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2014.05.22 00:19 Mcnst Cricket Wireless, formerly Aio Wireless, an AT&T MVNO

Cricket Wireless, formerly Aio Wireless, is an AT&T-owned AT&T MVNO, intended to compete against MetroPCS and T-Mobile US.

2023.03.29 15:44 phonegoat WiFi Problem

I bought a new computer and installed arch right away, all good and well.
The problem is, sometimes after a reboot networkmanager will ask to enter my password of my wifi (5ghz) again...
The weird thing is, the same modem also provides 2.4 GhZ wifi and that still works after the same reboot, both ssid's have the same password. When i re-enter the password, it still asks to re-enter it again, and again, and again...
What sometimes helps is to 1) Delete the connection with nmcli connection delete "ssid-name" 2) Reboot into my BIOS and reset the TPM and "keys" This does not always work tho and I don't know what it's doing tbh.
When I try to boot into a live USB after this problem occurs, I can connect to the 5 GhZ normally without any problem in the live environment.
Is there a permanent solution? WiFi-controller: Realtek RTL8852AE PC: hp victus 15l tg02-0710nd OS: Arch with i3 with the normal Linux kernel and firmware (had the same problem with Gnome)
If i need to provide any logs, please tell me what command to run :)
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2023.03.29 15:42 crispyoats Medication that helped you act normal?

I can deal with executive dysfunction and the other things. Like, my life will never be what it could've, but whatever, with the elaborate scheduling/remindereward system I've developed, I can hold a job and get chores and appointments done. What I cannot accept is being weird socially. I'm the type where people assume you're on the autism spectrum (I'm not, been tested). I've gone to a great deal of effort to reroute my thought patterns and at this point I think they're close to those of a "neurotypical", but my presentation doesn't reflect this. It's not a matter of not understanding social cues, body language, etc - I actually pick up on all this very keenly (main reason I was determined to not be autistic). I just don't look happy when I'm happy. I look uncomfortable or scared most of the time when feeling completely neutral. I have this awful Little Professor type affect. It makes people not want to be around me. Putting effort into my appearance at least made people stop treating me like a quirky child, but now they just think I don't like them. Often I'm assumed to be extremely religious and conservative (wtf?).
I can practice expressions in the mirror all day, but when I'm out living my life, it just doesn't come out right. So I'm thinking about what might be the cause: Sensory overload? What am I missing? I can't fix it behaviorally so hopefully I can fix it chemically.
Adderall did little to nothing about this (don't take it anymore as I don't need such a strong stimulant). Wellbutrin helps a lot actually, but not enough. What should I add?
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2023.03.29 15:40 MrMoonFall Best way to uninstall recently installed SQL windows Update?

am being tasked with something challenging. We want to force push out SQL patches this month and they want me to have a back up plan. Headache.
How can I achieve this?
$packages = dism /online /get-packages /format:table findstr /i "package_for" foreach($package in $packages){ $date = ($package.split('')[3]).split(' ')[1] if($date -eq "3/16/2023"){ $date write-host "Bonk" } } 
I am using to get packages installed on a certain date, and then I will attempt to uninstall. Is there an easier way to ensure I snag a SQL update and nothing else?
Or is there a totally easier way I am missing. FYI, not all machines will have over powershell 5.0
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2023.03.29 15:40 subtlecuddle Initial impressions Nicks Wickett & Craig Latigo Boots. Round 2 - the Redemption !

Initial impressions Nicks Wickett & Craig Latigo Boots. Round 2 - the Redemption !
The story:
Some of you may remember my post a couple months back where I initially had some QC issues with a pair of Nicks Wickett&Craig Latigo Boots. Nicks re-made the pair for me, and I got the new pair in about 5 weeks! Thank you Nicks for such quick action and quick turnaround! The new pair is (almost) perfect! I am really in love with these, the look, the feel, and the smell of the leather is incredible. I have already put a few weeks of wear on them, and they are beginning to break-in and start to be really comfortable.
General Comments:
Everyone here knows all about Nicks, so I wont write much about the boots themselves. This time around the fit and finish is very precise. The stitching on the uppers is expertly done, and very consistent between the Left and right boot. The welt stiching is a work of art. The heel sanding this time is perfect. THe boots are very symmetrical, Nicks nailed it this time. THANK YOU NICKS!
The Leather:
I am really blown away by this Wickett & Craig Latigo Leather. It is so gorgeous, I don't have anything in my collection quite like it. Depending on the lighting, the color shows shades of browns and reds. It is quite thick, I believe it is advertised as a 7oz, but i would say it wears like a bit heavier leather. Perfectly suited for work boots IMO. I love the weight of the leather used by Nicks here. The surface finish almost feels like a chrome-tanned leather, with maybe a bit less shine than a Chromexcel. There is a massive amount of pull-up, so the leather has been well stuffed with grease and oil. Compared to other veg-tans i expect it to be a little easier to take care of (i.e. hopefully less maintenance) I cant wait to see how this patinates.
The Fit:
I originally believed that the Nicks 55 Last fit and sizing would be identical to the Whites. I can confirm that they are very close, but they certainly are not the exact same last. I will cover the differences in the next section. I will say that in my sizing choice here, the fit is perfect, but I do have a lot of previous experience with this last and knew what my size needed to be.
The Last:
I thought I would give my take on the Nick's 55 last vs. the Whites 55 Last. I put a picture showing the Nicks (size 12EE) in between a Whites 350 Cruiser (size 12EE) on the 55 Last on the far right. On the far left is a Viberg 2030 (size 12E). The Whites 55 last has a much more rounded toe, similar to the Iron Ranger toe shape. The Nicks' toe shape is quite reminiscent, to my eye, to that of the Viberg 2030 Last. I really do like the shape of the last. My other noted differences are the arch support is a bit more subdued compared on Nicks compared to the Whites, but it certainly is still there. Perhaps the Nicks last is slightly wider? The length is just about identical. The heel cup and overall heel support is great, another great thing about the 55 last is how the heel feels "locked in". Its exactly what you would want in a work boot. I think Nicks perfectly meshes the work boot build with the comfort and style of a casual boot.
Heel Stack:
Let's talk about heel height and the Heel stack itself compared to the Whites55 and the Viberg. I think i ordered my Whites with a lower heel stack, but take a look at the Nicks heel stack! Wow! It is literally 2 inches high. I wasn't sure how i felt about this at first, but at least with the Vibram 100... it works! It's a very commanding stance, and it feels very natural to walk in. I like the "Dogger" heel sanding profile, i think that is the key to making this monster heel stack so walkable. I thought the Whites had a tall heel stack, but now I know better.
Final thoughts:
So I really do love these boots and I am very grateful to finally own a pair of Nicks. They did an amazing job on this pair. But there is one thing missing. Did anyone catch it from my original post?
Yes, that's right... they forgot the Toe Caps! But I'm not even mad. I woulnd't even dare send this pair back a 3rd time. I am going to be keeping these and accept them for what they are. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.29 15:38 heardc10 [OC] Attacking Productivity: Who is Over-performing this Season and Who has been Lucky?

The following analysis looks at attacking player’s Goals, Assists, Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Assists (xAG) to create differences and ratios that can help us look at players to see if they are over-performing this season when it comes to scoring goals and how much luck they might have when it comes to assisting.
The data I’m using was pulled from FBREF and looks at players who are leading the scoring and assist charts in the top 5 leagues. I then used the Compare Similar Players option to pull in those players too (hello Henry Martin). The data was then transformed using Python into a format I could then use to display the data visually. The interactive version of this dashboard is on Tableau Public and feel free to play around with it and give feedback!

