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2023.06.10 19:31 AdDependent1331 [WTS] ACOG TA02, MFT stock, lvl 3+ sideplates, Highspeed gear, 5.11 Side plate carrier

Need these gone so I'm bringing in the big guns... 2 doggos..
Getting rid of my minty stuff that I’m not using
TA02 Acog with green reticle .300- $975 obo (link-
Ambi handle that’s for an MCX- $40
SB tactical will work on regular ar lower comes with all of the original hardware too- $220
Uarm lvl 3+ plates X2 (I'll also throw in the side plate carriers for free w purchase)- $225
Highspeed gear double mag- $25
MFT stock-$25
5.11 side plate carrier (new in packaging)- $30
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2023.06.10 19:29 QualityGig Garden Fence vs. Critters

FENCING. I know this is a subject all its own (surprised there's no Reddit on this, at least as far as I can tell). This year’s goal is to build a more aesthetic and functional fence. We're in Year #3 of the garden, and problem pests have been (in order of headache): rabbits and groundhogs, chipmunks (sucked all the tomatoes last year in the heat/drought), mice (in supply bin), possum (occasional), raccoons (not in garden), and deer (also not in garden). We have coyotes and fisher cats in the area and lots of green space so, I guess, it feels like there’s not a *lot* of determined infiltration.
The design to date is 4' u-posts with standard coated welded wire fencing along with 2' of chicken wire at the bottom (1' comes up the face of the fence and 1' flares out into the yard and grows down into the grass). Deer don't seem interested in jumping the fence, but chipmunks and anything small have free reign. Most of the rest of the pest issues have to do with a poor door, but I have a good plan on that.
Where I really want to 'nail it' is a new perimeter fence. Thinking of sinking 4x4 posts to 4’ high with cattle panels in between. Then, add a finer mesh lower down and below ground. I'm thinking of also facing the post bottoms with 1x6 boards to create a growing opportunity along the fence itself (as well as another barrier). I'd reuse the chicken wire and splay it out into the yard to prevent digging at the fence itself.
Cross-sectional view from inside out: 1x6 board >> spacer >> 4x4 post >> cattle panel >> finer mesh >> chicken wire (mostly flared out into yard but anchored by post and 1x6) >> outside 1x6 board.
Main question is "How well will this work?" More detailed questions are "For the finer mesh at the very bottom and below grade, what material (hardware cloth?), what size mesh, how tall above ground, and how deep below ground?"
I get pests are a common, evolving situation. Like everyone, want to keep everything out. We're not growing food for them -- We're growing for us.
Also, I’ve considered whether to make panels and even posts removable to make for a cleaner space/view during the winter. Has anyone done anything like that, even if just to remove a panel for start/end-of-year activities?
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2023.06.10 19:18 BWHaas1031 [WTS] [WTT] Cloud, Surefire, HRF, Geissele, Swampfox, Faxon and a bunch of other goodies

Prices are net to me and include shipping. Dibs rules ALL. Dibs THEN message (No chats) DIBS gets 1hr to communicate and pay. Dibs means you want it at asking price.
Other Pics here:
ACE LTD FSM-AR (AK to AR Folding Adapter) - $30
Geissele Stainless Super Gas Block (Have 2, Incl Hardware) BRAND NEW - $65ea
Surefire Z68 Clicky Cap - $20
Holosun RMR Footprint Low Pic Mount - $20
Cloud Defensive CoR V2 9.5" Handguard (Somewhat Salty) - $100
Magpul K2 Grip and BCM Vert Grip both in Highland Green (SELLING AS A SET) - $40
Badger C1 1.7-35deg J-ARM and T1 Plate - $65 or STRAIGHT TRADE FOR TAN J-ARM SETUP WITH RMR PLATE
Foxtrot Mike 8.5" 1:10 Lightweight 4150 AR 9mm Barrel 1/2x28 Thread (About 200rds through, decided to try a bufferless upper. I did polish the face and feedramp though as it was suggested and it runs great) - $100
Faxon 9mm AR9 BCG (Same 200rds through, decided to try a bufferless upper) - $140
Spikes Tactical T1 Buffer and Spring Setup - $30
Unknown Carbine Buffer and Spring - $20
Phosphate Gas Block with Nitride Carbine Tube - $30
Phosphate Gas Block with SS Carbine Tube - $20
Geissele Super Gas Block (NEW) with New SS Carbine Tube - $75
Swampfox Liberty RMR Footprint Red Dot (NEW) with all packaging and materials - $155
Sig Sauer Full Size P320 Medium FDE Grip Module - $30
HRF MBL Dual Ramp (Have 2) Excellent Condition - $30ea
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2023.06.10 19:05 peterianchimes Post Day Thread: World Test Championship Final, Day 4

Post Day Thread: World Test Championship Final, Day 4

World Test Championship Final, Australia v India at the The Kennington Oval, London

Toss: India won the toss and elected to bowl

1st Innings-:

Australia 469 all out India Overs 121.3
Travis Head 163 (174) Mohammed Siraj 4/108 (28.3)
Steven Smith 121 (268) Shardul Thakur 2/83 (23)
Alex Carey 48 (69) Mohammed Shami 2/122 (29)
David Warner 43 (60) Ravindra Jadeja 1/56 (18)

India 296 all out Australia Overs 69.4
Ajinkya Rahane 89 (129) Pat Cummins 3/83 (20)
Shardul Thakur 51 (109) Cameron Green 2/44 (12)
Ravindra Jadeja 48 (51) Scott Boland 2/59 (20)
Rohit Sharma 15 (26) Mitchell Starc 2/71 (13.4)

Australia 270/8 dec India Overs 84.3
Alex Carey 66* (105) Ravindra Jadeja 3/58 (23)
Mitchell Starc 41 (57) Mohammed Shami 2/39 (16.3)
Marnus Labuschagne 41 (126) Umesh Yadav 2/54 (17)
Steven Smith 34 (47) Mohammed Siraj 1/80 (20)

Wagon Wheel showing Alex Carey's scoring areas

Ravindra Jadeja's performance against various Australian batsmen

Partnership between various Australian batsmen

India 164/3 Australia Overs 40.0
Virat Kohli 44* (60) Nathan Lyon 1/32 (11)
Rohit Sharma 43 (60) Scott Boland 1/38 (11)
Cheteshwar Pujara 27 (47) Pat Cummins 1/42 (9)
Ajinkya Rahane 20* (59) Cameron Green 0/6 (2)

Session Summary-:

Sessions Overs Runs Wickets RPO
Session 1 26 78 2 3.00
Session 2 21.4 110 3 5.08
Session 3 32.5 123 2 3.78

Day 4 Stumps-: India need 280 runs to win
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2023.06.10 18:52 Hour-Definition189 Help with kitchen colors

Help with kitchen colors
I am buying a property that I will have to take my time to renovate due to my work schedule. It is older, and it needs some TLC. I will not be replacing the appliances until last. I am open to any advice because I’m not sure how to make my ideas work. I wanted to paint the cabinets a light sage green with the white countertops and backsplash. White linen curtains and a few light wood and glass accents. What color would I paint above the cabinets and the wall on the far right? I am open to painting the cabinets a different color if it isn’t too dark. I am partial to silver, but silver hardware would probably not pair well with my color scheme? I prefer a clean, uncluttered space that compliments the natural light. Also, none of the furniture or current decor are mine, it will be gone. Any ideas are welcome! Thank you!
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2023.06.10 18:05 NightCities13 88 Years Later-Game 19-PreGames

