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2023.03.29 14:05 shadowbunny14 Am I a victim?

Hi! First time posting here. Sorry about formatting, I'm on mobile. This is gonna be very long and idk if anyone will read it, but who knows? So basically, I'm still trying to understand if I was a victim of a narcissist, or if he was just a really awful person. I (25F) dated this guy (25M) for about two months only. That's why I'm so confused right now, cause I think I fled way too early to know for sure... But I would appreciate if anyone could give me an opinion on this, or even share some knowledge about narcissists, cause it's the first time I'm suspecting of such a thing... And I'm honestly still not over what I've been through. For context: we're both autistic. He's rich, I'm poor. Things started off online. We talked for about two months before meeting in person. I feel like he love bombed me. He was so intense with his feelings, it sounded like he was basically convinced I was the love of his life before we even physically met. I was perfect, I was everything he ever wished for, he couldn't believe how great I was... That's what he would tell me while we were still chatting online. Then we met in person for the first time. First date, we were all romantic and had some moments together until suddenly, in the middle of the night, he said he needed to tell me something. "You're very different from your pictures, and I mean it in a negative way. I'm disappointed with your looks". Then he proceeded to point out some tiny traits about my face that people don't normally care about. He said he "needed some time to get over it"... As if I had done something wrong? I was shocked. Nobody had ever told me that. I felt like absolute garbage and started to question if I really was that different from the pictures I post... I talked to a few friends and they guaranteed me that wasn't the case. I had pictures without filters, when I do use filters I normally use those that change the colors without altering your face, and I even post videos of myself singing (again, with no filters) so it made no sense. It's also relevant to mention that I'm normally considered an attractive person, while he's definitely not (and I'm not trying to brag cause my self esteem is awful regardless lmao). I went home and cried in my room, then sent him a message telling him I couldn't be in a relationship with someone who's not attracted to me. He quickly changed from "I need some time to get over it" to "please, I don't wanna lose you over this" and "I only said that cause you promised me we would be transparent with each other". He cried and everything, and then told me he loved me. Like, after one single date. I fell for it cause I'm stupid lol. I thought "he's autistic, so maybe he didn't know those words would hurt me"... But I didn't stop to think that hey, I'm autistic as well, and I would NEVER do that to ANYONE. Fast forward to a few weeks later, when, ironically, three different people told him he's ugly and looked too different from his pictures (and only after he pressured those people multiple times to tell him what they thought of his looks, cause he's obsessed with his appearance). He had a full meltdown because of it... So I guess he did know those words could hurt. He did care when those words were said to him, but didn't care when he did the exact same thing to me. I had to listen to him whining over that for days. That led to him becoming even more obsessed about his looks. He messaged several people, some of them weren't even that close to him, and asked them to make a list of his non-attractive traits and tell him how to get rid of them. Everyone refused to answer, cause that's a really uncomfortable thing to do... I tried to explain why his behavior was inappropriate and he screamed at me. My stupid self, thinking I should be helpful somehow, decided to tell him about a specific trait of his that, if he changed, could make a great difference on his overall appearance, and I even gave him the "solution" for that. He told me I hurt him by saying it, and that, because of me, now he was even more self conscious than before. He's also convinced he's some kind of genius and destined to be a famous scientist. He's always had great grades, but he studies A LOT for that... Like, he's always studying. I don't think that's very impressive cause I've got two certified child prodigies in my family (who are now adults) and both of them never had to study that much to get great grades. Hell, I never had to study that much to get great grades. Some of my friends also never had to study that much to get great grades. But he does think his IQ is much much higher than average, regardless. He said he would help me studying for an exam cause he's "great at maths". When I told him he didn't have to worry about it cause I'm good at maths and scored very high on the national exam without even studying at all, he was speechless. Like he didn't expect such a thing from me. He was visibly shocked, and I felt like he saw me as inferior to him, intellectually. Whenever we tried to discuss any topic, he would use this "scientific language" with me. Keep in mind I'm very enthusiastic about science and I'm always consuming science related content, so that also doesn't impress me at all. But he used such complicated words and scientific concepts to try to debunk any argument I had, even if he visibly had no fucking idea what he was talking about. And he would also start to scream at me during these discussions. I like to draw and I write some songs. I told him I was gonna make a drawing of him, and I was writing a song for him as well. One day I saw a girl on the street that looked really cool (her makeup was amazing) and wanted to draw her. He forbid me from drawing her before drawing him. He also forbid me from writing other songs before finishing the one I was writing for him. He was also obsessed with the concept of perfection. He said it word for word: "I need to be perfect to be worthy of anything". Or like "I have to achieve perfection in order for people to like me", cause he was always disappointed with his friends and family somehow. It was like nobody in his life was giving him enough attention or something, and he thought the only way for him to get such attention was to be "perfect". He was always having awful meltdowns, and once said he would cut everyone else from his life, except for me. I told him I couldn't be with someone who depended on me that much, and then he said my reaction was an exaggeration cause he "didn't really mean it". We had a serious argument cause he refused to go to therapy (despite being rich) and claimed his mental health was great, which was WAAAY TOO FAR from the truth. I was tired of dealing with his meltdowns almost on a daily basis. He got way too defensive about his mental health, and kept saying he was not gonna go to therapy, so I told him that I would leave him cause I couldn't deal with it anymore. Once I threatened to leave (and it was NOT an empty threat), he immediately contacted a therapist and booked a session. There was also this day when he, again, had a meltdown, and said he needed me there with him immediately. I told him I had no money to call an uber (I don't know how to get there by bus) and he said he would pay for me. Then I told him I would go, but I had to be back home by 7pm cause I had something important to do. I went to his house and, once it was time for me to leave, he did this ridiculous baby voice and said "do you really have to go home"? I cringed so hard cause it sounded really creepy, not gonna lie. I told him yes, I had to go home. Then he started to avoid the topic. I kept saying "I need to go home", and he would literally pretend he didn't listen and say something random, like "the video I just showed you is so good, isn't it"? I kept saying I had to go home, and he kept pretending not to listen. Keep in mind he told me he would call the uber for me cause I had no money, so I depended on him to get home, and I was legit very creeped out by that behavior. After asking for maybe 6 times in a row, he finally called an uber and let me go. The last day I saw him, before I broke things off, was the day of his first therapy session. I was stuck at his house for irrelevant reasons. He had to study and then do his therapy session (it was online), so I told him I was gonna take a nap while he did that. As soon as I lay down to sleep, he starts to be as loud as he can. Pretty much throwing things around, making as much noise as he possibly can. No, he normally was NOT this loud, so I thought that was very weird. I could only sleep when he left the room cause his loud noises kept me awake. Minutes later, I wake up with him screaming his lungs out, something like "PIECE OF SHIT" repeatedly. I was scared but still sleepy so I went back to my nap (I can ignore a lot of things when I'm sleepy lol). My phone's battery was low, so I asked him to wake me up, again, at 7pm, cause I had stuff to do at home. He woke me up at 9pm. I asked him why and he didn't have a reason for that, acted as if it was totally okay, and didn't understand why I was in such a hurry. After this last day, I finally saw there was no hope for such an awful relationship and I broke things off. When I did so, at first, he tried to convince me to stay. He tried to emotionally manipulate me, saying I was his last hope at having a romantic relationship with anyone, but I stood my ground. When I make a decision there's no going back for me. That's when he started to whine. "You didn't truly love me", "if not even you can love me, then I'm not perfect enough to be loved", "I won't ever have a romantic relationship again", "I'll sell everything I own, move to a shitty place and cut contact with everyone in my life" - those were some of the things he said. He also asked me to admit that I was bad to him, that I couldn't accept when I was wrong... When he's actually the one who did it many, many times. He then said he would never speak to me again and blocked me on everything... But two days later he was back. He sent me a huge text telling me about how important I was to him, and how he wanted me to know that. What did stupid me do? I answered with a very sincere and compassionate text. But, somewhere in the text I sent, I told him he was still gonna learn and grow a lot in this life... And that tiny piece of the huge, emotional text was enough to piss him off. He said I talked as if I was already perfect and he was the only one who had to grow. After being so empathetic in my text, I was shocked that was all he got from it. I was so tired by this point that I kinda ignored it, so he ended up saying something like "I'm sure you'll hear about be someday, when I'm a famous scientist invited on a show, or when I'm a successful youtuber, or maybe when I publish a revolutionary research"... And then he blocked me again. But guess what? A few weeks later he was back. This time, something had changed, though: I had enough time to process how awful he actually was, and I was LIVID that I allowed myself to go through such a thing without even complaining a single time. He came into my DMs and said he needed someone to talk to. I asked him why me? He said nobody else would give him attention. And then I unloaded everything that was stuck in my throat. I could tell he didn't expect it at all. I was no longer the sweet, compassionate girl who was always trying to understand his side of things lmao. I was full of anger and resentment, and I made sure to put him in his place. He told me he disagreed with everything I said (cause he was never wrong, so of course he would) and then I blocked him. So yeah, here's where I stand. I keep remembering things that I didn't think were too bad at the time, but now I see how dumb I was. I posted about this somewhere else, and some people pointed out he might be a narcissist. I didn't really give it much thought, but then I watched a video about narcissistic traits and oh boy... Now I'm seriously questioning if that's the case here, and if I was lucky enough to leave the situation before it got actually bad. I feel anxious just thinking about it...
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2023.03.29 14:04 tempaccountpsy Haruspex Shield Relic, where is it?

