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News the last two months

2022.05.15 21:43 Shelfen News the last two months

Hello everyone who is still around on our Reddit page!

Just to mention that we are still active and continuing to push things quite far, we soon have a new stable update out for everyone (r165) and this is an intermediate update between our promised IK improvements that should come to the Experimental (r166) in the near future.
Though I am exited to announce the new Status updates that has been written by our Developers and our new CCK that was released some time ago which added some features and benefits for content creators.
The links to our two recent status update posts are bellow here and is an interesting read:
And our CCK update post is located here:
Hope you all have it well and remember to take a look at our social pages here:
Discord Server - ABI
Forums - ABI
Twitter Page - ABI
YouTube Page - ABI
Steam Store - ChilloutVR
Reddit - ChilloutVR
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2022.03.20 23:15 Shelfen Update for ChilloutVR - 2022r164

This update has been in development for a few months now and many new features and fixes included, here is the notable changes for this update:

ChilloutVR 2022r164:

New Camera System:
**Notes:**Some of the new Components and interactable actions require CCK 3.2 to be set up and uploaded. This Content Creation Kit update will be released in the upcoming days.
More detail in the full forum post on our forums here:
If you encounter any issues please be sure to report a bug. You can find information on how to do so here:
If you would like to request a feature, you can check up on how to do so here:

Final lines & social links:

You can find us on social media with the links below:
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Forums - ABI
Twitter - ABI
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Support Alpha Blend Interactive

Like every company, we need financial support to be able to push updates and improve our product. We are grateful for every bit of support we get.
If you would like to support us you can do so here:
We are more than thankful for your support!
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2021.11.29 03:11 Shelfen Big Updates - CCK & Game Client update!

Hello everyone,

We have now released our CCK 3.0 update and our uploads are now available again after a long stretched out maintenance window for our infrastructure and the move of old creations to the new.
Here is the link to our official posts from our forums:
CCK Update:
Game Update:

A short description of our updates:

CCK 3.0:

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Japanese
  4. Korean
  5. French
  6. Russian
  7. Dutch You can add your own language translation to the CCK by forking our CCK translation Github here:
  1. Translateable Component Allows you to change text content, Audio Clips, and GameObject depending on the language.
  2. CVRAnimatorDriver Allows you to change the parameters of one animator using animations inside another animator.
  3. CVRAudioDriver Allows you to control an audio source and switch AudioClips using an animator.
  4. CVRMaterialUpdater Allows you to have Materials on an Object updated by their velocity and angular velocity.
  5. CVRParticleSound Allows playback of sound on particle birth and death.
  6. CVRAttachment Allows the attachments of objects to avatar bones.
  7. CVRGlobalShaderUpdater Allows the setting of global Shader Variables from other scripts or animations.
  8. CVRParameterStream Allows a list of parameters to be passed onto the avatar animator.
The new CCK can be downloaded here:

CVR 2021r162:

  1. Extremely Bright
  2. Music
  3. Horror
  4. Jumpscare
  1. Azure Skybox Fog Scattering Component (Link)
  2. Beautify 2 (Link)
  3. Modern Procedural UI Kit (Link)
  4. Car Controllers (Link)
Visit the forum post to read more here:

Final lines & social links:

You can find us on social media with the links below:
Discord - ABI
Forums - ABI
Twitter - ABI
YouTube - ABI
Steam - ChilloutVR
Reddit - ChilloutVR

Support Alpha Blend Interactive

Like every company, we need financial support to be able to push updates and improve our product. We are grateful for every bit of support we get.
If you would like to support us you can do so here:
We are more than thankful for your support!

Not on our Discord server yet?

Use the link above to join our discord server and get in touch with our wonderful community, get help with creation related topics and find people to play with.
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2021.08.24 23:45 Shelfen Status report WN34 2021

Status report WN34 2021

In this status report we will recap the last weeks changes, give some information on what we are working on and what we have on our list next.

Main Topics:

  1. What´s currently being worked on for the hub?
  2. What´s next for the hub?
  3. Hub Roadmap feature
  1. Translations
  2. Experimental CCK
  3. CCK Auto Updater
  1. UI translations
More can be read here: Status report WN34 2021
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2021.07.03 19:52 Unit13_Kusagi Developer Update #6

Developer Update #6


We thank you for your interest in the newest changes and information regarding ChilloutVR and Alpha Blend Interactive. We have worked tirelessly on making all necessary improvements to get to the point the community asked for. This includes both changes to the platform as well as changes to our workflow. For a more detailed explanation on the changes, please read below.
All important parts have been marked bold to make it easier for those who want to skim through the text but not read it entirely.

