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2023.06.10 20:01 iscreamconey Hot water heater warranty

I hope this is the right place to ask, if not my apologies but I bought a brand new 50 gal water heater (AO smith) in 2020 and I noticed the pan has rusty water in it. I'm fairly positive it's leaking from the bottom. My question is this should be covered under the warranty right? I have my receipt and I bought the extended warranty but it's a digital receipt and I can't figure out how to see what the warranty covers. Also do I contact AO smith to claim this under the warranty or do I contact lowes? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 19:53 pizza_queen9292 One year in our home!

My husband and I closed on our first house one year ago today! We paid $385k ($50k over asking). House is a 3bed/1 bath with a fully fenced in backyard, and new roof,new condenser for the central aihvac, and new water heater installed within the year prior to us purchasing. We also have a finished basement! We are in a shoreline town in southwestern CT. House is on city water and uses natural gas We were not married at the time of purchasing and used a VA loan with our approval amount being based solely on my husbands income. We have a 5% interest rate and chose to put 3% down, though we know we didn’t need to do that. Mortgage and property tax is just about $2,700 a month. Veterans United approved him for $500k originally, which we thought was bananas. We make about $200k combined and have no other debt (my student loans are paid off, both cars paid off, he used GI bill to go to school), and feel comfortable with our current payment. We went into the home buying process looking for a 3bed/2bath with an absolute max cost of $400k. Our house was the 3rd offer we submitted, originally we were not the offer they accepted! Financing on the offer they had accepted fell through and we had asked our realtor to tell them keep us in mind as a back up just in case. Well, we got a call that their first offer fell through and our realtor asked if we wanted to proceed with our original offer, we said yes! Closed 30 days later. All of the work we have done on the house in the past year has been entirely cosmetic. Paint in almost every room, ripping up carpet (to find perfect hardwood underneath!), and some landscaping (beautified the fence, redid the fire pit, built a vegetable garden). We know this won’t be our forever home, but we hope to be here another 5 years or so. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant with our first child, eventually we know we’ll outgrow the home. In the meantime we’d like to see if it’s possible to put a half bath in the basement, this will likely be the most costly project we decide to do, but think it will add value to our quality of life as our family expands. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, time flies!
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2023.06.10 19:23 FullDerpHD Can you condense the ground wires to free up spaces in the ground bar?

TLDR - Can I put more than one ground in a receptor of the ground bar?
More info - I've had an old fixer upper home for a while now and recently I have decided I would like to do away with the natural gas heater. (It's a massive radiant heater that takes up almost all of the usable space in the living room)
My thought is that I would like to get one of those DIY heat and air mini splits along with an electric hot water heater and just do away with the natural gas in general.
To do that I'll need to install a couple of 240v lines and I'm not sure I have the space in my box. There is room for the breakers, but the ground bar appears to be full. https://gyazo.com/f0285a68646417f00f03c78f420c165f
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2023.06.10 19:16 Fine-Confusion2683 This should be easy...how to wire my new pump

This should be easy...how to wire my new pump
I was hoping to just replace the bearings which were done for on my old motor, but it was too corroded to remove the impeller without shattering everything. Long story short I have a brand new Executive 56 hot tub motor and Waterway wet end (model # 3721221-1d) that arrived yesterday. I've got it installed into the hot tub and all I need to do is wire it correctly. It is not the same model as my old pump, which they don't make anymore, but it is two speed like my old pump because it serves as the circulation motor as well. My electrical cord to the control box is in good shape so I'm going to reuse it. The cord has four wires (black, red, white, and green) which connect into my Balboa control board picture included. To connect to the new motor they provided a wiring diagram on the pump itself, which I've attached a picture. In the pump itself, Terminal #1 is connected to a black wire with a yellow stripe, terminal #2 connects to a yellow wire, and terminal #3/4 connect to a white wire. I just want to make sure I get this wired correctly so that it can use both speeds and we can finally get out hot tub back up and running. Any advice would be appreciated!!!
Balboa Control board with red arrow pointing to the pump connector
Wiring diagram on the new pump
Connection terminals on new pump
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2023.06.10 18:59 TheLionElJonson The Dark Angels obsessing over the Fallen makes complete sense

