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2023.06.10 19:40 oh-fuck-hit-me-more Anyone Here From San Diego That Needs a Friend Who Can Give Attention and Affection?

Welcome you wonderful potato. I'm here, to give some of you company in this time of need, especially when there's a blackout happening soon throughout reddit
Im down to make anyone a Spotify playlist, that I swear will be worth your time while you meet other people all you gotta do is message me some artists that you like or post a comment if you're brave enough for the world to know and understand the love you have for that sweet Hannah Montana playlist. The artists you mention don't have to be limited to english artists.
So a bit about me. I'm an Italian from southern san diego. I'm here to be your listener or distraction. Do you want to tell me why the rated r tellytubies movie should have won best picture? Maybe wanna talk about your favorite album or artist? What games do you play, if any? I play on PS5 and PC, are you looking for a friend to be a reading buddy? Cause I sure as shit need help reading There's a Monster at the End of the Book. Do you like to paint? Then shower me with your artwork. I am someone who can talk about any topic and you bet your butt I will ask you a lot of follow up questions. Or hey, I can be one type of figure for you so you can always cry with me anytime and you can vent to me without feeling you'd need to owe anything.
Also, I love bad jokes and can shower you with them anytime. For example feel free to use it whenever you want, last night 25% of my roof was destroyed, oof. Brilliant, I know.
If you're bad at conversations, have depression or just need a new friend, just send me a simple "hi" and I'll add you to a chat so we can talk, I'm patient and won't judge you unless if you're a waffle hater.
Again if you're an extravert you can always message me.
I don't care about your age, gender, race, or if you're a waffle hater, I'm here for everyone.
Feel free to message me. And if not, than dang you just improved your reading skills, you lil nerd you.
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2023.06.10 19:37 oh-fuck-hit-me-more Anyone Here From San Diego That Needs a Friend Who Can Give Attention and Affection?

Welcome you wonderful potato. I'm here, to give some of you company in this time of need and only here to find wonderful people like who's reading this.
Im down to make anyone a Spotify playlist, that I swear will be worth your time while you meet other people all you gotta do is message me some artists that you like or post a comment if you're brave enough for the world to know and understand the love you have for that sweet Hannah Montana playlist. The artists you mention don't have to be limited to english artists.
So a bit about me. I'm an Italian from southern san diego. I'm here to be your listener or distraction. Do you want to tell me why the rated r tellytubies movie should have won best picture? Maybe wanna talk about your favorite album or artist? What games do you play, if any? I play on PS5 and PC, are you looking for a friend to be a reading buddy? Cause I sure as shit need help reading There's a Monster at the End of the Book. Do you like to paint? Then shower me with your artwork. I am someone who can talk about any topic and you bet your butt I will ask you a lot of follow up questions. Or hey, I can be one type of figure for you so you can always cry with me anytime and you can vent to me without feeling you'd need to owe anything.
Also, I love bad jokes and can shower you with them anytime. For example feel free to use it whenever you want, how does NASA plan their parties? They planet. Brilliant, I know.
If you're bad at conversations, have depression or just need a new friend, just send me a simple "hi" and I'll add you to a chat so we can talk, I'm patient and won't judge you unless if you're a waffle hater.
Again if you're an extravert you can always message me.
I don't care about your age, gender or race, I'm here for everyone.
Feel free to message me. And if not, than dang you just improved your reading skills, you lil nerd you.
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2023.06.10 19:27 tacosterry [US-CA] [H] disney 100 minifigures 71038 sets of all 18 ($80) or cases of 36 ($150) [W] paypal goods and services

Hey guys, we are a fairly large lego seller on some marketplaces. Figured I'd see if anyone on here was interested in buying these latest mini figs direct from us to save the ~15% marketplace fees.
Set of all 18 figures, $80 (ships first class mail)
Case pack of 36 contains 2 sets of 18 $150 (ships UPS ground/surepost) We will box it in a cardboard box so the official case pack (as pictured) arrives mint.
Price is firm and shipping is included, but can give slight discount if you order multiple as shipping is cheaper for us.
Pickup available in san diego area.
We have about a pallet left. Must charge tax in CA unless you have resale certificate.Payment via paypal goods and services
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2023.06.10 19:17 TaxTimely2087 2023 Bucket list Suggestions for someone moving out of NYC after 6 years

Moved to NYC in 2017 for college. Been mostly ups and have made so much amazing memories in this city.
I’m moving to San Francisco in August for an amazing job.
Want to make the most out of my last 8 weeks. Appreciate any suggestions of both your favorite NYC only activities, but also all the stuff you’ve ever wanted to do. No price range, open for $ to $$$$.
Best restaurants/food, unique places to run, best rooftops, hidden gems
Appreciate it!
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2023.06.10 19:15 0x706c617921 What’s up with restaurants not splitting a bill in California?

I’ve lived in San Diego for the last year and I’ve noticed that restaurants often don’t give the option of splitting the bill.
For most of my adult life I’ve lived in North Carolina and I’ve noticed that over there, it was a standard practice to ask if you want the bill to be split up or not.
What’s up with this?
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2023.06.10 19:13 Jefcat San Francisco Opera week Day 6. Meyerbeer L’Africaine (1988)
Cast. Sélika Shirley Verrett. Inès Ruth Ann Swenson. Vasco da Gama Placido Domingo. Nelusko Justino Diaz. Don Pedro Michael Devlin. High Priest Mark Delavan. The Grand Inquisitor Joseph Rouleau. San Francisco Opera Chorus & Orch conducted by Maurizio Arena
San Francisco Opera has produced ONE Meyerbeer opera during its 100 year history, his final, posthumous opera L’Africaine. The opera was first produced at SF Opera in 1972 with Shirley Verrett and Placido Domingo with Jean Périsson conducting. The same production was revived in 1988, once again with Verrett and Domingo in the leading roles. The telecast was assembled from three of the seven performances. The opera has a lot of spectacle, but it looked and sounded wonderful in the house. Verrett was magnificent as Sélika, one of the best things I saw her do. Swenson was superb as Inès too. Best of all was perhaps Domingo as Vasco da Gama. This was certainly one of the best things I saw I saw him do on stage. He was relaxed, handsome and sang beautifully. L’Africaine isn’t a great opera but it is a grand one and this was a production befitting a Grand Opera.
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2023.06.10 19:02 GabrielleMonet I'm a licensed cosmetologist

Recently wubby talked about his experience at a Great Clips. I worked at a GC for almost 5 years, I'd be happy to say that the questions she was asking him were out of boredom 100% and trying to have an interesting conversation. Knowing the industry and work environment of a GC, you're under tremendous pressure to perform at an almost robotic level. Go by the same 5 steps, have the same conversation over and over again at least 30-40 times a day if your haircut times are within "standards" (10-14 minutes start to finish) each day would be pretty mundane for me at least, doing pretty much the same haircut over and over just slightly different and having people be so rude about the dumbest things. Also I have to say him tipping 100% was probably the best time shes gotten in a while. People usually go to GC to save money and they aren't willing to tip much or even at all. (If anyone has any questions about the industry/working at Great Clips let me know) Also I currently live in TX and if the San Diego crew ever needs a personal hairstylist/cosmetologist hit me up :) I'd be happy to do any cuts,colors whatever!
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2023.06.10 19:01 YourFriendInSpokane Best Monte Cristo in Town?