District 7
Aria Jones (Game 18) seemed to admire the forests around District 7, and she finally arrived at reaping square. Once prompted, she reached her hand into the female bowl, removing the name of fourteen year old Betula Pratt. A scream was heard as a girl with chestnut curls of hair and brown eyes walked to the stage.
Aria was about to reach into the male bowl, when a voice volunteered. A tall, muscular young man with brown hair and eyes smiled at Betula, before shaking Aria’s hand. He introduced himself as eighteen year old Birk Pratt. Birk was Betula’s older brother, and he hugged her close.
Betula and Birk were visited in the town hall by their older brother, Banyan, and his wife and two sons. Birk promised to care for Betula so that she would return, and hugged Banyan. Banyan then hugged Betula, and tearfully told her to listen to her mentor and brother.
On the train, Betula and Birk met their mentor, 28 year old Holly Hammond (Game 8). Holly watched Birk throw axes, and the two then taught Betula how to throw knives.
At the apartment the next day, Holly had Betula take notes on the other tributes, and sat and had some wine with Birk. When District 3’s reaping was about to begin, Betula’s attention was on the television.
District 3
Aria was in awe of some of the technology in District 3, and soon was in reaping square.
Aria reached her hand into the female bowl, and removed the name of seventeen year old Electra McAllister. A girl with bright red hair, green eyes, and freckles walked to the stage, and shook hands with Aria, a firm expression on her face.
Aria reached into the male bowl, and removed the name of thirteen year old Micro Farron. A boy with ebony skin, dark hair, and brown eyes walked to the stage, and shook Aria’s hand.
In the town hall, Electra was visited by her older brother, Volt and younger brother Switch. She told them that she would miss them, but would try to be back soon.
Micro was visited by several other orphans from his orphanage, including his younger sister and brother, Printa and Optico. He hugged both of them, before being taken to the train.
On the train, Electra met her mentor, 32 year old Minerva Sharpe, while Micro met his mentor, 31 year old Sparky Danger. Minerva taught Electra how to use a taser, while Sparky worked with Micro on knife throwing.
Back at the apartment, Minerva and Sparky showed Electra and Micro the 5th Games, and gave them advice for a variety of arenas.
The next day, Electra fired shot after shot of electricity with her taser, while Micro hit in the electrical station. Betula stayed by Birk, who threw axes at targets.
Assessments and Odds
Electra scored a 7 for taser usage, and had odds of 7 to 1. Meanwhile Micro scored a 3, and it was not known what he did, but he had odds of 20 to 1. Betula scored a 3, and it is also unknown what she did, she had odds of 18 to 1. Birk scored a 9 for ax throwing, and had odds of 4 to 1.
Euphemia Demigloss wore a scarlet dress, and asked Electra her plans for the Games. Electra admitted that she had no plans, other than to try her best.
Micro was to shy to answer questions, while Betula cried at the thought of dying.
Birk swore to get Betula out of the arena alive, earning the respect of many in the crowd.
Game Maker Juliana Ricci gave her hint word, which was “rain”.
Tube Rooms
The next day, upon arriving at the arena, Electra was visited by Electra, who advised her to try and steer clear of the 2s. Sparky told Micro to run for his life.
Holly visited Betula first, and told her to stay with Birk and listen to him. She then told Birk that no matter who won, that he was an amazing brother, and hugged him.
Once all 24 tributes were in their tubes, they rose up into the arena.
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2023.06.10 17:59 DistraughtOwls Getting back into drums after a decade. Need gear help!

So a little background info… I picked up my first kit in 2004 or so when I was 15 years old. It was a great little set of Yamaha Stage Custom Fusions in a forest green stain, but I could never afford nice cymbals. I’ve since apologized to my former band mates for making them suffer through my ZBT box set (that china sounded like a dryer full of gravel and wine glasses on a high setting). We played rock/metal.
I played for about 8 years before I was forced to shelve my favorite hobby. I picked up an Alesis nitro mesh kit around the start of the Covid pandemic but I couldn’t get into the feel of the e kit. It felt more like a toy to me (I realize I should have saved for a Roland, but hindsight is 20/20).
Now, current time. I have a better job and all the overtime I can work if I want. I decide enough time has passed and I need to be behind a real kit again. I’ve since bought a gorgeous looking and sounding Mapex Armory Exotic 6 piece shell kit because I could not keep my eyes off of that ultramarine gloss, and the mounted rack toms/virgin bass drum look was also a huge plus. I’m now in the market for cymbals and hardware.
I’m in sort of a weird spot of being relatively experienced, needing something above cheap starter gear but trying not to go headfirst into DW 9000 hardware and K custom cymbals, and not really knowing anything about what’s on the market currently. I’m open to used gear (just picked up a used AAX 21 in medium ride in excellent shape for 150 bucks). Basically I’m looking for recommendations on mid range hardware that punches above its weight (and sturdy enough for mounted toms), and most importantly, versatile cymbals that will fit into multiple genres, not just rock or metal. No brand allegiances here!
tldr: drummer with approx 10 years of experience on crappy gear before a 7 year break coming back and completely starting from scratch. Looking for mid range hardware and versatile cymbals
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2023.06.10 17:54 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KY Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Beckett Springs Outpatient Registered Nurse Bellevue
Jackson Purchase Medical Center Registered Nurse Applicant - Med Surg PRN Boaz
TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital Float Nurse - RN Bowling Green
Spring View Hospital Float Pool RN Campbellsville
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Covington
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Dayton
Fast Pace Health APRN Franklin
Bourbon Community Hospital Registration Coordinator - PRN Georgetown
Bluegrass Community Hospital RN- Surgical Circulator Georgetown
Spring View Hospital Unit Nurse Lebanon
Spring View Hospital Float Pool RN Lebanon
Travel Nurse Across America Intensive Care Unit - ICU RN - TravelNurse Lexington
Westport Place Health Campus Registered Nurse (RN) Louisville
Westport Place Health Campus RN - Registered Nurse Louisville
Westport Place Health Campus RN Louisville
Jackson Purchase Medical Center RN Mayfield
Jackson Purchase Medical Center Registered Nurse Applicant - Med Surg PRN Mayfield
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Newport
Bourbon Community Hospital Registration Coordinator - PRN Paris
Bourbon Community Hospital Outpatient PSC Paris
L3Harris Technologies Specialist, Quality Engineering Silver Grove
Bluegrass Community Hospital RN- Surgical Circulator Versailles
Bluegrass Community Hospital OR Nurse Versailles
Buchheit Inc Department Manager - Full Time Benton
The Bungalows At Bowling Green Resident Care Associate Bowling Green
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ky. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 17:45 BariothSaberKitty Electrical/Power Strip Setup for First Saltwater Clownfish Tank?

