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2023.03.29 15:24 jwredskins55 Technical Analysis for AMD 3/29-------Pre-market

Technical Analysis for AMD 3/29-------Pre-market

Micron to the rescue
So not horrible numbers from Micron. PC sales still look blehhhh and not super great but I think the big takeaway from this is that they believe they see a bottom in the data center business. I feel like Lisa has already said this so I'm not sure that there is anything "new" hear but the market is taking it as a chance to rally.
But then you see other ones like NVDA who are also rallying and they don't have the same Data Center exposure that we do. So I feel like this is hype and the bigger thing is pre-positioning for what Micron predicted------And end to inventory glut in 2023 and back to tightened stock and elevated prices in 2024. So that itself would be very very good which is why I think people might be buying today.
here is the question: Is this enough of a game changer to officially change the downtrend start on the chart or is this one more blip to sell a short???
For me I'm eyeballing that $85 level. We really don't have any support in this range and while we have given a lot back I'm not sure that when the market opens there is going to be enough here to elevate us. Pre-market prices are being driven up but sometimes these pre-market spikes encourage even more hard selling at the open as traders try to sell at the higher prices. We were in the $93s yesterday and a return is definitely on the table. if I can sell at $96 at the open before it drops down then I'm in business and these little pre-market spikes can encourage A LOT more sellers to pile in early than normally would be there.
That $85 level was pretty sticky resistance for basically all of February and into march until this rally started. So for me I think there is a pretty good chance of support there. I like the idea of selling $80-$83 PUT's as we approach that number just to try to capture some premium and get assigned if we fall below that. But i do think there is a strong case for $85 to slow things down. i'm not sure that we see a big material support level until that number and if we could make that our new price floor before we get into the crux of earning season, then I think we might be in for a decent little rally and make a run at $100+ as we go into our next earnings cycle.
The semi's are always volatile but for me its about lasting status. AMD's balance sheet still looks pretty good and I want us to gather some price support. I want us to break out of these blehhhhh $80s zone and get back to the triple digits and if we can do that in this market then I swear we are going to be CRAZY good as the economy improves in the coming years!!!
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2023.03.29 15:24 1toomanycookies And here with go again. Now she's mad at me because I am in the room...that I paid for.

So I am the bitch with the crazy controlling roommate who had a whole Freudian crisis over me eating 2 pieces of pita bread that she had ordered for me after pestering me about it the night I moved in. I feel kind of stupid for having to come here again with another story/vent about the way she has been treating me, but this is like the only safe-ish space I have to deal with this.
I don't know if I have the patience to go into a lot of detail about what has been going on the apartment lately. I haven't really been speaking to my roommate since spring break. It isn't anything against her at all. I haven't been talking to most people I know as of late as I am focused right now on myself, getting my coursework done, and preparing for next fall and the future. My senior year is coming up, so I don't really have a lot of time to goof around. I guess after spring break and she went on her vacation, she thought that was just going to magically dissolve all our problems and that we were going to go back to being "friends". Like no, that's not how life works. You don't get to have your cake and eat it, too. She called me names, talked shit about me, acted like an absolute nut over something that could have easily been solved back in January, all because I stood up to her and wouldn't let her bully me in the apartment that we shared.
It's been pretty quiet since mid-March. I've been spending a lot more time in the room, mainly because the lounge area in the dorm that I used to go to to sit and do my work is being renovated - so there's nowhere for me to sit anymore. Strangely enough, I've enjoyed using my room again and was honestly sit of having to take the stairs to go up and down from our room, and I haven't bothered her as there is nothing that we need to talk about as there's nothing going on in my life that involves her. Apparently she's all butthurt that I have been in the room, because that's a totally not selfish response. I don't bother her. I don't play loud music, I don't speak to her, I clean up more than she is and am in bed by 10 pm. So the only issue that I could see is her whining about me "nOt cOmMUniCaTiNg" with her, which is just her way of saying that I need to always been her little dancing monkey on a stick and entertaining/speaking to her.
This morning, she tried to get up and run into the bathroom, knowing that I have a class in the morning, which she does not. I was only in the shower about 25-ish minutes when I come out to get my clothes and she starts whining about that she needs to take a shower. I told her no, she needs to wait, as I won't be long and need to get ready. Again, I want to stress that she DOES NOT have a class on this day. She has never done this before and there was clearly no reason to do this other than using the excuse that maintenance will be in the room anywhere between 10am to 4pm today to do a routine check up. They are never early, and it isn't like they force out of the room. So she clearly was trying to start a fight over the fucking bathroom. I got pissed with her because she even said that oh, we could be in the bathroom together...while she's butt ass naked, and I haven't even finished putting on my own damn clothes. Like seriously, WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK?!
So I go back into the bathroom after repeatedly telling her no, blow dry my hair, brush my teeth and shit, and when I come out to quickly grab my outfit that I had laying on my bed, I see her standing on my side of the room using my mirror instead of her own to do her crusty ass pancake makeup. I still didn't say anything, so she moved back over to her little hovel and to finish plastering her face in industrial strength acrylic gesso. So, I asked her point blank, are you going to need to use the bathroom early on Friday morning, since I have a morning class on that day and she doesn't. And I think she was taken aback because she kind of stuttered and said, "ehhhh," So right before I left, I told her I don't want any drama, and wished her a good day. I also sent her a text and emailed housing to let them know what is going on.
I am sorry this is so fucking long. All I want is to be left alone. I am SWAMPED right now with schoolwork, figuring out where I want to live next semester, and looking for a summer job when I go back home for break. I have also been dealing with other shit, like this idiot in a class I have who I had to call out for trying to piggyback/copy my work, and wrangling these other goofballs in a group project who are not responding to any of my emails. Basically, I don't have time for this bullshit...I really don't. The semester will be over in May, and then we move on and she never has to see me again. All this because I am in my own goddamn room, that I paid for.
People really do fucking suck. I am including the screenshot of the message I sent so people can't accuse me of bullshitting or whatever. Well, I hope everyone reading this has a good day!
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2023.03.29 15:23 Left_Breads Puberty hit us like a train