Hello guys. I just finished the game and about to start a new game+ to explore better. Looking thru my items and the new pieces of equipment listed on the wiki I noticed that I missed a shield in the Dominion Baths. In that area I missed an item for sure (the one up a broken wall in a sauna room, sorry I can't upload a screenshot) and I didn't explore in depth the galleries of Mama Slug. Is this item there? If not where?
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2023.03.29 14:04 OShutterPhoto Weatherstone - Harpies and the Scorpion man

Our party, having skipped this part of Weatherstone, return to find and destroy the heart of King Algarod. Crossing the drawbridge, they are swarmed by harpies; they are driven off by arrows and bolts but manage to score a few hits with rocks and excrement. Heading down to the lab, the party makes a simple plan. Burn it all down. The tower stands slightly apart from the theater tower and should not cause the whole castle to burn. Tge walls are stone but the floors are wood. The problem begins when sorcerer Vangelis' Dark secret manifests: he can't allow books to be burned, and there are books in there! Goblin Janet's Dark Secret is the opposite: she loves to burn things. Also in the mix: Dyndria the NPC wants the heart for herself, because bringing the King's animated head will vastly more profitable. While the party struggle against each other, Janet finds George, a wounded man left behind by the rival party. He survived 3 days here, hiding from be beast (I rolled 4 dice for him each quarter, needing one success each time to survive. 12 rolls, all successful. Incredible.) Okay the orc drags him to safety. So among the spreading fire, the Beast returns. Okay the orc fighter wades in against the beast while Vangelis scoops up some books. Dyndria, trying to argue with Forked Tongue about not destroying the heart, is skewered by the beast; Forked Tongue is grabbed up, Broken, and tossed in a random direction, out through a hole in the wall. He falls 80 feet into the ravine. He is Lucky and he re-rolls a slit throat crit into a severed finger (not great as he is an archer) and a crushed foot into a mild concussion, and he's alive but out of the fight. Kordomar the NPC gets Dyndria out of the room, and scoops up the heart as well, unknown to the party. Okay does most of the work of slaying the beast but Janet, wielding Rustbite, finishes the monster. Everyone retreats from the spreading fire to the upper galleries and a rest. Only the remaining harpies and a pesky gryphon stand in the way of finding the lost war chest of King Algarod.
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2023.03.29 14:03 waykooljunior Jumping Spider

