family left, my mother walked into the kitchen and started on me.
I was trying to be reasonable with her, which I should have known wouldn't work. She started telling me how disappointing and disrespectful it is that no one had taken my niece and BF aside and told them they aren't welcome around her. I told her that her issue with my niece is HER issue, and no one else's, and she didn't have to like the BF but he is the father of my niece's baby and has a right to be involved in the baby's life. She started yelling at me, her 47 year old son, to stop shouting and disrespecting her. I tried walking away, and she followed me. At that point, she was asking for it.
I told her that they had every reason and every opportunity in the world to throw my niece and her BF out the house, but they didn't. They let them stay there, and even paid the utilities while not receiving any rent from them. I said that after a certain point of allowing them to take advantage of you, you're asking for them to do it. She started shouting, so I shouted back. She told me that I needed let her finish and stop screaming at her. I had been waiting for this fight, it was going to happen eventually and while it didn't need to happen at this party, she started it.
I kept shouting over top of her, I was just tired of hearing her nails-on-a-chalkboard voice. She finally screamed, "stop screaming at me", and did the one thing I was hoping she would do: she took a swing at me.
I had told my wife, more than once, that a fight with my mother was coming and when it did, she would take a swing at me. Violence has always my mother's answer to dealing me, at least when I was a child. She didn't count on my fighting back that night, she thought she'd call me disrespectful and I'd apologize. I don't know why she thought that, I haven't apologized to her at any point in my life.
My wife was a few feet away, and witnessed the whole thing. There were 4 other witnesses, so my mother couldn't deny taking a swing at me. My wife, who has never liked my mother, said, "what the fuck are you doing? You don't get to hit my husband", and stepped between us. My mother, realizing that my wife would indeed hit her back, said, "I see where I stand", and starting walking away. At that point, I lost my mind.
I told my mother that I should have her arrested for assault, and that I couldn't wait for the day that I could put her in a home, shut the door behind me, and leave her there to rot.
If any of you nice folks were in my place, would you feel any guilt for saying that to her??
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2023.03.29 15:46 CaverZ Some may consider it sacrilege to defy the intentions of a specialty roaster, but I had to re-roast some coffee beans in the oven because I didn't realize I bought a blonde-medium roast and I prefer a darker roast.

I was with some friends at the coffee shop and didn't realize I had bought a bag of light roast beans, which I do not like. Their flavor profile made it seem like this was a darker roast but it wasn't. And this specialty roaster hadn't put on their bags the actual darkness of the roast (and I did look all over the bag). It just wasn't there. I prefer to taste the roast, not all these fruity/tart/floral/spice flavors that some coffeeheads like.
Re-roasting was pretty easy to do. I set the oven to 450, poured out the rest of the beans on a warm cookie sheet. I think they were in for 6 or 7 minutes but I am not sure. I was mostly watching them closely until they turned dark brown. Anyone who roasts at home knows that roasting makes a light smoke, so it was important if you do this to have your windows open and hope it is a breezy day. Coffee bean smoke is this oddly light but pervasive smoke that really can linger without good cross circulation.
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2023.03.29 15:46 throwra4031 AITA for wanting to go hiking with a friend?

My gf and I have been together for nearly 2 years. I don't have a lot of friends nearby since most of my friends live in other parts of the country. My gf made a friend last year that she's met up with for drinks and food a few times. My gf invited her friend out for drinks with us last month. I had never met her before this and we all had a good night and have met up a couple of times since as a group for drinks, bowling etc. and we all get on really well. My gfs friend shares a couple of interests with me that my gf does not such as being outdoors, hiking, similar movie tastes etc.
My gf has always said she has no interest in hiking or seeing certain types of movies with me and that I should do them with a friend if I want someone to do them with. Well my gfs friend mentioned she was going on a hike the following weekend and invited both of us. I accepted and said it would be good but my gf said she didn't want to which is fair enough.
When we got home my gf questioned me on why I accepted the invitation and I pointed out she's the one who told me I should find people to go hiking with and now I have. She just said she find it a bit weird I was going to be hanging out with the girl in question just the 2 of us. I mentioned that my gf got invited so it's not like we've planned it to be just me and this other girl but my gf repeated it's weird hanging out one on one with someone of the opposite sex while in a relationship especially since we'll be spending most of the day together and that I shouldn't be going.
AITA for wanting to go on a hike with a friend?
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2023.03.29 15:45 sendh3lplzz Jeepney thoughts