I am starting my very own saltwater tank for the first time. As a child, I had a medium size fish bowl and kept some minnows (if those are freshwater fish) if I remember. Might have been another fish. Was very easy and had the fishes around 3 years of so.
Now as an adult I am starting a saltwater tank. For reference, I work at a job directly related to aquariums, saltwater fish, etc. so supplies and figuring out what to get is not a problem because my co-workers are experts in the field and one of them even manages a 50+ gal saltwater tank we have in our office and makes it look as easy as washing dishes in the sink.
However, logistically, I'm not sure what kind of power strip to get or how many plugs I need to anticipate for. I have 1 direct to wall plug I can use and I am really set on the location in my house because the plugs on half the house were all redone brand new around 1 year ago by a qualified electrician. The other half of the house is much older and those plugs have not been redone.
I also want to figure it out myself to learn what to do. The tank plans to hold 1 adult clownfish, but I would eventually like to have other things like a shrimp and 1-2 other clownfish/shrimp friendly fish if such a setup is feasible for a first tank. I am pretty patient and analytical so I don't plan to rush anything.
My initial setup:
-1 Wall Plug
-Farmington 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand 2 Doors Storage Cabinet Organizer Shelf (30”H x 26.7”W x 15.67”D)
-Fluval Evo XII Saltwater Aquarium Kit, 13.5 Gal. – Saltwater Fish Tank with Reef-Capable LED, Efficient 3-Stage Filtration and Seamlessly Integrated Hardware (Full Dimensions: 23.4 IN L X 13.5 IN W X 15.6 IN H)
-Fluval M50 Ultra-Slim Submersible Aquarium Heater – 50W Underwater Heater for Aquariums up to 15 Gal.
-Fluval Sea Mini Protein Skimmer, 5-20 Gallon, Black, 14324

TL;DR: What power strip or electrical setup should I use for a 13.5 gal 1 clownfish tank? Do I need anything else electrical for my tank that will use plugs?
Thanks so much for any advice you give me!

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2023.06.10 17:28 Jhonjournalist WTC 2023 Finals Going On Between Australia and India Now

WTC 2023 Finals Going On Between Australia and India Now

One more charming day of Test cricket On the planet Test Title sees Australia solidly steering the ship with India battling to remain in the game.
Australia has a lead of 296 runs with six wickets close by at the close of play on Day 3. It is without a doubt that they will set India a solid objective to pursue on a difficult pitch.

WTC 2023 Finals

Jadeja has been the most ideal hero for them during this inning taking three wickets and generally limiting the Australian players from further expanding their noteworthy lead over his side.
In any case, Jadeja’s presentation further makes one wonder why Ashwin wasn’t picked thinking about how well spinners are performing on this pitch up until this point.
Siraj will be disheartened that he hasn’t had the option to take additional wickets while offering a few runs.
  • Their point will be to excuse Carey once they get back from lunch.
  • Australia have hung on notwithstanding losing the vast majority of their center request during this meeting.
  • India took the critical wickets of Labuschagne and Green during the primary meeting of day 4.
Carey has been patient and has taken vital singles while scoring an intermittent limit to assist with expanding his side’s lead.
Despite not setting up a major complete as they did in the principal innings, the Aussies have shown extraordinary versatility and guts while confronting forceful Indian bowling, and have now set up a lead of 374 runs, with the typical fourth innings score being 156, there’s a decent opportunity they might proclaim a couple of overs after the mid-day break.
A break in play as Green is surprised by the skip on Siraj’s conveyance and necessities the physio to investigate him.
India has bowled well however Australia is hanging tight, with the bowling side trusting they could excuse Green or Cary, maybe even both, after the break.
Learn More:
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2023.06.10 16:48 TheBlackCycloneOrder If You Gamble Against a Man With a Hat for a Face, Know What Your Wager Is

All I ever wanted was for my wife and I to live comfortably. But the longer we stayed together, the higher our bills increased. We’d already fought off debts from college, barely scraping by. Even after we paid them off, we were only able to afford a tiny apartment on the outskirts of New York City.
Sidewalks laid cracked everywhere while condemned buildings sat sadly against their crooked foundations. Crooked lampposts would hang only by electrical wires. Graffiti marked every street corner in bland art that existed without rhyme or reason. Homeless people could be found on every street corner, a constant reminder of what would happen if my wife and I failed to keep up with our payments.
However, I managed to make somewhat decent money as a plumber. But even then, it sometimes wasn’t enough to deal with loan sharks, the hefty utility bills, food prices, and gas money. I was willing to do anything to get us out.
And that is where I encountered gambling. I was willing to take the risks. I’d take any chance to obtain a reward, even just a small one. It started out with just a handful of poker games. Then I moved on to scratch tickets and slot machines. All I needed was enough to get by. Unfortunately, obtaining a payday from the casinos was impossible. I started growing desperate, which only led to more debt. The whole cycle sucked me down like Odysseus’ ship in Charybdis’ maw. And just like that, my relationship with my wife began to tear us apart.
My wife and I were once so close together. Before we married, there would be days where we’d work together at wood shops, creating 3D prints of various sci-fi characters and video games. Other times we’d study the components of circuits and use them to create elaborate lighting displays whenever Christmas arrived. Our wedding day was supposed to be the greatest day of our lives. Instead of relying on the help of others back like we did in college, we relied on ourselves.
But my actions tore all that apart. I didn’t know what else to do, either.

A few nights ago, I arrived at my shitty apartment, having completed a ten hour shift fixing the drains of several upper class folks. I rested my hand on the knob, expecting the worst from my wife. Sighing, I pushed the door. The moment I did, she was already in the front hall. Her eyes were scrunched and she was holding a bank statement, smacking it for emphasis.
“Care for an explanation?” She demanded.
I rubbed my temples, removing my scum covered overalls and plopping them right into the nearest laundry hamper. We locked eyes. Breaking eye contact with her would only ignite her anger further. She was holding another piece of evidence of my failures. My failure to strike it rich. All I could do was stand there sheepishly, tail tucked behind me, and wait to get ripped a new one. No words could come out of my mouth.
She marched up to me, holding it in my face. “Frank, you wasted three-thousand dollars at the casino AGAIN?!” my wife bellowed.
I set my tool box down and washed the pipe gunk from my hands, looking down just for a bit.
“Turn around and look me in the eyes.”
Resting a hand on my eyes, I glanced over at her petite frame. Then, I began to speak. “We can live comfortably if you just give-“
“Enough of the excuses! We nearly lost our apartment twice by you betting on slots, you wasted our heating money on roulette, and now this!”
I held up my hands reassuringly. “Look, just let me figure this out! I’ll think of some way to get the money!”
“You’d better. Otherwise we’re getting a divorce. Got it?”
Without another word, I put on a casual outfit, exiting for some fresh air. Shutting the door behind me, I gazed back at the unpolished apartment number on the frame. Wincing, I clenched a fist and descended the rickety stairs. Eventually, my boots hit the cracked pavement, and I headed off.
I had only made it a few blocks from my apartment, when I noticed shadows lurking in one of the alleyways. Picking up my stride, I try to evade the figures. They drew closer and closer. My stride changed into a sprint. Another alleyway comes into my sights. I make a break for it, hoping for an opportunity to escape. Only a dead end greets me. Before long, the figures cornered me. The light from a street lamp illuminated two shady faces. Loan sharks. Before I could react, the duo held me up by my throat.
“What the hell are you guys doing?!” I strained, feebly kicking back one of the thugs. He jammed a fist right under my rib cage. My lips pursed as I lost my breath. The other grabbed me by the chin, grinning like a maniac and revealing his tobacco rotted jaw. I gulped.
“Frank, calm down. Take it easy,” every word he said ground my inner ears. Brown saliva sprayed on my cheeks. “We just want to have a little talk…” I didn’t have the courage to speak up. All I could do was let them tell me everything.
“Your landlord is getting rather impatient with your payments. We just came to send a little message. He has some demands.” The other guy snarled.
I tugged on my collar. “What…demands?”
“The landlord wants you to cough up $18,000 for your next payment!”
My hands grew clammy. Were they out of their minds? I was a plumber, not a heart surgeon! I didn’t have that kind of money! Besides, the rent was only $500 a month.
“You have until the end of the month,” one of the goons croaked.
That was only two weeks! I couldn’t have made that kind of money with such constraints! I’d barely be able to afford food and electricity! Negotiating was out of the question. God knows what would have happened to me if I dared speak up.
“The landlord has given you chance after chance to pay up. But you’ve never followed through. He’s let it slide for three months. You haven’t paid shit in that time frame. Do you realize how much he has to pay for his own apartment? If you fail to pay at that time, there will be consequences…” He makes a capiche gesture.
I nodded. The moment I complied, they released me, disappearing into the smog.

