Park point water temp

Give me my Diamondback

2012.03.14 14:39 Tuxhedoh Give me my Diamondback

The Ultimate Southwest Ohio park for amusement and thrills. Also known as the superior Ohio theme park

2020.07.23 07:24 madazzahatter Aloha and welcome to /r/SandyBeachOahu ~ E Komo Mai!

Aloha and welcome to /SandyBeachOahu, a place for anything local, like news, pics, sports, events or just stop by, talk story. It's not a place for stink eye or downvote menehunes.

2023.06.10 19:04 Armored_Snorlax Need help with paint moving away from high edges.

I'm having some trouble with Vallejo model color and am seeking insight/advice from more experienced with this.
The figures were primed with Tamiya white spray can primer so I know I've got a good staying point.
I thin my paints about 1/3 to 1/2 with distilled water, so it's thicker than airbrushing type but not thin to the point of nearly being a wash. I apply in multiple thin coats after an evening of drying time.
But when I come back, the paint on the highest edges have completely disappeared. White clearly visible on the creases of the clothing, corners of the boots, etc. Especially bad with German Grey and black, but not from wear as they're carefully placed to protect from that.
Last night instead of thinning, I used unthinned black on the boots in extremely thin 'edge highlight' fashion then sealed with glass varnish to protect.
Is this the only way to work around this? It's adding extra time and annoyance when theres.other parts I want to get onto instead of constantly backtracking.
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2023.06.10 19:04 MonsieurJongleur Why Reddit is no longer my home on the internet

First of all, I support the blackout, and believe it should go on indefinitely. However, that will not be my decision, as I will be removing myself as head moderator, and deleting all my comments.
I fundamentally believe that if you don't like how a site treats its users, then the only real leverage you have is not to participate. Especially moderators, who put in the hours to make the site enjoyable for the average reader. Without moderators, most spaces on the internet are spammy, hateful, and bleak. That being said, it’s not like I plan to nuke this community. If paratactical and the rest of the modteam want to continue fighting the good fight, I’m not going to stand in their way.
It was difficult to articulate my thoughts without falling back to a basic "the only winning move is not to play," which can also be fairly interpreted as "taking your ball and going home." I don't really care how other people characterize it, but it's personally annoying to me to not be able to explain my position.
Then I read the Corey Doctorow essay, The Enshittification of Tiktok: How Platforms Die which clarified my ideas immensely, so I thought I'd share, in my last act of content creation.
It's really worth reading, but the outline is this:
1) a platform needs users to exist, so at first, it serves the users, until the users are locked in.
2) then, it needs advertising to be profitable, so then it serves businesses, until the businesses are locked in. Obviously, this is unenjoyable for the users, but the platform deserves to make money, right? So, we try to ignore the fact that we are the product, and our allegiance to the platform is actually just a tool to maximize value extraction.
3) Finally, the investors want to get paid, and that means they have to maximize the value extracted from the advertisers AND the users. Which is where we are today on reddit. Spez can't have 20% of the users not being served ads, even if they are the power users-- moderators, content contributors, or commentors.

Every Eyeball is Equal Under Spez

Except /blind. Sorry about your luck!
People like to point out Participation Inequality, the fact of life that 90% of users are lurkers. But from an enshittification perspective, it doesn't matter that they're lurkers. As long as their eyeballs land on ads, they're worth just as much as the most active supermod.
Or are they?
I left Instagram once I stopped being able to see only the people I followed, in reverse chrono order. Facebook even earlier than that, because they started hiding the posts of the local businesses I WANTED to follow-- how else will I see which act is playing on Thursday nights at my local watering hole?
Clearly, Facebook and Instagram still exist. Whether they are enjoyable to visit or engage on is neither here nor there. So the 'death' of platforms that Doctorow posits is more of an existential death -- the platforms lose what made them dynamic and engaging, which is the creativity and authentic engagement of their userbase.

Rumors of Reddit’s imminent death are exaggerated*

*due to the skewed incentives in the venture class
Reddit won't die evenly. /AskHistorians, which has extremely high moderation standards, and is already struggling under the huge influx of nonsense ChatGPT comments will probably lock itself down.
More casual communities, like /DIY or /Gardening, will probably still enjoy authentically user-generated content, and subs like /whatisthisthing and /tipofmytongue can continue to have casual commentary that is simple to produce (in contrast to long-form, thoughtful, in-depth contributions like in AskHistorians)
And of course, that's the experience of reddit as it currently exists. But with more limited mod tools (see this AskHistorians thread for receipts on how long reddit has been promising effective tools for) I'd expect to see a steep decline in the quality of the content in aggregate.
Think about the number of repost bots. The number of comment-stealing bots. The amount of astroturfing and spam that you see on the daily, the stuff that gets through the current tools. Now take those tools away.
I mean, it'll be like Facebook, only with more porn. So clearly that won't be a dealbreaker for a lot of users. But it's a dealbreaker for me.
But of course it’s not like they’re going to turn the servers off. FFS, even Twitter still has the lights on, in spite of its laughable mismanagement. They’re not going to turn the servers off until they’ve extracted every bit of profit they can. How long did Google+ stay online until someone mercifully pulled the plug? 2019

So long, and thanks for all the fish

I don’t need to convince you to take your ball and go home. Stay if you like. I’ll probably maintain at least one open account to occasionally post on /whatisthisbug, in the same way that I occasionally log into Facebook to check out baby pictures shared by people I went to high school with.
But it won’t be my home.
It won’t be a place I commit time and energy and engagement to. I won’t follow subs I’m expert in and try to contribute answers when people ask questions. I won’t create content to share, and I definitely won’t moderate. I will treat it like the extractive relationship that it is-- get what I want out of the platform while leaving as few of my personal details behind for them to leverage.
It’s kind of ironic, actually, that the reddit that hates personal promotion will create a site where the only people who will bother making content will be doing it with the intent to monetize it somehow. (Which I am all for! The makers and indie creators who are doing the work of really top tier content creation. Rather you do that than PPC!)
I only want to make you aware, as I was pleased to discover, that it’s not that I am “getting too old” for a given platform, but simply that I remember when a given platform was less shitty than it is now.
And it's gotten shitty for a foundational reason, as inescapable as the turn of the seasons - the extractive nature of accepting VC funding means that the platform is obliged, little-by-little, to ruin it, in pursuit of investor returns.
To fix this you’d have to ban investing, which would simultaneously kill many of the weird moonshots we enjoy about the internet, past and present. So.

All you can do is pay attention to when your platform of choice passes your personal threshold of enshittening -- whether that’s Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook; Uber, Lyft, AirBNB; Amazon, eBay, Paypal -- and invest your energy into something new.

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2023.06.10 19:01 mlljf Happiness and PSA to newborn parents who are struggling

Gosh, I just need to share. I struggled so much emotionally at the beginning, and even more so because my baby was so wanted and planned. I really questioned whether I’d made a mistake. My boy is so opinionated, more than any other baby I’ve been around. He has GERD and some other GI issues that honestly made the first few months hell. He was not a bad sleeper, though he woke up every 2-3 hours until about 4-4.5 mos.
But WOW. Other parents I knew who had ‘difficult’ babies said 6 months was a turning point for them and I understand it. This boy is about to be 7 months and I am so, so in love with him. All of those opinions of his are going strong but what that means is that when he’s excited to say, be held up to and touch our paintings at home, he is screaming with joy. He reaches out to me when someone he doesn’t know well is holding him. He gets so happy when Daddy comes home from work. He loves watching the dog walk around. He just discovered if he kicks bath water enough it splashes his face and WOW that is the most exciting thing he’s seen. I love this little human so much. It got so much better and I’m just thrilled to be his mom and get to eventually see him walk, talk, figure out who he is. He still has alllll the GI issues and we are still fighting to get a call back from the GI but there’s not even a tiny part of me that regrets becoming a parent. I just needed to share- I’m often tired, but I’m so happy.
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2023.06.10 19:01 JollyMonSings [39/m] quick random chat

I am 39, male. I prefer you to be female and between 18-118 years old. This conversation is for TODAY ONLY. Possible topics: 1. What is a word you don't use enough? NO 4 LETTER WORDS PLEASE... I am sure you use those enough. 2. When you eat food, lets say a burger (or vegan burger) and fries...are you one of those sickos that eats all of one food first and then all of the other? Why don't you live a little and try eating 4 fries then take a bite of the burger? 3. I THINK I'm still young at heart, but when I went out to eat with older people when I was actually young, many times they ordered a regular drink PLUS A WATER. I thought that was so stupid. About a month ago, I started getting a water plus a regular drink. I think that is a clear cut sign I am getting old 4. Wanna play a question game? No, I don't ask you random questions about yourself. The conversation is just questions back and forth. Example: How are you? ---Don't you know I am sick in bed? Want me to bring some medicine? etc etc 5. I want my list to be 6 bullet points but frankly I only have 5 topics. Just skip this one. I am sure you did anyway. 6. Do you go out of your way at a store, down various aisles, if you recognize someone that is somewhat familiar but you don't want to talk to them? Ever end up in like the car fragrance aisle and somehow they just happen to turn the corner and come in that aisle so you have to act like you are looking at something very specific?
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2023.06.10 19:01 BearNutsHurt Too much emphasis on combat, too little on actual survival.