Tableau Public interactive dashboard
Note: the Tableau version will perform better if opened up on a non-mobile device.
Firstly, before we begin lets quickly discuss xG and xAG:

What is xG?

Very simply, xG (or expected goals) is the probability that a shot will result in a goal based on the characteristics of that shot and the events leading up to it. Some of these characteristics/variables include:
Location of shooter: How far was it from the goal and at what angle on the pitch?
Body part: Was it a header or off the shooter's foot?
Type of pass: Was it from a through ball, cross, set piece, etc?
Type of attack: Was it from an established possession? Was it off a rebound? Did the defense have time to get in position? Did it follow a dribble?
Every shot is compared to thousands of shots with similar characteristics to determine the probability that this shot will result in a goal. That probability is the expected goal total. An xG of 0 is a certain miss, while an xG of 1 is a certain goal. An xG of .5 would indicate that if identical shots were attempted 10 times, 5 would be expected to result in a goal.
npxG is the expected goals not including penalties. Penalties have an xG of 0.79.

What is xA (expected assists) and xAG (expected assisted goals)? How do they differ?

xA, or expected assists, is the likelihood that a given completed pass will become a goal assist. This statistic developed by Opta assigns a likelihood to all passes based on the type of the pass, the location on the pitch, the phase of play, and the distance covered. Players receive xA for every completed pass regardless of whether a shot occurred or not.
In order to just isolate the xG on passes that assist a shot, there's Expected Assisted Goals (xAG). This indicates a player's ability to set up scoring chances without having to rely on the actual result of the shot or the shooter's luck/ability. Players receive xAG only when a shot is taken after a completed pass.
We use xG + xAG for goal contributions since players' goal contributions are typically Goals + Assists and this better matches that standard.
For my analysis I will be using xG/npxG and xAG to create visualizations that hopefully give insight into how the top forwards from multiple leagues are performing this season.


The below charts looks at goals difference and assists difference where by:
Goals Difference = Goals - xG
Assists Diffrence = Assists - xAG
A value of 0 indicates that the player is performing as expected.
A positive value means that they are overperforming their expected
A negative value means that they are underperforming their expected
Difference Total: we can separate the chart into four quadrants, with players over performing in goals in the top two quadrants, and players over performing in assists in the two right quadrants.
Difference per 90: we can separate the chart into four quadrants, with players over performing in goals per 90 in the top two quadrants, and players over performing in assists per 90 in the two right quadrants.


The below charts looks at goals ratio and assists ratio where by:
Goals Ratio = Goals / xG
Assists Ratio = Assists / xAG
A ratio of 1 indicates that the player is performing as expected.
A ratio above 1 means that they are overperforming their expected
A ratio below 1 means that they are underperforming their expected
Ratio Total: we can separate the chart into four quadrants, with players over performing in goals in the top two quadrants, and players over performing in assists in the two right quadrants.
Ratio per 90: we can separate the chart into four quadrants, with players over performing in goals per 90 in the top two quadrants, and players over performing in assists per 90 in the two right quadrants.


Performance Total: this chart is separated into 4 quadrants (using averages amongst the players), with the top left quadrant being your poachers, your bottom right quadrant being your creators and the top right being players excelling at both.
Performance per 90: this chart is separated into 4 quadrants (using averages amongst the players), with the top left quadrant being your poachers per 90, your bottom right quadrant being your creators per 90 and the top right being players excelling at both per 90.


Expected Total: this chart is separated into 4 quadrants (using averages amongst the players), with the top left quadrant being players getting into good goalscoring positions, your bottom right quadrant being players creating a lot of chances and the top right being players excelling at both.
Expected per 90: this chart is separated into 4 quadrants (using averages amongst the players), with the top left quadrant being players getting into good goalscoring positions per 90, your bottom right quadrant being players creating a lot of chances per 90 and the top right being players excelling at both per 90
What we can see here from the difference and ratio charts are four quadrants are created as we use the fact that a difference of 0 or ratio of 1 means the player is performing as expected.

G < xG and Ast < xAG

Players are scoring less than expected and have also been unlucky to not have more assists
Bruno Fernandes – looking at the differences chart it becomes very apparent how unlucky Bruno has been this season when his Assists – xAg is at -7 meaning he should have 7 more assists if his team mates were converting the chances he was creating. He also has been struggling a little more in front of goal this season with his Goals – xG being below 0 too. Despite his goal scoring not being is a high compared to when he first joined United, what is clear from these charts and especially the Expected chart – Bruno is a World Class creator being ahead of Kevin de Bruyne this season and only second behind Dusan Tadic in Expected assists.
Kai Havertz – we’ve seen Havertz on the scoresheet a lot more in the last few weeks, however compared to his xG Havertz is still under-performing in front of goal. With question marks around whether or not he is the right striker to lead Chelsea, one thing that might have been missed by everyone is how unlucky he has been to not have another 4 assists with an assist difference -3.8.
Darwin Nunez – despite a lot of the memes earlier on this season Nunez has been contributing to sub-par Liverpool this season with 4 assists and 12 goals. Although 3 goals of his expected goals count, one thing that is impressive about Nunez is xG per 90 as he is the 5th highest only behind Haaland, Ramos, Benzema and Osimhen. With Liverpool likely to return to better form next season the might be an impressive force if Nunez can become that little more clinical.

G < xG and Ast > xAG

Players are scoring less than expected and have also been lucky to have as many assists as they do
Youssoufa Moukoko – Dortmund’s teenage sensation has an impressive 6 goals and 5 assists from 24 matches played (13 starts). Only slightly underperforming his xG so far this season the biggest takeaway is accumulating 5 assists from only an xAG of 1.3 (4 more assists than expected). Regardless of him possibly being a little lucky this season with assists, the future looks bright for this youngster!
Ansu Fati – bursting onto the scene as a 16-year-old back in 2019 and scoring 8 goals that season, Fati has been extremely unlucky battling back-to-back seasons with a knee injury. This season he is back and has made 4 assists (3 more than expected) however, he will probably be frustrated not having more goals with having 4 less than expected with only 3 goals. However, the 20-year-old is still very young and coming back from almost two seasons of injury so it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll mature into the player so many people thought he would!
Thomas Muller – Bayern’s all-time third top goal scorer is having a slightly quieter season this season in his contribution to goals and assists underperforming in goals by 2 and also tallying up more assists than expected. Could this be the start of a decline in his goal contributions?
Rodyrgo – probably the newest member of Real Madrid’s cult heroes for his memorable substitute performances and goals which helped drive Madrid to the Champions League last season! However, this season he is only on 7 goals from an expected 12. Still only 22-years-old, he’s proved that he can score goals in big moments, but will he be the man to lead the goals for Madrid when Benzema eventually retires.
Gabriel Jesus – everyone thought Arsenal would plummet after losing Jesus to injury after the World Cup. Whilst returning to injury last week Arsenal fans will be happy to have him back as Eddie Nketiah, although starting well, has struggled to be the clinical striker fans were hoping for with only 6 goals from an expected 10. Jesus on the other hand isn’t that clinical striker either, as he has only 5 goals from an expected 9. However, with 6 assists and having Saka, Martinelli, Odegard and now Trossard around him it seems that Arteta’s trusts that the ex-City forward offers so much more than goals.

