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Truck Stop Bathroom

2018.09.20 03:35 SupremoZanne Truck Stop Bathroom

This is a place where a whole variety of entertainment can go, this is one of the most versatile subreddits ever, while other entertainment subreddits would be highly strict about being "on topic", while this one simply allows variety.

2019.06.17 16:52 corsta269 No_Mans_Sky_farms

Hey, guys please post coords to your farms to help everyone out. if you could follow the format for posting farms it will help everyone greatly. 1. Tell us what your farm is for e.g gas farm or circuit board 2. let us know the coords of the farm (also place a comms station near your base for easy finding or build near portal) 3. please let us know what platform and what mode you are playing on. with all those 3 things provided, we can make a good thread that shows loads of farms to help out ne

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2023.06.10 20:00 Kyosji PvP flag needs to be more noticeable

Cruising the PVP zone doing whatever, not flagged myself, then in giant mob groups I'm seeing my health just melt. I know I'm being attacked, but I can't see which thing is attacking me. It's bad with necro's to, cause their skins look like the stuff you're fighting. It's near impossible to focus on the player when you can't see them. PLEASE make the players flagged for PvP more noticeable. An odd aura color or something. I've only been able to kill the other player a quarter of the time, and only by luck because he got caught in my death trap and I just nuked everything and they happened to be in it.
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2023.06.10 19:58 Key-Front392 I (F18) cheated on my toxic ex (M19) with my manager and keep getting harassed. How can I move on from this?

