Carbs in raisin bran cereal

Discovering a love for breakfast

2023.06.10 19:46 bigsniffles Discovering a love for breakfast

I didn't really eat breakfast growing up because I would sleep in or be too lazy to arrange something before school. Now that I'm in college and recovering, though, I've been eating breakfast for a few months and... wow! So many yummy foods: oatmeal, bagels, eggs, cereal, avo toast.... it's amazing!! (I was inspired to post this due to how yummy my sesame bagel just was.)
It's also awesome how much better and more focused I am going throughout my day when I eat earlier, versus putting off eating until 5-7 hours after waking up in the name of IF (wtf).... like, instead of spending those first 6 hours of the day kinda tired and waiting for lunch, constantly thinking of "what am I gonna eat," I get to eat something yummy and then just GO BACK to thinking about my life and what's actually meaningful to me. I'm able to study without wondering when or what my next meal is. Recovery is amazing!!!!!! ;_;
Has anyone else had this experience + what are your fav breakfast preparations? What should I try?
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2023.06.10 19:42 octern Criterion for blood glucose "spike"?

In Outlive, Dr. Attia explains that avoiding blood glucose spikes is important, and says CGM can tell him if the patient is "'spiking' above 160mg/dL more often than I would like". Is 160 his actual threshold for identifying a spike, or has he ever described another way he determines what constitutes too large an excursion from baseline glucose? When I eat a lot of carbs my glucose goes rapidly up and back down, and if you arbitrarily restrict the y axis it looks like a heck of a spike. But the actual peak value is almost never higher than 125mg/dL, even on a 75g OGTT (baseline is around 70mg/dL). I suspect that's nothing to worry about but I'm curious if Attia has said anything that might be relevant.
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2023.06.10 19:36 bby-bae The poetry and greater meaning of who sent the catspaw (SPOILERS EXTENDED)

