1947 cinco pesos silver coin value

$1 Coins

2023.06.10 12:52 JoeDaBro86 $1 Coins

$1 Coins
I know that most aren't worth more than face value but I like them and I don't spend them so it's a good way for me to save money when I buy every one I see at my work as a bookkeeper.
Plus having a treasure chest full of gold and silver coins just looks cool.
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2023.06.10 07:19 wrightscoins [WTS] Mexico Gold, Silver rounds, Slabbed Pre-33, CC Trade Dollar & other misc. gold and silver.

Hello and thanks for looking. Shipping costs are $5 for first class padded envelope, $10 for flat rate Priority small Box or Large Padded Envelope, and $1 for risky ship (a single coin under 2 oz and at buyer's risk). Larger than a padded Priority flat rate I'll let you know actual costs. Payment preference is Zelle and Venmo works as well. Cash app and Crypto are acceptable if you wish to cover the 3.5% transaction cost. Proof
Mexico Gold
1959 20 Pesos $1070
2018 Libertad 1/2 oz $1,200
Pre-33 Slabbed Gold-
1853 $2.50 Liberty PCGS AU53 $625
1886 S $5 Liberty PCGS MS63 $850
1901 S $5 Liberty PCGS MS63 $850
1899 $10 Liberty NGC MS63 $1635
1907 $10 Liberty PCGS MS62 $1500
Fine Silver-
2013 W ASEs MS70 X18 at $640 shipped $35 per ASE +$10 priority shipping. Sold

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 S ASE's PCGS MS69s $145 shipped

15 "Gem Uncirculated" ASEs in PCGS hand signed Mercanti Slabs $535 Shipped
1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010

55 North American Hunting Club- Fine Silver Rounds- Ebay comps are $35-$55 ea
Prefer to ship these as 1 lot @ $1625 shipped which equals $29.55 per round shipped.
If I haven't crossed these off as sold by tomorrow at 2PM PST feel free to send bins for any number, you'd like.
55 Different Rounds all featuring a different North American animal, includes 50ish cards that have stats and whatnot on the animals.
1993 S, D James Madison Commem Dollars PCGS PR and BU $55 shipped.
$70 fv 40% Kennedys $465 Shipped 6.5 X Face +10 priority shipping. Sold
6 1935 Peace dollars in Airtites $185 Shipped
1877 CC Trade Dollar XF light corrosion and couple rim bumps $700
1898 Morgan AU cleaned $36
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2023.06.10 05:54 cravenj1 [Discussion] Chip Zdarsky: Good or Bad?

Chip Zdarsky, good or bad. A challenge, certainly, but not unsolvable, because all writers have distinct values, which I use to find answers. I read enough to find heh heh the answers. Heh heh. Because this this is my reality, this is how I learned to be, and my being doesn’t allow for Chip FREAKINg ZDARSKY! Okay? Oh, yeah! Hahaaa Yeah! Oh! Oh! Yelling like Chip Zdarsky Oh, I’m a cat. I’m a sexy cat. ha hahaaaa Oh! Oh! Oh! O-o-ohh!
Ok enough memeing. What do you think about the whole of Chip's output? Is he a good writer? Is he a good artist?
Personally, I see him as more of a writer first, artist second. When he's good, he's great. But when he's bad, it's like "Are you ok dude?"
Like Nic Cage, it's so hard to find a good place to start.
The good:
The bad:
The mid:
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2023.06.10 04:54 Zgurprium Why is this game so hard and stingy?

Why the duel bots always have to be 3200+ and 5 levels better than me? They are still manageble, But why not just on my level?
Why is the story so hard to beat? I’m lvl 46, 2652 power, 333W/162L, all Elite gear at lvl 40(60$ invested), and i still haven’t beat Lord Varin once, which would grant me acces to a Royal chest.
Why the gain after a win is so little? I only reached Bronze I(250silver for W) so far, winning both II and III and i just have 150 points advantage so far, But I always have to spend all the gold for silver to upgrade gear and the exchange rate is so bad, and the upgrades cost so much. Basically if i haven’t invested i would basically only have one piece of elite gear, and probably my gear level to main level difference would be even larger and surely my power would be under 1500
Why are the developers so f*cking money hungry? You basically can’t have anything nice, most games leave u a chance at least to procure nice gear through some side things and many ads, But What do we get? An useless silver chest via Ad, occasionally the same useless silver chest as duel reward, and the one in the Task section, and then you have those Events that reward a slightly better chest, that mostly is good When it give you 200 gold or 3 treasure Maps. The bow part is hard to pull to max Score, I remember this is How i got an elite sword But since then i haven’t manage to repeat it.
I mean this game doesn’t require much to fix it, it just needs to allow you to love it more easily by rewarding you with better things more often:
If for example the developers gave the value of the rewards form a silver chest as 1, i’m not asking them to change it to 2, i think simply 1.2 would do it, and not only to silver chest to everything, you should get 250 silver coins after a win from bronze III, it would be 4 wins gain 1000 silver that still takes a lot of time and work to make you take shortcuts with microtransations, but would let all the other players that can’t really invest still enjoy the game.
Uhhh and yeah, if Lord Varin gives you a Royal chest, why not make him easier to beat so you that you probably get your first Elite piece for free and then start the bullshit? Cause this game is hard and keeps you shit from the beginning.
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2023.06.10 04:51 Then_Marionberry_259 Lucky day