I (f18) was in a relationship for a year and a half with my ex (m19). He was very very insecure. He was a virgin when we met and I was far from it. He took it out on me constantly. He blamed me for getting physically assaulted by a man before we met because I slept with him. He ruined my 18th birthday by accusing me of cheating with my friend because her middle name is my first name. Bare in mind she was my ONLY friend. And he was critical of her for no reason. Making jokes about her weight and such. And a friend I made later who was transgender he was extremely rude about her and wouldn’t let me see her because he viewed her as a man, and I wasn’t allowed to be near men.
He made me cry constantly and wouldn’t listen or care. I have ASD and I’ve always been very naive when people hit on me. The problem was he constsntly shamed me and controlled what I could do. So I didn’t take it as a oh he cares I took it as a wow what a bad person. So I defintiely talked to people who liked me a lot and didn’t really realise and I feel bad but I wish we’d had good communication. I tried to have it so many times and talked very openly about what upset me and why but he wouldn’t do that.
Later on in our realtionship he snapped at me for no reason and screamed at me in public, cussing me out and made me cry and starting punching walls and threatening to leave me alone there (he was my lift and we weren’t near home). What caused this? Me asking to pee hahah. I left him for one day and inevitably ended up being the one to beg for him back. During the day we were apart I was trying to sext other people to get my mind off it and move on but I couldn’t, ofc I undersrnad how this puts people off getting back together. I’ve used my body for attention for years and it’s not healthy. But we got back when we shoudlnt have. I wasn’t happy.
He always bought me things and took me places. Comforted me and bought me things when I was on my period or sad. Took me on dates and paid for everything. The occasional insults and anger outbursts and controlling behaviours were not all the time. I’m not close with my parents and have 2 friends who I’m not rlly close with. So this is a lot to me and it was hard to leave because I’ve never met someone who could put up with me.
I got a new manager at work (m29) who immedaitely took interest in me. I was very disgusted at first, I have a history of sexual harassment at my workplace being the only girl and dealing with old men as customers all day as well. We eventually became sorta friends and talked a lot over text. Looking back it was weird but I don’t really have many friends and it seemed genuine. I hate how naive I am but I still view him as nice and more genuine than anyone else sometimes.
One night we had a staff do. Both drunk, me and my manager flirted over text after. Not in person once. I felt disgusting about it. I kept saying I can’t because of my boyfriend and I don’t like my manager at all. But it happened. I told my bf within an hour and broke up with him. I was glad we were over and I had an excuse (I knew what I did would mean we’d break up and honestly I think that’s partly why I did it) He came over to my house and started throwing my stuff, snatched my phone, filmed a video of me crying to send to his friend saying “look at the wh0r3” over and over saying how I don’t deserve to be loved and even called his friend so they could degrade me together and threatening screaming at me so loud my parents were going to call the police. It was scary. He went straight to my workplace right after to scream at and threaten them. Within a day he came back to my house to ask for forgiveness. I turned him away as I was still shaken.
After we broke up, I went on a date with my manager. He was talking to me every day and letting me cry about missing my ex over the phone. I thought he really cared for me more than anyone ever has to let me do that when he likes me. I’ve never had that support in my life. But looking back that might be naivety. It’s probably stupid that I’m still not sure. I still think he cares more than anyone else but he’s almsot 30 and I’m 18 and he wanted to sleep with me. But still I’m not sure. I went to his house after and I wasn’t rlly sure on sex. I’m not at all attracted to him and the age gap is weird. I Saïd no at first but he really wanted to and I was physcially aroused so I said he can just touch me but I am not comfy doing anything back.
Long story short he ended up giving me head because he really wanted to and I didn’t see the harm in refusing because well it’s just free pleasure right? I don’t know why I’ve always had that mindset because the sex I had with my ex was so passionate and intimate and I truly can’t enjoy casual sex with people I don’t care about after that. Looking back the age gap and my lack of self respect to firmly say no makes me feel sick. But I was still single and it wasn’t really overly willingly
My ex has come back to me so many times. Every time it starts off the same. He makes a new account or even showed up at my house before. He’s bought me many gifts since we broke up to get me back. Every time I let him back in, tell him how sorry I am and let him insult me to blow off steam and comfort him. And he cuddles and tells me he Loves me and gets me food. Then he has sex with me. And then within a day tells me how disgusting for getting with my manager. Bear in mind he’s been with another girl since we broke up as well. He’s fully harassed me for almost 5 months now and can never leave me alone more than a week. Well tell me he wanted to murder me then 3 days later message all of my friends to beg to see me and bring flowers. And I feel so much guilt for what happened that I keep letting him back but he’s extremely verbally abusive. I just always feel I deserve it because of what happened and let him blow of the steam.
I judt don’t know what to think. I know I’m in the wrong. And I know the guilt and disgust I feel is the result of my own actions. But being so lonely now with no friends and awkward at my job as well as being harassed reguarly is so hard. He always makes new accounts and it’s so hard to shut him down when he pretends to wsnt me to lead me on because I feel so much guilt. I know how awful he is deep down but I don’t know how to move on when I’m far from the victim in this situation. It’s hard to stop responding when I messed up. But the harassment and making me feel I deserve to die and whatnot with zero support in my life outside of my manager who I’d rather not use as support is difficult. Man relationships are complex. I’m not asking for sympathy btw I know what I did was very crappy. How do I move on from this?
TL;DR I cheated on my toxic ex to leave him and I let my older manager use my body and I’ve been harassed by my ex for months on end
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2023.06.10 19:58 P0MP3I1 DCore: The Observatory - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A Feeling For Home

After a few hours and weighing a few more of my options I found a suitable place for my core, on top of a shelf!
To be a bit more specific a shelf resting in the furthest room of my dungeon, the room itself had no windows and only one door making it the most defensible option. Moving it seems simple enough now that I had Tama. She seems to listen to orders more directly than the cats that the spawner continuously makes.
The graceful scion drops from the old stool she had been napping on and carefully took the core delicately between her teeth and set off to the designated room.
I did not that as Tama padded through the hallway a number of other cats took formation behind her, despite not having been ordered to. It quickly became clear Tama herself was directing them, as with a few muffled meows and a firm stomp of her paw the cats quickly set to work dragging a few bits of old cloth and ruined cotton into onto the shelf. Once the improvised bed was finished Tama leapt onto my new perch and gently laid my core in the center of the bedding.
"Excellent work Tama!" I praised towards her. Even if I wasn't sure she heard me word for word, I could tell she felt the praise as she took a second to pose.