I originally wrote this as a response to a question about why Joffery would have sent the catspaw, but i found myself writing so much I am making my own post. I believe that Joffery sending the catspaw to kill Bran has meaningful and poetic weight, and that it is much more meaningful in the larger story than if it were something as direct as Cersei, for example, even though the "logic" for Cersei is more straightforward.
Joffery sending the catspaw after Bran has meaningful weight, because Joffery doesn’t have motive, it’s just his interpretation of what Robert wanted, because Robert, really, was so callous of a person that he would that way about the death of even his dear friend. It’s poetic because even though Joffery did the actual act of hiring the catspaw, it really was Robert’s doing — yet another way that a misunderstood idea in a terrible father-son relationship can turn into a conflict that ruins the realm, and yet another way in which the Westerosi culture of strength brings its own ruin.
Also, it has poetic importance to Jon’s fate, and why Ned had to hide Jon for so long. Joffery is just responding to Robert’s attitude, which is that killing a child might be the better thing to. We see this in regards to the Targaryens in the Ned/Robert conflict over killing the child Daenerys — which is really an analogue for Ned standing up for Jon’s right to live. However, even after the idea that Robert would gladly kill a child Targaryen heir, the counter-argument stands: “but Robert wouldn’t kill Jon, surely, now that he’s been raised as Ned’s own son all these years …” Well, the revelation about the catspaw proves otherwise — Robert was talking about how the death of Ned’s younger and actual child would be a greater good for the child, so imagine how unsympathetic he would be about a child that isn’t even Ned’s, and whose death might be a greater good for the whole realm?
As for the importance of it being Joffery — Joffery isn’t “just crazy”, like how the show ruins him makes him look. Robert at least he has the understanding necessary to know that, even if he believes that Bran would be better off dead, it would be a terrible and a stupid thing to do, but Joffery simply doesn’t have that understanding. Joffery doesn’t end up the way he does from him being “crazy”, his personality results from him being raised by Cersei, who was raised by Tywin, and how Cersei wants to raise another Tywin without understanding what makes Tywin a powerful ruler. Note that Kevan and Jaime both fear that if Cersei got her hands on Tommen, now, he could end up like Joffery too — because it’s not his innate nature, it’s his upbringing. And this is not as clear on a first read, but once we get an insight into Cersei’s mind in AFFC, we see how one-dimensional her interpretation of power is, and it explains all of her behaviors, as well as Joffery’s.
The shadow of Tywin’s strength looms over the entire Lannister clan, but none of his children, each living in that shadow, learn how to emulate his successes. As one example, Tyrion comes close, learning how to make allies and talk his way into advantageous situations, but all of his successes in AGOT and ACOK are proven hollow by his fall in ASOS: all the times that Tyrion thought he was being a strategist, he was often just paying people off with money that was, really, Tywin’s. So we see the ultimate consequence of that empty power and inability to emulate Tywin’s actual strength when, on Tyrion’s fall, when he has no more money and influence and therefore no more allies, we get the entire scenario as sexual metaphor — all of Tyrion’s power was just borrowed from Tywin, and, in the end, that is stripped away: Tywin gets his due and sleeps with Shae, the symbol of Tyrion’s empty influence.
Cersei learns a different lesson from Tywin: that of fear and brute force. She spends the entirety of AFFC wondering why her brutality isn’t met with the appropriate fear. She creates increasingly brutal scenarios in her attempts to inspire fear, because she believes that Tywin’s strength was entirely through things like Castamere, and that the path to respect is fear. When she doesn’t get respect, she concludes that the issue is her lack of manhood, and so she tries to enact her brutal will through Jaime, who can operate in a man’s space, and who she sees as her duplicate — and, formerly, she had Joffery to do this with, as well, and Joffery to mold entirely to her intended image.
That’s not to say that I think Cersei had anything to do with the catspaw directly, I don’t think she told Joffery to do anything or even knew about it, but Joffery’s doing is the result of years of her passive influence that Joffery behaves the way he does. He’s been told for years by his mother that his success as king will depend on people fearing him, and through acts of violence. You see this play out repeatedly — through his abuse of Sansa, his punitive acts in situations like with Ser Dontos — and with his beheading of Ned, because Joffery has been raised to think that you need to kill to command respect. Cersei has at least the political acumen to not actually kill Bran, and she later chastises Jaime for even throwing him out the window, but consider the repeatedly warping that each generation experiences: we get to see how poorly Cersei interprets the qualities of Tywin, so imagine how twisted Joffery's understanding of these lessons is, a third generation down, already bent by his mother's misinterpretations. Of course, Tywin isn't the start, either — he perceived his own father's amiability as weakness, and has spent his whole life becoming violent and hard because of his own personal misinterpretations of what kinds of strength are valuable.
But here’s where it goes back to Robert: because it’s not just Cersei that sends Joffery the message that power comes through force, fear and killing. Force, and killing, may not be all Robert does anymore, but it’s all Robert thinks he’s good at. Moreover, it’s the entirety of Robert’s legacy: Robert did win his throne through killing Rhaegar at the Trident, and that specific legacy and image is what Robert is most remembered for. So, in this way, Joffery’s actions make perfect sense — he’s being told by history that killing wins power, he’s being told by his mother that killing wins power, and then here we have another instance where the great and powerful Robert — or, more personally, dad — suggests another killing. Because Joffery understands only that killing wins power, and lacks all the nuance of politics that Cersei lacks and more, it follows that when his father suggests it, he acts.
Of course, even this is part of a larger cultural issue, one that we see in Randyll Tarly, and Tywin, and the Cleganes, and the Ironborn, and countless others across Westeros and the world of ASOIAF — that the weak are doomed to die, while the strong (and male) prevail. It's reflected in Sansa's momentary disappointment in being betrothed to the lame Willas Tyrell over any other, even as it is her best escape out of King's Landing. Even Bran, without the use of his legs, cannot escape the shadow of this culture, as through his whole journey north he believes that at the end will be a wizard who will fix his legs and allow him to become a knight after all. So, ultimately, even Robert’s suggestion is just a product of this cultural failing, and it is a perfect irony that it is this exact cultural failing which begins the war that starts to destroy Westeros. Without the notion that a seven-year-old boy is expendable, and perhaps better off dead, the Catelyn would not have captured Tyrion and the war may yet have been put off (although not forever, because the Tywin’s murder of Elia’s children, a mirror of Robert’s willingness to murder children, is creates it own boiling problems).
Ultimately, it’s important that it’s Joffery because it’s yet another instance of ASOIAF’s fraught parent-child relationships, and because in that way, it’s really both Robert’s doing, and in a more abstract way, it is the entirety of Westerosi culture’s doing. Considering the comparisons to Tywin, it’s notable that Robert’s suggestion to kill Bran is, honestly, more direct than Tywin’s suggestion to kill Aegon V and Rhaenys — and Tywin’s hand in that is enough to earn the ire of Oberyn and the Martells for nearly two decades.
Really, I'm barely scratching the surface of all of the implications of this; I'm sure there is plenty more to be said about examining the numerous other parent-child legacies and misinterpretations of will throughout ASOIAF and how they mirror the influence of Cersei's and of Robert's will being interpreted by Joffery to kill Bran, but that's too much for even me to dive into here.
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2023.06.10 19:33 Pootisna Does anyone know these Clones?

Does anyone know these Clones?
Haven't seen them in the show, I guess they weren't important enough to clone?
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2023.06.10 19:30 Wonderful_Ad5464 Fanfic Self insert in bran stark

As the title says, are there any?
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2023.06.10 19:24 Limp-Grab-7906 Need help Please.

I've got a 2005 Suzuki Drz125L, and it's having a problem where whenever I hit the throttle it backfires like crazy, I thought it was running to lean/rich,but I went through and cleaned and returned the carb and nothing changed, I've gone through and change my coil and spark plug wire, and went through and looked in the top end and everything. Bike starts up 1st kick, any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.10 19:23 throwthrowjoe 31 [M4F] - Wisconsin/Online - Tell me your name and I’ll tell you how hot you are based solely on that.