I can't help but see that this game is too combat-oriented. All the special attacks, buffs debuffs and whatnot, bodies despawning fast, therefore encouraging more PvP. Besides the combat, there truly is not much left to do. You grow, you complete quests, bam, finito. The game should introduce more features helping survival and with it RP. Things such as nesting (pretty much confirmed), diseases/infections = you drink from a bad water source or eat rotten meat, you get infected, resulting in health/speed/agility debuffs. Climate changes would be quite welcome. Something like heatwaves, where you need to move close to a water source or stay in shade, otherwise risk overheating and with it gain certain debuffs. Snowing should also make you move spots to somewhere more isolated, like caves or forests. Another feature I can think of is that your dinosaur gains experience and certain buffs the longer it lives (limited to certain age). It becomes stronger at high age, but also slower in return and more. Scent and actual territories would be great if implemented correctly. I understand that this would make some people dislike the game. Therefore, in my opinion, they should develop a deathmatch gamemode, being just the basic game like it is now, but with faster grows.
P.S. : I noticed some of my points collide with the whole "buff and debuff" thing in the beginning. I know.
I understand that this doesn't have to appeal to everyone, but to me personally it would. TL;DR: More emphasis on SURVIVAL rather than COMBAT.
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2023.06.10 19:00 SkittishReflections I was Forced to Live a Nightmare