The next order of business was categorizing what information I had, and prioritizing my next few steps for expanding my 'facilities.'
My cats and slugs have tags that list them as denizens, the frogs and beetles are labeled as invaders. Their interactions are my source of major income, with mana being drawn in whenever my units defeat theirs. An important note however is that nothing seems to be lost when my units are killed, but it was pretty clear to see in a more fast paced situation when all hands are needed, the cost of rapidly fielding replacement units would add up quickly.
I also have access to a few traps that can be scattered around my controlled zones.
Bile Sack
Detectability - High
Activation Chance - Moderate
When an intruder approaches, the sack will expand and burst after a short moment. Intruders will be covered in sticky bile and slowed.
The idea of covering some poor sap who blunders into this place with sticky bile didn't exactly sit right with me, but my sense of self preservation and long ingrained RTS tactics told me adding a few of these would be necessary. For just a small trickle of mana each I put a few of the grotesque pods around the door to my core, as well as a few in the hallway for good measure.
My next trap I would do without, security be damned.
Vile Ichor
Detectability - Low
Passive Presence
An opaque purple ichor will ooze from nearby walls and crevices and coat the ground. This ichor is highly flammable and slippery.
I want this place to eventually become a library or study of some kind, not a death trap! So for now I snub the rather malicious trap and return my focus back to my dungeon.
Having watched the cats deal with frog infestation in my upper floors, I felt a bit guilty when I looked back down to the slugs. The gooey little mollusk soldiers, keeping the seemingly growing swarms of beetles at bay.
The cost for a Slug Scion was still rather high, but the actual cost to upgrade the spawner was just a little less so. But seeing the little things try so hard, I bite the bullet and make the purchase. The reaction was a bit more volatile than just spawning Tama however. The coral like hive of the slugs snapped and crackled as it grew slightly, the slugs it began to produce were also quite a bit bigger than before, now about the size of a soda can.
The new slugs were also a little bit faster and they surged into the line of beetles with a vigor. Were before there was a rickety stalemate, now the slugs were driving back the chitinous swarms with ease! The large slugs water jets just splatter even the large beetles in one shot now, their smaller kin following in close groups around them and pick off the stragglers.
The small counter attack made for an excellent show as the slugs manage to push the swarms back out of the borders of my dungeon. I can still sense them actively swarming just outside my bounds, but they seem notably more hesitant to enter now.
While I don't have a scion to praise just yet, I instead make sure to give the little guys a bit of extra attention for a while.

With my borders now guarded and my core secured, I could finally take a breath. Up until this point I've been too distracted with all of my new functions and responsibilities, I hadn't taken enough time to fully get a good idea as to where I am or what I am.
I understand I am now a dungeon and that it's my duty to maintain and protect my controlled territory. But apart from some old ruined furniture and my denizens, I have no idea what else is in store for me in the place. The angel had said that I couldn't go back to Earth, so I doubt I'm anywhere familiar, but at the same time this building looks like it was made by people for people. The chairs and tables look to be about right for humans proportions, I can even see old faded tapestries and paintings but their details are too far gone to make out what may have been on them.
I want to turn this place into a library or similar institution, but I have no idea if the natives of this world can even read any languages I know! I've been browsing through my options and I can see that I have the ability to designate a room to a specific function, but none of them are for a library or study.
Workshop and Abbey
I don't see any point in having a workshop, as I doubt my cats and slugs would be very efficient on the assembly line.
But the idea of having an abbey doesn't seem so bad. I wasn't the most devout person back on earth, but I always did enjoy reading various books on religion, philosophy, and any sort of theistic concept really.
Tossing the idea around in my mind I thought about where I would even assign said abbey. Most of the rooms I had access to were about the size of a medium or smaller bedroom. My cores 'Sanctum' as it had been labeled was only about 4 feet on all sides.
As I drifted room to room, trying to pick one out for the abbey, I noticed that at each of the majors ends of my borders I had unique options.
I could expand myself?
Sure enough, as I felt along the walls of my dungeon I was given 3 options. The first was the option to expand outward and into the open expanse of this new world, the cost was rather high but it would be within my range after a few more days of bug stomping.
Next I had the option to take a new wing of the complex I was already apart of. I could afford this option right now, but it would leave me a bit light in the pockets. I also didn't know if this was the entire remaining space of the complex or just another wing. But it was more tempting than expanding outside, as I needed actual rooms for my library to eventually come to life after all.
The last option did not appeal to me at all however, down and also outside. I had to check to make sure it was a separate choice from the first but sure enough it was. I could feel that choosing this path would grant me a very large space, at a very high cost, and that it would not automatically conjoin with the first exterior expansion.
Filing the three options away for later, I also held off on purchasing the Abbey room as well. This seemed like a bit much for me. Even if I had the frogs and beetles managed, I had no idea what was waiting past my current borders. Would I get new denizens or invaders, and given my current financial situation, would I be able to afford them.
No, I needed to be careful and keep pace with myself, this wasn't a race. I still have a scion I need to get, as well as upgrade both spawners a few levels each.