G > xG and Ast < xAG

Players are scoring more than expected and have also been unlucky to not have more assists
James Maddison – man if this guy just stayed fit he would probably be right up there this season. 15 goals and assists in 20 goals with a combined xG + xAG of 10.40. He is definitely over-performing and playing very well when he is playing!
Joao Mario – although 12 (14 attempted) of his 31 goals have been penalties if you remove the penalties he still remains in this group and is having quite the season. Each penalty has an xG of .79 *14 = 11.06 so he is still above target. 14 penalties in a season is pretty crazy regardless. Have Benfica been lucky or is not just the Premier League dealing with poor officiating this season?
Julian Brandt – the Dortmund midfielder looks to be having his best season to date as he outperforms his expected (4.5 xG) by double with 9 goals this season and also, being unlucky to not have 2 more assists. As Dortmund look to end Bayern’s decade long reign of Bundesliga titles, Brandt keeping up this form will be crucial as the season closes out.
Christoper Nkunku – although only holding 2 assists to his name this season Nkunku has been outperforming his expected goals with 15 from an expected 11. He’s also been unlucky to not have 3 more assists. With the RB Leipzig man moving to Chelsea this summer, questions will be asked to whether he continue this form into this Premier League, however if he can Chelsea no doubt will believe that can be enough to challenge again for the title next season.
Martinelli – the young Arsenal forward has been on fine form this season scoring 13 goals, 3 more than expected and has also been unlucky to not have more assists with only 3 from an expected 7. One thing is clear this season, Martinelli has been crucial to Arsenals title race contention and will continue to be, as we come into the last 10 games of the season.
Giovanni Simeone – per90 this guy is only behind Haaland and has been instrumental coming off the bench for Napoli this season overperforming with 7 goals from an xG of 3.5. Double than what he was expected to be getting. This is definitely an important factor for any team that is challenging for the league and Napoli are more than challenging at the moment as they seem to be running away with it.

G > xG and Ast > xAG

Players are scoring more than expected and have also been lucky to have as many assists as they do
Erling Haaland – I mean if you’re looking for outliers, Haaland is one of the stand outs other than Bruno Fernandes. The most impressive thing about Haaland is he is showing the world how clinical he is with 38 goals from an expected 26.9. That’s 11 more goals that expected. This is probably why Kevin De Bruyne has more assists than expected this season because Haaland is well…a goalscoring freak (in the best way of course). Have City found the missing piece to the Champions League puzzle?
Randal Kolo Muani – I’ll admit I don’t know much about Muani, besides a couple of very impressive performances at the World Cup. However, he is definitely having a great season scoring 13 goals and notching up 10 assists (6 more than expected) and looks to be the future of France’s front line as Giroud ages and Mbappe operating on the left hand side for the National Team.
Kvicha Kvaratskhelia – highly regarded as the ‘Georgian Messi’ Kvicha is having some season over-performing with 14 goals and with a little bit of luck notching up 14 assists too (6 more than expected. Although, a little lucky with some of his assists – this could be in align with Victor Osimihen scoring 5 more goals that expected this season and the two of these developing a great partnership leading Napolis attack and contributing heavily to their fantastic season.
Neymar – no surprise to see Neymar here as he’s quietly going about another impressive season. When you look at his per 90 stats as well how can you not be impressed with 1.21 goals and assists per game. With 15 goals and 13 assists goals this season, PSG must be scratching their heads to why they haven’t made it further in the Champions League this season.
Lionel Messi – only second to Haaland in Goals and Assists this season, Messi continues to show his class at the age of 35 and on the back of winning the World Cup. Messi leads the assists charts with 17 this season from an expected 12. Some people might call this lucky, but everyone who watches football knows that this just Messi.


Current Top 30 Goals + Assists Leaders
Current Top 30 Goals + Assists Leaders (per 90)


Now lets take a look at some teams to see if their player productivity is impacting there team performance:
Arsenal Differences Chart
What’s apparent when you look at the Arsenal players here is that everyone is either overperforming their expected goals or assists (top and right quadrants). With Saka overperforming this season and being one of seven players this season to enter double figures with 13 goals (10 xG) and 10 assists (7.8 xAG), Arsenal’s main talisman will look to continue this as Arsenal enter the last third of the campaign. We can see that, maybe Martinelli (13 goals, 3 assissts) and Odegard (10 goals, 6 assists) would have more assists if Jesus (5 goals, 6 assists) and Nketiah (6 goals, 2 assists) were more clinical this season. Additionally, it seems like acquiring Trossard (8 goals, 8 assists) was a masterstroke signing by Arteta, as he is continued his great form from Brighton to Arsenal and filling in at the false-9 position. Despite their strikers underperforming in front of goal, it hasn’t stopped Arsenal scoring lots of goals and creating chances as they look to hold on to clinch their first Premier League title in nearly 20 years.

Man City Differences Chart
Man City
Despite the obvious outlier (Haaland), we can see that Foden is having an excellent season outperforming his expected goals and assists by almost double with 10 goals (5.5 xG) and 6 assists (3.7 xAG). Despite Kevin de Bruyne not firing in front of goal like he was last season, 15 assists puts him only two behind the leader Messi this season. It looks like City have finally found the answer to de Bruyne’s prayers with Haaland coming in and them developing an instant relationship already to a point where de Bruyne has more assists than expected this season (12.4 xAG). With Mahrez (8 goals, 6 Assists) performing around just as expected, Grealish.(3 goals, 5 assists) being a little unlucky and Alvarez contributing when he gets game time will City be able to take the title race all the way to the end of the season and could this be the year they finally win the Champions League?

Manchester United Differences Chart
Manchester United
What stands out here in this chart is how reliant United have been on Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes this season. With Rashford out performing his expected (15.70 xG) with 20 goals and 4 assists (3.4) and Fernandes (6 goals, 8 Assists) underperforming and being extremely unlucky to not have more assists, it’s obvious to everyone that United are missing another player that can contribute to the attack more regularly. With Sancho (5 goals, 1 assist) and Antony (6 goals, 2 assists) overperforming this season we’ve these small numbers, one thing that these players do lack compared to the other players in their position is their expected goals and assists. If United want to be competing the likes of Arsenal, Man City and even Liverpool they will need to have players creating more chances. United will also be glad to have Eriksen return soon as hopefully he can continue his great creative form with his 9 assists more than double his expected this season and although a little lucky, United will need this with a heavy fixture schedule going into the last part of the season.

Napoli Differences Chart
Probably the most in form team in Europe at the moment with the deadly combination of Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia leading the front line for Napoli. Victor Osimhen has 25 goals (20.4 xG) and 4 assists this season and is the third highest goalscorer behind Haaland and Mbappe and Kvaratskhelia is one of seven players with double digits in both goals and assists. Nineteen points clear with only 11 games to go this season and still in the Champions League, the differences chart also shows us Piotr Zielinski is also overperforming this season too, with 7 goals (6.4 xG) and 9 assists (7.6 xAG). With Napoli, 19 points clear of Serie A and looking near enough impossible to catch at this moment will they be able to add to this season by winning the Champions League as well? If there plays keep over peforming like they are right now, then surely they are strong contenders!.