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2023.06.09 23:56 Mountain_Mud3769 [WTS] Dealers see me goldin' they hatin ($50 off best dealer prices)

Proof & Full Picture Album: https://imgur.com/a/BLSsjoz
All coins Sigma PRO full penetration tested.

- 1947 Mexico 50 Peso (1.206 ozt agw) - $2440 ea - Qty 2 1 (best dealer price on findbullionprices $2486)
- 1924 US $20 St Gaudens (.9675 ozt agw) - $2061 (best dealer price on findbullionprices $2111)
- 1926 US $20 St Gaudens (.9675 ozt agw) - $2061
- 1904 British Sovereign, Edward VII (.2354 ozt agw) - $477

**Shipping Options:**$4 USPS First Class package with tracking, optional insurance is $.80 per $100 value;
$8 USPS Priority;
$15 USPS Priority insured with signature confirmation for orders over $1,000; or
UPS and FedEx available at cost.
My liability ends once package is in carrier custody
Payment Options: PaypalFF, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, Picture Check (up to 5 days to clear). No trades. No notes or comments (use period or emote for venmo).

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2023.06.09 21:57 Rosen_Luft Cross posting a reply regarding the Gold Standard and our Economy

I pretty much would echo what MachineTeaching said . I am very much in favor of a Gold Exchange Standard " Payable in Gold ( Silver) On Demand" However, I am also worried that people will abuse it by "clipping" or melting it down for "tooth embellishments" or what ever.
Gold is Gold... The Gold of Ancient Egypt is the same gold we have today, It NEVER decreased in Value to any human and is still actively sought for today as back then. Having a Gold based Economy has proven over time that it is more stable than a FIAT ( paper ) Economy that can be manipulated to the benefit of the few at the expense of the majority. Gold Economies have also been manipulated, but only at the behest of greedy, self serving people. What's to say that other people won't again be tempted to enrich themselves by manipulating a Gold based Economy? Sure the temptation is ALWAYS THERE; Especially in times of turmoil such as war, or famine. But one fact remains the same; EVERY FIAT Economy that has ever been instituted has eventually CRASHED to the ZERO it was born out of. But like I said earlier, Gold is still here, and always will be, and it RETAINS it's VALUE over thousands of years.
The Problem with the United States is, that it has given itself the privilege of awarding itself with it's own never ending printing press backed by DEBT PROMISES that workers will toil and trade sweat labor into a few goods and services and pay TAXES on those items in repayment to those who lent those BILLS OF CREDIT to the Federal Government. We saw the very example of how fragile this system was when the President had to "shut it all down" because of the *COUGH... The printing press was put into action and presto more Bills of Credit were in circulation practically overnight, to be paid back to a handful of people within the Banking Cartel with INTEREST. Imagine THAT !! Now we are reaping what that action has sown...INFLATION. Nevermind the fact that FIAT Money is nothing BUT INFLATION IN DEBT AT INTEREST, because NOTHING of Intrensic Value is backing it up ( think of it like an Unsecure Loan that rests solely on " they promised they were gonna pay it back". Without Gold as a COLLATERAL Source of Protection for the Money that is being circulated, that leaves us with only one logical item of Collateral that is available....The Nation of the United States ITSELF.
WHO MADE THAT DEAL ??? Glad you Asked.... President WOODROW WILSON and his PATHETIC SPINELESS CONGRESS did in 1913! THAT's TREASON, isn't it ? YEP and they GOT AWAY WITH IT EVER SINCE. AND Every President and every serving member of Congress Since then too !!! ALL CO CONSPIRATORS TO TREASON! You can't say that? OH YES I CAN...
Seeing a bank robbery doesn't make you a bank robber....saying NOTHING and not calling the police does, however, make you an ACCESSORY TO THE FACT !
President Wilson gave away the Duty of Congress to "MINT COIN" to these bankers, then President Nixon took away the Gold and instead offered up our NATIONAL TITLE DEED... TREASON!! They got us... every street, building, house, stream and farm.. EVERYTHING.
When the bank says Jump, the FEDGOV says HOW HIGH... WE GOT PUNKED, and SOLD OUT.
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2023.06.09 21:02 Rosen_Luft FLAT TAX