Still looking for that 10/10. Maybe it’s you?
I wanna talk about food, the dumb stuff you did today, our mutual appreciation for rear ends, and why cereal is the best late night snack. I like gin, cool words, watching food network and pretending I can cook, all of the worst movies, and making bread. Tell me something awesome about you, something crazy you've done, play a drinking game with me, or discuss whether a grilled cheese or a taco would win in a fight. Let's hang out and be pals.
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2023.06.10 19:20 carb0nbase [SEKH] Society of Evil Knuckleheads is LF skilled Thronebreaker or higher. AQ Maps 556x5 - over 4500 Glory weekly • AW optional • Discord Required — Message me in-game, carb0nbase (carb[zero]nbase), or Migginsly - to request to join the Society! Get in on all the fun, today!!

[SEKH] Society of Evil Knuckleheads is LF skilled Thronebreaker or higher. AQ Maps 556x5 - over 4500 Glory weekly • AW optional • Discord Required — Message me in-game, carb0nbase (carb[zero]nbase), or Migginsly - to request to join the Society! Get in on all the fun, today!! submitted by carb0nbase to ContestOfChampionsLFG [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:17 Clevergirliam Two strangers gave me the best compliment

I’m 43F, SW190, CW145, 5’9”. I’ve only struggled with my weight in the last few years and was incredibly thin with no effort for most of my life - until I wasn’t. I have utilized running, weight training, IF, CICO, low carb and keto to lose 45 pounds. I struggle to see my body as it truly looks - I tend to still see myself as a thinner person even when I’m not - but I’m currently very happy with my shape.
Last night at work, two women I don’t know were walking behind me. One said, “we’re talking about you!” I turned around, and she said, “we were just saying you have the cutest figure. Your waist is tiny!” I told her she had no idea how good that made me feel. They asked how I did it, and it turns out they were also runners, but in the beginning of their weight loss journey. We discussed overcoming addictions to food and other substances and prioritizing our health, and it was just overall the best experience of a stranger commenting on my body.
I’ve been slacking at the gym for the first time in my 18-month weight loss journey, and now I’m renewed to get back to it today. I needed that validation - from women - that what I see in the mirror is close to the truth.
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2023.06.10 19:14 Background-Count-174 Gained 0.2kg in 7 weeks

Hi all,
I am fairly new to IF. I am doing 18:6 for 7 weeks now but the scale only went up slightly. What could cause this?
During fasting I only drink wateBlack thea. In the off hours also except for 1/2 times a week a zero Coke.
I break my fasting with an Apple and a banana. I eat veggies/meat and a decent portion of carbs. In the evening around 30g of cashewnuts.
I sport 1 to 2 times a week.
Anyone has tips where to look/how to resume losing weight?
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2023.06.10 18:58 SiniMetsae Carb-cycling as a vegan

I decided to focus on an athletic and weight loss goal (losing around 30lbs to run a half marathon). I had a very stressful/tragic past few years and I was able to work through this, so I want to focus on healing myself, getting healthier and getting my fit body back as I feel mentally ready to do so. (I am happy to be chubby, because that is a reflection of what my body needs to get through this stressful period in my life)
I am trying a carb-cycling diet (in Europe no less). So this means I follow my carbs, fats, protein macros day by day, I have a 4 high(er) carb days, and two lower carb days. Naturally as a vegan my carbs will always be a bit high, that's ok.
I am wondering if you have good recommendations are low-carb vegan recipes I can use for my lower-carb days. I have been having some soy yoghurt protein and nut mixes, evidently salads and protein , or a bowl of vegetables and a protein. My meal plan suggests recipes more suited for areas like california, arizona, and texas (I am assuming, I never lived there), but I live in Europe (Belgium , but I also spend a lot of time in france, germany, finland, switzerland, and the netherlands for work) so I am looking for recipes, meals, foods and brands from around here. It doesn't have to be "extreme" low carb, I am still aiming for 70-100grams of carb of a low carb day.


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2023.06.10 18:55 ZarthanFire Trip Report - 15 Days in Osaka, Himeji, Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Tokyo, and Fujiyoshida!