I stood outside a graffiti covered subway station, pacing around, hands in my pockets. My fists constricted as I pounded a nearby wall. There’s no way I would have been able to make that kind of money! Craps were too unpredictable, arcade machines were always rigged, and roulette was too high in stakes. Seeing red, I screamed and kicked a wall as hard as I could. My foot throbbed and once I was done with my fit, I broke down sobbing. The sidewalk darkened with my tears. I pressed my head against it, clawing at it until my fingernails turned crimson.
Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Wiping the tears away, I glanced over my shoulder. A card was lying on the floor. Its borders were covered in green dollar symbols. The rest of the card was a silver color shiny enough to reflect my face in it. Written in gold letters were the following:
My eyes lit up. All I had to do was win one game of blackjack, and I’d be rich? Dimples formed on my cheeks and I pumped my fist. I nearly clicked my heels in joy, but decided against it. I’d already caused enough of a scene already, and I wanted to make sure nobody knew my secret. When I flipped it around, it had an address also written in golden letters.
Despite the address being in an unknown area, I still managed to pull it up on my phone’s map and arrived without any struggle. The casino itself was a pigsty, to say the least. Smokers polluted the air in the prison gray interior. Slot machines with broken lights clicked and whirred while cheap dice clattered against tables with peeling felt. Meanwhile, the concrete floor was covered in colonies of roaches while neglected beer bottles sat against the rungs of several tables. The only thing that was kept well was the bar and a room draped with navy blue curtains with golden sashes. Emblazoned above the doorway was the number 777.
This was the first time I had entered a casino smiling. For once, I thought that this was my lucky night.
When I pushed the curtains away, they revealed a room with ornate black wallpaper, an assortment of oak desks and other furniture. The walls were covered in fine Baroque paintings. On the floor was a single blue carpet covered in opulent tapestry. I followed the back wall to a single dealer table coated in green felt. Two seats were present with one patron taking the seat on the left. He was shaking with what I assumed was excitement.
Behind him was the dealer, a trim man with long blond hair and a top hat over his nose and eyes. He wore a dapper tuxedo free of blemishes that shimmered in the light of a single hanging glass lamp. His skin was pure and free of moles, glistening with slight amounts of glitter.
“Why, hello there…” The man spoke in a voice slicker than the gel in his hair. “Are you here to win big?” Unlike the loan sharks, his teeth were cleaner than a freshly washed plate.
“Yup. Deal me in.” I said, straightening my back, shuffling into the last seat. The other player had his jaw locked together. His eyes were drooping and bloodshot. Sweat pooled around his brow like glass beads. Just like him, I always felt nervous about losing, so their reaction was understandable.
“You know the rules of blackjack. I deal out cards. You can say ‘hit me’ if you want more cards. Get closest to twenty one without going over. Dealer only draws two cards. And you can also surrender your cards for half your bet. When you don’t want any more cards, say the word ‘stand.’” The dealer said, shuffling the cards through his hands and manipulating them like a sculptor with a ceramic pot.
I double blinked. Wager? “What do I bet with?”
The mysterious man just focused on passing out his cards. First, he brought out two cards for himself and dealt two more to each player. Instantly, he flipped over his cards. A jack and a king. Twenty.
I clutched the velvet backed cards, seeing what I was dealt.
A ten and a seven of hearts. I forced my face into a neutral smile. My stomach twisted. There was no way I could get twenty one that easily. “Surrender,” I said, pushing my cards to the dealer. All he did was reshuffle the cards and toss me two more. They didn’t even bother looking back up at me during the process.
The other player started clutching his stomach. My smile vanished. I carefully looked over the left guy’s cards. A seven and a two of clubs.
“Hit me…” the guy on the left choked out. An ace of spades. A total of ten. Sweat trickled down his head like a shower in April. His eyes welled up with tears while foam developed around his mouth. I raised a brow, wondering what his deal was.
I knew the stakes of gambling, but my sixth sense kept telling me something was just not right. No. That couldn’t be true. Even if there was some kind of string attached or fine print I didn’t read, I couldn’t risk giving up that money. Besides, this might have been my only chance to obtain such a vast award without much risk.
“Hit me…” The man wheezed. A five of hearts. His teeth chattered.
While I waited for my turn, I stood up and walked around the room, getting a closer look at all the ornate gadgets and such. My eyes focused on a painting on the leftmost wall. It resembled a man in rich military regalia. But something made my hair stand on end. Their upturned white mustache looked damp, and their face sagged like they were crying. Linear, stick-like shadows were cast on the sleeves. Edging forward, they came into focus.
Hands. I followed their forms outward, which extended into oily, dripping arms.
Husssssssssh…” A faint noise echoed from somewhere in the room.
“What?” I mouthed, turning an ear to the source.
Husssssssssh…” It came from the painting. I backed away, hands out at my sides. Was someone dragged in that painting?
“Where are you going? You forgot to pay up!” The dealer yelled back, hands slamming on the table and pulling out a sack of navy blue poker chips.
I double took. “I thought the card said there was no monetary wager needed?”
“There isn’t.”
Then, I looked at the ground. There was a second rug on the ground. The tapestry matched, but its patterns didn’t match with the other rug. It was off center from the rest of the decorations, like someone didn’t even bother setting it up properly. Taking a closer look, I could hear faint whispers coming from it, too. When I looked back up, the guy on the left was gone. I rushed over, checking his cards. A total of twenty five.
Swallowing saliva, I stood in confusion, wondering what to do next. I scraped my fingernails against my palms. I needed that money. If I didn’t get it, I’d lose my wife and my apartment. And what about the loan sharks? Only God knew what would happen to me if I didn’t pay up. What was I going to do? What would happen if I lost? Would I turn into another object just like the other guy? Or would I be in for a worse fate?
“That’s because there isn’t a MONETARY wager. I’m still taking half of what you owe.”
