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Going on Vacation to Mobile and Biloxi

2023.06.10 15:34 Bacon021 Going on Vacation to Mobile and Biloxi

Hi all! So I'm planning 3 vacations this year. South of France first week of July. North Idaho last week of July to visit my grandpa, and the Alabama/Mississippi gulf coast first week of September.
I'm from New Jersey but currently live in Philadelphia and commute to NJ for work because of NJ vs PA gun laws. Reason I'm visiting the area is because it appeals to me. I work in trucking and the first time I ever drove through Mobile and the I-10 corridor was when I had to go to Baton Rouge to do a repo. I remember thinking "this place looks cool, it's 60 degrees in February, and I could totally live here". So I'm coming down to spend a week to see if it's actually viable or not. I love the beach, I love swimming, I love guns, and so I figured I'd give it a shot. I am 33 and I have no kids, no wife, no real family.
My only 2 concerns are the job market and the airport. In looking at Alabama and Mississippi I saw that MS seems to have nothing, period, unless you want to drive OTR, and Birmingham and Montgomery are the real employment centers of AL. Aside from what I see on Indeed, is there a good amount of truck repair or truck driving work in the area? Or similar work that would tie into that? Where are there industrial parks I could drive around and potentially talk to people?
K, idk what else to really say. I appreciate you reading all that if you did and I thank you for your time and consideration.
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2023.06.10 12:56 a-yeti-story Why Mobile Alabama? What is the relevance of that particular place?

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2023.06.10 09:51 The1stCitizenOfTheIn Twitter Files Extra: How the World's "No-Kidding Decision Makers" Got Organized