This subreddit has been an amazing resource for my solo trip prep over the last few months so now it's my turn to give back. I did not have a set budget in mind since I save diligently for my trips. I am fairly well-traveled, a late 30s, solo traveler. This was my first time in Japan and my goals were a mixture of eating, exploring history, enjoying some theme parks, and enjoying experiences that only Japan could offer.
Total USD Spend: 17 days (2 travel days) came out to about $4200 USD total: * Flight: $1050 * Accommodations: $1400 * Food and Snacks: $1000 * Transportation (IC card, buses, trains): $250 * Theme Park & Novelty Experiences: $400 * Misc (souvenirs, shopping): $200 I typically budget out about $5K USD for my trips and Japan was definitely on the higher side of the budget, but again, I splurged on some fantastic restaurants, premiere entry at Universal Studios Osaka, along with numerous day trips. As others have mentioned here, I also averaged between 25K-30K steps a day. I’m in decent shape but walking 10-15 miles everyday definitely took its toll and my body shut down for a day.
Day 0: Landed in Osaka in the late afternoon and ended up wandering Dotonbori for a few hours since my hotel was located a block away. Ended up eating some very mediocre ramen at a stand in Dotonbori which was pretty disappointing, but the carbs were enough to knock me out. Day 1: Woke up early to walk around Dontobori at 5am and then headed out to few unique temples, including Namba Yasaka Jinja. Hopped onto the subway to enter Ueno Sky Tower, and overall, it was meh, I didn’t stay long just taking a few pictures and walked around Ueno for a few hours before heading to the Pokemon Cafe in Shinsaibashi. As others have noted, the food was very mediocre, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. Spent the rest of the evening getting drinks in Dotonbori before calling it a night.
Day 2: A full day at Universal Studios Japan to experience Super Nintendo World. I splurged on the express passes that gave me full access to a bunch of rides. SNW is pretty fucking awesome and I had a blast riding the Yoshi and Mario Kart rides, all the while taking taking in the atmosphere. The premiere pass also gave me access to a few additional rides including Harry Potter, Doraemon VR, and Jurassic Park. Had a late dinner at Kyushu Ramen getting their famous chashu ramen and it did not disappoint.
Day 3: Spent most of the day exploring Kuromon Ichiba Market, the local malls, and Dotonbori trying some street food. Went back to my hotel room and just relaxed for the rest of the day since jet lag was still bothering me. Watched some sumo matches on random Japanese tv before calling it a night.
Day 4: Took a day trip to Himeji to see the Himeji Castle. What a fantastic piece of history! I spent hours just taking in the sites and the nearby garden also highly recommended. Afterward, I had my first taste of Kobe beef in the form of a beef bowl at Kushiyaki Kobe Beef. Fantastic little hole-in-the-wall place with some really nice people working the counter. Took the train from Himeji directly to Nara where I was planning to stay the night. Day 5: Spent the entire day playing with the thousands of deer and checking out some local temples, including Todai-ji. I didn't do anything in Nara that hadn't been mentioned enough times here, but as others have said, a day trip or one day is more than enough time in the area. Took a late train to Kyoto. Day 6: Woke up in the early morning to beat the crowds to enjoy Fushimi Inari. Hiked the entire loop (about 2-3 hours) with only a fraction of the crowds, enjoyed some macha soft serve at the peak of the hill, and took my time going back down right rwhen the army of tourists and tour groups arrived. Grabbed an overly expensive Kobe beef stick from one of the food stalls by the temple gates and then spent an hour at a cute coffee shop called Rickshaw Cafe just people watching before grabbing an early dinner at Ramen Sen-no-Kaze. The food was solid, but it took 90 minutes to get a table. Not worth it and in hindsight I would have left.
Day 7: Woke up early again to check out the highly overrated Arashimyama bamboo forest. It was pretty underwhelming, but I did get a few nice photos before the crowds arrived. Strolled through the park and really enjoyed walking along the Katsura River seeing the catfish waiting to be fed and seeing the fishing boats tied up. A very tranquil place. After the nice long stroll, I walked back-and-forth the Togetsukyo Bridge and Kimono Forest (meh). The highlight of the morning was really Tenryu-Ji and the amazing zen garden. After a few hours taking in the peacefulness and silence, took the city bus to Kinkaku-ji, and the crowds were in full swing. Still totally worth seeing in person although it didn’t last very long. Day 8: A full day experiencing the Philosopher’s Path on a gorgeous sunny day. Too sunny since I got some pretty bad sunburns! I visited too many amazing temples, including Kiyomizo-dera, along with old Gion, although I thought the area was bit overhyped. I preferred the smaller, more peaceful temples away from the mass of tourists. Some of my favorites during my day exploring old Kyoto included Eikan-do, a more secluded temple up in the hills, Nanzen-Ji, with its beautiful aqueduct, and just walking the streets aimlessly for a few hours. Went to Nishiki Market and ate some amazing oysters at Daiyasu. If you love oysters, this is the spot to try it! Spent too much money on oysters and decided to go cheap and ate at Kura Sushi. The food was mediocre by Japanese standards, but blows away the quality and cost of the Kura Sushi restaurants in my hometown of Los Angeles.
Day 9: Took an early morning train to Kanazawa. Enjoyed my first ekiben while taking in the sights from the comfort of the Thunderbird Limited Express. Spent the rest of the day visiting the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (meh) and Kenrou-ken, probably the most beautiful garden in the Kanda province. Wrapped up the day by visiting the D.T Suzuki Museum and wow, the tranquil pool area was amazing. Do yourself a favor and stand on the corner and just stare at the water. You’ll feel like the entire world is moving along on a plane and you’re the one that is frozen in place. It was pretty trippy. Ate well at Mori More Sushi Omicho and stopped by the Pokemon Center to pick up the exclusive Pikachu Kimono figure only available in the Kanazawa store.
Day 10: Torrential rain the entire day but I powered throughit with my trusty umbrella. Enjoyed breakfast and snacks at the Omicho Market, enjoying a tuna-don at one of the stalls, fresh uni, and more oysters. Not cheap but fresh! Walked around the Higashi Chaya District, doing a bit of window shopping and ate some gold leaf macha soft serve at Kaikaro, spending more time people watching. Walked around the Kanazawa Castle Park in all its empty glory as well as the Oyama Shrine. The castle was pretty underwhelming esp. after seeing Himeji so I probably would have skipped it in hindsight. Wrapped up the day visiting the Naga-machi District, probably my favorite part of Kanazawa. Had more sushi at Sushi Rekireki Omicho, an enjoyable omakase.
Day 11: Took the Shinkansen to Tokyo eating the most expensive ekiban I could find, and spent the rest of the entire day in Asakusa in Tokyo. Walked around Senso-ji, had a few beers in Hoppy Street, and finally tried Ichiran. Called it an early day since I would be doing DisneySea in the early morning.
Day 12: Took the express bus from Tokyo Skytree to DisneySea. Thanks to the early forecast of rain, the park was barely 50% full? The longest wait for most rides was under 20 minutes so I was lucky enough to ride everything at least once. My meals consisted of a bunch of unique Dsney parki food: gyoza hot dogs, alien mochi, Mike watermelon bread, etc. Stayed until the fireworks and went straight back to the hotel and crashed. That was a 40K step day!
Day 13: Visited Akihabara, spending way too much money on crane games, browsing retro games, and looking at figures. Headed to Shibuya to eat breakfast for lunch at A Happy Pancake (meh). Went to the Nintendo Store in the PARCO mall, only to be disappointed to find out that all of the Nintendo World store t-shirts were sold out. Actually everything semi-interesting was sold out. Went up to Shibuya Sky to watch the sunset, spending a few hours just watching the day slowly turn into night. Did the Scramble a few times and then headed to Shinjuku where I’d be located for the last few days.
Day 14: Another torrential rainstorm sadly ruined my plans of visiting Shinjuku Gyoen, Meiji Jingo, and Harajuku. Maybe next time. I was hoping to buy Tokyo Giants tickets but they were all sold out so I ended up going to the Tokyo National Museum. I won’t lie, I was pretty bored, and in hindsight I wish I went to the neighboring National Museum of Nature and Science instead. After strolling Ueno Park in the rain, I was craving tonkatsu and googled Tonkatsu Yamabe. Good decision as it was the best tonkatsu I had in Tokyo. Went to a nearby Taito Game Station wasting more money on crane games before heading back to Shinjuku. The area is insane and in hindsight, I would probably pick somewhere like Shibuya or Ueno, somewhere slightly more chill. Day 15: One of my favorite days in Tokyo! Teamlabs Planets lives up to the hype but ONLY if you can get first admission at 9am. It was glorious to be among the first people in the exhibits as I could take in experience the way it was intended. There were only a few people in each room giving each space such a great, peaceful, and chill vibe. Headed to Ginza to the Michelin-rated Sushi Toyama, where I had a chance to finally experience bluefin toro (worth it!). Probably the most expensive lunch ever but it was quite the experience. A sunny and beautiful day, I bought a bunch of souvenirs and clothes (a 12-story Uniqlo with its own coffee shop, Muji Ginza, Ginza Six), checked out my favorite Toy Story in Japan, Hakuhinkan Toy Park, intricate stationary stores like Itoya, and went to a very popular Ginza Starbucks to people watch. Spent the evening in Shinjuku exploring Golden Gai getting swarmed by Nigerian dudes. Wanted to try a hole-in-wall ramen spot in the area but the line was stupid long so I ended up just going to Kyushu Ramen and was satisfied enough. A good day.
Day 16: With the break in clouds the day before, I decided to call an audible and set up a last minute day trip to Mount Fuji. Took an express bus from Shinjuku to Fushiyoshida and got dropped off in front of Chureito Pagoda. It was cloudy for most of the day, but for the last several hours I saw Mount Fuji in all its glory. It was a gray day but no complaints — it was nice to cross another bucket list item from the list.
Wow, this was much longer than I anticipated. Well if you got this far, feel free to ask any questions! In the meantime, I'll be planning my next trip to Japan soon!
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2023.06.10 18:52 OldMedium8246 Reflux and sleep