It is very common for people to question the Dark Angels' obsessive hunt for the Fallen, and it's been happening more and more over the years as new lore is introduced showing that some of the other loyalist legions had traitors too. This has led some to become critical of the Dark Angels or even disregard them entirely. I believe this is absurd and those who hold this opinion should reconsider.
The most common example of a loyalist legion with an internal civil war is the White Scars. Above Prospero, the White Scars fought one another aboard their fleet over which side to join in the Heresy. It was only stopped by Jaghatai Khan himself. Detractors claim that this incident makes the Dark Angels hunting the Fallen appear as ridiculous since they weren't the only loyalists who had a civil war anymore, but one can only believe that if they omit all the circumstantial evidence in both conflicts.
The White Scars fighting one another is like two brothers punching each other in the car while their dad is in the grocery store. They rough one another up, maybe a chair gets damaged, but when dad gets back from the store he breaks it up and gives them a stern talking to. The permanent damage is negligible. The boys will heal and the chair is superficial damage.
The Dark Angels fighting one another is like returning home to find that your brother has gone mad and has started making blood rituals with demons. He turned your house into an evil fort designed to keep you out or kill you. Your dad helps you break in to confront your brother, only for him to ferociously attack you both with a knife. In the fight, you watch your brother stab your father in the chest before the water heater explodes and the entire house is eradicated. You're hurt badly, thrown into the grass outside. Your father is dead, your family's house was first disgraced and then destroyed, and your brother is nowhere to be seen, he escaped to continue his rampage of madness.
With these two analogical scenes for the White Scars and the Dark Angels, it becomes very obvious that comparing the two events is not just foolish but ignorant. They couldn't be any more different in terms of the consequences for their conflict. Before their father's return to the setting, the Dark Angels spent 10,000 years as the only legion that killed its own primarch. Even the traitors couldn't claim that. It doesn't help that their civil war happened right after the Siege of Terra, when the scars of Horus' rebellion were the freshest. Telling the Imperium about their legion being split in half by traitors resulting in the destruction of their home and the death of their father, the Dark Angels would have been broken apart and their marines given to legions like the Ultramarines or the Imperial Fists, or at least they would have been sanctioned heavily and had their authority restricted.
The Dark Angels are a traumatized chapter trying to do the right thing for 10,000 years. The obsession simply got to be too much by the time the Lion was going to return.
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2023.06.10 18:57 sk_neptune45 Black mold found during inspection.

Hey guys and gals. Love the sub just hoped I wouldn't ever need to post. But here we are.
First off I am in MN, USA.
I have owned my home since 2015. During 2020 (june) I had a spinal surgery and during my time away from home (I stayed with my parents for assistance after the surgery) my down stairs toilet sprung a leak and left about 2 inches of standing water for quite a while.
I called a water clean up company and they came out and dried the place and removed the ruined carpeting and such.
I then made an insurance claim and they went about getting the company and setting the repairs up. The repairs were done and everything looked great.
Fast forward to this week and I am looking to sell and got my first offer. It was contingent on the inspection and I didn't believe there would be much of an issue.
I got the results back last night and there is black mold in behind the water heater. It is about 1.5 wide and from the baseboard to about 8 inches up the drywall.
Now the company should have cut 2.5 feet of the lower drywall on all lower level walls and replace to prevent this exact situation. But they neglected to pull out the water heater and replace the water ridden wall behind it.
Now, I know that i should have checked everywhere but with my back issues getting my body to contort to the way it would need for me to see that section of the wall just wasn't (and still isn't) possible for me to accomplish.
I am pretty sure that the offer will fall through and my real estate agent did say i would need to get that remedied before putting the house back on the market.
I am unable to reach my hoa insurance agent until Monday. And I kind of feel at a loss as what to do about this situation. I want to call the company who did the work but I am worried they could just claim the mold was from after their "repairs".
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 18:52 Charming_Yellow5807 Looking for female roommates UT4 (unit for 4 pax)

Hii. I’m looking for roommates po. I am 2nd year CTHM.
Here’s the details
University Tower 4 P Noval
Fresh Turnover 30sqm unit now available for rent!
Good for 4 pax
7500 per pax
30k/mo exclusive of dues 1 mo adv, 2 mo dep
Inclusions: (ALL BRAND NEW) - high speed fiber internet - Inverter Aircon - Ref - 2 double deck bed frames - table and chairs - electric fans - water heater - Cabinet - Electric Induction - Rice cooker
Amenities: 1. Study Area 2. Business Center 3. Movie Theater 4. Spa 5. Swimming Pool 6. Gym 7. Laundy Area 8. 7-Eleven 9. Internet Cafe
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2023.06.10 18:38 ehall022 My wife wants to audition at a strip club. Due to financial difficulties.