Bayern Munich Differences Chart
Bayern Munich
The stand out for Bayern this season is as everyone expected … Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, but seriously what a season he is having. Almost overperforming his expected goals by double with 14 goals (7.7 xG) and accumulating 2 assists the back-up to Robert Lewandowski last season is having quite the season! To add to this Bayern seem to have another gem for the future in Jamal Musiala who has 11 goals (8 xG) and 10 assists (6.4 xAG) so far this season, which is quite astonishing for a 20 year old. Additionally, Bayern have Sadio Mane (9 goals, 5 assists), Leroy Sane (11 goals, 5 assists), Serge Gnabry (11 goals, 7 assists) and Kinglsey Coman (6 goals and 5 assists) all outperforming their expected goals which is pretty remarkable. It’s no surprise that, Bayern are considered the favourites for the Champions League this season. Will Nagelsmann’s sacking interrupt their season as they battle it out with Dortmund and Berlin for the title and also try to secure another champions league.

PSG Differences Chart
Well, we can’t not talk about PSG and more importantly about Kylian Mbappe. Only behind Messi and Haaland in total goals and assists Mbappe has 26 (21 xG) goals and 6 (6.6 xAG) assists this season. After another fantastic World Cup, the PSG strike force will be frustrated to again have their Champions League dreams ended early with a very unconvincing display against Bayern. Despite having Neymar (15 goals, 13 assists), Messi (17 goals, 17 assists) and Mbappe, PSG continue to fail in the Champions League and could this know be the final straw that sees them lose at least one, if not both of Mbappe and Messi at the end of the season.

Benfica Differences Chart
Ten points clear of Liga Portugal and making a return to the Champions League quarter finals this season, Benfica are not a team to take lightly this season. Leading their line this season they have the talented Goncalo Ramos with 19 goals (20 xG) and 3 assists (2.9 xAG) and seasoned Joao Mario with 23 goals (19.5 xG) and 8 assists (8.9 xAG) who seems to be have his best season ever. With Rafa Silva contributing 11 goals (12,2 xG) and 4 assists (4.1 xAG) as well we can see why Benfica are having the season they are having year. Could this year they make the semi-finals of the Champions League, for the first time since they reached the final back in 1989?


One of the biggest questions that might come in to play here is looking at the strength of the league so a future addition to this analysis and dashboard would be adding a league multiplier which could be based on the strength of the league. FiveThirtyEight have created a SPI (Soccer Power Index) which evaluates the strength of each team and Global Football Rankings have then used this to evaluate the strength of the league. You could then normalize the leagues SPI’s on a scale from 0 to 1 and then use this as a multiplier against the statistics used in this analysis. This would be a little difficult to apply to players like Cody Gakpo who moved halfway through the season and the majority of his goals and assists this season from when he was playing at PSV. As an example here, the league strength of the Dutch Eredivisie compared to the Barclays Premier League is 52.88 to 72.40. So in this, the multiplier would have a big effect on Gakpo’s goals and assists at PSV.
You might notice goals and assists missing from cup competitions as I seemed to have some issues adding these competitions on FBREF as it wasn’t consistent across players. So, I decided to leave those competitions out to make it fair.
I also had to leave out some players out as the xG and xAG for these players was just way off:

Players Goals xG Assists xAG
Cristiano Ronaldo 10 1.9 2 0.4
Wout Weghorst 8 1.3 5 0.7
Anybody watching Man United this season knows Weghorst xG should be a lot higher than that since he’s scored two goals in the 3 months he’s been at the club. Also, Ronaldo’s look a little suspect too. So I decided to leave these out!


There are probably more questions than answers with this analysis, however I think using these differences and ratios gives us some sort of idea of how players have been performing this season and who has had a little luck on their side. We all know that when it comes to assessing performance goals and assists don't tell the full story, however using xG and xAG definitely gives a better idea about how these players are performing.
Players with higher xG means that they are getting into good goalscoring opportunities, which indicates that they will always be a threat in the game. There's been plenty of commentary about Darwin Nunez not scoring enough goals this season and missing chances and although that might be true at least he is getting into those chances. He might not be as prolific as Haaland, but if or when he does finally find some form you'd imagine he could be getting 20+ goals a season regularly. When you look at this per 90, Nunez again is near the top of this list.
Players with higher xAG means that they are creating chances for people, it's nice to see the data back up what we already know when we see players like Dusan Tadic, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin de Bruyne, Neymar and of course Lionel Messi leading the expected assists. When you look at this per 90 those names don’t change, however it does give you an idea about the other creators in Europe and the world like Jonas Hofman and Kingsley Coman (when fit).
Moving forward, adding a league multiplier might be in the next addition of this analysis, which helps factor in the strength of the league. Finally, it will be interesting to see if these players are still in the same quadrants at the end of the season and if the relationship between how many players you need to over perform to win a competition.

Haaland is really really really good, Bruno is pretty unlucky this season, Joao Mario is a penalty merchant, Ronaldo's data doesn't add up. The more over performing players you have the more likely your team will succeed (unless you are PSG). League difficulty multiplier might be a great addition to understanding player performance on league strength.
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2023.03.29 15:32 monster-baiter successful IFS session report

successful IFS session report
background info: im an adult woman, my diagnosis is "complex post traumatic dissociative disorder" (not DID but on that spectrum, so to say). ive been in EMDR therapy for a while, always working with inner parts, even before i knew about IFS (i think my old therapist called it ego-state therapy and my current therapist is an expert in dissociative disorders so she naturally works with parts). i have established parts inside my system and an inner landscape where they all live and my goal in therapy is creating positive relationships between parts and myself and building trust. currently my therapist and i talk to my inner parts, we use drawings to express and capture the states of emotion we go through and use EMDR to enhance the process (easier connection to the emotional states of the parts).
i have an ongoing problem with feeling overwhelmed, especially when im outside among strangers. i often can barely enter a store without having a very strong physical feapanic reaction. i also get very stressed even just walking on the sidewalk cause people never keep a big enough distance when they pass me which stresses me out. or i should say it used to be that way. since my last session those problems have fully disappeared and ive been out in the town, in several stores and among crowds without even thinking about it. i often only realize what an unusual thing ive "accomplished" after im back home and reflecting on my day.
the session: the part probably came forward due to a different thing i talked about (feeling overwhelmed and stressed when someone touches me which stems from a different part). i was trying to draw the parts emotional state but it didnt have one, it only had neutral sensory perception.. so i drew a bird (i was hearing birds chirping). it came out that this part is responsible for taking in sensory inputs and filtering them and sorting them to be processed (picture 1). we found out that sometimes this part feels overwhelmed because there are so many sensory inputs at once and the part thinks if it misses even one of those that might be a danger to us. thats where the fear and overwhelm came from (picture 2). the part felt guilty upon realizing that we are having problems because it "cant do its job properly" which of course we assured the part was not its fault and that we were very thankful for what it has been doing and how its been so diligent in keeping us all safe.
we communicated to the part that we want to help and it doesnt have to do it all by itself but we werent sure how to help at first. so we called in the architect (the part in the system that created all the other parts except my two front facing parts, he knows all the other parts, where they are and what their strengths/weaknesses are). interestingly the sensory perception part was taken aback at the thought that it might have been created by someone else and not just came to be but tbh i dont know if that specific part is one that is just there for every human without being created? and now we all think this part might be among the ones that were not created by the architect but thats just an interesting aside lol.
the architect quickly found a very eager volunteer to help filter and sort sensory inputs and i was surprised at the outcome. the part is one that came forward a while ago, they are a bat who is made up of an infinite number of bats.. or in different words, a swarm of bats that share one mind and can come together to be one big colorful bat (picture 3). the bats are our resident party animal if you will, they are very interested in going out and having social contacts and dancing and all that so i was surprised that they were so eager to take on this responsibility. but we got the bat and the sensory input part together and asked them if they have an idea how to work together. the answer is picture 4: the sensory inputs (yellow swirls) come into the system and get picked up by the sensory input part (pink stream). if there is too much going on the bats (teal) can pick them out and help sort them properly, since there is an infinite number of bats we have a lot of helping hands. if you compare this picture to picture 2, you can see that previously the yellow swirls seem very large and the the sensory input part was feeling small and powerless among them without any control.
end of session: my therapist and i were kind of surprised at how easily it all worked out with just a little help and personally i was very skeptical if this would actually change anything going forward. i was perplexed why the bat of all parts was interested in this job but then i realized: they already are used to filtering and sorting sensory inputs properly since that is the part that comes out when we are in a club or a rave which has a LOT of inputs and are almost never overwhelming to me. it is so obvious that its almost funny i overlooked it for so long lol but parts work often is that way :)
like i said, this has completely changed the way i feel when im outside, id say i probably experience what i imagine normal people experience when theyre outside which is an incredible blessing for me that i could not have imagined before. its been only like 10 days so if it should revert back ill make an update of course but ive thoroughly tested my crowd-endurance over the last week by going into stores and on public transport on a SATURDAY which is usually unimaginable to me.
hope this can help someone in terms of what a successful session might look like and what methods can also be used (the drawings are pretty helpful and having contact with the architect has also come in handy many times).
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2023.03.29 15:26 Skratymir Can you setup Orange Pi Zero LTS Headless?