My little guy, Apollo (jack russel mix, 8 months old, male), was a pretty easy young puppy. No major issues or destruction in the house, pretty social, took training well. Thought I was that one lucky owner with the angel Jack Russell. And then, puberty came for us at around 7 months. He hasn't been horrible...yet, just very and I mean VERY needy.
If I'm at home he requires my constant attention. Witching hour has gotten intense. He has developed a new fixation with footwear and is trying to destroy our slippers and steal shoes while he didn't seem to be interested in those before. He is trying to get on the kitchen table every time we exit the house. I am unsure if our couch pillows will make it through this week. He sulks like hell when we have to get back even after 2+ hour walks. He has started being picky with food.
Yesterday I really needed a short nap because I was exhausted, and he just sat beside me crying to play the whole time, even if we had time before his usual walk. I just sat on my bed and started crying because I was exhausted and couldn't even have that half an hour for myself.
I'm just pretty tired and in the "what if this never ends" mindset. I'm trying to do everything I can: one hour outside in the morning and at least one and a half in the evenings. Lots of toys in the house that I am rotating. Trying to keep up with training. Playing with him when I can. Letting him play with other dogs and run off leash as much as possible.
I knew what I was getting into when i brough a jack home, yet this change from a generally sweet, non destructive puppy to an emotionally draining little devil has exhausted me.
I know it will end, and I am quite positive I am doing everything in my power to make it smooth for the both of us (I was a horrible moody teenager too, ngl, maybe he just took after me), I just needed to vent to people that have probably gone through the same, if not worse.
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2023.03.29 15:23 LuckyLaceyKS Where in the U.S. you're most likely to die early

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2023.03.29 15:23 ThrowRAboyfriendjerk My (F26) boyfriend (M26) lied about masturbating.