My son is turning 16 and asked for the best monte cristo to celebrate. Where would you recommend?
He’s been dreaming of the one he had in San Francisco for over a year.
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2023.06.10 18:59 Northwood31 Honeymoon in Norther Spain

Hi all,
My wife and I are planning our honeymoon in Spain for August. Looking for some feedback on out itinerary before we book everything (a few things are already booked but we are still in the free cancelation window). We have never been to Spain before and this is our first trip together internationally.
We arrive in Madrid on in mid August and leave Madrid two weeks later.
  1. Arrive in Madrid at 6 a.m. and either rent a car or train to San Sebastian (around 2 p.m.) - another flight is also a possibility but I have read that it is a very scenic drive/train and with the scheduling all three get in around the same time. Car would allow us to make a few stops along the way. We are open to any suggestions of stops along the way - either scenic, historical, or wine related in the Rioja region.
  2. Say in San Sebastian 4 nights. So many people have told us that this is one of their favorite cities in Spain and in the world. My concern is that 4 nights might be too much. The first day might be a bit of a wash with travel but it would be a full 3 to 3.5 days.
  3. Drive to Bilbao and stay 1 night. Explore the city and the museums.
  4. Drive to Gijon area - stay 3 nights. Seems like there is so much to do in this area. Day trip to Ovideo and the surrounding coastline. Including the coastline towns from Bilbao to Gijon.
  5. Drive to Picos de Europa - hike and stay two nights. This could be done on the way from Bilbao or coming back from the Gijon area. With travel, not sure if this is best as two nights or only one. Mirador Santa Catalina and some of the surrounding hiking trails are on the list.
  6. Drive back to Madrid and stay 3 nights. Explore the city. Mid morning flight on the third day.
Few concerns are too many nights in San Sebastian and possibly one to many nights in Madrid and Picos. We would like a mix of seeing different places and not feeling rushed. We love hiking, eating, and exploring new culture but also want to feel like we are taking the proper time to enjoy the area. Open to any additional suggestions - including specific restaurants, activities, and places to stay (including any festivals) and appreciate any and all feedback.
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2023.06.10 18:57 SarcasticOptimist Best and Worst Toyota and Lexus Models for Reliability in 2023

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2023.06.10 18:57 theknux2 Growing our game

According to 2022 and 2023 ratings, the MLS is close to surpassing the NHL as the 4th most popular league in North America. However, in the 1980s-1990s, the NHL was head-to-head with the NBA. Today, the NBA is more popular than the NHL despite the NBA being flawed due to its luxury tax and smaller market teams being designed to fail. The NHL's popularity began to fall around the time Bettman took over. Whether or not this is relevant is up to you but right now, that's not important. I believe if we want to grow the game we have to start looking beyond the borders of the NHL and start looking closer at the development path players take to get there.I'm going to list the development paths in both the U.S. and Canada for reference;
What can we do to grow the game? -The CHL and NCAA need to come to an agreement allowing CHL players to play NCAA; right now if you play Major Junior hockey you cannot play NCAA so if you don't make the NHL, you don't really have anywhere to go especially if you do not want to go to Europe. -That brings me to my second point; we NEED more NCAA hockey. Right now there are only 64 NCAA D1 teams. We should have double that amount of teams; 128. We need to add the ACC, SEC, and PAC-12, plus two additional conferences, one in the southeast and another in the west. Schools with an NHL or minor league arena within 20 min of campus should explore the possibility of adding teams. Some college basketball arenas can already accommodate ice hockey, why not explore adding teams there too? Can you imagine if college hockey was popular enough to have millions of people making National Championship brackets? Imagine how many young kids would see that and decide to start playing. -Merge the FPHL and SPHL and rename the league the ECHL. The current ECHL would be renamed the IHL. We need 3 minor leagues so more players can get the opportunity to play in the NHL development system AND more small cities would be able to support a local team hopefully sparking more interest in the youth community. -If you want to talk about growing the game in North America, you have to look beyond just Canada and the United States. The NHL should have a prospect summer league similar to the MLB's Arizona Fall League. I propose we put this league in Mexico. Have four teams; Mexico City (@Arena CDMX), Monterrey (@Arena Monterrey), Guadalajara (@Arena Guadalajara), and San Luis Potosi (@Arena Potosi). Each team would be affiliated with an NHL division. Teams would be made up of each division's best prospects. The season will be 8 weeks. The championship will take place the week before the start of the NHL preseason. Advertising games in these big cities should hypothetically get people interested in the game. -The PHF and the PWHPA should merge and put each of the PWHPA teams in cities then add one expansion team to get to 12 teams. Call it the WNHL. There needs to get a league that young girls around the world can dream about playing in; just like so many young boys dream about playing in the NHL. -We need a World Cup. The IIHF, NHL, and the Champions Hockey League should team up and create an independent World Cup sponsored by all three enterprises. It would take place every 4 years, in between each World Cup there'd still be the same World Championships but the World Cup would feature all the NHL players. ________________________
These are just some ideas I had. I'd love to hear more from people in the comments.
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2023.06.10 18:46 abuks89 Car dispute