Long story short; I live with my older sister who has three kids (one being a baby). In the play room for the kids I found a decent sized jumping spider. Instead of letting her kill it or leaving it for her to kill, I captured it and wanted to release it elsewhere. Unfortunately the little guy panicked, tried to escape being caught, and ended up losing two front legs.. I obviously had no intention to harm him but the capturing didn’t go as smooth as planned.. I’ve read that after an adult molt there is no chance of him regrowing his legs, and that he will live as a cripple until death.. He may be an adult considering his size.. I actually feel so awful that he lost his legs and now worry about releasing him anywhere, as he is more vulnerable than before. But I feel like keeping him in a terrarium won’t be good for his health either… what do I do!
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2023.03.29 14:03 the-home-improvement Bedroom And Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bedroom And Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Before doing any home renovations yourself, it is vital that you have a complete picture of the areas you want to touch in your home. There are a lot of renovation ideas than you can apply. It is very important that you get yourself exposed of these ideas so that you will be able to maximize your home renovation project and come up with various design choices and ultimately pick out the best one that fits your preference.
Let us begin with the bathroom. At present, the bathroom is being acknowledge as one of the most important rooms of a house. Planning a renovation for this room must thus be carefully plotted. To start with, examine the current situation of your bathroom. Check how rough of shape it is and how much money you will have to spend if you do renovation. Carefully consider the kind of results you wish to achieve, for example you may need to increase the size of your bathroom.
After carefully thinking of the layout plan, the next thing you have to think about is what ornamenting style you want to apply: conventional, modern or rustic? There are a lot of breath taking bathroom design accesible online, it is a great idea to go and see these and pick your choice. Your decision will have an impact the choice of faucets, light fixtures, etc. Next, ask yourself about the things you desire to add in your bathroom: a separate shower and bath? Do you like to bring more space under the sink? It’s time for you to explore the new techniques for efficient storage solutions. Are there any on-going problems in your bathroom you have to cover during the renovation process? Do you want to add a few more light sources? How about the ventilation? Make sure that you have invest some thought and consideration on the details before you make any last decisions for your bathroom renovation.
Let us go on to the renovation ideas for your bedroom. This is an exciting section of the renovation process. The bedroom is our own personal sanctuary from the outside world. It gives us the chance to lie back, relax and read our favourite books. Since this is a room that most people dont see, you can put on whatever you want here. But do remember to have some sort of theme. Choose the color that you love. Find bedroom furniture that are cozy and is a direct display of your personality and tastes.
Irrespective of what kind of home renovation you want, the best way to have things done the right way is to seek the help of professionals in this field. Describe to them what you want to do and ask for their advice. Through this, you are sure that you are on the right track for your home renovation plans and you are sure that your money is spent wisely.
source -
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2023.03.29 14:03 AwayFaithlessness175 Momma Cass

Momma Cass
I have a feeling that Brayden is actually going to therapy a couple times a week opposed to a couple times a month. There’s no way he would make such gains so quickly without it. Also I think with the missing Fundly & GFM something definitely happened and now she has to watch her p’s & q’s. She all of sudden making healthy meals. Even with Allen home it didn’t always stop her from ranting completely. Plus she’s doing stuff that’s been mention by us and her minions. It’s not like she’s going to turn a new leaf overnight for no reason.
Now Cassidy, please clean up all the toys and turn the playroom back into the dining room/eating area. That’s the proper room it’s suppose to be.
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2023.03.29 14:03 christopher_mtrl Help with looking for off center chandelier ?

I'm adding built-ins to a wall in my dining room, making the pendant light (current model) off-center to my round table by about 35 cm.
I'm looking for a solution that isn't bank breaking (such as getting an electrician to move the box and repainting the ceiling), but not too ugly. The chandelier should accomodate E26 bulbs (I use Philips Hue around the house), so no integrated LEDs or apparent bulbs). I'm drawing a blank on all common websites. Any ideas ?
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2023.03.29 14:01 Odd-Dog9396 TFW A New Dot Update Destroys Your Automations-Sigh

Updated to to 16.4 on Monday night before I went to sleep. When I woke up yesterday morning my HomePods (all 14 of them) had updated to 16.4. Went to work and was gone until after 9:00 PM. Came home to discover, one by one that pretty much all of my automations were screwed. The one that locks my front door when the door sensor senses it closed? Nope. The one that turns on the front porch light when I unlock the front door at night? Dead. The motion sensor automations that turn on lights when I walk into various rooms? Gone. The lamp that turns on at sunset? Dark.
Oh Apple. Why must your "improvements" be so destructive?
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2023.03.29 14:01 pnp0707 Sick of players bitching about training so I went full Antonio Conte mode.

I only recently started playing FM a few weeks ago and these emails bothered me so much at first. I spent so much time spent trying to micromanage these apparent issues and pandering to these overpaid divas. I woke up one day with a great clarity and I said no more. I knew what had to be done. I must rule with an iron fist. 2 weeks of pay fined for everything in the code of conduct.
I recruited the best staff that I could, delegated them to look after general training but when it came to individual training - I will identify a glaring weakness to your game, focus on improving it and it will be with a double workload. Keep bitching and moaning in emails all you want, it's falling on deaf ears.
I will acknowledge and praise you for your training and match performance when it is deserved but if it's the other way around I'm all over you like a hornets nest I will hold you to higher standards than your own mother both professionally and personally. I will constructively dissect your shortcomings, dismantle your ego and rebuild you in the shape I see fit. I have a track record now of overperforming with a shoestring budget and of improving and developing the vast majority of my players that I manage. I will gaslight you, psychologically manipulate and vilify your agent if there is a chance I can get you to leave him, shut you up and ultimately get what I and the team need to succeed.
A team that delivers and gets results is the foundation for a healthy dynamic in the dressing room. The rest is subjective noise. What matters more than us not winning for the last 7 games? You moaning about me playing you on the opposite wing? Me focusing on your passing because you spread the ball about as well as Stevie Wonder? Anybody that drifts away from this ethos is promptly put back in place or them and their snake agent is shown the door. Refuse to leave now so the club can't secure a fee for your services? My pleasure - you're entitled to that decision. Until then, rot in the reserves and enjoy the splinters. Let the door hit you on the way out.
Since I implemented this regime - some have challenged me but none have succeeded. They quickly realize how important winning is to me and the club I represent. The hierarchy and influential team leaders protect, defend and support me. They simply return the favour as I protect them from the onslaught of the toxic media and journalists that we endure in this unforgivingly cutthroat industry. I will not stop until my statue stands proud.
Just kidding, I was fired because I won the league but didn't implement set pieces.
Dat is ze history of Tottenham.
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2023.03.29 14:01 AutoModerator Wingman Wednesday - Find your Squadron - March 29, 2023

Welcome to Wingman Wednesday!