In honor of this week’s RightsCon and 360/OS Summit, we dug into the #TwitterFiles to revisit the integration of the Atlantic Council’s anti-disinformation arm, the Digital Forensic Research Labs (DFRLabs), while also highlighting its relationship with weapons manufacturers, Big Oil, Big Tech, and others who fund the NATO-aligned think tank.
The Atlantic Council is unique among “non-governmental” organizations thanks to its lavish support from governments and the energy, finance, and weapons sectors. It’s been a key player in the development of the “anti-disinformation” sector from the beginning.
It wasn’t an accident when its DFRLabs was chosen in 2018 to help Facebook “monitor for misinformation and foreign interference,” after the platform came under intense congressional scrutiny as a supposed unwitting participant in a Russian influence campaign.
Press uniformly described DFRLabs as an independent actor that would merely “improve security,” and it was left to media watchdog FAIR to point out that the Council was and is “dead center in what former President Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes called ‘the blob.’”
What’s “the blob”? FAIR described it as “Washington’s bipartisan foreign-policy consensus,” but thanks to the Twitter Files, we can give a more comprehensive portrait.
In the runup to the 360/OS event in that same year, 2018, Graham Brookie of the Atlantic Council boasted to Twitter executives that the attendees would include the crème de la crème of international influence, people he explained resided at the “no-kidding decision-maker level”
Similar correspondence to and from DFRLabs and Twitter outlined early efforts to bring together as partners groups that traditionally served as watchdogs of one another.
Perhaps more even than the World Economic Forum meetings at Davos or gatherings of the Aspen Institute in the US, the Atlantic Council 360/OS confabs are as expansive a portrait of the Censorship-Industrial Complex as we’ve found collected in one place.
In October 2018, DFRLab was instrumental in helping Facebook identify accounts for what became known as “the purge,” a first set of deletions of sites accused of “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”
Facebook in its announcement of these removals said it was taking steps against accounts created to “stir up political debate,” and the October 2018 “purge” indeed included the likes of Punk Rock Libertarians, Cop Block, and Right Wing News, among others. Even the progressive Reverb Press, founded by a relatively mainstream progressive named James Reader, found his site zapped after years of pouring thousands of dollars a month into Facebook marketing tools.
In the years since, DFRLab has become the central coordination node in the Censorship Industrial Complex as well as a key protagonist in the Election Integrity Partnership and the Virality Project.
Its high-profile role at RightsCon, the biggest civil society digital rights event on the calendar, should concern human rights and free expression activists.
According to their London 2019 event “360/OS brings together journalists, activists, innovators, and leaders from around the world as part of our grassroots digital solidarity movement fighting for objective truth as a foundation of democracy.”
Their Digital Sherlocks program aims to “identify, expose, and explain disinformation.”
The Twitter Files reveal DFRLabs labeled as “disinformation” content that often turned out to be correct, that they participated in disinformation campaigns and the suppression of “true” information, and that they lead the coordination of a host of actors who do the same.
Twitter Files #17 showed how DFRLabs sent Twitter more than 40,000 names of alleged BJP (India’s ruling nationalist party) accounts that they suggested be taken down.
DFRLab said it suspected these were “paid employees or possibly volunteers.” However as Racket’s Matt Taibbi noted, “the list was full of ordinary Americans, many with no connection to India and no clue about Indian politics.”
Twitter recognized there was little illegitimate about them, resulting in DFRLabs pulling the project and cutting ties with the researcher.
Twitter Files #19 further revealed DFRLab was a core partner in the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), which “came together in June of 2020 at the encouragement of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA” in order to “fill the gaps legally” that government couldn’t.
As a result, there are serious questions as to whether the EIP violated the US First Amendment.
DFRLabs was also a core partner on the Virality Project, which pushed its seven Big Tech partners to censor “stories of true vaccine side-effects.”
The Stanford Internet Observatory, which led the project, is now being sued by the New Civil Liberties Alliance for its censorship of “online support groups catering to those injured by Covid vaccines.”
Debate as to the frequency of serious adverse events is ongoing, however. The German health minister put it at 1 in 10,000, while others claim it is higher.
The Virality Project sought to suppress any public safety signals at all. The Stanford Internet Observatory is also at the moment reportedly resisting a House Judiciary Committee subpoena into its activities.
TwitterFiles #20 revealed some of the Digital Forensic Lab’s 2018 360/0S events, which brought together military leaders, human rights organizations, the Huffington Post, Facebook and Twitter, Edelman (the world’s biggest PR firm), the head of the Munich Security Conference, the head of the World Economic Forum (Borge Brende) a former President, Prime Minister and CIA head, intel front BellingCat and future Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa, all to combat “disinformation.” We can now reveal more.
The Atlantic Council is a NATO-aligned think tank established in 1961. Its board of directors and advisory board are a Who’s Who of corporate, intelligence and military power, including:
  • James Clapper – former Director of National Intelligence whose tenure included overseeing the NSA during the time of the Snowden leaks. Asked whether intelligence officials collect data on Americans Clapper responded “No, sir,” and, “Not wittingly.” Clapper also coordinated intelligence community activity through the early stages of Russiagate, and his office authored a key January 2017 report concluding that Russians interfered in 2016 to help Donald Trump. Clapper has been a 360/OS attendee.
  • Stephen Hadley, United States National Security Advisor from 2005 to 2009 (also a 360/OS attendee)
  • Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State who oversaw the carpet bombing of Vietnam, among other crimes against humanity
  • Pfizer CEO Anthony Bourla
  • Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder, The Blackstone Group
  • Meta’s President for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg
  • Richard Edelman, CEO of the world’s largest PR firm (and 360/OS attendee)
  • The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Former Secretary General of NATO
  • Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, Former President of the World Bank
  • Leon Panetta, former US Secretary of Defense & CIA Director. Panetta oversaw the US’s massive growth in drone strikes.
  • John F. W. Rogers. Goldman Sachs Secretary of the Board
Chuck Hagel, chairman of the Council, sits on the board of Chevron and is also a former US Secretary of Defence.
The Atlantic Council raised $70 million in 2022, $25 million of which came from corporate interests.
Among the biggest donors were: the US Departments of Defense State, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller Foundation, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Google, Crescent Petroleum, Chevron, Lockheed Martin, General Atomics, Meta, Blackstone, Apple, BP, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Raytheon, ExxonMobil, Shell, Twitter, and many more.
Ukraine’s scandal-ridden energy company, Burisma, whose links to Hunter Biden were suppressed by the August 2020 table-top exercise coordinated by the Aspen Institute, also made a contribution.
You can view the full 2022 “honor roll” by clicking here.
The Atlantic Council and DFRLabs don’t hide their militarist affiliations.
This week’s OS/360 event at RightsCon Costa Rica runs together with a 360/OS at NATO’s Riga StratCom Dialogue, which DFRLab note they have “worked closely with” “since 2016.”
DFRLabs was founded in 2016, and has been a major catalyst in expanding the “anti-disinformation” industry.
Among non-governmental entities, perhaps only the Aspen Institute comes close to matching the scope, scale and funding power of DFRLabs.
DFRLabs claims to chart “the evolution of disinformation and other online and technological harms, especially as they relate to the DFRLab’s leadership role in establishing shared definitions, frameworks, and mitigation practices.”
Almost $7 million of the Atlantic Council’s $61 million spent last year went to the DRFLabs, according to their 2022 annual financial report.
Through its fellowship program, it has incubated leading figures in the “disinformation” field.
Richard Stengel, the first director of the Global Engagement Center (GEC), was a fellow.
GEC is an interagency group “within” the State Department (also a funder of the Atlantic Council), whose initial partners included the FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA, DARPA, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and others.
GEC is now a major funder of DFRLabs and a frequent partner
In this video, Stengel says, “I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it, they have to do it to their own population, and I don’t think it’s that awful.”
Stengel was true to his word, and apart from DFRLab, the GEC funded the Global Disinformation Index, which set out to demonetize conservative media outlets it claimed were “disinformation.” (See 37. in the censorship list)
He thought the now-disgraced Hamilton68 was “fantastic.” In total, GEC funded 39 organizations in 2017.
Despite Freedom of Information requests, only 3 have been made public to date.
Roughly $78 million of GEC’s initial $100 million budget outlay for fiscal year 2017 came from the Pentagon, though the budgetary burden has shifted more toward the State Department in the years since.
The Global Engagement Center was established in the last year of Barack Obama’s presidency, via a combination of an executive order and a bipartisan congressional appropriation, led by Ohio Republican Rob Portman and Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy.
The GEC was and remains virtually unknown, but reporting in the Twitter Files and by outlets like the Washington Examiner have revealed it to be a significant financial and logistical supporter of “anti-disinformation” causes.
Though tasked by Obama with countering “foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests,” its money has repeatedly worked its way back in the direction of policing domestic content, with Gabe Kaminsky’s Examiner reports on the GDI providing the most graphic example.
GEC frequently sent lists of “disinformation agents to Twitter.” Yoel Roth, former head of Trust and Safety referred to one list as a “total crock.” Roth is now a member of DFRLab’s Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web. Let’s hope he brings more trust than Stengel. You can read more on GEC’s funding here.
Other DFRLab luminaries include Simon Clark, Chairman of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (a UK “anti-disinformation” outfit that aggressively deplatforms dissidents), Ben Nimmo (previously a NATO press officer, then of Graphika (EIP and the Virality Project partners) and now Facebook’s Global Threat Intelligence Lead), and Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat.
Bellingcat has an ominous reputation, which it’s earned in numerous ways, including its funding by the National Endowment for Democracy...