OK this one is a doozy so apologies if it gets a little long… Would really like some input on best ways forward
about three months back my wife’s mother and stepfather mentioned they’d like to sell us their old car a 2010 Mercedes SUV
From my research online the car sells at dealerships for anywhere between 12-15,000, the trade in value is around 8000 and KBB gave a private sale range of 8-9k for that model….
Step-father-in-law wanted 15k for it, citing dealership pricing, i declined …
then mother-in-law had a conversation with my wife and said they would take 12k, still high, but i agreed…
we have had the car for 3 months now, i’ve put around 1500 in improvements into it (new head unit, changed oil and transmission,ect)
As i make the final payment MIL now says they never agreed to sell for 12 and will only take 15, (english isn’t her first language, so it’s hard to nail down what she said/ what she thinks she said)her and my wife have a strange dynamic and both refuse to address or acknowledge this, but im convinced MIL agreed on 12, changed her mind, and has now convinced herself she didn’t agree… it’s a mess
if i dont agree to pay the full amount they want to return the 12k i’ve paid so far and come and pick car back up…
I wanna point out that I know all the obvious things here, I should never have done this deal, I should’ve never gone forward without anything in writing… lesson learned… that being said, here we are, and how to proceed…
i personally think it’s outrageous and insulting that they ever expected 15k from their own daughte step daughter, and admittedly i’ve been pretty vocal about this in a less-than-friendly tone, it hasn’t helped soften their demeanor….
i guess the end result is ill pay the 15k and swallow my pride, that or return the car , leaving me, wife and baby with only a 200k mile sedan… just temporarily until i can buy a replacement
i know i’ll harbor resentment either way
any advice or input?…
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2023.06.10 18:26 AdditionalPair8 Cartoon Idea: X-Men: The Next Mutation