Looking for players to game with? Want to recruit for your squadron? We have a number of helpful resources to help you find a squad or a clan quickly. Please leave a comment below with your username, platform, region, and what you're looking for
Name: AcePilot001
Platform: PC
Region: NA
Looking For: An 18+ clan that plays mainly in the evenings. I work full time, so I'm not looking for anything hardcore; just a friendly group of people to hang out with.


As stated above, we welcome clans to recruit in this thread. Simply share your clan info much in the same way you would player info, with your clan's name, platform, region, and a description of your clan. Please make sure you also specify any requirements, such as the use of voice chat, or age requirements.


Discord is a free service that hosts persistent text/voice chat rooms. Our subreddit has its very own Partnered Discord Server with over 7,000 members, designed to help you find other like-minded Squadrons players. To join, simply click the link above, and follow the instructions in the #welcome channel
Keep in mind, the username you select when joining is temporary until you've secured it through the account settings, and added your email and password. Once you've joined you can view the chat via the website, downloadable client, or the mobile app.
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2023.03.29 14:00 curated_android Daily Superthread (Mar 29 2023) - Your daily thread for questions, device recommendations and general discussions!

Note 1. Check MoronicMondayAndroid, which serves as a repository for our retired weekly threads. Just pick any thread and Ctrl-F your way to wisdom!
Note 2. Join our IRC and Telegram chat-rooms! Please see our wiki for instructions.
Please post your questions here. Feel free to use this thread for general questions/discussion as well.
The /Android wiki has a list of recommended phones and covers most areas, the links have been added below. Any suggestions or changes are welcome. Please contact us if you would like to help maintain this section.
Entry level devices
Midrange section
Flagship section
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2023.03.29 14:00 MsThang1979 Men alcoholics have a distinct smell to them….

And it triggers me. My father had it. It’s imbedded in my childhood memories. Now I can smell it on my husband. I come home from work and the second I walk into a room I can smell it when he even had one or two drinks. I can go blind and I’ll still be able to tell when he’s drinking. It’s in their sweat or something. I also find it all around me now. Standing in a grocery line, I catch a whiff of it from the man next to me. At work, pass by a group of colleagues, trying to figure out which one it’s coming from. Stuff like that.
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2023.03.29 13:59 gr33n_candle Hotel room tv blaring next door?

Potential reliever for this (very) specific situation where you are trying to sleep but the hotel room next to yours is blaring the TV at all hours.
Like a lot of you, I am not bothered by noise I make, but noise others make. So I found the same channel the neighbour was watching on my TV, problem solved, no muffled sounds. I don't mind falling asleep to a movie sometimes.
I travel a lot for work in small towns with limited hotel options so this is a situation I find myself in often, I don't think this is a common experience but sharing in the off chance it helps one person!
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2023.03.29 13:58 Paul_the_real_one Chance for the R Key to spawn ? (RAGE)

Ok, I have 1000+ hours on Repentance, completed all the marks with all the characters (except a few with tainted characters but bruh..), and as long as I have the possibility I NEVER leave a floor before finding all the secret rooms.
AND YET I have never ever had the R Key WUUUUUT ?!!!
What is the chance for this item to drop and is there any way to raise that drop rate by any means please ?
I know I sound delusionnal but is it possible that my game is bugged and the item is simply not implemented on my computer ?
Thank you everyone for reading me, have a nice day :)
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2023.03.29 13:57 maflorpv Beauty Advisor gets away with a lot

So she was a former shift lead with us then inventory specialist…then she left Walgreens briefly then heard we needed a BA and she got the job like that..when someone else wanted it she got passed up quickly why cause her and the store manager are very close a lot of people in the store think there manager came from a different store like 4 yrs ago and she followed him to our store anywho, before the BA role got refreshed she would always sit yes I said sit at her table on her phone all the time never or rarely helped with ic3’s mind you we are a tier 4 store in a downtown area with conventions happening almost every week, but yet she is the number one seller in our district, because our store manager spends a lot with her sometimes between 60 to 80 dollars with her, doesn’t tell her anything about sitting in her chair, employees would tell me wow she don’t help out any, now that her role got refreshed she only is now allowed to wrk 4 hrs merchandising . She spends all day in the office with the manager eating or just doing God knows what. A lot of the employees think that they’re dating. There always together mostly in the office. Then he hires her boyfriend who which I’ve meet before, he started yesterday. I said oh congratulations I’m glad Sara brought you along with us were using the name Sarah because that’s not really her name, she then attacks me in front of everybody saying oh, you think all black people look alike. You’re racist in front of him making the room feel very uncomfortable then says s that’s not my boyfriend. I was in total shock if you’re dating just go ahead and say it. He.Now that is gonna cause more problems down the road. Mind you I love my store manager he’s a sweetheart I don’t want him to get him in trouble 👿
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2023.03.29 13:57 the-home-improvement Guidelines On How To Be Productive When Improving Your House