I was grateful I no longer had to worry about my asthma, or I would have been in a lot of trouble.
From next to, what was the closest approximation to my front door, Tama stood with her fur on end. Nearly every cat, save for Tama, darted into a hiding space. My brace scion stood ready to face whatever was approaching the old wooden door from the other side.
I ordered what few slugs weren't needed to hold the line, to move to protect the core. By now I could hear the muted sound of voices from the other side of the door. I couldn't make out anything being said, but I could tell there were multiple people just outside.
I eyed my mana again, I was so close but so far from being able to spawn my other scion!
This story is a personal project and any criticism and advice is welcomed and appreciated, hope you enjoyed!
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2023.06.10 19:57 Morganzax 🎬 Get ready for a nightmarish rollercoaster of terror and laughter with "Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror"! 🎪👻

From the depths of Hell to the abandoned corridors of an eerie asylum, the mischievous succubus clown girl, Hellvira (Sushii Xhyvette Holder), brings you a spine-chilling spectacle that will leave you trembling with fear and howling with laughter. This small-budget indie horror film is a wild ride like no other, packed with unforgettable characters and twisted thrills!
Step into Hellvira's world, a place where nightmares come to life. She escaped the clutches of Hell itself and stumbled upon the decaying asylum, transforming it into her very own haunted studio set. But this is no ordinary studio - it's a sinister playground where she broadcasts her own demented horror show!
Join Hellvira and her peculiar band of companions as they unleash chaos and mayhem upon the unsuspecting souls who dare to watch. First, meet Mister Nanners (Al Burke), a demonic sock puppet with a wicked sense of humor that will make your blood run cold. Hoark the Clown, an animatronic possessed by pure evil, will have you gasping for breath with his maniacal laughter.
But fear not! Lord Xyclon 7 (Scott Welborn), a cyborg war machine from another dimension, stands as Hellvira's mighty protector. His metallic might will be put to the ultimate test against the forces of darkness lurking in the asylum's darkest corners. And let's not forget Miss Fang (Hannah Smith), the seductive vampire who adds a touch of dark allure to this chilling tale.
Among the asylum's haunted halls, you'll encounter Nurse Daphne (Chanda Rawlings), a ghost who has a peculiar fondness for Mister Nanners, creating a ghostly romance that's both haunting and heartwarming. And beware the presence of Sluggo (Michael McGlynn), a baby doll birthed from the depths of the Hellion God, Terminus Omen. Its innocent appearance belies a wicked nature that will send shivers down your spine.
But that's not all! Prepare for utter pandemonium as the infamous Punchy the Clown from the Killjoy series makes a riotous guest appearance, turning Hellvira's asylum into a playground of chaos. With his zany antics and blood-soaked laughter, Punchy will have you questioning your own sanity.
"Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror" promises a night of horror, humor, and heart-stopping entertainment. Brace yourself for a unique indie experience that combines the frights of classic horror with the quirkiness of the circus. With a blend of practical effects, creepy atmosphere, and a cast of unforgettable characters, this show will leave you begging for more.
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2023.06.10 19:57 PrancingGophers PSA: Found this at a Japanese grocery store near me and it’s about 95% close to the flavor of Fanta Melon Frosty. For anyone like me who craves it while away from Disney

PSA: Found this at a Japanese grocery store near me and it’s about 95% close to the flavor of Fanta Melon Frosty. For anyone like me who craves it while away from Disney submitted by PrancingGophers to WaltDisneyWorld [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:57 amateur-arms-dealer [WTS] Gucci Uppers - 13.9 BRT CHF - 16” Hodge/Centurion

