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2023.06.10 19:55 AutoModerator [] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 19:55 ianwelch001 Nest thermostat not working on app

I've been having this issue for a while now. My thermostat is online and working but when I go into the app I try and change the temperature or turn on the fan, it will do nothing and a couple minutes later will show up offline on the app.
If I use the thermostat itself there's no issues and it will show in the app that it's working.
My wifi connection is good. I have constant power to the thermostat.
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2023.06.10 19:54 tuxedoBirdee Examples of live plays or your own personal experiences that involved walk-in/guest NPCs or multiple GMs?

I recently finished Bookshops of Arkham which is a short live play series of an original Call of Cthulu scenario that was also meant to promote Roll20.
An interesting thing they did with it was that they had costumed, walk-in actors come in to play as the NPCs in conjunction with the Keeper (the CoC GM). They had their own stat blocks and everything to be responsible for, and I thought that dynamic was really cool thinking about what sort of prep they did with the Keeper to be on the same page, while simultaneously still being flexible and responsive to everything happening as their own character. But at the end of the day, they made a very clear distinction that they weren't the Keeper and had no power in shuttling everything forward.
I am a huge fan of collaborative/GM-less systems such as A Good Society. Systems like those require a good sense of reading off of and volleying with your other fellow players to keep moving things forward, and what they did with Call of Cthulu basically reminded me of that.
I would love to hear about any other live plays that have done something similar like this, or if something like this was even incorporated in your own game experiences, especially for systems that technically weren't built for this sort of, multi-GMing style.
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2023.06.10 19:53 paintlikepicasso How should I proceed during/after my internship?

A few months ago I completed a software engineering bootcamp and had came across a local internship opportunity which I was lucky to obtain. I currently am not enrolled in university however I have decided to pursue comp. science at WGU which will start in July.
Where I need guidance is that the internship pays a little more that minimum wage (i’m from Michigan) and although the company has hired in about 80% of their interns, I’m not sure how to proceed with applying considering I just have started gaining experience and I also have no formal education as of now.
I have caught on to their tech stack in the small time I’ve been there, and I do have a portfolio and projects along with previous project management experience but I’m not sure whether to wait it out for experience or to continue applying and just add the internship to my resume since before landing the internship I was a good 200+ applications in with not even one interview.
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2023.06.10 19:53 corpsedolly666 Looking for League (mostly ARAM) comrades to play with on EUW?

Most of my friends quit so I'm usually playing alone nowadays. The people who have added me recently all turned out to be edgelords so I'll give this sub a shot. Btw I do play draft normals sometimes but I'm not a big fan of SR tho, I prefer the random fast paced fun in ARAMs
Just a few things: - I play all roles except Top/ADC, prefer a duo bot or camping ur solo lane as JGL - I'm an ML and I'm looking for comrades, not lurking radlibs or socdems - My sleep schedule is beyond fucked so mostly playing at night - I'm rly into (dark) manga/anime lately, always looking for new recs, I'm also a horror nerd but I haven't watched many of the newer ones of the past 5 years - No minors, pref around mid 20's or older (I'm 26F) - If ur also from the NL that'd be dope
So yea if ur looking for the same thing, send me a message with some stuff like, age, where ur from, a lil description abt urself (if u have a shitty sleep schedule too pls do let me know lmfao)
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2023.06.10 19:53 saae-australia The REDARC inverter 2000w Adelaide produces less noise and heat

Come to SAAE Australia to find the seamless and optimally functional REDARC inverter 2000w Adelaide that functions in a wide voltage range of 12V and 24V models. Simpler to utilize in the harshest Australian conditions, this thinner and lightweight REDARC inverter uses the Pure Sine Wave output, thus generating less noise and heat. Likewise, the inverter is available with a unique remote on/off switch that allows the inverter to be remotely controlled. It can also be flush-mounted up to 8 meters away from its position. Moreover, the inverter offers several levels of protection, involving a load-managed cooling fan, short-circuit, over-temperature, and overload.

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2023.06.10 19:52 DoomGoober Any one see Matthew Barney's "Secondary" in Long Island City?