Guidelines On How To Be Productive When Improving Your House
A good home improvement project can be a great step for any homeowner to take. Home renovations not only add some beauty to your home, they can also increase your home’s resale value. This is why home improvements can be both profitable and enjoyable. By reading this article, you can capture some ideas on getting the most from your home improvement project.
Want to know more about kindle, then read the following advices now.
Display your necklaces or bracelets on a coat rack mounted on a wall. Only display costume jewelry – nothing expensive. This will allow you to show off your pieces, as well as keep them neat and organized. Choose several items that you wear a lot and display those.
Buy a dormer window so that your attic space can become usable. Not only will this add to the look of your house from the outside, but it may also increase the square footage of your home. For a small investment, this will give you more livable square footage and increase your property value.
Are you tired of waking up to the same old dresser every morning? You can easily revamp any piece of furniture with a little sanding and refinishing. You can get a new to you furniture that looks nice and save yourself a ton of money. There are an abundance of stains you can color your furniture with.
Almost any building supply you can think would be use in a home improvement project is great fodder for thieves. Keep your materials in a secure location when you are not actively using them. Building materials can be stored safely inside the home, provided that lockable doors and windows are already installed. When the home isn’t secure, it is nice to have a locked storage unit.
If you are working out in the heat, it can be easy to lose track of time. Staying hydrated is one of the most important safety precautions you can take on especially hot days. Take a moment away from your work and have a few sips of water. While you are doing that, take the time to appreciate what you have accomplished.
A great home improvement job to focus on is the porch. The porch will will be the first visible area anytime your neighbors or friends pay a visit. Make sure to remove any debris. Adding foliage, furniture, and lighting all help make a good impression. This will increase your home’s curb appeal.
Using a asphalt sealer is critical in protecting your driveway from the natural elements. Both the sun and the weather can harm your driveway, particularly if water gets into the crevices, freezes, and then thaws out. Applying a sealant will add a protective layer, which will lengthen your driveway’s life, protecting it from the elements.
An easy and fairly quick improvement is to re-caulk old windows. Sealing drafty windows will save on heating expense and avoid water damage. This will ensure that no moisture or drafts leak through from the outside, preventing mold growth and reducing your heating bills. Use a hammer and chisel to remove old caulk before applying new caulk.
You should consider replacing the light bulbs currently in your residence with those that are energy savers. Not only do they save you money on your electric bill and help the environment, but they also last longer than regular light bulbs and put off more light. So switch out your old bulbs for energy efficient ones.
Tape off surfaces and trim to protect them during dirty work. When you protect these surfaces in this manner, you make sure there are no costly or bothersome damages. So, keep your walls protected from flying debris if you are not planning to repaint them. You should also cover fixtures and floors so they are not splattered with paint.
Lampshades are not typically very interesting. You can pep up your lamp shades by getting some stencils and acrylic paint, and decorating them to your taste. You will add instant personality to your room, simply by brightening up your boring lamp shades.
Have you found that the number of bathrooms is a prime consideration in a home? Bathrooms contribute to property value. You can increase the worth of your home by adding one or more bathrooms.
Take out any incandescent light bulbs you have and replace them with energy efficient bulbs. These bulbs reduce your cost in electricity bills, and they are environmentally friendly; they also have a longer lifespan than the traditional light bulbs, and they are higher in lumens per watt. Energy efficient light bulbs should be put in place of older models to save money and help the environment.
Use asphalt sealer in order to keep your driveway from cracking. Sunny weather can damage an asphalt surface, but wet weather is what to really watch out for: Water that gets into cracks can freeze and thaw repeatedly, accelerating the damage. You should put a sealant on it so that it will protect it from the weather.
Completing a home improvement job can be a confidence-builder. After a successful minor project or two, a homeowner is likely to be ready to tackle bigger jobs. This is always good. The sky is the limit to the homeowner who prepares well and tackles home improvement work with diligence and strong self-education.
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2023.03.29 13:55 xrandyrabbitx Streatham Rental Prices

Hi Reddit,
I was wondering what renters in Streatham’s experiences were price wise per month/per room in the area?
I’ve been offered a place from a friend which i consider very cheap but I’d want to pay a little more if it’s far below average.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.29 13:55 yowork-io Collaboration Software Buyers Guide

Collaboration Software Buyers Guide
Collaboration Software
Collaboration software is a powerful branch of tools that allows teams to communicate with each other. It can help you collaborate on a project or in your daily workstreams, reducing the number of emails and other means of internal communication. It can also help you manage tasks, set deadlines, and helps you make sure your projects enable you to ensure and get done on time.
Many companies have started to incorporate collaboration software. This technology allows people to work from home, on the road, or in the field. Collaborative software also has a document management feature that makes it easy for everyone to work together.
What is a collaboration tool?
Collaboration software is a tool that helps businesses share information. For example, it is used to communicate internal news and updates. This transparency keeps employees in the loop and helps them stay on track with the company’s strategic direction. These features can help businesses stay on the cutting edge of the market. This software will give you the power to manage projects and keep your workforce on track.
Why should you use collaboration software?
When employees use collaboration software, they can tap into the expertise and experience of colleagues across the company. This will fuel creativity and innovation, which are then passed on to customers. Research shows that 85 percent of employees want to be more engaged with their company. By using collaboration software, employees will feel more connected to the company, which is crucial in keeping them motivated.
Collaboration software solutions have come a long way over the past several years. They can help your team communicate effectively with each other through messaging applications and other media, such as video and files. While you may have heard of these tools before, you may be wondering how these tools can benefit your business. Let us explain how these tools can help your business thrive.
Organize projects
Collaboration software provides several benefits. It can organize your projects and ensure everyone is on the same page. Collaborative platforms also offer a powerful search feature that allows you to find documents and information quickly. A calendar system is another important feature of collaboration software. It lets everyone view and works on important events.
Improved Productivity
Another benefit of collaboration software is improved productivity among teams. This is because effective communication is key to teamwork. With the right tools, you can keep up with a continuous flow of ideas and conversations. This will boost productivity and prevent problems. It also saves resources and effort. This way, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most to your business.
Collaboration tools increase productivity by enhancing creativity and streamlining the process of working on documents and projects. In addition, they help organizations manage resources efficiently. Moreover, collaboration tools can distinguish between a successful project and one that fails.
Collaboration software allows for remote working
Using collaboration software to meet the needs of a remote workforce. Many of them offer the same features, recording meetings and sharing documents. While many of these are useful for large groups, others are suitable for individuals or small teams.
collaboration software buyers guide
Using collaboration software for meetings is an effective way to keep your team connected, regardless of where they are. When you use collaboration tools for remote teams, you give your employees the feeling of being in the same room, which helps them stay productive and on track.
Read more:
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2023.03.29 13:54 AbbreviationsAny5379 Im only Stating my thoughts on blu

blu I hear you and coming from being a woman myself that has been through dv / rape myself and I understand everyone handles things different , but I honesty don't believe you , especially the fact you came in this room and dropped your cash app?????? like we all need help if that's the case! granted you are telling your story but then why attack people you don't know and talk to us the way you do , also to my understanding you never met Minni in real life but I see you attack her continually just because she's there the relationship (supposed she's a victim like you) , it shows the type of person you really are in my opinion and then you also continually attack your baby daddies baby mother too saying all kinds of nasty things to her and about her just provoke her did she abuse you? why are you doing that? , like this room is vey strange and out of control on how y'all are dealing with things this girl is playing everyone in here , and YES I watched the video and I'm not going to say it is not rape but I didn't hear a stop a no or anything like that and that man penis was not small , and on top of that you was moaning in the video .... as if you was enjoying it .. like please explain, I HATE MELLO TOO but I can't sit here and say I believe this 100% any more ill pray you get the help you need and heal but its obvious you are going through some rough times which we all are but Im not going to be supporting someone asking for help when she's also causing the problems and honestly I don't see anyone coming after u blu I just see you attacking everyone that doesn't do what you want , like life is tough we all need help but girl you obviously need focus on you and your daughter there is more to life than to be on social media , maybe if you spent more time on you and not on here you things would be better these people on here don't care and your just entertainment for them
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2023.03.29 13:53 the-home-improvement All Home Improvement