Our 1 week old EFF LO (born at 39 weeks gestation) has pretty bad reflux. He really is an easy baby otherwise (as easy as they come anyway 😂). If we lay him on his back at any point within an hour after feeding, he will spit up. Always. It’s easy to imagine how this goes with diaper changes and trying to put him in his bassinet / only safe sleep space. We have a Pack n Play and line the changing table and bassinet with puppy pads. 3:00am routine is typically moving him back and forth between the bassinet and changing table while trying to change him. We can’t seem to get through a change without him spitting up, which makes changes 3x longer and more exhausting. He’s usually screaming in the middle of it all too, being cold and generally uncomfortable.
He’s already been on Enfamil Neuropro, then Gentleease, and now Nutramigen hypoallergenic. Went through all of these in the hospital and we were only there 2 days. He had his first pediatrician appointment yesterday and she suggested we continue the Nutramigen because at this point he’s lost 8% of his body weight, which is within normal range. He has a follow-up in a week for a re-weigh. If he hasn’t gotten back to birth weight, she wants us to start adding rice cereal to his formula. The hospital thought it may be a CMPA, but the pediatrician seems to think it’s more likely his lower esophageal sphincter just isn’t fully developed and this will likely improve over time. She’s having us keep him on the hypoallergenic formula just in case.
Things we’ve tried:
So parents of reflux do you sleep?? How does baby sleep?? He's so easy during his daytime naps if he's in the Mamaroo, but I would never want to put him in harm's way..
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2023.06.10 18:48 home_body_ Is Apostrophe as strong as regular tret?