I am a huge Matthew Barney fan, but sadly was not in the NY area to see the exhibit.
Did anyone manage to go? Ends June 25th, tickets are free.
Would love to hear your impressions on it!
I managed to watch River of Fundament in SoCal and entire Cremaster Cycle at Seattle Film Festival but have heard Secondary is one of his better ones.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 19:52 AngelusMerkelus For what rad thickness should I go for push/pull?

The question should be clear but keep in mind that ofc I dont want my fans to be spinning at 2k rpm when I only do push or pull. I want to go for a 60-65mm 480 radiator and having to buy 4 extra fans per radiator is not cheap :)
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2023.06.10 19:51 the6ixgodess A few ILNP Arcade Collection swatch comparisons

A few ILNP Arcade Collection swatch comparisons
I just picked up the new ILNP Arcade Collection since I'm a big ILNP fan and had a feeling that Turbocharged would be pretty similar to Cirque Colors Pyro but went for it anyway because I was super curious about the new "Studio Color" formula and brushes. Here are a few comparisons between new ILNPs and the next closest colours in my collection. Also: long time lurker, first time poster, and am SO grateful for the awesome Intel and positive vibe in this community - thanks Mods and thanks all!
The order of colours is the same in all photos (starting from the bottom): ILNP Harbour Island (holographic so not a dupe for Retro Teal at all, but is actually a very close shade in hue and intensity) ILNP Retro Teal
Cirque Colours Pyro ILNP Turbocharged (pretty much a dupe but actually Turbocharged is very slightly brightemore saturated orange)
Orly Synthetic Symphony ILNP Hi-Score
And on my nails: Orly Bonder, ILNP Unforgettable (3 coats), KB Shimmer Clearly On Top
Cameo apparence from Sophie 🐕
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2023.06.10 19:51 PoliticalIguana1 Great Potential, a few suggestions