Most recently, Bellingcat assisted in the arrest of the 21-year-old Pentagon leaker, further speeding up the abandonment of the Pentagon Papers Principal where the media protected, rather than persecuted, leakers.
Bellingcat was part of 360/OS backroom meetings with former intel chiefs, the head of Davos and the Munich security conference among many others, as we will see soon.
The Virality Project built on the EIP and had partnerships with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, TikTok and more to combat vaccine “misinformation.”
Stanford and DFRLab partnered with the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, Graphika, NYU Tandon School of Engineering and Center for Social Media and Politics, and the National Congress on Citizenship.
Through a shared Jira ticketing system they connected these Big Tech platforms together, with Graphika using sophisticated AI to surveil the online conversation at scale in order to catch “misinformation” troublemakers.
VP went far beyond any kind of misinformation remit, most infamously recommending to their Big Tech partners that they consider “true stories of vaccine side effects” as “standard misinformation on your platform.”
A Virality Project partner called the Algorithmic Transparency Initiative (a project of the National Congress on Citizenship) went further.
Their Junkipedia initiative sought to address “problematic content” via the “automated collection of data” from “closed messaging apps,” and by building a Stasi-like “civic listening corps,” which in recent years has taken on a truly sinister-sounding mission.
The current incarnation might as well be called “SnitchCorps,” as “volunteers have an opportunity to join a guided monitoring shift to actively participate in monitoring topics that disrupt communities”
Garret Graff, who oversaw the Aspen Hunter Biden table-top exercise, was chairman of that same National Congress on Citizenship when they collaborated on the Virality Project.
Both EIP and VP were led by Renee DiResta of the Stanford Internet Observatory, a former CIA fellow who engineered the now disgraced New Knowledge initiative, which developed fake Russian bots to discredit a 2017 Alabama senate race candidate, as acknowledged by the Washington Post.
DFRLab are the elite of the “anti-disinformation” elite.
They work closely with a wide range of actors who have participated in actual disinformation initiatives.
Here they’re invited to an elite Twitter group set up by Nick Pickles of “anti-disinformation” luminaries First Draft, also participants in the Hunter Biden laptop tabletop, and the Alliance for Security Democracy, part of the RussiaGate Hamilton68 disinformation operation.
The 360/OS event marries this tarnished record with the financial, political, military, NGO, academic and intelligence elite. Some of this is visible through publicly available materials.
Twitter Files however reveal the behind the scenes, including closed door, off-the-record meetings.
“I’ve just arrived in Kyiv” Brookie notes in 2017, as he seeks to line up a meeting with Public Policy Director Nick Pickles as they discuss Twitter providing a USD $150K contribution to OS/360 (seemingly secured), and to garner high level Twitter participation.
Pickles is visiting DC and Brookie suggests he also meet with the GEC and former FBI agent Clint Watts of Hamilton 68 renown. “Happy to make those connections,” he chimes.
360/OS events are elite and expensive — $1 million according to Brookie — so closer collaboration with Twitter, especially in the form of funding, is a high priority.
Twitter offers $150,000
When Brookie mentions the attendees at the “no-kidding decision maker level” he isn’t kidding.
Parallel to the 360/OS public program is the much more important off-the-record meeting of “decision makers ranging from the C-Suite to the Situation Room.”
Here, he is explicit about a convening of military and financial power.
Vanguard 25 is presented as a way to “create a discreet and honest way to close the information gap on challenges like disinformation between key decision makers from government, tech, and media.”
The document boasts of its high-level participants
More are revealed in email exchanges, including Madeleine Albright and the head of the WEF
They go on to list a bizarre mishmash of media leaders, intelligence officials, and current or former heads of state
...Germany’s Angela Merkel was out of reach in the end, but many of the others attended this behind the scenes meeting on “disinformation.” Who are they?
  • Matthias Dopfner – CEO and 22% owner of German media empire Axel Springer SE, the biggest media publishing firm in Europe
  • Borge Brende – head of the World Economic Forum and former Norwegian foreign minister
  • Toomas Hendrick Ilves – former President of Estonia who co-chairs the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Blockchain Technology. Hendrick is also a fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (where the Stanford Internet Observatory is housed) and is on the advisory council of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, of Hamilton 68 renown.
  • Chris Sacca – billionaire venture capitalist
  • Mounir Mahjoubi – previously Digital Manager for President Macron’s presidential campaign, and former Chairman of the French Digital Council
  • Reid Hoffman – billionaire and Linkedin co-founder
  • Ev Williams – Former CEO of Twitter and on the Twitter board at the time
  • Kara Swisher – New York Times opinion writer, who founded Vox Media Recode
  • Wolfgang Ischinger - Head of the Munich Security Conference
  • Aleksander Kwasniewski – Former President of Poland. Led Poland into NATO and the EU.
  • Richard Edelman – CEO of the largest PR company in the world
  • Elliot Shrage – previously Vice-President of Public Policy at Facebook (DFRLab had election integrity projects with Facebook)
  • Lydia Polgreen – Huffington Post Editor in Chief
  • Jim Clapper –former US Director of National Intelligence
  • Maria Ressa – co-founder of Rappler and soon to be winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Why would such a group all gather specifically around the question of “disinformation”?
Is disinformation truly at such a level that it requires bringing together the world’s most popular author with military and intelligence leaders, the world’s biggest PR company, journalists, billionaires, Big Tech and more?
Or is this work to build the case that there is a disinformation crisis, to then justify the creation of a massive infrastructure for censorship? A glimpse of the agenda offers clues
Here the head of the most important military and intelligence conference in the world (Munich) sits down in a closed door meeting with a former Secretary of State and the Executive Vice-Chair of the Atlantic Council.
Which is followed by a closed door session with the Editor-in Chief of the ...Huffington Post and peace-maker Maria Ressa who presented to the same group of military, intelligence, corporate and other elites.
Is the role of a journalist and Nobel laureate to work behind closed doors with militarists and billionaires, or to hold them to account?
At 2022’s OS/360 at RightsCon Ressa conducted a softball interview on disinformation with current US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.
In testimony last April 2023, former CIA deputy director Michael Morrell stated that Blinken “set in motion the events that led to the issuance of the public statement” by more than 50 former intelligence officials that the Hunter Biden laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russia information operation.”
The Twitter Files also revealed that in August 2020 the Aspen Institute organized a table-top exercise to practice how best to respond to a “hack and leak” of a Hunter Biden laptop.
The laptop only came to light however two months later.
In attendance was First Draft (now the Information Futures Lab), the New York Times, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, CNN, Yahoo! News, Facebook, Twitter and more.
Here, DFRLab head Graham Brookie speaks with the Aspen Institute’s Garret Graff, who coordinated the Hunter Biden tabletop exercise.
After it turned out the Hunter Biden laptop was real, and the disinformation operation was more appropriately described as having been led by the likes of Blinken and the Aspen Institute.
The appropriate response is apparently for RightsCon, DFRLab, Blinken and Ressa to put on a nice forum to promote these figures as “anti-disinformation” leaders.
Former DFRLab fellow and intel front Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins is also invited to the closed door sessions with a former head of the CIA, a former Prime Minister and a President.
How do you keep power accountable when you are in the same cozy club? This theme runs throughout.
Bellingcat is featured heavily at the public sessions also
On the public side, we see Amnesty International participating to further collapse the distinction between those who are meant to hold power to account, and the powerful themselves.
The Iraq war gave us embedded journalists, and the “anti-disinformation” field gives us embedded digital rights activists.
The Department of Homeland Security’s Chris Krebs also joined the closed door session.
Krebs was Co-Chair of the Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder.
Other members included Prince Harry, the Virality Project’s Alex Stamos (Stanford Internet Observatory) and Kate Starbird (University of Washington and previous 360/OS participant), Katie Couric, and more. Craig Newmark attended as an observer.
Meanwhile Renee DiResta, former CIA fellow and Stanford Internet Observatory Research Director, presented with the former Prime Minister of Sweden.
This was years before she would launch the Virality Project, and take on the bugbear of “true stories of vaccine side effects.”
The President of the Atlantic Council participated in an “off-the-record, “ behind closed doors conversation on “trust” with the CEO of the world’s biggest PR firm, Edelman.
“Public relations” and “trust” may well be opposites, and trust is being destroyed not by the disinformation street crime that these groups claim to target, but by the disinformation corporate crime protected by, or in some cases created by these same people.
Disinformation is real, but its biggest purveyors are governments and powerful corporate interests.
DFRLab and RightsCon show just how far the capture of civil society by elite interests has come. Again, I made a mistake helping to co-organize RightsCon in 2015.
The jumping in bed with the government and Big Tech was arguably there in 2015, though to a much lesser degree.
It now partners with militarists in the form of the Atlantic Council and is an enabler of the “disinformation” grift that is so deeply impacting freedom of speech and expression.
The air-gaps that should separate civil society, media, military, billionaires, intelligence and government have collapsed, and many of these actors have formed a new alliance to advance their shared interests.
If weapons manufacturers funding human rights is considered legitimate then where is the red line? Effectively, there is none.
This collapse however has also been pushed by funders, who have been proactive in asking NGOs to collaborate more with Big Tech and government - something I successfully resisted for my almost 18 years at EngageMedia, critically RightsCon was the only time I let my guard down.
The RightsCon sponsor matrix wouldn’t be out of place at NASCAR
This is the equivalent of hosting a Climate Change conference sponsored by Shell, BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil.
How do you keep power accountable when Big Tech pays your wage? The “let’s all work together” approach has failed.
The weakest partner, civil society, got captured and we lost.
Many more lost their way and have acquiesced to and often enabled much of the new censorship regime.
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2023.06.09 20:59 Ok_Pen8968 MFRD Mobile Fire Rescue Department Alabama logo