I am of the opinion that the IRS has over extended it's stay in this Nation, and has proven itself to be an enemy of the People. The Constitution CLEARLY STATES that the Federal Government ( Congress) shall not lay a DIRECT TAX on ANYONE in the USA. But here we are ! Every Spring sharpening our pencils and rounding up all those receipts in the hopes of getting some of our own money back , like it's some kind of gift. HA !
Well my friends, I propose to do away with all this 1040 RUBBISH. No more loopholes, no more "refund checks" none of that.
Instead EACH STATE OF RESIDENCE will receive 10% on ANY SOURCE OF INCOME.. 10% FLAT ! Whether you are working at a burger joint or the millionare CEO of a leading tech company, and your tech Company ... 10% PERIOD. No write offs, no Subsidies. If your Company shows a LOSS, then you owe ZERO, and the STATE OWES YOU ZERO until you show a PROFIT to be taxed at TEN PERCENT.
10% no matter who you are, what Company you are, or what DIVIDEND you got paid.... TEN PER CENT.
Each State will Collect these funds and then pay a UNION TAX of 10 % to the Federal Government. Congress will then be forced to enact and pass a NO BORROW BUDGET that accounts for each and every dollar collected from the STATES, and spend NOT ONE PENNY MORE.
CONGRESS shall also PRINT and MINT Currency that is Gold, Silver, or other Precious metal, based on the amounts thus held in RESERVE at Market Value as FULL FAITH and CREDIT of DECLARED DEPOSITS OF PRECIOUS METALS in the US TREASURY. I.E. If we have one trillion in market price precious metals in the Treasury, then one trillion dollars worth of Notes and Coin may be printed/ minted for public circulation for the purpose of : Payment of all debts , both Public and Private. With each Note or Coin bearing the following phrase upon them, " This Note ( coin) shows that "x" amount of Gold, Silver , or OTHER metal has been deposited into the US Treasury." It shall also have the following " This Note or coin is Payable in Gold, Silver to the Bearer On Demand. ".
THIS will make our Economy STRONG , VIBRANT and COMPETITIVE for years to come. The Standard of Living will RISE and the People of the Untied States will see success, not absolute despotism.
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2023.06.09 15:31 Kodi_Tech What are some ways to use assets for investment purposes?

There are several ways to utilize assets for investment purposes. Here are a few strategies to consider:
  1. Stocks and Bonds: Invest in stocks or bonds, which represent ownership in companies or debt obligations respectively. These assets can generate income through dividends or interest payments, and their value can appreciate over time.
  2. Real Estate: Purchase properties such as residential homes, commercial buildings, or land. Real estate can provide rental income, potential tax advantages, and the potential for long-term appreciation.
  3. Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): Invest in professionally managed funds that pool money from multiple investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other assets. Mutual funds and ETFs offer easy diversification and professional management.
  4. Commodities: Invest in commodities like gold, silver, oil, or agricultural products. Commodities can act as a hedge against inflation or serve as a diversification tool in a portfolio.
  5. Peer-to-Peer Lending: Participate in peer-to-peer lending platforms where you can lend money directly to individuals or businesses in return for interest payments. This method allows you to earn interest income and diversify your investment portfolio.
  6. Art and Collectibles: Invest in valuable art pieces, rare coins, vintage cars, or other collectibles. These assets can appreciate in value over time and offer the potential for significant returns.
  7. Cryptocurrencies: Engage in the world of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and speculative assets, so thorough research and caution are advised.
Remember, each investment option carries its own risks and rewards. It's crucial to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice if needed, and diversify your investments to manage risk effectively.
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2023.06.09 07:53 Ruru_Kaimbe PM Marape announces start of National Gold Refinery & Mint Project