Changes to the release schedule

Changes to the release of 2021r160

As requested by the community, we will split ChilloutVR 2021r160 into several parts listed below. This is done to deliver progress made to the community faster as well as show our commitment to the project.
Within the last months, we have put significant effort into the entire rework of the games networking and backbone infrastructure. This results in all regions being available on experimental already, as well as a dramatically improved stability across all systems that have been upgraded already. While not all systems are upgraded yet, we plan on having them all upgraded by the end of July 2021.
For any malfunctioning features regarding the backend changes (non-functioning ui pages, slow loading of ui components, disconnects, server connection issues etc) please report a bug here in the forums or mail us at [email protected] so that we can address those issues as soon as possible.
We expect to have the first part of r160 including video players, the new network, several ui improvements (not the full game ui, this will follow soon!) as well as many new features for creators in July 2021.

Permanent changes to the update-schedule

Along with the change regarding the update schedule for r160, we are adjusting the general update schedule. We will now deliver smaller, more frequent updates to keep features and improvements coming without the long wait times. This will apply immediately after the first part of r160 is released to the public.
This is possible because of major changes in our production workflow making us able to work a lot more efficiently.
We apologize for inconviniences caused by slow updates or dates we could not hold on to. The changes made will ensure that this is a thing of the past.

Updates for content creators

Content Creation Kit 3.0

The long-awaited CCK 3.0 is ready, the only changes missing are the reworked cloudpush edges. The upload network will receive a new software which ensures faster uploads as well as better responsiveness. The new upload network also uses further steps to scan content before pushing it to our CDN to mark possibly malicious content for moderation or remove it before it can cause harm. If your upload is flagged by this system but you feel it should not be, you are free to contact us in the forums, on the discord or via email so that we can have a look. This system is still learning after all.
As CCK 3.0 depends on the new upload work (and the old upload network will be shut down soon) there is no way to release CCK 3.0 without this change. We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter.
We expect CCK 3.0 to be public in July 2021.

Game changes

Localization / Translations

Some time ago, we announced that we will enable users to translate our products to make them easy to use for people around the world. The CCK 3.0 release will contain translations for many major languages - thanks to the community. With the start of the work on the new UIs final implementation in the upcoming weeks, we will release a set of language files on github for game translations. We will make a dedicated announcement for this once available.
Once those are out, the community can start translating the game UI as well. We will release those translation files early, so that the release of UI 2.0 has multiple languages available on launch.

Video player playlist sharing / Queue system

Many of you already had a chance to try the new video player on ChilloutVR Experimental. We have gone ahead and put extra work into it to implement further features y'all have requested.
This includes a feature to export and share playlists as well as a system to enqueue videos to play them after eachother.
With the playlist sharing system, you can export playlists to the hub, which will give you a playlist code. This code can be used to import the playlist into the video player in the CCK (adding others playlists to their worlds) and into the game on runtime (adding others playlists to any world while ingame).

Changes to the system processing content downloads

We have received a lot of feedback regarding downloading content, many have been experiencing issues regarding the loading indicator or responsiveness of downloads, others have given us feedback about the loading times.
With the next stable update, we are adding a reworked version of the download manager which will prioritize avatars and spawnables with smaller filesizes. This will mitigate the issue of avatars of a big size being loaded first, which may also cause the feeling of downloads being very slow.
In addition, we are adding settings to limit maximum download sizes for spawnables and avatars. This way, if you have a very bad connection, you can limit the maximum downloadable filesize for props and avatars.

Changes to spawnables / props

We have seen many creative props and heard many ideas people want to realize using our props system. To open further possibilities and optimize the current networking for props we are changing the way props syncronize data over the network.
With the upcoming update, prop networking will be reworked. This also includes a change that now allows the use of up to 20 synced variables per spawnable object instead of the 9 before. Additionally, only variables used are synced which results in a small amount of saved bandwidth.
Happy creating!