My boyfriend and I were at my house and he was telling me he was feeling horny. I am currently on my period at the time but was still down to have sex so I told him I would clean up in the shower and then we could have sex. He said okay and was looking at porn on his phone. I quickly got in the shower and then got out and noticed he was jerking off in my bed, but didn’t finish. I said, “ hey, I told you we could have sex and was cleaning up for you, did you come yet?” He said “ oh I didn’t hear you, but I haven’t come yet.” I then told him “ hey wait for me “. He said okay and I got back in the shower for a second because I forgot to shave my legs. When I got out I noticed that he was in the bathroom. I wasn’t really feeling in the mood anymore as much and I told him I didn’t want to have sex if he had just masturbated. I went into the bathroom to see what he was doing and to grab something and asked him if he had came. He said “ no, I didn’t.” I said oh okay we can have sex then but wasn’t really feeling it but wanted to make him happy. We proceeded to have sex and then he proceeded to tell me after that he had jerked off in my bathroom when I was showering. I told him that it was inconsiderate and dishonest that he would lie about that because I wouldn’t have had sex with him if he had already come without me even though we had explicitly talked about having sex together. He said I have no right to know when he masturbates or not. Am i in the wrong for feeling upset ? I want to know how to proceed in this situation. He lies about other small things when he thinks it will upset me and I don’t know if I am unreasonable or overreacting here.
TLDR: My boyfriend and I planned to have sex and he proceeded to jerk off in my bed and then lie to me about it so we could have sex after even though I wasn’t really into it. I don’t know if it’s normal to feel upset in this situation or what to do.
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2023.03.29 15:23 OzoneLifer why I started this community

I have been using emulators for about 8yrs now. I used to play nes and genesis on my computer growing up but I never knew they were emulators. Well I have played almost every popular ps1 and Gameboy games that have come out. I truly enjoy retro gaming but the 1 aspect I have rarely enjoyed Is multi-player. One day I was at a friend's house and I asked if he wanted to battle me in pokemon. I had 2 androids both with emulators on them that allowed for multi-player. One phone had pokemon fire red and the other leaf green. We had a blast playin even tho I knew all of my pokemon and he didn't kno which 1s were available once he got his team it was so much fun. Another thing with emulating pokemon is you miss out on trading which helps evolve certain ones. Currently I'm using RetroArch which has an app in the Google play store and apk available on its website. RetroArch allows for co-op multi-player gaming by creating lobbies that u and ur friends can connect to and play 2gether. Right now I'm playing pokemon white on NDS bcus I have never played it b4 and I hope by time I get to the end I'll have some strong pokemon to battle someone with or trade with. Join the community let's grow and play together!!
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2023.03.29 15:22 custard_crumble Sending prescription medication in the post?

Hi all,
So I have some prescription medication that I unfortunately I accidentally left some of it at my parents’ house and so now don’t have enough till I can get my next prescription. Would it be legal for them to post it to me? It’s in the proper box from the pharmacy with the label with my name on and everything.
According to the website: “May only be sent by, or at the specific request of, a qualified medical practitioner, registered dental practitioner, veterinary surgeon, registered nurse or a recognised laboratory or institution.” Does this basically mean that unless my doctor specifically tells me to get it posted, it’s not legal, even though the medication has been properly prescribed by a doctor?
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2023.03.29 15:22 Zercy47 I truly don't know what to do and currently lost at this point.

So pretty much I am 20 years old male living in Australia as international students, so pretty much I moved here alone and have been living by myself for the past 4-5 years. After quite sometime I felt like my life is being in such a mess as I have been enrolled in University. I am doing architecture course which I am not interested in or even enjoyed at all, I was forced to do it as my Asian parents forced me to do so (ALSO i couldn't quit as my students visa will get cancelled and I will pretty much be banned from Australia) . I used to worked at the restaurant as a kitchens hands/ cook, and waiter but i quit after I have been working there for year and a bit months and 3 weeks ago I just quit due to toxic workplace and bosses + stress I cannot deal with that anymore . Uni + stress+ work combine together making me feel like I was lost I do not know what to do whatsoever like food is getting really expensive the inflation stuff just keeps getting out of hands I got some save up but I got to pay utilities, rental places and housemates that just straight up hate me ( I live in shared house with rando person) , and stress from university that I have a lot of assignment/ work to be done in order to at least pass the units. I have to plan a lot of my budget weekly very precise so i will be able to survive till the next uni break as it will be time for me to find some job so my eating schedule right now is either 1 or 2 meals a day with a lot of waters and pretty much rice with some stuff in the fridge. Which doesn't give me enough filling up, energy or nutrition at all.
After dealing a lot of stress it back to my loopholes that I truly need help that I cannot afford to. So pretty much my loopholes is like I got hungry realised I don't have enough money to buy food stress trying to relax by masturbating back to hungry again. I truly need help I am lost inside this adult grownup worlds I know that somebody have a lot more problems that I do, but I am as clueless as I am trying to figuring out what to do to get rid of this loopholes of hell from uni, old toxic workplace, food, money, rent pretty much adults life.
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2023.03.29 15:22 wt_anonymous Modern life absolutely warrants a 4 day, 32 hour workweek.