PM Marape announces start of National Gold Refinery & Mint Project
OCTOBER 29TH 2021 Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says the National Gold Refinery & Mint Project Agreement signed today is a landmark agreement for the country and a major achievement in the implementation of his Government’s ‘Take Back PNG’ policy. PM Marape addressing the media after today’s signing at Government House. He is flanked by Refinery Holdings Managing-Director James Scobie, Chairman Michael Boyd and Mining Minister Hon. Johnson Tuke. “The project starts today and will establish, for the first time in Papua New Guinea, a downstream processing and value-adding industry for gold, one of the country’s mostvaluable natural resource exports,” he said. “The project will put Papua Guinea on the world gold map, so it is rightfully recognised in both gold mining and gold refining industries, and in global precious metals and financial markets, as one of the world’s most-important gold-producing countries.” Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele signs for the State with Refinery Holdings Managing-Director James Scobie and Chairman Michael Boyd at Government House. PM Marape said downstream processing of natural resources in PNG, including gold, forestry and fisheries, is the key to our economic future and employment opportunities for citizens and is a key policy of his government. “This has been talked about for decades, but it is my leadership peers in present Government who are now pushing for this major in-country downstream processing project,” he said. “It is the first of many to come. “Until now, all the economic and social benefits from refining and value-adding to Papua New Guinea’s gold, have been exported to foreign refineries and for the benefit of foreign countries. “The project will ensure that we account for all gold produced in PNG and export out finished products for companies and individuals who are in the gold industry.” PM Marape said for the first time all the profits, taxes, new US dollar foreign exchange inflows, employment and related benefits from the refining of gold and precious metals will stay in PNG. PM Marape and Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae toast to the occasion at Government House today. “For the first time, PNG will be recognised on the world stage, including by international refined gold regulatory bodies, such as the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA),”he said. “PNG will become known and recognised as a producer of international standard: • gold and precious metal investment bullion bars, • gold and precious metal legal tender investment coins; and • other refined gold products. PM Marape said the project will establish four new world-class businesses in the State: • National Gold Refinery – which will refine all of PNG’s gold and precious metals and produce international standard gold and silver bullion bars; • National Mint – to mint our own currency and the new National Bird of Paradise legal tender and investment grade gold and precious metal currency coins; • National Gold Bank – to provide dedicated gold and precious metal banking and trading services to the PNG gold mining industry; and • National Gold – to market PNG gold and precious metals, and our value-added bullion bars, investment coins and other products global investors. “This is a high-end value-adding business and for a gold producing nation, we want to move into this space,” PM Marape said. “No one has dared to dream this dream, but as a Government fighting to earn more from our resources, this low-hanging economic opportunity is now harnessed .” PM Marape said the State is an equal 50:50 joint venture equity partner in the project from commencement where 30 per cent of State Interest will be passed to our local alluvial miners and landowner companies. “The State also has the right to buy majority or total control of the project at a time into the future as defined in the project agreement with Refinery Holdings who are partners in this project,” he said. “Refinery Holdings will be the project manager, operator and financier of the project until the State decides to buy control.” PM Marape said the National Gold Corporation will pay full corporate taxes (currently 30 per cent) on its profits from commencement. “Refinery Holdings will pay full dividend withholding tax on its dividends received from National Gold Corporation, “ he said. “The project will generate substantial new dividends and corporate taxes paid to the State – currently projected at approximately US$800 million over the first 15 years of operation.” PM Marape said there would be many jobs and opportunities created by the project. “Up to 200 new jobs will be created during the construction phase of the refining and minting facilities on land leased within the LNG and Petroleum Park, and at Jackson International Airport,” he said. “There will be up 350 new tertiary level jobs in the operational phase and there will be significant training and skills transfer to local employees for decades to come. “And there will be the creation of many local ancillary industries, including gold tourism facilities, and long-term supply requirements from local contractors and suppliers.” PM Marape said small-scale, local alluvial gold miners (i.e., landowners) will benefit from the new world-class dedicated gold refinery in PNG. “Landowners can expect to receive better pricing for their gold from the National Gold Refinery and will avoid having to deal with ‘industry middlemen’ or having to accept the discounted gold price offered by middlemen for their gold,” he said. PM Marape said PNG miners and the economy will benefit from new and substantial foreign currency inflows. “The project and its gold products are priced in US Dollars,” he said. “The National Gold Refinery will have an estimated initial US$4 billion per annum gold throughput, and more as gold production increases, every year for many decades to come. “The PNG gold mining industry will benefit from having a world-class, professionallymanaged, gold and precious metals refinery in-country and dedicated to servicing all their refining and gold trading requirements. “A local world-class gold refinery means that the time gap between gold production and sale is significantly reduced as unrefined gold does not need to be shipped from PNG to foreign refineries. “This may mean some PNG mining opportunities will now become economic, and it may increase the profitability of existing mines through a reduction in processing cost. “The project also includes arrangements by which current and future PNG gold miners will transition from foreign gold smelting and refining arrangements to refining of all PNG gold and precious metals through the National Gold Refinery. “The State will provide a statutory guarantee of the gold delivery and related obligations of the National Gold Corporation Group to assure PNG gold miners and international banks, investors and gold industry counterparties that their gold and dealings with the Group are safe and secure at all times. “The National Gold Refinery will, by law, provide globally-competitive refining costs, outcomes and benefits for PNG gold miners now and into the future.” “The project, and the significant long-term foreign investment in the project by the private sector, demonstrates regionally, and internationally, that my Government’s foreign investment policy is effective and that PNG is a mature, stable, and safe investment destination for exploration, mining, and production of gold, and refined gold.” “I look forward to work with the investors, our local SME and alluvial gold miners and landowners, as well as those in the big mines to ensure that this refinery and mint is beneficial to all parties in the mining and gold business.”
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2023.06.09 03:24 KeepStackinSon [WTS] 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars, 35% Silver War Nickels, Engelhard 10 oz Silver Bars, Proof Gold Buffalos, 1991 Silver Bullion Coins of World Set, 2011 $5 US Army Gold Commem, Spouse Gold