A sharp pain punched my left side. My left side felt heavier than before, like my veins were replaced with tungsten. I grabbed my fingers around my chest. The area around the pain almost felt solid like a tumor. Brushing around the area, I could make out a cylindrical mass. I tried to inspect it some more, but the pain overwhelmed me, and I crumpled to the ground.
I crouched down on all fours, trying to get back to my seat, but the pain froze me in place. Reaching out a hand, I called out for help. Nothing.
Slithering away, I pulled back the curtains to the entrance of the casino. I spat on the ground from the bludgeoning pain.
“Don’t feel out of luck. You can still surrender once more and you still have two chances left!” The dealer smiled, adjusting his hat. It was only a glimpse, but I caught a look at his upper face. His eyes were on his hat and his forehead was blank. The dealer looked like they were plucked straight out of an Alice in Wonderland book. What or who was this dealer?
“Think long and hard about this. I saw you arguing with your wife. And those ruffians nearly killed you.”
I clambered back to my seat. I still didn’t know what that dealer did to me. Something in me forced me to get back up and keep playing. More questions ate at me the longer I played. How did he know that information?
Then, I remembered feeling a tap back at Grand Central Station. And the card that brought me here. He couldn’t have been human. Was he some kind of demon? I didn’t bother asking. There wasn’t any way he would spill the beans about his nature.
After what seemed like hours, I managed to writhe back into my seat, slumping over the table like I’d just had the worst hangover.
“Ready to try again?” The charming man said, resting his chin on his interlocked hands.
Reluctantly, I gave him a thumbs up. He took back the cards and began manipulating the split deck once more. I analyzed every move he made. None of the cards were tricked. He wasn’t second dealing and didn’t have any aces up his sleeve. Never revealed anything under the table, either. The only thing that brought me reassurance was that he was honest. Still, keeping an eye out was critical.
The dealer revealed his cards. Two tens again. One of spades, one of hearts. His face was harder than diamond and glowed like one, too. Not a pleasing glow, but one that would hex anyone that dared gaze at it for too long.
I looked at my cards. An ace and a seven. Eighteen. Gripping my lower abdomen, I stayed crumpled in agony. The odds of getting a blackjack were slim and the stabbing pain skewed my thoughts.
“Surrender…” I wheezed. The words slipped out of my mouth like the dying breath of a wounded soldier. The dealer smiled, holding a pile of blue poker chips around him. He waved his hand over the mound and made an inaudible chant. Then, they vanished.
I held my hands over my face, bracing myself. Suddenly, the pain doubled, shifting to my right like a mudslide down a hill. Now I knew everything the previous player was going through.
I vomited out something hard and blue. A poker chip. Suddenly, my guts turned and another seven spilled out. My esophagus wound itself into knots more contorted than cobwebs. “I…forfeit!”
The man started to smile. “Without these?” With a thud, the hat faced dealer pulled out a jar filled with a kidney and a piece of liver. They still were oozing with blood that plumed and fit their containers. I remembered how the dealer said that there was no monetary wager. He never said there wasn’t a wager at all. My wager…was my organs.
“You want them back? Win them.” He set them back on the ground.
Now there was no choice. My fate was sealed if I tried to leave. I started to shed tears. If I didn’t get these organs back and fast, I was done for. Even if someone saw me passed out on the floor, finding donors for organs wasn’t guaranteed. And even then, I’d be put further in debt. Nothing would be solved. Then again, was trying to beat this guy even worth it? No. The reward was too great. Taking a few deep breaths, I sat back down. Reluctantly, I asked that he proceed.
The dealer drew out cards just like before. He took the cards and gave them a good shuffle. Plucking two cards out of the stack, he revealed them. A king and a nine. Another poker chip tumbled out my throat. I spat it out in a red and blue plastic heap. Not paying attention to the mess I made, he handed me two cards. A jack and a two. Twelve.
“Hit…me.” An ace. Aces could count as one or eleven depending on what other cards were drawn. I still had a fighting chance.
“Hit me.” A five.
His dead stare tore at my soul. I scratched against the felt, the wounds in my fingers reopening. From the corner of my eyes, I could see him frowning. “Are you going to play, or do you want all that money to go to waste?”
I gritted my teeth. “Shut up…Hit me…” Swallowing saliva, I watched the dealer play out my last card. A queen.
“You lose.” The dealer said coldly, grabbing a pile of poker chips and holding them close. He waved his hand over the mound and made another incantation. Then, they vanished once more. Everywhere at once, burning pain sears my skin, making me blackout.
When I wake up and feel my arms, they are covered in something hard, blue and plastic. My clothes were gone. I examined my extremities and my torso.
My skin was missing and replaced with poker chips. They were shaped to fit every part of my body. Cracks filled with blood gushed out with each slight movement I made. Horrified, I spilled my guts. More poker chips slid out my throat. Piles of skin laid clumped on the side of the table in hideous pink and blood red sheets.
“I think you know what’s at stake now. One try left. Better make it count. You want to end up in an object for an eternity?” He taunted.
The rigidity of my plastic coated skin made each movement expose more of the cracks, searing my muscles. I groaned as I raised myself up. Crimson liquid dampened the table. I pounded at the table. This was it. I either walked out with my money and saved my marriage and tied up all those knots. Or I lost and suffered a fate worse than death. Giving up was not an option. I gave the mysterious man a death glare, not even bothered by his resistance.
He plucks out two cards. A nine and a ten. This was my chance.
Then, my cards were revealed. A ten and a two. Fingers rattling, I took a deep breath and let calmness seep into me.
“Hit…Me…” I sputtered. Another two.
Huffing, I opened my mouth to speak again. The dealer just stared into me, tilting his head like a vulture waiting for roadkill. The poker chips rattled again, grinding against each other.
“Hit…” I paused for a moment, recollecting my thoughts. At a value of fourteen, I needed at least a six to beat the dealer. But an eight or higher would result in disaster. Gulping down another chaser of saliva, I spoke. “Hit…me.”
To my chagrin, a five slipped out of the hand. I was now tied. Staring at the pile of skin and my other organs, I closed my eyes and shook in horror. An ace or a two were the only cards I could draw in order to win. I looked down at my cards, sweat dripping on the table. With a quick glance, I gazed at the eyes on the man’s silk hat.