Foreword: This is going to be an in-depth opinion based on my 6 hours of playtime with the demo, and having beaten it twice, once with a motivity (strength) build, and once with a dexterity (technique) build. I ended up finishing the demo at level 30 in each case, with a +2 weapon. I don’t usually make long reviews like these, but I tried out the demo and felt compelled because I feel that this has the makings of a great souls-like, but falls short because it’s unsure of what to do with all the different mechanical elements it has and is unable to weave them together into a compelling combat rhythm.
My overall impressions are that the game has great potential, with a lot of neat ideas inspired by or reminiscent of the Souls games, but the elements here need more polish or a few changes to how they are implemented because they do not gel well together currently.
Starting with the great and the good:
The performance is very well optimized. On my Laptop (RTX 3060, 12th Gen i7-12700H), I was getting a very stable capped 75 fps at 1080p best rendering settings. (Could have pushed higher with some setting adjustments but I usually play Souls games which are capped at 60 fps and I was too lazy to overclock or anything like that). There were minimal graphical glitches, and I only really experienced pop in 3 times throughout my two playthroughs.
The atmosphere is pretty good, with the rain and “Victorian” cyberpunk aesthetic, and the bodies and bloodshed sell the feeling of a world gone awry.
The level design, especially the main level after you reach the Hotel is well designed and I like the enemy and trap placement, shortcuts, and use of verticality. I found myself looping back quite a bit, and mentally mapping out the locations as I did, and for a souls-like, that’s a wonderful thing to aim for in my opinion.
The enemy variety is decent, from the basic goons and dogs to the patrol officer mini-boss, enemies generally feel distinct and have different timings, ranges and hyper-armor to get used to.
It’s rather unfortunate then, that in my opinion, the combat system is not well tuned to get immersed in the atmosphere, level and enemy design. My negatives with this demo have mostly been with some aspects of the combat system.
Starting on the player side, the player has all of these mechanical elements to be considered when engaging in combat:
- The player has a “rally” mechanic on blocked hits, where you can regain almost all of your lost health back by attacking enemies after blocking attacks, similar to Bloodborne’s rally mechanic.
- The player has a perfect deflect “timed block” mechanic where if you time your block at the moment the enemy’s attack lands, you take no damage, similar to Sekiro’s deflect mechanic.
- The player has a dash step for a dodge when locked on, and a roll when not locked onto anything, again similar to Bloodborne.
- The player has a light attack, a heavy attack, a charged heavy attack, and usually the Fable Blade Art attack for their offensive options
- The player usually also has the Fable Handle Art for their defensive options
- The player has a Legion arm that can do a variety of things depending on your load out and is a tactical option to also be considered.
- Besides these actions, the player must manage health, stamina, the Fable Art blue slots, Legion bar for the Legion arm, and weapon durability
In these mechanical elements, my personal biggest gripe is that the dash step and the dodge roll feel very clunky, do not cover enough distance, and are generally not that useful in general combat or in boss fights. The dash step doesn’t usually get you far enough away from the boss’s attack to avoid damage, and seems to have such low i-frames that you cannot dodge into attacks with long lasting hitboxes reliably to avoid them either. The only real use I found for these is to reposition yourself around a boss, and that also only when you are far enough away to not get stuck in between the boss’s limbs. This made dodging seem worthless to even attempt in most cases, and I found a lot more success in trying to block and deflect instead.
This brings me to my second issue, and that is Bloodborne’s rally mechanic doesn’t really work neatly with a game that allows you to block, especially with weapons that can negate a lot of damage. On my strength playthrough, I found it a lot easier to block enemy attacks and then just hit them when they were in their recovery’s to regain the health, while on my dexterity playthrough, given that the rapier had terrible guard negation, I just fished for backstabs, or charged into enemies to stun lock them with light attacks and avoid being hit in the first place. In either case, the combat, for the general mobs, encouraged button mashing more than any tactical play.
Guarding on smaller nimbler weapons doesn’t seem like a great idea because you take a lot more damage and don’t heal back as much, which combined with the clunky dash, encourages you to rush a lot more into single enemies and light attack them to death before they can do much to you; while on larger weapons, guarding is too efficient, and given the higher stun potential, also encourages you to rally for all your health back after guarding to make sure that you don’t get chunked for too much un-rally-able damage given the slower startups. In either case, you are motivated to not be precise in your gameplay.
My suggestion to make this work better is to rework the rallying system to rally your health back on perfect deflects rather than on hitting enemies, and to improve the default evasive options (dash step and dodge roll) in their distance and i-frames. This introduces more options to be considered when playing tactically and rewards precise play. The question when making defensive plays becomes “do I avoid this hit by dashing, or try to deflect it head on to regen some health?”, instead of “I’ll try to deflect it, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll block it and try to regen as much on my next offensive play”. In line with this suggestion, rallying should not only work for damage that you took while blocking, but rather for all damage, with the amount of health that can be rallied being set to the last instance of when you took damage (this discourages holding the block and just waiting for the enemy to finish a 3 hit combo for example, since the amount of health you can regen would decrease to what your health was when you got hit the third time).
The perfect deflect as it stands, is not well integrated into the flow of combat. It’s more of a neat bonus for when you blocked perfectly rather than a thing to try to master, except for the red attacks that enemies can do, or for when you are on low enough health that blocking instead of doing a perfect deflect will mean your death.
Speaking of well-integrated, the weapon durability system felt like a chore and actively detracted from the combat experience. For level exploration, this mechanic is entirely useless, since all it amounted to was consciously making sure my sword was durable enough after I cleared a group of enemies. In boss fights, all it resulted in was moving away from the boss and repairing my weapon instead of engaging with the rhythm of the fight. It’s just another thing to manage that forces you to take a break in between the fight for whatever reason.
This should be done away entirely in my opinion, but if the Devs do not want to, they should look for ways to incorporate it into the rest of the combat rhythm and loop. A neat idea could be giving the player a timed damage bonus, like 15 seconds or so at the instant their weapon is repaired to max durability. This now adds more tactical options to be considered when engaging in offensive plays/ capitalising on openings- “should I use this opening to heal, regen my weapon to max to get a damage bonus for the next opening, or attack and lower my weapon’s durability even further, making it more difficult to get this damage bonus whenever I try to repair my weapon next time” and encourages players out of the simple dodge and light attack playstyle that most souls-likes encourage.
Moving a bit into the enemy side, the 2 main elements of enemy design that require specific responses from the player are the red attacks for when they are doing an unblockable, and the groggy state, where they can be knocked down for a critical attack if you land a fully charged heavy attack.