Prices are firm. You pay shipping unless noted. Delivery is guaranteed (see below).
Lot 1: Engelhard P Series 10 oz Silver Bar / Loaf - $340 SOLD
Lot 2: Engelhard 10 oz Silver Bar E Logo - $305

Lot 3: $50 1 oz Proof Gold Buffalo w/ OGP - $2,180 shipped
2006 & 2011 available

Lot 4: Capital Holder Silver Bullion Coins of the World w/ Five 1991 Silver Coin - $260
All 1991, all 1 oz, Maple Leaf, Libertad, Silver Eagle, Panda, Kookaburra

SOLD Lot 5: US Mint 2010 Mary Todd Lincoln Proof .9999 0.5 ozt Gold Spouse Coin - $1045 shipped
https://imgur.com/a/HJV4GTd SOLD

Lot 6: US Mint 2011 Proof $5 Gold Army Commemoratives (0.2419 ozt AGW) - $490
3 2 available

Lot 7: 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars - 7.10 X Face Value (FV) ($3.55 per coin, below melt)
$600.00 FV available. $30.00 FV minimum order

Lot 8: 35% Silver War Nickels - $1.35 each (below spot)
105 available

SHIPPING: Shipping to USA only. I take responsibility for shipping. If tracking says it was delivered or that it was out for delivery (they sometimes forget to do final scan), I consider it delivered. If tracking says it got lost or package damaged and empty, I will reimburse you fully or give you the same product if possible.
Shipping will be by USPS first class bubble mailer ($5, only available below 16 oz) or priority flat rate box ($9).
Payment options in order of preference: BTC, Zelle, Venmo, PPGS+3%, PPFF. PPGS will only be available to users with a lot of feedback.
Please be aware that a scammer pretending to be me is messaging people who are leaving comments here. His payment info contains the name "ric". That is not me. He is also suggesting cashapp. I do not have cashapp
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2023.06.09 02:31 CoinTimeU [WTS] Silver, Halves , Mexico , gold and more

[WTS] Silver, Halves , Mexico , gold and more
USPS priority box /envelope $10
USPS 1st class $6 up to 7 oz
Risky envelope shipping $2
I take Zelle and Venmo
I make excellent packages but after that
its up to USPS.
I still have Zimbabwe 1 million dollars notes for $3
1895 $20 Gold $2300
I think it's a MS63 and that this is a great price for this coin.
1963 D half $20
BU Washington silver 50c $15
Proof Washington silver 50c $15
$2.75 FV 90% with a peace dollar $old
Camel silver round $60
Bart Simpson 1 oz $40
Liberty Lobby George Washington 1 oz round 1979 $ 35
1 oz Cannabis $33
1968 Mexico 25 pesos .720 silver $26
1948 Mexico 5 pesos . 900 Silver $42
1oz cannabis copper $3.50
1875 half $30
1948 D half $15
2021 Mexican silver Libertad $38
2022 Mexican silver Libertad $38
1911 and 1920 5 cents silver
$4 each
1960 Canada dime $1.11
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2023.06.09 02:24 CoinTimeU [WTS] Silver, Halves , Mexico , gold and more