Timestamp: https://i.imgur.com/SovyMmD.jpg
PM me with questions and preferred payment method (Zelle, Venmo or Cashapp Only)
  1. 13.9 BRT Built - Triarc Blem Upper, Black River Tactical CHF 13.9 Mid barrel, Deadair FH timed with shims and rocksett, not pinned. CMT HDM 13”. Mild use. $585 shipped
  2. 16” Hodgeish Upper - BCM Upper, Hodge 16” barrel, Centurion 15” Rail, BCM gas block, Gauged gas tube. Never fired. $690 shipped.
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2023.06.10 19:57 quaffleswithsyrup i just feel shitty about my decision.

basically ive been having a kind of bad time for the past few months because i got into some of my absolute dream schools (northeastern & oberlin, namely) and cant attend either for financial reasons. i did everything i could to increase my scholarships; i emailed the financial aid offices and practically begged. it wasnt enough. i ended up committing to rhodes college, which id barely considered previously (and only applied because my dad liked it). rhodes is still way out of our price range for college (even with nearly 40k in merit scholarships), but basically the only thing we could actually afford was my safety, which i thought i liked initially but ended up really disliking. my parents are withdrawing money from my siblings' accounts to pay for rhodes, which i didnt know about, and im also completely on my own for law school, even though aid applications factor in parents' incomes and assets until like age 25. now, i do really like rhodes. really. im back from orientation and i think the campus is gorgeous, memphis is great, and the programs are what i want. but i keep comparing it to my dream schools and thinking about how much different it would be if i were attending oberlin. i feel terrible because i know my parents want me to adore the school since theyre paying so much for it. so im a) disappointed im not at a school i like more, and b) feeling like shit about the financial stuff. i think i should have just gone to my safety and sucked it up for 4 years, no matter how bad a school. whatever. theres no solution to this, so i guess it isnt worth thinking about. im just ... feeling really terrible and needed to rant about it and maybe possibly hear some good stuff in the comments? idk. hope yall are doing well
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2023.06.10 19:57 confused-bridetobe Flat for rent urgent requirement

Hi, does anyone knows if there are decent societies near botanical garden metro station for 2bhk unfurnished/semi furnished for family. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 19:56 AutoModerator Where to Watch ‘Night Beauties’ Free Online At Home Here’s How

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2023.06.10 19:55 LURMDOID ISS please stop updating! 😋

ISS please stop updating! 😋
Guy asked me to make space station! Im learning a LOT! Criticism or advice definitely welcome!! 🙏
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2023.06.10 19:54 SwitchbladeLobotomy Always respect the forest when you go camping. (Part 2)