I want to get an Orange Pi Zero LTS for basic network tasks (Tailscale VPN).
Can I install and set up Ubuntu Server on this SBC, without attaching a monitor to the Pi? Basically, I want to install Ubuntu Server onto a SD card, set WiFi and SSH up, then power on the Pi and SSH into it from my Computer.
Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it?
I have only ever used Raspberry Pis where you could add some files in the root of the SD card and it would set everything up for you, so I don't know how it would work on an Orange Pi. I read about armbian, which I believe is a port of Ubuntu ServeMinimal?
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2023.03.29 15:25 Antman274 Turn off Microsoft account sync

Is there a command to turn off the sync settings for a Microsoft account?
We have several devices using the same account (Device Enrolment Manager), they are syncing wifi profiles which is causing an issue, we can only see turning off sync on each device using the settings app, which we have scripted to turn off locally by the registry, we need a script to turn off globally for the account, as cannot see a general setting when logged in at
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2023.03.29 15:21 cfgvcvcvv WHERE to Watch Creed 3 Online for FreeReddit at Home?

Are you a fan of the Rocky franchise? If so, you won't want to miss Creed 3, the latest installment in the series. While the movie is set to release in theaters, fans will also have the option to watch the film online. In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to know about how to stream Creed 3 online in the US.
Watch Here: Creed III Fullmovie OnLine Free
Where to Watch Creed 3 Online?
If you're looking to watch Creed 3 online, there are several digital platforms you can use. The movie is expected to become available on a variety of platforms, including Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and FandangoNow. These platforms will likely offer the movie for purchase or rental, allowing you to stream it from the comfort of your own home.
When Will Creed 3 be Available on Digital Platforms?
While the exact release date for Creed 3 on digital platforms has not yet been announced, it is typical for movies to become available on these platforms a few months after their theatrical release. Fans can expect the movie to become available on digital platforms in early 2023.
How to Watch Creed 3 at Home Online for Free?
Unfortunately, it is not legal to watch Creed 3 online for free. While there may be websites or services claiming to offer free streaming of the movie, these are often illegal and can put your computer and personal information at risk. It's important to use legal and safe streaming options to watch the movie.
When is Creed 3 Set to Release?
Creed 3 is set to release on November 23, 2022, in theaters. While the movie will first be available in theaters, it is expected to become available on digital platforms shortly after its release.
Who’s in the Creed 3 cast?
Creed 3 will feature an impressive cast of talented actors. The lead role of Adonis Creed will once again be played by Michael B. Jordan, who has starred in both previous Creed movies as well as other successful films such as Black Panther and Fruitvale Station.
Sylvester Stallone, who created and starred in the original Rocky movies, will not be appearing in Creed 3. However, the movie will still feature several returning characters, including Tessa Thompson as Bianca Taylor, Adonis' love interest, and Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed, Adonis' mother.
New additions to the cast include Jonathan Majors, who will be playing the movie's antagonist. Majors is known for his roles in movies like The Harder They Fall and TV shows like Lovecraft Country. Other new cast members include Wood Harris, Andre Ward, and Winston Duke.
With a cast this talented and diverse, Creed 3 is sure to be a must-watch for fans of the Rocky franchise and beyond.
What Is Creed 3 About?
The plot of Creed 3 has not yet been fully revealed, but it is known that the story will focus on Adonis Creed, the son of the late Apollo Creed, as he faces new challenges both in and out of the ring.
According to reports, the movie will explore themes of fatherhood and legacy, as Adonis navigates his own path while also dealing with the legacy of his father's legendary boxing career.
In an interview, Michael B. Jordan hinted that the movie will also touch on social issues, saying that the movie will "continue to lean into the culture, being a reflection of what's going on in society."
With a talented cast and promising themes, Creed 3 is sure to be an exciting addition to the Rocky franchise, offering both thrilling boxing action and a heartfelt story of family and legacy.
Is Creed 3 Available on Disney Plus?
No, Creed 3 is not available on Disney Plus. The movie is produced by MGM, not Disney, so it is unlikely that it will ever be available on the streaming service.
Is Creed 3 Available on Hulu?
At this time, it is unclear whether Creed 3 will be available on Hulu. While some MGM movies are available on the streaming service, this does not necessarily mean that Creed 3 will be.
Will Creed 3 Be on HBO Max?
It is also unclear whether Creed 3 will be available on HBO Max. While the streaming service has a partnership with Warner Bros., it is not clear whether this extends to movies produced by other studios, like MGM.
Will Creed 3 Be on Netflix?
There is currently no information on whether Creed 3 will be available on Netflix. While the streaming service does have a partnership with MGM, it is unclear whether this extends to all of the studio's movies.
Will Creed 3 Be on Amazon?
It is possible that Creed 3 will be available on Amazon, as the platform often streams new releases. However, this has not been confirmed, and the exact release date on the platform is not yet known.
Will Creed 3 Be On Paramount Plus?
As of now, there has been no official announcement about whether or not Creed 3 will be available on Paramount+. It is possible that the movie may be released on the streaming service sometime after its initial theatrical release, but this has not been confirmed.
Will there be an Creed 4?
As of now, there has been no official announcement about a Creed 4. It is unclear whether or not a fourth installment in the franchise is in the works.
However, given the success of the first two Creed movies and the anticipation surrounding Creed 3, it is certainly possible that a fourth movie could be made in the future.
It is worth noting that Sylvester Stallone, who created and starred in the original Rocky movies, has previously indicated that he is interested in continuing the Creed series, even if he himself is not involved in the movies. In an interview, he said that "there's always another story to tell."
Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not there will be a Creed 4. Fans of the franchise will just have to wait and see what the future holds.
If you're a fan of the Rocky franchise, you won't want to miss Creed 3. While the movie will first be available in theaters, fans will have the option to watch the film online shortly after its release. Whether you choose to purchase or rent the movie on digital platforms like Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, or FandangoNow, it's important to use legal and safe streaming options to watch the movie. So mark your calendars for November 23, 2022, and get ready to watch (Creed 3!)xyztv
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2023.03.29 15:19 buffering001 How to run a virtual MPI cluster on a windows machine?