[WTS] Silver, Halves , Mexico , gold and more
I will trade anything dollar for dollar , for barber coinage.
USPS priority box /envelope $10
USPS 1st class $6 up to 7 oz
Risky envelope shipping $2
I take Zelle and Venmo
I make excellent packages but after that
its up to USPS.
1895 $20 Gold $2300
I think it's a MS63 and that this is a great price for this coin.
1963 D half $20
BU Washington silver 50c $15
Proof Washington silver 50c $15
$2.75 FV 90% with a peace dollar $old
Camel silver round $60
Bart Simpson 1 oz $40
Liberty Lobby George Washington 1 oz round 1979 $ 35
1 oz Cannabis $33
1968 Mexico 25 pesos .720 silver $26
1948 Mexico 5 pesos . 900 Silver $42
1oz cannabis copper $3.50
1875 half $30
1948 D half $15
2021 Mexican silver Libertad $38
2022 Mexican silver Libertad $38
1911 and 1920 5 cents silver
$4 each
1960 Canada dime $1.11
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2023.06.09 02:18 jmcsys [WTS] Various .999 silver and 90%. Pay by Zelle, Venmo or Cash App (between friends, no notes)

*** If we have had a positive trade before or you would like to see more of my free raffles please up vote and/or share this post for me. Your support means a great deal to me! **\*
If using venmo or cashapp NO NOTES, Emojis only, or I will refund the amount.
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/yZLU98Q
**All .999 coins have been tested with my sigma and weight confirmed.*\*
35 BU 1oz private mint Salmon rounds (2004). Front / back in picture. Sequential serials, $29 ea
200 1 gram .999 silver bars and rounds. $2.00 ea, or $2.40 ea if you want to cherry pick.
70 1/10 oz walker rounds. $5 ea

Buy any amount of Junk! ( $1.40 FV (face value) of 90% equals ~1.0 Toz of pure silver )
All junk is in average circulation condition unless otherwise specified.
Up to 60 Washy (Washington) quarters (90% silver): $5.60 ea
Up to 500 Rosie (Roosevelt) dimes (90% silver): $2.25 ea
Up to 70 JFK 1964 halves (90% silver): $12.00 ea
Up to 300 Merc dimes (90% silver): $2.40 ea

40% and 35% Junk
Up to 150 (40% silver) Kennedy halves: $3.75 ea ( 7 = ~1.03 Toz of pure silver in fractional units )
Up to 1500 (35% silver) war nickles: $1.45 ea ( 18 = ~1.0127 Toz of silver )

Honduras 90% silver (years 1931-1959) average circulation. Made by the US Mint.
I am pricing these 25% or more below recent feebay sales.
10 total, 90% Lempira: $16 ea ( ~ same size and weight and silver content to a 90% US half dollar )
10 total, 90% 50 Centavos: $8 ea ( ~ same size and weight and silver content to a 90% US quarter )
30 total, 90% 20 Centavos: $4 ea ( ~ same size and weight and silver content to a 90% US dime )

Use the link below to message me:
Payment and Shipping information:
Prices are only accurate for the first 48 hours of posting and subject to change with the spot price. If the post is more than 48 hours old message me first to confirm the price.
I can accept Crypto, Zelle, Venmo (between friends) or Cash App no notes or memos. Emojis only if you must put something.
For crypto payments if not sending a stable coin you must send enough o that once I have received the crypto and can convert it to a stable coin the value equals or exceeds the agreed purchase price. Therefore I recommend sending ~3% over the purchase price.
I have no problem using a Middleman and prefer to use ShadyApp since we are in the same state and I have done deals with him before.
Shipping is $7 tracked for up to 12 oz and at cost for any amount above within lower 48. For shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, APO, or US territories I will have to specifically determine the rate which will be at cost.
Shipping is $10.50 tracked priority mail flat rate for over 12 oz and at cost for any amount above within lower 48. For shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, APO, or US territories I will have to specifically determine the rate which will be at cost.
I can ship anything less than $30 in value, less than 3 oz in weight, and not too bulky in a stamped envelope for $2, however there will be no tracking, aka risky shipping.
Please note that anything in a 2x2 may be taped over for risky shipped. With USPS experiencing historic delays and a plethora of other issues, I will not ship out of the country without tracking.
Once I deposit packages in a USPS receptacle, you are at the mercy of USPS and as they are in responsible charge of the delivery, you should take up any issues with USPS.
Insurance(https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/Notice123.htm#_c191), Signature Confirmation, or upgraded shipping available at buyers request/expenseI ship fast and pack the items securely.
I pride myself on my packaging and will do my part to make sure the package and its contents will arrive safely.
I try to be the type of seller that I would like to buy from!
Feel free to check my feedback or get a reference from those I have sold to in the past.
I cannot be responsible for delivery after the package has left my possession. I will do my part to make sure the package and its contents will arrive safely but once I hand off the package all responsibility for delivery is between the buyer and USPS. I have never had a package go missing but if it happens I will do everything I can to assist you in your claim. I take photos of the items, the shipping label, and the package before I send it and will always keep the receipt from when I hand it off.
I am not a professional coin grader. Use pictures and/or video to judge for yourself. If the condition is a concern I will upload more videos/photos of any coin listed so you can fully inspect it prior to any money changing hands. I want you to know exactly what you are getting for your collection so there are no misunderstandings. I would rather take the time to make sure you will be happy with your purchase than rush into a sale.
Please no time wasters. I do not guarantee that I will answer PMs in the order received. I will answer them in whatever order I see fit which may be out of order. If I don’t get timely responses or timely payment, I will sell the coins/notes to the next interested party. Reasonable offers are welcome, but I don’t have much room, if any, to negotiate on smaller purchases. Offers of spot will not be tolerated. If I want to sell it at spot, it will be listed as such.
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2023.06.09 02:16 shwillybilly [WTS] Vintage Silver Bars, MS63 $2.5 Indian, Silver Dollars, 1/4 Gold Rabbit

