Anyone with firsthand experience with Brakemotive?

2020.08.03 19:45 SugeNightTerrors Anyone with firsthand experience with Brakemotive?

Looking to change up pads and rotors all the way around on my Q70 and saw some recommendations of Brakemotive on the NICO forums.
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2017.06.25 15:53 zanyzoo Recommendations for upgraded '97 Honda Accord rotors and pads?

Hey all, the front rotors on my 97 accord keep warping every 3,000 miles or so. I've been extra careful about breaking so I don't think it's me driving through a lot of puddles or breaking overly hard. I'm chalking it up to shitty oem parts.
Does anyone have any recommendations for upgraded rotors and pads that are higher quality than the oem parts? I'm not looking for performance rotors, just something that won't warp every 3k miles.
UPDATE: Thanks for the recommendations guys. Really appreciate it. I'll probably look into autozone and brakemotive.
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2016.06.09 19:22 GeneralMotors4lyfe Problems braking when backing up

Hey /MechanicAdvice! I have a 2008 Chevy Impala PPV with close to 180k miles on it. A couple months ago the rotors and brakes needed to be changed. The brakes had been squeaking ever since I got the vehicle and I could tell they were about to start grinding. With the car having 180k miles on it, I decided to just get the cheap brakemotive brakes and rotors. I got new rotors and brakes on all four corners of the Imp and it was working great for the first few weeks.
Now that they have been on for a month or so, when I back up and gently have my foot on the brake to keep me from going to fast, the brakes will start to grind then eventually the brakes will "catch" and bring my car to a violent halt. I have now resorted to keeping it in neutral and then barely putting it in reverse and then back in neutral so that I will be going slow enough to shift it into drive when I'm able to. I would like to think that it's just a sticky caliber but the car acts completely normal in drive and when I take off from a start the car doesn't feel sluggish. More evidence showing that it's not a sticky caliber is that my fuel economy has been exactly the same before I changed my brakes and after I changed them. No possible way it can be a sticky caliber.
Any thoughts guys?
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2014.03.12 01:37 theBullMousse I feel like an idiot posting this, but can anyone tell me what size my brake rotors are?

I have fairly limited car knowledge, but I usually have good googlefu; not this time. I have a 2003 9-3 ARC and I was thinking of getting some new rotors for it when I get new pads. Can anyone tell me what size I need? I'm looking for a pair from brakemotive on ebay; heard great things about them and reasonably priced.
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2013.05.11 19:22 Thatweirdbusdriver Seems to good to be true

Hello everyone. I need to do some brake work on my 2004 Volvo XC90. The front rotors need to be replaced, and the pads all around. I did some quick price shopping around town and wasn't really surprised ($90 each rotor, $80 pair pads). did some looking around online and on ebay and came across a company called BrakeMotive. They had a set (all 4) of slotted/drilled rotors and pads for $280. That seems like a deal that's too good to be true. So I just wanted to ask if any of you have heard anything on the quality, longevity etc. of these rotors and pads. Thanks a bunch, and if I posed to the wrong subreddit if you could just let me know where i can post.
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