Note: This is gonna be a very long post, so brace yourselves
As most of you know by now, X-Men '97 will be coming out on Disney Plus this Fall.
This series will be a pretty big deal since it'll mark the X-Men's very first major animated appearance in over a decade!
During the 2010s, due to the rising success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 20th Century Fox still owning the FILM rights to the X-Men, and Ike "Fuck You" Perlmutter, Marvel basically resorted to pretending the X-Men didn't even exist, removing them from potential media they would be allowed to appear in.
Cartoons, merchandising, and perhaps one of the most egregious, video games.....
Chances are most of you are familiar with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.
And you're probably all aware that one of the biggest criticisms towards that game was the vetoing of any X-Men representation.
And not helping was the frankly idiotic responses given to this valid criticism.
Which, let's be real, the people from Capcom only really said half of that shit since they were most likely being held at gunpoint by an executive from Marvel, who in turn was being held at gunpoint by Perlmutter.
And after the game's release, people from Capcom came out to say how much the production of the game was absolute nightmare due to Marvel's bullshit.
And with that being said, the license for MvC will mostly likely never be renewed since after all the bullshit Marvel pulled on them, Capcom wouldn't want to work with them ever again.
But enough about that....
While it is great that the X-Men are finally returning to television after spending nearly 15 years without a major animated appearance, it is a little disappointing that it's being done through a revival of an already existing series.
I'm guessing that Marvel decided to have the X-Men's grand return to animation to be something a little familiar, so when it's time for a new X-Men cartoon that's a bit different from before, it wouldn't be too overwhelming for some.
But when that time does come, I have what I think would a cool idea for a new X-Men cartoon.
The cartoon would be titled X-Men: The Next Mutation!
Essentially the main draw of this series would be turning the characters of the Marvel Universe into powerful badasses right out of a shonen manga/anime.
And I figured the X-Men would be the perfect characters to explore that concept with.
Becuase the reason they're more powerful in this universe, apart from years of rigorous physical training, are secondary mutations.
Yeah in the universe of this series, secondary mutations are much more common among mutants, often happening early adulthood.
Tertiary mutations also exist, but they're pretty rare.
As for the X-Men themselves, the series would feature the biggest roster by far.
It would consist of Cyclops, Psyche (Jean Grey), Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Shadowcat, Lockheed, Rogue, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Angel, Thunderbird, Beast, Sunfire, Banshee, Dazzler, The Diamond Queen (Emma Frost), Gambit and Psylocke.
There are some notable changes with some of the members of the team.
-Angel will be female by the name of Wren Worthington
-Nightcrawler's last name will be changed from Wagner to Darkhölme, since in this universe, he's the biological son of Mystique and Destiny
(Bonus points for anyone who gets that reference)
-Nightcrawler and Rogue grew up together
-Sunfire and Psylocke's back-stories are much different than they were in the original comics. Sunfire, who while still Japanese, spent most of his life in San Fransokyo, being raised by the Silver Samurai, who in this universe is his uncle rather than his cousin. Sunfire was also a member of the Hand until he met the X-Men and saw the error of his ways. As for Psylocke, she was a Japanese baby raised by the Braddocks, who in this universe are a family of English adventurers. You're probably wondering why I changed their back-stories. In the case of Sunfire, I felt like his original backstory is pretty problematic, at least in my opinion. I mean, it literally had to do with the bombing of Hiroshima. And when you take into consideration that he was created back in the late 1960s, you can't help but go a bit "yeesh" about it. As for Psylocke, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the whole body-swapping mess. Yeah....that shit has been banished to the Shadow Realm. I felt like this new backstory I came with would be a perfect way to still keep the appearance that most people associate with, while still keeping her British.
-I'm still debating on this one, but either Colossus or Gambit will be gender-swapped as well. Essentially, it would be either a female Colossus and a still-male Gambit, or a still-male Colossus and a female Gambit. The reason for that I'm about to touch on next.
In terms of romantic relationships.....
-Cyclops, Jean and Wolverine will be in a polyamorous marriage
-Storm will be dating Thor
-Colossus and Shadowcat will be dating (with a much shorter age difference this time)
-Rogue and Gambit will be sort-of dating
-Iceman will be dating The Human Torch
-Nightcrawler and Angel will be dating
-Beast and Emma will be dating.
-Dazzler and Sunfire will be dating
-Banshee will have a thing for Moria MacTaggert
So yeah, if you considered that possible gender-swap between Gambit and Colossus....that would put Shadowcat and Rogue in LGBT relationships.
Though in all honesty, I'm leaning more towards keeping Gambit male and making Colossus a female.
Since I think it would be nice for Shadowcat to finally be in a relationship with another female for once.
Although I haven't seen too many people mention it, it is pretty strange how despite being canonically bisexual, Shadowcat is still being restricted to male love interests.
I've heard something that it has to do with writer bias, since a lot of them had crushes on her back in the day.
It does seem like they're now gonna change it since she does seem to have thing for Rasputin IV.
Apart from the team themselves, what about their standing in the world?
Well, this might be a bit controversial, but in this universe, the X-Men have finally achieved their original dream of a world where mutants and humans peacefully co-exist with each other.
Since in this universe, the human race are actually decently intelligent.
Along with that, they've come to see the X-Men as what they truly are....heroes, due to the various good deeds they've done over the years.
And because of the deeds of the X-Men, humans have began to change their perspective on mutants overall.
And while there are still humans who hate the mutants, they're more of a minority now.
But despite achieving their dream, the X-Men still persist as heroes....simply because they want to.
Yeah, the heroes in this universe will be actual heroes, people who go out of their way to help those in need.
But you're probably wondering, if the X-Men finally achieved their dream, what kind of conflict would they deal with now?
Well, simple.....
This series would have 4 seasons, with each one focusing on a different antagonist.
The first season will be the Return Season.
The main antagonists will be the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy (consisting of Mystique, Destiny, Blob, Pyro, Avalanche, Unus the Untouchable, Lorelei, Sabertooth, Mastermind, Lady Mastermind, and Toad), who had spent the last 2-3 years in the Raft.
That was until they were broken out by Bolivar Trask and General Kincaid (from X-Men Legends).
Their reason for doing so was simple.....revenge.
With the rising acceptance of mutants as whole, plus their frankly heinous actions against them and humanity, Trask and Bolivar have become societal rejects.
They've been stripped of both of their positions by the government, and are now treated like shit by everyone.
This has made the duo's hatred for the X-Men even greater than ever before.
As a result of this, they decided to break the Brotherhood out of the Raft so they could work together to take out the X-Men once and for all and conquer the world.
Although both sides do hate each other, they do form an alliance due to their shared hatred for the X-Men.
Basically the classic the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
And since the Brotherhood have also gone through secondary mutations of their own, they're even more of a challenge for the X-Men than ever before.
The season will also feature other villains like The Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy, The Silver Samurai, Sauron, Arcade, and the entire island of Genosha.
Luckily, the X-Men will have plenty of allies to back them up.
These include Charles Xavier, obviously.
Duncan Mathews, who in this universe, is a pretty nice guy and a longtime ally of the X-Men, essentially being like their April O'Neil.
Moira MacTaggert, who's still a human.
Ka-Zar, Shanna the She-Devil, and Zabu.
Nick Fury, who has formed a partnership with the X-Men to promote human-mutant relations.
James Produstar and Theresa Cassidy, Thunderbird's little brother and Banshee's daughter, who are both little kids.
The Avengers and The Fantastic Four, who are actually close allies with the X-Men rather than rivals who try to rip each other's throats whenever they cross paths.
Plus, they have members of their respective teams dating each other.
And I know some of you are gonna ask this, but Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Franklin Richards will all still be mutants.
X-Factor (which consists of Forge, Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, Chat, Longshot, and Multiple Man).
A bit more reluctantly, Deadpool.
And a new ally in the form of Nathaniel Essex, a world famous geneticist who has partnered up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Xavier to study and learn more about the X-Men and the other superheroes of New York.
But undoubtedly the big bad of this season would be the one and only, Magneto!
There would be a storyline throughout this season involving the Brotherhood searching for the whereabouts of their leader, along with the pieces of his iconic helmet.
And given how powerful Magneto already is in the comics, imagine what he would be like this in new universe where everyone is a badass right out of Shonen Jump!
Also, I wanted to add this real quick, but Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be Magneto's grandchildren rather than his children.
I mean, the guy is over 90 years old....
Season 2 would be the Clone Season.
I'm pretty sure you all knew this already, but Dr. Essex would essentially be the main villain of this season, taking on his iconic identity as Mister Sinister.
Sinister's master plan is to create the perfect army of hybrids, made from the DNA of the X-Men and the other superheroes, which is the reason why he worked with them last season.
And he plans to use this army to conquer the world.
So this season will basically be like The Clone Saga, except not shit.
Apart from Sinister, this season would introduce to Marauders and various notable clones of the X-Men, like Madelyn Pryor, Archangel, and even X-23.
Season 3 will be the Apocalypse Season.
As you would expect, the main villain of this season will be none other than Apocalypse, with Mister Sinister serving as the secondary villain.
Apocalypse's plan is to use his Four Horsemen to conquer the world, rid of those he sees weak, and enslave those he deems strong.
This season will not only see the X-Men working with all of their allies, but also their enemies, in order to defeat Apocalypse.
This season would also see a redemption arc for Magneto and the Brotherhood, with them finally going from villains to heroes.
The season would also introduce us to X-Force, a team of time-traveling mutants consisting of Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Rictor, Boom Boom, Theresa and James (now going by their Siryn and Warpath aliases), Rachel Summers, and the future children of the other X-Men.
Also, since Cyclops won't be hooking up with Madelyne, Cable will be the son of him, Jean and Wolverine, with Rachel being his biological younger sister.
I should mention this that this series would have a lot of influence from shonen manga/anime, with one of the biggest being Dragon Ball Z.
And this season would have one of the strongest influences from DBZ.
Just like Trunks, X-Force will be portrayed as a band of heroes from a dystopian future (that being the Age of Apocalypse), who traveled back in time to stop the source of said future.
The fourth and final season will be the Multiverse/Space Season
This season will be heavy emphasis on the extraterrestrial side of the X-Men.
This season will see the introduction of The Broods, The Flock, The Sh'iar, The Starjammers, Mojo, and Vulcan.
This season will also but a heavy emphasis on the Multiverse.
As this universe's X-Men will meet various iterations of themselves from across the ages.
From the 616, to the Ultimate, to the animated, to the movies.
The main MVP would have to be none other than Jean herself.
A huge plotline for this season is that would become the new host of the Phoenix Force, and is now learning how to use it, with the help of 616 iteration, who has learned to master the entity.
And this Jean really needs to if she's gonna be able to take on the season's main villain...herself.
Well technically it's a variant of her who also became the host of the Phoenix, but was overwhelmed by its power and became evil.
And thus, Dark Phoenix was born...
Many of the multiversal variants of the X-Men and the Marvel characters already knew of Dark Phoenix before the events of the series.....and I'll be honest, they're all scared shitless of her.
And why won't they?
She's an all-powerful being with enough strength to destroy entire planets!
And although they've tried their best to avoid her, they can't anymore when she forces the entire multiverse to fight in a tournament that will decide their fate, and against villainous variants of themselves, all of whom are powerful in their own right.
From Maestro, to The Maker.
And final event is a battle against her and the multiverse's strongest fighters.
If the heroes win, Dark Phoenix will leave the multiverse alone forever.
But if they lose, she'll basically destroy everything and everyone.
Before we wrap up, I do want to talk about the art-style and the animation.
The art-style would be done by Boris Grovez, aka ArtFrenzyBoris, who has a really cool art-style I vibe with.
Not only does it look like something right out of a comic book, but also this sense of expressiveness and a cartoony nature not typically found in most comic books or superhero cartoons.
If you want to check it out, here's a link to his DeviantArt page below.
As for the animation, it would be done by Flying Bark Studios.
The animation studio behind Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Monkie Kid, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.
When considering that this series would be heavily inspired by shonen manga/anime, you can't tell me that this wouldn't be the best studio to possibly animated this show.
I mean, have you seen their animation?!
Voice Cast:
.Scott Porter as Cyclops
.Jennifer Hale as Psyche
.Steve Blum as Wolverine
.Danielle Nicolet as Storm
.Chris Cox as Colossus (Male)
.Vanessa Marshall as Colossus (Female)
.Danielle Judovits as Shadowcat
.Dee Bradley Baker as Lockheed
.Melissa Disney as Rogue
.Zachary Gordon as Iceman
.Liam O'Brien as Nightcrawler
.Grey Griffin as Angel and Psylocke
.Johnathan Joss as Thunderbird
.Fred Tatasciore as Beast
.Steven Yuen as Sunfire
.Quinton Flynn as Banshee
.Cristina Valenzuela as Dazzler
.Kari Wahlgren as The Diamond Queen and Gambit (female)
.Troy Baker as Gambit (Male)
.Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier
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2023.06.10 18:21 Thalassofille Totally TJ’S Pizza Creation