The red attacks are well done for the most part, although it’s very apparent that these are just regular attacks that the enemy has that now just happens to be a red attack. I’d rather there be specific attacks that enemies and bosses do that are red attacks and nothing else, so you are not punished for not following your typical response on seeing an attack be unblockable when the exact same animation was blockable for an earlier attack. This is admittedly, a minor gripe and I understand that this is likely because of time and resource constraints, and so don’t mind it too much.
As for the groggy state, I really liked the idea of enemies being worn down and then being susceptible to a knock down and critical using a charged heavy. It’s also executed well enough in my opinion, as I never felt that my charged heavy was too slow to not get it in time. The state lasts long enough, and all my charged heavies were fast enough that with precise play, the mechanic was executable. My only gripe with it seems to be that when this groggy state occurs is unpredictable. It seems to happen around the half way mark for a mini-boss/boss’s health, but seems dependent on how often you’ve hit or deflected them, and with what. I think. I don’t know, because the game never tells you what causes the enemy to be groggy, or shows a groggy meter. I’m not entirely sure why this is. If the grogginess is tied to a hidden meter that fills up when you perform certain actions like hitting the enemy or perfectly deflecting, I’d rather that such a meter be made visible so it’s clear how close you are to getting the opportunity to do a critical, or at the very least, weapon blade parts have a grogginess rating to compare how much grogginess they cause in a hit.
One of the final elements of combat design that I want to focus on are the supporting elements for the combat system, namely the blade and handle weapon assembly system, the quartz p-organ “latent ability” skill tree with perk system, and the healing system.
The weapon assembly system is a neat concept, allowing you to mix and match weapon blades and their base damage and blade fable art, with the handle’s scaling bonus and it’s handle fable art. I have a few gripes with the execution though:
Outside of a specific blade fable art, or weight limitations, you’d just always pick the blade with the greatest base damage. On my dexterity (technique) playthrough, the rapier was not that good for boss fights in my experience, since your guard absorption was terrible and the tactic I used for the first boss was just moving back or out of the way of anything I wasn’t confident in perfectly deflecting. But having learnt of the weapon assembly system from my strength (motivity) playthrough, the second I got the item that allowed for me to assemble my own weapons (unlocked after the 2nd boss), I chucked my greatsword blade onto my rapier’s handle. And now I had an unstoppable weapon for use, having the greatsword blade’s reach, high base damage, and high guard absorption, with the rapier handle’s dexterity (technique) scaling bonus and quick move set. The game does try to combat this by giving things that have a high base damage extra weight and costing more stamina to swing around, and I think some weight-swing calculations too (i.e. the heavier your weapon, the slower you do the moveset), but it hardly mattered. At the end of the game, I could do a light attack chain consisting of 9 attacks with my rapier before my stamina was completely depleted. I could do 6 with the greatsword blade on the rapier handle, and before my rapier could do it’s 9 attacks.
Now I get that this is the Devs’ way to encourage different weapon combinations, but in my experience, this is going to result in a lot of people just using the highest base damage and/or guard negation blade on the handle that gives them their desired move set and scaling most inline with their character. This will hurt the build variety unless the skill tree with perk system and the fable arts can provide enough varied options that suit different combinations of the blade and handle.
I’m not entirely sure on how to combat this, especially since we aren’t shown the full extent of the perk system and the skill trees, so this is something that the Devs will have to think about on their own if they plan to do anything with it.
On a slight tangent, speaking briefly about the fable arts themselves, I did not find the majority of them to be very useful and so didn’t really use them all that much. They don’t seem to do a lot more damage than light or heavy attacks, and the defensive options either also require strict timing, or are no more useful than a perfect deflect.
As for the latent ability + perk skill tree system, we do not know the full extent of the available choices in this system or the amount of choices we’ll be given and so it’s difficult to review it, but one which definitely perked my interest was knowing that extra dodge rolls were an unlockable perk. I am not a fan of this direction. Personally, The i-frames of your dodge/dash, and the distance that it covers, like the frames of your perfect deflect, are fundamentals that the combat is built on, and should ideally be a well balanced and play tested unchangeable provided by the Devs, as opposed to an unlockable skill that players have to choose to grind for. This reminds me a lot of Dark Souls 2, tying the number of i-frames in the roll to a stat, and it was hated there as well. The other perks seem pretty decent, with things like getting more currency, or getting some Legion Ammo on killing things, or taking less damage while discharged/ in the middle of dodging are all varied, interesting and worth getting, and so the limited number of quartz and thus unlockables could make for compelling design and playstyle customization, provided that the fundamentals (dodging, perfect deflects, fable arts, etc. are all well-tuned by default design wise).
Speaking of the healing system, I like it for the most part, having finite healing but being able to regen one health potion by attacking enemies is well thought out, even if it is a bit clunky. If I could make any adjustment to this, it would simply be letting us regen health potions constantly when attacking, and capping the number of health potions as the game already does. I prefer this mostly because there is no explanation in game for why when we are discharged, we can regen precisely one health potion by attacking enemies and no more. What’s ideally wanted, just personally, is consistency or an explanation. The discharged state could also be made compelling gameplay wise, as the perk system alludes to, by having perks that lower your damage when you’re discharged. Other perks likes this could make for a compelling gameplay where you are constantly teetering between having one health potion and being discharged, and it would be interesting to see.
A final note on some animation clunkiness. The combat clearly seems to be built with a focus on deflecting more than just dodging, but your character does not have any way to cancel a stagger into a block like Sekiro does. This is relevant because some enemies in the game have attacks which if you get hit by, stagger you long enough to be hit by the follow up in the combo, with no opportunity to deflect, guard, or dash away. This is also true for when an enemy deflects you when you are using certain handles, most notably the rapier handle. This makes you get punished twice for making a single mistake, and that feels unfun to play with, and so you’d want to have a way for the character to either cancel their stagger early, or space out enemy attacks long enough that you can respond to the next hit in the combo.
Moving out of the combat discussion, I have 2 quick addendums which don’t quite fit in other sections imo:
1) The AI needs improvement for the 2nd boss and for other humanoid bosses that the Devs may intend to release in the game. This boss is too vulnerable to circling and back stabs, and the strategy is also relatively risk free.
2) The UI and menus feels very convoluted and need streamlining
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2023.06.10 19:51 HatCapital2970 HVAC issue after service