Part 1
It’s been a day, and still no sign of anyone coming by. I was really hoping to be writing this in the comfort of my home, but apparently there’s other plans for me.
I’ve been out of food and water, it’s all back at the campsite and I can’t rightly go back there.
I guess I’ll keep on reliving what was going on, maybe that’ll make time pass faster.
Ivy and I had dashed away into the woods, the late evening sun rushing through the trees alongside us. We heard the panicked yells and footfalls of our friends as they also fled, and we knew the ranger would likely be close behind us.
As fucked up as this is, I could only hope and pray that he’d follow after them instead of us.
We ran for what felt like an hour, but from the lack of darkness, I know it couldn’t have been that long. The sun was going down slowly, lazily, like it does in the summer. At least Ivy had killed the guy’s ATV, he’d have to follow on foot…
Although with how big the fucker was, his strides were probably long enough that was a negligible issue. Shit.
We stopped for a breather, the woods still eerily silent. We could no longer hear screams, or hurried footsteps. Just our breathing, trying as best we can to keep quiet.
After some time, we started moving again, slower now. The light was starting to fade, and we decided our best course of action was to try and walk back to the cars and go get help. Of course, there was hardly any signal at the cars, and absolutely none once we got into the woods proper, but we hoped we could get through to 911, if nothing else.
I looked to one side as I stood up, and on my left, I could see a phone flashlight cutting through the branches, bobbing with each step. From where it was being held, it likely wasn’t tall enough to be the officer. I squinted, and once it got a bit closer, I could make out the distraught features of Greg, Jeremy’s brother. His girlfriend, Loretta, was close behind. Both of them looked like they’d been crying, which was… understandable, I guess.
Greg looked at Ivy and I, squinting past his light. “You guys seen him?”
We both shook our heads, and Loretta rolled her eyes. “I told you we should just go, Greg.”
He snapped his head back to her, a glare on his face. “We all need to get out of here, babe. I don’t wanna leave anyone behind.”
Before Loretta could respond, the sound of metal scraping on metal was heard, like in a movie when a knife is pulled from a sheath. I turned my head again, and saw the large, imposing figure of the ranger.
He stood about ten feet off, holding a hatchet in one hand. “Hey, there, kiddos. Using lights at night in the forest can really disturb the local flora and fauna of this here forest.”
With that sentence that sounded straight out of a PSA, he Hurled the hatchet, the head of it finding purchase in Greg’s thigh. He let out a scream and collapsed to the ground, holding the handle of the small axe as he writhed on the ground. The ranger grinned, the last few rays of sunlight illuminating his face enough to let us see his sick joy at the turn of events.
Loretta screamed and bolted back in the way her and Greg had come, and he looked after her for only a moment, before looking at Ivy and I. “Go on, get the hell out of here! Go!”
Ivy hesitated for a moment, clearly wanting to help, but at the first footfall from the ranger, they nodded and took off, me following closely behind. As we took off, we could hear one last defiant shout from Greg.
“Fucking do it then! You goddamn freak! DO IT! Fucking ki-”
The word was cut off by the sound of impact on flesh, over and over. Eventually we ran far enough to escape the sound, and collapsed on the forest floor, breathing heavily.
We heard heavy footsteps treading, but not getting closer to us. They went parallel to us, eventually fading out into the night air.
We sat for about 20 minutes, listening for any sign of pursuit, or any sign of our friends. Right when we were about to get up and keep walking, we heard what sounded like a rope moving quickly? I can’t quite think of the words to describe it. It was close, we ran towards the sound and in about five minutes we saw Luke hanging upside-down from a tree, his bag resting on the ground near his head.
He looked at us as we approached, and quickly started shouting for help. Ivy and I both tried to shush him, but he wouldn’t listen, and we quickly heard the ranger making his way through the trees towards us again.
Luke seemed to realize what was coming, and he started screaming louder. Not for help, now, though. For Adam, for his mother, for God, anyone who could maybe hear him and send some giant eagles his way, so to speak.
The ranger emerged from the brush again, looking at his newly caught quarry with another grin. His uniform was stained with splatters of blood now, although his face was clean. His hatchet was tucked into his belt, now, and he was carrying a small bag on his back.
“Now, in this here forest we practice catch, tag, and release. These here snares are for catching, now I’ll tag, and then release.”
Luke tried to swing away from the man, but he reached behind the tree and pulled on a rope, and the snare gave suddenly, with Luke falling violently.
Due to his momentum in trying to swing away from the man, he didn’t land on his shoulder or have time to put his arms up to break his fall. He landed face first in the dirt, at a steep angle. His neck snapped, as did his back, and he folded over himself, his feet coming to rest near his head. His body gave one final shudder, and a wheezing, rattling gasp, before falling quiet.
The ranger cocked his head to one side, seemingly puzzled. I couldn’t help but think of a meme Ivy had sent me before this trip, asking why animals cock their heads when they see something strange.
What, does it make more sense at a 45 degree angle, bud?
The ranger coughed, still staring at Luke’s body. “Well. That, uh… Huh.”
He looked genuinely surprised, before shrugging and walking towards us.
Ivy, who’d been looking at Luke as well, a green tinge to their face, snapped their head up at the movement and bolted. I turned to watch them go, barely turning my head back to see the ranger swinging a fist at my head.
I yelped and dropped to my knees, barely dodging the swing. He snarled and tried to grab my hair, but I was able to dart between his legs and kick at the back of his left knee. He grunted and stumbled as I felt around wildly in the dirt. A solid stick, a rock, surely something here could help me…
The ranger stood back up, looming over me with a scowl. “Y’know, in this here forest we do our best to keep the paths clear. You’re not likely to find much that’ll help you bash my skull in, miss.”
He grabbed me by the shoulders and lifted me off the ground, dirt still between my fingers. Desperately, as he lifted me to his eye level, I ripped off his sunglasses with one hand, flinging dirt into his eyes with the other.
The ranger swore, dropping me and rubbing at his face. I took the opportunity and darted into the woods, in the general direction that I saw Ivy run.
Bedding down again for the night. Like I said, there’s barely any signal out here, all my calls have been dropping before they can get anywhere. Gonna try and conserve battery on my phone, keep my hazards on and hope that someone comes by.
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2023.06.10 19:54 Sufficient-Reply9355 I need some help, I’ve been hard stuck iron 1 for hours and I can’t win a single game

