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Sub for all tips regarding the Cayo Perico heist.

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2023.06.10 19:28 Officalgalaxytrooper Every single weapon I own was wiper

I finished the cayo perico intel mission, and when I got back every single weapon I have is wiped from my inventory. I went to ammunation and it says I don't own any of them and I have to rebuy them, all of my mk2 weapons are gone, what the fuck do I do
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2023.06.10 18:52 PresentationDeep8733 Gta online cayo perico

Does do the gold and cash that we can steal in cayo perico as secondary objectives can be available when we want to do the mission again or they disappear and we have to search for another place ?
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2023.06.10 18:48 Bignuts109 Calling all Kotsha owners (console)

We should all geoup together and murder Cayo Perico of its riches. And we shall becometh rich.
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2023.06.10 18:00 Anbu808 Cayo perico heist,need a partner

Xbox gamer tag:heyyyralph
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2023.06.10 17:43 Bignuts109 Cayo Perico heist

Whenever I try to join a heist for Cayo Perico, I always get kicked out. It pisses me off because im too poor to buy a sub. Like, Im only doing it so I can buy the thing. And you need at least 2 players to get most of the loot.
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2023.06.10 17:24 cheesebird1234 Cayo main target

I've done the Cayo Perico heist about 10 times now successfully and even managed to get out twice undetected. The first two heists I got the necklace and diamond, every other one I've got the tequila. Is this a bug or I'm just unlucky?
It's starting to feel a lot like the lucky wheel , where I consistently get clothes on every attempt.
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2023.06.10 15:19 Material-Track-6824 Anyone wanna grind heists? (Cayo and Casino) No mic. Gamertag: Duckman1236206

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2023.06.10 10:58 xwolfyx99 Tequila bottle

I’ve done the Cayo heist about 5 or 6 times in the past week and a half and every time I get the tequila bottle for the target. Does anyone know why or is this just a glitch.
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2023.06.10 10:15 not_a_paperboy didn’t get paid after doing cayo

didn’t get paid after doing cayo
just finished doing cayo with 2 other friends, the other 2 got their pay of 800k-1m meanwhile I only got 50k, what the hell rockstar.
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2023.06.10 10:08 bankruped_guy I changed my session during cayo perico hieat to restart it but it was gone all preps too and had to wait again to lunch another cayo perico heist what's the issue?

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2023.06.10 07:43 Laxuii69 Heist finale b2b

Heist finale b2b
I don’t mind if you have Bogdan, Casino or Cayo.
I have hard mode casino heist, big con approach with artwork target, you’ll get about 1.7-1.8 mil per run
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2023.06.10 07:41 Laxuii69 Heist finale b2b

I don’t mind if you have Bogdan, Casino or Cayo.
I have casino heist, big con with artwork target, you’ll get about 1.6 mil.
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2023.06.10 03:03 iiLoveHates After 12 fails... I finally passed my first Cayo Perico Heist!

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2023.06.10 02:55 Doonie_-Van Lf something to anyone got any heists or missions they need help with (mc bunker cayo etc)

Lf for something to do anyone got any missons they need to get done with help
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2023.06.10 00:27 X_T-MaL_791 Here is a link to a web page I threw together with good videos from TGG and Tylarious for GTA Online.

!Attention! Lilhotboisiyah & Bossquoss01. This is xT-Mal91 from the GTA Online lobby we were talking in at around 6pm to 630pm. I am down to help anyone that needs it. I sent you both an invite to my newish crew. Join it, at least temporarily and we can run heists and I can show you whatever you need help with and get you to start making millions of dollars to blow on cars and clothes 🤗🥴 lol
I made this web page using a note taking app called Notion. It lets you make a regular note and then publish that not as a website. Check it out and join this Community!! Even if you play solo or not,
Here is the link to the page:
Help me grow this community please!!! Then we can team up and I can help people make money as well. I have almost all the businesses and I can show you how to do the Cayo Perico heist if we do it together. I'm not 100% sure how "Live Chat" works on here, but Im going to activate it. Hit me up there or just reply to this with a comment.
Again my PSN gamer tag is xT-MaL91. My Crew name is Jotunheim-Wolves22
Add me as a friend if you want or join my crew for now and I can help you.
I'll be back on around 9 or 10 PM if your down. Let me know.
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2023.06.09 23:58 benne1rl Cayo Perico: North Dock Loot Building Guard

So for the first time on my PS5 account I got absolute shit loot spawns at the air field. On my ps4 account if I don’t have enough to fill my bags at the air field I don’t run it solo and wait to run it with my buddy. Don’t have that option on ps5.
So, I scoped out the loot at the north dock and had coke there so I figured I’d give it a go. However the coke was in the loot barn that has a guard that patrols it from the inside. I tried to kill him three times: the first was a headshot but my guess is he was a little too close to one of the door openings and was spotted by the jeep that patrols the area, and I was alerted that the choppers were after me as I was pulling up to the drainage tunnel entrance; the second I tried to take him out with my machete but forgot to crouch so it didn’t insta kill him and the guards were alerted; and finally the third, and what I thought perfect attempt, I killed the guard in a way in which there was no way a jeep passing by could have seen him unless they can see through walls and made it all the way through the compound and was exiting El Rubio’s office when I walk outside and saw the guards were alerted. I just said screw the elite challenge and went with that final run, but I’m curious as to if it’s possible to kill that guard there or not? I can’t think of any other instances that would have triggered the guards reaction because once I got in the compound I took my normal route and went about everything the way I normally do undetected.
Any ideas/helps/tips appreciated
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2023.06.09 22:19 Chair_Which Cayo Perico First Timer

Looking for a +1 to run preps and heist with. Have never done it but have watched a couple videos. Would appreciate any help so I can get the sparrow and begin to learn how to do it solo easily.
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2023.06.09 21:51 Much_Tone8124 Cayo perico points of interest question.

Do I get alerted by Pavel when I am close to one? Or do I need to just take pics of whatever?
(I have tried youtune and google etc. but prefer finding myself)
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2023.06.09 20:53 Yb44_dan B2B

I have diamond panther and 3 gold on hard mode. I'm looking for a playeplayers to grind money with, do B2B and other stuff. if u have Cayo, or any other heist to do B2B with add me PSN-itsDXGaming
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2023.06.09 19:48 AssociationJunior873 Cayo Heist

You don’t have to help with setups you get 25%
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2023.06.09 19:47 Triplou I was AFK for a while and suddenly me and all of my lobby got transported into the Cayo Perico island??

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2023.06.09 19:34 Sonieboyyy Cayo Perico Heist B2B on PS5?

Cayo Perico Heist B2B on PS5?
Anyone trying to run the Cayo Perico Heist back to back on PS5 to make some money before the update?
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