(For the record, I'll be mainly talking from a US perspective)
Whenever I see people talk about shortening the work week, I hear a lot of "I'll take 4 10s!" which I think is a bad mindset, because a 32 hour work week is absolutely warranted considering everything that's changed in the last century (hell maybe even less 32 is warranted). People should not be settling for less than they deserve. There are multiple things that have completely changed our lives.
For starters, way more women are working than before, which is a good thing, but it's changed family dynamics. In 1940, two years after the Fair Labor Act, only about 28% of women were part of the labor force. In 2000, it was about 60%, more than a 32% increase. And this figure accounts for all women. The increase is even more drastic among married women, which went from 15% to over 60% in the same time. And this is because women at the time were expected to take care of all the housework, cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, etc.
Was this expectation unfair? Absolutely. But it fundamentally molded the labor market. It meant that while men didn't have to worry about any housework being done and their children being taken care of, women didn't worry about making enough money for their family. Now though, with way more women working than before, that dynamic has shifted. Now the responsibility working and house upkeep is generally expected to be even. However, the amount of work being done hasn't changed. A full time job is still 40 hours a week, and household work, while slightly improved through technology, is still a significant amount of work. This is exactly the reason why birth rates have dropped off so steeply in the past few decades, people simply do not have the time to worry about kids when both parents are working whereas only men worked 80 years ago.
And secondly, technology has quadrupled the efficiency of work. This is no secret. CEO salaries have grown exponentially in just the last 70 years, while workers' salaries have barely increased at all, all while many jobs are lost to automation, because only half the work needs to be done in order to get twice as much.
In a scenario where a company only needs half the work done for the same profits, what should be happening is that people work 50% as much as they used to... instead of what's currently happening, where they layoff 50% of their work force.
I think part of the issue with this whole debacle is that the last major labor reform was all the way back in 1938. We have the 40 hour work week so ingrained into our heads, it just seems natural. But the reality is that before then, people worked even more. People regularly worked way more than 8 hours a day, and 6+ days a week. But there is no reason a similar reform couldn't and shouldn't be passed today.
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2023.03.29 15:22 Akil_Natchimuthu $12.5k in sales for Bullet within a month of launch

After working on several products in the last couple of years, I finally got reaching $12.5k in sales, within the first month of its launch. Here are a few points that helped us get there.
Product: - a notion-based website builder
Since this is a very competitive space, to get the initial set of audience to test the product, gather feedback, and fine-tune roadmaps, we decided to launch a lifetime deal.
Next, we launched on Producthunt.
We're closing the lifetime deal this week finally. Would love to know what you think of the tool!
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2023.03.29 15:22 Clean-Tradition-8935 MIL takes in a teen