“Don’t keep me waiting.” The man demanded.
I’d begun hyperventilating. His stare grew more intense the longer I waited. His confident smile turned into a frown of irritation. Eyebrows and mouth twisted into a hideous snarl. He rattled his fingers against the dealing table. The cacophony made my ears go numb.
Then, I whispered my answer.
The man darted up, smiling back in anticipation. “I’m sorry, what was that?”
I closed my eyes, expecting the worst.
HIT ME!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
Then, the last card was revealed:
A two.
I’d won!
My mouth dropped. The sheets of skin unfurled themselves and flattened over me. Two organ jars spilled over, their contents rising in a beam of white and torpedoing back into my body. Immediately, I yelped at the top of my lungs, skipping my heels and doing a jig. I regained my strength, instantly looking around for traces of my prize. For several minutes, I wasn’t able to uncover anything. Staring directly at the dealer’s face, I asked him to reveal my prize.
“I don’t have it with me.” He said, blankly.
Not listening, I scrutinized every inch of the room, looking behind his station, checking under the table, everything.
I searched everywhere for my prize, my happiness dissipating. With each step I took, my smile faded even further, twisting into a frown. My nose crinkled. “Where is the fifty million?” I demanded, overturning the table, ripping off the ornate paintings and yanking the tasseled rugs off the floor. “You promised me fifty million dollars if I beat you! Do you realize what’s gonna happen to me if I don’t get that money, you charlatan?!”
The strange man just stood there, not even acknowledging my pleas.
“YOU PROMISED ME MONEY! You’re a thief!” I roared, pointing an accusing finger at him. “I only did this for my wife, to save my marriage! I almost gave up my life trying to help my family out! How can you take that away from me?!”
The demon stuck his hands behind his back and shook his head. He rolled his eyes back in thought. Something was up with him. “You aren’t like the other gamblers.” He said.
“Other gamblers?” I said, stepping back.
“They all wanted the money for worthless things. A mansion with fountains and a view, hookers, a trip to Tahiti…” He paced around me. His face was rather relaxed and calm. Never once did he lose eye contact with me. “But you had so much determination to help your wife out that you would risk it all. I admire that. It took me a while to figure out that you were actually a kind hearted person.”
I saw red and tried to punch him. He grabbed my fist, shoving it back.
“Listen to me. I understand your rage. There never was a prize in the first place. It was nothing but a lure to capture those that wasted their lives away. But there is one thing that you don’t understand.”
I saw red and I thrusted my hands back. “You nearly killed me all for nothing?!”
“Yes, but that was before I saw you the way you really were. Listen to my words.”
Slowly, I relaxed my posture, but still remained firm. “Why should I listen to you?”
“I can help you out of your situation.” The man said.
My nostrils flared. “You owe me money you snake!”
“You never needed the money in the first place.”
Taken aback, I retreated. “What do you mean?” My arms relaxed once more.
“You are a plumber, aren’t you? I saw you come home from work, just barely catching a glimpse of your schedule. Forty hours a week for thirty-eight dollars an hour for five days a week. That’s $15200 a week for two weeks. You already have everything you need.”
“But you don’t understand. They need $18000!” I pleaded.
He wouldn’t budge. “Trying to earn this money via dumb risks and chances will not get you anywhere. Look at all the things that you’ve done wrong.”
Tears began to well up. “And I want to change that.” I wiped my eyes. “But what am I supposed to do now?”
“The only way you can earn that money is through grit and spit,” He said, walking around me. “You aren’t going to find solace through good luck alone. You have to work for it. And you already have the tools that some people don’t have. If you give up now, you might as well have lost. Think about it.” With those last words, he raised his hand and snapped it, disappearing without a trace. Slowly, I gathered my things and walked out of the casino, head hanging low.
The following day, I sat outside an old woman’s faucet, inspecting how to fix a leak. I wondered what the demon’s words meant to me. Before I stuck the wrench up to a U trap, I remembered my pay. If I worked the same amount of hours as before, I’d only make $15200. But if I pulled off some overtime and worked several extra hours, I might just be able to pay off my debts.
I started staying up much later than before. Not long after, my wife started to become suspicious. Eventually, she confronted me.
“Frank, you’ve been staying up late. Are you going back to the casinos again?” she asked, hands on her hips.
I closed my eyes. Instead of fear, calmness filled my veins and my blood stilled. “Not this time. I’ve been working overtime.”
Her face loosened up for just a moment before hardening back up. I held my hands up and motioned my palms downward. “Listen, I have been horrible lately. All my gambling did was drown us in deeper debt.”
Her expression began to soften up again, her frown vanishing.
“I want to change things. We used to work so well together, doing everything to help each other. Instead of fighting against each other, it’s time we made peace. And we bring us out of our debt, together.” I held out my hand for her to shake it. She kept her arm pulled back and folded like the pincer of a mantis. Inch by inch, she extended it and took it.
The following day, my wife convinced me to go to therapy to get out of my addiction, which I gladly obliged. Simultaneously, she decided to start up another job working as an electrician. Day by day passed and we pooled all our resources as one. Before our eyes, bills were paid and debt disappeared faster than eye floaters. Our financial status wasn’t the only thing that changed. Her once crusty mood lightened up and she began to smile more. She began to believe my words and began to respect the changes I made.
And then, we paid off our rent. We got a letter from our landlord, saying that we now were even. The moment that letter came in, we embraced each other. The only question now was, what were we going to do with this extra money?
Not too long ago, we ended up earning enough money to create another 3d project, this time of a Companion Cube. Day after day, we created more projects. Although we weren’t as happy as our days back in college, we still could make the best with what we had. In retrospect, the hat-faced man put up a good fight, but I managed to come out of a casino with more than I came in with. It wasn’t exactly money, but it wasn’t worthless, either.
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2023.06.10 16:47 Throb_Marley Range logistics