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2023.06.09 18:55 Swimming-Purchase-70 Is someone trying to tell me something? 🤣

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2023.06.09 18:05 TurtleTimeline Toyota: Beyond Zero with bZ4X and new battery lab


Toyota’s electrification expansion with bZ4X and $50 million Battery Lab

Toyota is offering a glimpse of a future that’s not just carbon neutral, but goes “Beyond Zero”. The automotive giant has just launch the Toyota bZ4X, the first of a global series of battery-electric vehicles, and made an investment of $50 million in a state-of-the-art battery lab in Michigan.

Toyota’s dedication to the Beyond Zero vision

Shinichi Yasui, executive vice president of Toyota Motor North America (TMNA), Research and Development, asserts, “This new investment in our North American R&D operation shows Toyota’s directional shift towards electrification for all.” The “Beyond Zero” vision sees Toyota committed to helping reduce carbon emissions by offering customers a broad array of 15 electrified vehicles to choose from.

Introducing the 2023 Toyota bZ4X

The bZ4X is the leading light in Toyota’s push beyond carbon neutrality. Its key features include an EPA-estimated range rating of up to 252 miles per charge for XLE FWD, available AWD with X-MODE® system, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, among others.

bZ4X specifications and data

New automotive battery lab

A significant part of Toyota’s strategy is a new battery lab in Michigan, set to open in 2025. The facility will evaluate and support the development of electric vehicle batteries, enhancing Toyota’s capabilities for electric and electrified vehicles in North America.