Is Apostrophe as strong as regular tret?
Hi everyone. I’ve been using tretinoin cream for 14 months and I love it. Unfortunately, a few months ago I started getting hormonal acne on my chin despite not changing my routine. I started azelaic acid 15% gel about 4 months ago and I like that too, but the chin acne has persisted. My PCP prescribed spironolactone and birth control. I took the birth control for 3 months and the spironolactone for even less time. I didn’t like how it made me feel (dizzy, off) so I stopped taking it and eventually the birth control too a month and a half ago. I started eating very clean because I used to eat that way and had clear skin (no refined sugar, no refined carbs and no gluten, less dairy) and taking DIM and probiotic supplements. I have been drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea for over a month and trying to stay hydrated. I get my azelaic acid through nurx and reached out to see if they have topical spironolactone. Unfortunately they don’t, they asked me for my routine and I let them know. I had been buffering the azelaic acid and tret with a hyaluronic acid serum and using tret before azelaic acid and only using it once a day. She told me to stop all the extras, apply azelaic acid on clean dry skin, then tret, then a cream (I use vanicream). She said to do gentle cleanser, azelaic acid, moisturizer, and spf in the morning as well so I did. My chin instantly started improving. I don’t know if it was the simplified routine, order of topicals, or supplements kicking in but I’m so happy I’m finally seeing an improvement. I know it’s hormonal because it’s only on my chin and it flares up when I’m ovulating or on my period. I’m a 33 year old female and have had 3 kids. We are done having children, but I feel like it has done a number on my hormones or possibly it’s just an age thing.
Anyway, here’s my original question. When this was happening and Nurx told me they don’t have topical spironolactone, I reached out to Apostrophe because I heard they did. They prescribed me a tret/azelaic acid (.05/15) combo for nighttime and a topical spironolactone/clindamycin combo (5/1) for the morning. I received my order yesterday and started the tret combo at night. Normally, the azelaic acid makes my face burn temporarily, but this combo did not. I’m wondering if that means it’s not as strong? I definitely used a smaller amount so that could be the reason I suppose. I’m just wondering if it’s not going to be as effective even though it’s a higher percentage of tret than I had been using. I’m going to try the spiro/clindamycin combo this morning. They recommended to use a BP face wash so I will.
Just looking for experiences with Apostrophe. I’m really hoping the topical spiro will get rid of the rest of my hormonal acne. I have read on here that you’re not supposed to be on clindamycin for too long due to potential antibiotic resistance, so I’ll see what they can do after the first 3 months.
This will be my routine:
Panoxyl 2.5% BP wash Spiro (5%)/clindamycin (1%) combo Vanicream cream La Roche Posay tinted mineral sunscreen SPF 50
DHC cleansing oil Vanicream gentle cleanser Tret (.05%)/azelaic acid (15%) combo Vanicream cream Avene cicalfate restorative protective cream if needed
My skin is pretty used to tret after being on it over a year, so while I know I’m going up in percentage, I’m going to try using it every day and at the smallest sign of irritation I’ll skip until it feels normal.
If this doesn’t work, I’ll just go back to my azelaic acid and tret routine. Thoughts? I’m nervous to switch now that I had started seeing some improvement.
Sorry for the novel!
*picture of my skin currently with no make up
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2023.06.10 18:39 uhtw anon's brain fried by the board

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2023.06.10 18:39 ManMythNarcissist Second time running KETO, day 6, still working out 5 days a week, carbs at around 15g (1-3%), 2250 cals & 65/33% split with fats & protein. My question: Have you noticed any improvement in mobility while on Keto?

For the past 3 months I’ve had horrendous joint pain in my knee & have put it down to squatting 210kg every week & didn’t take into consideration that it could well be dietary issue.
Day 6 on my second Keto stint & my knees better than it has been in months, the constant seizing & jolting that I was getting while just walking around has pretty much stopped & I think I maybe able to actually play sport again by the end of the month.
My diet is pretty much
Chicken breast Tuna Beef Salad leaves Avacado Walnuts Cheddar cheese Mayo & protein cheese
TLDR: Has anyone found an increase in mobility in the early stages of Keto?
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2023.06.10 18:36 lexydoodle F*ck GD.

I was diagnosed at 25 weeks. I’ve been tracking my diet and numbers for 3 weeks now, and all I have to say is f*ck GD.
All my healthcare providers considered my case mild and were confident I could be 100% diet controlled. Well, 3 weeks later and my numbers feel all over the place. It’s like all carbs spike my numbers. I had two eggs with cheese, breakfast sausage, and one slice of whole wheat toast this morning. Clocked in at 150.
I’m so stressed out with picking my foods, timing when I eat, forcing some level of movement, hating waking up because of my fasting number likely being high, this being the busiest work season of the year, the thought of having to go on medication now, and the likelihood of being induced, stillbirth, c section wrapped into one.
I had HG up until roughly 18 weeks (twice weekly infusions, leave from work, 4 ER visits, 15 lbs lost) and now to deal with this is such a fucking slap in the face. I’m at a loss. Just so sad and frustrated. I really don’t know how I’ll make it til the end here.
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2023.06.10 18:35 No-Corner3363 I need help with my non runner yamaha jog rr