I am a total newbie at this topic and was just referencing from this video where the presenter is showing how to set up a MPI cluster on two Linux running VMs. My question is cant we do something similar with a windows machine?

I asked around a bit and(from chatgpt) and got some crude idea on how we can make this possible -
Here were the steps that I got from some asking around -

- Create a virtual network switch: In Hyper-V Manager, click on
"Virtual Switch Manager" in the right pane, and then click "New
virtual network switch" in the left pane. Choose the "Internal"
network type and give it a name, such as "MPI Network". Click "OK" to
create the virtual switch.
- Create virtual machines: Create virtual machines for each node in
your MPI cluster. Make sure to use the MPI network switch created in
step 1 for the network adapter of each virtual machine. You can use
any operating system you like, as long as you install an MPI
implementation that supports it.
- Install MPI software: Install the same MPI implementation on each
virtual machine. For example, you can download and install Microsoft
MPI on each machine.
- Configure the network: In each virtual machine, configure the network
settings to use a static IP address on the MPI network. For example,
you can set the IP address to "",
"", etc., with a subnet mask of "". Make sure
to use a unique IP address for each virtual machine.
- Enable remote desktop: Enable Remote Desktop on each virtual machine,
so that you can connect to them from the host machine or from other
virtual machines.
- Configure the firewall: If the Windows Firewall is enabled on any of
the virtual machines, make sure to allow incoming connections on the
MPI network.
- Test the network connection: From each virtual machine, ping the
other virtual machines on the MPI network to make sure that the
network connection is working correctly.
- Create an MPI hostfile: On one of the virtual machines, create a text
file called "hostfile" that lists the IP addresses of all the virtual
machines in your cluster, one per line.
- Run the MPI program: On the virtual machine where you created the
hostfile, open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where
your MPI program is located. Then use the mpiexec command to run the
program with the hostfile


I followed these steps and at the end my setup looks something like this -

- A host machine with Windows 11 pro running and a VM with Windows 10 running.
- An internal virtual switch configured into my VM.
- MS_MPI installed on both of my machines with the same version and configured properly(I ran my program on both of my machines independently to check if everything was configured right).
- I disabled the firewall on both of my machines and cross checked if my machines were connected by pinging out to each other's IP addresses.
- I created a shared folder in my host machine wherein I had my hostfile with the IP address of my guest machine and my mpi executable and I mounted this shared folder on my guest VM.


- I executed the command -
smpd -d 3 
On my guest machine and got the following output -
- While in my host machine in my shared folder directory I executed the following command -
mpiexec -d 3 -machinefile hostfile.txt test_mpi.exe 
In the hostfile in my host machine I just have the IP address of my guest VM which is - 
On running this command I get this following error -
- All the while I am able to communicate with the guest VM in the internal network by pinging to

If anybody could point out to some missing steps in my execution or could even confirm if something like this is possible or not, it would be of huge help for me.
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2023.03.29 15:12 dailymindcrunch SF4 - Optifine won't install

Hi all, I am using curseforge with SF4. I am attempting to install Optifine_1.12.2_HD_U_G5.jar into my mods folder and I am not seeing optifine. I know that it has worked for me before with SF4. Is there a trick I am missing?

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2023.03.29 15:10 Nitix_ Stuttering in U12?

Ever since the U12 update I've been having some stuttering issues. Every few seconds the game will stutter regardless of what I'm doing (fighting, walking, just looking around,). I haven't had any issues running the game before, so I was wondering if the update could have caused it?
Relevant info:
The only thing that fixes the stuttering is using the link cable instead of air link. You could say it's an issue with my wifi, but nothing about my wifi network has changed. My PC and headset are both connected to a 5 GHz frequency, they're the only devices on that frequency, and I've never had issues with air link before U12.
Has anyone else experienced stuttering like this since U12?
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2023.03.29 15:09 Jazzlike-Card-536 New amp install. Erroneous noise.

I have installed my first amp yesterday. Yay! Here is a quick overview of my budget setup.
I now have some electrical noise. Alternator whine, and a slight static noise. Both of these tones are at a steady level. If I increase the volume at the head unit neither of these increase in amplitude. I ran this head unit without both the amp and new speakers. The noise was not there. I have done some research on this, and wanted to put down my potential troubleshooting steps to see if I am missing something prior to beginning this.
If these steps do not work, What would my next steps be? I have seen there are alternator noise filters, and ground loop isolators. Both of these degrade sound quality and would be last restort, but I wanted to consult others prior to performing any work.
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2023.03.29 15:05 LeWOOHP [Pokemoninfinitefusion] Activer le mode de débogage

>EDIT : Cela ne fonctionne plus après la version 5
EDIT2 : Les commentaires ont trouvé une méthode différente qui semble fonctionner pour les versions 5+. L'identifiant des bottes magiques semble changer à chaque mise à jour, mais il est également disponible dans les commentaires. TLDR ; Allez dans les commentaires si vous cherchez à débloquer le mode débogage pour la version 5+
Salut ! Je cherchais comment activer le mode de débogage dès le début pour me donner des démarreurs personnalisés, et après avoir cherché dans une tonne de posts, je n'ai pas trouvé de vraie réponse.
J'ai réussi à trouver comment en utilisant Cheat Engine et quelques essais et erreurs. Comme cela pourrait être utile à certains (qui veulent commencer avec un démarreur personnalisé comme moi), je voulais juste le partager ici :)
Les étapes sont relativement simples. Rien de grave ne devrait se produire, mais assurez-vous de sauvegarder votre jeu, au cas où. Vous pouvez trouver votre fichier de sauvegarde dans C:/users//Saved Games/Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Il suffit de sauvegarder le fichier qui se trouve dans ce répertoire et la sauvegarde devrait être réglée.
Le processus comporte quelques étapes, et il implique de tricher dans les articles. Cela signifie que vous devez :
  1. installer le Cheat Engine ([\](
  2. Ouvrez le jeu & commencez comme d'habitude (Vous avez besoin d'au moins un pokémon & une poke ball)
  3. Sauvegardez le jeu
  4. Ouvrez le moteur de triche & sélectionnez Pokemon Infinite Fusion (dans la petite lorgnette en haut à gauche)
  5. En jeu, donnez une pokeball à un pokémon
  6. Maintenant, reprenez la boule de poke
  7. Dans Cheat Engine, tapez la valeur 1 et cliquez sur First Scan (ou New Scan)
  8. Dans le jeu, redonnez la pokéball au même pokémon qu'à l'étape 5 & 6
  9. Maintenant dans Cheat Engine, cherchez la valeur 535 et appuyez sur Next Scan
  10. Il ne doit rester qu'une seule valeur dans la liste, cliquez dessus et appuyez sur la flèche rouge qui se trouve au centre du programme
  11. Double-cliquez sur le 535 pour le modifier, et changez-le en 1199
  12. Retournez dans le jeu et enlevez l'objet, cela devrait vous donner les bottes magiques.
  13. Cherchez les bottes magiques dans votre inventaire et mettez-les sur
Vous avez maintenant accès à tous les trucs de débogage ! Appuyez sur F9 pour ouvrir le menu de débogage, ou changez des choses comme votre pokémon dans le menu pokémon (où vous chercheriez le résumé).
Plus d'infos sur le mode débogage\\\_mode
Le mode débogage est d'après ce que j'ai trouvé relativement instable, mais des choses simples comme la modification des pokémons devraient fonctionner sans problème. Assurez-vous de ne pas faire de choses trop bizarres cependant !
J'espère que cela vous aidera ! Je sais que ce n'est pas pour tout le monde, mais je voulais quand même le partager :) Vous pouvez utiliser cette méthode pour tricher dans tous les objets, mais trouver des identifiants n'est pas la chose la plus claire qui soit. Je vous suggère d'utiliser le mode débogage pour cela. Si vous n'êtes intéressé que par l'obtention d'une balle de maître, par exemple, il a l'ID 529.
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2023.03.29 15:02 cpplus_world Indoor WIFI Camera