Range logistics
How’s everyone getting all of their shit to the bays? I found this gun tub at ace hardware for $60. It fits two rifles, ammo, all the other tools and gadgets for hanging targets. Only thing I couldn’t fit was my kit, but I can just wear that. It’s far better than my Pelican rifle-case, plus a range bag, and kit on top of it all. Any detractors? Bags only?
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2023.06.10 16:23 InternCertain5513 My top 25 predators (and their noteworthy moments)

Mike Manzi
Gilbert Sutherland
Mohamed Abdallah
John Elliott
Nick Cocos
David Kaye
Donald Morrison
Jeff Stacy
Joshua Colon
Ernest Timmons
Dustin McPhetridge
Rolando Restocruz
Stephen Coates
Jerry Kosis
Jerry Griffitt
Marvin Lakhan
John Kennelly
John Dupee
Jesse Velez
Michael (Jean Pierre) Wehry
Anthony Palumbo
Dan Allen
Maurice Wolin
Lorne Armstrong
Jeff Sokol
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2023.06.10 15:35 deeptechsharing Beatport Top 100 Deep House June 2023

Title: Beatport Top 100 Deep House June 2023 Genre: Deep House Release Date: 2023-06-10
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps:
Tracklist: 1. Chris Stussy – All Night Long (Original Mix) (7:06) 2. Kevin McKay – Tom’s Diner (Extended Mix) (4:46) 3. Paluma – Rapture (Kevin McKay Extended ViP) (6:07) 4. Fred again.., The Blessed Madonna – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (4:45) 5. Underworld – Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix) (11:07) 6. Jansons – Get It On (Original Mix) (6:48) 7. Oscar Barila – Miles (Original Mix) (5:04) 8. Nick Curly – Silom (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (7:10) 9. Oden & Fatzo – Lauren (I Can’t Stay Forever) (Extended) (6:36) 10. Denney – Lies (Gorge & Nick Curly Extended Remix) (6:10) 11. Chris Stussy – Rose Bay (Original Mix) (7:27) 12. Marc Lenz – Multiverse (Original Mix) (6:25) 13. Crew Deep – Location (T.Markakis Remix Extended) (6:50) 14. Kellie Allen – Back In The 80’s (Original Mix) (6:19) 15. Sidney Charles – Turnover (Original Mix) (5:22) 16. Joseph Ray – Blue Nights (Original Mix) (6:31) 17. Discosteps – Ooh Baby (Extended Mix) (5:48) 18. Collective Machine, Julian Millan – First Vision (Original Mix) (6:47) 19. Dompe – Hard Life (Original Mix) (5:22) 20. Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Extended Remix) (5:15) 21. MOGUAI, Vize, Anna Grey – You’re Not Alone (Extended) (5:06) 22. Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire (feat. Clementine Douglas) (Extended Mix) (6:38) 23. Kolter – Wanna Be With U (Original Mix) (7:01) 24. Boogie Vice, Deep Aztec – Promises (N-You-Up Extended Dub Mix) (7:36) 25. Hatiras, Sebb Junior – Breathe (Feel Fine) (Extended Mix) (5:27) 26. Oliver $ – Strings For Life (Original Mix) (6:50) 27. M-High – The Answer (Original Mix) (7:24) 28. Chris Stussy, Kolter – Seeing & Believing (Kolter Extended Remix) (6:01) 29. Juli Lee – Boss (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (6:37) 30. Shiba San – I Wanna (Tchami Remix) (5:04) 31. Karrém – Mr Dynamite (Extended Revenge Mix) (6:03) 32. Mallin – Set Me Free (Extended Mix) (6:04) 33. Glamourama – Don’t Make It (Original Mix) (6:34) 34. Kellie Allen – Funk For Peace (Original Mix) (6:41) 35. Maya Jane Coles – In2u (Original Mix) (5:53) 36. Marsolo – Dear Future (Original Mix) (6:20) 37. Sidney Charles – Universal Highway (Original Mix) (6:24) 38. Hayley May, Jess Bays – Colourblind (Extended Mix) (4:33) 39. Gruuve – Cloud (Extended Mix) (6:12) 40. Dilby, Oliver Schories, Gorge – Connect the Dots (Oliver Schories & Gorge Remix) (6:43) 41. Never Dull – Turning You On (Original Mix) (6:45) 42. Audiojack – Begin Again (Original Mix) (5:47) 43. Mallin, Clover Ray – Guided (Extended Mix) (6:42) 44. Dilby – Remember Me (Extended Mix) (6:19) 45. Reflex Blue – Operation Frost (Original Mix) (5:11) 46. Kellie Allen – I Know (Original Mix) (6:38) 47. Josh Wink – San Guine (Original Mix) (7:23) 48. Dilby – Last Word (Original Mix) (6:50) 49. Mallin, Sam Dexter, Clover Ray – Thick Of It (Extended Mix) (5:56) 50. Local Options – Common Thread (Original Mix) (5:45) 51. Amy Dabbs, Athlete Whippet – Deep In Your Love (Extended Mix) (6:35) 52. Dennis Cruz – Poke Bowl (Original Mix) (5:20) 53. Fort Romeau – The Zone (Original Mix) (4:22) 54. Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (James Cole Remix) (6:58) 55. M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade – Body Language (Original Remaster) (7:16) 56. Oliver Dollar, Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Original Mix) (6:57) 57. Thakzin, Ray T, Jimpster – Don’t Let Me See (Jimpster Remix) (6:53) 58. Softmal, LLølita – Inside Your Love (Original Mix) (5:12) 59. Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon, Kevin McKay – Work (Kevin McKay Extended ViP) (6:00) 60. Angelo Ferreri – Oh Honey (Extended Mix) (6:40) 61. Chris Stussy – Evening Drive (Original Mix) (7:01) 62. Danny Snowden – Bigger (Original Mix) (6:01) 63. Jen Payne, Sonickraft – Fired Up (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) (6:46) 64. Hurricane, AirBorn Gav – Work (Atjazz Extended Remix) (6:55) 65. Robin M – Sirocco (Extended) (5:34) 66. JPA, Sean Declase – Calling (Audiojack Remix) (5:33) 67. Four Candles, Criss Deeper, Gareth Cole – The Vagabond (Gareth Cole Remix) (7:13) 68. Josh Wink – Pan Gloss (Original Mix) (7:03) 69. Dilby – Live Free (Original Mix) (6:50) 70. Zetbee – About You (Original Mix) (6:18) 71. Oliver Dollar – School Daze (Original Mix) (5:52) 72. Djebali, Hipp-e – Fall Into Groove (Original Mix) (6:55) 73. Route 94, Jess Glynne – My Love (Original Mix) (4:19) 74. Mo’Cream – I’m Sure (Original Mix) (5:31) 75. Chloé Caillet, Mikhail Beltran – NYWTF (feat. Mikhail Beltran) (Extended) (5:46) 76. Angelo Ferreri, Alessio Cala’ – Izinque (Alessio Cala’ Remix) (5:36) 77. beatsbyhand, Kali Mija – King Of My Castle (feat. Kali Mija) (Extended Mix) (6:17) 78. M-High – L.T.B.C.Y.B. (Original Mix) (7:33) 79. PAWSA – A LITTLE BIT FUNKIER (Extended Mix) (7:23) 80. Mallin – Off My Mind (Extended Mix) (6:05) 81. Gerry Read – It’ll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix) (5:00) 82. Coeo – Back in the Days (Original Mix) (5:40) 83. Claptone, Jaw – No Eyes (Original Mix) (6:58) 84. Justin Jay, option4 – i’m in love (Original Mix) (3:16) 85. Steve Kelley – Set Me Free (Extended Mix) (6:03) 86. Vincent G – Another Day (Original Mix) (7:03) 87. Malin Genie – Phaethon (Original Mix) (6:21) 88. Tomàn – Sunshine & Ravioli (Original Mix) (7:23) 89. Discosteps – What Kind Of Love (Extended Mix) (6:45) 90. Daphni – Cloudy (Kelbin Remix) (5:36) 91. Marten Lou – My Love For You (Yebba’s Heartbreak) (Original Mix) (5:47) 92. Reflex Blue – Sacred Plant (Original Mix) (5:33) 93. Cosmonection – Hypnotic Ways (Original Mix) (5:08) 94. Kolter – Neptune (Original Mix) (5:59) 95. KOKO.IT – 7 Days In The Hotel (M-High Remix) (6:25) 96. Gianmarco Limenta, Sam Dexter – La Vida (Extended Mix) (6:12) 97. Barry Can’t Swim – Rah That’s A Mad Question (Original Mix) (3:47) 98. Folamour – These Are Just Places To Me Now (Original Mix) (7:01) 99. Serge Devant, Camille Safiya, Damiano C – Fearing Love feat. Camille Safiya (Club Mix) (7:28) 100. Serge Devant, Camille Safiya, Damiano C – Fearing Love feat. Camille Safiya (Jamie Jones & Lee Foss Remix) (5:59)
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2023.06.10 15:23 No_Celery_8297 TONIGHT 6/10 - Free Outdoor Movie Night featuring Tremors!