Battery lab specifications and data

Conclusion: a future yet to be realized

As Toyota takes the initial steps in advancing toward a sustainable future, critics may argue that the pace of transition isn’t rapid enough. With a market moving swiftly towards electrification, Toyota’s “Beyond Zero” commitment and investments in new technologies, such as the bZ4X and battery lab, represent a positive shift. However, for the automotive giant to truly make an impact in the fight against climate change, it will need to do more than match pace with competitors—it will need to lead the way.
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2023.06.09 17:21 genxer End of Life Care - Canine

Species: Dog Age: 11.5 Sex/Neuter status: Female Spayed Breed: Pit-Boxer Body weight: 68 pounds currently was 76 History: 5/22 took her to the vet for a cough diag common cold. Returned 6/8 with no improvement. Clinical signs: Cough -- started coughing up blood 6/7 Duration: Since 5/20 or so Your general location: Alabama
Vet did "Digital Radiographs (2 view)" and determined my girl has multiple lung tumors. She has been given "weeks" to live. She was prescribed medication to boost her appetite and sent home.
My questions -- what can I feed her to make her as comfortable as possible? I remember (40 years ago) my Mom's vet recommending ground Lamb and Rice. When should we take her to the rainbow bridge? What signs of pain should I look for? She is still mobile and eating some.
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2023.06.09 15:16 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: BREAKING: Felon Indicted :) by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (06/08/23)

"There was a mole within the FBI by the name of "one eye."" - Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) having some fun with disinformation on Fox News
BREAKING: Disgraced former president Donald Trump has reportedly been indicted on seven federal felony counts stemming from the investigation of his theft of state secrets. Additional details are currently scarce, but we'll have more tomorrow.

Redeem Court

Two…good(???) Supreme Court decisions??? From the once and future John Roberts Cauldron of Horrors???
We don’t want to get too carried away, but yes, there was a second good decision today.
It’s a sad state of affairs that the Supreme Court simply upholding decades of federal precedent is seen as a Big Win in 2023, but here we are. We’re girding our loins for the rest of the Supreme Court’s term, but for now, we can bask in a rare and fleeting moment of relief.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

Exciting news! Crooked’s go-to legal podcast, Strict Scrutiny, will be recording live at Howard University and you can now join via LIVESTREAM on June 9 at 1 PM Eastern. Join hosts Leah Litman, Kate Shaw, and Melissa Murray with President and Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Janai Nelson, and Crooked’s own Shaniqua McClendon as they provide in-depth, accessible, and irreverent analysis of the Supreme Court and its cases, culture, and personalities. Get your livestream tickets today at the link below—And get a 25 percent discount if you’re a Friend of The Pod subscriber!

Under The Radar

Secretary of State Antony Blinken embarked on a thorny trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this week, hoping to “normalize” diplomacy between the U.S.’s two main allies in the region: Saudi Arabia and Israel. Sounds fun! Blinken participated in a joint news conference with his Saudi counterpart, where Prince Faisal bin Farhan said he hoped an agreement could be reached in which the United States would help Saudi Arabia develop a nuclear program. What could go wrong?! Saudi Arabia is home to Islam’s two holiest shrines, and like other Arab nations has for generations not recognized Israel. Prince Faisal said he agreed that normalization of relations would benefit both countries, but the benefits would be limited unless Israel made meaningful inroads towards a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. Discussions around Saudi Arabia’s development of civilian-nuclear cooperation have stalled because Riyadh has thus far refused to agree to limits on nuclear enrichment and reprocessing designed to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons. (See above question…)

What Else?

Federal prosecutors have officially informed disgraced former president Donald Trump’s legal team that he is a target of their investigation into “mishandling” (wink) of classified documents after he left the White House.
Wildfires in Canada continue to decimate air quality as far away as North Carolina, and have forced cancellation or postponement of many outdoor events like horse racing in Belmont Park, NY, and several Major League Baseball games in the northeast.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas asked for more time to file his annual financial disclosure forms this year. We can’t imagine why.
Fox News will air a sit-down interview between Sean Hannity and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) on June 12, Newsom’s first Fox News interview in almost 13 years.
Four toddlers and two elderly people were stabbed in a knife attack in Annecy, France. Two of the children and one adult are in critical condition.
The European Union’s tentative agreement to evenly share responsibility for taking in migrants and refugees is in flux now that right-wing Italy has sought last-minute changes that would cut each country’s quota.
Pat Robertson, the longtime televangelist often credited for mobilizing evangelical Christians to vote for Republicans in droves, died at 93. Robertson also famously claimed that God allowed 9/11 to happen because the U.S. embraced abortion, homosexuality, and secularism, and that the 2010 earthquake in Haiti was God’s punishment for the country having made a deal with Satan for its independence from France 200 years before. Really gonna miss this guy!

What In The World?

After months of anticipation, the Ukrainian military’s counteroffensive against Russian forces has officially begun, kicking off a phase of the war Kyiv hopes will restore its territorial sovereignty while maintaining Western support. Ukrainian troops intensified their attacks on the front lines of the nation’s southeast, particularly the Zaporizhzhia region, long assumed to be the most strategic and likely location of the counteroffensive. Neither Russia nor Ukraine have made significant territorial progress since an initial Ukrainian counteroffensive last fall around Kherson and Kupiansk. The head of Kherson, Oleksandr Prokudin, described four unique instances of shelling in the region on Thursday evening, in which one woman died and 17 more were injured. Hundreds of Ukrainians in the region had to be rescued from their rooftops on Thursday, after a breached dam flooded villages, fields, and roads. Ukrainian authorities and volunteers evacuated residents of the Kherson region on Thursday amid shelling from Russian forces. Earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited inundated areas of the region, where he spoke to evacuees and local officials, and pleaded with international humanitarian agencies to accelerate their aid response.

What A Sponsor

Temps are rising and Brooklinen is here to help you swap out winter warmth for easy, breezy comfort with their award-winning sheets and home essentials.
Keep cool with their crisp Classic Percale weave or try their buttery smooth Luxe Sateen sheets, both constructed from long staple cotton and built to last.
From luxurious sheets to towels and robes that are PERFECT for summer, build your indoor oasis and beat the heat today by visiting https://Brooklinen.com or a store near you.
Use promo code HYSTERIA to get $20 off your online purchase of $100 or more.