Totally TJ’S Pizza Creation
All ingredients courtesy of Trader Joe. Pictured the Quattro Fromaggio shredded cheese blend, Trader Joe’s shredded mozzarella, 1/2 a package of the fresh pizza dough, whole milk ricotta, tomato paste, super sweet San Marzano tomatoes, crushed red peppers, Pizza Sprinkle seasoning, oregano and red onion and green pepper. Not pictured: I also used powdered garlic and Parmesan cheese. I did not use the Quattro fromaggio shreds as they ended up being past the best by date with a suspicious green tinge.
I put the tomatoes, the paste and all the spices together in the food processor to make the sauce. It could have been spicier so I’ll add more flakes next time.
I love the fresh pizza dough. I usually divide it in half and freeze. Each half makes a perfect 12-14 inch pizza.
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2023.06.10 18:17 DJKhaledIsRetarded Can I actually get the dealership to tint the windows and throw in floor mats for free? (Texas)

I'm buying either a new Honda or Toyota. Nothing special, it's not like I'm rolling through spending 50k+. It's going to be a civic or a corolla. Financing is already set at the places I'm talking to, I've been approved and have the terms I want/am comfortable with.
This is the fourth car I've bought with my spouse but it's the first car I've taken my time and talked to multiple dealerships and such. Every other time I just had a car in mind, showed up, bought the car, sat in finance forever, and then left. My husband has always been convinced (I do not know who the multitude of people are that he claims told him this) you can get them to tint your windows for free and throw in the nicer floor mats before you buy.
I'm not in sales, he is. I don't even haggle with street vendors or anyone else. I really just think that seems unrealistic, as the price of something is usually just the price of it in my mind. So, can I ask for free window tint and floor mats, or am I just going to make a jackass out of myself by doing that?
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2023.06.10 18:01 paigfife UPDATE to I am planning on quitting in the next month. Is it wrong that I want NK13 to hear it from me first? - plus other stories