Forgive me if this is obnoxious and redundant, auto mechanic here, certified in AC. Very well versed in principles, very handy and not afraid to dig in and learn something.
Residential unit, older but well maintained. Evaporator began freezing over a week ago. I had just performed my twice per year condenser cleaning and filter service. Double checked all ductwork/vents and even cleaned my blower and evaporator to ensure not an airflow issue. Checked condenser and fan again, all good. Used sniffer and soapy water to check for leaks everywhere I could.
Determined low refrigerant, and called same company that installed all utilities when home was owned by my grandfather. Came out yesterday and attempted to sell my wife new unit and furnace for 9 grand after determining it was indeed low. She declined, they charged it by weight and warned her it could last a week or the summer, who knows. She said he reeked of booze. Perfect.
Today, it worked well for a few cycles, then the compressor sounded angry, so I went out and found my condenser fan suddenly rotating the wrong direction. Located correct wires, reversed them, and got correct airflow. Worked for a few more cycles and the fan has overheated and won't run past one cycle.
Likely fan and/or capacitor have croaked, but I'm salty that the fan was operating in reverse when I JUST verified it was correct. Not one to be a Karen but I feel the Karen rage boiling inside me. Thoughts?
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2023.06.10 19:51 SoulSword13 Can't stand it... sensing a pattern.