When you're rich enough, you get perks you can only dream of. Literally. But somehow, my paradise turned into hell.
Have you ever had a dream so amazing, you wished you could relive it? Explore it? Relish it? Well, when you're rich enough, you don't have to wish. It's a reality thanks to dream banks. You may have heard of them and their pricy services, which include recording, saving, and projecting dreams.
For example, if you'd like a dream recorded, you can book one of their luxurious suites for the night, where the dream techs will fit you with a special helmet and leave you to rest. The next morning, they'll replay the recorded dream for you via the helmet and ask if you want to shell out the extra bucks to save it. If you don't, they'll delete it and you can pay to book for another time to try again.
If you do decide to save it, you must select an item within the dream that will act as the exit key. (This will come in handy during projections.) While still wearing the helmet, you must touch the item, and the dream techs will label those electric signals as the key.
Afterwards, everything is saved under your name, and you can now relive your dream at any time by booking a suite for three, five, or eight hours. Unlike recordings, during projections, you don't have to wait for sleep to come. After you enjoy a snack of your choice, the helmet is fitted and you're immediately transported to your dream, where you have free will and can enjoy it at your leisure. And if you ever need to leave early, this is when you touch the key, which will shut down the helmet right away.
In my case, the key is the stegosaurus leather rug I have hanging on the wall of my throne room. I never have a reason to touch it otherwise, making it a perfect key. I've also never had to touch it. Experiencing life as an all-powerful, worshipped being who lives on my own planet and hunts dinosaurs in my spare time, I relished my dream to the last second.
Yes, the fees are exorbitant, but at the time, I felt it was worth it. The techs were skilled, the system was sleek, and the dreams were private. Each could only be unlocked by the unique brainwaves of the dreamer.
Or so I thought.
My literal nightmare began when I booked a five-hour projection on a rainy Friday afternoon. After taking a sip of champagne to wash down the cranberry brie bites, I settled into the cool silk sheets with a smile. My usual dream tech smiled back as she fastened my helmet, and the last thing I heard was her wishing me pleasant dreams before I was plunged into darkness.
I waited for the split-second adjustment from reality to the dream world, and my confusion grew when I didn't find myself on my throne surrounded by fawning gods and goddesses.
Instead, I found myself in the middle of an endless street. Alone. There were no cars, no life, not even wind. Towering street lamps lined the sidewalk as far as I could see, arcing over the road and tinting everything an eerie red. Behind them, identical buildings stood side by side, silent, their dark, narrow windows hollow.
My pulse spiking, I whipped around. The other direction was just as endless. Uneasy confusion prickled beneath my skin. This had to be someone else's dream. The techs must have made a mistake. I didn't know how it was possible, but there was no other explanation.
My unease piqued as my situation sank in. I was in a stranger's dream and I didn't know the key. I was stuck here until my five hours ran out. Or until the techs realized their mistake. I was ready to rip them a new one once I was out, but until then, I had no choice but to wait.
I studied my surroundings with a frown before I walked over to the curb and sat down, and that was when I noticed I couldn't feel anything. I also noticed I was naked. It didn't matter. There was no one here, and none of this was real anyway.
Time passed, and I tried to distract myself from my nettled offense by humming, but no sound came out. Sitting up, I took a deep breath and screamed. Not even a squeak was heard. I slapped my hand against the ground. Nothing. This place was like a black hole of the senses.
Sighing, I lay down on my back and stared at the red light above me, wondering if I could fall asleep in a dream. I tried, but the more I wished to escape this silent, crimson prison, the more it seemed to come into focus. Soon, the utter lack of noise and movement grew from slightly unnerving to completely intolerable.
There was no way I could wait. I'd go insane. I had to get out of here. I had to find the key.
Jumping up, I ran to the nearest building and wrenched open the door, and a pitch black void greeted me. I gasped, and gasped again as it felt like my very breath was being suctioned out of my lungs. Panicking, silent wheezes rattled in my chest as I struggled to yank myself out of the vacuum, jerking my limbs and bucking my body until I toppled over backwards on the sidewalk.
Gulping in fitful breaths, I scrambled to my feet and ran down the road without looking back, my wide eyes scanning the horizon for salvation. I just wanted out of here, but the hellish path stretched on forever, making me feel like I was running in place as every identical building and street lamp mocked me. Even my silent stomping and mute panting served to draw insanity closer.
And then, a person showed up.
There, in the distance.
With my hope spurred, I raced towards them, desperate. I didn't care who they were. I needed to break this monotony.
As I got closer, hope morphed to confusion, and then to despair. The person was me. It was a mirror, propped up across the entire street.
Sweat-soaked, I slowed down to a jog before I stopped right in front of my reflection. It was me alright, naked, exhausted, and frustrated. But the eyes, something was off about the eyes. With an anxious frown, I stepped closer, staring into them, and they stared back …
… until they glanced behind me.
I gasped and jumped away, and so did my reflection … before it glanced over my shoulder again.
A chill trickled down my spine. My reflection had nothing behind it but the empty street, so I gulped and turned around, and my mouth fell open in a silent scream as a lovecraftian behemoth barrelled its way towards me. With its slick shell gleaming red beneath the lights, it slammed down one spiny tentacle after the other as its five mouths bared their dripping, concentric fangs.
Drenched in undiluted horror, tremors gripped my body as I stumbled away until my back was against the mirror. I knew death was a foolproof key in a dream, but I didn't know if this creature would kill me right away or leave me to suffer in agony until my five hours were up.
With it only inches away, I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed myself into the mirror, and my stomach flipped as I fell backwards. I opened my mouth to gasp, but there was nothing for me to draw in. Floating in an airless void, I flailed and thrashed, my wild eyes scanning the darkness for answers as I began to spin around.
Although death would free me, one of my greatest fears was suffocating. On one of my weightless rotations, a red, glass cube passed me by, and I grabbed it, hoping it was a breathing device. I brought it close to my face, and I gawked at what it held within.
Surrounded by identical buildings and red street lamps while a lovecraftian behemoth tore me apart.
Horrified, I threw the cube as far as I could and increased my efforts to escape this void. Yet all the flailing and thrashing was for naught as the darkness revealed no end. My eyesight began to go red as my lungs spasmed, and I clawed at my throat as my pulse stuttered in my chest.
The red kept growing and growing until it engulfed my entire vision, and I gave up. There was nothing to do but face my fears and die. With my straining heart lumbering, I let myself go limp as I stared at the red and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
I wasn't dying.
In fact, I could breathe just fine.
Frowning, I opened my eyes, and intense unease spread through my core. Above me, a red moon had taken up the entire sky, each one of its craters crystal clear, like eyes watching me. I turned my head away, and I realized I was in a park, laying down on the grass. Sitting up, I blinked in surprise at the pond right beside me, its opaque water reflecting the moon's red light. Ducks were swimming in a circle across its surface, their movements smooth with nary a splash.
Trees surrounded us, so dense I couldn't tell when one began and the other ended. It was mind-numbingly quiet here as well, and I still couldn't feel anything or make any noise, but at least the ducks were moving. This place seemed more tolerable than the last, and I was willing to wait out my five hours here. I hoped at least an hour had passed already, but with dreams, one never knew. All I knew was that I was too exhausted to search for the key. And too scared. I didn't know whose dream this was, but they had to be masochistic if they saved this nightmare.
Curling up beside the pond, I worked on calming myself down as I watched the ducks swim in their systematic circle over and over and over. I tried counting the rotations the way one would count sheep, but that still didn't lull me to sleep. I wished I'd chosen the three-hour projection, but at least I hadn't chosen the eight-hour one.
Distorted circus music crackled around me and I jolted up, my heart ricocheting in my chest. There was finally sound, but the last thing I wanted to hear was a cliche horror movie soundtrack. Gulping, I looked around. The music was coming from the trees, and my stomach dropped when I spied a shadow behind one of them. Then another. And another. They emerged into the crimson moonlight, and my blood turned to ice.
I whipped around, trembling to the rhythm of my frantic pulse. They were surrounding me. Dozens of them. As classic as any clown could be. Colorful clothes, big shoes, silly hair, exaggerated makeup. I wasn't scared of clowns, as long as they were where they belonged. And they didn't belong here, staring at me with big, empty eyes and yellow, toothy grins.
I tried to convince myself that they weren't dangerous since they didn't have weapons and didn't seem monstrous, but when they took a step closer in unison, I jumped back, nearly falling into the pond. The ducks remained oblivious, still swimming in their circle. The distorted circus music got louder, and my hair stood on end when I saw the grass ripple in front of each clown. They were sending something my way through the ground.
Panicking, I jumped into the pond, and I screamed as I sank right in. There was no bottom. There was no water either. The pond was filled with red, translucent spheres, each the size of a tennis ball. Still able to breathe, I began swimming through the spheres with clumsy breast strokes, just hoping I could end up as far away from the clowns as possible.
After swimming for what felt like enough time, I tried to swim up, until I realized I had no idea which direction I was facing. Remember a trick for those stuck in avalanches, I spat, but my glob of saliva just hovered in front of me. Before panic could set in, I noticed what looked like an office desk floating amidst the spheres in the distance. After blinking a few times to make sure it was really there, I swam towards it, desperate for any change in my situation.
It was an office desk, a wooden one with carved borders and locked drawers. Tucked beneath it was a stool, and the moment I pulled it out and set it under my ass, an office replaced the red spheres.
I grunted as gravity returned, and I looked around in bewilderment at the cluttered bookshelves and grimy floors. Dust was floating everywhere, highlighted by the red light filtering in through the blinds behind me. I jumped as a clock hanging on the wall chimed. Its glass was too dirty for me to tell the time, but I was glad I could hear. I coughed at the dust. And I could make noise. I dusted my hands. And I could feel. I could even smell, which I now wished I couldn't as I wrinkled my nose at the faint stench of rot.
After failing to read the spines of some of the books on the shelves, I studied the shadowy corners of the room. A slack-jawed skeleton hung in the far end, and a faded poster with anatomical diagrams curled off a cupboard. This had to be a doctor's office. Was the creator of this dream a doctor?
A silhouette slid in front of the frosted glass door, and I gulped as the knob began to turn. A hand reached in, gripping the edge one finger at a time, and my heart dropped as I knew this horror cliche was only going to be followed by another. Having no time to think, I slid off the stool and crouched beneath the desk, my hand over my mouth as cobwebs clung to me.
Praying spiders wouldn't swarm me, I peeked through a small slit in the wood, and I froze when an emaciated nurse walked in the room. Layers upon layers of blood coated her scrubs, so much so that I couldn't even tell what color they originally were. She had no shoes. No feet either. Just ankle stubs, and my stomach turned as I heard bone clunk against the tiles.
A surgical mask covered her face, as bloodstained as her scrubs, and grimy lab goggles obscured her eyes. I was grateful, because judging by the pus leaking out of her scabbed, balding scalp, I didn't want to know what her face looked like. The closer she got, the stronger the stench of rot became, and I struggled to keep myself from retching.
She stopped halfway into the room, and I gawked at her hands. They were transforming. Her fingers elongating into razor-edged blades. She then began to hunch over, and I cringed as her spine cracked and popped until she was as bent as a candy cane, her face staring at her pelvis.
As if that wasn't unsettling enough, her head creaked as it spun around 180 degrees, now facing the front, upside down. Right after, her arms shot to the ground, and I watched with increasing dread as she bent them at the elbows and wrists so they flanked her head like distorted T-Rex arms.
She spread her fingers out and took a few more steps towards me, and I held my breath, hoping she couldn't hear my rabid heart or smell my fear. Her ankle bones clicked and clacked against the tiles as she made her way around the desk, and I cowered as my frantic eyes searched for a weapon. I found none, but I did spy a brass button beside my head.
With her legs now an arms distance away, I had nothing to lose as I jammed my thumb into the button. The back of the desk flung open, and I scrambled to my feet and dashed out from my hiding place, screaming in response to the nurse screeching behind me. Bursting through the door, I held up my fists and began punching like a maniac in fearful anticipation of a horde of nurses swarming me.
Except I was no longer in a hospital. I was in an outdoor parking lot. Alone. And judging by the roiling red clouds, a storm was brewing. After a second to collect my bearings, I dove into the closest car, thankful it was unlocked. The moment I slammed the door shut, lightning blinded me as thunder cracked and the downpour began. Sighing in relief, I tried to shake away my adrenaline, but the bloodshot eyes in my rearview mirror reignited my panic.
Before I could react, a belt snapped over my neck, pinning my head back against the headrest. With a frightened wheeze, I clawed at the leather, and I flinched as hot, heavy breath wafted across my ear. Gagging at the putrid smell, I reached over, desperate to scratch my strangler's face or poke their eyes out.
I felt their greasy hair and tried to pull it, but my fingers refused to hold on. I tried again and again, using my nails for purchase, but the strands just kept slipping out of my weak grip. Shifting focus, I tried to claw at their eyes, but it felt as though I was moving through molasses as my hand slid down their face. Once I felt a wet, bulbous eye, I tried to scratch it, but I didn't have enough strength to do anything damage.
My frustration clashed with my terror and I tried to punch them, but my arm swung back in slow motion and merely prodded a stubbly cheek. Tears welled in my eyes as I writhed and gasped, my strangler's laugh adding insult to injury. Despite knowing death will set me free, fear and self-preservation rummaged through my mind, searching for a solution. And they found one.
Hoping I had enough grip and energy, I reached down and found the reclining lever. Wrapping my fingers around it tight, I jerked it up and heaved my body back, and I gulped in a deep breath as I fell backwards, the belt now slack. Not at all prepared to face my attacker, I slipped out from beneath the belt, flung open the door, and zoomed out into the storm.
Sheets of rain obscured my vision, but not enough for me to see that the keys were left inside a red convertible. After making sure no one was hiding in the back, I jumped in, started the engine, and took off, the wheels squealing through the puddles. A sole street curled down a hill, and I took it, adrenaline pumping in waves through my quivering body.
This rush was a confusing mixture of exhilaration and apprehension. I wanted out, but I wasn't giving up. I made it this far, and I was going to survive every cliche this masochist dreamed up. Sharks? Snakes? Zombies? Bring it on. And afterwards, I was going to detail every single trial and tribulation I went through as I sued the dream bank for all the trauma they caused me.
Up ahead, the road curved, and I gasped as it ended in a cliff. I slammed the breaks, but they didn't do anything. Breaking out in a cold sweat, I slammed them again and again as I yanked the hand break as far as it would go. The car refused to slow down, and I cursed myself for not anticipating this cliche. In a move of desperation, I swerved, but it wasn't enough as the car careened over the edge and took me with it.
My heart hung in my throat as I hung on to the steering wheel, my knuckles white, my screams frozen in my lungs, the raindrops like needles. An endless body of water spread below me, and I knew sharks were my next challenge. I screwed my eyes shut as I awaited the inevitable plunge …
… and I gasped as the car crashed against the surface.
I lurched forward, and I cried out as I bashed my forehead against the wheel. Groaning, I leaned back, my ears ringing as I looked around, disoriented. I was still in the convertible, but we were right side up, having crashed into the concrete wall of an indoor garage. Blood trickled down my face and I reached up, only to feel around my head in shock.
I was wearing the helmet.
Why was it in the dream?
Or had I made it out?
I looked down. I wasn't naked. My pyjamas were plastered to my sweat-soaked skin. I was out. I looked around at the broken glass and mangled metal in confusion. But if I was finally out, why was I in a car and not between silk sheets?
I removed the helmet, and a yell from behind made me jump. I turned to see one of the dream techs running towards me. Was she always that skinny? And why were her scrubs red instead of the usual blue?
She made it to me, panting as she took the helmet out of my hands, and I wrinkled my nose at her unpleasant breath. She said I'd had a nightmare and began sleepwalking, and I'd left the dream bank and stole a car from their underground parking before she triggered a wake-up signal in the helmet, which made me crash.
I stared at her, not believing what I was hearing. I told her I'd booked a projection, not a recording, and she gave me a concerned frown and claimed the opposite. Anger replaced my confusion, and I called her a liar and accused them of misconduct, and she reminded me that dreams can only be unlocked by the dreamer.
Furious, I cursed at her as I tried to get out of the car, demanding to see my file. She was quick to tell me not to move in case I made my injuries worse as she pulled out her phone and said she was going to call an ambulance.
While I sat there and waited, fuming, I glimpsed my reflection in the dangling rearview mirror. Unease rippled beneath my skin and I sat up, grabbing the mirror and angling it to show my neck.
There was an angry red mark across it.
As though I was recently strangled.
Trembling, I tilted the mirror up.
Cobwebs. Stuck in my hair.
Dumbstruck in utter stupefaction, I scanned the rest of my body. My pyjamas were dirty and there was black under my fingernails, but the rest of my examination was cut short by tinny circus music. A chill jolted down my spine and I whipped my head to face the dream tech. That was her ringtone. She smiled as she answered the call, and I drew back at her yellow, toothy grin.
What was going on? I was out of the dream, I knew I was. Had everything been real? What had the dream bank done with me? Done to me?
Ambulance sirens wailed as they entered the underground parking, and the flashing red lights reflecting off the walls triggered my recent traumas. With terror-fueled adrenaline flooding my veins, I jerked my legs free of the wreck, jumped out of the car, and booked it, the dream tech's yells merging with the screeching sirens behind me.
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2023.06.10 18:58 JollyMonSings 39m RANDOM [chat] about whatever - topics included