Here is the previous post where I asked if it was okay to tell NK13 I was quitting before telling NPs because I wanted her to hear it from me. Mixed responses, but ultimately it didn't matter because I got fired! Hooray. Honestly, I'm not too upset about it, her parents are dreadful.
Sorry in advance, this is a LONG one. TL;DR: NF paid me a salary instead of GHs, didn't reimburse mileage, and started asking me to work more and more hours than originally agreed. Tensions built up over time, it all came to a head in the past month and things became pretty hostile. My car broke down 2 weeks ago, it's been in the shop ever since. I'd been borrowing my sister's car up until Tuesday, but she needed it back. I had no problem getting to and from work, my husband could drop me off/pick me up, but I had absolutely no option for a car yesterday for driving NK to her activities. I told NPs that I didn't have any realistic options and they asked me to rent a car. I stood up for myself, said not unless they were reimbursing me for the rental, and MB got pissed off and told me to just stay home. This is when I decided I needed to quit. DB got home today after work and fired me. He claimed it had nothing to do with my car breaking down or about the car rental thing (yeah right) but that it was just time for NK13 to no longer have a nanny. I think it's true that she doesn't really need a nanny anymore anyway, but you really can't deny that timing. They asked me to finish out the month, so at least I'll have some cushion until I can find a job.
Now let me tell you everything that led up to this moment... It's better if I give you some background info first. I have been a nanny for only a short while; I babysat and did some part-time nannying in the past, but I only became an actual full-time nanny in Dec. 2021. I started working for this NF in May 2022, so a little over a year now. I also have a young son - he's 3.5 now but was barely 2 when I started.
I found this family by looking on a local childcare Facebook group. NF's previous nanny was helping them look for a new nanny because she had to leave. She actually also had a young child, so it was a very similar situation. She was very specific in her post (I still have the screenshot, so I'm certain) that they were looking for a nanny willing to work long hours in the summer and shorter hours in the school year for G12, and since she is an older child, it's more of a house managefamily assistant type job. Summer hours start at 7:30am and can last as late as 7:30pm - schedule was very variable because they are both physicians and never really know when they were able to leave - but often she'd be relieved before then, sometimes as early as 3 or 4 pm. School year hours were much more flexible, Old Nanny (ON) said she'd get there around noon since G12 was in school. She did her house management tasks, picked her up from school, cooked her dinner, and would be relieved soon after.
When I reached out to Old Nanny to apply for this position, I was already a little desperate. My previous NF had just told me they were putting G2 in daycare and wouldn't need me, I had been looking for families that would be okay with me bringing my son and no one was interested in that. So I was getting very worried about paying bills and needed something ASAP.
After I interviewed, they said they wanted to pay me a salary. This should've been my first big red flag, but again, desperate. They explained they thought that was better than hourly because they would often come home much earlier than they planned and didn't want me to lose out on money. I essentially thought that it was basically just guaranteed hours, and since they got home early most of the time, there was no way they'd take advantage of me! (spoiler: they did)
The next should've-been-red flag was that they didn't want a contract because they're so easy and flexible and that they would always work with me if I was sick or needed time off. (spoiler: they didn't)
The thing is, I *knew* all of this wasn't okay and were huge red flags. But I was naive and thought that wouldn't be an issue for me and this new family that seems soooo amazing. (lol)
Anyway, moving on... The first several months seemed really great! I was getting along amazingly with NK, we were still getting to know each other, and I was still getting acquainted with the job, but MB just seemed...disappointed with everything. Most of the house management type stuff was really closer to personal assistant stuff for her and she is very nit-picky and micromanage-y. She'd tell me pretty much daily that I missed a hanger or two when organizing her closet. She wanted all her laundry to be done at all times (this woman goes through more laundry than anyone I know). She repeatedly told me I needed to tri-fold the towels (I was tri-folding!). She also had these insanely long to-do lists for the both of us. Since NK was only 12, I had to pretty much supervise her to make sure it got done. MB would even remind me to make sure I am helping her. So now I had my to-do list and also NK's to-do list to complete. Of course, this is all while caring for 2 kids, taking the 2 big dogs for long walks around the block several times a day (because I wasn't allowed to let them in the backyard to pee), feeding all of us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and chauffeuring NK to all of her activities. Even in my 10-12 hour shifts, I wouldn't always get everything done because there was just so much to do. But if I even left something to finish the next day, MB would passive-aggressively point it out and ask for it to get finished (of course I'm going to finish it, there's no need to remind me ugh).
Oh and the best part!!!!! I never got reimbursed for mileage. I asked for it once the first month that I worked there and DB has the freaking audacity to be like "you mean from your house??" Bruh NO for all the driving you make me do to cart your child around! He ended up giving me like 5 bucks because I took her to the airport once and I never heard a word about it again. I know I should've insisted....but again, naive and desperate.
Moving on, MB started to truly show her helicopter parenting side. Some of you may or may not remember my post from last year asking if I was wrong to refuse to monitor G12's bathroom time. The consensus was that I was not wrong and it was super weird of her mom to ask that.
Later, I found out from some things NK said that led me to believe that they were homophobic. You can really see the denial in this one. Ugh.
As time went on, things seemed pretty normal for a while. There were a couple of times I needed time off. The biggest was when my husband had a mental health crisis and I ended up in the ER twice with him - which I only took like 2 days off for btw. MB sent me this really kind and heartfelt email saying she's thinking of us and hope everything is okay. I (stupidly) decided to be honest and tell her that it was mental health-related thinking that she'd have some empathy. After I replied, I heard absolutely nothing from them about it. Not a single question as to his well-being or anything. The others were just for regular illness. I had covid once, adenovirus another time, and hand-foot-mouth the most recent. My son started preschool, so I was sick often, but only took time off for the big ones.
Sometimes I had time off because they went on vacation, but would just they never tell me when they were going on vacation. Definitely strange, but speaks more to their disregard for other people than to the actual job itself.
During the school year, I stopped coming in at 7:30am like planned. It varied depending on what was on the schedule for the day, but I'd get in between 10am-noon most days. Again, just like the job was described to me. They never told me any differently either - keep in mind this was still earlier than Old Nanny used to arrive for the day, so I was really working more hours than she used to.
At Christmastime, I thought I'd get a bonus. That was something Old Nanny had mentioned, she said they gave pretty generous Christmas bonuses, so I was looking forward to that. I didn't get a bonus at all, not even a single mention of one. But I didn't say anything because I felt weird about asking for one. This is when I started thinking maybe I wasn't doing something right or that they didn't like me. I asked them several times if they thought I was doing a good job, if they had any feedback, etc, but always said no that I was doing a great job. I could tell MB probably didn't particularly like me but that seemed more just personality differences. She even stopped nit-picking the hangers and towels thing.
Last month, they forgot my birthday. This one really hurt, ngl. My birthday is right before NK's and we've all talked about it several times before.
Finally, the major conflict... This is when I really felt like things were tense and I should start putting feelers out there for a new job. MB asked me to clean and organize the playroom. Now that sounds pretty normal for a house manager, but this playroom was completely destroyed. They had just had NK's bedroom remodeled for her 13th birthday and there were boxes upon boxes piled high (most filled with styrofoam and packing peanuts). Plus they had some of her old furniture in there as well. Plus TONS of toys that she clearly hadn't played with in many many years. Boxes and boxes of half-used crafts, puzzles, barbies, legos, crayons & markers, a whole sewing kit, and tons of baby books on the bookshelf. The part that really killed me was that she wanted me to have the whole thing completed by Friday - so I only had 4 full days to complete the entire playroom (I have every Wednesday off). She even said that I could pack all the books and old toys up to take to Goodwill... She wanted me to carry them down 2 flights of stairs BY MYSELF and pack them in the car BY MYSELF and take them to Goodwill or to a used bookstore to sell. After going through all the initial boxes the first day, I almost broke down in tears when DB came home and told him I just couldn't do it all by Friday. It was too much. I'm just one person and I almost slipped and fell down the stairs when I tried lugging the vacuum cleaner upstairs by myself, there's no way I could do boxes of heavy-ass books. He seemed understanding and said it was okay, but I'm sure it was all fake.
Then my 1-year work anniversary was also last month. I thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss how things are going. I asked NPs if they had any feedback for me or if I could be doing anything different. I tried everything to get them to say ANYTHING, but all MB said was "Well, NK loves you!!" Not a single useful bit of feedback. I ended up bringing up the playroom and said that I felt like her expectations were sometimes a bit too high. I tried to say this as nicely as possible, but it did not go over well. She basically just said, "Well that's what I hired you for." I ended the conversation by asking for a raise because it's been a year now and my job description has really been changing and they've been adding more and more hours on. I asked for an additional $300/month, and they countered with $150.
That night, MB texted me and asked what time I planned on coming in the following Monday. NK was still in school, so I responded with "around 10 am." She called me at 7:30 am (!!!) the next morning and asked why I was going in so late... I said well NK is still in school and that's my normal time. She ended up laying into me claiming that's never what they agreed to, she thought this whole time that I was coming in at 8 am every day (lies), and that no wonder I couldn't get anything done because I came in so late. I was taken aback, to say the least. I don't do well on the spot like that and I started crying (I'm a crier, I hate it) and was like well that's not what I was originally told when I was hired and that they never told me any differently. Also, this is the first time I've heard about not getting anything done. She started telling me that she hired me because she wants the house to look perfect by the time she gets home and it never looks perfect. There's always something left undone and it's unacceptable that I'm not coming in earlier to make sure it gets done on time. I told her that this was all news to me and that she never told me that she was unhappy, even after I asked them specifically to give me feedback. She said she doesn't like confrontation or having hard conversations so that's why she never told me. Which is definitely not my problem, that's on her. But I was too emotional at this point to say that and I ended up apologizing even though I know I didn't do anything wrong. She ended the conversation by saying I am expected to put in a full 40 hrs year round (but really she wants me to be available 12 hrs a day in case they get stuck at the hospital) and that she'll try to be a better communicator.
OH one thing that really stood out to me was that she actually said to me that they pay me a lot of money and they want to make sure they're getting their "money's worth." As if I'm a product. I've never felt so inhuman. For the record, they do NOT pay me a lot of money. They paid me $3700/month before my raise, which equates to $28/hr for 30 hrs a week. Seems reasonable. But she wanted me to start coming in for a full 40 hrs even during the school year, which would effectively lower my hourly equivalent to $22/hr. Even lower if you're counting needing to be "on-call" 48 hrs a week. NOT enough for the job I was doing, and especially not for a HCOL area.
Now the straw that broke the camel's back. My car. My poor car broke down more than 2 weeks ago. It's been at the dealership this whole time (I still don't have it back, hopefully today) and I've been getting away with borrowing my sister's and BIL's cars to drive NK around. I would have loved to borrow my husband's car, but his car is a manual transmission and I can't drive stick. My sister needed her car back this week, so I was able to borrow it up until Wednesday, meaning I'd be without a car Thursday and Friday this week. Just 2 days out of the two weeks my car was getting repaired. Wednesday night I texted NPs asking if I could use DB's truck to drive NK, but he had taken it because he went out of town. MB needs her car each day. I ran out of options and told them I didn't have any other realistic options and wasn't sure what else to do. I reiterated that I could still get to and from work each day with no issue, just couldn't drive NK to her theater practice. Which honestly is such a minimal part of my day anyway. Well, I suppose that was unacceptable and MB asked me to rent a car. The audacity of this request really threw me off... I replied "Will this be reimbursed since it's a work-related expense? If not, then no, I do not have the funds to rent a car." She said "No, I'm not paying for a rental car. Just stay home and I'll figure it out." These people make $100s of thousands of dollars each year..... $120 for a rental car is practically an entire day's worth of pay to me, but just a drop in the bucket to them. Why she thought it was acceptable for me to spend my own money to rent a car, but ridiculous for them to, is beyond me. I sent a thumbs-up and never heard anything back from them.
The next day (yesterday) I knew I had to quit, which is what led me to my most recent post. I still haven't found a replacement job so I wasn't just about to quit then and there. But it ended up not mattering because DB asked to pull me aside before I left yesterday to fire me. I told him that I thought it was really unfair to ask me to spend my own money to rent a car but he said that it was part of the job and if you're unable to do the job, then it's my responsibility to fix the situation. I replied saying that they don't even pay me mileage so I'm already paying out of pocket to drive THEIR kid around. He said that if they'd known it was such a big deal beforehand that they would've let me use his truck more often (I did mention it, but probably should've pressed the issue). I told him that it was not like I wanted my car to break down... He said this ultimately had nothing to do with the car thing (yeah right lmao) and that it's just time for NK to no longer have a nanny. Which I completely agree with, but the timing dude. Also, I was hardly a nanny at that point anyway, just a housekeeper and chauffeur.
In the end, I think the real reason they decided to fire me is because I had the audacity to stand up for myself and ask for a raise. The car thing just accelerated it. There were definitely some personality differences and I don't think MB really liked me to begin with, but she put up with me because NK loved me. But as soon as I started realizing my worth, I became too much to deal with.
SO ANYWAY... Here we are today and I am absolutely kicking myself for putting up with this for so long. Luckily, my son is in preschool full-time now, so I will have a much easier time finding a new job. I've been looking into agencies as well. I'm kind of relieved but also really sad that I won't see NK every day anymore. She is a very special kid.
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2023.06.10 17:57 Impossible-Nothing38 Second branch that’s died on the right side : (