My wife (24F) came to me asking if she should work at a club to help with our finances. This conversation came up when our water heater broken plus she got a flat tire, back to back this week. We are already in financial trouble with credit cards and her student loads. She lost her job then we had a baby. Day care was killing us so we ended up deciding for her to stay home. When she approach me with this question. Like what type of club? One with a pole? Yes told me yes. Puzzled but not angry I asked where this came from. She just had that we are never getting above water and a friend of hers that she goes to the gym with suggested the idea to her as she is a stripper herself.
My wife told me that it’s only to support our family. The money can help us and she would be working night so I can watch our daughter and she will be home to which off.
I myself have never been to a strip club so I can only think what I see in the movies. She told me that her friend would show her the club and if it was okay with both of us she could audition to see after we talk.
I feel that we have a solid marriage of 2 years. Just life does not always work as planned. Looking for advice on her because it’s not something you can talk with people.
What should I know about or questions I should ask? What does a audition in tell?
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2023.06.10 18:30 Skulduggerist Triangle Pen Show Haul

Triangle Pen Show Haul
First pen show ever! Spent way too much but had a blast in Raleigh, NC.
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2023.06.10 18:20 coolhandluke45 Help me resolve this little code dispute.

There's a section in the code that reads full port ball valves SHALL be installed at water meters water heaters, isolation valves, etc etc. But this older timer at my shop reads it they should ONLY be installed in those places.
So now he's telling all the guys to put stop/waste gate valves at hose bibs. He literally hides all the 1/2 stop/waste ball valves.
I told him that's not what the book says. Full port valves can be used anywhere. But they are explicitly required in those listed areas.
He claims I gotta read through the book more. "Read between the lines" he says. As if the code book is purposely cryptic or something. He claims having a full port ball valves everywhere will mess with the flow elsewhere in the hose. But I counter with hose bibbs themselves are not full port so it doesn't matter what's upstream.
My position is kinda like the foreman for the rest of the guys. I told them to ignore his demands. But this guy has like 20 years more experience than me.
Is there anything supporting his claims?
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2023.06.10 18:07 svrounder Neural bus in Multiplus installation

Hi all,
I’m installing a Multiplus 3k 120 12v inverter charger aboard my sail boat. I have a pretty simple 30 amp AC shore power set up — in addition to the two pole ECLI breaker for the main AC panel I have a sub panel for the 15 amp outlets and another sub panel for the hot water heater.
I know to keep the neutral from the Multiplus’ AC separate from the my boat’s neural common bus. (This is to prevent any nuisance tripping if the marina shore power pedestal has a ECLI breaker).
But is there any issues if I use a common neutral bus for both the Multiplus’ AC 1 and the AC 2 outs?
Hope that make sense. I can post a diagram if helpful.
Thanks much!
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2023.06.10 17:58 Cardo076 First time buyer. Can anyone tell what this is here for?

First time buyer. Can anyone tell what this is here for?
There's a hole in the basement next to the water heater with some tubing.
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2023.06.10 17:56 OnMyWayBy A water change killed all my fish and I don't know what to do next

I did a water change over the weekend, like I usually do, and on Monday morning my three adult goldfish were dead.
The water parameters were okayish before the water change (55g, 0ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrite, around 40ppm nitrate and a pH of 8, 71° temp). And I've since tested the water as it is now the same with lower nitrates.
I don't know what to do or how this happened. I don't have a heater in the tank, so that couldn't be the cause. I didn't do anything different with the water change than I usually do. My only thought is that the city could have done some mains maintenance work that might have leaked contaminants into the water that affected my fish.
I'm trying to figure out how to continue and recover with this hobby. I don't feel like I can trust the mains water anymore, but then what do I do now? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 17:54 Ceridwen2424 Listservs for therapists in NC?