I’ve played all the tutorials and character-specific stuff for my main (Cammy), but I just can’t keep up with how fast the game is. I know what I should be doing in the fights like anti-airing when an opponent jumps or crouch blocking when they attack low, but by the time I process what I need to do, they’ve already landed their hit. I know what all the mechanics are as per the tutorials and I can remember what to do with grabs, overdrives, parries, neutral gaming, etc. but being able to process that information just takes too much time. I’ve tried reading people and seeing patterns that they make to counter them, but by the time that happens, my health is too low for it to matter.
I’ve played for a few days but only have a win rate of 29.49%, and it’s so disheartening that I’m considering refunding since I just don’t think this is something I’ll ever become good at. I just can’t keep up with the reaction times necessary for this. I play on classic controls and I’ve gotten pretty good an inspiring the correct things, so difficulty inputting isn’t the issue, just how fast the game is. I’ve also tried other characters like Luke and Ken as well as modern controls, but the same fundamental problem is still there. I’d share a video to show how I just stand there while they wail on me but I don’t know how since I play on PlayStation. Any advice beyond the usual git gud?
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2023.06.10 19:54 Fast_Peanut4541 Just looking for some good advice seriously I'm open minded

Take a look into my life so I'm 32 about to be married in a week I have 3 kids and one on the way I am self employed I make less then $30000 a year at $20 dollars an hour does seasonal landscapin I just finished paying my car off which put $380 back in my pocket just to be taken by food and other bills I wanna start my own business but can't because my licenses are holding me back and I need less then $2000 to get them back for a probable cause dui charge to clear my licenses so I can get my life on track but I can't do that when I can't even spare the money. Now I go to work every day every week for up to a min of 16 hours to a max of 30 usually a week now I've been working in this same company for 10 years and some with only 4 max employees he has me a a jack of all trades basically one day I'm cutting grass the next I'm sealcoating his drive or working on his truck mind you all for 20 a hour Then he tells us almost every year we did bad but in the past 4 year we help this man build his new house get his 2022 brand new trucks tagged till 2029 he got a 50ft boat with a 3000 dollar fishing radar on the boat he just went last week and got a brand new 2023 Harley limited edition but when I mention any of my problems it I ain't losing any sleep I got in too accident none of my fault and I get I don't give a fuck and heres a claim number good luck Now I depend on this job for my family survival I use to love to do it but now I hate it and I wanna be where he is I understand it's his business but dang so what should I do in this situation I wanna get this place I'm living in but I don't know if I can afford it do I ask for a raise or say my hourly rate need to go up I don't have to pay for any transportation for work brother in law live close by to pick me up every morning he makes 24 an hour and self employed to in damn near the same boat as me what should I do
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2023.06.10 19:53 Dangerous_Town_2558 Respect

Lack of respect
How should one deal with a lack of respect for time??? Being new to co parenting I find myself in a tough position. The man I am wants to walk away from it all, but having a child involved makes this impossible for me. I’m gas lite whenever I try to have a conversation with my child’s mom about her actions with accusations of “having nothing to do” or you don’t spend any time with him”. When I pick him up from school daily. Any suggestions???
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2023.06.10 19:53 doom92 Trying to find a specific living space someone set up.....

This is a long shot, but I saw a living space or "battle station" where it was a very geek type setup and the one thing that stood out to me was that there was a CRT monitor always running Super Mario 3.
If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, I'd appreciate the help!
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2023.06.10 19:52 0mabaPrism Robbie’s Guide to Zonaite Processing