I have a yamaha jog rr 70cc and it used to hit 65 in its powerband which was almost instant to full throttle. About a week ago while riding its air filter fell off and i had to ride it back without one. After putting a new one on the bike was still bogging and sputtering and strugglet to go 35mph (would still hit powerband and climb to 60 when going downhill for long enough time) i cleaned out my carb and replaced the spark plug and it started on first kick but died after a second or two. I inspected the fuel line which had a huge bubble in it so i thought it was a fuel issue but on taking the carb apart again to make sure i put everything in right there was fuel in it so i am not sure what the issue is. Can anyone help?
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2023.06.10 18:33 DangerousAd7359 (Spoilers Main) Siblings Tropes in the Great Houses of ASOIAF

This essay intended to discuss the siblings tropes that are present in ASOIAF within the context of the Great Houses in the settings. These are the tropes that will be discussed in this post:
  1. Three Brothers
  2. Two Sisters
  3. Only Daughter Surrounded by Brothers
  4. Only Son Surrounded by Sisters
  5. First Son Rocks, Only Son Sucks
1. Three Brothers
This is the most popular siblings trope in ASOIAF. Many Houses, especially the Great Houses, have two or three, or sometimes more, sons and each of them have characteristics which match their birth order.
First son is normally the heir & the center of world, second son is overshadowed because unlike his elder brother he is not the heir & unlike his younger brothers who are free to explore, he is expected to stay with the family & be the spare since in case the first son dies he might need to become the new heir or be a regent to his elder brother's young child. Because of this many of the second sons in the story get SSS (Second Son Syndrome or Sullen Spare Syndrome) and lead a quite depressed life. Third son & other subsequent sons usually become more carefree and have higher probability of seeking employment outside the family, like Benjen in NW or Loras in KG. It is quite interesting to note that when Blackfish, a second son, has a falling out with his older brother and has to leave the family, instead of seeking employment elsewhere like what third and younger sons normally do, he choose to serve in his niece household, which show the family loyalty embodied by most second sons in the story.
For Dorne, because of the equal gender inheritance rule, the word "son" above should be substituted with "child". For example, Oberyn should be viewed more as a third child instead of second son & Quentyn should be viewed as second child instead of first son. Notice how Oberyn displays many of stereotypical "third son" attributes while Quentyn is more of a stereotypical "second son".
This trope even could be seen in the current generation Starks even though the kids are still very young. Robb is the jock of the house and we could see his central position within the family and how peripheral members of the household like Theon & Jon compete to be his best friend; OTOH Bran shows early sign of recognizing his fate of having to live under the shadow of Ned and Robb for the rest of his life; Rickon being given freedom to act like he do since he is the baby of the house.
I notice that GRRM could be a little bit deterministic in this. The attributes stay with the characters even if the circumstance has completely changed. Ned & Stannis are still suffering from SSS despite being the lords in their own rights for a decade & half. Renly who is also a lord in his own right is still an irresponsible third son. Benjen is still a carefree third son & decides to join the Night Watch before waiting for Robb to become older. If something happened to Ned this will leave his foreign wife alone holding the regency.
There are some situations where GRRM departs from these characterizations, normally when things like disability is involved. For example, Tyrion's dwarfness and Viserys's madness make them behave unlike stereotypical second sons. Willas' disability mean the role of House Tyrell's chief warrior has to go to Garlan so Willas is more of "nice guy" type of person and House Tyrell lacks the "Alpha Male" character which is typically played by the oldest son (Mace is not first son, he is an only son - more on that later).
One other notable anomaly is Euron. Normally in fantasies the second son is often being portrayed as evil brother or evil uncle who want to usurp their brother or nephew's birthright. GRRM normally subvert this pretty hard and second sons in ASOIAF are often the most loyal to their family and to their head of the house .Euron is probably the only second son in the story which is shown to be disloyal to his family and actively harming them, fitting the stereotype of evil brotheuncle which is prevalent among second sons outside ASOIAF. This is probably because he is not a normal human being by that point and a former disciple of three eyed crow. An alternative explanation is that he is initially not planned as second son (indeed, Victarion is more fitting of the stereotype of ASOIAF's second son). But some of his deeds, like molesting and bullying Victarion and Aeron, could only be possible if he is older than them, thus his birth order is moved upward.
2. Two Sisters
This trope involves a pair of daughters where the younger one feel overshadowed by the older one. See Catelyn & Lysa, Sansa & Arya. This trope is relatively uncommon compared to other tropes in this list but it has outsized influence to the story. After all, Sansa and Arya are two of the main characters and the dynamic between Tully sisters play a huge role in influencing the story.
3. Only Daughter Surrounded by Brothers
Second most popular sibling trope in ASOIAF after the Three Brothers. In the story we often see families with a lot of sons but only one daughter. These daughters are typically described as among the foremost beauties of the land. Think Cersei, Lyanna and Margaery. While there is probably some truth of them being the prettiest and all that, I suspect at least some of their reputation comes from the fact that they have no sisters to compete with. For example, Lyanna and Arya are often described as being alike but Lyanna, who has no sister to compete with, is thought of as a great beauty while Arya who live under Sansa's shadow is thought of as unattractive.
4. Only Son Surrounded by Sisters
The opposite of the above trope. Normally this kind of men is described as jokes and incompetents in the story. Edmure is one example. Mace is another. In the latter's case this is even more egregious, since unlike Edmure, House Tyrell actually prospered under his rule, but people still think of him as a joke and would rather credit the rise of the family on Oleanna.
5. First Sons Rock and Only Sons Suck
Because of the primogeniture system adopted by most families in the settings, most heads of great houses are either first sons or only sons. The story however treats them very differently. Head of great houses who are first sons are often portrayed as Alpha Males and respected. This is not necessarily because they are competent. Robert and Balon are obviously not paragon of great rulers. But they are shown as manly men, men who are in control and are taken seriously. In contrast I already elaborated above how Edmure and Mace are treated as jokes. Let's discuss another example of an only son, Aerys.
While an only son with many sisters is often treated like jokes, an only son with not that many sister on the other hand is often treated as unremarkable and unnoteworthy.
The first half of Aerys' reign is obviously overshadowed by Tywin. Despite the realm prospered under his rule, people would rather credit Tywin (who is also a first son and an Alpha Male) for the good time. Ironically, Aerys only comes to his own, being taken seriously and being feared once he becomes the Mad King and starts behaving erratically. By that point he is again overshadowed, this time by his own first son, Rhaegar, who people now believe would make a better alternative as king.
Unlike most other first sons in the story, Rhaegar is probably not a stereotypically masculine figure, being closer to what modern people would call metrosexual man. Nevertheless he still play the Alpha Male role in the story and has his own full house of worshipers. Ironically, Aerys and Rhaegar's reputations are actually the reverse of what they actually accomplished at the same point of their life. At Rhaegar's age, Aerys has already fought in war, knighted and ruled a few years as a competent king, but he was comparatively unnoteworthy and overshadowed. On the other hand, Rhaegar at the same point of his life, has not being knighted, has not been fighting in war before the Robert's Rebellion and has no special accomplishment as heir of the throne or as ruler of Dragonstone, yet he has die hard fans who worship the ground he walks.
In fact, Rhaegar himself is an interesting case study of the difference between first son and only son. He was de facto only child for a while since other children of Aerys and Rhaella keep dying in infancy. During this period he was a nerd preferring the company of books and libraries. But after Viserys was born and survived infancy, Rhaegar's personality underwent 180 degree change and suddenly he wanted to be a knight because of some prophecy he read about.