I'm looking for any listservs or Facebook groups in NC to help some of my fellow telehealth therapists. We tend to use them when looking for advice or referrals for our local areas. We currently use Triangle Area Psychotherapists and NC Area Psychotherapists. They have been helpful but a lot of my coworkers live across the state and are interested in resources outside of Raleigh. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.10 17:45 Omar_993100 Gas Usage Surge

Gas Usage Surge
Sorry for the long post, I really need some advice here. I recently moved to a new property, that has ducted heating, the first gas bill came (end of march) and it was low as usual, as it’s just the two of us. As the weather got colder, we’d turn the heater on for an hour or so a day at 17C. The gas bill comes and it says that our usage is equivalent to a house with 5 people! The only gas we use is the water heater and ducted heating. I called AGL, and the operator had me do a meter read, and said that I’d used 500 MJ per day over the past 11 days! Since I received that bill I used the heater for 15 minutes a day as it’s insanely strong. He said to turn the gas valve off for a few hours and see if the gas meter moves up, indicating a leak. I did and the gas meter didn’t move at all. When I turned it on again it produced a weird buzzing sound, and none of my neighbors meters produce that sound. My agent says the meter has to be faulty, and says it’s impossible for the ducted heater to be leaking as it was installed a year ago. I’ve attached photos of both bills.
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2023.06.10 17:33 ParamedicOdd797 LF: Male Replacement

You'll be having 3 roommates. (Total of 4) Details:
878 España
5,500/month (excluding utilities)
Fully furnished
✅ Rice Cooker
✅ Microwave
✅ Washing Machine
✅ Water Heater
✅ Refrigerator
Study Area
24/7 security
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2023.06.10 17:25 Adventurous-Web-4188 Is this a normal electricity bill for a 2 bedroom apartment (around 1400 square ft) in Columbus, GA if I live alone???

Is this a normal electricity bill for a 2 bedroom apartment (around 1400 square ft) in Columbus, GA if I live alone???
Moved into this apartment a year and a half ago and they require me to use Georgia power. I have attached screenshots of my usage. My electricity bill has NEVER been under $80. A few months after I moved in they had to install a new water heater cause the one in the apt was super outdated and messed up. I never really use my ac in the winter, or even the heat (I'm from Iowa and I don't mind the cold). In the summer I use the ac at night (69-72) and IF I have it on during the day it's at like 78. Do my laundry maybe once every week or every other week. Do dishes by hand cause I don't dirty enough to run the dishwasher. Take a 20 min shower every other day usually. Never have the time or energy to really cook anything, maybe ill boil some mac n cheese. Other than that, I have the standard stuff plugged in: fridge, 2 tvs, lamps, Chargers.
I've talked to my maitnence and leasing team about this multiple times. They haven't been the most helpful, but haven't been uncooperative either. They came in and checked my power usage one day and wrote this down, and he said he doesn't "think" it's out of the ordinary but he doesn't know.... [Inside AC=1:4, Outside AC=6.2, Water Heater=18.1, Inside Heater=20.1, Outside=1:6, Dryer on=24.2, Oven=15.2].
My sister lives in a 3 bedroom with 3 people and all together they pay maybe 120 on a bad month, so I feel like something is definitely wrong. I really can't afford this and am struggling to make rent, especially since i am trying to finiah my degree this year. When I originally spoke to someone in the leasing team about this they told me to contact GA Power and try to find out what the problem is, and they would credit me whatever I overpaid due to issues in the apartment. I am going to be calling them next week to hopefully figure this out. I just wanted to know if anyone had some recommendations for what I should do? And what I should ask/do when I contact GA Power?
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2023.06.10 17:18 Bunny22222222 Took my reactive dog on vacation