In-World interaction improvements

The next stable update will bring the long awaited CVR Interactable sync. As this is a first-time implementation of this particular part of the game, we suggest that everyone using the interactable validates that their worlds (especially published worlds) still function properly, in case some interactables have been setup to use networking without being configured properly.
In addition, we are adding two new networking types: - Global Networked Buffered - Global Networked Owner Only Buffered - Global Networked All Instance Moderators - Global Networked All Instance Moderators Buffered
The buffered option will sync previously triggered actions once new players join. The non buffered options will not sync to late joiners.

Changes of our Terms of Service

Changes regarding the NSFW regulations

Many members of the community (and those interested in becoming a member of the community) have been asking questions about the NSFW regulations and we have to admit that they were not as clear as they could have been. With this post, we are declaring clear rules on NSFW events and content. Additionally, with the documentation coming soon, further help for tagging NSFW content will be available.
The general guidelines for NSFW are:

Modding of our games

For ChilloutVR, we had plans for a modding support pipeline for a longer time. Considering the amount of time that would be necessary to build such a built-in modding support pipeline, we have cancelled those plans.
We have discussed several ideas of how we could enable modding for legitimate cases.
With the next stable update, we will allow modding of our games under the following restrictions (a corresponding ToS update will follow): - When sharing modifications, you have to mention that the modification was created for ChilloutVR and link to our website or store pages. This may be a simple one-liner. - You may only create modifications for the purpose of improving the game. Malicious intent is and will be punished in any case we deem necessary to take action on. - Mod sources have to be public so that users can build their own version and read through the code for security reasons. - You may never create any modification to steal, abuse, disturb, annoy, harass, exploit or any of the kind. When finding security issues, you must report them to [email protected] immediately. - You may never create cheats / hacks to bypass limitations or gain an unfair advantage in any game mode or game world
Distribution of game code is strictly prohibited. You may never distribute decompiled game code.
In some cases Alpha Blend Interactive might get in touch with modders to check on opportunities to add specific parts of modifications to the base game or work more closely with modders to create a better experience for the community as a whole.
On another note: Alpha Blend Interactive does not support the idea of distributing modifications that may harm other users. Users creating malicious modifications will be suspended without an option to appeal.
Please note that modifications from unknown sources may yield security risks. Be careful of what you install. If you do not fully trust the source, do not install the mod. We do not provide support for harm caused by modifications that have been installed from sources other than the official workshop.
We still follow the plans of making users able to share mods via an official workshop. We will also work with specific members of the modding communities to have them help with mod verification to ensure that only checked and safe modifications pass and become available in the workshop.
For concerns or questions, feel free to create a discussion in the forums or tell us on twitter @AlphaBlendNET.

Website related changes

Login & Signup improvements

Many of you have reported weird behavior regarding our signup process. As one of our next steps, we will be reworking the signup and login routines for both the game and the community hub to ensure easier signup and logins with more responsiveness. We will make a dedicated announcement regarding this change once ready.

Community hub performance

The community hub has been performing very slow for many of you and we have been investigating on this issue. The issues are now located and the corresponding parts causing this will be reworked within the next weeks.
Once those changes are out, we will continue working on the promised features like groups, event system, reserved instances and more.
We want the current system to work flawlessly before adding new features to it.
In addition to the above mentioned, the community hub will be moved to infra 2.0 within the next weeks as well, which will improve its stability and availability.

Final lines & social links

Social media

Find us on social media with the links below: Discord: Twitter: YouTube: Steam: Reddit: Forums:

Support Alpha Blend Interactive

Like every company, we need financial support to be able to push updates and improve our product. We are greatful for every bit of support we get. If you want to support us you can do so here:
Later this month, all former and current patreon members up to this date will receive additional unlock keys to thank them for their support. They can be given to friends, used for giveaways or any of the kind. We will give out one unlock key per 10 dollar of support we have received.
We are more than thankful for your support!

Not on our Discord server yet?

Use the link above to join our discord server and get in touch with our wonderful community, get help with creation related topics and find people to play with.
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2021.02.18 22:12 Shelfen New ChilloutVR Patch 2021r159p1

ChilloutVR Patch (2021r159p1)


You can get ChilloutVR on Steam Here:
Content Creation Kit can be gathered here:
Content Creation Kit (we are working on some new documentation, watch/search for community guides for now)
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