So I just joined this group this week for an unrelated issue surrounding our wedding, but I posted this in the comments and wanted to get opinions/advise. Do not repost/share please. Sorry for the long post, it’s a very complication situation.
My husband met a girl when he was in the military 17 years ago who was pregnant with another man’s baby, she didn’t know who the dad was. My husband raised this little girl until she was about 3, she called him dad, he was the first of many dads she’s had in her life.
The mom pushed my husband out of her life 14 years ago, but my MIL has kissed the moms butt over the years to maintain a relationship with the girl. Even now the mom is snapping pictures in my MILs living room, hanging out with my MIL, they comment all over each others social media, etc. I find it disrespectful, my husband doesn’t appreciate it (he’s brought it up to her), but she’s an adult, she can talk to and have whoever she wants over. It does hurt my feelings though, and it’s frustrating to constantly hear about your husbands ex girlfriend.
The newest dad died of an overdose when he and the mom fell off the wagon, and my MIL moved the girl from 10 hours away and took her in. It’s been great for her to have some stability and structure, she’s going to graduate high school on time, and she has goals for her life now. I love this girl, she’s absolutely family, and we have a great relationship. She’s always welcome at our home, we do things together the three of us, but also just her and me.
However, the MIL never discussed moving her in with my husband and I until after the fact, but assured him there were no expectations from him. We’re 2 hours away, were recently married and we’re starting our family, we saving to buy a house, we have super demanding jobs, etc. Taking in a troubled teen is just not something we can do right now, but more importantly uprooting her again wouldn’t benefit her at all. She’s on a good track up there with my MIL. She also loves to constantly complain about how hard it is on her to take in a teen, seemingly suggesting we take her in.
It is definitely causing problems in her own marriage with her husband. He pays most of the bills, all of their kids are fully grown, and taking in a teenager is not something he’s excited about, he’s drunkenly spilled his guts over it before. The teen, not surprisingly, can be ungrateful for all of the things they do for her, obviously normal behavior for a teen, and the new husband can get frustrated with that behavior. I think his biggest issue, though, is there is no end in sight for him…more on this below.
My MIL has been pushing for this girl to take my husbands last name, I’ve pushed back and said she’s better off picking a name out of the blue and creating her own identity rather than latching on to every man that her mom brings into her life. At this point my husbands relationship with this girl is more like big brothelittle sister.
She does things like “well maybe your dad will (insert extravagant plan that costs way too much money here)…” which of course we can’t do. It’s been everything from helping her build a car, huge snowboarding trips, etc. Overall it’s creating issues because they’re instilling expectations with this poor girl that my husband is going to step in and be the dad she never had (or hasn’t had since she was 3), and she’s just getting set up to be let down by another man in her life.
My husband has a great idea about talking to the girl about joining the military when she graduates. He thinks it will give her the structure she needs, surround her with people with similar people, and help her experience the world. She’s quite sheltered, she can’t even go to the bathroom on her own, like even walk around and LOOK for the bathroom at a restaurant on her own. She is constantly attention seeking, needs constant reassurance, etc. - when we talk about having kids or my MIL asks “when are you going to give me grand babies?” We get “you already have a child,” or “but I’m your first grand baby.” I believe my MiL feeds this attention seeking behavior. Obviously it’s not the girl’s fault, but my husband thinks the military would be perfect for her, that’s the route he went down and it benefitted him greatly as well.
However, my MIL is doing everything she can to get this girl into a local-ish cosmetology school - like 45 minutes away. Filing her FAFSA for her, filling out applications, etc. She even got a scholarship that I’m certain my MIL wrote the essay for. But my thought process immediately goes to “why can’t a 17, almost 18 year old do some of this if not most of this on their own, with support from MIL?” The FAFSA was filed as “homeless” so it’s not like she needs parental tax info. Not to mention, she’s convinced she wants to do this as a career but hasn’t ever actually done it a day in her life. I don’t know how our society could ever expect an 18 year old to decide what they want to do with their lives, but certainly not this one. She makes comments about the huge house she’s going to buy when she starts working after she finishes school, so she’s going in with unrealistic expectations, I have a feeling she won’t even stick with it.
Also, she sent us a message “If you want to get her something for hs graduation, money of any amount would be helpful.” I have issues when people specifically request money, because it makes you spend more, whereas if your getting a gift they don’t know what you spent, it’s more about the thought. Secondly, I feel like this is an opening to start asking for help paying for school costs down the road, because they certainly can’t afford to put her through school on her own. Even the residual costs of school - gas, car, insurance to get to/from, eventually an apartment, we all know how much it all costs. The girl can’t even walk down the street with someone behind her, one of many “phobias” she has, I can’t imagine she’s ready to get a job, juggle responsibilities, manage costs/budgets, etc. I just know she’s going to expect us to chip in.
My husband is great, we’re on the same page with all of this, and he does not care about pissing his mom off. He doesn’t feed into/respond to the attention seeking or any of that. He has zero intentions to help her with school costs or prioritize what’s going on over our family goals. But how do we navigate this? Is this unreasonable?
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2023.03.29 15:22 Prownilo Years after release, trying to parent is still the buggiest part of the game