All Home Improvement
Kitchen in the world of Feng Shui epitomizes sustenance and prosperity. How you set up things in your kitchen can greatly impact your health and your wealth. In this article we will talk about the different Feng Shui tips that you can apply whether you are just about to design your kitchen or if you are about to perform renovation.
  1. Kitchen Location. When applying Feng Shui in your kitchen, the first thing you need to consider about is the location of the kitchen. Ideally, the best location for the kitchen is a space that you don’t see when you enter the house, this would of course be the back of your house.
A sight of the kitchen upon getting into the house would make your life revolve around food which most often than not can lead to eating problems.
If you already have your kitchen located close to the entrance of your house, you can implement certain renovation and designing techniques that would shift the attention of any person entering into your house away from your kitchen. A good idea would be to hang curtains that would hide your kitchen.
  1. Kitchen layout. You should design the layout in such a way that the cook can clearly see the doorway. Feng Shui consultants also suggests that it is good to have a something reflective in the kitchen. So utensils that are stainless are the way to go. It is also recommended to add mirrors behind the burner, as Chinese think that by adding a reflective burner, you are in away doubling your wealth.
  2. Kitchen Lighting. Incandescent bulbs or halogen lights are the most advisable for kitchen. A well lighted kitchen is good for Feng Shui. Lights must be fixed such that no shadows are casted while preparing and cooking food.
  3. Kitchen appliances and utensils. There must be a grouping among the appliances and utensils in the kitchen. You need to separate fire elements from water elements.
Find experienced and competent Renovation Singapore Contractors to perform your Renovation from our site!
When it comes to the most effective sorts of bathroom accessories, it is continuously a sensible idea to go in for trusted brands. This is often the sort of product which is abundant required at home and outdoors in addition therefore the main focus desires to be on better deals that can be worked with. Much importance desires to be paid to getting better brands which continuously helps and this is most definitely a good idea. Toilet fittings become necessary and relevant for a selection of reasons and there’s never any problem arising out of of these different facts thus the focus primarily wants to be on getting all types of fantastic deals that always helps. There are an entire lot of toilet fittings suppliers who can be trusted with supplying all kinds of products.
It is also relevant to comprehend that when these toilet accessories are getting used, it becomes integral to get solely the simplest deals while not that the work typically tends to become quite complicated. This arises primarily as a result of it can tend to quite problematic if the products used don’t seem to be particularly good or don’t serve too much of a nice purpose. So the main target primarily desires to be on better deals, good investment and a full lot of wonderful products. This forever helps in handing out all types of exciting deals and a lot more which become relevant for the complete process.
Excellent rest room accessories supplier desires to confirm that some superb deals are dealt return up. There is often would like for bulk purchase that becomes relevant primarily as a result of such sorts of accessories are found due to the actual fact that usually bulk purchase is made for hotels and alternative places that require this much of toilet supplies. It always becomes relevant to go in for a lot of excellent deals that will always present itself which surely does help.
Great deals are sometimes offered by bathroom accessories supplier that most definitely helps. The focus additionally lies totally on other facts that will facilitate in the whole process. Therefore when all these facts are properly ensured it becomes relevant to get the essential details that surely help in getting a full range of wonderful deals that facilitate in the complete method of selecting higher kinds of bathroom fittings. As a rule, the main target lies entirely upon how sensible the products really are. This is as a result of while creating the simplest types of bathroom accessories, a ton of facts would like to be properly looked into and ensured. This surely helps in dealing better with situations and facts that will go an extended manner in providing solely the most effective toilet accessories and deals.
There are totally different types of companies on offer which give wonderful deals that may be properly looked into. The key to getting the simplest sorts of rest room accessories primarily lies in the very fact that a heap of various deals are created available. When they are targeted upon it becomes relevant to buy a lot of nice product at amazing prices which forever helps.
Best Lock Enterprise is kitchen & rest room merchandise supplier in Malaysia and do has the advance technology team support from oversea. Please come and visit our showroom or our web site at
There are various kinds of rugs available in the market like Persian rugs that are an important part of the Iranian culture, beautifully designed, hand made rugs are well recognized for their artistic beauty all over the world. Oriental rugs that are very stylish and give a modern and elegant look to your room. Area rugs create a warm and intimate look to your room; and can be quite economical in price.
There are various different styles and designs available. They play a big role in decorating your house and giving it an attractive and interesting look. Braided rugs, outdoor rugs, cowhide rugs and animal print rugs are some other types of rugs. Wool area rugs have natural properties and are very durable, unique, and long lasting. Flokati rugs are very popular and luxurious. They are frequently used in contemporary home decor and caring for them is really quite simple.
Animal print rugs are available in different colors, patterns and materials. You can choose the one that compliments your room decor. An animal print rug reflects a deep human fascination with the nature and the wild. The most popular animal print rug designs can feature a zebra, leopard, tiger, giraffe, and bear, but they are available in natural patterns and colors of many species. Animal prints are one of the most popular styles of rugs preferred by those who value natures colors and patterns reflected in their home decor.
Since earliest times, humans have hunted animals both for self-defense and for food, clothing and shelter materials. Mankind developed complex religious, cultural and mythological systems based on the natural qualities of animals in their natural environment. These animals, while used for food, housing and clothing, were still revered and respected. Native Americans used the Buffalo not only for food, but used the skins for blankets, coats, and even tent materials.
Later, men started hunting for passion and hobby. The aristocracy and royalty hunted for sport and reputation, and not only used the results for food, but enjoyed making elegant adornments and used the heads and antlers for decorative purposes in their homes. Even today animals are hunted around the world for food, and in many rural environments their fur is still used in utilitarian fashion.
Mankind has a long standing admiration and appreciation for natural animal fur, skins, patterns and colors. These natural prints and colors bring an exotic and exciting feeling to home decor. Aside from a continuing demand for natural animal hides and skins (some of which are controlled by governmental statutes, due to preservation issues), animal print rugs are now available in a large range of materials for every budget and taste. Very popular are polypropylene animal print area rugs, which bring the rich authentic style of exotic animal prints in a very affordable and easy care rug solution. These are stain resistant and washable.
But animal print rugs can now also be found in very modern exciting styled wool rugs and wool area rugs, and even shag rugs. These bring a modern flair to the traditional animal print rug. Animal print rugs also can be acquired in sheepskin rugs, faux fur rugs, and even stenciled cowhides. The popularity of animal print rugs in home decor has never been greater and continues to be a mainstay in room and floor decorating. One of the most popular varieties is the polypropylene machine woven area rug with very distinct multi-color patterns which make for spectacular animal prints and are easy care and very durable.