I am 39, male. I prefer you to be female and between 18-118 years old. This conversation is for TODAY ONLY.
Possible topics:
  1. What is a word you don't use enough? NO 4 LETTER WORDS PLEASE... I am sure you use those enough.
  2. When you eat food, lets say a burger (or vegan burger) and fries...are you one of those sickos that eats all of one food first and then all of the other? Why don't you live a little and try eating 4 fries then take a bite of the burger?
  3. I THINK I'm still young at heart, but when I went out to eat with older people when I was actually young, many times they ordered a regular drink PLUS A WATER. I thought that was so stupid. About a month ago, I started getting a water plus a regular drink. I think that is a clear cut sign I am getting old
  4. Wanna play a question game? No, I don't ask you random questions about yourself. The conversation is just questions back and forth. Example: How are you? ---Don't you know I am sick in bed? Want me to bring some medicine? etc etc
  5. I want my list to be 6 bullet points but frankly I only have 5 topics. Just skip this one. I am sure you did anyway.
  6. Do you go out of your way at a store, down various aisles, if you recognize someone that is somewhat familiar but you don't want to talk to them? Ever end up in like the car fragrance aisle and somehow they just happen to turn the corner and come in that aisle so you have to act like you are looking at something very specific?
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2023.06.10 18:57 Arn4r64890 Why is extra fluid removed that's not related to the dry weight?

So my dry weight is set at 52.0 kg. I know that because I confirmed with the nurse. On Wednesday my pre-dialysis weight was 52.5 kg. But the machine was set to remove 1000 mL. On Friday my pre-dialysis weight was 52.9 kg and the machine was set to remove 1500 mL. So I'm just not really understand what the extra 500-600 mL is for.
What I can say is the extra fluid being removed is definitely pushing me under my dry weight, which is why I'm just bringing a water bottle at this point. It's annoying if I have to stay 30 minutes longer just because they removed too much fluid.
From my perspective, it actually seems better to gain more fluid because it seems that regardless of the reason for the extra fluid removal, the fluid removal is capped (probably due to the UFR). Because I can definitely say from the way my heart feels, it feels better when I've gained a lot of fluid (say 2.4 L) versus when they pull past my dry weight.
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2023.06.10 18:57 Substantial-Shake258 Help deep cleaning a grill?

Help deep cleaning a grill?
My dad really likes to grill, but he’s not great at cleaning it. He’ll use a wire brush on the top cooking grills but everything inside the grill definitely needs work. It’s to the point where the grill has trouble starting from a buildup of debris. For Father’s Day, I wanted to deep clean it for him, basically clean it good as new. I’m wondering if soaking the pieces in acetone would do the trick? Or just dish soap and water? Or something else? Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.10 18:57 moodymi_ Being trafficked for toilet paper

I was on vacation I’m Vegas, walking through the hotels casino trying to get to my room where I was meeting my bf. A dude who seemed familiar walked up to me and puts both of his hands on my shoulder forcing me to walk backwards as he talks to me about how he thinks he knows me and all that, he backed me into a elevator where another dude was. He backs off and they just stand by the door doesn’t seem like they know each other. We reach a level and the door opens to almost pitch darkness. I go to press my levels button but one had already grabbed me by the neck and arm and forced me out of the elevator and down the hall to a door. He opens it and throws me inside. It’s a VERy big room, almost like an empty speciality parking lot. There was a group of people standing in a semi circle around this desk that had nothing on it but a woman standing behind it. They toss me in the middle of the circle and they all start point things out about me that are good or bad like “her hair is nice and curly” “yeah but that snake tattoo on her ankle isn’t ideal” “yeah but her eyes color would be a nice change for the clients”
TW: SA I was frozen in fear, when they started talking about what to do with me I started to panic a little so one of the guys grabbed me from behind while the other started to take all my clothes but my panties off. I start kicking and crying out no, please, and stop but then the guy in front sticks both of his fingers inside of me over the underwear. He gives me such a nasty smile while he pushes his fingers as far up at he can. I scream out in pain and start flailing around and then the guy behind throws me on the ground. I quickly get dressed and then the woman asks me how much toilet paper I can get. Toilet paper? I ask and she says yes sternly I’m like “I can get as many as you like, I can get it all, I promise” and she says “how do I know you won’t bail, how badly do you want this” and I say “I would do anything not to miss my flight” they all give each other looks and then she nods okay. They all start walking away to a different door I came in from and before she goes in she looks at me and says “we’re always watching” I sit there and cry for a minute before going back up the way I came. I’m walking through the crowded hotel casino still trying to figure how to get to my room. I call my bf crying to him saying how I need to talk to him, something bad happened, I’m in danger and I need to speak to him and he basically tells me he can’t bc he’s hanging out with his friends and then he hangs up. I start bawling my eyes out trying to figure out what to do. The traffickers are all around in the crowd it’s just hard to point them out from the others and I’m trying to find a place to hide, then I slowly start to wake up
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2023.06.10 18:56 GruiaC The perfect dive watch doesn't exist! San Martin: Hold my beer!