Parenting is just so frustrating.
I have 4 sims, the parents, two roomates, a robot and a butler, And between them they cannot even keep up with Basic maintenance on the children, never mind actually teaching them anything. It requires Constant micro management, and then hawk watching to make sure they actually do the command. so many times I tell them to change a diaper and go check on someone else, only to find the infant has now had a blow out because of one of the above reasons.
I regret getting this expansion, should just skip to children and not bother with this tiresome and frustrating experience.
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2023.03.29 15:21 sloshout Farm House On Rent For Marriage in Dwarka , Delhi - Sloshout

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2023.03.29 15:21 rUStRoUs Woman has TikTok up in arms after revealing friend charged for dinner at their house

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2023.03.29 15:21 Ill_Cod8566 Arising of an Advance AI assistance and a Web3 Wallet - Project TENET

"TENET and EVA are here and this is just the beginning"
The individual people with their expertise join together and build the TENET as the first major AI application is a web3 mobile wallet featuring advanced AI assistance! and Eva empowers retail investors with DeFi knowledge & allows them to unlock new financial opportunities. Also, Eva makes Web3 accessible to all. Chat and learn about the future of finance with the most up to date synthesized information.
The team;
About TENET;
TENET is the EVM compatible blockchain operating on the Cosmos SDK. It benefits from the immediate compatibility of 99% of crypto developments, due to EVM compliance. It also benefits from the composabiltiy of the Cosmos ecosystem, which till now has lacked a core use case.
Also, $TENET is the native token of TENET. $TENET is the first composable gas token with product-level utilities, giving it cross-chain liquidity advantages and constant consumer demand – unseen in any other crypto asset to date.
It’s community DAO, uncorrupted by VC pre-sales, has true community power: stake $TENET and use fees from network demand and products to expand the ecosystem, operate buy backs and burns, boost yield, and anything the community wants. Imagination is the only limit.
About EVA;
Eva is the flagship AI app built on TENET. It gives the blockchain a go-to product that builds a customer base through unseen ease of on-chain usage. Eva is a breakthrough in global finance.
TENET is a key part of the basket. and, to be the most secure blockchain network!
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2023.03.29 15:21 breezeyisland Is this insurance fraud? Trying to NOT get in trouble.

A couple of months ago a woman hit our brick mailbox with her car. She didn’t destroy it, just knocked off a couple of bricks and sort of loosened it. She was sweet enough to leave her information and call her insurance. Her insurance basically told us to get a quote and they’ll pay us to get it fixed and rebuilt.
One of my best friends has a house construction company. He has done numerous renovations our my house and I fully trust him to fix/build anything I ask. I brought this up to him asking for him to give us a quote on fixing the mailbox. He mentioned that he would give us a quote to teardown and rebuild the mailbox and we could give that price to the insurance company. However, in reality they wouldn’t teardown/rebuild it. Just secure the mailbox already there and we would be able to pocket the money. He said this is actually pretty common but I don’t know?? I’m not trying to get in trouble with any kind of insurance?
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2023.03.29 15:21 finestcrime help after dishonesty at store

starting off, i know the onus of responsibility is not on the verizon store. however, i'm not quite sure how to proceed in this situation. i know this could have been easily avoided if i had just looked at the receipt.
my sister (she's 15) went in to get a new phone the other day. she is autistic, a prosthetic wearing amputee, and not the best in social situations. i was with her (i'm 24) but i was not feeling well at all and sat in a chair while she talked to the sales guy; we had gone out for lunch and the food really upset my stomach.
she tells the guy that she has about 275$, no job (she can't work) and she wants to know how much it would be to get a new phone. he tells her that they have a special going on to where the total for an iphone 14 plus the case would be about 250$ plus tax since she was trading in her old phone. this sounded way too good to be true, and she was in disbelief. "so around 280 dollars? that would be the entire total" she asked him. and he said yes, that would be all it was. she mentioned again that she didn't have a job, and he replied that it was a special going on for that day only. we were both so excited for her- she's been needing a new phone for a long time.
this morning i was cleaning out my car before taking her to school and found the receipt. i looked over it again and to my horror it shows that it is being financed. it's about 900$ for the entire thing, which none of us have. he didn't include any discount for her old phone, so she could have at least kept it as it was special to her.
please don't tell me how stupid i or she was to not look at the receipt, i didn't think that i needed to when he was being so kind and i didn't feel well at all. our account is connected to our grandparent's account, so he financed it through there. that way we would pay the first payment upfront and he set it to come out of their bank for the following payments. i feel terrible for her and i don't know how to pay our grandparents.
is there anything that can be done? can she at least get her old phone back? i know it's a long shot. i feel so ashamed. i'm going to go up to a verizon store later and talk to them but wanted to see if anyone here has any advice.
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2023.03.29 15:21 WolfHedgehogPup No Hab Fweedom