Choice of course depends on your total home decor needs, as an animal print rug can be a unique accent rug in your room decor, or it can be just one of an entirely animal print themed room or area. Animal print rugs are particularly popular in western, southwestern and cabin and cottage home dcor, as well as childrens rooms, play rooms, family rooms and traditional great rooms. Cleaning and care largely depend on the material of your animal print rug, and you should check with the manufacturer of your specific animal print rug to determine the best methods of care.
Hollywood Love Rugs is the most prominent online source for the best selection of animal print rugs in area rugs, sheepskin rugs, faux fur rugs, stenciled cowhides and more, providing personalized service and custom orders.
Hollywood Love Rugs specializes in exotic animal print rugs, for more information on a wide range of area rugs visit their site.
You will always feel delighted whenever you have flowers and trees in your surroundings. Why? Because they are certainly helpful in reducing stress and, also, they are pleasing to the eye. They are considered as great decorative elements anywhere, especially in offices and residences. But then, sometimes, we do not really have the time to maintain them and they end up wilting and, eventually, dying, leaving us no choice but to throw them away. When we have plants and trees, we need to make sure that we always have the time to water them and to periodically take them in and out for their daily dose of sunlight, otherwise, they will die.
More often than not, our busy lives will not permit us to have real plants and trees however much we want to have them simply because we do not have the time to take good care of them. It’s a good thing that silk plants and trees are now available in the market. Even though before it’s a turn off to have them because they look really artificial, silk plants and silk trees manufacturers nowadays are making it a point to imitate the actual look of real plants, making them really worthwhile investments. Some would even mistake them for the real thing since even their textures resemble those of real plants.
Having silk plants and silk trees as parts of any interior or exterior decorating schemes is now a trend. They are able to create a great impression to anybody who is fortunate enough to have the chance to behold them. Different types of establishments have recognized this effect and are taking advantage of them in order to be able to attract more people. Homes, officer, restaurants, hotels, and libraries are places where they are able to create a positive first impression because they help create a pleasing atmosphere.
If you had the experience of taking care of real live plants and made the decision to go for silk plants and silk trees instead, you will be able to really notice the big difference. For one, you will no longer have to deal with the hassle of watering them. You also wouldn’t need to deal with having to periodically take them out for their sunlight needs. All you need to do when you make the switch is to make sure that your silk plants and trees are kept clean through periodic dusting. They can last a lifetime as long as you take good care of them. The best thing is that they are able to satisfy your aesthetic needs in a practical manner.
Silk plants and silk trees are now affordable, thanks to the high demand for them. Anybody can now have the luxury of having them satisfy their interior and exterior decorating needs.
The design industry is now considering silk plants and silk trees as vital components in order to help achieve a great look anywhere. The fact that their manufacturers are always making it a point to make sure they look like the real thing will surely draw more and more people into investing in them for aesthetic purposes.
If you want to find out more about artificial plants and flowers online, then visit their website that shows how you can get the best artificial silk trees for your needs.
While there is nothing more stately than the beauty and grace of a well-positioned mature tree, the reality is that even one that appears self-sufficient needs regular and occasional professional care if it is to thrive for generations. Regular maintenance services are especially important in urban areas that are located in more dry or arid regions, whether due to natural weather patterns or periods of drought.
Insects and other plants diseases are other problems that an arborist can spot, long before the average home owner is aware there is a problem. In dry locations, the health and longevity of your tree(s) are dependent upon frequent inspections and trimming if necessary. Professional landscaping services can help you to prevent insect or fungi infestations, and minimize the fire hazards around your property.
Urban property owners often hire the services of landscape businesses to keep their homes and gardens looking lush and beautiful. In areas such as Southern California there is a unique combination of circumstances including the dry weather patterns coupled with the hot Santa Ana winds, which require real experts to maintain all foliage and minimize fire danger to nearby homes. By carefully trimming excess heavy branches in the top of the tree, strong wind damage can be minimized, reducing the chances of an uprooted tree that could damage houses, cars, or other nearby property. Falling limbs can damage power lines and cause road hazards that might have been prevented through pruning of weak, unhealthy, or overweight branches during a regularly scheduled inspection.
The danger to life and property is increased greatly during fire seasons if trees are left untrimmed. Preventative removal of branches that hang too close to your roof-line or that of your neighbor’s is important, as is the pruning of limbs that may interfere with walkways or create visibility concerns.
Mature trees, if well maintained, can increase the value of your home and that of your neighbors as well. They filter impurities out of the air and save energy by supplying much-appreciated shade on those endlessly sunny days. A professional arborist will help you maintain the beauty of you trees by keeping the canopy uniform and removing unsightly limbs and branches in a way that will not leave unsightly bark scars.
Local professional tree trimming services will be especially knowledgeable about the types of insects and fungi that can attack your greenery in very dry areas. Regular yearly check-ups can detect early signs of infestation and treat the problem before permanent damage can be done. These pro-active visits can also serve to protect nearby trees from becoming infested or diseased. Healthy, safe, and attractive trees are both an investment in the future and a pleasure to enjoy today.
If you are looking for a Los Angeles landscaper to maintain your trees, look no further than Four Seasons Landscaping. Since 1986, Four Seasons’ highly trained professionals have worked to ensure safe and effective tree trimming throughout the state of California. This article powered by SEO 2.0 Services.
If you are planning to sell your HDB flat and you desire to have as many buyers as you can as well as a high selling price, there is one thing you might want to look at, RENOVATION.
To get you started, there are a couple of things you need to think about. First, understand how the sales price work. Of course you will not want to invest so much on renovation and end up loosing in the end. Try to research how much a renovated house can sell in the market.
Think like a buyer. And what precisely do buyers do? When they view your house they step inside and look around. Steve Berges author of the book called “101 Cost Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home” formulated guidelines that will give a very good impression for home buyers once they step in to your place, these includes the following:
  1. Spend money on what can be seen vs. what can’t be seen. Looking at your budget, Berger mentioned that you put a higher priority on improvements that can be easily seen because those will you give the best return of investment.
  2. Fix up the exterior first, then the interior. Ugly exterior can cause prospective buyers to drive away without going inside the house, you should work on those first.
  3. Clear up any trash and make sure your HDB flat is clean and good smelling. This is a very easy thing to do. You dont have to invest so much money on this one, but if you missed to do it, you can loose potential buyers as well as good deals.
For best results, Berges suggests that you seek the advice of real estate agents who are well informed how the HDB market in Singapore works and who has a very good idea on the optimal renovations that gives the best impact.
source -
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2023.03.29 13:53 carriermidea Air Conditioners Near Me