Light At The End Of The Email

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is seeking a new amendment to the U.S. constitution that would put in place nationally popular gun-control restrictions like universal background checks and an assault-weapons ban without repealing the Second Amendment outright.
Gov. Joe Lombardo (R-NV) faces a $1.7 million ethics fine and possible censure for wearing his sheriff’s badge and uniform in campaign photos on social media in the run-up to his election.


Jesse McLaren on Twitter: "But if we clean the air now it won't be fair to the millions of people whose lungs are already poisoned."
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2023.06.09 11:55 cryptosoftindia Binary MLM Plan Working - Premium MLM Software in India

Binary MLM Plan Working - Premium MLM Software in India
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Anyone with little internet experience can utilize the India MLM Software because of its exceptionally user-friendly user interface. The dashboard itself provides access to all necessary features.
Fast, Secure, Reliable
The fastest, safest, and most dependable software for your MLM business is India MLM Software. Using our MLM Software, users may complete their transactions much more safely.
Any sort of MLM Compensation Plan, such as Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Board, Party, Hybrid, Stair Step Breakaway, or any other unique Compensation Plan, can be customized using the India MLM Software.
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Users can assign permission levels to users at various levels, including admin, member, operator, franchise, employee, and customer, using the multi-userole management tool. It greatly simplifies network management.
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With the member management feature of India MLM software, you can effortlessly manage every member of your MLM network. Manage user profiles, passwords, member information, options that are activated and deactivated, and much more.
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Working of Binary MLM Plan
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2023.06.09 07:49 Vikas-16 Best Primary Schools in Hyderabad - Vikas The Concept School

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2023.06.09 06:38 BlizzardBear3 IC falsely changed the hours of every Kroger

IC falsely changed the hours of every Kroger
This is a recent change in the app. I know for a fact that every Kroger location around me closes at 1 AM. Instacart changed the hours to 6 am to 12 am so now no Kroger batches can come through in the last hour they’re open.
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2023.06.09 05:59 1000000students SAUDIS

'Saudi Arabia First': Trump Lets Saudis Dictate US Foreign Policy--17 Saudia Arabian nationals executed 9/11 --At least 3000 Americans died and billions upon billions of damage to New York, the Pentagon and a plane nose diving in Pennsylvania on 9/11 FIRST RUSSIA NOW SAUDI ARABIA--DID TRUMP EVER HAVE ANY PLANS OF COLLUDING WITH AMERICA??
'Saudi Arabia First': Trump Lets Saudis Dictate US Foreign Policy--17 Saudia Arabian nationals executed 9/11 --At least 3000 Americans died and billions upon billions of damage to New York, the Pentagon and a plane nose diving in Pennsylvania on 9/11
  1. Trump chose Saudi Arabia for his first foreign presidential trip In May 2017
  2. Trump praised a Saudi blockade on Qatar--preventing the movement of goods and services to that country--why is this a big deal? Our Military has its largest Middle Eastern base in Qatar--Trump sided with another country against American interest--AGAIN!!!!!!!
  3. Trump resumed sales of precision-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia--They were suspended by Obama over concerns about civilian deaths from Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen, Which has been engulfed in the world’s largest humanitarian catastrophe.
  4. Trump steered clear of condemnation of Saudi conduct in Yemen war--hundreds of innocent civilains have been killed by Saudi bombs
  5. Trump And Pompeo Enabled A Saudi Cover-Up Of The Khashoggi Killing--Following the uproar over Khashoggi's disappearance in 2018, Trump tweeted that he had "no financial interests in Saudi Arabia." But--Trump bragged about his business dealings with the Saudis during a 2015 campaign rally in Mobile, Alabama--“They buy all sorts of my stuff. All kinds of toys from Trump. They pay me millions and hundred of millions"
  6. December 2018, Trump administration threatens to veto a UN resolution drafted by Britain demanding accountability for war crimes in the Yemen conflict and for Saudi Arabi
  7. Trump Administration approved transfer of sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in two cases after Khashoggi's death--never mind that 17 Saudi citizens carried out 9/11 which killed thousands of Americans on home soil--details have been kept secret despite Congress demanding answers---WTF
  8. Trump blocked bipartisan congressional resolution demanding end of U.S military support for the Saudi-led genocidal war in Yemen
  9. Trump and Pompeo did not include Saudi Arabia on an annual blacklist of countries recruiting child soldiers
  10. Trump blocked 3 congressional bills that would have stopped over $8 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia
  11. Kushner may have offered valuable U.S. intelligence, that helped the crown prince to round up and torture dissidents in Saudi Arabia who opposed the goverment there--Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture and death https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5575395/Saudi-crown-prince-brags-Jared-Kushner-handed-U-S-intelligence.html
  12. The FBI reportedly stopped a Saudi plot to kidnap a YouTuber on US soil after he criticized Mohammed bin Salman over Jamal Khashoggi's killing https://www.businessinsider.com/fbi-thwarted-saudi-plot-kidnap-regime-critic-on-us-soil-2020-1
  13. Saudi Air Force member kills 3 at U.S. Navy base--Trump says nothing https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/saudi-air-force-member-who-killed-3-u-s-navy-n1097641
  14. Saudi royal family does seem to have a special relationship with Trump, who has repeatedly bucked bipartisan congressional majorities to block the Kingdom on topics ranging from its disastrous war in Yemen to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
  15. The manager of Trump’s hotel in New York credited a timely stay by members of the Saudi Crown Prince’s entourage (though not the prince himself) with lifting revenue there by 13 percent in one quarter of 2018--the bump came after two straight years of booking declines for the property
  16. Saudi lobbyists spent $260,000 at Trump’s hotel in DC back in December 2016 during the transition
  17. Saudi Kingdom itself spent $190,273 at Trump’s hotel in early 2017.
  18. Alwaleed bin-Talal, a member of the royal family purchased the 282-foot yacht "Princess" for $20 million in 1991 after the boat was repossessed from Trump (Trump was nearing bankruptcy at the time) And he sold it at a loss: $20 million. The Saudis also purchased Trump's financially troubled Plaza Hotel for $325 million in 1995
  19. In 2016, the New York Daily News reported that the Saudi government also purchased the entire 45th floor of the Trump World Tower, for $4.5 million, in June 2001. Given annual fee fares for the building at the time, Trump also was paid $5.7 million by the Saudis between the purchase and 2016, the paper reported.
  20. A real estate company Cadre partly owned by Trump and Kushner, has received $90 million from Saudi Arabia in 2018--how is this Fucking legal?
  21. Saudi Crown Prince--the guy who ordered the killing of American journalist Jamal Khassoggi, Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”
  22. Embassy Staffers Say Jared Kushner Shut Them Out of Saudi Meetings--This is not how American foreign policy is conducted
  23. Saudi shooter in Florida air base attack had "significant ties" to al Qaeda yet somehow--he was allowed into the United States in 2017-- non-citizens are normally prohibited from buying handguns, He used a loophole to legally purchase his weapon from a dealer in Pensacola https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/saudi-air-force-member-who-killed-3-u-s-navy-n1097641
  24. 4 of Trump's 7 Vetoes Were To Protect The Saudis https://www.senate.gov/legislative/vetoes/TrumpDJ.htm
  25. Trump Bragged About Serving Up American Troops to Saudi Arabia for Nothing More Than Cash Conservative Rep. Justin Amash, who was a Republican until recently, responded to Trump’s remarks, saying, “He sells troops” https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-brags-about-serving-up-american-troops-to-saudi-arabia-for-cash-936623/
  26. Trump-Bro Julian Assange Outed Gays, HIV+ People, and Rape Victims in Places Where They Could Be Killed like Saudi Arabia-- WikiLeaks has leaked info on gay men in Saudi Arabia, which has the death penalty for homosexuality https://www.fastcompany.com/4017692/wikileaks-has-leaked-info-on-gay-men-in-saudi-arabia-which-has-the-death-penalty-for-homosexuality
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2023.06.09 05:19 Comfortable_Match838 Looking for Pins