Nakasakay na ako ng jeep kanina pauwi and this thought came to me. That finally I'm living the life that I want. For context, I'm a career shifter at inubos ko talaga lahat para mapunta dito. Iniwan ko yung dati kong trabaho (graduate of a medical bachelor's degree) and now wala na ako sa hospital! yey! Ito pala yung gusto ko, yung utak lang napapagod sa trabaho hahaha.
Everything started nung pandemic tapos nagkacovid ako. Habang nakaquarantine ako that time (14 days isolation area + 7 days home quarantine), narealize ko na ayoko ng ganito, na mamamatay pala ako sa trabaho ko, madadamay ko pa pamilya ko. Isipin mo 21days ka natengga tapos maliit lang makukuha mo for covid claim. Naisip ko yung mga hindi naman medical allied, nasa office lang doing paperworks/calls/tasks na hindi naman kailangan high risk ang environment --pero kompleto sila ng HMO. Tapos ako mismo na nasa medical field, walang HMO. Philhealth lang na ni minsan hindi ko makita kung ano ba talaga benefits nyan pag nagkasakit ako.
Dahil dun I really did research about jobs that I can do working from home permanently then I came across this role na doable naman kasi graduate ako ng medical degree. Naalala ko yung time na sinabi ko sa tatay ko na ayoko na magtrabaho sa hospital dahil nakakapagod na, hindi na ako masaya. I'm very grateful sa parents ko kasi napakasupportive nila sa decision ko and they even helped me financially nung kumuha ako ng training and certification.
I'm just very happy din kasi first work ko in my new career ay napakaganda ng working environment. Hindi man ganun kalaki sasahurin ko pero at least I really like what I do. I'm comparing it to being Sherlock Holmes hahaha solving puzzles and whatnot. And that's what I really love to do! I love doing research and diving into my computer screen for prolonged periods of time reading whatever comes to my feed lmao.
So ayun, if anyone here is struggling, thinking about making a career shift, I say - just do it! You'll never know where life will take you pero sana masaya ka sa journey mo. Just do it by making a bunch of research before making a solid choice na kayang panindigan kasi alam ko hindi biro ang mag start from scratch. I've been there. And I'm happy to say it's all worth it. Worth it lahat ng rejections, lahat ng ghoster na mga HR na inapplyan ko hahaha. Dumating din sa point na I almost gave up at bumalik na lang sa dati kong work pero ayun, so grateful I found my current company. On-site nga lang pero I know this is my stepping stone for a permanent work at home setup. But until then, Cheers!
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2023.03.29 15:45 gizlonk Looking for advice on an exercise plan

I want to get fit. Never been cardiovascularly fit - but I used to lift weights in school, and packed bricks for a living for my first job, so was pretty well built. Always had a small belly, though. I got lazier as life went on, and used being older as an excuse to stop lifting heavy things or helping with labour work. By the time I was 30, I was definitely fat, and unfit.
Im fat as heck now, and not fit at all. Lazy, sedentary lifestyle. I'm working on it. But I am looking for some advice, please.
Stats about me:
Age: 36ish, 37 in a few days. Hight: 1.77m tall Weight: 94kgs as of this morning
I have a cheap elyptical bike, and some dumbless (2 x 8kgs). I live in a dangerous city, so I would prefer to stay indoors, at my home if possible. There are gyms in the area and I might feel comfortable joining once I am sure I won't die from proper exercise.
I drink tons of coke zero. I know, I'm working on it. Going forward I am only going to drink water when I go to my office (it's oddly difficult to buy coke zero at my office) and only have a glass of coke zero as a treat at home (if I even want it) rather than use it as my staple hydration. I only go to the office twice a week, otherwise I am at home.
I consume Cannabis - but I don't smoke it. I vaporize it. It is still harmful to my lungs, I know, but far less than smoking it. I know from experience. My sense of smell is impeccable, if that tells you anything.
I tried Keto a while ago, with mixed results. I am currently eating everything that comes too close to me. My diet is definitely something I need to work on, but...
I would like to get some advice for a realistic, but effective exercise plan. I want to use this plan to base my entire schedule off of. Once I have the schedule, I believe it will give me a process to follow in order to achieve success. I graduated from packing bricks to eventually being a technical specialist - so I know how to succeed. Once I have the exercise plan, I'll know when I can physically do it, and then I can schedule it. With the schedule, I can rope my GF in (it's the deal, I pay the bills, she is our caretaker) to assist me on the diet (which I will also seek advice on, maybe switch back to Keto?)
I am extremely motivated, but only when I have a clear path to success. I think my main issue is not having a personal trainer give me advice on my situation - so I am doing the next best thing - asking the internet.
I am happy to answer any questions and am very thankful for your time and advice, if you offered it!
tl;dr - 36 year old pothead is looking for a simple but effective exercise plan.
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2023.03.29 15:44 boywhatthehelllll to future me. (hopefully)

writing this so hopefully in the future i can play minecraft one last time, as i write this i realize its not minecraft i miss, its the memories i hold with minecraft, stealing friends diamonds, making your first diamond house in creative, the old maps that minecraft use to make on the xbox 360, i realize that it was so much simpler, not a care in the world, but hey. As we age we will always have something to remind ourselves upon, be it minecraft or fortnite or any other game in general.