Indoor WIFI Camera
CP Plus Indoor WiFi camera are a range of security cameras designed for indoor surveillance. These cameras offer high-definition video quality with resolutions of up to 1080p, and are equipped with night vision capabilities for low-light conditions.
They also feature motion detection and can be accessed remotely via a mobile app, allowing users to monitor their homes or businesses from anywhere. With easy installation and setup, CP Plus indoor Wi-Fi cameras provide a simple and effective solution for indoor security needs.
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2023.03.29 14:57 Kdsamreuang Site is partially broken on Chrome browser

Just wanted to give a heads up to the team to look into it. I've cleared data from browser and updated Chrome but it's still broken. Works fine on Edge browser.
since yesterday, the site is missing major elements on the Chrome browser like missing sign in and cart section, so you can't go to your profile or even buy games. XP page doesn't load and even when going to a game page, the first loaded trailer video doesn't ever load unless you manually click the thumbnail.
Anyone else experiencing this?
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2023.03.29 14:56 True_Application_743 I (F,25) wants to break up with bf (M,25)

I have quite a long story, sorry, but please, I really need some advice since I have zero experience. The story is not simple, but I'll tell it in the most objective way possible. I am very confused about the whole situation.
I (F, 25) met this guy I am seeing (M, 25) around 9 months ago. I had just broken up with my (first) ex-bf, with whom I've had a relationship for 6 years, and was looking for something less complicated since I didn't want to rush something, and I tried to experiment since I do not have much dating experience. The guy I met has way more experience than I do and was completely ok with having something casual. We never really labelled anything, and the rules were never really clear. Time passes and we have a great connection, we laugh a lot, talk a lot and altogether have a great time. So great, he starts telling me he loves me and how much he likes to be with me. Telling me he loved me, meant a big deal for me.
As time goes by, I am beginning to hesitate, feeling something is not quite right. He wants to be with me but prioritizes everything else in his life. I meet his parents since he still lives with them (he didn't introduce me as a girlfriend or anything, although they know we have some kind of relationship). I am not allowed to call him my boyfriend (we are in a situationship), although he tells me how great I am and how much he likes to be with me and is getting attached to me. He keeps saying we are not exclusive but gets mad when a friend of mine sends me texts. Everyone around us thinks we are properly dating, but every time somebody asks I feel like I should be this "special" friend. We fought quite a lot and I did not feel confident at all in his presence. His actions confused me, and I needed time to think. That's why I broke up with him. I told him I loved him, but needed time to process the situation and also my previous breakup (since I did not have that much time between the two).
This break-up hurt him a lot. He came crying at my door almost every night, telling me he saw a future with me. That he thought I was the one and he asked me continuously to come back. Telling me he loved me multiple times over the phone. All this was very difficult since I love him too.
A month passes by and I feel like I am ready to start something, maybe with him? He looks like he wants something serious. I missed him a lot. I thought I was going to be rejected when I asked if he wanted to start over with me, but he didn't. He was happy and wanted to try. I told him I didn't want us to be sex friends again. I wanted something serious. He told me he wanted to be sure at first that I wasn't going to bail again, so we settled on "dating". We "dated" for two months and it was really amazing.
Until one day he tells me he is going on this long-awaited trip he wanted to do for years already, And where he "wants to be able to be free and thus bang if needed, but still wants to stay in contact with me". I was really confused and hurt since I thought our relationship was naturally evolving into something more serious. He told me it was really important for him to be free during that trip since he had planned to do it for a long time, and wanted to feel completely free to be able to think about what he really wanted in life and discover who he wanted to be. We had a fight but we agreed: we will stay together until his vacation, and break up just before it begins. We would both be free and we would see after his months-long trip if we'd meet again or not. I was really ok with this.
Then he told me one day he wanted to stay in contact even when he went on the trip. He didn't want us to stop calling or texting. I was really confused. To me a break up means you do not really stay in contact with each other (certainly under these circumstances); We avoided the subject but he continuously talked about projects we could do after the trip. Things we could do together: but weren't we going to break up? Was he expecting me to stay around and wait for him after his trip, on which he could be free as a bird? He told me I could be free too, I could be with anyone I wanted to too... (that one hurt, he told me multiple times even after that conversation).
I was fed up, I was always irritated and agitated to the point that my friends and family told me something was wrong with me. That I was way too irritable and that I wasn't being my happy self anymore. I sourced the problem back to him and confronted him: "I want a serious relationship or I am not in anymore". He told me he needed time to think because he didn't want to be in a relationship with me, he didn't want to be my boyfriend, he wanted a situationship: he had been hurt by his ex-girlfriends to many times and he would only go for a serious relationship if he was 100% sure that it was the real thing.
So I waited three days (I could have waited longer, but okay) and told him I wasn't waiting around anymore. We talked a lot and decided it was best to break up. He needed time to figure out what he wanted and why he has such an aversion towards serious relationships. The decision was mutual this time. We loved each other but the timing wasn't right; He tried once again and told me he wanted to be my boyfriend but backed out 2 hours later, so we finally definitely broke up.
I went to Paris (alone, we were supposed to go together) and I called him in a moment of weakness. I told him this thing between us could have been magical, but since he didn't want to be with me in a relationship, I had to let him go eventually. I said I wouldn't cry for him anymore. He told me again I could get over him by being with someone else.
When I came back he wanted to talk. He told me he was afraid to lose me and would want to try a relationship with me. It felt sincere. We made up.
Shortly after he texts me something stupid: that my new profile picture isn't as good as the previous one, I looked too stiff in the new one. I was vexed, and it felt completely inappropriate considering we just made up. I didn't get why he felt the need to say something so small instead of just being nice to me after all we had been through; because I don't care about the pic, but I care about context and being treated right.
Now I hesitate; I don't think we have the same idea of what a relationship means and I don't want to be heartbroken anymore and I don't want to waste my time with someone who doesn't really want a relationship.
What should I do, should I break up or should I give him a chance to prove himself? He has a long history of miscommunication and disregarding my needs or my pain. But now that he is ready to try and give me what I previously asked for, I don't feel like I have the right to say no.
AITA if I break up with him now?
(sorry for my English, but it's not my first language)
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2023.03.29 14:53 djole0501 GStreamer VAAPI Ubuntu Issues