Looking for reliable air conditioners near you? Carrier Midea India offers a wide range of ACs that are energy-efficient, high-performing, and durable. Find the perfect fit for your home or office today!
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2023.03.29 13:52 heartslitss [F4A] Searching For Fandom Roleplay Partners!

Hi everyone! I have a bunch of fandoms I'm just itching to roleplay. Currently, I would like to play canon female characters in FxM or FxF plots.
I am 19 and in the CET timezone. Discord is the only platform I RP on. I only write in third person and my messages tend to be be pretty long, meaning 400-1000 words on average. Breaking the Discord limit once or twice is something that regularly happens.
18+ via Discord. Canon/Canon!
Organic Ships: Looking to give ships time to grow, create the chemistry in RP, and enjoy a gradual burn. Prefer the lead in and then 'fade to black' approach for the adult situations.
Character Psychology: Main goal is to dig into the canon history and building on it in interesting ways. Appreciate thoughtful & nuanced portrayals that treat canon characters as complex.
Privacy Respect: Always happy to keep an open OOC dialogue about daily life, media, or news in addition to character talk.
I am really only interested in romance, non-romantic roleplays don't interest me. With that being said I don't want romance to be the sole focus, that gets boring quickly.
I love writing conflicts that ultimately turn into happy endings. (Angst and slow burn romances are my favourite!)
Story and Character development > Everything else.
I am a literate writer and expect the same from you. One-liners are only acceptable for the interactions that demand them, but they will remain rare. I will not drown you in text every other response, but I will write up to what I feel is appropriate and I expect you to do the same. I average 3-6 paragraphs once we are past introductory material.
Please be open to writing a cast of characters if the plot calls for it. I don't mind if the focus is solely on two people, but there is room for secondary and background characters.
Enthusiasm to chat about our character and ship, how to crush them and then gushing over fluffy moments. I love crying over characters and what the heck they're doing. I want my heart ripped from my chest from angst, then feeling like it's going to burst from overwhelming cuteness. I want us to love these characters and the world we create. I want to make pinterest boards, spotify playlists, graphics, and toss headcanons back and forth until late at night.
Marvel (Movies & Series): Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) or Jean Elaine Grey.
Harry Potter (Books & Movies): Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Fleur Delacour or Pansy Parkinson.
DC (Movies, Series & Comics): Zatanna Zatara.
Hunger Games (Books & Movies): Katniss Everdeen, Clove Kentwell, Annie Cresta or Glimmer Belacourt.
Twilight (Books & Movies): Isabella Swan, Alice Cullen, Jane or Rosalie Hale.
Scream (All movies): Sidney Prescott, Tatum Riley, Jill Roberts, Cici Cooper, Sara Carpenter or Tara Carpenter.
American Horror Story (Series): Violet Harmon or Madison Montgomery.
The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies (All Series): Elena Gilbert, Rebekah Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall, Josie Saltzman or Hope Mikaelson.
Star Wars (Movies & Series): Padme Amidala
Would love to tailor plots to the specific characters and their potential dynamic. I absolutely love the process of plotting, workshopping ideas, spinning off into AUs and generally finding something that can be really character driven.
I put my heart and soul into my characters because love what I do. Please: nothing one-sided. I love OC chatter and I want to be able to send you a meme tagging one of our muses. As a music enthusiast, I compile playlists. I even work on muse-specific Pinterest boards to boost the inspiration. I adore writing mini one-shots of scenes in OOC as a means of plot development, whether or not it's due to a delay in my replies. Character development is a huge part of my time spent roleplaying and as such, I expect you to be just as devoted. In a perfect world, we know each other's characters completely because we have both contributed to their development. That being said, I don't mind if you bring a pre-made character, so long as we can work on other developments together. This is going to be a creation we've made.
Plot-based stuff is going to be all up to discussion. Things can get dark. They can be as dark as you want them to be. On the lighter side, I love the different relationship dynamics that can come of the characters unique personalities. Either way, if you have an idea, spring it on me and we'll see if things work out.
Have an idea for a scene? Found a picture that inspired you? Send it to me! Be invested when it comes to plotting/worldbuilding. There's nothing worse than receiving one sentence in reply to two paragraphs of ideas, or having a doormat partner who says "sure" to whatever I ask. Building ideas one on top of the other, watching them snowball into amazing plot threads brings me joy. But having to pull plot ideas like I'm pulling teeth makes me think you're not interested, and I will lose interest in return.
Please feel free to drop me a line with whichever fandom and characters you prefer, and I can add you on discord to get things rolling! Please be detailed if you do send me a message, let me know why you chose to contact me. Seeing only “hey do you wanna rp?” with nothing else is a guaranteed no response.
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