Looking for Pins
I'm looking for Dollar General pins to collect. Any extra pins or merch that you have I would love to have. I have collected over 10 pins, a truck, and a miniature DG building. Please let me know! I can pay for shipping.
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2023.06.09 05:17 Comfortable_Match838 Looking for Pins

I'm looking for Dollar General pins to collect. Any extra pins or merch that you have I would love to have. I have collected over 10 pins, a truck, and a miniature DG building. Please let me know! I can pay for shipping.
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2023.06.09 05:15 Comfortable_Match838 Looking for Pins

Looking for Pins
I'm looking for Dollar General pins to collect. Any extra pins or merch that you have I would love to have. I have collected over 10 pins, a truck, and a miniature DG building. Please let me know! I can pay for shipping.
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2023.06.09 02:24 FutureLehman Welcome bags

If y’all did wedding welcome bags, what did you put in them? Drawing blanks here! Between full time work and grad school my brain is fried 😭 this isn’t really a destination wedding, we’re getting married in Mobile, Alabama. I just wanted something cute for hotel guests
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2023.06.08 23:45 mkates26 Mobile real estate remained seller’s market in April, despite stabilizing prices

Data from the Alabama Center for Real Estate shows that, even though prices remained stable in April, it's still a seller's market in Mobile: high prices, low inventory.
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2023.06.08 18:40 ClassicTone Wrigley Logistic Info from cubs.com email