Second branch that’s died on the right side : (
Hi. I’m new to plants. This is the second branch on the right side that’s died. The first one that died, I cut off near the base. Both were smaller leaves than the other 3.
I’m not sure what type of plant this is. I water it every 10 days. The one that died before and now this one that is dying are near my standing desk and near the window. I move the exercise ball very rarely. Maybe once a month.
I’m wondering if it’s the extra sunlight? Is the plant meant to stay out of sunlight? I live in San Diego and the weather has been uncommonly cloudy the last 3 months, so I’m not sure if it’s the sun.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.10 17:53 helenalena [Subreddit status update] The aftermath of u/spez's AMA, reddit's and r/NBASpurs plans for the foreseeable future

First of all, thanks for being patient with us. Our decision to shut the subreddit down for 48 hours was positively received (93% upvoted) by the community save for a couple of redditors. I've devoted a good chunk of my time to write this update to keep you informed before shite goes down, so I hope you'll read this post in its entirety.

How the AMA went

Steve Huffman or spez is reddit's current CEO and he held a disasterclass of an AMA yesterday. He ignored the users' most popular and upvoted concerns and cherry-picked from the lot, answering a whopping total of 14 questions.
He slandered Apollo's developer yet again, claiming Christian was two-faced with his communication privately and publicly but could not come up with any evidence. Steve then proceeded to lie about working with other third-party app developers when in truth, they were repeatedly IGNORED, like robocalls and Nigerian princes.
He also inadvertently revealed he was using canned responses, forgetting to remove the "A:" prepend after replying to a blind user... only to edit it afterwards. However! Make no mistake, this is a huge improvement over editing other users' comments by modifying their database entries. We all start somewhere :')
The AMA promised a whole lot of nothing that isn't immediately available to any of us, and the plan to charge outrageous prices for API access is running full steam ahead, like the Spurs' race for seis.