The perfect dive watch doesn't exist! San Martin: Hold my beer!

I’m gonna come swinging right out of the gates and say that this is a great one!

I know it’s a knock off the original design of the Pelagos 42 (yeah 42mm not for every wrist size) but try to get the Pelagos in Steel , you can’t get one because it doesn’t exist.
The Tudor watch company has released a 39 mm version that seems to be neutered. It doesn’t have the three-dimensional rehaul of the 42 mm variant. And try to get a 39 mm Pelagos In steel. Guess what? It doesn’t exist!
So this is just my point: that the San Martin 0121 It’s so good that it shouldn’t exist at this price!
The size is perfect at The 38 mm size of the case or 39 mm of the bezel. If you think that 38 mm is small for your wrist size, let me tell you that you will be surprised! I have a 7.5 inch wrist and it fits like a charm. Also I think that the case size is perfect. Let me tell you that trying a blackBay 38 left me hanging as the watch is almost 1.5 cm in height. Dat BB it’s a tall boy!
The bracelet is solid and has almost no Lateral Play.
I was pretty skeptic regarding the clasp with on the fly mechanism, But I want me to tell you that I was surprised. It’s a pretty nice thing to have when you have to perfect fit your bracelet. Regarding the mechanism is an NH35: perfect! It can be easily adjusted or swapped in case you just need a new one. I chose the date variant as I really love this complication on my watches. It seems to run at +2/ seconds a day that is well within Chronometer specifications. Also be careful: the date variant has only 990ft of water resistance, opposed to the no date variant that has 1000ft :))
And lastly let me tell you about the lume: It just works I could see the time at 4 AM without charging it before going to sleep.
If you have any concerns about the sharp edges of the case and bracelet let me tell you that there are a few scissors edges. They fade out with wearing the watch and keep it looking sharp for a longer period of time. Just try it.. it just works!
Just like I said in the beginning I think that this is a great watch and if you shouldn’t be concerned about the fact that this is a homage because the watch that it’s all matching doesn’t exist
Should they try this design? just a thought that could save them of a lot of copywrigth infringements and allow them to make an original watch :) Hey u/watchdivescom , what do u say, can we do this?
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2023.06.10 18:55 ZarthanFire Trip Report - 15 Days in Osaka, Himeji, Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Tokyo, and Fujiyoshida!

This subreddit has been an amazing resource for my solo trip prep over the last few months so now it's my turn to give back. I did not have a set budget in mind since I save diligently for my trips. I am fairly well-traveled, a late 30s, solo traveler. This was my first time in Japan and my goals were a mixture of eating, exploring history, enjoying some theme parks, and enjoying experiences that only Japan could offer.
Total USD Spend: 17 days (2 travel days) came out to about $4200 USD total: * Flight: $1050 * Accommodations: $1400 * Food and Snacks: $1000 * Transportation (IC card, buses, trains): $250 * Theme Park & Novelty Experiences: $400 * Misc (souvenirs, shopping): $200 I typically budget out about $5K USD for my trips and Japan was definitely on the higher side of the budget, but again, I splurged on some fantastic restaurants, premiere entry at Universal Studios Osaka, along with numerous day trips. As others have mentioned here, I also averaged between 25K-30K steps a day. I’m in decent shape but walking 10-15 miles everyday definitely took its toll and my body shut down for a day.
Day 0: Landed in Osaka in the late afternoon and ended up wandering Dotonbori for a few hours since my hotel was located a block away. Ended up eating some very mediocre ramen at a stand in Dotonbori which was pretty disappointing, but the carbs were enough to knock me out. Day 1: Woke up early to walk around Dontobori at 5am and then headed out to few unique temples, including Namba Yasaka Jinja. Hopped onto the subway to enter Ueno Sky Tower, and overall, it was meh, I didn’t stay long just taking a few pictures and walked around Ueno for a few hours before heading to the Pokemon Cafe in Shinsaibashi. As others have noted, the food was very mediocre, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. Spent the rest of the evening getting drinks in Dotonbori before calling it a night.
Day 2: A full day at Universal Studios Japan to experience Super Nintendo World. I splurged on the express passes that gave me full access to a bunch of rides. SNW is pretty fucking awesome and I had a blast riding the Yoshi and Mario Kart rides, all the while taking taking in the atmosphere. The premiere pass also gave me access to a few additional rides including Harry Potter, Doraemon VR, and Jurassic Park. Had a late dinner at Kyushu Ramen getting their famous chashu ramen and it did not disappoint.
Day 3: Spent most of the day exploring Kuromon Ichiba Market, the local malls, and Dotonbori trying some street food. Went back to my hotel room and just relaxed for the rest of the day since jet lag was still bothering me. Watched some sumo matches on random Japanese tv before calling it a night.
Day 4: Took a day trip to Himeji to see the Himeji Castle. What a fantastic piece of history! I spent hours just taking in the sites and the nearby garden also highly recommended. Afterward, I had my first taste of Kobe beef in the form of a beef bowl at Kushiyaki Kobe Beef. Fantastic little hole-in-the-wall place with some really nice people working the counter. Took the train from Himeji directly to Nara where I was planning to stay the night. Day 5: Spent the entire day playing with the thousands of deer and checking out some local temples, including Todai-ji. I didn't do anything in Nara that hadn't been mentioned enough times here, but as others have said, a day trip or one day is more than enough time in the area. Took a late train to Kyoto. Day 6: Woke up in the early morning to beat the crowds to enjoy Fushimi Inari. Hiked the entire loop (about 2-3 hours) with only a fraction of the crowds, enjoyed some macha soft serve at the peak of the hill, and took my time going back down right rwhen the army of tourists and tour groups arrived. Grabbed an overly expensive Kobe beef stick from one of the food stalls by the temple gates and then spent an hour at a cute coffee shop called Rickshaw Cafe just people watching before grabbing an early dinner at Ramen Sen-no-Kaze. The food was solid, but it took 90 minutes to get a table. Not worth it and in hindsight I would have left.
Day 7: Woke up early again to check out the highly overrated Arashimyama bamboo forest. It was pretty underwhelming, but I did get a few nice photos before the crowds arrived. Strolled through the park and really enjoyed walking along the Katsura River seeing the catfish waiting to be fed and seeing the fishing boats tied up. A very tranquil place. After the nice long stroll, I walked back-and-forth the Togetsukyo Bridge and Kimono Forest (meh). The highlight of the morning was really Tenryu-Ji and the amazing zen garden. After a few hours taking in the peacefulness and silence, took the city bus to Kinkaku-ji, and the crowds were in full swing. Still totally worth seeing in person although it didn’t last very long. Day 8: A full day experiencing the Philosopher’s Path on a gorgeous sunny day. Too sunny since I got some pretty bad sunburns! I visited too many amazing temples, including Kiyomizo-dera, along with old Gion, although I thought the area was bit overhyped. I preferred the smaller, more peaceful temples away from the mass of tourists. Some of my favorites during my day exploring old Kyoto included Eikan-do, a more secluded temple up in the hills, Nanzen-Ji, with its beautiful aqueduct, and just walking the streets aimlessly for a few hours. Went to Nishiki Market and ate some amazing oysters at Daiyasu. If you love oysters, this is the spot to try it! Spent too much money on oysters and decided to go cheap and ate at Kura Sushi. The food was mediocre by Japanese standards, but blows away the quality and cost of the Kura Sushi restaurants in my hometown of Los Angeles.
Day 9: Took an early morning train to Kanazawa. Enjoyed my first ekiben while taking in the sights from the comfort of the Thunderbird Limited Express. Spent the rest of the day visiting the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (meh) and Kenrou-ken, probably the most beautiful garden in the Kanda province. Wrapped up the day by visiting the D.T Suzuki Museum and wow, the tranquil pool area was amazing. Do yourself a favor and stand on the corner and just stare at the water. You’ll feel like the entire world is moving along on a plane and you’re the one that is frozen in place. It was pretty trippy. Ate well at Mori More Sushi Omicho and stopped by the Pokemon Center to pick up the exclusive Pikachu Kimono figure only available in the Kanazawa store.
Day 10: Torrential rain the entire day but I powered throughit with my trusty umbrella. Enjoyed breakfast and snacks at the Omicho Market, enjoying a tuna-don at one of the stalls, fresh uni, and more oysters. Not cheap but fresh! Walked around the Higashi Chaya District, doing a bit of window shopping and ate some gold leaf macha soft serve at Kaikaro, spending more time people watching. Walked around the Kanazawa Castle Park in all its empty glory as well as the Oyama Shrine. The castle was pretty underwhelming esp. after seeing Himeji so I probably would have skipped it in hindsight. Wrapped up the day visiting the Naga-machi District, probably my favorite part of Kanazawa. Had more sushi at Sushi Rekireki Omicho, an enjoyable omakase.
Day 11: Took the Shinkansen to Tokyo eating the most expensive ekiban I could find, and spent the rest of the entire day in Asakusa in Tokyo. Walked around Senso-ji, had a few beers in Hoppy Street, and finally tried Ichiran. Called it an early day since I would be doing DisneySea in the early morning.
Day 12: Took the express bus from Tokyo Skytree to DisneySea. Thanks to the early forecast of rain, the park was barely 50% full? The longest wait for most rides was under 20 minutes so I was lucky enough to ride everything at least once. My meals consisted of a bunch of unique Dsney parki food: gyoza hot dogs, alien mochi, Mike watermelon bread, etc. Stayed until the fireworks and went straight back to the hotel and crashed. That was a 40K step day!
Day 13: Visited Akihabara, spending way too much money on crane games, browsing retro games, and looking at figures. Headed to Shibuya to eat breakfast for lunch at A Happy Pancake (meh). Went to the Nintendo Store in the PARCO mall, only to be disappointed to find out that all of the Nintendo World store t-shirts were sold out. Actually everything semi-interesting was sold out. Went up to Shibuya Sky to watch the sunset, spending a few hours just watching the day slowly turn into night. Did the Scramble a few times and then headed to Shinjuku where I’d be located for the last few days.
Day 14: Another torrential rainstorm sadly ruined my plans of visiting Shinjuku Gyoen, Meiji Jingo, and Harajuku. Maybe next time. I was hoping to buy Tokyo Giants tickets but they were all sold out so I ended up going to the Tokyo National Museum. I won’t lie, I was pretty bored, and in hindsight I wish I went to the neighboring National Museum of Nature and Science instead. After strolling Ueno Park in the rain, I was craving tonkatsu and googled Tonkatsu Yamabe. Good decision as it was the best tonkatsu I had in Tokyo. Went to a nearby Taito Game Station wasting more money on crane games before heading back to Shinjuku. The area is insane and in hindsight, I would probably pick somewhere like Shibuya or Ueno, somewhere slightly more chill. Day 15: One of my favorite days in Tokyo! Teamlabs Planets lives up to the hype but ONLY if you can get first admission at 9am. It was glorious to be among the first people in the exhibits as I could take in experience the way it was intended. There were only a few people in each room giving each space such a great, peaceful, and chill vibe. Headed to Ginza to the Michelin-rated Sushi Toyama, where I had a chance to finally experience bluefin toro (worth it!). Probably the most expensive lunch ever but it was quite the experience. A sunny and beautiful day, I bought a bunch of souvenirs and clothes (a 12-story Uniqlo with its own coffee shop, Muji Ginza, Ginza Six), checked out my favorite Toy Story in Japan, Hakuhinkan Toy Park, intricate stationary stores like Itoya, and went to a very popular Ginza Starbucks to people watch. Spent the evening in Shinjuku exploring Golden Gai getting swarmed by Nigerian dudes. Wanted to try a hole-in-wall ramen spot in the area but the line was stupid long so I ended up just going to Kyushu Ramen and was satisfied enough. A good day.
Day 16: With the break in clouds the day before, I decided to call an audible and set up a last minute day trip to Mount Fuji. Took an express bus from Shinjuku to Fushiyoshida and got dropped off in front of Chureito Pagoda. It was cloudy for most of the day, but for the last several hours I saw Mount Fuji in all its glory. It was a gray day but no complaints — it was nice to cross another bucket list item from the list.
Wow, this was much longer than I anticipated. Well if you got this far, feel free to ask any questions! In the meantime, I'll be planning my next trip to Japan soon!
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2023.06.10 18:54 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 18 Jobs in WV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Raleigh General Hospital ICU RN Beckley
Raleigh General Hospital Temp RN - Critical Care Step Down Beckley
City Year Academic Tutor & Mentor (Entry Level, Paid, Full-time) Morgantown
Raleigh General Hospital Temp RN - Critical Care Step Down Raleigh
US Navy Cryptologic Technician Charleston
US Navy Electronics Engineer Charleston
US Navy Bomb Technicial (EOD) Charleston
BayMark Health Services Full Time Registered Nurse (Night Shift) Gallipolis Ferry
National Radio Astronomy Observatory Human Resources Generalist Green Bank
National Radio Astronomy Observatory HR Generalist Green Bank
National Radio Astronomy Observatory HR Generalist (4859) Green Bank
National Radio Astronomy Observatory HR Generalist (4859) Marlinton
Pickering Associates Structural Engineer Parkersburg
Pickering Associates Structural Project Engineer Parkersburg
BayMark Health Services Full Time Registered Nurse (Night Shift) Point Pleasant
BayMark Health Services RN Point Pleasant
BayMark Health Services Registered Nurse (RN) Point Pleasant
Pickering Associates Structural Engineer Vienna
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 18:54 Classicfezza512 First Backpacking Trip to Italy