HOW TO PLAN & WHAT TO EXPECT - JUNE 10, 7PM 4002 S Pope Lick Rd, Louisville, KY 40299
THIS IS A FREE EVENT. Your support of concessions and vendors is what makes this possible. Tremors is being shown on a 40 foot screen, visible from the lawn (not from your vehicle). This is an outdoor event and chairs are not provided.
Film star Conrad Bachmann will be available for Meet & Greets, autographs and photos starting at 7:00PM. Around 8:00PM, we will feature a very special, LIVE Q&A with Conrad before the movie begins. This is a rare experience and one you don't want to miss!
We recommend that you bring a folding chair or blanket. This is outdoors, pack some bug repellent! OFF! wipes & Bug Off! are available in the gift shop. Along with a variety of other items that can improve your experience (including weatherproof mats and blankets).
The event will begin at 7:00PM and with activities up to the time of the movie. The movie will begin around sunset. This is an outdoor event. We cannot start the movie until it is dark enough for the screen to be visible. We recommend arriving around 7:00-7:30PM to enjoy all the fun, get your place on the lawn and get some tasty grub.
Furry family members are welcome so long as they remain on a leash, are well behaved (not interrupting others experience), and are not aggressive towards people or other pets. Please be respectful of other guests and cast members. A water bowl is located near the restrooms for our furry guests.
We have a variety of fun yard games that we welcome you to play. New this year we have 9-hole mini golf and the Battle Bunker! In addition, the playground is open to younger guests. Kick things up a notch with one of our escape games, located in the gift shop. Make sure that you don't miss the Pope Lick Monster statue!
The Cafe offers a full menu of delicious food, movie theater candy, popcorn, snacks, and non-alcoholic refreshments. For those with dietary restrictions, we have non-dairy and meatless/plant-based options. West Sixth Brewery will be serving a selection of cold beer (must be 21) and Kona Ice will be serving icy treats. We also have Dippin' Dots served inside the gift shop!
We offer a variety of unique souvenirs in our indoor gift shop. PLUS see Goatman memorabilia AND a towering, 10 foot Pope Lick Monster statue. Afterall, it's the only gift shop of its kind in the world!
Please support concessions and vendors! Your support keep these free community events FREE. We thank you for helping us make this possible. All accept cash, credit/debit card, Apple/Google Pay, and contactless payment.
Please help us keep the park beautiful. Please place all trash and recycling in receptacles. Our cast will periodically clean and sanitize surfaces and restrooms throughout the venue.
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2023.06.10 15:05 My_Safety_Is_Harvard FS/FT - This kinda lux just ain’t for me (Royals day!)

FS/FT - This kinda lux just ain’t for me (Royals day!)
Happy Royals Day to those who celebrate.
All FS/FT, prices on pics 2-8. Naughty dog photo bonus pic
Mostly looking for non-Chrome anniversary inserts
1988 inserts for S1 (Jung, Harris, Bello, Meyer, Witt, Greene) 1988 inserts for S2 (pretty much all)
1984-1987 (Judge, Jeter, Acuña, Ohtani, Trout, Clemente, Mays, Mattingly, Griffey, Jackie R, Betts, Mo Rivera, L Robert, Hank A, Verlander)
Also S2 Aces
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2023.06.10 14:26 edyyh Iceman in a primeval age

Iceman in a primeval age
Not mine
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2023.06.10 14:20 EveryMix4008 Upbeat songs... or are they?

There's plenty of upbeat songs out there such as "Tubthumping" or "Best Day Of My Life". But what about the songs that sounds happy upon listening, but after reading/translating the lyrics, it sounds the complete opposite? Here are some examples:
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (school shootings)
NENA - 99 Red Balloons (nuclear war)
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down (domestic violence)
Hollywood Undead - Bullet (suicide and drug abuse)
The Superjesus - Down Again (depression and suicide)
Outkast - Hey Ya! (relationship falling apart)
Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (a lady talking to her dead husband)
Green Day - Basket Case (struggles with anxiety; a person losing his mind and going insane)
Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life (struggles with drug addiction)
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's (relationship falling apart)
Bowling For Soup - 1985 (a woman who can't forget about the past)
The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright (happy childhoods turned depressing)
Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA (war veteran returning home, and getting treated like trash)
Jebediah - Leaving Home (getting free from abusive parents)
FUN - We Are Young (domestic violence?)
Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go (creepy stalker)
SIA - Chandelier (alcoholism)
Meg & Dia - Monster (a rape story)
Nick Gilder - Hot Child in the City (self-explanatory)
Uncle Kracker - Follow Me (cheating)
Rupert Holmes - Escape (cheating)
Hanson - Mmmbop (aging and dying alone)
Sublime - Wrong Way (child prostitution)
Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now? (extreme paranoia; schizophrenia)
What do you guys think? Is there any more examples I could've used?
PS: screw you u/spez
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2023.06.10 13:35 DragonKingDracoToral 29 [M4F/TF] MD/East Coast Still trying to find someone I can give all my love to

I've been trying for a while to find someone I can finally give all my love to but it hasn't been easy. I've tried dating apps and posting on here. I mostly end up getting ignored or ghosted. There have even been times where someone will message me and then immediately block me before I can even respond. I'm pretty shy so I'm not the best at conversations but I honestly try. If it seems like I'm not interested please know that's most likely not the case, I just have a hard time expressing things at first until I get a bit more comfortable. Sometimes I get a bit busy and can't message for a bit but I promise I'm not ghosting you, I will reply as soon as I'm able. Please if we start talking and you're not feeling it or have any kind of problem, just tell me, being honest is much less hurtful than just disappearing.
I'm a 29 year old guy living on the East Coast. I'll be turning 30 in August. I'm 6'4" and 270lbs, so on the bigger side but trying to lose weight. I have long dark hair and green eyes. I'm a pretty big nerd, I like anime, manga(currently reading Higanjima and I love it), video games(making my way through the Ratchet & Clank series), DND, those kinds of things. I'd love to meet someone I can just be my nerdy self with. I love metal music and have been to a few shows and want to see more. My favorite show was going to see Sumo Cyco in Baltimore and getting to meet Skye Sweetnam. I have a picture I took with her on my profile, it was such a happy experience. I also like going out to do fun activities with a partner, like going to the movies or going bowling or the arcade or even just shopping. I also like cooking for others so I'd be so happy if I could make dinners for us. I recently slow cooked some pulled pork using a recipe I got from a friend and it was delicious.
As for who I'm looking for, I really don't have too many preferences. I feel I'm more attracted to personalities than anything and that also affects my physical attraction. For age I would probably say between 22-35? I'm not entirely sure, I haven't really thought about it. I definitely don't want to go lower than 22, but I might be fine with higher than 35, I guess it depends on the person? I also know I am attracted to women in general, cis or trans, though I will be honest that I have never actually dated a trans woman due to the fact I have very little dating experience at all. I should also say, since this has come up when talking to people before, I am not asexual or into relationships involving multiple people, I have nothing against anyone who is, it's just neither is for me and I don't want to waste anybody's time.
Well I've probably rambled on enough. I'm posting this right before heading to work for the day, so if you think I'm interesting and send me a message, please give me some time to reply. I will definitely see your message and respond as soon as I'm able. Hope to hear from some cool people soon, and at the very least maybe make a new friend. Have a great day, fellow forever alones!
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2023.06.10 11:11 420Vapemaster690 My Application to join team sky my name is bird_Royal I’m a boss and I was kicked out of team Royal (my fan made evil team ) I was an admin and would like to get my admin back so I am wanting to join team sky please accept

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2023.06.10 10:52 se7enkalepiemars Ace Hardware Deals & Offers in June 2023

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