i wish nothing but the best for minecraft and its devs, i wont ever thank minecraft enough, whether the game dies in popularity or not, i will always turn back to minecraft, on my own or with friends the games never empty, to say the least. I write this not looking forward to growing up, even one day as a kid i wanted to be older, but i realize the memories i made with minecraft and my friends share such a deep part of my life

I cant thank minecraft enough, and to that 20 year old guy who stuck up for me when i was being bullied by kids in minecraft special thanks to you, i friended you and you never got on again, maybe you grew up? Im not all too sure, but i do thank you for making such a minuscule thing such a large part of my memories, but continuing on with what i was saying.

The game was beautiful in almost every way, the hunger games esk thing that they had added onto the xbox 360 edition was perfect in every way ever, it was never really laggy too. Weird to think about how much of wanting to grow up as a kid is. Yknow? Wanting to grow up and be like the "cooler" people, i realize now more then ever that if i could ever be a kid again i would choose to not follow that mind set, remember when you would say to your friends "lets all be big youtubers and live in the same house"? God that brings me back, but you start to come to realize it wouldnt really happen, wouldve been nice though. People more often then not change their friend groups, whether it be because of arguments or such, but i think a big reason is growing up.

Growing up has got to be the worst thing ever, it was so much more simpler, waking up, playing either fortnite or minecraft, going to school. Asking your friends "you gonna be on after school?" then coming home and playing with your friends, not a care in the world. Just you and your friends having the time of your lives, and i think as kids, we take it for just simple fun, and nothing important. But as we grow up, we realize we should have taken those moments for gratitude
Thank you, if your reading this far. And thanks to you. Minecraft, fortnite, PvZ, Youtube and the xbox, xbox 360 for making moments of my life i will never forget, ill look back at these memories for the rest of my life.
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2023.03.29 15:44 lillyboomer I feel like I'm so behind in life

I'm 23 years old (almost 24) and I live at home still. Currently I don't have a fulltime or solid job. On the weekends I have a job as a paintball and airsoft instructor, which I really like doing and besides that I work 3 days catering industry where I just make a bunch of sandwiches and stuff like that, which is alright for now I guess.
But I feel like I'm so behind compared to other people. Most people have a fulltime job, don't live at home anymore, have their drivers license and have their life mostly figured out. For me that's not the case. I have a degree in graphic design, but ended up not doing anything with it. The reason why is because it was hard for me, both on school and internships. It gave me a lot of stress, which caused me to make a lot of mistakes and fail a lot of the times. I also felt like a bad graphic designer because sometimes it would be hard or impossible for me to come up with a concept or a design. So that's why I quit basically.
I still want to study something and do something that I somewhat enjoy and can be good at as well. I just don't really know what to do tho. I feel like I suck at a lot of stuff. I never really had a 'dream' like most people. The only thing I was good at was playing the piano I guess. The two things that did peak my interest were archaeology and cultural heritage, but going back to school at my age feels like it's way too late and I don't know if I have much motivation left to do so.
Any advice or like some pep talk to make me feel better?
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2023.03.29 15:44 Substantial-Ad3988 I am the incubator

I just hosted six of my in laws for four days in our home (MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL + 2 nephews under 10). I am also pregnant with my first baby and their son’s first child. We’re the last of his siblings to have children, so I didn’t expect a red carpet but guess how many questions I was asked directly about how I’m feeling and my thoughts on being a first time mom?
If you guessed zero you’d be exactly right! I’m not surprised, MIL is a massive narcissist with zero emotional intelligence and SIL is generally nice but still an FM. What I am surprised by is how much this hurts. I’m trying to not cry at my work desk thinking about it.
I’m not close to my parents at all, my sisters are busy with their lives and children and our parents fucked up our chances for a normal sibling relationship a long time ago. My best friend in the world just gave birth to her first baby at the beginning of this month and I’m over the moon for her but obviously am not going to demand her attention at this time.
I’m just feeling so lonely and after hearing all weekend how much they all think the baby I’m carrying will be just like them (my personal nightmare) I’m feeling almost dysphoric about the whole pregnancy. I’m already scared and having a hard time connecting, and now I’m just picturing my baby as a carbon copy of them and all their worst behaviors and I’m spiraling. They’ve made it clear in the past they have no interest in me as a person despite my best efforts, but having this pregnancy in the mix really stings.
Add to this my husband’s fog and him trying to convince them all to move within thirty minutes of us and I’m having a really tough time today. Currently having a quick cry at in my work office with the door closed and could use some internet good vibes if I can’t get them in any way or form from the people who claim to be ‘all about faaaaaaaamily’.
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2023.03.29 15:43 ohhidied LEGACY: From the Book of Saw Chapter 18 : Elanor Bonneville