I have been a huge fan of Street fighters and street fighter 2 hit the SNES.
I'm a huge fan of the music from SF2, SSF2, SFA1&2, MVC1&3&Infinite and SF4 and some of 5.
I can't stand the music in any version of SFIII, SFA3, MVC2, and SF6. What would the music in these games be considered compared to the music and the other list that I did like?
I'm sensing a pattern lol
If game music is memorable and the themes are thematic I like it but if it's just random noise I don't like it.
I'm curious how many others are in this boat.
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2023.06.10 19:51 my_throwaway_of_doom Is it normal for dysphoria to go away sometimes?

There are days where things get really bad. I look at some parts of my body and want to cry. I cover up as much of myself as possible because I don't want people to see me. I can barely stand hearing my voice, and my genitals look so ugly. Seeing body hair (even the prickly stuff) is enough to get my heart rate spiking and I don't even have the heart to look in the mirror. I feel like crawling out if my skin or ripping it off. My body feels out of proportion. Hearing my name makes me cringe. I see girls outside and I feel sad because I'm not one of them. I hate my male clothes with a passion. It hurts so bad.
Not all my days are like that and even when I feel bad I don't typically get all of that all at once or as severe or anything. And I really want to transition when I'm like this because I feel like I'm stuck in a slowly rotting shell or something.
But then there are days like right now where I'm fine. I feel fine. I don't feel the dysphoria. No fan of my body hair or name but it doesn't elicit much of a reaction. Heck I almost look good in some respects. And I hate that. Part of me almost wants me to hate my body when I'm like this because right now it feels like all the stuff I've been through is fake or something...but I don't hate it. I still want to picture myself ten years down the line as a woman, but right now I'm okay being a guy I guess, even though it's not super comfy. It all no longer seems as important anymore I guess, it feels like I shouldn't act on something so trivial when I'm like this.
I know I should feel thankful but this can go on for days or weeks at a time and every time I start spiralling out of concern that I was just hyperfixating and that I'll never get to be a girl.
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2023.06.10 19:50 MountainDewTwo r/MountainDew is Closing - Welcome to r/NewMountainDew!

Hello Reddit!
If you're seeing this, MountainDew Moderators have made the decision to shut down the subreddit indefinitely in protest of Reddit's API changes.
Reasonable people can disagree about how this has been handled, but one thing is clear - many Dew Fans are now looking for a place on Reddit to share the latest news, dew finds, and build community.
Enter NewMountainDew - a new, positive space to discuss Mountain Dew. No gatekeeping, no judgement, just positive conversation about soda on Reddit - it's not that serious!
I hope you'll make yourself at home, check out the rules in the sidebar, and look forward to getting to know everyone.
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2023.06.10 19:50 Unbreakable138 Temps on my PC are out of whack after a power outage, fans are running very high - How can I fix this?

Hi all,
Currently having a tech issue that I can't find an answer to so hopefully Reddit can help. I had a power flash a couple of days ago while I was doing some things and since then the temps on my PC have been going crazy. They very quickly rise when I start the PC up and doing any kind of strenuous PC work (I do a lot with Premiere Pro and Nero Video) causes them to increase as well. I checked iCUE and my temps after starting the PC were reaching 85-86 degrees celcius. I'm able to combat it somewhat by opening iCUE and raising my fan and pump speeds to "Extreme" in the software until the temps return to normal, but the issue begins again once I try to do work. If I just use the PC as normal though, the temps seem to regulate themselves just fine.
I've tried turning it off and on, and removing the power cable (Flipping the PSU switch as well) but nothing has worked thus far. I also tried to "Load Optimized Settings" in my BIOS.
My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 and my cooler is Corsair H100 cooler. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.10 19:50 HotFudgeCookie My thoughts about the Friends video ☺️