I'm still living with my family and I feel like I don't have any freedom at all, especially since I don't have my own room and have to share one bedroom with my parents. I want to explore being little, but I can't since I don't want them to find out and I have no place here in the house to do so... The only things I can do so far are just watch cartoons and hold on to my stuffie, but even that is weird for my parents... I feel sad...
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2023.03.29 15:21 TheBlackSwarm Ghost Season 3 predictions for rest of the season

Kevin Whitman either dies/ loses his job or gets transferred somewhere else by episode 4.
Lorenzo will tell Monet that he killed Zeke on accident by episode 5 they’ll get in a big argument like we saw in the trailers and she’ll tell him to leave New York.
Noma or Evelyn kills Lorenzo by the end of Episode 5
Tariq and Brayden have a falling out by Episode 6 over him lying about not being involved with Lauren
I could see Brayden being forced to kill Kiki if she finds out what he’s really doing or if she tries to extort him for money.
I could also see Trace overdosing on drugs and it will force Brayden to confront the hard realities of the drug game.
Effie gets with Cane. We also find out more about her backstory.
Saxe finds Lauren In Jenny’s house and let’s her escape after realizing Jenny has been playing him. She confronts Tariq and they get back together but her character will be darker moving forward.
Theo Rollins dies in Prison and Davis kills Saxe.
Jenny Sullivan quits being a prosecutor after Saxe dies.
The Serbians are revealed to still be active in New York. They kidnap Brayden and torture him to find out who he’s working for and Noma wants Tariq to take them out for her but I think Tariq will end up starting a war between the Serbs and Noma’s organization instead.
Diana sets Monet up to get arrested for Lorenzo’s or Carrie’s murder and Blanca ends up arresting her.
Obi gets caught in the crossfire and gets killed.
Tariq and Effie confront each other and get in a shootout. Tariq hits Effie but she manages to get away.
Check back at the end of the season to see if I got anything right
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2023.03.29 15:20 Psychological-Owl355 Write My Zybooks Exam Reddit Write My Zybooks Quiz Reddit Sit My Zybooks Test Reddit Sit My Zybooks Quiz Reddit Sit My Zybooks Exam Reddit Take My Online Zybooks Exam For Me Reddit-- MATH: Algebra Calculus Statistics Precalculus Pre-Calculus Trigonometry Advanced Functions MySt

Write My Zybooks Exam Reddit Write My Zybooks Quiz Reddit Sit My Zybooks Test Reddit Sit My Zybooks Quiz Reddit Sit My Zybooks Exam Reddit Take My Online Zybooks Exam For Me Reddit-- MATH: Algebra Calculus Statistics Precalculus Pre-Calculus Trigonometry Advanced Functions MySt submitted by Psychological-Owl355 to Hw_for_Pay [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:20 yfnp0e8sg Woman has TikTok up in arms after revealing friend charged for dinner at their house

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2023.03.29 15:20 Certain-Panda5771 She’s a mom and she gets an unhealthy amount of sleep 🥺😢🙄

“My baby is 19 weeks old so that means I haven’t slept through the night in 19 weeks and I go back to work in 7 weeks and this isn’t enough sleep for work” ahhh yep that’s how it works. Welcome to motherhood except most moms going back to work are doing it at 6, 8 or 12 weeks and having to do the whole daycare routine not hand baby over to hubby and go to the other room 🙄 Her life is so hard. I hope she’s able to take a break out of the house today on hubbys and find some more Nike gear for herself and “Lordy”
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