Read Chapter 16 & 17 here:
*** CHAPTER 18 **\*
Logan is relieved to be home, and when he exits his vehicle, he looks up to his balcony, where he can see Elanor and Melissa laughing through the window. He reaches into the backseat and grabs his portfolio, unaware Mark Hoffman had followed him.
Concealed by darkness, Hoffman strategized his attack. He glides through the shadows towards his prey, holding a chloroform-doused cloth in his hand.
When Logan emerges from the backseat, he is surprised by his daughter running up to him.
Elanor laughs from the sidewalk as they embrace, "We heard you pull up," she says.
"Hey, Mel." Logan said excitedly
"Pick me up, pick me up!"
"Lift you up? You're not as light as you used to be…."
Melissa stares at her father sternly and places her hands on her hips.
"Alright. Easy now…" Logan says, picking her up, "How was your day, honey?"
The little girl smiles joyously, "We watched a scary movie!"
Glancing at Elanor, Logan asks, "Oh, yea? Which one?"
"Critters!" Mel says enthusiastically.
Elanor shrugs her shoulders and grins widely as Logan continues to stare at her approvingly.
He carries her over to the sidewalk and sets her down, "I thought you didn't like those kinds of movies?"
"It wasn't scary, though. It was funny!"
Climbing a tree nearby, Melissa notices two glowing eyes, "It's a critter!" She shouts, running over to the tree.
"No, wait, Melissa!" Logan says, failing to stop her.
Elanor looks at Logan apologetically and mouths the words, "I'm sorry…."
"You see what you've created?"
"It's a classic," Elanor says.
Rubbing her hands on the tree's bark, Melissa yells, "He got away!"
"C'mon, my little Bounty Hunter. It's time for bed."
With a smug, disapproving face, she returns to her dad.
"Well, I should get going…." Elanor says. "I gotta be up early."
Logan takes Melissa's hand and looks at Elanor, "You can stay if you want; I'm closer to the precinct…."
She smiles affectionately, "I should go."
"You should stay, El," Melissa says.
Elanor kneels, "I can't, sweetie, but I'll see you again tomorrow. Now, give me a big hug."
Melissa wraps her arms around Elanor and holds her tightly. When she stands up, Elanor locks eyes with Logan once more.
"Maybe this weekend, we could-"
Before he can finish, Elanor says, "Okay. I'd like that…."
"There's another one!" Melissa says, discovering another squirrel.
Elanor smiles at Logan, and he says, "C'mon, babe, you can hunt Crites in the morning… Good night, El…."
"Good night."
As they head inside, Melissa's voice fades, "He's probably headed back to the spaceship."
Elanor smiles, and as she's about to reach her vehicle, Hoffman emerges from the darkness. He grabs her from behind, covers her mouth with the cloth, and pulls her backward. She elbows him in the gut, but the narcotizing agent is too powerful, and her body goes limp. Hoffman drags her to his car and places her in the trunk.
To Be Continued...
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2023.03.29 15:43 fatherlyuncle Drug Test Questions/Advice Request

Posted this on the discord as well but would also enjoy Reddit’s opinions.
Anyways, I am curious if anyone has any personal (or anecdotal) experience about the relative amount of time it takes for a person to test negative on a thc urine test. For context, I work in an industry that almost always is required to conduct pre-employment drug screens. Before I acquired the job I have now, I had been smoking quite a lot, every day, for almost 6 years straight. It ended up taking me over 3 months to pass an at-home test.
Now at a new job, I have been smoking every day for 2 years (albeit less) and I weigh around 10% less than I did previously. I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago, but haven’t bothered taking any at-homes yet as I’m confident I will piss hot.
Would anyone be able to tell me from their own experiences if I can expect it to take 3 Months again, or is it relatively proportional and I could expect to be clean in as little as 1 month? It’s always impossible to find reliable info on the internet about this stuff lol.
Of course I know YMMV with these things and it depends on quite a few factors, but I desperately need a new job and am hoping I won’t need to wait 3 more months to start seriously pursuing one. Any advice or wisdom is appreciated!
Have a great day everyone! (Feel free to DM me as well if you’d prefer)
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