I wanted to start experimenting with GPU recording on my Ubuntu machine and saw this video from GloriousEggroll demonstrating VAAPI working better than ever using the obs-gstreamer plugin, which would now be the standalone obs-vaapi plugin. I'm running Ubuntu 22.10 and the latest stable version of OBS from the ppa. As instructed, I checked the VAAPI version on my system with vainfo, got this.
libva info: VA-API version 1.15.0 libva info: Trying to open /uslib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/ libva info: Found init function __vaDriverInit_1_15 libva info: va_openDriver() returns 0 vainfo: VA-API version: 1.15 (libva 2.12.0) vainfo: Driver version: Mesa Gallium driver 22.2.5 for AMD Radeon RX 580 Series (polaris10, LLVM 15.0.2, DRM 3.47, 5.19.0-38-generic) vainfo: Supported profile and entrypoints VAProfileMPEG2Simple : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileMPEG2Main : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileVC1Simple : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileVC1Main : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileVC1Advanced : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointEncSlice VAProfileH264Main : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileH264Main : VAEntrypointEncSlice VAProfileH264High : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileH264High : VAEntrypointEncSlice VAProfileHEVCMain : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileHEVCMain : VAEntrypointEncSlice VAProfileHEVCMain10 : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileJPEGBaseline : VAEntrypointVLD VAProfileNone : VAEntrypointVideoProc 
Next I made sure I have the GStreamer runtime on my machine by running the following.
apt-get install libgstreamer1.0-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-dev gstreamer1.0-plugins-base gstreamer1.0-plugins-good gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly gstreamer1.0-libav gstreamer1.0-tools gstreamer1.0-x gstreamer1.0-alsa gstreamer1.0-gl gstreamer1.0-gtk3 gstreamer1.0-qt5 gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio 
Running gst-inspect-1.0 va after this gives the following.
Plugin Details: Name va Description VA-API codecs plugin Filename /uslib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gstreamer-1.0/ Version 1.20.3 License LGPL Source module gst-plugins-bad Source release date 2022-06-15 Binary package GStreamer Bad Plugins (Ubuntu) Origin URL vadeinterlace: VA-API Deinterlacer vah264dec: VA-API H.264 Decoder vah265dec: VA-API H.265 Decoder vampeg2dec: VA-API Mpeg2 Decoder vapostproc: VA-API Video Postprocessor 
Obviously, I can see that the encoders here are missing. I installed the obs-vaapi plugin, and the logs show this.
info: VAAPI: API version 1.15 info: FFmpeg VAAPI H264 encoding supported info: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] you can haz websockets (Version: 5.1.0 RPC Version: 1) info: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] Qt version (compile-time): 6.4.2 Qt version (run-time): 6.4.3 info: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] Linked ASIO Version: 101201 info: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] Module loaded. info: [obs-vaapi] version: 0.2.0, gst-runtime: 1.20.5 info: [obs-vaapi] H.264 encoder - not found info: [obs-vaapi] H.264 encoder (low power) - not found info: [obs-vaapi] H.265 encoder - not found info: [obs-vaapi] H.265 encoder (low power) - not found info: [obs-vaapi] AV1 encoder - not found info: [obs-vaapi] AV1 encoder (low power) - not found info: [obs-vaapi] H.264 encoder (legacy) - not found info: [obs-vaapi] H.265 encoder (legacy) - not found 
So, it loads the module but without recognizing the encoders. From further digging I learned that those encoders are new to the 1.22 version of the GStreamer VAAPI plugin gstreamer1.0-vaapi, and I'm running 1.20. However, in order to get that version, I'd have to upgrade to the unstable version of Ubuntu 23.04 which is not released yet, as seen here.
I thought about installing everything through Flatpak, both OBS and the obs-vaapi plugin, since they come sandboxed and "should" work out of the box, but I was met with the same problem. Now I'm wondering if the Flatpak version of the OBS plugin pulls the GStreamer dependency straight from my local machine, instead of another Flatpak runtime? So in the end I'm stuck with the outdated Ubuntu problem again?
I'm not sure how to fix this issue, should I upgrade to the unstable Ubuntu version, which I really wouldn't like, or in the end just switch to Nobara and hopefully not deal with this again? Or is there an easier fix? Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.29 14:51 antonio955 Am I gonna look too weak if I deactivate my IG?

Sadly I broke NC few days ago which sent me back at the beginning stage of my healing process.
I went straight up emotional and told her how much love I had for her, how I miss her, etc. I was just way too tired of all the false hope she gaves me every once in awhile. I don't know why girls do it when they have zero intensions. I still have a little hope one day she would message me but I think that was the last straw and I feel too embarrassed. I knew I had to play games and pretend I'm okay but I'm fucking hurt and I needed her to know that, I just let my emotions go.
Now to the main point. At the end I told her to block me. Her answer was "are you sure?" Instead of just simply saying yes I told her she is the person I want to talk the most but that's what needed to happen. She said she did not want to. Maybe she doesn't want to be the bad person or just want to hurt me even more with stories and stuff, IDK.

I have three options.

  1. Me blocking her. I STILL CAN'T DO THAT.
  2. Deactivating my profile. She knows I'm doing it because of her and I will look way too weak.
  3. Not doing anything, just restricting her profile and fighting my urge to stalk for new likes, follower count, etc. That's the hardest part.
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2023.03.29 14:51 stranger_goose I know this is stupid, but I really need help installing Python.

I know how stupid this sounds, but I can’t get Python downloaded correctly.
I am using Spyder IDE, and running my code it’s telling me I’m missing modules, even after using pip to install the packages, so I think this has everything to do with the environment.
I’ve uninstalled python and anaconda and want to just start fresh to get everything up and running properly. I’m running on windows, can anyone please give me like a step by step process to get this up and running.
I really appreciate this, trust me, I know how dumb this is that I have to ask.
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2023.03.29 14:41 leonmc321 Help with hue sync box plz

Problems with sync box plz help
So I called Philips customer support about a problem with my old sync box. It worked for a year or 2 and rhen just wouldnt connect to thw app after performing a hard reset. They couldn't figure it out so they sent me a new one (great I thought)
Got the new one yesterday and it won't connect. Spent 3 hours trying to get it to work.
Most of the time it would get to the connecting to sync box, the step after you input your wifi info, it connects to the router but it just hangs their indefinitely. If I look at the connected devices for my router it is showing as connected but no traffic at all.
1 time I got it to - push the button till the light turns green, but it wouldn't recognize it (spent 20min) trying to get it to work with no luck.
I've reset my router, modem, phone, hue bridge, and sync box. Turned off 5g on the router.
Ended up calling support again, after 30min they still had no clue how to get it to work. They sent it to their supervisor and hung up.
Anyone know what I'm missing. I'm using my S23+, tried on the hue app and the hue sync app.
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2023.03.29 14:40 creepycash [pc] A whole bunch of stuff

Hey guys, been lurkin about a year and finally decided to clear out my closet! Im not sure what most of these are going for, but thats why i am here!
-2x quadro m5000
-1x asus gtx 1660 super (single fan)
-1x evga gtx 650
-2x intel x540t2 (10g dual ethernet)
-1x Aorus x299 gaming 3 pro (bricked bios, still under warranty)
-1x z590-i rog strix gaming wifi (bent pins and missing some parts)
-1x i7-2600 and mobo
-1x i7-9700
-1x xeon w-2245
-1x i7 5960x
-1x i7 3960x (un tested)
-1x xeon e5-2620
-1x msi gaming laptop (GF65 THIN 2020 model)
-1x Dell Precision 7710
-1x stealth lpc-480g4 (celeron varient)
Thanks for even lookin :)
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