If you'd like to buy or see more pictures of anything send a chat or a PM. Payment method - Zelle (Preferred), Venmo, or PPFF.
Shipping $5
Vintage Bars 10 Unique Hamilton Wonders of America Hamilton Comanche, Prospector, Madonna, Ramrod 3 Engelhard bars (1 Left) 1973 Colonial Mint Madonna Merry Christmas Bar - minimum purchase 2 bars - $32 each
1925-D $2.5 Indian NGC MS63 - $555 Free shipping if you pay with Zelle
1948 90% Cinco Pesos - $30
YPS 1oz Dice - $31 ea (4 available)
Lot of 6 Common Date Circulated Silver dollars - $162
2011 Perth Year of the Rabbit 1/4 oz Gold - $565 Free Shipping if you pay with Zelle
Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.09 01:00 markermal3 BullionStats.net silver stock trends from 6/7/2023-6/8/2023

This is based on 952 tracked silver products from APMEX updated 5-6pm CST. To see an explanation on how this information is retrieved refer to the 'How we compile the daily silver stock trends' section on the BullionStats.net site. There you can find data going back as far as 10/10/21 on inventory or silver premium trends
Total oz purchased since tracking started 10/10/21: 23,452,730.98
Total in-stock oz tracked: 813,351.27
Tracked oz added (24h): 3,712.82 Tracked oz removed (24h): 17,230.76
Number restocked since OOS: 9 Number now out of stock: 3
Top 15 cumulative oz sold for tracked products: 1. 3,563 oz: 1 oz Silver Round - APMEX 2. 1,800.4 oz: 1 kilo Cast-Poured Silver Bar - APMEX 3. 1,703 oz: 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin BU (Random Year) 4. 1,290 oz: 10 oz Silver Bar - Royal Canadian Mint (.9999 Fine, New Style) 5. 1,286 oz: 1 oz Silver Bar - APMEX 6. 1,201 oz: 1 oz Silver Round - Buffalo 7. 830 oz: 10 oz Silver Bar - APMEX 8. 800 oz: 100 oz Silver Bar - Secondary Market 9. 515 oz: 1 oz Proof American Silver Eagle (Random Year, w/Box & COA) 10. 513 oz: 1 oz Silver Round - Morgan Dollar Design 11. 310 oz: 5 oz Silver Bar - APMEX 12. 260 oz: American Silver Eagles (Random Year, 20-Coin MintDirect® Tube) 13. 240 oz: 10 oz Silver Bar - Pioneer Metals 14. 143 oz: 90% Silver Mercury Dime $100 Face Value Bag 15. 143 oz: 90% Silver Franklin Half Dollars $100 Face Value Bag Avg Circ
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2023.06.08 18:33 photonspextrum [WTS] 2 oz intaglio mint, Australian mint, Britannia, Anne stokes kindred spirits, lots of nice coins 👍