It's a week since I finally returned from Italy. It had been a really wild ride, if not the perfect trip, but it did really teach me that Italy is really a country for travelling.
- Day 1 (May 27): I took my Ryanair Flight from Cologne-Bonn to Bergamo. Not much to say, as I arrived late into the night and checked into my hostel, Mio Hostel in Milan.
- Day 2 (May 28): Day Trip to Lake Como. I visited multiple lakeside towns (such as Cernobbio, and Tremezzo), but Bellagio is an eye-opener to me. Sometimes I found it more interesting to walk through the off-beaten path between Tremezzo and Lenno instead of taking the boat. Villa del Balbianello is a pretty, if not overcrowded place (I don't like tourists. They are rude, loud and irritating, and they get everywhere.) However, this is where the fun bit started. I missed the last boat (at 7 pm presumably) back to Como, as I was stuck in Tremezzo as the sun went down. The final bus (at 9 pm) did not arrive, so I had to literally hitchhike a car back to Como (with my poor Italian skills and a Large sign).
- Day 3 (May 29): Visited the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese in the morning before lunch (a worthy visit for those who liked cars). The afternoon is mostly a Milan City Tour as I strolled around places like il Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, and La Scala, which are crowded to oblivion. But I found it better to just go away from the city centre to places like the Navigli Canal, as well as their hidden little galleries. Spent the evening at the Sforzesco Castle's Massive Park.
- Day 4 (May 30): Final Day in Milan. Visited Leonardo's Vineyard. I was not able to pre-book the ticket for the Last Supper during the trip so I went back to Milan and visited the Duomo's interior. And by late afternoon, I headed out to La Spezia via train and later headed to the second Hostel (Ostello Tramonti).
- Day 5 (May 31): Cinque Terre. Arguably one of the prettiest places on my whole trip, as long as the day remained sunny. However, Vernazza and Riomaggiore are crowded to hell while Monterosso is basically dull and turned into a tourist trap. The hikes are quite stunning too, if not tiring and time-consuming compared to taking the train. Then, I took the bus to Bologna (Marinobus) and checked in at Ostello San Filippo Neri in Modena that night.
- Day 6 (June 1): Modena Tour. A surprisingly underrated gem here, other than well, the infamous Ferrari Museum. I'd spent my evening riding around Modena on the bike provided for free by the hostel (Grazie). The town centre is quite quaint and not crowded.
- Day 7 (June 2): Bologna Tour. After checking out from Modena, I headed to Bologna. It's no longer as "underrated" as I thought because there are tons of people. Asinelli Tower is fully booked too so I went to the Prendiparte Tower, which surprisingly, gives me a good view that included the Asinelli Tower! Also, Tagliatelle tastes sublime. That evening, I finally headed to Verona to my rental place (Affittacamere Mameli)
- Day 8 (June 3): Lake Garda Travel. Rented a bike for 10 Euros, and mostly cycled around, from Peschiera to Sirmione and Desenzano. Sirmione is pretty but crowded. Nonetheless, the ruins of the Roman villa at the end of it were really nice. Desenzano is also quite beautiful but I have to hurry back to Peschiera to return my bike. I should have gotten up early that day and had more time to visit the places.
- Day 9 (June 4): Mostly travelling around Verona before taking the Bus back to Bergamo and flying back to Cologne. Some places are really overcrowded, but there are parts of the city with fewer people. The vibe is still quite romantic. It's just Juliet's bloody balcony, tbh. However, it was that day when I suffered arguably the worst setback in my whole trip, as my bus failed to make it on time to Bergamo (All thanks to roadworks and traffic jams) and I missed the Return flight. During an emergency, I booked the Bus to Cologne which was on the next day...
- Extra Day/ Day 10 (June 5): The setback gave me the chance to visit Citta Alta Bergamo. It's pretty, not crowded, and even has quite a surprisingly good vibe around it, and I could honestly rank it above places like Verona just for being uncrowded. And finally, I could take the bus I booked, Flixbus back to Germany. To my surprise, on the way, the bus drove through Lake Orta and gave me a stunning sight!
There is the whole summary of my whole trip. I do hope one day I have more time to return to this stunning country again and visit it in depth. Advice, especially for those on a budget? Take away your Pizza and save money. There are tons of Pizzerias and Pizzas (especially those served in full sizes) can easily satisfy one's appetite. Taking away also prevents you from paying extra tips. Also, buying water from Carrefour and Mini marts out of the city centre can save you money, especially those in Large bottles. Don't buy from vending machines. They are traps! (Unless you're desperate). And while some Museum tickets needed pre-booking, train tickets could be bought on the fly.
I would like to give a big "Grazie" to ItalyTravel for some suggestions on the forum as well as recommendations for restaurants, not to forget Trenord and Trenitalia for being punctual! No thanks for the bus that cancelled its scheduled stop in Tremezzo, though because you ruined the lives of me and the two other hitchhikers who also hopped on the same car as me.
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2023.06.10 18:54 ConflictedGroom23 AITA for not helping my cousin-in-law with his bill?