Trying something different this time around as this is not a set hidden by Misko. Carefully read Robbie’s research regarding Zonaite processing to find the Zonaite Armor Set:
Zonaite begins as ore in a stone deposit. The trick to mining it lies in the wrist. Penance, alas, will come due for those who do not read my instructions with great care. To make your way up from this ore is quite complicated, so put on your listening pants. Start the pesky mining process simply by whacking the deposit, and so collapse the stone. Look closely and you will find what you’re looking for.
The next step is refinery, which requires a specialized tub. This tub is heated in the front to gradually melt down the ore. The first time I tried this, I put my ore in the refinery tub and the front erupted into flame, but I’ve moved up since then. Although I always wear a protective helmet just in case. Make sure to have a light cast on the tub before loading the ore to avoid my mistake. Again, follow my instructions to the letter and you’ll be successful.
The final step is the forging process. While it is nearly impossible to get ahold of a real Zonaite forge, I landed a deal with my old friend Quince, who helped me put together a makeshift one. Quince was actually the one who brought it up in the first place! Anyways, when depositing the refined Zonaite into the forge, be sure to wear the proper chest guard to protect you from your waist all the way to your neck. Ludicrous as it may seem, it’s very important in order to ensure your safety.
Good luck, and try not to lose an arm or a leg.
This will be more difficult than the riddles so comment if you solve it (without giving away the solution) and comment if you need another nudge in the right direction.
My post with the Ember Armor riddles was not very popular at all so this might be the last addition for now unless I know enough people are interested in more.
Good luck to all!
All riddles/puzzles can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/tearsofthekingdom/comments/145faq0/all_bonus_misko_riddles/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb
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2023.06.10 19:52 No-Curve153 1st raid of the day & it bugged out, couldn't attack, my Pokemon was dead/invisible

1st raid of the day & it bugged out, couldn't attack, my Pokemon was dead/invisible
Will Niantic refund my max revives, purified gems, gas money and raid pass? Me thinks not.
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2023.06.10 19:52 writrswasteland Did I mess up Christine's quest?

Hi, I'm playing Dead Money for the first time and I'm stuck, I can't tell if I'm missing something or if I did the quests in a way that just fucked me over. Basically, I used terrifying presence to get Christine in the elevator then decided to do her quest Last Luxuries first once I got to the casino. I've been running around the torture labyrinth for a while and the only way I can seem to get to her is the emergency door that says it's sealed because of a gas leak in the kitchen, which I can't deal with because she's locked me in the residential floor. Am I missing something or do I have to load an earlier save and deal with the gas leak thing first?
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2023.06.10 19:52 saltine_soup i feel bad for the people who left during 2012

for me i left right as the pandemic hit which gave me loads of paranoia and anxiety thinking we were in revelations and the worlds going to end that jesus is coming back and this is the start of the 10 deadly plagues, i also realized i’m gay and like that was a ride. still have some internalized homophobia but not as bad as when i first left. anyways based off my own experiences of leaving and in 2012 the end of the mayan calendar and people taking that as the end of the world i just feel bad for people who left that year, or really near any “world ending” event/prediction or mass casualty terrorist event i feel those events especially happening as you leave just make it so much harder but at the end of the day we got past that and did leave.
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2023.06.10 19:51 Key_Point_4063 Dating advice?

So I (27M) have been struggling with ED for years. It has made me basically give up on dating or trying to have sex on dating apps like bumble and tinder. Well I met this girl the other night at a bar, and we really hit it off. She wants to hangout sometime this weekend, and on top of having Ed, I am also a virgin. Needless to say, I'm kind of terrified I won't be able to please in bed. We have already been sexting and flirting really heavy, so I feel like whenever the next time we hangout is, something is bound to happen. I need to know if one of those rhino gas station pills would work in a pinch? Since to get prescribed something like viagra, I don't think you can get it in less than 24 hours. Should I find a way to just postpone hanging out with her until I get a prescription? I'd hate to disappoint her and myself if I just decide to wing it and see how it goes. She seems to be a lot more experienced and is obviously expecting me to perform somewhat adequately. Last time I almost had sex, I busted in the condom b4 I could put it in :(. Ever since, i have been too embarrassed to try again, and I feel like a lot of men can probably relate to this in some way. I just need some advice on what to do. Like my shit still works, it just doesn't stay rock hard for long like it used to when I was younger. Has anyone tried horny goat weed, red ginseng, yohimbine, l-arginine, and DHEA? Or something similar that's over the counter you can buy without a prescription? I need something like viagra I can take a couple hours b4 I see her.
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2023.06.10 19:51 ViralTiger Near the hospital, the Use of steve is what shock me

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