I would say that this video goes into my top tier of all his episodes. Dylan has a really wonderful way of making it feel like he's actually talking to you. As though we are all hanging out and he's telling us about the crazy Friends marathon that he just watched lol.
I always enjoy how he can break a scene down and walk us through all of the characters plots and reasons why its happening. Also, him pointing out inconsistencies because that's a huge pet peeve of mine as well! 😂
I realized that my other favorite videos of his is the gaming series. Which tells me that I just enjoy watching Dylan.... Not in the creepy way though... Anyhoo, I just wanted to take the time to express how much I enjoy Dylan being Dylan. I'm happy that us fans are able to make him feel comfortable enough that he wants to share more of himself with us.
From his humor and ability to humble himself and laugh at his mistakes/ jokes and always stay positive. To his love for death of certain characters and have no shame in expressing it. lol. All the while being so appreciative of his fans and takes the time to listen and respond back is something we don't see much of.
Sure, his content is silly, but that's why I subscribed. I'd rather watch Dylan videos than some of the tv shows on television/ streaming!
I just wanted to take the time to write this out in hopes that he can see that we really appreciate his effort and time. Its hard for us to think that he isn't so sure of his content, but we are all our own worst critic. So I'm just here to say that our Bamboo stick did an excellent job and I'm SO excited for The Office video to be done because that's a favorite of mine (no pressure!)
Also, I so would have timestamped all my favorite jokes but at the same time I think this was enough of an ego boost for this 20yr old young man 😜 ✌️ & 💕
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2023.06.10 19:46 Ninalou345 Getting some serious cold feet. Looking for advice.

Some context:
My fiance has a 10 year old kid with his ex-wife. They got divorced 5 & a half years ago. Hes the one who asked for a divorce due to her unbearable character & his inability to live with her since the very beginning but was patient & hoped for a change instead of jumping straight into divorce & then the unplanned kid came (whom he obviously adores & doesnt regret).
Currently the situation seems peaceful. Typically in the country we live in if theres no conflict between the parents, the mom gets the kid full time & father gets her once a week. He gets her on Sundays midday & drops her off at her mothers in the evening.
So Im worried shit will hit the fan once she finds out he got married. Culturally Its not something we share until it happens so its not weird here or anything to not tell so far so I have no way to predict how things could be after marriage when she finds out. She didnt remarry so Im worried that she may have some pending feelings or even if not could just wanna start shit for the heck of it as her character has been described as difficult during the entire marriage.
I talked to him about it & he said he can handle things if anything happens & trouble wont "reach" me but obviously cant guarantee she wont ever do anything. He has a very firm character & I believe he wouldnt let anyone disrespect me. Also he said the worse she can do is stop him from seeing his kid which would make him stop the money stream (he pays for his daughters everything basically.) & I imagine she needs the help.
Despite that Ive been getting some serious cold feet these past couple of days & I would appreciate any type of advice or past experiences.
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2023.06.10 19:43 draniac21 Kings, Queens and In-Betweens meaning

I am not certain but the lyric may reference a book with that exact title by queer writer Tanya Boteju. Anyway, its been a really brutal year for trans folks, who somehow (hmmm I wonder) became the most hated group of people in America. I know, I'm the 55 year old father of a 23 year old Trans Man. Before his transition three years ago I used to fear for his life due to the confusion and distress caused by gender dysphoria, now that he is independent and thriving I fear for his safety from other people.
I'm going to go ahead and assume that Dave meant that lyric in that way. After listening to his music for over 30 years, and casually following his travels on social media (and interactions with fans), he is the gold standard when it comes to being a human fucking being.
Just a line in a song, but it meant the world to me, and to my kid.
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2023.06.10 19:43 RandomBritPerson 29M UK, Hidily-ho redditorino! [chat]

It is absolutely freaking baking out today and after managing some exercise early, I've spent a lot of day laying like a starfish on the couch with a fan on me.
When I'm not sweating my balls off from the heat I like to workout and go hiking. I also casually game, mostly overwatch atm.
Hmu if you wanna chat
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2023.06.10 19:42 Turd_boi6998928 Jack with his biggest fan(who is a bigger youtuber than him)

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2023.06.10 19:40 Cute-Reply-609 Are they dead?

Are they dead?
Hey everyone, this is my second flush from this cake, I got some great results from the first. So I continue doing the same things as the last one (fanning and misting the bag only) but for some reason i got the first pinheads, they grew a little and then they stopped growing and started turning a bit greyish(I will add a photo). At first I thought maybe it’s too wet inside, I won’t mist for one day at all, as I touched the case and it felt moist. And open it more often like 3-4 times a day. They also have some kind of a thing white fuzy layer all over them which gets removed if you touch it. What do you think I should do? Is there a saving or are they done?
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2023.06.10 19:40 The_Roivler The Joker (Detective Comics) MU ranking

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