My wife and I are both 25 and we got married about a month ago. Everything went great until the end of our wedding reception. My wife's cousin Andy to my knowledge is not much of a drinker, but he definitely over-indulged and by the end of the reception, he was in no shape to drive himself home. Most everyone had already left and since Andy lives between the venue and our apartment, my bride and I agreed to drop him off at his place before we went home (we didn't have to be at the airport to leave for our honeymoon until about 3 AM).
We get to Andy's apartment at about 12 and find that he has lost his keys, probably somewhere at the venue. We take him back to our place and start calling relatives. His parents, grandparents, even my wife's parents, anyone we can think of to come get him. At this point it's going on 1 AM and everyone had a long day with the wedding so we understood why no one was answering. We tried to get him sobered up with food and watesports drinks but then he started puking in our bathroom and at that point we'd had enough and were now crunched for time to get to the airport.
Since he was vomiting, we dropped him off at a nearby emergency room, made sure he got checked in, and left. We texted numerous family members to let them know where he was and that he'd likely need a ride in the morning.
Fast forward to yesterday, Andy contacted us and was fuming because he has received his ER bill. He's demanding that we pay at least half because he never asked us to take him to the ER (he doesn't remember anything about the night, but he's not wrong). We're refusing because unless we wanted to miss our flight, we really had no choice. Plus he wasn't keeping food or sports drinks down so we thought it would be safest for him. Am I the AH for not helping him with his ER bill?
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2023.06.10 18:51 DangerRacoon [TOTK] We need to have more rebellious clans than just the yiga, Especially for other races.

What I especially love about the yiga, Is that they are different antagonists of ganon with different intentions, And they seem to be a comic relief, They are pretty fun characters, And I want to see more of antagonists like them, Especially with other species, Basically what I had in mind is that their needs to be more yiga clan like clans for species like zoras, rito, gerudo, and goron korok too And they all have their dumb comic relief intentions and so on.
Ritos: Name: White Crescent
Mostly chickens, Roosters, And doves, They here beak masks, And have like sky diving suits on them, They also wear red goggles that allow them to see in the night, Their leader is rucko, Who seems to be a giant chicken, Who has an obsession with eggs, Not in a way of wanting to eat them, But protecting them, He thinks the rito village has the eggs held hostage and sold at a "black market" Not to forget how jealous of he is, of revali and tulin. because of their skills.
The white crescent is usually spotted flying in formations, The doves mostly fly and land shots through arrows, The chickens can land on the ground and use their wing daggers, And the roosters wield a giant spear they throw around, Rucko wields a Gatling bow, And his also a coward. The white crescent mostly steals supplies from the rito village, Like rice, And especially eggs, And their goal is get rid of that annoying tiny bird known as tulin and egg the entirety of hyrule, How? Even they don't know. They get easily distracted by eggs, Not to mention Rucko's helper dgidgi the rooster who seems to be a bigger coward than him, But rucko sees him as a helpful assistant. Finally their base would a giant flying blimp with automatic cannon turrets on them.
Zora: Deep
A group of deep sea creatures having glowing yellowish green eyes, And being a constant threat and annoyance to the zora, Their colors mostly range from darker colors, Some of them wear swimming armor similar to a scuba, The normal variants are angler fish while the buffer variants are octopus, Their leader is Brobu, A giant slimy fish, Who has his jelousy over king dorephan (And now sidon) wanting to take over the zora domain, And drown hyrule, He also has a cute axolotl prince who he takes care of, And the axolotl just so happens to be a huge fan of link.
They come out of the water usually, And you can spot them through the glow in the water, the normal variants wield a trident, While the bigger variants wield a great sword, Brobu seems like he can control sludge and water, But he has his greatest sneaky stealthy body guard on his side, Sikon, A black, Quick, blind, squid who can sense link anywhere, Wielding a special spear that allows him to control water, Also his pretty cocky too, And he enjoys food like alot, Gourmet meals can distract him too much, Sense he can smell them, Their location is located through a deep sea cave domain.
Gorons: BoroCorp
A rival of yunobo corp, Borocorp is a group of evil gorons, Who steal from other gorons in the mine, Even attacking their base of operations to take over, These gorons seem to be darker and grayer, And they would attack anyone who try to interfere in their mines and base of operation, Their also very dumb, I mean it, For some reason they enjoy eating gems more than normal rocks unlike the other gorons, Even amber, Which seems to be pretty sweet for them, Their leader is boroboro, A giant goron, Who is known for having a bouncy roll, Allowing him to bounce against walls, His ability is too powerful to the point he flies off from the place on accident, He even knows his too weak for his own power, As much as he seems serious, His also old, And has a childish rivarly with the goron elder and yunobo, His goal is to be rich, And get rid of yunobo corp becoming number one source of gems for hyrule, He also sleeps alot too. The normal black gorons would have a fire trial roll, While the bigger gorons would use their claymore and shield. their base of location is under a volcano.
Gerudo: Warriors of ganon
A group of rebellious gerudos who still have their faith and trust in ganon, Still following ganon to this day, They are evil gerudos wearing strong metal armor with swords, shields, and spear, And some who appear to be stealthy assassins, They can be seen wandering around in the deserts, With higher chances in desert storms, Their location seems to be located below in the middle of the gerudo desert, Their lead by a devout follower of ganon, Rina, A gerudo warrior who seems to have practice in her assassin skill, And she also loves sand seal much like riju, Despite rina hating riju's guts, She owns several land seals who she considers her pets with names too, Shes childish, And not to forget their sort of introverted especially to voes, Rina is pretty quick, Wielding her two swords, But she does mess up alot, She wants to take over gerudo town and dethrone riju, And help in bringing back ganon.
Yeah those are my ideas or take on other evil clans aside from the yiga, Keeping them as also comic reliefs
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2023.06.10 18:49 Familiar-Letterhead3 Looking for opinions