So last month I took my reactive pitbull terrier mix on my road to see my sisters college graduation. It was a 10 hour drive there and back, and he was nothing but amazing. He basically just laid down the entire time! When we went to truck stops to get some fresh air & let him potty it was a breeze! He was so happy to be able to smell everything & see new scenery. We ended up taking him to Sunset Beach in NC which is dog friendly twice! We had to go on a narrow boardwalk to get to the beach, and even an off leash corgi came running up to him(I didn’t even notice because it came from the back), and he stayed calm & didn’t try to attack!(we had a muzzle and his prong collar so he couldn’t even if he reacted). we had a nice time sun bathing & going in shallow end of the water. He only got reactive once (we probably saw over 30ish dogs there) & he stopped it fairly quick with a little distraction& treats. He was amazing in our pet friendly air bnb. We crated him up when we left (nothing more than 4hours) & over all he seemed pretty calm. Definitely motivates me to bring him out more, and makes me genuinely excited for what our future together can be. I feel like I genuinely put a lot of blood sweat in tears into this dog when I found him hanging dumped from a fence. It’s been over a year and a half now, and honestly couldn’t of asked more of him. He definitely seems happy out of the city & to see some grass and sand haha.
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2023.06.10 17:11 allidoislin69 Water pressure a lot higher at the front of the house vs the back

Water pressure a lot higher at the front of the house vs the back
Recently bought a townhouse in Raleigh. During our home inspection, the inspector noted that the water pressure was very high at 120 psi and recommended replacing the PRV. I read online somewhere that sometimes spigots at the front of the house have higher water pressure for like washing cars. I checked the front spigot and it was reading over 100 psi, but when I checked the back spigot it was only reading 80 psi. I don’t think our inspector even checked the back one. Water pressure on our sinks and shower seem normal, if anything they feel a little low. Wondering if the PRV actually needs to be replaced.
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2023.06.10 16:33 Banjo-Squrriel What's going on with my Betta

I have a 10 gallon, heated (78 degrees) tank with a sponge filter. No tank mates.
I got my betta from a pet store, because I hate seeing them suffer. I knew he would have his own issues.
At first, I thought he had swim bladder issues, because he had a bulge on his side, and while the bulge is still there, he swims just fine. But, I did notice his gills were brown (he is a red double tail male betta).
When I got him, he was mostly colorless and small. It's been a few weeks, I've since treated him with Melafix for the first week - his fins got huge and his color mostly came back.
After this, he became extremely active. And grew.
Then I noticed he had tiny white spots on his face and was obsessively scratching himself on rocks, so I did a 100% water change (I was scheduled to do one anyway because melafix) used a heater in my bedroom to get the tank temp at 79/80 degrees. I got him an antiparasitic medicine from the store. It said to do 3 doses over the course of a week, every other day.
The spots are smaller, but still present. He has welts on his "cheek" by his eye. And then he stopped eating and hid from me. He started to get pale again.
Not giving up, because I love him and thought perhaps he had cotton wool disease which causes mouth issues, I switched him from pellets to flakes. I crushed them up very small. He began to immediately eat again.
After this, his color came back and he has since then been extremely active, taking naps during the day.
He swims normally, eats a small pinch of flakes 1x/day, but he still has white spots and welts on him. And every now and again, he'll get lethargic on me for a day... then the next day he's happy behaving again.
Am I missing something? Is there anything I can do for him?
I understood the challenge I took on with him, and I'm okay with it. Because even if he only lives a few more weeks...it's better than being a cup at PetCo, and going home to a 1g tank of someone who doesn't know what they're doing.
Any tips are appreciated. I just want him to be okay.
Unrelated, whenever I sit by the tank he swims over to me and follows where I walk. Such a sweetie.
Edit: typos
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2023.06.10 16:17 stewarev Hot water in offgrid cabin

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on a hot water system for an off grid cabin. Looking for shower and 2 sink access and others near us haven't had success with an on demand system. We have propane and a small solar system, so would lean on propane for this. The one idea that someone proposed was an RV propane heater with a 20 Gal Bulb is allow water to be more readily available and not pull on the pump from the lake as much. Would love any input or ideas.
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2023.06.10 16:06 wherewolf_there_wolf Instant Hot Water Heater Not Working for Shower

Kind of a odd scenario but if I turn the hot water on in the showerit either doesnt work or doesnt work for long. However, if it turn it on for any sink, it runs with no issues. The water pressure seems to be fine, I have observed any changes. I also just filled my propane tanks so the supply there shouldn't be low. I'm kinda confused on this would and looking for anything else to look at.
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