That's all. All are welcome to comment!

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2023.06.10 18:21 Plane-Guidance636 KilJu strength and fermentation time?

Hi fellow brewers. I’ve been brewing some various drinks and experimenting with different yeasts and beverage types.
I’m wondering if anyone has an idea of fermentation time and ABV I can expect from my latest batch. I’m brewing 15L of Kilju, it’s 4 parts water to one part sugar, I used raisins and a small bit of cooked white rice for nutrients and I used champagne yeast. It’s kept warm on the higher end for the yeast around 28-30 degrees.
I’m on day 5 and it has the wine smell coming in.
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2023.06.10 18:10 Beneficial_Thanks141 Is it possible that bc of sibo, I will feel terrible no matter what I eat?

Looking to bounce a little logic off some ppl here. First time ever posting on the internet... so bear with me.
have had sibo confirmed for 2 years and looking like symptoms for 5-6 years possibly my whole life lol.
methane and hydrogen - did the lactose breath test. have spent thousands of dollars. "retired" to fight this, as it has destroyed both my physical and mental health. After finally beating my lowest / darkest moments of my life, I am ready to attack it harder then ever.
Ive done low fodmap, carnivore, keto, diy elemental, as well as my own spreadsheet powered diet that was so restrictive I think i messed up the rest of my body.
obviously eating less foods (mostly carbs) that aggravate it.. I feel better. however I then fight with hypoglycaemia 2-3 times a day. so I tried eating 5-6 meals. That worked a bit better but drove me insane.
So to finally get to my question. I think no matter what I eat it feels almost the same. Therefore should I just eat to control blood sugar? as well as balance constipation and diharea while fighting sibo with herbs. Plus working on motility?
Ex: I feel so m much better with a simple digestible sugar carb with each of my 4-5 meals. it keeps me sane, solves the shakes, way happier, easier..... yes sugar in excess is bad for humans... but Id rather be slightly happier then live a little longer...
im open to all ideas. im not diabetic. but on the line of pre diabetic, I got a cgm to try to figure out whats going on and confirm why I get so irritable that I lock myself in with a punching bag lol.

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2023.06.10 17:48 Apprehensive-Belt336 cravings

I'm in my beginning of my diet, and I'm trying to stick with it but today I gave on to my craving and eat an unhealthy snack. For the record I'm doing a very restrict diet, so I mainly eat fruits and vegetables. Does everyone have an idea for a sweet snacks that is low in calories, carbs and sugar?
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