Delete if not allowed, I'm not a diesel tech but I'm trying to see if there's something I can do myself on my truck. I know just a little about vehicles from what my dad taught me but I know way less about diesel engines. I'm fairly mechanically inclined and am willing to try my hand at some things. A little background and then the issue:
My dad passed away about 3 years ago and one of his vehicles that he owned is a 1999 Ford F-250 super duty, automatic. It is paid off and has low mileage, I know they can run forever and my kid would love to drive his grandpa's truck someday. I have not been good at keeping up with it but I don't want this truck to waste away and I'm in a spot where I can try some things before taking it to a shop. When we last parked it after using it to move some stuff, it had to be limped home because it wouldn't go over like 5mph. So it sat for a few years (I know, I know, please don't come for me). It was definitely dead so recently I replaced the batteries and that got it to start. However when I put it into gear it will not move, doesn't even rev up when I push the gas pedal. Someone suggested a sensor or shifter cable and from there I am lost. I tried searching online a bit but nothing really helpful came up. I can't currently find my code reader so I'm waiting for a friend to lend me theirs. Someone looked at the oil and the diesel fuel and said those smell/look good. I checked the tranny fluid, good there. It needs some brake fluid but I can't imagine that's the main issue for it not moving. I know there's probably water in the diesel tank but that's an easy fix with a bottle of Heet or Power Service.
I'm fully aware that it will most likely need to go to a shop at some point but until then I would like to do whatever I can to look into it myself. If I can just get it to move before taking it in to get the speed/engine issue checked out then I'll be happy. If you have any suggestions on things I can try, even just a YT video showing me how to check something, please reach out. I felt so accomplished even just replacing the batteries, I'd never had to do that myself before because my dad was always there to help.
Thank you for any suggestions you might have!
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2023.06.10 18:48 midwestchauffeur The Chauffeur Driver: Elevating Your Travel Experience

Introduction: In today's fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, having a chauffeur driver can be a game-changer. The role of a chauffeur driver extends beyond simply transporting passengers from point A to point B. With their exceptional skills, professionalism, and commitment to customer service, chauffeur drivers offer a premium and personalized travel experience. In this article, we will explore the many facets of a chauffeur driver and why they are the epitome of luxury and convenience.
  1. The Essence of Luxury:
  1. Professionalism at Its Best:
  1. Personalized and Discreet Service:
  1. Stress-Free Travel Experience:
  1. Corporate Travel and VIP Services:
  1. Special Occasions and Celebrations:
  1. Sustainability and Environmental Considerations:
Conclusion: In an era where convenience, luxury, and efficiency are highly valued, the role of a chauffeur driver becomes increasingly essential. From providing a touch of elegance to ensuring stress-free journeys, chauffeur drivers excel in creating exceptional travel experiences. Their professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail set them apart, making them indispensable for both corporate travel and personal occasions. So, the next time you want to make a statement or add a touch of luxury to your journey, consider the services of a chauffeur driver and discover a whole new world of comfort, convenience, and class.
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2023.06.10 18:48 ArnieGumble Anyone encountering this shower trend? You'll see the ceiling of a pervert's shower and hear running water. I am guessing they are waiting for a girl to point the camera at themselves showering. I see it daily and it is always different people.

Anyone encountering this shower trend? You'll see the ceiling of a pervert's shower and hear running water. I am guessing they are waiting for a girl to point the camera at themselves showering. I see it daily and it is always different people. submitted by ArnieGumble to omegle [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:48 TheCorinthianP13R Looking for replacement reservoirs for a farm xl

I have a discontinued model of the Farm XL. The basins and grow trays have warped badly over the years, to the point the pumps cant make good contact to the lids and the water level sensors no longer work. We have disassebled them, cleaned them, descaled them, replaced every part we could. Aerogarden customer service says they do not carry replacements for the reservoirs and lids for our model.
At this point we don't know what else to do. We haven't had any luck scavenging used ones.
Does anyone know if there is a good way to rig a replacement? The biggest problem is the bars that run across the bottom and finding a stable way to rest improvised bins on them.
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2023.06.10 18:47 Blackwhite35-73 The Nature of Vigilantes (Part 2)

So it looks like I'm going to be continuing with this after all.
Memory Transcription Subject: Kalva, Kratotl Retired Predator Disease expert
Date [Standardized Human Time] : 27th September 2136
My wings ache.
A lot of my body has been aching ever since some years ago.
But I suppose thats what {Corrupted Data} a scholar for much of your life.
I was not a particularly active person. Sure I did fly but flying anywhere in Venlil Prime was incredibly hard even for the strongest of all Kratotl living. Not that I would be flying here any time soon.
The slightly elevated slopes of Riverford would have been promising to me but I had been of course too busy studying on Predator Disease to do much about flying.
I've been an expert on the subject for many decades now. Helping identify patterns of non-sapient predators whenever they popped, providing advice for new Exterminator pods and assisting in trials of predator-diseased peoples across the belt. I've kept a impressive track record ove{Corrupted Data}.
I yawned and stretched my wings as I stepped out from my favourite cafe onto the nearly empty street. It was a fairly isolated place that has seen plenty of Riverfords elderly visitors and scholars throughout its long life, myself included. And personally I would rather keep its isolated nature like that.
I walked over to where my car was and opened its door. Some would say tha{Corrupted Data} but I liked this model and I would be rather be long in Inatala's embrace before I even change cars now.
As I entered the car, I heard something drop onto the floor of the car, and quite close to me too. I craned my aching neck over to the right car seat to see a weird cylindrical object of some kind. Curiously, I picked it up. From visual observation, this was a cylinder with some metal bits on one end with a hole and a rough exterior, presumably for grabbing-

Memory Transcription Subject: Tavr, Venlil Exterminator
Date [Standardised Human Time]: 10th November 2136
I removed the helmet and placed it on the public bathroom's counter, checking the fur on top of my head. It was a soft pastel white with rather nice curls which I've been trying to keep on whenever I was on duty. As usual, it got ruffled by the helmet so I decided to put some water on my wool to see whether it would retain the shape.
Letting my fingers plap and flatten the wool into the shape I wanted it to be, I was reminded of my pod-on-duty eating Second Meal. None of us had our breakfast and Valim had bought us all hefty meals as a treat to make up for our dour moods.
Ah well, I suppose I can take my time with this and surprise them all with my new wool-style.
A toilet behind me flushed as whoever it was began to clean themselves up. I paid not much mind to the person in the cubicle as I bent down and applied more water to my wool.
When I looked up back into the mirror, I saw the following things:
A Yotul in all black.
A set of white, sharp, predatory teeth in the center of their chest.
And a wire tied in a circle in one of their hands.
I turned around, feeling the grip of the Yotul on my fire-proof suit and the circular wire go around my neck as he violently threw me into the cubicle that he was hiding.
My jaw collided with the toilet, sending a shock of pain through my jaw. I did not have time to recover from this as the Yotul pulled the circular wire and my throat and began to strangle me.
I tried to get up, but the Yotul placed his weight against me to the point where I couldn't leverage my body to get an angle to push him off, neither could I call for anyone to help me from this predator-diseased primitive as his wire continued to tighten against my throat.
I squirmed around, flailing my limbs as I tried to grab at the Yotul to no avail, my vision starting to blur as I kept flailing. I barely even registered the cubicle door closing when the Yotul lifted me up and pulled me towards him.
I was getting desperate now. I was gonna blackout now and die to this Yotul here and now in this cubicle. I was hoping for anything, for my pod-members to come in and here the struggle, for anything!!
Then I remembered the knife I had in my boot. I had used it only once during my entire service to the Guild but it had saved before. It can save me again now!!
Desperately, I forced myself against the wire noose, constricting me even further than it already had and I swore I felt my eyes bulge out. But it did give me the angle needed to get to the concealed sheath in the boot and-
There was a firm hand on my wrist.
"Not today, you fuck!" said a grizzled, phlegmy voice.
And with that sentence, the angle that I was in was kept fixed as the Yotul pushed his foot against my back, now sealing my fate.
"I already faced that trick once before. Fool me once, but I'll make sure you'll never fool me twice!" he snarled at me as my vision went black.
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2023.06.10 18:47 cheechy8700 Advice on durable ground cover for high traffic areas of my yard

Help! My whole yard is dirt. My yard is small, 50x30 and I’ve struggled to grow and keep grass because my dogs run and play around the yard. I’m leaving for a month in a few weeks and I want to take they time to try and grow something that will (hopefully) survive me and my dogs walking on it.
Right now I have some Kentucky blue grass that is growing in less traveled parts of the yard but even that is struggling. It gets watered once a day.
I’ve had suggestions including rye, clover and more. At this point I’ll even take dandelions or crab grass! Anything is better than dirt.
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