Hi I have some nice silver coins for sale today currently accepting Venmo and zelle only, please comment below and send a PM I do not get chats thank you. I pack extremely well plenty of tape and packing materials my liability ends upon the physical acceptance scan but will help in any way possible. If you need insurance I can get you a price thank you and on to the good stuff!
Shipping add $5 for bubble mailer or $10 for small flate rate box if you buy more than 1 item free shipping! If you want just one item add $5 for shipping.
Open to reasonable offers for the lot, main idea is to move these from me to you!
Proof = https://imgur.com/a/8YJSYep
Videos are all here you just have to scroll through imugur album and hover above image and it will turn into video. If you need better pics/vids please ask thank you.
Videos are here https://imgur.com/a/q1581yn
Video of all together here
Selling as a lot for $575 there are 14 ozt total shipped as a lot thanks each coins value is individually broken down and took a percentage off that.
2018 lunar 1oz dog in APMEX orig packaging all yours for $45.
2 oz pathfinder Valeros red dragon $95 extremely rare.
2 oz intaglio mint Latin allure series death before dishonor $85.
2020 silver Britannia $35.
2x anne stokes kindred spirits one has the coa of #2 and the other has the number 91 of 2000 minted it has a antiqued finish must be bought together for $180 for both of them.
1 troy ounce hobo nickel style officially licensed art this is very detailed and 😎 block chain certified made by rearden metals they are out of business now but made very nice coins! Artwork from albrexh durers knight,death and devil very nice coin $80.
2ozt Australian 2018 silver koala $75.
2020 2ozt Australian next generation kookabura$75.
Engelhard FL serial number in original wrapping $40.
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2023.06.08 16:43 PetroDollarPedro No You Aren't Wrong, Yes The World Has Lost It's Mind, And Yes You Should Continue To Accumulate Steadily And Methodically.

When everyone is running off of a cliff and screaming at you for walking the other direction, it can feel a little strange.
If you have any degree of common sense, the actions of global "leaders" and financial "authorities" make no sense at all.
And when you hear major investors and talking heads proclaiming that Gold (and by extension Silver) is a "terrible inflation hedge" and it "hasn't done anything in one of the most inflationary environments we've had in modern times", it can be discouraging. Add to that the endless and nonstop bullsh*t that occurs on the COMEX and LBMA, it often feels like we're being punished for simply trying to do what makes financial sense.
If you can, try to remember that the day to day price action won't matter in the end, because Gold and Silver always account for the endless spending of a government. Always. And when they do, their purchasing power doesn't necessarily go up so much as value finally becomes important. Who wants to trade a house for an obliviated currency? No one. Who's willing to sell a house for a Gold coin or a bag of Silver? We're going to find out.
The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. It's a market fact. So remember to stay calm as you can, educate if you see fit, and prepare your mind/body/spirit for some tumultuous times. They do cometh. And stack your Silver high, educate yourself further, and don't be afraid.
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2023.06.08 16:20 OldJewellerybuyer Sell gold coin for cash

Sell gold coin for cash
If you are interested to sell gold coin, then visit us now. Know the best gold buyer in all the neighborhoods of Delhi NCR. We are the only second-hand jewelry buyer. We provide a 100% value of precious metals. We are the highest price provider of old precious metals like gold and silver as well as stones like diamonds. If you are interested to know more then visit us & also call us now 9999821702

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2023.06.08 08:54 Then_Marionberry_259 Would coins this work be worth anything more than their silver value?

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2023.06.08 08:28 Correct-Influence-39 2000-2020 Post Office Coin Collection

UPDATE - could not add a gallery to existing post, images can be found here https://www.reddit.com/CanadianCoins/comments/144oje20002020_royal_canadian_mint_coin_collection/

I was wondering what my best course of action would be to sell a collection of 30-40 Canadian Mint Coins. My grandma worked with the Canadian post office for 30 years and would buy me several coins a year for holidays. She recently gave it to me with the intention that I sell it and ‘do something fun’. I’ve tried calling a few local shops in the greater Vancouver area but I’ve had a few straight up say they are not interested in them — other than to give me the value of the metal (gold, silver). Is my best course of action to individually sell on eBay or does anyone have shop recommendations?
Nearly all unopened, they have the soft leathery mint cases, with a little folded information sheet and the coin comes sealed in a case. Maybe one or two of these have I ever put in my hand.
Lots of precious metal coins Gold, Silver etc. , some stamp + coin wooden box ones, several coins with the shape of a Chinese coin with the hole in the middle. Sealed Promo Canucks coins etc.
Thank you, I’ll add some photos shortly if this post gets some traction.
PS - Thank you everyone for the advice! I have some free time later today and will upload some photos of my favourites. :)
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2023.06.08 07:22 Killerbrownstuff Would coins this work be worth anything more than their silver value?

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