Thought this could be useful. It's from the Cubs/Wrigley organization. If you bought resold tix, you may not have received this information.
Note the bag size limitation. My wife was actually affected by this last year, and she did not have a huge purse.
Hope everyone has a joyful, grateful, and kind time!
We look forward to seeing you at Wrigley Field for the Dead & Company show Friday, June 9, as part of the band's The Final Tour! The show is scheduled to begin at approximately 6:30 p.m. CT and ballpark gates will open around 5 p.m. CT. Please take a moment to review the following event guide to help you prepare for the upcoming show. Getting to Wrigley Field (1060 W. Addison St. Chicago, IL 60613) Please give yourself plenty of time to travel to and from Wrigley Field. We encourage the use of public transportation including Metra trains and Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses and trains. The CTA Red Line stops one block from Wrigley Field at the Addison station. Visit Cubs.com/Transportation for detailed information on transit options from across Chicago. Free remote parking will be offered at 3900 N. Rockwell St., located approximately 2.5 miles from the ballpark. This lot includes free shuttle service to and from Wrigley Field. Services begin approximately two hours prior to the start of the show and returning shuttles run approximately one hour after the end of the show. Free bicycle valet service also will be available in the alley just east of the main entrance for the CTA Red Line stop on Addison Street. Limited parking will be available for cashless purchase beginning at 3 p.m. CT on the day of the show in our Toyota Camry Lot (1126 W. Grace St. Chicago, IL 60613) and Irving Park Lot (1052 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL 60613) on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment for parking includes a credit card, debit card or mobile wallet. No cash will be accepted. Tailgating is not permitted. A designated group charter, coach bus, limousine and black car service drop-off and pick-up location will be located on Irving Park Road between Clark Street and Seminary Avenue. Rideshares will pick up on Addison Street between Halsted Street and Broadway. Prohibited items The following items are prohibited at Wrigley Field during the show: Cameras with large lenses, including those with detachable lenses Professional or non-mobile phone video cameras Weapons of any kind, including knives or sharp items Tactical gear Backpacks (including clear backpacks) Bags larger than 16 x 16 x 8 inches Luggage GoPro cameras, iPads, tablets or selfie sticks Umbrellas Frisbees, footballs or other "throwables" Glass, metal and aluminum bottles and containers (Only empty or reusable water bottles are permitted) Hard-sided coolers Please also note the Wrigley Field campus, including Gallagher Way, is smoke free. No smoking of any kind and no spitting is permitted in or around Wrigley Field. For a full list of permitted and prohibited items, visit Cubs.com/Info. Important information regarding Shakedown Street (1088 W. Waveland Ave. Chicago, IL 60613) Shakedown Street, located in the Toyota Highlander Lot, will open to the public at noon CT and open to vendors at 11 a.m. CT on the day of the show. Please be aware all vendors must have a City of Chicago peddler’s license in order to operate at Shakedown Street. Vehicles are not permitted in Shakedown Street. Parking will not be provided to vendors. Alcohol is not permitted in the lot and all items and bags are subject to screening. The City of Chicago will strictly patrol activities and enforce all Chicago laws regarding the purchasing of alcohol or food product from street vendors. General Admission Tickets Attendees with General Admission tickets should enter through the Budweiser Bleacher Gate, located at the corner of Waveland and Sheffield avenues, to scan their ticket and receive a wristband. Those with General Admission tickets must retain both their ticket and wristband throughout the evening to ensure field access. Please note fans with General Admission tickets may line up on the north side of Waveland Avenue from the corner of Waveland and Sheffield avenues toward the east for entry beginning at 10 a.m. CT on the day of the show. Wrigley Field is a Cashless Venue Wrigley Field is a cashless venue for all food and beverage and merchandise purchases. Payment can include a credit card, debit card or mobile wallet. Reverse ATMs are available in the ballpark to convert cash to a card that can be used for purchases at Wrigley Field and elsewhere. 
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2023.06.08 17:59 kalam4z00 Fair Alabama + Bonus Louisiana

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2023.06.08 16:46 NASDQplayer97 Epazz is Filing a Series of Artificial Intelligence Patents for Its Drone Technology and Battery Technology

Epazz is Filing a Series of Artificial Intelligence Patents for Its Drone Technology and Battery Technology $EPAZ $META $MSFT $QCOM $GOOG $NVDA $AMC $ADSK

CHICAGO, IL, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ), a mission-critical provider of drone technology, blockchain mobile apps, and cloud-based business software solutions, announced today that the company is in the process of filing a series of artificial intelligence (AI) patents for its drone technology. The company has already received two patents for its drone technology, and two other patents are under review with the US Patent Office. The company has also filed for international patents.
The company has developed a new process for increasing the flight time of its holdings, ZenaDrone 1000, which innovatively provide an opportunity to file for new patents. Furthermore, the process requires a custom battery management system that uses AI to monitor and analyze the fight characteristics of the ZenaDrone 1000.
ZenaDrone 1000 is a heavy lift drone requiring special configuration. Epazz uses AI to track current flights and analyze previous flights to understand how to improve the drone’s flight times.
CEO Shaun Passley, PhD, said, “We are pushing our drone technology to the next level with artificial intelligence, and we need to protect our intellectual property.”
The ZenaDrone 1000 team will use predictive AI analytics and predictive modeling — a type of analysis that employs methods and resources — to create predictive models and forecast future outcomes based on acquired data. Predictive analytics refers to a method rather than a specific technology, and it uses techniques including machine learning algorithms, sophisticated mathematics, statistical modeling, descriptive analytics, and data mining.
Epazz will prioritize upgrading the ZenaDrone 1000’s AI technology to increase its global reach across industries.
About ZenaDrone Inc. (https://www.zenadrone.com/)
ZenaDrone Inc. is dedicated to improving its intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle technology, which uses machine learning software and AI. ZenaDrone Inc. began with the goal of revolutionizing the hemp farming sector and later evolved into an intelligent and multifunctional industrial surveillance, inspection, and monitoring solution.
About Epazz Inc. (https://www.epazz.com/)
Epazz Inc. is a leading cloud-based software company that specializes in providing customized cloud applications to corporate companies, higher education institutions, and the public sector. Epazz BoxesOS™ v3.0 is a complete web-based software package for small and mid-sized businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions. BoxesOS™ provides many of the web-based applications that organizations would otherwise need to purchase separately. Epazz’s other products include DeskFlex™ (a room-scheduling software) and Provitrac™ (an applicant-tracking system).
This safe harbor statement is made under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Certain statements contained in this press release are “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements can generally be identified by their use of words such as “may,” “expect,” “intend,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “continue” (or the negatives thereof), or similar terminology. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors that can cause actual results to differ materially from predicted results or those implied by such forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, and actual results might differ materially from those suggested by such statements. Epazz Inc. assumes no obligation and has no intention of updating these forward-looking statements, and it has no obligation to update or correct information prepared by third parties that is not paid for by Epazz Inc. Investors are encouraged to review Epazz Inc.’s public filings on SEC.gov and otcmarkets.com, including its unaudited and audited financial statements and its over-the-counter market filings, which contain general business information about the company’s operations, results of its operations, and the risks associated with the company and its operations.
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2023.06.08 15:33 crunchyfemme Free Sungold tomato starts! $ Hemp, Thai basil, Genovese basil, white sage starts!!!

We are in north Fort Collins off Richards Lake Rd..if you aren't mobile, DM me to set up a delivery in the city.
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2023.06.08 15:32 crunchyfemme Free Sungold tomato starts! $ Hemp, Thai basil, Genovese basil, white sage starts!!!

We are in north Fort Collins off Richards Lake Rd..if you aren't mobile, DM me to set up a delivery in the city.
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