NBASpurs moderation, bots and you

With their API pricing model, this subreddit's game and post-game thread bot will be affected, particularly the box scores.
The free tier allows 100 or 10 queries per minute depending on authentication access. The bot is used by half of existing team subreddits to my knowledge, but might be decommissioned or heavily modified to stay within the free tier limits. Reducing the API call rate will render the feature useless as box scores in essence, provide real-time data, else they don't offer any substantial value to anyone.
Quoting the post Steve wrote, developers can contact reddit through a support ticket if their bots require access to the Data API above the free limits, but bigger developers have been ignored for months and months on end, so it doesn't exactly inspire confidence that they will get a free upgrade to a different tier. If push comes to shove, we'll replace it with another bot that creates game threads only, sans any other details.
Other bots that I'm currently developing will not be affected by the API pricing changes, but I'm on the fence whether it's worth it at this stage. I'm seriously thinking about quitting after the 30th. I know I just returned to publicly moderating this community, but this is not the reddit I've grown up and fell in love with. I'm 31 and I've been here since I was 15. I've seen how the site's quality went down year after year. By the time the IPO comes around, reddit will just be like any other social media website. And that's a damn shame.
u/SquandasNutCheese is also undecided at this point, and may leave if things go terribly awry.
There's also a possibility that Reddit admins might step in, remove the active mod team and replace it with users who align more with their interests. That being said, I can promise another WFSN surprise if they walk back on the changes, so you better support this protest because you're in for a real treat.

How you can support the protest better, by order of magnitude/effectiveness

If you can't help but visit reddit during the blackout because doomscrolling is your favourite pastime and you're maidenless

Elsewhere on reddit

Note: We're still sticking to the original schedule to avoid painting a target on our backs, plus coordination will result to an extremely sharp drop of reddit traffic instead of a sloping/downward trending curve. Making a statement, you know the works.

Outside reddit

I want to delete my account. I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes on this mother-fucking plane!

The future of the subreddit

We don't have any recommendations for a reddit alternative yet as we haven't tested any of moderators and users proffered (Lemmy, Mastodon, kbin social), but let us know if it interests you. You can also browse RedditAlternatives only to find out that admins banned one of the newly established subreddits detailing how to move to kbin. Shocking development, amirite?
Finally, you can vote to extend the blackout or re-open the subreddit through Strawpoll. All moderators prefer to the idea of extending the blackout until the Mod Council, third-party developers and reddit come to an agreement that will be honoured to a T, but this community belongs to everyone who's participated in it, old or new. I'm counting on you to vote WISELY.

Go Spurs Go! Por Vida!

With love, xx, till the butter flies
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2023.06.10 17:50 B1gpapa714 What animal could make this dirt pile?

What animal could make this dirt pile?
St Augustine in zone 10b (San Diego). The last two pictures I had previously noted near the fence but didn’t think much of it. The first two pictures I saw this morning and it is in the main portion of the lawn. I am new to a lawn and trying to learn about it and care for it myself. My guess would be worm castings but wanted to make sure it wasn’t something bad.
Relevant info: 3” diameter No hole below the surface Rained yesterday morning Sod installed about 2 months ago It seems like the area underneath isn’t thick like the surrounding area. I don’t know if whatever made the hole is damaging the area below or if it being newer sod this was just an area still filling in.
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2023.06.10 17:46 Mean_Preparation_408 Cost of repairs exceed value of car

I have a 12 year old Honda with 270k miles on it, I have had it for five years and put almost 40k of those on it. It’s worth at BEST about 6k but I doubt I’d ever get that for it, and I just took it in to get it checked out and it has numerous issues - with 270k miles you can imagine the sort of stuff that’s wrong with it. Engine stuff - piston rings and oil pump O-rings, among several other big things. Overall the total cost of repairs (at the dealership shop) is around 8k, and that does not include wear items like tires, brakes, oil change etc. The car itself has never had any real problems until recently, and even the problems it has had has not impacted its reliability. I’m not exactly sentimentality attached to it, and I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to do with it, but just wanted some unbiased professional advice. When is the cost of repairs too much to justify? Given the info I have said, what would you personally do in this situation? (Not including repairing it myself) Thanks!
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2023.06.10 17:24 Euphoric_Bike127 EVGO ACCOUNT DATA HACK

I have not had an electric car in 8 years but did sign up 10 years ago for EVGO. Today I got a notice from EVGO s charge was made to my old account in San Diego CA. So their data has been hacked and the account data is being used by fraud folks. I called the company today who said they would take care of everything and update me with the outcome of their review. But the only option is their account data has been hacked in to.
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2023.06.10 17:21 loz621 Just bought 2020 IS300 F Sport - My initial reactions and questions for community

Just brought home an IS 300 F Sport!
2020 Model
20k miles

I have driven the car a total of only 45 miles but I wanted to share my initial thoughts and hear some thoughts and observations from the community that has some experience with this car or similar models.

First of all, I chose Lexus because I wanted that Toyota reputation for reliability. My previous car, an Impreza, was decently fun to drive but constantly needed repairs. It was from the first year of a new generation so I feel like there were a lot of kinks and that resulted in me having to get a lot of repairs. It his 146k miles and I decided it wasn't worth it to get another $2k necessary worth of repairs. So my question is - for IS300 drivers or other similar models, how are your maintenance and reliability costs? I am hoping that my new whip will rarely be in the shop. I love driving but I'm not really a "car guy" that can do my own maintenance.

Secondly, this car is very fast (at least to my perspective). I've never owned a V6 car. I had a long highway ride home from the dealership on somewhat empty roads and I found myself flying without noticing my speed. Do you all have any tips regarding paddle shifters and sport mode vs. eco mode? I just kept the car in eco mode on my first ride, but I'd like to know under what circumstances you use sport mode.

Third, I am in love with the aesthetics of the car. Personally I have black exterior with the Rioja Red interior. It looks fantastic. I think it's a nice blend of the luxury and sport aesthetics. The red leather is pretty sexy I have to say. Lexus was never really on my radar as far as a potential purchase. I have always had my eyes on a Mercedes C300 from an aesthetic point of view, but I didn't want to deal with the maintenance of a German luxury car. I think I made the right choice here (obviously, given my purchase) but I'm curious if anyone has any insight on comparisons to competing car brands such as Mercedes.

And finally, I'm just curious if anyone has any information to share with me as far as:

Just want to say I appreciate this community as I have been able to lurk around here and it helped inform my purchase. Drive safe, all!
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